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Lillo Brancato Jr. stops through to discuss his incarceration, the death of the police officer during his crime, his attempt to fix his life, returning to acting and much more.

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However, the real some joint existed in modern everybody's dj envy Angel YE, shall I mean to go. We are the breakfast club, we gotta guess would us this morning and you know so crazy merely be a rap was in here right who act so hard. Colleagues, next in aggregate and did so much and having done nothing, replied that you're suffer son. As you putting network Lila, bronchitis, Jean, yes, thank you so you're talking to MIKE. We know you from Sopranos right Were I sail in particular, though one of my favorite movie rocks to color? Psychological, followed your own cultural. We always your role as a proud of my pleader Matthew, Bevil awkward. There was a stockbroker low level guy trying to get in with you know, Tony in those guys and that ultimately,. You know I was killed on the show there. You really don't like the near.
I will tell you the voice ass. You dispatch Uganda, autonomy as major they serve ten years in prison or to eighteen years. I save I served eight out of ten years, so Tabatinga sentence rang attempt a burglary right. In order to be police officer was shot actually turn and robbery right. So what What I mean you several times he could talk about Iraq. The natural imitated up he's area. What have you got to go now? Now I didn't I I was now you know arms convicted of the burglary you know and in the commission of their crime, in a commission of any felony. When someone it results in it that someone else and they call that felony murder right. That's what I was charged with an intentional murder. The one hand saying that you were with is actually the person that he's in jail for life by actual.
Explain to what I have been on a day December. Two thousand five. You know that time in my life I was you know addicted to drugs, as did to crack harrowing crack. You have allowed both both drugs and I you know- I mean in practice sham sober now, eight years, but you know that being said. That night, you know we came to. You know we are low, desperate. We could find any drugs. No one had anything I know of a place. Where are you are acting at times he had no money now we did have money on us, it wasn't it. Otherwise heroin. Not only wasn't that we couldn't find heroin. That we usually go to one ran out gradually. Ass was too late. We had money on us, it's not like. We were going to rub out, for you know. She are some. Rather it was a house that I knew would have prescription. You know pills cause. I know the guy from you. No way back
I was able to give you the same eyes heroin in some cases. Right yeah. You know opiates pay, medication mocha, it's all the same. You know not on your analysis of what will come up to sing gotcha and we went to the house. You know I was really desperate to try to get in Bang known a window made all kinds of noise. No one answered so eventually eyebrow
the window which had will my foot lakes kicked it you're the one of the high bad. You know why they actually use my my boots in as evidence they had microscopic. Lay shards in the front while which were consistent with the vote on the window sill. You know there was no saying that and break the glass. The off duty, police officer, Daniel, ensure tagging, live next door ogre. Ok, he was off duty. Early age is finished, the shift heard the noise came outside. I was walking away from the window and that's when I heard a male voice. That's when I heard someone say, don't move and you know like I said I was always high major small cracks items very jittery. He knows paranoid
When I heard the voice, don't move, you know what I'd do I moved. I turned around real fast and upon them, so I was shot shot tube to want to direct hits and one that grace me. Ah, we hit where or we're here where we had them and you know, and then I just seem like blood scored and out of my stomach right- and you know I didn't know who that was that shot me and I was going on not gonna lie. I was afraid you know who it was Armed, I didn't have a gun at night. He said that no other night. You might, however, that no, no, no, no, no, no ever carried gonna mocha. May I dont use everything. Don't you trying to break if somebody else right there, but you had a gun on him right. So what?
and so you got shot? You followed a floor night in foreign of law. I on my adrenaline kicked in and I was trying to leave. Ok, I'm gonna get. You know as far away from that situation is possible and as I was walking away, our gunshots and I did know at the time that Michael defendant was armed inside and know all that was come from, but obviously a gunfight ensued between the two with them and you know the off to the police. Was it without you know he was hit not what are three. Fifty seven magnum low income every now and then and he was Ives, kill fieldwork.
