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Lecrae Interview But Don't Let That Distract You From


Friday 3/3- Today on the show Conscious Rapper Lecrae came to to visit and spoke upon his record with Ty Dolla $ign, politics but definitely didn't let that distract him from talking about how Remy Ma hit Nicki with a second diss record and still no reply from Nicki! So we had to open the phone lines and see how our listeners felt about the record and the no response. But one thing for sure Charlamagne was highly upset with Nicki and let it be known so much that he made her Donkey of the Day.

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Even so it s a most dangerous mortgage is usually day and everybody says in its banana, giving me the real rubbing. The wrong way was a rabbi.
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo go go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Yalu, Angela Mining, designed the Charlemagne again presented a plan, it is almost forget, see where you local views was saying. I forget, observe one reason. The one reason only mister, ok, what we God do this morning is
roomy more than another one, distract us from the fact that no human not got bodied over the EPA Instrumental and has yet to respond. Ok with me, what do you mean? What do I mean once we people say things like Nicky Menage doesn't even have to reply now. Yes, she does. She asked because wrappers rap when every great rapid has been challenged. They had replied here. I know body above replying to disregard handled carefully with the great Josie. I will give you the great nothing Jones and kept it was allow who J. I don't care if it was ice cube when you are challenged by a formidable opponent, you reply, and I dont know what era we live in, that a person could come What are body like sheep? rubber, real, regular record like another. One in people say things like. Oh now,
Nicky doesn't even out the reply. Manner not have not only it is worse. Most definitely absolutely positively has to reply on my opinion. I said this is really the rapporteur, MRS Rat use. Does she doin on about which future she's there, because a rap overrun powers, what all the mild posing an unbiased and she's there, because a rap wrappers rap? I agree, we carry it agri which it and we can go down alone. You mean you named L, L, cool, generalised q, we could say camera and you can see fit them. All. Men are even as wagons, meek, mills reply, wasn t still reply, and he replies many different east ass. If he did take some time, do it inverted fabulous we heard with Jake? Is we ve heard everybody who is wrapper? We not go. Let Remy more than rang one. Distract us from the fact that making would not not rapid she got bodied over Edith, Instrumental she got it would another one and she has yet to respond. I look at how you feel about another one. Aren't you unlike another one like that, but we're not gonna. Let that be out.
Nicky. No, not little way now replied drink as apply now. Maybe it was a good idea for Romania put their record out now. Think soldier boy even replied to disregard back in the day. Right now, don't they go the good. I never really put Aragon, because you know forty a lot of power. It always says: don't go past a mark. You aim for victory sheet was a headshot. It was a head chance are now you does watches mighty put a bullet in the dead by. I think he should have. I think will at all of this was that The wish he was trying to do, but I think she should apply directed at this point like organisation, at regular, a regulation as ragged footing. Which were to radio and if she would have to record that forms the loom? That's what I think that she should it. What is that about? Remy? That's not the point. Fine approved, prove been almost a week, okay and we All I need is distract us from the fact that medium,
got bodied overshoot? The instrument of sugar would another one and she has yet to respond. She after his bond she's a wrapper. That's what rap was do that when we get out we not using this is out for Nicky. Then it is works. No, no not this morning on the breakfast club, it won't be no at well. Mccrae will be joining us this morning. All right now, like look robot the greatest more integrated the GRAIL beer, positivity Mccrae. Oh man, look like home comes monument. Small and manage our blessing. Lord. Have mercy Jesus christ- I wanted but Mccrae like that is good God, I love God, give what God is my everything? Ok, God. What a word on my heart this morning the come in, and people and that's the tell you, don't let the devil, distract you from the fact
That remains there really my body Mickey Menage over two. She did your middle hero and another one and Nicky has yet to respond. Well, ok! Well, let's sokolow positive! If you feel blessed call us up eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. Maybe you wanna tell everybody they are able I can't wait. Maybe abinger. This criterion is the weekend when evaluating the blessed chromosome. We love to have new hope, evil is alive. Man have to be, as some are beyond all morning. Locate latitude small ladder distractions, trying to keep us from the fact there really my body making menage over the sheet, the instrumental hitter. What another one and Nicky has yet to respond. Well ask into Jeff sessions just settings. He is denying that he did anything wrong and meeting with the russian ambassador. He sing he did not act improperly he's the attorney. General knows, I'm sure you all know, and he felt like everybody is hyped. Beyond
reason here is what you have said since has to say about it: September meeting with the russian ambassador, I never had meetings with russian operatives. Arising intermediaries about the trunk campaign. I did not respond by referring to the two mating, my very brave after a space, and one with two of my senior staff with the russian ambassador was where no such things were discussed. My reply to the question of senator brightened was honest. Incorrect, as I understood it at the time? I don't understand what that double talkin about, but I do know that shoe is about to drop in the Trump administration really, so they not going to make it what they are doing an investigation now, because they he had said that he never met with any of the anybody from Russia turns out. Yes, he did by night and say why in discuss anything dealing with Trump. So that's another thing you could have said when you are being cut.
Yes, I did, but nothing was discussed. There was in September, so you're livened overview lines along with them, but he did me with them Miranda Obama has accused himself from the investigation here. Jeff sessions again must bear recommended, refuse they said Since I had involvement with the campaign, I should not be involved in any campaign in the game I have studied the rose and consider their comments and evaluation Those recommendations are right and just for I have recused myself in the matters deal with the empire is voicing voice. I, like his warehouse, Grandaddy, half way down a chap statement and he said Jeff Sentences, an honest man. He did not say anything wrong. He could have stated his response more accurately. In other words, you couldn't live, but it was clearly
The intention of this whole narrative is a way of saving face for Democrats losing an election that everyone thought they were supposed to win. The Democrats overplaying their hand. They love the election, and now they have lost their grip on reality. Would you need to do is correct. I would everything husband bring your administration. Does the same weight and unmarried Michael Flynn had to resign Remagen just session resigned to, but whatever news vice president, my pants, it turn that also has a private email account that he was using to condemn public business of any was Indiana Governor, the new labour Hillary Clinton did. He surely was one of the main one slandering Hillary Clinton for her private emails ever use. While she was secretary of state, but now The thing that it's no comparison, because Clayton had set up a private server in her home and he didn't handle any classified material as governor. Ok, but it turns out here personal AOL account that he was using to communicate with advisers issues of homeland security, about security at the governors residents. Are you now they found out somebody had his account and sent out one.
