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Thursday 4/19 - Today on the show we had Keke Palmer stop by where she spoke about dealing with anxiety, Trey Songz, new projects and more. Also, since Angela is still on vacation DJ Envy and Charlamagne took over "Ask Yee" with "Ask C & E ". Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a man who attached his attached his home address to a note he passed to a bank teller demanding money.

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MRS you'll make a whole day child these agents, Angela Charlemagne girl cell on a planet, is respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning so called through. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest way you know of any good body: USA, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, modern age. Lee was not here, Charlemagne GAD, please did a planet is
yes, it's Thursday Repose emotional and efficient ashen crevices of my fingers. In the little web, not a little, where between thumb and would have us with everything that is next to the Piazza, yes, that's the point turn next at them when I was eleven point without I appointed in the long term. We Leslie pointed out some think about it. Pointed at at something like that. I like that. I don't know what. Yesterday I was at the universe, soul, circus. Of course I tell you. I was gonna be late last night and I got to with the motorcycle crew again, which was pretty fun, shouted a motorcycle cool universal circus. I see you is,
in a way we easy. Yesterday, our Lord Solomon in positive picture, positive pigeon, you would oppose the pitcher. Well, you will place to be a man. Can you would uphold the pigeon? Ok right. Did I see a picture levities assuming I'm just assume loud per job. He did was to shadowy figures. Who is it who satellite in standing somewheres the sunset policies, a silhouette of two shadowy figures, difficult too and locked players from video game. I don't know who that is occasionally follow you date. What we do- and I will do so- sexy monomer businessmen deliver my lifelike as golden. You know have a good time and join every moment. I saw nothing more. Nothing less battle, maybe use your point. A finger last night, I forgot about it. Shut up. You dial motorcycle yesterday No, I didn't out a motorcycle, but you know it's funny. As I was walking, didn't you know what I've seen walking out, what the poodle that you always talk about there,
our party, that the universal service don't got train dogs, those orders got right, wireless pit, balls and age, added the pool satisfied all right. How, as a people, look the right, wasn't pupils who saved in the tiger than lines do another circuses, my goodness, whatever Tiger Lily bond and almost got, but what's his name to start as bond and almost over this area that it exists anymore, it's Barnum bellies in ring umbrellas bottom building on a big day. You go nay, what is more than the others to books. Testimony I should would have been an avenue your time by selling book up nation which celebrated as one anniversary yesterday by the way drama clues bomb for that, with one one year anniversary of black privilege opportunity comes. Those who created tat? You just got it you just gotta admit or next week we just going to ignore the fact that you know tell us what you would do it out and allay were yesterday what I mean Lee handling proceeded. I do this. I did see kind you yesterday too,
am in the country, as they are told ya. I amiss colonies, energy And then you know you realize that sometimes, are you gotta do is reach out prison in oh, so yeah we kicked it a lobby yesterday, under the sun set in and out in California Ass, a man s desk con you ve been to tell. When can you want to tell it does not? all right well, today, Kiki Papa will be joining us. I like he keep on actually enjoy keeper Eve armies to talk show, and I really does she needs another shouted a talk show because I think that she is. She had a lot of good things to say now, castle working with Kiki Parma in a low by any we got from. Page news, a girl were equal wages, not about visas. Early this morning is added outbreak would say all about it. When we come back a front page news is to breakfast locomotive.
Morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club blueskins in front page news, flash they the Cavaliers beat the pace is one hundred ninety seven. They tie the series one one. The brown was on fire, the jazz beat the thunder one. Who ninety five, that tie that serious one one down of immature wrote, Michael Jordan, rectify, put most points in a four point. God, with fifty five points. Iraq has the wars, one or two, eighty sue I am most of you know. Basketball ass now is not the way to other disorders and rest in peace to great pomp of which his wife, they were together. Forty years she was sixty seven he's the coach of dispersal directive God bless their brother man goblet their brother. God bless his family at a time like this as a reduced story this morning and you just get anxieties. You know you ve been with your wife
in my twenty six, the Abu mine for twenty years be twenty dish. You fellows imagine that's been of forty years of your life, what a person that is going on and off me. We all know basketball, coaching basketball be enough to make me believe. I still want to be around I'm a significant other rainy have a game. Today's IRA is gonna, be coach in a white lies disgrace. I guess we'll see now asking too much of me. A girl? I know it was the equal. My outbreak is effected. Sixteen states now this. Because of romaine let us now the States, Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York. Ohio Virginia in Washington, and they said they get in cases in areas? as well that a symptoms include stomach craves, die We are an vomiting, Nay said: most people recover in five to seven days, but
said it usually really really affects very young and very old individuals with compromise immune system. So ass crazy, because you know those of us who ass. I ve never had any it'll symptoms. Ok, you know that we must give way to look at give out like diarrhoea would watery I'd, lose of losing an asset, diarrhoea, stomach ramps of arming you ve had ever Meaneth no exact So I wonder why you get therefrom Eden Lead is discovered, increases every call. I mean it's yeah. I guess I like another guy member of experiment of experience that mean either in a way I heard something yesterday I maybe with they found of our red is somewhere. They say that, like when you're in a public restroom, the fecal matter from the public restroom gets up, into the pan, dryers her and they, when you press the Andrew
dry hand blows a beggar. Yes, I did it at his well. I remember where did it? But what you don't ask why wash my hands? It is due to all scooters, wavered Almo shirt to draw my aunt Amy listeners Fecal met all around us. You have people have full of faeces. You got but I don't properly wash their hands when they wipe it all kind of stuff of ninety five percent of the stuff. You probably touch on a daily basis, has some type of fecal matter e coli on it. Also, three employees, ETA Elation Fitness in New Jersey. Now plenty of eco line all objects. This was in Secaucus New Jersey, which is pretty close to the station here. It was too young brothers in a work now am the guy was a member for yes, he borders for an work out and I guess establish like David necessarily believe he will actually had a membership city Maurice gave himself in so he risque himself in start, its work again and then the police will cold and they said that they not sure. If he's a
member. We have audio elephant Secaucus then have multiple forms of this club come on membership. I hear a scandal other scan and again for no reason, and I myself have been a number of areas. It is because you you're not allowed to fill up now It is our. I do want to figure this out as if it were reason, wages, legacy of companies, is that not a single word, I don't know nobody went, let us say the police. Showed up this energy manager allegedly told the young brother that he had been there. And from L, a fitness and his friends. Membership has been terminated effective immediately and in fast forward employee, like employers, I am told that the manager into other employees have been fired as a result of the incident. Also, he really wasn't me when I was a man of withdrawal include one by then. Yes, I'm glad if I people swiftly,
absolutely. I know I gotta have had enough of it doesn't have a lawsuit, absolutely pay for membership, and you make me first. I want to stay and a second time on its own s, body from the back. But then you are in my life, that's an excess of class. For I want to stay in the game with now. We'd have probably to call the police immediately. I've been a member for eight years. Now you go make me scanner Juliet a free membership for the rest of my life. On top it has lost the number, the hedge His own intervenes me so crazy. Absolutely there was a got a new staff or something that will last front page news. Get it off your chest, eight hundred five, eight five one! one of your obsession need of it. It is up right now, maybe at a bad night bad morning Maybe you just want to spread some positivity whatever it may be, eight hundred five, eight five one off. I won't get it off your chest. Is breakfast club
why the breakfast club phoning down you're gonna, get it over with you on the breakfast blessing, but they will allow the Arabic. There was how you I'm doing good man get it off. Each has brought Madame work, a bird like like a while the amount of family reproved and I got a lifeboat- fail to pay, decide the keyboard piper. Oh, yes, they made a pilot. About didn't by female athletes no matter what you guys are drug smugglers occurs a bit. Ok, ok, don't go back. I gotta pay for fear of a target date because let us talk about
you bet, I met a man of mark. You know why I just want you to Facebook Jones Intuitive Facebook jail because you like, but please please, you like you, but please you want in Facebook Shale Keyword jail. My goodness allow this inquiry tat, they might get it features yeah. I get started a new plantations in a year and a half hour. I will just wham both our power. While they strike is trying to take us in training in his driving me crazy. I don't know what to do. I can't help you, but I'm not gonna. Let you rent Mama day. You appreciate that you ve above Salomon Guy, look at day allows this, isn't a game from major growth which is even flesh wound but yeah whenever I think a morning, commanded mourn over bad this morning, because I thought it all
We got like Durban episode benevolent, but we all know freshwater soon. Omitting Netflix August seventeen. Better reason or Netflix Ochre Young found on that way immediately certain when you're gonna do this, they do so. The water was good enough could be not the city move bought award. Is that you're not alone? What exactly in the past? I definitely not. The water smells like through its dark infirm places like Belgium, your own, you better in some places than others, but it is not wearing a city. They don't give a thinking more water. There wrap in line to run a black wait for what they were now they take break paper here. Yet the butter me Lahti can drop on MRS who syrian cost, hundreds of millions of dollars became fixed pipes and Flint Missy. Exactly your home is a big problem where we buy in ferry war third world, not the mainland.
