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La La stops through to discuss her new book "The Power Playbook", leaving reality television behind and focusing on acting, Carmelo's role in the Baltimore protests and her first on screen sex scene.

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Real celebrity real. Some joint existed there morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are the breakfast clubs pursue guess whence it around family leaving. So am I the only one who comes in here and is not nervous decision Everything has anybody ass ever but, as my friend no arrived, three where I live and let live a rather being timings friend doesn't guarantee anything those friends, but I love that would allow punishment for different order so ready to welcome Lala, welcome begging, for me I'm happy to be here as you enjoy Fight Knight S, fight poverty loud in a little fire upon the term. These talking outside your group, yeah cod. As where we had a good time. You knows the chill as nice to be at home in their content environment, as is just chill, and everybody does has fun and laughs and is different than being.
To certify popular it was coming in on you are you are you? Are you crazy? If she's humble she'll want brag? Was myself now humankind, yea and DE waiting gap, and then my family in front paws? There you know my family and promoting or of a food you oughta, booty stuff was his wings. Would you stuff we had a chef, laudable, would open, affordable, therefore waiting. While the thing is that will you why don't we go? The troopers melody wasn't paying too much because tickets was like I'm not paying a network, they gave him a great deal, but though he was like I'm not pandemic and mellow is not a Vegas person. Like I love Vegas, I could stay there a long time he's not into his eyes. I come here
to fly and for the fight assumes overfly right back as I am that we now go on all that way. I would like we're not gonna hardy and is no points these like I just rather stay a mellow. A rather does work out new literally all day long you found in Vegas, you wouldn't like a museum with their wives. Were six weeks would have a six week. So, honestly, after watching and fight, I mean it was great. I was so happy there They won, but I was also have you didn't come on our pocket, meaning that a couple piety they have that right back. Of course, we could have. We got it, we got some are going on for us, but we just showed that it was nice. Creating multimillionaires was the outer want to prove what the hell was. George That's all you got a gun that may have been spoken. Backing released a picture in on these didn t get begin. Your group know them
Of course, I was gonna biting grass, I always will now, or at leisure Molina probably will go. We had apparently becomes out today, which is like a really big deal, united the Love Playbook first, and then that one number one which is amazing this. Is the power play? Look, it's the sequel to the love. Playbook nominal, never end opinions, many and success. If it really ruled success, is it? Is it one blueprint at anybody can follow to be successful? Now I don't think it's one blueprint that anyone could follow, but I think everyone has to figure out what their path is. Now with the book talks about like we all have the power to be great, but most of us just dont know it and don't I had access it and a lot of times with the people. I talk to. We let our circumstance like how we grew up our family, the guys in our life girls in our life dictate where I live, goes instead of like finding our own power. So the book as well,
Relate a ball and something that everybody can get something from, so I'm excited for it, but what I really appreciate it about it is that you do show your own vulnerabilities cause. People look at last election is a perfect I don't have a perfectly about you go now and in the bug you do go into. These will arise if you think you're doing now, like, for instance, taking on something like acting setting those goals for yourself, but right now, because it's not something! You ve been doing your whole life. It is a lot of rejection, yeah and you talk about failure, sets up a little bit about their right now about you, consider failure and which you can take one, the acting world. You know, I feel a lot because I gone additions that I dont get the job, but I work so hard at what I found when acting as sea for lotta people acting comes naturally from me. I had to learn, acting and learn how to be good added. It wasn't just a natural thing for me so auditioning that getting the job here, that's in the sense of failure that you're goin out that you put yourself out there and then you get told no.
