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Kids and Tattoo's and Sex Injuries


Today on the show after speaking about a parent and a tattoo artist getting arrested for allowing a child to get a tattoo, we opened up the phone to hear what our listeners thoughts about children under 18 getting tattoos. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to two robbers who walked into a bar full of off duty cops. Moreover, its "Freaky Freaky Friday", so we opened up the phone lines for our listeners to tell their stories about any sex injuries they had.

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Even so, we must treat this morning is usually day and everybody says, and I ve been in it. They went into the room rubbing the wrong way different ravaged by
Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, more financially, reining in Zambia, Charlemagne again, please do the planet is fraud, it's Friday in south to all verbose. My birthday weaken begins today your birthday right around the corner. Ass right. This Sunday is my actual born day. Ok, now, you're born days, Sunday, Mama brother, wags boy, the Sunday in my must, as the page born days Sunday best re shovelled any Francis his birthday. Suddenly it well Yo September anybody's pans having sex. Ground when Christmas Thanksgiving
over market major into September, Augsburg Timber Room November, and I know how much energy around monopolies on individual button was boiling point. It was yesterday method I about going well in line about being thirty. Seven. Forty forty six at least six ITALY's tell detail, funds about what about thirty, some lady tab. Now, by sending aid, you like look my goodness tat way smoke cigarettes down at his job, as they always will. Aid you and remember, used to do drugs heavily That is true to say, TAT, a man happy birthday I wanted. I don't. I made a very thing: don't ivy body sagas gentleman one day, but we know also. We have to tell me the reality of the situation in Ireland. Be a long long time, and I want him to know exactly what cards you haven't to play. Well, it will add, I think, has cause to fear anything he stopped. All drugs are starting out. Please go money,
The end is having a baby so enjoy more more reason. We want to be allowed to live longer, not evade absolutely now. You know, you know. I realize I wasn't built, but is committees about four wet commentary. Tony retired. On the argument game. Yesterday I was trying to park my car in a lot right now pop my car. That's not all the time, and it was a new guy that he told me. No so ask in our work and latin. He said it. The lot is full, but I've seen a guy outside what a flag wave and people in started arguable whether the confederate flag. There was a cover flag, but I kind of like getting worried about my car and arouse Blackburn echoed has been but hurt. Maybe that's what I was thinking. What I started argue with the guy in April, we get the emphatic in. Usually there would have been tab level out, but I was No it. I can't hear you if I hit him he's gonna shoot me, I'm not going to park here after he doesn't even what my car market of a whole knows where he may grow so banana tail pay exactly so I just want you to be really brought her a scientist turner,
eleven and I don't have a problem with that was, like you know, used out of a man for the rest of the day. Like I wanna go back and do some. I was like an oh I'd groaned Maybe if I was you first of all that I give you credit for God what is happening with envy ass? They were run, they are you mad yeah. It was you I did. I would say to go that way. It was. It was three of them. I think they were ethnic or magazine or they would like right now. Let's go with joy near probably makes yet what we want is a main aims at again his ass with now the mass which maintained any minute he had suffered in Mexicans. Ok, you got to fight a Mexican ironic to live next. One name who hulu and mean who used to fight literally all day long away, you kids fight Muse call, would you know you get to touch linen wrestling prevention and you'd have to fight him all day.
He did not stop. The Mexico with joy has an appalling Roger. There was war on one in Jesus and I was like you know a sizeable saw. How my guys is. It really now lies with the wood. Is it is two thousand Jesus thousand you no matter what Should I get a good level of boiled down to you haven't? Would shorted out of an argument? Does new vetted in Gujarat? dad. I gotta get told him some things out, even of them through what I said, but you think I'm just so. You know what you don't know they understood. What do you mean what I say I was I go in Emma, but they don't get the F added and I got older and wiser not caused amount, but anything we get the evident. I'm gonna have a very good jacket: death Valley. You cannot Puglia customer, where you get into an argument with people parking yet
does it make any sense to do tat. You re so you might appointed W vehicle copyright, and I felt like no other watching economy gratifying that in he was TAT, said the rabbit. I got tat bound in thirty seconds. I, like you know it mass at EU funded did near. I taped it though I ll show you to take me ass. I said: look, I am curse me I'll, be walking away our. I will ask additional cracker proposals. What we talked about, of course, are giving you updates iron, Texas and Harvey, and what's going on NATO summit, more emergencies- and you know this is fire fire fire fire fire from over and they must have a bad tattooing, a kid in elementary what? Oh, my goodness, I will get into all that when we come back, you beloved is the breakfast club kimono morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago we had a breakfast club asking some front page news. Other body, gonna, Vegas, belaboured ammo, be a Vegas Saturday and Sunday the break my? U have to Vegas your back
he's going to pull border rehab cover behind what our Floyd Floyd's clubs, The nice will have a lot of fun of exempting Kevin HOT does is weakened out. There's worse off, I'm a hang on loaded a weekend in Atlanta. They allowed a weakened in the land everyone is. We cannot therefore lies at it. Ass will be out there, but let's talk about the hurry, Avi updates right well down a chimpanzee said he giving one million dollars to Hurricane Harvey relief. He said he doesn't. Exactly where that's going to go yet? But he wants the reporters to help him decide which organization would maximize the impact of his fine until he wants fake news to tell him where to go. His money to OECD like a lot of other people. You know I just don't want to give their money to anybody want to give the money to organisations that are gonna directly affect people rights, everything they have announced, whereas gonna go, you have any did say he plans to give dollars out of his own pocket us. I would love to know
our job wouldn't go immediately to the Red Cross. I wanted those organizations like that, I hope will fill offending. Anyone may opens every should open everybody's, as at present is not going straight to reinforce the mighty uprising amount Ellison. It is President Donald Trump Navigational lads. Ready train is still going because they just broke ten million dollars well, Ellen Degenerous actually gave a test. Why am I for a million dollars during a show and she gave fifty thousand Miley Cyrus gave five hundred thousand dollars f. Why I vote We will look, and I want to give the money man about the post, the link from a man traded truth, and Joe by nature. In friends no used in in the golden triangle, that's one will be given more resources and more it'll, because if you know a thing about traded sure he's got his all day and used in he's always in the field is not of April and I use for people. I trust him with my resources, a mom money, some opposed only gonna lobe damage. You get more money to change your father, I write.