Yeah. They gave a bit like towards twenty four million dollars bomb in Syria. They have you ever why? What are we gonna do area boy exactly the total to replace flint pipes like fifty? me no margin, have they not worried about it, they found killing and we do so by people care their gradual big. I lead levels out the against Crane America. You priorities a trash, absently hello. This aid is driving the Mississippi right now to persuade people to stay alive with you guys, don't I can help it. Europe elicited down the right, I'm a single long me
am I a crook Atlantic proclaim, proclaimed a crook letter about humpback, ah see Mayo, you leave me. I really mean it like that. You want a truck row. Are you driving a car now more probable, my wife, ok, well, big, safe out, they began to pull over using internet now, eyebrow get it off your jazz, eight hundred five, eight five one file- One of your obsession you need is now with the breakfast locomotive breakfast: go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you about this area area get off my chest. Ok, because quota permanently, maybe by a cow after the gay community, attacked me, but they don't want my plan for were approved.
Up round red everyone Guillaume, while just someone where progress in what they got to do the right. Have you got it with a boy who had a problem of farming? I was, I don't know I thought we'd like out without people even wanted to perform an appetite. All my guide, everybody Goodbye What are you busy community could Juncta always dresses he might have been. Does he like the rapid, younger out of pity and hyper? We are aware of it, but when I read the ground, I don't know about here today, but I am not pick him up. Bicycle drown. Planter till you got, your account has been to fly with political homes is known of people without me in Delaware, reporting mouth, we can stop it put it there. I gotta go hateful behaviour so dumb Judy,
you got your job splendid, viable political situation, some kind of crazy to me come on twenty eight November. I can't boy. Now everybody would come you like big o com, you how about it. You thought, but I can call me like tat it s, cross right data, but that's the problem. You are going to be happy again. I live while her would have area thing about bill. We would work out disappeared. Would you got do argument over something that you don't even really have to fight in real life among men? Our argument enable my opinion. I can't run together two hundred and ninety one here. They did you only her words, not letting my son wear wrongdoing and, like every other data, by Mark, why my joy humidity hey: could you please let this home or for that matter maybe I didn't know what I mean not a great a new name. Allow you to open up its work,
God, I'm stupid, allows this entire AIDS regular features. I wanna get much as I now hear that brain buddy boy laughed, we don't answer then, and now my plan was shot three days. And he will be a man and now with family you call em out war. We value. In all mom in my old thing- is the young man. The eating alone. You was he shooting at my son, but it was shooting at other people in the car and there was a child in the car, and my son was actually protecting the baby in the car and I just feel like it's just so much violence and so much crime that they don't understand that the family has hurt but I'm getting a job at the lamp in hospital is nobody loser ever heard. Valise mentioned in this scenario earlier dumplings places of all of my son is actually in the hospital under Alias name, because people are making threats and then they're going to
then a third and do all is one big losers. The boy was banned, but to agree with people want to shoot. My name's dang out or whatever gave them? He rode up almost time to show them to kill them. Somebody! No, my fire burned. Somebody gotta Briggs The negativity global sounds like right now is: this can be more revenge and more retaliation. Somebody got to break this cycle. You're right, but there is no getting through to them of their her baby situation. They in turn out the way that they wanted to thought what I thought I want to know when he died to tell you the coroner pulleys good gone volleys doesn't need to get through to now. I am. I am proud to have enough, get no strategy order. Absolute S, family, right, Mama! Thank you! Get it off my chest, eight hundred five, a five one or five one. If you need a bit, you could call us at any time now. When we come back, we got room was will tell you what celebrity is sneaking around.
