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Friday 7/21- Today on the show we had the "Puerto Rican Princess" Joseline Hernandez from Love and Hip Hop visit and she let us in on mother hood, quitting LAHH and even her ta-tas, literally! Also we had Regina Hall stop by to promote the movie "Girls Trip". Charlamagne also gave "Donkey of the Day" to a man who is running for mayor in Florida and told black activist to go back to Africa.

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Even the most dangerous morning in order of the day and everybody phasing in spending to go with me to the ruler, rubbing the wrong way ravaged by you and your do: Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO age. We use our so to me was tat in peace. Did a black fraud is it's Friday is a great we gain from it. They were the guy's, a great weak economic cartoon purse, ok rights. I enjoy content. I like to read a lot of books. I like to watch a lot of moving towards a lotta television alike to surf the internet. Ok, and this is good content. We gives a lot of good content out. Ok Mill Zalm came out winds in laws and speedier. Yes, I have heard much think like you, I mean this is me. None of our feel, like he's, been a logo more reflective or to be more open evidence. This does mean, is no Bob Ray than you know mean nurses have good first, seven, so that they are really really really really don't think is opening up is not just talk about the Nicky and drink beefy. Just talking about a self and his life's, I thought that was dope dare raise raised very reflected in also girls. Trip comes out today located movie star equality for data Pink Smith, Regina, all indifferently had subdued old, actually gonna be joining us in a little bit. So yourself what you gotta watch your worship is. We get unlimited growth trip today. Ok, I have a date plant because you know I'm a dead near dad and a father. You know you have to go. Take advantage of your recreation opportunity, lotta nanny! Is there a way you don't like it? Yes,
absolutely the same way and are insecure. Hbo comes on Sunday, dammit the ILO showed a job you watching Othello, so Othello gain economic below gave a throw reliant, is some game echo more authority might play, will be plain of unlimited. Don't worry about it. Ok to yourself with insecurity. We welcome Laana on Sundays was was a great. We give a kite right. Well, let's get to show crack and we get a couple. A special guess joining us, we tell you Regina Whole will be here. She's, of course, is in girls. yes and also jostling Hernandez, never even of an Joscelyn adjusted half an hour nanda. She used to look like a man but she's glowed up rapidly vs soft from love. Any a pop she's has a baby would Stevie
Phoebe, J, what's up to hunt alone but is worthless, could issue a crackling front. Page news next would say about Oj Simpson. Is he free while your care would say when we come back as well thought the breadth of locomotives morning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast collaboration front, page news that easily use out so I'll be home in a down now. O J Simpson was in court yesterday about his parole. Now, while it was very odd plies, the rabble class was watching it any. He said this ought Instagram utterly Remould. Do you. I had aroused work, but we are now I've no day here. I want you out, I'm not about a column. Was I'm not gonna? Tell me about it. I'm gonna call rooms, I'm everyone among other young away. Do you wanna be of remain goddamn, OJ, Ewing them, Ngos normal you ve got a kind of modern among you rhythm of soda water. You you're alive. I know more about a mother man, you want em. All you, Mr Blair, give answers. Darted tyrannise elude he devastated. Crony cloud was engaged to him some hours away on the Deva knows a lot of things coming back from the nineties, but my interests, an orgy and decorum, is in London, and I don't know why people care by why we will treat all G20 Tree Britney's bathing, keep seventy down our throats and dynamic of care at no time did not give a damn about whatever indulges in Amerika Room, yes, OJ started, crony gave a little speech and then the judge said this.
Mr Simpson. I do both to grant pearl when eligible, and that will conclude this harry. You didn't. What are you gonna give you another jack? It was granted parole as of October. First, he could be out so we'll see what happens OJ since it will be all over it. Everyone unlucky his men of in Amerika, I mean you killed too I've. U, in America, get away with it, you mess up again get nine years. They let you out again. Yes, I know I know you said you know: why are you have you bought the reader? Another story to correlate thought it is all situation. Now we get us in a rest in peace sue, the paper Chester Bennington. Here we go. He committed suicide. Yesterday, he's Lincoln Pugs front man. They found him in his bedroom. Yesterday, his body discovered shortly before nine, a m by a housekeeper really had no idea, it was wasn't overshoot dead day. They had placed
Torso you know is very, very, very sad recipes that I met condolences to his family and friends, of course, lead singer. Making pop movement commit suicide. Oh do something for all yesterday, really sad, theyve why'd you will it wasn't America yesterday will arrive. Less front page news. Now, oh management of law muster with it at later millionaire. Neither? Are we actually away a new advancement in travel advancement in travel, Becker, possibly having you can get from New York to York to twenty nine minutes? You minutes economy. Well, I guess I sent you talking about. Eleven must receive a verbal government approval for the company to build the underground New York. Philly Baltimore DC, Hyper loves you can get from New York City. The deasey in twenty nine minutes have told you about the time now I
it was late when I was in Ireland in the lobby at a hotel. We haven't drain from me and a couple of my boots, and he was talking about like you are falls in time. Travel in our kind of stuff. Within this guy overheard doesn't wandered over our table and started talking to us about that. I presume, The artist is talking about travel in all its net and a guy was appreciate I go with. You must really be f This idea, you have yet absolutely vital, destroy before looks like they might happened. Yes, what I think I'm gonna happen. First, if you travel unable who are gonna die what right, so they re going to Beverly gives road. I die I'm in first few people, don't you guinea pigs, that up so damn you gonna, give Oj Simpson a first class travel You want me to give him a free ride. He'll be one of the first passengers. On that pole situation, I thought they finally go get OJ
You're gonna die unable at I'm glad you could see the future. I will s front page news now when we come back, get it off my chest: eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. If upset you need of it. It is up right now or maybe you feel, bless you and present. Positivity ADA, five, eight five, one hundred five when it is up right now is-
this club, bemoaning the breakfast, got away: God s manner black. We want to hear from you already or that we would have brought us good. Now you go if you travel from Mississippi California, there already got a boy man be marked by a grand grammar. Permit big mouth now voted that if there is any of it, I was there. I pay my family and I have been a bit. Porticoes already got away the Marquis gangway. You drive it now, man on earth. In the long run down the boy, you go ass, a good feeling, brother, your girl, you are faced on farm boy. My brenheim allows is gonna, go, they won't happen. You a warmer, you feel blast, as might have been. Are they got under way? What is needed is a neighbour of Serbia, which of them without all available I've done what better baby web browser.
