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Letoya Luckett and Author Ryan Holiday


Tuesday 5/9- Today on the show we were joined by former Destiney Child Member Letoya Luckett where she let us in on what she has been up to. Also, Author Ryan Holiday came to visit to speak on his newest book #EgoEnemy and other books he wrote. Moreover, Charalmagne gave Donkey of the Day to Senator Ted Cruz after he got "crushed" by Sally Yates.

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I gotta get back like a mega voyages took all we got. No point has praised round about visually. Join a breakfast club say some muddle Go go. Go, go, go! Go go: go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go more than usually means is aiming Charlemagne God. Please do not let it is too good morning. Everybody was ass. He knew by laying down all over earlier today
Madam I load did he had met life gala thing all over the city IDA event. Yesterday, at the radio data here and barbaric California Mama, bone. He moderate in it. It was a bit from a book like privilege. Opportunity come to those who created the New York Times best seller said I was a great events whistle day biting came out to that, and I am just been enjoying the town I saw. We'll. Take it figures available laying down lounging. Did you crab? Anyone out now only took a couple preaches cub. What's Goin on today in front of a sign of me and my book, I already data and in last May, he was an empty caved in an alley and in a moment, He was laid out on the steps that are more hungry, Collyer Colino on May van thin and, of course, waxing you know, is enjoying. The janitor locker I said I was hanging out with some friends of ours, the hustle gang TIA traded, true that's right. You know young girl be obeyed,
I had a show last night in New York City. Nice show, I didn't know I had so many new artist TI has like six or seven new artist. Oh yeah he's doing a translee he's really dope. They translate easier. These really really really the bare based around Europe. You're gonna do think the world is flat. I didn't ask him ned. That was one of the question that I have to ask what I've seen last night, the avenue origin in Tokyo. It was a bunch of people. Rode out, dwells antenna. They brought out a sad fur Millie Rock, to merely an Davies with a great show, glacial ass, ETA Bb kings, shot the tea. I sought to jelly me a part of it. I was great and after ace, last I heard the nay along I dont long low Labour Goodnight tat. We can only regret the illegal settlements about what was it
real. Yesterday's had about my book club is out picked up my body. I did some indication or in those areas something real value. Our model at the right moment to do. It is a dynamic and active Willie Parkersburg and he's adapted outperforms abortions and discusses why it's very important Women have the right to choose poker. So that's what I'm meeting right now I'll write while the smaller we Gus. Press against joining us. We have let Toya lucky, it needs Larry S used to be with destiny. Child and she's been on our own for the last fifteen years. Acting do and music so will kick, it would hurt and also offer Ryan Halliday. May one of my favorite authors, Ryan Holiday, used to be an east. We went to a robber, green researchers. If you know rapid rate, as you wrote, the forty law, the power in August, the Dutch in IRAN, how it has a couple books, cod
egos. The enemy one is called obstacle is the way another one is called trust me, I'm lying one of my favorite are those I can. We talked him this morning. Dhaka will ask it to show cracker front page news. What we talk about you, we are, then it's how about MEG Flam President Donald trumps, national security adviser sent us a former and will tell you how far President Barack Obama, wind down, which have not tire we'll get into all that when we come back, keep lots. His future mask offers a breakfast locomotive, get your ass. Morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a god. We are. The brain is clear. What does taken your mouth gonna have to do with Molly in Prague. Assets are representing dissent or whenever I go to the court would then only was Goin on America. Well, you personally just realized.
Was one reckon you, though it was to directly, but don't try to deflect from the fact, as you know really knows, going on the remedy, the what does taken you math golf have to do with Molly's impacts that allows you to take a mask, often be free, athelings, a fast carve, a lotta ass car crevasse carbon out he's not the utter outward almost ass was the move on over Germany found gave out of our work is a front page news that a war has gripped the gene. As a last night, one twenty one to ninety five, the of the spurs rockets, though they play that this bird it is perhaps one of his birth rocket elsewhere about Sally Yeats area. The point acting attorney general and she was testifying. Yesterday's you said she did along the way earlier this year that former trap and national security adviser Michael Flynn could be essentially black.
By the Russians. Now we ve been following this story and pray these leaving Donald Trump had appointed him. They question him about whether or not he had any interacting with the Russian This has been an ongoing discussion right and he lied and said that he had in and it turns out that he had and now she s discloses informing. And here is farmer, former acting attorney General Sally Yeats. The first thing we did was to explain to Mr Mugabe and that the underlying conduct. The general Flynn had engaged in was problematic in and of itself we told him. We felt like the vice president and others were entitled to know that the information that they were conveying to the american people was true, additionally, that we weren't the only ones that knew all this. The Russians also knew about what General Flynn had done, and the Russians also knew the general flan had misled. The vice president and
there's so eventually he could have been blackmailed by the Russians. Not understand all is legal mumbo jumbo just call me when everybody start getting arrested unimpeached when we outline and President Obama also warned. President Donald Trump begins hiring MIKE Flynn as National security adviser. According to former about administration officials. They sat down actually about less than two days after the November elections, and he had a conversation with tramp and told him that he did not think was a good idea to hire him and that he was not suitable for such a high level pose, but he high anyway so damage and, of course it to twitter. After all of his happen course, any said sallies make their fate made. The fake media dreamily unhappy today. She said nothing but old news. The Russia Tramp Collusion story is a total hoax when mothers taxpayer funded charade and biggest story today between clapper AIDS, is on surveillance. Why doesn't the media report on this has tag fake news? Need they dont Jornal dares to Sally agent. Sally may now problematic, so you
parliament. Anything else want overpaid energy and now, as the biggest story yesterday talker. Well, that's front page, and it will tell me why you're mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent call, is right, What time are you blessed? Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one? We call it get it off your chest. You want to get something off your chest. Maybe you pissed off maybe had a bad night. Maybe at a good my more good morning, moonlight ago, maybe last night it was a great name, may be a wife gave you so maybe a may. I gave you some day, whatever, maybe eight hundred five a m, one o five one by laughing. You may give you some day is to break Furthermore, the breakfast club is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man, what we want to hear from you wanna bread, is your money
I'm gonna black man may become a boy from hot potato, giving recognition a bold move aid. What factors data, how to sell men are practically all my breath of air. Data hard about how the direction set out now. Allow me, if you will let my boys, I'm ok, we got a mix tape. I gotta take part to you. Definitely in every he will come a boy sectors. He had the ministries in that light. They'll get bigger. How did you get that? You look, I'm a member, then I made these. I do what I feel you throw you probably so how is moving over thirty or more smoothly? But he does you personally so rapidly. Travelling to check out was undoubtedly the thing she is.
