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Lisa Van Allen ( Surviving R.Kelly) Interview and More


Wednesday 1-9 Today on the show we had Lisa Van Allen, a survivor off of the documentary "Surviving R.Kelly" ( stole R.Kelly's infamous sex tape) where she spoke more in depth about her experience dealing with R.Kelly and the black lash she received once she exposed him. Moreover, Charlamagne ended up giving "Donkey of the Day" to pied piper himself R.Kelly. Also, Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee" with one listener who has an infant daughter by a  singer, in a famous Motown group , who cut off communication because wife found out about baby!

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I always wanted to be a woman in charge. I became that one because of the little dress. I The advances in the season of my path cast in charge would be vs. I sit down with some of the women I admire most for into conversations about the journey of light and survival Listen for free, only unspotted by beginning Marge, twelve with new. It deserves every Thursday.
I gotta, get back like a mega voyages, took all we ve got. No point has praised round about recently joined a breakfast globe say some of you: Ass, a Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, yeah, isn't so my shoulder make good modern age. Lee mainly did Andy Charlemagne. I'm sure we hear the secular aids when so I guess where date is guess what day it is your? Ah yes, it is so I guess, parliament is still stuck on and will it I first of all I had. Actually on Monday. We wanted three weeks and still stuck on it
will the time I guess, with the time difference there is built the biggest alone islands, I'm just relax and teachers Charlemagne. Yes, so yes, having a hard time. I did so cycle yesterday and those seats, a very tough to sit on about you. Wanna detox Now, right now I have you knows my birthday much of a lot of activities, dinners parties. They lied to me. They should everybody's Una detox. This is gonna, be everybody's, don't January. First Legato, I never said I was thirteen January fellow long, greener, actually starting my Luther King Jr Day that we celebrate that day at I go to New Orleans and having but they were, after all, a birthday activity. Gas. When you want to start the data, it doesn't make sense instead of a further restarted I'm already down a I'm in the middle of it, but I'm hungry our civil I want some chicken from you know is interesting. I am Finally, the aren't you not only I eat is chicken, that's not vegetarian,
As a now, I've made this new rule for myself only chicken twice a week and I've been doing that for the past few months and an eventually I'll be a vegetarian, What kind of an all out would it yet the sound crazy about eight, a piece of meat every once in a while pause, pause pause. I even now we heard about that right. Well, at least, Van ALA will be joining us this morning, she's from survive and our Kelly Anna, market alive. After watching the documentary I was, I was a little sceptical, a little upset with somebody things as she says. I will talk to it today. You know she said yeah like webs. You know a bother me an embrace cargoes we can talk to. I was mad that you know she. He had sexual relationships, pre some with the fourteen year old I should, in other girls fourteen Kelly till the day she was sixteen at the time and then she found out that girl was fourteen year year later, a year later in information she and ensures that, and then she said,
but she still didn't tell, but as she stole a video ass, she was young herself by won't talk to monitor closely the victim issues very lesbians fragment. I know she is a victim and, as you are trying to protect the person that was abusing her talk to walk into low, isn't warmly said. Montague event, Alley was what was about Lizaveta Alan. I will say it after watching a documentary. I was kind of upset that she didn't try to help their fourteen. She was a victim. Myself are those who do not want those you'd want with video my Miata have now wait. I'm purposely pushing it. How you please put his out all the video, because she was higher violence. He found out how young the girl was for us to help daylight, eventually how bad o a person who has traumatize like that is also not thinking of ok, I gotta at four you're. Not she has to deal with her own is absolutely well. What's she like us that she is a victim, a wig, we're gonna talk, Chernobyl transition to speak out against a person or commercial, the least Van Alan when a little bit later and it we got from pages, we talk about where your prayers,
and was on tv last name will tell you what he has to say about the border war nor mob resident for we'll get it so it makes sense to breakfast local monotheists dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl, we oughta breakfast Club, Luskin some front page news story of which a president's ok, yes down a tramp, was addressing you yesterday it was his primetime address from the oval office and, of course, he's talking about this border workers were still in his government shut down all over this border walk. She wants five point: seven billion dollars and wall funding, and they know your grandmother are opposing the aid to Spain, where himself gonna pay for their well answer. Now, there's a to shut down the federal government. Now here is where Donald Trump has to say about why we need this border wall. Some have suggested a barrier is immoral. Then why do
wealthy politicians build walls, fences engaged around their homes, they dont build walls because they hate the people on the outside, but because they love the people on the inside gossamer. True, pretty me through pays, I can build the law because I loved the people on the inside, but I'm also both in a war, to keep that I I dont want an outsider about. I want you in may not mean I hate you brow like you, I hate the criminals are now. If I don't want you in is because I dont F, which you in some way shape or form of had Kate. But I like you, I am not. Everybody is a criminal. That's China Committee, this country, I right now here's what damage have had to say as far as while funding law enforcement professionals have requested five points, seven billion dollars for physical barrier? At the request of Democrats, it will the steel barrier rather than a concrete wall. The border wall would very quickly paper itself. The cost of illegal drugs exceeds
five hundred billion dollars a year vastly more than the five point, seven billion dollars we have requested from Congress. Only thing they're talking about that is according to the dragon. Where's, my administration, most of the illegal drugs that comes to the? U S, Mexico. They smuggle that through legal ports of entry is actually not through parts of the border that would be covered by the wall, so that kind of seems a little bit sent. Less than it is now. Almost all five point: seven billion. This applies in addition to that. You gotta think about the security they have to put at the wall way too many schools in America that are trash to spend that kind of money on a wall. How about invest that money and education? You got homeless veterans in these streets who fought for this country. They broke. How about somebody. Monies and flattery was owing to the logical than any jobs and a low buddy talk about, possibly shutting down, see as in came or which people like fifty thousand jobs might be lonely. They say says in the last minute yesterday
there's a lot of people. S committed dead need help. The new jobs to the house rates are going up, so they got people need help after all, and then every eye Democrats are not saying they don't want stronger border security, assess how you want to do it. They don't want to spend five point: seven billion dollars on a wall- Now, here is what else? jump had to say about the government shut down a moment of our southern borders a pipeline for vast quantities of illegal drugs, including meth, heroin, cocaine and sentinel. Every three hundred of our citizens are killed. By heroin alone. Those are the drug problem mega at not knowing that I didn't idle. They don't even that drugs don't even come through where the border, while would be it actually comes through legal ports, usually so that doesn't even makes sense, but again and here's, where else down a chump, had to say about the government's remaining shut down right now, because I know that's a huge concern for a lot of people that are not getting paid to work? The shuttle
government remains shut down for one reason: and one reason only because Democrats will not fund border security array. So let me go to do one of one border security. It is always going to want to build war now, and I can't believe I'm just so. You know we ve been talking about that. A killing of when Euro Jasmine binds in Houston, while Larry Woodruff, the second suspect, was taken into custody on a separate jug possess in charge, and now he is going to be charged with capital murder. So giving you an update on their case. He was seven years old, riding in a car with her mother and sisters on December. Thirty, eight: that's! When somebody in another vehicle shattering the head Eric doing it was arrested Saturday in a traffic step, and he is accused of driving that car he's facing a charge of capping. Murder and his prayers quite date is going to be February fish now the shining light amongst all bad. No doubt delivered this one, her she's right well,
front. Page news, get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent your upset, call us up right now, minds, wide open or, if you feel blush, when it sweats and positivity eight hundred five, eight five. One hundred and for the next hour, LISA Van Alan she's from survive and our Kelly shall be joining Us- is to breakfast Logan You're gonna get it off your Jas, whether you man wore black, but at the same time we want to hear from you wanna breakfast, you guys then on the morning babbling eighty you're learning yeah. I know you deserve a break with very weak. But how will the EU twenty Alpine can't? Like the old episode, and I noted like every little one of the other boat. I found something very interesting, but we want the envy you. Your last week's but so what I want to be with you in my feet.
