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Monday 2/20- Today on the show Mack Wilds joined us and discussed the upcoming series "The Breaks" premiering today on VH1, and also discussed Adele winning over Beyonce at the Grammy's and more. Also, Michael Eric Dyson joined us as well to discuss the Grammy's and more. Moreover, as usual Charlamagne awarded someone for Donkey of the Day, this time it went to Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway.

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I love you more than rats rather sit out, come the most prominent for when you asked me at Berlin Immortal birthday, Tommy was young people's choice. People with figures hey you wanna get what they want. They want yoga girl. You ve got a little. I bought up. Allow third night, like four girls gone off with me, and I, like my mammy, applaud that, and I need you to tell me why you why you met on the breadth of global real allows is
This may be behind you. Don't mornings moments out of my mouth, our bigger all live in these areas. And why do you have seen all address as we appreciate that year on year? Are you guys doing this morning? Give us every point from fully and let us know, was good over how bad is it only always bear is simple, bad you now to the point where they want to see, applied or locked up, any she'll be locked. About how you want to know how you ass an ETA in a wider. Now I never said any wider filters and some wives. What else do you guys need reading my kid and end up less than the guy you're getting through everything? That's pretty much here. We have.
Mom and letters that you would have an important when you borrowed awarded at its very clear here that all go go. Go like you know me up with love in a great my watering, and you know it I've been a good long, keep their poor, whom tight in fresh beggar moment we have paid me when ran for you guys inflated for your right. Ok, Baker allows there's Detroit Drive. The driver. What I'd have now Delaware man was gone now met. This must occur married. I wake up this morning to give up my girl back, and he put me off. I do arguments of tobacco to charge. You hit the road again. Charlemagne profit, a bathtub, do not work. You didn't work there to put about my life, do you have a laser livery guy had a handsome was back, is not good enough. Amateur shelter, remoteness,
of course, there might be reunited. I gotta be transmitted from your wife or girl. Oh it. I wish you'd leave my locker Am I right right now be arrogant. Big with you anymore. Nazarite allows is gilded route from the day. Rigs anyway met mental, I'm tired of this law, wherever workers debate late hour, mopping who chairs rural land from the South Odin Eddie that they always running on dissolves, ok, boys, don't away any light, then, like a documentary noisy, That alone will not. He got in three and guardian of the well known as the kid or add where I grew up in the ninety thousand workers like I wanted to be a game too, because I was listening to these kids are going to have on my finger. The better for the army was not that you got a lot of variety. I understand you say what you got a lot of variety now, for every little yadda is a big shot. You don't like it.
A variety of everyone. Agri allows this. What is it? I just want to say that and have our big problem whereby, anyway, I'm not mad at you points higher than I had my first may. I get banned there and I want my about money. Tat had been more, although alone of mixes why're you blow. Right. Now you sandblast Reiser, you old on all. I was young, I very warmly. All right hold on I'll go anywhere up. Next is telling why you bless eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. We have a young lady on the phone that feels blessed. Yesterday was her first day for a day This group find out all about it when we come back, keep locked eight hundred five, a fire one off one blessings on blessings on blessings.