In Dallas. Now, there's a gas panic and saying this could have been prevented is a long long lines at the local gas comes, a lot of those gas station I drive right now, but what happened? Was a lot of people went out and just started getting gas in droves when they didn't really need it? They said the be if the people have doubtless had worked. Serve gas. It only purchase more when they needed it. Then the city would have been found an answer. The refineries were up and running again in the coming days or weeks, but because people panicked and when it started draining the supplies at the palms. Now, there's no gas. That, then that's why you see those laws lies and ninety nine dollars were a case of water. Also, one story in Houston was charging twenty dollars where a gallon of gas eight fifty four about water and ninety nine dollars boy case can be met. People who know what would our instincts offer thing that it is its duty to stall? Muslims have natural, laudable gas, absolutely area, and Hurricane Irma could be the next whether disaster an ash. Our way that's gonna come back,
right now, it's in the Atlantic and his aimed as a threat in the Caribbean and potentially in the United States last week, but they don't know for sure. What's gonna happen, so make sure you keep an eye out for that and he has a crazy story. A young girl, twelve years old, ended up having Aids had two and now her mother and the tattoo artists are under arrest, Ruby, yeah, now, apparently, acacia didn't know you can't tattoo somebody under the age of eighteen. Even if, Have they parents consent you're not allowed to do that, not at all and a teacher discovered the tattoo. It was a cross with the words Jesus loves on the right shoulder of the twelve year old. They saw that at a school dance. Now the child said her father for you to get tat soon after he picked out the disease. And endeavoured to an unknown residents turned out. The tat was lying and later on had to change her story. She said it was her. I did get the tattoo and she said she couldn't identify the man who gave it to her. What ended up happening was there was video footage of Brenda, hoagie,
Tat suing does twelve year old during an event, and during a party she was also providing tattoos to several people in attended, including that's, while bureau begged him, there was no money exchanged. They said the free tat who was just like a party favors, so they have video of the incident and that's when Brenda Hope TAT. He had to admit she was a person it did the tattoo and the victims. Mother Emmi Cristo Nolan was arrested as well charged with being a party to the crime for which Larry from enough now, as I understand, of having parental Cosette parental consent, if depends are capable of making wise decisions them That is no reason for each have everything you know I had to George I, while you let a child get etc. And why we do duties permanent things decades we're having these temporary failings. Kids, have you got me a tattoo, but apparently everything parents would, however, like to point out that Croatia should go. You absolutely
and I want to see the video and honestly dislocate crap that may have been determined. In fact, it is located in cry. He was ready, perceived tat. It was a tattoo hurt, like house of Dislocated gotta tattooing, didn't try. You know what he deserved. Tat S your front page news, get it off my chest: eight hundred five, five: what or fire one of your obsession debate It is up right now. Is the breakfast locomotive? The breakfast falling down, you're gonna, get it on. You want a breakfast laughing, but they will allow this visit graphic Jessica. You may have a good you ex husband is trying to what you know from our me.
My colleagues, my professional colleagues as an extra burden which was long ago, but now he is trying his heart is the outlay villages with communist system principle. Oh, I don't wanna call. My shopping aim from Florida is disturbing. My only chance area back in the day a long time ago and it has afforded me a very comfortable lifestyle, now idle half the work payable to my master, I'm an assistant principle I haven't Beth from when I was a stripper and at Bay Equally were ruined our marriage anyway, he gonna find out about multinationals the way in which paid in I will finish your heart problems when they want to make more money. Will you and is a thing always tell people live your truth, so nobody can use your true. Forgive you if you had told everybody about just group of past and he wouldn't be able to use that against. You know now where's. It very well tell us about the money that you made a worthy of said. That's you,
not disclose that Information Army got it now, but above and so we got married, you don't you know about my investments, but it was more just jealousy in Vienna, Ma Ma am So what do you plan to? Do will interpret this or what I'm gonna do about it? Now that I'm innocent the brink of a like us, they are trying to be a principle, ought to be in order on the cover of my path with them. Fame, those these to love him out in a hoarse cave we're. How can improve used able, as you got pictures? Well, that's the thing He may have some picture that I had and all photo album long gone, can't fire you for what you used to do come on out and allow that meanest rivers, you don't know me. We know that about me, I'm very professional woman. That's how they know me and I don't need them knowing me as anything else what everybody got a past, and so they judge you on your path, and it is not good people period is appreciably yeah you, your ipod,
to keep my professional I professional fell down, which means you do outside of work is in effect, when you do inside work, more good luck, movement, but although it was like ten years ago, refugee renewed do call column, you are right, have all you can Please come to the meeting, stand up in front of the glass and give a MR him give yourself a low and we're gonna go and get it off your chest, eight hundred five, a firewall or five point of view of sensitivity to set right now with the breakfast programme on it the breakfast club,
You're gonna get it objects ass, whether your man wore black, but I've been. We want to hear from you on the breadth of this great border back the cello Maggie. Did your boy J T top floor what'd I checked up on you back tonight. I ain t J C was circular features about so glad. I run a few weeks ago called the guy that you know about the fate of the girl. Tell what you want but today the family law to a total of thirty seven thousand count, and no one knows what you wanna up to twenty four. I counted my brother regret
lady, congratulating not easy, but the hard work will be easily accessible fat, ass God, man, member, deafening thinking, got everything about every morning have of great pain, Joe Direct marketing just thought it another way. We do. You can look down and fully see your penis without a stomach obstructing your view allows is part of the day. Was that maggot ravages rang out and as we see it many of them was a baby. I'm trying to figure out here you're every other day, Lord Cumnor Oda, but I know you're gonna quit it did you think they'll separately, coo EE? Oh, don't straight out here on doing that, I was going to leave it. But your work with money? Ok, you you directly. There may be somewhat Yokohama diameter you until the amateur you I'm giving money to man, I'm giving money to my main traded truth in.
