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Tuesday 3/28 - Are you a fan of the movies Boys in the Hood, Poetic Justice or even 2 Fast 2 Furious? Well, today on the show we had the guy that directed those movies, John Singleton stop by the show to speak to us about his new show "Rebel". Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Detective Robert Francis, and after a rumor report about the love triangle T.I is in, we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners agreed or disagreed if it is OK to date while separated.

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I gotta get back like a mega. Physiologist took all we ve got this press round. I will personally join a breakfast club, say some muddle Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, modern landmines is Anti Charlemagne. God, please did a blue ribbon too much inflections of bigotry.
With a twofold, yet always wonder what the hell you handle basin if we had had a wisdom to inside amalgam. Came, although we way out yet- and the cavity in- and only you not, I have now you gotta just carried it out. Yet it came in there. They cut me open. Yesterday I was about to get cut out to April, but I couldn't take debate that is currently big. It out yesterday. I offer my wisdom teeth removed. At the same time all they got while I've been on the London Lady issue, it then I guess where they just do all of em they're wines. It feels like it only happens when you have some important adore. You have a flight in their pain and at air makes you feel a whole lot more. Are you got a book coming out and you gotta go in your book? We and you gotta, do is speaking the loudest beginning. A lot of areas may be able to stop what is called omitted out. Did you Jessica, I'm a roving eight hundred milligrams, and I know what I mean
I think I love the way dogs did you thought I must renounce, noted urgently levelled at the way you look at what you just no, I mean adding a new white cloud and real bad paying yesterday when I first got done, but their vat and other areas off I was cool after by last- may- have the public about proof. Good for you and my readers movie yesterday, COD deuces, I was that Screening, levantin, making good lands grows, see about him both to I was involved in a metaphor. We invited me to invite a meted out yesterday. One of this kind, the chief executive, produces flavour units our room, making good cedar. I was a movie gay. You guys, deafening gotta, see an antenna Psmith, isn't it allows in it? Ok, really you never know that out, yet all girl girl go right. Well, John Single
will be joining us. We gonna get a movie movies. Robin include bombs, Johnsing Oji film director, if, if you young, Uns done Uncle John Single today's, I'm sure you know high and learn, and I'm sure he's just as I will save, was noted for last year and show you know all those films the airlines hustler flow John, the shaft shaft of these thoughts. After I was good, they have seen jacket, I was away there. There was always avoided. I was with boy The aim of boyhood plays all the time on real lobbies, one all the times on b t I they're all we ve flamboyant eyes to see shaft old fellow said as much in handling inadequate. As I sell directed a couple apathetic. Empire. He did episode where's the delegations in the dog by non damages have a similar jackson and butter. That's what I see is the unknown on Tv you set me on all its on Ireland to show crack appropriate
Those are we talking about when we talk about flat and do you know the city of plant and they, the water that is contaminated, will tell you what they have to do in this lawsuit sentiment for Michigan also, in Maryland. Some parents actually foil the plot that their daughter was planning to do, don't get into all that when we come back, keep it locked at the breakfast club good morning. His drake fake love get your ass up to front page news. Now you're right affairs, no almanac because of you all know made his way out here. My girl areas, raiders fancy always has a rate, is Jack analyses to fly to go to the gangway why it looks like they move in a vague you. So I want to ask the member states, as you have said about it, but I said Vegas Sudan from Oakland's. Why would she began she? Who does to date. Honoratus, maybe I don't know, I think I am wave and was a radius bags and then she just continued it on physical, really, here or even debate now
Now, there's a ladder rate is fat and why, in Dublin, Rwanda jacketed Bobby banish all back in the day when they are moving LAS Vegas I do not have this affects you are, I'm show was a tax rates What are the lapse of your operators? Vandalia LAS Vegas nothin about vigorously forebore down right away. Nothing. I want any Vegas as sports franchise period, but hey. What do I? But I guess, is always a lot of people, there's. So now you can go to the games. If here you happen to be in Vegas as another fun thing to do, only been rigged, more intuitive may loudly wealth. A vague, as you know, these out in a lot of people, go to those gagging, see that being a big deal in Vegas there was a sort of Flint Michigan. I write well and Flint Michigan Missy, and is paying nearly one hundred million dollars in a lawsuit sediment? They are setting aside that money, not all for lead or get what this is actually just to replace the water lines. So the state is gonna covered. Cost of replacing what airlines that are the pipes at connect, the household plumbing to the main distribution, pipe
runs underneath the street for at least eighteen thousand households, but get basis. Not until two thousand and twenty that all of those households will have this. So the way it's broken down is going to be a minimum of six thousand households by two thousand and eighteen twelve thousand by the next year, and finally, eighteen thousand households by twenty twenty I mean Are you going to give him back pay for all the years that they was drinking filthy, dirty water and show them that it's going to take that long, and they also are going to hire an independent third party? That's going to test and monitor assembly, of at least one hundred homes, where at least three years, so they be testing the water to make sure that this all worked out only the officials in Flint drink. Like the people who eggs like the government officials and fly without a wedding party about our rally bottle or yet at very a couple. People talk about how difficult it is just because they can even do a basic being. Russia has not had a water. Can the city the people in the city, but like a class action, lawsuit against the government officials,
I can you imagine. Has some people have been from the water knows all about it? Parry last bastards stop in Andorra now imagine this okay, so this father read his daughters diary and found out that she was planning to bomb her school, so he actually interim turning her in now. The please do those diary entries were not empty, that she was an honest student, and this was in your county Maryland she's, eighteen years old, nonetheless, a viral she had by me. Materials and she had a shot gun. Worley, housing, she's eighteen, my colleagues are gonna live like people? She has to date been being that she was planning to do this April. She wrote about her plans in detail and they found at twelve gauge shot gun with ammunition by making materials, including pipes with an caps. They found lie words.