Are you bless and highly fairy tale the congregation? Eighty eight hundred five, eight five, when o five one brave deeds, the breakfast club. Now we have underlined that is much cheaper, nay, last night was how first night in this club Seafield blessed talk to me about it. I would, if I beg you, really know, Miami Data, I will club you have heard the word. I was that wider Milo view she gentle guys, he just died. It was you dance qualities. I'm with you may gladly I mean under holiday? Why it was really fun I mean like I was in a black club cuz, I'm black one, slash four buddy and I was in Miami and I really like the lifestyle cuz. You know
What I want a better answer than I am, I did love. How old are you? How do you like my birthday, that the end of the line, How many people from the land want you to know last night would begin his love. Innocent downhill from here for them is now could be a lot of six hundred dollar nine. More like a hundred and fifty two hundred dominate which finesse gangs Then, let's go for a Wednesday night to deny all guide when they are pop it. Let me ask you a question: are you gonna do a nitrates and stuff like that? Or do you just walk around? I can't you birds last night and reporters I walked around, but I met this guy in the club that, like all of us now, So how do you brought me I'll? Have you bragging? I beg of you in the Algarve, air like China like that and then, like you, think, you're gonna forget it. You need to learn some politics to the way you can always at the end, whatever you do, you gotta do be great at it. Would you like to share your instagram? We're married motor pervert would apply
right. Ok, you said it. I didn't. Would you like to show you? How do I get my money back? when I last night re foining requesting that what got you in the ship through dialogue alive with financial hardship, and I ve got you initiative. Can my dad that we live in is alive What are you gonna live? I, like the empty menaces financial hardship, but I'm going through align any bad money too late and I go about my life, but I'm trying to knock off right now. Caught, let me go, let you die usually take or envy five kids in my daughter thing I'll, be leaving your married. Those you want me to people like it gave a maritime all kids element has requested. Now. If somebody came up to and offered you a thousand now is made,
wasn't fellatio. Will you about it last night that I hope our people to act? Will I care about that like length incremental for money down there, I haven't got a good time lay and I'll think Ganley may not be so judgmental you. Always in this drama and with John Boyd onboard, did forego already. That means having a good time these data is now tat. I have a relationship when it he's gagging. Clam showed us how you are in this group close to us EU efforts to recover download I'm bored with the next moment it, but we believe that applies. Ok, I mean you're stimulate Alexander Big, you can send you to be blessed. Ok, thank you, ya be verifiable in writing HU the anvil, please I don't take drink some Madeleine. You see the drink actually come from the bartender be extra carefully, because men creeps impact,
so please may you'd is trying to cover screen no Andalusia right. Thank you. Mps right. There are women, there are alot of creep. Oh, my back. There are alot agreed that they like thirdly, grief for the train, their misery. Finally, how do you know what I'm doing? It is twenty four? No, my right tell it tell all the basics he's been careful not there. I look were you cross. The street is well, ok, about their rights, as they was a first night at the stroke club now right the breakfast club,
are you bless them highly praised the congregation at eight hundred five, five, when o five, why praised the breakfast club is what up reached out to the clause was sobriety? You feel bless the small number of large, because my father is a party that alignment and a big now high school. You get that very point by much world all good work, apparently of healthy and every day the wake up man I get the wake up and enjoy it as a father at that Denmark, s name more delighted, Daddy Diana no Father allows, is adapting our here good morning. You feel and blasted this yeah found filling super Black and
where they found a man more money, but I have one problem is more than an fail. You guys that I am truly Blair. I have my lifelong in the right direction. It unfolded boy. My key is right. Now I just went through a horrible for us, but my father, oh yes, a blessed therefore made a be faulted and I've got good that are eligible for by the house, that I live in a more asthma mortgage rates. Congratulations where they warn mesh again. You know I'm out here where this Lord mayor had cod the end of life. There, though even poorer. What are you trying to base all gas at the last then think about Marsh here, the marked by an Arab, though I'm really glad that through the boys that I found the law about them even more.
About the beef war on the pending charge. Every Sunday it s a really positive thing you noted is on track allows. There is this, you can give me Nonetheless, this more jealous working, I'm glad Although my bread and la by all my Paypal husband, who loved me, I've been dismally hell of a barrier of love and am now maybe you to make sure that revenue body is fresh dismount and have you breasted, Hallelujah God let you go have a good morning, Mama there, you have a pleasant and lessons on bless. The arrival of blessed in highly favoured people out there who anywhere about nothing. Charlemagne gaudy Prime Minister Persson, people love you all this little world will dangers Monaco to Breakfast Club Nellis tonight, one is achieved. Older men are we all watch this movie is the family. The movie would call to break the SOD Macleod