I agree with you when you said about the whole relationship, how you go with co worker, the dove like that We want them until they agreed on that matter, well you don't know. You don't want you to talk in April opening hours earlier and I was there and I was saying that you do. You spend a lot of time which coworkers so allotted time allotted, say whatever you talk about at your house, you too about what you go work because you spend more time. Would you call there's a lot of very frontier absolutely about again, but not much like all my work without the gay. Do you go about you and I would call a main I listen. I know I didn't really fine, Andrew the inner guy but I really find where you see some good things came out of our vacation Andrew showed Georgia's inequalities, yet he was pretty funny I heard the episode with you. He d with travel,
everybody was really funny about. I uninviting has worked very well when they represented you, Mr Murphy's gloves are you had to go, find our continent somewhere, which is that we appreciate the unwary somewhere? I am familiar with what Maggie Eyes again, I was really nice very was Lindy Larry Lindy You get the word out about a charity. That they use the disadvantaged youth in Africa had called easy dp, I'm just seen if Europe had given her followers underscore easy BP underscore, or we were a product where we saw the bamboo sure and proceeds went ashore with. We will get a soccer ball to schools and Africa, who you not happy, really: racket equipment, everything like that normal blotted out, because abroad place yeah, take power. I'll go As you know, in North Africa next week, I'm gonNa Cape town in Johannesburg. Next week,
water, arrogant, Armenia's ridgeboard to Cape Town, but these imports as well yeah yeah, anything you're goin down there. We actually have one of the co founders down their east asian married writing about, though, if we can future it method to enter the Eu Gdp ban the page would you like you now inhuman earnings albert them? If you have time Schuman, Muslim or to South african next week's issue message, I travelled and thank you got me guy. Thank you, allows there's this guy cannabis bridges Kenny every man outside the two years today on my way to work outside the big guy. Why, in the world where there are chosen Why would I not for his birthday? Why would you re not yellow easy getting more? That's? Why? But my question is: do you know who are guilty. I mean I'm, not I'm not agree. Would you did I'm just stay? They let you stay one disappointed financially.
Oh yeah, unwisely by how much memory emu from a review is gonna, do have a great many years where my daughter to step in and EVA Love, but afterwards documentaries, how much it is a predator in a monster. I can't see myself support in him and given him a dime and nickel opinion, nothing, I don't wanna play. You know that there has not personal arrive in it. The presidency did all his wife, but wait you still support residents will compare. We also propose that without another word that we do happen, you got Elvis elbows had a young. Why our support in this area and I actually adequately either the other day. The other day dream was caught with that. Seventy eight
taking a pity I might have been another state put in our states at a pinch of seventeen early now, I'm confused about all we ve evolved thanks. I want him to think of one and I want to go to, and we haven't conversation yesterday, rags of mine who asked me in a wide due to surviving Kelly Doc, announced that it has a radio personality right. You know for all these years we have, a good Kelly leg, so we kept plan is music to. That means that we supported in fact Naturally, we gave him more power, more influence, which he used to manipulate line at a young girl, so human wanted a thirteen year old. It has been applied at a problem for so long why attempt to be applauded his loose absolute matter? I've just come into the realisation that I now want to play I'll, kill him using them or not, or support our Kelly, the matter. If it's now that amount of it was ten years ago. Fifteen years ago it happened
a monopoly- and I know what I mean, I beg of you- see their video him laugh innovation. It did at thirty years ago, and now he was recently as in the document we also but had been circulating online video him about they should I did this years ago, but I'm not when our Kelly and no forget LISA Van Alan? She is from five and our Kelly she's, the first lady that actually stepped out and came out and we were told to her next I'll get it. Each has eight hundred five, a five one. Five one is to breakfast global model, the breakfast club is your time to get it off. Each ass are the main from you on. The breakfast law allows there's more pop how long war was Mama getting features of our planet.
The report in programme throughout the colleagues in all act while they bought their followers there, like in their view by bad guy, might hear issue attributes to have you should go. You know a lot of people by far the worst by like snow low at. Why? Why are you concentrate on is at least you know has been amended and try to pretend you popular right. Yeah gives much about Social Europe and also to meet us as December twenty seven, two dozen meeting and feel great out from the cumbersome goddamn that long ago Charlemagne. Yes, we want has almost three weeks and generally was think about our think about how we, beyond its grabbing every single day every minute every hour. Today. Three weeks is a long time. I don't know, I guess I'm not going to focus on, but I get them but I M out of all aware it and I'm a rap where you Bobby around him on the night, but they act Hollywood ACT but need for other people
four out of five, and you could ask your question: do you know anything about it? The only wigs yeah? are. We really are the only ways, eyes an old, don't complain about. You will not have a real anything right, I'm bad! Are you paying up like buying follower? It does exactly what I'm saying book of brised as great as everyone Delibab modicum of Airbus. Oh my god and delegate mine embedding Bob. Therefore man from blotted out of mere wherever they are all my bag, all governments, arab muslim biogas, die of la la LA palpably, potentially taken away all. What is that, while there was strangely La Hague, only
build a wall around back all play, and why have a Kemal but AM math whale? I think there's a war, they already modest, no biggie but arrived things now. While there is a greater lids was secured, scornful, ravage Ezra if an under part of black people put each other down like you know somebody fate All of these illegal immigrants back or whatever you want with me We do tat black women awoke and it's like a toy for so many years. Taken away like I hate the tracks data and I think we do need a warm because illegal, you believe it. I don't care what it is a fact commit illegal. Illegal com or www in America and I'm going to jail, I'm gonna have to pay but I thought you illegal use, be made of it, as you will have to pay for their wall is five point: seven billion dollar literally debt relief, Albania saying debate on one side of the border security? There's a sanguine, esben, five point: seven billion dollars on a wall.
