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Monday 10/3 - Today on the show we had author, motivational speaker, and former stockbroker Jordan Belfort or better known as the "Wolf of Wall Street" came by where he spoke about the art of sales, tonality and more. After, a discussion sparked in the interview about DJ Envy changing his name back in the day when he was a telemarketer, so he can be more susceptible to society we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought of it. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to the gospel group "Mary Mary" because Tina Campbell once said her christian values were compatible with Donald Trump and for Erica Campbell for denying her sister's statement.

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Angela Charlemagne, the garb of a rapid forbids the voice of a culture wash like means is one of my baby shows just because I always keep young real but their bare on paper there you know their listening through the back door. Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good Morning Angel YE minuses, Andy Charlemagne, the guy priested of where it is My views Naga described because I looked at the New York Poles in the Daily NEWS. I'm like
dealing with everyday body on the brink of. Why why? Why do I want to see a woman laid out with blood? over vague, as yesterday gets its new strategy is now it, although they won't let what the hell I don't want to Syria will. It seems, like more people have been dead, that we thought there. Yes, happily, with always fifty nine to fifty nine, when people killed and five hundred and twenty seven injured at least key- shall fire Jesus man, though we are going to have more information on the pseudo during front page news. Still then why any move obligation when one of which the dead body on page. It Paypal. I think we fully understand how terrible it is. Anti terror is whether the Greek we did not see it like at first thing in the morning. Jesus Christ them a green tea. While the boy yes come morning right now, I shouted a good people over Ford yesterday and I flew out to detroit- to meet with the people at four and had an amazing reading, an amazing time so shout out to them and related some of them,
to us in the morning when on their way to work, so the moderates- everybody out and Ford in Detroit TS, had a good time out there at last night was there wasn't a cancer but the benefit Party for Porter Rico in a city which so many J, so far, Camillo clue puerto rican raw vantage. How can save sounds Dj Dna, so many different issues I can make, because I've got its act together after any kind of late. It was over at midnight. We landed about lay a border region dj about you. The premier border region, DJ on the bill, was wrong. What you everybody was Portugal last night but I thought you was the Premier porter rekindle everybody with the premier put a report on that point. We will you get news from you. A deadly porter reckons that I like that you represent a predatory, go everywhere, The last night everybody was puerto rican last night, but let's get to show crackheads day we have an orthodox gonna, be join us, not just the other form. A Wall Street tycoon scene
Movie the wilful wars greet the casually and not of the Cabriolet join Balfour right. He'll be here this morning. Have any enzymes best seller got a noble, got the way of the wolf. There will be two him about everything that he's done. You know. Did you, am, I hope, embarrassing will for sugar policy as one of my favorite movie. That was, I love them so much by one the cars and a movie, but it was way way too expensive, but at this tried I was like this guy's amazing beta. Furthermore, we regard two coils Wolfe was great, really, yes muslim. They thought it. I'm a bill. Globules using quail, lose out. My woe from of wars are, I will ask you to show crack in front page knows what we're talking about. We will be talking about LAS Vegas with them. We know so far from the inside education, all the weapons that were found our family. I have to say about a Stephen paddock: Dorette will get into that when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast club. The morning his kindred Lamar symbol morning, everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, some front page news smell is talk about
I don't need a football game last. They became city be Washington, twenty nine twenty just watch football series is cry: lively protest standard which, having to do you not think that we can write Kazi chief, probably like they foreigner, Eulogise Van. You rightly argues that jive own for your account will be needed in a plane a week by week, far right. Well, let's talk about the shooting in Vegas. Yesterday are able to tell you the information that we know. At least fifty nine people were killed and five hundred and twenty seven were injured and that shooting that started late Sunday night now, please did find at least nineteen fire arms exports. Sid and several thousand rounds of ammunition and Stephen Paddocks home. Then at the how the Mandalay Bay, on a thirty second floor in the room that he was in police found. Twenty three weapons was did a handgun and multiple rifles, and some of them did have scopes on them, They don't have a motive for wised, even paddock, who was a sixty four year old retired Accountin would do such a thing. He never faced
notable criminal charges and there it is confused as to what could have happened now. His brother, Eric Patty, gave an interview and hears what he said. Not an avid gun right. All the fact that he had those kind of weapons is worthy. Did he get automatic weapons? He's not ds? background, he's a guy who lived in the house and mosquito founding gambled unless they stopped reading May we stated every time, isn't I imagine in America, but America deaf. We need some terrible gun control, but you know that that huh, Will you just can't have automatic weapons is no reason a civilian should have automatic weapons. Why do you need a gun ripe to protect yourself if you want to go hunting is no reason, no level of thirty forty shots at anybody
dear at a person at any minute, why Americanism verbal gun control and instead of praying for the city after the first, we need to be prepared for good framework introduced even paddock, also had by multiple firearms and pass investigators believe those firearms are purchased illegally, but they did say at least one rifle was altered to function as an automatic weapon. Now he fired at the officers through the door of his hotel room and shot a security guard in the leg, and that's when the Swat team broke down nor, but he had already killed himself, does that this is what I just kill yourself from the start. Before you even decide to hang out the window and shoot into a crowd and kill fifty four people in India to other more you could just. Dead at all, and I said so. Ok and furthermore, if you do- should, I would fully say it like? I won't be a cow.
