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1/21/19 - Today on the show we had friend to the room Lil Duval pull up on us, and speaking of speaking pulling up, he has a song out now which he spoke about, wanting a big girl and more. Also, we had recording artist and from "Surviving R.Kelly" Sparkle stop by where she spoke about not knowing certain things about R.Kelly, regretting introducing her niece to him and more. Also, we flashed back to when Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to "Famous Dex" and A Boogie even stopped by to speak on his number 1 album "Hoodie SZN". 

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so we should also home to lower the risk for everyone more info it, on a virus stock of? Let's all, do our part because we're all hashtag alone, together brought to you by the council. My name is Sir Pearl wealth. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet back outside of Chicago police station. There What you hear on the news that Courtney got shot the rolled himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true
listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your party casts world food was another. Very real capital is the only one who can remain rivers. Did you yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah go more leisurely, haggard minorities, Amy Charlemagne, God he's late again my remit yeah we're we're at every one of the things you do. You know something positive and informative mobile dependent on coming back from New Orleans. I was trying to get out to San Antonio back. There was no fly to get me there in time for the parade that they do out there. You break yep. Rarely sure way. It's a big gray. They have every year and stand in Sony out. Is that the periphery words when they put us on the back of a? U use? Now, it's not, why would you disrespect Martin
the King Jr Birthday, like that, not a moment, we wonder we went on a brave and they put it like that in San Antonio envy. Where will as our new as market or was it whatever it boils down? one of the King Jr Day guys enjoy do something positive. You know. once they didn't let schools all the money will go, but I think they allow the schools to take the day off. Now, like I was a big thing in my neighborhood, they didn't allow two kids off in all the african american parents or like no. We want our Cuba have or former looked king day, so we actually for commemorate the symbolism of absolute absolutely sell some respect, pessimists bag. I don T mind the kings in his name absolutely. Now today, we have little do rejoined us this morning and also Spargo from survive in our Kelly. Yes, backers data Cargo he's also recording autism working with her as well. I will get the job
when we come back. We have given of each has eight hundred five, a five one off I wanted to breakfast global. More got. Wake up in a controlled manner. Bless you wanna, hear from. You allows this to my little girl. That's a real name, Michael Jackson. My oral amendment is as Dubai mad at you are. I didn't get ravages, MJ varied bogeyman, bigger loves my girl and you. I do nothing wrong. Just want to show love. I didn't like hers and like what So what in a dream, birds through bird? She doesn't want to be a bird. She said that it's no one wallet ever. Let me the way she would you give a Christmas down,
data right. Well, I mean Christmas paths. Why can't you tell us so large a clue, I hereby sounds like it was a Vienna backs- allows- is to bring the beginning. I you're goin age. You have been some five several features: Mama. Do you love me? So it looked back at times a month. I wanna, thank God, but my life like family things up Europe do not that we will get it. You re actively. This he's been tightened only got its ways and travellers who every day, but thank you for listening. You couldn't once again, triumph comes through the back door. Halloes is poor, share a pause.
Refugees Mamma I wanna get off my share their appetites, social media purchase something from the local version over them and get me my clarity and I will marry clarity. We stop. I need you to stop. Is a local fashion over a diversionary lonely alternately is lower. we online knows all about our dream idea: telly get it off my tears crime, because I added car you be help me out her arm pointless drink where
its mandate. In the end, there will be problems as the Akashi has leg. Yeldo thousands of people in a court of law fashionable why you haven't got a billion euros per se, but it seems as though they may be kind of you. I have a little more clout, modernist, also ready to graduate overdressed Mama Jeremy. How about you guys doing a very good job and we get her features mama. Ok, I want to apologize to my husband, Gordon. I tried to let him be lying, but what I did- and I just want to say that I was me. Of course you know we live in a lack, they're gonna get negative. We have the plug our cars and there's an expense in that you run from the car into the the heating per week. Again later on that allied he bought me a brain in car or our anniversary. Does nobody He laid on that night, Jamie where's, the extension to the plug flag in South Korea, and I told him I don't know
me? I don't? I don't know I've never unplug the car, Why have we not back down? a guy the law but somewhere on the wall. So you pull the plug, still apply my goodness, some people run off. One applaud you drove off one of my amendments of our Gordon me, I'm so sorry to find a plug in Alaska, not hard to find a better outcome. Expensive. Ok by me, you gotta find a plum we'd, better prices, bodega and now it negative forty seven so hard you could look at the. Fine, you, a blog, we're better prizes. Maybe somebody in a neighbouring state gotta for cheaper. Now nobody,
new car, but I don't know what you should do. You should call a local police station near and say: hey Commission apply me am I plug. You know I don't have the same: connect no mom. Looking for new club who got cheaper prices, you dig, you know anybody and right back into the gale, because I think I'm gonna. We do so greatly, though we love, you know all right I'll love, you guys. Do you have a great warning all right, get it off your jazz, eight hundred five, a five one, o five? What have you need? Divinity? It is of no use to Breakfast Club Gomorrah Breakfast, a pounding down you're gonna, get it on the agenda on the breakfast blessing, but as a military intervention wrote person closures, even though
a long called out or are you like closure? Her left, I didn't you better get out by all the talk about a less work it out. Now. The outbreak of the first debate is probably happened here whose deadly her whatever happens. Luther thing is closure though there were filled with a girl, and yet that until death, so you went to closure, he's hurt. She want to close the. I guess what I like: a mutual good bye bye. There's no such thing as closure man, you they waited a united and clearly are not no more I'm sorry! You got your failures. Herbert Cybele, who congratulated Congratulate gotta, have such a girdle bar, stop it
Maybe it is a good two gun, somebody's gotta unity, not you! That's close it and it's ok to be here. Ok, it's fine another moment that you're a dead man or toward a tunnel. Congratulations you bring in a good one. I write damage is not good for you. You gotta help it allows this allow it. Kill a Rachel give features. I was, How say I'm so blest this morning my new interactive children's books is clear when a charcoal Amazon. I congratulate the was a day with of if caught Amber the cool favouring the box. It teaches cares about earning a saving money given old millionaire. The hairs bar only erode the financial freedom algorithm, but has well the kids, have a white beard? Fine, to dream and goes back at a birthday followed amber as he earns money for medical school.
you what's the by may have the colonel I walk along with her in this journey currencies in case the value of how to save and and spend wasn't able to book again on the look it up Amber Medical Savings Box. It's an honor, my needs amber. We lost at the age of three, so it for ages, three, the eight year old, just the getting started with the few that can do famous journals and back of it and everything. Ok, thank you moment I, like you, hello this in order We all know you where's your boy, prank call back with Armenia, Bobby already, but I gotta get off my third man. You know report border poor drug tat. Your boy might video so readily job, what to do
about boy, oh no, break break out all right. There you are, you are Edward. Now you do not know whether you listen. I love you. I love you. I love you. I don't know what I would call it, but I love you know. I looked over the judges thing. The reality is that you are probation, Ok, fine, what kind of drugs you do. I go Oh now I going, are you not? I boy anymore, I'm obiang, like wriggles attitude, because my attitude between IP you gotta be willing to accept the things that you cannot control and I'm, I guess you could control fail in the drug tests, but the high and you already small gay you can't. That was get it off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one when we come back Andrew Gillum will be joining us. They don't move it. The breakfast club good morning, the breakfast club
pouring everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breadth of his club. We got us pursue, guess. Inability. Guy Andrew Gallop was up every body- s back pneumonia, young and happy new year to see all out three of you, plus the crew and down you no good to be back in New York, although I wish it was warmer. What are you? What are you doin here? Did you yeah no array votes? Our data was guys, never said enough as it is the ballet yet as dying islanders he's yet another this blown or rather not now their parties over your, but on the Good NEWS, and I'm sure you're probably followed this, but in Florida one point four million former felons learning. Citizens now have the right to vote a member state of flora. Member for a massive.
and it can be, you know, is not a panacea and solve everything. Does we still got challenges out there, but can you imagine I mean, I don't know if you saw any of the images, but if you all go back to two eighth of January and just look at some of the images coming out of Florida, where you saw you know ground man dressed in their Sunday best showing up at the soup. ass, his office to go registered avow gas coming out saying you know, I feel a whole for the four time in my life I feel feel or or any of that I mean it. Was it Jacksonville, Orlando Miami, I mean Tampa all over Tallahassee all over the state of Florida, that kind of dignity being restored. The right to vote doesn't completely capture What was happening in their moment for so many of those folks and so best, that's powerful. I'm looking forward to um I'm looking forward to do what I can do to help make sure that the folks recognize it. This isn't just about the right to vote, but the power to organise the menacing ironic that people there.
