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TUE 7/19 - John David Washington from the HBO show "BALLERS" stops by The Breakfast Club to talk about--or not talk about--following in the footsteps of his father, the on-screen legend known as Denzel Washington. He may not want to copy his father's moves, but Melania Trump did enough copying for the day. We'll discuss during Donkey of the Day...

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I gotta get back down like a mega voyages took all we got. No point has praised round about recently joined a breakfast club, say some Muddle USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo aboard Actually, my Navy Sammy shouldering the Gatt rules that apply to yes, it's to day and I walked into the room facing is more than if a big ass, extended blight was that around full a marijuana,
would hardly bite away here. That definitely doesn't look like that. We have always row business Leah Negroes Radio Station, you Sidney! made. So many round will have to pay a kind of statue many rather than to have come through this. Please be. This is good. Along is blennies. I look you gotta be justified the role as long as blunt, and then leave it here. Slow wobbly in the week smells like trash. Are you or the whole extent clip full of garbage God is grow high grade it all my is one that we lose, that in the medium term, do give it away to somebody of the gifts, and you know what I know he directed garbage- maybe one an entrance and it was John, can I give no answer is no, we were made, when the boy ass, if they build the job? That is all right. Well, let anybody watch
Looking last night in Cleveland, I want somebody clan rally, birth, noticed Magala Republicans, I dare not saying but last night that one in Cleveland look like a classroom and when you got all they were presented in May, was they Stephen Sidney's Stephen change, the candy Stephen King thinking out loud that wasn't a sea change in August evening. Ok, when you got him, I daresay I had no other races contributed. Anything in the Mediterranean is America. White people asking is article family leading article visit, have not a glance around me and examined, from everybody. Of course, talking about malaria term speech all surely become indifferent. Gargantuan is more useful. Bite like day legislate at all. I don't like me to walk the republic, announcing the vision I be in and out like one wants, as he Steve King say something like that, and I turn away, and I come back he Giuliani a bit. Organ is dangerous, toxic grit We got turn away and you come back see Maloney Trump, you know just played rising. Michelle Mamma, you turn away is just like. We,
literally live in a world a spoof world right now? Do we have any real FEMA? It seems like a satire. Arose. A manly goaded ahead of african affairs would Donald Trump was that title yes, he's their salaries agent Lawson Year had a black outreach said. The rector of african American outweigh ok all right when Duennas Emeralds ever red black people in any way, when a tramp, so it makes sense It is a strange where we live and I've been waiting for an alien become broke. I don't need the aliens to come in humble as all out. Let us know that August AIDS in the biggest scheme of things, but we do have a special gives you an injustice, one Well, we got this morning, Denzil Washington, no Denzil, lesson It is not coming. I allowed lie like while ok Maloney a trump it has gone to the owner radio ally for not everything that is still nobody. Stowbody lie like snow, not Linda. Please don't be some way this morning when a language who legs were what his son know be his firm hastened.
His brother? Why is now not alive Venza watched him sperm impolitic over it will be. It is wanted it experimental, rhythmic, baby right, but the sperm whatever this many more readily bottlers. Ok is a who he plays that Agenda Washington, son, yes, his name is John David Washington. So will kick would hurry up with. I will ask Israel: South. Is young man, some respect, ego front, page news? We are going to set about millennia, chums speech and everybody was comparing it to Michelle Obama. Airily, similar airily, similar notion that one too heavily capital get into when we come back. Keep a large is really really work Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast clothes. Can some front page news: Bela Talk about Maloney Trump. Why? Yes, he gave her speech last night at the Republican National convention.
And there was a ladder plagiarism in that speech. Apparently she really enjoy Michelle Obama suggested a democratic national convention that was back in two thousand eight. They allowed people to side by side comparisons and he had for you rock, and I will raise with so many of the same values like you work hard for what you wouldn't like that. Your word is your bomb that you do what you say: you're gonna. Do I parents impressed me I use that you were hard, provide you wanting life that your work easier born and you do what you say and keep your promise imitation of the best one. Flattery right, no imitation of imitation. If you try to make Amerika great again, so you say- and you don't think America is great now and why you take it from there
rage crises in trying to make em you as high a question that is hardly says cracking you can't take somebody else, a blueprint and trace it, but then delicate on their blueprint and present the same blueprint as a minor. But you know, did you my view of the doctrine of dominant feature commercials apologize views? I know I'm going have you to produce for ten dollars and a gardener to bother? You know: you're not gonna, give you two pieces of it, and that is exactly what Maloney drove the Michelle Obama speech. They hate the alarmist but inimitable. When all we got more than you three people with dignity and respect, even if you don't know them, and even if you don't agree with them, that your treat people with respect shown me values and more in their daily life. That is a lesson that I continue to pass along. Our sun anyway.
To pass those lessons ah said the man eater raises to follow a bill lives guided by these values and pass them on to the next generation. Well yeah, so I guess you really like that speech. Latin has led to the same values as Michelle Obama to do is chaired the city and seventeen are no Mamma administration and say you want to make Amerika great again, but in communist beach word for and, as you said, she wrote to speak is gone home on the blame lies over road Sierra ghostwriting, luxuries landed yarrow for thing and forcing him within started thing in himself, and you can't slanderous administration in all sectors.