What's the point really pull up one you with the gun Guido Autumn, issued out the political police I have, as it were, arranged shut. Pity people facing had no non linked to overseas terrorism, nor a terror groups are anything so fire with people with knowledge of the case have said that now, downloads shrub did do a five minute addressed and hears what he said. It was an act of pure evil. I want to thank the LAS Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and all of the first responders for their courageous efforts and for helping to save the lives of so many to found the shooter so quickly after the first shots were fired, is something for which we will always be thankful and grateful stairway Rhamni say was a terrorist attack of every Thursday. I did the does the sole cow this man at all these weapons. You shoot the crowd know it all You put on a defenceless bhunda police, pull up a Nigger weapons, Youporn God and kill you ain't gonna get caught
did you want to go to jail but back to the gun, laws, should be no way that they should have that type of guns and they should do some kind of Czech yearly, when you, when you're a police officer annually the force you have to go to training every year, to maintain that you can keep that that gun permit, that you can carry. But then again, I wonder if this guy even obtain these weapons through legal me said legally, they all enterprises legal, whereas this ridiculous aid us go and you could buy as many times as you want. If, if you couple that you can have as many as you wanted. As a person, will you gotta give flagged you don't of sending out to be some people going on somebody by a certain about automatic whether they should select? What goes on in the gut miserable appointed crib like they are? What is you build than in his bunk, because you care about the right of money to beg about put a lot lately lagging examined? My biological usually lag as to. Actually we have, I received me honest grants than the low to out they go. They won't get saved thing when you, by a third about automatic? I'm with you now right from the last front page
news and I get it off your chest. Eight hundred five, eight five one and five one of your upset. You need event. It is up right now, We had a bad night or a horrible night call us up or if you just want to spread positivity this morning. Eight hundred, five, a five one, o five one form as well. Been call us now is to breakfast logo morning the breakfast I got wake up ass, a we want to hear from you. This was going on over the border has brought a banal of prolonged. I'm an army
one at all regarding their shooting, a beggar gamma, even though they are talking about. I got a gun control back there like a DVD Heather import procedures, wherever everywhere it's pretty much. Basically, you communicate it to automatic weapons. If people people moving around of copper spread the inside to Tibet nine automatic live another day. They put something on the nine M made like knowledge glamour. You did. I waited on easily, but then he's going to be gone. Long he's gone companies gap to make it where you can also daddy's, because it is very easy to order a year after the up and accompanied earlier that I found the web is the one that I read. A book is too much into it, but it really that even before- and you know what I thought about it- by automatic weapons can already filed out of Life- became automatically-
though it would be appropriate if you bring her back you, maybe I'm gonna, be de gotta, be more difficult to do now. Think about you told me to do regional Rinaldo guns, that that is that there are people say just a spring, you put a spring in it and it makes it automatic them say it like these. You can go on and on Youtube and find out how to do it allows this nuclear liquidity features. I think that this will involve a thoroughgoing conquered issued in not as airport distraction to the family that my sincere condolences to them, but this was not an accident. Well, there was planned for much higher than that that young man is a really was dead. All you you, two conspiracies and social media conspiracies, would stop with that. If you can't prove it like death, Odysseus by political families, man, people a day like like people aren't we
this morning so that what I've done so weary argued this information from LA de DA prove these things, these for your column, false flags, how it's not about why it happened. It real and very well to the family by their timing is what the timing of white, though why was the timing like signing of the coming of the hearing? It wasn't an accident. I was staying with. You mean by that. What was the timing? Everything was just coming to a head and it comes very little yeah. Listen, please! Maybe I'll love yonder definite, I've got a job. This was committed. Everything I'll finish was coming to him all over the world. All of the disaster Everything on the NFL, oh god, in the NFL in the government, coinciding to ruin the work, dear God, would deadly beyond their own outside right. Now I got his own back. I don't I'm not only with them calculate info
in this connection in then, please, I've listened incidents. Do grass think pieces online? Ok, thank you for calling me I'm begging you and giving opinion. Thank you. I have an idea. Jesus Christ may get it off. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, or maybe you feel blessed, one express and positivity call us now with the breakfast club come on the breakfast club Is it your time to get it off? Your jets are the main from you, wanna breakfast on your life. There's gotta be a double digit ravages. Rather they let you know what I want
give me the pathway in a wheelchair you now he was a big brother committee. Again, you know. What's out, there has been a kind of crystal there have no family matter. Committees is dropping out one by one to stress once more sharply him and his family and that when we look at all, they got all draft reach Oh, oh, oh yeah, morbid our problem. You can have all the jap protection on your account without further Ado
the excessive where this extra money way of saving you money. You know you always herbage after account, but how are we going to codify thirty five billion that it may show you balanced account that aid reaches those? You don't know shit hurricane. That was both for a long time and I never because I was very very sure that I always balanced mad cow now. Whenever I wish I was drafted and never that Sudan is being, but I still no memoranda pay, those being one of overdrive ruler couldn't romantic of some two hundred. Sometimes you know you only have to live with their car. What you're gonna do thirty five hours of the night before allows is merely a german gilolo features, hey, I'm just mad because you go to the gym at four. A dot m get your mind right before work, but then people got to be nasty as heck over the day. I am receiving equipment, not wiping at all and then all
like to walk around, and I agree with the dying. That's why I didn't. I fear you at these discussing peoples. When all over the chairmen- and they just leave it all, wet and walk away. You got here. Why? Don't you I've done you democratically now I began before I go on anyway, as appropriate mine to Austria like that about when you walk into a public grow. Some of you would inflict it all goddamn told him equipment everything right there for you to wipe it down all the time. You carry out money, the woozy, germ and evil of genetically They move but one hour, coming through. What are you still working on it? They thieves two per day and they may come back to it. In all over machines and walk out does not know when people comes at a gem stank like gauges row that abandoned night before no shower someone's glimpse into Jim, no, no some people's thing. You don't think unless you stand before you got thing, especially smell normal beyond illusion I'm not worried about somebody's Melanesia acres. I have two brief air
Joe no Routh allows this day was there's gotta, get it off my chest. I woke up today mad and out, and I will go ahead at the same time. Tell us I woke up today, but rather a beautiful woman inside you for one We could say that it was right that that will gradually be happy. Thank you and then I go through Can I go to my door? What I got all my toward the door a thirty day day for Europe know that is not my rent be paid You tell me who's running the year data, also. She was going afforded the challenge. All as we will not do for different wants to forget our view. Very troublesome calculate reaffirms that you will give our lodging an identity, not our border, it. He said.
You two hundred homage, rather only I was already obliges me without change on address it Albert. I would already be getting help. Yes, you know I mean I wouldn't be a man. If I didn't you, you go, I, like your style Bob. I guess I am a big fan of your guy, but very black day like I will not talk to her about finance is doubtless he was going. I now Giovanni she's gonna want our factories. What the money get off my chest. Eight hundred feet: Five one and five. One of your absurdity debate is about any term. Here we got rooms on away. Yes, I suck about Oj Simpson. What was his first male when he got out of jail us, so we are going to talk about Stephen Paddock somewhere and what other people have to say about gun control derived we'll get into. All that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive breakfast
The report is the Reul report whence he left here. What was the first meal that he had Mcdonald's mirrors being here? there's a jail male now at his first meal out of jail. Goodness gracious go right now, when asked about, he said, is better than prison food, but is not what is correct, to be so that's what he says, but now that he is added your rank. Omens family is still looking to collect the money that he owes now when he was acquitted. Ninety any five of their murders, but he was ordered to pay thirty three point: five million dollars because of the wrongful death suits that figure than increased doubly ok, their judgment was real. Mood to fifty seven million. Now it's a little bit and assembly. I am now he's out he's gonna be working. He China get that they're trying to get their money from Otis.
And sent to does everything I will never understand. Immediate vacillation would Oji since, and I mean I really believe it- the fact that he got away will kill into why people in america- and you know, white people can't believe I began in in what the papers, if people read in the newspaper watch its of their mangled be dead so right he said years exactly our Christopher Williams. We all know quits. Williams is the iron be thing I remember he was in New York City S. Lives can beige negro ago whether snipe stabbed in hand about cheered when he's dabbling in ahead. Well, you just got arrested em, but for petty theft. Apparently he went into a calls in Georgia. He added tote bag and he had a baseball cabin, and they said he went to the back of storing them headphones. For nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine and tried to walk out the door with him. Then security stopped him and he said he simply forgot that he threw them in the bag. Found that no member was a man of middle age. Worse than lycian men, Rowan cds looks low down man of age and, like the finest of milks you
hurried into out in his here from article Regretfully, though, uptown record religion of getting back any day what a change the opposite, look at that all pigeon. Did they not the one? They show motto back there. That is why this is who ass luck would ground, though it is new dynamics at it. Just as a funny story, one time that a music convention somewhere and Christopher Williams is there another Galapagos, Christopher Williams, but people kept client out I'll, be sure, and he said was responding historic because it was only to lies. Can there was prominent ass? We should increase. The Vanessa was way after this is exams, and they said they were. They look is Abbe show any. Why was the music convention anytime and Miss Eyre? I don't know he was there. He was saved by himself around the drop in income was Robbie, showing records ledges as well. Directive needs movie men, they Jeff and highly debatable arrest in peace time. Petty Now you don't know what time petty is. He is a big rocks.