The right to vote the multitude I'm tired and don't understand the power in the nursery Thank you locked the election, fair and square. Ah I did what I will take it possibility for is that in my state, when you win you can't just when you get away and big and you to win big, give in the structural barriers that are there right. The fact that you could have tens of thousands of voters who requested an absentee by it completed the absentee ballot. Put it in the mail likely put a stamp on it because all supervises, don't allow for free meal back backup, ballots and then I got to the supervisor of Elections Office in somebody who is untrained. Who is not a signature expert? Looked at signature that was on the ballot. In said, the w and his signature dead match the one from four years ago and therefore I'm going to end ballot your entire ballot. Tens of thousands of study was
it's crazy, but let me tell you more crazy is that in twenty seventeen, the Universal Flora presented produce a study that showed and floor. for balance that are rejected over signature, seven out of ten of people of color, where that out of by adopting anybody signature the same. My signature is not the same from four final model. Deafening. come on man, I've been lifted. The I was like a bit almost fifteen years and aside, God knows how many documents- and I can tell you right now that my signature was never the same veto completely from year to year on those things are involved, but but dashes one example- take beginner of you. No six seven thousand balance being stuck in a post office balance that will come lead mailed on time postmarked on time, but didn't get counted because I didn't was marked on time, but didn't get count because I didn't arrived by election day in spite of the fact that there were recounts still did not get caught
about the surprise of Elections Office by Election day through no fault of the voter him or herself. Nowadays, oppression wrangled is real. Voter suppression of me wit and be were, as I tried, to talk to people pussy. Can I voted. Suppression has evolved from a fire. Was, is and and dogs and barricades him, a voting. Both it is much more sophists sophisticated. We saw it in Georgia, Georgia as you know, in more overt ways, but in Florida. The reason, I didn't look so controversial is because, as the law in my state what is moving forward where we gotta we got a change. I mean, though, that I understand I ran under the rules that existed right, and so I try not to back in you know, complain in that way, but what I will tell you, we ve gotta update the election system. Why is it that you can reject somebody over signature we have got. revise and we look at the signature law in my state. If you complete your ballot in it is
postmarked by election day that ballot oughta be counted period. No said we had to go to court to git precincts college campuses. It's gotta be automatic. If you, why will we make it harder for concentrate a group of people who spend the majority of them? day in a singular place, but you gotta fighting to have them get access to the to the to the ballot box and we got a change that we are more what Andrew Killer. When we come back, don't move is the breakfast local morning breakfast Everybody is D, J envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We all the breakfast club we have Andrew Guillaume into building Charlemagne get very classing guy, but in your gut, do you know you want my mama says I want
Unless the Obama UK say that us out of here, but your baby, I don't know what they say you learn. Is that when you think about it right because now you're on this really international stage of people that are like angiogram to run for president and there's a lot of things that can be done with the attend and that people have on you now just from this election, because it was something that nationally everybody was paying tension soon, maybe people they hadn't heard. You speak before our NAM aware of you and your policies. No, I mean I saw, but first of all my faith teaches me to have to see the glass half full re. Regardless of you know, as you know, the term more like a big but put myself through following the election, but when you nobody uses to do better. What I know better now is there and I have known it before, but now I've gotta take some responsibility for doing this. Work myself is that you just can't keep show,
up in communities that have felt like this process has in work for them ever they haven't seen it work for them ever I don't want anybody to walk away thinking that their vote doesn't matter that it doesn't this process doesn't matter like that's not what the lesson is from this. The lesson is that revolt matters and you, got to change this thing for yourself. I can't do it for you and my supporters. The people fund, it already can't do it you got to do that for yourself, so we ain't think we got to renew our commitment to this process to our communities, neighbours to our streets to our individual home. To say I'm going to devote a chain thing for me from my family for my neighborhood for mystery. Until we do that, we're gonna, keep lives in these elections and there's no nobody to blame, but ourselves at that point. How there's the government shut down, really effective flora May we we heard about avoid. Where I may add, by the way. Federal government's hand is, is, is huge, is not just Washington D C is here in New York is in. what it is all over
You know, I feel, when I walk through the airports jumper the play yesterday, the TS agents that a shorter without pay and with no sense a when they're going to get paid by the way and with their own responsibilities and bill to take care about and it so the stress that right, the stress of not knowing any of that by itself. Being you got government contractors, these people would not official employees of the federal government, but there Higher work is federal government work, except through private contractors who aren't getting paid either. But the impacts on there are tremendous distress for those families we gotta be a little bit more generous with ourselves and, and, moreover, we gotta activate to give this government to do his job right the president, though a temper tantrum and in so doing
being nearly a hundred thousand people from getting paid out of work impact on the economy, but the tune of billions is unacceptable. This is not adult. Behaviour is not which do with the most powerful organization. How is allowed to do that? I mean, I know president. Who knows how can you do so? You know I don't like you, some Shatner governments like that shouldn't be a further that is democracy, that dictatorship Maggie. Should we allow you may delegate the system that we have on the truth is: is there is not just the president thus allowing this to happen? You get Mitch Mcconnell in the Senate, who runs what comes before this. There was of a right now in the Senate of the United States, even those majority republican, to reopen the gun it would pass and I would argue it will pass unanimous. I've been near unanimously. The problem is, is Republicans have no spine baby. Now this man to literally come in and take their party hostage at all.
All of them are victim to it. They won't speak up, they won't push back, it won't hold him accountable. They won't even opened the government their constituents who are right now I homes suffering because of their lack of a spine. Are you going to do this in time for the election, thinking that the wall with something that he promise that he wants to make good eye yeah boys people assembled goes on me. Every dig. There won't be partly Woodward Fumigate, they probably would work. Yeah. We all know that that's a farce, I mean, I saw this baby other day a mare build a wall in Mexico build a ladder I likewise there goes back to go over like we Oh, that wig trump is selling on this thing is a lie, illicit drug entry into this we as coming through legal borders, largely overwhelmingly the fact that the drug addiction in the EP and it has taken over the country is of illicit drugs. Is fitness and fitness coming from Asia? in an huge tankers is coming through normal point.
Of Entry that are supposed to be checked, but they can even be checked right now, because Government employees are off. Work will get their friendly reset it at through crazy, it's exit, but that, but you know I mean I that's where lotta the epidemic, the drug epidemic in this country is constant, China or that negative meant a lot of it in the coal came. He was difficult, any lab saluting absolutely so that the truth around other the drawer crisis in this country is the legal borders and the legal entry of drugs into the country. This border stuff is simply a play to git trumps, most loyal supporters. Say that you don't have what you need, because those people, because a brown people three eyes completely, open in overt renaissance of the people that are illegal immigrants? Are people who stay overstay their visa, completely. That does the overwhelming number at Tom completely me there, and if you look at the charts, I mean immigration through the border.