So by nature, your friends no used in the golden triangle, ain't they come together and they have been used Port, Arthur and surrounding cities. Man, and if you have any kind of donations, you can call them at eight hundred and thirty, two two hundred and fifty three thousand five hundred and sixty five for more details. They got to go fund me set up. I actually posted to Gofundme on my twitter. Just now. Does one who are missing and adds ethylene donate money there as well. I dont need of money or ready to their use in food bank. One dollar equals three males there and they ve been doing this for years. You can follow them. I Instagram used in food being well, get it all future as eight hundred a five one off, I wanna view of sexually divert UK. It is of no you ve got rooms runaway yes, so on has a brand new, so called black alive. And what are you about the record ratings when they show debut right we'll get into all that when we come back, keep a lacklustre breakfast global mon. Breakfast morning everybody
Is the way what rap record in the country are right over there is nobody to record in the country. Are COD Ii B is bringing a gold plaque? a broad struck when a clues bombs of political plan and lebanese level double simple bladder, a man I came away. She deserves it all absolutely Nellis gets it aromas, assault, black love, so bad. Now this is the report's Angela eat breakfast black land. They viewed on only had a record ratings. One point: two million toto view is which makes it owns most watched on scripted series debut in the networks histories. Remain our remaining pebbles goods and money. For that title, I feel like the kind of package that black loved her that the add on. I don't think so.
Could that literary overtime black LE was around for quite some time. I think so too near now. Why do they wasn't using it black, pebbles and removed for it all on clause in everything we do not think that they could have gotten a pretty penny I write. Well here is a little bit Michel he's really nice he's! Good luck in the sophomore there's never been a discussion about love quite like this. Love is worth half of Mars. Want your left. Our aid is gonna, be celebrities and non celebrities talking about their relationships and is also some relationships that aren't just black couples. Buddy, be. You know, white man, black women or vice versa. Either we later in eleven say the waiter in love with a black person wishes correct according to their co, creates the Shell Coty Oliver, who created the series at their husbands, I mean she said it was very important to show black people and very healthy relationships, not exclusively black couples, another point of black low with those two black people. I started diversified things just for a broader audience.
But ass. We move that I and makes race a couple relationships, their interracial relationships, and so, but I thought that that defeats the whole purpose of black low black loves to black people, love in each of you know: you're the first five things: drug broad things for televue, look one step: I'm getting some positivity on our own on a network right now, when no violence, no beef and veal. Have you lack love envy of viewing gear with black Yaquita been ownership We are lacking as right now this Cairo Irving. Now that a special thank you to Cleveland, he said my love extends way beyond the court. I have four Cleveland and will always be a place that special because of the great people and experiences the ups and downs we stand and fight, no matter what their circumstances are and that were being in Cleveland embodies here's. What does he had to say the Susa you murky life can affect alot of people all at once. When you get to the point- and you understand the person,
tensions for you and, ultimately to be your truth and find out what you really want to do in your life and how you want to accomplish it. That moment comes and you take full advantage of it and there are no other ulterior reasons, other than being happy La Cleveland, response- let it Irving eyes carry suck my d. I can stand when these guys right letter these dear John, led to the teams they're leaving legacy businesses bounds about you. So much wouldn't believe it is now her fancy, manifestly about a jersey, comes to say thank you and keep us. Thank you for a year that been a key moment. I'm glad you loved us, so much love so much you wouldn't left. I myself about business, but you just want to say thank you and carries out its carries. A lot for jerseys from Jersey gives backwaters. He any ceased any signs autograph for every kid they goes to gain a week after four. Besides, autographs easing visa do say: Patty has some type of failing to defame, absolutely and clean.
John. I don't always banking, a clear people, don't don't let Turkey, we often boys when you come to play that naturally ok over and gave it to see that they wasn't legally would give him then both know give him the same energy, Nobody knows all of Cairo earnings moves, so it should be pretty easy for him. I right now, Chloe Canadian, since we're talking about Cleveland according to life and style magazine, is trying to get pregnant by tourists and Thomson and is now not using birth country. I would be so excited if she got pregnant women made little power. Forty Mombi at least six sake. Sixty eight sixty nine. Seventy four to forty now, according to life and stout, he's been trying to get pregnant from more than four months. But so far no luck she came. Cried. Action has been pushing her to hire Acerra get so she's been good.
Giving her all kinds of information on what she can do in order to make sure she has their baby. What, as far as we know, these Hamson Tristram composed his penis up into play me before I right now, Victor Allah depot- you know him from playing for the Indiana pay. Theirs is an artist as Well- and I know what you're thinking of these mba players turn singers. Wrappers doesn't ever work out. Well this when sounds like it might check out this song that he put out any has his ep coming soon as well. Listen. I've, so many places a lot of bad.
Life, is with turned down a level. Now now, seeing in the song says, sounds good boys, dead letters trash resounds amazed using saw right, you got it. You got some mover, that's actually a contemporary spin on Danny Hathaway Song Song for you still large trash, but he's on good. I write well and that's your room. A report these are good. I write were easily and that's your rumour report, our I beg you miss you. Now we go for a patient. To give you some hurricane Harvey updates and a twelve year old, get a tattoo. No, a real tat will tell you all about it. When we come back as shut up now, I like to think me what your business eat. You know you sound like want when using unforgettable. What bribery
Maria Gary enumerated in one s own unforgettable, removes Rebecca. I found that it about the hours that more Europe. Is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club asking some front page news, but Gimme a Harvey update well right now, as far as Harvey in Dallas system issues, there's a gas panic, because obviously it but he went out and filled up on gas and now a gas station are dry and these long lines of people China get gas. So people did not concern when this originally happen then I would be one of those people that when I got my guess is possible. Joyfully as well surprises are moving higher. They also charging up to eight. Fifty four just a bottle of water, and things are yellow crazy right now, in addition to that, Will a charging ninety nine dollars just for a case of water as well It's amazing me hiding all over prepared for things like this. They know when a natural disaster like a hurricane is about to hit the first thing. People going to do to go, get gas for their cars, go, get cash for gold,
as for they generate, as I got it owed, Vampa stuff like this. Now Europe has, it is giving a million dollars to Hurricane relief is trying to determine which organization he's gonna, don't, that money to an that's his own personal money and we are now seeing watching. Hurricane Irma Hurricane Irma is a major threat to the Caribbean and potentially the United States. The week was named as a tropical storm Wednesday morning M by yesterday afternoon. It had strengthens into a large category three hurricane with winds of a hundred and fifteen mouse, our Nano Donald Trump is not as great awaited. Dispensary any doesn't make good the greatest of choices, and we should follow him. Never, but the fact that he just done say you know what I'm gonna make out the Omega Red cross them a figure out, which organization give two has begun a red flag to lobby Agur right now. Let's talk about is TAT in Georgia, who got attacked. Twelve year old girl, her mom, was the way they all went down. There was a party, it was a super bowl party.