Those emails? I hey I'm stuck in the Philippines and I need some money from my parents. Yes my printed in their best that you can get somebody would that when they came out on the vice president, you send it to the right person. Might have you may now philippine there why you some bread, quick but listen? We know the Trump administration is trash, but all of this stuff is just a distraction from the fact that Remy, my body, Nicki, Minaj oldest over the sheets, Instrumental hit with another one and Nicki Minaj has yet to respond. Now he just waking up Remy MA release. Another record yesterday. We're going to get that on I say in exactly forty five minute right, regular record on forty five wrangler we're gonna get erected on its out everything she should a pointed out disregard parts with any get on at the top of our dying about her. This is about the fact that major menage has yet to respond all right. Tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent crawl. This right now again, eight hundred five, eight five no fire. One call us now is to breakfast locomotive
the breakfast the other day. Why not say why could probably have been so many girls? You know your Bulgaria, we leave any other browser, but really knows Dermody drug comedies lobby girl really does have gone away. Wielded guys go, go away, talk about exactly why you were laborious below this job. No cinema merger because others would MA am you know to please him, and I say this with a thousand Obama, reckless, right right, ok, not working or try to Peter up. I got why we as a people always argued a fight with each other eyes rap man. Ever we do we battles for our dead. I shouted at this point. Nobody yet another. Fellow this, gotta go you Morgan Morning, Scotty's anyway, you admiral
now, because you monogamous by those days because my face about turn a mole, it's all about things like three- we should know how you interested they went to a democratic Europe. Take like marks that youth twisted them all use twist anonymous. Somebody would lead he twisted and twisted sort of blood stab surgeon. Father her ingenuity, I bought it for me, I made a blister, and now I gotta marjoram, outraged for lifestyle around my chain, which are no more to be saying something about the whole on your face. Don't let it describes you from the fact that Nicky Managua bodied over to eat incremental than it would another one and has yet to respond, allows is, They must ve AIDS. Alamo. Remember I've! Man solemnly you ain't a credit. Yo Unita cried the reason why Mickey ain't with five guys out remy their backing this? He did it
I may go somewhere and about the further refinement do you know about that? Little I'm! Not a big fan of neither will not repeat what my poor rollback abide. That became that back in the Knesset. Sent out anything like the for examining, doesn't want you to watch over. I'm mad does matter music. I agree with you that come out and they have had a great what what what really ain't bad their life or read out the about MAC and businesses. That does not know what I mean. You don't know that I am of a body wreck of inciting right. Let that, but where are you? Are you all right and you didn't do it? I never losing homo beyond care will write a word back and saw the man s apartment. I met you build a man would address this, though, when they do. It don't matter A bow
Then I guess we gave them ready to write this absolute for job. There really got everybody right nurse. Did you need the right? Somebody right when you compare one would be real, but you said they, but where I would like the moment wanted an otherwise. My was less where you know you know what I would have you know, and I would love to compare what Mickey's disease to rubies too. This is for guess what they do not have any you don't have any wrappers rap. I don't care what you say. There has never been a rapid from Queen Baghdad Metallic every youth in queens. I am from quickly have let him see Shane down. She's. No doubt she led Ella Cool J down every day you ve read fifty sit down so even George, our rules given body by doing what he was fighting was now swing. It deals with it if they ok Nicky. I swung yet well, maybe because we want to get back to she needs. We have all I'm saying either right now, more start we got
nothing from Nikki. So don't let nothing distract you from the fact that Remy Ma Body, Nicki, Minaj Old, is over the ether instrumental hit with another one and Nikki still has yet to respond. Okay, that was one of my men now backs telephone blast. Alice present positivity, eight hundred, five, one or five one call us up right, Nancy Ellen, why you bless. And Look re will be joining us next thou my gun. It's every out. There are now a vagrant legal agreed, the greater our right to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast. Are you bless and highly freely failed till the congregation at eight hundred five five, when o five one brave deeds to breakfast club Taylor is you feeling blessed bless, I'm always blessed man on blessing
ten feet on the ground me ten feet. Now you can see why not it s a lot of things to insult me, sensible ideas across a blood myself. We cannot do that. Yeah jettisoned may whether we can serve as you use to undertake gas, or do you have nothing to you camel beyond. Only these elements need to be in the universe, so targeted killings, easy Your call imbros allows, is minded less and less lay on thirty March advocate the celebrate monthly. Let me thank you. Thank you. Thank you, but without me a bad. I wish all the many other things on the fact that If you had not with not a word about the level we are so fickle nowadays, all of a sudden could really put out a recognised regular, that's not less
Superdome dickie way- and that is worth hello- this good morning during the morning go on. I envy you, filibustering, muddled, occurred, masturbation, finally, of dying Colombia away to have much performing had to party by the letter distracting us back. There be my boy ran. They have yet to respond dollar bundle from their fragile. My goodness allows. This they're you feel and blasted I yes, I am. Come on my birthday more. There was this place, easy. Is it up Oh you ve earned it. I'm gonna be thirty! Think here, though you almost everyone guy, Lebanon guy every morning may, and I love you ready envy. I love you Andrew early Lady.
Do you not do it don't forget ways, days a day without a woman out where exactly ass, I dare Saladin already Angela me along. Take it a lot of camp and bought up there, you feel blessedly. Yes, I am I am going everybody why you so blest today were unblest, because I, why had a baby today, ok, that's not my back to work here, but I woke up this morning. An extra well those Billy I been there, but had no body, I figure if the commission Jack even amount like molecule change. Anything left over, but I ain't complaining and I call on you to find out whether it be from which they call me now women enjoyed a baby, they get big. So fast, thank you envy by guy right now,
tell him, you bless buzzes upon blessings upon bless, you did it at each and every morning now we got rooms, unaware you. Yes, I mean we'll play some of their Remy Mazarin? Does she put out yesterday? That's right: Nicky Menage, yet again, the while reasonably. Why? Because we only the lead, nothing, distract us from the fact. Never me, my body, Nicky Menage or than east over to eat detrimental data, would another one and Nicky has yet to respond. To any thing rides room is always the breakfast locomotive we urgently need this club. Where did anticipate this remedy has put out another dishonest cod, another one and its only com, just a few days after she, It was the waiting for making a nice to see. What's gonna happen. Is she going to respond she's I think very unbalanced, but remember, put up a picture of Nicky Menage in a dog style position. She puts still unbalanced Spongebob
address. You really like him further nuclear fallout of those who do not have tat before the bug, jab hashtag sheep there has attacked another. One has tag, keep calling hate, Normie and watch what go up next and then she put the emergence of a video camera and then she put hashtag never post delete, but this is gonna report, my page, so she put it up. Then you deleted because you figured it was gonna get reported. Anyone by that time have other blogs, have posted it as well, all is lost if you haven't heard this on his We have a few different things that remy my address check it out we're going to seek a veil from one's away, how I loved the latter King David Stella. I right, I guess he's german givers jab sitting had no has footage of you there's somebody so to me. So just chill out
what you said. Next the sailor little weight using one of day practice days now, where you can claim credit, but I guess that's what I'm gonna do that another one is in whack is just regular It's not Shiva right thing is cable. This farce, and then she nothing people feel that something regulators, you don't need to give us another one. At all, ok see there was a headshot arise, the armenian another one is just a bullet in the dead body, the kind of way so high that it was an error, and I more can you guess, medusas thing when
nor let another one described as from the fact that Mickey Managua bodied over to eat the instrumental got hit, would another one and has yet to respond. We're not gonna. Let people use another. One is an out and out of the dumbest logic in the world to me than Nicky Managua. Then we have to reply of another wanted and hat, but there might be some things happen. I've seen that we don't know about because clearly regular have said, then Nicky's been calling people saying things, here's what our memories on another one how'd, you call a levy. Why indicated that that'll be making gotta reply breath need you can not be for us, rather from Queens baggage hours to a rat battle and doesn't reply, you can't live. Amnesia down. Ok, let us allow Coup J down fifty Saint John Rule, mob deep, ah Egypt,
John Rule as bad as he was getting you fighting, Jethro fighting to date there right now as yet the clock back yet so don't come to me with that. Oh another, one wasn't dope. So you don't have to reply. What they're gonna do anything any it is works now, of course, a lot of people are weighing on cells to media, and I must tell you were booth. He said on his most bad. Just to give you another studies are now not taken sides with Nick you're Remy cause. That's not what I do, but I got to speak on this. When did? Ah you better start here, Nicky. So bad you are the same. Bees was just Nicky, crazy, known, ah pencil lines. Thank you I did not know Bab his dress and, like her etc. Everywhere. I will go away here. Nobody ain't! Ever when making now mostly the same hose Tommy day, they have completely turned on his girl people. I so ethanol, fake or does the waiter game goals. We must be clear you can still be a fan and Nicky and Absolute may still be of set. Does she have not replied to Remy my yet, but I don't know what great rapidly is above replying to a child.