Integration in all good and you want to make migrating within Yosemite may work, whether worth advocating the devil, they were, and fifth might I be looks like it. Given that I've been like that life is a move that has always not going to address their plates. Who march they gotta staff and, like you said earlier, Amargosa is now the director of african american regional, don't wanna play down morose and medical products There must be a real black me she announced yesterday, and this is very proud to servant who knew role. She said it's really an extension of the work the commission has already been doing because he also, as vice chairman of the national diver. Did he call it and find out tat every one of our personality? It be really hard not to root for a system that type of aid. Amr Rosa Manny go out from muslim regularity. Many many goods
might have a teaching name is maybe go to get real. Yes, I did so much. Money goes is hard, not the route would add main deposited tested. I may garbage our right well, roused me onto it, so she liked the tweet up. What are you up to the fact that she gave her an can american out we started yesterday. She actually lie, and what am I doing here today we are treated our rules and many go as they seem of Recycling Odin name like getting she liked it for you. I thought her african American regions thought it is work. Maybe I should just like to follow me yesterday. To limit will notice that you follow me on Twitter. Do what's real follies? Yes, I do a reiteration operates it into the sphere of creeping watching. What I'm going for a famous millennia tramped quotes is also trending. Aren't you got any chance to look at that yet on twitter they pretty funny thing all right. Well, that's front page news and tell me why you're mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent Carlos right now, maybe a little two year old, any bus,
last night, when you were sleeping came Euro must live, Mama, burglar courage, but till I value this John his head, but he had by me eight hundred five, a fire one, o five one. If you're upset, you need event callers right now form it's a wide open is directly slogan warning the breakfast You know I make you mad with fulfilled, but can't handle. That's why you may want to breakfast go on and their great book Billy was gone. I didn't tell him what you met all. Why would the number one I'm in the United States Navy- and I owe my family's very near me or my brothers- are an army and they know that Donald Trump Happy are commander in chief is why vacant I felt like. I don't like this like a real right now, as I myself listening, we are literally in the twilight. There's nothing that the wind
road for living, color, Nathanael, Brennan, Endanger power offers repel, showed at his funny. Anna was going on in America. Right now is discussed in it and we got a lab and dry waning die hello. This will completely were telling my macro economic, commercial, China more positively. Kinda guy was about everybody who actually know you say the same thing. You demand a call. If you need a job, do wonderful things are grounded in. I don't need a job. You know everybody who did like Charlemagne, but I hear people who did he would he say you'll do stop you do, but everybody who actually know him ahead in Iraqi. They do not obey the band of those. You know my publicly give you I appreciate that mom rather children, you given our job now then for nobody, but I do feel, like you know, we gotta thought empowering each other ass, the biggest problem. Now we see going on, I write it. We don't really got nothing in also funding was that you have lively, will say let us build our own or why
I've only got nothing we're getting out of data that we doors. We don't have nothing. When I was, we gotta stop worrying where we are with the bank. A black. Lumping all grudges, though, is a hybrid bankers in Berkeley Cabinet Manhattan ourselves. You do have a few black big would not enough. We need have no grocery stores. I don't know I just gotta know what about like. Those we still see met somebody the other day on a few grocery stores in Berkeley. Well within its like a chain is doing, You should know that. Madam I mean it's not something that I normally resource, but I got a black or rest IRAN's all the time, we're gonna, but I'm gonna flag on stores. I owe you a lot of black designers. Over the weekend woman, I went out with mighty I more that we recommend a designer. I wear clothes and tag therein. I do it all the time what we usually both with levels of ozone, all rush about that guy from Planet Brooklyn. He owns a story, they are shot their time. I do. I did a little capsule, clothing lending and borrowing being raises slope. Lester.
But the boy I gotta go to footprints in Brooklyn I gotta mango Black Hole Reservoir aim the data we have now got away with us very far in few. Why we ever lot of law that we don't have anything like. It was a wise encased in cases like the bottom falls out here in Amerika, which could quite possibly happen rouses now what, promote that we have nothing about you I mean about. We needed. We need to get more than a lot. More kids would be entertainment and athletics paternal. Why you marry eight hundred five. Eighty five one five one of you, such need very call us right now is a breathless locomotion. The breakfast club, was weighing Jeremiah morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Yes, let's make up what avoids the grandest going up? A God is my president, and I really believe that we could then ok whose run and another really running things. That's the only thing. Right now would lean obeyed.
Go it or not. It is ridiculous that we were talking about. Business is owned by African American. There, It is important to say that they were far and feel it the same as you know, we need the own more things of substance, annual, more banks, we need hospital, we need grocery stores like by gasped ass. Well, we need we need things like that for us by us owned by us absolutely image that woman. With any other day we were so true, I remember being twenty one twenty two years trying to get alone for a business where China open up. What is what well, but my car with were opened up a sneak, a store and I couldn't below it was very difficult to get alone at the time, but I had arranged role. I got that alone easily, able to get my crib, and that was it? That was at the time was up to five hundred thousand dollars house. I bought my first house. I was able to get a lot of other things, but they would not give me a business loan and, in my credit, was good and everything was.
Was right, but they were not given Ella, I mean a lot of things I feel focusing on for the past fifteen twenty. It has to do with some form of anytime. You know, say we not all we do not open up a regulation. We are not that's money to open a bomb grocery stores and we ve had enough multi millionaire that have come to that in the past twenty years. That can do those kind of things right now they just don't ever written product, they they don't know how. I do not think that all look at that is a form of income. When I, when I went out, around on this planet. All I see money like this news I'm all in my somebody's making a coin off. You not evade some these markers that I'm writing with somebody making a coin office. I his army for meat. What now wants to take another look at the popular will the make money. I just look at ways to make money period a little. What people need when the problem is most people only seat of popular, because that's what they're rays on s, what they see, if you are, you know from the hood you in spite of a basketball players by wrapper. Yes, sire to be a producer, you aspire to be a dj because that's what,
we always want to be successful. We know that if you would have, we see that a successful, don't like us, parry Is there we need more things, a stuffed absolute and that's not like an old bliss, lot of black on how to do it at one point in this country with a lot of what a nice beat, but they also themselves too. National major hospital chained corporations. Are we need to get those things back thought invested in that type of them? Would you do it? Would you lesson of angels absolute make it up about what our say. Waggling easily said earlier, that they don't want a black death elevate on one, a black man they I dont want. That is that you said it. I said you said earlier that people's I'll be so defensive. Now people don't want me, let him with a black account in or people would not like. You know somebody black representatives are obvious and feel that we always for good investment, innovative somebody, doin somethin. I think our left field out of the bottle,
all right. We do in its aim and now we know tat death fleeting that comes in goals which something that's going to be around, therefore, whilst hoping that some substance, absolutely among infrared auditor on which our right well don't forget, Denzil since it'll be joined us. What is failing, man was saying: no yes, spending blessing on will be NATO exactly there wasn't any place. Winking onboard s right will be kicking it with him. Nowhere. We are coming up. Well, let's talk about power. The season premier. How did that show due would tell you about all the requisite broke and then will tell you about a robber who is opening a restaurant in Atlanta? Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back Cuba locked the breathless club before breakfast,
the guy at the Reul report, libretto club? Where did the premier our due on stars? Apparently two point: six million but why still live? Ok, very well deserved. So that is a view airship record for stars. It's the most ever forest areas, original serious trouble, nuclear bombs or power, one we're biology organism, records we constantly announcing their powers. The highs raided shores, dog higher rate of four major region, is already. It was the most West episode in stars, history very well
serving only thing aid about power is the fact that my tv does not say played next episode. One episode doesn't get away too weak. I don't want await a week. I went to bed watch it, so you never descent was gone off about Ray. I say positive picture of a duty in everything ready. I miss their wicked city. Gotta, you wouldn't know, is that winded or do I have told me that
you have to do anything to get down on CNN eventually would do tv revolt, no big reservoirs, Africa without network. Where are they rightly forgot all about it? Right now, Lester he is going to be getting into the restaurant business ease partnering with Hookah hideaway, honour, Michael Dillard, he's gonna, open, Escobar, restaurant and tapirs. Ok, that's going to be in Atlanta, so he tweeted out. I think it's time I let you in on my new adventure as an entrepreneur, despite his cut Escobar lounged. My first club lounge and the city of Atlanta off Peter Street God is good, will be giving opportunities and hiring reliable employees in the near future. Like lab to change his trivia course wrote if it's a spare His restaurant is still black rhythm. Is it black owned, like all yes, the black on spanish restaurant, you dumb, ass abbeys, has gained it just ask: you might even have great awaited dispensary and I load at black orange manage restaurant for decades.