In the United States. He was only sixty six years old. When he died of a heart attack. He suffered cardiac arrest. Him was pound unconscious. You probably know that Song Free, fallen issues when it Bulgaria. Yes, he started the good the hybrid. Back in the many families he hasn't had a super group called the travel wheelbarrows and he had that group find banjo. Envoy Arbutus enjoys Harrison from the vetoes and Jeff Jacqueline, so rest in peace too heavy. That autobiography that came out and knows actually a biography in twenty five teen and he talked about the struggles Eddie Habit depression. He said he was in therapy for six years trying to deal with depression. He said it's a funny disease because it takes a long time to really come to terms with the fact that your sick, medically sick you're, not just Goines United suddenly going out of your mind, we're gonna be the personnel. The latter glee pick the terrible data he died yesterday. Nobody lomna Casino by the and his family and friends kid, but enough depriving send off. He deserved a lot of people, have a big
at a time like broad dialogue, Christmas, olive, Jane, rapidly, Donald Christmas, Christmas take precedence over there very well I may easily- and that is your room- a report all right, miss you know what they are free ball in their hold onto us. Now it ordinary laws do not always you lose their dreams. Those articles by walking around with no draws emilius. You shall tell you there's nobody is free, but you save rebuilding ball in our world Bank above diverted we got down to breakfast this morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news that in watchful for last night, but if you the aim of you, your team play last. I care the city be washing its quantity night. It's what's. He gave a city of foreign also show another friend who stand to a cabinet. Could they have an agreed season? But if you're in all four giants,
You rightly say nor cabinet might as well boycott Dana Export said and as an airline. No anthem before NFL Games anymore, verifies period Fox period for some thoughts wasn't go home at all. Here. Facts by setting up an air transport is one, is a totally different, You mean like Fox general language, loudly about twenty two glasses of facts, boy exports holding for blogger com or for export. What does it would? Jason would lock and common coward and other fox or fax, maybe fancy. I will let's talk about the LAS Vegas Shooting, yes, Oh I'll, give you guys him information. It was the deadliest mass shootings in modern. U S, history at least fifty nine people were killed and five hundred and twenty seven people were injured in that shooting. Now, according to the police, us even paddock was at the third second floor in a hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and casino. Please did recover three thousand two hundred and twenty three weapon they which included a handgun and multiple rifle. Some of them had scopes on them. They also found several pounds.
Ammonium nitrate, which is a material used to make explosives and his car. They said it, home. They found nineteen firearms explosives and several thousand rounds of ammunition and some electronic devices as well. He was a sixty four year old with tired account and he never had any notable criminal charges and I still don't understand what was about. They do believe that he acted alone as of now police did go and confront him his hotel room. He did fire at the officers through the door. He shouted security, in the leg and that's when the Swat team broke down the door, but Stephen paddock had already killed himself. What a child who should have killed herself before he shot. Those fifty plus people in India to under more authority should now hairs his brother, Eric pat paddock speaking on Stephen not an avid gun guide. All the fact that he had those kind of weapons is How did he get automatic weapons? He's not DS military? he's a guy who lived in the house and mosquito.
Found gambled unless stuff for each of our you gotta stop on everything. Talk of. It is a great thing. We pray for the city after the fable. We need to be brand for control before. So we need to do some. A gun, control, lady said anything they can buy a shot, gun or air and then with a little switch of of anything. I think, as they do something The spring into becomes an automatic weapons and we gotta make sure we can start back. There's no reason he should have been able to spray thirty forty fifty rounds in a crowd like I want to see Can you spray, although defenceless people added down it just enjoying that cancer? He's come into the Bush YO ass and they got two guns and they really want that action. You kill yourself If you wanted to what I was you or I do. I did read somewhere we're there. His father he was on the FBI's most once it lists for robbing banks or something like that. It s very emotional. They said that they have no idea. He was not eating it in no flags or not
they said he never got a parking ticket you just as they say a good person would know you The good work we imagine we will not have the narrative of Stephen with patent, whether they had a kind of panic. Even patty whatever they do not have. The merit of being a good present has nothing good about a person who killed humbly just people in India to anymore. Not that's not happened, which are right. When you re supposed to be getting out to Vegas tomorrow, and here is what he had to say- he gave a five minute address. It was an act of pure evil. I want to thank the LAS Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and all of the first responders for their courageous efforts and for helping to save the lives of so many to have found the shooter so quickly after the first shots were fired, is something for which we will always be thankful and great
it's an agritourism seed. Emphatically, the son of a bitch, ok, a phenomenal shit is it and if you will call intimations deadly attacks and nine eleven and call it what it is, a terrorist attack on a level with the terror of the tat great because of the terrorist attack to simple Well, I'm Angela YE and that your front page news all right. When we come back, we gonna kick with author Jordan Balfour. Yes, if you loved their names out from the wealth of Wall Street, I'm sure he's out of work. Scrooge. Zadig gagged, Elio nodded. The cavalry o played that is Mr Join belfry. As a book called the way of the world will kick it with him. When we come back to it or office to breakfast club kimono, everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special gift in a building Jordan Bell, for you might know with character from Wolf.
Wall Street the morning welcome. This is only and not of the cab Rio played in the wolf awash. Greet right LEO is way more better. Looking than you own, a mother says not everyone says, but among things that say what you have a new book out way of the Wolf yeah and it's about straight line selling, and your saying that all sales are the same you or what encouraging the the straight line system form is thanking. Eighty eight pleaded not was thirty years This is in the movie. You go in the last after the movie. The lot of stuff about the straight lie. With the tv cameras. Let me do it, I'm really. What I try All these kids back and allow make so much money and I've been teaching around Rove, less tell you! It's really powerful system can help. You missing, sell anything, One of the goals are not just for salespeople. It's for any person was you know, sales is life, but we always trying to steal your son, get your ideas across to people. So it's a very powerful book. So the way the wolf is basically the straight lines have went. What exactly is grey list them
selling is is basically a methodology that that allows people who are natural ones. People, which is ninety nine point, nine percent of the world right, and it gave your way to approach a sale that a nap One feels once you when I sell its second nature to me that when I walk into a sales are gathered everyone's the same to me because I know exactly what Do we take control the conversation? I know a couple of things in certain order. I do the family every time, so what this book does it breaks down? A sound, give your essentially a formula for: do you precise in that and it so easy to learn. Reason is because I kids. I toward back in the day. They is right and it won't know, what's more than I had to pay by. Numbers were easy, so What happened was after you guys know my story. When I went wild and gotten some trouble than many useless could you around the world important every industry may people rich so by using the guys who fell into more deaths? More, I say smaller. When they didn't do well and school. They didn't have aspirations.
