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MON 8/1 - DJ Envy discovers that today is "National Light Skin Day" and Angela Yee & Charlamagne try to figure out what to get him on his day. Then Lil' Durk stops by The Breakfast Club to discuss his new album, why people don't believe his relationship with Dej Loaf and whether or not Chi-Raq will return to being Chi-Town.

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Oil pollution era them during the various categories, the only one who can remain a Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo morning. Easily deadlines is Andy. Charlemagne guy piece of land is my yes, it's Monday back to work week. Somehow we have said that I just finished on new black
I believe that before you- and he said I wasn't away before I know, but I gotta like episode, Magna Carta form, a guy One other thing: formaldehyde: infinite studies. We gain why you may tell me why would I tell you If you were my dear fuck me and our way, ass tat, you know say anything: I have in mind the Alamo Hierarchy of that a figure in all social media that easy to come across my time line at all. Let me say I definitely cried writing eyes, not a god cried then. I got angry with her. I cried and in our very very deleting all added at ITALY that is created. You cry like creature, you glad you agree to allow China border even groggery. Remember tat. I believe it is very touching. Yes, let me like a sadness cry, but nobody groggery.
Naturally, United Cry. I die like said it's here: every with ended, Blake tears streaming down is based on the arm of the black sea. Three deathlike Ricky getting shot boy than the hood. Dine and lying King Tom Tom is dying and my girl in a if it's like of not under that what is done. Nah Magua lousy surrounds over weaken for care about it had a couple of shows out there. I thought I had an asset and Kevin Gates got arrested going into Canada. Made it to Canada, they they denied ever. They said he had some we
in the end. It has gone out of doors to run Irene evident in ever made it into Toronto. I mean you know eater anybody down if we have any or if you ve been arrested before full felony or you have anything on you, they will try, you have you a hides a media. All my motto is America? Was I going away from a big they offered for the most part? We knew right anyone here, what they turn around the manual cable companies to make him it was the caravan, as always, is always amazing. Thats all west indian people caribbean people are. Data was celebrating. Where therefrom, There were so many parties. There was no problems, no vile. Is it just a great time it's right over weakening what gets what they say about America when, like we go to try to go to places like Canada can like? No, we all want joke. I hate that live anywhere to get us. Canada have anything is not just, american lives in about who is our over to weaken. Our role is gaining Does anybody, as I suggested every now running,
I was impressed by Pike. We did his family dating with Emblem health man. It was grey role, is getting for the kids not always do broker ivory. Get in a while as nice as acute hearts gates? That's what everybody name! That was no go right now I was nice if the king was now lost their farm bill, Tirana rules given kids do circles around you ass, you fall in love and admit it is not too many. Thanks anyway, don't ever sees gateways anymore, there's a few of them, but you know I was again: I know it's something I hadn't done in a while. There's a lot of kids out there to shout out to everybody who was hanging out with us. We had some juices for life samples and What about you shall noted it over. We can just thought you we getting damn right. Listen now our guidelines into Zoo K, no they do nothing better than me. Ok, nothing on the weekend idly apps.
Nobody does not know the other knows no body there might not have invested in me. Ok, I'm the best at doing nothing. When I want to do nothing and when I got nothing to do right where little Dirk will be joining us this morning, cargoes old, dark but it up with in Chicago left me you made it out, for I wasn't? No problems were always but they did no problem in Chicago, but their front page news come about when we talked about may have and our wide download chums own party is mad at him. Right now, everybody he's gonna ladder back last. Some people are saying he's finally gone too far removed from the. I will get into all that when we come back you, but that is the purpose of the morning Everybody is e g in the Angela YE showed me, the guy. We are the Breakfast Club Oskinson front, page news now, Donald Trump, he went too far again. Oh yeah and everybody is criticising Irena. Even his own party has issues with something that he has to say now. This is because he criticised as slain
american soldiers family has only one. I do my days left before the election is crazy right now, according to add Download tramp, he said he was viciously its hat by Mr. Can at the Democrats convention? Am I not allowed to respond? Hilary voted for the back boy? Not me, so the problem is that the parents of catching can fool killed in a war. They were, they were speaking, but only the father was speaking so down a term tried to say that the reason why The wife was in speaking, was because he was not allowed, was allowed to speak Israeli said he would like to hear her voice, but it seemed not allowed to speak and allow a backlash now again, that even JEB Bush everybody, if you know, there's only one way to talk about gold, star parents with honor and respect. I said Ohio Governor John Kasich tweeted out captain kind of the hero to get it. We should pray families, don't complain, vote Did you really don't like down a job? You know like thing that knowledge transfer. You know like what comes out of his mouth body.
Some unknown and absolutely necessary. Now what the power board- and I went friends you play- I did you from New Hampshire. No, if nothing happens, nobody was sold in New Hampshire. Maybe you know where you there recently know where there was only one ticket sales in the how about that was with four hundred and eighty seven million dollar travelling to cool for that person's blessing witnesses. May seven. So you know somebody did me dirty. I went to play powerful and they gave you make me his estate, and did not even any but a piecemeal, but that is only right that I had no idea ass willpower born there. When I want to check you said mega millions and I was pissed off by adding the numbers anyway it over, Why are you make them ass? They got like actually asking for some magazines. Somebody use, and indeed, as you should notice that you gotta do, is not to say yes it in. I don't get much regret this egg imitated Alice power.
