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1/23/19 - Today on the show we had Lil Mo and her husband, boxer Dynamite stop by, and lets just say they did not hold their tongue. They spoke on being on "Marriage Boot Camp", Lil Mo controversy comments towards Queen Naija, R. Kelly and more. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a Colorado man who  threatened to kill women because he’s a virgin and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Hey it's been Henry and Marcus. Hosts of the last podcast on the left are shows dedicated to uncovering hilariously horrifying stuff and now we're only on Spotify joy. If you want, obviously we never force anyone to just blindly bad be crazy, but if you like stories about doomsday call to do exactly that and more please, on Spotify Visit, Spotify Dotcom, slash last podcast to listen free, my name issue Pearl well. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet in his back. I D Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station. Were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true listen to somebody on the eye: heart, radio, apple podcast, wherever you get your party casts,
Even so. We also spoke this morning to the notice of a day, and everybody says they ve been integrated into the room rubbing the wrong way different ravaged by
Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo Morning Angel De Mining, Zambia, Charlemagne, the galleys did a planet guess what day it is just one day for yesterday's hump gay, yesterday's National Pie Bay to ok. I know you, supplies do not in the past? You know like efforts of our love deserve. Areas. Apple bodily, like pause at all, like eight Terry Pie or not the latter, who, like Terry, Nobody, I don't like pie at all or you know. Lord users are at nice. We potatoes had thought you, but you know I've been high, All I know takeover bid that dominican thing like million no legs. We debated by legacies, gave out about key lamp. I don't know something:
now, listen, don't play the opposite, as you don't have an apple pie. That's why I'm with ice Monica everybody's love, apple pie. Mcdonald, is never understood. It jointly combat that kind of power. Man anal I don't want a real pie cycle man. I don't know this is though I don't like circle by that. Unlike apple plasma gotta, just today is also national measure. You feed day Then do it ass? You gotta. You also got a foot candle yesterday, that would actually what came out of credit for Mikhail, whose executive assisted here aspiring singer long right without a foot candle, it was of a candle made in things like a faint shaped like her foot. Why would you do that as well? Not about Google? so we're on medical grounds does thoughtful. Is I'll make you a Catalan Sassy afoot most when you see what is freed me, look terrible else. Tat s not at best
the beautiful allow that might have made a lot of the candle them off without Mccall than the current one and everything the latter at our feet. Tone of gangs eyes. I thought your play disrespectful, bad news about fifty men as a great give notice that I know what you're talking about very thoughtful and anyway, you ever you summoned Alec Godwin. Yes, it s only within a news this morning I think, it's talkin about our global non Oda, nausea, legendary, actually, Luigi envy, still James Bond when for Alec Board demanded brought this man is created for what he did to you, but you will see that as the one before Never in my life confuse Jane Baldwin and how many that anything? That is never have moved miles and people will names, they re levels too stupid to mercury, and now we are then that now- and I'm glad you- yes, we have that of the law,
privileged methyl brain their new did TAT James Bond when it allows Baldwin come on all messed up before, Malaysia and things before no way. Ok, ok, well, Mozart, language in I'd like our wow, you right has been recognised as a bit pronunciation go round. Her too, was in there for negotiations under way is no accident that, on abruptly global Taylor, put up a picture of values ball when Jane Ball with the question We must take it out ball in Virginia Boeing, James J, I was born with media event. I Alec what little more will be joining us this morning and her huh. And her husband came out. Guidelines call dynamite. Poem is gone yet Daggett Abundant Guardian of dynamite, ways of boxes are we going yards or I will ask you to show crack of repeating that we talk about Mass
high school that I went. Who is in the news, and it's not for a good reason and tell you what it is it has to do with black face Nokia, alright, we'll get into that when we come back. Like this to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall lead me to go. We oughta breakfast club schemes for page news, for we talking about you, I well, let's start off with how we, perhaps not as the high school that I went through in Brooklyn, where I graduated from an there's been a lot of talk about this video. They went viral of two young girls who are dressed in black, face, jumping up and down like monkeys. Now this allegedly races, video, apparently stunned, classmates and parents app highly private.
Was a student walk out from the school on Friday in honour of Martin Luther King Jr Day. You should allegedly use video out oil sooner video there. The video is that now what one parent is saying is that by calling it a black face, video you saying that you understand the motivation and intent of my daughter when she was twelve years old, saying this video was made two years ago and it wasn't racially motivated according to one of the parents, of one younger agreed blackberries has to be racially motivated right, but I'll illegally, They went down, be Doin blackberries bite Drakos in black, face I was a richly morbid now it there, it stood in her mother, saying she didn't realize the significance of black face at the time of the videos creation. Now this environment, I'm gonna, have to say I went there from seven greater ninth grade and then I left tenth and eleven gray, and one of the reasons I levers cause I felt like school was so races and I beg my my brother's day. There are doing graduated but, as I got can't take it anymore, I need to go to public school any to go so
and that's why I left Polly for two years and they ended up going back. My senior sixty years later still reach them is involved graduated sixty years ago. It was great who say. Yes, though, I mean these two issues in a ladder, their students having issues but the fact that their faculty doesn't do anything about it. Some older women everywhere Board Rashid. You want what none of the girls go there anymore. So I guess they haven't been question enable having these meetings but according to wrap from the school and the girls don't attend school anymore. Allow to be prevented. Revenue, Al Sharpton, two daughters went there ok, no offended form an extensive. He went there as well, so you know something that they definitely have to address. So it's pretty races over there. Still her I mean some stood, I'm not gonna say all the students are races, but there is definitely a lot like. I was in a program called prep where they take kids them. They used to call it poor inner cities and they send you to private school and they give you like a scholarship. So you can go to
schools and Canada to integrate things so other, not a black. Is there when I would go and reasonable good reasons, aware blood for you, but I would like to know what was the motivation Motivation was because I mean, like I say when drinking his motivation for web library. People seem to accept that. I would like to know what these kids motivation was. I right now cabinet, This has raised a one point: five million dollars in the first twenty four hours after announcing that he is going to be running two of our present energy drinks now white, but we have worked very well, but it is a bit of a black. Is black? Is I've why these black my jewels to drop it evaluate, as you have gotten, we camped knuckle due to at Monterrey, says he's blackmail says, although different in indian black and I'm really sorry. I write em and also let's talk about next Sammy with this guy there is a high school who had on the mega had that approach. The Vietnam Bet Nathan Phillips during a protest
he's saying that he meant no disrespect and he doesn't have any plans and saying sorry. If you want to see what he has to say, I guess you can watch the today show and that, for any view is going air today, given that yes, the young maiden famous, is that because he had every right to do what he did for the whole of Europe, the native american man, on the today's heavy and I haven't, seen an enemy let him yeah. I think they should always have both sides, but we have a clip of ignorant play clip as far as standing there. I had every right to do so my position and said I was not disrespectful to Mister Phillips. I respect him I'd like to talk. Turn in hindsight I wish we could have walked away and avoided the hope that everybody should be representation the black Israelites, you should have a guy Heath should have the manpower dumping others there should. You have all sides that caused this whole situation: abbot, everything about it, Take on the internet! That's why I don't react to anything as the or social media anymore by sea. Like a video clip, I need more information. I think
Everybody is just wait till engaged, but were not informed and that is your front page news, our I get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, eight five one five. One of your upsets me divinity to Sup right now or if you feel bless, want to spread some positively. I'm Angela gear. That is your front page news. All right, get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, hit us up right now or if you feel blessed want to spread some positive. Four lines? A wide open is to breakfast locomotive. You're gonna, get it off my view on the breakfast laughing, but as they will allow this you're bored, I was wrong. You acknowledge, try well then I was gonna. Tell you what s to posterity have Sodomy Boodles is how you living
National by day, you never told me, I d magic pay them are travelling to takes have to do with pie, Sir, where tell me I'm I gave you are now nobody d and bogs you. How did he pay they? May I tell you: are national cake daydream what's going on here how to meet our sitting given of the cake Charlemagne and you took him so everyone there every regarding what we now have an eye about? If I am not ever no questions about cake or national media, coordinated, theirs it's random hear that billion bees pack has on the from the Berlin agreement. Regarding my book, Taylor they are your ebay- has other workshop memorial sovereignty little either way. The that failure. If God got big mouth about three trafficking, you know what
waxen tribe? How did there? Okay, we talk about those a new paragraph, bullion, beef, pork, as Would Laurel and wax candles subscribe to that. That is what I will call them quality today, the goat s job saw the relative back villas bag, thirty p m. Today he loves Jake Olive Jake level. We all appreciate your biological music come and go? You don't think so Lila vehicle. The country. This means the Oda Jake all down his outside, and they say here: governessing Jake, I'll, listen, energy, magic, oh yeah, no went away and lighted it today. I do trust me you're gonna hear about it. I like J Quota, which echo puts out a lot of music, and I think that he's a he's one of the top three goats of degeneration, which ought to be letting his music come and go ya got a whole noddies music and we are all on the drinks are even can They are good night let me now, I do not know what I mean no eliminated almost would imply
about their. You know about it. Which one death where I've been They have something to do with Jake. In the studio with different, reducing above ground. I've been a new dynamic did you find out. It is not going to say no. I want a notable blogger you if they dont Joe Biden Biogas, where they get. What are you going to do to you about a different producers? It is evident that members were year anyway, like he listens, easy who s going where they take over again after I do what you do. It is the reason why Jacob pointing they, while these producing right now, but we ve been over this report and I ve been a genuine definite J call criticism. His whole career to Travis dismisses yes, yes again,. God travels and accompanying those undergo a swell Zuganov, each ass, a God. No one will do their utmost to get my profile Don't you got a neighbour of a third party? Those you got a name.