Data will be the same as you feel your heart do not at all times, and you will see that God take part. Three oligarchy parts will never be the same: Eurostat, video suddenly you'll be there like EU spoke ass. He spoke of your colleagues from my guy allows, aided Adrian were unanimously. Maybe we then was abroad ceremony, Maggie Small Amerika. My refers to away here to see the made money he came upon it and ass. He turned away by the way. I did it and if you were glad you ve maybe like five years ago- and I told ya, does exactly what will happen by way of keeping our support in the library our only where I really don't gear. The latter might well, maybe, but I support our really gives only so besides, I really liked what is only so long. Free graduates can return. She was to be free
from profit and allow this door while unclear tell Mama you Blaisois Tumblr is this. It goes up Gama. Actually, I'm driving my colleague yeah, I'm fine. I make my own money. Are you you're from all the driver. Yeah, I'm a girl. You really did you really do back. Even did you really need to make goober drivers? Have a black man now about a black? Is great blue? I gotta go What did I mean we're going over eggs in all their big over the edge, you don't know how you can put up in it and I can call you want you can make money or block you make agreement yesterday. Fifteen. Ninety six hundred civic Tudor poured out for yesterday- and I didn't get in but they tell you what kind of car it is when you order at the absolute only vain or judge- and I call it bent on actual voting-
I do I do it- would have to pay them enemy. I'm going. Do it honest, I won't do is Ober pool now we're not going overboard. I'm not doing over eggs only acknowledges Malcolm tell. Why are you mad or tell my bless, eight hundred, The five one o five one call us up right now is to breakfast locomotive, breakfast
Is it your time to get it on the agenda, the email or black from you, wanna breakfast lie below this by our trades or you tell them what matters more than a lad of proud that didn't make it down a bit better, even think I haven't been, have an alibi for they have an early and we actually, but there s out there. What's he put his head out and well, so was the Roman between such veto as its uncomfortable surrounding zones. In the issue now, while he was bad bad, he actually ended up in an accident you out of it and he had better get our big, but there are no ok. This is
Crazy, so let me as it is, so, how did you find out about that? You gotta be emitted, a vague then I get me then felt like humming way, the permitted in another, Man is gonna, be a great man from here on out, ok be a net. He admitted that that mistake and she forgave him he's gonna, be a great man from here on up. Allow this here is very bad for our supper. Ready wish. Are these How can these arguments can be suicide, but not to have these sums will do very well. Well, I'm going to work as it were no we're gonna wanna guy anyway, I'm I went to codes and now is called again put on my way out its bottom, where our scullion all, where is crazy,
who are you are you are you on black now, rather than with Egypt? Put my homeland, Bahama fell from independent and I'm gonna come up man, let's build. It feels good to eat things when you all are better no hand out here all right. They good serve you better to have a name like these therapies does, and what have you got a dj? Did you get a permanent residence for life? You will like it. You can never be their rearing now. I know I don't play a thousand. Way. Regarding other guidelines employing tragedies and poison, probably from an arbitrator, seventy seven ale ivy. Governing loud, follow pointed out. Here, let us as I can petition, and they don't do it our police good. He fell over our preferred easier of these hello. Dj has never know where we started with several without man. I'm definitely
bless, and I'm kind of man moved slowly, but I won a mad because recently, ghastly like glass egregious took a big loss due to gun violence outside it. Honestly rest in peace to read you. I am sure that all the grave a nome made well bless because I recently got shot a couple years ago and I'm in a wheelchair and after last night he was startled me nothing change or nothing. I'm still Doorn arrogance that I gotta do charity, Solomon and God, because our red is both excellent dope and actually met you outside of power, one of our studio b
we are not who lumbar gave you that black job a couple months ago had been. I realise that you not gonna put that guide their pledge, robbing a communal, you're right, you're right about that you have to have a bad right, like attitudes very positively very positive bones them again in a wheelchair and your positive, but nor in these not come for debt of DR, not far out over the flies in the hard. Whatever is in a computer, not afterthought me a Saturday, and you do realize you can't you, you said rest and trees and shouted out again. You do not want to put it out. We did all right. Tell why tell him you both of you. It is one bird that does that around my house and every time I come home issues or my call it doesn't matter. I can't even get to the garage fast enough before he issues on a car, and I don't know
so they d, one bird, appear to issues on everyone to cause. You talk about the borough. Two million tonnes bustling book, doubted whether you know what she did it. We all know you, birds, moraine, even got rumors, Yes find out, who won't be on rail, has wisely woloda anymore. Surprise. Surprise. Surprise! Us we'll be talking about a brand new restaurant? That's opening would say you whose opening this restaurant all right. Look you to do it when we come back to Breakfast Lowell, the breakfast glad about that.