This country has been on like a sharp decline since the start of the Obama administration and, quite frankly, a bit before that drug, ensure we haven't had major migration across the border. In this country, for nearly twenty years, I so This battle is made up. Right is made up your ass, some people are dying there hat and the ring twenty twenty election. Who do you like so far and is their potential for you because I keep hearing your name near no one at all night hanging out in Florida. However, we have remained commodities. Was there we have a new one. a new great black leader and a democratic body appreciate that really appreciate it and appreciate your for always some really balancing. The demand in the need for you now, given people pop culture and information, but at the same time balancing where they absolute, you, have to know about politics and had had an impact. The process, I think I'll figure
well is Andrew, give them is the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. If you want to slander breakfast club. Call. Us right now allows this and lit by day we love you. I love you bill, but envy you gonna got to let you know from your both the media we all you can get money. We went the hustle. Why the better They were a little panting and restless the other people that are not out here. Getting it like you, I would have recognized. You showed us where you've been different, I wouldn't on how to give back and take care about the only for the community as well you think, to a little biased. You, like your riding, is Cardi B by launching Mickey, don't alone that you love COD Ii be too, but I do it. Follow my isabel receded. I talk about my toys for my toy drive. I talk about.
given drive that I do it in a mentoring, and I also try to help people to learn how to make my not just put money in your face at due to realistic- I do a whole bunch of thing. So, if you follow me, is that looking at that maybe you see other things we would have any way. When I see no two page was gonna come outside addiction. Is this way bade raised and make it a beard wanted you as a large is no single more and more. If you want me to better terms good, let's go high Nelson forgot about to start over. There are those which are bill were boy. I appreciate your change with the climate change
furthermore, specific show where Charlemagne business don't you ever come here where you masturbate? Oh, you me now look at night. That's that's your finger at able. They would have thought that there should be re envy ass ever ye after Angela. He talked about cyber made for doing that. He there every do you remember as he there rather than european rhetoric that inappropriate how'd, you won't forget, it will be able to talk about them masturbating, but with whom I spoke to you about anyway. You I gotta play with appropriate. I can't imagine as inappropriate I'll have to look back at their rights at Edinburgh not the whole masturbating. I'm uneasy by that up his own free will work reports hook in the conversation in your shoes,
were banned. Charlemagne I got issue would kill you you you won't be like way appear like. Where is the issue of women? you trot alike overdo it like a women. I like ok when China be equally great, but you may have to wear their eyes if we can't be equal, We are over you yeah, beyond which out of you know not. Women are the of my lady. Ok, I think God could possibly be a black woman I don't know if you're talking about. I know my wife runs my life. My mother runs my life. All mom Grandmama live. I don't know what you're talking about my daughter's Roma live. Sorry nature. Gauging aid in the building represent Virginia good morning you. What is land d? You know every parent, I hear ye. I thank ye. I think I hate the name. I can feel it.
Should we not make at any moment and by the way you have used every you have used infection ye be sensitive to her. Ok clearly, if not actually conveying failed itchy and I get paid. Surveys have shown that aim to answer the monastery them about the modest. If love wall on urban issues, all crazy right now, you gotta be you, since it is appropriate that this morning we ought to slander detailed data slender euro coins. Problem with like how secure you are. Awesome isa, mainly where'd. You go down the occasional right. You do you, but you do the Roma report. Charlemagne goes on vacation you let the community do don't be the day when you go vacation used,
try to do that dj in Visa. Let me do I d make people's choice launch. You know somebody else. Do they arrived? There are obeying reacting very then the YE may Andrew here right and secure a mechanism, nobody shall be. It makes me mad event that we want to give nobody doubts that thought they were able to bring about some breakfast. your morning, so never beat us saying is. The Duval word poker So does the purpose clue of owning everybody's, the J Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club. We have platinum, recording artists, the king King Canute chain of. Are we gonna build a number one member one on its rights?
the king arbitrary generation on board for generations ago. You guys go blood, do ass. You see that yes, it is just as our two thousand ninety come out. Is that you couldn't do it again. I say I couldn't do it again. They say you're the one who wanted to say, and I was the one he had wandered Argo. even though you been given a more every year, gave no one every year, but we got pull out now. You know we do it. Every day we got pull up, we live in a bad light or which is living. They. Neither true that you knew you will take the stand for
Thou design in order to pay for the region now now Hale now attack on B, I think is also minded from about this nuttin made out a guy called Le Personal Copacabana thought do not make that either the pig individual ally was called going. Are you hours while and now just finding out the complete now ten years ago, I was eight years ago. Was a joke as having flags are always wore this note, because ITALY. Maybe I'm the good tat when he beyond a cobra you download, I don't want to death, is degrading, was a laundry begged, so all in wild tweets used. As you know, I was not going to wait out our daughter smugly three leaders ago. I don't drink for his little mother. We also heard that you actually gotcha style and everything was soldier boy, my style everything we know the boy I got money
so do ok. Make heads like me: eight, on the very day, celebrated at every may that, as usual the Mona go. I've thought about everyone aid and before you know it why now youtube it? We were all your big soldier, Robbie. Welcome with both war came. I voted. Yes, I do have member, not mine, and my other colleagues paw okay, so what you know is crying and when they saw them, our mobility blew up to be due to be real, which people about this up. of a viral video with these keys call Cares camp. They did a day. As to the silver me and that we bow in my life. I worry that was already alma Thou has already doors gate. You ought to be an invidious video.
Where was no less and less and less the whole story here, the videos you write college poor gave me up a may. We soon the video of my young do this. There will. I came to
and that's all I want is short. I got this problem. A pitcher. Allow ways is soldier, bordello one shall support. The other was, if you add, is sure that we use of that part of your kids come on new, so called will come on. Let's play I wanna play job has made a premiere. They saw in other time just a radio Romano Prodi last we Jordi not a privilege to come out of this week. What was I hear? No, no pay, so you don't want you and others that is women like seventy seven
yet we only ninety mugs moved out a relative you now, but the outcome of that is their pressure for you to have another number one hit song after you had one now, because I just do it. I just tried to put out that involve about the I'm not trying to be the best thing, I'm not trying to be the best rapper, I'm just being Duval, putting out that energy, putting out that love, putting out their happiness, but not that joy. What are you to king aren't energy? We think of aren't vibes again. Lobelia remain as other. We would get a remakes to live a mob s. Life now say that we have moved on. Do what I do know remit. What happens when you do that? It was going to happen now in a word from a couple people telling me he won't do
you gonna, do it so loudly I'd? If you do, it is cool. If he didn't angle be manner he will live until it is gradually lavender whereby the labs to media hype merited a hit em. Always it allows Mamma. Do your boy happier gets you knew all, but I really mean the offer violently Oprah Urban incur. Mrs that's why they had opened the do you really want an oh no opportunity was Ici left, a comment when she left occur.