All dad, they look very different kind of similar, but enough different anyway. You know that put it in my pocket and when I went to check it out anyway, saves your arm d, Aubigny numbers, I D. Let them figure for you up to a mobile numbers and an ado for quick fix the pen with frequent participants what it had some if the term a pickle hormone numbers. If I don't have to quit, the closure has been more than two not as honour lottery, to spend twenty now much more investment, and I was on a game of chance. Tinder mandatory I mean all the table: wine rank. That's all we already had a dream. They say dictators like F O data five to gives rise to anyone. Front page. That was a eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent call us right now. Maybe you would It's a rod so and you got denied or the Clyde at the border, whatever it may be. You're up such need event. Eight hundred five, eight five one and five one callers right now and thereby correct me, two sided and black seas and for a moment to say and threw his, but for their right to breakfast locomotive
the breakfast club, you wanna get what they want. They want your bug, you ve got a little. I brought up alongside my leg, for girls go an awful. We might like to applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you met on purpose global real or where are your door now as we saw bro? Are you mad merriment, we're good Day for Europe, yeah you sound like it. Just like you for you when you say allow this chair, Lana Georgia. Didn't tell him. I you mad bro yo, I'm mad, because man, Frank Ocean, got me on Twitter. My friend, raising the
now he had because you dream love, somebody will have with a blue uncle boy, don't cry me and above the water like Bosnia last range of fuel tabby got all this measure. Will you gotta be kidding? What do you say? Frank ocean got me on twitter to them automatically dignity gadget but be damned stamp. It hello, they rely pain, was celebrated met. A man What a trout day you'll be dead. Now right, don't pay day. Come on down there. I the you blood, that get right now. Would you go to college simple thought? often young aim. That is who you have you plans or my ass. You come and acquired through you. I guess you all he's kind of a Bell war. What a neck boys did, the Walker and everything. Private Joshua. Now, why don't brands order he's crazy, like the black sheep, with a black geek
seems like the crazy Wanna Penelope below Oh my god, they began to try to resolve their before. You go to corners. Apologise as you could drop the job within the court where the glade began giddy. He got me all video but gave what around and it's not Mobility army. Are you gonna do at least ninety days book you hear what I have a rat. You got me already up about him. He saw me to pay we want the court had my lawyer, Athens dismiss the model of a better word. She would pay me. A way in which we can we write you, a cohesive Eu Commissariat why do we do when we deal with you lad? But am it's how you I now do thing? You need a visa, that's family. We shall look. She had occurred, Sheila allowing was at the other. You know I don't want to go to jail ever We are not alone, one hundred out of here. Both side would you do. He is what before me tat makes me with amazing.
Are Sudan's event deserve the rotten here, but I am also delighted with the forty four in my life he charged is enabled I guess you using surely soon, as you said, not ass Well, you know you're already dead, sadder resolved this outside the court. Rather bad. I love you. I love you, you been variety. Brings Magala water right now to keep their logo. Tell why? Don't you find a firewall or five one of your of such need? Evict call is right. Now that look happy birthday, Mr Kleiber need is treated in setting went to live happy birthday it I mean so much to him so happy birthday, Mr Clayburn put no money in your body. Juvenile vagina, governor, shut automatic lover, but have you binding limit values? Might all right is a breakfast locomotive the breakfast club,
that was Rihanna needed me morning: everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, a man, everybody between me all week in about an hour, and we give matter fake, storing on what everyone attitude fig dumb ass people who believe in the Mermaids or yes Phil Burma and bought a breakfast club, five million dollars in five Charlemagne. Let me tell you that I will also be very clear about this replica permanently five million dollar me annually in view collectively were bought. This show not only that we would have wanted to show our self here if it was only where five million dollars. Ok, I don't get mad at the story, because on this day, why people do that they wanted is click me, but I get mad at the people who believe that my people, which wheaten me laughing at me like, ah you got fired me too. I'm like Ireland circulating for. Quite simply. I therefore alongside unlike unlike, So what you, when you gonna, addressed this Monday morning onto breakfast club at six, a m the show, I suppose
Burma as a raise. As I sent you only kid I raised, but I gotta get it in a bad. This is decide as it is so easy to manipulate people nowadays and you, see why you know We can either to keep people in slavery, foresaw the all believe dumb ass stories like that on the internet or Burma doesn't ownership. I wasn't sure who is to call Bob had been a rigid redolent of them live on a level of diesel Remember because the programme on five may two thousand and hang up on you didn't ask you to be drunk tested in me. Arriving we room is going to be in the room, is as a we're gonna about Squire write her. Rather, this model is sad, but an ad discuss that isn't it Indonesia is to tell you. Her family as well. This morning also find out who just
only guy visa on their way to drink of the office boy. You ve tried you guys, don't want another comedian borders, they inject. It was the harbor goodies, rumours or the way people act as the breakfast local border a breakfast club, the gas, the Reul report libretto club. Now I condolences applies throughout his lawyer right into her whole entire family. She left you of her brothers two gun, islands in New Orleans? She was at an event when she heard the news. She was actually onstage and she got a call. They came in hers. She laughed see every remit haven't even when her brother on publicly, but then they recently got back together in past. Everything up, thank goodness, is too said. Missus version with her brother Rudy, now
We did not help me Lord. I will never understand this that the violence I never felt pain like this. Before our I paid him my brothers. I can't believe this pray for my family and just a few minutes ago she treated, I can't sleep hashtag Ip Josh. Now her daughter resonates weeded out. I lost to my uncle last night. I'm speechless unheard, I'm devastated what in the world is going on in this world than she tweeted Ryan. I love you come back, please. I called you last night and you didn't answer when my best friend you are my brother, you and my uncle. What do I do without you now my favorite you're gonna? Why why I would never question you gotta why my uncle's? Why prayers of toil praise of heredity I mean. I always say that things that you want to happen in your life. You should constantly think about the things you don't want to happen. You shouldn't think about it or what is almost possible, to be a young blackmail in America, not think about gun violence, whether from young people, whether from the weather from the hands of the police, like it's constantly some they're it before, but I really sad story over the weekend
right and being a man was headed to drugs over your face when he couldn't make it. The reason I couldn't make the concept was because he contracted Zika Vigo. He posted a pair of Central America. I don't know where he was coming from very positive picture of himself was on a bed, and he let everybody no what happened. He says. I know that we can deal with me away no visa fee me. Canada show my plans if you haven't grounded personally. Think of I was taught me the same. Seek a mosquito, Gimme, dang, politest injections pills, we hold firm, does Selassie. I guide I and I right through so once we have life. May I give thing, Unstoppable. Many may tell me: will you guys go without Ozanna like us all that every new vigour who got the gay Lizzie got. Rigour is vital, bob email would actually right and recall. Missing is a ladder cases as Egon Miami right now as well.