Will you? Will you manage your call d like? Why did you have to get into a gunfire Woodham? While you don't even- and even then I mean even for the back in that we wanted even carry a gun in me that you added, because you know at the city, I'm in the air was still somewhat pursuing an active grouse, patrolman, my addiction, a little but I was still pursuing acting career, but he also feel like, maybe with defending you, because if you like. You, dont burglary, and Somebody has a gun, and and say he knows himself as a police officer. I shoot you twice. I mean he could defending you were here that IRAN is one way to look at it because he also got shot nine times, so he got shot nine times. I got shot two or three times Lived yea live many believe, that's how I like you caught me, Jane clips. I don't know But I didn't, I didn't see what happened between them. I only heard it was. I was already walking down the street mother to Google.
A levy reloaded DVD seven is only got things. I've run on another route of the derivatives and what the other we all look. I gotta go to bed so are so yeah you know, and then they gunfight ended between the two. I didn't see the aftermath of what happened. I was ready on the corner of a wash S revenue in the Bronx right on our place and cops came on the scene. They didn't, they weren't called to the scene. There was a bagel store down the street and they would get bail, sir to venture and are the non shot
came over there and by the time they got that was on the floor, was on the corner announced like you, don't find for my life ready, they let you die, would deprive you you have no way having. While they didn't know. They didn't know that there was an off duty police officer, dead, three house version, but the neighbors came outside and like calling them like you know, and then now and then they call what they call buses, ambulances radical to us and they got things freedom over. That move into the hospital and not inside the ambulance. I remember trying to say I didn't do anything. But for some reason, my voice, you can hear it, you live happily you develop, enable good. You, like you, did something you ve been able in we'll go, shut the gates and are you know what that asshole in the surgery you know do you know they took my clean out part of my call and I had a collapse long and then not. Then I found out after common out all that that dog, that an off duty police officer was killed
And I mean in a while I was really for the date. They pressed you immediately above me in and I wouldn't from shore mine. I can accomplish anything to or even more than the complex because they seen that you know the broken window right or left. You know this was there was a burglary and progress and you know somebody was killed as a result of that. So it's you know an accomplished. Woman would have been if the S bed is actually being charged with murder itself, so we know where we were charged with murder. You know before you know it, you had the Bronx homicide, detectives came there and now you know we were interrogated bedside and are you know the interrogation was? Are we in a while? I was you know, intubated, with tubes down my throat. You know in what you know the doktor called the export quota twilight. Sleep and of his eye was administered like five different medications at
In time- and this is no, this is the method in which they obtained in all statements were of what happened. No words just affirmative, just nodding, Margo, you told what you saw and no nobody at present excuse me. No lawyer. You d never lie now because they came in and did that you know before my family was able to say that he has a lawyer so stomach none. I mean I mean, like you said you know, did you tell him what you saw yeah? What I saw was that I got shot and I was unarmed and I didn't you know, have a gun and but at the same time I take full responsibility for my actions, and you know my
long addiction put me there that night and how a cost in all heroic New York City Police officers life did. You have to go to state and until you tellin, you call it when you go to now. I am they offered me a deal to do so, and I didn't, and now they offer me deal with a three benign but there's nothing to say so. I thought I took it to trial. They even offer me fifteen years before before jury selection do not have to go to trial. We each all who murdered. There was charged with murder,
at the trial of a cup yeah? You know very good lawyer. They was Joe Tack Subpoena top notch attorney and we very coffin and based on the cat. Do we're very confident based on the facts. In the case that thought you know there was. There was no murder case. I mean you know a burglary occasion and attempted burglar case was a lot stronger, but we were out. You know. I took this stand in my own defence, a trial because you know a man, because you know this took place in the Bronx in. I was in the Bronx tail. So now these these are all from the Bronx. My lord thought it would be. The meaner were best idea, do selfless pigment, you know the jury's gonna wanna. They don't want him to level out. The broad fear yet is it. It is a matter of this was that of ran all this was hikes yet issues to them. Launched out. It was like a like thirteen years. If the Bronx, though and out owner and citizen now what's the up? So what's next,