What about own magazine saved awareness at the moment we await this magazine, know about which you say when they let them come out like the is achieving those hours demon, all tat. She never replace the upper magazine account. I was waiting to see what the scene, if this is how you ve been over now, was the amount like able ever more and more beautiful, inevitably Zizi. We think she's, though you know you see it, but you don't know how they can open, probably the most regrettably, as you did, bought two of whom. Look I gotta admit we are. You can put your phone amply modal. I tell you all about it much like. If you want to look at the they don't see you look at it. You just pointed out airplane old clothes about in lieu, are you sure I work? I work for me, people say Dave
They let you will never forgive myself as I do the guy's going. What about him to play? You does boy not to blame. Come on now another one to listen. What are they gonna hear Superbowl than another like that in about two small black? What about the to learn? How to flatter about the working took to go my talk, live my best left to the amazing, so they Niger owns the actual playing model. The motion was more like, like blogging Obama blaring familiar, but is a good place. You know the plan we prefer most accurate. Have you can fly yes level big play so that you know how to find a praying. Your actual PAMELA in learning is like when I start school does not indeed my muscles vocation to like to use up You know I wouldn't recommend nobody else. Do that, but that's what I learn as I go. That's how I'm doing that we can expect to be this good for
how did it energy that the feel good? That's what I did this? We will pull out pull up about. Tell me that gun the life of the poor, the Aberdeen Georgia, the World s with a song by directing introduced a record of name. The song is culpable, hey, vision, tat I was there. loving, joyful song orally, It's all right now is to bring more targeted and lower a future from soldier boy right. Come on sounds soldier sounds like a remit. radio. Poland come on, I gotta do it I'm under I like it. I like the joy, gasoline and think about put in Poland. What do you think you could do? No Arap we'll keep allowance bulging out intelligible the videos come round, but many people put weapons zone rest in peace to computer coolly.
arrest, the beast and automatically who lay a man affected me. They affect me with cuz. I have turned the planned for, like I've been nor coolly aid seventeen years and he fell? cancelling five years ago and so the man as year ass when he came out, so we already lose out the pan us. Therefore, but even when you prepare for you steal, you still feel the way, but feel no hurt from it. Because I, who's going to happen, and I think he was here for as long as he supposed to be, but I just bless lack that I I really believe I God really yeah. You are that discrimination with God to explain. I just felt like May God because just everyday play thou everything happened in and just like when I, when I went to on his death bed. Now we just two Its awaken. We're talking in any way was likewise dissembled assemble,
decided dry. Okay, now me I'll grab, but I will cried. Gerda cried imposed to so much added. No out of you didn't just EU policy over data, but when he was an inability was like you guys is talking about your life is obey local coolly. You ve heard about because does does women mothers life came from this wilderness, but only with the data overload, but that's what I did was sold me. You do like the compulsory. If I suppose I missed about your work, but the energy of misleading, like you still love, even an impulsive apples, he was hurt, her knee was he could barely I'll do anything, but he was still live in his business. That's why I feel sorry for people. They complain about that, because if he was happy like that, as soon as he found out we like, I, we ve, lived this leave this until you stop and as we do so, that's why doesn't hurt from because he did everything you want to do even at the end I kind of knew he was going to go and he kind of knew, but we didn't say nothing, but we knew what it was. You know I'm saying so it was just I just felt like I was a
May God and he put a lot of good stuff in me in their time behaviour now. What's better the comedy, many other music money, you ain't got the money. when the game with Asia and ask you to go back about analyzing, no musing on a year now enough when the soggy they say you know what I mean is what I may from performing this target. Somebody is miss explosion. Oh no ethical become analyzed. All my business generated, thirty five million. Don't you go with them? So the boy s through, so no matter how many more than thirty million to me, you need not. Every phonograph, now you are, you buy anything. Yes, we were too Judging by what thirty million no different arising we're almost there
the flags. Only yesterday morning I have you Gabelle the jury. I went to get you a G8, a hundred thousand dollars and fit these on a grand right now, there's a million people believe. Did you see that them show when they showed do put it? Was this show Maybe the windy arm the college Agnes Jackie. They put a bag of mining in Oswald S, twenty million dollar. Not, I know you didn't we made it might be. A billion thousand, very brilliant young kids do not do what it, what we thought them is alive and I Kelly bag machinery that I ask you, because you have been on the internet for a long time and you did a spoof. Kelly Interview back in the day a nominal need new fear like comedian she'd like stop making jokes about it after watching the document are now, but I think the document shows reflection of society as a whole or what we dealing with- and this is just like- you look
the mirror. Cuz everybody has something like that person they like to me is bigger than just mess with a younger. I think it's just taking advantage of the week and that could be any age, so we the dress there more than anything in and then, if you would, he's dead inadequate, although they possess all they do in trying to get some buyers, We can young people are used to ease the manipulate the abuse of power the bees allow any type away so, as is bigger than judges miss younger us to me is bigger than is being just a SEC. Manipulation and take a municipality abuse of power and, as with all do them, they pray on week. If you brown a week is wrong and its people with another Otherwise will we get it done in all this stuff? A trickle down the ecosystem? Make it right now jerkily. We think every power dynamic racism is upon. Dynamic, has widened, prow residue minorities, powers, mitigating women, s all, and so does this in that comes from GIS, The change you wanna see hinges trying to put it into your own.
Own community and in any trickled down its everything is now What would I was before I was never mind. I will now go. Nine will not reach their taxation in order to get it out. No, I didn't you. Two young Rayner algae to Cuba, eleven on the twenty seventh issue. That is that I can say that you have to talk to about it, because you know what happened with the workers that we make the yelping they did not know. the young girls this chasing me I'll, do that may then turn them all. So you just open up a whole another pandora's box, even brought him up like you got killed We saw you got ignored and that act as it was then, but not even asylum, just acknowledges the conversation about. Listen. You gotta talk to me about and what they are talking about. You told you about human trafficking, those worst me, Lord of my UK. You can you can't even avoid expressly like an inland story. They re coming down on ever Superbowl Hospital, Craig DAB using the movie about it. No must we may as Alonzo when all them the tailor producing.
There's really real. Like trafficking, you got certain cities in in America. They, the host, These may they money offer trafficking, so they let it go, the little girl, yes, room I realize, can you go you see? The little in the airport is a if you see some by humans again? I didn't realize like they are really is like preying on the younger. What does that look like? What is human trafficking? Look like There is more though leg. I guess making people aware, does it in it. It didn't. You would have heard within after last up to two together, so I guess his ideas. There are some do put up in a school bus going the keys You know and she is gone, the birds and the guy he lay. There was real as the big issue. No, but so that's what I thought about like the other stuff, I think the last of the way I raised a cannon she won't have to he'll, be here these do this, praying oh yeah, these goals. personal young girls, because she gotta father figure for them
The point is she know and in the way I move they follow, but Peter Furthermore, they listen. You know you could tell you keys all day, but a really go. What you do so I rather be dig example that I want to see you do that I will have to be weak. What is really that's applauded, talking that didn't work for your we are with you. that little bit later on in life made only you again, he would write. My downright Mamma would write a lot of stuff. They stop me from my family was stopped at their deeds like like. I have to either table just because I was raised like day when she told me it is we all did he saw a lot of stuff loose was by the act? she D amour so than what she so there's lots road, when we might do, we have more with little Duvall when we come back, don't move to breakfast club the morning morning, everywhere
dj envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club, Lil Duval is here traveling. If you was Kevin Hart, how would you handle that awful situation, like I said, was told him before you care too much. He can't way too much about stuff that don't really matter at the end of his life, he looked distress on the shoulder of the bad and I let you he's they went and around doing I mean I don't look like my orange. You know he was just like life needs them. Every day you go you weren't going down housing children without either told you got it out old romani women like the miracles, but we do think you feel pity for you playing like my plagued by little play in it was killing me about my LA bomber play our care about global due to his barbie. They give more. Where would they are trying to do