Yeah. Well, I'm reading about their thyself, carry you can't go anywhere and how will the exile Rio and allowed people didn't go to the Olympics because of Zika one of our work on a mosque. A mosquito magdal S Pharmacy by Japan is, but you know we have had an eighty. Nine is it is it. It was the word that airborne mosquitoes this mosquito say. I want somebody habit airborne you pass it on to like it was of no. We had at the gate and ass. I am that say. We don't know So I did read up on innocent now: ok vetoes. Why would they earn and I can think, lay there let labelling anyway, I just baby? I got a five million dollar offer any turned it down, I work? They went home to perform at a republican of it during the GEO P convention. He turned it down because good have run actually consider quitting and the brine told him to rejected as well. Now they said he added
Why I'm for forty five minutes at a Vanunu Quicken loans arena where the Republican National Convention withheld they are sure that the event was not permitted. Oh and Justin. Bieber were not be endorsing tramp or any other policies. The five million dollars was being ruled by donors in the GEO. P was gonna be paid up front before, even God they're all expenses. Everything also would be paid as well. It would be his biggest single pay. They everybody actually turned it down, allows. Would yoga managers in view, because you wanted to change description, didn't want to be right play again. Whereas in the movie in Oliver YO, like you always do for the money which it for diseases we added, I got to say instead week. You know they said you can't do that. That was part of the words you can't say that he also wanted to put that they try to figure out how to make it happen. He wanted to put a black lives matter banners, but the Dona said that you could put up I met a girl, black lives matter and they re living bad about Donald Trump or any of the Republicans.
Ninety one would be. How does it doesn't go? You took a good moral stand. Scooter tell them is up to you if you want to do it, but if you do it, I came up. Isn't you anywhere real good, absolutist schools as real local abroad for quality area? Where there is your rumour report I'm annually are right. Thank you miss you. I can't believe they have a national life can be I'm offended now we all we got it about the national steel on a life get anyway. You gotta further. Now let me event about, but we should be played Drake all morning. Law for national is contagious, Wanna go out there. I don't want to die deferred. Bedrock said in a record is not the time for an invitation guys, but he seemed sick. Seventy m D, Joe Biden, Instagram Thus, a national girlfriends gang does seem to have had a lot of, and if it does, it is national lies the amended National Grove related about aim exactly where we go for a paid news coming up. Yes, we are going to talk about Donald Trump me put his foot in his mouth yet again so badly that even his own party is mad at him. This
around right from pace. It was coming next. Happy national rights can be As we say what sorry morning, everybody is dj. J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast Club Buskins front, page news. This was told, Donald Trump before you, yet again he has done it now. This time he was criticising the parents of Us Lane american soldier, the muslim parents of the slain american soldier, and this soldier was actually killed in it, and I read by a suicide bombers thousand for awhile defending our country. Now, captain kinds, Paris at the stage of the Democratic National convention where they talked about Donald Trump. These that the second nothing, and no one about chump responded by saying this, because only the dad talk, the man was so overcome with emotions. She said that she couldn't even speak
look at his wife. She was standing there. She had nothing to say she, probably maybe she was allowed to have anything to say he tell me but plenty of people of written that wow. So you would basically tiny say she was allowed to speak now. Everybody even Republicans are criticising down a temper, basically saying something like this about the parents of a hero. Hillary Clinton also criticized down a chump. On Sunday. She spoke to reporters anti say what we call Mexicans rapists and criminals. He said a federal judge was unqualified because of his mexican heritage has called in pigs. He has Magda reported with a disability, disability and any of the any one of those things are so offensive and then to launch an attack, as he did on captain cons, mother, a gold star mother who stood there on that stays with her husband, honouring the sacrifice of their son and who has in the Dayton spoken out about the overwhelming emotion. Any mother would feel ass. His son was being
honoured and then to have jumped, do what he did. I don't know where the bounds of I don't know where the bottom is now down. A chump has since try to defend himself against the backlash. He said, the captain kinds. Here, but the real problem is the radical islamic terrorists who killed him and he said, but I feel We believe the loss of his economy has never met. Me has no right to stand in front of me. The people in claim. I have never read the constitution, which is false and so many other inaccurate things. He also said on Twitter. I was viciously attacked by Mr Kuhne at the democratic convention. Am I not allowed to bond Hilary voted for the Iraq war. Not me I already told you the best way to combat any thing. Our job is going to vote against them in November. Several impacts I don't even know why we keep reporting daggers one candidate. Maybe What degree body would jail time that legal act? Legged- and you don't even exist now talk about the Power board that I win now, but it
live in New Hampshire, you might have said if you bought it in New Hampshire from power by the fishes are saying there was only one sick excelled in New Hampshire that matched all six numbers in the power by ensuring that is worth four hundred and eighty six million dollars. It has been a winner since May seven. So congratulations to whoever that is and knew him now right now let us do? A lot of that was front page newly within do some serious topics by Africa. Today is national lights? Kinda? I'm glad you noted this. Isn't a theory thought that this is something that I am glad you know national life and I have no fears topic and you know I ve been a national lies. Guinea. Some lies guinea I now hear that is national. Girlfriends day is the same thing was life you admit, of somebody's girlfriend landmarks lately going around? That's ok! So this is a day Europe get together and celebrated
That's your bond of fresh air. You go, let's get mean. Eighty eight girlfriends get together in key, knowing tat, Color Kiki, galling attacking colored teach at what they do. Have a very lively ain't got. No. What we always married life give my love to smoke, who could together may only be changed to Tipp? Didn't we are due to its ass. We do tat. Tipp hooker sexual ass, Negro requested is eight object. Five, eight five, one o five one that today is national legs Kim Dae. You can hashtag that asset nationalist. Can they not the Charlemagne qualify yet you know he's not alone. I'm not remotely call these closures requests. It is maybe next year without easy had actually what do you,
four lies in person or their game. That is the question you pay for them to get its hands on. The cap must obeys boys love to get tat on a cap that load him. Life do not really allow out. I was thinking about what my cab the other day. May I say that quite the question is: what do you do for a living person you gonna take without law, small Africa, most cocky college kids like to grow like little King Kaliko Love gives us the lure of small afro lived enough, maybe an ancient because, as I said, I had a now tonight to flag Bacchus Becky's. They bade Becky. Today, I'm gonna listen a drink all day a little bit it Joe Button, but Lee Drake Joe Biden, other waffle colony, groan, tat. They would have some adieu today, my languages that have led to Records show drakestail, I'm not the type of ordinary typing people anything. Joe Biden, eight p m m deftly not gonna wise new Jack's. Eighty. Today, though, you definitely do
Furthermore, you kids have no idea what you're talking about what is a great seen in New York City, widely Snipes takes a knife and stabbed to critical Whimsie you made. No grids voyages view the lake person in the light can resistance push on that's to push on a thin is greatest. They make. It seem like lightning got dark in document, ok and staff. Damn in hand and choked him out what a change that I never liked. Your pretty ass anyway. Ok satellites can people back twenty Naturally, we need to carry on like is divided by the color of your scar shut. I might even by some stuff careers today, eight hundred feet, five one by one. They have some new life and rarely get those. What do you do? lies in person, or indeed they call us up right now, I'm gonna break. When we come back, we play it, drink. I rely they. Let you know what a nice dogskin brother from the West calls Gilolo love. Ok is to breakfast locomotive.