you because you notice is a mother. I lost the son of sawdust and children alone have hate you I would never drive. Am I pity they lassie protesting because you are in a movie and aid in fair, like anybody should be casting you over the movies in Brooklyn right right while Brooklyn, and we also shine Pennsylvania right and you know, an opportunity that I was very blessed. They have been given in very thankful, for you know me and Willy De Mayo, improbable Gacy Data took a shot on me and you gave me the opportunity, which I am very thankful for, but you know I even heard you guys say it in Britain. No reference to the kid who would get to the heart transplants look a little while ago right that everyone deserves a second chance. I grew the agenda. You know
I don't see why I would be an indifferent in that situation. Would you give you up? You will be offset the absolutely no question about that, but what I'm saying is I serve my time and then take no shortcuts. I didn't know you don't take the stand on. Anyone I put myself there at night took a huge gamble. Went to trial was confident in the facts in the case right, in my view, no involvement in the the situation or lack thereof and you know, while away I made the most of the time. I got sober minded how'd you get off crack an arrow lie, not even go to jail general. Yet now would you go to delegate words? Sometimes you will. I got, I was gone. I am exile and overdosed myself
and it will continue to use after up. Then you know I got eighty days in a box and when I went there that a lot of soul searching in no way for you to get anything, you could get it added anywhere. Rikers island, You know it's readily available in you beat, it would help I'd like you. I can't believe you Craig mail and cold. Turkey is on you. Well, you know. Initially, you know I had to. I had two because I didn't know the ins and outs or Rikers island I didn't know, but you know, as I became accustomed to doing time and being in that situation, I you know I was able to work in a fine drugs and now you know continue to use in, especially in that situation is very painful. Spatial arrest, my life, you know for one night, the overdose still continue to use that was about a year after dinner. I design, though, when I went to the box.
I just thought I got a visit from a couple of friends and that visit changing my life, what they say to you what it came in, I was already sitting there and cost to whatever it was the wall that metal thing. And I'll make a man you don't want. I saw them in a smile on my face, happy to see them and you know they didn't. They didn't burn too happy to see me and they said, like you know, what are you doing? You got all these people that are here for you and want to see you if you don't get through this and you're doing this you're still getting. I like what's wrong with you and for some reason that day for it just stuck, it really affected me and I- and I just made the decision that day, that I got to change my life and that was November 18th, two thousand and six and I've never gotten high. Since then
You said you first started using drugs, while you affirming a brown still year, while the first time ever more pot was was during the Bronx. Tell how'd you graduate all away to crack him heroin from part. You know, What did Hollywood? I mean? I mean it, little bit that- and you know that definitely had our own influence on general, though the past- and I are you know eventually took- I mean you know being in their business just lucrative. So you know you got money the free time, and you know it says it's a recipe for disaster. And you know like any addiction, it progresses it's worse. It doesn't get better. Now. What now, what about the family of the slain officer and agri? Everybody deserves a second chance. What is what you do it at second chamber? I was No, no matter what, even though you say you served your time, do you know that that you're, that man is not coming back, and I could imagine if it was my dad or my son and
in a guy single lesser, my time and in a short of family like that doesn't mean another. My guys day, Mondo Mama Diet is dead or my son is dead. You know, so I think it would be more welcome to give you a second chance of their big deputy dissension adverse net. You killed, who get a second eating. Again. What every action is, a reaction is nailed, him is in jail, everybody led them to the house. He was like I'd know out at almost every turn by you might not. If you don't want nothing, bad happened, ordinance do or anything I block of a car with a bunch of look ahead, and I do so and they do some I'm when we thought. So what what. You are you doing anything for a family or, like you say in a second shares, love you! I love. You know. That's that's what I'm you know I mean. I think people who are worthy of a second chance should definitely get one, and I feel that you know my actions. Have you no spoken volume
of the person that I've become. I mean to when you when you're incarcerated is the deal, see the Department of corrections to correct the self, and I truly believe that I use the time for what it was intended for. I went there like I said I got sober which is not easy and also after I fought my case and was ultimately acquitted, murder and went up state convicted of an attempt to burglary. I had sent us a ten years, so that would mean in addition
Five and a half minutes from now you know from the right to asylum point someone I want upstate. I still united have my g d, so I knew that was one of the first things I want to end up in it. It was satisfying, but I just felt that idea should use the time as widely as possible soul with whatever you know why money I had left. I figured you know investing in my education. They don't offer they offer high school in now. You know, stay correction, New York stay correctional facilities, but I am enrolled in a male correspondence out of my pocket accredited school in Georgia, nor Crush Georgia, Ashworth College and I studied business management and are, as you know I was, I was able to earn an associate degree iron sixty Chris,