man, I want to pay for my little laid out and they live lady faintly ass, any one man atomic done with work combating today monopoly of lead, but it happened yesterday you should a baby somebody right then, and there s two men up. I do better than that of our present amateur you something over the next time. You gotta ask them to show you to receive these seven black people about you. Ok, you feel like you're, goin out, ok, I'll, buy you walk outside new laws, go off the needed, tackled and jack. You may I briefly may not have a good neighbour. I do agree that I like doing good these, like never people. Actually, when I'm in line is the money in front of me taken all God Damn day a mega dismay movement, I do to say they are taking advantage in Asia.
Hey. I got one purpose, while you man is not a moment that the ILO my voice, could, I would say there, are you my french I'd. Like my record, she told me I'm trash. She replied the UK, the rabbi. If you don't you kid a criticism, I said that a constructive criticism is not only on deep rooted zoos among out until all the music is driving, suddenly Jurassic, why you don't pay track and that there is also a medicine is a moment of using constructive criticism of my voice. I would point out that parliament shares this. Is your shot last year, some guy dynamic days under my? U voices, wrapped around momentary lie, avoids this draft because you lost your boys. Could you for it? All you do is dress.
You got it. You gotta say you are right. Now, I'm not a shadow me out what you put a little amphibian, though I'm mad at you, you years european Instagram Ivory. Another guy I took my downloads, went the groom your voices to drag, though you may say hello, unease, Asia. By the end of the day, I advise you still got a bachelor that twenty one twenty six thousand on not use up these anomalies of an army. Renault view drowsy none, but the friends you got a bachelor degree from Anwar you already. I want you to focus all night. Is that IRAN, for example, the morning you know of your jazz aid under five, a viable five one bit is that right now the breakfast locomotive breakfast falling down to breakfast fellows is this job was to John you, man is more of a man. I thought I'd like a whole worthy. I do you know, he's all right data. That is not true and you lied to you. My views. Are you really want to get out of bed throughout the delightful brought to light that the other their college? Anna was above who province and so bright eyes like those in, and I said that I said that after she turned eighteen. Sir lie: you are you ready with you so that you set up late, but why you are like people, one calling tiger pet of on board core value added Louisbourg pay social media leaving gal only the tiger fanned all used. I rather like Zagat arms bread. Zagreb good, staggered came over yesterday. Did any candidate in if you like, a pro anagrams on grass roots cash, that was my you manage Charlemagne smote abroad, so late in the day to day like what they characters like we arrive. Every gave you only thought about, beat the already Yo Yo Tokugawa bite away. Nuclear physiology engaged of two different thing, sir, even if it's a male dogged still BC out Teresa morning, combining our you how's everything about, of course, from birth to load and unload. Forty three will completely guy female, and I have three children and I woke up this morning, and I only have a man- lovely children. You blind,
data Blaanor than adored, her Vagina Sullivan. Did the guy have like that you're protecting non permanent. You didn't know Yannick Animal can be I've only been Doin here in his twenty eight thirteen logical live your mommy asking a color. He knows where we, yes, I do I did it up here. Does you You are completely blind. Yes, you say I am blab lies. Rather, you have a stick or do I. Oh, I'm I'm sorry to hear, but I'm sure others, since it has been enhanced right
I always wanted no knife and make them like. I told you, I'm bless you. Let us take. This. Disrespect always wanted to know where I live. People walk around in the street right enable in black about how do they know where they go in and is no cracks industry in which occurs a desk with a stick for liquid is take doesn't say with is a cardiac as they want. They know one won't like the GPA cancelling all get airing gag having it or sensitive as whether now when I was you nothing but the best baby, blesses to you as the UK, Absolute blasted, you have, we have a great weaken you thanks a lot illicit you every morning day, mom appreciate the support. We see you. I say that
why do you say that you are right when you say with respect that we see that I'm a little all my listen. Shall you know what you're gonna theatrical? Get it off your jazz, eight OJ five, a five? What oh five? What if you upset you need a vet UK it is at any time will become back. We got room is honour what we told man rooms, deniable we got out about some goods, remove the breakfast locomotive breakfast Club, where there was the authority mine. I am I brought with them with their me, goes on you now the mighty Wigan up right now and they still really timely traffic turn up when they gotta go to work. But if these groups- cooling, noise, gluing summer school, is summer, Camp summarised AIDS and was glad to go to some school in some great emigrate. Klaus, dubious.