Criticized somebody at every turn assail you hating no nobody's hating, I'm an amended cafe, and I'm a remedy and I'd like to hear music here bars this waste water from Barge Nicky James continually bothers. You came out with a distant Maud. I was phenomenon, will give it up for Mickey and Tallow, while Mickey clapped bagged awaited. She should have. Let me down, I know, what's going on right now, behind the scenes by Remy did say that she's done now and by the way Remy is gonna, be on Wendy Williams. Today's ass, she was promoting that as well by here is what Ramey had to say on her instagram live. And why was now you just played equipment the commission has invited movies, see a movie has them The job enjoyed the movie but dont. Let anything distract us from the back then the human not got bodied already either instrumental got hit, would another one and has yet to respond. This is rat people Every do you know any great, rather that back now from a challenge
He didn't back down now challenges now than back now, no challenges. I yielded by governments as sure as hell it in big mouth not fitted in back now known trade given to strike. Leaning back now from that is what is Meeks response was he's still clap back we are back to Burma. Maybe Nicky has a strategy that we don't know about. My plea, I don't know who know and as in all old position she yawned and picture she paused. From video Schuman Way and in in Paris you're there, because a rap music Nicky now are clear about the idea. Nicky has some records in the vote that adult for our modern here reply, and I also heard Remy his door Wendy today as she's gonna talk about how it all started from allegedly Nicky till indeed The play remedies record's in a hard she's, and we talked about that. I heard you in a minute- that inability how you that my and our dead Remy is rests too.
Go to? A funeral like ours is going a funeral zone, my being as you can only ignores before you can only ignore challenges after you have shown that you can the challenge. At least once In addition, there are days you can ignore no Jesse, don't annoyed only. I really dont know. Why would I told a does where little ass ends at all because doesn't put out a record? The next record you ever hear from Jean I, if you tell a shot at him, he throws a shot back. Whether was Joe button to wish to join in Kosovo with a now. But you don't know it does. It is neither they make it a whole freeze, their remaining a candidate who now he goes a recent example. Drink can ignore Joe Bud Could he already showed us that he can get busy? Would a mix of each ignore Joe Biden Ass, his prerogative you haven't shown us that she can get busy and that not only do we went to the next, but I'm sure that Remy wants to hear
no we don't play directed and then after recommend unclear. So allow me, don't you read it all these these tensions and we will have some positive You want to bring the crane Irena Locri my birth and the flame when you really rather right by aid, only they want to be identified. Is that he's a rap? What's all too will get on a record? We will play our station idea, we'll get the the recorded in look yet many some angels out to me about the another one record. To is cool with no regular enemy. Our right to breakfast locomotive warning The body is the envy. Angela ye shall remain the girl. We are the breakfast club we gotta pursue gas in the building was initially club me last night. I want a breath of club, look right. Couple, you within a secular club, you anything that absolutely not. However, abundantly I gotta run a jeweled cancer Laszlo,
making one and also carried out not on a road that everything right with it not to laugh at you came here. You got a number one hour, a Grammy win agrarian. I would look book on in real time, Othello bliss have been changed. Visa people just ass, a mockery. There s a your cause before before me. Now I mean all that, allow a lot of transpire, but I mean you know what all kind of pales in comparison to us all the turmoil of twenty sixteen. So you know It is kind of like I love the fact that almost half of me, but I like to see what happens for a collective expecting to give more entire than offering them. The man saw, love Madame nor expectations, not in that type. I can tell you very selfless person, because, even through all your success, you lay air cool, but look at the world around. I mean look at it
How has house that changed things for you and a man and you music, I mean you know myself is an activist, I think a lot of times they see you know. People of faith is kind of like this thing in from a culture and not in inside of it an integrated in it. For me as like, as one he's my platform, when a unique way delight speaking set of culture. You know when you grow up seeing people like You know me I'm even most even like to pack ice cube, which deals like They have also contributed a culture outside adjust the music for eight that type of service by making wanna keep all cities of a christian wrapper black, not let it already what he does. It is only about borders on a variety of sand, but my faith is a part of wire Reno censuses is complete out, but I put you in a bath in that year. No gospel hymns and none of that type stuff like mufflers Goswell, is I was myself case, the more you you know.