and it made a huge different, a mile. I do huge difference in my life and I you know I came out and I haven't been trouble one time since I've been home where every day there were family will now have a family, but I've been to high schools. I've been to colleges, addiction centres, Maxie going someplace tomorrow we have it. These other fail. I myself, if you like, I will show you the absolutely. I just don't think it's it didn't the appropriate time yet, They probably have denounced the role and in very upset which arose in all day. They have, of course, they should be, and of course I would you now would be the same way if the situation was resolved in reverse. That was my brother absolutely, and you know I definitely have empathy and can put myself I'll try to at least think you know what they are thinking and I understand exactly where the coming from, but I can't control the way they think and feel, or what I can control is my own actions
I've tried to make them as positive as possible, and what would you say that you are working as would rise up in his arms? Are you know? I mean, I don't think they want to hear you say tonight and pull the trigger anyone. May they just want to at least I mean at least they can look and see and off they are watching tv. Like enough, I was someplace, you no help and kids. You know to deter them from making mistakes that I made and use the situation in a positive way. In all I mean I've really, you know work my bought off since I got all to show people on a different person. If you didn't go to jail, you met him and dead yourself go right, as I remember reading badger getting pulled over, you had heroin in Ireland and other those few models like a few months before the universe, honor, you know I was on a downward spiral and, ultimately that you know that night happened and your right. If I hadn't got, you know locked up their name,
rested a problem be dead right now. I don't know it's one of you when I came back marrow and would like to highlight what I never I never used it. Intravenous Leanna shouted his eyes, sniff cocoa, hasten if it the high in old. I was minutes it's in all its very deceiving and very seductive, but there's a huge price to pay for it, because, like anything else, it's always the best in the beginning and what that does is imprints a memory in your brain, a memory of euphoria that you never forget and every time you do it you feel less and less of that we cannot be created and right and you chase it. And then you know with heroin which is an opium. Is it is physically addictive drug? Is your body?
Itself produces opiates, someone you giving your body opiates from an outside source. Your body says we now have to make them anymore, describing crap earth. When you said to hide at home now became a harrowing note on Yahoo or Google to crack is not physically addicting. That's all the mind, you know you could small cracked attended straight, take a nap and you know it's like nothing ever happened. What heroin is not like that you do attending straight. You hook, you gonna, have you bodies gonna, want it and if you try to which I have another think you by daylight, shaking and letting in rolling and other very horrible feeling something that no one should ever have to go through, because I myself seen you know, you know and have been in the grip of addiction and that's why I choose to spend my time informing and using the experience to deter people from ever getting into
That situation themselves may and that you know at the same time that helps me stay on the right path to go anywhere on macros island. They didn't have you in general population. Now they had me what was called see him see Central monitored case high profile cases. It was you know, like you know any any movement ass to be. You know they have to call Albany like it's, it's not as If you're not a high? If you're not see him see- and you know saying you know, you're in seven cell and you sink broke now- you want to move to eight cell. Was they got? You noticed sinks in that it works? You can't just do that because being see him see that has to be, they have to make a cold, Albany and say: well, listen, you know this see him say so, and so once more to another self for this reason and that they have to prove it is our aim here you know. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it does and no practical bears the name. He was
MIKE as our he'd be wasn't writers on, but not when I was there. We were upstate together, we were upstate together, we were we not or Meda in to that, from two thousand nine to two thousand eleven a mummy got. There is like September. He got released in my dream of two thousand eleven. Why do you have your general pop? How would I would think me. Sadly, somebody image will look at you thereof. As you said, we will come back you ah. Well, I guess it's because of the nature of the case was high profile. I mean you have other guys with cases like mine version, you know and other guys, involving the same type of stuff, where I was. In all the dishes, high profile, will you have you ate and further on that
perhaps that it every yeah, I'm gonna, lie and say you know that I wasn't but yeah times they ever do anything. He now stop you out. Now, let's watch beat you up. I think you know it's all about away. You carry yourself, and you know you just mining Business and just do it, I'm gonna be all right, but what about your Cody Ebby spoke to him? Are you ain't Oswald him out outside? While I haven't spoke to him since I saw you since.