Annual you want to know all about this sneaking around what another celebrity. We got, em coming out of a building and a very happy all right, we'll get into that when we come back as a weapon the more the breakfast club everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was gives aromas. Let's talk about us, Nicky, Nicky radio. Where's Nellie, the Reul report, Libretto club, all right. Well, let me tell you about this: sneaky sneaky radio personality ogre matters sneaky sneaky radio personality had to fly to Ellen. Didn't tell anybody why he was gonna Emily Canterbury, I'm goin early. Are you also Let me tell my story all right: he didn't tell anybody why he was going to. He just went to allay. Isn't it
anybody where he was then, all of a sudden he was seen creeping coming out of a building to individuals getting into the same car, leaving the place booths. Miley draw people smile after the whole Tristan Thompson scandal. We were concerned about it, Bmv called Charlamagne, THA God coming out of a building with no other, then Kanye That's right. Kennedy was in shallow. Me will come about the same building that wasn't a building. I was colonies offices I such pointed we have to ask is what kind of eggs sneaking creeping come out the build on. We want to see your gun he's been other Bergmann club. What like twice he came into doesn't thirteen months into doubt authority. You know we ve always head real good report, each other you I heard them
the musical who are really building about music used is building about life like an overgrown with kids and wives, and we will talk about therapy. Just grow man, stuff We all do that enough in our communities as a man know, but you know you may May not he had a conversation. You know, but I know I arrived chicken, gonna love last may, and I feel bloated this morning on be which should said, and I will It is about our give you this much yulka. He did hire me as his goals. Twitter yes, so not only am I didn't sex from elastic now gain sex from con. You was to be his goals, twitter, dirty dirty dog. You I'm sorry. I apologize. I am sorry, but you did he s a music art, origin, arson joints, a deadly did record spoke a Senate. Zelie is music though, and an Israeli is me
Irish and recorded since you want to act like twists and turns around or tell us nothing or address its arms and by the drop our meal aching. He don't call iced tea Gama. It is gonna be like that. The answer the lemonade, but it's gonna, be from the perspective of of killing men who never mind getting caught out, and you heard this been: U R, D, private or mass trashed, mainly on prisons, arms now garbage all right now, raw low rollo of causes, a rapid from Atlanta. You might remember him, Limburg demanded, did the oh yeah finish He had done. He was actually up here with bird man. He was arrested yesterday in charge. Would conspiracy to commit a felony in Georgia. So we don't know how many charges if they found drugs, that if our guns, what actually they did find, but he is arrested in rallo, is in jail. Jim Verona. He matches to cause she's. Three hundred thousand dollars there, if you don't know to cause she better three hundred thousand dollar that he was gonna lose well. Adrian Verona wrote a three:
thousand knowledge check and said he will match that money and he said he wants to pull up in Brooklyn anywhere. I don't at all, like this in the region on all like this, because I, like you know We need to be really really focused for for his match. Betty had against these fine Jesse Login, as we can, if I'm not of August, Jesse blogs you gotta meet, and I you know I did feel like he'd, be really really really focus that he's gotta do or die fight Adrien Broner. Adrian Braun alluded is fight, I'd know no way. But career. Congo might you know
been seen brought in in Alaska. What couple of months, maybe he s making a serious he's? Yank as it looks in shapes looter, my people s, oh Tom, Showtime Boxing, but I just I just don't want to see him being distracted with job even would wrappers. On a week of a fight we'll give focused Davy my posted a picture of the chicken and said I want to pull up in Brooklyn and six nine responded, your bum, a big is money. The way they were really a bee promote fight is due to the sometimes you be watcher fighters, innately fight under call billions promotions in Abp, getting them six figure check from that alright, and that is your rumor report. Now we come back, Keke Palmer will be joining us and we'll kick it with Keke Palmer. When we come back, don't move it's the breakfast club good morning. Mornin, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain the girl. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess: inability, keeper Mackenzie
not a man I gotta get level now that we have held a close to you. Surely you have a book out? Also guess I do at a blocked. You cried. The noise find your voice is therefore, I guess it's been a year now, most two years, you know talk about a different things, my life being kind of the backdrop I fill of war. I should say the industry being the backdrop of like I feel like what we all go through life coming of age. Understanding, apparently just people may know, met mental health outcomes uttering just pay reappears. Just people gotta fill out when you as your growin up. You sometimes so much weight on your parents to be perfect and then, as you get older, you realize. Oh maybe I should give my parents were some of the mistakes. I feel they may, because I mean what it I expect for them to do. Know how Do everything out hunting. Anybody knows how to be a perfect parent. They raise you, although Kiki DA thank you
they did a good job and you re really open and honest about a lot of things. I thought of you: you did the other day when you talked about struggling with anxiety and depression, which is something that a lot of people have been having issues and remaining final, be more open about LEO area with the boys Barnett up here from the Greek yeah. That was important because it is a situation. A lot of people are grappling with and they have been so open about it in the past year. For me. I started right. Rising in naming that stuff. When I was about like seventeen sought, a really failing that anxiety, depression in kind of coming up with else themes ass, I look up, quotes how to find a way to cultural. What I was doing, he helped called always helped me to feel like you ain't alone and eight just you gone through this as I started: pulsing Mama, social media and that's actually work as by me to do my talk show was. I saw that so many of my peers were being like. Oh my gosh, I feel fine,
oh yes, I'm repulse amazingly well like this is some that people been dealing with for it did. I talk to my mom about it and I'm, like my mom, is dad with anxiety. So a lot of time stuff. Is it within your family, but if ever, namely, if you didn't have UK from air, people didn't really talk about. European law. You not an end in all this stuff is just like a joke to you is this kind alike, What the hell! You know you just lazy. Now she depressed I'm gonna grab one in the project armadillo. They got him all life affordable there before, but you know good. When you grow up a certain way, you'd think is just normally be paranoid economy them? No one thing I know been knowing sided thing that comes to territory, but no are you still there, not necessarily parent does out like irrational fears, lacking here more than Lenin nodding. I lack the devil there also
a glaring we have a lot of stuff through the media. That really makes us bear. No, you can see what our muslim legal have to teach and bring us schools, and are you gotta worry about your teachable that gonna Ilsa and then also capital is war. Now corporatism could have a situation where you work in work and work in this. How do you end up feeling like I'm working for what sometimes America we put so much emphasis on work, and we forget to put in for this on family, and I have a real problem with that I spend time with my family or friends and I'm hanging out, I feel like you are not working hard. I guess so much guilt because I've been working since I was a kid and I mean that's all that I know and that's also what our world praise is what our country, praises work into the great kind, but you read about exactly what is like. Does Canada there will like you, gotta, go, take a break in law had also you know. Vacationing is just as important as working right. Burmese eternal turned its own door enjoy my home go out.
So ass, a hard one like a place. You might bear Babby about face your language here. Who said that organ like what you just turn, you follow my getting out of the way that it is the he's right, because the volumes specifically social media is a huge trigger for anxiety and depression, because the whole thing about social meat. Is getting lagged or not them. I don't like your stuff, you may not even feel like you may you may be the coolest chill is present world, but the just the way their social media set up. You will find also be like, they are not that this can be a kid at thousands. Gonna live honey gave you about this interview with leave can get that that many like and then when it don't you by your bilbil, I wouldn't say that Jerusalem wrote what what more could have done in the best thing, because they know the irrational does like. Maybe people just did z like when people maybe wasn't that a one good just didn't get that mean we, like you always think stuff, but so turn your phone off is actually is
they were his heart. How did you know the anxiety and depression was an issue for you, I'm sorry. I was working on a tv show, and this is why, like I was trying to just gonna, keep my head levelled and I just started being not being able to kind of keep my bad thoughts out negative all started to really just ill, my hair and not a control them. So I reached out to my attorney and he was talking he was like you know. I think you need to tell your parents know you'd. Let them know that you really. Maybe you want to see somebody. I've dealt with a lot of different clients, have endured this kind of thing, and I think you just need a need to talk to somebody. Islamic, ok and then just take some some nels. I ask that phone call. I was working my showed rejects VP and I end again fall off. Like is twelve. Did you number is really weird on my, whose call me up and ignored is called would have liked this couple hours later now: listen voicemail in his Will Smith and he's like he is me: will you know
