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Today's show we had Juice Wrld stop by, where he spoke about cutting people off, heartbreak, touring with Nicki Minaj and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Kodak Black after his comments about shooting his shot to Lauren London after her losing her partner Nipsey Hussle, which we had to turn into a topic and see what our listeners thought about it the whole situation. 

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Social, distancing, slows the spread of corona virus, so stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home. If you can more info, run a virus stock of. Let's all, do our part because we're all tad alone together, brought to you by the ad council. My name is pearl. Well, for the past four years I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet in his back. Outside of Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station, were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true? listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple podcast, wherever you get your party casts
challenges like a mega. Forty I just took all we ve got. No point has praised round about recently joined a breakfast globe say some good body do ass a million easily, oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, you have indeed yeas lay join Wash in Britain, got a huge accident. He took the George Washington Bridge and he stuck he's not gonna. Give you for at least another say twenty thirty minutes. George Washington S, about an a wide as listen to through news in the morning, the single bridges, a good S brother, more than to see, which way is the best way to come in
we ve got money. These Anti AIDS, one how you Monday, how was your weaken was in Detroit over the weekend was in a day. Yes, our words. I did a couple of things for us, but you know I have some properties, there's a I've ever some issues right now. This is all kinds of problems by this ones. With deeds. He eat us Energy Company out there you cut off the power. I don't know why, and I can't get any answers. I think they said they fastened cable. Lowe's in the power boxes, Millay better, they cut it off, so I call them and they said, is going to take twenty four. Where's the send someone out. They can't Sammy me until they send someone out what the issue is with the bags so called back the next day. Like her, I still havent heard anything, and then they said twenty four hours means three days because its aid our business day. Oh my goodness, I was a great unease, as still havent heard anything that that's what This does one thing I would say about the true and I had a lot of issues, but you know if it was over here, did you get popular cloud to pull the plug it back in?
I don't know why. I'm out blogs ready by sitting, I can't even have any work. Damn you know where your, how is annoying they get no together. Time is money well and I walked out. My documentary are selling memories so set out. Two eyes were veso total just a women's documentary, it is, but he waits but castile he gave you have heard. Rumours are used to iraqi bad sign to him alcohol. So I'm trying to get everybody's prison given these women indemnity during, and I shall ask iraqi bad as we get also don't talk to me this week. Beautiful in your own at ease. In view of what I mean, seventy seven degrees, seventy eight degrees I travel, allows gonna know today, north as now it is acting on me Fourthly, to it is giving to turn to really spend time with my family, because usually what it feels like we're all cooped up in the house was the so called so we just enjoy the outside enjoyed the park. I took a couple of my old cars out into piquets. My son loves causes as much as I do so I took him out in a way
chuck cheese. I looked in the back of my nannies car and like at least seven hundred Chuckie cheeses. Wasn't things called low tickets and I was I want Why you holding these tickets so long as you would like, the kids want a big prize, so I don't know if she's hoarding in is she still in the tickets, but she got a bunch of its boy where we only have a few seconds in their prizes, mass more and the people that Chuckie jeez act like this. The president, I know you gotta go get ten more tickets, no just get a kid. The prize there it. My favorite thing is this: keyboard right like you to know you like a little vague, Volunteer Europe. Europe always geometric as away to the case that are their language, are playing a black here. Who was my tickets or what are you They do that you they get my two euro and a teller. Take this boy and put it into one, although we already have eyes he crawled up there does this, you can get it China, when a gale, Dag in aggregated trouble by that she can get you a cannibal failure rights for those things out and the other day I visited by
when I went to a couple, a rat's rosea. They were amazing, Savannah Blue shouts everybody, their black or restaurant in Detroit, Delicious and also essential kitchen and bar so broker I'll get time, You know what I had in Detroit and this goes sound discuss. It was amazing you to eat meat so that it does not apply to you as it could be that a corn beef, can't be here should have looked like roast beef elopement Corbett has detroiters amazing. They ever agents by the desire to this agency, we know that you are core beef. I want you to disgusting Yahoo or in beef and distance, but amazing in Detroit amazing Iraq must get ashore Bracken I swear. I will be joining US dismay. Nice Nasa will kick, it would use. Well, of course he had a joint Lucy dreams. Tor would make him a nurse. I will talk to him and we got front page news what we talked about. How well you know Russia Mania was last night. I will give you a preview. But that also imagine you are facing twelve years in prison for raping girl you never had sex with, will tell you what happened. I will talk about their necks
Latvia's cod be Bhutto. Mars is please me, it's a breakfast locomotive. I made a morning everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club was against a front page news. We all talk about Kanzi Brass, like it's a delicate little like I'm from the south, would require converse was not such a normal breakfast. I can be very, would grids very I'm about it. You didn't call vivacity here, you have a copy has again, because you can't development grocery store. Nobody got in here. I don't know. Maybe they ain't gonna he's goes whore deprive new Yorkers. We believe that we have bologna, wants us argue with every abalone for abalone was a delicacy, do belong but never call be vast. The asian corn beef has Download two out of nowhere. It wasn't easy the deadly it was anyway. The skins of front page news congratulates you yet
Do they made their way off with them great news. You see. These have phones right here. You see these there for a fair and that have found for congratulations it in the Brooklyn Nets they plan in the first round it does meditated does my red line of referenda. We arrive at a first round at item now showed I know I went they re playing against Miami there and that's gonna be the ways variant part of his farewell. Sordid window is no less than a dollar a day. And congratulate you said a woman national share Bishop last night bail or beat Notre Dame eighty two, eighty one intimate Virginia takes or Texas Tech also rather mania. Thirty five was last night vague numbers there saying that was the highest grossing entertainment events at met life stadium. Also it was the second highest grossing event in debates of history. Only Heine. When Romania thirty two was in Texas, Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte,
they are in round arouses. She became the raw and smack down women's champion, and it was the first women's match two main event arrest a mania So congratulations had a lady, I M, showing you won't even Rhonda Robbie Winona Rig sport. I didn t think you d wrestling illusion. We didn't have kids Emma Mayo, you see. Whatever else you was then, and now you gotta have a view which is frequently still got. You look. I think people of aid that, if a Becky links that she will take, the people's chance was gradual. Rather whenever I love Rhonda, rather, all radical reform may whether to fight. Nevertheless, a half minute such a height, be small beer was a half minute. I right now listen. But this black former Kiley student was facing twelve years in prison. I say that he raped girl. He never even had sex with Albert and Wilson. He went to a bar with a friend and met a girl who is visiting a family member and is that university, a Kansas. He was twenty years old. She seventeen and according to the victim, he took her back to his place where he raped now he does admit if they engage in other sexual act, but he says they never even had sexual intercourse. According to
the they said. The dna was found on the gross Chaz VS, her saliva when he kissed her, but DNA from seminal fluid was found, and they said that these surveillance, video so is that they were only in her apartment for five minutes before returning to the bar or control to figure this out, because I simply cannot in the story over and over. It makes no sense to me, especially when you have a case rock turnover and he the young lady minded trash can and knows witnesses to me only got six months. I've got it obvious la here as I because his black off- ok, yes, there are cheating him very differently by tell the judge. I dont know how to explain this, but I come from a different background. Then you MA am, I just felt the police were against me at that point, that we have a lawyer, I can try to figure this out, because I simply can't I've been reading the story over and over. It makes no sense to me, especially when you have a case like bra
and it was nigh men. Three three women earn Onager. I don't know that did it doesn't seem like somebody called Kim Kardashian do something they would do without her right. Well, that is front page news, get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe at a horrible week bad week and it just need to vent just need to get some things off your chest or maybe just want to spread some positivity, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get it off your chest. Breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast. Is it your time to get it off each ass, the young from you on the breakfast law, allows there's big. We can't get? It was gone all over the globe? We all remember the my oh, my god
Adele, no boys, like you, do not rule out there. We steal your stuff from last Thursday, and I have must have our the Royal rocky mistake rug. They give you a DJ day. You never leave you dj equipment or laptop in your car. I don't care, I'm going. If my master was with me. I take my book. Bear with me. You never leave in your car, but what did they take in two months to throw the travel case? I thought Does not may replace in your dj equipment bills cared to demand that they had It is our brown I was. I was ass, some excellent around I'll be out, but I don't care about that. Yet another point that I made in my lab work
anyway. The last night they still his whole tackled to dry drive yeah a guy. Hey baby, been youth is led by a loop, now Jack guys. I'll pack has come in nice guy doing evaluated at work. You ve never arrive at our aid would, as is about you, the relevant documents the envy and being contravened right in nine years ago. He was light blog out there. All right do thereby right, but what we want. That's why they allow big web. I do I do it, then, along a beat whereby binding way they may be right would happen. We get gotta, what did he look at their land? I gotta go goodbye Damn I brought about by re literally everything about with the bilateral egos bore time ahead of us, about to see why you behind about it now
in a middle gas market, because when I got there the women at the outset, I would like my don't want to get more. Were her out, gonna drive to mean when the girl they have anymore meal. A guy Dale, don't you gonna go, about your language. You any wrong law. Only very briefly. Why are there no more than regular order, bye, bye That idea- and I think that you should elect you biscuit Ideology Magadan! You today about quota black robe with now. Here we go. Let's get his diet, That's right. I know I know you young bad day. I think we need there would be ignorant very did you. Step will vary too phase one evil yogi, Talking about you know, there are those who want their path. We like tat, but even when an influential as Maybe I'll tell you they don T call in a man. Dude the name you don't use begged is. Why was he going through
the shade roman everything a blog there posted that mourner pays was rude and disrespectful It was crazy, though, is that it is cold. I black represents for probably millions and may the guys who feel the exact same way? Inevitably tell me I didn't say about their little say in our lab ban on their lifestyle. Is that was his life? Was Birmingham causes, but I feel like a man under every year. I do know when you go to do when you die. God be right in your girl. Doom They don't be way. If I make a right recorded by about? I want the job Have we don't make a right? I don't want to be consistent, especially when I saw game on. By day and ask them to see the code I black leather game and has made a solemn Africa We must measure rabbit was there so I quit. I just wanted to ask some consistency. Will we We tolerate what we don't dollar bill. A ban is music on out and allay awesome. Innovative thinking, apology was bad decimate. The real issue is all bad. Their policy was really there.