To put it. I am recommending thin as I'll write you a thousand perfectly right. Black old man is rather, I D got Chinese all black. If those, why not? Why not allow right era, guys terrifying, we buy. Where better heard. Now, who envy you were here, Kelly, Bryce, O Kelly price. You add the Indiana Black Expo ready with the yes. She was there. Do you know I do remain. She's still big, nothing, she lost somewhere. We all know big, no real people going in and her became ass. She was at the gospel showcase, didn't forming an she sang, as we lay over order where that song is about a committing adultery, and so they were upset that you would sing a song like that. I'm an explain what happened the beer she was. She didn't know it's about a man and a woman having an affair ochre so long That was the problem, lose a gospel, the segment God not around I've expo I can't ever forgiveness for
What really has been a wise? Ok, the any and a black exponent weeded out in an put on Instagram. They think Kelly Price for participating in the we love music conference, but they said she was never scheduled to perform as part of the gospel explosion. She was originally scheduled for two songs at three p m, which was an hour before the started that so people got confused because the scheduled chain, so when she went on they thought it was part of the gospel expo, but it was really supposed to be early. It doesn't matter she posted a series of clips as well saying that church bigotry is unacceptable, so lonely against any judgment to church contradictory folks, since it either truly represent, cries views and his lover shut up. Christians are the ones who may Christ the bad. We cannot when people, because they see is hate and shade. I'm gods child too
muddling the earth, if God turf right all that is created by God, God is omnipresent. So what this dream forming, as we lay at the I'd festival in performance at a new commission, is all the same. It was it the people I was there and what happened was it was all day thing enduring certain terms, certain people, certain people, had certain tasks to perform like ideas, eight at us time about a dj between three and four it again at me too, because somebody music aptly was set down You played our music anyway, I placed his end wriggle out of always brings Riga, loves Expo so part of his exponentially. Do we love music guess how he just wanted to make it clear that she had no clue gospel portion of the show. She was ass by needs economies that and be put em. My we love music conference now mom allow. When I read the story about this, you just did a gospel rendition like add, relate to freedom. Jesus. I think anything. That's you They doin song about it out and heavier rumour report. I'm Angela gave you committing it.
Jude S. Will you need God anyway, so why not be it the gospel convention on export, whatever it is performing at record our right now when we come back, thank you for those Roma summit. Agin would pass the right now, but Anglesey minimum Mama been the latter. Women alot of females been been gone, crazy on Twitter, Instagram, outlet idea. That's how you are. My friends have been hitting me up about this guy. You know what are your friends hit me up about this guy was like oh, my god. He so hot he's deftly fine. I was like outlay slowdown, Thirsty Guantanamo devil. He had made his weakness, eddies Gobio Monday. I have seen you I'll know either, but she waited at a time when we come back. Denzil Washington son acted John David. He from he'll show ball is I think that you would like you to lead with John David from the HBO shows ball of whom have Maybe I'm volumes are washed inside you leave with the big stop being so Why, then, is that he would? Rather, you lead with his name radically in his own man, got only with the banks of ten zero Washington. They listen and annual sun and they might not be listened any less
Acta, John David, wait for me to be a big enough, so I think people, whites moment, Palestine, Iraq, brawlers. We had died last, who plays rehab? on this or John there. You gotta, keep growing arm lives, and at this point you I've got account before the Russia. Yes, the rock, because there is this. This is what our I will become. Babble total to breakfast locomotive was one day and supporting everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. We got a special guests in the building. Introduce itself as John David Nazarite Davy God get alot of now by women as a timely, wise may loudly love so much. I guess. Could they pay you? The draft myself now that this guy, this all bothers now have true, and that is what I saw
But that is not the rocket bids and Miller Shore. Again, you got any Garcia. The right areas either understands, of athletes on one of the aspects that need greater more our idea, the news in the Canadian about more football, the first volume we do, a full body. Yes, you did in the end we have to bring our own equip may bring back, but he was do you know we address? Yes, you. Actually you try to forsake those ribs now was. I was practiced quads, who seasons and those great experience, wonderful experience. Its AIM Agnes and I never did my first- carry in the Lee start at their own goal on it One year alarm, rush the NY yards paid manages, gives India Indianapolis Cults
Whilst very memorable moment, I didn't really touched a field. After did you did you would get enacting eventually, I always wanted to do her life before for ill Medea deafening before you proceeded the football quest, because I saw my Father do Shakespeare in the park and over five years old and he's my finger right it so far again. He had heard her eyes last names, Washington's outlined got any idea. Why wasn't that went there that wasn't dead, but in my mother actually was making more money than he was when they start as she was on Broadway Juilliard, Ireland, Pierre Guy, a pianist classically train she's getting on
first date. She pay for the day well out. A good investment simply has to be said for her, while helping eighty with anybody, not until I got bored, isn't right now, every time would have your baby Reginald event or as another. When you have a legendary father like you, do a lot of children don't want to do with the day because hard photos from national football served as it was. It was my independent There was nothing he our among scholarship of reprisal about that very proud of that, because so that, yet in pay for my school and I was able to make the all american team was ranked nationally coming out of high school, I took a very seriously because it it was all I had It was my again independent card, so I wanted to act, but I became almost scared and apprehensive later, like around nineteen twenty, because I was already in this line of loyalty. Twenty number one,
nineteen years old to now. I know why you're preserve in its own way but not so yea it was, it was in oil is my quest to make it I did. It was a good man was an odd when you dare will come to the gale, because Emily would take the shared from from you. It was all good at home at all. So now it was. It was I who sat watching kid. Who said that kid run at a ball and oldest is awash with no other ended up in the movie Malcolm X, What role did you play amalgamated? Are you gonna? Do you gotta watch it to the very end, his keys that stand him say I'm going on. There is key to all they want to do that. I wish you D. Like minded come get, alas, no spike showed love on that. You are going to step up and do it. I did about seven times seven takes.