The report on the breakfast club, where they had to fire faded from your house, wiser banana because he is nay liar drab Wanna, clues bonds for that, damn it better rumour they candy wanted to drag and a rate Porsche. You can't do that if you recall on the warehouse The Atlanta reunion hears what candy had to say about that rumor is Why are we I plead with you. Why would you mind beyond way? Is really about? Is talking about state aid, I know, that's right. You shoot old Pedro, accountable for our lives and now she's, just Saavedra
right, well. Failure posted on her Instagram Dante. Yesterday. Take up too much of tat a new day new week have a magnificent Monday: let's go through an opponent, ass, nice ass, your work, ass, quote manner was dead yesterday. By the way, are you the video of failure in the club? Dancing did not give you book, I should add to the table. A peep allows weight and That is not how you want to look when you get older. She look ridiculous somewhere in a VIP I'm not gonna. Get you buggy about fifty two years or relax, but they had no choice but to fire after she did that that's crazy can accuse one of your classmates. A rumor is gonna, go remaining to rape, someone so ridiculous, and then you go to the club integrity. Oh, you did not give you bogglingly ten thousand taken responsibility to say you know. But I was wrong. I apologize no type of development. I apologise it's over now. It's not! Your answer was that you called me a rapist heavy and by the way to about two years about the juveniles pointed Dana's opium poppy still garland candy below cost me right now,
below our right. Now. Let's discuss M that went down and these people actually ended up getting arrested, a man by the name of just in Jackson sent an email to conjugal Mars. He said he was Adele's manager. Anyone at three tickets to the Oh loud music festival in Miami, that's where Kendrick those tickets without having a cock Hendricks rap by. Adele manager would be able to get those tickets without having a cock. Hendricks rap by Kendrick RAP thought that it was very weird and actually head up the real manager and discovered the whole thing was a scam. They notified the police, so ingesting Jackson showed up with his wife to go. Get the passes. That's when they got arrested. Barely on me, are you gonna arrest, a man or date night? I don't need Jesus Gray LAB there may again. What is what made it a scam in the name of love. I write it. I want to call it. That really arrested material conceding needed got tickets to show. Yes, that is
the union provided only the mayor's areas envy. I guess I owe you Talkin about no one's convicted, opposing as Madonna's manages to steal too, four million dollars and jewellery got a sheet are you gonna, shoot a low law like pretend to be like Sierras assist last I know an old jack, don't be leg of the daily manager array, right. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room reports. Alright morning everybody e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. The girl we oughta breakfast club we got us pursue gas in the building- must withdraw your luck. It well go to have gone out of nowhere. How do you been waiting in music? I bet I have you been working everywhere? Aren't you by acting, I would ask you again, but have also been Abbe recording it was. This kind of it was talkin a balancing because, literally like I would get lagging a groove and record in everything and then go on and on
in book it being provisos when I gotta find a studio in Toronto, Ngos straight from said at what midnight and try record an album. So you know what I did the best. I could I'm glad I waited focus. I just want to put out anything to meet a timeline. How will I wanted people really like love the music and fill me in here, my hard on it? So I'm glad and grow less discuss some things. Ok, because we saw the youth to single me anyway, you're actually widening. Then agreement as like a baby video a many movie right and as true I've now I've said this is some of my friends is really hard sometimes, for guys date, you when you have a lot going out for yourself and you can like really get there. Eyes a little better and more in order and sometimes guys go intimidated like they can do things for you, you better be their removal now I'm a dismal in a word over here now is his land or how the floor with values
no you ain't got no man away Tom Jones is asking about. You know I had to sit back and I was like do if my wife had to do so. Can you looking not cream cheese? Let me take it easy do not know. It was first of all ages. We were going with the flowers he has very first via. He is so great that work with these are awesome person very professional. So it was just an honest, green thing. Was it you don't you'd only when it is armies, wow envy relic, there would have been happier around that goes by the way like after you do Dorothy than you gotta just talk like regular. I guess I'm used to it. No, because you know will be an asset. You you get. The awkward is out of the way for us off Kamer, really like
I wish I could look when you get off now vat happen and then was soon as we call it was like. I e that moment away now you are wearing gay, saffron, Rob Hill Ray and lit a yellow video that's all we ban we way way way way, but you guys were very public as post
he's out there and everything we were ended up happening. I think any time you open up and allow yourself to love and love hard, thus risky takeover of possibly not workin out, and although we really did love and care for each other interesting, it didn't turn out the way we wanted it to reign, and I wish him the best. Is it sucks in order me because I'm Israel is again a real person. You ask invited knows me to do this. This is known by day job, but I am a lover at heart. I'm a friend I like real people like real things. I share real emotions, especially do
music, which I did on this album, but you know, heartbreak, happens, dinner, open up an alliance of did the break up inspires some of these arms at all. I was already in the process of making the album. He was there for some of it, and you know I think, after listening back to the album, I can definitely them definitely listen to some of my own records after that experience, because music has helped me he'll from from the beginning I mean of my life. I can remember as a key but my first break up fourteen years old, I was vehement tony breasted album. Why didn't they break my heart? And I don't know you don't understand. I it add. Music is always done for me, so I definitely said back and listen to some of my records. In God s will
yeah break up Playlist Quasimodo high women have their breaker playlist when you break up somebody home aimed at eliminating any thing, merrier, never sure any being weary right now right, that's my dogs who lavishly ass, they burn is a good one to yeah, I'm break my heart Mazzoni Braxton not have does recognise disconnected. That is probably one of my favorites off album and I love you too, because I was so vulnerable in a moment and is the only saw an album where just my voice in a piano, which is something I really really money. For this album Hale, I was harbor on Ebay, so is is so my playlist for sure are worlds apart is definitely off my album another record s gray for her break Hale mob thing about this like us, but back to life agree languages. The jobs they wanted to buy seems like he once you
I've been video. What would therefore wanted to buy? One was eight minutes with ten minutes. Yet the ape man, you gotta, whilst of course my mom, you washed out when asked the real, deep juicy crazy one where we go off. In that way, that ever happened to you absolutely dated a man. He was too close and you're gonna buy another one. Only overran thrust, that's over it here, because the latter sounds like oblivious of being on you as a war. May we we have that the intuition and we like she, lay back in occur for a reason she always had. It was for you, but probably thought you never looked at her in that way whatever, but from the get go. I said that she wanted more than just a friendship. Is how sister moment as she's having is temporary. How do you feel about now? Would you data guy who ok, what if it was his best friend like, but Are you leaving many tether named noting tat known since,
lot accrue now we learn in the group that I have a friend that women can. We grew up together, now, and he really is one of my best friends is by the love me like we get along gray, but that's really, we ve known each other, since we were like fourteen years old and grew up, again. I knew his former girlfriend death, may you know, do you feel like you? Might which itself a risk for women in our friendship, everything the job bill is Rennes, you known. If they have some go bad is I've had to somebody I'm not for life. Several
There is great guy. I think he likes me in that way. Now, whoever he never let he's a date. My best friend I leave oh yes, you will always been for an absolute must. Now you never data my friend what an actor always feel that you like me, and I will but I always try to keep a low profile, allow it and then, on the other side, as you like Games person knows me Ray love me they care for me, army knave, they ve been in my life in and I have a trust for them, but at the same time, oh no. I assume that you still considering it though, or are we got em all of toy you look? It will weaken. Bad, we'll talk, destinies chow will also tall capacity ladyship's. It over to break with locomotive breakfast morning, everybody's dj, envy Billy YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club we have. Let saw your luck it in the building, but no one you get back the music. I mean it's been years. You ve been doing flakes, there's no real money
can you more about it does not in any way for in the universe. Am I asked me to recently I won't I sell a new art is on my first of all. If you're doing this for money run now roses, that's not what it's for ass, his love music, is where my heartiest I'm telling you helped me healed in relationships. It helps me. I feel music. I feel it in autumn mean especially when I'm listening to a certain record in this person is literally speaking to me in everything. Then I'm goin through their saying, or they are saying everything that I want to say to this love were love one, but I don't know how to put it into words like I love them in and to be on the other side of that and be able to create that. How can I can live without them at all?
