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Juvenile stops through to chat with The Breakfast Club.

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Real real, celebrity real. Some joint existed in mourning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club get especially guess into building. Today Do you know what to do what it was about? A cool american? Now not a street, want to know the streets we want me. Why did you ll be signed back the cash money? the financial plans. You really say did look, I would have you know all about its approach. I had back in the day we worked it out. We worked out anything to check it out, You know we worked it out. You know his manners lies another table in no lies not delayed thing, and we will do everything else out of work it out. I mean it's impossible to get over. You twice I mean I lived in in order. Not you not all there right now. Let's play me to time same will mean that's right
some say more new citizens, GMO media. So now is I'll. Be ok. And that is that work and magazine led to go into a little turmoil. Seem like note I had after you are right. I really don't know. Yes, I would add that put you in a situation where you cool. Bert go away there in today's foreigner. I just outweigh stout, whereas as the best thing as best lassie, but if he asked me a vanishing gunnbiorn, I just give him his men, give I mean basically, I mean, but you know, in a more position, even give advice on almost they added a was rocking together. Toughen typhus, may I gotta be gotta, be some they can work out of things. Change delay would only to seem like an issue back today. I would like a family you now,
just seemed like Addis. Finally, while we grow older, you know on a mere I'm collect, knew the new kid on a blog right now for those done over for me, not more family orientated now. So I do a lot of things where my family and in whatever time I have outside it s, no business also is first, but it would have a spare time. I have I sat at a spin it. You know what my family, as it out alone, do not enough near me, give alike diva, Cashman United as yet,
link as I'm sure when you were coming at. It was really you the kind of Meda label hat. You know to begin with a still look, and I will look at it like dead, though either because you know on asylum in a look like I'm. May the label habit the reality was we went to the studio, we was recoil, songs and not nor who Avenue was actually goin home, big, we kind of like all. I was kind of group efforts, lack angle to credit for that, but I will take ready for you no high back that thing of stuff, like that, you know theater this family Diana. Are you now like? Ok, this business I'll, get a look at it like a bunch of a family that now have other responsibilities that a family there used to be a family to have the own family responsibilities. You know him weighing I cave weighing I kids, I got kids baby. That keys are slim only even also in that case we set back, I'm not sure, but he had only if we do not know this. I don't know what you never gets mad slim.
The slogan known level, snowy baby mad a bare, may I come in Burma, but nobody's ever lie. Slim only money flew move like you, so no solution, The do some good do. Leave town illegal, stray business man, you don't like the camera, the light Nanette and try to get things done, some good. Do you keep a god? I gotta be de la mean that not phone phone wise, but I keep contact with its peoples. I know what a situation that I went about young backing Since he came home I know you have I ever seen in reality. I haven't seen him since he came home, I'm glad you home does. He was ninety. The well known. If I'm part of equality is father, click Cottingham sign wheels, kind of legumes weekend money than when asked I do my duty. Peeping out took him alone. When we use our gas money, even sign Ogilvy was never signed.
Was it was not happen? Will you have a magazine sand into paperwork? Now? Really must not cause, I again it was family, not elected bug his family, and I want to see him do good in it. I kind of like a kind of polar fit. The armor man alone, I was kind of opening to everybody- were eating work out like that. What was good thing you want dishonored Fiducia visa. You had interested Lloyd banks do ass. Well, ass. Will young book told him? That's no, not a store nature that ain't, that's what the dispute was about behind us
Oh, do the dispute leg. He thought I want to sign lie bank. I have a deal at tat. Your review of the Roma must also be in a dutch quantify lawyers. I'm gonna go get one of these guys nod and that everyone situation it was kind of light, but wanted to be faithful, went through AG. Bucky no judge. I would like to talk about other people. S I come up here to talk about what I got, what you gotta go now job it. No, I gotta mix tape come on I'll call. More did Romney skipping misgiving Kelly at that time we workin on again get but which are four minute, we're still running and in our side at a man you know you know we had a whole bunch move that we bring a lot of kids wall is given a chance as haste.
Relevant in this term we can eat, opens the young kids game there in you been in gainful. Why along tyres Addy, I beat Whomsoever families that don't hate on him. You know cause. I remember when you know our generation was called the young generation in that all over the cash you notice from being deasey. Oh the Kazi, we'll see you break wreck is the animals. Do you know things was wasn't going away. You wanted to go because you know I feel like they pave the way for you. Why don't look like they allocate alike man? Let's get this money, I see you may get em. When can I can I make someone I'm way which sassy and you came back at? You came up in an era when
of Northern, like the self they pushed back on the south of Europe ever has money broke through like neither is it costs money you we broke to join with the high man. What is then that the lack of Basel minded as being a self? No, I think, is a dangerous, is real Muslim might have been. Seventy candlelight, well gonna saying you know to say what a life, as you know, from the bottom of living, a ghetto lost everything. You know it's everybody go to the same thing and I think, when I came out here by the kind of fill me more, not because ass from the south, because I was talking out, I was talking to saying things that there was going through and I think they're related to ever but by how do you feel when you first our Gc Jump on Iraq? I was excited as any. Let others in the area that we are as the man who ya go alone.