Hey now did not very memorable partner, movable you use with, nor is it the case that what was You lost all twenty hours anymore, in my eye amalgamation, I gotta go back, you see. Might you know like to tell you what it s your books absolutely not, and that is that it gave in its aims. On David, I dont again football help with that. I was able to use and acting you would have to. It would be this actually, this obviously the subject that I was brought up but ass. You know that's what it is and swam out talk about Paul, let a Washington. My occurs mom, Milo, because she in a lot of ways and awry, was more talent. Why was it not as a refugee policy that you bring awareness, you know mom man, reminding that's why I'm here,
It is very important that I said that so I didn t like keeping go. She wanted to be there for that was raised by nanny. I wasn't raised by animals raised by village of my mama, basing my family, my Grandparents Carolina North Carolina atomic canny Route taken legal right, ok and you know every summer springs a wee bit out. We appear in and she was very hands on a very important mild, bringing used what may be the person. I am today, humble first God fearing Armenia. Very far in you live to know you John too, You re not going up, so you bought somewhat old rode home as a good boy. How do you know whether he would now spoonful boss? I was Molly, lovely, Nemo, better blues bleak,
I know a girl, I really like Subaru on Bananas, which you better. I know that she takes me she takes me. Does we gave you that I heard you got my crushed coming Monday and I was I who are even though our forgetting that little me was coming out of a young woman. You up. Who is news? First, I will show you picked at all. You know you know where I want to see in our common interest. Gradually, the unseemly aid is only just show you to picture or you single vote before you look at it absolutely absolutely dependent on the way. It is. Oh, are you guys? Are you guys beef? Don't you? I saw your right here our given looming
We have no quarrel here once before matter, Almeida Gazelle. You being so, you want the lab listlessly, but how long the less weight or commercial breaks? Ok right again or have low Ma Bulgaria should I believe that we have more with John David Washington, we come back. People acted Breakfast Club morning. The breakfast was excuse me Miss morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne THA guy. We are the breakfast club. Now we have John David Washington into building as Denzil Washington son. There are certain nepotism and Hollywood. There comes a b and himself ass, the old man. I mean
Ernest addition, with nine times, play to different characters. The creator of our showed Steve Levison was last sign off artist. Critic, so will work with my work. It was up. I feel like I've proved myself to be able to get this job. I don't think they ve look about bilateral letter that ok, because they actually do use rail an avowed seem names without you know. You could really do that many new. So there is no legal issue, and maybe I was mad about boy. That's new upset about my lab. Argh actually said that an if I was mad about this show- and the commissioner was had actually said to him. This is not a good idea and they mark Robert said that it was a good thing, because you get the word out there with the crazy set the financial side of a get these guys to realise the guy. Be my careful, but they do with any right that the mandate I think or as it is to educate, stresses that the gas coming up. Ninety percent of the players and in a fair dreamt about being their sister like five.
Is like so there's nothin like motivated millionaires and is an issue that especially play off play but like how you manage money, it's it's. It's not taught us not instituted in these young kids head. So I think it's important for us to show that we have a responsibility to do that through this medium and saw me with all the negative that comes with a whither human beings as well. You see human beings betrayed human beings on the show, an air force, and they have in this controversy that major decisions and making season to you see there were Ricky's character. You you're gonna, see he has allowed here alive at the word is discernment. He has really forgot what he's gonna do in the latter part of his ears in their transitional point. Two of the four ballplayer like a good example of that is a kurdish Martin. A notary goes on cars lorries. Yet he was a jet and he's transition beautifully from football to businessmen, and we need more examples like their outwardly. He needs the commonest show. It's all about. His transition has a lot in the first place, get lost of about pledged in general. Get losses, are you ve been doing since you will accept
He is all your bodies, acclimated to around the August September time time to play boss Thomson wrap up and when s gone a big piece of Use Gore and I'm no exception. I am my first check. I got pretty smart. Will my money, I'm conservative really about a flat screen tv means legacy, sound too crazy Eddie. To me, it is because I didn't have I wasn't an extended stay. Would a flat screen tv of lack of care in which we live? Then there was and why you wanna scrubber, so bad for no real, because up and I got around you know all about elevated when you play football it if you had a son, would you let your son playful Bab, slowly positively? Not why You say that not even the physical for the business or break you are not in a film stars from that for long argue, as you kind of glad, then that things in a work out with it. You know if a book of arab demands on us, so blue
that happened the way they are playing in the Unifil playing in Germany. I got those experiences. I got to see what the busy with business is life in the best man, the best woman. Doesn't I shall get the job may enough. I've seen politics my Santa their work to give me, but the Denzil fact it worked against me in and that media they cease to feel like you might have been fighting your passion for longer reflect your passion, probably was acting work, which would I know not? What do they want to be a my father's? Exactly how I was there was a positive rebellion crusade if you owe because for while was still aouda for my benefit. I took all that I guess resentment from people judging me or our making friends. I'm always question: are they really into me and they really like me right?
Nor is it because of my father is who my parents are so yeah used. It took her to push me through certain hurdles of life, but the I wanted to do this more love. I'm never been happier. I can definitely that budgetary much goes on. I mean I'm sure you should movie after move any words and I'm so thankful that he was why, because he was, he was a father, provided he was a father went to work, don't apologize for or tar and in those into those values I worked at lunch. Pale home is going to work every day has instilled in Oliver fitted to different today as far as always there- and it is the further provides that in that There is much what you did that affect you much, which does not mean it must get outside. It look and must not allow to be as much as possible, but then I gotta go get their bacon right right. You dad about your max amalgam. Little is what he's
all right ready. We re was rare. With our help no use, he was a business educated man. He s a preachers care. My grandfather was a preacher, so he understood said values in in the again, I'm just a lucky, a lucky. We are offered for farmers and all this, and we like you, have in Ireland? Are you afraid us, as you play football, play any working on the show that eventually, on the show, somebody me pull up and ran Heidi Enshiu? Did you shall remain the guy later than would have been? No, I guess it is us here. If I don't get you, what do you mean? You never seen boys whores I get it. I get the reference shut out, the single to elaborate your father's means
I've been using care. These method you bring with it did the sweat sued in order that their mouth Barney baby, you know easier, he's very comfortable in his own gain in mustache over the liability, magnificent, seven, yes, no milk, animal food and that they do a thing like that average. Your father's means of yellow showed him and he had a good into my mouth. My siblings, do. I must say this man, it's a bit of crap and oh yeah. They keep what honest turbinate they make their humble him. How did they react? What is it? What not at this point, That is why we are, of course, in the budget, but scientists they. I wonder what is the actual pressure to remove what kind of hers I feel it would be like this in general and we're question J, and I was the problem of being a superstores night. If I want to talk about what he has going
and instead of talking about being, did you have trusted? You run animal welfare? like alluded to before it does make a tricky making friends in relationships significant, others all that I've been interrelation. Certainly they both faltered because trust rarely paranoid by when you wanted a picture for grandma. Now. I really didn't actually might have among paranoia that's advertise relationship. They were actually brought there. Ok mindset, it was me like. Do you like me for me exactly you think what am I feel sorry for myself. I mean it's a blessing to have two very active and alive healthy parents and in a storm family. So all the accomplishments, accolades aside just to have that in today's world, the climate of, what's goin on its very, very, very happy, we'll have a me that they would. First was diversity that a ball. I just thought it was ass, though she added value with his until after the fact. If me eight, I am indeed every night.