in effect the people, so my whole life really help other people, you don't understand how it feels a people like what is your highest moment, your career, what does your Lois and, unlike the highest, giving a war forget anything like that is where the money comes at me, as is like, for instance, my personal torn. I tore me leave that that abusive relationship when I didn't have the strength to leave, I will listen to your record in and help me to finally come. You know, make their decision essayed to Saint right. For me, I guess that's what gets me excited. That's what inspires me to go back and booth in an and create more wreck
like that that people can feel and relate to cause. I know I don't know what I had gone through in honouring answer is still my science. It is day I still play its horns backs alive. Caught on the reason I love that record. Is you find that I know it's horn? I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do in this situation, and should our goal was is for me should try work through a better life is saying I've done at and I gotta get back to me. I gotta get back to what fees me. What what what makes me feel like full and in any event, relationship an inspiring you and helping you to grow or making you feel for feel run like we only got a little bit at home owners. Are, you do not know you expiration date and, if you're, something that's not feeding you if you're as something that continually like every single day pulling you down. If there be any
respectful. Why are you there right? Why are you to satisfy? What need is it? A financial need is. If you dont want to be alone, we gotta get out of this space. Then we would you say, you're looking for another, you ve been through everything you now yoda you like everything around. I, which you don't why slimmed down alone, but from youth ebbed away from raw which is immortal regional programme, will hamburgers and motivation is beginning, is all right by minimize the growing, very funny areas bachelor over to corporate board. That's me, you know,
made her aggregate here all criminal, your work. You know. I think that that was something that the especially was slam. He from our. How he's home to me on a mean us fees from home town, and we should we are backing for fourteen years up the he's like family to me. You are films that very close absolutely, but you know I wish, invest a work out in that way. When you like, I'm telling you it's probably with my brother in the studio night, that's how how close we were. At best. We are personalities, especially with the comedy you know him. He made his money and crazy and which has no felt very ill advised the target that right. You know we were able to relate in some ways and in his in with and with Rob E. Very intellectual well spoken, and he was the best for four people feeling a little
What am I rather than to be perfect and live up to all those quotes? Ease posting, that's what I showed us tough, that is tat causes like you, cannot mess up, Adam, put a bodies, clothes and told you what to do now. I gotta live by its hired to do what you like as hard for you to say: ok, in this situation is that what you should do is easy to give somebody s advice, but sometimes
follow our own nine ass, the hardest thing I mean, I can sit up, I've been on panels and shoe even some of our music. I give greater vice and- and I found myself in a situation like what I wish to buy it at the same time you living you, learn and asked what life is about. As you know, taken those experiences and learn from I've. I've got a been blessed to its love. Some awesome people, not just with wifi girl for relationships with I've. I've had some awesome people in my life and even though above my head and a few things you know like we all do. I can honestly say that I am a better person force and I learned from every single situation is hard
Hale you now is its help to make me into the woman that I am today. I saw you at the wearable our earlier event, yeah yeah, I tell him, nor does it I would like to address so. Wearable was like you supposed to come in, some type of art see, look in how it was kind of it was after, like you would like our man. Miss Gower a little bit like everybody's dinner gallo? Thank you. Norman It was a good time on I'm so happy for what Ms Tina is doing in and she's she's is by inspired me as a young girl watching her hair salon every day and balance now being a wife, a mother, a stylist and then helping to raise all four of us. Like you don't owe me, we,
out of our homes are, like twelve years all Caesar and into her home on Gaza, probably a handful of absolutely insult to watch what she's doing with these young girls help into inspiring, and especially the writers. Some of those from the girls. Gotta theory spoke a shared with us and is like out like all they need is someone who say? Yes, you can you can do this? You are capable of doing this, for you know, we understand where you come farm and whatever, but that doesn't have to you now hold you keep you in a box, you not a man, so I'm so glad forward no machinist issues relating to dismiss saluting the autumn, yet Besmeard yeah we up and that's what you know, there's something else that I think, especially with with social media, to fight that people want to Hake and people want to want people to they like driving back and forth. They love it. They feed off of it and I want to say the Ladys of DC. We ve all done all thing, we're doing all being well grown.
And we all do that. We'd all we'd, all feed off it at an we wish each other the best. Every time we see each other as a genuine moment, hugging have achieved a lot like is not that it is now a real housewives of Atlantic reunion. Another layer- and you know why now we know balls being thrown over Here- the point about all this talk of a bio pig? Would you be down with back as everybody keeps San destinies, how Bio pig? Let's do it would be interesting, video store good after watching light, the new additional I'm all good guys and accruing production has ever out, but I think for at think for for me honestly, in order for an order for me to feel like ok with it, I think the girls we would have to do it may we would have to get together come together share our stories, decide what we wanted talk about gotta like an audition. Could they were part of tat? It can be some bodies and a we're going to renew it
our no. Nevertheless, you wouldn't have excellent notices, though no need have no interest in you that no additional, but it does exactly as it is. Is this good? I definitely M was blessed to be a part of such an amazing grew and amazing experience so yeah our member of the EU, do saw no. This is what will notice refugee. What is wrong with you, when you put your demanded it am I sometimes I do not have every right to. We got more volatile, you're lucky throw all morning everybody's dj envy, Angela YE shall remain the God. We are the breakfast club. We have Latour you're lucky in the building enough, I'm chilling were there, Germany is a neighbour by nobody that I'm a clay right now in his idea, because I'm has had a method, mellowed fibre relations. I am going to tell you that what I mean is it is. You know how it is its. We can really date.