Well, I do very much hungry they weren't really pretty mediocre. I also mean alighted, grow, unrolled from initial family, myself lining rob with money right and I think, a lot of the case with the same. The group in like a middle low middle class neighborhoods and they never withhold by their parents. They would like cable of greatness table, enriching whatever they wanted rain. They came into my company and then I taught him the skill, the straight line system. Change them and made them more powerful allowed them to really go out there become very wealthy, can reasonably fair right now, you're sure. Ok, as I read the pie, what you said about technology in the book at a selling now envy used to be a sales person. He would people our call right under found a teller. What did I tell him? I could go to monitor how they like. I would like for envy to practice that on you, and then you tell him how you would do it sure Mr Crawford how's it going to shorten pellicle few, how you doing this evening, you sounds good suffers a beat fast. Right have you are you doing you say what you like?
I would make a lot of money. The only thing that I would change in that ok is I outbidding, depending on what you're selling did. I wouldn't call someone Mister your name. Do I caught him by the first language familiarity? I will also be the last time you now actually get the person on the phone that you want to speak depending on what you're selling regular is. So when you say so high Mr Balfe, what they know you're a salesman. Did I say Jordan there. They know that reasonable, Mercedes friend, maybe it's up so they get get through to. Secondly, I can invite you voices good of you to turn out. He was perfect, ok, that over again and do it, the rhetoric what are they going ashore from Palko Fuel HOPI days? Gone great, cannot wash. We now watch Alps good. This guy is ok notice. You said Hey Jordan from total fuel. It also raised his voice up helpful fuels, a declaration I at the sentence that a question: you, U phrase it as if it was a total fuel like right. You know, you know me, that's that's. He's got naturally great tonality.
About. A hundred people would say that only one is one that would actually use the right on out what comes from being a dj. I've been doing radio for fifteen years before you forget TAT. I wanted to do you read out everyday, but notice. Tat like he raised his voice about, tell got anything you like Myspace known as geisler. You start listening very good meeting. The oil is going up right now and I got a great deal for you. I can save you money also too I was a year ago meeting a few nights of auxiliary. While I would use I would sort of elegant more of the story, but first we have sixty seconds. Washer Give you got a minute and I m sure why not I write now, you ve, like anything. If you, if you are women, I would say I had a baby in the background. I'm sure you saving for college right now. Share of global review is always good as well any granteth intimidated by one, and it was one of the keys to the novelty of great on our right instincts are correct, a wonder things also was I. I would have a speech
the script here. What you wonder about after that, you always want to have a good, say, eggs. If tell mocking you know exactly what you're going before you say goes one you know you're gonna stay, then you can really focus on a your own tone. Quality and be what the personal thing back using can focus on their response and by how they speak. You can tell what the level of certainties how interested they aren't. So there was that I want to tell you anything. I don't need your credit card fraud. It would not be a type of company if you have sixty seconds. New area next week it does not the chapter which involve couple. That's called the noble guilt on nobody else. You yourself, when you use those toenails Israel with a straight lines about that's just a subject, just a chapter on tonality which whether mastering the art of tuna bingo right so he's got the naturally and when you have those who, like I'm guessing that you, how perform those anybody that you are showing extra right, as importantly right, because when someone as those are nowadays it just radically in improve your results. So what this book does? Is it actually those torn out down and here's the thing.
Every one of you use. These tonality is at a certain point. Live you more spoken like. So it's no big deal or you asked a question, but you don't do it at the right time when you're selling, so the idea is once you learn how to apply with sale. It's just dramatic youtube. Video become an expert very quickly. We got Would you oughta belpher when we come back, don't move as the breakfast club? Kimono kicking it with Jordan, Belford Charlemagne? You know, encourage people. But the? U their persuasion? Tactics ethically after because I made the snake of that all using an ethically and and here's the thing. The straight line system: it is you, read this book to really powerful stubbornness and you can misuse it and that's a questionable not to do that. Because I made that mistake- and you won't be larger, what did you have to start over? Thankfully, it was able to turn to rebuild, but many people, don't they did they?
It's a death blow to their manner, and I really in this system so powerful and a warm and shore they use it. The right way you didn't success and ethics are not mutually exclusive. You can do bulk. Even do it right as you guys, you you'll earn the trust, the people right and you do well that you can do both that not one of the other one major with all major persuasion, tactics, legal now and more ethical now, as opposed to when you went to get back into the lives of persuasion system itself, is never good or bad. In other words, you take the straight lines damn right, the way of the Wolf and you use that system to do good things meeting you help him we'll get things they need. The buy things they should be buying? That's ethical! If you take that systems used to make yourself body, thou must sell anything to end. I'll get. What they needed are not under manipulate them all overpowered. Oh my logical reason and emotion: that's not it We have a relatively body that you persuaded in Norway, not ethically.
Ah you know, maybe once once here and there and they, but mostly will laugh about it. Re my elaborated there yet more yet will Emmy familiar from me. I can't say, but again minimizing. Just some people lost my socks. I wish they had never done that that never happened, but you'll, I'm a big believing that it can change the past and everyone sure everybody has made mistakes. We all make this right, it's what it's, what you do afterwards, you know. Do you live in your mistake Wanna dwelling you're mistaken, be paralysed by that or do you learn lent and you grow and become stronger They give a seminar you still have growth that lets you sniff coca. There s only unwashed absorber for a long time now you know, but as we say tonight, because it would you you do it all again is able in I would change something's by when changed a cocaine, hookers. Not what was it I gotta beyond is no four and fifty five now right, Woman might have love about my my wife right and I'm busy.
We cannot, for example, on previous astern irony gonna vices was, she knows a mockery to go out and do it again. So what I do again didn't, but you know what that was represents. I thought I had and that now, as part of me to plan for making up other peoples of what I would changes of that caused her other people, sugar, self, destructive baby. You know it was my life. You know when I was little spot of the nine deny that chapter three, the first forsake you say that you have the first four seconds of an encounter dragon impression like princess. When we just did this excess wiki. Did it l a marketing writing instantly? Those first couple secular he opens up, is about to speak. I get an image of of he's like, is a sharp eye on the ball orgy, hello, Mister, Balfour that annual Gama guy. Why has provided we issue is an apparent told us not to judge books by their governments, but they did and so do we
We know that the first thing you know my real name is rush on always at the raw off to ethnic, sigh, ass, a show and misguided machine. They know you black now because most any long island back and if they do rather salt, wiping as new private law selling by the way back all being fuelled Armenia should allow my guy. You just got me. This cry you ninety four, yes higher on Casey from all meaning in nets. I was all about a medium to target. If we think I would make a difference what he was saying taking the raw of of his new crimes of shining, where most of the time period of time when you were like okay, if he was one of your kind, no more you couldn't you couldn't do that in the brokerage prejudge Israel nervously legal legal ramifications for change union illegally. Johnny he's a phoney name, yet a change it legally. So you may never even really would think that, like us and many continents, every sign of sadly he's right, dab, slowly. Salary is right to say what I did
I would agree with that. You, a white man, was a market allied anybody the point now, but this is not about black and white. If, if, if you call me, if you you always, You say about blogging away. Why that he too names a wife who does not cause we're talking about like ability, meaning it the family if out, if a black, if I'm selling to people a black, then that the deep black would be an actual, the absolute asian. I want to be like that any that racism, it's like very pretty. No, no, no, no, no, no you're, a white man, a blank arguing you automatic, allow at all lay on an underlying. No it's about. Let no it isn't a humanist children. Do not know you know one God. Listen, it's a sad reality to some point of aid on the least prejudice precedent moral by like Romania has a lot of prejudice? Why people, but not double blackmail, to there's a blackboard
not a language that they have a real, but it's not about like a no. No it's not about black and white. It's about like verses like any like. So I'm sure you don't want to hear a white American. Actually one here are chinese acts in those they wanna. People want to save at adjust its about. Human nature is not about skin color or at this hour delta- and I know it's a black person, we have a different conversations. Somebody was going on the agencies. I understand, then everything shows Amber what you said about how some people are just naturally called off like a fire or somebody enough, but I have to change my name and I have to be less black too he's you want to do business with its whoever you call a woman calling the woman
better shot than a man corn, which was like verses lighten whose people just associate based on similarities now by way animals for a couple of seconds. Your judgment, based on who you are ok, not on your name, gave at the boys. If what he thinks I'm not gonna lie you guys. There is this human nature and it's not about skin color. It's about just like verses, like man, woman black, why in old age does matter so that that's my point, a modem of using my view of the new? What was in the beginning, I wash into budget today watch it anymore because it I've seen it so many times, but evidently some time that lived episode allow my God, my god, I got em, it's embarrassing killing. You see yourself, but you yourself, alleyway eludes itself was the edge of a great man, Anyone know a queer eludes, warns us all with wars groups. When I realized I was built comedy drugget choice I'd while those almond they were really good. Let us thank you.