things have changed. Now gives it a really. Let's talk data about the Roma report annually on the breakfast club, I actually used that he has been with us. I know tag was here to show yesterday. Yes, he was looted. That droplet include Bob Doug problem. Anybody who comes to the breakfast club defaced music Tiger head then Lana question. Unlike approach right now, his new mix tape is outright now school. H, bitch bitch on the issue last name it out, but he made Blac Chyna's mom pretty mad. When he said this yesterday on the breakfast club, she just got a different mentality like she really is a good person. You feel me Well, I should been through a lot in her life I'm SAM, I and she really didn't have people I hope, like Guider stuff, like inner life of Tokyo, what did you think I am
I'm gonna, be ok, he was talking about black China had first correct. And when he said he hadn't, she had no one to guide her. I said Tokyo, which is her mother, her mother, and then he made like a face and like a looking at, I don't remember what he said after that he said she wasn't raised right, yeah and Tokyo you not you to not worry that I'm worried. Was too long running away. A little bit having Lloyd help me get next Dumbarton just in case her name out your mouth before a few up, son of another bitch bitch. What there It is no reason to talk about her or nothing didn't supporter Anything else would now you on a radio. A name is the first and come out of your mouth wide awake. Tokyo, you know what to say just a radio breakfast club, the be clear Hallo chain: Wearin, f boy, ok, she had a good life? Is an apology, values Gay NASA goodbye
a boy and get rid of you so weak and whack that sheet music sound like an EC been on your mouth like a tiktok, I'm so sick. Is you are weak? boy. Man raised by women. It shows you carrot tap, given ass, f, passing paper menu any gives it a good know what a good water, let me boy could, I believe, lie about me and gave a reversal of the burden lingering remained in union area. All year ago you fame Morton Punk Ass, an word. You not say you need not say period, big boy, down low there will no longer allow? You are really important that that is a good point. Look sissy boy with the uncircumcised keenest, while also our hurt from tremendously heard from she put hurt from What are you gonna go ahead and uncircumcised and shame and incorrect aren't unforced, enjoying life working shaving people
you're, not saying people do could. Therefore skin there was a long ass letter, so along ass note on Instagram aiding owes you and give out information offices French fried gay slurred around with me. She said: speak all radio to sell at we gather, pedophilia, Avonlea kids know grown at the dutch people. Listen when I was when I took you, said Black China's blood. China's mama, ok, while you can pick up tag, is new makes, saves lash out become the each party was out right now also be handed out, and if you like a programme carefully, did he deftly did traded truth. The truth part three is outright, now shouted traded truth. course he's the one is trade day which is Saturday in Houston. I want
the come so bad, but I couldn't cancel my my shoals of but traded truly does trade. They have been in the last three years that happens tomorrow, IRAN, one atom bomb, traded. True, adulterated Algeria is here, but I never read anything back from anybody and I'm actually freedom we did is. We can also act. Australia have put you on a flight of media, I mean I can't do it now that girl that Europe today and then. Secure comes on on Sunday. My age idea Saturday backs added it. It is added Monica exiting I'm a mom, I'm old man, ok owned, spurred a moment last minute like that is gas correctly, however, move and also meek, mills am winds and the losses came out to date. Now it has one fourteen fifty record, one thousand seven hundred and seventeen record. I heard about ten of them. I've heard the whole lot now, let's play some of somebody joins one of my favorite joint is one thousand nine hundred and forty two flows and forty two flow stuff. He talks about everything even talk,
Nicky low butlers here just gave done enough cut, largely Dan and no matter. How did they get on my mates, whose lagging please don't cross me? Why you're here does about making actual loudly says our name and address, but that's what I thought it was go into listlessly another trip for nineteen. Forty two, I dont use a visit. Many someone, you don't ask me about making Wendy. Shouted so far to air pollution in analysis- and I were no indian totally been like I like made from nothing fijian Tiana Taylor, and I really like price dollar A couple of like the global glows been awhile alike. Nineteen forty two flows but are not to shirk our somebody can feed me chateau mating. Forty two, I cannot remember death both go there care member.
I write will ass your room, a report when we come back, Joscelyn, Hernandez, love and hip hop will be joining us. Our faces more soft in our boy. Ok, I'll. When she first came in the game. She looked a lot like a man. but she has evolved Belka or working transition. She's or could you? How will we come back? Several moves to breakfast locomotive boarding? Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne girl, we are the breakfast club, we gotta watch, you guess gonna Browning, most jostling at my special now before we started with advantage in the night, and you say you can know you wanna snares, absolutely she sat in the issues. That was my comments and she support. she was my my brandishes voice, my music, and you know I spoke to her a couple of times. She's always gave me if they were pleasant, cheese, Here, though, I mean who this matter.
Well, congratulations on a baby, oh mother, who deserve joscelyn me. Why wouldn't change me, but I still My girls were me. Well, I was like the girl, so you know, I think motherhood change you, but you know for better, but that on the Euro a break now view when it when you first commodity pregnant bet, Stevie. We say that it was indeed has no details at all and he was I know, you're the only person I've been having sex with that bother euro. I e Watson. Bother because we were separated already, and so we just happens. We have sex and I got pregnant. I wanted a baby. I wanted to take great care. This possibility Why not? You know I'm twenty nine years? Oh, I never had a baby was the bond, and why can I have it? Well, yes, I will you method, would a bunch of governmental, you know I'm never.