people in their aviation and flat and more because from what I see thus, in a whole other words, is I've been given in the flat pleased like a lot of people? Do it and we they don't like we probably too my two flat any. Actually, then it really expensive knows as a woman does, was if at all, because it Michael my playing sir. Several months the villa evaporate for people? save money on deal. I ain't gonna pay deal. But they don't you people possible to steal it from spending two strategies like if I get like fire people with me as well. thousand dollars in this event. If you ve ever leave ass well ass, a three thousand the as deal more, that would often a span of lamb or playing damages a prank I've I mean that counts one problem to buy arms aim. For me, I didn't for the average person for people when you get to a certain soon
Hopefully you live where you can it make fix. I love him, a business. You let people barrier play. No, I'm not I'm not everybody. Can you blindly, I can go about found in the mouth along that. What was that about now fallen? our girl about five, but I will never go live on a black via go out West Coast, I'm his flowers nay, but would you that pay one paragraph, two pilot, something that now is not the only get does why get the plane? I guess there's only one pilot gather fly our need to because if you get a agendas, W two pilots and has more money areas broke. I know I know what I'm doing, I'm that no trial of all in Johannesburg, and I do it do to you. People in other ways to come up. make money and Joanna Like Flash. I like revising the twenty twenty vision, I urge the new order you all know ye I entered the Danish yet
The learn how to take off land must have legs look. I'm eventually get to talk about. Imposing posted is worn, no woman have over one the ability you know they want to eat. Come on to a father figure come oh three: fire come a fact is that we know are back back, don't want to be popular and five common to say Thomas. I was just at the last one just to piss him off
So you know they Norman at all violent online or women is one of the most most Windsor bigger, as has happened in the field of what he had. No, no, no you know big those data on. That's all they shall love on. Now is my gulped down idea where sexual bigger I've never seen it as a bigger wax. That's why I personally aware about due West Kirby bigger, allow like marks it'll, be a girl like Botz built girls like a like curvy, like she looked like she used The file is you yeah, terribly bigger and what's wrong Five women in here now. How do you feel about deadlines? Would you there is a lie, was willing you got or losing one's. You got all that I'm and you know what you only you go first, of course, ok,
don't wanna be public, and yet you Parbleu Abbe jail in arms is all three of us. You see article three of God, Damn text there is ok, but what about you the so that's it that's why they're, the Father voodoo does daddy Let me tell you, with ASEAN they're, getting as high
fourth, wonder why we ve Razumihin window cameras used operative run of no real, does want the Ladys waddle, like young girls in the Moluccas, every one minute you wanna be pop everyone recently there have you. What do you mean by that? just want to be a rather than the camera like you right now, Well, you ve missed out my word. Yes, I wanted to be popular. Yes, you want your work to people but you don't want to be averted the camp, and if I call you as the greater right now. You ain't got no thirst for mad pages on Roma. In my years in a row of mine again, as you didn't skinny now come on, you have loudly rattling guy
you guys are finding out how much you and I'm looking for a bilateral one guy day. Do I owe camera with us through the gathers? You don't look, but one sixty. We need an exit me, I'm negative. Do I gotta be bit either go right to the heart of our waste Our group will have another two about a year later, because you do want women, a pull up on. You can choose to call it to go outside Europe. Now, pull up just bring you you over there, pressed over. There is applauding on over your name. Isn't it you pull up as we come on, we have you come on local Lumumba pipes. All would have thought that start on the twenty six, twenty seven twenty
Buffalo IBM, Buffalo and I go to Baltimore can go to Columbus Ohio and then I forgot the other days, but just go to Macedonia. Com was Ya'Ll today. What is this toward comedy? What is no, if you Duval issues on serenity, It too were used to be back in the day with red packages. Entertainment shall lay back in the day the everybody more than one thing and that's where they can next universally doing to do more than one thing, let my Davis Jr. Sammy Davis do so That's what I'm doing. One do a comedy undue variety, undue of unduly stuff, with the crowd and the ground taken like the eighty five the issue of drugs, a gallows, Milos vehicles, we obeying shouted them, I think, If one is an alarming flag is so I just want to bring the different elements in the tame it, and Normally. I would you leave much over that. I had a good to have you taken it you showed once had adds yourselves and who, shall you know, I'm tragic alibi and in ages both focused oranges?
a meeting. Is it just everything you know I may rise? Is you know they come, before me, Knossos stuff like this has come out Zuzu That's what you do is make some headway in attaining divides came it was the police must play a key role in a basically no play a game. Now you don't believe me ask is what you do them will play my right after these go out city For the moment, I augur well Duval, Big Duval. I went from smile best to put up a plan to Britain
good morning. Don't the other day job Democrats have been granted a day a little bit of a mess adult I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other bay is a new white dog. You too difficult to a young rabble, nobody's famous dicks. Now, listen young man, I'm not join in this respect. You just want to give you a low game, I'm not taken any side in this situation. I did food, our famous DEC, is overreacting. Ok, see Big Draco, a D. Andrea Cortez Way, a founding father of hip, hop godfather, hip, Hop commonly known to the world, a soldier boy was on abruptly, and he had this to say about famous decks. I started this internet asked the wave on the reason why these new artists guess I'm the reason why, as a low pop, I discovered she Keith
Any these artists is how right now reach caves asleep, while my couch famous digs out the first person. If Russia mistakes, the delay was TAT Sunday, money game before his honour is turkey. Now I can't tell someone went to take offence to. I can't tell some would be disrespected by, but I don't feel is soldier boy was different, is decks. It I'll. Do you actually now? Do you envy? No, ok, go. Look. Everybody has somebody who gave them, therefore, as ombudsman he gave them their first little gave them there position? All of us have some one. We can contribute our first taste of success. To that point. Who helped us getting a door? How it at present, who might just showed, is when the door was ok. We all got that one individual everybody plan on a famous Dixon mad about how you, so just flew famous DEC and recognized his tally. You know shouted amount, empowered, I'm just by acknowledging him tat was cool
Ok, I didn't think you another row, a big soldier said, but famous decks data right famous debts took the Instagram live with a symbiotic weapon of some sort to express his disdain. what big Draco had to say less here Romeo's Debra is one the ram away, so you better watch your mouth Zaga were called row because Can you probably smack goers, which was always were you on, but those You know I put my name, you know now I tell you all. Every day I'm not die of great awaited the dispensary, but how big, so design he put famous. Exxon turn into him Instagram Dayton a potentially violent conflict with old boy like debt common you get money around. You got a decent career going for you from what I can see that if nothing sold voice on the breadth of club that warns you being all social media, what a chapel threatening violence pull up for white pull up the do.
Why, though, you live away because soldier boy that he knew you before everybody else. Stand the lodge, oh god, pull up a chair in certain enjoy the interview, a big Draco like everybody else, want one thing you know not even remote, you trying to do in twenty nineteen to cause issues between black men, especially young black men, that are out here getting money. So I think it's very important to tell guys like decks. Bro. You trippin tree all right now, I wish I would have started because I would have reached out to Soulja boy and told him don't even respond if you do respond, respond in a different way, because Soulja Boy and famous dex, If the grand lived together, what did a young kids call it being on each other's lies, lie la lies not living on each other's lives. Hey, I don't know invaded whose live first the soldiers were famous debts, arguing about absolutely nothing on energy lad. You you're a big
Thank you you do, So you do you know where I live. What do what Larry's say: Jesus Christ, Minister, Jesus Christ; nowadays, almost a soldier bees, That's the real Lord and save you, but you know that exchange just shows me that arguing with full only proves that there too, I seriously be a teachable moment, we all have to be intentional. With way, put our attention in twenty nineteen, my great friend my partner by homey little Duvall, told you in the book Duval Chapter one birth to not to go back and forth with these issues,
change. You are. It was a prime example. Why ok, they say arguing wouldn't eighty. It makes to him so tat cells are sometimes you just gotta leave people alone when it comes to certain subjects and is one those times famous decks challenges, should left alone on this payment, that our Beth View so dwell. I want the best for you all you, young black men. I want the best for you, but you have to want the best for yourselves. Okay, this whole exchange was goofy as hell. The problem was old boy said is a way to express that without threats of violence in guns, I would for you, young, run to find other ways of communicating other than thumb, tugging broadband, London and Cyber Crippen. Please stop point, being Our family members, I always point things all family members on your sign on your mama. I yet grandma everybody relax. If you guys don't think y'all can have civilized conversation, call an adult and okocha. I can mediate these type of situations because I'm tired of seeing young black men online looking stupid and it's not about who's.
