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Today on the show we opened up the phone line and had our listeners help keep the Breakfast Club humbled with "Slander the Breakfast Club". Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Gameova Reedy, the rapper who created the trend "For the D Challenge" because she left her 5 year old child in a lyft ride service alone, possibly because of the D! Moreover, we opened up the phone lines to see what age our listeners thought it would be appropriate for kids to start riding car services alone.

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Social distancing, slows the spread of corona virus, so stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home. If you can more info, run a virus stock of. Let's all, do our part because we're all tad alone together, brought to you by the odd council. My name is Sir Pearl. Well, for the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet in his back. Outside of Chicago police station? There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself does nation were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true listen to somebody on the eye. Heart radio, apple podcast, wherever you get your party casts
order of business for oil pollution from terrorism of the various categories, only one, maybe with previous good, do Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Morning Angel YE monies Andy Charlemagne. Please do not let it is one that is its Monday. Tobacco revolt. Tv revolt is bad news. Vanish have returned. That's right! That's my time of come in at the biggest step that we again does. Ok, we usually August nabbed away again Steve
weeks off him. Twigs offer me while well for now to vanish every turn like an indian reference for those who were doesn't Euler, but nevertheless boil that it was. Everybody that was out and Virginia was out and for Junior went to four rails music festival with them. If I will use something didn't awarded, that's right. I went on Friday night and I had to do a party, but it was cancelled Friday night because it a weather is there a pretty bad. It was pretty bad them to storms, Raina like Crazy City Council, because it where they never believed the artist I was before Friday perform earlier on Saturday. So and it is a disappointment, we're gonna Teddy Riley, a single sky errand. It was so many people, mayor widgets. It was just a great great great great time. It was a good thing for Virginia shouts. Seven, five seven have the roads Virginia Beach shuffle Portsmouth and it had a great time, albeit an awful lot to Atlanta, but we do our
real estate thing when we try to teach the community about real estate in we're like a four hour class will be break down everything from start to what we call from start to flip sofa credit to lending to money, lending, to agents to finding their homes, to attorneys, to everything that you leave, We also had auction com, they addicted to teach people how to actually bid on homes. Those pretty pretty dolby at over our culture, two thousand people shout the killer, Michaels through his back and, as you know, try to teach to our people about released, getting interested in real estate and how to do it a lot of times we just don't know so. The fact that we're able to get a lot of people out there and teach him was was a great great thanks to shut them. There came out in Atlanta, he asked while people are mad at you mean yes, because we had pray me out of it, and you said you were gonna, pull up a new car, everybody can say where's envied any say he was gonna pull up here. I was
in that light. I am always additives that she was using a ball beetles. You want to go, see boojum. She would like an honest fellow gotta go back like six girl. They all got the hours, they grew back. They got their hair british today or with the ghostly booed you. So it was daddy. They kill native Sundays. It would not have, as I will not add, and I will be able to find a daddy bakers every Sunday in use in Virginia in alarm. Lana was early. Is a seminar was arouse our today. It was day some back in a night in Sunday movable than we were to movies I want you to go to sleep. They of India's. I fell asleep. You fell asleep,
Then there s, not my lady. I have three hours. Long is just now mother and aims to action packed to fall asleep, breathlessly DORA Game problems last night then see that either somebody tat yes unawares gave me yes what everybody at all then don't call appears boil in it for me, because I didn't see you get ashore dvr soon. As I get up at him running only go watch the gas oil rig download, Hell's Goin on anyway. My goodness. I have no idea who are. You start use aria stocks there. And I have no idea who she killed. A camera but you know I don't want to know each other methods of me kill. So that knows no play. No, don't play the from what I can tell social media. He had again when in Chad left labour needs. He was a baby lad. What, as we have for our patients coming to yes but psychopathic pointing at things happen over the weekend, a synagogue shooting in a god, would tell you what happened there and send and north of San Diego, nor will into all that when we come back he access to breakfast locomotive
a social distancing Tipp. While the CDC urges you to avoid close contact with hugging her shaking hands, there are other nonphysical ways to say hello, wave wink, you sign language, salute smile, peace. I throw open air high five do jazz hands. Remember stay a minimum of six feet or two arms length away from others and stay home. If you can for more info visit, Corona virus doc off. Let's all do our part because we're I alone together brought to you by the odd council morning everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast was halved and happy Monday. Let's get some front page news. Last night, the celtic speed the books, twelve. Nineteen is obviously the series one zero in the warriors beat Iraq is one or for one hundred now is a good game which won the war is. Surely I didn't see developing Maxine then arousing resulted in great detail. Degree creek down
war is games. Great, I mean you know what our they that there was such a good game that this seems like the final this game. These this series, radio seems like that. What the final should be well aware of the serious, probably will one day be a championship. I buy a high problem, In any event, what else is only really true, shooting that happened in California, a synagogue one person was killed and three other people were injured. Lorry K is a person who was killed at the synagogue ass. She was shaggy sixty years old she jumped the shooter and the rabbi. So please have a resident suspects. His name is John earn, as he's a nineteen year old, dude in California State University Samar goes as a member of a new licence. The white bill was, they say it looks like he asked it alone, but they did a manifesto online where he was talking about how much you didn't like jewish people. He also claimed responsibility for it Fire as candied or last month, which was a weakening
after the attacks in Christ heard so your white male. Does your member of analysis, looks like a white man s only nineteen years also cause you know. The face of domestic terrorism in America is white. Male they need for that is when the license. Finalizes is a thing now he was. Than air type assault, weapons, so very tragic story. One person killed again lorry K, language known it only at least three people were injured. Now is another tragic story, Imagine this year and nfl rookie crews. Yes, you are drafted giants, avenue, paint playing at a division to school, but words really hard. Quite Ballantine ended up getting shot an injured and an off campers shooting and a Kansas one of his wife's barren of university teammates was killed as well incidentally, with a twenty three year old man was killed in the shooting, but they do
They quite Valentine is expected to make a full recovery have to getting drafted by the New York giant. National barriers are probably celebrate. You know happier you just got the call from the giants excited Nobody laden with money hate know I'm in a random netting about the foster I'd like what they say. They sat investigating exactly what happened, but they said the dies. I wear the situation there again information. He was sixteen member of the. Academic, honour all, and he was the one hundred eighty of person taken in the jail. Can we do to have another to happen like him his own down like a Kansas? He goes to why spring University nothing to begin, rather here I rise somebody mad. He addressed him now where's, the rest is twenty: seven year Rihanna Oliver A k a game over really. This is the wounded started there for the key challenge. Anyway, she was Erasmus. She's right into the sea was arrested after China, centre kids, school and left, but a kid is only five years old. So apparently she wasn't.
