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Justine Skye discusses her debut EP, her friendship with Kylie Jenner and much more

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Real, celebrity real. Some joint still existed. Everybody is the envy angel YE Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast Clothesbrush guess most of the building this morning, Miss Justine Sky, palest, Gomorrah. In one's own brooklands all were what has just been do what you do. Jesse he's a wrapper now a singer. Your singer amazing thing: Army Ochre mad. He knew where gonna actual crises Charlemagne, whereas ingesting sky perform a few times, and I know that you're very up. I mean you really got pabulum off your tumblr page, a lot of equal value and tumblr. Only tobler follows you were having a hundred thou o K. O k, I mean I've been on. Tumblr sends out Sixteen so, and you are aware of the fact that every twenty really this summer, you all the time she said this summer service, I'm pretty amazing
Ok, you can't wait to be twenty five. You got a sad because you know she's Venza Kiley Rule Motor and I was able to do so. Kind of started off on somebody s way. Lake I mean I had like the now was good. That was That was good. Have good trade eleven right back, you don't go back to what do I look like. It was like a group of people like to throw myself would like positive and like ambitious people. So I found a group of friends on tumblr because I was kindly so. I found some friends on there and then, like we just like evolved together. We help each other out promoted each other s. I do a music I made like videos on to ban like Justine's guy get anywhere near my way. I would
as a lot unrolling delay. Would it not have been six women not drink you in and that's not going to do everything they supposed to be doing now, big guy, I mean like in school. I was like in the group of full girls by my mom. Never let me do anything so I was lake. I always had to go home. What did you want to do? I want to go to the party?
he's late, Abraham, Lincoln Day Rays and Brookline alike. I was never allowed to day raves yeah. It was like an flab wishes on billing bad. How come you never snuck out, like most kids do? Has my house is really small room? That's not possible and I have two dogs yeah. They were born when you trust me unbroken window, but you did and getting home school after a while. You left high school year. High school was pretty strange and I started to get more into my music career. So my mom secondary school and started to get me home school. Could I be in the studio and if you like- and there really is true tat girls who were sheltered when they were when they get out, be problems for going more than the average person I dont know about other girls. But for me for me out, I mean, like I'm produce care of myself and I, like my mom, taught me to be
confidence, and I learned that, like I mean I had a boyfriend for three years later, I was like fifteen, so that was like my main priority and like my career for even go pop wild wood. You finally got a nice dinner. I mean, like my mom's restricted, so why did you guys break up after three years with it because of your music career region? Sleigh grew apart, you know like sometimes when I mean I was doing music and I was getting more and more like Papa. He was like the cool guy long and they like I, was like, while following and his shadow then, like I start to become the cool guy. I guess and then he started to become laying with your existing really was a fog they wanted. Now he wasn't attack, he wasn't it. We will see a musician or something again, and I do just don't sound like a burglar. The internet do tat well and with you like a party like you know like the popular like people like on the internet, like, oh, my god, like these young fly. I don't know who that is,
It's a bad example that vat revenue, my mom she's indeterminate, any all in return- I grew up, lay, makes sense, can see why we, I suppose that it finds you Atlantic to Atlantic to that end up happening. Well, I was actually applying college and I didn't get into the college. I was going to college and why you, the clarity of programme
the baby and you can now so I would like applying to college, and then I had put a mix tape when I was like sixteen is cause sky high, and then I was releasing some more regional music and like in the beginning, was fourteen. I went to all the labels and like I showcase for them to the whole thing like Ellie, really or call in Craig comment, which is funding a downside to Atlantic, but they are all like no lake she's, not ready, and then I dislike follow my own path. Like did, I was in the studio writing my own music, like I was more involved with it and then that's when they start to come for me, thought of Brooklyn girl, cupboard, curly, Akimbo West Coast, based. Why started recording out there more because that's like we're late producers and songwriters are, and in the beginning I didn't know anyone and start to make friends out there lay through the internet and curly wanted you loop, wish you'd, probably withdraw into.