Right, for whatever reason you know it's a let down, but I gotta keep pushing forward and trying I work really high. Last night, while I was children, I was an acting workshop from five p m until nine thirty p M, like working learning and people dont know that that's what I'm doing my spare time going to try and improve or rose you are. Habit is unjust anguish. China continue to grow. Like you, I'm on the show power. Station at work like he shut up more power in that second season is prevailing in June, so location has grown laughed the second season. I want to see her continuing to grow. I just wrapped a movie with Lorenz, Tate and Lance gross in Eliab about a week ago, as do since he had deuces. So we did that some disconcerting and try to get great roles and just continue to grow was one rule you tried out for that. You didn't get. It was like demo wanted at work, something I tried out for that item and get on yeah. You know one of for Barbershop three, and I really wanted that one because it felt like it could have been a great movie and am I love Malcolm? We always wanted to work with him, so when I
get that I got really close and when I didn't get that one it disappointed. You know what you wish area by the Besson you move on and you have to believe like was for. You is for you like and was with somebody else's for some of you Bob I was. I was like don't weaves and stuff I ever I like Dick is. She was like I liked it like the role, but I'm sure the movie is gonna be great and you know you just gotta keep pushing on. I was going to say to you. You also talk about now. They do you. If you don't get the role, it also might mean. Ok, now I have sat in front of these people. They know I am an you know they might consider. For some time this year, because I mean shot out to Malcolm Lee who's, the director Barbershop Lucky he wrote me was like you know you did such an incredible job like you were amazing and he didn't have to do that. So is great. That now for the next movie he's doing he'll remember you know that I had a good job and hopefully my dream of working with him will come true later on and has not acted you so good Asano, while Kosovo you so you should pursue reconvene, looks
I don't understand you when you walk, there is no. You were a few for us. As I see it, don't matter care and then I started a new diet. Today I mean that's women and jet changes. Tell me, as I just haven't been able to work like is constant. It's a constant struggle to try to keep everything together. I think all women go through that in a different direction. Ways and especially for you being who you are and going on and put a picture instagram or somebody posing a picture. You right, you know Have you ever think? Allow us a beautiful, but there is always one person, this lake yeah. Of course they are, of course I mean nobody's ever gonna greener one on anything. So I just want to feel good about you don't myself and I know one on fallen on my no one had. Fellow do you follow? My eye fell off the bandwagon a little bit now zalm, starting a new programme to date and try to get back. I we do any. Would you eat into merger with that? Damn chef? Is there s this out? I'm a chocolate,
magic glow and I like cheap chalk, we're like out my hat and measure crap out there I met were not. Everybody is a bit like you are our work. Listen I work out to worship My look where you on dive. Now Why not Mademoiselle gotta bring better lives, Eliza Way. Ok with kids, we look we're the moon, ok, look at where That is why grower widening, but does any had a really lie in their skin. I've been there, that's that's. How do I do to hear me say: ok, as I might get a real, they all know you could actually on what they. Why do people say that about what? What am I gonna go to sea dermatologists, the even musk into ok, had the dog patches and everything else with the complexion using Mozilla way, you are getting peels chemical pale,
hey, I'm busy would over language. My god never rage, nine over got the decided, the automobile, ok, that's it We have added given the parallel now know, because energy, you can't leave the house for a few days right through a feudal magazine. An crazy. You know, the labour movement is faces peel and it was all is nowhere. I get a Google videos and authority had a bug real nice chunks of skin Larry, like a snake like shedding you're still. Why would someone do that together, tat layer skin? gonna followed me an iraqi discolouration sprite. So do you like to see you mean like we do. Other people say you can look. I say you're skinless going I think that we can see that I think is the local people realise that you will make up a blank wall. Compliments to Mcdermott I'll. Let you know
of undergoing transformations. You ve also commented on Boost Jenner Booth, also undergoing transformation and showed you support. Just like we showing some. Four Charlemagne gears come I'm going. I was personally as as these nets is in your also lower. You what you said here about that being that you I close with the family and everything it would happen I was shocked to hear about it, but you know I'm just I just grew up my mom. Just always tell me, you know, love and respect everyone, you don't know what people are going through, what battles people are having, and I just try to apply that in life. Like I don't know what it's like to be in his shoes, I don't know what that could be like, so I just want to offer love and support, because unless you walk a mile in my shoes, how how do you know what it feels like Diana Wallis, credibly. I think cell has then his power, nor for our global
as is avoided at most women. Don't understand that and know how to use it to their to get the power of veto. I beg you, please talks about as those that have the but talking about power yeah. So what's your definition of probably gotta be mortgages.
There were many resign, so I didn't want the statement that was my open. There really empower having powers just finding something you love and going after it is powerful, announcing power, money or status. Is power like being happy within getting up doing something you love every day is powerful doing something, for others is powerful, is not necessarily about having the most money or the best cars adult equate that with power always needed even said that being an interim was powerful for you and yet very powerful myself and ludicrous. You know we started in turns and we work for free and had to do any and everything in it just helped us be disappoint from where we're at now and life. So, if you look at me and looter like we're, always on time were out like because we learn that from being in terms that we apply now, you know in our careers and was really were a real logos right yeah after one year, and yet they become a love of my because I just found it was easy for me to be on the radio and talk and stuff. But then
Tv became more of a love when I started working on MTV. That became more of a love of mine. When you do you realize what you to start reviving, you actually had power, I started realizing. I actually have power. Actually, when I was on the radio, because I realized back, there was even a little different like I realise that artists would literally be willing to do almost anything to get you to co sign their song lay their record. You know I'm back, then. The latter under the table money at these go at odd, hey. I like that. There was a lot of a year now review out, of course, that you weren't easier go bust. Dell. I was on the radio, so I found one there. Every day saying the song has had, the song is that people are gonna believe the song is hot, so I knew I had power them, but I never wanted to misuse it. You know- and I always kept it in perspective like they were in beyond me like this, if I wasn't on radio, obviously like always kept it in perspective, but you have to have a lot of ludicrous and fellow musicals heart.