When you are articulate about your face and stuff people, don't know what to do with you. It was like you and anomalies by call my last time anomaly. I don't know what box to put you in, so they throw you over here, but truthfully. I've always Everyone's gonna be like what do we do this guy? Like you hear TAT, the wrapper now you do here can declare Myra saying that when Dana he's planning to address has no upper Middle God, so little damage. Christian wrappers sounds crazy. When future me, God, like an accessory, people like yea and in Drake, have like been themselves in created. Some love for people say all count now to be like this, I'm gonna be like, then I can do have like been themselves and pray to someone for people to stay. All Calvin got to be like this song got to be like that. I can just be me and that's all I'm trying to do is be me and I was gonna say the new single is called blessing. These are inside Dolly shot out of all God bless you, the gospel rep Ray sometimes causes knows because we have
segment now tell him how you bless and we'd Birmingham. We are really really bad. I felt like it eventually right now with everything that's going on right now. People are like any my faith. More have an ever absolute sovereignty is horrible watch out Allison. Things out, he's admitted tat. Alice, analysing the burmese super duper musician. I met him like a sub by like two thousand eleven human tears more and we use our discharge ended up in this what am I seen the whole free tc movement? I was a fan of skeletal brevity scene, man is mutual respect. Forget artistry and I was like man. I want it I wanted to make music death, like you know,
it expresses who I am and on our way to automate. I'm lonely righteous lobby ratchet lie register Iraqi in order to go back to my bet. There's only about is that not saying that any entity role would set out, as I will, when you pick a audits on your feet, you do look at near life Nick reality. I want to be a part of that increase over the studiously wealthy and burned burn, saying what is it music man, I love music. I love music ality. I love people who are doping, what they do, what they crab after I hear about the crabs in the art and and tires tat night, ass, every instrument in a world in arms in a rather odd Did you like the vivid cemeteries when you're down what the exact opposite so the great, but by the way, did I do I visited cemeteries because it reminds me lie: is peace? old wanting a mighty bother. You is quiet, but
remind me to order, comes to an enzyme at some point. I'm like these people dream. Do they get accomplished today and do what they meant. That's what they wanted to do is remind you like. Okay, like get on your grind, like focus like this, is not forever like. You got us something like these. Are people's mom dad the sisters, norms, random cemetery, like seems out, as I always happens, cemetery aiming at you could have been in the neck, remotely economic go to them. If they don't want over, your problem happens, and there has been a lot of success for you lately and I bet finally, how has your personal life been? As far as I know, sometimes their success the people around you. You have to really watch everything. Who else is going on to one iota sharks trying not to give in you know I mean in this man has been. America lies felt like last year was really really hard, because out of
police brutality, stuff, you speaking out about air by doesn't particularly care for your perspective on the political stage. In our last my girlfriend dj visual, you know he was my dj rainy passed away, so last year was was was rough, but, as I say, the successes doubt what is lie? What cannot? How can I could you for something more meaningful, some big and you say people with money from you today as they feel boy I get a man is a but had to be happy, but that you trust that are close to you and you're busy doing things now that a watch, the personnel both be lookin out for me, or maybe it uses a made us the nature of the business and anonymous is like I say you were members. Sharks, a business. You gotta look over shorter time inches in I'll. Take you for you know me like realize how did you gonna honestly like, who is it came down to like bookkeeping, and not just the bookkeeper was, like does not add up
Saint does not make sense and Annex Wheatley Kind of tractor back to where we come from his lawyer. Furthermore, you Grammy, if you still Perry with you, steal from a gospel oil, not gonna. Make me out I've gotta, labelled Ryan got a lot of my come on grimy, but you know, like people are people, so I think sometimes people This extra- wait a male sale? I did they put the stand and all folks that issue everybody relay like I'm, I Y Y, you stay away, it's ok for you to steal, you know I mean I just think people are people, our second guess. Nobody can everybody fall short. There's no private person walk in this plenary now. Will you forgive me? I say they d get absolutely saw me I'll. Give you may or may not put you back in time. If you live in accurate we got more, will agree when we come back, don't go anywhere. The breakfast locomotive.
The breakfast club morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have christian wrapper and ability Mccrae. Show me: now the question guide winner, you're, preferably Amana Falcons, didn't work, on the one hand alone, can you prove what about those we are very worried about? The journalists allows in Atlanta I mean at a suitable. Ok, how do you know me those weird, but not because they didn T prayer, whereas lay aren't they got his life? Well, I'll go with them. The team act with you know me so worked up near me. I wish they would why it was. It was kind of disappointing use. It will set out a spots in Houston was ready for that. They have a lot of music on, they got a dj had already olano music on deck, but it ain't got out later
ass. It was rough when you watch how divisive Donald Trump campaign was neglected, did the evil. That has come from that amongst our people live out of them, and you shall see. I knew I see a thing coming, because I got id adieu shows in like Middle America like New York City of New York City, but you gotta, let em. I renew yours, have different New York in autumn in the trumps stickers was out and about the method rating, so I could see like I gotta because well, like ok, worries, I know where you stand. I could see your bumper sticker gonna know where you stand on I saw saudi happiness thought above them up in a pandering. You not, I'll never call myself the most politically educated person, but at the same time I can see panda and I can hear the dog whistles in like ten people against each other in in autumn, say enough and I hated because you know I thought also like too, because it created good conversation fall out of my mouth.
Brothers sisters in France like to be able to recommend some books would be able to say your check out time ass. He calls you, you know really in the world to me. If you don't owe me so light years, good weather to say, hey, look at what work people of color Wrestling waiting processing and I realise how your nationalism can make US casualties in a lot of ways. This problem at a low big enough for you today, you said agenda recommend: look for your white friends can didn't you Didn't they didn't get like systemic oppression eating it? You noticed The struggles are they just look at, like our call you a car didn't see. Why can't you do? What I do is where I see you are themselves at all. If I don't understand why we have mathematically Jackie theories eyes by tv do and they went through his whole history of how he was brought up even just how even when he was born. You know he was in the system from the beginning of his life, and people understand
impact it has on new long term so that later on, when something happens when you sixteen years, although that even younger than that they don't understand that you've been in the system for ever and is not really designed You don't make it out of food by does enough, Am I salute all Yazoo for being like young people of color who aspire who bill platforms and their families are not at my people are they will just take this forward? you don't owe me like his by people all over the world, like I can't take up at that as our own just have adding far from being government aid, and I'm here you don't owe me like inspiring people all over the world like. I can't take up at that. I don't have my adding girl would like more you free elections. All he was a man of dawn is normally, as I also had he's networks that a lot of people take. The gun, that they have and so on. I just think it is good. Is educational wasn't like it is? but it was good because people got to be educated, not think we focus on people who want and were ignorant and who have gone crazy stuff with that, People will I'm gonna get him now, like. You helped me understand that, and I would first thing or Gmos? Think is a good that they dont get it though,
because being they don't know about him, repression and prejudice the old participated so to speak. Can you get unknowingly participate? You can in no way be a part of an infrastructure I am saying that they go, there's been going as you think it doesn't exist, but you're really play Wait, you can annoyingly do they lie. I have friends who like when I talk about, these brutality that they have never experienced a a police officer nor anything negative in a life. But I can't do that. There's a new fine legs. They all they don't know put over six times in one day and EAST Texas. What you want like they will understand like this stuff, You know I got my whole car strip search playtime. Do I'm going to the hospital at your man, I'm not even on that stuff. They, like it's hot Car up, took the seats out, dimming find nothing, and if you put it back together, drove off, you know like did all they never expect that and they never, but for what
majority, my normal. They think it doesn't exist, hang understand with you against were happening right so like that to me helps them say: okay, I get anyone. Even the faith component like think they see how paid their patriotism in nationalism. They marry with their faith in each other. Put that on me and I'm like a cat like gold me less of a man of faith, because I share your sense of nationalism, because I am, I think, what comic happening there was Jimmy. You owe me long. Don't don't shoot my faith for me because it doesn't Mary what you believe, and I think that this type of I need them, helped her to process. And what do you think about transport is now that you know that you say you seem all the time I'm studying new jobs or some of my friend you look at the mega transported for for it.