They were to say how much I was whereas and em we dislike hung out. I was actually pretty nervous cause. I was like. Why am I like? What are you looking at me like I'm lame, like I'm, nobody doubts the lame. I pointed out that way I mean now. I know I'm not leaving without, like my mentality and I'm just like I'm not aim is or rich or another language. We know that we know that Armenia, because I'm from Brooklyn and that's like everybody else, with all the city and the reworking of really but I was also very like insecure one leg: with competent bodies of water the example Gilligan Earl I was there. I just felt like
I don't really know much about allay or like the Alley lifestyles illegal. I would they want to hang out with you in that, but I guess I was just at an hour for your really cool or are you like Cooler Griffin run our free Bruce? What, by the draft before you came out of the room? Go we're not that I may mean Kiley are really cool by me in Canada, closer God S, library, closer and age. So your friends, your willow Smet, also yeah. Now you turn the robber frigates live where for North Korea hacker? Well, I mean like me, and without that was I should so. My first, like I guess name, is friends like out there, because she was really cool one of my friends and then she was really, though I didn't actually to know she was that young and then re. She like doesn't act like that. I wouldn't will, I think so thirteen fourteen really should be lowered. We're gonna willow dude. I did she didn't act like great she's. A very, like our mind, is very like advance, like a young drew Barrymore back in a day. Photocopy of you too, for your Ataguju looks like they do not become major goals. Soulful.
This guy is a stupid. Now you also you do a girl, you didn't you how long you didn't do a sandwich tiger as well Collide ITALY's murmurs thing I had no longer use eighty now I was late epigram. Accordingly, I was eating whose income Indeed, a message- and I heard you can be working with dj- must have more in the future. Yeah he's like a big whether me were actually work. Brother folk as they do now, but you must have you we're working us really really great music. It's I'm so excited about. Is that going to mix tape? We just started work in the studio we d like a week and like we're gonna, get back in to finish it out. You'll make mistakes or we through the phone
bureau. But remember your rapporteur goes you as a pay out right now. I don't think it's a waste of music. I mean like I lay people always say why? Don't you put our money where our member like see I'm sitting here and like you, don't even know who I am yet so why would I want to put out an album and not sell anything? And just like me, a flatly like I like when the human I d like she did features she like really built it up and then like when her album dropped. It was so like highly. Repeated that late. She soul through using this merger. Aware of your aware, if you don't know yet, though absolutely cause you didn't like other, can we are using this morning share guy I so this is my new single void of can make a brig yonder. Considering anything on this course. It back no pressure, many single amorous man I saw in my baby. And where are mostly but all the rest
sad and will affect the moon. Now I want to call your mom Ah wanna, be a best friend. It's so crazy maize and anyone with you. An you girls, you burn groom. Reggie were at last night and I find it rather low. Veggie wearily benchley as without early, but as I was asking about, Travis Sky NO is not more. There is a somewhat limited use of wicked Travis good day. Drivers got over whether to let abode. Thank as I was a rumour, I mean workable, he's of dough artists and I was like I was really interested in his music from before and that we may we hung out
cool by I mean we ve spent travel going places is bizarre. Yachting I knowed baby. There was no interests in that way. Now we just hung out illegal immigrants is duly Odessa. Music, hopefully, like you, gotta, get that is their high for you, though, like me young, attractive, guys always come onto you understood oh, ah there had been a lot. It actually doesn't have a lot. It happens somewhat though it happens by an I ve got a friend like I was like there was a point to my life, for I was late. Oh my god, I need a boyfriend like after I was in their relationship for so long, but then I kind of just they got over. It. Could only be more focused on myself like establish myself as an artist before lay, I don't. I know let people like reputations gets like their very important and like big tainted very fast, so I'm not gonna, be bad girl in the music industry arrested leg. Aren't we
They know that guy's, like always out to get them some time. My mom dream, I fear you are how involved the senior control manages me Muslim and my Jeff Robinson and decay, Sir Arthur David Industry Couch orbital day, lower it it'll do there were none of this was that I believe proposition grow their sexual majority to be a big storm. Oh, Nobody approached me with that in this you're not going down, we will never find a lot, my school not in use, Alas, I not a fighter, but I'm not wake up. You go just due to a lack of history, but make sure you made a new AP this out ass. We know it you have here, you mostly unavailable comes our g20. Why oak trees is correct, but other principles there that I never did The motion that we are now taken on never gets you a man, but I feel like that's a place where, like a lobby, mines or just like it, has met away aid. You are at some point in your life. You feel like doing most notable.
Are you have broken already ass at a young age? I was, I was after their relationship, and so that's like where this EPA came about as a logical, Virgo, Ergo, Bundy August. Twenty fourth thing we twenty and Visa Virgo too. There goes wrong man Bianti. The work of Michael Jackson never got a very central America. Ten days guy mostly had available June. Twenty there is, the breakfast club is Justine's girl.
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