Notorious big with juicy morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast Club day is August. First, a national holiday: it is national light skin day that this is the day where you show your light. Skin register your light skin females, some respect some appreciation. Although national girlfriend Day, because most lights came in awe somebody's girlfriend, we give them a hug. You listened to drink. All day long watch their career. You might have a go bust Of course, issue is not about the Georgia. Today is all about the staff. Correspondingly relying on you like jumping over, like other great life, kin guys like be sure I'll be Christmas. Will Williams Edith Chris Brown Chris Brands? Drake is dubious, a flag, soggy ass guy drink is the flagship. Lazy brother right now getting hearing, you know Barack Obama, they all they moroccan drink out, though they interracial delays can be
J going nowhere near by re. So you can't be Laskin issue. I learned what does it? Everyone is to blow you got to a guy, and I like in no always about last night, that invitation my day, union atmosphere and the employee upon asian difference. Not landscape. Envy is based nice, capital medieval, argue, the color of mustard. Dirty year, heresies laskin as well. There is doubly bead life in private local people you got that complex. You gotta get rid of these friends, you, those you hadn't green. I that she's, the color waffle battery eyes and that even green there, like a different complexion, may not like brown color provides bread. The prison this lawyer foundation
a more is what do you do for lies in personal neighbourhood or if they have not yet met Monday, told us about my few value, not unfriendly life impertinent. My family Anna, my friends, are often maybe I am lorry behaving in how they treat them. Your vessel media but like hampered by ever met a lie. Here you go up and I will be adopted soon. Lives can girls, think they pretty, but they really look, lay pebbles Jerry operating it hasn't you do for light. If your life, you took a lot of Sophie's today lies, can you could take a look make us out the energy. Did you know you? Could you live confirmed that a disease virus ours allow there's lots of mosquitos they will rise in. You know you can generate a walking whereby now lasted that your boyfriend, not at my daughter boyfriend. What asked them about!
drank today. I give my life. I'm Charlemagne have begun is abroad, is what you David. I know you love me either. The delay is you don't find. I gotta argued that you a Mamma chile with your daughter's boyfriend. He sailor, which group ma. Am you dog boy, you neither of you looking at you out, yes, marginalized mass. This hey. What's up club, your clobber was made before they had been buried nationalized. Can data line is yet time enjoy yourself? You know P2P done one. In the light of milk in petty additives realized you mean as well
longer particularly commit you, my feet: dine Rogan, you feet on eight hundred the following five? What today is national light skin day, that's what Russian, for your favorite. Lay skin personally, favour lies, can personality lies, consular national dies can days August twenty there it nobody celebrates the ambiguous, you go, get a lesbian, manage lover who could a day in arms and no only by one too could light came in love to smoke. We're gonna go then don't even change to. We call him who could sexual relations five one and five on. What are you doing for your lay skin call. Us now is to breakfast of money. Rising Zella. Don't morning, everybody is deejay. Envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We are. The breakfast club today is national light skin day Mason, show some Laskin brothers assemblies? Can females and appreciate the ceremony? Has no girlfriend advising flowers? Lights can mean are usually somebody's girlfriend. How many times do I have to tell you is made? Is alive scheme
not their very excited about what can be just another day of national aid can now and they gonna get them a tattoo, and cap must aim at Lowood, attach any camp and attach to under law back they love given tattooed on their lower back or eight hundred five, eight five, following what do you do? Somebody lies gain for nationalist candy, hello, like to take my wife's dear brother to wipe out the freedom to about a bigger Of course, the Napolitano report on four May apart, The truth of the matter is most lifegiving guys. Look like the color of a would have what we call him: waffle, colored negroes. Hello, I'm going to go over the dear Little Brown doing the boy the morning today's nationalize kinda did you know tat. I never knew a level life can they existed when you learn everything there, you go Moreover, somebody laskin. Well, I don't like what they like the noise used to do. I spend their life. Can wives serenade I'm a little bit of political or moral tone? Ok, decisions. It is another thing I'm gonna
in this light. Absolutely right when you go to war is a lot like is like a lullaby was it was felt like coming from battle whatever and ate up the guitar. The last loyal allies, Greenland, I ve been level, but I'm sleeping allows his eyes with Karen Kara GO morning morning. You know today is nationalized. Can they did you know that? Yes, radio what're you gonna do for somebody lies gamma or not. I like them, because I don't believe in color. It, though I believe in the proposal in there we go gaze of you will remember any of you believe in the promotion of all African Americans. What is the problem was celebrating those of us who are listening to those of us who are even earlier debate here I mean we need a common unit with others that have gone on in the world.