I'm sure you do two years ago. I shouted they make sure you do anything here out of it. I have no problem. Let me crackle white lag about food while the problem- let us do this. While we were now may look up, think you know. How to take a security device to I'm the type person that I'm like. Don't put. I don't want to be put in the box anyway, so we got to go fund me to buy political. Tobacco. Because I'm not if I say I'm not No, this doesn't mean I'm now. If I am not, you know, we can only non democratic. If I am not liberal Dominum Conservative is like Gimme be complex. Let me be a complex individual, nothing! That's what I'm having my friends, I understand they just wanted to be just black and white Category America than do nuance. Well, nah nah nodded and have no nuance in America. Not at all.
Into the very man making menagerie or at all, whose approval almost double the alone? You when you heard that cheaper made from one of those guilty about putting the sky was scales. Skill set lyricism be put back on on a Friday. Is it only good and he replied I think she has a joy, she has a choice to say: do I care about the streets in em the culture culture, and do I want to get involved in is do I just some like man. This is my job. I'm game paid, I'm living out here. You know what they are saying. The rule or you known, fan, and I'm that's not really moral right now so seeking Conniston aid is what I want to do in army at I fear we want our cedar reply will remain so.
I don't know I didn't feel like that was Remy, Martin God, youth in the holy ghost all one wretched, nominate, Nicky me- I don't know, man is a rabbit who had initially member Nicky was a battle. Rather a little game would like you for you like there's somebody came it. You were right right and you had to make a choice. I do I did this person or do I earlier lay my car fare, be cut out a scaling, disregard value that I am very for giving them on beer, I am a go off on a real bad and it cannot be like your trip, a man. Forgive me we got more, will agree when we come back. Manufacturers get until a crazed, recommend is look Cray
your entire dollars on active blessings. If the breakfast locomotive about breakfast well, bellboy did an article about Chris Browns downward spiral, it says inside its open up about his struggles with addiction and anger. It's a really long. Article I did read the whole thing, so I did pick out some highlights for you on what was said now. Somebody's from people it's still work with him in some of these clothes are from former employees. Now former employee says that Chris Brown would have trouble sleeping in his master bedroom upstairs he would instead, what Sci FI movies all throughout the night. They said they would be empty. Styrofoam cups around the table, which is a sign that he had been taking his medication because he's bipolar he had been diagnosed back in twenty fourteen. Is it he had likely awesome.
Sipping lean, which was his come down of choice after a coke or Molly binge now. According to this article, the insider describes Chris Brown is growing, do Instagram. They said he was always looking for clues about the status of crews. Who? Is she wept? Last night, where was she was commenting on our most recent post? Then they talk about a scene, delivery, man arrived and rang the bell and the rings twice and increase Brown loses his temper and says I'm going to show you what it's like to network with Chris Brown for two weeks the other security and kick them both out of the house. Now, at the time they Cyprus Brown was appearing for the european leg of his one hell of a night's whore, but according to different members of it in various members. They said he would stay up for as long as three days in a row, snorting cocaine taken then ex marijuana, Molly lean by the time we finally left for Europe. They said he had physically attacked his long time manager, which we heard about in the room, has previously my g. According to my z, they work together,
for four years, and he said then Chris Brown severed from addiction, anger, control and violence is allowed of information in this article no sounds to me, like oh somebody's, trying to get a message to decrease wrongly, probably tried to tell him to his face numerous army lab listening one moment in the article I did say that they feel like there. The one person is that a family member that really loves Chris Ban, but they can manage to get through to him now, despite all of this, though he has had a lot of commercial success. He had seven debut than on the billboard, hot one hundred and twenty sixteen alone, which is a big deal and he still went on tourist all doubt shows, despite not being but again to certain places like Canada and Australia. According to Chris Brown longtime corps our? He said. I e the natural he's almost gods, perfect person, no matter how he s up and no matter what he does another replacement.
It is not on the way in the next decade. Although me, God won't take away your blessings when you abuse the positions of power. Tat God is put you in gonna. Take you at your positions power to have slowly now. Chris Brown has also announced the spring to our party. That's gonna be thirty three date. Any plans to do that with fat and with fifty cent among the essential guess, Multi genesis setting soldiers were right and there are saying that this is what he was diagnosed with all this was revealed previously. They said his probation officer. That this is the report, he was diagnosed by pilots who disorder a condition defined by depressive and hypo manic. Episodes and often triggered by periods of extreme stress. And drug and alcohol abuse. The report also cited untreated Pc Sd, an inappropriate self medicating. So that's what allegedly is going on with Chris Brown, so hopefully people do get him whatever it is that he needs now, according to his choreographer, having royalty did change his life.
He's. A good daddy, really loves. There he's not thinking that. So when you sequence, brown, posing as pages you name, album after his daughter royalty. That's real buddy! with his mom things have changed its relationship with his mom, who used to call manage him. In his career after he was in a rehab. They said, according to a former member of Chris Browns Team, that's when memory through a rock through his mom's car window after accession in rehab. That's when things kind of left and cheese that back we're gonna run Joseph was crack rock last year, as it is that when you got right out about will know it is by this is article billboard now. Chris Brown did of course responds, and here is workers. Brown has to say to start with his angry goin to drugs and arms out arena Bosnia. I got some problems through our promoter, Tory Party.