The problem. We need security. You know me so this is the security now. How would you know? Let me, but you know that most of the people there have issues here, people they actually come into the country illegally and oversee their visa, not people who sneak in at the wall I mean that's why we need to work out my I would much rather see dunwoodie out what I would much rather see down when you go to go to the educational system in America. Legacy that money in the pockets of these homeless veterans who fought for this country, known Obadiah Toy, need help with a lot of things. You could do a five point: seven billion dollars and build a wall started you vote for family too No, I mean you advocate allowed in America to like, I can't get style. I can get you. Nobody cared you know that they said that a of you know the illegal immigrants that have been coming here right. They actually commit way less crimes. Are people born in the United States, I don't believe that isn't it I mean I'm not out of this. Much of that. How do you know because I've been incarcerated,
you know have young black men, so I know I know what it is you they commit a crime not any more than I was about unlimited clouded and bore up. Read the boy: ok, God bless him out of the country illegally. Then you should give it. Then you can only have the Paypal garbage above, I think, I don't have no problem with them. Building was long and everybody wants to work comes out in their pocket to pay for it. If you what the walk about a Yo Pagano got. Finally, worded law is at a girlfriend me and then people at when it difficult for me, but this is not done what trumpeted stored, nor I will get it off your chest. Eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. Now when we come back, we got rooms, he asked big male. Why was everybody so mad at him? The women were going crazy. He might have to retract these statements. Dora will get into their necks. Keep the largest a breakfast local, more bread for forest was that one of our people,
he's not starve and herself could enjoy assign March two thousand and eight in just four instagram prejudice. You thinkin about in Malta is eating out these. You gotta shake in mourning data lunch does like a light sally and in a night she does your good and more of a social media controls are. What is it you think I'd want to integrate pictures. You won't take it much she's. By right for deciding to be healthier. She's not starving herself is eating babies, snack all the time? Ok, let's get into rumor about the report annually on the breakfast club are, I am sure, what's going on, but his cabin higher going to host the asker is well teams. He caught him, leaving a gem engineers would happen, I will say here says its hand this agenda very slim yeah, it's the solidity and its answer
then on the radio show that he would have done without our driven Arkansas things like two weeks as on account of the NATO. Have a house right now is two weeks where they may does not have a hostess and absent as well, and Chris RACK is saying he doesn't want us to ask those at all. He was at the New York from Critic Circle awards dinner, and he said was five years ago. I could say something really offensive in funny right now, but I can't do that anymore, so hate or bought away, locos rugged, rugged religion. When I mean cause Rockets use the gay slur too. So what are you a good now begun? for critical of the task is causing the problem. The fact that Cavanaugh you Gazed LE barely one item, no apologize, thou was the line. They don't want him to hosted in time he couldn't hold, because when zounds download the backlash from everybody, not necessarily to ask what you were upset because care, you said about cars. Rock is used that same exact slur correct by backup having at apologise. If any
I'll do anything I ever wanted to do it s all right now, who is so? or albums than any other artists last year, while their presume would be Eminem according to the data he's at the top of the list, with a pure album seal, a total of seven hundred and fifty five thousand units leisure. Yet kamikaze yes, then is it back in place? Was south korean boy bands vs and in their place country, STAR, Cristobal too all sales. It is physical. This is pure album sales taught difficult or physical j about doctors word, but I thought of method drinking coffee. These are the most lady and I think it has to do with them. You know streaming It is by May as all all why people still gone otherwise. Eighties s delight ass, congratulations, eminent has never for and the total consumption care category Jake is number one
then postmodern, then exit comic, others good ol. Nor me here for a long time ago. I right now, let's discuss a game of thrones. The final caesar, there's gonna be six episodes. Even previously, it was ten episode only six, and this is it because I'm thirty million dollars in if so, why I'm ok, I'm adapted am I love that show we need more than sixty years. So I really wonder the war, their memory, audio gonna pay for needs. Episode is gonna, be ninety minutes long, that's the rumour! So it's like many movie each one of those affected. I've never seen game at those in my life, not only which are missing boy. It's amazing! You know at my best brain when I was in allaying she had twins last year. He was telling me she never was a performer while she was pregnant at home. She says you us all of us. There is room is off when he made out of the wagon. I hear everything, legal and those who gave it all my life. I go me neither urban wagon goes
you never seen line- can give me that what is happening here am I right. Well disaster, even thrones frequent, as you guys know, that's coming and attain their people. It's gonna, be more diverse and female, focused than ever before us other director, most recently, the rising produced collateral, oh and also directed episodes of oranges. The new black Dexter Bates Motel, the pilot Majestic Jones and she's so been announced as directing the Next STAR Trek movie. So that is S. J Clarkson Endlich Ass, a lot of women and they are so you're a big fan of Game thrones, which I know that people are Wendy. I waited there, you go. I write make male people really upset with him a lot of women because of this sweet lace, front wigs are whack am protesting them. When I tell you much, I'm line was lit up, people going in on make a lot of women were leg very event?
by that told him. The mind is business that alot of people started opposing pictures of their lays France and ask me what he thought about them. He said I just hate. When you see that lace, cap in front of us look down and the net in the middle. We lend you have everything else ass ya. And how you feel you are you right, I'm late for us. They date in the they does look silly. Look good on television of yours stage is something when you did walk around this great star bugging. You look like you got a damn dog and cat window. Wig looks kind of greatly. Just all I get out of biomedicine preference or light wags. That's fine is the oil which have a good lace where you go, ye has arrived in. Mid may be looking Conaway now in public now, at all hands you gotta. Have you got that billions of people are being Lou crazy? You re looking at the woman, you be trying to look like that and CAP de LA. I know these three days is, alas, everywhere at least by yet I have no problem where you see I've seen her appetite.
Lady. You know on television beyond, say that the problems are not the answer to make those that saying that he can't be attracted to you. If you have analysed friend he said I'm still. I can still be attracted to a woman wearing them, but my thoughts he left American away was put. The one was put the equivalence. These guys. We looking stupid like what the new airlines and I live become, and, although we now today, our brown willing and black Beijing guy a bath utterly front, look you know. Without any, is there very really his kindness. That's why I'm giving radioman really come in on lace. France, because women are very sensitive about that one person say was a real life when people using Twitter I'll, be behind you when you were in prison like they were That is true for real. If I was going to leave and I was standing outside at jail in Philly, saying free, meek mill, I would feel away
get me warm in those colorway does not in the Euro area to eat it well, imagine being less with freedom wealth in an amazing platform by choosing to be negative in spreading ate up talking about people's lace rightly decided likewise roads, I got a point about standard. Do we do now ratified and apologize? Go they gotta Larry. I just had a few bad lays front experiences been traumatized me. You ever get food poisoning in setting in everyone aided again it's the same feeling for an almost fell off when the intro was on our whole awaited mean, apart from while in the your music out in front of the jail say free mill in my leave for an you going. So my lay front I can understand. Why do you feel away? I provide our glade explained that I was hitting said they found a bad grabbed a here just to make it a little rough and slipped up and ever since its been stronger I cannot imagine that you what is more you we are. You actually
literally about year. That's your room, a report, goodness gracious, Now we come back. We have front page news that we talk about at least friends. Now I'm going to meet organism better women who is in a coma and somehow gave birth to a baby, you're more or less. What you will give you more details, YAP rarely to wear, even though it had it on Airway brown yeah, what about I'm gonNa Maitland over like upon it. Well all right, replace those isn't brands locomotive, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast Club Lis Jensen Front Page NEWS will restore well, let's talk about down on him he's. It is first prime time much ass from the oval office and he's talking about, of course, before the war that when a government shut down right now since December twenty seconds, he wants a five point. Seven, billion dollar wall to be funded? and the Democrats are opposing that Democrat
do you want to have a stronger border control, but they don't want to build that family. Seven billion dollar, was now one of the. Arguments that Donald Trump is making is about eyes, offices, and arrested. They ve made here's what he said in the world. Two years ice offices made two hundred and sixty six thousand arrests of aliens with criminal records, looting, those charged or convicted of one hundred thousand assaults, thirty thousand sex crimes and four thousand violent killings Over the years, thousands of Americans have been brutally killed by those who legally entered our country now had to go to MP are to get the fact check on that, and what they did say is that it is true that ice suppose did a rest to just sixty six thousand aliens with criminal record by that members misleading, because the reason they have these criminal records a large part of it
has to do with immigration. So that's why they have a criminal record. Is all immigration related offences? They are So I pointed out that the president's rhetoric or overstates the threat posed by immigrants. They said that immigrants actually their crime at lower rates than people who are here born in the United States, so murder other violet I was in all of those things are committed at a higher rate by people from the United States than people who are immigrants. So it's very. Leading sometimes buildings that he has to say damn it. We do need to vote border security is the matter of doing ivy fighting at an early hour. Now. Am I right now? This is crazy. A female member of the sand, Carlos Apache tribe, she's, been in a vegetative state for more than a decade and recently gave birth, yet us crazy at a of care facility in Arizona. According to the tribes Chairman Termism owes lunar was used in a vacuum So how are you gonna kill bill for the new name buck. Thank everyone, but except this is real.