Yeah. I got a maid lobbying, you beg you know, make about it, one a name. What do you mean? Not a baby name? Your wise man ever need right. Now, he's. Gonna like their names, will be placed it, but they gotta get or because they were then that he would actually made him a junior let alone exit, though not a big it. Only the global back about blogging. I mean you Asia to woman out, but you shall do so in a way that we told you to the guy. Would plugin bullet? Look at him there we got back again at the end of the treaty not apply to the authority. How can I see flowing coming out there? I fly playing a game. We know about our lead once they get out now that maybe not the biggest liburnia complaining about blogging.
I don't want it dance and people Let me repeat that I'd, be they probably the after black, and I did, our big that obviously dollar bill. I'll get my diary wanted, but I get dollar you do but did not work back way to work, and I did they dead in the vacuum. It has been noted the biggest radio station, now right right. Thank you, sir. Get it off my chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent hit us up now, is the breakfast club come on. The breakfast club, I got wake up ass. A we want to hear from you. Allow is both able problem,
man therefore assumes that we still money of most broke, Yes, sir, they were so day. I've got a regular right where you can upload the razor falling. Landon now each day that do not do so now. What they did. Listen to. What should I do should I saw it so I ll leave it alone person that boy like what marriage is mainly due to the gas will be the last who defamation made him locked away. They gotta take off what I mean to allow I'll be thinking about someone. People for defamation, for defamation man, but honestly of the personnel have no money is really a wasting your time and money in your energy. To be honest, okay. Well, it's you. If you got the money to hire a lawyer and sue them for defamation, why not cuz it's going to cost you to suit your world versus worth?
already a depressing that none of the cabin. I therefore doesn't what were you doing when you allow all global media, now. Imagine what should I do Did you really have a lost the wages at the table for what I did? the guy who like us, they have gone cause you to do so. I mean, if you got the time and you got the money, go ahead of the mare. You have me with the american thing to do yet soothe ass, I better around it. Like a good defamation lawsuit. I dislike the you know, get something back in return: Amanda and some covering then by a mere that euro mama. Ok, I've would like They about covering think catholic students and Nathan I've been all that mess First Covington Catholic, not located in having thinkin soggy we'd, all That is those eight was already ok, They're gonna law, both due to Heaven
a you free and later from that food whether or not they initiated the drama that day the bear My bill of White Bear here there and called Miranda. Does it have the culture of the school? Yes, absolutely everywhere inside interview, the situation they were in mega heads and chanting and screaming so alone. The mother, videos them life, making comments before that I won't happen again, They wore black face they are good ball games. They haven't free of planting rights. This thing that ethical game I went online laid them pebble bind, they are definitely are making. No angel is what you're saying I'm a good soggy overall historically has had a dozen really need any help and racism deported to that. But we, coming then, and we are right across from personality in and we just don't, we hate, You know you know.
That work is ongoing, covering a promoting people, mixing the Covington. Basically, why God you like a wax us off a little amended at our meeting. Taking mama allows is promoted the morning good morning. How are you going I'm good? This is Palm Brian. Last comment in California: how Old Tom Tom Burma Primo Lucky Day, my birthplace, calling I got through? What's after I did what you gotta make a point suddenly came up a couple weeks ago about the new tasks slipped up. Pooh producer on your shopping, the day, Chapelle Shop and he feared tat. They should girl, Greece and other parties, got together, they had a meeting, they never ever slipped the coup. Ok, ok! You should have very easily at which to meet their God, gave in general,
that those two things had nothing to do with each other and able to two plus three four zero, which is trying to do what you thought of you guys didn't pick up on that and fainting back up here and in Japan. Google never flipped, then on central yet, and it happens every guy. Thank you sergeant. I think that you Adam Statism Peas, talking about a black man, Martin Luther King Jr in king, sounds nothing like whom there was an essay was now soon. After I will take it on board, you Talkin about, Martin Luther King Jr. You say more all the king Jr Martin Luther King Jr. They use it. No problem Tom. You I never using. These is all tat I do. How do you feel how do you feel when they are even a guy you Uncle Tom? They don't they call, they call me go hand in hand.
Why their mobile call me uncle John. What browser you hear me, eight hundred five, a m I want to find one of you need divinity, so you ve got rules on away. Yes, we started telling you about this. Chris Brown incident that happened in Paris allegedly yesterday will now will give you an update on workers. Brown has to say about these allegations against him Now I will get into that makes people access to breakfast club, bemoaning the breakfast warning everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club was gets aromas ashore. Chris Brown Really. This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club. Now we started discussing this during yesterday s news broke their careers, Brown had got and its aid in Paris, and that is because he's being investigated for rape. Now there, a man goes by the name, Karim and that's not her real name, but that's the name they're using for her right now,
when a four year old model she tell closer magazine that she met Chris Brown Ass. He went to his hotel with a group of people at the Mandarin and she said once inside his sweet. She went bathroom, that's when he followed her caught her by the right arm made her answer. A dressing room closed the door. She said the rape lasted twenty five to thirty minutes and that it was brutal and violence. She says she was then abused by one of Chris Browns friends and a bodyguard. She wants a cops two days later, adding that she was scared, but ultimately decided. She didn't want Chris Brown to be able to do same thing to other girls. Now someone connected to cause Brown is say that he was never alone with the alleged victim and Chris Browns grow from within the hotel room the whole time and that there were more. Twenty people in the room hanging out and he was playing music from his Iphone. Chris Brown was released from custody and that's when he posted this bitch lion. I want to make it perfectly clear. This is false and a whole lot of cap
Now, ever for my daughter and my family, this is so disrespectful and is against my character and morals. A lot of people have weighed in as well Joint Lucas posted grow seriously, get the F off my and were De Bro Chris Brownie Rave. Nobody and any, and every way someone gets here its unity to create a story and try to ruin my Edwards legacy. They say get tee. I posted Chris Brown Signs new deal. It becomes youngest artist to own his master recordings. First, this then a rape allegation put kings, critical thinking, Odo are do is Don T I enjoyed Lucas would just have said that I believe that his brown revision lady, because those had tasted they had were while, ok,
Oh, I just bought my masters and then this happens and Enjoyment Lucas's. He thinks that this is a conspiracy. Just a people can make documentaries. So that means that lifetime was plot monarch Kelly for twenty pledges they started is twenty years ago, just to make it back mentoring and twenty ninety unthinking, which has tried to show support. It would just those boys like that, takes a crazy. I take that worth and allegations effect a conspiracy there. They have a worthwhile who allegation arise, that we will keep you updated idleness brown situation. What happens to the young lady who live on what we don't know? We don't know what happened yet. We know he was released from police custody of children with regard to draw prosecutors essay. The investigation is still ongoing, does well to do the job. Draw their another source. The judicial system says at the fact that Brown was released with no conditions and free to leave the country.