Our own anything bring us some are now who girl I'm talking to one person. I'm date, no war sharing, Wanna be sea. We just that you can be people can be hurting. You trust me, withdrawal was natural, would have really draw we get the hell did he deserves. I look at this because it is in billboard and I'm sure I look at billboard as a reputable source of information and they did interview. Multiple people that are in his camp is not just one person. Now some of them are former employees that we keep that in mind, but according to billboard right now he has no manager. He has no security. Nobody there is really do sound, like the Bobby brought Mccall Bobby call for a few years. Now is an ideal companion. A Babby round in the article is well Bobby. Boots. Trouble include Branford Bobby's. If you need help get home, I write well, I'm Angela YE and that is your room. Are reports
Thank you miss. He shouted Ain t weakening it I'll For the first time ever, Nicky monotonies become indifferent congregation. We like to have a more aware: you Nicky delegating, isn't it you need to come to find a congregation. We like to have a war. Would our plea hackers? Unlike you, sick, alas, poverty, and I will not let anything scrag me from the fact that Can we not got bodied over to see the instrumental got hit, would another one and has yet to respond now, a salad aim at another, while our rights
don't get a day of next? He belongs to breakfast locomotive. Don't give a damn you down to being a day a little bit of an adult. I've been called a lot of my twenty four years. The donkey at Bay is a new way of John yes dog. You today for Friday, Mars third goes to Nicky. Menage look is abundant Abbe Tellin YA morning, while we, good, though it let anything, distract us from the fact that no human not got body over either the instrumental God. What another one and has yet to respond now. Do I like another one? Our second did not really is, K. It really regular in comparison. The sheet, though, but if I don't compared the sheet, the it's cool would have a second, making actually settings
same thing. Maria said at the beginning of the end of the one record after a hard job kept Mariah beginning things were me not another one? Why why? Yes, why the forty eight laws of power says not go past a mark. You aim foreign victory. She There was a headshot another one is just put a bullet in a dead body. Another one was unnecessary and it wasn't anywhere close to cheat the level so than any real point in drop in, and I understand all the criticism another one is receiving online last night. That was, trash. Roomy was trend, but at fault fallen, Ok, I will not let another one described me from the fact that a roomy, my body, Nicky manoeuvres over the chief seat, the instrumental gotta hit, would another one and has yet to respond. Seated thing is wrappers rap, Kay and Nicky Managua RAP where you can post all the picture. You want on boats with future.
Video shoot were Monica. Well, let's not forget what got you in those positions in the first place, rap music. Ok, you can pull I'll put you out front row at fashion, showed in Paris parties would join done, fine ass, but please never forget that you are in that position, because you are a wrapper and being that we know you are a rabble. We will not let any of those pictures. You posing distract us from the fact that really my body you over to see these criminal hit. You would another one and you have yet to respond to the first time we see in the key monotonous position academy. Jimmy was some. She replied, the king would a few bod, but is it the first time we see? Someone really Charlie's Nicky Action, say now you can't sit on that thrown anymore. No, you can't have that crown. Remy MA said she's the queen of rap. Ok, not the queen, a record sales. Queen Instagram, not acquainted twitter. She sat on the queen wraps only key. If you really the robber, you claim to be it's just a a passage in his game. You gotta show You can get busy and his
ass nine reasoning that Mickey doesn't have to reply because another one is in his dopey sheet the ways the logic in net Kay Remy Hip Mickey, which she, the and has hit her again is the. Today, when another one in Nicky still has yet to reply. If you think she shouldn't reply because another one is in his Dover sheath, then you just looking for an outfit Ricky period and that's not the way to wrap thing works. Ok, making the is running the risk of being the first wrapper from queens that I can remember envy correct me. If I'm wrong, you from Queens she's running the risk to beat it rubber from queens that backs from a rat battle rabble queens want to lose, have been involved in somewhat almost epigram battles and hip, hop history. Making Menage veto reply, you let him see shared out let's not down. You lead, brought you from my deep down. You lead fifty sit down you let alone Coup J down you let job Sudan say what you want about job, even though fifty mg, you know all over him, murder
never stop fighting coach. A book You got here twice and has yet to clap bag period. That's not the queens! ok, you don't want to go down in history as the loan wrapper from queens who got challenged and wrap. Indeed, nothing right. Please don't, think that you are above replying, Remy mom is making menage unloaded you like to compare yourself Josie, you put an album called the pink print for the play on Jesus. The blueprint. Do you know what I saw region on the blueprint to take over a J c to Nothin MOB holding of a thought. He was too big to clap and people who was given him. So what do you like the use beyond say, as a model is well when you think of yourself. Nobody ever comes it beyond, say. If rallies yes I've only for the human Bianti will carry hills in and look out at turned out for her well Nicky. Two things remain. Jerry holes in an you not be adze Maybe this is your way thing. You know what I want to rap anymore. I like pop world
songs of Ariana Grande for the rest of my life and call it a day? All that's what you going to do you going to say the F Hip hop pop Ross quickly. You wanna be beyond Zizi unexamined, be called pink lemonade. Ok talking about me. Did you wrong that the plan to keep stop texting to DJ's and radio personalities complaining. Ok, we don't have to pick sides Sab no said if we say Remy bided, you want she'd, though, because she d Edessa fact making it you feelings and getting a studio. You are rabble a really dope rabble, squeeze New York and don't rapid from Queens New York. Don't ignore rap challenges. Allow coup J gave it the cannibals when Ella was superstar, ready, enchanted wasn't even have an hour. Girul was mouldy, platinum with decent was on a mix tape circuit and he had no problem engaging with fifty. So you can't stand on the EU star Darling, to ignore me: my does not what our coaches about Addis gettin a party and forget will get them into poverty and first play Ok, everything you eyes because a rap music without rap music,
opportunity, the even make pop music without rap music. You know ass for movies in tv, shows and wanted to purist essences a rap music is the Bell you in my view, is right. If warranted Jason to the ruler record, remedies years later. Ok, you,
What you want to do more good memory, glow record remedies which some crazy still can't wait until the two key asked a party did play, they can t get completely and then I think it would be a green, depriving kid tat. Like the trauma tat, you can do for you, He all I'm saying is evolving budgets. Is your sons problem? these bits- and this must be done until you do not know where nothing distract me from the fact that a rumour bodied you but to the instrumental hits you would.