I didn't really rankings latin and Amazon plumage and other people around you D. Never even said that you is what that's why I've been that bit apprehensive to Doin some kinds of press organ myself out there, because that be the subject alley. Someone I'm trying to build. A catalogue of this is a real thing up like taking serious in our study. Nigh knowledge be studios, hoping to do Shakespeare in the park next summer. Light up. That's those. My aspirations beat somebody asthma. Revising e now used that tough love, New York thing like either yonder I'm telling you, I don't need me, I got it Bobby. I want my money. Compare your career to hear the Medina. Who canvassing anomaly says he wise bothers way. He watched since he had Adam
save on the media like going to my mom watches it she watches they. They support me and they loved the show. They love what it's about they promote. It was you. Might you know when you dad is their great? You can never be as good as we like NATO, like I did that Zubaydah muscle, no matter how good a sort of like a
you should have left was stowed away. There is always a good thing. Now we got more with John David. Was there when we come back, keep it lacked the breathless club promoting jobs jobs with no morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now we have a special yes, of course, John David Washington into building asked in jail Washington son. We saw legacy Jackson Judy, he's late, you gotta, he got his break in him. Playing Q. Have attention on him now? Would you ever play your father bioethics? Is you want to supper handles? Not? I should cost those causes passive, unarmed in category four. The coming right up to really get path
oh heavens, no! Never! I wonder why give cause he's the w men cannot but be here in a body and that the joint at all, why did you closes? You will never doubt would never do that. I wouldn't disrespect Nata be disrespect. What are you up? There? People get awaiting a shell bodies, as we said before. My lab with Danish, be a good education, a lesson for the players out there, and now we are rather article a while back when it has seventy percent of off up up later than going broke within seven years as something like every three mba think it with eggs anyway, because of the monies guaranteed right balmy, you did you get a certain you get assigning bonus, but that's about it. You plan for incentives and isn't health based contract as well. You don't usually play all sixteen games every year so that that has a lot to do with the stipulations within the contract, but to a whole people see human beings. These young adults have to be grown
like that, I mean instantaneously. The life changes right after the draft like as soon as the check comes in their life has changed. I got take care of Mama, take care, cousin, take care of Pookie and all them, and you don't realize that money later, not like there exactly, and so you know this kind of life status, luxurious lifestyle, it fades fast, and then you see left with buckets right and then you get depressed. Depression kicks in. You know just the pressure cooker of having to maintain the stability of financial stability. Of all your scenario, friends and others in family, as pressure as also for people to see that did you see, remains deny so they might be able to do so for human things on Sundays Monday nights, but they feel they hurt. Just like you dislike
the body to go to real things a year we see I with the adultery and everything that happens on there and its friends. I still have a playwright it about the guy fleets. Unfairly are at the forefront of the promotion of adultery used. The word used in Chad and even hand, one episode and the growth that site skills them in the eyes of their driving by the opening of getting rid of the show highly area, the pilot right so army, but this this happens everywhere in army there. The guy at the Mcdonald can still be achieved. He sees cooking up your fries and you got to three women owns it I mean, let's have, as it is just relax situation, all the celebrity women who have wanted to sleep within their lower to use and can't because you re. I know you want to distance myself for him what they wanted to give you. Some truly would have Angela Beth. It was
Yes, go quite disrespectful, shout accordingly lowlands days of money out of my mind, but I leave denies like look. That's it looking died. Oh, my god, she's she's, like in a relationship to Montana it s. Nothing as you mentioned my love her. My guy about love is in the air, but would you take? Would you take advantage of these lovely woman? I wanted to get which Now you do not now, when you don't lad over and over again that its hyperbole even rest women, because he was no, they like it for him. Why would you want to be with somebody because they want to say is a very worthy cities message. Are you listening to me could see no need to say be when he says that this difference does one thing are you listening to hers? Our relations on time off, he doesn't even know about mediator, laugh brilliant everywhere,
I want to give all things the God glory to guide me. Haven't we be hearing on this is this? Is the data now, a three day anything else you want to tell us about that. You have coming up. We know season to abolish. Yes, I'd have bad last night, which are you using a chainsaw to cut the eyes of those fine Alice funny. I just get continue to watch and wants to watch the care to grow. China do more things or medicinal, like as we speak and promote your father still audacious towards which we would all real. He does you, does it nobody likes. You know I am, I led by Germany and growing audition any sense eyes in a lot, and I know my mom has risen by so many thought. It is another thing like that idea. Maybe he was reading people like audition nurse.
Oh you re right, you! I know you re right either he directed a new found to my sister worked on that with him as well. I gotta shadow, my siblings, to my sister, live issues on Mr Robot on Wednesdays, USA, actual he's the actors now father from Certainly, I remember my more Potsdam alarm about what this is about: a proposal from the label. No, no, no, because he tells the truth. Olivia must listen and Lydia you gonna win and asking one day, and I believe I know it. They tell you, he granted that. If no, are you two community without a variable, we wonder: what have you done to that's right died, you said is just keep just keep me, I believe in you, of course, I believe,
No that's hard to convey to you. You just need to know the truth. Is that then, I agree is of Bolivia, washed and she's the real issues, the real deal right, I'm lucky over this girl, You gotta get something not again. Then, though I am lies, area can hook himself area by the way I got away, she did not say then thou said I had a big head May day he may among presidency coming, and I say it who Anne she said John David text two hours ago. Come on Monday night Udo and I try to think about it. I, like that We are right what we got. John David, wasn't my user name.
David, no, no middle name. John David is one now have only one in the family has made where there is really not John was he's a husband trophy when my father loved your boss. I know David ain't, even your name, Kabul, make John David is my neighbour just I'll have middle? Yes, your fastening eggs. That's ok, John D, John. You sign lady the requisite glowing. The breakfast The report is the Reul report libretto glove yesterday. It was reported that telescope was thinking about filing a crime report. Ok, that is for kind, yea and Kim.
Secretly recording her aunt em releasing recording. Now everybody knows in California that you just can't do that. Everybody knows that right, it's you can't record a phone conversation unless all parties agree right. Well here some news- and this is antium see. The problem is that if someone records a confidential communication, the other party has to consent, but if there harmonization, maybe overheard, then it's no holds barred. Kimmel were heard. It was not just that by Rig Reuben was there. They said the folk embassy in the full conversation. Regrouping was speaking from the black background and members of the crew they were firm in Congo also were in the room speaking so she knew that other people were in the room and could hear her. I mean you have to know when you're on the phone, with the Kardashian or in the presence of a kardashian camera- probably rolling right here.
But have you not heard ass? Yes, he is if he is only a guide dazzling. We call Taylor Swift and ask for permission. You know to approve lyric eyes any got solve it, no hip hop. Why does she do that above all that the most freedom of speech in many wrapper? They say what they want? They speak what they want. You should now be calling upon the commission to put our name invoke. Arendt now guess who has enjoying empire as irregularities? Regular carries TED eggs close behind them. They re premier is I September. It went on earth and he's gonna be joining as a major recurring role and he's gonna play accounts him in a city, council, men who kindly remind you of Barack Obama. He went to Harvard LAW School got his diploma from there and he has also focusing its energies on community, organizing and local
It takes a lot of people saying this is very reminiscent of our president. Barack Obama are, I believe, can be as now completely blind according to a source. Is that he's in love we're so fuck? You shall make old Miller.