As a sign that authorities have problems with the case but prosecutors. I still investigate all another job dropped a child or job, and I thought they really said they could run a sooner for defamation here. He is he's free right now, but I don't know nothing is going to happen. There still investigating he's denying these two. Is anything that he is gonna feel her. So I may not the thing about some of the defamation in the presence of an avenue money. You can get anything as a matter for you can, God is their wages and I reject dead. She ever gets will come. The grid effect that it goes to Courtney, fail Did it does everything that you know that kind of collision they re? So we will keep you unnecessary. Absolutely just so. You know, because obviously this is a terrible thing to have people say about you, so we'll let you know what have I just don't think networks or plot against artist. Just what is agreed documentary. Do us a wild claim join a movie right, while speaking documentaries, I said about a new virtual reality documentary on that
I'm an amateur cod Marshall from Detroit and it's gonna be preparing at at the Sundance found festival. It's like. We said it's a virtual reality documentary. It's a twenty one, minute long, three hundred sixty degree film, as you get to see Detroit through Eminem eyes. Here's the trailer. I don't think we really knew. We were yet as far as what's gonna be our style. What's gonna be are sound, especially back. Then we used to think. Like money comes in Detroit, they look at us. Like a ghost town, you don't say We want to be somebody we want. We want to stay. You ve been all around the world. Anywhere. You want, but you still have a presence. Are you still have a home in this area? Yeah? Why all right well make sure you take that out again that come down Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival. Now, let's give our condolence too Ral CALL Creator Cabin Barnett. He has passed away at thirty, two unexpectedly, auto sir
without that railway system here last week, so I can imagine how devastated that he must be offers. My job was to do him to reduce guy called to me. I was on guy courtiers, unaids, beheld funny as hell. He was, and Chris Vocs TAT five. He s a car hosted the round beloved. Gentlemen for the last pack. Ass network on older were Josie, argued Togo and old age is a blessing aright. Every Birdy I want only one of many birthday LA possibly can get. Did you say why won't, but the complications Verona, I have been very suddenly so we don't know, the right to use old dine on vacation in Mexico. No in yet another about posted. I was trying to figure out what to say, but I can't I'm shrilly heart broken by this in this and just really hurt as the hours passed so gifted and so dope and a true friend I don't know what else to say. This is crazy to me: growth improved curve. I write em Angela YE and
Is your room, a report all right? Thank you, miss YE, oh and by the way, Charlemagne New as signify a documentary yesterday. Finally, oh my goodness, you ass the Netflix when I asked the northern Netflix one that image your mind about Annie. Would you have given some fi? Hey just put a war added. Think about that. I just thought about. Girul is lucky. You showed the general, as as general was all documents and made it seem like that was your rules that were able to have his car, where they said: okay cell, where concern that will get super Frati said it wasn't fraud, it was false advertising, clearly said that for things that have been of document, I ask what jobs lucky job you lucky girl that they got down into the waiter document, even after the makes you see and makes it seem like jazz. Just
Bela that feature jar latin document jazz, although what a document, what an interview like people when taking foot AIDS people are recording phone calls, it was definitely on the earth is eighty undecided. Let me tell you where you sell it to me. What if object was to out unclear myself? I'm one of you. I don't know what I've been in this situation in a documentary. If you can't so, did I Kelly clear himself for surviving our Kelly was Was he really on it out, but it was more girls talk internet documentary, they sell him on air and only denudation would like public knowledge, but could there was like stuff the job within a definition diminute? Well, I'm here for this Nobody would anyone leaving one quarter of all causes. Double again I enjoy. Yah well, she could. I care, came with JA, has to marry you, Ok, I'm watching it. Today our I come back for patient. It was all over the breakfast locomotive. No Jerusalem! This prompts me in my presentation by all his generous land land, and do you know of border drama, say on the document region
I was walking around like he was the old jolly. These never been knowed o J J D, damn right I've job, they were having a job they were having a jolly old, brilliant nobody? I was going to give the war a war. Alas, jollier affronted own though, and then you came back and jumped on his penis soldier, ok boy, jog when I was a boy moment, one January bite it won't be like. I know what John was Demain Mark. My words are still of a job. I have is moment in f. I owe their fire that you gotta do is Ray. I wanted to say that I was now you another hullo documentary actually has an interview with Billy Mcloughlin on at the founder of fire that we demand they paid him for it. We discuss lab at the fact that there is a legitimate. When you see that dog you got below average and Adnan there was man. Let's get a front page news Congo
regulations to Marianna Rivera he's the first players who ever again unanimous Hall of Fame election Grandma Mary Yacht well deserved the ESA. Congratulations, that's amazing! The first hand. That's ever happen. Every single person for him on the ballet absolutely well deserved. We ever seen another picture like that, since a closer like that, a finnish am I right. Now volunteers are facing prison after early food and water in the desert, where they say there s a migrants on documents of migrants have died, trying to enter the United States. The volunteers are part of the no more deaths ministry, other Unitarian, universally charts of Suzanne. They could be sent in up to six months in prison and find a five and two dollars. That's because they left food so that people will die, and so now they might end up going to jail for that they said. One hundred and fifty five migrants have died in that area since two thousand one. So their whole point is there was a China make sure about people to try again to the United States, even though they are undocumented, Maggie.
At least they dont have to die out now they might face prison time are for their assets, commonly heresy. As raise one point: five million dollars problem in the brain of twenty four hour. Twenty twenty bid for sure you didn't. She will need a lot more. We definitely have the support of your men rode out about it. I'm gonna do to her Can you see what other Canada jump into the region have been a fan of a common as well? long time. Their data, Corey Burgos, overheard recently talking about his potential run as well, will be tough corps. He s, garlands ex boxes. Ok, I write an let's talk about high school was in the news, Brooklands Polly Prep high school. Now the problem is that to students we're in a video young girls. They were twelve years old. And therein black face and jumping up and down like monkeys or according to the school. The young girls have actually left the private school and they're saying this. Racist video did stun classmates and parents
but it also has led to students talking about their own experiences at the school with racism they actually had a walk out as a school assembly honouring Martin Luther King Jr on Friday and just yesterday, school Stafford had another series of meetings with the suited. Over the viral video as well but said to students. And the video ABC weren't there, because they are not a polly any more. According to the principal another girls father said Video was made years ago when she was twelve and wasn't racially motivated. Another mother said she didn't realize the significance of black face at the time of the videos create and so we don't know what the young girls comments are at this time, but according to build Latvia was the mayor. He said. Polly Prof has some real explaining to do. I would look Would they intentions off without loading? Nobody pretending to be monkeys already pretending to be black people in saying I am not, as my monkeys have you ever felt. You can actually see the video of what those girls that none of us could have been juries George. I don't, I don't think so aptly damn curious.