For a start it. Why do we will put up his elbows on together? But you can see this now. It wasn't there in the begin, It was more. I was more like you really going to give this radio career up, that we have to go, be a rapper. It's not that I didn't think his music was good
like hell, you gonna granted. It is easier. We gotta get thing on and he was literally said he was getting in his car and just selling his CD out the trunk of his car, which he did not like you really about to give this job. To do that. That was more my discussion with him, a big you made your dad link, you re there. I don't know I just want you to get him credit for Lebanon, entrepreneur and also, if you would like all she successful discussions. Mills there was some been out right right and MILAN. I you know we have a great relation, but we keep our businesses separate. You know, so I have my own businesses and he has his, but you know I have that make up lie in the clothing line, the book the acting the producing like, I feel like I'm doing well, you know independently on my own and then a great that we can come together and be a forced together, but I have my own go and we will need to look like a power playbook. What she know about me, that's crazy, because my left in start like that, like
play, started from having nothing and just building from the I didn't come from a family with money. I definitely didn't come from a family who was in the entertainment business. Nobody knew my mom was like wait you going to do what on the radio, nobody knew what that was like. I just continued and- and I work my way up so I think I have a different respect for it now, because I literally had to work radio than tv than acting like an each thing to become really great at it Your mellow grove watching you he didn't tell, because clause was the one you know coins do and he was the one who was like YO a man in watching tv in this then add a thousand like were in any, was like a Carmelo Anthony Ennobling NAM. Laguna mess around a basketball player wider. Why wouldn't? cause. I made members of parliament with the ground even when no one took about globally. He wasn't. He was a baseball player with a soccer Bothwell Bluebeard contract. Ok, let's go,
it is about like they discover such a stigma like one. I don't want that were not right decision. It was all a ruler reward, while I know what's going on with the reality show now, so I'm not goin reality showing more, but on producing now on working on a shell would die some workin on a show, a po. So you know I want them to continue to grow and do great things, but reality tv. Just for me. It's not for me anymore. I mean I loved it at a great run and I just decided that at adding one expose so much of my personal life constantly, and I found that the reality show was her. Me and acting, which is what I am really trying to do now like it was like it hurts you in the acting. They look you as a reality and I look at you and never like out as the reality
girl and then they don't take it seriously or your audition has to be a hundred times better than anybody else to even be looked at again had to kind of let that go to really now diving and be taken serious. I've heard that would always wondered if it was like the girls, like certain girl, like from loving upon whom you like, I will not go additional, but yet cause you wretched, rash wrangle. Blog knows. This is definitely the same thing because I just have a stigma like reality shows or even a higher reality start being your movie. Like is that kind of things I had to? Let it go Anum, it's been, it was good. Why did it and has been good since I met you, respond sometimes to a lot of people who instagram unnoticed once army? They basically said you are raising a little blood, when you son, put up, I don't have any case, must, under the old time right hand posted a silent, though, that what you do up to three point. You know when you should want to kiss you to turn it around three point. Some positively with. I guess I'm stone of gangs on it weather in on that- and I was just I mean united- see thy. Let people know sometimes
Let me handle mines that you handle yours and I think with me. I don't know the traffic think it's a misconception like before. I don't know if you have the wrong idea like, like you said like I'm just so perfect as hell is like not a curse, the might of doubt in the two seconds I dont care like, and I dont know people Irma Tomboy really like. So when I hear the go she so glamorous of, unlike is so funny to make us a sneak ahead all day like, I think sometimes people get it wrong, and I like to remind you once in a while her heart is it for woman, lead you to be submitted a powerful it his heart. It is hard, but I had to like teach myself that you have to do that. Sometimes do you talk, but then the book? I do talk about that.