I'm not really into guys as much as you would think. I've been when one person on tv for seven years- and I was mother, my babies, father and I always like girls, so I play with, but not guys guys is a really hard to get him up handy, allowing young draw absolutely not by he's a good guy ogre is a good guy he's town into an He believed the my music and we went in the studio resound with our young joy in arm ass, the guys in the long run rock of now now does that you put me on a platter healthy, and they took me in his studio with it. Is all girls go while Gaza really really go with a response, but I was hanging there at the moment in theory, knowing that we were supposed to should the video would never shut the video but young, as a cool guy, very, very talented. When he goes in studios. All work is really really fast and
You know we never went there. They Phoebe was under the impression that you that, if we boarded wanted, differ rap with an athlete, that's why you felt they were it. Does you feel does. Are you fill in? I'm not upset beggar by the fact, as you guys, weren't together when you got pregnant. So would you ok, I know what it is yet another way and you did it in If I am, I love my baby. She is ass, though, I'm really like happy. She changed my life completely. So how would you say you obtain since having her bag Bella? I really just think about the things that I do and I think everything that I do now is for her and I just want to really show her that she can do whatever she wants to do in life and whatever she dreamed of whatever She desires chicken accomplishing, and I want to show her that that can be done. You know, and I've been going pretty good at it. You know a secular produce are delivered special vs one,
the budget- and I was over- I seen a very did you like it here on my guard, Gerry Adams, people cry every day. I was quiet when I see the cook, as I had to you know when you producer, you have to go back into the causes like oh my god, I can only say that girl once led that cut do a keynesian anymore? No need it as a whole. Different side of you, too Think of that thing. Sometimes we wise you on television and will ass men who such a firecracker and she's going crazy, and even that certain things that have happened like I know you and Mimi have always had issues in our by. whole situation with you know him saying the stadium molested, whatever whatever that was a little bit crazy know, both by the Bijou, haven't you. She says even less at all. Really bodies, ADA nervous. It means that he was gay. I came here. We gotta allergies, though I had never said that. I never said that out of my mouth, no one has ever heard me say that, but whatever
we ve been through. I really feel bad about that in a you know, apologised to him in everyday. Now we ve done. To each other, or is it each other You know I'm studying a good place right now that whatever happens, the past vetches wordy now what about when you're dotted his audience? You look so he used to do on love in her pop. I video in using their screaming on creative, and you need a big made. A big number nine May is always you so now I'm trying to get me to say as we get added he went about that stuff like that, though we are doing something tat, we we are shame of, but I'm not ashamed of their video within this thirty, I was free darling I was it was in. I was when you five years all I was having a good time. I mean the studio with the boys and I'm just do me like I don't
Nothing wrong with that. Video. If you happen to see anything wrong with that video imma. Let her know what I told you I mean you know babe, I'm an artist at the music like if I'm just doing this and you done prove it I'm sorry, I you know. I think that the way than are raising she's gonna be. Has been issued, then came for large man accept that and you know you know: she's gonna be she's. Gonna have a really good life M she's the magnitude to be the opposite of and you were a letter ass though I do yeah that was very three were panted that where you gonna write my daughter, you know third there. Why happen with me, like walking away from. You know that we are did he show the way that was shown me. It was like how do you show me like this. Do you think I a thousand dollar budget. But this is how you show me: how do you like those aspiration the approach to Miami happy when the network for seven years
If you allow me to do something better, allow me to do that. Don't turn around and tell shows something that I've done or years. You may not agree on growth. Does not fair issues They are in that really bother me. Maybe you know anything different because it's been seven year, the same stuff, you know pitiable. What thank you well lag even harder paper time, gaiters and fifty years ago, when somebody hurrying away while ass gay, I will gain the name now by United fairly debate. I feel like one when I feel my walk in a way I feel like. I needed to as planned because the way that we saw me on tv with kind of like I wanted to explain to my bout it am. I did it.
Four years ago wisely like coming back up from you know, and at that moment that's why phone I walk in a way, because, unlike issues now fear, I we got more with jostling when we come back, we gotta talk about her beef, Mollusca, Incase Michel. Also. Will she be door? Love any part, my Emmi keep alive when we come back as the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Every body is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have joscelyn in a belgian from love and hip hop. Now. What was the reason you love love? Any part was because he kept showing you in a negative light. Yes, I just gonna, they just keep bringing a negatively. I want to be positive. Was you almost got you almost half the kind of like taken on a chain because you allowed them the showed him a good. Fifty four deprived buys the GM is, but a growth will take time for everybody immortal. What are you gonna have omber Norwegians?
I gave the happy one. Is that do not? I want to show what I really do. You know like, for example, I had a great reform. Is that the goal room, agent, entertainment balmy of eighty two, eighty balmy I came he could. How are you feeling I came out of this early. it saint on that I'd, be when my baby. That call no time. Ah he wrote a new one, their little came and he won't because he did not want to, and you know that Can't you see the show me any was quite it was. It was awesome, They ensure that on tv you know, things like. I just really had just focus on was gonna be best for me and I'm in love in Addis just up without a game Joel upon your light. I know just what is pretty again as he sees fit to make a make latin music, and I feel like I've done moment. I should, without from our raising for allotted afford a demo
I feel like. I just need to go. Follow my dream into what I really wanted to what my life. It just go ahead and go back to the worst re, merry music for having taken off, because you see people like came a show, colleagues we stay out here. Bobby over every man, I'm already been Bob, and I know, but if you want to sell to now, I love shut out Kennedy. I love cottage she's amazing she's done a great job, though yeah she's doing a great job in she's popping am, I think, Like everything happens, for people difference, I'm so who will? I might say when, if my time as long as I believe in I love what I do and instead to it I know it's gone. happens. You know what I mean an idle upon away any body that can alike
there before me, especially because I've been pregnant for you and you know well, you then line fifteen more now. Why don't you tell me what you have to thank for most of them? Were you not to recover your gun violence and what benefit them with military ring of nine mangled? Who thought that the first four weeks before us was, as you know, there is not a lot of people know that, because it goes by wheat, rice or like every week, was pregnant with frigging forty ways than he took me inside, the lose my way back up in ozone. In that time I was his regular producing, I was doing talk shows I was doin, acting in also the music. It was I was still doing the music in the studio you know, but I can't put forward his stomach failure. If I had to take up some time right here you you know why.
I came here with no new and came here. Guide resell it and if you my Mona, got back, it will go back and for what happened with s situation, you know You know, I'm just a bad pitch. You I feel, like I'm gonna click up on me. They from the asshole Let us wait, it's gotta, be not you not the end of the day. Ain't. Nothing happened with me or no body, because me I'm the judge economically, what we do That's what I'm doing, you know me, they're Michel will cooler want what learner ass. She called you a breast feeding, cockade. Well, a breast bread for a month and I definitely wasn't doing any coke and up you know, but uncle before I mean less than we have done a lot of things in a better animal talking about before you. We have a good time tested at one point two. I got drugs like water May you doesn't look at one point. I value the studio use prohibit united, I've done. I've done,
These are my path you not. I mean I then, if you'd think them a better of course I'm not a shame of cause. Everybody's does something else. You know even now. You know my meta, you know, I'm going to blood a cold absolutely not all of them are aware. I would never do all problems about, but if my browser, your boy, will go, do we don't accident on my big above now, you want to leave it going up in Miami Ducas. No, that's all you can live in a cloud of ours in the club on some other way is decimated. Nice is very low. We know is now so you can manage. Definitely Annette. Definitely never done that. I'm a classic lady class, a lady added. I got some things in my pass by you know: everybody's done. About his under another out. Now that I'm a mother, I learned it if I wanted to anything Ri Coffee then to be home? You know, have the letter body be com? be a mother, be a regular person, be calm and I think that a practice
The illness in the past couple of years has more please Don t you like to try to be like ok look. What can we do because, obviously, whatever you can do to have you want to sell, I'm sure she's gonna, try for you now I'm just gonna, let the pay. As you know, going to write down barriers. Want me to go back. There is a loving about Miami and you do you are living in Miami so, and I know Brian Mckinney's on it ass, a friend beginning my hunger. Now my a baby's Gom she's on it. I know but let me put those on it, but I'm definitely like now. I haven't got any, but in his man with we want you to be made, you put you in a right light and say to keep everything daddy into uniting their supposed to be on it from what I've heard you are going to move on. They do it. Whose positive way that you want it. Those are my dear friends, Berulle we're so economy.