May we, you know like in all people in the neighborhood in our lives, owes you know so and so set alarm in I'll tell him alone. But when we were right gazelle and together we see each other when we support a court, we're indifferent buildings, but the issue emergency service unit because we can go in the basket, was I profiles and would go and van me him and maybe a few other. You know high profile, guys and not least its each other in the van and yell. And I go to court, but then you know we had several trials, really dig you or do you think erect? Does he think you added Emma? Not absolutely not. Absolutely not. I mean that's all you know, that's all I mean you can go online and see that under that happened, I took the traveller was a trial of another consisted of over thirty eight, a guy who tells on someone and get ten years for an attempted, burglary right now. What about the almost that trial course? You ah course me about two hundred fifty.
Oh you're, a real oil. I will take your views on how to Craig Random, obviously out of money laundering. Now here that he had many drugs. You just did a place. The bandage we weren't legacy. We weren't in all like two burglars gonna robber. Isn't gonna find anybody what error was nowhere? I ran out the other guided. You know we're like when it rains reports. It was nothin around now, since you gun out, though, people have reached out to you and try to help you and you, you have been cast it in a couple of movies and even saw you did a music video where there are perhaps dying, people were angry, but we never them. Video never went through right because of all the commotion that you know my involvement was causing. They put the compassionate and never.
Through my videos that girl on Natalie Ura she's russian Obscene, sell an and then you got caught him in his Alec Berwin Film and I'm so, but that's goods ago, like filming, I know, there's been some issues. Were people protesting bad years solidified in that right? Now that we really are, Whenever I M really it's ready on already shot machines do anybody's anything. You like to act is like Alex duly. Why didn't you? Why did mark with him He's in the film MIKE Tyson is in the film Michael Madsen Inability aura. You know Deigning Lover, William the male. Ah, item I can show you understand now. How did I didn't? I didn't I didn't speak to MIKE, but I have a picture of MIKE when I was on the cover two posts last week have a picture of my call them up the paper. Yes on our school, you know yet our guy like dad, I mean he could. Therefore I understand where I come from you. You know you
you ve? Never forgive you. I think you know when enough time goes on and people shave. You know through my actions that you know these guys really changed. I think you know I love I'll, be worthy of it and I think people eventually we you mean everyone now, but though I think that on the path you know with the path that our mind, I think that I will be able to convince. You know people because it from the heart that I have changed. We ever forgive yourself. Oh yeah, I mean you know me, I'm proud of the person and I've become and that I was able to turn such a negative into a positive, and you know like when I talk to these kids and high schools and colleges, and I see the look on their faces. One speak into them. It's just like us such a fulfilling feeling to be able to do that. Until you know, even I mean you're not gonna, be able to change, or you know everything
one of them, but if you change five, that's, u knowledge huge and if, as you do anything you're on your own is not a condition of your novel alone are absolutely none? Absolutely not just so you know. This is what the this. What God wanted? You know a lot of my friends. I D got one of the Coptic no absolute. Now, absolutely not, but this is what this is. Why, God saw fit to it that I didn't get convicted of murder and I didn't get killed, I'm still alive for reason, like everything in life happens for a reason, and that reason wasn't for me to be released after eight years and go back to doing the same the same stuff below it was to come out and make a difference. In my own life and in other people's lives. Now that's what I do. I read that you as a parent thing, a priest in a movie, is that you are right. That was those does. That was my first real. It was
as big as a film is the one I just you know completed, but do you know that don't you know has Arracuoba Scott a nice cast, Well, they do no background check on our behalf. So what you know. When they offered me that film, the kid was from Yonkers names. Frankie came to my house what a box of cookies and script literally came the miles cause. You don't want to see. My was much younger than me round my doorbell and diagnose it. Listen. I got the script, I wrote it in Bogota. We got some money and you know we want you to be in it in our entire really look up You you cookies. We already demanded of the weird offering like a mixed like an assortment. All of you your carbon Ataguju unreal. Now you don't drink or not.
During the bare idea. We two article about going to collapse in her letter to people and the clouds the owners they fell. I don't want to. I want to mess with ties twice. You know I can't just you know. Gotta like today to be here. I had to get a travel pass, have it in my bag from my problem for, sir to you know, travel unrestricted, my traveling, you know I'm restricted into where, where I travel, I cannot travel into any of the five boroughs.