I wrong in his situation, because your buffalo, crazy and the prime example of why you never argue what a fool People from a distance can't tell who so please give famous, the sweet sounded a hammer. Don't you I e g, yeah They're gonna want no smoke, don't be grandma job we're talking about me later. Ok, trying to give you a low again next the breakfast club,
the world both dangerous warnings morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club because best guess in a building Spargo now Spyker. I have to say when I first find out about the surviving. I Kelly Jackie Series. They had asked me the moderator panel. The first thing I am lifetime possesses. Before I came, I say sparkle in railway. They say yes, bark is in the diaries array. Why'd you ass ever. What because I know you had ties to our Kelly from back when you were his artists and then I knew that it was your niece and you had testified in a child, so I figured that would be some powerful the money somebody was their fares on yeah. You know yet not do this bottle. How did you will go, but all Kelly? Ok far recording all this, that less thought they elect Gaslight, I'm ok, eighty nine in the studio he was working on Billy Ocean at the time
And actually a girlfriend introduced me she and he were real cool. She wanted him to her. Me saying and then and ninety two I was to come down the same for him and then I M the girl on and all the backgrounds analyse. First album. I got to sing that, except for Asia, not by the number of air when air. When that came out. I was the song like this song that we did but we now hear a determined you first, Madame was there anything. Did you see funny going. What our colleague him into you girls. It did. You know he was the ITALY epithet. Did you know that they have a relationship? Did you see any of that when you do in background vocal sparkling eyes, see not a thing, nor the job and ninety two. When he came it was like you know. Can you do this? Do this for me? Do the background for me I'll work on it? five thousand. You know the job Cumnor Studio, do my job there. You know in the booth at though you know at the MIKE singing pretty much all time? Honesty.
Anything going on, but mind you very hankering is Haggerston is right. There That's it. I'm really is legal or illegal uncle blood uncle her parents are there whose thinking should be looking for anything. You know I mean so I was thinking about anything outside going on you not, I mean so no added see nothing at all was in the dark. You series, you see that he really did keep people separate. Oh yeah, that that's that's what he does. He doesn't like Rita fraternize when each other, like he had other artists in all other than other than myself. Although I'm the only one that came out He didn't want us talking to each other. You Dunham sand Yet I do it's yes, that people in that I was like, then me, I'm not that Czech girl spoke to you with ITALY as mother make a statement that where people are thing happen didn't happen and
it's a ladder lies in the donkey series. How do you respond to something like that? Well, I mean, I don't know her story and other members friends actually said these. They actually seen it if our long naturally she's an actual girl that I met while working Finally, as I'm album adding, even though her there I met heard there now for yourself there, I was actually ever strange to you liked it. ever come on to you in a robber? Of course, he liked me you know he's a handsome guide, but you know I didn't want to miss match. Those lives will be speaking on me and I'm there to do a job, I'm there to get my career on their acts. The Aaliyah situation jail from ninety two to ninety six. I had no, really it real interaction with him at all. So I don't know anything that was goin on NGO no tours with him. You know, any of that. But you know in ninety six. I was you know ass, a come back into some more backgrounds. For for him, I thought and
who songs and it was I go, became audible yell. We don't work alyosha. Now you not remain a man that work on my workin on my stuff, then I entered the family So you have had a relationship with our come now that type a relation of an area has bought me. A robber were real tight were really cool like family. I thought so right in At that time the marriage to earlier had happened, but you thought it was all a hoax like he was thinking of fifteen euro. All this got married like, your mom and dad you're their real uncles there. Who was even thinking that like did you think that was real at that time I remember I loaded it right before the license. Even remember that time I do think it was vague, they wouldn't rumour and they kind of played into like exactly owed anyway. I'm going around a robber. Does that, like even prior You know my album common out. You know where's, where the Mcdonald's, called economic damage and Chicago there.
Hang out ass. He hung out at a lot general guided the voters bearing an idea which I can give you now an end in these two girls came our colleague land then. Is that all at your girls ran it was I not like tat to housing and don't be silly? it's a damn. I was like lagging well, nobody think Annette. We like that, like that you're not a mean as Non Elsie, some make them. You know by your records, you know if, if I'm you'll do not that they think I'm your gas. I was I am slowly out, will gather Murray anything ahead. He does or type of things all you know, even with the only thing when it wanted. You realise that he was into young girls. I didn't realize that until the tape surface, the two sets of safe sermons and no clue I always go on. I came you know what I wish I had of known before introducing my family. Like I introduced, my entire family were a musical family and
Robert had just got a situation. We enter scope. He was taken me to energy people leaving the other artists on Jack, Unum, San, so he's going to bodies he's a musical family. Let me see if I can put them in there. Yeah, but you know let them be stars like, about to make me you know, so I introduce monies. She can't. You know sister Emma Brother LA brought her down at ingest, blow her ears, you nominees, I introduced are correctly ok. So when you dare put as your project rain, we knew well what happened after that. So Robert had we would actually workin on second album woman's threat. His song does actually muscle wow, so yeah I recorded three songs on my second album on before asking to be released from him Finally, you know, let me go did. Why did you asked to be real because it wasn't a good space with he anonymously?
within certain himself, him up personal life. Actually, before my before the first album came out, there was a big meeting, because Robber said he was taken, deal away from me words. Why don't you because I had a boyfriend and because I had told this person that you know I was the only person, though an inner, and he was pissed, so there was a big meeting very hankers in Robert I brought my parents, and the eating happen at the high it out and at the o, Hare Airport area in Chicago. The killer from me, and I should it's a kid at that point: was he sat there and speaking to me and my parents and he told Mama Dad your daughter so fine, I, looking at I'm sorry it until you do. Mama and my dad. What what? What did you many daddy, to aim at my daddy but his eyes and looked at me and then when we left there, because still, I was film in at this
when I was like think alike it. That is the site. I can't These are the owner Bang and data and beat it as your family was there I'm surprised. Why didn't you know? I think just the night you haven't even got the neighbour in the best, and this is my oars out- know nothin you not to me. We I thought it air in the back seat of my parents, car Medea turns rise like baby, I only wish say what he said, but I should it's a key we got more was work. All we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast global morning. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, we have sparkle in the building from survive and our Kelly. When you first seen a table heard about the What did you do? What was your reaction? Because you never told here? Ok, so a lawyer can't lawyer com, home phone, I know how you get it, but he called many it's it me there is a tape. That possibly has one family members on it, and I would
for you to go to yours and your brother law, and that them to acquire me as their lawyer, arms How can you know defend them in this tape? absolutely not cause. I don't know that. My family member, on a so ok. He said, I can send one of my associates over to show you I was like I you know send them a common older brother as I go, they sands the tea with somebody on it, come down here and fuel with me. He was like ok, I'll call because I'm ok, my brother gun have no no, no quota Oda. Only you can see it sound you know I was like ok bra, don't come on we'll be O K Mart when I left as my daddy, hands me of what a banker, Some will be good one way Dave. You going to let you go yes, he did you do that, go what he said in order, but ass. It was here here
however, the guy coms. He shows me to take the first. Seconds of it at an overall seen it, but I icons any more of it as the shut it off that you know that is her. He, calls the lawyer lorries like ok, Can you know, get your families of you view this Bob. Allows like. Let me check the guy Liese com, a family and uproar like she's on it. That had another and you're, not even thinking that your sister and brother in law are know about. These are two. I don't know. Do you sell America where to go about it ready I dont know. I still don't know in army Not all can set me by any who, yet that happens call the family, they say we want to view it and they made our lorries are our later thirty months, an hour later areas like now, we want to see it. Tell them stop, don't com is goin on ya mean so I was like ok, Robert
I was now was. I was thinking about this right and in our thinking about this hard as a that you notice no Madame money, you can bet pipe pay for my daughter, but then I did think about it like this in the one The thing about her now coming out is no knows who she is exactly leave her life. Now you tell me she walked and she walked in here. Now that we will know who she was, because we don't necessarily No, she never testified. Name is not out there. We don't know what if she would have testified and if she would have took debts then a face. Plastic everywhere and not The life is no windows, minors face and we have a date with definite of her name in everyday for not having a camera, her name out, they didn, but until now and the issue is: aren't they still like cool Kelly I've heard rumblings, but I don't know with less. I will do so The last time I spoke to her was probably right. After
various world about the tape at all. After came out, have you haven't, conversely, today no one had a conversation with me now: ass, a tool they don't have a complex report about which a knot of as what they dont one had accomplished at still treat her with kid gloves and because She was so young man. I don't know her shadow now and do what she would do. You know me, so I really treat her with kid gloves and but I told her when we do come back and graces. I was a strange for ten years from my family and this for speaking but we cannot tell the truth, you know an end. And twenty eleven, my parents, fiftieth anniversary, we did a bit to do for them and that's how we came back together now that this has come back up. We back where we were in on me not speak in a way. But she's beautiful on outside brochure, man, no monsieur, ok, auditing heard adults and no she screamin on answer means I don't know that you ve gotten any help or anything like that. Now
You said that there were a lot of things that weren't in the document. Oh yes, you wish it would have been in there and things that you said like what are some of those things so yeah, just the fact that people are thinking there. I just through my niece out there. Now I had a lot of invariably by not applying unlike their Myanmar. Is this. Do you really believe you two comments made in the dock user? Is it doesn't necessarily explain well enough that illegal seem like everybody, her what was going on with R Kelly and you still introduced to me that they may seem, like you know, Barry Hankerson was there with the least. She didn't think that whole thing with Rit Damaris is real. She thought it was a hope. All of that was left out. You know what I mean, so I sat in that hot seat. I have two five hours is a six hours documentary they can put me all through there were also some stuff is: go: have those in our land on the cardinal floor, so yeah and people gone, you don't think what they're gonna think because of them, not putting everything in there. I call my sister.