Magnesium tape used material all of those things and it will all purchased legally by the way, and she just basically had this planned out that they said that's obvious, that she hasn't psychological issue, Yeah says he is actually now going to be. They have her in a hospital, their investigating her meant mental health issues and when she is released from their, she is going to be charged with possession of explosive, an incendiary material with intensive create a destructive divine later I'll, listen about her in her ankles. You know she's going to jail. Ok
but she has some problems- may be make it go to adapt motorcycle ward, but you go to jail. Is my brother, my hate when people like that, they say that they have like a logical browned. She dies, you handle cycle having problem and you do not platinum, Planet S, ally, Macgyver, gee. I Joe you got a whole full fledged plan going on over there. Without you run like a logical problems. You might add those paths elegant raise plant in play and meet a blog school, yet it all figured out, but now the sun- you don't doubt. As I know the residual adjutant does mean you dumb or whatever you crazy. Now is anyone play gravely day some problems up there with the Joker crazy? So you no more about you when you would your daughter and is what you're saying that to go to jail, What are you give you just leave it not as they leave a load. You d take its a psychologist tickets site. Would you take it to something else, but she's she might have to do ten. Fifty he is in prison, bite away every terrorist, every bury body that has done some vastly deed to out. You know society throughout our country over the year blowing things up with somebody job. So I don't ever they were
body so absolutely there? Oh yeah he's on sometimes joggled great I've. Never do it! You each outbreaks delight I gotta go to jail. I danger to break the lawyer in thinking about all the things you might have a mental problems at different between urban and mental problem and possibly being a terrorist and doing for different reasons. Dad plan, as we laid out just now, does not sound like when we met the problem. That sounds like someone who knows exactly what they do, at least on the street. We gotta go somewhere leases. Industry will as front page news. Tell why you mad eight hundred five, eight five, Oh five, one of your of such need. They call us right now. Maybe a bad night bad morning. Whatever it may be, tell him what you meant. Also, you can tell him, I, u blast maybe you celebrate your birthday, maybe eagerly at a great morning or formats view as well. Call us now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast
You know what makes you mad with what you have said. My you may want to break the law. Was this girl? You tell him I'm a brown Margaret I most of the bed a man. Would you do other name Diana accordingly? I love you girl, hello, yeoman broke up. We broke up three months now. You know why you do as you, Mr Crampton. I don't know, I don't know it myself, which way you know what I mean. I guess I don't wanna be made man. What do you mean? You don't want to be like me, a man in my bath
America girl. I built a dna denude, I'm as mothers woman arise being here now now you dumb ass. Now you all alone on you, I did every Laura. I wanna be just like your mandate. Absolute fact, things change allows this man is that the amount of traffic at the early in the morning to fight for its campaign, earlier on traffic in China yield whatever we just as an accomplice. They took a cab on the other side of the road or whatever it from the fire. Now he guy the fact that what I, without the aid of young poodle, you got a lot of being a Bobby into black men and a guy we argued Bordeaux above you got the potential to give shots at all. Meat is going on here.
Now we have a Romano Prodi save this allows, as you are my brother. How ya was a neighbour It is their job. If it is more than before, happy and took a shower of, as it happens the south western investors tee for what not why you Mabruki Ito aching, where you thought I sat going alarmed at the same energy, see industry no clamour. Of course, law: fathers, our tools, wonder carried
workers, you noted down in Dallas. Shoes would know pedicure gulfy from short on things like Adrian Grown, is what you got a thousand dollars. You gonna tell me why you made a dodgy five, a five. What five one of your of such need event call us now is to breakfast club the morning. Manufacture them by. You bless if you're bless your birthday. We want to spread some positivity called us now, I welcome all the breakfast club Are you bless the nightly freely they'll tell the congregation at eight hundred vibrate five, when o one brave deeds, the breakfast club is found,
we hear a lot about you. You may ask me why you browse Mamma, you gotta get together to elaborate with her dwelling. I've got all over me that with one tragedy, a birthday, but yesterday riding habit very guy you, a lot of people came through by wanting to leave. It through an evening. Eventually, vegetable, as your penis in the eastern part, the bank, by the daily they shoulda of earth birthday the ever spent over no drained can no change. Anything should be honest with you butterfly. You don't really show decent,
six birthdays and what not you nothin you, my fellow tat, some care which are now now I can't Mozilla roadie, even look at its own way I'm going to play the part of a long term programme for a moment. My wife and I would appreciate it. Showed leg. Now you can never message again. Our birth data used on a rough so you, out of your butterfly, unable to carry out a light being bought, apply man, I love being by myself, but our love their booty gave do about that filling it out here, you you a butterfly enough, but you accountability, readable arrival, if we call it. Nobody S father and son, loose soon, I'm right. Now
as I have you download movies, you do you do God, you got my mother and I bet a fly to allow this fella. Why you blow your love Tom. I don't do you want. Well, I'm Jane cause. You already know the lady gas and man gave us both in a final thought, a matter as you will have been doing. Where do we ve people's right is being pursued, mad cow love, I you liver, you going. We can you go in there. Phoenix I'm John important thing is that I want to go down
my lad. I'm gonna see a big always if they were drawn up with the things you do not change your game at Manawyddan. Those regimes are dubious added. It wasn't just so gay with no suitable for all of you. Who will Ok, you got when God its aims at a gay man. You never know what I'll get back today, many of the men on first time ever Ladys would there they require noted that if they secured a bag, let nobody between us much about that aid us this afternoon on away baby. All right well, tell him why you bless eight hundred five, a five one and five one. Now, when we come back for gas, a movie, yes material, that a break baby memo who is joining basketball, allay I'll give you a data was goin on our very widely was an arrest. May they were sent back and forth. Would tell you what's happening with a whole shooting incident in Patterson broke it get into
that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast global breakfast. The bad did the annually on the breakfast club, where we told you yesterday about the shooting that happened over the weekend involving fatty web and his friends and had three people end up getting shot, everybody is still alive now eyewitnesses. I say a member of fairy wives, who is the one who fired first at raw him time? Is a k, a fuss fazenda posted the picture on Instagram very wipes chain, the saying the shooting started after furs and his muscles team boys followed very into a deli in Paterson, and that's when things ended up getting violent, fuzz, pistol, whip, someone in Fetty Waps Camp and that's when he and his friends proceeded to jump. Fetty WAP trap him and his crew on the spot by the way they're saying that they
about four hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth jewellery and thousands in cash Norman the eyes wondering why Freddie what was in the middle of a herd with all his jury on? I beg you know anything approve like. Why are you going around the wolves, flashing chunks of meat? I was the point, and this video footage of others inside the store by the way inside of the Delhi behind was reckoned gun was then taken out shouts of fire back and forth. Two of them landed on Hurrah hymns, friends, make a fuss, and at some point they said, the original shooter tried escaping and the gun fired and his waistband any struck himself in the died. Out of fear, vegan salad, you don't get extra alive and extra points just for making it out of the wood Algeria. By going to things like isn't one of those things he or is always Patterson Amene ease from Nay always goes back ramrod area, he sphere as family. They got internet We would rather motorcyclists he's from power. Guess it is not the round evidence Jimmy learned, the learning of talking
put a jury away when you got in and they went mad if he had a jury. There are not a stewardess started about very is now going to file. A piece of point is not even then it's hard to the cops about the robbery part in this situation. I read this thing has said: If I can't go cuban chain alone is worth three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in a change expensive that they took from him now they actually also pulled up his old video footage firm serious when funds was leaving serious, Adelaide, radio and here's what he said. Ah very well, though gay man they only a blackboard, nothing you have said- and I may very well Know- gave them very well very well with this. We boy he's a sweet, little kid will you be up there now, like I say, oh mom, Robin about Gaza dumping idiotic? When you are in a ruse all me not. That gave the red men come out there when I'm out they all cars and lorries is always adopt you until about you run pass the idea of the early
now you got the little young boys on your ass and I ain't doing nothing about y'all, saying that the first time I actually met Fetty WAP, I was actually with fuzz fuzz, as he's also promote up and actually booked me for sure, our New Jersey and had Fetty WAP Form- and I was the first time ever met very well with refer as well as has now been arrested after this whole incident referred for gonna toll on itself. Though they may well when he got online, pull them with Jane. I, why would you, Poland and Jane right after I had shouted? They everybody was posing with it. That is true of other animals, and would it boy what if not a video of everybody else holding a gun inside as I did Delhi aiding already wearily, does get charged with the possession of of anger guy too. I don't know. I view the gay exempt from the rules at our table. You are doing and openness in her with during the fifty thousand dollars were for Georgia area basketball.