Want to know and I was asking the girls get expelled or did ages. I have no graduate that administrators would not come in and the departure of the students where they were only twelve at the time it was two years ago. So, according to the parents and one of the girls, they said they left school voluntary They they withdrew their daughter farm padding allowed any one of them withdrew their daughter just yesterday, so you are very They were pretending to be monkey them and in black face ways are black raises. Thank you said every as an isolated I base, as I am, but I went away. This did bring to light a lot of things happen and you know I went there as well and I actually left for two years without I felt like he was very racists and when you were back, I went back as my. Maybe it was because I voluntarily we're back, but I went back my senior year and graduated. Ok, all right! Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your front page news right now. When we come back a little more will be joining us. Her husband as well call a dynamite, Kayo Box. It will be joining us as well, so will kick
Then when we come back, don't move is to breakfast locomotive, one, is the J we usually Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club because it s a billion. We have now give money. Husband now to close loopholes. Above all, you do is causing major seventeen thirty. I hope you are having gave us a Robin Oblong. Seventeen thirty, like by forty pounds around three and thirteen oh yes, body had been now, let's get right into the lower. Why don't you respect my God data? My call man may biology was buried in a dual level: eat less, be rude, do Abbe! This is my amazement, or do I put on a shelf dope, Ami imposing respectable what I was bears bouquet of us may after we jungle, all bottle the liquor and there we was there a couple of days before they lock you in a room with no goddamn
key. Nor can we help about where we know what we want and that damage the hotel that was the real. So, by the time we got to the house, I was just like. Let me just go ahead. Let them know why I'm going to be so mad this whole time, but at the end of the day, one thing with us is a lot of people and I'm not saying for this you're on camera and they act different. And one thing about us is that we ever quarterly. So it's like I'm not going to be sitting up here. Acting like I don't be yelling back yeah. I have a smart mouth when Napoleon Complex and kicks in. I go off by the end of the day. This month, That is why the fuck I haven't got it you, you ve been right now and all its own as a whole, or is it a whole role for the people who got dude guy he's not gonna, hear blocker. Did you feel like you guys needed Marysville can't because you are having problems? Obviously I think any minors in a committee relationships should have
Sometimes it is not by goes a countless anymore. Nobody, everybody puts everything. All social media so is eliminated. You know everything you know, people go to pass. Does they pass? We gotta be brought within the past. I have assess what the I've or the husband, whatever the case may buying been renewed? All I think we d have to, but I'm saying before we wildlife may well need this. That is our aim, but I haven't, we lay down. You know I never sooner than we do so get out. Why did you rediscovered Lobo husband honestly there like death there are no social media. They started that by people I owe not David say, o noble. No, you who you you little MO's husband titles and I gave us all These are all gone through a little more money or little mould husband year, but I ain't your title now. You know me, I will always one thousand. I was like a ghost
hours matter window. Is my cousin used to manage gardening murder, millions to disarm, Javert goes back to the year two thousand. So one among armies back on a black was like yoyo, you may I merely by ferry betting family is value for money in the video from a man who showed with the fair I saw them. Local women's eighty years old woman, my cousin, we was in she's. All you got a book and programmes. Insidious welcome bagger would have let my fifteen anytime fitting sixteen. We want a broken or whatever, but something I was any damage still only my bag is altered, as they say That is only twenty five hundred dollars, so you are more than sixty thousand hours of ice age is our first, the kid outright
My while enormously oil wait a minute. Now more Kelly was guy will not because I was there I was. I was like my first marriage and I was just like he was like a young boys. I was like it all, you do is keep moving, then, as you know, on Iraq, the might or when a game there was over, oh yeah. That's it we are seeing now, is getting all five of these twenty ninety hours, hygiene eyes. We raise our mosey, but she she was still like those on my gmo products. It's our only little most day black down to yeah, I'm married and forever. Now, let me ask you this: on the shouting also address these infidelity allegation, user women always hadn't. You were saying they say that already cynically screenshots overseas apply. What did you do? These
We says: oh, you met you believe a strange before you re ass round. I like me, don't you I buy it now democracy wondering I ask you: why did my gang dragons biogas move till I felt as every month there I've seen or heard in make yeah? Maybe No, I know his dinner, but you know me in the dynamo usual bill we shall we use. It is that there will be living as I do. I know you to be a whore, but without gay for uniting now, which is damaging there's no more his eyes. They already know what about little modes eating or you, because I won't bother- that is easier than ever now, don't tell I would If you go out of those meetings wondering about me, I mean tying occupying war by the army the day she she asian, you go forward situation, but modes is ended.
The debate on top of arguing about tat, but I always journalism long behind only now go I'm not gonna me. You have is safe matter. This ban is alive now takes it is not even a fact about. She is light, or We owe it didn't pay for my mail. Now I got no. You lie where the thing about it may not be one moment. I think I like this, in which the majority of women men we can't go out, have sex with a woman. Don't nor named Armando guesses about her. Does we women have sex with me. Of feelings in will, furthermore, blackmailer cheap, but your hypothetical conversation. Well,
we may have. Some years does not want to John you're right. It's just the eagle we women will condemn. May now Ireland ass theirs, when we don't even day amount. They don't even remember, remember every person he s actually Roddy assets with them when they asked what Tommy was how many schools in everyday life have you to thank you now. You define cheek and are less as they will be. Somebody and ages you been flag in seas, leaning on someone else's having conversations is that eating genius, get in part. Those only things that I give it not gene is is entertaining fully any any sexual. So even in his you haven't conversations with somebody Timeline Daphne
for me that everybody had their respective of cheating Celia. Ninety nine each other the world now, but issues like was crazy, as is that every shorter we ve been all because s bed, the common as they, I guess. The common topic is always because we did was. We gave couples court. Airbus, and we saw divorce ass a bit you like, as you know, we were regos. We wasn't one before, of course, is that like hey, what people read or don't pay attention, and it was I yeah. We was their yeah yeah lying on a new people has never been married, not even in a solid relationship. Don't even have a good relationship with their family. This school were or anything like, he'll, be conscious of giving me a vice, but you know I've learned the best advice. What we would say on Kevin heart. It was possible to. I was like what they learn is what people hate or what people. I thought you did you that make money offers whereby these e g to file, as God do his shoulders gives six, because it came at the moment that we are more low more into her husband call dynamite. When we come back to move the breakfast locomotive,
Everybody is D. J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club, we have little more in her husband call dynamite in a building de la mon. You think people at two sensitive nowadays super they don't ever so little about. We know that now hope ITALY who you're not going. Why do you Did I say that when I say that I can about a particular sea, the instant performance right, How did he received all before us are when I got the of footage? They sent me to Kelly Price video first, when I heard her part. I was like I know when I'm pregnant and I got a lot of kids. I don't think cuz my uncle right. The backstory is young, because my uncle that's how I got my start, a gay, that's who suing her now forced his whole melody, but as long as we all know how I'll go by notices God, but there was talk of crazy about my uncle's up. Well, whatever we need to go priest. The causes are well aware. We
doing this is since when is it ok to respect the ledges in oh geez? Let s get on my nerves, but I know they can perform it. You showed him were spent. Ok what they do. You use bet that level respect has been eliminated because social media cats, people up. Ok, we have a popular think. They could talk crazy. You can't so is just like now. People are so I think they are so high a mighty. You could talk to know MAO help me do our duty did Obama. Oh, what happened
I know you not. It takes a tame, it takes a machine. I know not a higher up as a lot of people still respect my pay that you may not see on a regular basis. That's only owed she'd treats people. Our team treat people as our way if they find out that you are of importance or some one of status may now be nice, you, but if you think you just regular, they knock on our young people, and I hate people like that, and that's what I heard about that involves us. I are well maybe ages hypos, you notice, will you to make his lover to death. My daughter's is like you out and even put two and two together that that was the one from the EU to show, but then I was just like your light shot. If you get up there, you pour out of a light. Not let me just sing muscle adieu. Must they gather say decipher to lad? Is baby? Could my diaphragm right. There is clearly a look like she'll want obedient and then how bravely the catch of fate he d better, be careful because then one of blogs are posted up low Modena. Always Romania was begun it well. He got a fake coming
about a mighty, don't hate out joint motion. Now you know what I'm going to write a laboratory still gotta be playing Kelly's. Maybe I could get out, there's some have Google home to premeditated lots, outages, chill movement, you why everything done time, how important this is backed by a few things. You know some ideas about user. Who did you know witty outside? It is always all about being not reacting, basically invitation that what you can get the maybe those values I know, how does it covers the products that we do not always about tourism, wiring, Morgan Round reality, we react, you go or youth emotions when you add new funds
I waited too long throughout our emotional being an adult care because you see I've which, when I set it, but we men joining e mail, and now I'm the one is almost agent. But I am already got it always is gonna. Believe me, you don't you know you never do nothing. He had another. Would what I've gone to me. I say no more then, at the end of the day? No, why dont you talking to me crazy, an internet who'd at As you well know, the kind of debate on all really don't be normal market now allow matters. That is what I mean by Eu China now Congress, as does the dynamite put to put all around his neck. Will let me talk to voice my mind and I think it has like men. She jointly now conversations that female should join. A miracle is, in my view, MR my radio cadet. We felt like U S at a great rate now turning to you and I got far does not fall under the bus.