Did you know going through a lot, and I want to let you know you know everything that you're going through? We all go through it. You just keep working hard, staying, focused and you'll get through. You know I'm saying like you just growing now here right now in Hong Kong, film eradicate with Jane, and I won't let you know, and I was like wall you know so that let me know one every body go through stuff, so guess what is all right, you're normal so after their at their conversations? At that, all call that made me feel confident enough to be like you know what is. Ok did not feel all right as a DNS started like us. They had. I love quote, saw started putting in words that eventually out, I found the defined, a word of stress, of anxiety and of depression, and I always like a metal. Your member movie conjuring the God of the allegations that there will be that's when it is scary movie and will be a scary, but also really applied a real life, meaning when you name it
Mozilla alive there and you can eradicate, but before you name, they can't haunt you forever like his way How did you know that it was inviting you cause? You say all does that, and that is that Jimmy Cricket am I an owner and it's all the with, but when you don't know how the names of the you blame everything on you and as my biggest problem, we have people treat folks in a black community and I must say to black community I'll, say the impoverished community people. They are not allowed to have the same resources based off of economic values, because you can blame people for having ignorance when they don't have any other way to gain any other knowledge. Like that's really issue that you, you can only be smart in Amerika. If you have money, if you have, if you can go to the greatest school year, Who will have the best information? If you don't have Money for is a name. You want to blame the people, but it's like those same people in Beverly Hills and had the best education and all the other stuff. Then they wouldn't be making those same choices. They would know that they had more choices,
as though I hate that, as we are able to really recognize its deeper issue when you do have money when you are called on course, I feel like a lot. I still feel like this, and that is a hundred percent shoe and there's not a lady saves me ones on when I start again into medication and elder. She said you know people we like she was very dramatic, she's like when you help yourself. You help your ancestors, unlike what they said. Nothing you help. Without your help and sensitive so, as I started, help them myself and started, namely that things in my life, dear Mamma, say I've had anxiety, alma mater almost fifty years old. She now is able to name what the thing my worry for ever enhances the win. You help you help yourself. You really do then be able to relieve other people have stressed that they do. You know they were scared. We are more Kiki problem. We come back, don't move to breakfast locomotive breakfast modern everybody is D, J envy Angela YE
following the guy. We are the breakfast club. We have Kiki Palm into building. Show me the girl look at you, the jars down or even though you are you, but that's it. That's great at me that I will let you know you fill out while she revolved that's why you came to the different about Al Qaeda What's the boy attitude interviews Charlemagne, but I but you will find a draft law, will allow will you I wouldn't know what to do about the lives of every wrapper duty is not planning to make every wrapper and everybody in industry always put excellent. You think everybody by every car everybody by every year. No, of course not, but though Google search image imposed,
How can I ever use I caught the way you guys got court as a kind of alone? Ok, so maybe you just one little cheap with way. He did. He just put a lot of it. So quick about it, but you know why you don't think that Airbus zombie check in on him like that. But let us talk about business, about bout be relevant is the time that he was a levy use all with they'll talk about out. So this day Bower has been able to transfer from being the top wrapper to being a major influence in people's any want to give him is credible. Screams like? I really think he really should get credit for that he's, one of them, people that said YO. Let's get all the young folks together and let's do some major like that's inspiring to like he cared about not just himself but also his community. His peers, bow wow became an actor like my dad, was come. I really want them raise glibly, let alone oh, I like. I think the internet has such a short memory that all we ve got to stop because a bow was
tomorrow nearby go put on a pays. Little bow wow, you just lie here may know I told them. I said you know, because when he was of that would have positive picture to private jet. Even for Class, only way to New York, new promo voice, changed executive, reduce iraqi Debbie enough. Why? Why that's not good enough? You know why, because maybe he's deal in their local all school here, tat my say: he's kind of like a whole head young here, you didn't say as all members around so long as you can imagine, a bow was really the age of his success will be like uncle thou doing like men in here pot. World, though, does what a bit euro would oh yeah. I think sometimes he might be still in their all. Your pop mine in the times have moved a quicker like he thinking people. Google and as the
Then you gonna. Let go of the fact that you were Bower but you're gonna gonna. Let go you Shad MOSS. Maybe I'm not too. I dont understand that to shot evolution is a real aim. You know in an understanding. Their brands shift is a real thing in deciding to say you know what I'm gone completely walk into that that new zone or if I want to keep a little bit of their own Finding that balance it can be difficult and in again growing up as a child and attain a pivotal understand your identity, that identity thing identity is already a bank people don't realize how quickly this window to either get lost in who they think they want to be or get lost in who they actually are, and when you grow up in industry, constantly telling you we should be a what you call a b as a key it. It can be hard to decide who you want to be, so I think we were sometimes ratio, give China and no doubt be ones you will you be rich says you was a Kapital Yarborough written for as well. That's not true. In a second of all, everybody has stuff a man,
viewed and have no type of social dynamic. New went as far as well as a challenge He always love you, the first time that you mean somebody. They don't like you that be dramatic, knew no one may not chasing you at them all and not to say that that that that should be dramatic, but think about it. That's all you know, ah, you know was being the best in being dealt with and be an coolness, and the first ask somebody say: oh Mikey, it can be difficult because that's a shock to you but most case been bombing. You know from the time that they walk into school? You know exactly a lot of stuff that everybody else is used to. Sometimes it's people that grow up in the bubble. They are not, and that's not me, you should baby them, but it's just. We should be able to understand what each other is coming from lady Kitty to now, because we talk about Billina LAD. I remember I mean I'm Solomon was the Bali but be embodied in school. It myself, the net you just dealt with, show very capable or furthermore, her people People like when you are looking to you as well. As I know it's all. I hadn't by airlines based ok I'll, do
the joke argued joke dawning Joe back one about the smoky that you believe in any two people have money to studies. Let me told me, I think, he's a girl, but I can't get me That would mean had like. I thought it was not their lot. Last autistic children stream. Yes, I know that we are heading for what do they? Do? You think you think these kids to software we were raised in a mist who saw where every termed is a problem with situation. They cried. I feel in practice that had tell him, though you know what fight back October yeah? You know I was bullied in school, but at a very young age, but I was bullied in kindergarten. I was only black kid in my class and I used to be sad about and cry about it, but no, I didn't think about killing myself as something like this and I think really. I think it's the meeting. I think a lot of times, people think. Like
Selina TV show your heart initial party reasons why? So, when a girl, you know it's kind of a kind of about it was a well known project, but I did like also kind of glamorize suicide, meaning I think a lot of people think that they will get attention with. This was faster and I think it's just an extreme temper tension saw Philip was happened. The social media is the media. Will people see they're really allowing it to trigger their actions? As I think, a lot of being a young person? We naturally think that what's happening in the moment and, alas, what am I know how you get older? You realize the modest be cool war. In a couple weeks advocate this that happened in days gone by our rights, but when you are teenager, your memory was seen. Everything's them. You heard it's me she'll, never talk to me again, my life,
go lie. You see what killed himself, that's how it can be over. I form a Jew and then is over for real nigger permanent decisions without a breakthrough, but I think I have advocated differences for every person. Scientists handle things differently. Sam process, it's definitely. Some people have different situations at home or what I really was. She said because it's suicide thing and one thing where people feel they get. Those attention is exactly as acute. When I was fully, then I came all, but there was that our work will you will go back and whoever did the bully. You will push him. Face. It I'm gonna, stay and make sure you don't get job in their eyes. I tell muslin if my son of a gun bullied, I'm like a right, you go back and you hear just so. You know what I mean. Yes, that is fortunate enough to have a data home to be like this is what we will do so I don't have anything in that. Big, ultimately, is a cry for help when somebody's wanna do everything is based off of wanting. You don't mean that public there, but attention people want to be heard. People want. Somebody to feel bad for what they are doing it in. I want you to feel bad for what you doin to me.