Wise allay the rumour now is there doing Wade's break baby Mama Azure Mates, how your is supposed to be joining basketball, wives allay. We already told you that Evelyn Lozada is returning to the cask. Now they are saying that she will be joining, as well and because you were based baseball player, Now I will gladly remanded ass. She would have baseball bladed put our own basketball and I guess he's maybe the most well known one in France. They even got a child from a baseball matrimonial matters, bagged motorway, that's you think, gaze to a football player. You needn't weightings, though none it has made. No damn arrogant, dj care, that he is going to be an pits. Perfect three has joined the cast. Have you either was perfect on those who actually hosted the screening for peace perfect who last time, but as a huge movies? That's a big deal for him. It should be pretty findings at all. The archipelago in group and he's gonna be joining. I don't know what his role is. Gonna be, but that's a huge franchise Naturally, a baritone. Ok, you think Mcbride zone around or animal
I'm annually, and that is your room. A report morning. Everybody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club. We got us pursue gas in the brain legendary John Singleton yeah. I thought it was certainly the mornin both welcome, maybe like then, we carried out very lack. Nor, as this is a fair and I like people will come from Sir Place, they try to go about their just so love to the folks and, as somebody just has promised, Senate disembarrassed Apple part, as we happened to a lot of people from hip hop over generations. It matter if this work was like out here is Kosovo. You go back then, and somebody wanted Oh some shots at your tiresome smell. Very let me feel I can allow you to do something, and I really hope before back with me, but I really don't come back when you can't you get shot it. Don't you wonder? Why not
In any event, I have a personal problem, but I did take a picture would obtain on impose the noise, the grim due to pressure. Would it maybe that he's any little figure by a whole bunch of people, would take a pieces we obtain on. So you got real love there. Maybe somebody gonna be like you know what It my nose, you, my son, a small world, earnestness, Norhala, numbering it'll, Packwood your guy guy right. Is it true that you trilogy of movies that you want to talk to Thorin and baby boy was supposed to be the first. The goal was he was, he was going to teach me how to write songs and I was going to make music. I'm not a direct, and that you would only a matter most eminent, be robber. Bravo restarted. Do you not do right little basin, but I'll spinner how'd you like
Have you got me? We met out through the security and the tea for and how flavouring accrue out here actually, and there was a part of the data of a little further and he was there and am I saw him again at the Beverly Centre, just walking around inasmuch ass. He had just gone after, and everything is Molly and everyone is talking about girls, mother, so we get the need to get up, and then it was funny because I was going to poetic. Justice was permanent altogether. Jana was already in, but I was like a very risky was supposed to be, and I ask you don't want to be in a romance here and why was I am ass? A man you know chicks, thank you know they, like you, amazing. I can't do that right now, my career as ok, so am I caught tobacco causes just seen just before he became
wave working out. I said what I thought was a man with the star really talking now isn't outta jail own. This is always a rumour Jane Merrick made him take her No longer have any diseases that was Joe between all of us, because our guys like at it- and I was- I- was like South Park I'll, let you know if he was really like enamored her nearby Laguna her. We know she was married and, as our know, how much you kiss my actors, who knows we announced that even area dies as indeed take aids. So we just start working on the third night, because you know Jackson thing is the Light o controversy out there and everybody ratifies a Democrat. Twenty is lady, asked the child, but there's no way. I like your writing. Janni Jackson and have an exotic is agitated Jackson, we're friends, Amelia GMO places in their work in a movie where she had never before had been before. Actually,
when she was younger than any of larger bars to omit dominant in the sixties off crash ass, he was and Adam Roscoe's all Roscoe not liking, Ogden places Avenue improve risk areas like so it was. It was us all, a man, you know who we're happy family will resist or is that when you go to those areas you have to get permission or certain people that you have to have in movies to make it? Ok, if without when you shoot, when you, Is the same now mean when you shoot you just at the window? in Ireland areas you have to have love, were you shoot or yet there people is not about. Extortion is not about. What are you sat that respect for the area eleven. We like we're, doin a tv show class, no foreign now and allay as all my focus is in our economy like so we, but what we do is we hire. People from the area is given jobs and it just like no violent come round mess around with the focus on this
our place. Everybody here is gonna check. Was you know to do that? Just like pick my stuff up, there is a union. He he's polar now, maybe two days a week you have. These are all me when I'm employing you re there, but you know you you wanted here the original directive them into one. We write a game. You idea. I want to read one of them ceremony vision, as he wrote, you didn't write this Grissom, undoubtedly ice reform, but the people involved in this. I can do what Tell me me how to make a movie about half an hour. I note your guy but below, come on now guerrilla really outside.
Is backed our great. You do still have me, and I did not back aggressive radar require that we now know that raise many hours, legged put no money bags amato, you have begun animal yards to see when it comes up and you just know is drafted. This usually Adele now have to sleep snake Maybe me slabs here, but you do like state at accounting. You allow them Lastra captain. Now you have remoteness, a new so called rebel rabble unless I'm busy some BT without actually waiting some of it because we managed to get a low sneak pique I got a lot of fun, eighteen minutes and thirty figure. That was now they had in mind. I would like to know nobody thirty, two business good. When you got lots of time we're going to die.