And the Ma Am, I guess, allow the tattoo artists who was there given out tattoos as party favours to tat to her a twelve year old daughter. Now the child was in school and that's when a teacher discovered the cross on her right arm and said, Jesus loves, though the words Jesus loves and the rapporteur. How do we noted teaches not an atheist, and she was just have said because this young lady had across and Jews on our showed Sunday was. It has had thing a tattoo period, permanent ink on a twelve year old, has a twelve year old tonight, habitats, We agree on don't understand. While we are allowing kids to make permanent decisions, often grayish feelings, and we have to stop all politically correct, BS kids, the kids when they turn eighteen, make whatever decisions they watch, but at twelve you should not be language argument. But both the amateur artists, Brenda Hope, Daddy and the mother Emmy Crystal no limit charged with being a party to the crime, because, obviously you cannot tattoo the body of a person under the age of eighteen, so they were released on a thousand dollars by with dignity Dodge
no better, like even at the mother, says yeah. Well, my job to do this. It had two hours would be like. No, I'm not doing it he's a kid connected six years. Work right instead attach you, I don't even know she was only twelve years old. I gotta see this. Let me see the instagram our biggest problem. How do you must take a twelve year old money? you come up. I will list talk about in death or I ate hundred five, eight five one five one now I got my first answer was: seventy thousand eight. Definitely, when did you get your first had to show them Myanmar? to my nationally, where illegal, because tattooing was in legal in South Carolina when I was getting tattooed, but I'm not I'm prick now the weighty browsing. I was freshmen in college and I was deaf and when I was a seventh ain't, no seventeen years old and it was a Virginia now. Let me ass, you can I don't have just so. You know there is honest that have tattoos. Like you, look at the odd little pump little purpose, a huge orders are there for the kids, you d know is sixty or purpose sixteen route as local
but nothing is sixteen may be seventeen and he s attitude everywhere. All over his face. You name it he s too. So the question is eight hundred five. Five one o five one should kids be allowed to get tattoos if they will advocate turned on her pain threshold. If they lie withstand paid out of eating a tattoo them get all dead to do now and less than I gotta see little transfer into situation, I meet a guy like little pump. Sixteen years old tattoos, honesty, prowling no parent, rightly raised by grandparents in autumn sands, will do it don't supervision to be had guys rather than on his own for a long time, but I know of an age when they find out some places is sixteen someplace in his eighteen. It depends on with nature and enjoyed it eighty, but where is way too,
but the fact that much, if you look if you're young kid in you, look up the little pomp and you like little poverty, artisan, you follow Moran and you see him fifteen. Sixteen would only serve to give in order to say you better get their Hannah. Twelve is too young Madonna have rather they manifest tyres, are thus use every four hennessy at an alarming. What Hannah that's going to be, what it was, or eight hundred five a firewall or five one should kids be allowed to get tattoos if they want. That is the question? Call us up now is the breakfast locomotive warning. Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the brakes club. Nowhere asking should kids be allowed to get tat comes if they won't notice came out of a story front page news where a twelve year old gotta tattoo across yes, Jesus loves. It said right I'm on a daily basis. He loves, depending the premier, on the same aware, allow and kids to make permanent decisions of timber. I we gotta stop all is politically correct. Bs, they cage kids decades when he turned eighteen. It can make good air but decisions they
but we all know how complicated it is when you are young you not even a dear girl, not even a teenager, yet so but all the different emotion that I got there are mine. All different thing she thinks about yourself right now is no need to get a permanent tattoo at twelve thousand everything guys that are adults when it got permanent tattoos and regretted it got Wolverine Fatima X, men alma, holding a microphone in his hand. I still love comic book, still buying, still love the x. Men still love Wolverine, even though all was trash even Logan. What I regret is tat. You want it for me. I don't really care about my tattoos, but it I mean all of my kids names are. The thing is: is it's hard difficult being twelve years old, thirteen years old, fourteen years old and everybody that you look up to whether it's a rapper, Lil Wayne or you're on your favorite athlete Odell Beckham Lebron James? They all have tattoos and you want to be them. You know as a kid I wanted to be. George Michael Jordan got a pair kicks about those kicks Michael Jordan enough Tattoos, but we'll do it did have an airing and
Lawrence Taylor, a dairy and that's what made me go get my Aaron. I just think you should wait until you get older to make these type of permanent decisions like when I was young. I wanted to be teen wolf. Are. You couldn't tell me. I want a teen one another, a great that I used to be howling said I sat down at the most stable one time I swore my ears got pointing in everybody around for me more story of what I'm trying to say is now myself, So why would I make a permanent decision of a temporary failing? What about women got a werewolf tat to all my back? and how we got one. If that is true, but how would I look now long glad I don't have any tat? Is my goodness guy allows this problem now you attach to audit broke now. What's the youngest person you tat soon, we will be put you your real name or you address. These two
We just curious is resolved that do not easy. I'm calling you when you're done third Lauderdale when you don't and I always tell ya, degrading America in the Bronx and all the flawed as a flawed and on cap. Now. What are you tat sword in eleven Europa learn a lot for me up with better, let them I honestly marker loggerhead calves in order for the families that have failed to represent my grandma grimly amendment, no thirteen, so cool, but about the letter you know almost gone, but luckily we agree that, like you know given attached to a Jesus, the language,
Oh yeah yeah knees got, we put your groundwater. That makes it. I dont know little about you. How would it have been called, particularly where, of course, about the return of Arab paid out a pay? As you know, I agree on both sides really belong to a large part in any music nothin you twelve elaborately did you need cry ass? She took you. No doubt was really surprising. Setting behind it must be used to somebody enemy as it is. If you don't agree with what she wanted to get as it had two at a time when its again, would you turn it down on a lot of her to look for young people and tourist might remain? Certainly, I would imagine that if your knees wanted you Kodak black freeze on her back now started all my look,