The debate in our food better with war is now. Do we have a history of dividing life and then dark it and promoting wife in people for being more people, and I think I need to start because I know your Mama or Europe. All they need is needed to marathon today Marathon today, ok, like them, Laskin lions go all day. Long, I was the moral of the story guys tomorrow story today, as national life can day in his black people, we should celebrate too many complexions. We come in so salute. Bays brethren enjoy day and understand how awful colored negroes are fifty shades of gay. What slow to all my life can brother that bears out the Drake shouted Chris Brown shouts, Barack Obama. Shout the staff shouted dj. Envy is the name of you said yourself. Oh yes, lies with man. I am ass, unlike him today, are you be arose about. Yes, we're going to think about
Amber rose in her Amber Rochelle. She got into it but Little Duval over the weekend. Tell you how their low back and forth stated. Also soldier boy, apparently he almost guy rods, but instead one of his friends got shot, will give you a breakdown of weapon or will you that's all that when we come back keep alive is to breakfast locomotive. The report is the reul report. Libretto club am arouses unless the amber rose, so when she was talking about going to waste is confident North Carolina. She had been unsnapped imposing. They seem to have another baby with ways and all the bad, but here was her explanation, high smiled and so high and higher. We asked the bass and together, and I really really one another baby, so I ask for a sperm like I always do. Areas have armor, rather than giving more especially to have another way. We
but instead he just put his though my face If I arrived at Edinburgh, my Bulgaria's one day, I'm just energy, doing no sex sales thing, but I was just stupid. There was Why you're right is mine. I got a gateway to put no thought and it out a lot of money is always vanity. Social media. They will. I go my guys. How could you say such a thing? It was so tacky and she said my show is jokes. People laugh series he's got big it. I'm angry one week and literally begging for sperm. The next its cod committee will that's when Charlemagne, I would say your best friend wow responding. What emerges is one of my guys. He said this. What happens when you there? Anybody think they funny. I blame you cause you make these people popular. You always I remember when Charlie Jean Claude Hisself doing a comedy tour and is so that everyone or day then when ya, yeah. Guy magazine, he put wasn't horrible. I think he's meant to say was horrible. That's your thoughts, tat, making people with no experience popular
meaning stout by allowing them on social media to cause that's how they blowing up now leave a comment saying I'm hating or Amber rose too felt like he was dragging for no reason and she went on Instagram and left these comments for Duval may call me, I can't be agreed here. Why don't you do it? Maybe everybody is somebody's baby, you always always it down to women live as so. We so the moral of the story is Ladys dont. Let no man pushing down, keeps driving, he moved forward and you can be wherever the you why then the wellbeing of set crevasses livelihood would, I mean, I would know, hinted at a scream whale, but You didn't tell Ambrose she can't be is then you can be a comedian the road they sometimes you gotta, that we will have your dreams community. Well, let me show you: what are you trying to say she could be anything that she wants to be, which is true, but it
take a long time, and I would add that look at it from both sides, but little Dubai. He felt like you know, I've been dedicating years and years, the years to being a commission, start somewhere. She was to be cortical committed as a huge platform to just died. I know it is not. Comedians, actually do have a certain talent, a certain skilled or like ass. Not even just a high whack take a lot of hard work legs. Oh yes ma am. I may I don't think he was down in her because she was a woman. I beg you cause. He talks about child machine, China do a comedy tied, it is running out and ass. I do think it was necessarily by her being a woman. I guess what he was trying to say dissimilar better though it seemed a little better like she guy shall. I do have a visa when tunnel, as somebody who had the show our two member rose, the firers right now. As you said, it was a wedge joke yeah. This is like that China oversight. I got her now react. It was. I got time to be It was no bad. It was bad way, its habit. They I'm saving wizard
I won't is weak areas soldier. You know it was his birthday and apparently he was celebrating when somebody decided they was and try to get him. His money. He had been a social media to flaunting his money now, so dear boy does and they said that they were in a studio partying. I think, John Kingston was thereby he left a ready when this happened. They notice a black for it. As you be women men and it waiting outside as they went to the studio. To celebrating turned twenty six years old now, when they were, leaving the party they saw that the vehicle was still there. That's been soldier boys, artists, killer, J went outside to see what was going on. And for men rolled up and demanded they give up soda boys Gucci bag, which is where he carries all of that cash? Now he refused and that's when some bullets started, flying and kill a day ended up getting shut. They said he got shot in the arm music. To recover. They don't have any suspects. Yet when nobody would know you have money in Gothenburg. In short, for social me all the time I asked,
what about showing off or social media? I don't know about you, but if I see for dude into trouble truck waiting outside for me, I'm waiting go outside ambassador my guys outside in? I guess you, let me go see. What's going on with these guys went in when latin in all ages, forty seven come on. You know we want good, we have with forty you ass, I write b, I say, are formation worlds or do you have any idea how much the first a leg of that sort? Added for beyond, say nobody, a hundred and twenty two million, that's right, a hundred and twenty million- and she asked me whether we now you earlier mammas pack imo priggish movement, Renault's Carter. I write this ain't. It almost one million people showed up at twenty three so that performances Also, she made seven point. One million dollars from one single show that so we may fourteenth at Pasadena Rosebush, where they were almost sixty thousand people present. So congratulations to be, as I always do, meaning, and that is your room, a report, I'm Angela YE all right. Thank you. Monsieur shot up my sleeve at adults do