So our honourable you're fired must not be wide apart with don't be wounded, but I think the best way something was guinea yea disarmed as I oh, but you can use a vague but are felt the store to know what it is. We have a lot of things that we do not remember what it is to be borne demands by multinationals will resonate cases in every day because it goes down behind us. They thereby thinking. Robert and is not so I've saved people for our lot. Where can I help? You said my gave him people from our lives on an early, so the mothers and highly vulnerable, but why? Why do they cause? What does your partner light? You rag amateur he's one of my oh geez, theirs
As with the other me, she told me she was, I know you gotta pick peep better people to Ralph was away at thy because like, and it makes me cry because I always have peoples in back. Nobody dont behind my aunt. I favour be making me. May I hate when people ruining opportunity? Do you just like all of which are like what did you do it? They know what goes on in industry, more police body, Moser, really love. Like most of my last name, always let me a lover guy reason. I do not always bear ya got here. You know Miss Lytton Isles, but at the end of the day, when I say when our robbers, what thank you because I went online issues- is lit for real, but it's a lot of people here and people are just like you, you cover them Indonesia's. I will move I'll cover me them. I thought about this. You know what noses about me and my team does. What was my say, I'm crazy about.
Woman, intimate are. We really want to fight, goes on my yo. He Obama, no body to be called guys all lay your honesty. Ireland does. I honestly we walk and everyone who is behind when they see the idea you pick up, men are usually because, as I told us to invest, will be where you never see them. You never saw with my own have, as has the largest single says, on Paypal, immediately management or go out like I'm a guy because they re like Abbe like we're gonna go he's, are you can't go everywhere? We also, but you my best friend so they'll go out. There would be like to innumerable. I were no fear Clubs of closing you should be bringing it alone in then got to do. No more show shell, your all their people, a semi, a pitcher. Also your husband! painted a restaurant once right. We're when asked how many investors, who was the fraga who could I went to Fridays I will do is always so she was like,
They are universal. My Samuel only looking I'm standing at the bar, Friday's order flu, but I'm standing next to it. Some good us. But they re. Not only economic has not only really, I don't even know who was plausible mama, my sister, my niece, so they like well, who does? he ways not little MO order. One also be lie where my way, even later things like I hated arguing boy. No it everybody who are genuine, don't because there will be a giant obviously eighty year they want to travel. So like you, that would you wanted to radio again? Are you honestly, not after Adelaide TV, better address, get into little more new single and a little more meaning makes the breakfast locomotive.
Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club little more is in a building. Also, her husband call dynamite charming. What would you think it a fabulous visual and we'll get a moment ago and flag over it. Gave me a lotta arm heat over at what they are refused to allow this industry or anybody do is to take his legacy because back a what was he doing coup? Mrs that ninety seven? Ninety eight around ninety movie exerts everyone. So for those years I was isn't it does make states. So you mean to tell me if somebody, just all of a sudden, this monster that you like, though duty I'm not because if something happens to a head of them, how's, the rest of the family struggles suffers and it wasn't my business. So, at the end of the day, I'm not gonna. Let nobody go out as abuser and as a whatever the occasionally I wanted to speak on a year, because this
not as these nobody's business you, because it is about our belly too, and I wasn't gonna watch was about three things and I watched the doc you paying what what did you say about either as it I want you? I never met a mere rural life, but I mean I remember when I shall leave oh yeah, but I've never met on the day of her life with both because what I said what I did carbon on. I say what our colleague is: if we got, though humans robust, less raise a bustle glucose as a couple, more people need to go- and I remember was certain artist I'll just say from my point of view. I know, and I won't, but they name out, they are safe. For my book, not just get on by me today room and away, but I had to his whip me my bowler below Mama, raise me to borrow to be now. Are you consciously now lies in its like? I did not network it already was there was a
there was, I have you see, is go, make you feel was it is I mean it makes you look at him as a monster, but not only that is you have a different conversation which adored was he always molested saw my parents they find out until I was or aren't we gave us when we did. The development of our family member knows pass on my with the church, which he most of my sister to assist at all in my cousin. Had home touch my family again blowing off, he stopped worthy Laura. I don't know where he is what they say like. He has so many held round, but they say he was sure unless their wives, Sun and It is not you and I'll get! No! You know all about him anywhere, but you can't understand where women have for right away or honestly or what valid, because because what you are young and happiness you either. This is your honourable compromise. Schools or you become a recluse I became recluse I won't be closed out- is that we address his entire genes till I join the music industry. What I would say:
mom, even where my daughter's I'm not gonna, go to have first, oh gee, why an appointment? Because I was as I may was a sight. It appears. I think this will you should go names, as I, oh, my god like, if getting by touch you any by message. You, like my son, he's three he's potty train, but when he first one school, because he was nervous, he was evil that no by tat, like don't touch on banana call us, like my dad, said no, but you can't touch my, but I can't touch my we. We like don't play them and us very over protective. A much older so without our Kelly situation, what light with the parents like are you serious winners mean is crazy, because appearance is seems bet, you know, even though they heard the allegations of what was going on, they still invited it to their kids to meet all Kelly because they want to make is to be a star. No more concerned with the Uk Labour repair. The actions of a growing there was one there will be a plan than any other monkeys, often what's goin on language ass, long ass. The thing to do is likely
you said at me: you made us all Kelly's ease, their loaded, advance and carefully victims, but as apparent you have responsibilities. Well, lighted, like my hand, is not going into are telling us. Walk alone is, does not have an international and a letter that women said that they were targeted because they were vulnerable to my question is why now why now, while one of the women justified ten years ago in court- and so she was being question again and I think for some women- they don't feel empowered enough to do there. Like he's a powerful her thin. They asked how wears a power for what causes legal couples. People want to be a kind of story and they feel like that. He's gonna set them down and let him sign all kinds of economic one comes out a gives. It There's a lot of what they were like a nice come over, some of whom I e they don't want to signal, could only feeling bears if it may. Lastly, I agree with them all of them so that he wants. What do you want, which is always a good by which I mean I don't know if they try to fanny these are these girls is going to the bodies, Latin
dear, because I got one so my hey. Do you? Was sugar daddy nobody out when they should get an analog jelly renew, though they seldom younger, begone lending beyond drugs, the goodness the cheeks in Dubai? Lastly, what you really want you in my view only I would make a dialogue and a film scientists lads if you have both of you gonna blow the whistle blowing like doctors, blog and a lot of girls can threaten our rules allegedly bravely good embarrass you by putting out a videotape this humiliating for you that you're scared that people can see that we care little our Kelly of the blue. Yeah go- are going to win, may have no idea of the blame logo, yours down a mere. He had a hall how we want to look like when we want to see a now. Oh, do my nobody, like everybody account of what an actual you know a backbone in saying ass. She was, she was the same. No, she couldn't come out. She had to get permission to come out and eat. Getting information go to the bathroom raise their debts.