There are legal by the way they look, this terrible bagging by how God not around it, and anyone is miles in all they do. Is they will give you the euphoric feeling identity? What's it look like people you doing nebulae. I think like ecstasy and Molly guided now, it's does no good, like that. It's more, like imagine, ok, imagine like the taking and beers and boiling them the slowing it down to like one like like this by drawing up thimbleful, injecting your main lighted. Pausing, it's like this unbelievable euphoric buzz that you get and starts like that. We say always explain to LEO right. As you know at knows everything drugs I explained they really are sleeping pills right. So what information do coped awake back up and what I was doing so you like only counting down I. Why lying I held about not sober, I'm so that what he is right now I'll ever go back that life, but that was what we,
did you ever give a woman collude with the intention that I'm, a secular when I was fifteen years old, was really funny story that never likened really, but we thought we had found me fifty version still you know like where she gives his back because of what we should do. So what have we got? A crush we're? Not we never did it out and thought about it and thereby we're gonna get it. There was a guitar. Virginia disgrace. The boy, if we invest more able direct, is a common. What's going to the galleys Gregory J of the wolf you now invited for us. Thank you for stab inclusion, United Leisure, guys thanks. Although there are some breakfast club, Jordan, the breakfast club, with his club, or rather Bavaria showed up the porter. We're going is talking to the mayor comment
Julian crews who, by the way, I'm sure you seen down. Item has criticized on twitter and here's what he had to say when After about not seeing anyone physically die importer, Rico or people our people dying, I've been I've been travelling around I dont see people dying. I spoke to the doctors, they saw a fifty three patients and they had a septic pursue a separate but buddy dying, I wondered dying. Is a continuum if you don't get fed four seven, eight days in your child, you are dying, a view. Have eleven people like we took it. A nursing home severely! Dehydrated! You are dying, are right. Now the official death toll imported we go is at sixteen, but they do expect those numbers to rise as rescue workers are trying to distribute those basic supplies and families. Have to live for weeks or months without power. Another thing the mayor, someone had to say was say was that telling people
register online and they dont have powers to how this is to go online and register for anything were after the interview her? There were vera. Had this to say about the mayor said one of my interview with the mayor who, as you heard, still claims people are dying. Although the death count is sixteen has been sixteen since the storm, I could find no one not die and who is highly critical of president Trump. Where is he talking about So as you saying that no don't do anything so he's trying to say, while he was there for those few days it and see anyone dies and Noah's dying, repair plan. Is that it's a continuum of things because there's no power, because it she's with the hospital they are more people could there's people that I struggling right now and dying is like and that dead. I am dying because I'm starving I dont have blighters they not be high during Adra. I can't get to the hospital I dont have ours was sixteen people know that the state of emergency she's been really critical of Donald Trump Night, responding in a timely fashion.
A sixty people have died and more people are dying, is trying to print, prevent them from actually being decorate and he sang I didn't see anyone would die. I was here and how you are going over there. Let us get the help that they need our rights My Braxton has fired her stylish, and that is because her style is made her feel like she shouldn't aware an outfit from forever twenty one. Now she said what I listed HIV. We felt less, then probably can't you did. I swear forever. Twinning Lenoir, I fired him because I know is right. You feel less than because you have on afforded to health raffle. They know my love, you make me never be confident in whatever you have where our in choosing to be or afford you better walking confidence, no matter what shape size or finance, situation, you are amazing and don't let anyone bully you and suspending what you have or not. It doesn't make you any less don't fuck with twenty one shamed or solid rue shamed, all rainbow. Shame, don't fashion Nova, shame Damn Zara! Yes, there is kind of Spencer. I know I was art I only
Lars run on yesterday, but actually stolliver men, TVS wardrobe. What is daily, but I didn't do back S daily north. My leg, is something does not you. You ought to be able to give to meet aware for ourselves: viral no Minnesota Yarmouk Beckley he can put it on my back, so I kept it off alright, well yeah, so she's going to wear whatever she wants, and you know what, and if it looks cute it looks cute disconcerting expensive, doesn't make it look good and just cuz something she doesn't mean. It's not you all right. Had some things to say about politicians and gun control after the unfortunate tragic situation in Vegas, here's what he had to In writing. De we had a big fire at the idea of a total LAS Vegas was horrible right. I mean eighty five people died, you conceive of iron out there I was. I was thirteen years old. I ll never forget a man jumped out of the window. It was a terrible thing to say. And then, a few months later there was another fire at the helm. In five people died, so you know what they did. They change the laws.