I'll, be all right! You broke, I don't you five, a firewall or five one should kids be allowed to get tat. To call us up right now is to breakfast club kimono taunting. Everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club which argued about you. Kids be allowed to get tat tools if they want hello. This is short, page ass. What you think about kids again, tat Ozma, I don't my first. I thought I was twelve March, the dark from my Father Don cartoons. Thou Caroline, he was try it out. You can you. I got a cross with wings on my back like between my shoulders, a vigilant, Love is never gonna covered up. Almost inoculated tattoos complete trash, you know what is the cause you're still young and your buddies table do tattoos ever like cuz, I don't know, I don't have any as you get older or like gangway get bigger today of alleged stretch out
I don't get too much bigger about quality cigarettes to set out a very unhealthy lifestyle. You probably did a lot of vegetables because you granted to visit, give new tattoos guy, wasn't the girders. What was your father now? That's? Why on earth are you gonna, nurture homer originating in Hebron, hello? This is crazy. With my daughter, Bianca may grisly crystal heavy augur. Well, you light blue, hey nettle. Now, what do you think about kids getting tattoos talking for my daughter and I'm basically that? Let me will it until you address you grimy. I want one October. I will get really wanted no affair thing. Why don't you do what that was a star member? What I was entirely man, I've gotta go them little ass. He came back into the limits ought to be on good. Please Bianca ought to be on our air Bianca
You don't need a nose, Jason right now, Bianca's law, we look like you got a book now win now. I now- and I already got out by any actual out there there you go and what you do anything you can do whatever you are again. Only look like that. All the time you don't think I'm gonna go get in, but you still be. No, you made a decision like you always gotta vulgarity, I'm not mad at the well. Now I know airing hose closer by no allow to be way area, then only by car and absolutely illusion Italy has already won, and then you know about you kilos of your killer, you don't know anything about Yuki loaded and you do not want above all your armitage. Do you know it knows? No, do you not know black eye to plan their? Do I let me now in our path through belly, everything all fear of being fucking guy
enjoy it? Am I being be back in a few data? You tell the truth. I guess there always went again and knows my man tell me now let us get back to you on limiting your options and you get out do you know? How are you haven't? You got me a kiss, my privacy by all. She wanted to be a lawyer apart, but now the heat Tat building will be around looking by would now if you want to watch, maybe They want to move in what ways to combat Davy citizens. They got no baby. Why don't you come a baby watcher himself? Who, this day Mamma, would talk about kids get in taxes which opinion ok, I regard ridding greedy. Not do I attach enough, they think it all in my uncle labour on the God of either with actually had a copy pudding. Bucks
a or not Rugby Board, but did you get on you you? Nobody may I go. I appear on my back. I won t Mama been known about it. I got it. I would have liked it later. Hated some on your back, because you probably have some stupid ass philosophy. Like minded wash my backing, a light has done with ever in life quarter enable Will you stop smoking weed an early age beg you, however Yankee Mamma. She asked our old. I put my kids names or make it out at the time a lantern given that other guy fabricated, really does give legal rigour. Get you in gear came at the gate. Would till jades no one that out again. But I got no offers k, we got married Beverly together sixteen, so we got married a year at our first daughter than we had a son and if we waited in between like ten years old and only start over to tattoos knows it's
or final mama for five remember many Jews Nagasaki. But I should like us- and what's happened over the ogre more kids not pass for tat was I got it. Put the fifa on either mimic you might not? Animal economic war will see web of what you said. This is a nice. It was the love Kismet guilty about it. Maybe we may we Where are we limited needs, but a year baby we don't know damn guy I've come in. We need our readers vessel. You never knows you make your brain is appointed, get married. If I gotta still, we talk about bus all about buster last may have good, and this naturally to subject on the fact that you really, I regret it- has been a key wireless. You dominican. Why cause you got twenty kids John got away. When I got the stereotype is not as their true here. What's the moral of the story, The moral of the story? Is man no make permanent decisions off temporarily kids gates,
and you got allow you to be kids now when one year aging is only able to make their own decisions, are the dose cool? Let him do anything but in the meantime, don't make permanent decisions of temptation. All right now, we got rooms on the way. Yes, we are going to be talking about hurricane. Harvey Emma tell you what other celebrities have been doing as far as their donations and what they are encouraging. You to do as well all right we'll get into that when we come back, keep alive the breakfast clinical morning morning everywhere is D. J Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy- we are the breakfast club now get gets Roma's. Lemme give you load He's got a report at the Reul report, Libretto club. Thank you. There was a really little when shall dumping states how the berry, but our it arrived. Tyler Perry has joined the hurricane Ivy club. As far as donating money, buddy don't eat a million dollars array. So we told you before down a fighting a million dollars and now tell him Harry
then it Ellen Degenerous, while my donated a million dollars she donated that show now here's what he had to about where he is giving this money every Tory are basic people, there's no way lucky Gloweth charter. Mathematically for shelter there was some safety concerns. I spoke to all my colleagues have said he saw at this moment. I was a breaking up. It's a chorus of central powers to Lake would also working with the answers faster response to an I'm saving. Five hundred for other Jerry Why sure exactly what trouble include ones out very opera is also opening is home to any young men who mainly to flee to day. You stop it come I mean you, stop it now J J. What has radar razor more than thirteen million dollars for Hurricane Harvey Jesu.