While you back aluminium, oh geez, came Adam, like normal g, should actually got him on the phone and really in old school Why? Why would he was then was disrespect because I agree with TAT, calling him dude and added just like every minute. I'm sorry, but I have today our Kodak Talking levels, inimically collectibles, articulate person in the world they were people are upset about. Was it was Nixy radically and pass it on to the matter. Nobody would gay would roundabouts Mass Joe Biden, wife, I guess, if you you'll alleviate power buttons, allow racketeers bragged, we'll get it off your chest: ADA Jude, five, a five! What all five? What have you need event is up was the breakfast locomotive breakfast a social disaster, sing. Tipp pudding dish, between yourself and others is critical to slowing the spread of corona virus. So here ways to stay in contact without the physical contact part call send a text set. Video conference post on social media dedicate a song on the radio. If you up
symptoms of fever, dry, cough and shortness of breath? Call your health care provider before going to their office for more info visit corona virus stock of let's all, do our part because we're all Tad alone together brought to you by the ad council, a pounding down. You're gonna get it on the agenda, you may you wanna breakfast laughing, but as they will be here, good morning Sierra I was your birthday you weren't. There was rightly right. It was Saturday looked at it in April. The EU has a big. Why happy thirty? Eight thank you saw my breath away to want to pay high value. That way for everyone must go
found me there was a baby you're. In fact about got. Listen. You love her eyelids they'll, never forgotten That will not be re. Everything hang up on me, but I'm so we know nothing about people, I'm sorry, but he added ass, my mother, obviously as thereby must guide as interpret you didn't drop a clue farm for me. I wasn't, there was a may, reveal the beautiful deciphering, the cinema, The ten was granted beggary gas only be carried out with amazing, I got a broadly based round. Broadly was a main and Affright broadly was great bingo mechanism. Air was grey buying. My father and my how it was being able authorities I found popping out able to get through again, and my friend was able to speak, You will enjoy day Mamma. You gotta have a great when I like, and I get your ass back door.
I wonder who they get his name for a black morning. Have fallen, sounds crazy. Can you take is absolutely right to write, was Blair, hurry up, go away. Blair, game of chess wasn't our backs about a week ago I heard about your hunt, language among people watch and the girl was talking about how he had been told her. You know you can't wear crop paucity of where things like that, because she had a kid. He has stretched bark share, the actual it away, and I think that the men out there. Your talk to your wife, like that she perjurer baby. You can't be due and stuff like that, and I I just re caught her off I now live, when you add up our hearts higher Sarber right now, because you need to leave that north, like you want your kid brave, looking at your dad like him, I gotta rain. Gimme that womanly that either she had, echo and the miracle of life, and because of that he has a beautiful dress marks to show for it.
I don't know what I've been there. I were the buggy clothes for awhile and whatnot, but you'll find robotic, while the fifty four June gonna find it with ever, get you down every day, so you jumped into the conversation blurred Well, that back now ass it on talking about what did he say? No, her husband was there, but she was just like. Ok, like totally off guard that ok conversation. Look at me like I was like had three heads Blair, maybe Jimmy German. If he was compensated like that, seek out the passionate, I guess he felt passionate about it. I'm gonna walk around like where baggy closed for the rest of your life and at the other baby right, the absolutely right, but don't you blew? No man should be bringin. Anybody You all right. Thank you. I will not add other beautiful women as then the world Mary you're. What I was certain regular features I met about. Far more
right now, but I am not a tribe, no accountability whereby, if the law mighty bad woman, I knew you. I love you. What have you from New York from the outset? We have. We have aloni, we, I am a cheese, peanut butter. I never had none of that kind. Are you leaving lunch stuff reference copies out of breath? I don't know what it is. We are bologna for breakfast. I did my power at all, but you gotta go be valuable, I must now broken and be fastened greets, knock it off their. I better go, we're, not gonna revising arises Voltaire's a moment ago, but I don't get it we're gonna go do midsummer, they had got out exactly what is idea. Why be safer arose, get it off your chest, eight hundred five, a five one, o five a war. Now we got rooms on the way you? Yes, let's talk about an empty house
so in the illegal they actually had a mite over the weekend and the tell you what was really significant about that alright, we'll get into all at next. Keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive breakfast right off when I gave you milestone Bosnia down about beyond goodness sat up boy, our guy you did you got here. Everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall lead me to go. We oughta breakfast confiscated. He's rooms are sold, nips you hustle with his club, where there was an amazing peace march. They went down Friday afternoon and Crenshaw, and that is for a nip, see hustler. Now, a lot of the different layers of the gangs came together from why captain and Inga, where they are met, to discuss a ceasefire and gathered outside of a grocery store analyses, neighbourhood, and they walked together for a few blocks in the ended up outside of his mare.
Down clothing? So I saw a lot of people at the clothing to obtain their respects, like thousands of candles outside now. Here's what big you had to say again run. So all men aggregate together celebrate life here from this first, like real Ellie orders. Died away in arranging, handle tat. Nobody asked Dorothy found my sit down different game. Maybe we should sit down any indifferent, gazed those who actually more seven, I think important unity and group operation. Must I didn't want their energy to continue long afternoon cs it is buried in you know like like a month from now years from now want their energy to continue to keep the moving going. I d call had his dream:
asked the boy and he performed love yours and while he was on stage, he did dedicate that song soon see with video footage. Playing on a giant monitor behind him. The whole time also Congo, where sounded Nixy Sunday Service, that weekly outdoor concert that he does. He played audio Hypnoses voice, delivering inspirational, of a music that was with Congo DJ? Why did you call them These are within opacity, and what does that mean closely? Because it is a cancer as well. You can cause a Sunday service. Is the route is Jim session? There will be no way of service, for whatever reason you gotta stop playing with the Lord like that, would, above all, right also nips. He has this victory. Lap has returned to bellboy to hunt. He's number two and everybody is going on that streaming set on streaming services to go and listen to victory. Laugh again disadvantage values as the damn shamed damsels more this week than it did in the first week, better came up Here's what Lebron James had to say about Nixy.