Build a died three years ago. Man make, I am line than enough really should adjust clock now. We just can't die just kiss a guy and he dies and be a blind and innovation is a clog up. They said right now on his very life. A mail is at his side, as well as a small group of lawyers and people that he's been having to work with and keep on his payroll. So why is back? That's why she was gone and has left she just she's been very loyal to him throughout everything he's confined to his house in Pennsylvania. He can't really go anywhere. He has a degenerative, I condition as cause carrots coolness and it causes the eyes cornea to bulge so yeah. They existed on Monday that he can sue Andrea, constant, who he said ass. She says that he dragged in return, two thousand four for breaching
confidentiality agreement that she signed with him because they settled out of court. So now the judge to give her mission just yesterday that he can go ahead and through her back little bill cognizant of all these revalued. You now say people feel that Bill Cobby, Bligh. Instead, you laugh yes as a shame, but you know in court case. He gave me proven guilty point. Is this the lady? There said ok shudder shut up. I need you to talk. No more today I mean there's some kind of zero that isn't it out you don't you make that I don't do you makes it a serious delay at eight o clock? Oh yes, it's ok, you're alone, you feel need you to talk. Not. I will be a good defence because he can't point: the people at a giant illegally lie there. You go what said I don't know gathered that. Do you that is your room, a report I may as illegal that's all I saw what was going on. Never seen a legacy torn down way go daddy legacy is maintained, their ruined Ya'Ll even due to the Arctic.
Michael Jackson, and the allegedly touch cheats. Ok, ok. I write that you remember point I'm annually. Thank you. Miss you you're! Welcome! Today I see Charlotte Manhattoes over the edge biplane. If you want to look out, wasn't always blind, maybe carefully, I haven't done anything Solomon. Yes, we adopted an omelet, the chapel flag on a couple shots. I need the land a need for both the lady name. Without drums, widening Miladi attract Millennia trumps. You need to come the front we like, but if I gotta need to hold Donald Trump as you can pay and confront go I'll at the top of fly on Trumpet Minute, Aurette we'll get to that. When we come back, he belonged to. The breakfast locomotive Is there a guy like you or or don't you
time for donkey donkey today does not discriminate. My now the song today I got the donkey. They need to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep them today dog, you David, do they July nineteen gold, the Millennia Trump, listen, man only reason I had entered the new republic. Imagine a convention last night is because the greatest comedy in Amerika right now is being created by dominance presidential. Pain is no sketch at the window. This anneal Brennan Invasion, pale ever wrote that is funnier. Then Donald Trump presidential campaign, right now I mean just yesterday at a couple really great laugh because Dahmer trumps campaign, it was enough that Donald Trump appointed Ex Apprentice STAR Amargosa Manny go as director of african american Outreach for his campaign.
There are too many names that a black of an Amr Rosa Manny go we're just because you have a blog name, doesn't mean you connect with black people, because Amr rose ass to be top three most disconnected from the black experience black people out. Now, MRS allow areas to me my main Craig Melvin, Craig Melvin Circular Audi Craig moment of MSNBC, presented a morose and manning. What would a pole showing that none of the African America and voters in Ohio, said Trump would get their vote on Morocco any replied, I'm wondering who they pulled, because I judgment spent an amazing weekend. Would African Americans for Trump and I'm surrounded by People who want to see Donald Trump is the next president of the United States, who are african American Amargosa. When I say U S, rounded by African Americans want to see Donald Trump meeting next, President understand that Stacy Dash and diamond in silk. Don't count! Ok!
and if we mean anything, I'm rose and made a goat she'd. She did start her african American out rejected by lacking one of my tweets on twitter right now. Let's get it doc. You today, malaria trump, who spoke last night at the Republic in National Convention later, meant that the trumps never have anything good to say about Obama's. They want make Amerika great again, which me they think America sucks now under the current leadership. If you think the current leadership is terrible and some one point Please tell me why Maloney atrocities swipe in parts of Michelle Obama, two thousand eight democratic National Convention speech, Michel in two thousand eight delivered a speech called one nation, I'm assuming Maloney a Trump speech was called one America, because it was the same damn thing now we have a master of both,
reaches I'm gonna play them. Both together did not hard to tell who's who all we need to know. Maloney is the one with the actually keep in mind: Michel two thousand eight millennia, two thousand sixty right I raise with so many of the same values you work hard What you wanting like that! Your word is your bond that you do what you say, you're going to do my parents and fast on me the values that you work hard for what you want in life. Then your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise three people with dignity and respect, even if you don't know them, and even if you don't agree with them, that your chief people
and Barack, and I set out to build my guided by these values in the pass them on to the next generation, because we want our children at all children in this nation to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them, because we want our children in these nations. Who know that? I really need to your achievements. Is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them? in light of history, we have seen some white people do his before less periodic steel. Ok, we come with no addition. They come with new kids on the block. We come with him, the amateur come of vanilla ice. We come with jewels, God become, would Adele Gucci Man makes lemonade, they come with Don limit. This is just what some why people outlays org lack? Ok, they still from us
log was created with thanks to the almighty internet. Is plagiarism, does not go unnoticed now in Matt Lauer Ass, Maloney a troubled Waters PETE prior to the convention, she said this gone home. I read that once over it and it's all because I wrote it and daddy
You know damn well, you can write his beat. Usb drive is and ate it and make up anything about these peachy. The holiday was traced what Michelle Obama said into dominate, contrary to popular belief. Imitation is not the best form of flattery imitation is just imitation but Michel. She take your pathetic attempt the replicators Peter the complement of ours. You I would want to be her too. Now we re starting to guide the greatest sympathy of our time goes phrase killer for comment. He had this to say about Maloney Trump speech by mad. Stairs saw me here in Marrakech stand of whiteness, which this I don't want. You, sir, like me, Rilke Somewhat promotion may for real. One of my satellite me may for real, so keep a real gets, owes with and be a regional. That's it be original. You'd call run off with the plug speech. Ok, I'm not a child's didn't expect to be here, but you gotta be prepared. Now, what's your own at this point in time, for you to steal from shallow bottle, damn near word for word, you can't duplicate black girl, magic rhythm. The caters did
We even with the same exact words, is just not the same because Adler Millennia, when it comes to speaking in connecting people you're, just not great, that's why they say. Imitation of the sincere is form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness, even send away it is buying. Did I was wag? Lays down that no some dog. You Dave just sell themselves. Give malaria trumped biggest see how please
listen, we noted Donald Trump is gonna, be beginning to deal be convention later this week and you ve been rehearse in his speech. You been practicing his delivery, his cadence his voice inflection, because he knows that he can either below two party up our bring them together. So he's been really going hard on his speech and we actually have audio his Riera. So this is exclusive audio from Donald transfers of his upcoming speech and he'll be giving it the GNP convention. I have a dream: the American Dream one day, if Bigley nation will rise up and we will make Amerika great again live up remaining of its pre. We all need to be self evident that all men are created huge, this ass, familiar them, some hated it.