I need a dream on green to come to the front of the carrier. Geisha we'd like to have a word. When did you like the looks of acting more thing, he's penis he treated out, I mean he added, I think that it needs in order to know the story. You have to accurately write history. I witnessing what he pose new idea tsar out its we'll get it and I'll get a day up next keep allotted to breakfast locomotive. Going, don't you time for talking today does not discriminate. My now, the today, via the donkey breakfast Club, they don't give the day today were edge, sharing dont you today for Monday August first goes to splashed cousin dream. Laundry
I am referring to dream on green on the court, but the donkey today does not discriminate. Night is weak Andrey my Green posted, a pic of his penis on snatcher, but said about what he was posing before that I don't know what you will say with impatience: every teammates, while they were sleeping on his lap and all of a sudden, this Papua dream on green. Let us avoid cycle. Is he seeking? oyster. Mr his steaming seamen truck fly on Snapchat this week. It is easy to be shocked that this behaviour, until you realize Emerald Green, is twenty six c. When a man is six seven, is If forget that he is indeed what we call a new nigger Okay, you? The 90s baby- this is what I do babies into nowadays. Okay, for them to show up their private parts on social media is nothing okay, it's national life, in day to day- and I honestly would expect, is behaviour from clay. Thompson was usually his baby is reserved for people whose skin color is the color of dirty. Here, and so I was shocked to learn dray. My green posted, a pic of his flesh, flew on social media. Now, association
regional simulation, some Wars have come into right now because it can no balance. All these light. Pigmented people dream on is around and golden state. Sadly, old lights, like pigment p, maybe having a negative effect on him, because I don't care. I dream on posted a pic of his bond ammo snapchat when I care. Is how you reacted. Ok, dream on it as would throw back two thousand twelve I've been hacked. I dream I tweeted out hacked can't win right now, message to us, liberty than athlete that doesn't work anymore, nobody believes you will get. You need more people dream, then later apologized teller report as he pushed the wrong button when using Snapchat at the pick of his problem, headed Yogurt Flickr was supposed to be sent in a private message. Now Margaret, not a five year. Eighty two main allocated at a fast pace absolutely no reason to be sending takes of your slowing down due to a girl, the private message. In fact, if a woman wants to see a male shewn had doggone put our ass off
or of glass and fly or out to see it in person. Ok comes a point in time: when you gotta act like you ve, been here before, I remind you that the same young kid from Michigan posting do the egg roll on any social media site. You want you on NBA all star with tens of millions of dollars. You better act like it not to mention, learn how to properly use snapchat. My brother don't go chasing private messages. Just stick to the. With an ugly story that you use to. Please give drew my green somebody small tones from inhabitants. You Yes, You gave me much of harmony, The problem I have seen the picture of the peanut nor I was in the budget, but I need it is only to see the pitcher nor need to see the procedure. But I know that is a lot of women.
And giving him the best Reviews Magala reality area. What do you think about James Greens subpoenas picture because you know penis painted a very specific, is the right way to do it in the wrong way? What he? Where? Would you give it up gale of one to ten of poor or for those in August recent remarks gotten years, why a ragged yeah looks a weird anything. To town in it. Wait here. The language that guy is allowing people down to kind of joy, really do that you're gonna. Anybody in Arabic through their opinions on awaiting, I recommended ok, envy attitudes of any defended How can I download the girl going happened? How other than the haggling?
moisturize because you always have been waste arise. Not ashy now would save my here. If I were him down here at the bottom, do some man's gave them about his hand, is well lotions as well, so that matters when used in agreeing to do ass. She here when next year painted Alex terrible. What have you pass? He has at TAT point in appealing most women, your hand ass, any one of those united appeal for you have moved rather than a move right. Have you had to be moisturize? Ok, I don't want anything dry, not like the weary when it arrives, Fraga drew my green of the Teuton trousers, make a little dry when you zoom carry and absorb today, and you see tat ever be above hours, they think it has above all, it is too early at allegedly earlier. Would actually you talk about it, one of the girls, whether Luria she said he is point, would be a circumcised here. Why did you give him? Yo Yo Yo points. Would you supposed to be well?
Everybody was an ok all right enough. That's all I don't know smack. I would say that even a dog you today, but you do started to a whole crazy confiscated internet. Another no lawyer, their necks little dark will be joining us terrible thing. Arable harder. We know what we need now is a dirt from Chicago, because they belong to We have followed the more little day when we come back able to act would be. That was, I need a girl did. Each morning, every body is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club, we got us pursue, guess in Mama allowed the longer that we still have some coffee, you ve got the Algarve in you pulled out a natural energy in the morning. This definition super power of when you start
Regarding what Aged Adria Governor Kaufman, how bout your rather more than the right to a dark. I don't know why. I'm really nautical peoples a few days will relationship is fake wisely and in it yes, terrorism in it the internet, a cue you how you gonna, kill yourself. You never had sex at her right now. Are you knows ruler, in the way that this programme averred look here this afternoon. I have an idea you seriously, though it was coming out of as a couple when you guys keystones days or where they work wait a minute. Is this a musical collaboration you at first only we really know so tonight? Oh you did you planned a case like ok. Today is a day within it.