Rise, meaning. How long are you and I'm not gonna win the polluted water right? We will we. Really wanted to bet that my bottom line is because website last year. I really want to do something where I see a black woman put an effort in ass, a system that was my whole thing is, I think, a women as early as she's got different she's got different levels to organise an address. You know why. That's not his vulnerable stuff. You know: scrape math laser her husband and, like his gradient, seem in Math who they about met with them- and this was the first time a lousy it s there, and he was a slight. He was nervous effort,
we'll, never had a lovely, you never know most internal do not have any videos. I don't want you. I want you to turn. I want to take her. Aren't you push up against the wall and what you look? American empire butter, low, birth and more soldiers he's he's like a lieutenant she's. What she was like gunnery surgeon arm is like a concern that person exit, Eddie soldier, and he picks up his toes are possible mother, the bed and that all the girls in the whole set with going crazy. That's okay! I think we got to hit here. We are more with John single thing. Where we come back, don't keep alive. It's a breakfast locomotive, the breakfast envy Julie, Ye Charlemagne, the girl, we are the breakfast club. We have Johns Singleton in the building Charlemagne. What why tv at this point contributes,
It is good hard, hearted memories, they're, making the same movie over and over again tabled like so much dirty Bianca. It's like they can make a movie every week and even the actual I may like for you, because you owe me like the socially conscious. You know. Films feels like that has translated to television now, like those messages all on tv, not around somewhere somewhere. Eating is hard to make this kind of socially conscious frozen. Is it is a mess you, unless you can like hide it into something. That's different like an old I get out, is get out of the whole thing is, is he sat there, but it is actually a horror movie com. Enemies you got it, you gotta, hide it. You know so well, but it also movies like the boys in it the poetic hirelings you know tat. I was a baby, but what happens at all table meet those movies. I grew up on that I got it. I got to get back to make enough, but right now I'm just going to come and do something within the next year. That's going to let you know going to hit in a different way,
I don't even want, but bad now on our big companies and allay Elsie, and we now know it wasn't anymore must happen. They really make an. They don't do dramas at much as much as I do like special effects. Calibre movies dramas are moving to television is. If you make a first surprise, then you gotTA marketed for Serbia. So you don't see unless you see a drama, the entity F ask of consideration or whatever. Then they do it do you like Athenian found has evolved. I love it. I love scrape it. Let me see what I've been doing. You know from me as a director of working on from empire to OJ, and I'm saying, like you know, I bet I'm able to do to come different stuff. Red efforts. Do not now twenty four you nominee for best erected a breath original screenplay boy, the know how well the following the task and it you gotta Eagle or what I like you, though your kids not now, but the thing was
I knew I had a lot to prove our like art to say: ok, you do something really nice. You gotta go back to the crazy. I went back and is linked to all these movies. Anxious I put myself at just gonna write where from those who want to dip, wasn't it and then I went back to those who start looking to everything I think about what I really want to do- is familiar with the heart even get, there will be no back, then I guess it very hard, but it was like something is happening at a time the inner spitefully was all in one out there doing drama someone I went airs films are still at USC. I went in and start talking to executive and I was like I like them. My father always told me the best cells to be not harsher people, so I was I blocked. Blogger like this is my modem. Directors is. What have we tell you wander movie, I said. Well, we can then this movie now go across down and go
so the somewhere else. How not to do that under our satellite. A hard time of that movie boys know it. I remember in banning of his movie data, because at further devices will be to no actually where they were going to, because some something it's things happened outside a move: bearded some cities, but that that happens every week, they try to make. It was unless they Mama Yama was happening with them within the community. You try to put it on the movie seed, a movie, and you understand what I'm talking about, and so people saw the movie and they were like. Ok, you know this is different from it's gonna. I know you work with me alone and there has been these reports that is difficult on empire. They said they actually had to put together some type of complaint against Would they ve never done before? Were the ally hair and make up people in wardrobe resigned as he's a high to work with, and when
actor and said that he will never work with her again, his all coming from sources from empire. Did you have any difficulties mom in one or more women colony on Colombia? meaning I gotta have at his ideas on land. Also not about them. You know it's hot, to have light either. One of these amounts hardwoods. You got some upper upper echoed allowed the giant. Between her husband deal, vagina, Doolittle diamonds, rubies How do you realize? How have you ever work with the money? There was really talented about. Would it prevent you from working with them if they were difficult, even if they were super talented mom, a ruler music school pop was difficult.