It is as though nobody feel bad. You know, and that's what I felt I wasn't necessarily captured me. A village was will be captured, a mood. Thirteen reason why was like a fortunately people have to learn how to love themselves. You don't matter even if you kill yourself the same people that bullied today my say: good luck, then I say glad they're gone so the killing yourself has not. The problem is not the problem. Solver two people feeling compassion towards you. The promised we have to teach people young people how to feel compassion towards themselves, not degenerate results over the hooligans May I not talk to that guy. Was it a misunderstood? Look of Youtube loose sexual intimidation, let you know Is it wasn't a misery, tell them to hurry of words? How much will be distorted was ruined than that. After all those things window, someone else has to say so. I lend my atta Adam. I can people think that somebody just can be say as some just to say. First of all, I love that people. I love my people, you know say: I'm not gonna. Try
ever tear nobody down shot a tunnel black men down as now I am Unum SAM, like that's not what I stand for this now, I'm bout. So if I say something, I'm saying something for reason and I feel like I'm so many times black women say stuff and nobody gives scuba language when sometimes back when I say something, but somebody of another complexion, somebody of another color, they say something and then is like we taken into court. It's time to get serious. Hashtag me to know is not cool is not cool because does now should be untied of Athens. People has such a perception of a blacklist of being so strong that we just want to take anything thrown at us, and then we don't we, we'll know, I'm supposed to get beat down by every body that comes near me, no I'll be there be if that means that is there for me, and I have to show a young women that you should not let people take advantage of you, no matter who they are. I don't care if it was a goddamn president out of steel posted
while Germany, regional home, at the end of the day, how I feel about it is look is over is done, but at least anybody else knows. I won't be try because they would they want about it. You could think of but I was dead brother, nothing, but the best God bless you man. I am glad that the other stuff was pushed out, I'm glad if you do know whatever your success there come out, nobody do badly, we all be drinking, we all be doing that we all be sometimes the infant whatever you do. You never know, sometimes you, but I mean you things happen whatever at the end of the day, I'm with nobody, no ill, but I got to be down for me if I would be down for anybody got to be down for me. So that's all it's about another through the kick you promised record is called bossy. It's the breakfast club good morning that was born. Kiki Palmer morning everybody is J. Envy Angela YE shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast club, Kiki Palm as in the building show me: do you?
What everything is going over to Tom's up me to movie, you think positive steps are being taken towards gender equality, but the reality is as long as young women and men cuz. I think I think that the me too thing is just about women, but I really love with my boy. Terry crews came out. There was a lot of a lot of young cats, a lot of young dudes to be a try, but don't want to say it. Okay, Some people may funny him for which is lame, because I know a lot about Are there be tried and Industry Unum SAM? I guess that's a real thing and has not cool either. So I do at the end of the day. As long as people accept that kind of behavior that's going to keep going on man, I think it's cool that people are speaking out. You know, but somewhere. You know I'm not going to lie and say I feel like somebody is saying I'll, never tell if it is gag. You know if I feel like people putting those positions have to be stronger than their disbelief and what they can accomplish. All this type of stuff,
from you being scared. You not known as though we have to. We have the power young, women and men to say. Look when you put these positions. Dont be quiet, don't be quiet. I think guess some people aspire to speak out and I hope that this is by other people to speak out, because that's the only way will start as long as we have will there be quiet or that afraid to be ashamed or afraid of what they? What can happen in this type of things going be goin on for a long time? So we have to continue this speaking. I think of you. Both of you withdraw have been try. Yeah I've been try. You know the levels in which I've been try. You mean there, Let me give a level you can be dry. You can be truly draw me charge, we tried, so I think I've been tried as it was the very source in advance, know in advance or in a room full of people. Trying to besides your neck now, try kiss me, oh my mouth, and we say no, no! No. I mean cabotage will not try to kiss me or my mouth pulling my hair trying to kiss me my mouth attics there's always
their model. What are you about? What Mamma wasn't there? You don't there, but that was there was a very is definitely a very its image, what blood unembarrassed, how revenue doesn't she had Macleod nothing much on no one day, because she was one know about visage was one day I'm a day she pale light had they should pay. I did the rig James Nominal. He gave a reenactment of that of the moment has legalised, though humor and assets. So you know why you gotta make whom you gonna make you whenever nothing about me, since, as we will think, I'm really really serious, but I am able to talk about things tab is I'm never able to address serious things in it, speak on him, but are also able to laugh at him cause in life. Crazy, stuff, gown, keep happening very of it offered you a job if you wouldn't sleep with them, or anything like that. I'd know best never happened before bad debt. More people,
People do stuff like that in a morsel be like you know, I mean at least in my expansive what I've done, what I thought, what I've that was different, a weird energy it wasn't down like tat, is stuff lagging. Oh, don't sue me! Charlemagne is stuff like I think I think you old man and you're gonna live like that, it's a rebuttal, babbling about everyday, then I've been men. Do you really believe you don't trust me? and they sat on. They know that they will want to become if Romania berries- yes, I do say so, because you million bearing its is beginning to realise our they now you'll ever happy blow when an employer with you. I am sure they are comfortable beverages. Now, no wonder you re: where am I? here the policy you are hard on. You
we re going. I think I will outline Joe Borg. I thought you knew you'd, never gonna be all right, then you can put it in a no. Ah no, but you know what the real situation is: it's humiliating people just a merely want to say, especially if the person is below, right, but the present is be love, get ready for a whole load of hate, maybe because people immediately assume that you yeah that's what you would therefore, and you wanted aid in, of a bottle of wine. All these other type of things like that, and you know that it is true tat you see, and saying that item in the Bible. What are they going to do in his manly? That's what people, even even even if we take a deep to a deeper, more realistic, not once a realistic view of business and industry. Did you take it too? Will just you know you were gone on a day and you are right. The USA and, like you, did that guy you didn't. He is how'd. You won't. You didn't want to touch your then as you drink, but you did not want him
to rape. You you know like such a fine lie, like people feel that big, if you, if you D, like somebody that that warrant than this people had been raped by their husbands, there so many levels to their kind to hold these kinds of conversations, and I don't think that were having thou allow young women to know that there is not one way to say. I was harassed or I feel like. I know my boundaries recross, like you're bound his across. Will you feel conflict will go back to agree on a group. What you get you said that people would just get complexion being shown is beautiful. In Hollywood, you didn't really sit. I run up. You think I changed little maid and I do think that social media plays a pie right, because now corporations are the only people that decide when you get to see
so that changes things a lot because sometimes the corporate all companies, their idea of beauty, is only one way. So for me, I feel I grow up. I didn't have any other options other than the magazines and the magazines often did not show women. Oh my complexion, I think that's why I loved Randy so much. Here's a girl, she's cover girl. She's. U has I'll, show she's atop singer as she's dark she's. My complaints. In I'm saying, that's also why I loved Leah, you know I love looking only she'll election just had a little permian strainer Heroin out. Do those and I knew that girl in my neighborhood they're gonna, my neighbor was Didi AIR body loved you, I'm saying so. I felt like it when I the industry. Oh, I can be one of those people and then I started to learn that all this is wide and see that many people, because corporate doesn't always acknowledged these people
in which they have done a lot of things and macaroon map. I would never rather must focus on that matter, and I am also very grateful that I have even been able to still work was like you know. I was the first like Cinderella, Rob not have the number one showing on Nickelodeon. True Jackson, VP the youngest person to ever have their own talk show you know written a book all these different things. The only magazine is ever put me on the cover. Is that since I'm not crying about that, that's not sad things. We have to also understand when we put in this position that look at the end of the day, don't ask or beg for people to acknowledge you what you love you. You know I don't get nominated for Oscar ever if I don't get nominated for a Grammy ever who were in Tbilisi, P were going, we are tolerated. Celebrated would be wards. Why don't I changes, voted through.