And it has an act of again. Why would we approach this differently? It's a public safety issue, so his whole issue. Is you see everything that is going on and please officers, children, mothers, all of that, and why don't we take these guns in their common sense to send as what you say and leg is called for. But a city that these mass shootings happen in after the fact? But now we need to be praised for gun control area and he s idea. Here we had to say about unconscious, as well is easy. In America by China saw what is the chief had to see. You know at the most dangerous thing America's other men or America died at the hands of other men. All I think ass one man shot almost six hundred weapon exactly where responsibly, when they made at the way we handle when nothing wrong. You're too much I write so is not the guns problems, the people with the guns and we need to make sure it does not it
common sense to know guns are inanimate objects. You know I mean going to just like anything else in the wrong hands. They can be in the right hands. They can be useful good in the wrong hands. Back when everybody wants to know what can we do to change things and that's really what it's all about right now might I think my trees workers, the Oakland Raiders they bought donated to the LAS Vegas victims. Financial found me page that was set up by the Clock Cannon Commission, chair and that is to help the victims of the heart. Fake, LAS Vegas in shooting and if we can do gun control in a massive start, but I gotta Ya'Ll everyday. We our living in a world where we have to avoid crazy, but it's almost involves impasse of every day about alive we wake up is just a matter of. If we go survives, somebody else is crazy I know what I'm gonna do today, but I don't know what everybody else going. Do ok our camera man in his room every single day. Why do name leave always seem like he bought to snap gazed stays pretty cool he's my friend
It is noted down last year following you need someone to talk to ok right around That's your room report. I manually yee. You might have you heard about it right? Solving targeted aid. Given you an altitude dog you did, they go into the gospel grew Mary Mary. We need them to come to the front of the congregation. Literally we like to have a word with them. Ok, I will do when we come back people access to breakfast locomotive, donkey, gavel breakfast dog you today for to the October, there goes to the gospel, grew Mary, Mary, Tina and Erika Campbell knock.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Mary Mary, maybe the first group do use Otto tune on a gospel record. Only other person I can think of a put out of tune. That will record was future. When you made guy bless and all the trap so dramatically Basel Mary Mary did YE gods gospel in rotation, not a reason. Mary Mary is getting donkey today, because Tina gave her interview with the root magazine, which she was asked about. Open- let us she wrote earlier this year, encouraging the masses to pray within President Elect damage. Now you know anything about your uncle Charlotte, any normal above prayer, I am afraid, will owe prayer. Warrior are prey allowed for myself from my family from our friends and if you want to pray for me, how do I can use all our backing it? But I don't wave God's time, especially when it comes to people with the character of our celebrity and Chief Donald J Trump. Okay, I feel as if, when you pray for turn that down in my
with, I feel as if, when you pray for really evil people got just gone. Signalled phrase is banned. Fold. Ok is also a good braver, really evil people You truly don't know what the lesson, a god of teaching that person involved in time ignoring evil people, because once you choose this image, your water Satan that God got it out, he got things to do so and that, after my God, pray for someone, we have created. The Parthenon Branford has already made his beard choice in life and he picks Satan for three hundred Alex, not Tina, Gamble, told the route I had a perspective. I had a feeling- and I put it out there. I noticed some people don't agree I do not agree with a lot of decisions that this man makes speaking of Trump, and I made it very clear in my statement. I was faced with two presidential candidates that our
did not approve of Campbell elaborated, and so I had to find something a commonality with one of them. That would make me feel like if I have to vote. I should utilize my right to vote, since I don't prefer either of them. What can I find that would make me vote in some of Donald Trump's views on Christianity? Honestly is what caused me to vote for him. Quote. Ok Tina guides me to tell you that is so much wrong. With this statement. Number one stop trying to find something in common with evil people. It is probably okay if you and evil port. Nothing in common and, furthermore, you find yourself having something in common with an evil person. Then you might want to check yourself now. What else is interesting about this situation? That thing you found you had in common with President Trump is his face, his virtual reality. You said his views on Christianity and will cause you to love him. What jobs views on Christianity, because because he poured into a black charges to DORA
pain that make him a christian Tina. Listen standing in the middle of a garage, though, make you a kind download trumpeted in a blank cheque, doesn't make him a Christian. I'm not gonna get all preaching on his radio this morning, but if you, Google, christian values about ten value that come up and I'll go name a few these values are being a Christian, and you tell me if any of this sound like Donald Trump Number, one worship, only God nope down she worships wealth, fame power Status and Vladimir Putin's aside, the gate we start neurons number two respect all people, you know our love, your neighbors, you love you something! I believe that a blow job. Would you like to hear some other christian values and on a platter? Trump? Ok, Vienna, humble being honest, what do any of these words, I thought with the letter a job to do the job of our peoples are needed to PM we needed to be honest, but never that Trump is, though things another christian value practise. What we preach don't be a hypocrite, Livermore or life. None of these christian by
the lad. Our prejudices Tina. I would love to know what views his trunk have on Christianity that major gravitate towards him now. All alert drop, one of whose Barack Obama alert they posted this story about Tina camp. In other Marian Mary Mary There is another Mary right here. I named Erika two Erika her sisters into comment. The Bala alert saying not what she said at all in capital. Letters just read our letter for yourself: He wrote it at the very beginning of his presidency and she was hoping for the best Google teen his letter. She said nothing bought his Christianity read if we yourself boy, agate, India, memo Read article in the room. Now statement secured you dog you today Erika, because his right, they on the root com for odyssey. It says clear as day and some of Donald Trump views on Christianity. Honestly, we'll call mutable Pham Erika is right, then print for you to see you need to practise what we preach and regions is this letter for yourself. Ok, I totally
there, you have it uses the bag and it's ok, arabic and acknowledge that she's. The same. Damn time, Mary Mary, I am disappointed in your book, but we all need to open. Bibles and turn the song four thousand six hundred and ten, which says be still and know that I am God I know you're ending your reality show and that's good, because y'all need some time to yourself to just be still and disconnect from the secular world and really reconnect with your spirit, because Tina saying she like summer Trump's views on The anti erika, ignoring the fact that what our sister said and telling both for his life That is more tromp. Like then Christ like so I need you, oughta be still in no guy. I need not go home, get behind closed doors, hit the floor, get on your knees and pray to God, and you not to tramping you please. You Mary Mary, the sweet, sounded amateur athletes,
you all about e g Mary Mary. Why you buggy right exit? I don't get a day and now only come back. Talk behind the scenes now, but it was really monsoons juggernaut owners well, but Jordan, Belpher, tat through what we were talking about when I used to work at it, telemarketing firm out long island. This is what we will talk about, but I do not support My real name is reassuring, are always at the right of consumers to have mixed ass. He you are really would think that, like us and many continents, every shine
no, sadly, he's right absolutely values right examining this is not about black and white, guys we're talking about like ability, meaning if a black, if I'm selling the people will block the network being black would be actual that absolute on Asian. I want to be like that any that racism white re prejudices are much. Argo washed out fallen of your breath of clothes you to pace because we had a lively. Discussion? In here very lively? I got that in the compromise and with Craig Ass Crack is ok. You know like because, because on black does your problems that amount about compromise we have with Craig Ass crack? Is a white people. Anybody else's amount about doing a job and be smarter doing your job. I was a fifteen year old kid. They worked in law. I wanna tell em all confirm and other white kids. I was only black it and we sold target audience whole meeting fuel to forty plus, I knew what a shame to your name was added to do it, but the name. The diagnosis aim, the enable judge you in the first four seconds of a conversation when you do telemarketing, if your sales person, you would know that so together