When I saw her down about when I asked you know what you doin here by yourself and ready to an hour later. My brother la shows up so never left monies and most of all by herself and never would write you supervision I do have you ran and all colleagues who have seen him run around? Have you bumped into each other at all one time, maybe three years or so ago he came in a restaurant that up and of ours owned at the time, and he was he looked scared. Like I was gonna jump on the phone. Not I ain't. I got nothing to do now, letter the women say they say been getting threats, oh yeah, on their lives, they have you been threatened since others, and has anyone doing you not our social media, you you need a new days or hear you I mean now but credible. I worry about them. You know, guy got me, I'm sure banana but yeah. Add ons, then why they threaten everybody else, though I mean I
he's doing it but I may need people within our own were manager making threats area there. Are you making threats? Yes, I understand that a whole thing like are you willing to go down a flames but do behind like. These are young girls. You know and enable still, even when my knees, ah non people were around and see in all this stuff, like ya, I'm I'm holding all cannibal till because, as an adult ya, should affairs up you're, not a me she's key at fourteen years old I come out, and I know they were a clear on the document with other women, how separated everybody, what an you even said. No one can speak to you yeah, you will try to speak and it was an even with his what his Ex wife yeah all add up to one you when you see the peace, I've heard knocking on the honour her bedroom door to come out to grab some they eat. And I'm there with Robert and some other people
and I'm here in the knock. He ain't, you know responded soon, unlike somebody can. I lie within the room and her of Andrew out. We can do a lot, but he had a lock and no more wasn't latin it? Is you don't have permission to come and I was once when he said and come all. Unlike you, a piece of work, how dare you? How dare you and he just unlike
finding it ain't funny. Are we got moors? Work only come back. He believed the breakfast global morning. Breakfast morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have sparkle in the building from Survive, an arc Kelly Ye Nascar as other women who are the survivors, have you were as any relationships with any of them have not met any of them. The only person I do know is dramatic, ok again and I of course on Adria, you know, but she went around he she can come out and play you not me. I am actually surprise of her voice added she never really spoke. No evil would deal watching the Ex wife and her release in my even videos or ideas into his music Brabant with music and independent. How does that make you feel? I have seen some distorted don t in these in these elegance. Of that reason I was those operative limping years ago. Maddening is in bad taste. I don't think he should of you now, but we also can't say happy to deal with Ghana and there lay I don't kid. You have always with Eric exactly hoping mechanism- Mozart her, because a lot of the women did feel like they had to protect him for a certain period of time. So it could be. You know they have kids together. Who knows you been alerted during recent erected to or that we are ready the law or don't talk about their wreckage shadow Gulf, the charter, the heat, is doing everything. That's what I want me to do come now really got a reasonable radiology deleted the day. Logout memories come out door network of saw it. You will say something about that. This I actually lazy very well to what was going on exactly bore male Jupiter, twenty seventeen. I started working on my new repeat us coming out this year right and I have three songs in in the can and and was gone released. One of those this didn't come to me until March February March, latent laid February early March dream handsome reach out to me ass. I did not agree to do it. I said, and absolutely not don't want to do anything with that, because I didn't want to dredge that back up for me nor my family, this stuff keeps coming to me. I chased it right. I ever chases from told two thousand one me me call on all the authorities. Are you not far from the phone calls you turned aiming and then me I'm seeing the tape and until the authorities I've been at it from day one. I know why you're mad at me, they met at the person, be men at the culprit, don't be mad at me, now rise again there and thus envy it, speaks to the Thai it's about a mean come on, I'm speaking to the time the me to time the times up time. I'll have you met at that whatever? How did that affect your career? Just at the time, and all this was going on, you called the authorities, you know an hour. Kelly was still per annum, music, as we saw a recognition of the mercury Allah that coming out. You know, after enduring a trial to that end, up affecting you, because he was a powerful man in the industry and you were at one point sign to him. No, what did I do to your career? Well, coming as you see I, you know, I've stopped music to go, get my family back and yeah he's. I'm sure he pull some strings to facilitate. Some is some things of of me, not doin certain things but check this out. A woman came a rescued me. Ah, you know, along with a few people in my family, you know not my my partner, ah he and his family and then the Brac since Tony said come out here I'll help you eat, you know you can eat and I went to Vegas a move to Vegas for three years and indeed her show on the strip for three years ago by grossing Youse, and she gave me a low shine in herself. So you saw appreciate them because at that point I had no family. You not only one brother will soften we a six of us unanimous so that the voters of Otto said she was an order to ignore the elder brother remit. I'll call him the middle brother, not my favourable. What do you think should happen? I think you should go to jail. Look how, as I said this in adopting which which data show I feel like he should give help Dan take his acid you in jail up. They will you well now know we got you don't get some ill, but out of a right now, a big what he did to those young girl. Should I remember jail is metal, raising even know people say world is, do you know he affected these young girls were, isn't he affected them f and their family members to sue girls still with him, and it could be more you not. I mean you know we gotta get them and it s really awful. Is that people like what we all in our community have seen that happening. The Oda guys come into the school. They got the younger us as an add on which our tourism, but is not. Ok, right, is true, but is not ok. I guess that's what I'm saying right. Recast uncles some some some daddy's, some Grandaddy still are doing a scrap. It's us saw year we need to handled is now less. I got the day, Chapelle Sketch and song. The piss on Usanga is everybody's in talking about that lately and have no one thought about the victim who on the tape and how that would affect her. How did you feel at an eye and a funny love em, but an inferno of Running Gillis, something that is piano? Yes, do you release the six? There was once a lucid was a manager because they were having problems autonomous. It was ex artist, we ever know who lose those. Actually one of the guys downstairs fear that they said I am the one released state release no papers were writers, assure Harry's, walk you screw like kick my ass. If I d isn't like us my knees, I really don't know any thanks cake, but at two absolutely whose Adele's thus o young girl on the table. I come oh yeah, you feel when you watch the donkey serious. Did you get to see it before I am? I know I saw it all.