It is now release they're going to actually get dna from male workers at the healthcare facilities to find out what happened, but that is absolutely a horrifying situation. Imagine that a woman and tat for ten years in a coma and He has that's crazy, but don't nobody noticed the baby growin inside her for nine months. Unless ain't it didn't notice that bad they have to find out. Who is baby? It is divided. Way for the baby to be born in a debate in the name of the baby healthy when you're, Nicole, module, Ledges Eden, fluid Zadig freedom, you do it. Who was a model of an old man- was drowned? That's why she was in a coma. So here you can't talk, move do anything! That's about this little cycle. We must do to see section, but I still cycles every month in all our light as well, I mean she's still alive anyway, when that means that somebody adapt facility was clearly taking advantage of this woman. Haven't released more information because she he's a victim of sexual abuse, but that's what we know so fireworks.
Yes, my dear Watson wage and would kill both right, all right? Well, that is your front page news. Now, when we come back from survive in our Kelly, we have at least a Van Alan she'll be joining us. She was on a six part documentary. She was talking. She was actually the first person to step out and come out on top. While our Kelly she's, the one that actually stole a tape and gave it to somebody who eventually put it out so I'll talk to her when we come back, don't move from survive and our cattle Lisa Van animal. We come back as to Breakfast Club Romani Morning, everybody he's the Jew envy? Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club. Now we have a special guess. All afore right now. You might have seen on survive in our Kelly. We have LISA Alan Alma morning. The morning LISA morning highlights how you feeling today how I am. I am often asked questions, but let's identified
These events Allen was in this having our colleague accuser cause. You actually were the first person to come out over ten years ago and testify in the child pornography case. You were the one that actually had gotten the sex tape and that's how the first section of him got out there with the fourteen year old girl, allegedly yes, I I do hope if I get them back in two thousand and eight in part of the reason why a lot of you don't really understand. You know some of the reasoning behind you know becoming out, and you know they they did direct. My life bright is maybe a dumb courts invisible. Why did you cut yourself out of the original sexy? Would, I believe, be I'll, get it when a sexy came out I know you would talk him. Maybe we don't know you. You said that you were involved with three sons with the fourteen year old. You know she was fourteen and they want to. Sixteen came out that port wasn't any. Did you take your poured out of it now? That was not that the take that I was on the other groups that went to trial. They were multiple tabs era, they were they times they will never see or that whenever
We were veil besides this one. Exactly now, what age will you, when you were in indulging in a three sums that he was in force in you guys table? It was different if we were able to different ages. I was seventeen and eighteen, but she was about to be sixteen when I was everything you, but I'm dyin pathology. She was sixteen right. Why, of course, he did is that either mathematically later, for he did what he felt it. Needed to do to get what he needed that now, when you found out she was fourteen. Obviously you knew was wrong. As you know, you you didn't wanna, do it anymore and you know what a dreadful a beginning ray. I explain that I cried. He didn't care he set out. What am I gonna do with his knapsack lying around the tape? That's what he said and I wanted to tell
or try to tell somebody at least at the fourteen year old was under age or you never thought about it, a development that they want to you. I don't know if you have ever been in love with someone in a further initial thing that I wanted to do was to help him get better. I thought that maybe you know, because I cared for him, that maybe I can help him. You know what my father he didn't get like. He had a problem that the first step you have to admit that you have a Bob ray. What are your thoughts on the people? There were around him that actually helped forged documents. They knew what
what's going on, what are your thoughts about that? You're Demetrius Desert Security under the cap is this man and there are there, are helping. Hence the covers these women do these things. I mean it goes back to the people of war. That I mean. I know people and his team they'll make David the one bright. My life June Brown on the public needs. I beg your brown is the one who was with books light for girl, John Brown for me to get the bullshit by war, and even my uncle Toby, you guys, you know they do things for rob and they make it to where he able the duties into computer. That prompted doesn't really well hit. Other doesn't I believe that the people there do anything for him and they have all of them, are at all, and I mean they should be held accountable and that blame maneuvers of Ottawa, a victim, blame you, but where we apparently
in his time and I am not blaming I'm just curious. Would like WWW Paris, there were no, no pompey can on that as well. You know my whole background. He knew that I came up again. He knew that I did have a father figure in my life. He knew tat. My mother other had just been hospitalized for can't bear and Mama dealing with that. You do all of these things, so I'm not the blame all of it on him, but my mother was not fully focused on me at the time re, but I'm very vulnerable Mikey. When I first met him, he is able to interview. I say I tell people he asked me specific question: do you have a boyfriend? How oh, how loading when I thought everything that will your mother? Let you come to Chicago added? After what you? Let me have told him here you get banned, so You know he knows what he's going to do doing this for a long time. It is pretty much standard procedure for him away do you have a boyfriend? How, oh, how old are you gonna? Tell me that your mother, let you combine Chicago added after what you let me have you told him yeah you get what I'm dyin. So you know he either. What are you doing here
extra in the video and he happened and I'm pretty sure I was a young diplomatic, La Mon Video, a lotta stripper. The girls are older than I was there. That would have been more than willing to do things with rob, but he picked out. He had his cousin come and actually finally- and they are right- I want the dot now he they did targets you now. Let's talk about meeting some of the other survivors from the donkeys areas, because I know they said at the screening that was First time a lot of people had actually met each other in person. Yeah, surely you know all the girls are really nice. You know. Actually it's kind of funny, because I mean we ve all been do similar situations with him. So when will we get together is kind of like a sister heard, and you know it is good that I have to combat someone of what you ve been through, so it it's like, we call each other is kind of like a little bit affair. For you not, I mean we talk about things and that we ve been through and we don't have to convince each other of anything. So I may I really am unifil less to have them and I'm glad they come out, and I know it's more direct and I've been have women that have embarked
that know him and that don't wanna come out, but they they embarked me to talk about it, because I know I know what you're talking about national during an unbearable we're gonna help. You got nobody, you listen. I haven't been to actual therapists. You know- maybe that's something I should do- I'm actually open to that right. Now, I'm just trying to help other of the victims in the end, to try to protect any other young girls from going through it and with that being said, I would like to point out here that I do have a website called idly Savannah without Obregon Growth and go on there and make a blog go back and forth with me and talk about what they did to. I actually had a younger open data today he contacted me about relationships. You then she seventeen year old, her boyfriend's twenty one. I'm not gonna put our name up there and he better give the tour- and she was saying you know I we part back and push eventually in her life, and then I pretty much talk her out of it and we talk. We check back and forth about will actually do feel very good about this. I feel like I'm, I'm really helping
the youth and young girl. They end up. One thing: there really was a wake up call for you was getting pregnant, ripe yeah. I got pregnant and when I got pregnant by him, I had all thoughts on that because I loved him. Why did love him enough to bring a daughter into the world knowing that may yet molester? Because if you look at Brown Urban slept with were close to him, so do you think that there is a chance that these charges they China bring against? Our Kelly can possibly stick. I feel like it is if they are under age? Yes, I'm I'm, I'm really not sure about. What's going on with the girls to have it in all the difficulties, I really cannot say, but I didn't mean knowing the robber now, I'm pretty sure