The information right raise these, nor is it is all allegedly that you know, there's something you are fighting his power. We have experience, raises an hour had I've, which is entitled They thought I you know, I don't want to drawing yeah does another like how does that because you our power and influence community rightly so, he knows who he's gonna he's gonna put a week is person because he knows that they week that they insecurity. They won't do anything that they have no father figures. It s so easy to put their fathers withdraw then they just say to fathers and mothers job on a more personal. You don't just leave your case. What anybody causing a superstar DES does out of pocket. What went on money? I'll, kill you if you please, pizza petrified alone, has only been a little bit like the issue, but we say that allegedly Matter LEO's you, you know when I was that was a moving one morning I was pretty well my lord. We're under Heaven, I remember it was a programme directed it present. I am a farmer show, so that was I sixteen years.
Oh, so people been new by just forgot about it in a report it up on all know. Why does what I'm trying to figure out what they got him? They buy to get everybody and not to why don't I rejected that remain as undamned I didn't I got. I should talk about the body he got. Herpes would like some pages weird to me like I was pregnant and just remember did a break. I was just like we combat. We don't talk about. This actually set a shadow said is wherever leader, whatever don't you know before my show is over? I was I get the two o clock out because I was sent not my alley. Brace we use in a mixed. The fares came to the radio station and a sentiment was I we heard that you are in. Possession of the hour Kelly whatever that, as I thought of you, and I was as I know, I said I just did as of right. He said well Review orange someone you know was in possession of it. Yes, that is a federal offense in Baltimore. Yes, I am so glad I said at the outset. I want to see a man and what I say paean or duty on us all my life
doesn't want you hard Myers hasn't apart from even doin it? Even if a woman ass into anything out of the atmosphere is what we should have. We should allow you to work with these two weeks ago, three weeks ago, at its Ralph worry, he beheld not less than it was at her solitude now, you're right or what he thought to whether our problem is the girl they set within the tape said it wasn't her and her family members that it was a hard to, and then he said it wasn't it is. It was his brother illegally. We appreciate your girl joyous, like you, that you are also the way. Yes, I said about future versus jazzy. Had a future feel about that line that Jazzy had on the sound killed Jazzy. I will give it to the next keep alive, does the breakfast club the morning gas at the Reul report was club has no future new. Album is out now his wizard album and he's been making the rounds. Do impress, and one thing that he was ass was about this line.
J, Zis kill Jaycees on other points which are right? Well, how did you feel about that line? Here's what he had to say am I mad? I mean to our man we, I don't mean it like that light who novices light you boys, we beg him up direct community body. You know me anyway, we company trenches above, given it no negative attention. You knives ally for a hat and something I'll always be up Nevada. But his out now, so it is light you ain't, oh, my father would have whatever it is is what it is. You ain't even tripping off him, I'm trying to get to where I'm going and ain't. Nobody going to. Stop me stop. The crap is too sensitive is a play on words in the future, people playing Would you son allows about him, would allow than about him knows just simply Zanna one position, while my phalion another do play football mother was wrong. It was a clever analogy. It was a clever analogy. Come on the highly dodgy these in my bed. It my fault, I didn't mean to see matters today: modest,
Oh, my god, I didn't mean it Bobby spoke. It was arranged tat end. You have offended you my bad. He modestly some like that. I right now KGB Wednesday return home, see posted on social media picture of her enough said a throwback. I guess she put. I want to go home, so it looks like the two of them might be working things. Accuracy Clearly, once her back a body wanna go owes you got everywhere the Gauls. You don't have to worry about what these people on social media saying, and I think you know I'm sure, she's gonna rode out about all documented back together. No ninety both fell by road right now, be both thing. So let s say, relationship decision is to leave to stay whatever it s. A higher now try to be author has responded about the Turk, video. Of course, one of the conservatives as Stephanie have posted and the air of meat to how exactly this is empower. Women leftist cardy, be feel free to China.
Thanks well, cardi responded. It says two women that I can wear and not wear whatever I want do whatever I want and that no still means no Sew Stephanie chime in. If I swear I can be half naked. Does that mean I deserve to get raped and molested? I want to know what a conservative women, like you, things, I called you drop. One include bomb Picardy right now, let herself and why they like video. But I love is that it's a bunch of women together to work like having a great time on a yeah. So unless we got this formula together, having fun is our girls misuse, of whom we would like a girl's trip just because you'd have met giving you on a boat organ does not mean that you are supposed to get treated less. Diana gives a man right to review is actually assault. You like no airline. You got a fine I'll yet taken which are girls. If you want to you could still more women's empowerment, whether yearn uncovered border awareness group club. I right now, Baby Rex. I am talking about how hard it's been for her to get dressed for the Grammy's. You know, nor
Lee when you're a celebrity and you're going to something like the Grammy's allotted designers, will step up and went to dress you for the red carpet? Well, here's what you had to say. So, finally get nominated at the Grammy's and, unlike the cool thing ever so I am, my team had out a lot of designers and a lot Adam do not want to dress me because I'm too big a size, six, a big, then then I don't wanna we're dresses all using although women in the world that are finally end up, are not beautiful, making our addresses she puts it. I'm sorry. I had to get this off my chest. If you don't like my fashion style of my music, that's one thing, but don't say you can't just and one that is in a runaway size and power women to love their bodies instead of making girls and women feel less them by their size. We are beautiful, any size, more or less and my size eight, as is still go into degree, and leaving are busy mobility at all by anywhere on big. Should not. You should not tiny like a lot of the time they want to just
what the hell you anyway, my eyes is one we size like us sized who is extremely small, extremely small, like big, don't take off from the runway. That's what I told you know you know it be regular, looks like you know. A baby read like ITALY. She's tailor made at all and anyway, even if you weren't you now made if our grandma designers to still be able to address you, no matter what your side, now. Why have you are plus eyes lake and still make you a justice like David, tell adjusted, want other people what they want. You integrative lay bride steps up who say you're we got you, but you feel like you too good wittingly right. It depends what type of material labour godmother blame running, got that they may be paying and dragged it as you'll, be thorny? No battling. Next time you will like, like lay briny bit, I hear rubber photo plus, I wonder, for a long time travelling to cool Bob labour. I have like Jesse pennies K addressing the next time. You got a cautionary jovian it open and close down. I'm not sure when, I'm pretty sure,
I don't know so. I write em Angela yea and that's your room, a report and to say you know lame brain has been doing some rebranding, possibly apply. Unlike Libra. Ok, you look good in it. Definitely way lay Ryan is amazing, gets hit that agency pennies clothes- I don't know, but you should say that illicit somebody I woke up this one leg. Damn am I gonna get daisy bodies is still open may have they got. Forty percent of all dated eight on our list of three days is a widow or stores do NATO on. I gave a daisy penny now. I'll know invaded closing those they close ended in thirty. Eight still love what I thought I'd like to kind of stupid, but I did ok boy here, is to restore you giving a donkey due to the young man. We know, let's talk toxic, let's talk toxic masculinity. Why don't we ok for, after our going to talk about a guy named Christopher Wink,
clearly, a lot of people are the wonder and wondering why the single I don't know. I know I Christopher we'll talk about. I will get internet next, no forget after that, asked he's gonna jump on a former right now, eight hundred five, five one or five one dark nowadays of next donkey devil. I am not a double dont you today, for when they January twenty third go to a twenty seven year old, Colorado man named Christopher Wayne, Cleary I'd really be does me when people realise that their their own worst enemy, when people realise that the only thing keeping them. Whatever they want in life is themselves. I promise you that if you change the way you look at things things you look. It will change. That is not some quote. That sounds good it
in their family, there passed there. The council, if it ever, is why go to any of those sources when you can go to social media feelings on Facebook is an epidemic that is ruining our society in Christopher was in his feelings, the wrong things see Christopher was going through some things, and we all know in this era. When people are going to some things, they don't take it to their friends, their family. There passed there. The council, if it ever, is why go to any of those sources. When you can go to social media, feelings on. Facebook is an epidemic that is ruining. Our society in Christopher was in his feelings on Facebook in a way that actually caused him to be arrested We give you a backstory on Christopher. He has a criminal history in Colorado that includes harassment, stalking in threats to women, eight Denver area, women in teens, reported to police in recent years. That Christopher has harass them when they wouldn't.