So, unfortunately, when you look at a guy who and what he believed them talk. Them how he wanted to give back to his all community actually gave back to his community and actually state in his community is not many who done it and to see his lifetime away from him and his community by someone that come from his community is one of the most unfortunate events, as happened in american history, Maremma had run and as he has the situation as it is, is it out with them? so varied. Remember that we all can stop thinking about ass do wrap it around the jewish people. Download things have before reason. I have not found the reason yet ended. Of energy? Would you get back? Would you get out? I don't see why he got that at all. Like I'm, a deserted nets is now spoke to allay times. He said I will. I found to be remembered as a humble buried, a respect for me. Who had since his tallard had an extraordinary and unlimited intellectual capacity. She said that assembly.
Always aware of his talents and capability that would lead him to have a successful music career. He recognized his potential at an early age. He has always known so. She says that, despite grieving, she does find yourself a perfect peace, and his father said I. It was like he was sent by. God gives him love to bring us together, because that's where his lyrics were saying always he's not shy to tell the truth, even though it might not look good, he wasn't scared of anything God send him to send a message. It looks like your time is up because you have completed what I sent you to do not believe that out. Lookin at all, I was gonna Nixy rabbit whole ass may not look they. When you came to Brussels Club last time, which would the beyond our final interviewed him now February of last year and are looking at the caption under his tone in video, and I put a wrapper main kids can look up to figuratively and literally, could he like six three, but I can't think of too many rap was. I would have said that about somebody that change can actually look.
To correct use of good humour to good. Do no good. Every rather also said, there's a lot of politics within the area that we grew up in, but he stayed the course and show, but he was about he made them and work in an area that was run down, that people were scared to come to any it into a landmark and Lauren. London said he was a protector and one of us to be our best at all times. He was a truth, Seeger and truth speaker, I'm going to keep my head high and always represent for my king to the fullest. He loved his kids. He with a family man, his family, king, smooth, Steve declared Robin Clued. Basel all of big sign also had a tribute to nip see and hear. Is that tribute what happened in New Zealand, Signy
like we gotta get up, saw something. How do you know anything? I now know we did so the next time. I think we got out. It's I'm in a word is no really it is done. They may diseases both gas children. I see things in my city where Cartier wired up due to watch. Motherhood is worse than a y gotta chains, unlike you preach, ensued aquatic throwing souls away like these borders communities dreadful choir answers that I acquired a world trade is our thinking and not every day now has been acquired. Forgive me. My knees were while Turkey just like that, I'm in my feelings to people to be seventy degrees. I woke up this morning to hear you go. Seventy seven actually Jesus Christ for now is that the dream Veil Festival I write obstacle both bigshot dammit, what I mean a year- and that is you- are a riddle. Make me smaller. Lord have mercy, yes,
do action our. I really like this It's you got my brother. I love! You probably have you heard of that problem by you appreciate you can't have mercy brother, you love me. They ve got thousands. You love right now, you're, my I'll tell him you value you appreciate, and could you just never knowing his cold ass? Well, how right now, you might think out front page news coming up man if you want to eat now. I'm. Ok, I'm decided the pressure press me, I'm fine. Let's do some Good news and bad Debbie W E realistic about Romania from yesterday. We do have some good stories from that. Guy will get into that makes people locked the breakfast club, one morning. Every body is d, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we oughta breakthroughs clubs we gotta be to mere body. We will both Loretta Beauty con. You have not
you gotta, get out of their only afloat, the Mars, who does beauty kind? I was there only in a viewing Angie and you want do founder and see all the shade room Doha. Ass if he had a low segment about hers. I interviewed her for like twenty thirty minutes. Ok, food. The age are right. Well, let's get some front page news Now our congratulations to the Brooklyn led directly. There they have closed the point of a spot. That's easy, Marty. Let's go around with them ass our record. The next, whereby both shows the Iraq would. We have one in often exact avenue: YO clearly reflect the giants won and I'm a giant maybe just a general knowledge as our joint ends, but when they go out as well, Simon graduating number to seal the number. Do we really know what they're Reagan swept potter painfully set out to make a move. Em ass, arrogant attitude and seen in my when warrant issued by my group that I wouldn't bet you're gonna have to get better, and I know what it is.
You know me, I'm gonna Alice and I was eager array it also congratulations to bail and last night Bela beat Notre Dame eighty two eighty one internet to submit National Championship Game Virginia takes all a Texas tech. And what are you talking about you? That's barbarism. Any at thirty five and the phenomenal numbers. It was a second highest grossing event and W w e history only behind us a mania. Thirty two that was at eighty Anti Stadium in Texas. Was a lot of great things that happen for the first time they had women. There were actually had lining Becky documents defeated Our flair and round arousing Kofi Kingston. Congratulations to him. He is the first african Americans who win the W W e championship at Romania years what he had to say in a very emotional interview afterwards, so no my work so hard to get here. You know, and sometimes you you were as you can and pigs. Are they not go in your way
no, but I work is gonna. Pay off is paid all right now. What do we owe for loading mukoki, absolute coffee congratulation adding new digital data was gonna win already lawyers, It may have they put out of him winning before he one. That's my thing. What point around a rather going to W w eat a loose. I think did you read that Dublin II, because you did not act in a? U S, theatre rig sport, the least I could do with let you wait and W w e r? U own loosened WMD starting a real IRA. Well, given the other information goes with the huge event. Last night. Are you alone? the reason I really like everyone knows that was like we're not going kissing. My Anna Closet, where Santa Claus Nan realises veil, is where I gave ample around Christmas within that those same position while he was very madam, you cut it off. The white man ran a closer union, honest radio essay Santa Claus. Now real you'll get complaints in
letter as usual and indignation all current those laws. Santa Claus, Israel, I was never to believe in that so he's real has right. A fair white man been taken care. You, kids Ali all these years, right, not you! Indeed, not you and your hardware gratitude accredited white Man guy. They nearly comes L once a year class was Israel and Santa Claus Black Emma Anna closets, acting like ipods against all asking. That's got it on black ass. They looked like they say what happened to having a brother Santa Claus outward now: shooting Santa Claus bizarre miles if he was wider, if he was but all feed the colleague Karl, you may be assured that discriminating again right to remain under my Christmas tree nor milking cookies etiquette. These bullet, and is grossly secretarial homeland security, so. Let me just add Santa Claus. Santa Claus, real kids, get the Secretary of Homeland Security. Kirsten Nelson has resigned now quitting reports. Nilsen did not
nine willingly. They said that she was under pressure to do so so down attempts weeded out secretary of homeland will be leaving her position. I would like to thank her for her service dot, dot, dot dot with it that so I don't know. What's gonna happen now under vines, you D School day, she was forced to resign. The hunger apparently was. What do we do? Maybe we're resided in does not put nobody knows. Decisions is lagging. I do ask somebody. They said I should be staying for a week of transition They were a family member, said a family member. Now Roca Well, that's front, page news. Now when we come back, you swear will be joining us, yes, an but an image as well. Of course, he had a joint, lucid dreams is all or with Nicky manoeuvres right now, the number one a moment is Adam came out, ensure data. We will kick it wouldn't when we come back, I don't move is to breakfast locomotor. My name is sure Pearl wells. This is the story of my son Courtney. Nobody was critical to dollar. Fifty is the biggest here.
He was a ladies man even with his auntie and his grandmother, I'm just the rapper Cornick Opel's, a good in twenty six, he he wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station. Granted that damage in very bad in its the story of mine. Urge for the true. This is somebody a co production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March. Thirty, wherever you get your pocket, this is somebody's. Try somebody desires. To know why I desire to know what happened the monk listen to somebody on the Iheart Radio, Apt Apple podcast, wherever you get your broadcasts,
where's your morning. So now would be to say I rightly burnout tv one was brave enough to give the annually a talk show and if you haven't seen at you, I totally missing out if you The owl nobody is safe from his jokes or perspective, and I mean nobody: Damas De L, Europe. We shall we at eleven on tv when breakfast morning everybody is d: J, Angela Ye Charlamagne, tha god we guy we oughta breakfast club, we got a special guessing burn, deserve jewels whirl. This could be him ass, a blessing for gradual. Oh yes, he says: where pressure to number one record, they would lose the dream than a number one hour will have raised for love, devil man. It is really just a blessing to managers. You know our visually and happiness. It makes my data as those at a steady spring. I just gonna take that inches.