Meanwhile, earlier in the day, and she called the lift the live, she put her son and the left five years old and they driver info. To her son had to be accompanied by an adult, is achieved, simply watts back into your house and never returned. So no foot there, five year old child in a live into dominating from thousand would do that ever, but in this era of human trafficking, you'd go put your guy images. Kit, inequalities, grandeur mouse. What what is it? just curious: what are the age limits for left? I'm just curious What if I five unfilled? I'm shows no five Mckinley AIDS in homer feats of eighteen I definitely seen you are old and in alive I mean I would think, of five the primary reason. I wanted to say that, if that's not twelve, I don't know anyway. I've urals ridiculous. They drive. It then took the tab rights through the sheriff's office, as he should report, what happened if I'm not expecting much from the personal created for the challenge? Ok, iridescent,
I am the famed enough, the type of stuff. I expect you to do me. I don't know why I was a good idea. Lilies accompany a kid if you are introduced, yourself ass, such high on such a self made before the veto. Just so, you might not have waited these challenges. Good Erika do participated kind of either as a goal, which is to say, you know, lift the minimum age is eighteen Emmi. My son is aid to another Bahrain. Furthermore, why would you put your under a child in the car with a stranger in fee. Take them wherever it may lap Andy Where was he's sending devalued coworkers She was in an increasingly was clearly where those who is devilish. My son and eleven may had a meeting where I'm not a game. As we get to output. Logan left any member of the gay. That's ridiculous, just because you are feeling well you just sick ass in the car drive you kids school five little ridiculous, I will get off my chest. Beg you front page,
it was eight hundred five, a five one, o five want if you're upset you need event is right now, maybe ETA, night or a horrible night, or maybe you feel blessed. Eight hundred Libya Coburg is in trouble Bobby far. What have they not as a lotta high school students that use lips? I can't be too, and we get off my chest. Slow, the the breakfast club, go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you as legal more generously morning how you feel it Are you gonna? Do a pretty? Well I'd get tat. I was that as they get it up your chest? Ok, provided he Multi right now, two thousand cases coming from this day, Let me take capital to grant a rally birth, but a reform for public school better by Malta,
I more funding for the student right now, I'm here to the light. Funding for the deemed, but they're not been even all for the. So there is a lot, public advocated that up. I have a big issue of the fact that he jumped get maternity leave is reliant on my room. He asked me for thieves or take very because no, there is, if you have you have traced out. That's like me. I believe that while gay- but I am very easy- I played the dates and after that, are being forced to go without pay with thirteen a very workable out to dry Take care of myself but allowed myself in a trial so Elizabeth. My mom is a teacher. I came on a horse, you was retired. Now you still does have to serve the jihad. Five Kazan telling me that you never maternity leave I mean I never thought that they don't ever tell you something what did she ever you, but I'm just curious
Allow me my mighty me and went along with you. You got you at that. But I did not have planned pregnant deep amnesia manifested summertime thou. I do have one and we have to try to help me out with my hurriedly now. Can you go on me Doc on Black South Carolina per capita of maternity leave, adopting a check that out alone lies in Ebay if he can go fuck me that comes as South Carolina tee to guess no maternity. What about all the do? You know why you only one rather modest flew maternity leave. Listen people are right now and he was now I'm gonna be eaten up. I gave her my paternity leave. Yet I have been a lot of people for the neighbourhood hey? You know what, if you want to make it
by me out, don't do it, so I decided to do that. If I try to call on you guys, I believe I can guess the market in view of what our we're getting covered on CNN it all over the place. So we really want to bring awareness. You take your time. Airlines must needs all the diseases, Zaki Alignment, cool man, We owe this is DR job Are you and hangs went up stairs? Are you number of black black and highly favoured movement in Alma again another happy. Why are you black and highly paid me work. May then artists began relate leader, thong, courted say: room jingle began a room in this very room on earlier my job, and I was gonna, think everybody that bag a room in the urban and wiped the video reported. You feel happy right now,
barber man while people are thinking, thank God for making a shade room nowadays are already they'll? I didn't know that there are one of the biggest black blood in point two million dollars. It may help pleasure craft and end of everybody can quite similar, be obliged to live like the mayor by finding funding to be made about the shape of light and looking at the same moment, the driving funny. Without realising that, yet Are you by the bye? You want educate people about being blind and normalizing blind people are known If, though, many opting for baby was gonna, work I positivity always a good thing to make the shade room for some positive, get it off my chest. Eight hundred fighting five on or five one of you need debate. It is up. Now was the breakfast locomotive breakfast I'm rocketing and I would invite you to listen to a new podcast from the Dodo and Animal saved my life
there is the most watch animal storyteller on social and now it's bringing those stories to life in audio. Since I was a kid I to rescue some of the most vulnerable animals. Now we're gonna, about animals who have gone above and beyond, to return the favor to the people. They love on this podcast you're about animals who have pulled people away from immediate danger or from the throes of addiction. One of my favorite episodes is a Pga and his dog clue when they met. They were both recovering from trauma where they found each other. They also found the strength to face anything. I had his fear of leaving the house and showing self, the real world and here. We are standing on his mountain just celebrating life here about a dog whose untrained, detects her moms cancer sooner than a machine can and a people who put herself in between her mom and an oncoming
brain. Listen to an animal save my life starting on April night, on the eye, her radio, app on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast you're gonna, get a garbage asked whether you man, but we want to hear from you on the breadth of allows this coup. Lenny you they to all for put Williams, Pusha, no credit by banning mercury. Bring in a word about the aim of the new, and I was told that was a double, is a three day festival of us so much money to set a town. I mean hotels or sold out gas stations were arrest. The cancer was amazing, so I did a lot for detail man, so they shouted for Russia to any idea. Reilly, amid with so many people, a gradual pushy Val S mouth, mangled give new town
This will be a very bad. That's why you yelling rubber I you always inside grace. I want all about all you know, you know what you know go you no sooner had gone. You do not go down right now. Am I know you didn't you you a terrible Margaret. Could you anybody tell me what the May, with a song was nothing new? Ok, now put it on Are you a needle that again a flu shot. You still be allowed the morning. Yeah Indeed, I envy them on a rapid glance. How are you I just want to talk about I am advised that beyond they remain rankings every and made with new yourself, oh good, with a lot of time with the white in open our kids in a family, they keep
bring in a heap of anchovy, go away, and some political glassy did that an orphan Lithuania waiting for that. This does indeed envy Review Charlemagne it gave e mail me I've, never mind what about you know under the guise of fear of the block the fly back in business, Did they tear, and I will just technologies scheduled Yea Zone, low, busies aid going a little baby technology schedule, because all I can do now appear to be at the dainty I've ISA, Bill and everybody all those people out Davy that for years, is also supported by a drama Jamie, don't get all the time. I've right. I did all the time so one day will be entering our today, frankly, Frankie Beverly and made before I go has gone nowhere. Ok, is in heavy rotation, the time or every body. Usa lands. Forty of them. I lie absolutely
they had gone to so great a he re made no career. You have really right. Bilbil disagree with that. You every right. They ve been glad that efforts that both is thought it almost twenty five nerve, DR regularly resale Neural Network, John hello, John Major Each has robbed jobs a year and we all have yeah I'll get a warrant with parts of all demolished didn't every morning. Mining was meeting the matter. I do want to say something about the young lady who put the challenge and alive. She did it If you did holiday now was taken- and I was thinking how I have mine ass, you have somebody in a damn how's that was, and she put the boy in the car. Just as you can back in their idea in the mornin may they should make. What is happening with the media, as he wasn't feeling allows he was sick. I don't know, but
Would you get you you don't love? You? Are you well enough to get our social media attention Now right, we'll have a go, not deaf forty feet, elaborately less attractive that you did all of your chest. Eight hundred five five one o five one of you need of it. You get us up even got rooms on away. Yes, we can about I Kelly find out? What is defence is why he lost in their sexual abuse case. Also, J C over the weekend that Big Webster Hop performance will give you some highlights four. All right, we'll get into all that when we come back people act as the breakfast locomotive breakfast, please, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club good morning was outlined. That was good threes Romas. Let's talk all Kelly
the report annually on the breakfast club. Where are we talking about, I Kelly, losing in their sexual abuse case because he never showed up to court? But has legal team says the reason lies cause he simply can't read? no. They found legal documents claiming that, even though he was served in that civil case, he should not have been served while he was in jail and, most significantly they said he suffers from a learning disability that adversely accessibility to regional lawyers, reed our Kelly here is low, you can read and archaeology here than his lawyer can read those things until our Kelly Way needs to be in when now, but there saying is basically he'd, even though at the pit papers whereabout. So he did even do what he was both due to be able to defend himself What is actually find? This point requested. My mode of American, or do it I'll, tell him I'm tied his name. He need either go. Get help go to jail, go away.