Out a travel pass from my problem of what you say you ve Yonkers are you? Are you not allowed to drink are worrying? Is that a condition of absolute? Yet it's one stipulations, but at the same time I know my worst enemy was. I know if I have you no one drink, it turns me into a different person. It's gonna bring you back to where I was, and you know, even in maybe this summer, gonna be lucky, but about your family, where they very supportive of you. While you were away with and a whole time that you orange exit, they know it, they say: ok, you know he's on heroin and did they talk to you since you down or was it something that you were able to have a non on our got to the point where there was no? I didn't I was you know I mean I was at rock bottom. Pretty macho Minos bears you get and now you know my mom cry, and you know my mom and dad would just like you know so depressed on what I had become.
Brother. When even talk to me- and I mean I was- I was a crack at me and I mean there's no other way. To put it, I mean, and is you clean up stuff run out firmly? Did we goodridge hands maintenance? We know that crack is another good to hear the good she blew now now I was, I didn't. Do anything. Usually out tree had money marry that observable ground can it? What do you want me any point in cars, faintly numbers there can be no really tackle this. Guy knows it. We are discussing the other day.
Would you dig is worth our gall crack? You know what did the equally his bed very coolies ban. Let me put it this way: the taxing from crack very uncomfortable. You go to the shakes new in sweat, your combat really odd, but you won't die if you're an alcoholic and you drink every day for a certain amount of time. You can not just stop. You will die, you need liberalism, people you know very misconceived about alcohol apples drug also made it happens to be legal, but at the same time it's just as destructive as any of those other drugs and usually it's the catalyst because
once you drink? Your judgment becomes impaired and all the good things that you put in place out the window, because now you think differently, you know so I you know I gotta say their equal. His bed, then you approve of proven movie right for known as an equal agri said that crag, whatever his bad weather, rests, not prove, listen so arm you on one day It is now or do you have any remorse when you in jail, but are the cup absolutely I still got remorse. I feel like you would Mozart for yourself in it I mean this listen. I expected I accepted responsibility and I still do from reactions my drug addiction, how they made a contribution in the death of that heroic police officer, Daniel and shouting you know, that's something I gotta live with, for the rest of my life is not one day That goes by that, I don't think of December tenth, two thousand and five at least one time. Okay, sometimes it's twenty times, but at least one time and say damn you know I wish I could go back and change that.
Other than in All- and I would be alive still- you know linked as it was when you got a better meeting, was most aren't we did you said you didn't have anything to do with the shooting in a put typical robbery case Papua got a year
the sentencing guidelines, since it was an attempted burglary. In the first degree, it was a sentence in guideline of three and a half to fifteen years. Judge gave me ten on my first felony. Ah, you know there was other cases in the Saint in Bronx County that my Lord spoke about in front of the judge prior to being sentenced guys with two and three felonies in the same county, Saint George, again seven and eight years- and I got ten my first felony. But then someone died as allow right right, I'll, write you. Nor do. I think it was excessive and want to use the word excessive, because I truly believe that it was. You know I mean that the sentence imposed came out of the EU,
jeez mouth, but I truly believe that the sentence imposed was won by God, because I think that he, that is the amount of time that he thought that I needed and get my lab less than it wasn't worth. Nedda went way worse than the actual. I could have been convicted of murder till now. What about a twenty two life for a twenty five life. Never local listeners, Westchester biogas S seem like a pretty bad county as far as police and the courts systems. Do you agree, just accounting, tougher than New York. I would say, as far as being able to take a case like that, to trial and being victorious, Will you hot you really see that in an accounting, I think I'd say
I would then same case or large strictly there would that case, my lorries, you know, and the laws that I have spoken to all said that I was lucky that that kind of case happened in the Bronx, because you, your part, you're gonna, get the best jurors the Bronx. Had it happened in Russia, s accounting user lives a year. Very good shot dead as a very tough places. I would have you know, maybe in a situation like that, maybe I wouldn't have taken it to trial. Robert Deniro, now. The release of limited yeah, absolutely yet we did die. You know that was his eye. Rhetorical get everyone parsimony ever directed and you know if you turn on the drugs now now he spotty the exact opposite. He trotted. You know he try to tell me and even came to my house and he went to the wrong house. He rang the excellent neighbours.