Yeah- that's even aim for high and next time, lucid dreams with smash everybody loved. Now what was the idea in the feeling of Lucy Dream because I really about this on, like Fatima and on the original mix tape that it was all. I think those was be- the the Sancho Moonlight and other those don't do. This move would lose the driest one. I blew up inside emulator heartbreak to show, and I don't feel like a lot of guys expressed that now now now and the people that do is like people be ready to make fun of them for it when they got the same feeling as they just scared to say it. You know, but, like I didn't know that many people is going to be able to relate the heart, but it surprised me how many people related to that song. You know who's like broken over there and talk about a lot of people. Don't worry about it by guys! Don't do Zanu like expressing how heartbroken they weren t and all of that Don't do that have to be tough. They being a real. We lie, if you really, if you a hundred percent rule real that mean you not afraid to show
she is a balance, is a balanced. Everything is not just toughness. Refer me like you got a really is a balance, a ah attributes. Now, if you like guys like they pay me dawn good. Wasn't there big? Would I want high rating rapidly, but they really do be upset at home alone. Were her not won over by George? raise your man you're, not afraid to express your feeling than your gear most? So why do you think that it after like issues evolution, the mare, you think that the definition of what a man was supposed to be one of the bloodiest hell, yeah, just cause. We not perfect. I may think about it like, technically speaking as far as they are violating the definition of a room. This on minors of this savagely killer some light, not some White S taken care of, possible these somebody, I don't tell a lie: dont use ass is of trees. People will respect the exactly is of almost. Can you tell your friends about things it you're going to lose. Him were expressing your music,
it depends, I mean I almost definitely not afraid to speak my mind so like if I know that person is went through the same thing and I may come to that person like YO. What did you do in this situation? Cuz, I'm going through this for, like it all depends. Sometimes I just leave it in the music though, and not when I release it every people hitting me. Why were you want do this? I went to his bow and prayer of welfare, whatever the case, so I ever saw the peoples which, upon you, after all, Wet Louis, was double it was the I eyes for a short period of time in the twilight so pretty much there, man of ready money. That's the personnel discovered me really blew me when I'm going to the level of the sea or the from big brother, so it was attacked before me and he'll start going to different labels. It was like what, like a month fee was back at home and I had a little money in my pocket. I came up on the mic and black twenty thousand dollars.
And everybody was sucking when I got back home and I don't even know how much it was somebody with me when I got the money and I think they went and told everybody that had a brother, it was just some business. Like I assigned to live a decent business. My big brother lucky. I signed a contract so like no just listen Like everybody was on my I got back home. I woke up the next morning my phone blown up like what you want to smoke. Let's do this light now dialogue.
Tell you wrote us we're row, did you move very quickly? I mean I won. My oji moved me with men and via a well the cargo smart move show you will get all the language law no more out of anything. If anybody, I want to see our some kind of mere flat on me, but the hated to Chicago like crabs in a bucket in normal, try to get out everybody else and embarking on do everything they can stop their person. Can you explain in a move? That is a kind of way thinking. Second, it didn't happen of legumes. Resumed would have idea, come off tat. Madame De Vries, though still alive, so you guys avenant five days virus yea judges, but it was his thing, though, like people kind of took the wrong way,
it took it as me, not trying when really like, I said, lucid dreams. I wasn't rushing to write that song. I wrote it in fifteen minutes some of the best songs I like dropped off made in like fifteen twenty minutes, just off of my work, I think, like ideas, colony, real, fair, so and not against. You lied about laser meetings. They, let me do the ideologists follows after talent. Thank you are used or wrappings us in a video on Youtube. Rapid fall over now a freeze telephone. I was not in what was. It was well worth angle, It really started cuz. My mom was she used to be super straight. When I was like a little kid on music, I can listen to and I used to go with my cousin's crib and bumped Wayne, Gucci Jeezy,
I'll, come back home and be beside the lyrics in my head and forget some of them, and then I just add my own lyrics in there to fill it, and then that's just how I start. I was like four five years old on that. So, like eventually, I just started freestyling on some random and I got good at it. I always wanted to make it somehow. I still play sports so, I went to a vast volume baseball, oh good. I had the work. How the hell are hard to be good at Basque, Bob Baseball came naturally another really. I thought that's what I was down to my high school, a team work out by Oh no! I just I really. I think high school highs glocester eligible some when it came to try out grace you out always testy, are very, very intelligent person, but I couldn't I want one of them cuz. I could just sit in the in the classroom and just focus on the teacher talking to me. I couldn't do that. You get to the office with disrupting
Now I'm one aim like bad and not just be an island attention. Railways, you had eighty de when you are younger air. Supposedly they put you on that. So we are not a lab. Wouldn't look here on a low black. You from the whole of course Do you not aim for me on it? Look that's right started. I will focus on what I've been or other folks here was the redolent five, as our own is incredible. Muriel taking it out start taking the Roma or even before my Mama new oceans, seas, the packet. My breakfast to my breakfast in their machines, appeals wrapped up ass. A supposed take him out the storm away, asked as crazy that tell you something that also like first safeguard but I did not like the word it made me feel. Well knows: Erica's! Look! I'd! Take you write in four like fits human is arbiter, more social personnel.
Crack and Josie Homestead ACT like a little ass. Kid, like I'm suppose that I'm going to fifth grade, I'm not supposed to be like gathers, and You have said- and I have the greatest were light but seem in his pass them all my personality or become pregnant, and I would like a zombie- and I wouldn t be irritated by bona, given it to a fifth grade like really crazy, you think about it. They met again look here and they know of the wildest part about that Let me make me: do the work not likely Gama taken? That does not improve anything. You know, and I remember high school. I still had it in more people used to buzz thou. My lie in trying to get me to sell insular. Rarely my while you are actually like this. There is the new rule. Mattel
a ruin, but maybe less enjoyable goods kill your personality. What they say did you make leg sad music. Right, though, is that maybe, because of a result of that, don't you know me, I mean I just appallingly touching on emotions that people really be scared. Tuttle, I ve got more, would use When will we come back? Don't move is to breakfast club. Good morning morning everybody is D. J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club was still kicking. It would use world knew. How many times have you had your her broken honestly, Ireland was tossed his months advice. Like the high school, don't carry over exaggerated. Is there always, but I, when I look back on it, is likely to beg re ever go by haven't, have twenty newborn unique is shot? You still don't know. Every girl is right now, I'm trying
I'll, say I will I be able are going to grab you wanted to see them. Luke! This is like, even even though, is only being or say only been a couple years after like it's a year, graduated high school that you mature a whole lot cuz? That's when you figure out what the people to do next, some people taking care of some people go straight to college. I took a year off, I wasn't. I was trying to delay college as much as possible you gotta go the graduate eyes glove Straight Billy. I go to college. Job right at the high school were job. I work their car factory. Wasn't a mouse. What a guy was so depressing, though like. So save me, you know says I work in the same place and say we we making we making car handles repetitive. In his like, say you ve, sixty
oh and I'm not the one, forty, you get what you say and I haven't conversation which you are somebody's. My was telling me you may hear for fifteen years as you like this guy Vietnam working to save. Does you workin the only difference between me and you, as you get just a little bit more benefits and you could be sick today and I think now is it tell me Nicky showing it to perform There you look like you, will form D. Arnault shows when it was guess what was in it wasn't it was it was. It was deep in it. It was like the summit, a somewhat of values that we want to have the capacity to deal with our production. We do have a dark shelve Lego, you archipelagos them like you.