Is anybody we seen with Wisley? Beware: do you don't Amazon and has been that's not fair. So I think that I make a leave everything you know. I gotta public by my gives. Our share. My heart is a fight that love that love. I whole close them not only my personal relationships as long as I can so I can build a foundation. That is how we can have a good foundation without all the economy and say I am very issue during that being made public before and do in Poland. I wanna make those things we with a squeal weeks will bury Maggie. When you in a moment, you wanna hear you wanna sheer you want to share with the world what you're feeling and was on your heart like I vow, because this rare, when you log
somebody in and be able to relate to somebody and all that stuff like that. So and I M feel that way, and I have no regrets. I have no regrets about about share What kind of guy would you be looking for now? I know that I know that you say like these are the qualities that I look for, because I made some mistakes, but this was important to me. I am a man of God. First, my spirits connection is very very important. Somebody who understands what we do is hard to meet real people. Everybody wants to show what they representatives, because they have this. They think you have this expectation of them and they have to live beyond their means, and then you find out later our baby. I got eyes who pennies throughout the girl and I dont want their person, but I'd be honest about chose. This is where I am life. This is what our building and you have let you have to have that have goals by
and this one employer in you not me where's. Your vision bore what's goin on here, a visit that what do we do? You guys do visa boy, no we'd guys. I do not mean let me go out and cars on it. Not only are we in tax do forgive feeding say somebody cheated on you have before in the past I have before in the past is not something that I want to deal with them in the future. On anything on energy I would say no up.
Sure they have in their life, but once they, you know, maybe more. Thank you married or get it out of your system sum up some form of known to not go back to that. It appears on relationship. It depends on a woman involved and in what she's willing to put up with. I does not some. I want to do with you not to me a heart everybody. Everybody knows with that of a majority of people that I know not. Where feels like moved to peace, you feel stabbed in the back me. You feel like unlike the secrets I might the seekers share with me, tell tale. I rather you tell me, I'm a party here, no more or I have interest somewhere else. I'm kind of filling his girl in our own, oh I'm so open for those kind of conversation more so then I got a final later. So if you knew you with Ngos which took clubs, It was a shipload of fat, as that is what a map of one tiny, because no, I would not
which is why they have our say. I'm saying I b, I had a conversation in that moment. Did you want to touch her? Did you want to grab that is like? Where was your mind? All we like, or do you want is something you want to pursue is someone you can see a future with less about it, but I want to see my girlfriend a b where her care more fun like this, which are blue our here, dealing you're back like Beth embarrassment, don't embarrass me you'd make a blue like that when you do here is the fact that a game of moves when your girlfriend's, nor was she doing things no way when lasting, ask ye re my advice segment Many call last week, as you said, the guy's, using as perfect like great with areas like everything about him, ass, they sat alone, has a really small, penis. Ok, but she wanted to know. Should I still try to stick it out cause? He says he feels like she's gonna end up cheating on him Oh man, don't now. Let's say that was you guys, perfect everything's grain and is peanuts? Lay
I have been badly with low or that will school knows a bit better. It is a thing how important it is that, if I could be honest, that's definitely on my list. Would you, rather than it is at all? I just that's a lie and what they feel wool today. I now want to feel that I just feel like if you feel you won't go, run out and she Mallingham then does not does right now that it does not cool, and I will want to have a real all fancy conversation like We should be real by France, you're, the guy you are in the rain guy. You could be a uncle demarcation in writing de la decayed and no one. I would want to do
Like your army, we really had a twenty rule, but disobey bar use would the eighty ways she was the eighty twenty rode out of their already set on the moon if they're doin, if eighty percent wrappings writing you satisfied- and you guys know whatever good place, then always river, where it really might just be that whatever the rain in autumn, as twenty percent of a penis its by Carlo Israel, now loading disable, anyone know what they are becoming as they could something, but we appreciate you could join as the outcomes of this Friday me I'll get. It makes life where we appreciate you came back from seventy years. Combined. Did you get back right back in a studio? Firearms is to break with club.
What do I look at you get the breakfast room for the purpose of blackness pennies been missing. He wasn't the met gala, which he would go to every year, plus he got rid of his twitter and his instagram. Where is kind yea goddamn smoking, place, a guiding the DMZ he's working on his new album he's in awhile, aiming at the top of a mountain looking for inspiration. So I beg you should droll everybody and call them so Please will you ve been there and my only for about a week any also when a couple of weeks ago, so he's in the middle of getting this album down what don't worry army under the gig? and tat. There was another gay gabble. Ok, dad is death arrival at times, brag Hannay was bad. It out in public was during.
At times day at a dinner date with came so there's been a minute. He looked miserable your blog for Ukraine, is that farmers, but their November. You look like you, this big for to work towards a camera phone inflation. Not right. Now. Why lay is speaking on his shine? Album sales he's out about twenty two thousand in the first week. We talked about that and he actually went on em. They struggle as you, so it Joe Biden, academics and here's what he had to say about numbers. My mother is a much broader. Fourthly, on travellers, or would we will we will we put him? the announcement on land and nobody, others are increasing. While I would have been man, I did it. I did it for gas worth freed up this morning are, faced my words, don't violation so somewhat out of six hours. I'm doing something right, I believe in an omnivore, my heart, you know I'm saying This, then, is a lot of people to have anything. To me.
Good. I might another way about numbers lovers increase if they think that anyone else's album is out and a lot of people have inherited yet, but I do feel like you know, we live in a time were first week sales. Don't matter is much, but if it was the other way round and while they had sold like two hundred thousand wreckage he'd be tapping baby bragging about that yeah Thorgest is, what did you do but not a great deal? I love Wally's China. I write an escape as had there first meeting in twenty years, so you as he could see that on. The eye tiny show now tiny reveals we didn't know em bear in mind by the way we all saw tee. I just as to pack at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony wrote last month, but tiny said she actually had the opportunity to get to pack you she said Durham Show is,
She said wherever I away without so without thereby nearby and awarding I had to what was there. We have solved the irritated me, I'm not all that I'm a lotta history should back by data that superfluity get there by way of the good old days array. Was you guys them history? didn't happen. Voted in Africa could have Tupac level where the fuck is amazing, because I hope that is real. Twenty one years after I'm dead as to party, I too bogs out here, beaten, beaten, he's waiting, bees and eighty behind A you know. You got women, don't got a movie coming out of it, like you would take part, was honest, Graham right now, as set out to everyone.