There's nobody already above, like people, keep milking dysfunction, Mccarthy lifetime doing another show. But I'll tell you the idea why we given enabler lady s lifetime is and to be doing another show, as said Jackie Series, with surviving our Kelly, the impact special. So it's a follow up. Mrs Kroes, who survive I carry and your elegant so well. I do another people got. Madam you gotTA tweeted beckoned data at our colleague. Sixty with the greatest celebrity sector of our time, the reason I said that was because of all the content that tape is produced. Without that tape, you don't you David Bowe, pee on you, too born dogs. Besides you dont get survive and our colleague dodging only two Torreon a view to getting interview, and now this was this thing. God surviving Kelly against the impact. It's gonna be hosted by sell it out, o Brien and yeah he's gonna. So I guess the after effects gonna be preparing on May. Fourth, I like what is lovely sexy would reduce they're, gonna garden in the second would be regime Kim Kardashian. Yes, yes, I now Jay Z. He had his besides to consider Webster Hall on Friday night,
and a lot of people were in the building, including noise Cameron and Jim Jones, so they bring on as did bring bring our care Jim Jones gather together. Yeah it was dopey. Also, did a nice tribute to nip see how so here's what to say the due in no small windows. He was doing anybody still ass. The boy was Doin designed a red line is a last resort to take. The problem is a wish list. Now, we find you no rest for the valuable work, rational dialogue about the agreement, Viola befuddled. He would do a book, it can irregularities. It isn't claim eminent know me about no movement, governmental, private property from its citizens for public you does. It is seeking to regulate like a regular everyday citizens.
Well. I know I was watching too shy, though it was kind of a theme on the side as well. If you guys watch that show now here's some more daisies Freestyle where he is addressing the piazza That's not! It would be a way out of it. Will be validly draw political bubble? he's deadly, in my opinion, the greatest that adding that I was too low for debate a little thing, different, really greatest autumn debate. I write ass. Not up for debate, bearing in mind the logging about greatest Israel. Really our right. Now. Let's talk about Remy, my allegedly now the assault, the alleged its object in Brittany. Taylor has, via legal documents, asking for them to release the video photographs. Investigative reports in all kinds of evidence she saying that you got into an education with Remy
and that Remy punched here in the right I after they had an argument backstage at Irving Plazas they go to the hospital for treatment. She's father, please report! So far, has not been any arrest them Has there been any charges filed an according to Remy side of things? Her people are saying that there is no. Valid about the story at all by Brittany tell it is taking to that story, and she is a guess, gearing up sue her God bless Young Brittany, Taylor. I don't know if China was natural, but it is hard for me to believe every marking secretly point somebody in the eye and nobody saw that whatsoever. Nobody thought it. Motion. Nobody, I've known video at a thought. This doesn't sound real to me right now, Spain is not real, but it does have a low Jesse's millennia survive to levy masses. None of that happened at all somebody here. You have a blog. I clearly, but I just don't remedy that it would have been a thing
well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. Reports are right. Think you miss. You know we got from patients next, we talked about well, as do some good NEWS in front page news. Some men, five member trapped in a cave and they have been rescued, will give you the details and armor rescue now, get internet. Next, keep a lacklustre breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain guy. We oughta breakfast cloudless, cancel front page news, the last I they sell to beat the books one twelve. Ninety in a war is beat the rackets one. Oh for one hundred policies in this area is already a hell of a claim for amateur myself, something both have only one day the add on about them. Rock of game was a good gave. What does he took my you? I was about five men. They were trapped in a cave in south Virginia. That cave is referred to as Cyclops K, because as a bubble like formation, they refer to that. As the I of the cites collapses, very popular with people going to explore and so
These men had gone down there. They had plants at camp out in a cave until Sunday, but there was a heavy downpour on Saturday night that may conditions muddy and wet and ass likely what contributed to their difficulties. There are six men in total to enter the case one of the men did emerge from the cave, but the rest of the men were having difficulty getting out really did. Did you up? any great alarm ass outta escape now he did not know, but the other member. I started to have problems of hypothermia what their, unfortunately, they did manage to rescue the rest the men, so that re pointed a situation where these men, who are trapped in a cave in Virginia You imagine avoided and closer phobic Jesus I only have adding society, you have even gone in a cave if you close above the unknown, for I was planning to camp out. I'm glad you know I right now. Let's talk about a really tragic situation, as happened in California about twenty two miles north of San. Diego is, alas, they pass over, which is one of the holiest days of the year, and
It was a man who came in and started. Shooting Nepalese did arrests, but a suspect named John earnestly the nineteen euros in California State University, SAM Argos. He was buzz into San Diego central jail early on Sunday for winked out, first degree, murder and three council first degree attempted murder state. One women, lorry K who was killed and she was actually shot at the synagogues she was trying to jump between the shooter and the rabbis are basically she did say the rabbis alive Now here's the rabbis speaking on lorry K being killed, horrific, we read that has occurred here in my own interpretation. Lorry took the bullet for all of us. She died to protect all of us he didn't deserve to die. John Earnest is a member of vanilla, ice away, a white male, the faith of domestic terrorism in Amerika. I please have not yet commented on a motive, but they did
an anti semitic open letter by someone that they claim to be earned. I was posted to an anonymous message: boy before the shooting, who has tough Now it s, a rookie was shot just hours after he was drafted. Rejected by the New York Giants. Korea Ballantine. They said he will be. Ok, he expected to make a full recovery, but unfortunately, one of his friends that was with him in and off this was an off cape. A shooting was killed, Dwayne Simmons, a twenty three year old defensive back was killed in the shooting, so Valentine was added in the sixth around by the giants. He was a student, wise burn university hobby celebrating just got a call from the joys was probably are celebrating in some aid, probably shouted up, shut up. The car would have happened but ass. He sat on a mean, I'm glad he's ok, but has been met. His best friend I arm right. So that is your friend as right now when we come back but slander, breakfast club knows my sweetest,