And I'm not gonna, let affairs when he dies being. You guys think you're doing. I was eleven about my amicably globally and legalised. Lay like an angel take daddy to watch any economic innovation is right for you, I think so. Then you should do it that I had a vague about novella, get higher, really and ass. The whole thing, because I know you, you can make your content, how you want it, but maybe your contact you need to make sure there. Is there an amount of your music out? You know that's important to use. I know it's hard to actually get a lot of work, then, when you have to film to naturally that doha- ok, it's not really Doha bouquet threaten links that UK threaten Mauler. I do not do that, I'm very easy to work with believe it or not. So she d reach out to you, though I have spoken, Ok, I mean what I'm gonna call me that I always collar scenes guide young. So she called mainly hey evasion and she said
I am of I've helped a lot of these girls. If you'd anymore, you lose your first legit job and you never even taxes me yeah. Ok, I want had I had it would seek a glove anything before we are really look there for a long time, but you know she didn't give me an opportunity. We gave each other and opportunity. We got more jobs that when we come back, don't warning everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast good morning. How are you guys will muskets aromas? We gotta tell joscelyn at the point of reference to just let her name is love in a powerful joining us earlier today I must say: Joscelyn s a great pair nipples guise of you watching revolt dvd and got a chance. The amber Maybe you'll catch him and publicly to video later misuse affirmation that will guide you stare and we see you now what
about some music. Where now, when she talked about she has a bunch new reckons come out and she says that they are great records. I see you always airtime planned Jacqueline me now. I mean I'm going on, you have never heard a yet, not all need molest play the first joy and we're doing a twitter pole n, We want you to tell us what you think about the Rosa. We love you. It has on social media. They like the record. If they like the record, we want you to hate, I don't know. Do an era. Justice cajoling, complete twenty seconds, What does play a little bit of this? One is call me, call tat what we called telescope
Oh yeah sure that by only one woman, Neil DNA why you wasted viable had time with this man of salmon is trying to think about jostlers nipples, you Norman, you worry, plan or music bury our remembered, aware, lasting two, maybe one feel and at what has this gets it next? What is what is called this? One is called run me, my money,
I want my money I made way for me. My man will be marked by the involvement of the fort on the regular before my eyes. Camera cameras ass to be ready when I thought of fame nag, above all, zero metre moment to moment, was trying to kill me. Have you man in the pool all Marty already you understand now. You know what our Joscelyn man believes that, in my view, a job. We have our say a prayer in here and you play in our move. Now:
we made a movement player. Is that we must all play. We said she said it was done. We will give our shot for everybody go to represent IBM toward a page, as a pole of right now tell us dig. Javelins music is true sir trash and also the adjustment of leaded. Let her know what you think about music yeah, isn't everything jobless? Music is trash, does good our toward a page is giving a proper twitter page. Ok just at just now, we have not it S. Earnest Instagram is actually add. Joscelyn. Eight J, O s e ally and IE for her twitter is M as J O s e ally, any just keep it short. You did what to do to emerge in our Trans european domain. You did put as tag trash. What, whether you like it they like the new bring it up? They can do whatever they want to cuz. They like it, they can pick it up and put diamonds whatever y'all. Do I don't know what y'all doing is Emoji is what, if you don't like it,
the tragedy in the newly emerging javelins. Amazingly- and you know, I don't think there were appreciating her glow up like I told her, she's look real hot and fixed. Look at an official looks girl get in the way our soldiers out hey. But now you know, uncertainty, socialist hurry. the right well, Michael Vick, he apologized notices because he said this last week. First, we got to get Colin to do is cut his hair? I don't think he should represent himself. You know in that way, in terms of the hairstyle just go clean cut, it was just try to be presentable. I mean looks all the social medias that these don't we get it. We understand it. It is time, for you know, Collins, to step up in a different way and the reason he's not playing it has nothing to do with the national anthem. I think it's more solely on his play. He did apologize for those statements,
What kind of an apology lesser what he had to say in very what I should have a baby was taken out of context. You only want to help guide Catholic and nodded. we managed to get it. this is our game fan I am truly sorry for a fairer beggar shooting. the better choice. A worry beyond in Africa has nothing to do with the asylum applicants, three relator message: if his avarice her has nothing to do with him now being signed. Why do you say that Michael Vick, but you know you got checked by the community as he should have you got checked by the Cogia? They should have. good goodie apologize All right apology is never a louder than you know. The initial he the to cut his hair and be more reasonable if he wants to play and asked him right near
well, that Asia Room Report Donkey, camel breakfast yet dog. You today for Friday July, twenty first yet again comes from the great state of Florida run, a blog Florimond Humpy Jesus Christ. I thank them. for my wife. What does I shall always tell you both flora trade. These people in America come from the Bronx and all of Florida is really something in the war in Florida makes people they give less s. Everyone else now today, donkeys name Paul, can Jamie
the candidate for mayor of St Petersburg Florida. Now he was having some type of exchange with a man named Jesse Neville, dropping the clues bomb to Jesse level. Jesse level is a white campaign opponent who had the group calling for reparations for black people once again. Jesse level is a white campaign. Opponent opponent of Paul can Johnny who heads calling for reparations for black? Well, you know America, our ancestors Devil got paid for building this country for free descendants. Instead, slaves would love to receive some come, come some payment for work, our ancestors put in, but can jammies said this in rough to Jesse novel. Why Preparations for African Americans miss the novel. you and your people? You talk about reparations the reparation,