Let everybody know I know like y'all like each do ya those days. Good, as are you gonna do The number one reason it I'm looking at this website is a load there in days low five times they wanted to believe as the number one day I'm day their kids, don't age into data fatigue, number two is when you put people on Blaspheme colony, calling relationship fake number. Three is this: my Biagi than before Haven't I they methodology and on a gram number five is people big Day says she single in dark response as a sound. I made it, I have five article on you couldn't level we need them put himself of his life, they, like the word. I guess people that you say you know people trying to keep a low for a while. If you understand I this edge, go to bed hid it would you a young man? Are you a young man you on road as other girl there? Like you, it's hard to keep me penises
ass by Slovenia: mistakes which Mabel that's it you aren't you going to do. What you do above all. We are doing a lot of that when you look at you gotta. Let me know what I'm talking about data with. No you knew about it. It was a mistake, offers engaged why'd, you change just different out any energy differ to relate. We found them he's a prize. Our powerful Chicago music is right. Now was the sound of it, I was just everywhere it in every area- control the Yunkers, with their drills, like chanced, wrappers, VIC message, The protocol will save money. Grew you not a mean idea and is not doing it. Suited ran up to reveal a degree of us, but it is light to deficit. Cargo. Music is night to dream, saddened, channels that how we start of its God. Oh it was scarce, light those efforts
foreigners like there. We got to escape this tunnel, but data Ladderlike cartoon shows but it was Garriga the Volga violence associated cowboy. Looking at it like that, we look there like this. I said we will turn up. They love ass. We went into vital to stuff that we need to be Jeff into cargo period. It was period like everything, scarlet Rascal Milwaukee, Allah, Deerlike, pure you, honest. Only the objective, Shire Agnes and people hate when a Classic Carlos Eirik, as would appear and are you paint, is, does the move Leslie does what it is ever know. As you know, I was thinking the airport for lag eleven hours, the other day, Shikar com, as so you weren't, even with their neighbours, I thought I was seventy one of the guys that works in the airports and I to him, and he was saying we are low Derek he was like, but I do feel like. I just need to have more positivity in their messages here like
but he kids and I know you do- have some positive messages in your music, but he feels like they cares. What they look like. Who is more like violence we outside or at sunset clause, I'm just being real. I'm not going to be riding around now then come out and look. We all need to go to church, I'm not going to do that, I don't know maybe like their fate, is keeping to relay anytime. I do not like either what I was when I say that our group this, what are they to have their eyes? Echo coma I probably say like I said that happened, but the same time when even having peace, peace means and guarantee that the kids wanted me to go to school. I'm just not going to win the way I rap about I'm saying cuz, I'm going to be. Upload efforts. Jonathan victim do a good job, but I think so when they was never Robin about killing of an idea, you gotta resign gotta relax, you gotta respect. There is light at my head. You ve started out church and guy. You light is Nick figures
unless he really does find Jesus. Is today's sitting up you. There there she's, giving or never finds, even if as good Louisa good. The internet in the. You re a pilot burgers a day. Enormous move could have avoided. What did me with a he's, a really nice guy men along lives? It s not a call to an average of cobbled, would Doglike they're gonna different demeanor about him. I tell dirt Gotham things our own really hit at which you ve. How an invite you give me a minute. I believe that it would have taken. It is a bit like if you can pull about in views at all, not a top two type of crazy, it is you gonna want to grow and, as does the elegant at your mercy, hitting us in future. As a young. Go daddy tied, Allison days, love browsing for his money, yeah and friends still go a coup althea recalled by the news on average,
nine on the sound over sound, mousing promoted like before legal, but nobody knows very well that I, as a member No, you won't thou nothing more, but of alone the dove, but only allow alone those over the aid and on his way not oppose my eye. Ass, good wake up, Dave maybe you'll die way, like others, as opposed to put away my browser, You gotta remind people, chasms, how'd you get on the man. How can I get them out of the garden when unemployment can be viable but things going on. If you ve dropped July jobs, our call to right now will pose the he asked me. Anything's eyes pulls without you acting Nobody knows, I know that we need to have a claim called boy. Do that and we are quite right. I have now are becoming ever more but later bone. Maybe just forget: maybe he remembered the post
it was a good man. Does you away non pull Naples you may go to times album now. Ok, I only know you busy runnin around. I dont want to marry we're. Ok, I want you and I would argue that allows data is good. I have a lot of friends, enzymes and obviously been if again adduced of, and then sometimes I need a little quick is night on purpose is now is not the only when they, if I had to tell him nothing voyages, Hebei idea, easy automatic, watching the monkeys and they use you man. At every, though the eye of actual business together like aren't they Where did he get any of your music? Nothing, that's what it is all normal above you get to it now bless available and who knows what it is we got more or less
Durban we come back, keep a laugh. Is the breakfast club. The moon was Riad needed me morning. Everybody's dj envy angel Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club little dirt is in the building, of course, from Chicago Mayo, at last met its attitude. You make your molly, not even a minute. I allow, like Nagorno, gets, emulate envied open, ass, real DNA, Charlotte Bodies on tv online. Joe you contact ably voice? What I really want to see, but the title would like ice maggot Aphasia. Where are you going out? You know what's goin out today for all members you like strictly on the black sea, we now to begin immediately, say you from Chicago a black he'll kill each other all day why don't care about that have to do with say to you for one of my deserve to die, but if somebody kills somebody we going to call ghostbusters
about now. What were you? Google Polly? You ve got a bully. Salute. Now you don't even know if the boy you're gonna help you re like movement, we the killing you how you gonna call the pigeon rob you are you gotta go enemy, on the story of a day about his lady who lack the kitten car White Lady to Sydney cry. She called the police and I was gave the go ahead. Exhausted about gold grabbed a door opened door, Napoleon Commerce, she's, crying bagel shoe meeting on China see now you is definitely unit unkivered. There was ever make life. Look like away now. Look at me, like I'm crazy, when I told him that the game rewards both you look, we're gonna lose his life or employed, and why do you want to go? They would be since its eyes the US killings of labour
Give him live you now, but the Santa you can learn about eradicated. Oliver I can polished up. You haven't Canon of protest up in here a map like me. This would, I know I'll, kill him. I never completely stop where we live, They will do stop what you does slaughter when it comes to police s, something that we can actually staff, not really, but we can't rail law contemplate. The light is big everything. With more beagle noted like Yahoo, we call it a sale and then they don't get them swear? It they'll make light like live video. You demand retains an he beat it the lukewarm adopted at the decade affecting their it came at the blue light. There is no exit, don't be, don't be spoken of I had an idea. We look at a video. You upload, a knife bring should amount to her tail, get a nice little. Do you may close to you about,
space, you only beg your responsibility is at other odd, is at present what a voice. I just think now so in arms, keep silent as befits our common Europe Elliot like living. He stopped his protest stuff, I'm it behoves referred or not, by the stuff guano Chicago? We we on a virgin you right now right about gotta voices voice in Chicago beyond the deadly on a virgin. Eight, they write like the people like the differing gaze or two people gave voice, come to get just what a keys, if you say just with cage effort, a key, that's what it is. We know We shall now hear and it is come. What do you mean like when I was with what he means it get me right by daylight: Tick pitched get assets will sustain if you'd like Portugal. Now what about the half an hour late with rules for people coming over there cuz. I know what it says you got to be really careful about who comes to your your home. It says because you in a relationship.