The studies all foundation Ugandan be reason I gotta money and at home than what you caring, fundraiser I'll, tell you what he is doing, gotcha now Drake just donated toward that foundation as well. Here's what Drake said my good friend George. You want styrofoam using effort through you carrying not don't eighty two hundred thousand dollars towards it I'll be leaving the link in my while the journey to rebuilding is gonna be along, so anything you can give is greatly appreciate. I respect go by. Giving money to organizations that are going to directly impact the people salute to my guy Trae. The truth, that's why I'm giving you know my money resources to him and the angel by nation friends no used in golden triangle. They are raising money for port off and used in it. You can call it three two to five or two five, six fire for more details on that: ok, right now, quantitative. What is it? My first pays. What I'm doing is this week in my teammates, and I have sent me
rolling and from out of town that we feel that we have about nine semi chucks. It are going to come to town and its alpha was shot supplies. What a food clothing everything so that's their first step just starting this beginning these also having a collection drive in Wisconsin where he lives for victims of the flu. They're asking for donations of blankets, non perishable items and then he said, he's gonna regrouping, devising plan for the millions he has raised and seek advice from individuals and organisations that help victims of Katrina. As do all right now I had said d and flavour slave had some back and forth. Now, apparently, flavour five has lost. He's doing shaggy and public enemy dollar saying they come off from oil. Tease merchandising in performance fees are simply with leave last week into. Are you do where it s? Okay, now I d say we will be together on a future stage, any other things. If labour fave will again be embarrassed, admitting I stage about the way it spends its always this way with him. He said he's ready and willing to adjust flavour flames concerns in the future, but right now he hopes his partner
be woke and rehearsal studio and paying attention to the work we and all the members do world. Why, honestly woven together, I guess he felt like he's owed some money, even get certain royalties, merchandising money. So do the audit and see now play a slave said attention everyone, this wave of waves speaking himself? I love my partner chug de everywhere, so dont get it twisted, we will fix it and he wants you to know it's nothin like that. It s good to know at least they can perhaps results He just realized in twenty seventh phenomenon. Know he's not resume eroded in that, but if he's not he's just realized and he's not have received Rodion twenty, seventy, I wouldn't let well, then you put on up Y know, but according to shut de it's a third party, merchandise or in just the way the business works now. So it's probably something more cars also. They probably me like I'm a plague. You see that the public enemy like had that he is here, seems to us the clocks and of labour ochre. Yes, I pay, if, as I got to get my just do
I re Remy MA a comedy, be: are they gonna work on some easy together, of course, they're both from the Bronx right? Well, is where Remy had to say during the age when Facebook alive- oh, yes, we were talking about at last. How you, like literally grab me, should cycle Williams is also about like other stuff, I'm not playing I'm so like you got money never let me my had admitted to save you know when she first heard in his business. You see people come in and take this thing as a joke, this rap thing and then she said I saw one day she was seventeen in high school. She was forming an italian show and adjust changed everything? I think she worked really hard and she deserves it to my food Now it is on the planet problem clues bump cod being number two song in the country number one rob racket in both a kilo. Just went CALL Dep, congratulations to call me I re well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report
good time to remind dj self that he used to run with Cardi B that he introduced. Her question is not a good, then I'm just making sure, but you got Mariah Lynn on Dick all she's going to be. When I look at casual that isolated Israel was plain, I was being Sarka, I know you're, so the toilet array sarcastic may not be disturbed me. Yes, it s. If I have to say that I'm learning that right is unnecessary would have told you bonds, railway, given a dog to dog. You today is going to two young maid Joseph Mckinnis, entirely Mccoy we like to like them the common front allegation like other worlds and please correct we'll get it.
Next he belongs to breakfast locomotive: donkey, devil dog. You today for Friday, symptom of first go to Joseph Mckinnis. Third, entirely Mccoy twenty one and twenty two years old respectively, and I dont know if I've told you, but one of my favorite pastimes nowadays is watching, would be robbers, attempt to rob establishments and then receive instant karma. I don't care if its door owners fighting the would be Rob is backing. Overpowering them are would be Rob is dropping guns and indian overpowered, I would be Rob, is getting shot by store owners. I love to see instant comma, which it's an amazing thing to behold, and I wish I had video of this one because it sounds like a daisy
the job of entirely woke up and said: you know, will be a good thing to do today. We should rabble bar in thing. Rob was never really think about his within these. In these they, when they robbed, think they always think about the money they are going to get whatever valuables. They could never think about what type of human beings could paeonies bars. That could possibly be obstacles to their ultimate goal. Have you ever seen cinematic classic? coming to America, remembrance, Samuel Jackson ran up and down with shot gun, pump and try to take up the place, shot, a hole in the ceiling, but he didn't know came and semi could fight their asses off. He didn't know, came and semi were trained in the marsh large tolls at a kind of obstacles would be, Rob is don't think about because they believed there in control because they got a gun and we all know is no fun when rabbit
that again, but he had to sing now a days allowed. These would be Rob, was already rabbits and sometimes ravage walk right into a din full of wolves and ass. Exactly what happened to Joseph entirely. Shall me: what are you talking about? What let's go to W B L tv NBC Eleven forty, reportedly Monaghan, pub and Woodland is known as a police officer hang out dozens of off duty, Baltimore County officers were, there are celebrate.
A fellow officers retirement early Tuesday night, when investigator, say these two men went into the take out portion of the restaurant and held an employee up at gunpoint. At that time, the person who had been behind the counter knew that there was a retirement party for a police officer happening, so they went into the other portion alerted the officers to the fact that they had just been involved in armed robbery are going to investigators. Suspects had just left the restaurant, but they didn't get far before the off duty officers at the party ran out and took them into custody. Please aren't saying how much past twenty one year old Joseph begin as the third and twenty two year old, Tiree Mccoy initially got away with, but they say none of the please patrons or officers was injured. Mccoy Mckinnis are charged with armed robbery and possession of a handgun Joseph entire reading. Think too sweet. Ok, you walk into a
but as a known hang out for police officers, you walked into the bought a rabbit. Indeed noted it was a retirement party for police officers. A bunch of off to the offices in Joseph entire. You might as well have walked into a police station and tried to robbed evidence luck. They would have gotten the same result. Much quicker, and let me tell you something, as indeed do yourself: a favor in Google Jos Mckinnis entirely Mccoy and look at their mouths shut. I dont condone people get beaten by police, but they earn this one and by the looks at it mugshots and he and his story they deserved every bit. It is ass would confer being stupid, ok, but it looks at what they read. That was random l, but it looks at it. Mugshots Joseph Diary became a drunk party game for these police officers. Ok, it look like they literally guide turned in a human periodic in the police, which has Hayden on em beaten him waiting for some candy fall out day, both which all of us-
robbery in possession of a handgun and both are being held. Our bill in the bottom. Ok, detention centre right now this is a really. Their fault is like a natural disaster you couldn't prepare for, but they cannot could have prepared for because what happened is taken out to place before you rob it. One quick peak in the party, even though the cops will of duty could have prevented the as whipping and arrests that they received two hands it upon these. I don't have anything left to say about this situation. Some donkey. Today's you sell themselves, please give Joseph Mckinnis entirely Mccoy too sweet Sounds and Hamilton fleece you gave me yeah all right we'll take you for a donkey today now when we come back, it's Friday see no, that maize.