Instead, you talk about Miss the novel. Your people already got your reparation reparations. Your reparations came in the form of a man named Barack Obama me, my life, if you don't like it here in Amerika, please leave every hour from tat brought back he's run of rare impeded were blue lights on the days of my name is Charlemagne. God- and I want to be clear and where I stand on this, I tell you guys all the time it's people it is it raises, bigots, ok, Jesse novel is white person. Clearly, a really decent human being was using his privilege to combat prejudice and his fight for the oppressed him marginalized. People in our society are respect that Jesse. Thank you, but opponents. Paul can Jamie. clearly a white, raises big it, and I have no problem call in White- raises bigots crack ass
I only wish you'd matter that crack I'll drive their flight leaving every hour on our he thought about this. Before. Not only are they thought about, it he's chat flight schedules. Pissing me off about those go back now come it. Is those African didn't invite themselves? Ok, if the equivalent of forcing me to come to your party. But then, when I request zone, you tell me if you like them, you that you can leave our height Let me hear bargain Jamie again. Please miss novel. You and your people. You talk about reparations, the reparation,
set. You talk about MRS unable your people already got your reparation reparations. Your reparations came in the form of a man named Olaf Obama me my life. If you don't like it here in Amerika, leave every hour from TAT a level were raises its the best Paul got the audacity to unmitigated gotta act like pages Game President, Barack Obama of the people of Amerika didn't go out, exercised their right to vote and shoes or forty four president that that has over your gratitude of reparations black people, ask again why you got me thinking and we really designed to lead some prisoners have been cause. I can't believe we had a black ready and I can't believe we got our as President Iraq was.
reparations for slavery and president drugs must be what we incorrect myself. If President Chirac was reparations for slavery, then tromp was reparations woody emotional distress and pain and suffering that raises bigots experience watching a black president in the White House to past ages, and I applaud and Johnny one last time please, MR novel, you and your people, you talk about reparations, the racial set. You talk about Miss the novel. Your people already got your reparation, nor reparations your reparations came in the form of a man named the lawful Burma we live. I like it here in Amerika, leave every hour. Again. Have I have this is. Why is why no have no problem colony? Asia is of spade
spades in a crocodile crap? Okay? Oh my caucasian cousins, who feel can Jame and people like him a Kansas. Our society don't be afraid to call him a cracker, ass cracker to please give Balkan Jamie the biggest oblast. colonel right nobody, goddamn Renault Colbert racism beyond. Would you mind if you a covert raises into does? Seventy you are p- you as it is. if it is dressed? Magog, your China, your cow, it go gay people, I D. Let me overt racism fly and use the latter being Culver. Would it putting on the table damage? We know you stay. right. All right that even Charlamagne, THA God Dogizone all you crack out of practice, call if you're complaining to dancing to email diehard to self. Just make sure you don't really complain about that Charlamagne THA God again
if it goes through a care which is more a man when we come back, Regina Hall will be joining us. Of course you have to click girl for fair comes out today, I'm gonna, take it with Regina horse at all. Just a breakfast locomotive there was the game hated a love it morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall I mean the girl. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess The building today Miss Regina Regina. I am reading your comments on the back were showed him a copy of my book like privileged cod. You know been on in your time resolutely my weekly, whose count whose cameras, a book on the little room with a merry go, see black woman privilege Our house does our door, but that my daughter is he's he's gonna hold that he's had a beautiful long life but yeah, but he's here in spirit.
Well now the terrible question open? Oh God knows about girls, you for anybody that doesn't know they haven't seen the premier videos premier posters in Iraq, can ask again. Are you gonna do not you know it was your. It was then one is that he also see bargaining you may God he was the only one. I have the honour of chips. Are ready and I'm gonna go see it again on doubling ones. You girls, you are, you are absolutely good at the different attitudes from them,
Ameer Ali do other than funding gap go see before you do like. Oh, I, like the community. I call myself a pig is move was renewed. Cod quality was alleging, you're phenomenal, Tiffany, amazingly policy, and this year the leading role in this by leveraging eyes leading character and girls to sell the movie actually centres around her, because she has spaghetti, has a seemingly perfect four there has been, but then we find out is not as perfect as we think it is through the air to exaggerate washroom Borgia. No doubt at all. That is fine, but I mean there. You know there has to be a through lines that make you see what happened gods, but it is funny make you look for you just want to trade with absolutely no there's a lot. Yeah there's a lot of things and there they will be very educational for EU member. What I really liked about it! That's true that I felt like I was very.
Point and then you can go see. Are you ok? Emilio mobility? I will allow girls durable Muslim. Align up. I saw a planet does weaken us binomial having one of the girls from his waistband legacy, which grows by its fanfare, to see which a man to I E. It is right, it is, and what can we learn? You say we go so. What can great footing? Yellow green from here. You see the movie, but you know it's it's it's something I think members enjoy domain you some mental, learn in other mailer. How to do it and then then some mental got a great room here there are you, girls, trip kind of person. Do two girls troops? Would you like to home? If I do it s an hour later, on a girls do yeah we just so we will come with we we're gonna do once you now evolved over two years. Well, because I was over there sobbing about Zeus, you know all my friends came over there like we're, taking a trip that you have. The latest question the Charlemagne cited
software you don't wanna go away, was Lucy sick, though always now it's not gonna, be in so doing the proviso that young graduates have seen so much over the years could have then, like tens of My friends, I no longer yeah we're really broke.