How do you get another shot at its actual kiki alike? Ass, though a really maybe we would you come along and do some stuff with me and we also have the following towards. You show us only ginger Gian, yes, you did, which are all by yourself whenever would be a big you'll, be deadly. The keys kid love hear from you anyway, you love China dragged millennials at time, but you know We need an emigrant the man. Sometimes they do any random ass, a kindness to Almah. She sat on saving our daughters and just in general, I love community. You know there was a time when it was the same age as the peoples in the schools that I was going to announced. I wanna be about. They anti age The law to accept, but
I'm always about is bound to committee. My mom told me at a young age that people have to see what it is. I'm doin for they know that is possible for them. Right, I'm always sought to make myself accessible in old ways were where you have a few key points. Is the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club jungle dropped. Him Yeah, let's get through all this talk about equal with his close now they call he she had his Quixote. Album cover, interact, listen, look like, he has twelve songs and is only one feature is somebody named Kill Edward, so you Edward, yes, Of course his veins been doing homework and they found a snippet of King Edward online and less place limit of King Edward
can't. We just tat will be drink come true. But why do you find is slipping online? zone, has not been released it while listen. Also be just a reference track of us. Some gaudy somebody named Q Edward, I believe, that's his alter ego and that he's they kill at because it caught a sales, like him, said ass. What his fantasy and right now I gotta have all in his veins gimme the goddamn. You succeed as when you know I have to say that when you, you just a young- and you got time to do stuff like that, okay search for whoever the hell kill later with it just give me the goddamn music, please He found his sound cloud page NASA David say it also. The reason I was not well what you Sancho yesterday and I'll talk in the year we
We had a conversation about Jacob eight. He said if you like, Jake augment Logical, brought the false prophets record. Yes, and he said he feel like Jake was always dissonant enriched. ATO shattered Yan named another, my while the other line on sums from reality shows The outgoing low value in love with people from reality shows. Like me, aid gets round the interest in her interesting thing. Are you insane and malice way at all? He was you know, laugh about earlier. So make him and now she's gonna before one s, analyses in finale, that's made nineteenth, so are all jobs out. They get ready, finance she's gonna be performing both new singles Barbie kings in Shun Lee on personnel. Yep Oak is misguided. One way to take on a promo unless you got out by the drop that a debate on a billboard hot one hundred at number. Ninety, ninety two and eighty three so a day that meaning think it David at nine
when eighty three on about one hundred miles a lighter filling the directive, which I hide in it Allow me, first of all a decisive all annoyed that those record may last week, I'm telling you They too was or newspaper right here. Ninety two and eighty three that no sound right that that billboard out one hundred yet billboard out one hundred asset, bottom, damned evade members. Eighty three eighty two respectively, you need to show more respect. You people from Queen and played a records in a mixed envy. Operate only ok emanates certainly is abarbanel problems would suddenly even I stood on the wood. Lord Pencroft means Floor Bancroft Matter. Do you hear me? Yes, Laura Bancroft by hard, you ok, make issue talk about this guy that does it allegedly like to have sex. He just likes to pet, a mayor, Lore Bancroft, I'm not so. We know what the jurors in a bill Cosby sexual assault, retrial her yesterday that they cause we told cops. He says I like petting, I dont like intercourse and was roads.
When he was ass. The policemen said so you never had sexual intercourse with the young lady. He says, never, never sleep! Norway! Will you replied row. He should replied back Laura been cross, my guy. She says why the EU have sexual intercourse cause. Me said I don't like your being Crawford that it's all he said, it's all the police that he never initiated sex, allegedly Annie, just what it's a pet her as it has long been now, the young lady also, they was rumoured that she told a staff or a Temple University that one time she was sharing hotel room better. She seated on too and this was gonna make a rich. He was gonna, be able to quit her job and get that money. So one of the staff, as a Temple University, Let me say this lady is lying in the things that she saying is not true. As was she saw on tv ass, you could get a come up from saying a bill, God below Bancroft Associate decided to Lord Pencroft. Oh God, alleged enemy, allegedly God you, the letter,
right in that Asia. Rumour report a shocking. Yes, we even had known can too I need Gregory Owens to come to the front of the congregation I like to have a word with him. You don't know who Gregory Owens it, but Gregory Owens is eligible to eat off. I've seen you mean you and on the way you ruined adolescent, more talk about it. Ok, we'll get into it we come back. Also Anjali is out so as see any if you need relationship, advice or any type of advice. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one hit us up right now, will help you with all your relationship vice breakfast locomotive, don't the other day. Job Democrats have been granted a day a little bit of a mixed. Like adults, I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other bay is a new. Why don't you today? For thirty April? Nineteen goes too
Mobile Alabama man named Gregory, Owens Gregory is fifty five years old and he recently got sentenced to ten years in prison, not just ten years in prison, but when he gets out what you probably won't be there probably die in prison or you know, but when he gets out then have five years of supervised release on charges related to a twenty seventeen bank robbery. Yes, this fifty five year old grown ass man robbed the bank last year and you plead guilty now. I don't know why it is Og decided to rob a bank. Clearly times are hard in the slums he's from or I just feel it is a definite statue of limitations for certain crime and robbing a bank at gunpoint is definitely one of them. You not stupid. Set it off would have been Franchitti
with fifty five years old, imagining the devil. Damn golden girls trying to try to rob a bank at gunpoint, as I said it off, would have looked. Ok, in fact, this guy Gregory. Oh, it is an old Alabama. Fifty five now cam, looking at as much as fifty five orally looked like this anymore. Unless you have had our off ok, a life of parking Lex is a Gregory on that around fifty five years and Mobile Alabama he's fifty five. What his physical parents is more like. Ninety, seven, ok, ninety seven and a half enough: Ninety seven and a half with diabetes are right, ok, right away, so one is all pulls up on you with a gun demand in money. You would hesitate and that's what this bank teller did. She hesitated to give him the money Gregory pointed green hand got atta. Ok, I like to coordination, no drop one approved bonds would imagine, is a glaring, green. Ok, you know country for
like demanding that idea. Domestic green, hang on to the greenish money he was trying to steal out is big. Now. As you already know, this bank robbery was a success. I didn't go well at all. In fact, Gregory stole approximately five thousand six hundred and forty five dollars from his bank and am money included a die pack and almost immediately that dieback, exploded and Gregory drop dead money in Hall DAS put police caught him. Would you like to know our police caught em? Let's go to view a fact in tv, for the report leaves our well being serving a talent. Prison sentence after busting himself for the crime investigator say: Roguery Owens was robbing a bank on DE metropolis with a gun when he gave the teller. No demanding money? Well, the note had his home address attached to it course. Needless to say, police showed up at his home address. He had given the teller I accident and Owens is more gay polices phone number and they tracked him down at a nearby hotel. My goodness,