someone under age. Did you know something happen? What do I do feel like at some point? Something can happen, but surely you know the trauma that you would do. Another woman went to work is being exploited at all, I mean tighter yeah, but at the same time it's crazy because a lot of people say you know, put whether positive or a good or bad or negative publicity, the publicity and, at the end of the day we want to break away whether people agree with me on that there still listening, you get what I mean and I often go away the where'd you can not like me. Are you want to play with what about me, but I came out when nobody. There was a need for me to get what I'm dyin like outcome out. It was an old man, I'll come about what my life or threatened by the end of the day, and I did it take,
have you any about they wanted me to book deal. They wanted me to do different studies before anyone and I had the bad and went home a really bad is me. Their people are and are saying all these women are doing this for money. They're doing this for attention and things like that, and that's not at all the reason and people aren't I standing like they'll say where these girls made that were interview, you don't get paid for the photo should be paid to cry on camera, so no, they all Kelly give everybody. He had sex with it as today, because a lot of people say they got Herpes from guy did not catch her be alarmed. I thank the Lord. I actually called it all public debt after they have it back then, because
goodbye and she said he did have a back then, but I didn't get it. We are more, would LISA Van Alan from survive and all Kelly when we come back, don't move is a breakfast club. The moon is pointing everybody's d, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club from survive and our Kelly. We have LISA Van Alan Online Charlemagne talking about me critical of work here. We would have also made a lotta jokes about our Kelly and what is done under age. Girls in How did the waiter coaches approaches situation whether was due to purge boondocks or rather lyrics out the cultured responds to our curly afresh to bed? I ever gonna frustrating because you know people if people knew, but instead of taking it seriously, would make jokes and normalizes it. You know it's really not funny that funny about him. Pianola girl, he never beat on me, but it left with funny about him peeing on her delivering her like that. Eleven funny about you know girl,
we can about what they don't really. Ten years later you still crying about it is that the funding for an lab while jive any jobs that are made me of of said you are in Europe, victims gladly, and none of us would think about that. Ten fifteen years ago we were just think about clown and I'll tell you, but you don't think about the we weren't they but actually means, and how did you talk about it like it, I'm sitting here watching it in you talking about in a threesome what a fourteen year, oh, what gave it occurs to me like I can talk about this and be free, would exert. I I just understand how you got their courage about its about having a conversation that nobody wants to have. Somebody has thought be feeling the impact, the Mai somebody had to stop being a faraway. What how it may look and talk about what they have a major eel and what they did to you. Somebody have to do that. Every time I talk about it and to talk about the city,
the upset it makes me want to cry, but we have to do back. Our grew jogging. Sometimes no experience is happening to you saw. No god you work. Do you to help other people that waiting, I feel like I'm a vessel now flattened and though the under age girl, she won't be gout her family with paid up. They won't speak out, even though they will not speak out. I feel like I have to speak out for nobody who do you think about these losses that he's threatening for everybody who participated in this document, or is he also did a favor? I do care less about love. I'm lucky sought to defer the distract everyone from the real problem which he could do. What you want. You can talk about me go on at Yale, whatever yeah thought from people and in the path of female who care they're going to do, european and pointing out that nothing. Would you be little black women? The auto understand. I understand what would be the point of us soon
So I John lead you know so I mean I know what I want the trial they ve been talking about anything about rapid three hours. I will take my backing for three hours. They talk to me about who I was dating about my mother. My keep bother about nothing to do a trial when they do. They should have an objection objective fading today because they wanted the carbon taking to be about me to try and be grateful to hear what I was saying and make me at his credit me, don't you worry about me. This is about our telling now. I know every time you hear a song play or video it was. It must put you in some type of mood at debts concerning in the end scary everytime. Here it is music, the crazy part about it is his music. I think when it comes to hypnotize of people, but as ever at our people, we have to check out the event that farm without hurting you want about. You, walk or believe young girl. Now has absolutely no. When it I'm gonna turn it off. How did you feel
Is he heard his his ex wife? I know you publishing. A video is she's back into the song in it. She danced into the song is added that make you feel. Personally, I was happy, and by that I mean, keep your man. You know I mean I personally popular, I believe her. I think you, the great permanent. I know she bent July at you know how I wish that they people without trotted discredit Bartley thong. You know, and you know that I don't feel like what she saying any more valid from her doing. Moran people do Joe a trauma differently, looking ass Niger that he could have been of covering for him and I could have written her. I mean we don't know like she's end as the years all Bessie also said. We know people do a trauma differently. You dont charity, they will ever know, can basically what she should have done, a shitload dying because because she's coming out now you are you not go out. I voted on feel any got away about other than I wish. You know people
They would be on the internet right now once again of a lot of things, just the flag, the combination of being about what he's doing we also decides to. We saw we sought a marriage certificate. Earlier we ve heard design I gauging then but a number, we heard him cause I'll die Bible. You, when you tell me things, I he's threatened you. I note as true because he's turned me over to you sockets egg. I don't know what more who need to believe my kelly- is what he says. He is what our colleague into two boys as well, because we seen him make out one girl- When I hear often wear clothes and made her kind of look like a black outweighs, the sky was was he entered as well? I can't speak for him actually nothing with young boy, but I will say that there have been times where he wanted penetration himself, though you know by it, was from a female, but still you what I mean penetration. How like pegging, are like a finger. Dumping must be to be finger. Objects. Are we like stubborn?
but right now like about sport, where it all videos asked about the video will allow one above you now you in compromise situation. What are you? What are you holding documentary accomplices LISA? I hope that the document or evaded more aware- and could I mean obviously We ve been doing this for a while, and why have you said you didn't want to limit the aisle better raised more? Where does it opens more eyes? I hope that he had Benchley held accountable for something you know it seems likely that people are getting it now I mean that the celebrity Birkenau ivy. I commend them, you look, they don't have the right and I have to speak about it. So I commend the ones that have come forward. I feel like more people should fill because I know just like you said everybody pretty much love. You know. I hope you problems. Bouquets and start China make it about us when it is not about women that have gone through its about him and stopping him from it.
Where is your mother's response, when you came back home actually what I came back to George, even when I left him here when you left him and came back home will actually, I was almost out twenty one years old when I left so my mother, even in Georgia. Anyone when I came back, but she was happy that you They will be in contact with me. You know on a daily basis. At that point you know, because you haven't been able to be so. If nothing happens, this documentary other did you know about it. Social media noise in the next. We gain by moves on to something out. What will you continued American
you re awareness, I I hope other view of these victims as well as large. As our colleague you know like the people. They were you life balance of all about our Kelly. Now, that's what we're talking like right now, but I do have other be picked them, so I would hope from there you know. Abuse of youth victim could gain strength and courage to come forward as well as the victims that he has and that he had will gain strength in the council. Right. I will LISA thank you something seconding with as we appreciate it and we appreciate the way you're doing now. Sir, your website, again, if people went to contact, you are had their own situations that they are dealing with is I am LISA Meadow and dot com, or I will take. You heard, beg you for checking, and we really appreciate in, of course he's from survive and our colleague doc you Series Lease event, Alan February. Bless us too happy new year and other goods. The thank you guys that I'd love to comment will be shown pull up whenever you like. What have you enter? I ready say I arrived back. You are right.