Monday, eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. If you want to slander breakfast club, you say whatever you want to say about me. You could say whatever you want to see. About ye. You can say whatever you want to say about Charlemagne. I eight hundred five, a five one off One slander, the breakfast club right now ripe commerce amounts to breakfast promoting the breakfast club was landed at breakfast hate me. Love me just use common sense. J J limits on the web. Z from you gotta. Let me know better exult, as observers rounded brought this up. I love her job and combat our haven't you alone that they're wrong your balls
Your Lama has barely prayer view Gloria though, who Pham got without we'll factor. We got comment we warm words. Do we got I'll be a gifted? We got bullet Bob Hathe, only men to win the Superbowl and a gold medal buried even read wipe out like the greatest a beatitude. You Roy Na Garlic, got Anthony air. This, in all the reservations we got Tommy's because only more than common chair with movement, there are good. Marshall, derive European Thin Debbie Owl in this area too the aid measures resulting from everybody. I know how it is is tat when it comes a lumber out on the road, but then you will bring. Go further breakfast club. Here we shall avoid bringing Europe can softer K. I agree with you,
we gave up gotcha lobby reeled, all types of gay that come up My warm you so far. You guys are scarier there like white, do you know about that brought Charlemagne is again for an unknown. I d love the gay community. You do about it. Why get the gale burden. You know you're, not a lotta gave me wouldn't Ogilvy loudly Daniels up here last week. Leader is is tat. He gave no, you will you be also doing? all I know about data gazed of Roma and gave them which wanted you be wholesome gave a very good colleague. Erika vary quite big. You up here. The way. I, like you, barely one way to find out. You know the way our life in big brother, We are trying to find out. I am a hardware. I am a hard won to figure out at merger. Yo ties tat. We ve
de the envy and where he shall remain on the planet. Thank you so much giving a teen document. You know we never turn on each other than the navigator. Right my free than ahead, but it has every right to be here today. Hello, my graduate every bad broke. Do the star plan, red pepper view, the camp from paragraph twenty one territory. They burn a very carefully day by your New York. He gave you the great new you gotTa Regal. I love his laugh about the bitter asked for me right now: You know I don't take the music that we lie and eyes not remove. Rarely are you. Are you two programme I am that the programmes have been visa is Roma, their behaviour. The music. I love you merely lifestyle of Egypt, Jordan. I can't be though evil
I mean I mean I mean you do need your guy, like a billion people, man, I'm pretty sure that other haven't you gotta be whispered. Yet again, Programmes are right to envy you gotta figure out. No me theirs I understood my for coins- might would have my did it all future or no slander, breakfast. Let my old man I wanted sought asylum ain't gonna make it He always races. Man. I'm raises writing you all. You talk about his black water cannon black right, but that that boy people could be sold. Other people they show why people spanish be ways. People We about my view, your combated by everybody. What bribery woman you gotta keep animals black black pride privilege it is approved, to be black. So I don't know what you want me to do in black rock. What I love my blackness and yours:
every man we want to slam the door with a sort of may follow your, but only link why you always walk in ITALY. We want- and I was on time this morning. I was shocked by this parliament was sent me a bit. More workers are prepared to provide the detail, is gonna, be We do not yet know, don't go every morning, I will be added. Would you like far too early at five in the nice thought again sixteen to show. I don't know why we start at six o clock. Well, whatever jolly good of you to be the world, what they always do. You always walk an old as well
Almost six may not come into gamely denied raftered our. I get it breakfast club. My good is eighty five. What or via one of you what has landed at call us now is to breakfast everyone the breakfast club with slander? The breakfast hate me love me. Just use your promises, the more money wisely and, above all of you, wait. A minute ago, what is more as we want the breakfast clubs that every morning above all, we are, is your real name heavy. First of all, there are a good. Many. Are you? Ok, you not marry you have to give. Our bilateral relationship will tell you. They now mean that you think that everybody would hear their Mary has perfect advice
That is why you, maybe I used to be a case, could give him back. His name is heading What is the way we do that we are talking about a woman. Are you be playing back of all wait, a blogging play would have on our part, not good that'll play. God did Adam play within it, I told you. I will be very brief I do not think it is our duty to play them. You do want. A week ago we were you don't know you around I'll write babble Rembrandt allows there's no bob where these
What is land a matter I was there. As we move us up, maybe maybe, then how what I'll die every man about it? I've got to go so far without waking up dressed. I watch out see the bad guys gave little white bear candid data, no baby. The guy is vital to the better. You write that I'm gonna get away very bad. I await your daddy is over. You haven't I
A girl Margaret is true and happy joint. What has managed to worry opposite that drinking milk and article five about revenue is chunky. Milk, twenty we'll get the people was a big job, not on multiple boy bob anymore, about by junk email me why people are now Boston they wanted to have a local morning. Show I'm not mad at that salute to Ashley that's on partner. You know, I'm saying she's on are at Jammin. Ninety four five now, but you can always nothin. I all radio app in Bosnia, which I do so we appreciated one, but envy Memorial peopled with envy you ve envy. I took up a dj program. Duet, Jeremy, you look, Indeed I dont think the music that we play every morning. Why you today? hey you might need to drop to deviate from your neighbor, whether it is actually still. I am of the view that every week I just up here they picked the music. I weep be dj on the weekend electronic
We do not, then May April may make eight May April. That's all my main man. They may I oh my by our main me me me me me sore law, whereby curve of the fires were borne out back. What I got my may, because you my mom I may for guys but I call my security blanket may may beg me on a rather they must face the waiting list. We want a man. May one eyeliner reward. Oh, no, I, like you a lot of harmony. I live in very well with the way in which we live. I like you that your eyebrows all right I'll, be big enough. God's work so beautifully. May every more and about the long arm of your gave me a summit where three hdtv impact at all levels.