It was now functioning alike, whereas gonna work this year pool nobody knew that beforehand, agrarian print proper venues, not a survey of the day. It was really dovey. You folks, they said everything's gonna be cool again, they are just load, it was it was. An experience, is a very experienced algorithm offers tat. I d like to add three stereos voter, because I'm a very sound work assist stallion, though, that I'd like to get Europe. Where were you when I'm sure I can give you a God, damn again had a b was only what the resale right near one them in our gaze, you, like more regulations, the holiday Inn like social media, like that nobody knows. Actually, maybe I will when it was I to do, showed MAX if it was therefore they would a guy food to fully later I was young promoters would invest their money. It's us pick. You there s the home, that's all
is fine, but the one thing I don't: what is their food over where everyone over there we will. The cabin was Mcdonald's travel for the longest play in it, big MAC tastes, like I say, back home, I'm cool Mcdonald at the heads Yellow south. The we must have was my family. Mary was not only want to find out that will govern front employee. I know a good thing I cited is menu. Next, I've gotta keep minuet giving it find it all. I see them ass. What I eat here, I don't know I thought, maybe, the experimental, not a model jagged charge below a muffin, agglomerated microbes. Having metropolis, on player. You know, Meissner famous
even in their land united, Eaten held the greens using what everything in a month, Is there a muscle so muscles in their pockets, back on other sovereign freshmen high school allows of says why the report also says that movie to you just move, we desire was neighbour Ok, ok! I am as far as far than I did you seven years old, and I note that you know that I was joking. Phyllite are obviously improve, my die, some workers are being trash Burma. Gay, SAM Cinema juices, oppressed uses for days, gave you sure, we'll Peter. Do any other emu, drinkin, archetypal grain insanity image or, if you like
they kill water, and I know some of you have ten clear: keep your energy up. You know then I'll take it. Mosque in very were models Eve. I take it and, like everything, so my diet straight everything you die, mythological anybody. I would invite you pushed off in your brain s, money to meet your girlfriend out, eventually, wages links. I was talking about is the well over a year would not even oh, no flirted, there was like artist, this also heart people to the works, but really home was no catfish, though outcomes navigate got so bad. Of course, we haven't of his work at that time was a round of Gatt. Knows enough Vanessa Nudo from all
while you know these things and if she is doing a good job that ain't there s an absolute wine year so than those does with them, is about four miles this funding for the longest time on August, there were no flotation, though I was actually move version when she first met. Meals actually was somebody else, and so it was yes or no Evan. I know we have just been talking. Eventually, ages became oak assistance. We wait racist anti war, haven't a girl. Now, especially, would just set off our light after, like does not to make a sound like is all about money on off like task more convenient. If you found somebody does offer you verses somewhere, really does want your cousin, like a group like a super fair, like be crazy
now showed Shea? Take your fault we are tabling fixes you are you sleep messages have is happening, is on display for people to see, learn from what has happened to you now here now that never, Levin a billion years easily. No, are you somebody took a picture of me and my girl sleep on the plane. It was so weird and I send them posted on like a little fan page or something it was so weird. I was sleep on my way back from Europe and no it's like the first class You know, I've had a beard would abandon area is always sleep Anna as somebody walk past and take a picture imposed, as did the enemy. Moscow is you and they anybody would do that la unless, like cause, I'm a flag is only so far. People go and it's like a couple why's that I expect people not across one when you either you person in the bathroom somebody walked. Somebody has done its meta recently. I was present. They walk ass before a picture,
Is that what you're gonna break that they have the somebody fighters? Let's go, I am go so that's why you sleep weird is like a guess, obsessive we got more would use. Where will we come back? Met effect to his joy is lucid dreams. Is the breathless of the morning that was juice, whirlwind, lucid dreams morning. Everybody is the envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club juice world is hear ye you ever Sancho Syphilis right at a high diseases. Why did you two syphilis could always talk about
we always talk about us, a civilised, because I really I record the song for ever made the name for about light, but I'll be singular. Syphilis them over the nominee already allow at that. As I pause, we gonna miss our civil This is why I think I was stoned, summers and ran unless there's a song at their name. You know had air work rational rule average brain. We don't know over there, No it's as simple as anyway. Even though I never had it has requested a guy without allows for the duke, let's get there by the way. You are plead the fearful
your grandmother demand mix it with me. I feel I everybody. If you out there clam knock it now you ve got Reilly and about another. They got. You lie ass. It did you know that says it, though No, I don't want you guys are the major you wanna know Look you notice. It lived Norman and you have you ere you ask them they have left the room is wives is why I've got pregnant three times. He gets us into this field liking and won t down. There's you dig in your lower for new things and they put it in and she jumped up. Leave it alone, I there's by wealthy. Is that arose? Does it was then all remedies of Nazism? So my gray Grandmama say when you get burned lay I did I picked it up.
I go. I look. Ok loudly that is not about me, though. It's getting older now look even had nothing, but you want to go get tested using an no mistake and is there as well as to how to do it beggars belief that they still do not depend on a place on a place. Don't say a fat like it was limp, allow their best. Damn it broke his leg. Women out there, but that offer on how we got here. No lack of cargo powerful is big names in those great
oh, my dear brother, somebody home go gear. Our investors come from Chicago, allow us to come to work as a pilot life there. I had to make a change like, though no is too many statistics, and if I can help some of our peoples and myself, I'm not enough and end up in a situation like this, this is to come without Martha. Have the wherewithal like ok, I got all this money. Now I can go back to the lab. He will metallic unborn right back to the lab. I people you can is nigh really be. Does not, though, as our people is it worth your lifetime. Somebody, so might not even go up. Could you see you not know you would like oh, you are, and why would you have increased They don't have absolutely in view of Their work
not just like them? I gotta watch nobody six says only by saying I was the government, or will you be so I am at the time a b to be thought of his first day at them less Loki, Damn near China Avoid there was it has been going on for ever absolutely which is actually job exactly. I don't have to question about in a rapid, as you know like you feel like they underestimate. The party have to help eliminate stigmas like me to help you black horse course at mental health in the black community is issue I got home is that they come. They call me now sanity,
they get exactly why? No back in the day, specially area I stay with them. They call a moment how they got exactly. She can't be what s the dazzling you want her to, or you know they ve got a dairy. There's Helen smoke, a blood you know, there's a light is a is a big issue does not touched, will usually always really come now and if they are guiding light, not ever say that they have I don't know what to do and I really be hitting them like. I said I'm here. If you want to talk, you know we can chop it up. All you want, but I'm like. I just tried to help him see the options. You recommend every time. Anything like that, something like once or twice I didn't did that, but There are no our know how I feel about the very like the whole concept of I'll know: life saving, as you telling me you want you want to talk to me- is this. Why is this going to find some way to talk to believe me, I feel afterlife.
Some there. There was probably wrong for a lot of some of them are flown, even down even got themselves together. You know what I realise that there be if you go to back. The is ah how on earth are you going to adjust to talk you going How can you explain to them? I guess gonna, like freestyle when you expand them. You're gonna find aids within uses it to think again about the show failings Pewee like therapy, for you, anyway, you show as we sometimes I wish. I could write what is hard to go back to write it when you freestyle super aye, Aye writers, along probably said Lucy. I recommend you to make your order do now. I was a record low myself. I had actually a studio set up on a bus. We set up every I'll, tell you how to get it can come in here and do something that I think that the perfect time I know right, but now I have one aiming Cosmo miser proudly, I was really just or Malta.