Sound like a little bit reminiscent assemble, no were departure. That's be sound, agree a boot, some positive, John really really well like magnificent. You think you should go home. Ok, La ride out right all right. I told you not to talk more about all right. I don't know I mean I created here. I told you they all talk, no more today a thin envy. You know I've thought no more. They win correct both of you, but I don't get it do so now. When we come back, we were talking about black own businesses and what we want you to do it in that they are hard to find the angel ye and showed me we're talking early. We say it is not enough that far and feel, but they are out there. They are out there. Feel like. We need more more businesses of substance. We need more black black hospital. We like banks, right by echo, eight hundred five, eight five one o following a grocery store, seven open up the phone lines and we want you to shut out of black own business in your
did he ever and if your white and you put itself in a black on signs at all to mean that abolish up now. We know it we know? What are you yeah gap? We know what we hear need laws Grocery store No, that kind of stuff here cuts would go we're here, salons, listen! If America falls out tomorrow, blab you don't. I may not. We know what a go get a hacker easily. I recognise right, eight hundred five, a five one or fire. What we ask in the shot out your black own businesses in your city. Yes, let us know what you banquette, if its black old, if you rosy shop, is black. Oh yes, I mean if it's a toy shap, no matter what it is, eight hundred five, even if I was a five or no Bob jobs, as they know you naughty, get a haircut girl right is the biggest locomotor Harold Drake Pat Cox, controller, Mona everybody's D, J M: Angela YE shall for me to go. We are the breakfast club. Now we were talking about black own businesses this morning, a city afar and feel very
define at times on the very wide, very important that we do this at this moment in time that this moment in time, we are starting to see America. That is not necessarily working or a software that we need to learn from other communities and we need whose dart spending on which is something we should have been doing a long time ago, but even more so now- and you know we are but you cannot boy cognitive at you, economic. If you do a boy got where you gonna get you stuff like that, you can't be which own Chinese wanted to economic boycott. They get outta. They got their own places that ignore sharp attitude want to do that they can do anything. I don't please what it is about. Where would we go? What you can do that have had to take a lot more effort? like going out of town. I going Montgomery Alabama, Now you know what I'm saying well as a result of the fallen before we do that. Well, you have cause. You got a lot about a black restaurants or do you gotta footprints, black clubs,
The problem- you probably all we be boy couple when he black grocery stores black banks, black hospital- now no damn bob's. Ok, now not a rough ride out! That's cool right, but we haven't, we need of substance, you write you stop it. May we don't want you to go with me. We voted clearly noted that Gaza Nicole regards musing and one would be a record label unhook. We know Lego go get some food a moment. How sad that we lost everything we do any black own gas agents not only the gas stations, Addison go. I look, I guess body as he will get us all. We need more that are less odyssey, hello, who is on top of it? alright, you aware black all businesses tell us only that, like a grocery store or what it, but on many more began from a grocery store.
Pending for lost. All I wanted was most was last gasp uses last night, Modena Roger Eve, your everyday thing again eager for the three and offer we have another black of popular crab apple. While the people, you are ok, ok about online may our apartment, ocarina stool, know your prizes, gotta, be they got a big gotta, be compare by reason of all right. Let's get me anything around with arguments polluter, hello. This, now only men, you that that was a notice. It is owned by July ozone along this raising this morning, my name being able to welcome black on businesses. Yes, first stop! I wanna play you by relevant here every morning. I'm a white woman, ok air, but you know there is a lot.
First, that I actually by here products from off the pommel in north by means of one eighty six. They sell all kinds of here products or marine extra them they're here, but I got here a lot about politics. There is the main thing just calls from the same area too. There was a lot of legal bills and floated we're gonna have radically you Bible, I mean all kinds of stuff. You know what I am calling. My hair straighten illustrating iron. Ok, no grandees everything I buy it there now that I like to hear a white woman shopping at a black on business, because it is we're all american indian today, I'm just encouraging and trying to empower mob equal to own more things. Hallows is waiting. But then why? Now by fighting news, I wanted to say to you. I am so glad to hear you
you're in Boston now bear you absolutely amazing, and I wanted to sound out the mile Crawford he's got a newspaper noted the black stone en Route room who can on the black stony, and he had the lid was thin business. Is that our black own? Only Belgium, all over the world, now more probable rather than either Inevitably the reality was the name. This happens to be voted on tomorrow. Grovel, we know we heard about. You. Involve grove salvage, immoral Grove, the eyes in New York: did you tweet immediate, do would floors? There are black on business. They do. They do would floor so with a name their New York is targeted at eyebrows seventeen aid,
my money to have a day. Saluted him guy and shot at affordable, closets class allows is not exactly a floor. We're talking black own businesses is more abrupt here. We gotta get out of this case and I would firstly new now, with their kids and on the shop, did give that calm right now, your lab, where we are, and that's where you got, candies you at all khakis or the sacks or the shoe, whereby that's good give us our kids need those whose who school and aching never find em Well, I'm glad you own website will monitor it shop. Just keep back the lumber. Greece, it allows is always go alone. Every black own businesses. You got one room. Yes, it's a large amount, flash quaintness like all clean, Shack Venus one. Eighty broadband in Brooklyn, yes, were embarrassed. I really
I live in best. I I've never seen a black person in a clean as before, old acquaintance, Providence? Why aren't you in your place? Tat is all clear. You should know that we would never think of my personal and claims to want to have the dry cleaning because Jaws Jefferson there. I was wrong you boy and envy. By the way you lived now going as all my life rabble deserves a couple years ago, and I've never seen you didn't know they are they a couple of years ago, before the other day, I walk into a salon. Have you lived in Jerry the continuous death a couple years ago, when I come alive there. There was in Jersey right now what is said Levin, and it was black people behind that things have eleven, and I was really stepped out on Us- shook the old saying that I've never seen it before our laboratory them eleven. Just now, I've never seen a blackboard known as seven eleven? That's all right! Well, eight hundred five, if I wanted to have one who talk in black own businesses callers right now is a breakfast locomotive
very well where we more is morning, everybody dj, envy angels, Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakthroughs club which working about black all businesses eyes right, ass, peons eighty case because they had the Jews for life. They actually have a car wash. They actually have absolutely. No, let anybody didn't have a gas station car wash up in Europe, is a thing to have a gas station in arabic couple: a juice shops we actually opening a juice ball with them right in Berkeley, battalion vast. I would ask what was going to finance a low. There is pressure from island of brighter Christie, which often black own businesses. Here you got one in a community farmers, a blank