They involve the Olives army movie. I actually saw another clip. There was settling yesterday that shows that super character. Reading a poem, two Jane, a pink its midst character. Cliffside is what does it moving a salute? Everybody losing a beast to pardon to doubt the seventy gotta be a real de head, lose a beef to a dead man. I we know you're talkin about I'm Angela yea, and that is you are rumour reports all right, Miss Ye Charlemagne. Yes, we given that the two main donkey of the day going to Mr Tat grew tired, but dont the other day job Democrats are being got every day a little bit of a mess like adults
I've been called a lot of my twitter. You don T have a day is a mere. Why don't you today? For Tuesday may knife gold descended its aid crews? Now former acting attorney General Sally Yeats is testifying before the Senate about the connections form of security of either Michael Flynn had with various russian entities, not TED crews, requesting Sally AIDS about the constitution. Now the of trumps Muslim Ban, I'm gonna, be honest, I'm not too familiar without a legal jargon these who was fitting, but I do recognize that TED Cruz is trying to catch Sally, Yates, slipping. Oh, he was trying to nail it to the wall. Now. Ted Cruz is a former Supreme Court clerk, so in theory he should have a proper understanding of this issue. You should understand constitutionality how Trump's Muslim ban doesn't work.
Now. Sally age back in January, told the Department of Justice not enforced trumps muslim ban and tromp responded by firing harass. So I'm shows that Sally eight was waiting for her day in court. She has been preparing mentally shadow boxing sharpening her constitutional saw it ready to fly the idea of trumps muslim band, shreds well TED crude learn at the hard way when he tried to kill sallied slipping Sally. Let him know that her Wooten swords Thou is very dangerous, played a cliff by this express text to the statute. It says quote: whenever the president finds that the entry of any alien orbiting class of aliens into the United States, would be detrimental to the interests of the United States he may by proclamation in for such period. Is he shall deemed necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem appropriate? Would you agree that
is broad statutory authorization. I would- and I and two million with that- and I'm also familiar with an additional provision of the irony that says no person shall receive preference or be discriminated against and issuance of a visa because of race, nationality or place of birth. That I believe, was promulgated after the statute that you just call. Didn't that's been part of the discussion with the courts with respect to the eye. Nay, is whether this more specific statute, trumps, the first one that you just described not concern, was not an iron eight concern here. It rather was a constitutional concern now, a lot of was politically challenged, people can get past all illegal mumbo. Jumbo knowledge has happened. Basically, take crews asked Sally AIDS about the constitutionality of Trans Muslim. Man and Sally turn it around on crews and explained to him how constitutional law really works and din. Let him know that trumps muslim Ban attempted to avoid proper
I see from the attorney general's office, you know it. Let me go to war Bledsoe, he had a great reaction is pretty much sums it up, really simple in plain, listen to what we have just had to say about sallied, clap back on tat crews, There should be crushed. I would say that it or crews you met you may I met your match, but question is: is is your work and I think that just fine, she cried You know we really have to put this Sally AIDS, clap back in its proper context, because our love and people who are purposely on the side of wrong try to make those on the side of right look stupid. I've been Tellin YA, got it right now. Shouldn't be about conservative verses, liberal right, verses left. It should be about right, verses, wrong, good versus evil,
God versus eaten, and this is one of those situations would take cruises, purposely trying to defend evil and God clapped back through Sally Age, but you're not going probably appreciated. Unless we add some sauce to it. Did this sadly yards vocals. What the sauce on command tat are. We gotta put played a cruise sallies clip again by this expressed. Text of the statute. It says quote whenever the President finds that the entry of any alien or venting class of aliens in the United States would be detrimental to the interest of the United States. He met by proclamation such period is, he shall deem necessary, suspend the end. We have all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non immigrants born those on the entry of aliens, any restrictions originating from. Would you agree that that is broad statutory authorization? I would.
I am familiar with that and I am also familiar with an additional provisions, apply, enabled says no person shall receive preference or discriminated against and issuance of a visa because of race, nationality or place of birth that I believe, was promulgated after the statute. The June, to squander them. That's been part of the discussion with the courts with respect to the eye. Nay, is whether this more specific statute, trumps, the first one that you just described not concern, was not an eye and a concern here, but rather with a constitutional concerned, see when you ass, you saw to it. It makes to clap back that more epic does any please give tat grew Did you see her jeez, alright, we'll take you for a donkey today, Charlemagne, yes, and now one of my favorite office is about the into the room right,
Yes, Ryan, a holiday will be joining us when we come back to don't move. I love ran out of the oven. Tell me all about his book eagle. The enemy she get that you get obstacle is the way you should get trust me, I'm lying he's by one of my new favorite authorised by. I said he what am I knew? Favorite author disease, bad news and say something didn't because anything about by, but he's one of my new favorite. We both heard. I will get it to him when we come back. He unlocked the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is the envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne, we also breadfruit club. We got us pursue get in the building right How would I ride out is absolutely my new favoured author of the moment and comfort on the Rhine, holiday or guardian of Clark actually consulting. Yet I ha media. You recommended a book to be called egos. The enemy renders booking like Data have been. I would like this is great
I went on board diabolical and trust me, I'm lying. What would tell him a little box mood budgets over? I could get twenty nine and twenty nine pretty young to be doing so help both by you seem to know some things? I know nothing Do I think I mean look at. I think of a book is what know about the world plus, but you are studied and learned about the world know I came. I came into I had a very good mentor. Let you talk about in your book. I would for Robber Green who, at the four all the power and one of my favorite? Oh yes, I was his research assistants. Every sort of I was. I was an apprentice rain. He showed me how this both, how this industry works, and showed me a lot about the world and then ass from there I had an interesting job as a director marketing an american apparel for a long time. This autumn, craziness there look at the end, and apparently shutting down now he s very sad. Not it would be difficult to separate that story and ego from each other right. I do you build a billion