I don't know you wanna beater leisure, but then you boys, the Lahti awhile and live in the life of a good craggy. It you know used by us moving Craig. I like it that gradually reiterating the Mon eight men. Indeed do you do you choose to do it divide is add the. Why don't you do it again to use the crowd whose aim How did you ve done the right thing? Like you not that we get a little above doing the right thing by manual. One one: that's not your girl, like somebody star, do you feel, like you re occasion, mandate that who, with a man here too, That is the only way that we give much time is up who's that Mr Adam is now right now the region of their rights as an evaluation.
Not gonna, win ally abruptly I like Chicago. I wanted to stay. I do about its common early, not heard like everywhere is only certain neighborhoods. Years ago. I was staying on the same black where, our unease is. I love it was airport. Noble, bear the wise, like the other girl, cosy, something not utilised? the guy, neither light is like an area that I M so knows, every thirty thousand. Would you go down to boot? Lay down I said I wonder at the hotel de way way to Gabrielle Union eaten down. I got you a cab on play with car driver to take me to do the break. You know we not look at that time. I was an angle aid you now and I, we're going out when you than it would have been. When you think that was going to tell me a story of using other economies,
crack privilege of cargo finger. You know, I don't like you need me his name, I ve been so rich and I want to see what are they when it is a let tv shows me, Everything feminist, a cargo from we ve to make another. We are making to move our look out the ridge Eric earlier in UK failure, they were now. He was terrible. You wanna, like them, a lawyer by a low. Your shoes load, you know to Kay out movies, is cargoes horror. I agree with that. Easy to put the gun down. Looking all you, Lady Laval Budget, There are no nobody, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, less happy with what was the money walk in a muddy water? It was you know everyone. Its height is now happen as either.
You know how much I don't know. What is the money? Well, dear, oh dear to Mr Carter, Chicago Voice as a recital, nobody will show me how to do that to them anything I me one is Lena like dancing yet, no doubt the out right now to breakfast Club, Gabon. The breakfast club, The report is the Reul report whose Glove Carmelo anthony- I guess it is ever present, and I feel him when you go on a road trip. You can't stand when certain sounds play on the radio. Somebody's in charge of the play less than his music that you can't stand hearing where this too,
into a meme, and this was the song that is teammates playing on the bus. Small saw a pretty good. I think Airbus was their Jimmy Butler was there. He just was not looking very the rather net turn into a meme? If case people I went out and out came from the other mellow realise these negroes him, I want a new negroes I'd autumn guy, the six years younger than mellow at least and mellow class mellow, I think the De Way wedding aims and Chris bars light. We can't do ever UK we are in an area, Libya Mellow. But why are you so miserable? hey Devils, miserable you ever been around a much demanded baby sit at the Washington like some sounds a kind of universal nothingness as ever,
oh yeah, anything it s. On arrival, I may Weathers Uncle Roger may whether was missing now, apparently they were had issued. An official missing persons, saying that he was last Saturday afternoon near the May. Whether boxing club in Vegas wearing a white shirt blues represents in my shoes. They did, however, find him. Family members said that they were concerned about him, but they did manage to find him. Fortunately, he is safe and sound. What color dimitrios on yet another worried about is how that are no way is the problem, but they say that he needed medication. Thousands and I were flooded or to run over the weekend. I saw you at some flight hosted party for urban proponent. I right now. The drama continues this time. This job is between LISA, blue and kitchen. I polio LISA with I'm here, has a bit Lana now she's. One wish I wish you all now. Is it like? Hollywood Well, I'm lawyer burst Hollywood. Devos, yes, he's on how he would deal is now, as she was also ass, kids, Wiki, sweat and she was also used to be married to add Hartwell before he married kitchen. I polio
well now the two of them Keaton IPO humanly Sou, are going at each other now disaster, because Quichua posted saying someone I have never will never be friends have no ill will for her. I don't know her like that. It was never situation of stealing anyone's husband. They were divorced many years before we even studied dating, and, yes, we live in ITALY and I had to say town have, I went into her by taking a picture with their absolutely, but she said she no longer wants to be a part of that lie and to continue to be a part of a false made up storyline. That puts me in a derogatory light, so she said her attorney will be dealing with that from a legal standpoint with tv one and that wholesale situation, this issue so forth, and so on what about digital? I know big take her in all of this. Now least, it will responded. It's you that I was going to say anything, but enough is enough. It's ironic that someone is trying to avoid this media and drama when she has been the one that keeps his going. I have not said one where it about this unfortunate situation. This type of attention and media is beneath her. I can't tell I don't know who
In writing this humorous satire, but it is comical an exhausting. At the same time, she has been trying to sell multiple reality shows for years and never got Greenland one. In particular, she asked me to participate and bring my van husband to her. Then fiance to their sex talk, show and which we taped an episode. So she said you know stoutly basically in their children involved her unborn child in her nine year old. Who can read very well so please just stop what about take it out but nothing you talkin about. I re where that is your room. A report means illegal all right. Thank you. Miss ye now shall to our family. At revolt will see you guys tomorrow, everybody else its national light skin day last no girlfriends day same difference. Lies? Gay man is a mighty govern, but listen. I know for a fact: NED Land I had a mix, which is all I can odyssey anyway. Yeah that leads to stagnate.
Well, I bade, after the words out of Montana Shouts, Drake South Chris Brow, do all engage, treat all major arise out. The J call eight hundred five five, one. Five, five people choice mixes up. Next, let me know what you want here to breakfast locomotive
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