The breakfast Club Damone, pointing everybody, is D, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We just kicked it with LISA Alan from survive in our Kelly here and is very salmon. Is every summer of a survivor war, I think at this hour Kelly thing I just think of my three young daughters, unlike just could imagine if a credit predator try to take advantage of them an end, If I wasn't there and in what I would do and in what I would hope they would do. Each is never know which is scary man. As far as man on a fourteen year, old Father, through younger and myself, are filled with the same exact way, and you know nothing of this. May I think that you should listen. To all women, but believe all proof, and approve when it comes to the recent video tat. He sat there with a merry marry anybody, even even if you don't necessarily believe what does a viable as they do, that as long as has always been enough for me and value comes of the pipeline. My gift is sick. If you know the story,
Bible, who was a guy who use music, delete a bunch of kids out of a village, never to be seen again, and when you see that you know his parents actually look after their children right now, right on Kelly has led them away come on. To stay. Awhile women women come out now, like I see a lot of women, he had an egg. I see Somebody com? Is it all you guys, like you know you just there for the money. Always this like we anything six, six episodes where people? What happened, what we know and you will hear the people in all Kelly's cancel them. I had a forged things and do things in they believe you know really discuss me- is that people are like all you're trying to bring down our Kelly. What about all the other people damn things in your doing this to black people. What about the black women who are so affected? Why do we care about them care more about our Kelly and protecting his legacy than you do about the women, would you look out, though it were a thought it no interest in part of the common position. We lisa two dogs, you no immediate think about all the jobs it. You know we made it at our Kelly
about the devil. May jokes, but Oculina love ideas gathering, but today's pelting on you and Boondocks episode. You didn't realize that that was affecting the victims. I gripping we're clowning our Kelly Bootleg least said they will grow. That would really Invader Brenda and it's not even just I can t imagine if you're a victim of any type of sexual us on how you feel when you have people making jokes about sexual assault, I've been better the woman had found justice though it would, ok to get going on. I go Jose like the alarmingly I could be found. Just like you, VE, had actually been sentenced in. You know sent to jail. People wouldn't be looking back in hindsight, saying: ok old jokes were distasteful here. There's a lot of women who had and through things that people will never know about his keeping it to themselves and they're hurting from it and their suffering in their lives every single day.
All right now heard is, is like be prosecuted in Chicago, was asking somebody's witnesses of August it to contact them cloudy, be they could possibly prosecutor that your wireless n? Yes, in rumour apartment I have are then information on. What's going on now the aftermath of the eye Kelly surviving, I can doc, you series and what's happening legally hopeful. All right, we'll get internet next, keep a locked to breakfast locomotive morning, everybody, his dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was having a good morning. Gets resources talk our Kelly is the winner report on a breakfast club. Well being so this involving our Kelly Jackie Series, I Kelly, is being criminally investigated in Georgia. Investigators have been meeting out to several of the survivors and the attorney for enjoyment savages family with contacted by the chief, and
the greater and has been fully cooperating, they're asking for contact information for anybody, who has lived in his former Atlanta home. I know anything that happens and they said investigators we're getting all kinds of phone cause after that document aired mountain ass. Well, it depends on the people come forward and say now: Chicago prosecutors are asking victims also to please come forward. The state attorney came facts just as those victims to do just that. She is also a sexual assault survivor and she once families of victims to come, attacked her and she said she's sick by what she saw on lifetime is already been two families. I contacted her and saying Our colleague had contact with their daughters while they were under the age of eighteen, unknown of their both over the age of eighteen, the alleged victims southern under AIDS, but there are already families who have contacted her while also closing in on Robert, and he built his warm, so yeah
the lad going on right now, so I will see what happens it will keep you updated now. Common has had some things to say about. What's going on with the whole, our Kelly Situation- and he says There- you know TAT a blind eye to these allegations about our Kelly. Abusing women has been going on too long and we have to put a stop to it. We should have put a stop to it a long time ago. He said I Kelly fans himself included should get some of the blame, for they all of his criminal behaviour, alleged criminal behaviour go unchecked. All this time, communist friends mean that the system of radio does is to move. Tv legacy. It's a different factors that enabled Arco arena. Jan Legend has to explain a photo of himself and his wife, crazy and Harvey wine seen that picture was circulating in he said. I think a photo with and work with, Harvey Unsafe, occasions before his abuse was known to me in the rest of the world since as being exposed company a career rightfully been destroyed and he's been indicted, sounds like some
That should happen to our colleague. I've been on social media. What I did even going on Charlotte unwarranted. They just celebrated John Lennon a few days ago in Asia, and that's an all picture you now. Social media in all care about was only once knew all about it at em right, so we know a lot of people were to Harvey wisely, nothing damn near everybody in the film industry. You can. If you didn't know about it. You didn't know I right now: let's discuss Kevin Spacey. This is an ongoing situation. Kevin Spaces, brother red. Fallow went on, they drew and my pie cast after Kevin Spacey was in court for a moment and his sexual assault case and you Kevin spaces, older brother, here's what he had to say about his brother, my other on the hand. Oh I get any. I did a lot of a daily and what he ended up doing was going into acting
a lot a wealth of power and influence and using that lower his prey to satisfy his vice, which was his master and he's got away with it for forty years. I know exactly who kept the space he is. He is my father, the creature, so any value saying that cabin Stacy and himself, where both molested in by their father, and so he went on the path to say they both where I live. Eleven by their dad and now Kevin space. He is therefore that the composition of the need to be had at some point in the future. How are people do her people to confuse? It is aiming about our colleagues as our colleagues was It lies wooden legs legislation, even if it is used pain being redistributed from generation to generation. Right at me,
and other justify an idea that nobody is lighter than people have done, would you do gotta get to the root of a situation, stopped problem right now, right now, Kevin's bases in court, and that's because an act has been accused of the assaulting a man in a bar who was according to Kevin Spacey he's his defence. Is the man was flirting with him, but the Massachusetts man is saying that Kevin Spacey actually sexually assaulted him. So we'll keep you updated on. What's going on with that, the young man was, ten years old at the time I right I'm Angela YE, and that is your room and important law right thinking, monsieur Charlemagne. Yes, we even a doll, could do all you know, everybody been requested, it even love than it does to quite a few times before I guess are killing me. Therefore, an aggregation we like to have a lower with him, but it is not our colleague army, his staff. Record label and f and crews well all right when it I got a friend as I join me this morning. From a land, Cinemas Cadillac, Kimberly, ok, good! I didn't see the document
I can only speak through so much on certain things: ok, we'll get internet next people access to breakfast club. I was born in the dog you today for when they January knife go to Robert Kelly, you know by Charlamagne, tha God and giving donkey of the day to r dot Kelly several times over the years, and no, I have not seen to survive. Kelly Documentary and probably will watch it because I don't want any, must bear it. I simply don't have to watch it to know that the Pied pedophile is a sick and individual, okay, they had really nothing more. I can say, because I was just repeating the bunch of talking points that I have stated over the years. Even you know, if you don't believe, viable thereon documentary, yeah to believe the now famous legend.
If all wrong reason sixty, which allegedly Fiji the main many says I Kelly, I know is I can, but I have to say allegedly because you threaten assume you a couple of times before, but whatever while those of a certain age you have seen the sixty the dead dead. I should have been that wasn't enough marrying Aaliyah when she was fifteen and writing a song for her called age ain't, nothing, but a number in the fact he called himself the pie. If we, if you don't know the story of the Pied Piper and whose career was that of a ratcatcher, and he was hired by town by a town to law, rats away with his magic pipe with music, and I went to citizens of the town review the paved with his service He retaliated by using a magic pipe when the towns, children, leading them away. Never to be seen again the pipeline, was a man who used music to manipulate kids, take them away from their parents, never to be seen and I've been calling I'll kill you about that for years now, and you see parent actually looking for decades because Lord them away. Then you realize how sick it is. What I mean
Take on their Monica now, people ask me: why did I do to surviving on Kelly Documentary, especially in light of the fact that I've been around did an exonerated for criminal sexual conduct before listen. My motto is simple: listen, that's all all women deserve to be heard, but believe all proof simple and when it comes to Kelly, is alot approve and when it comes to anyone, sexual assault allegation? Why wouldn't I speak out just because I'm not guilty method, you situation doesn't mean that all women are lying ass, not accurate. I'm a father, three black girls. Anything I can do to make the world a better place for them and young girls like them. I would do and a number one change dodgy myself. So the same way, I hope my self accountable for how we treat women on damn show it's gonna continued, all other men accountable to. So I have your problem speaking out against all Kelly and I've been doin. For twenty years and even those that all these things about applied pedophile before even I have consistently spoke about it, system cloud, infinitely more days, girls. I still have been a part of a system that enabled our Kelly and that system.