Bible and I've been in business over twenty four years, and I am the only bad what about that. When you wanted to buy your plan b, get you std medicine. You might ask move gossipy behind counted up until audited that there will be comparable. Then all I like that can take out the tables of the substance we need, like farmers will not lose this the penny bay, which can block all businesses you got one was about to poor you. I got laughter. Why are indeed choice on Somalia about their green field, and I got that I've called on seven October, that's great those other Barriers Detroit and all this now we are now black. I write his gun allows as I did the vague. Champagne, Illinois, no Gomorrah, Mama
Are you were good which also black or businesses? You have won the third area that cobbler up with encampment Illinois. We go by that name if a pop corn shop so promptly and has no ok, a right, big mama! Thank you. It was the ice cream, a guy's name in a city. Does it is their members name, you is very, is always on television. I went and always those chocolate eyes dream no way added of created is I agreement, and it is I who sells ice cream is short asking. Bravo. Honour is always on all this. You know like me, but you don't see, refusal, vanilla, ice cream underline the animal is no more than a story is support black own business without ass before this camp The other more, like the other. More The story is now be a victim. The circumstance create jobs, circumstances and never understand my people as discounts from people. That day is supposed to be cool way, because you should want to give their person some unease at a business can do
I would thank absolutely and another is: was you create all cycle when you got black all businesses, you, God black decision, make your higher black employees and you'll be doing more for people in the community. I mean think about these kids or private. Go to a life of granite. Like they can't get no jobs and when I think about these people who go to jail and get out neglect criminal records in Cancun, no job unaware, but when you got a black on business, presently lebanese understands their situation and can hide him. So I just feel like it important, empower, Yonah, Senator revolts, tv may is no black. Only a buffaloes shouts out to re J here, thereby company was called us goody. Banknotes, coolly bike, shouted a Rick Rossi as a bunch of wings stops in checkers. As we all know, that is great. I love all that we need more women who do not believe we need a hospital. We need banks, we need things as something I'm glad adult guy that bad, though, because they can still provide jobs, what are the black people? We got him pal ourselves meetings, but of course we need somebody blows on farms. Are we got those? That's one thing, I'm a detail!
my Johnson other day when he said Rob haven't done anything directly for black people want Two billion dollars have been allocated to black farmers under the. Obama diminish Grassdale? That's it we're out of that is. That is. That is a fact. Twinning, just one point: six million was allocated to black farmers, the Obama and his greatest or any you gotta data, given agriculture, ya, gotta, binging somebody's break out. We know that good I've got a few friends have chicken farms and stuff. Like that, I heard will you we got some rooms come up. Yes, we are going to talk about young thug, verses, baby Mama they had some back and forth on Twitter wasn't pretty also Calvin Harris. Who is he dating now that he and tell us whether or not to gather you guys gonna be mad? Alright? What would do that when we come back? He belonged to breakfast logo, the breakfast
the gas report, a report whose Glasgow easy young dad we're going in on his kids MA. Am I right out of you guys die this happening yesterday, but he was treating her and he said my kids. Don't want Fernand Junkie, Burma Asshole and I don't want you baby, you ugly and stinky the opposite of my bitch. I pay for came on from my two kids by you bomb, but you sent a letter to my house for its how'd abandonment. Warm warrant. Don't ever try to embarrass me to the public, junkie, homey or quite don't wanta. He went on and on he said my kids close Mullay P monkey bomb asshole. You bring my keys to see me. Where is she pampers on and no changing closed? But I'm a bit my son chain broken you put a safe depend on it, but I'm unfit you. Those systems still peasant abandoned she's, twenty three, your house's empty, but you make money:
the only income you get from is for me the whole Hasna thy peace, but am unfair and he says: ok, independent. There are forty five years he was together, they just went on and on and on another example of wives openly. You should never bree with someone you can't see yourself and in the rest of your life, with what article is also still a mother of your child. Dutch, you always have to keep in mind of you love your madame somebody is so did you. No matter how much very while a drama you goin to do things about you choose and how do you are? You would feel somebody assaulted your model now she went on Twitter responded to the outer get for care of. My house is fully furnace and I may share my kids. A great people will say and do anything when they are hurt yourself love, but you were the same person. Cinema Mamma. How saying you were not engaged and have more holes in Kenya was closed and she said I gave you two kids with because you asked for them. I don't live my Mama car work school stars. On the twenty second. What more can I say because I am far from a junkie, so she went on in the terrible and sort out you you're more holes, and can you got close colony was arguing.
Financing over and all I mean maybe within a man from Europe- are right now Calvin Harris who is he dating now that he is no longer with Taylor? Swift. She broke up with him where this ain't now he's dating Pinochet. Massacre of its motion they ve, been seeing each other for a couple of weeks is pretty casual right. Now they ve been on a few days. They met in the studio when they did the song dollar signs together back into. Two thousand and fourteen. They were allegedly writing songs for Rihanna at the time they stayed in touch and now they're hanging out. They were spotted out at on a date at Nobu and Malibu on Saturday Armament, The day was somebody said called of dogma. Tell us. We need carbon Harris to play records, no, she don't, but to measure. Yes, she done. How would you see where we were by what alot fifty sixty million has worked in Britain. He do. I do. I know if you want to give you if you look into trams money, denies it as the one I re spoken by the biggest
An American, you know me, I said: Knight- is threatening to still alive time. Just in case there is anything that doesn't look right in case. They tell crazy about him and make him the crazy large animal chalet story. Oh you know, monsieur LE is his axe and she has a story coming out on lifetime. So that's gonna be issue no wise eating. He sue for straight out. A Compton were apparently he was very busy with his loss it against Chris Brown and his murder case. So he didn't have for that? But I guess he got time now. Ok, I write he. Man is coming back on an of anybody in years familiar what grace go and the masters, not the universe. That will now shows why in the old e mail dove Lungren other day, not actual Sambre help with relieved at the way as a logical skeletal died, the enemy pops back up. Well, it's been waiting here is both a bailiff, equal, skeletal popped up with that
and have been opposed to benefit. Equally up. Ok, I guess you're right over there, but they doing a new episode and it's gonna be at San, Diego COMECON and that to be binding, so yeah an episode anew revival of new sense. Hey man and the management of a movie on an episode saw them. They did you a movie. If you remember they did the movie. That movie did pretty bad, not moved off long enough about this. We do about this series was in nineteen. Eighty three. You actually got cancer after two years, then they had to spin off. She ran the princess, a patent, our membership to baby area. Where there is your room, a report, I'm Angela YE all right. Thank you. Monsieur people's choice mixes up next, when he has something eight hundred five, eight five one or five one shot our family. A revolt we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else get your request in four makes. So you can hit me on Twitter Instagram at D J envy as Jeremiah, we represent one,
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