A laptop. How do you get somebody ages? I can give you We can't you why that's why you're giggling of revolve around I really would like pregnant dogs do well nigh. That's what's up with you. I love your Loma family up is it the remark by law does not apply to our blessing to cover. All you do is give the blackmail from love. Does all my good love ya value all appreciate job they given it is in my pagan diarrhoea, brow, skin liner and I loved affected. They keep saying my lips look very oily wind. Could I let me note assets as have the hands on me? You norms and when you see a blind person with dolls gain Fried Harry now. I live no airline answers. You don't pay them. No attention Olga and given up a zero lives of public, as you will have lost,
lives, a problem, because I'm a black man or natural boys to baby. You know it s good, for was the idea of where you live. May show you Liddesdale crack right. Will you be governments or the way they think about thirty said? Okay way is going. I? Why is he threatening? Someone will give you? I guess the story there we can If I'm socio media also offset find out about his great, we again, he had a great reunion would tell you who is with all right, we'll get into all that when we come back. He would like this to breakfast locomotive feeling that this is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club way. I look at that event is an game. The opening weaken its historical them move. Made a one point: two billion dollars worldwide. Three fifty million dollars in North America is the first movie to ever exceed one billion dollars during its opening weekend. So it took them five days. For that to happen,
That's why I saw Thursday night with my wife and then me and my daughter went to go see it Saturday morning. I've never had a movie gimme that kind of closure and that kind of sad, action. Have mine a critique. What is this minor? Ok out, within into disallowed dug out can't it. I don't know anything great movie. Man gave clothes. You trust me on the person who is still waiting for closure from girlfriends the tv show, now, if you do not have closer, would have ended in game, gave me plenty of it right now cigarette austerity. He is starting a new relationship with his dad. They just Rien reunited after twenty three years, a part here he is on the breakfast club sucking about not having acted with his father. Would you want to acknowledge of company law? be very little ass, I was in his cloak. Our thoughts on our tents were column over their legitimacy, who last season one nodded. I never heard of it. Then I hear from back on its highlight twenty. Now we are at last summer thousands one sustained
everytime. I try to offer our ridicule while, like me, I ain't right will meet each river array. I'll try to do my thoughts. Are you gonna pay for wireless around I've? Seen you turn it down? Will you well you posted dreams, do come to. You haven't seen my father and twenty three years and I still love him. Past the past and the present is all we have to rely on. We not perfect in any shape or form. I love you paths, no matter what five years ago, and I loved the best thing about the interview with us, it was you know he understood based off his own off his own experiences. How difficult being are? They can be difficult. Having a baby mother can be, and he was holding his father accountable for anything that avenue him when he was young. He had empathy for his father based on what he's been through start over at yes, man, all right now offsets. He got and too I guess I don't know what you would call it by a fan was actually recording him while he was shopping at target and he spat.
And recording China document all of that. So then the eighteen zero. So what's up offset, and then that's when I said ass, wiped his phone out of his hand and it fell in the floors, and now he once offsets paper has fallen because the Iphone screen cracked, when he actually hit the phone out of his head argued, will also change upset and things like that at this point in his career, eight I mean, I know it's made any longer lying is an invasion of privacy is an unknown. Is annoying but when you on public is Uganda expect that there was tell you what is is dead and it would do no catch up and talking to speak, Somebody com would afford it and try to analyse what an aid was workin on. He was with one of his friends shopping list for its nest afford us. Uk net when you start to find you may want to sue you legislator. He is now you smack. Illegible ended I right now. Fifty thet he's haven't emissions with highly produce their hand, fiance Vander PATH Van upon rules de la la can't, Randal Emmett, he
according to fifty cent, owes him money and is paying him self. It is, I at him on Instagram eyes at ten seconds left in the fourth. Where the hell is that when you do you one arrange over yes be. Yes, he paused a video of Lala. Can, I guess, Talkin about marrying random eminent having sex immediately. I had audition for it and we went out me and him in like two of my friends and I let him hit it the first night we were inseparable. She would just send me like really expensive gifts the first night we beings, I got a car the nice day. He was like you, Range Rover like yeah a lot of times where I'm likely come a hotel and I'll like, weighing on and I'll have him meet me at the barn I'll be named symphony and I'll do anything to Vienna Movie like give job when ran so loudly and ask questions. I mislaid daddy, wanna, say with wireless
Might the don't find me nepotism is upset because he says there s Miranda, Random Emmett owes him a million dollars. It was alone he promised to pay back for years, but then keeps ducking. Fifty any US said that How to handle get on power as a way to help pay back his loan as well? But if it does not, no any more and he's threatening to injure Hemi, actually release some text messages between the two of them. Randal thing. I'm sorry again, I really am. I said, I'm sorry. He put fifty instead of fifteen lofty He said, I'm heading to emergency room that doing well. Please don't tell me any more, I'm sorry for everything! This is too much for me, I'm so her. Not feeling well now, my ex is effing with me after your pose. This is very for me on all levels, please fifty no more. What does he do, though, is the act of no red or of a month ago. He finds it finds like per. Auctions. Animal I dug out of movies. Is the agony, brought values, have an appendix I gotta have automatic attack to fifty browser vessel. Hatamoto me now. I can't says there. Fifty cent is
menacing the whole me to movement with his post, mocking her for sleeping with him on the first day she took it web of me talking about what I do behind closed doors? Advise you say any used day to diminish the validity of the need to movement that I won't stand for if you have been affected by a man like fifty, do not be quiet. We're not resign. I have your back and we need to let you know that they are not safe ones. They think this. Just as we are all I don't know what those who talk about, but I do know that you don't want any smoke. Independent cancer like hardest Jackson. Cancer can be best for your worst enemy right now. He's renders worst enemy, texted Verandah get the FDA Randy. You touch a go to say that be because when we had dinner it was to talk about Eve directing you effing loser, So are you owe me a million dollars over six years, keep play with me and get to F ahead cracked
funny. Everybody, I don't know he's a good guy him if he's done a lot of business together. I don't know what got into this point, but I hope they can. I hope they can work it out. I've fifty says they ran immediately, sent him to ingenuity down of the million dollars that he says he ozone by fifty cent is still night then and still posting is going going. I thought they, I am have money to Burma feared the gap is what little dinner visa thought. Our revenue they did when adopting a naughty, did pow another. They were going to be a massive oil money. Your money right I feel that they have made a lot of money to plastic sees a year, but here's a fifty cents, say about. I allow me to claims, and obviously with my finance, a situation like I know I can afford my runs, which he was but I can afford it on my own. I can afford her on my own. The only thing that will different. Is it's not going to be
like we're gonna be travelling on a private jet to mechano sewage. Guess what honey blotted out there. For me to start again on a page work letters you just need to have a mouth baby, it doesn't matter. What more do you posted? There is good. All of these are posted at about hey. How is the reins rover? There is no difference between Harvey wines in a random Emmett. This reality not reality. Tv Bravo bits other good drivers. We austrian Randal Randal seemed like he's getting. I give them pressure is only one thing to do is not distributed near age or even, if you ever nature, giving added workers each in Poland. Never everywhere. Fifty cent to be mad at me ignore she said. Please let me fifty dropped Ozma for forty cents card is forty sensuality said I write fifty cent they responded quickly. Taken is that I love you crazy answer these people just keep trying me went to him or fifteen meet around. When you put me on the more game- Bahrain, other Randal, the money I'll show- you will write well
Mozilla YE, and that is obvious to me. I'm a reply. Bobby, do twenty bobby you ve got to put it all right. I thank you for that Roma shot. I yes, we given that down, could do. We need a game over ready to come to this. The congregation we like to have more would have you know. No game already is just that huge trade of the forty Deja, ok I'll answer at this hour, and what would you do for a date set up and I do he has given the breadth of global morning Don't do that knowledge is meant to imply was made available. Charlemagne tapping I've got to make a judgment, was gonna, be on the donkey everyday paid. Shows you the breakfast club, it's used Argue
day today through the bang rose and dollars product of your dog. You today, from one April, twenty ninth go to a twenty seven year old woman from New Orleans memory. Out of a job and a close bombs. Everyone who listens doesn't want you, ninety three new. All I thank you all for having zero taste. You are appreciated. Now. Reality is a rabble whose rap Alias her a K. A is game. Already anybody never heard up now. Ok, you're, ok, yeah I know I don't know you think oil in the night, but the rest of the country may be familiar with her because of a social media challenge. She started. Others fine fact, ladies and gentlemen, You pay and pensions of what is in your memory. You phone. I do have a fund fact that will absolutely never be a double jeopardy answer, but it it may be the answer to a question on be these black hard revoked. Okay, if you are ever ass, the originator of the for the need challenges. Will now you have, you answer came ovary or at least as well.