Did you see it before? I saw no, you do. I saw the first angles before it was heavy. Like the first day, I was pissed second day, I'm crying profusely because here and all the stuff about my niece third day I wish as non. I was like I'm drained from this. This is crazy like who is this person? I won't even know him, you not a mean if human appealing, young girls and these older women to or not Amelia and manipulated, I'm sorry that the men who are round him now and I don't even know it- they burn. Furthermore, Norma God forbid. I think that money ain't that a video of whom, out on his birthday and club gas in somebody sent take me take me I heard about I heard about that and at an here it on the tape make taker re training you have let make you feel is like. It almost seems like you feel, like he's untouchable, he owes you. Surely that's all these land and its global challenges and actually breakdown the mind of somebody like here. They call it hiding about. We allowed him to feel that way, because we ain't done now feel no binding. Leave me back when no look, look. We now look at we act now and it's Duff keeps common at me. I chased it, so it makes response was, was war? Who donor wasn't? Do we even talk about it because we like last year, that's happened about saying. Thank you. Hang yeah. I haven't been out since why twenty I want. I did bring a joint I'll call. So bad and twenty two have just a test of water. It was first sale, ya. Ok, but you know, I must say that this is what I do this. My livelihood saga Avonlea become an outgoing summer, she legality, but what it's on roads and some other little things at em. You know in the works and I'll. Let you know more about that or introduce a single renew, maneuver joint. We are ready. I hope you enjoy listen to the lyrics
yeah. The sellers. Alright well, is the breakfast club Spock. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. We gotta pursue gas in the building together, no more almond conjuring up what I meant a country, a boy. You must have some most most of our right now you gotta low daddy's grass on your face into the next morning and mud vote again. Marrying We shall try to make an outcry. You about. It's about its own to outsource. The you got your magazine, crime. So allow told me I gotta bring above all women a real, and I are gonna evasion. Owes you don't? I was not aware of veal in my brother, no better. They just give me that is a telling you haven't never went out and, as you see, I was at last night,
As legislators, excite others plaguing not ass might like a game. I get bored of it. If I just thought of work harder budgets when, on the one hand the studio crazy do recorded another sound celebrate a loved one at the corner of a theme that you, like, being a theory about other exercise that you have to do. You know that into line interviews Even then ass little gave in anybody's. I, these by design that how I loved the come, in your ally, allow every once in a while ass wild so lay with some men, Aubigny no enemies and initiate amusing Saddam to from the videos. But when it comes to this, you will know about global inside I'm doing is amendment no more a more low views as not an animal
basically, we generation is different because you got social media. So, like our talk directly the advance, all it's our only use social media. Now, radio, I tell my face a maiden load chat and is like a goop cool honey gains in all my face. Re inclined again set out to them, too, is like Mama CORE Fan base. I flew like, and they told me to me and tell me what the deuce basing it on crisis exit the crisis in Argentina, viable phenomenon. They led him. He basically lately gotta means a month direction that island. Those who, in his work and you gotta, know what I'm in a country energies are found. Things are going well to let you ain't gonna be negative, you know. Aware in vain or me MA am you actually seems to knock on this emergency, It is your boy. Did you you were in a mid life crisis at the age of twenty two. Why
I once like coming up like that and look I must come up. John has who has as possible coma come up A lot looking thinking like when I was young, I always still one man to man. A lot of money, but then, when you got to pay taxes, half of it forty percent thirty percent- tell me about looking back and you gotta pay. Man is anything you keep a nationalist, valuable cause. Warehouse. Easy families may by Iranian is light aim. Gotta keep up with this but, as owes me, never love income. Last September I now my now, I can't I can't it is music money to say enough is the least I'm trying to keep up with. Is this? is in the pocket leg? Whereas, if you re? No, I'm someone requisite real estate are not as you got it. You gotta like You gotta have one go out: it's all my fault. You cages be everywhere or Uganda's folk near
first, it made me feel like a fact, if our focus on one thing at a time when our common goals, only six most Bowman, do this small bomb donors and knowledge Let me also make announcing their arms whereby, in the Bronx leaning on you They are a book. I know you gonna, like the allied to say. No, I like to say no, the best word you can when you get their lambs and get about a lot of people say I change change. You left her had changed. I don't want to live there. I'm famous now- and I don't want anybody coming up to my house, my building, it is a hoe. The other other time I see you are given money away in everyday. I go back to the old somber ass, though like sand with everything you never know as well, as the only shows nobody, because Billina re in another hole. You notice sit it anymore, I'm not stupid. I corner, I want you,
Not only do you love go back home made asked when I was like this immense it I've only. Thus, breaking do, as I say I am sorry to say, is that I am still kind of test industries, but ah I'm done with me got a family now I gotta ad hoc away. I never knew how much money you our own loses all his money flows. Remember seeing you perform at that guy. Super early. I like open enough for traders are just under a huge days were what was that experience like unless the difference between then and now, like the proud, I would like a clear, fuller coups to abandon our fellow look as though must learn given about, but I only more difficult. Is it something crazy they drag larvae by a nerve alone, sizeable disgracing see a back. No I'll be wanna, know that you're like a busy road building,
I don't feel that way, but I don't know how it affected your generation. You know if they like your generation is like now. You know one thing I could say to about Soulja boy though, and then beginning with that I didn't realize you say six now, the king in New York, new things when I said that I said I like in a respectful way because of his numbers in may have different means all right. I'll, always gotta! Look I'm late! That's funny! Another gimme person in a much more of a video music persons are yet to answer very he's. The land is extra over news. either way as let us lay my partner karma. There began his speech to be state as my opponent crime. I any everything we do anything we do that
take that he would end up in a situation either on her feet, I mean: have you been keeping in contact with him? I guess we're a man of sulphur We appreciate you for joining us ourselves. I now know what I want, and I beg you for staff and through his go right is a body. Is the breakfast locomotive? Everybody is d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club now it's time for positive note, Jeff father know comes from my daily stoic book, you don't say man, Ryan holiday. I read this when I was on vacation. This is actually my daily affirmation for January fourth, but I wrote this down cuz. I want to carry this with me all the time cuz. He said that the most essential parts store. Ass. We were carrying which we everyday artes, three things and he calls in the big three one. control. You perceptions, number two is direct Your actions properly and number three be willing to accept was outside your control
That's all we can do and that's all we need to do perception. Action well, remember those three critical disciplines and no help you in life, with a beard clinical yonder hi, I'm larvae under camp and the host of the before breakfast podcast, and the author of several time management books. I most of it. Did I hurt areas newest podcast, the new corner office? In this show we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work, one where the occasion an hour's are more flexible than in the past. Listen over there. First cup of coffee, and I promise you learn something useful, listen to the new office, every week day on the I hurt, radio up apple pie casts or wherever you you're podcast, instead of an ad today, We wanted to talk a little bit about how can all be alone together during the uncertainty and upheaval of the covered nineteen pandemic, because, even though our physical part right now we're all in this together and we humans are by.
Logically wired to stick each other out when we're stressed so finding ways to connect with Only an friends can really help them and you manage your path, mental and physical. You can schedule all kinds of activities by a phone, video or chat, dinners or dance parties or put clubs online games like werewolf her words with friends watching shows or movies. At the same time and sharing reactions by a phone or an app like Netflix Party taken online, ass together or watch a video tutorial sheriff, work out or a cooking demonstration or craft project or a virtual museum toward together Watch live stream or create one yourself check out the hash, had alone together for more ways. We can all take care of ourselves and each other
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