Try Rhesus difficult, sometimes even remember lies. Tell me if I'm right, like pocket, proudly difficult work of you'd. Probably rushing could like you wanted all we get so much done. None and he was so talented. My new he will only twenty years old when within a movie and genome was like only like six or seven years, older than He's got it be deleted, a movie where someone who is a spanish superstar that life he's just gonna put, are so loud pressure, how's everything you immediately brother, robberies, really: cool maize, Lemme Baby brother man. You know sometimes is on his all day. You know, but in Asia. I think he soon as our world diabetes is cowardly dogma he's roads. I see what his door is always worker baby I've been looking to disagree and sometimes it what the hell. Let like the rest of us. Do you directed Michael Jackson's, remembered Tiverton? Oh, that there was a day
Madame governing cryptography of actors are stuck. It wasn't a moment of ordinary Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy Emma Betty Mama was my as mere Michael's. I did have Eddie Murphy in it and in their magic magic came out. Gaza has just announced what happened with them. I bade them. Michael's language should give to simplify. Imagine someone was light. Mathematical highlight that it was late. Ask American somewhere to fry, suffer from averages. Put him in here. It was a happy. You know when you direct an episode of empire. Does that mean you have to go back on what all of the whole entire seasons nano? When I am I worked on. The first season is someone in blue Lou donors? Calm your own region, immunity to be run out public building, because because I had to but our cinema both my yeah. You know that my analysis,
as is our most I've gotta like thank you were now. I was on my watch some than ITALY call me. I was a man, an aged com, scandalous that way, which I did something to show their own his thrash out attention to it a manual. How so, if I am to hustle with low commercial, is what about what should be a circle? Let me see the embassy to pilot Keziah Shut, the pilot. I have seen it in which arrived home issues. Don't do it, so you show me the first upsides. I ordered something so I went out there and they sent ok awash always like this process, and I will show you I want to show you one house, by limiting the paper. Parcel afloat, so that's what it is and I am doing with rising terror. As you know, one family we just got in there and that's the absurd up de rare. You know me as your as I hear all the rage when he saw the
guide. Smoke arose out. A road map. Edison do says roses plague. Take somebody out it year in other legal status. Is. I would hope that black filmmakers and other people understand my people like in lacked mainstream workin on his differ fancied. They always make safe, feels the same actors dimmer filmmakers returned because as comparability and despair friends working together when we did baby boy like only Tyrese and Taraji with was both? Have love, saves and get neck naked? Everybody want to connect it Let them go and let them go hand in anything. I want them to do in the movie. They'll do and that's what it's about. We have more, John thing would say when we come back, don't move is to breakfast club promoted more data
bodies. Deasey envy Angela YE shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast club. We got John Singleton in the building Charlemagne. You have such a great. I beg of you had Lawrence Christmas, me along a gene and king. I few diarrhoea ring regime's like I did you see. They had their talk at all. It would only be used Arriv Emma S. Now, Daniel Monet? True, it may were rebel. It's like you. Work of people that really just look at it. You say: fuck em, look at them and I am I can take my eyes off home. I feel I thought is the same thing about What I do is harder easier to work. We do tat because of Allah. It's a lot easier. Ok, there's much is when people don't allow stuff, they think they, wherever they think they can collect, negotiated. Tell you I should be. I dislike it, they know everything I mean come on schools. This do this do, but they give him like. Therein is seen in a letter like my character of this and that that beer, but if your goals
the guess. What I want then right, you know, may like his eyes, like Michael Myers, thinks I'm I'm I'm never made any by his career. I don't want to buy a transfer me. I don't think you should be very well. You got directors of some other movie, they have absolutely good acted. Like now are you not? I haven't I because most it is pretty much a spare. They looked lino, they know they worry, we're gonna have to do with the now you have the shell coming. I x ray yes, no forth now that you did dip over his though they is that how you got that connection with ethics and they were like. We want you to do something he Manon already. I had already done had built, do snowfall, but then I ended up. Talking must have friends of mine who produces on on oh Jane, elect formulae meadows I was, I was young, I wanna know, there's gotta, be black
then I'll be a part of this maize it I'll just tell hysteria about media is finally move at your meetings, like he's like a politician like you know, who was due to dislike they go out, is well thought out I made an audio, visibly and kill. Nobody didn't do them lack super. The document is administering a day when the documentary about really maybe four reports on black hole. Didn't you, maybe you and then but if I did it, if I wouldn't, I wanted now an item, I didn't want to get up early Maybe they want a reality. So when you go down to say, like production,
no, you look. It is as though we read our water enough criticised the populace. Thirdly, refused let African Americans direct black theme films that change. You know what does because there was how many firms, our Warren, directed by black filmmakers, now about important black figures like jazz brown in and you see when something is truly after centric and has sole in it it propagate in the marketplace. Absolute, you gotta, be forty called you exactly like it. Just like that, like a good album, it's just like in a while so real, it's like authentic, when you and I don't get there Somebody there is now from that. There's no way you go get back. What do you think they pocket? I loved you. I thought I was good rather than get a lot of work
Lotta people willing to support it like I feel like. I only know why didn't? I wonder why do you think they do? It was elastic Dave. We created a ladder, firstly, behind it and have people fair legwork because they felt lay they couldn't support him. They What is the point? The movie when it came to the village work, but I like it was a black little regime will be with a story about black liberation, which was not turn up, and you know the black liberation. Will you because he raised seven point- five million Thou o money to make it they can allow that to happen now what he had a after the events of what happened in Dallas. When I do when craziest assured the cops at the butterflies matter, they the movie, there was a killer movie, they killed and the bad thing is black people. They they fell for Al Qaeda gag, the body of elevated every put their controversy added another people from wanting to see what do you tell me,
filmmakers that are coming up. Obviously, it's different nowadays, as people have access to like their cell phones. Has a different software that they can actually do. Things are not as expensive as it was. What do you tell these young filmmakers insiders stand out or aspiring filmmaker, just turn further themselves in really like really do with their passionate about in order to try to please somebody else. Even if you do something, as you think, only you like or you know your folks like, then that's what you should do. What's your favorite jostling movie, I made them a baby. What really is one of my favorites, but it doesn't that all aware in everything and upsetting I was actually trying to offend blackmail. But my laughed and it didn't work has, as you know, is like I've got good, do don't bad thing they, but he looks girl sitting by Magna. Where are you
that inspiration from you whenever, like like that, you know mom, I just checking throbbing all right isn't like there was enough situation, monasteries telling the whole truth allowed. You cause. I care about your failure there ever somebody just last week. Is I've never got from loving blackmailing you hear it reduces covered any potential movie, epic, my girls love be halved. We came up he told us they would have near the movie. Acting under law obligation laid down there under the last night. I was able to do, I don't know goes we can I be of it, but we appreciate you journalist. I gotta be thank within alleging Rebel Ljubljana ACC. Just like Ireland
something happened or whatever it becomes our here at ten o clock and the clouds, and these are literally Ebay changeability up every by autumn, when you watch readjusting. Also when you watch rebel before you want to, and data such dvrs in the morning. So you have it so you have it in a minute and turn the tv on everything cuz. It's like the box office. You go to first night to see the movie or first you got to watch this first episode, so we can do real stuff, real black stuff. Maybe that's what I want me in. I am I attended by hit me up at adjusting. Whatever Jake, as I'm always on earth, like that, ask me for or serious me I'll, let you know he's anybody on Instagram out woman where's my personal is dead, and that is in rebel. Kajiwara Jones is funny, do but he's not funny and shoulder
you learn as echo what does tat things into breakfast global morning the breakfast club gas at the Reul report, whose club? Why do you do when you re use? I dislike Drake you're about to perform an you get back. Here is what happens when Jake was in Amsterdam, I'm sorry to tell you re not well founded on Wednesday, as it wishes to bring in the world you condemn Before I got got on my home address in it, the matter. Has seminar we from the coffee shop in the men had been a little.