He said. No amount of dispute was listeners. They currently moving, I'm real, really an under region, either freestyle buddy, I love gotta, be three thousand of Arab about do Michael legs in everybody who has seen I love it. I haven't received no extra benefit from his own and how you have said because- and I get in the credit that I deserve- Eleven a big day does celebrities. I do not love him. I just want them and awaken. It came from me, Obama, the doubts of the door belongs peoples. I got this, really, ok, yeah clear before Beach House Cave Refer, ree, ok now We have all been enlightened on who created afforded these hours. Let me plain: you ass, she is getting donkey, Daisy, Rio was arrested, is weak and she was booked on child desertion charges, and I think our right now was the word desertion you just observing the word, you yeah that's correct, desertion, yeah child.
Our job is ok. Why does not give their? Why does not give us odds for child desserts, W W our Tv Cbs Forward report. Please whirlwinds? Bounce artists was arrested in Saint Bernard Parish after she allegedly sent her five year old child alone in a ride sharing service ray Oliver abounds artists known as game over Reedy took the driver, told the driver rather to take the child from the home shall mad to a school in New Orleans that drive we told Oliver that he could not give a ride to a child without an adult, but she went back inside the hall. The driver then took the child to the Saint Bernard Sheriff Sub Station and Araby. Oliver was booked with child desertion and has, since bonded out They already listen. We live in an era where charge african. Is that an all time high in America? Oh, I don't know if it's at an all time high, but I do know one point: two million people in traffic traffic each year, ok, why are you making it easy for them? There is no
a five year old is capable of doing what I did go to provision not it's the way my anxiety is set up the way, my read the paranoia works. The way I ass, the we worry about the safety of all three of my children. I to know how you is apparent, felt comfortable, put new five year old in a live. Would it told us great that would drive was that is actually sounds like something stupid a person would do for the DE ok up five year old in the live by himself. For the d, a right, let me find game. Overrated. A jewel in the house would remain so you decided to do your job and live to get back to the D. Ask just me: speculators list! I run with data right, listen to what she said. She said she wasn't feeling well, instead She had been told it was ok to do that, here the thing about being apparent. I can only speak on this because I am indeed apparent is not about you are right we'll get sick days when you apparent area, while I know yes I tried to lay around the house all day for my dream.
What an avid it ok, my daughter, wanted the plane attend. Oh, I got a plain addendum. I dont want to play pimple PETE boardgame I gotta play of bee boardgame. My daughter was the play Bobby dream out. I gotta play Barbie dream out. Ok, I was Gabby Douglas right away. You gotta look out be done without contesting the elite, neither hinder the model. No matter how tired. I was no matter how I was feeling what my child wanted to do came first and game over Reedy. That's what being a parent is all about. Okay, if you didn't feel well call the lift getting what your child make sure your child get to school if an absolute bring you back home. What so difficult about? spell with all these people to do in the for the D challenge. They can talk about all these crazy nut, ass things they can do for the d, but don't none of that matter if you weren't willing to do the simplest things for your child. Okay,
give Rihanna Oriana Oliver Game over Reedy Sweet sounded a hamlet, ass. You I e g yeah. Really want to know is apparent. As a man who suffers from Helen's anxiety and a lot of that anxiety had to do my kids the paranoia at. I feel all the time How do you feel comfortable doin your five year old in a ride? Sharing service has feeling coolly. Now. I will, as all of the forum on aid under five eight five one o five one. Would you put your child in a lift goober? But if you put a moment they group share you getting does Mars the kind of guy come on. I don't do that aid only Five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five one. Recently I put my fifteen year old, my fifteen year old son in a uber
He actually I landed and we were going to the Brooklyn Nets Game, so he left the crib and he met me at the game. At the same time, I put E15 Victor two thousand and fifteen and also flew to California by himself at age fifteen. But in- and it took a lot for me to do this at age of tea now made me think about it. At what agee did you take the buzzer train by his own ass, pretty young Mongolia? isolate the public best school. When I was growing up, maybe you and I was lying greater Lyle Asia, much other kids on a bus driver laughing get my friend, and then we will work to totally different for almost all of the former eight hundred forty five. What five on what? What aid would you put your child? Would you put your child and I never took a cab? I myself, when I was gonna, tell me they train. Best been Bolivia, and so you Bobby jumped at dollar that we all know that evolve. Call us up right now to breakfast the breakfast club pointing everyone
he's the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast Club, Navvy, just joined us. Charlemagne gave donkey of the bay to who this young lady name, Rio, Anna, older Yonah, lavish Oriana Oliver Outdated, denude lady. For now the reality. Ryan Oliver again game over, really see the trade of the for the DE challenge and as you know, that it over there was. You have not above our children, because she had put our five year old and lift the cinema school by himself. So we ask and eight hundred five I want all five one. Would you put your child into over or lift me personally No, I, like I say my son- was it is fifteen years old. I put him into a over about a week ago, I canceled about four different before before, actually gotten the right over the person. I thought what would be the nicest I can't Three guys, with an older african american woman, then I felt that would be better for him. The ride in a call within- and I just felt my weight with older african American
they all. My mama me they all like Auntie Self and asked if she did. She took very good care of him I don't know what about you, as you know. I don't have any case, but I think five is definitely too young for you. I wouldn't send a five year old, anywhere abundance albino people put kids on a plane by themselves to and they have flooded now even think I would I would one even do that it is fair to nervous night. If something anything happen, ya flew Mark. It's when it whenever they had to go somewhere me family members as a law, was the only one I flew by himself at the age of eighteen. What about you show me how no avenue I have fun with the paranoia way too bad to even think of something like that. I have a ten year old, a three year old and a seven month old we want my ten year to ride with her friends pairs. You know took two from Gillian practice. You know what I'm saying like ass, not even something like I rather be in call me I'll, be in the corridor. Mother, I'm settle absolutely not hello. This Allow me in an ominous ok
Does that mean you to put your child and over before a year at what age she was, but she was what I find anywhere so sixty the level. Where would I go it? Would you put him in order to limit the wage on about my head, I'm out of her? Why are you couldn't write about five minutes away like my car again, although with them into the bathroom drive it I could have heard of, but I didn't that's why you want to remain anonymous good. You know what I've come knocking on our door. A yo yo Do it again, I am also very grateful to you- could try the driver, Well, dig you believe him. He will weigh more Nadu gum. We think it about the worst possible scenario you nervous at a little bit, but you know I don't want no matter how many times have you done it? only one, but now I don't, but I will do it again.