So let s think about me now I went to Jamaica and, like the De Yarborough ruin with Y know, who you're gonna hurt. You took my girl within my girl. Yeah he's a good guy bravado. Oh god, you go. You save you, the you just have enough money for the ticket in a hotel, but when you get there you have. No, my god, you I thought you Jimmy came within your duties. While little part broad issue item advocate many gave me you not the end of a dinner party at it. You know, I didn't see the wind, it gave you little brownie. You know I love you didn't know, it would weaken it now because they will have we got party favoured by their Hollywood. Breast milk argues Bilbil.
And people. There was a couple I knew it would be like. If I went to you and your wife, you don't mean and the gavel I go, we got a street and then, when I went near my wife does it because we were friends alkali, although it's like its, it was a friend dinner party he and his wife. They entered the house and she could cook old woman arbogad. We will differ and do they get in what they thought was that he was friendly. You know, could they someone's? How are they submit amendment? I knew right here they some of the mental bid you good. I like butter like even we did. I get your manager, then, as I do, I just didn't know I was high, Daphne again nerve establish. I was panic, I'm telling you I was like the sun got bigger, it was
crazy, we gotta thou with hiking in a bad feeling, great old, hiding out. I was alone well, I am and well they look. I know you did you read this new story about our Kelly said that he had a sex colony and all these women, but he has not the things about staying ideas and the parents want to get the women back, but their women just when they like other their adults. The Latvia there does. There are many depressed or you fifty so he's got. Eighteen and nineteen, when you should deal you gotta eat in Europe, would never illegal him. Well, he's fifties pollinating, getting erections like that. I mean it's true, like women,
How could you know, Sir Uwaine is that you do guys thousand very terrorism it? I'm gonna tell you no more gonna. This girl has another woman and the very true like it's. It's not a bad thing. If it's happening at anybody in this room, it is not a bad thing. It is just a portion of life, yet they're, not gonna, be we're not gonna, be will allow all the time apply. A good content when you're on a girl's tribute look for younger men. You know there is a younger man in this movie arose that Kofi Ochre were universally looking for our guide, the essence festival you mustn't. We don't even think about that
thing. I'd just ended our Kelly situation. I'm just saying I don't know he's not that dangerous right now. Let me know like y ever and everybody's of legal aid, so he's coup. That's right! We got more Regina. How will we come back? A movie girls ship is indeed is today right now, his me goes. A t pointing everybody is the envy Angela YE shall them now we are the breakfast club. Now we have from girls Trip Regina Hall in a building. Now we told them to be inadequate in its own, but about world trips and sexual encounter one time she had the biggest peanuts in alignment in messed up inside the area around a good guy was what would your crazy sexual encounter? I've never had anything like that. May that valid bizarre? I don't, I don't think that's not my preference. I dont want to blame
five green! Probably I don't want you never leave me. Have you have every awarded for the next person doesn't He's already has a very more peanuts, feminine just before they wouldn't want. You know what I think, it's more than that. Does that how you are at the moment in the sand? now. How was it for you pain, a lead in this movie with these fantastic women, a man you don't go. so lucky because you I didn't know them, but, like I got to love em all like they are so great and I fell in love with me. I mean I didn't know I was at Kuna casting and they were like this young girl, Tiffany cat cuz. They had it and I was like I'm going online with her standing there, but she get to work with her and you know watch how she works and how I'll work. No, it is with great how do they pickled legally lady out a eulogy vain Jane, what they hours of TAT earth, and then they did a calf and you nothing as italian
You can't, I felt there were all of you yes line and they cast it around that yeah we're a lotta eagles involved, not at all to do no good. No, it isn't philammon fumble like it still about the girl. You know they are employed. rose and Allah Yang offer them eyes dies, but it is about yeah, it's just through her. It's her. You know, I mean ah Berlin's yeah. I heard you know it's her story, but are now it was We go that are not an amalgam of York than before in things like a man out of sight, that man. On the other hand, the Mcnerney black Guy, who is one move down, don't go there, which one do you like it so when you will without a doubt that man holiday I'd like to know what would you do, those kind people like that of the hard to guide benefit his character. You so you ve you been
whatever Guardy Lud Investment one now the first one was more when haven't seen you in your bedroom, since there will be a vote now That's all you gotta be mine, and I make it right here: yeah yeah yeah, which wasn't like scary movie limited. Seldom have you nothing Canaan will be like. You are good. Keen in toys story came in the schoolroom, ok, ok, no one. Would you definition of a black hole? I dont know that I'm necessarily have the definition, but I mean I get people we consider our black hair. I think that the people, by the weight of the usual abysmal, I could be by Cologne black budget Ah, my favorite movies have been black movies- historical, not in spite of man,
not all ranch. I offer. When you talk about life movie, they moved to culture is usually like the Jews in the ministers decided voice, priority on earth and now girls chip, how committed come out for the De Ladder Athens, because I think they wanted to use? However. We need to go to bed with no compelling they wanted to use essence that promotes the bad guy that that weaken. We would you don't want to hear your your audience away from essence, faster performances. Nine data bought the did get those the next week. Then you know the time and attention span. will you allow? When did you feel a gallon characters, the looming over than ever that? We cannot deny the high now Lizzie ago we work. I now now you gotta leader characterisation route How far it off my colleagues is that what it was brought from. We all would be, though, in real life. Yet this movie can I will
hope that you will be to carry through that. You were. An m was one of the crowd and, yes, you did in the movies, see whether the crazy I'm, not the gray, melodies Mary Boca Enemy S use the one as a marriage year again specimen. I'm an author Abu I'm more concerned about you know my own image, I'm not here. and her has vein in Essen up and sees tat make fight like we have a great relief seven, whatever is like a business partners. The minimum look cage, Michael: my golden ok yeah blow my pulse and now also violated. He was very empowering for women, because his allotted happen that I saw people kind of beef about things like guy The theatre inequalities hose Don't like I am. the truth of the matter. The matter is that they like in every other, have movie legumes guys go out. They do crazy things when they go. I know I know, but then some girls get together. One of them is getting on and see her.