things are so to get yourself in there. You know rivalry. My name organise Adele Margaret saw the first thing. I would ask that you name Unita. Whoever your name is letting you go out and rode away Charlemagne. Do you guys might have. I say something like I was just going to say that I also think that when your younger and it's your first job, and something like that- and you do something like that- a lot of their has to do with how we're programs you Why are you not to raise the matter about making us I can? I can I Lisbon is what I was going to say. I was going to say that it is something that has to deal with people's prejudices, and I do believe that people have done that clear. Like I have a good friend her first job. Her name is dinner. She had to change your name. Resonated Dana cuz, normal calling her bag, but once you change your name, resume, all of a sudden all the same places she set her resonates. Who were calling her back is wrong,
and I think now. We would never do something like that, but I think going I wanted when your favorite here very clean syrian four thousand years old and you selling a year, is unfortunately heating fuel to a forty year. Old wives outlines in it that we believe that that's what we have to do is get off what they do and if one should now we're going to have to do, I know you don't have to do it. I do not have that compromise. Local realities, prejudice, people, if you call somebody- and you tell me your name- and I want to buy from you, because your names out who ethnic they are prejudice so have boom screwed, whom period We know it is number one tried to get a job in trying to get paid at the fact that at a flimsy, where are you taking my bills? Colleagues, my name is shown what I'm trying to sell to running my they found alive when discussing whether you will not become a model for these reserves. Bigoted cracker Craig and I daresay you choose to dance coup. God bless. You could do that at eight thirty, seven, the age of fifteen, who is a little different everything my one Beverly. What w
much more varied, no, be away queens all the time. If you do what you did, you have a different five. You know we're gonna, take the phone calls and that's all this morning's true, the breakfast club? Burnham laws. That's what I like morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club now Jordan Belt for was here this morning, and this is the conversation we have noticed. The first thing you know my real name is crucial and we took the right of contacts with mixed seashore until you are really would think that, like us and many continents, every sign of sadly he's right, absolutely values. Rights resembling this is done about black and white, guys we're talking about like ability, meaning if a black, if I'm selling two people were black, then that the deep black would be will there be on Asian. I want to be like that any that racism is like
Ray prejudices are what do you think eight hundred five, eight five one o five one, absolutely not I'm not, the compromise into raises two big: it's the prejudice, people you tell a market in new cars. Somebody's house in today your name they feel like they don't want to buy from you, because they think you're black, oh you did they give some minority ask them. Why are we compromise on foot and while we compromise and raises prejudice, bigoted people at a distance, and they re being a picture is how do we feel about ourselves and teaching? I kid so that when they grow up to be proud of who you are and do not have to compromise that is something that people do have to learn is that is not a compromise, is a matter of being smart. In my opinion, if you selling to forty zero white man, you want to make them feel comfortable. If you sell some same way by walk into a shop and is is a broader india. Seven thing I'm awoke to brother first, was, I feel, like he understands me more than anybody else. In the same way, if I call a customer service- and somebody who I answer, the phone is somebody that doesn't speak my
which I can't understand. If I hang up and if I want to make a forty some, your white men feel comfortable with inadequate at the age of fifteen. If I'm trying to sell something to them. Yes, I wasn't even only their own, even though their wrong they're prejudice and need a bigger and NATO raises. You want to make them feel comfortable. The age of fourteen I'm trying to sell salad. You sound like the sleigh there, wasn t manage only sail them, imagine being accused of everyone else. Person is selling things as a sales person. You want to get in the door, I'm not making a person face to face, I'm on a phone, I'm getting a salesperson in that door, and I do whatever had to do to get their salesperson inequity fourteen, I'm not I'm, not I'm not gonna mother. Did you Craig Crags prejudice that they problem allows. This would go on without came out and brought it Tat came the morning when I heard you don't you
your name, the half now, but let me tell you, let me tell you that we thought we only because you love I'm a recently to try to get an apartment. It was so difficult out. I would call a collar leaving me the magic carpet nor we call back so I finally have a friend of my journey state. He called the same farming back got a message. I got a call back the same day. The co author of the report would all of your parliament. I withdraw my colleague applicable loan bologna reality. Like my aunt S, France Anti. She was getting a Araby envy and she had submitted a request for the the envy and they will tell there was an available and as yet her husband's. Why do the same and they responded and gave him the Airbus being log into another approved. I pray that you did not still go down in flood application. Are you sure you want to stay in a place like that land at at at at at at at bigger It is what it was. I will never want to live under the new combine that with good reason. But my name. Why are you awake,
I didn't want to sell it to me. I did a lot of cocktail hour of need help. You began your looking filled the bag to hand over power to like got like an open day. My heart came a regime like that, but that we understand that play a big fire like What people judge you before they even get a chance to meet you this crazy and that's their problem, not yours, but you need to stop victim blaming like that solve problems, hello, who's, this Billy good morning? What do you think about what have with Jordan Belford as far as change your name and not being as ethnic to sell things like? I did some until the mocking I being die as a parent of a three year old and then make another vision, the name I fan three years ago. It's important ones in anger child not only because one day they
though I have a valid Oedipus, well watered long at the little bit harder that fella than a shorter, but also because, no matter what you say, you are judged on your name that it on your right to me and though, for me everything is a long time for me to be comparable with my name because people always say, My name is a name and Billy me and I try to go with my middle name and it doesn't deck and though, even to this day, people still don't understand what I'm saying when I say my name and Billy, but I think that parents had to be cognisant of the fact that if your name ethnic name or a really long spelled name died. Your child is now have the grew up with that one day and a half The aim of the report I said Billy you do know regards. Would you name your child? Just ass each hour still won't be black us
I won't be, will be Spanish austere and you can't run from net. She can't run from what are you talking about at night and energetic how he walks and outdoor they gonna tell you: nobody can be judged when they walk in the guileless, because not about the name. It's about that person's prejudice to war whatever the person, is not saved. That day said hi there s, nobody, I'm I'm multi racial. I am. I have many many things at my back. Our Emma husband is a hunter was not made more again and we welcome the door. I my skin and darted in his and when we welcome the door words eyes, because my skin instructed him. I lost the heart of the native American and he doesn't have because you know people the people, don't think that he's native America either, however, said he, but his native american travel card, and so no matter what you do. You're gonna be judged, but as a parent I want to add mothers, I can do to help
the not God man, I'm gonna, do it and I always tell me, but be careful what you make your email address, another that when you send out emails, the can for things. So I am crazy email address when you send out things because they judge you based off of that all the bullshit. We will get the white man, God, damn sure glad that you have more to do in verifying irons shouting address that just sounds crazy. Roderick Froggy five, one o five war. We were talking to Jordan Bill for this morning. We have this conversation about changing names and being more, yes, was the main likeable and in the presence of different nor that of Albion Likeable, because if they don't like your black ass, they prejudice aid you got your name is Michael. What or black call us now is to breakfast locomotive got your gaddi morning. Everybody is the G envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne to go. We are the breakfast club, let us more than we were talking to Jordan Belford we have in common. Making that I've ever does the wolf was North Wall Street right. A book was name of his book where we
The way the wolf he talks about being a great sales person- and we were talking about when was a teen and I was sullen telemarketing, how I changed my name from regional and ashore to get more say, using carbon mother didn't Gregg important compromise in anybody got nobody ever met me. I wouldn't even China does not Alice, and I was in my numbers because mine are we using the name, as shown in? I was speaking. Propaganda got me to do what they can. You called eight hundred foggy one in five or what do you think about it? Hello is this day and age jasmine. Regarding the question about the day, TAT, ok amicably, with giving our and corporate Amerika, I name he is that you don't even know what gender they are or why? What my daughter named Logan, bigger, what do you know what they are? Putting the guy's name, Anna's money, you guys, but I dont Rosa or gaze. I was seventy five amount.