Freedom and in some cases, made violent threats and advertise their names on social media as prostitutes. Now guys fellas. My brother's people would penises list If you live in an area and you are trying to date, women from that area, which we have a different police report written about you say you ass talker. Are you have a history of harassing women in this area? If you have made violet threats to women in the area you live in. If you have got no social media in cod, women prostitutes, you're probably go double and don't data girl dad come now in Santa face down. It is what would serve as they would want to the commission. Now, instead of re, evaluating his life in making the necessary changes that he needed to make to be kind of guide at a woman would want to date, Chris decided to double no triple, no quadruple doubt on what does generation cause toxic kill, enemy and elected. Is let's go to church, USA. Nine New NBC Fourtou Report, man from Colorado,
under investigation for threatening to kill women and a mass shooting police in Provo, Utah, say Christopher Cleary posted on Facebook that he was planning to quote, shoot up a public place and shooters many girls, as he saw it was because he never had a girlfriend Gleason Colorado and the F B. I warn police in Provo. They say they found him and arrested him at a Mcdonald's. Boys were worried about his threats because of several women's marches across the country over the weekend officer say he admitted to making the threats but deleted. The posts, please say clearly is on nation and Jefferson, county for stocking and threatening women. You don't have a lot of single home grows, have allowed a single whole boys, because I don't really have a lot of old boy than the ones I do have to have significant others. Are they just holes? So they have no proof. You know getting a woman, but I have a lot of homegirls and they are single and I don't know why, because they are great women, they are beautiful, smart, their careers. Some of them are amazing cook their this amazing people and it asked me to hook them up with guys, and I said no because I don't want to be an accessory.
One hurting them and I want want to be involved in my home. Girls, love love, but I'm saying or lead to see it baffles me that they, a single because of all the positive attributes they possess. How can you tell them is eventually you will find a one for you now. Let me rephrase the right. One will find you this guy, Christopher Cleary is the opposite of everything. I just said about my hunger. Christopher says he can't find a girlfriend. I know nothing about you, Christopher, except what I just read and I know exactly what you couldn't find a girlfriend effect. I have a list, less write it down. Could it be the stocking? Would you date somebody who was a stalker, you Now a rushing now threats, violence now calling women rather to town, social, media gay. Why would you data guy posted a message or social media like this? Listen to what you wrote on Facebook. All I wanted was a not a thousand, not a bunch of hope. Not money knows that all I wanted was to be loved. Yet no one cares about me. I'm twenty seven years
and have never had a girlfriend, I'm still a virgin his wound planning on shooting up a public place soon in being next next mass cause, I'm ready to die and all Show turned me down, is gonna, make it right by killing as many girls. As I see, though, the terrible pick up lines Christopher, I mean soldier I can hear the vagina is drying up all over Denver after reading. That did you think after posting, that inbox is going to be filled with women, saying no Christopher. How date you I'll give you some? You don't have to kill anybody. It's a lot of lonely tweet! You can post that sound like cries for attention, but this is a lonely tweet that sound cry for Help Christopher. You are hurt, so our people, our people, I wanna, hurt peoples we, how to help your heart. Ask an order for you not to hurt yourself and hurt nobody else now. I think we know why this man is getting dark here today by now, but Christopher you already can't get a date you're a virgin your bright ideas to go out and kill a bunch of women. So you want to kill all your potential prospects. I've heard of people missing their blessings, but people killing their blessings is nuts
Once again, you are your own worst enemy. This is self. Sabotaging is fine, it's his literally, like being it's literally like being hungry and saying you know what I'm going to do. I'm going to burn down all the restaurants and grocery stores in America. It's like saying, I'm cold, so you decide to burn down all of Burlington Coat Factory. You can find necessary changes. You need to make in order to get a code making the necessary changes in your life. You need to get some food Christopher. You are not entitled to anything. Ok, a good woman is a privilege. Not a right entitlement is a delusion built on self centered news in laziness. You just to sell Senate and lazy to work for what you want. Now you going to do, and if people in jail Fyodor way, you feel if they feel entitled to feel that they can just fine. Only take what they want by your boy. Holes in trouble please give Christopher clearly too big to see her. To see a they give it. A dog in danger of next is ask ye. Eight hundred
five eight five one o five one, if any relationship advice of any type of advice, e g up right now to answer all your questions on us up, nails to breakfast slogan. The breakfast club warning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club it serve as key hello. This there was a barrage, of course. If you are a cause of them all Frederick for six years ago, before eleven about decided on When I read the Labour issues Allow me, as you go away on a danger, should I Well, one alone do slightly that I live here. He says he wants. Aware Randy, are you really against it long ago? Those good you joy, not like basically then love weapons. Already, my better just below he glared letter, lavishes very well
we're not gonna. Give me a look so where it easy solution. This is where I would know this disappoint me. So happy Dubai. It's not a big deal. You like the way hearing LUX yeah, that's it easy solution. You know where your ring she's, where, as you know, and it wouldn't be a bad idea if you guys to update and upgrade your rings, either on Obama. Renewing for Christmas all in favour of the report yes, I did I'm doing ok out any scrambled out of you know not only to another penny area, so yeah thank egg em out I rang through that'd, be really nice. Absolute and freedom are wavering, because my friends in my wife friends, my might were telling me this is what she wants Well, you know you make a lot more money. In always like anything else, when you first gaze, I was making money, Burma waiver small ringing in a less thought it making more money and increase
Macedonia. Lingering, let us be clear. Four years ago I was making money making a lot more now, but Is it all up there? You know how you feel about it if she wants a ring and she wants this empty but Where rings as on them. They give they both designed mutually. We don't have to I rang. We don't want aware rain ass, fine and if you guys decide together mutually, we do want aware ring. You know that yeah, there's a lot more love. Where my ring, I feel like a superpower found everybody. I didn't use them first of all you we don't need you. First of all, it ok all of us that a young one aware ring than talk talk about other people. The wizard dogs cats, who is well Captain bill. I gotta use it and I'm not saying anything moment. There is a lot of guys aren't even contemplate it. Often they got it again. I was no longer married for years. You ve been doing this often values rather than talk about rainforest five use necessary. That is Mary. I gazed ring on
What can I do to dvd? Don't Keziah? She put me on. Zack room alive, wanted an egg summary. Five, a firewall or five one? If you are, of course vehicle- and I was the breakfast locomotive morning everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we're in the middle of As you know, this, I'm, a railway to figure out, If I let you go tonight, ok, though, like movie eyes, twenty three has been emulation, there is no guarantee of high, and I want ya like happily leaping off. I wanted. But I didn t know year into like you'd, go hard well. First of all, congratulations cause. I assume you're single, like choice, right, yeah, yeah. And I want to tell you names limit. I have three on, namely rain, randomly IVO have Lorraine and then to a mountain we women name the rain. Inaccuracy I re so Amazon
it is. I was in a similar situation when I was in your age. I was always in a relations. Have either a high school or through our colleagues when I graduated, and it was so nice to have sometimes have finally be single for myself and enjoy myself. So all I want to say don't be nervous about it enjoy yourself. If you want to go on a day, do if you don't feel like it, don't feel pressured to do. That is like having worked life and then finally, having a better times and that have a job. You know. Enjoy not having those responsibilities and joy that having their responsibilities of not being in a relationship enjoy dating, enjoy being able to go out with your friends, and I have to tell you but he will you I enjoy being sleep at night without worrying, about which a man is doing all of those things that come. Sometimes We need to impose stricter than I exactly so. I think take some time for yourselves. Things are you ve always wanted to do. Go on a girl chip with your friends, you know doesn't go into a month ago. In March there you go so alive.