Another one and you have yet to respond. Please Nicky Menage the pages he hawk. Now. What do we do? The ball is in your court. All is all it is. Oh another one was waxen Nick. You don't have to replied, no, no, no! No! No! No, that's not how men it is works. None of it all right at all. Well zero Zilch nata. Has he respec ads you again? No, no! Would she I said what I had to say: ok, what a culture am I wrong in IRAN, which you, oh ok, download you another in a light, Nicky LAD! Nicky is nice. Yes, yes, I think she can best when it comes to flow in order be, but we ve never seen our challenge, but I would love to see her get that right as that and in analysing not only the rap I'm serious,
when I say she is a rabble from queens win or lose rapprochement. Queens I've been in some of the most historic. I think, though, that, rather than as a yardstick as a mass kimonos be cleaner little one who won prodigy empty shell. That's a prodigy. That noise is debatable without the watchmen take over to me is barely neither breedeth debatable. That's what I mean. I don't know that without K, which second round knock out is debatable, would and in a job I would become allows all right, but when allows your little fight, that's all I'm saying maybe that's on fisheries has allowed. We don't know where's dad yet sell. All I'm saying is rapid from queens fight. When alone we fight, I Nicky, have a lot of history behind our countries are rapidly queen. You can't be too low wrapper from Queen who says nothing all right, last night, the coal black Eyed roomy, might not a formidable opponent, absolutely
personal dignity to wrap bedding Remy. When did you wrap, scam so you better digging you bag bolt upright. Oh, let another one described me from the fact that Remy Bodied you and achieve instrumental fits. You had another one and you have yet to reply we'll come on. Let's hope of the former. Thank you for a dog in a day. Yes, eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. Some people believe that Nicky doesn't have to reply and less open to follow. People. Look at this as an element, I saw that all of this stupid is logic. I heard my we're gonna, let people way and say what they ate: Andret, five, eight five one or five one does Nicky have to reply. That is the question. All its Dublin Bob's why'd. You battle gladly all in momentum. Right now believe that everything we wanted a kiss my ass, something already know. I believe this is a sport and you have to buy ass, doesn't matter what it is we go about. Over gas fast is made ass, the queen's Mdgs, Remy Porridge COD period. That causes by now the purpose locomotives. God are you
the breakfast club you're, the breakfast club. Now solemn ages gave Nicky Menage donkey of the day s right and we knock off. Let nothing distract us from the fact that any came a nod got bodied over the eastern Middle got hit one another one and has yet to re spot. Nicky. My knowledge is a wrapper from queen, so the question is: does Nicky have to respond? Realize you have to respond to your borrow. I asked we know what you think. I was ass Nicholas as annually as yet the reply I think she definition. Replanting now would be a good time for her to reply because is a beagle temper to catch some steam because something didn't really fair, like Remy. Second another one was ass, good ass. She there is a natural I'm to go in true out Opel Antwerp Lovers day. Thousands me there's the queens and me we're for amendment right again like that had is bound to have major like a bang and ass on and get on. And kill it, but not only there. If unlucky manners I have a squad
I have drink. I heard nothing. She they had now. I have all these people around me have any of them. Collective have only said: no, but I'm as they would have. You think they have unique operate, whatever you got to do in Thaumcraft to reply. Listen man, I'm I'm not even from New York City, but I understand the history of the great baroque queen and, like I said during donkey today, Queens has had some of the best rob was involved in somebody. Most historic poppies went alone right. They get busy right now kid. Allow our rule fifty Sate, Naas MOB, deep, amnesia and you have to get did you have fun with it? You know what I'm saying like she got to just go in and have fun and not act like she's by there like she's, acted on by there. She should do a bedrock part two and call that I can make your head rock.
No matter how badly by even you see, I'm not all been his evil. It was I beanie. When you had the beef, how did you go but love o, we got a call Drake drink, Adria Great right, their car drake, and that this aid rates can make you write a record for you, but he can help in God. Somebody takes away, even if you did not like me, mills this record cause. Why didn't like it? It was whack. He still put out a racket right, you got it. Right back. Maybe if you claim to be wanted, a great emphasis is not a great wrapper who have back down from a rat challenge. I don't care when I was a superstar in Canada that even over our mouth, allow gave cannabis. Bob did a very good did a bit a video Winwin MIC fitted with just on a mix tape Z. A job was multiply mom, they came back. Do you like? No, you are not bigger, a rat bout, it was presently Somalia, formidable is where we must stop it. Let's go to the former allows this year our basic care issued Nicky respond. Yeah, I'm talking about
I'm calling you happen to make about that girl. I arrive, really mine, I'm going back over our work like making either with bought and stand up about that. Like I love and all that's my bit vulnerable, remy see wondering whether where's your orders, he was at a meeting with it. We ve got love that became out. She were, and I feel like making did you bring it back? One common esa uncover the ogre. I wouldn't say: Remy Mars, trash and ethical. My room is the best for nor about right now size and is now a way thing, but when you say that people calling allows this era, Asia leading Nicky, she was born out of you, Why sure it God make me already, the best battery is already being swinging from people feel about wrapper labyrinth birth. We cannot ok, I realized he came up already. Five. Women must not be at all is now. I do regard it with you, wrapping make human, I thought well with so many people
play it guys. I found I feel like Nikki's too far. You don't realize you should respond, is what you are saying is that yeah yeah, I'm not about our lab. Why you? Why got a beautiful? That proves that you didn't seller. Rugged does not prove you. Jabez rabble are really was the job would get off at aunt. Ok have gravy to being the best rapid, but when you too, as rapporteur, but rather because you actually rap everybody that we have ever said. He wanted a greater level of all time can actually rap hello. This funding try a cookie. Now we're talking making and now the whole imply a number of our land. Are you either? He will require a new way about it. They hate me the killer. You kill Magellan under the new air travellers role by far the body through different piper. Where
fear entertainer wrapper and where we my ear, the hard core Weber and making money is not about their life. On our biggest came about, ally for research in order to be able to live, two thousand go boss near that's true in vain. The technical. We might have a baby Macneil Gourbi Pillow block please pillow Talkin against the get. But off Furthermore, the Morland stories- Nicky needs reply here how can I ran their land? nothing to do with arms sales are theirs in wrath in Asia, just random people say whirls Emmett about Amazon had the best outcome is Rapporteur ever to sell the most refugees Tupac and then his Eminem and his whole. I think personally, hope is the best web of all time asked his meat prices. My favorite rabbi time would hold, is the greatest of all right. Let s just what I feel when I never think it's waded out a lot of people. Its reading. Writing at the advocates that I, like it
the red battle as much as any hypocrisy, but the pandering to get negative response. Remy is getting corny crack at the three twenty said. Miss Charlemagne is car rapids. You had to respond, get our feelings and wrap Chicago Roy. Seventy six it! Why should she respond? never responded to to pack day Gillette promised to play laundered superbly. Kid now took four months before he got do you want quality or you want to arrest. You cannot cannot tell him to shut his all ass. I hate when we will use the argument that does took four months is a new era for months. The lifetime four months is gonna, be what is much more April May June July. I think about this in July. Right for a month from now, like stabbing Now a big did responded by Drake took forty the due back to back into practice
the last great disrupted in modern history. He took four days. That is the new standard, not the four months. Not they would either loudly eight hundred fathoms five. What oh five will ensure Nicky reply. She have to reply. Call us now is to breakfast logo.
Morning, everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall I mean that we are the breakfast club. This joint Charlemagne gave Nicky Manoeuvres donkey of the daily. Could I will not let anything described me from the fact that Mickey Menard got body nobody either instrumental got hit, would another one and has yet to respond or body means dead. Ok, she had always had an outdated me. All I'm saying is meant when you talk about your pop mystery misuse, from queens and our kids is over and over good. I want you dumb ass kids today to listen to your uncle. John queens. Rob was have been somebody most historic rat, beast, history of hip, hop, win or lose. They was super active in these battles.