You know resigned is still black regardless liberate. The issue was not the name issue is the person's prejudice. So, in order to argue compromising anyway, you won't get no door set it up for sales. People are working to do is go sees, there's somebody, the inner door. Nobody ever meet me at all from white black Asian if a guy what out all night- and I don't need to know that an aid this is very says you can run from what you are alone is a money mobility. If I'm calling from ran up again, you Harry, I don't wanna emissaries, Worshipper aid, I may my dad we're filipino. And I need my daughter's. I was going to name the NEO and I think of that. I regret it sometimes because I'm just thinking he's going to have a hard time getting the job. And the future re name. What's your name, Camille, Ginea, ok and expel. Gay and then he I'm good nor think, unlike their broad, a bigger
I don't know what I'd do where I mean, hopefully on thing be definite my ten year plan for job, though very, big moment. It was unfortunate that people feel like an end. The fact of the matter is people don't get callbacks based on their name without we have not that person problem. That is the problem of. Prejudice person who's, not calling them back and guess what it don't matter What's your name, your child, they cannot run from what they are. Always this, Nicole, Nicole, you sound depressed about. Ok, I will certainly come. It manages lady there. The system that they go by the way of your name has an accent mark or it automatically knocks it out as far as applying for a job or filling out for something cuz, the system doesn't recognize the hype know that the accent mark, so it automatically not your name out. So if you take that out then
the work of the world and then you'll get a call back may obviously we have to take diver, not our name. You can call it that no not technically by here. She will get more power back if she forgot I've been yet not about what had I invite all they call him beyond say back me up on their own experiences allows this solely on which we should combat version money thumbnail and there are one hundred percent agreed difficult, but you're not easy. I bet supervised and Bob becoming one if you are, but I mean I just make your work. You know domain but Charlemagne, this, yes, eyebrow. Why you get, though the then do you got a pretty big fire born brow why you can really help you, the community and you just keep not in white people out like his money, then no, no, no, no! No, I'm not knocking why people I'm knocking races, bigoted prejudiced, white people,
at all. Why we wouldn't have you wanna lobbyists Elvin within Craig, Ass, Craig, go right, egg cause, I'm not goin on very specific into I'm talkin to begin it, but you keep making no comment. It all is divided but when we got will go into my make it I'm always denounced racism, always talk down all races. I'm always talk down on prejudice. People want all again what our colleague Monica reactor is rated one wonders why you were the economical, I'm a white person, several organ tweeted this out yesterday, several good. You know that, When is right, several can say If you are a white present, gives matter being called a cracker, then you are indeed a mother. S been cracker a white male tweeted that yesterday's our very cool, but what I'm not equal to the Bay brow? I listen, I'm looking to get them on my end right now to open up the work. When I hear the about, you lad met at the knell being that they call Donald Trump, a cracker.
Like all my power. Do they get the Puma? Why do you not think that Europe has a cracker bracken codes of practice? Practice raises bigotry, prejudice further building now drama that Loomis Well, I'm a point. I have no idea. Why don't you come? We have learned that if you want to continue to allow yourselves love yourself with the transit of world, go right, my brother, my man, you have a big platform. I think you should you didn't you get to enable, but you could use it to get the message across to the little bit that raises a visionary tragedies. Why people Craig Ass crackers, white levels that Elena much more clear. You want me to be all right. Thank you solely for call our. I was tomorrow or store the modal story. Do I mean that you should? I can't believe, you're Loggia compromise interview gradually make an excuses for they prejudice innate bigotry and me does so could be proud of. You all be proud of what your name is outdated at aim by ship, but
all right without rules on the way you, yes, twenty one service. Can you get a job that name? I will be going to be talking about twenty one. There is actually a lot of jobs with rights. Was on a way as to breakfast locomotive breakfast everybody His dj envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast Corrado Intercourse bomb for COD Ii, be boat at yellow second week in Rome, is a rational because you know it's done number one again is why now in their minds streaming, I think has very streaming a gradual. She does things our way we know compromise natural automatic self is winning well, let's get to the room. Was the sole twenty one savage
about the report on the breakfast wagons. Twenty one savage has been getting a lot of flag for being at this network. With his women Amber rose, he was holding a sentence that I'm a whole too, and she had on her captain save a whole cape, Saward and years away, he had to say about people going on him off it is not my place to allow for a month and then here's what Ambrose had to say about everybody saying that he is, I guess longer a savage cabin. Is my man not a savage? Do your wagon to pistol with me pay me a shoot up the Slutwalk within the alliance as somebody y'all on energy and say what you gonna do footing form which are now really bought their life. Twenty one idea showing what
would really do for the poor from a real life will stop eight and imagine, love, though I think that many of these facial expressions be so stoic arbiter, I'm like. He really is about whether the patient s leg funny, because of that, like you, don't be, I've been no expression ever obstacles. Monitoring was thought of video for his nothing, nothing new song. Yesterday, not algebra suggested it. They amber, he smiled and happy. He just looks like some areas. Well, it's gotta start talking about Amber rose in her transformative box to vitally is not quite by level what come on of twenty one savage into a feminist, we gotta stop compensation. I lupi then the young Could be stirring and a reboot of Charlie's angels are doing that reboot and she is an early talks to sign on further An Kristen Stewart from Twilight is also being I'd for that as well. So they haven't reveal to that. Their presence but they're saying that you now Monet is attacked choice as well, so that could be good. I would deafening.
See. Tat genome needs a jolly Woodstock Gina. By the way, it did an incredible job and was a movie and inflation yeah. I guess you know now great twice as long as you know, the future Hollywood legacy killed that she's avenue of next area, Justin Bieber. He must have. House in Beverly Hills, but nobody will render him nobody in there behind because of his reputation for trashing every mansion is offering up to one hundred thousand dollars a man, but everybody like now he's been thing at a hotel in Beverly Hills right now, because you know he has neighbor to get anything so right now, he's is living in hope, I wonder why wouldn't backer about there is out they love. You know, already had a house. They are thought or know why he doesn't is by what maybe not sure where he was to end up. Sometimes by not a great idea, if you only gonna, be there for a short period of time. You don't know where you gonna go awry. No way is saying the: U S, evil donate one million dollars in order to help the victims of the vaguest. Shooting the victims, who were effect,
here's, what he had to say, what would reduce what is done in a million dollars to the people, the families and the people who are affected by this, and you know it still too early so we'll see what pops up over the next week, but we're gonna cut that money up and donate to a bunch of different things that have to do with the tragedy or we'll just give the whole million and one lumps onto in order that the thing that everybody else's donating too, I know the NFL put up some money do near him, sadly, is allowed and she got sent home early. So there in Barcelona and Kenya Moore was supposed to go to Barcelona and seed and end up going. The problem is that she supposed to be filming scenes with her husband Mark daily, but he's not down for that so she's kind of China Stolid, so they actually yanked her inviting you get paper episode. So there's some episode, she's gonna, miss out on costs. You can get them to go on edge really enough and she got sent home early. So there in Barcelona and Kenya Moore was supposed to go to Barcelona and seed and end up going. The problem is that she supposed to be foaming scenes with her,
husband been marked, but he's not down for that so she's kind of China Stolid, so they actually Yang inviting you get paper episode. So there's some episode, she's gonna miss out on costs. You can get back to go on a chip to Barcelona, visual borders. If you fight all rules, while the limb out of them just kick your yeah yeah see not supposed to physically touch. Anyone say that with the new still air, So technically that makes me managing gotta get some kind of bona fide Manassas. I well. I'm Angela YE, and that is your room or reports
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