All of our marine. Over unlike alot of whole topic, is giving me anxiety. Thank you moment. Goodness, gracious mundane, a name day. What's up, would you put your challenge over? I wouldn't have of the matter, and I went out by our debate at the parent out pay people possible putting your child at over or anything I back as they lay the graveyard in and around me. I would never do there I can't do it. I can't open the matter. I have my mama somebody else. Why age you think, if I were eight, would you feel safe for you case again over left on three right road? It is, I cannot, do it I'll pay to fighting it all up, both the sunlight at birth,
out of it. I don't want you know. I was thinking about it now my daughter's five London, his five and she's out. Let me she had to go to the bathroom I wanna go to. Africa of firewood. Ought not? No, no! What some people data tat! Kids go to the bad. I know not how far I dont want to give everyone a bathroom MILAN gold that taken in the men's room to the Squire Hamley bathrooms till you are able to have a basic right into being because you bring a bathing and about which I hold up deserve. No one as was said earlier, dog you today is not too many things. If nothing of not intimidating, if nothing a five year can do a lot of those who voted. No, we come back. We got somebody alone, five, that is alive, driver that takes kids to school. All the time we'll talk to When we come back as the british government morning, everybody's d, J, envy, Angela YE shall God a guy we oughta breakfast club, never just joined Charlemagne, gave this lady donkey today.
Sir, I gave nauseated day to a young lady name Re Ana Oliver. Her name is game overriding chief nor less. She, the originator of the for the DE challenge and she put her I wrote in a live? The cinema school by myself as an avatar, raise a live cancelled, his account because but his seventeen year old and one alone, and it says that you have to be eighteen- are older. Cancer is a cow allows theirs. Hey is J Andrei out of Nord Majority, a reasonable. Now you Dr Ripe, DR believe it I've river Then a new drive a lot of kids. It terms I'm here in Newark, and I I can tell you now- that a lot of mothers put their kids in the car with just a Lyft driver. I've taken the kids as far as kindergarten and mom put them in the car the whole time. I wish I could I mean it's not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it is something I can understand. We do give their license plate or license plate number. They get a picture of who we are, as a driver
and I get a follow along around. I wait a bit by bit slow it down above crazy, but you do have miles. We need to get it done below the undertaker billions on my boy. You know what would have happened they ve got a very bad. If the parent you follow you only raw, why do not draw the kids school is, though, say that there are some that are taken advantage. That are just being lazy? I'm not going to say that there's definitely some that are doing it, but you definitely have some single moms out here. Anybody to absolutely got border. I gave you drop off and when I say I lived whenever before live what happened before Google, you know you have to get used to school, but the put like you said, I understand you have the lies and play and you have the picture, but what is that? What does that mean? If you kill indicate out of data that the terrible really bad, but they like. I bet it all up. If anything, it is born out of step with the lives of one thing that I do. I care
understand how hard it is to get kids to school. I take my left. Moms have my number I'll. Even let them know I'll personally text him when I drop the kids off. I think sometimes that's the community. You have to be bigger than yourself and stop going out of your way to just tell her mother. She could do a better job. Linda and the help that mother to one grew Joanna, but the way my anxiety set up no way how I'm letting my child is it a guy with a complete stranger, five years old Ricky yeah Ricky Edna. Now you said you took your firstly right when you add three years all by herself at the way, the Benita by yourself, bending by myself, out of all the baffled, it will go the way of our will you they are ok, make some six hundred thousand defers airplane the negative message you so you put your daughter on Europe which it do
and over alive yankee begging. Now that I think that you will be- and I will of all I'm always demanded out that other big had with them- and I am my daughter, I will find you don't make it worse. Call to make us do yeah. Would you put the EU budget? Would you say, would you put them in a car? So why even put solving their provision about that flag up every day. I know my sixty but does not data not immediately, though he he's now about the right way to hide all right, you're next couple of weeks, and you thought the Collagen South Carolina at the council. What was goes. You goin Zaki alone, ok, boy, harrowing university. I know islands looted hours right next right next door to Benedict SAM, a boy went out of allowed, any transfer admitted it. Am I happy with the minute you gotta be a shared values
hey. No, we need more black dermatologist outta. My doctor Natasha said. Thank you Ricky Albert, I noticed five is too young, but I mean they Roca gives you go now, and it's ok, you might as well let her know a terror is already already maybe they'll another hour. There used to be a thereby permitting a bed in that they are used in order to be better days to actually be right next to the most dangerous address in Colombia. Socket which was eighteen hundred blandest Greenacre ate a main a bit at once? with the most dangerous address in Colombia cycle. Have it out of the back? Look it up the day except you gotta couch, actually applied. I was more than a story, I note that more than a story like I've heard, the bare noiselessly argued thorny argued neither within these lives. All you want I'm not doing it, not at five. You, no one is talking to sixteen seventeen s call for five years. Absolutely not the inalienable matters to now think about businesses. Fao output must. In all live fastened up muddle the budgets committee, the annoy you people, if you please,
boy works out was still I've made. Diet is all day. You me mad ass. She had ever been in Basel. Really never out now will allow a rather driver Muslims. I heard you say that gives good I pointed this out a brain or guys to guide him all right. Well, we ever was on the way he has this talk about take off He asked denies them allegations that Gucci Main has made about. The meagre will tell you what they are all right, we'll get inside. Let's keep a lock is the breakfast global the breakfast morning, everybody is D, J, Envy Angela Yea Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club good Morning, Miss Gibson rooms, assault interest, The report raises the reul report: the miraculous glove well edges, airbags, Sabrina Jerry Guy married in Morocco on Friday. So congratulations to them for merge, no, actually similar or near you.
Back and ninety ninety nine, and that the other gives a child has a daughter from that hunger enemy. So brief, the guy married in two thousand six, so you can see pictures of that involves July issue. By the way I congratulated our management, was there ever seen a very old age pensioners with the passing of course? Yes, I right now. Chris rack people have said about a joke that he may be made a joke that Whitney Houston. It was a meme. He posted a picture Whitney. What a sunglasses uneasy me sitting in a meeting that could have been an email, that's funny, but then he put hurry up. I got crack to smoke as so that's when people got very upset, they thought it was very tasteless and cheap joke. They said you should know This is how you speak on the dead, make better contact. People were saying it was Chaz. Babby Brown even commented. He said during this I am of women, empowerment. Utopia use your time to try and humiliate our queen Elizabeth. You have achieved
Why did she die God? Because when she was alive, those jobs were fine when that is she's dead thereof, I may live in a UK. Also when you make a joke like that, you know it's gonna people understand is why wouldn't buy was funny with just the glasses in saying me: sitting in a meeting that could have been an email thou is funding the shoe the love with Jill, given no Why not allow them come on. Now is the call Bobby to king of Rock and blue islamic Manawyddan used incredulous, Ronaldo money of King evacuation of it, man plea Raoul rockin bulls, my bed authorities. Nobody listened nobody remembers body brow we used in gradual to anybody to make exactly he had ever. I Babby Ban has every right to feel offended Baker. Absolutely and postnatal defended so does he does a management on the cod? As you possibly know, more jokes about now, Prince has an album of anomalies, demos, that's gonna, be released in June, so basically what it is either written so many sites. Funds for other ideas and made them.