I think we almost got, then we get kicked out of hotel some, I think smoking and a music is like four in the morning I was trying to record it out. It was like one thousand and eleven in the morning and I'll have recorded them there all night leading up to that in a week. Without the begging for joining us monsieur manifest of plasma when allows AIDS Ojo your whole boy. Did you loved him, and you appreciate him and you valued in harmony with ahead now I think I've Muslim they give it doesn't like me. I'm gonna do more each Charlemagne. Unless I get blackmail about right now, but also really, though homies, even if I'm is even, if just sent him. I just message that, like the like, you know I never really for the look for a couple days. I'm really busy below you, keep your head up
stay strong low. You hit me if you need anything, makes no sale, especially oughta people, Everley, stay down and ass steel whip me out then say: nothin singly and not like an artificial makes it I'll make. You browse our ya man, you guys are united, tough for no reason man of yeah you can get in their people to death. Is the breakfast club I mean to say right morning: everybody is the g envy. Angela ye shall remain the God. We are the breakfast club. Let's get to these rumours lists or correct black Box
the report annually on the breakfast man will correct black. Let's discuss this, he was Uninstall Graham alive and he had some things to say about law in London, now being a widow who k where people are very upset about their disrespect, because Clearly learn. London is grieving on everybody's grieving of annex ii, hustle passing away, and so that's why? and he was called out by numerous other items, including tee. I quoted were parted fixed it quickly
they know better, go see, jealousy, never see, I'm saying you pay packet teachable together. I re in addition to tee. I, the game, also weight in, and he said this about that My video go for quota black enemy of disrespect and one knit nay chemo made out your mouth. He was girls, nay much of new I raised are clearly were not giving. Could I'd like a break here now tank waiting on the committee It is a well and have this to say about helping Kodak Black in the situation gotta black lists neighbour, you know, there's a lot of factors at play: Sanum not only just people eleven Spagna and learn to do business with us. Reckless assess the tough spot to being and fell asleep sledge. You know right now to get on front at man in human, no disrespect
you easier to say that the player, but after I was confused the deal we business here assignment so tat, a meetings and executive analytic, easy, you think, is also on it. An amazing executive begin piquant cause I'd like that, because I say we I business here at Atlantic. So an annex ii was on a manic as well. Colleagues, it is really just our filthy, pink people think like Gipsy, his path and if you go to jail a path Brazil be playing on your girl is found but a reality and is an extremely goofy stuff. Songs, extremely goofy stopped to say, because if you not even in the ground yet we gotta have consistency when it comes to what we tolerate and our culture
How could I black responded to the backlash they imposed when I was there lay a matter for my community into all that a positive, because a bride never knew Brown seem Roma here. Yes, there. What I say what I was going to be singled out as they are given a euro grieve prior. Yes, you bear these. Anyone he or she shot a holiday in an innovative guidelines will be let all. Now I can't do. It comes as a positive initial senior she'll. Let you know! Well, you remind me our aim? You can't really justify a statement that May I lose vowing totally wrong to say you know why that was wrong death. It's ok like to admit that you were wrong that you said something was that was wrong set aside to justice. I what it was it you said is at anybody would do the same thing, nay even more after that- and this was his coat apology to lower in london-
I'm sorry, even though I didn't and recipe Sedule already know what I said I said, do encourage me to do for the community lemme, see them as name called dude any says I if I was wrong, but I wasn't wrong in oh, it's you gotta, be The palace, I usually made a mistake. You said something that was terrible to say at that time, and you say it was wrong. Does it and we could have moved on? Maybe more I have some consistency when it comes to what we tolerate and I'll call gesture which may because Didn gay make a whole record Abbas. Mass enfeebles was a month ago gathered and agree with that people said he was wrong, for I know em it anyway or that it wasn't people jumping dwindling, dynamic came out. I know you don't even know what resign will still it, what you will get knoweth grants in yea. You know game you out of pocket. Yadda yadda yadda. Wasn't they wonder? Why wouldn't allow that nobody heard disorder that never desire without it
madame he's not gonna Fidessa happens, we haven't heard it since I made. Might the backlash might have made him say: loneliness is about code echo in our go to this aspect in if Seymour, London, especially at this time it was found, he was wrong for it. S totally to another. YO stations that are banning his he's. A big boy did opposed, as he said. I won't disrespect my time by imposing a pick a corridor black- or I will say this- I'm not here for the blatant disrespect and fake ass apologies disrespect the king, Nitze and the queen Lauren is where I draw the line have have has been very disrespectful lately. Not only is this disrespect for the hip hop, but this is disrespectful to a beautiful human being spirit and a legacy. Sometimes I feel a certain way, but I dont publicly speak out. I just don't effort the person place or thing this. I can't keep it on a personal chill larger had so many one ought to react, but I just did his way bearing a resolute for disrespecting, a woman when so much music, wrap, is over two years has been placed on issues affecting women
I just think all is we're gonna from a radio still thinking about about and anymore codecs it was was totally fat, but it's like when I got hard. We got radio today civilly among the warring password is exactly where we live, so about. Was this big, so many different kinds proudly was running? We cannot admit that if he could, he could have apologised and do a rhythm, highly, perhaps more, when do we bear reckons? What exactly you know when we been reduced, the lack of more money does that motorcycles think is found unless they really did is right, but it's like how do we decide when, within a ban erected just walk because a lot of rapid disrespect, artist, disrespect women disrespect so many things as a consumer? I just don't know when you ban an odd is for that. When do we played a moral police? Wouldn't we give somebody was powerless daisy, we don't like you, their ban, you'd s, death. I think- and I lay way really hit. I get it knows that these friend there his brow, the radio's, they hold the personal connection and they were personally at an early play, misery and early on radio.
So I don't know where the old man I re. Well, I'm Angela yea and that's your room, a report, our right. Well, don't you two days of links we give you dog to quota black. Could I got some thought? Look. I thought that I just need. Restful after our outright and we're gonna get into a world premier. I schoolboy Q, Travis Sky is called chopsticks. Do we placed eyebrow, won't get add ons to breakfast locomotive breadth, Your mornings will never be the same elevate. Twenty five years of moving their culture forward at the twenty. Ninth, in essence, Festival presented by Coca COLA July. Fourth, do they? diamond in New Orleans, featuring performances by Miss Eliot, marries a blight knives her among fifty more register for free of answer by ticket at essence, Festival DEC. Add a date. Did you become, as you get donkey of the day today is used for
Don't do that knowledge is man to doubt and blow was made available. Charlemagne determining I've got to make a judgment was gonna, be on the dot. The other day, the page, you have a breakfast club. Bitsy used argue data they dog you today for Monday April, aid goes to the young man Kodak Black. I got a few thoughts about this, but I'm right, lovely discussing, because I feel like I'm feed neutral by even talking about these and I'm confused at what is his people are now a days because I've watched code, I black disrespect, dogskin women dishes- beg Young amazing, outrage over these comments he made about more in London. Just seem a law to me. I understand circumstances because of the murder of the late great Nixy. Hustle, totally confused
give me over the past week. I mean that situation is heartbreaking on a number of levels, and it has me questioning a lot of things about life and things that I believed, in particular the law of attraction, and this is just something I'm going to work out through therapy, but I just want people to be consistent with what we tolerate in our culture, because we never are ok, there is never a set standard. Ah, our values is just the latest selective morality based off who ya like now before. We continue Play would made everyone pissed off, echoed I blacknesses Kodak on ads. You live talking about more in London, would call exit out one million to dare bag millions. A filthy dude around the world are thinking. Nixy is pass, you got it. Hell you pass brothers will be applied in on your girl. Those being
RO the aims talking about I'm here for you, if you need me, is found what is reality and is some extremely disrespectful, goofy stuff to say I mean if you not even than in the ground yet, but we have to have consistency with these things, because the truth of the matter is called at black is always say, disrespectful stuff. I regard the women just like majority of the culture is always saying disrespectful suffer regarding women. Now we are at the point where we aren't tolerating this from anyone. Any more great I'm offered at with this isn't about was right is about popular in is not a more popular topic in hip, hop in the world right now to nip see hustle Kodak Black double down on what he said, but try to explain it. A little better, less, listen
when I was, there lay a matter of Roma community into a lot of positive, because a bride never knew brown. We see Roma. Yes, there. What I say, what was highly speculative be single viable as there are given a euro grieve. Try here. Yes, you bear these. Anyone ideology chardonnay anybody guideline for the bill I own. I came to us as the Amadou positive venetian lead. Nowhere, Mammy is gonna. Headache already would have borne out all oh geez check Kodak in particular, TIA coded packing Pictish quickly there is provision in a better go see. The inefficacy, I'm saying you pay packets teachable serve to give the game has something to say
Go for Kodak Black in any disrespect among knit Nay keen one made out your mouth keepers, girls, nay much of the Asian, argue fools because people from a distance, Canada, who's who, especially on social media here when you we will add on social media is escalating escalate. The situation that doesn't need to be escalated, pull up all Kodak column. He will receive that wisdom from you, differently than you getting on Idee, demanding that he fixed, because social media like high school is a bunch people, avenant situation you already know men got fragile egos and at TAT masculinity Liese brothers to feel like they have to prove themselves and it can lead to violence and that's exactly what we don't want or need right now, if so hypocritical of people to more initially because he was tragically murdered, but then wish therefore Kodak, as all people saying, please, God take Kodak and give us.