The data you're like we are not going to radio somebody. Somebody call now we already we are at it. Oh, I read it through somebody up your call, MRS Manning, which is your record, so might have universal ledges. You read my one and you know when I found that it was actually go, be yeah that made it a big thing. I'm not leaving came out. Winter that he was doing album listening Sesar. He was performing your ass out of bad night. Light was going on out there, May I say it. I was one of my favorite. Natural habitats and coordinated way. He stabbed rubber. Again it was a lovely, is going on at night. It was bad night year when I was a pitcher legitimate, but you are my argued before the tunnel reception but I was scared as hell cuz. You know you know from watching.
Tunnel has seen a tunnel tv. You know you know down by autumn cats like rap. We will watch and BT by him too, and we see in the tunnel a lot. We know about the total of magazines and every day we knew what what what crush groove wanted a movies so wanted to move as it was in, and he knows it. It was a club that out pretty much was gathered to thy her air biting went the gamble. Even New York artists like white slave man, I'm telling you then, when I got up here, weaken it was making it worse. They kept telling me to Saint Bang likes you.
On using you assume, saying I'm seeing a bunch of songs resume menacing home as well? I think I wanna do anything. I somehow now think I was only remember. You haven't, got a big us on our like three or four times, and I was it I'll do reception on went crazy. I was crazy shares office when he and his wife, as one of my wireless shows in New York, pretty, was the while a common other projects in nor leaves you ever did you so fondly erected? may I come and other products I think I was goes down the wreckage period as the aid and I was alive in a project, but US data right right across three from the music store. The wherewithal came to the minorities by I seen nice always seem inaccurate, baccarat by fire, Iraq. Him when I was a kid language and I can read
that about ass. They re Cross Street lawyer little man, you know, so I think it was no happen, but it wasn't. You see when you are drawn up by emphasising the Iraqi Worthington S office, Scarface Doll faced man, I can. I was icons because you know you I'm steadily on my back. I even I look beyond its really dig. Point is a man I want to look up. Competition should be on a radio station off out what it was and there was performing nightly. Introduce me to him. I was excited. I condemned the words on why and I got a new allies this weekend Actually, there closing I am Kaliko yeah. They build a new Kelly and building new ones. This will avoid Volvo volume The only time I blew their return of the data, We must all out of downloading orally blow it up. I think there's you having their clothing is I Saturday they do and a whole lot piety closing down and building new ones when Magnolia like now.
No nice, I didn't notice. We would not have this, I don't know like the video hurtful granary run and I ve got a lot of men, but they did this. Isn't that is going on now acidity did the same thing in every suggestion. Vacation everywhere In an assembly made a faint Dana happen. I think they did it here in parliament. It is the same thing and is our only within the union. We'll get to keep some of us? Get they come back? You know TAT s everywhere. Some of them get the combat, not everybody lovely, hair, picking a what, but is not everybody come when it all around it. I gave the green light actually right, nothing. I why people live in an amendment at never lawyer and never have at best. I recognise that have been added adrenaline advocates for analysis. Waste. I move moving people out before Katrina like up think they planted before could train of wood
actually went along with it when the train. It though they Katrina, will look conspiracy, me of course, mother Do I really do men? You now say that before when I came in and if you don't believe me, I think Hurricane Betsy. That was in the fifty four fifty one fainting happen. Gotta, someone re right that I haven't life nice, your son is rapid, yet none of those billina as I feel happy you so rob now. Twenty two ok, you grow. Schools is good, crazy assigned me kept away from behind which how did you find out? one day the woggle bug you lose talker dislike, bury you stay with the boys, you I say when you started. I thought that was a mighty, so they also narrative said is my plan,
If you d like to say something else, then start kick indifference. Darwin outlying money, really surprised Inside of you saw him right away. A pretty must have suffered enough for him to his own thing away. I don't want you to move. Therefore, emphatically, can I see you that word things his table, my sanity home waiting, I meant to do that in Greece. Why you grieve? We anus, we don't even know now wraps primary source of income. I mean we had at the bank, in our legal bank. The guy's got other things our vision of its outcome. Minister Michael, do other than that. You said you know you more family oriented NASA Rapid liked it bagman a little bit. Well, not really cuz everything that I do comes off of rap, so not not not necessarily, and I'm always performing so you know,
to me. My my been away for a minute is. It was a good thing for me now. I know what I need to do when you try to Yosemite a time about things that you lay when you were coming up in some of the pitfalls of things you avoid cause. I'm sure you have to give him some. Facts about this music business we know with. Him is a lot of things that I always tell him. I said. Well, I don't want to be the person to not tell you, and you know you do you. You have something to come along and you liked him that it could have told me, but I tell him a lot that self experience is the best experience, but try to make yourself. Experience is good You know when you try to be wise cuz, I I can't be out there to hold his hand everyday and no one in my life could be so cruel on you when you, when you're not raised right- and you wouldn't talk right so my whole thing with him and I just wanted to be his own man and learn you don't have have his own expense, The aim of their contract you lab occurred is older, have adjusted to the rap game. Now I like