a company in less than ten years and unwanted disappear in the same amount of time right. So the book is about the ambition that takes people to great heights often is also what proves to be there. In doing so, you did say I'm talking about building this company. There was where so much money, and then with so much drama, and you are a media manipulator. Also, Imagine you had your work cut out for you here I mean I think one of the union and things about a company like american imperils. It's it's kind of a crazy idea right and a lot of really successful. People are crazy and everyone, told them when they were starting that it would never were extended Caesar. Yes, there are still wearing it's great stuff. But if I were you, I wouldn't whenever one says like that's, not gonna work, and then you do it anyway and it does work. That's that's what an entrepreneur does it's, what a great person does, but then you have also learned a dangerous lesson, which is that
shouldn't listen to other people, you ignore all the haters more most and at most, a lot of time the haters are right or their raising legitimate concerns of you get. This attitude were analysed in any one of mine. I make my own reality. The problem is: what happens when that gets off? right. Now, all of a sudden, everyone is trying to help you trying to warn you not to do this or that that's a huge mistake. Then you and destroying the thing that you just worked so hard to build. Not definitely part of that story. You will get some of my kind. They re, obviously he's he's. A genius is incredibly talented. He pushes passed what other people think is normal, okay and that works, but that also prevents him from say. Staying in his chair at the Grand Canyon, This is, I think, a cabin, not trust me. I'm lying competitive, a media manipulated after like everyone in the trunk the is read your book and up, like this whole social media areas. All media manipulation to use it so defeated, is coming so yeah
Definitely- and I know some of them have read the book I hear from them. I think people have realized if I don't care what I'm getting attention or if I just care that I'm going attention, I am essentially invincible. They are press- is good and right. I do. I think that ultimately rose you ruins you as a person, but a more you're trying to do is go from unknown. To know it's very easy right, there's nothing bad! You can say about a reality star that doesn't help their career. Highly general commercial hurts Pepsi, it doesn't hurt her career, she just underline, It is more famous because we're talking about a right now right and so they move, but don't they have to get rich right now could if they dont ass, if no future. If not long term strategy, certainly because you're not actually producing anything, and so I think that's also part of eco right is that if all you want is attention all you
is valid. Asian you'll. Do these crazy things, but you won't leave it round were first a real career, for you won't do the work that needs to be underneath the massacres which you know you do self help. Books, cell phone books, sometimes bottom, ok, animator, you are, I feel, like a lotta terms. Authors played the fears of people a place to the fact that people want to be better. There was, gotta go in a church, sometimes sometimes surcharges adona for right reason, and sometimes they do for Roma need to pull money from people. Sure so what makes your book I want to see a real self assemble Edward. What books like genuine opposed to some other authors, cause some side when you look at it seems like everybody due to self help right now, everybody telling people you should do this, you should do that. Make your genuine was so you look at it lets, say you're sitting down in a blank page like I want to write a book. It's gonna make a lot of money right. The first thing you would do as you would tell people exactly what you want to hear what they want. They want here here right yeah, exactly so the difference between saying
no the enemy. The ego is a problem that maybe you're not as great as you. You think you are that you need to check yourself. Is it not? This is not as viral messages say at the title of a book like you are a bad right or the power of the power within. So I am not doing those books, but what I'm saying is that I think I've made a very conscious choice with my books to write what I think is important. I care about even at the cost of sales in the short term. I think at the end of the day, if you're writing, something that is true and honest you're going to be passing up. Some short term attention or notoriety MA am unwilling to me. No, I mean a thing I like about you out to renew the enemy was one chapter that thought I didn't agree with, and I or nearly all we agree with him, but I like what you think about it: the chapter about passion, I believe and passion
but you should find your passion and you should pursue it. Would you don't believe that, but what you said, whether she passion with a purpose- and I would like to say that I agree with what you mean. You should believe that, like your hire, someone for the showed you want someone who's talented or do you want some of these passionate. I want skills re like I want people know what they're doing I want. I want passion monsieur le Figaro, which would allow the timescales you can teach skills you can't he passion, We have seen a lot of people who had a lot of skills as a basketball. How laws could never make it an mba because it can have a passion, I think Pash I've into passion. In that sense, I think it's the person who's. Who wants to go a million miles a minute. They want to go in all directions at all time. I want someone who's like. I know I'm trying to do very disciplined and very controlled, very focused, totally answer to me. That's purpose you
love. What you're doing you gonna have that that task here, dedicating your life towards, but it can't like. I say this with the unbridled passing all over the place as it is about authors. They want to have a book. They don't want to write a book and so passion to have a book threats right right, but that's not gonna write the pages for you, I would get more, would write a holiday when we come back morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a girl. We are the breakfast club we have or the right. In a building Charlemagne. Being a medium manipulate, always say that I feel, like medium Manipulate, explained magazine when you say that in an earlier manipulative and my first book is sort of an export, EVA media system and having worked with a number of like controversial Klein's, what you're doing is a publicity stunt or creating attended. So it's it's. It's obviously an extreme concept, but can you jerk on the puppets trims a little better, get them
to do what you want to do, I don't like any value and shop whatsoever. No, let who like to call me a shadow but also gives an evaluation after like a visually, your crash and burn. If that's what you're standing? Oh, yes, totally it you need to get crazier in crazier, keep getting attention, and eventually, I think you and of crossing a line of blue ethical. If the way I did Thomas auto turning travelling to try and how do we turn to try to do everything in his country right now, currently in the tribes, particularly to administration, I've got you out of a job and you don't even know it's. There definitely think it's a trial. Look I think first, but the first thing that people do when their face with some sort of bad situation. Is they freak out when they make it worth the way from thrives is by keeping everyone outrage on the internet all the time
right. He actually has a relic. Here's a very slim, actually a minority of support in this country. So if people are freaked out, all the time of people are are responding. Some damn thing he said on Twitter, instead of organizing, are coming up with a real, coherent sort of opposition agri. Here, you're you're not gonna, be successful. So I think what what is it my book is most my books are based on what constitutes philosophy and stuff.