Agnes, see no wishing Deaf on kodaks, not right either, and I want to see any black men taken away from their families finances court actions need to be checked in social media. To me is not the place to check and while some one clearly got Kodak, because he apologized more initially but still challenged everyone else to smoke. Leslie even though I d rather be. Do you know what I've heard community by my day, I'll buy you a lot of people. I China, big, like our noble Emmy on about shaggy, meet him in it will be. My man see too fragile illegal content. Masculinity foods we gotta do he's been challenged. So now you want the job. He was called out in front of people. So now he wants to prove he ain't, no punk see it one of these og just cause. Like you say it's going on behind the scenes, it would have a pilot
God we would have moved on, but Nope now Villiers problems, though in the guys who caught him out. If you like the other fruit himself too, is all just coffee and now go back glad of it. For radio stations and allay looted? Just incredible salute big boy city are playing his music anymore hit the thing we got to stop with the selective morality. If we going to be consistent, we need to be consistent all across the board, because it just weird batting of a disease affecting a woman when so much music from rap has over the years have disrespected women, I'm just confused that somebody stands people choose to take because we can act like we are mad, echoed act because he disrespected Laurent Imelda Kodak for disrespected Nixy, and I disdain. Beware all is outraged when women are being disrespected period, and you know my model. I can't tell someone out a react, but I don't know if this is an offence worth banning someone's music over, but that's not a scratch either because Kodak as one record z,
the Zizi really Zizi ever played already Vladimir years. Instead of the song is damning burnt out that only song you got on rating So it's not like you making a real incredible stayed man in his music but ass. Neither here nor there. All I'm saying, is a bigger. Lesson to be learned, and all that is the lesson to be learnt is consistency. If we are at a point in hip hop or we will not tolerate disrespect of women great, I am all for it, but the oh geez after nobody, you ve learned from them, whether directly or indirectly, the game check code, I didn't early, it is yet again put out snippets of us all talking about smashing people's wise. Don't you think is hypocritical to check someone for talking about Getting would someone's wife when you made a whole song about it. Just because you
like Congo. Are Joe Biden, doesn't mean it cool the game, the rapid once Macedonia was. I just want us to be consistent when it comes to what we tolerate our don't tolerate in a culture, but I also want to remember the wise words from the late great nifty hustle when he was on big boy and be boys neighbourhood. He said this, and this applies to the goat, I'd like the jewish and published, and not even reacted clouds issued to publish a followed, a real near their reactors. Yacht area put the Dodo goofy time and letting Serbian Dodi Georgia will spark as it always nor self destruct clear right. In other words, life to what you give energy too, so that given energy goofy stuff, please give quota blacked biggest here. The main thing, though, is I'm sure this is higher. Forlorn leonards, who have to even hear about and deal with so I do. One has put its arrest is so is thus amended he has to keep on hearing? I'm sorry right now with everything else this is dealing with. This is the last thing she was there.
I am sure, would everything you got duenna. I doubt she cares she's. I paint it isn't it I can say, as he fails bed. I just you know it s. Probably annoying. Would you know it adding about as we keep talking about a report on it. Maybe I'm there nobody but its arise, because I'm sure the belies the police do go away. The makes it worse are given in Juba, goofy stuff right, listen! Let's talk about it a little bit of useful way made it known that it may become so. Will you put it right after we able to follow this line? blood that that want to call it up, but of all eyes lit. They want to talk about it. They want to discuss it, they are without echo. We talk about the broader issues which you, just us haven't from consistency in the culture could, if they could have never set standard, is never set. It's a set of values. There. People abide by which more selective morality, gleaming visa is just that when talking about gonna like it always, I did disrespecting women in some way, shape or form
that you want. A ban is music within. You can play other view. The devil disrespectful toward women like a disk, is with wood, the consistency, Dhaka, eight hundred five, eight five one or fire one less open up the former US talk about it for a song. I reckon Furthermore, applauding everybody is D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club leverages Georgia. Charlemagne gave quota black donkey of the day you about what reluctantly, only because this is a document. This isn't donkeys, enabling all save donkey. Is you don't asean and listen? I love nifty to what I d like to be consistent in what we tolerate, in our culture seems like we, selective morality when it comes to. You know certain things in autumn saying that Lino yes, he definitely disrespect Lord London, but in this respect it young, I may last week in this respect it doc women before now and see at all. It is our age. That is what our smokers. May I can't defend himself if she's not here, to defend among us overstating back. They brought about an easy.
Nothing bad about an of yours? I just feel abandoned and what is more, it is bad for our merchants alleges city a four year crab I'll come in code outline a man. Do God, I black eyes, as this twenty one year old man from Florida. Does that make them, which means you really twelve or any the dirt bag? Okay, and he's these representing four a bunch of other dirt Baghdad. They who are thinking just like that they date Museum, in the ground. We already not alone this programme vessel always did you rebels why the outrage? Now I don't want a ban is music, but how do you wanna? it is merely within you. Gonna play other record from other artists. Disrespecting women abandon a music is low too. For me, like you said, is so much music out. There are so many people out there disrespecting women if I had been massaging instead chauvinist dishes. Rapporteur women since day one now do I want that to change. Absolutely ok, but we gotta be consistent all across the boy they can choose. I gotcha
run a solemn. How about you, when I was running out How people all over the world. Thinking about what Kodak the day. I think people are not taken Concerta He said I don't know the personal effect of what he saying Bob I like bye guy, maybe go I've got a ladder I will. It their wise, but I'm gonna throw up. Let him do you like it all up, endeavoured anybody up with doing like you got a lot about the developers pleasure with paragraph nine, I get what you say, but it is. It is still disrespectful. I agree, but if it were people a ban on already own actually get on and as a member of the belgian Abed. Well, I am not
somebody. I know they will people do it out of the programme that it would collage wrong. I was ever the morning, sir, today, as national dog farting awareness day, just doin at my good, is now we're talking Kodak Black. What what do you think rub a mile away our thinking in this respect? main about got to take accountability. If somebody else do it, but the real thing is, I think it's going to be one of his homies later down the road That is why these Obi WAN iniquities has lips he's home is not how I am not even talking about. We had an arrow. If we were not there, we're talking quota, blacks, it'll. Do you think we're Quota Blake Black Day was disrespectful I'll be there for an hour there. I feel like a baby, you, my life, if you would make Europe were noticed very eager there. What do you do? Ok, I told ya. We agree: if he's they're gonna get world a dead letter.
I told ya, disavow filthy people, think Nitze is passed in Others is already planned honour, like as a million do that it has thinking just like Godaddy Code. I just said it out loud and he happened to be coda. Black arrival hundred five hundred five one thousand five. Fifty were asking your opinion on this whole Kodak Black Nip, see hustle laurel and the situation call us now. The slogan. One morning everybody is the J m. We ye Charlemagne, the Gambia, the breakfast club, ravages join us we're talking about Kodak blackened somebody whence he may concerning Laura London and rapeseed hustle. I'm not gonna lie that when I heard a day make me be they owed as tacky, yet to tackle those fraeulein Gluyas disrespectful. Just some things. You don't say you don't and I have no problem for from forty thousand checking them well
when I don't. I don't think they should check them publicly. Only because I think when you jack and publicly no men, we got a fragile egos and taxing masculinity can lead to situations escalate when ethically we need only to escalate. I think that you know what it is called for when I do think we gotta have consistency with the kind of things because looted as my guy, but he had a whole song talkin about smashing people's wise and nobody jumped out dated check him out. They got a lotta. People was not an item, you know they did not know. I was in a lie noted in. I think they are. I think they let you ever less all, because I have never does or does it. We know that you talk about. Magic on you. I really thought about measures since antenna. Just because you know like Conduit Joe Biden doesn't mean, is cool for gaming around boss majesty wise. I just wanted to be consistent when it comes to what we tolerate what we know tolerate more yo. It was that Brown s mouth and problems for some out do
the straight cloud. My life, you ve, brought on by the end of the day, this massive job losses by his family and his kid who agree with, but because you ain't gonna work on the street, you gonna make it does look at me. I expect you space for some idle lightly, First, it was all a man. You know this is likely to like them. Isn't gonna keep on last tab megabytes we're gonna, get a conversation about a castle. Dora Your modem got more than everyone. It is about cooler black with things it. He saw a light. Colored black is absolutely this would perform for, like you should be careful, don't get me wrong. I ever saw the main a fan. You know if we don't fiery body, we came to Power Kodak Bobby that, apart from where and what he did was ultimately did before and after like today that they will be gotta, make that hangs on leave.