Those are the is made, those on popular like, of course, silly vanity the bangles like Manic Monday, so right now. They are gonna put out this album that has the demo jack. That's pretty dope. We all remember, then compare solution. It Oconnor saying about. We love the prince version of their song, also so as to be exact. India is a delay that I'm definitely monsieur. I get that little due to make jokes about prescribes that you said nothing about chemical normal. You're them. Whenever we lose our lab prince. Is my favorite that'll make negative jokes about personal occurred here? favorite artists about fine. I don't make me your make jokes about his pants. The almost balanced Europe is now. I don't actually make me is not able to travel on how ya saw he couldn't go to the game in Toronto eyes? The seventy six is were playing. There is in the play off, and that is because the judge would not approve his travel. You know he's and I'm probation, and they tried to get her to sign off on the requests?
but she did not even this ban to it. You didn't even approved the request is had nothing to say now: Mica Reuben, we, he's one of the car owners of the seventy six has posted judged in his Brinkley. I know you have a vendetta gives Macmillan are obsessed with China Control every aspect of his life, but did you really now approving a go to read the sexes in Toronto. For the game, do you also hate Philly, as soon as a schedule came out, meek, ass, probation for approval they immediately upon Yes, it for everyone who doesn't understand me mister, get the judges approval personally, every time he leaves p, A big is lay in a shooting Jim approval, but she can always stand on the fact that is not work related. Doesn't he should? I see there is bad. You name respond, so I guess it wasn't a statute and even say no. She didn't get and respond to the fund the lawyers ascribing. I'm surprised, she's going on this case a surprising to me there. She still on this case, ignored our right now, good the main posted, a flashback Friday. The first day I met the meagre Kwairyo it take off both threw away the fig change they had on. Could I gave them both the two chains of my neck same day. Offsets?
from sale and tell me this interactive, his lawyer to get a mountain. I did that the same day off our first conversation, no cap, I get the bag we'll take off, responded ass cab, you no doubt, but I'm so blest. We gonna leave it at that. Thank you, our good. You tell a story before I read that you need to talk about their story in his book. He's a jury. Unaverred aid but everything it is working on and I feel like you sit down through the underbrush global worth, while good, he responded boy, you can't you forget then he put a bag of money. A movie, so don't know what really happened. There carry late, then the man who was shot alongside nifty hustle outside of the marathon clothing. Still, we know the story that's how he had gotten that agenda. And he had been fighting the legal system since he was arrested after this whole and It went down with Nancy. He was arrested, were parole, violation after completing a twenty five year. Prison sentence: unanimity was a China, get him some clothes, you just got home from jail and air he's breaking his silence on what happened. He is what he said. He told me that he would have assured to that meeting next week,
and I said ok and as I turned it was all I had no idea of any of it. I know they said: He was a roller says the what that's not what he is now today he's a celebrity. I took a pitcher. What a I'm married once took a selfie sell. I need you to write thing and give this matter some clothes which has just gotten home after completing a twenty five month prison sentence. He says nepalese a person who left the gang activity behind and was focused on doing better for himself in his community, so that He has to say right now, crazy that he ended up getting arrested after that, I'm Angela YE That is your room reports. All right, shelter, revolt will see tomorrow. I'll come back now it is back. Divan is every turn for how long only for we go back on another two week I laughed at him. This week's. I think they would be to go to some invitation plant, my goodness, our right, while the people choice mixes up next kid. You requested.
At DJ envy is to breakfast locomotive warning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club again shouts everybody. Amounts for music festival, something in a way something you know what our Virginia three eighty festival was pretty, don't miss Friday because it a weather cancel the shorn fraud it to cancel the causes or have been removed, all the other before Mr Saturday and Sunday it was just don't. We did a lot for the city, many born in a lot of money for our hotels, restaurants, malls taxi ride, share and energy. The other than they did frightened together. If the adjacent was out there. Indeed, he had seen usher. Chris Brown was out. There push tee, of course, Timberland Missy. It was adult festivals or shout of rope and, after that, on Saturday I was our Duma seminar in Atlanta shouted the nearly two thousand people. I came out, learn about real estate in we help people get loans. We have a lot of you will get pre approved. Are we actually brought more
auctioning calm down near to actually show people how to bid on properties and how to get property so shouted all lemme. We go. Do the next one in a couple of weeks in New Jersey, a right that was almost is gone. Seats almost gone for tat, one who was dead, shouting everybody, he has come about in trying to learn about ownership, and I guess his path. He's right here now has right, but he's getting ready for the prime. So said I to everybody who can surprise me out prior me out and I got their prime dress: is over the weekend is amazing to see these young girls get enough, but they are some amazing Jesse's there. I have to say I was gonna relate this is cute, so I was keen to see them dressed up in everything as a guy ready and other make up ideas and hear established? They came through in donated their time. Everybody who donate addresses as well. It was awesome, visual your problem under you, see launching him never began. Then they got you my friend at up into a lot of problems. Actually, when I was in high school, but I did go to, my problem is well, it was empty. In prospect knows in Brooklyn Banana gardens, ochre. Yes,
when we combat. We had the positive note or movies to breakfast. Local morning everybody is D. J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club will live in. I got some exciting news is now just got upgraded. The first class on my fly butter Well, it's a gift. We always very when this happens are going to diminish the republic. All that is in a teenage neutrinos bright. They think Oda Maya's her bright. They say we're going to Dominican Republic to celebrate your birthday. You finally going to some sort of you now no pressure. There is to lay father, I know come back now we will be looking who you are, don't you arrest me, but I'm not arouse you every. We can better keep looking to report any publicly Bridget you combat. Rather, by Michael, I knows you dated deal because they that anyway, why acted behind it was a girl stipulated by me. Shortcoming is now my tape. Isnt Tina chips that you wish? I then we will go anywhere. I don't want you to know
we must apply the do no better than the positive noted. Simply this man, I've been impressed with the urgency of doing ok people. We do enough! Aright! Knowing is not enough. We must apply being will is not enough. We must do execution of the key priorities Vivian Clinical yonder hi, I'm Laura Vander Camp and the host of the before breakfast podcast, and the author of several time management books. I am also the host I heard media newest podcast the new corner office in the show we share strategy four thriving in the new world of work, one where the location and ours are more flexible than in the past. Listen over that first cup of coffee- and I promise you learn something useful list. To the new corner office. Every week day on the I hurt, radio app apple pie casts or wherever you get. Your programme
I am also remarries and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what you know about the global fund damage we are facing. There's a lot of information going around about a virus spreading hotspots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy, it's more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation, so you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye hard radial, app apple, podcast or wherever you get your pod cast
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