Radio, even all, is evidence that, out against R Kelly Radio continued to play his music, which provided a more money, more power and more influence, the meaning. Young. Women of I've been a part of a system that had been a part of the problem for so long. Why would I ever hesitate on being a part of a solution, not damage A lot of us, including me, all, got design Kelly jokes off about their tape that his love his love aid women, even though in goin at our Kelly. We may not have realized tat old jobs hard to victims too, because his lease Van Alan said earlier some Oh young women were really get in Vienna, for their trauma still exists with him. I'd though we may, joke divided them, but that we all realise that, as is nowhere near a laughing matter until some justice he served, then we can pay. You're back declining our Kelly tastefully. Now I don't really have much more I've been saying all this about our Kelly. For years, adding even seated Documentary Ramon, grow. Cadillac Kimberly came to visit me from a landed his morning and she told me that is more donkey that need to be delivered. She got some thoughts, come on again
good morning shall remain the guy, so well, maybe get it the floor is yours. Hamley. To give every moment some are given its here is his former assistant and is also his brother, who was in the penitentiary who I think might be gave at his day and I believe he dropped the soap, not just finish our budgets by every way goes away. He say that everybody has a preference and they careless prefaces younger than was wrong. There is a legal gap was why will in the end the assistant say there he did do fraudulent activity with the paperwork for leave to be to are Kelly. So if your fraudulent, with the paperwork and you'll put your finger up your way. Nobody, looking, okay, r dot Kelly, wasn't a pedophile by itself, allegedly okay, it was the click that he was in and out. People! I was saying yes to him and he was saying yes to ok and for resolve
men. I believe that he should go Ojala vans that next next season. I think every week he should be all would a different alleged, victim a man and gives them resolve. If there's result, to be hey, ok, but I want to give also a a shouted, a girl who say that she has her bees allegedly, he gave up because you gotta be a straw bow. Bear woman give to fund a word to say you over. Ok, one man and of allegedly by babies? You warm enough in my head and my we'd, those after her Jesus can thank you please let roomy MA give donkey today. There are Kelly hysteria and mother effing crew, he ha he. Ah you stupid mother. Are you dumb write? Your own camp can work? Well, you were your medicine. Can we talk about? I don't give a different color. Can we talk about our always donkey dogs past, that my food stamps, the one Nanda foe, is no longer. I got confirmation in the mail numb upset about it, so I've been about. I want to pay for me to see Europe so there's you can fix my stance. Great
I can only give you a couple. Hours are a couple of our local. You know it's Saturday is drowned I'll. Get you a? U agency, a Cadillac, Artsy Catalan, maybe my lances urgency. Thank you! Anti rice, thank you! Anti! not the Cadillac. Now we come back, we have asked ye eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice, call you right now. It's the breakfast club the breakfast club everybody's d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are the breakfast club serve as key hello. This is good learning, I name. Mister Raven Raver was a question for you
I do not want a situation monsieur you were. I haven't, had a daughter fire led the same, a small town, ok, so these older, actually old enough to be mine. He actually older than my parents, and I dont know he's cut off communication with me and I don't know where to go one, I'm afraid of his power, I'm afraid of his money, I'm afraid of the power he has behind them. Will I get down for me as he is? He married ok, so he's married you I had a baby together. He, I guess, Amiss coming. He doesn't when his wife to know she no occasion Now the baby was about money, but does he ever their children by women as out of his marriage?
not that I know well, but you're, not even sure, I'm not sure I know he had no children by your second wife, she's older, like himself, and so is in that year are concerned for your life and the welfare of your child. What is it that you need not paying job support, I know where he lives, we retry didn't get geographical location. I'm mean that may well in Arizona? Ok, so what you need to do is go to court makers. Have you got, or yet no, I'm afraid, I'm I'm just afraid he threatened you in a way. What's that a legacy. What is he saying money and power crush me like crush you in a you in your career or physically crush saying we put you
go financially, was very important you take care of yourself and your child because you have a baby involve now with me. Are you absolutely have to go to the authorities and report where he is threatening to do to you he doesn't want to do with DNA. He told me he couldn't believe I would ask him for DNA, doesn't matter what he wants to do or what he doesn't want to do. The fact of the matter is if this baby. He has responsibilities that he legally has to take care of. He is and he is trying to intimidate you and if you feel like, the real threat. I deafening I am telling you right now you have to go. I may so that you follow report with the authorities and get some type of protection. This is life need to go to court in your phone. I do I go where I raised with the our baby. I think the first thing you need to do is contact the police depart I will get up the phone and go right down to the police department and speak with them.
Who can actually help you. I would get a restraining order against him up. Hold on hold on the line may hold, underlie raven we're going to see what we can do to help you out. Ok all right as key, but few new relationship price of any type of advice, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one- that's the breakfast club good morning, Everybody is D. J envy Angelo YE shall I mean the girl. We are the breakfast club in the middle of ask ye, allow this trap. So what I call everywhere in the EU that we then I frank, was, of course, if we brought it hey man, hey yeah, I've been trying to inbox. You for a while at the Grammy. I know you got a lot of things to do, but hey I've been in the friend zone with this female known right is why you got a white bread and it's like I'm play a number two
was like a heated and around and around in it. I'm not arouse he's around. In this light, I don't want to say I want to be felt in the robot did because, like I lost a lot of mistakes, We are in a lab billina who would be in the brain tat you ve been doing this for years. You understand it, but it's like you know our trotted Carnegie added it and it's like you know. I got myself and a gale we do not like my birthday Will it around a corner? A you know. I don't want to be like hey, I'm not being united and because the high you beat it is and how you feel better. I don't want to be may this year and ok you're in the franc zone. You consider this woman to be your friend, but you have some benefits. No, so yours however, and so was the problem very dull, banned or like accurate data debate, that he would do, we keep it do you realize you letter on the other? but I don't wanna be the pregnant.