Gregory Owens attached his home address to the no did he passed the bank teller that he was trying to arrive It is a clear example of a man not appreciating his blessings in life. People see age is a place where it is a privilege to get old, ok, Gregory, fifty five years old, which means this is his first year being able to order of two special. I have seen you. And you when you get that kind of a blessing, and you don't appreciate it. You are essentially tell him God any universe, to kiss your old ass and when you tell God and the universe to kiss your old ass, it will be consequences and repercussions. This is like Gregory went to. I have one time and aid off to senior menu. He just appreciated that blessing once and then he went into the bank with the short deck and was eaten the short stack interbank as he was Robin Bank and he walked out. They'll eaten a short back in the cost has followed. The crumbs of pancake his place of residence. Now I want to drop. One includes bombs were Gregory's Mama, ok, because
address that was on the naughty handed to the teller was Gregory's has really was his Mama's house? Ok, fifty five years old still, live in which your mama, every woman had ever gave Gregory some Pumas regret and right now, gay and I want to commend Mama for given the police, vagaries phone number, because Mama don't got time to be looking out for your fifty five year old, rusty ass boy, ok, mom in trying to get you out the house for years. If you fifty five mile of rapidly in the seventies, she want to walk around the house neck. What our diet tidies resting comfortably on her knees, and she can't do that because your big fifty five years old,
I wasn't motivated when tea Elsie said they don't want no scrub. Ok, when we left, I d, by than Chile say if you live at home, which a mamma- oh yes, son, I'm talking to you, you wasn't listening Gregory and your Mamma. It had to parent a person past their prime for way too long, so she had no problem point in Nepal and your direction. Ok, I have absolutely nothing else to say about this situation because some day, you two days just sell themselves. Please give Gregory owing to sweep sounded hamiltons. Ah, you are gay gay all right. All right! Thank you for a donkey of the day Laura been cross. Now we come back. Ask
bne eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship, advice or any type of advice, you can call us or right now it's the breakfast club good morning. Everybody is dj, envy and Charlamagne THA God. We are the breakfast club. Now it's a c and e g is so Charlemagne and I will hold you down. Let's go to the forum on allow there's a dead Age as well as the need is more grew, more government, our unequivocal about other thing over two years and under their back in their data and I'm gonna accountable, quit data now about what we know how anymore. So I want to know I what should I do? what you mean you don't know how to date show up got to that is show up boo, invite little thing of apparently up about about a guy Having said that, I favour or it'll be fun Patty by adding to give half obeyed, but have you maybe six over the past couple, use a year
so, if you can t do these guys did the box. You just begin It's all right now we ve been going all day, but on the Bene far they want to move to the next level, but I'm not really like radio. I have two are: how old are you I'm twenty seven or twenty seven workers each play into food is avenue form Rayner might be more used to behold no calls back in three years. None of their eyes. You got do more used to go to your whole phase. After Eddie, you kind of a whole like you want to wait I'll make it. I'm gonna go get a light brown. Let me just enjoy yourself absolutely in favour of all those voters. Remember Lore Bancroft, post operative joy, yes, but I'm sure best pursue somebody comes. You feel like it feels like obey. My good luck, airy, banking, Iraq, a mammoth task a morning minor, is as see any mama. Yet I would ask and learn about the matter.
How do you gas bill about not getting that before marriage or I'm gonna have certainly my way before we got married and I'm Charlemagne deadlier sex with his wife? I think you need to test it out. I mean, I think you need to make sure that you know that you gotta compatible sexually cause. You might get into a situation you hated, you know you may not know, is put in his pain as he might put it. In your view, just like I M a beyond you pray premarital sex is something that the white man created did make the divorce racism I communities go up because we in the american people who bought was trash and we need to realise was tragically marry. A man was penis tragedy, nor was dragged because you waiting and now you married, you got to hold the commitments, and now you got it wasn't good sex trash, Normie, yeah, yeah man. So I have a bloody and good luck, but we have to question hello. This century factor Patrice what you call a former add your comment, which might have been Times ACT and a happy new year anniversary Dodge acts in a fabulous
I have one horse bringing order all do what you're doing here we're married. What are you doing in my Lord being provided by work, though Albert Twelve hour here tonight, so we will have to be public? We get. What does he work? Heyward back public tribute her dinner, you should take you, take a more lunch break. You should drive over to public distribution, said. Take him in the bathroom give him fellatio of no kind of Panama is asking how badly work of all religious, your radio, I'm only pressure, not now Why not? I am, I know, you'd. Let me you ve got a page Unita. Do what Charlemagne dj everything you shouldn't was Joe anniversary, surprise Papa, but his job push them in the bathroom. Given some great fellatio smack of motives as they have agreed to, let me give you a motel banknote. Let me give you a motive when you boss, often their bathroom. I want you to look in his eyes to see
being cross eyed? Oh my god, goodbye tomorrow I'll, write and see any eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need great relationship advice call us right now is the breakfast club good morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club, it's as seeing. If you need relationship advice, you can call this right oh hello, this arm anonymous, ok, anonymous wish, of course, to proceed, I want to know ok well MA am, I have been a bit for a year will be married there about or one off at your mouth and my question is: how do I get him to be ready for children, because every year he wants to put it off. A year we get to this year and then all the others, but neither do it again. You off the wait another year, an I'm confused because you know how children he's thirty five and thirty two, and I'm not sure what the issue is
and everybody booger you not understand it. Laura Bancroft, you know, is if everybody now by everybody you know I've been. Why does anyone it's all right? Now he had ever bay. He never really fair. He d fairly. Now I d gone away another year I want enjoy being married, but if I d been gather for a year and finally, a Jew is: is the money now ladder up you ve heard of ups, overshadow global bags and condoms now aviano you. The kind of them would be honest with you, my back maybe going to drag sloppy note arena now with the backside of beyond his man. If I meet new rod, every none and ah monsieur de club, just because I can't hold, are you wanna pill? What would our upon the pair? I recently got about we're on You ready, if ready in Asia, even now found a bilateral issue repeat after music ups,
I didn't know. I died due to Pandora Mr Pill D, I'm so sorry, baby, Nano due date s trap into mantle trap. To me. I married him, though jabbering to get a life of Europe and to get the ages have an unprotected sex is only a matter dial unless something wrong furtively, ok other than that job will be fine. Just keyboard keep order which do you know why How am I thank you for their positive about call? You listen. More proof allows is Hidell, Well, I wouldn't remain anonymous. No unanimous was so what you call a facility. Why mainly for you- because you know you have thought of that- Parliament had door to door now, but he's all their guy was requested. What am I gonna shoot eleven years old? and you know she likes you keeping a little secret. I just found out political show little boyfriend
You know, I am obviously not boy education number one and I want to keep you busy blue sport and doing anything the people, because you know when I grow up, they weren't boy. They are now. So my question is: how do I go about this cause in? I want her to be able to talk to me. I'm not. I don't want her to view here. Ok now I love her much. What do you have real conversations? What did you talk about? Your life was going on with you and in talking about how could you gotta be opened? The best things communication, like my kids, know everything there. Yet I talk about everything. I know I've been to Bobby Fiji rated in all just for her, but you know I don't want her to be a statistic in I think about her future. We have all set for her.