He's a batter ravaged system or mad, or rather not not delude pops up does she does now. She started off wrapping like Stew up and down Spain on smack. Dvds, like she was speeding, Wanna come up. Dvds Mandy, she was spitting empty shame. L. Cool J Fifty's, nah does rule mob deep epic hip hop battles with pop tightened. Ok. You are rather from Queen Nicky. You do not want to be known, as the loan rabble from queens who did not reply to a rapture will only be seen as something plan, and we just don't know what it is yet allows is wrong, Roger was real. Gone all. May I joyously elbow we're talking to give a few things. You shall reply she gladly about suit our Japan again long you by the godfather unethical. No, I don't want it yes,
there s no good morning, there's always a week. He already leads to lower our life afforded a graduate with it. You don't have to prove it No, she does that way. I think. Maybe you didn't lodging allow coup. J was a superstar cannabis, didn't even our album out. Allow gave cannabis, boss and I'll be honest with you. If she'd the intro shots, then I would I see that as long as you don't want their work she drew wasn't she threw shots. I want that where she would, it seems to me, like you, wanted action. Absolute. You got that action. You gotta respond. That's that's all. It is hello. This is from the seventh Seventy was up. What's good bro. Every morning reside. May I will agree with Charlemagne. As far as you need to do some Joe, Do you like and take it twice well yeah this crazy. She came back and said anything about that
I think I agree with Charlamagne. I don't like in talking about Ethan. I'll, be in a better take in table That is my for us, our union, and that's why I argued illegal want now to ended because of people like me, who was more story, got no more than a story is we are not more. Let anything distract us from the fact then Nicky Managua body, nobody, either instrumental got hit, would another one and has yet to respond, and I really do not. I really hate the logic of oh she's, too big to respond, like I say, allow gotta cannabis. When allowances superstar in movies in Canada, they even have our mouth Girul when he was multi, platinum, gotta. Fifty one fifty was just on the mix: tape Circuit, Jason. Meet all from Harlem World You gotta, remember me, nor from autumn poor old, where you get a job and he got the average man, like that's stupid logic. Dale, you too big to respond. Now, you, dear Reggie, when it everybody would at mace, and why do you say? Everybody wants an excellent point of view. If Nicky
the throne shots at remain a week before then I'll be back. I wish you d more debt actually want at what she wanted to actually do you want action now you got action now you got approved issue a rapid, wrappers RAP Nicky Menage. She wanted it acts as you are that act, and I want to save energy that you out in the Gucci Ban, make love record that you had an adjacent to below swallow record of all leave, britches issues, sons, Nicky, prove it ok pair All right you ve got one was covered up. Yes, we are going to do the best somebody who is recently been accused The of rape so we will be discussing a sex that has been released and make him and ass his brother. What are you trying to do now to the alleged rate victim that he's being charged with having
I guess, sexually assault having sexually assaulted. Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back to breakfast locomotive breakfast gas at the Reul report, the breakfast club is better planning arises as to how the rape case they have more information. He was offered a plea deal after his dna, to seamen, found on the alleged victims clothing, but he did refused to take that pleaded. So they have filed several motions, decided they're out there tat charge and they are- when it suppress evidence found at his house, and they want to reveal the sexual history of the twelve year old girl who he allegedly sexually assaulted. Now ensue Joanna Marriages, lawyer Davis towards he said we believe the truth will come out. The complaining witness in the case others have a real motive in this case. To lie this never occurred and Delaney is completely innocent. As far as wanting to know about the girl sex
they said the bottom line is we believe we will have a full defence of any. Nickel evidence in this case of a sexual nature, as in all I know is that it remind me to tell ya: don't let anything describe you from the fact that Nicki Managua bodied over the ether, instrumental guy it would another one and has yet to respond era. The meantime. There is a sex tape. There may be coming out in its entirety soon as some snippets now in some pictures and that sex tape features, wear glasses experts say lira galore. Now this is that posted on faith lives there, saying at first that it would lyrical or Wetland Stevenson, but now there saying that lyrical or a sex tapers with a different person and that there are two sex tapes woodland Stevenson with different women, so what's going on by galore responded vs, whether she said you are never. Nobody SD before was as lesser lacks, perform. Fellatio. Is a machine like it on it. Yes, I would my saying that you want to see the pictures
Yes, I would like to add- and I got to show to fame level everything now. Another solid blood flow is more different. You got for me. I write to sort is this aspect in a rape case. Now there is a victim and ass. He had seen it. There are quite some time ago. The woman though assigned to him there is trying to say that he took advantage of hers. It was a virgin when she Madame she says on November she was at an l, a residence with two short when he allegedly sexually attacked, dare to tell the cops that she's a virgin, and she said that her provocative video should not suggested she gave any form of consent, so she did go to the cops about a month after the alleged incident now, according to two short. He thing he never had any sexual contact with the victim. She was on his record label. He dropped her and that's when he came up with these a case in which he was crazy. You know I'm good at doing another light this morning, you two rapes, the child, molestation and effective. I got three good things, but you Roquat Gulf days, a pound, Netflix special.
Bowing dry article by stealth report is a premeditated out. My twenty miles, religiously PETE, daily still beyond a beggar Simpson, was rather uniform muzzle days. I came away ok away- I want to say that yes, so we are really looking forward to seeing that our aid. The Lithuania's announced dates he's doing his close to you tore that's closer. What a k, of course and that's gonna, kick off April fourteenth in Louisiana and that's a twelve city tourist though that's gonna, the evidence available now, if you want to get tickets on Ticketmaster Anti Anna Taylor has long Her online work out theories. Fades of small problem include poverty on a deliberate, very small, demanded, a programme as a workout calendar, dance, routines tailored
plans that Tiana Taylor personally selects for you about or I'll do she does now. You know, there, you have a z. Now there was some good thing I had just illuminative if, if they do to ninety to play and is still not gonna, look like another look like janitor. Why not? Maybe you? must be a mighty closed closed but not lessen the plan. Is it that's why she data system and don't tell why? Why are you trying to make a negative before you know what you you're right? I made no right of the plan and a work out. Your right exit, email panda could look like siano many things path, anything invaluable in I D Day depends on Wednesday the panes away. You stop a right now. We just need to keep in mind not like any of this. Distract you from the fact You're not got bodied over the EPA. Instrumental got hit would another one and has yet to respond, ok and You watch my tv show tonight on MTV to one common sense: ok, eleven thirty fear for right. Yes, I right now
of course, marches woman's history math class. So when we back on, do a mixed with all my female embassies. I write by the way. Don't the gale Wednesday is a day without a woman. So that's I d, a solitary father, women that came after the women's Marceau Ladys get ready for that sooner common work, it's a day without a woman, Gentlemen? You coming on the very important field at the half way through, like a woman, I have made me feel like his arrival.
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