It s, just the awkward intervention, China intervention I go there, we roundly guys house, and now, my dear, how nobody's in ice, mean what a great guy you know I mean I taught me so much and to give us an unknown at fifteen years old. Out of a lifetime you do not like it could be a look like raw material of it made them and are you I mean the decisions that I made in my life definitely had two. While you know let him down in all, I don't mean now. I understand that he has reached out, but at the same time you still haven't you never said anything negative. He kind of like you know. You said I was unfortunate for everyone involved, which are you knows what you supposed to saying that situation right and you know I mean
I am each Thou tumble in a one day after a while, you know I mean you shall I give proving it after. I truly believe I may add. Tat could still to whirling may not reach out to him for a job but every child home just to make things right. Just the look in his eyes and say you know not due to family. First, though, before, right now. Absolutely I I mean I would have. Did that already believe me, I want to shoot. Businesses operate and say you know, listen. You know you know, I'm, I'm truly. Am I truly apologize and I am really sorry
Well, it uses echoed in voting on Thetis of Yad from this, aided him right now. Add some the same them right now. You know I mean you know, I'm sorry enough real loss and I'm sorry for my involvement. You know, but please find that in your heart. To forgive me, you know I didn't you know I wasn't I didn't you know I wasn't the one who who killed in your brother- and you know awfully in time and yet and if there was anything I can do for them, I would do it. You know, but I just start. You know what the situation it's gonna be really hard to get them to. Forgive you into open up to you in a way which is it almost becomes amicable? I don't think that's ever ah a possibility
Really, don't you know which I understand- I'm not I'm not made about it. You know I understand because it in any situation was reversed. I probably I dont know what I would do it again get outta
I forgive you might have the meals were election I'll get black for anything in the future magazines has commentary has spoken out, had better, not try to reach out to him. My we will never reach out to you can lose in the Bronx here with you. Also right, do you feel like their certain roles are moving for that you make a blackboard? Ah, you absolutely, I think, to a certain extent that would doubling up and I may not venture out you know- I mean it's a business and in their business there all different kinds of people, and there are some that will be more willing to give you the opportunity, maybe know someone who was in a situation where they were involved in Genoa, drug addiction, and I can understand and emphasise what you went through in how it was the drugs that which, when that situation, but now that you ve used to situate
in a major self, a better person in my ten narcotics anonymous meetings, three to five times a week, try to help anyone in that situation. You don't try to talk to them and now you know what a good thing like you I am present. Did you write? I am, did you think about writing a memoir either.
Like us in the first three years rags all I can think of anything else, but that case at a case file. The whole case file was was like an old stack of papers that I used to have you no laid out on my bed and try to strategies, and yet I was in the law library a lot and learning how to wash jeopardize cases, indifferent case law pertaining to that case and the charges that I was facing trotted. You know, educate myself as much as possible in the law to no one. I was up against in to help my lawyer help me. So that's all I could think about at that time and then, when I was, you know, acquitted of the murder- and you know had an additional five and a half to serve. I spent my time educating myself, learning business management. It's it's a major that encompasses a lot I took for accounting courses
financial management, politics, psychology, island. So much and I truly say I'm a much better person for it. You know we appreciate you for joining us, we're universe where again give good like going to request the redemption day arrived, the opportunity will become outdo, so people know. Ah the movies couldn't I want, I think, only next year, and I also want to mention one other thing. I got something that is in the works right now: a fund that we are currently trying to raise money. A film called Valhalla, which is now the west, has a county jail, its GEO movie, it's a jail movie, but it's more about what I just spoke about, like the most important thing to somebody incarcerated is not you know. Why is not beaten someone up war? You know the most important someone who isn't it was locked up is their freedom and how did they get their freedom and that's by learning the law? And when I read the script I said, while that's that's really
waiters, that's an accurate depiction soul for me. Not for that reason, I'm very passionate about the project, because I want a kind of show. People were jails really like and, ah you know, sort were really close to securing the financing at something that I would be a producer on and also star and we're looking to start by June July on that and the vote yes, but that being said, thank you all for the opportunity. I beg you radiated. Thank you. So much lay low breeding cattle Junior is to breakfast club component.
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