So things change. Let me long as they wrap in Raymond out at they got them. It is like say along they ran, I'm good you'd arrive in time, idiotic social media nodded, not very good at it. They are now coming out. Let me check out where you got you retreat was called burden involved. That was an everyday would then they will learn every time I come up here. Somebody hidden with lime wire, you might know, do you think is important. I beg it is important and is an umpteenth I'm telling him for gets up. I'm not good at. I really do think is important and what their back that ass, crowded look like when you performed well now the leg older people Mama, these older is mom, is mom, was exultant, is insane as Mama so allow I get a ladder and is a lot of women. It used to be. You know, have nice shapes ten years ago,
there again? Will you no more talk about? My fate has no, they still with us so that an early date, all video judge you added mega video I saw one of em one on a sheet. She said with real skinny, but look good, even better There was a name know more and more I gave a guy named was he was he was one of the men are probably won't puzzlement? Oh no, you do you think. That's all would have delighted at his head. No, I mean you, don't you never know till I have studied elixir Name is still do a thing I mean I just did the Zulu bone marrow funding, whatever with suitable Zulu boy? like that when one of the biggest black events in an unwanted during monogram time, you know yet they had the operate. Any have is an organization tat
a man. When I tell you it was what twenty thousand people in my twenty thousand people in the committees and black people cut up. Why dress nice to us, but also it was a nice event. I even thought of Seattle. Safety was their richer narrative Sherman that not, as does the save the fear. What his name item look. He was now if it ever really, between no limit and cash money back in the day. It was a friction I can't lie and say it was a fraction, but a beef. Now not a beef is, if you don't want to eat for strong word with me and gave me somebody getting shot and fights cabinet. We never ever happen between both my evil thing. I never thinking,
I think it was who want to run New Orleans. You know, Mystikal was doing this thing we were doing and I was doing my thing: Misterka want to be the best rap. I want to be the best rapper Wayne want to be everybody wants to do you know I want to be that cancel. It is with kids, but the funny part if you came in New Orleans during the time you went to the club and you saw us out of the club, you wouldn't think you you wouldn't think we was beefing. No kind of way if we drank in smoking in doing everything again. But I wonder why wasn't more collaboration- and I wasn't gonna- be no collapse, The first thing they do. No collaborates that not at that time now. No problem, no problem, we all is now would be ok time, heals all we always said. I I mean I'm back requires money. So does that I would you do them a masterpiece.
I do not know master p yeah, but me and C murder before C murder. Matter fact of the mic I got in in my studio is c murders on before C murder went there is his. We was hanging no talk and talk about Alaska. We got cool norm I seen p last time I actually had a conversation. Were masterpiece was Katrina in New York. I will see how you ever go. Did you am? I forgot about after dinner was slit, my justify? Oh man. I am you need a driver is low and upper appellation. Why don't I wouldn't kits like little Miss. I know a little about your ways you hide out. More and more people are no longer enough to make. What it is tat you know so is cool, goes with his wisdom or doesn't want us we're cash money right. Did you? Did you
consult anybody before you wanted to go back now mean I mean, of course, my wife and my family imposed as would any any decision. You know music, like no decision like this is candlelight forth. So life decision you know like do. I want to put my family. Do me: Travellin Goin duties and water. Of course they ready for old and my family Odin no an arm. It was a decision really more, not fulfil, but me, you know what I'm gonna do right now, if I may, by the body, you want us to allow more music and retire on which a decision it ass, still ass, the oh god at their souls. Until I get it out of my system can make amused and one that the Indian, because you got a catalogue, yawn show you Goin road do want to show,
I feel up me is not just that. I just wanted to be back with you know. Last thoughtful, rational car, like the coming on it move retiring mean I am more retire, cares went down in it with our plan or doing at the Nose Athens, but you know, relax enjoy my life, whose idea was it? Did you got it? Am I dead who came to you may leave it was Canada together. Thank as we have been back was enforced. Couple use China. You know it is really a group effort. May you know in liberating universal to did you have to sit down and go over like some of the things that you said previously and b that you know, maybe I should say that and of course, what time heals all we'll. Why talk about things?
Well, you feel that way. It's as Anti Bologna, never bring it up any like just forget about it. Go the whole hog wait when we knew when you were when you were. There was when you firm it when you were in America came, although that was made. When you know when you feel like you family, and you know you, your brothers in that it out, and I some known go right. You be more hurt than anything. I can do a lot of meetings. I said with more I heard the dinner mad about. I was really mad about the money that is people dot. I was more mad about you know to him. Am a family man. I thought and I was more active than anything that we appreciate. You join us man, Mozilla and no mistake. Comes out when, most when six, all my bird or your birthday, mighty growth mighty grow applied to ok, you will change the name of forty.
Moving. Maybe I'm not only do they do big zoo, how about a little dog LEO pup, big juvenile club?
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