Sir about controlling your emotions were seen things of jack, you ve not getting emotional, not grant worse, still illusion tat. So many the biggest enemy is inaction. The first enemy is just reactions. Emotional reaction. I can't believe you said that you were in a losing. Your head is, though, is the first Napoleon said that the first qualification of a general is a cool head, and I think that's true unlifelike, no matter how bad the situation is, freaking out, never makes it better. No telling yourself. This is unfair that unscrewed impossible that doesn't help, and then then you get to work on as I would say of a long term strategic plan, and I think, if you do that in a four years is both a long time and not that long, but be very long if you're thinking about its second by second now, you have a hard job Eddie. I so you're writing a book with bird man and
No, not anymore, not anymore. I want to know what happened to the private. I wrote a chunk of it and then it just sort of snow fell away. Local abattoirs motors spent correctly as I what is this you have already in the same to you, my dear my favorite part of other clip is all people turn you can get out of I had him if I thought I was glad with cash money in everybody rising? So so you know what every whatever you think it's in arguing that one of the most successful you know, companies in the history and yet a business that little and an end think what so impressive to me about them, and what I wanted to write about it is is that they were successful, I'm like ninety nine percent of it in music, if you're, if you're successful music, if not that hard to then start fashion line or licence you're? You know your brain and make up the money that way as a lot of other people and have opted there are the only ones that it made honey. The millions die selling saw like and continue to and from the earth like they start
Winder Vano was on the radio and there still on the radio. Today there I think in arguably the most successful independent music company in history and and that incredibly impressive, that's what the book was gonna be about this, their way of doing business and projects are often fall I don't know what you are now he's a very brave: no it up with the job. You go the enemy. I can't tell me you, gotta have a ego. Why echoed in what I think That is one of the things I found with a book is like the people who have the most immediate, negative reaction to this idle or are probably the people struggling with lower. I, if I see a book- and I haven't read it in my opinion- is Let me see: what's inside right of people
version that all week there people react totally when people of goodwill I heard is when someone has a very strong opinion about something they have experienced or don't know. It says nothing about that thing in everything about them all a lender, and I think that's true so so I'm not saying confidence is an important and confidence is very important, even something different egos, arrogance and delusion, and selfishness and greed, and all the other negative traits tat actually hurt. Successful people. You know I don't think colony was his egotistical about his music, getting his great of allergies. There's no way he doesn't sit in the studio, an end subject himself to incredibly rigorous difficult standards right shit. You feel that way. As the Essen points like with like me, whether or colonel you know you producer wrapper,
you produce something you feel like. There's nobody covered is, though, that others, I didn't know it or I think ego is of course I can also be successful in fashion with half the amount of work that I put into my music gray and serve. So I think it looked to bring up May when the timeless cycle in boxing is the hungry up a calmer defeats, the over Confidence- ambient and then becomes the over confident tat. He defeated by the person who trains harder, so it I think in some ways you might you might think deep down that what you have is great and amazing, but you also have to be of little antlers. Perfection is two things that year, your stuff is terrible and that's what's making you improve at all like when I look at my books, I think I see all the things that I can do better than when it that I need to fix We need to improve and that's what I think propels you forward, Domine, so much information that our five I buffers did. You look is how to get every twenty nine year old.
Crammed a lot and relative where it was. It was crazy for awhile were Ryan already may go pick up his books. You go the enemy of the good way lying. All right, what would you have me man and begged for a great conversation is the breakfast club is right already with Angela Club, where did he is getting Sue Bay Cindy Rueda? Who was his personal chef? Now there was a problem when she said that she was regularly summoned to serve. Did he and his gas while they were involved or right after sexual activity. She said at least on one occasion did he was naked when she came in a room and said the languages sake. I write so basically, she says one time when in his friends, actually approached her in the kitchen. While he was naked and asked her to check out his staff, so she says that there was
sexual harassment going on he, she complained about it's one of did his assistance and as a result as they made it, look like she stole one of his watches and she was fired arrival. I understand why does it matter when she served him food like white? What is apt to set out to do in a chef lagging? He was still naked and ask them to you like what you see and then she said that she complained about sexual harassment and then they said to get fired and then allegedly she says there did. He asked her to sign an exit agreement waving our rights to swim and she wouldn't sign, and that was it. She refused to sign that she was terminated and she's doing for wrongful termination were now according to daddy his representing it's a frivolous lost through by a disco dulled ex employee who was fired for cause. So we don't know what really happened by speaking of chefs. Asia. Curry is opening her first restaurant. Congratulations to her. She went to so the media and said, while the word is that I will be opening up my press, restaurant in San Francisco, I can't scream
enough how grateful and humbled I am by this blessing. So thank you. Jesus, it's been so how to keep this to myself is called international smoke. Restaurant. That's gonna, be there flagship restaurant. She said the pop up that she did was so successful, so she is now turning her dreams into reality. So regulations to hack illegal drugs should carry the IRA. Let's talk about page as she was fired from the real housewives of Atlanta, that's all because he made some false allegations against candy, saying they candy plan to rape to drug and re poor. Now here's what happened on the rail has wise of Atlanta reunion. When can He found out that feature made the whole story up. Your know how much I care about that because the same our bread ass, their parents, teachers like that like to me it's what they must do best when they participated, those like whatever, whatever with those whatever
but drugs you, I believe, a go back. I repeat that I would trotted shrug somebody. You understand that shrugging somebody, while their drinking it ray in them home is right now are paid. We have two zero new day new weak on her instagram, but in other Rio has wise of Atlanta. New Cynthia's Ex has been Peter Time is getting a new reality show as well he's getting a spin off about his restaurant on. Bravo, which I'm sure he's excited about an formats, I've cams Elsie agony, I gonna be returning to rail, has twice at land law. To give him Peter shows we body empowered at all is getting so it's been. I shall about his restaurant law. Liner. He bought the power whole group, girls and Charlotte is can be obtained. Bought into that data can be feel any self. Could they won't be arria? Having very opinionated says, they'll be good at making the hyena I'm talking about all into their wages that work for him there doing and be able to tell nothing.
They are. I mean baby, I'm rather my brother Charlotte Yogi, ready to keep your foot on a next ranks let him shy man? Let these lady sound, no job, no job paid. Him knows no party. These are the only one left them get there. Why you, in only money they go, get vowed tat. Let him get there and they get pay. Ladys are right, I'm Angela yeah, that's your room, a report all right! Thank you, miss you
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