It is you do whatever you want to do. Look and tell you what you can and cannot do. I belong to. That is that you are making based, otherwise she once you're it. As I see less respect for you I understand that, but I don't think it's lost the respect because I feel like I just don't want to. You know be that person. That's just you know, want to be there for somebody that don't feel like they're there. For me, you know No do you like her is more than a friend I'm confused, because you said geologists, you like more than a brave, but why not mark- and do you know if Craig up or I'll call you when I got poured over on the radio was ass? He doesn't like So that's what it is like she considers your friend. She knows you like her the gray for her ego here for I've been willing to accept that, even though you been pining away for her, but she is not interested in you, though,
without today there have been all this guy militarily good result. All night am limits there are only job. I thought they buccaneer the bank, an upward. Ah, that's why I thought about it. You said the other house. Next door wave all down the burglar alarm early in the morning and offers a donor sidewinder sought not in early life and about thirty you need to go daddy while your, U headlines, but TAT, a Navy living artists got lots of people could be
Ok, I'm a normal, more rigid, and you don't want to be one of the on line. Every time you have, maybe they re gonna, know Nepal with radio right now the real estate abruptly Asthma view lessons are learned was down. Why doesn't he got up at ok, I'm asking elaborate open before we open that Johnny weapons earning enough the uniforms don't get a recipe for I have no weight, Rebecca, Rebecca So I take it. You know them as good a breakfast, no Chad the early days this morning, your life, you go, I believe, make danger it normal Albert Avebury Office Equipment, like you said, and that no more about narrow bed, I've got a deliberate put a polypi not deliberately up every day
today's Aberdeen ya ya, know nuts. Every moment I pray to God. He only has equipment in the back and extract. I don't want you over the back yard. You do. Drives elegant illegally surgeon you? I would again ask the game of major task, but where are we DR domain? You fail you wanted, but no more than a million ITALY without as open up around I realise that this is the age of undergrowth. Have you don't have the car? Ok, ok, let me doctor but then you got about whereby no I'm sorry- I didn't do anything. You have your very nice guy. You know value a woman. There was to be with you, I'll call the police it's all right. I want the exit ye every I've always in Detroit, but you never come,
We all know that we need better Roma Margaret in Detroit. Can you guys don't know, is right, you about salivated. I've come to tell you about. It, lacked the dragon That is in a couple of weeks you're going to find you a nice woman, because there is no reason why you should be somebody's, not even choice you does it. Jesus consists France is using you been there. I understand be ok, how you out, if you got arrested year, more like by birth and he won't below. Would you be in what were you gonna be out here with you? And I, like you know, with my phone I got bored overnight often expediency Burma is that they are like that. You know you to dinner with God: did they got more regular? Who do? But you know like the way you know where you're on the west side of the public realm rule ecosystem, drive out, I want to give the following your brokers, cooperation I get there.
There we are greatly alarmed Dunaway. Do they got trapped? Element of reference is broken. I'm going to jail determinism W jail, be every morning draft Council, Debbie Jail being tell ninety seven. May you live in a W Dale being that boy now deterrent right now, breakfast ok. You got that you're, not goodbye to have created to draw monocles worth knowing tat great our limited triumphantly chroniclers bombs of Bric, a Brac cobblers in his back there's. Nobody got better lives in our hearts. No body gotta as you know, is no radio show? And now I'm three who got better? Listen if the Nazi right, we'll have listened. We have other with the club, that's right to put questions officer. Would you like it at Santa may want to know. What's
and his grace is well you we have rules on away. I don't know if I can tat that come up next enormous DR give maybe we could get and Santa Maria Carrie. She has a settlement and would tell you who she was actually an illegal battle with we'll get internet next. He belongs to breakfast global Mona. Breakfast morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club and listen. I got we gotta, be a big happy boy dated legendary Angie Martinez, you mom, there's nobody does radio wage Martina not inspired in some way shape or form an absence. She says she hadn't. You hate. Oh sir, I set out you, as you might see. Never let me know Angie your luggage. Is you judge you just don't you believe hard to be? If you ve never met her, I would have played a ragged intermix come and obviously ouch
she doesn't want to play or judicial better, like any minotaur recognised by. Can you say my love in Spanish me out more, can you say my love at the? Can I hear all night I'm way now lying there will was dead. I would add that angle fly all right. Well, let's get to the rumours that sort where I carry all aghast at the Reul report was club. Maria has settled lawsuit. Her former manager says that she actually was being sexually harass because Maria always walkin around make it in her presence, and she was very uncomfortable with that. Now, four mri carry one year, ok overwhelmingly were of a person is uncomfortable. You can't, I don't know that she ever had told her that she was uncomfortable, or this was all after the fact,
But we don't know what that said. A man is going to know if it was a cash payoff. We don't know what the damages were, but you know she was trying to get paid. So they have finally settled that you really can't walking around naked in front of people, though, if it makes an uncomfortable it's my job, and this is my house. I want to walk around egg if I only know thereby Onustus no there's not be welcoming. I don't Anybody who owns the station to walk around here, maybe right. Maybe we have had a situation where someone came running a here naked. I'm not gonna name him, but I do have video footage of that. Somebody walk all you here. I was, and you jumped on a table pretty much r, o YE area. I remember somebody they come at an egg it, so you might have a lesson new right. I re Wendy Williams. Now, let's discuss Herschel Ass, she is planning. To go back on the air. Now people were thinking that may be wasn't gonna happen, and there was rumours that Russia was gonna be cancelled by her. So returning and that it would be that we'll be back.
On January fourteen so should be back on Monday. She had fractured her shoulders. He was taken some painkillers. She said: that's why she was wearing her words on the air. She said I've never broken a bone or experienced a fracture. My life in the key place where the fact is, and China scurry around it too much I'm now paying the price. You said that was the first time she's taken pay medication, vegetables. I come to yesterday's inside they delete it shall be back on Monday. I write a future, has His new album cover the wizard. Any US has a documentary, ever you know, you're in the documentary were future. Here's the trailer burning. Eighty three, an idea:
one of the creditor. Do you feel like a lotta artists, abuse and because I am here and a lot of future sounds future- has certain what is the average number one billboard? Ladies and gentlemen, it is clear that I did actually around publishing w refocus our eye. Jerry Jones has bought it soon. And fifty million dollar super. Yet can you imagine that I yet for georgian goodness gracious? Yes, he named it after his wife, Jean Jones is called Bravo Xenia, it was built in the Netherlands and he got it on December. Twenty there was an early Christmas present. It can hold fourteen guess only fourteen weeks, mass more out of my way, bigger
the theme room, a foul jama, massage room, a plan Poor rain, shower and storage area and all kinds of things got a bold merely the right line we're gonna both had a bowl of early, might well say when you get yours along tat and in times of Noah, has bought a new house in Bel AIR, and that was twenty million dollars. So congratulations to everybody. This I congratulate him on this and I had a lot of you will get his money and her age in the meantime. What did I, by myself over the holidays, not much right what he may know the Maginot, that's not Madsen, nor yet all right, I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report. Our right. Thank you. Miss Iain people choice mixes up next morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club now shouts from survive and our Kelly Lease event. For joining us. This morning they drew up. A conversation was a meter enough round it.
Drive them because it is in you you have different realisation, you know cause a: u get Odin as time passes, and you know that we think about all the I hope that we made about our Kelly back in the day about him, loving and aid girls, which I think we can still get off, but when the women haven't gotten justice, makes it seem like we're arduous making lighted Wages are not taken the situation, as is. We should show with his interesting that you know here. A haircut went on today's european. You M router boondocks them, so I lit his Ex wife listening to our Kelly media like it is interesting to see that she felt all that felt thought all that was frustrating right, yeah. Imagine other women who stories we haven't even heard yet another thing that there's a lot of women coming forward and talking to the police departments in. You know Georgia and in Chicago, and they have their own story to tell so, there's a lot of people who still have to come forward absolutely all right well
we come back. We get the positive, no don't over to breakfast club wanting. Everybody is T J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club now it's time, for the positive, no shall make us positivity for people. Will you want to say to you know in Chicago to Data Avenue, save our girls rally at the corner of fourteen in Lapland. A thing does right across from that is alleged studio that our colleague I'll kill. You have the girl, then yes, having a at five p m today on the corner phone laugh, then, is to save our girls rally. They want you to bring a light candles, an hour sign. Okay, so ass the day at five p m, ok and positive, noticed simply this man, a positive note, is it's not what you say to everyone else that determines your life is, which was put to yourself that have the greatest power. Forever PA busier yonder high everyone, it's Katy Correct. I use my podcast next quest
and as a platform to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right there's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why I were switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer. Meantime we're going to stay focused on Verona virus talking to the experts can really understand. What's going on, I know so overwhelming, but we can get through this together. You can list and to next question on the island Radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your favorite show. We want you to know that we are here, for you
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