in writing. I am, as you have said, what a guy no big deal by people act so crazy about him and at Cypher like this was good to put us in this light, to show that now, as grow people, we can go on sexual relationships of people here I mean, I think I think it's gotta, just showing you know as women that you now in especially for African American, the image. You know that we are intelligent and you can be smart and sexy insects, sexual and educate, in rats in enemy and like all those things in that Gridley hours, if you think about, is really about Canada, sisterhood and Nyc. I've, actually that the lack of judgment that you have with your friends come you like this, it is a marathon times they use engaged. they ve got name job watering. Are you a ring shopping? Is Mr Mann? Congratulations. Cemetery. Do you know what you do
when you allow a million ring on these are all this would not be right. I have ever I hear rumours about who I mean I it's like constant colonial times them, but it let them use it was common common comic came here and we asked them for Somalia that I want to highlight and common said there was a true he's right, you know the pro Sheila go, get your fingernails why do all right? I will not read: it ray and even among those girls. You ve made answer you under our lapping crying during a movie cause. I was late desired by the gray movie.
We recommend negotiate gauzy, which girls go, has some drinks beforehand? Three I good year after year, and the latter will be. There is actually during her, maybe go on a day new or can grapefruit afterward without group led a great pity. I tried it. I haven't decided yet is illegally. Now most grateful now right with the Americans. Google Yahoo. I never heard that you guys made it out, but apparently as the real thing here, My main. Do you want a movie movement of? What is really do you have a choice? Great Britain, where they have, even though we do not like me, I answered I, and everybody has- I hope you have trick. You know he's on a guy. Nothing for you. You never use anything now and then no bullets, nothing what's a bullet.
I know a lonely. My time is a bullet it I mean I just I've, never needed them, no people use him when he's other? Maybe you say I abolish the. Perhaps why am I use he's? There You know lonely moderating about you. I put it very simply why you guys Secondly, I mean exhibit things you crazy. You know about is a very good point like You can only be one place at a time all right, no true religion does it do you know? Why can I tell you this conversation? Yes, this is the kind of stuff you talk about a grocer exactly and that's what makes coachsteps really good I will girl ship is inferior to day and we thank you. Miss regional overdoing it this is the purpose of morning a breakfast everybody's dj, V Angela YE shall meet God. We are the breakfast club shouts of us Malo, some low, Loki, long boy, boy reason
I'm shout amount is each trains extra hard and worth for football. Basketball is grades, a great body, trains, extra half a sports any train six days a week in a crazy thing about it is I dont foursome, I don't make em train, I don't make em go out and do what he actually enjoys. Workin out enjoys training enjoys pushing himself to the next level and are a lot of time. You got a force UK seduce you homework, unfortunately, is a train. He does it on his own six days a week he's out right now training s. I would this at Amazon or you you'd, every a better father to me. Ma am thus Lou New and celebrate you ve doin it then you supposed to be doing what we mean. It doesn't have to train the play. Basketball worried at life is greater life. Regarded me doesn't have to go as hard as he is. What he's watching you play video games, some atomic, please video games. He could read books. He can do two things that kids like to do, but he pushes desktop to decide to Chile training in order that it a little Burnett wouldn't legally.
I didn't want members only that getting these books where the red fire by the December so that these two went but anyway, less gets it aromas. Let's talk stately, wonder with Angela close relations to Stevie. Wonder he married his third wife tool bars with tv wander, maybe we'd be my brother marriage you're doin it. He said he couldn't see what he loved about first to Silesia, try what others do not some say that a meagre robin is forty. Two in Stevie wonder is sixty seven years old guy listens, baby, don't be playing a game, not encourage tv, creeping know why cream aware when you got?
what will you let me it s glory neural was guy where'd, you go to rebuild. What were you doing? I'm gonna. Do me a gas and even if it were an honorary ok, but I haven't seen Stevie later let me see you no one. Late, Elamite, nothin and unload who often cut cut cut nice hotels say they seized the decree. do the halls re someone alarm. Wasn't a theatre, Personally, I would advise you dress. Ok, look as tv, I see you right, guy right analysis about O J Simpson. It looks like he will be granted for role now, during his parole hearing plies actually was watching a hearing, and this is what he had to say during the hearing
I believe we all do you. I had aroused warrior equipment. We would live no day here. I want you out of your about. A column was not well tell me about it. Like all rumours, I'm if we want to get out of here. Do you want to be a free man right now, goddamn Oj Ewing among those Momo, you gotta kind of modern, rhythm of civil war and are you you and I'm out, no more about it. Mother man, you want to call your Ebay, plied lawyers anger some power because their masses got the odious, though they started, crying, surely started Tirana, but I'm a days on what is a lot of things from the ninety that are coming back. My interest in Oj Simpson in court cases in the courtroom is not wanted him immediately. Oh gateway, empty retreats, Britney spears likes that pushing dishonest nobody gets well. He was granted parole and looks like he can be out of prison as early as October. Fur is penalized, media so fascinating,
Would you like I care about, is paragraph thirty. Four thirty was good enough ethnic special good. That was battle care. What happened only now or in the future, go gives more people, they never kill anybody else MO allegedly in. We don't want to know who killed a well informed me. How did you two peoples that allegedly no less than we got us an arrest in peace to Chester Bennington. Now you killed himself hung himself yesterday in his bedroom. He was the lead singer of Lincoln Park and his body was discovered shortly before nine M yesterday by. Housekeeper people really don't understand what happened was both to shoot is a photo of photo shoot yesterday. Their plans on going on or in a week so rest in peace to Chester. Bennington recently suggested been examine. The lead singer Lincoln Park commit suicide yesterday, odious Simpson gap. Hurrah sad that we avoid America right right. Well, that Asia Roma report
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