College education, Boyd, our lack of Croatian e g ray. You should be honest and open like that. What my conversations market are rated all night, they know exactly what's going on and because it had, they feel comfortable, because I tell him the truth about everything they feel comfortable. Tell me the truth about everything which is at issue is the opposite situation. Now ain't wrong, we're having a friend, that's a boy. You know boy as long as they like kissing day in a go to the next level. I would if I would have I don't even like you know: what's her father like you know how I got married and her father he's crazy if american, so you, crazy, you know it's gonna wanna tell him anything, but I knew my husband. We held the candidate for like two hours, we're talking with her telling her giving her example were. Boys are good boys, trash, not boys another's, whereas they not trash all right come on now, a lot of boys have long been thought themselves like encoded in impressing other boys and making them filthy, coordinating, really care about your machine. You must be regulated to think anything. Did she do the young?
Men are demanding and dominican boy come though it ever white genes on our values that grass it I love you by way, of course, the Motherwit. When did you first tardy in boys and that's the thing like one hour when I want my thirty eight, I had a boyfriend, but it wasn't MIKE's. Ok, maybe you know his name and maybe a daughter is doing the same. Just keep an eye on a boy. If you tell us, she can't have a boyfriend. She's gonna want one even more just and allow it to happen and your keyboard and ask him ass. He doing what you guys up too if they want to go to the movies they gotta movies as a group, but you can't stop because you'll do behind your back in an ill. Maybe we worse ever ancient people must each just talk to her more. You gotta be open about everything, and did you have to do the bird
the bees conversation yet night. You better be aren't you understand that I said right now, both like even I'm thinking to myself even like ten fourteen, I wanna put her like the poker. I want to prevent anything from happening in it go for the period and I absolutely yes, you should probably take the HPV measures used to HPV shot out immediately. Also ready, you gotta, have conversation especially like when the harpies they came out right. What we are about his hand on her peace. You gotta tell about it because it's it's things that's going on now, so it makes it easy just as a come out. The blue, you don't just tell her every guy he has such would not give our Herbie goodness you every guy, you have said we will give you our bees until you get married, Mama Herpes free right. They do thank you realize what should they would diminish is away is mere Dominicans leeway, genes enormities something like protests post, admonitions, pot, dominican, rent, yes, slew doggedly due process, I would know, forget
when I saw dj approach that would in the adjoining way genes in us it whilst not a day or type of his church might was it in a winter? Yes, my colleagues dames after Labour Data right I see in IE eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. When we come back I'll, tell you about this. Sneaky now key personality, I mean you see interest in terms of getting caught outside a hotel shut when this guy got caught outside of it. Odin watched at another man smiling happy giggly. It is happy to be there and he D poked his butt out outsail about it will become back. This is ridiculous. His purpose global more. About the Angela eat. Breakfast, that's right. These sneaky sneaky radio personnel is going to last couple years. Radio personnel he's been court doing a lot of things creeping in court. Only streets would all types of people like this one
Charlemagne got was caught, leaving a building another man, very creepy teams, Irena Boredom and Charlemagne. Tell us what happened now. Wasn't a bit think it was. Kenya was his office, his factory his plane, we does is sneakers in his power when you know his music and all of that kind of stuff. Like that, I asked what that was okay. So what- Why will you and show in you will kindly meeting? Was it a Illuminati? Yes, but an Illuminati meeting in early on other bidders. Other illuminati business, but you know I mean, can you ve meant it represents? A couple times became you two thousand thirteenth gonna fifteen right. We ve what we ve always had a good report each other, and you know it is I've, told you yesterday I missed it. Energy, and so you know he hit me up and we connect to follow a bit little bit. But you know that idea, is that we would listening to music. We deal with this amusing, but we was morsel building about life enemy we grown. We can- and while talking about therapy and mental illness just grown man stuff. What can we?
do that enough in our communities as men. We don't we build enough. Ok, but you know that but it and I will say a word tat. He did hire me yesterday. I do have a job and I should judge official job. I am Conway was his ghost twitter, so wait a minute, so you can work for advancing, and numerous studies and let it let will actually I work for cardy. You know them saying not. Necessarily Atlantic cannot mean arm over for coffee and now, for good music I welcome his official goes Twitter on Kenya was his official goes to either of you see some of my tweets in a similar. That's why? My goodness? Yes arrival The Tiffany had is her and Kevin Heart will be had lining the labs Comedy festival right now. It's it's thirty. Six addition, its a lot of calm exists and it goes down Saturday July, twenty Eightth at six p m in eight thirty p m at the sallied offered a theatre or right on drug coordinate at Dublin. Clue.
From Us- is Tiffany added Deaf lucrative and he had bought await us. Another person and I work for us. She ready productions, slew Tiffany added at a comedy civil is through July eleven through the twenty nineth. So I look forward to that and also Kodak Black You know you gotta, get imprison a an open letter, user. First and foremost, I want to thank the Lord for his blessing in disguise, which was send me back to jail January eighteenth. So hopefully he sees We think he's been going through. He faces himself up and comes back a better man. That's what I'm all right, don't give. God you asked to kiss code I black, because when you get these kind of second and third chances that you getting right now that you are here for real reason, so don't give gotcha ass to kiss ok appreciate the blessing net you are getting. This is truly a blessing. You are probation facing charges and you, call them all ninety more drugs and by the grace of God, can we bring Ireland? It is yes, I can we bring identities by the grace of God. You noted charge got dropped and you only have to do a year in time. Served boy. You better come almost great number flower.
I'm sure you'll be grams. I'll show you a small enough because he's even during the most right now. The reason I want to give God grade of what is called black is ok, convinced food and food web of trust, our major traffic of Israel. Vulnerable. The load does could hit the judge like Magnets Hobbs gonna got dismissed now right and lastly, J calls out will be out tonight. So look forward to that. It's a k, o D comes, For twenty it has no features, but to somebody named Q, Edward is fans believe kill. Edward is also ego. So we look forward to hear some new music tomorrow. Yeah. Absolutely. I can't wait to calls out my told me me, and I had an interest in conversation yesterday could out. I was asking him: the coal false prophets, versed, murmured called that's awful problems and is a wonder: is it about yea? One is about while a young man- and I asked Myself- oh, you think- call disingenuous I math and cold. This me all the time in his music. Eight is aid in the world. His way you actually laughin about in any quoted the echo
I've been using other one would shoot from reality shows. What are you saying that you have got a cheap from a reality shop? You know but year at the thought, though, the interesting conversation away. Wrappers perceive things no right. That is your room report. I up next to people's choice, makes hear something eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one hit us up right now, get you requested at the breakfast club good Morning, there's something. Good is a new shell from the Seneca women Podcast network, and I heart radio. Each day we aspire to bringing the Good NEWS the silver lining, the glass half full, because there is good happening everywhere. Every day we just need to look for and share. Upon cast about the incredible women who never made it nor history books and the modern women carrying on their legacies, and shared experiences to, inform and inspire you every day listen to hear something good on the eye: heart, radio, apple, podcast or wherever
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