Is don't pressure yourself. You been in a relationship all the time later on in life. I'm sure you'll find the right person it could be in a month. It could be in a year could be two or three years from now, but in the meantime, just enjoy yourself. Do your thing be selfish, take care of you. Didn't you the longing eyes levied tailoring or our. I ask eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you, you could call her now we got rumors on the way. Yes, let's talk about, the Oscars will tell you about some first, that's happening at as far as I know, you're probably won't be watching, but there are some things that you may want to see. Skulker, we'll get internet mix, keep Locked the breakfast Cloacam on hunting everybody's dj envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club. Let's get to the Roma, is a sore Chris Brow, with Angela, his club, listen workers. Brow was released from custody last night after rape allegations were made against him. He went on social me
and said. I want to make it perfectly clear. This is false and a whole lot of cat now where, from my daughter and my family, this is so disrespectful and is against my character and morals. Now, according to his attorney, Chris Brown is free. No losses were filed against him. He vigorously challenges the charges against him. The charges against against Chris Brown have not been dropped and investigations are still going on, but Chris Brown has not been sued by prosecution. Now he could have been detained until they started if they would have far preliminary charges against him he would have to. Say in custody, but they D. Let him go if any determined that he wasn't a flight risk and he said he's gonna suitable for defamation. Yes, he's writing to soothe her as issue domino. The weird thing a bustle of defamation is like if the woman doesn't have anything like what are you getting back where? Maybe you must make a point there is no clarity, and I do have maybe making that point is I don't want anybody else to every time,
again absolutely because that is true. He has the money to do this and pursue there's. Somebody really did at its Myron her character as well and sadly, yes, the truth. Sadly, you never clear your name in a court of public opinion, because people have already, decided what they wanted to say, but we'll keep on following this case and updating you on what's happening now. Let's do some good news. Kendrick Lamar has gotten his two thousand and nineteen Oscar nominations. Congratulations to him for all the stars which is on the black Panther Album and the black Panther. So it's for best original song and the blackmail sounds like is also nominated for at the aware show as well. So if you, Then you already have gotten multiple Grammy's a Pulitzer prize, so that would be nice lowood followed by this, is normal kindred to note that, even if he doesn't when an Oscar Soundtrack was still phenomena the validation. From knows why people forced to note that there is also the first superhero
be nominated for best picture ever so glad, spindly already by that nomination themselves by glee by the way. I don't you know this, but this is gonna, be the first time he's gotten a nomination for best director of the good, you don't know anything about coach. It asked why why we should have a nominated right days. You been nominative, amalgam acts like he's been nominated, original screenplay for do the right thing and for his documentary for little girls he an honorary asker in twenty. Sixteen, so is the first time he was now many across the board for director producer, an screenplay for black lands. You can grab a bite if he wants to win a salute to him and I hope that he wins, but he still has probably still a legend with or without a mask, and he said he did say that he did get up to Boston nominations. He said about him, In that case, the dog, you said we were all in the bed together we would jumping up and down. It was a good day on my phone is going ashore with important him, like least do care about
report, namely Romania, that american vacillating, whereas this is being acknowledged, Edison matters to him. That's fine! Only white validation, boy greener. Wherever now Brian singer, their director is facing new accusations of sexual misconduct, now he did for movies. They all the usual suspects. You said they did all using x. Men of the wars from franchise model does was about. We are, was originally on board for a bohemian rhapsody by may production. He got fired from that We in Bio PIG, and they said it was a misuse onset and they were reports of frequent absences. He did still get some type of credit as these erector under the rules of the directive girl, but he was fired halfway through what now is facing new accusations of sexual misconduct involving under age. Boys- one young man said he had sex with singer during ninety ninety seven at his house when he was seventeen. Another city was fifteen when he had sex at that
year in that same answered in Beverly Hills according to both of them. They said that singer, with an disparities at the time knew that they were under the age of consent and California. According to the Atlantic, they said they interviewed more than fifty people for their story, including for previously unidentified accusers Jesus. Yes, so just let you got no was going, I write well, I am Angela YE and that is your room. A report or I shall do revolt revolt was you as tomorrow, everybody else the mixes up next now today is x, X, x, tints, yawns birthday, so long as we're gonna start to mix Officemax x X, I keep unlocked. Breakfast locomotive morning, everybody is D, J, envy Angelou yea Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club shout the little more for joining us this morning. Yes, thanks to minimise answer a k, a dynamic, EO, shouted dynamite, curios. Well, I'm sure low mobile to some people off yes, she's good is absolutely committed. Now to my why we combat positive, no don't move as the breakfast.
Morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. I don't forget age Martinez is still hosting paid sick. You still don't page, extra Bob Edge Martinez Edge, Martinez Phenomenal on television. Not know why a daytime tv show has not Andrew Martinez, on daytime television legs wanted production companies. Did you give em Martinez her own data on television show, and I remember that we may say ya. Gotta make I happened. Yes, she is phenomenal on page six shout the age more. Now. Are we positive Nova people other. You know around my full agreement. Carts. Could I loved the book agreement by DOM ago Ruiz? So I just picked one this morning and this is from the don't take anything personally agreement see other people as they are
Ok, when you see other people and they are without taking it personally, you can never be hurt by what they say or do even of others lie to you. It is ok, they are lying to you because they are afraid you will discover that they are not perfect progress rivers, clinical, yonder, My name is Sir Pearl wealth. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year old Son Courtney, wound up with the bullet in his back out. The Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station, were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true, Listen to somebody on the eye, heart, radio, apple podcast. Wherever you get your party casts deepen world Hampshire, on the side of it highway, the hills. Witness a light in the sky, the craft hovering above a field day, That was the end of their story. Two years later,
under hypnosis. They would learn that. Was more did that night. So what had they forgotten the street? case. A Betty and Barney Hell this season on strange arrivals, a co production of heart radio and grim and mild from Aaron Monkey. Listen to strange arrivals on Iheart Radio at on Apple pie casts or wherever you get. Your pack casts
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