Who strong that I owe him, but you gotta. Let me know beforehand before I address, like you said: Anne had out, they had all add shroud. I pay for party matter. Let me in front of your house Geronimo your work, your brother's eye man. I can't go out there last minute. Failure haddock has it already on Tuesday and then they caught they re scattered this one for Wednesday, so he's still China, and so I guess I can both be worded. If they have cares babies, it was you that if you don't make me, oh god, what and how they now get, another account will say mouthy I were wit, assume over our rights, as the wrapper is looking for. An answer he treated, I'm looking for an intern, someone with experience and putting together decks and writing proposals that will be an exciting job to have. We should apply for that. I won't answer wrappers the war a ban, you gotta go. Rework at an gnp. Rapid is now you can be involved in all kinds of positive beings. Bebop sectarian
all right now. Let's discuss this whole situation whereby he's Burgos varies is in t. I by now include above burn these Burgos right now, when I try to avoid talking about it, but we have to discuss this. Ok at this point now appeal: Currently the room is that Bernice is dating tee. I she has since said: that's not true that they are just friends. By tiny, tiny had posted somebody said to her Bernice, be all over your husband's Idee you're a strong women to make a cause. I would have tips side his head, what about bottle hennessy net? He responded. I losing no sleep over no passed around bitch, bless him and heard too well. Of course, Bernice had to his glass,
the allegations of her being passed around here's what she said about never been, as has been said, that this has got a really make up to make me look bad for you. Then the bomb was forty. Forty, a man, I'm just gonna, get this straight. Reverie independent woman for my supporters have been there for me and have my back. Thank you, so so so so much I write. What does that even mean you pass around desire? We will try to shame people. Forget you pass our blunt. Don't you same as I personally jirga anyway. Now somebody has went on onest degree enough to comment sad thing: issues been a homemaker. I know her personally and unfortunately she broke. My old is marriage. He left his wife and his two kids for her she's, a whole m o o. Be a horse, he needs a sitter old, ass down or radishes pushing forty act and they saw yards GINO
making the same dance moves in every video she records of herself. What have you push for? Digital, Breton, twenty, somewhat labrador, laziness, band issues that I had enough of the Bee Ass, big ass stories. I had to come in these four, not saying anything for so long, but I guess she's had enough. There was an immense cruising had always been a hallmark of that home been broken and I've never with a merry man in my life. So please stop trying to declare my character, and my name is what she said none of my business and therefore have a heavy. It reaches the cudgel. My trying to say that I am saying that there is no money in Britain will have the meeting that shape, because I would never be it.
Grass and our know how no was was natural, but it is true to the Tipps greatest high struggling to bombs too young to be lost in Atlanta, but the question is is if they were married and they said they took, a separation came Tipp date. You got it writing Baden, arrogant, they do we'll talk about it bad yeah I mean. How are we going get into that cuz. I want to hear your opinions cuz it. Sometimes people are married and they're separated and they start dating other people and is that the wrong thing to do cuz something why he's married you can't onto a married man and other people, s ever rate and allow you? Never radio body really do as he why our member get known as radio in saying that a ball clawing guy dashing now those you separate issue, Lamar? No more! So it all matter they would mention, do women can do it? You several separated areas, you kid, the more
So many what crack called say rather programme say I write. Oh yeah, that's a rumour replied. You were hate lives. Don't deal. The day. Democrats have been granted a day. A little bit of a mixed like adults before I've been called a lot of my twenty years been donkey. Other day is a new way. One likes you goin on novel owner. I don't know, what's going on, do you today for Tuesday March twenty eight, those detective Robert Francis of Food, these six years old and pity detective. Now I know you thinking what did the police do now? What did what did they do? They do it too? Well, it's the robber. France,
didn't do anything any body, but his damn self he was arrested and charge were for accounts of public lewdness stemming from four different situations in every situation involved, him peeping into young women's windows in long island in masturbating. Oh, yes, detective robber, France's whose birth Vienna, peopling Tom, yes, robber, France has wanted to get a low people. He was gone around looking in women, women's windows in a passion, his candle? Parliament is worms shining his own night, stick with good envy before New York will reportedly the mob of Rockville Cetera, shocked, shocked that the alleged creep turned out to be veteran Nypd. Detective Robert Francis Rockville Centres, police commissioner, says four times between February. Fifth and last Friday, Francis exposed himself to high school girls from the back yards of their homes,
got the attention of the whole Mona by shining light at the window. When she looked out, he began masturbating each time the suspect. Ran away, but after beefing up patrols, Rockville Centre Police finally arrested France's laid on Saturday. The commissioner says all four of the female victims were teams from the same high school three under the age of sixteen the, and why p D has suspended him without pay. Yes, like the robber Francis, some would say to pig was playing with his own pigtail, cleaning, his own rifle yeah, ok, detect the robber phrases alone, being beaten, his meat Forty six yo grown as Purvis Pervert Stock in law. I school girl. Did anyone be a detective, you probably to be a school resource off. School. How monitored so you could walk, run high school, often carried all day long. Do you know in Australia? It costs niches Jack's, so
snitch on someone they call it to go Jack on me. It had none. And do nothing just fine fag telephone fax. You know because too Jack Odin Mate sounds a lot like Jack and often as exactly what detect a robber. Francis was doing varieties John before Council, children, a chicken but detect the Robert, France's, have informed police that he has jerked off other jurisdictions. Okay, so no tell him how many times has played. Food solo at the window of a young unsuspecting teenage girl detect a robber friend is, I have never ok, I mean I've heard of people saying after policing Finally, what is the first time I've heard of the police after themselves in public? Please give detect Robert, France's Gub pages, please? If you care has been suspended and EVA taken here, they taken his fire
firearms listings worries which violated, and they re not the weapon you should it took away Nypd our I take his hands away, maybe take confiscated penis dago, a cow aright sick six six EC guy. Well, you do. Do you wanna go, get your penis, you would read everything she get our act but begging for adults. Today now when we come back away talking tee, I Bernice Burgos entertaining warning everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club nephew, join us. We're talking about Bernice TIA, entirely, whose therefore name renewed burger, vermes verbose at the real Bernice on Instagram have bought men. Joy four years on Instagram, very beautiful Leyla amazing. That explains it. If it was going on you, yes, apparently the rumor is their Bernice is