Well is it there is such a thing as being too independent, and I see it with a lot of women that I'm around or a successful and have careers like you won out where the pants in a sense- and you can't take that from your man or take that from whoever your dating and I had to qana- learn that Jerusalem missive to Amy, Moon or just adding a visa will, above all, not that you should be submissive at times to any man that you respect. If you respect him, then you have to let him be the man. Time and have you no. I respect him than ass a whole Yucas Cinema date as a whole different thing. But if you respect him, then you gotta no one's gonna, like fallback those men. They feel like their needed since yet new a lot of times that apparel playbook is out right now and you doing store tonight? Yes, so tonight I'm doing in store, which is gonna, be hosted by Andrew Martinez, which I'm super Excel, Yes, it s to night at arm bonds and noble in unions, we're at seven p m, so everybody come out will hang out by some books gives
examined. We're gonna have like a cool culinary in the beginning, which is really fine just to see what people are thinking and questions that they have so it's night, seven p m at bonds and noble and union Square, and its myself in and you might, even though it was a great joy right now, acting being off, who why, for beer cayenne, as my readers and greatest joy being being a mom being a wife is, is Graeuben together for eleven years is like a merry to my best friends that we have a good time at home is like friends and that's good, and then you know acting definitely has stepped up and really starting to become a real cool hear from me? So I'm happy about that and, lastly, Sierra stop through the other day. I now I'd, advise you not. He on that. We were gonna lie, not happy, then I worry about ones. Yell really wanted to see you wanted to see you. I want to see her to make conversation. I hope so I hope many marrow nor man have. You met a new man.
Being that you're. Her only friend in the industry is not only for the industry and the industries that now I see that I'm running late now, like everyone here, only bending the industry's own sweet vastly, I mean she's one of my best friends in the well for many more you put in the football ammonia and a future pig. I'd have to say that I would never do that. I got
Why don't you may, I know Bobo could then other soon girlfriend. I have met anyone that anybody animate anyway. How did Baltimore offered to help me out for household who metals from be more and more in protest, yet in effect it like the violent houses down and mellow is really talking to a lot of different people. Political people even check them with the White House on like what he could do to make a difference, and he just felt like you needed to go out there and he just jump on a plane and went out. Their protest did and then the next day is when you know the indictment came in against officers and stuff. So it was powerful that he went out there, but he's like Baltimore ride or die. We bleeds effluvia a hundred percent and I thought it was really great. Then he wasn't just Instagram anger and that nothing against. We were doing that. But sometimes, if you're from a place, you gotta get out there and show your face, and I think that's why people have so much respect for him,
you know people just really like mellow, because they feel like he's one of them and relate a boy. You doesn't seem like he so far over there that you can't get to argue that you deserve better like ability to hold an hour after hour. He deserved better, go to three should which cargoes houses, leg, don't go money he's gettin. There is definitely getting their organs. We re having like a lot so he's. Almost these almost their time. Do I know you will play a nurse read books, I don't know, I don't know cuz, I do kind of like do it all out when I was planning the Fight party. I was like. I don't even know how I just planned. This hope
Eddie and like a day and got everything set up and then acting class and is a but I don't I just we have no other way like being busy, but you did something about that too, in your book about putting yourself first year and how important that is and how you are working so hard asleep in two hours in Niagara. Sometimes it was really difficult yeah, you know. Sometimes I overdo it and I don't think about myself. I just think about my family in the work that has to be done. You just said it about last week that you will work as I like, I start to feel like I was gonna break down. I have to remind myself that I have to take care of me too, because if I'm not good, I'm not going to be good for work. I'm not gonna give cayenne Ramallah anybody, so I have two comments: keeping effective, because I'm such a workaholic that since I gotta go a little overboard, you play a lesbian and movie coming up soon too late as high as you do research. For that, I guess what ought on power this season. I have my first sexy now. Where is Europe,
Have you guys the Bulgaria? We love how so yeah anybody that everybody would melos about their sexy, no self funding, he said Adam. He understands it is my job I he doesn't want to watch it. You don't want your proposal You lied and say that he does that he's not gonna watch it undoubtedly topless ia well, it's ok! You can never tell you what I'll do that? goodness put an animal member. As the guy I can't sell them away. To my mind, is more for a noble amazing. I never look like you. So we ve got a ruddy. Fifty was like he has again. Reality has put up a good number of nothing
Are you the body devil or anything you want, but you may laugh about well one thing about power to be on power. I mean you guys have seen the show. You have to sign a new de clause off the bat. At some point you to be making. Everybody has to show something and it was tasteful and respectful. I felt good about it and you know I am acting, I'm taking a serious like it comes with a territory. What are you never gonna do a succeeding. Your and actors like that, that's as an unreasonable these are blurred. Nothing! It's they want. What are they Blair in Athens diaries? Remember now, but it was Every time I mean is that you had to do it in a teacher had sex institutional, political Europe houses, I,
It will create congratulations on the power lines everybody come out and and support tonight, Barnes, ennoble, Sevenpm, Union Square myself and Andrew Martinez and LA la of cartels, episode, Fool power at last have to tell it means radio early labour good morning.
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