But people put me up. I bet you gotta think before you pop period. Our grew there, but I do think is weird banning wrapper or cancelling, or rather prodigious pregnant woman with so much music from wrappers over two years. Has this respected women, as I just think, does very hypocritical. I agree, but maybe a camp of bombing get the openness that disbanded you're gonna teach a moment Ok, so I know what you ve done about. Ok, we should cancel behaviour, not people sitting without a door is Addis. Like code, black really doesn't care about the radio. I don't think that much he gets a lot of his money from streaming is it Korea was made from streaming I'll, let you know thoroughly care to keep cares. Do radio, you kids, do interview, I don't think he gives, but I think he cares. What is pure thing and ask? Why appreciate the beacon up in the game? Picking up I've gotta give people because it speak out. Maybe then he'll hear or like all categories of about the bullets isolated colony down about a different set of kind of too much, and I believe that the way you ve got
Then it from his people get people anything of which and the people who know we'd like to record my tiny social media, light high schools of our call you on all social media, and you know how you automatically, like you got a friend yourself, Dickie chest out in fragile mail. You got that best millennium showed you walked off. That was tough now right at the start of our historic comes from the late great nifty huh. So when he was on big boy, big boys, neighbourhood man, is it right here a published and not even reacted clouds issued to publish have followed a real near their reactors. Yacht area put the Dodo goofy time, just letting Sylvia and donuts Spock as it all myself the struggling scenario. Ain't got a gun in attaining the Gulf is Thou Mayest. I've given energy goofy Stephanie give energy towards giving life, may rest increase nifty huh. What a great perhaps we are right now, you ve got rooms on away. Yes, I said about tell you now. He had a plea for you guys to leave him alone. Amateur
what happened when he had a concert? Alright, we'll get internet next, keep a lap is the breakfast club, Google, warning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, God we oughta breakfast club muskets these rumours list or a Coachella really. This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast Club man's land. It's both be performing, I could tell, but they just announced on twitter due to major production delay. Salons were unfortunately no longer be performing at this year's festival. She's enter sincerest apologies and I've gotta stop dispersal of you, gonna cordial injustices, large yeah, so unfortunately she won't be there I think they're still gonna, be King Cutty, wiser J bans how this can be no area, a grand, a jailer relying on these goals, so yea supposed to be doing that his Sunday services, something who knows accorded what replaces lodged offer
like shut up anyway Beyonce in the meantime, as we told you before, has teamed up with Netflix for her Coachella, two thousand and eighteen concert film is called homecoming, so it's going to be fair and it's going to premiere on Netflix on April 17th, that is in between cotelettes, first and second weekends. So that's if you like, Oh, that was happening are in our Kelly. He had a club appearance over the weekend at first. He wanted to make sure that people would leave him alone and let him make his money Does your boy calles in I gotta event, do tonight feels Illinois. So I want to me, Take it easy on me man. This is how I got to get paid now for right now. So when you see me in the club with a couple of drinks in my hand and chilling, please take it easy, preciate, y'all thanks. I would even dude. I can hear the openness in his voice. Number one is fifty seven years We don't want to be in the club number to he got to be in the club, as you got to make some money to pay the bills or boy you going to take this one thousand five hundred dollars in big easy
if we can perform ignition. Why you here they said the audience wasn't even fifty people taps and people ended up said, the tickets were initially a hundred dollars, but then they had to job the price to fifty dollars. To try to get more people Yes, dear lady people, for eleven me free before them now when they perform like they say, like twenty seconds, he d like a low snippets of a solid, and they said he performed for twenty eight such It is fitting that allow that's all you would unite all of Boeing nation on his the remit to ignore. Much as my right now, let's discuss Gabrielle Union and she had to defend Dwayne Wade now coinage appears. He says that he better than doing weight it better, and there is the other side of the bed ass. Anything you lose shut. The view abroad,
We got that late, but, like me, when you guys have only a mockery. Twenty boy, twenty on handy, sat around forty four forty five, you gimme the bribe, the boss of obviously no viruses tat days. That's just talk in his answer was based off hypotheticals. If you give me if you give that reality is obvious, was bees but he's not DE ways. Louisiana well did defend. Doing we re all the first team twice Paul hasn't done it. You may all MBA eight task YO for weight on the three times tea three times zero refusal was title. You weren't able to underscore entirely too bad ps3 re wondering who three is better than one.
Do you think it happened? I was then that's. Why didn't we re? Not good is ever your feelings. In actual fact, it's three right and not be arguing in us attempted on Twitter. This poor piercing is wrong on many obvious levels, but what I find most troublesome is this idea of a man trying to diminish another man that looks like him was raised like him in order to shine a tad brighter, it isn't entertaining it's sad business. That wasn't it. A question only may ask him is that there? illicit around all the talking you know about who the best him see who the baseball player under serious Gabrielle poppies, as opposed to feel like you bet, but it's not the truth. To demanded the truth to me is the way the third greatest shooting got of time after coffee, Michael and they are? This was younger. It is doing God help me, was a weight and serve as a point, yet they consider a shooting. But then you might have put me: wait three going got three wings firing. The now and I got nine- am I
Serbia and, in the meantime, over the weekend was at Miami Gay pride, and I was his appointed doing wave son as well so please, basketball, now Zion he's only eleven, so Zion according to do anyway. He posted on social media. We pretty tat they were pride. Zion had his own cheering section today, which I was there to see. You smile ass to his elder brothers. I airway was also with him as well to show some love, so the whole family was there to show love to. Young Zion at the Miami Gay pride vocal I raised? Are they bears great family show of support in everything our saloon and lasting two year MRI. She has a new. Fifty cent is taxed,
I ain't got anywhere. They try to bring me when I say this as someone who wants to help combat going somewhere filming when thank you. Thank you. She has hit the descent on social media asking him for a feeder so that you could have been paid pay his money, so we would love for y'all to come to her defense against fifty cent. Fifty cent disrespect you at Murray on social media every other day. Where is outreach? Outreach Angela YE, and that is your rumour reportable nobody, but you know what they feel paper calling and came out with a brand new flavour year. You heard their right. They have now got eyes, vanilla, coke and aren't vanilla coexist sugar had to your closest retailer. Enshrined
I ve never coke and eyes beheld the Cubs Arusha. Today, thanks ban, all right, I will be as it does a great idea Verde every to try to figure the visual. She asked him now right. Thirty thousand used to do it, for it is the lava beds, gimme, more money and everybody go play in writing on radio and not ban at my goodness revolt. I'll, see you tomorrow, everybody else, people's choice mixes up. Next, you start to mix all four dead. New schoolboy Q Travis Scott Chopsticks Cuba lacked the breakfast globally. Morning. Everybody has the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the guy. We oughta breakfast club. You guys have a great day to day. We forgot to even talk about the premier season. Two of them. Shy goes, you know, that's I'm! Out of added other odyssey. You gotta watch a man more of activity in this very, very, very, very dark, ok There was a bad day for most of the characters and showed her head like the worst right, and you don't even I even immediately when a statue I damn I saw. I come now to begin a
at the end, I realized, when a bit of their lot allow laughter, mafia movement, bow rights, shout the Jews world for joining us this morning, yes, use like their younger, had on the shoulder and disappointed aid. As a joint juices and his name is Jews were very rage. Reviewed We begin its sponsorship deal for some time to produce at our last debate as ensuring produces that I sent them. Nor can change his life. To introduce a shout the rapporteur as well from MSNBC. We appreciate you for happiness on all week alone. He has thank you, Morgan S, ass. She was hanging over her father, father came into town or we can so they were having a great day. Daughter we get. Nice was eating. It Morgan did such a good peace that the rest of MSNBC decided the run it all we can so it was on light left. The whole show I watched it yesterday I forgot was your one on yesterday's yeah salute the more she's a great investigative report always take her out to watch her stories. I still wonder she did a couple of weeks ago where she to interview
but let the border and family they were torn apart a torn apart. So you see them like talking to each other, do a gate where they have to come and meet up to speak to each other. Really sad is, I think, is very womanizing cause. We see these stories about the border me read about our families, torn apart by when you really see that in action as a whole different thing right now or we combat, we got the positive note or move club the morning everybody is envy. Angela envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club. You got a positive note for people other over We want to salute everybody who came to beauty kind. Yesterday's loot Marge, you know to create. I found a beauty cause. I was out during an interview with and you want do who is the founder and see all of the shade room they may day day. Honoured her in a great ways? I was happy to do that in a view, as the home result, positive note: is it's not what we do once in a while ass shapes? Our lives is what we do consistently. Consistency
is the key for ever visited clinical yonder, either I'm Zack wrath and I'm Donal phase on we're real life best friends. We met playing fake life, best friends, Turk, and de on the sitcoms grubs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to we watch the series one episode of the time and put our memory. Into a podcast. You can listen to it home We're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lawrence editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us about. By the serious and how we became a family. You can listen to the planned cast fake doctors, real friends with second Ronald on the high heart radio Ep Apple podcast and wherever you get your blog cas
I am also Romania's and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what to know about the global pandemic. We are facing there's a lot of information going around about other viruses spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy is more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation. So you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye, hard, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get. Your part cast.
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