in writing. De I am people are upset because this anti I still married two tiny party, believes that people are used to seeing tiny anti. I together, whether or not their separated that's what their use they just had a young baby areas, they just celebrated her birthday party and all that sad thing is probably where people are accustomed to so another he's dating other women. Allegedly people are set, for they are separated rights or the question is: if somebody is separated, is it ok to date, if you approve of local view, separated, meaning the use of rooted in your own process to get a divorce is as we all do, that you will have your separated or your decided on a break up and we support for while volcano, even they do. But you know what did the thing is. I agree with you. If somebody separated a separate interrelationship, a marriage, if you decide your separating, it is ok to date, boy,
Finding I get the memo because she wouldn't have feelings she wouldn't respond. If, if we could see can have feelings, you know me, anybody would have feelings. You wouldn't response by the way at all, when you several new law a break. You know what I'm saying you alone low profile, honey when you about their an allegedly you burn. Though rail bar need Briar goes the gram gonna get. What does it matter if the girl at Dayton now looks better in your wife? Is that that's irrelevant doesn't have now another again by Bernie. Do look at me, I'm alive. Look him her nieces, Instagram page olitic. Bernice is amazing. Looking now, let's be courage, as like a month ago, a tiny had said Etienne needs to come back. To her. That's what I'm trying to say. I don't bring a burning with me, in our view there is tat we ve got to figure things out. Another way, one is what Bernie said:
the whole thing, never been a passable sad that business gotta really make us to make me look they're, trying to say that no further, somebody in Britain Eyes the eight hundred bribing problem for what have you in a marriage, a new separated. Do they mean you can date allows this hello, hello. There was no Mamma, eight zero, now Cheryl, if you in a marriage and new separate is located, they know is not ok. Today is because it Mary break it up. I mean the boy separating you fill in Bilbao. Why dismal want a shelf whose image you show me. Some selfish observed
But what does the whole thing you pay certainly can only really well you move. I like it, involve you give a jungle I have been through it. I know you hurt your voice. Tell me, what have you tell us all haven't would have their way that Malta is How did it go away? Put it before it is always gonna be there did you ever come back now obey we may during. Mrs, that's, not what you have a good boy. Did you ever? Listen, don't worry about salaries and ass. You can do tat magic I have one final point: it allows this has not been allowed to go now. We're talking. Separation is located in if you guys a separate it well
Ok, what do you say that the women are not happy with this? Explain what you would being a nigger? You marry anybody, tell me three, a clear one. I just three unclear separating if not before the war somewhere, and I thought you d, like last, when separate all around Europe and one that I know you can you can end up going back for their purpose is to clear me or you clear you for you to do what you want to do. You know what I think I think people should have a conversation with each other and say we're separated, and if you want to date, other people, you should make it be known. I listen. We are separate Irena until we get divorced eyes when you should respect the person enough to give them a heads up. This is was going to being led by the end of the day.
Already in one day, other people, let it be bored they pay me. I ll, have you read it ass? If I had heard a voice here now, I'm a mare myself by sometimes getting two boys does take a long time. It doesnt commotions Bursley into Einstein, is guilty of a lot of acid right away. I think everybody gets into much flag, MRS, which nothing Tianjin too much like Bernice again too much. Time and again to my flag. I want everybody to have the same energy there when he thought tidy dance with joy may weather and everybody reply tee. I entirely of separated they go and do we want everybody to have that fail? Energy right now and ask her that's what I want that that is correct. Save energy. Could I get out there and I can't write you united this relationship in America either one of the below this ass. I have invested interest and burning hello. What apprenti logger what he I held. My two was Abraham money drove over five. When I drew near if you separated,
Mars. Is that mean you can be separated in a marriage or separated in relation to an American were only numbers of river? The mare, belated separated in a marriage is a little bit different, separated a marriage. You too have already made a decision that is you against the world until you put me sixty under so separated is really trying to see you get back into the fight so dating separating the marriage. I can't say yes, I can tell you that use your way to your divorce before you start dating. Somebody asked me if I would say, separated long enough, tat, your more then at least thirty to forty five percent, I'm not going back like you separated view separated into week later. You think somebody else after you make a question mark everybody. That's a fact now, and I now you tell me the truth: now it's only been separated and split up will learn. Well, you know I gotTa Day break up and get back together, All I hear is TI in my ear saying mind your business, but the thing is the thing is this: I just want everybody
have the same energy tat. We saw a tiny dazzled, Floyd. Okay, we saw tiny. There were Floyd, it wasn't all that is, I don't know. Why is all that is now wise, always double standard? They have the same energy whenever they with knowing when it was ok out. There's a fly is ok for tee. I to do whatever you do Irena Energy Five, a five one, o five one. If you separate in a marriage. Is it ok to day call us now is to breakfast locomotive. Young ones will have this issue comes up vision morning. Every body is d, J, Envy Angela YE shall I mean the guy. We are the breakfast club Navvy just joined us, we're talking about separation in a marriage. If you separate in a marriage is located date, see I'll get it if you separated both parties are separated, maybe a separate, because you trying to work it out you trying to save you date, somebody else it will. You missed that person. So I think if you set
radio. Guess how can we call had taken a break know about when you're interrelationship, marriage is different and just any relationship separated them new? I think, separated. I think that they are in the process of getting a divorce. That's what I think they were separated. It could mean that it could mean, let's see if we should get divorced completely. Let's see if We spend some time a pie and we can figure out how our things that we all know what it means in this issue, and I don't wait. Let me- and I know when you take a break- you see if it's, if you, Mr Persson, if you can work it out, maybe even Dayton, somebody to see if you miss their personal at Amazon, you alright, sir. RO. I am, as honourable members know it all the time from Amazon you what I really believe you it'll bring my right. I think that if you are going to date, you gotta be Loki about it, especially when you're a public purse in which he has handled Loki. You can people are Loki all the time. But I do think there after we respect for somebody else and just keep it low like you are free to act like a separate it. Yes, we have
agreement. I'm gonna do me out and we have no intention of getting back together. Then you should be allowed at eight other people, but I think you should be discreet, allows this robot, I refer Lear. Was there were talking separation? If you guys, a separate in a marriage is located in the locker, all moving along with its roots Brooks regular. Ah every was ever I dont really rough and you are going to carry coupled with back there and Charlotte. Got a bad, not use it? I'm sure I Angola, you salad, you aren't you separate from your wife and you want to make a move imbue from six point. Zero. Six foot tell a lie. I am you're, not one, and I know you dog, he would allow hey we're talking.