For eight years today as freaky freaky freaky Friday, eight hundred five eight, what oh five, what have you ever got injured? Have insects? Yes, a lot of the chances of injuries can happen. I was actually reading this article that they published in the sun and they were talking about people having heart attacks during sex heart attack. The four times more deadly than those suffered during less intimate physical activity. So how do these dreadful? Oh, I don't know this study doesn't have a certain age, but if you're risk for a heart attack and then you're having sex is more of a chance that well then, I owed negroes on young pump home to me, but I am sure everyone had an injury during sex. Maybe you are trying to be sexy in the shower and you guys slid and fell others garden The other day I tried to jump over. You know that the footboard I tried to jump over to football dive into bed, dive and Teddy Penda Grass you stupid- and I hit me
laying on on the football out like that event, digress little. That thing you mean this big we're leaving really got advocate you play your pants out I'm driving my flask Eddie Benda Grass think that'll. Do you realize that guarantees who doesn't know what you're doing, I need you to explain why I did so. Anybody could have already Pinta grants thing when I mean like Spain. Would I mean, like Teddy Paragraphs, thirty paragraphs as many do not tally pilgrim? I did he got energy. Nor do I go that store. I've noticed urban area. You might need to google out of your stories like it that way, because your valet that's a plan to address, not injured. Like and now ass, I didn't say in that light decided as a lingering vinegar. How did you know? I forget you, you know it, but you see
my injury anyway. Yes, we ve us. I must say this boy that haven't you have a nice or energy, but for one or one You ever got injured during sex call. Us now is to breakfast locomotive Nolan Very bus, often muffin the breakfast club morning. Everybody is dj, envy Lee Charlemagne Guy, we are the breakfast club that was Friday, so you know what that means. If we give freaky Friday, question is, have you ever got an injured during sex got an injury doing so. Now. I ll just show how article in this and the sound yes envy services injury and is discussing how you can possibly get injured during certain sex positions, for instance during doggies down is concern for the man that if you had the rising any slips out- and then you
put it back in and you hit the wrong area you could perhaps put into. But now you could bend european all, and I am sure that hurts what would your penis plus yeah exactly they're, not supposed to. As you know, a story about a porn star who was having sex since she was on top, and this is a danger of a woman being on top and the cow grow position, or you bounds to hard. You can actually fracture a man's peanuts and she said ass. You landed back down on it and the kind of filled up a blood Omar does not like a frog economy whose junkie should you speaking of it, was a pink eat. Opponents died at this whole she's, portly, very port load, you show them in any injuries. A may know I haven't had any injuries. I mean every night that you might pull like a low hamstring or something you know what I'm saying we're like you loaded like a little cramp. What's up but when you get a Charley was right and you got a minute Robin out this the rabbit out you gotta, keep trust in you gotta perpetuate through ignores. Sometimes you gonna teach your way through things. Sometimes you gonna, thirsty away to a low Charlie.
While all credit, would already know no eleven logo, injury as a woman. Sometimes things happen thy. Perhaps you are like ok, I wanna have sex on the floor and his carpeting and you could get Rugby what about it. You're, gonna, head boy, ass, a light injury. Have you about midway annually at every I read Burma, I remember another thing that happens. Sometimes if a guy is takes it down, puts it back and you could get like air trapped inside of you and in a gives you a cramp ungentle vowing, not as agreed love. You too now, like me, low queen lands. Sometimes it hurts when I'm a guess egg to you. Do it too frequent and then not an obese and secure what happened with EAST Ray. I'm sure a lot of women can attest to this, but if you're performing arts you well and then he surprisingly can't control have any getting your! I wasn't there wasn't. You can have temporarily blindness that would be proponents. That actually was a silly see. I hated that seen in insecure because
You know she went down a game fellatio, you know what happens when you give fellatio. She was extinct. She knew something was coming up. Well, let's go to the formal hands. Allow this very Sure, from fairly now have you Jerry, Dura Lex gone out with a wife what I got, it start paying them and one that is bad, but great, wet black like guys moment everything they thought about. Oh he's got it all now, my poor dear my life back here is actually protect itself. Well enough people back the poet around the agri food sector,
No, I, like the yard, Tawny waned, all them how it happened this year. May then seen it. I M so using words, but is this when you man you're what I ought to sound like at least twelve or thirteen, it pointed out what happened then, please, you should be happy. You agree prudent before Tiffany hydrogen girlfriend smugness her this morning. A worsening era Had it was it worth six injury. I haven't had a secondary where I work for a euro. It is both an I m p malpractice and penal injury. When they occur. Ignore do We all like this one guy came, anybody would then pay down there and we assess them made him go to the wrong. I went into the doktor. Well, I'm feared the so you were. My partner came down on you too hard and I think he broke here today.
It allowed me when you got a past that it would forward at all like under. I don't even have a penis Annette hurt me. We have one guy that put a rubber band around it and forgot it. So much How do you do it? While you won't be rubber there? Man on these reports would have always Ireland, Latvia is peanuts. You lost all circulation, gangrene yeah. He had actually end of tears here. Why would you do that? You forget. You had me how to do a partial, because when people are never noticed until I found a weakening you're out of your people, do the crazy things I tell them in their high. They may hide it until they get the consent and you have a when you take somebody's Venus off. You allow them to take it home, like you, bagman, reluctant, liberated and bio have, because our lives are seen, as you know, the load of our not back then, but I know you take that up. You got it.