If your separated in a marriage is it ok to day well, I know I believe, separated undergo the boy thought occurred today. Nobody's our planet, but without it was better I feel you sometimes people separate and say: let's try to work out our differences and then you shouldn't date other people, but if you're separated like this isn't working, we got to get in the process of divorce separate and start date and other people in the new realized like damn are rather be at home, and I really love this other parts
I think I love this girl, I'm date not his guy, I'm being now. Rather, Burma has been away. I think every Keynesians in some cases yesterday some cases it's no, but we don't know what happened in their case. Put it. They say separate where they are separated it not living in the same house. I don't think gains from allows. This map on cancelling the very day was a mamma. Would talk about separation? Have you separated in a marriage? Is it ok to deep? I don't think it is now round and get it only had argued work on something you already into somebody up right on my start, dealing with these other person, you realize you know a good Seville Lamotta had known strong, towed nets, Uganda, land at the risky. Why now strode out? without Color Tyler, very Tyler Perry, so that got the g eighty was thing you twenty was then known, trades, twenty three, eighty one, eighty twenty rule, no traded,
and if we are sometimes you be separated you goddamn method, which low twenty and realize you got eighty at home. You remember I get this aid and wants to Malta story among the story that need. By the same energy. They add one tiny idea dance overflowing with May whether ok, I want you to They met you and you see tee. I out here would dance whoever you want to dance, The moral of the story is simply this back. Like the volcano rail, no doubt in our Rodya Cambodia, Now I know you ve ever was runaway. Yes, I tell you where legendary producers, lass I'd, is as now. Be doing a musical on facts about his life,
we'll get into all that when we come back, keep unlocked the breakfast. Furthermore, Angela his club, where Nicky Menage has a new material out. If you guys inheritance Zanna David get a song. Her an little wayne is quite right. My body up and check out some of her lyrics I just got him. I felt like a cap in the lead that bar screen. That would send me a lead. The goddamn thought them bug when ass, a young twenty one when you told yet I did it. I felt in I'd be argued at forum was ironic.
Is the more digs and Anna you guys. So, when she put on Twitter barbs cuban abuses, lists of all my opening acts. I've ever had on American and World Torres thinks I guess I was a dig tray, songs, moon, traces on the breakfast club, dynamic him and I don't get a ragged. That's all. I know all kinds of subliminal hell. I vary widely You an update on this whole Betty web situation. Now we told you about the shooting that happen in Paris in New Jersey. After an and altercation in and Patterson Fatty wealth is there with his crew. Apparently he ran into a member of fires a k, a Rahim, Thomas's chrome, now apparent five in his mother team boys have had issues with Betty Weapon the pass his what they said when they were outside of serious, previously very well, though gay man they earlier black one lousy, believes in- and I may very well Know- gave them very well very well with the sweet voice
he's a sweet, little kid, but he be up there. Now, like I say, oh mom, Robin about Gaza, stuff in idiotic. What, when you, and a ruse Ami them in gay about men can come out there when I'm out they all my cousin lower is always adopt. You talk about you run pass. The idea of the early now you got the low young ward. Is all your wise dawn, none about. Yes, there is so much. I don't understand about disabled situation actually like why you wanna harm the dude from the hood, whose actually got the potential probably bring Well, here, like he got blackboards due to ferry lapses, I know where I dont know: what is it you waiting is, but that's me just said in that Lady Albania to apply, but you can't keep him from possibly put some other people are now holding you know if you will allow me to go to sleep and act as a first summer actually met fatty while was with phosphorus is easy promoter Jersey? Sometimes he promoted the party. If anyone was perform- and I was the first time I met him, so he wore a cool before is some to deepen and Adam show our eyes
Let me finish telling you what went down now. Apparently I write him tat. They gave us who uses heard actually got arrested on gun charges because he also had very webs chain that was done. Non Instagram now very loud guy, wrapped about four hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth the jewellery and thousands in cash at their daily eyewitnesses Seen are saying that a member of Ferries crew actually fired the first shot and all the that landed in this shootout were all from very watts. Crews are the only bullets landed, even though there was back and forth shooting this, the shots that landed war from Fatty wipes crew. So they did say they was more than one gun. Clearly, three men were taken to the hospital from gunshots. Far away? Why are you in a hood at for some in the morning with the urgent fifty thousand dollars worth for Georgia for activity? can't we all be smarter than that. You got a safe at your house to put your jewelry and then you leave out the house. Rented envy in the hood with joy around your neck in the deli on first and chain was not worth four hundred and fifty thousand dollars
and they said the tin Woodman. I had three hundred if it much when you buy a chain and admit that the actual value, when you in short, is always on a percent moors bond worth about one. Fifty body do much. If he want to wear his change should be able to wear his change had never heard you gotta be small. Ok, so I go outside is rain and outside you know, Marie Umbrel, No wonder why you get what you probably thought he felt more comfortable where he was for me problem what they all the time right now, four rounds. Life story is gonna, be adapted for a fax musicals. That should be pretty exciting and he's gonna. Be one with Broadway Wage Michael Mayor who actually produce hidden figures as well. So Fox has one that pits for this musical is caught at last, This is described as a Romeo and Juliet Thou story with the musical element that inspired by furrows childhood in Virginia Beach draw political error. But I got a great imagination. I'm selling something don't endeavour had washed and Uganda
ball, is active shopping, some tv projects, you're, gonna, love, Laval, bought reality so and tat can marry. Obviously, based on his family of young basketball, superstars can't read, came understand. Dishes bereft of all a man is known as certain big goals enduring for his kids. It all even got no damn father and don't even understand what a father dreams of his children. You know what you're children make a billion dollar one day and the aid or low forwarded it, though Michael Jordan. One alone would be taken, beat you, but I will shut the hell up. Your black daddy you, don't black daddy's do live better, we can beat. Everybody knows about cocaine, shut up, docile gravy right and oblige has announced the brand new albums. Strength of a woman were excited Fidel. That Adam is coming out April. Twenty Eightth she posted on Instagram so Saturday, some who marries oblige material renewed it. Yes,
Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report drawn away at once it as one with unreal black fathers never admit defeat. Ever they move budget, not real black, was never admit defeat on which an added to put it like that he had three sons care. Let you can't tell your sons, another man can beat you anything anything You would resolve always, but you ve called Michael Jordan Daddy. Would you would you Yes, your daughter did you play what? Oh, my god, you when you say, yeah, Abbe megaphone Nazar back a wasn, outwardly. I wasn't. There will believe it won't do they believe it was always, now I know somebody had too much. Nobody was very like those intolerance.
There is a much more like that around me. I'm call him now and what our right will you put a little with certain of clearly room right: people's choice mixes up next year when it is something I don't you five, eighty five, when o five one, let me know what you when he a list of with some or with any music people, would ask me for that. So, let's get some of their own and whatever else you when he is
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