My parents, and I let me have it if I can say muck, hidden umbilical cord and how much it mounted labour not linger partner come down hard on. I would never have been driving five one o five one was the worst thing has happened or insects call us up. Children. Sex injuries is a breakfast locomotive. Yellow morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. The girl we are the breakfast club now we're ask it was Friday's. You know what that means. Again, I remember it ended yourself or your partner during sex was the worst injury you ever had right will only be able to use of ICT six hello. This is real you about an injury duress. Experts tell us about it, so I ve been brought her to cover to offer.
Although, like the big one and everybody governing involving the morning well this past year a muffled grounds. I feel my girl, then so we're another launcher until autumn perform, or am I gonna make the likes of leaping down almost drown myself, love from adjusted. But from what I hear my love, my mouth, everyone aware: what awaited diagnosis, amateur, move that everyone's grandma reminder of the boy would bury you yourself. Were you everyone, a mood in it carefully? Honor we still gotta was still gotta data. Well, ok, how things calling begging
What is more, we to plug married a plug. May we ask in sex injuries somebody plug Euro man who had a word I'll, be back in a court of crap at my right leg and kicked out my let that was it you kicked around with unless you keep out with a lovely, why you keep thereof? Beaumont. It was a reflex, my goodness it was a reflex bigeye James, underlying James. What happens here James you they're out there? What happened me crazy still remaining under age. Even let me tell you about this now, allow guess I'll get up there. It was cool, no common history, our mother mother, about that Saudi is ready in the upper cheated by whom I like her teeth. Much better earlier on a bleeding and stop believing a wow here for short visa visa walls. Not a rookie, see the rocky locked away from my dad
like? Rather, did you write my dad? Did you d be thereby be careful imo beyond Morocco, a comma I'll? Take my man upon the calm. You tell me, I'm gonna, have you cause you my own age? You cause you. Man can finish the job. I give my James, you scream. I have plenty of work, also younger they supply. Do you like She doesn't dodging I write Maria is on the line. Was MRI? Mri only was added o r. U good Morning Self MRI never ask it was to have you ever got injured during sex or minimise tiny guiding our movement messing around. He deafening that number to play, and I haven't got any idea. What you see is what you call it, what the gulls,
Madeleine Albright. Was it Elitha, marina girl? Go goodness gracious? What was the moral of the story girl, and I tell you when work as you can even enjoy yourself by yourself, king thee, that is actually tweeted. He jumped up and rip skin from beating it's who hide justice, ridiculous you're using no lotion, another Almah S, injury I marry based and you must have been uncertain, set out alone. But anyway, West Timor Leste organised manoeuvre. Monasteries just be careful. If I can't believe you care for us all a Jesus Christ, people may say he's just before and after sale. Make sure you don't go up too high and and come down turn his girls are well. We got rooms on away, yes, Jamie facts that, if you guys and guess who his impression is that when we come back for, I will get into all that when we come back people.
Just a breakfast locomotive with Angela Close Jamie FACTS is doing a movie called asked our weak Annie's directing their and his dying. Rapid, Janni Junior and here is aiming facts playing Cleveland, a Smith who was Cleveland a Smith while he is deepening Smith's twin check it out. Here we are on the set of almost all week. I am pleased with a Smith. I am the twin brother of Stephen Eastman. Everyone, though, he took ass style, but Paul is going to blow What times? Almost all weekend, the movie good impression a great impression on me, a woman, as does want to Jamie Foxes, Chris Jamie Flax, deadly as a great impersonator of people. You know so funny about Jimmy five. I don't think we truly appreciate our talented Jamie foxes like Jamie, is very well rounded and a lot of different things from
slowly you know and made about ban. We looked at him as a comedian fires, and then he started to amuse again. I would like how can I take Jamie back seriously, but then he had some good music, great news as an illegal music and any label to do your magic movies up. He can really transform into account. Jerry, I gotta, Oscar Amir RE was a phenomenal before landowners. I've never seen. I've always seem to other people channel somebody, the wage, Amy Fog, channeled recharge, and I think they did. It is good, is Jamie and I would be Angela Bassett Tina Turner and Denzil washed in his Malcolm X. I right where this movie is going to be his directory, debut Sally gotta may share. We check that out and speaking of acting fifty cent. Now he is given disguise now, let's not forget their power is coming on. It's gonna be the finale on Sunday, but he saying that I'm starting to think BT is better, then stars in any positive picture of himself with the head of programming. He said I want to kiss nobody over there, so it was upset. He tell people again
stars after the season finale of power- and he said that he did leave the rest of the season online. But I feel I pity might be just saying things like to troll us I don't know, but I'm the only out of people is a network shrill about damage. You know what did you don't care David, ok me and you shouldn't chair, because you know, I think a lot of these networks need to appreciate the continent that a lot of our people are bringing to their networks and I think, a lot of times just because they don't understand it. They don't quite push it awaited. They should so to speak array and Marcella early is going to die in through a detective season. Three, so he's gonna be the star. Of that on eight b, so they reported that recently. I like mercilessly you guys us a moonlight right. C Mon. Let's all you have to see it as an disappointed in you. Man may show you make that a priority to watch that I would you guys want as weaken this week, and you know it is a holiday weekend
as labour day we can. I am an abundant infringed as we do. I'm gonna be a fairly I'm gonna made in America and remain in Mercosur. Yes, I am again condolences out to my girl, G2 Maguire from the service her man passed away. So, He had the funeral. I am fairly, they began seminar, go there and then Emma be with my boy, Keyser we're gonna go to made in America as members ongoing ochre sumptuous has an exclusive details when I get back or will enjoy yourself up next to people's choice makes we're gonna start off to mix with some new fabulous. This is a world permit affair. Put out future increase brown advance. It makes us all about Virgos, every Virgo fraud Noriega to ludicrous to swiss beats too. Now, as we will get off somebody Are you planning new, nor yadda old, nor you play an undue enormous, I'm going to have made at the sneaked in ok, don't turn away, but let me up next is the people's choice makes
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