male Magua father. We all sit around and watch this movie as fair and when it was all where we all would like Really does I would go in Baghdad, it I could tell Wade ended that it will not turn into a theory that to date the theory for me is to me at nine eight central, only obviate one is a story about hustle hope, Can you mark you know? I am. It achieved world you gotta changed games got, would Harrison. Aids is the really do show- and I will do theories- does the movie just as I know. I will be at tonight the clock and not watching these one. Could the breakthrough beyond? Ok, let's watch of the family, shall we They can move beyond like episode. Three afford a break this evil, but it permits tonight right the age, one nine eight central in the star to show MAC. Whilst we had an excellent abruptly,
Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We got a special gift in Berlin. Does right yet not while I'm load nerveless right now she got home. We utterly like this. Would some others. Why didn't you were on the streets? they don't gotta midwives, whenever you like a lady values, my head and I will use whips out crazy, I may I'd get it's gonna guys get out online, it's crazy! select underline one year from now. Yeah man again member breaking coming back and twentieth Yasmine? Yes, man is as great as you might have been a while, since the movie
maybe the whole year after year we got it, we are being one naturally trusted us with the doing all season of its officials. If it is really really dont man. We week, we actually got a chance. You notice the Download Dan China's and a bunch of other dope riders. You know seat man, umbrella, jars and a bunch of other, don't brightest, jazz fly, you death last autumn and Anne and create what will we were? We went through. You know in the ninety, won't what they went through. A load of your was a more active on a summer out of it. A new cap, a few new people in Vienna people. You know people wanted a boy sine qua in unison, quite visa eat, but he's dead man he's you. I think I think, all around all the act that we got this year. They gave just added answer where we were we ve already done. It really hasn't, take anything away and plus we kept
everybody who has been on the first movie. So I think the eyes and airplane a lawyer who mentioned earlier there appeared a sailor in alma masters is visible way. Harris's Anita May, of course, what heresy lamp he's back back full effect, even though these dome that work. You doin ashore value and he's gonna too. What happens odor so light It is good washed out of me nor I believe that you like, I was a host of a dj about Dr Cat. Absolutely everything no they're racism, that raises some day battle. Racing gentlemen action, you I don't remember now Yoke Amazon, though
remember nobody, nobody be thousands. Indeed, what does egg I d day bad, both a man I allow you gotta, be like yes, yes, your manager, clean. Let me hear you, I love you back in the day time. Together, you gonna be birthday. I think I do what the guy,
We all know that our brother, you babe, I wasn't your men of ankara- that no one is different when you have a movie them when you have a theory, you know the craziest thing. We really didn't you too, too far away from what we actually we will. We started with we expanded on so rather than just starting with the three kids who died at college and went to New York to figure out their lives and wanted to go into hip, hop and figure out what that was it you get to see deeper, see what hip hop really was at the time. How greedy was how dirty was out like how much how much in the streets it was and how it being how it turned into what it is today. So all of the things all of the things that I didn't know that you know
Reading can China's book a just, let you know like page by page like day by day, it's crazy good for a guy like yourself, because you love me or for a thousand, you did sample alot of Oda reexamine the alcove I like as being on the brakes. Did you learn more and get into in more new? They can think you didn't know like all of you that it was it was it was. It was more soldiers. It was one of those things where I was I was as a fan of hip hop. I became more of a fan because I understood more where it came from especially growing up in in Stapleton in the projects and all that stuff like seeing how it literally came from the kid that group. Just like me are. You know like When I was growing up watching met a man and all of them do it, they were like gods to like we didn't. I don't give resonated so all of us that they grew up exactly how we grew up the saying the same things that we grew up with the same roaches in rats.
Even though they spoke about it. We didn't really understand it we now with what this show and seeing it like being in it. It's a gives you a whole another respect for everything that the demagogy superheroes came from somewhere. They may make human value according to get em. You got him no music, music, normal star oh yeah, you era, mag wiles record has been a leg come on man years, but but I definitely doesn't have been recorded. A dove me have been recording we ever. We have a project coming up very soon, not hard to call it just the music project has just so many facets to it. Now that you know that, now that I've thing it's almost Tata filled up every time, we finish something on my honour has been so long. I gotta ask of the nose to something else to it, and not even just the music side of it like this different aspects to it now, like different facets, too
so it's a whole experience so far that we thought you noticed in fact shows that satisfy yes, there are you a regular Uther tv. I don't know you know and as it were- and you know that I will bring about a brake on groundwater. These will keep. We appreciate them. Checks work. No god we ve got high. You know what, if, got twenty four hours in a day and seven days a week you can make time business is simple: that man, but I never come now. They know no doubt that I'm not that outlines definite coming out and is coming out with the way. Everything else, though just said it makes me sure, is no joint megabytes Toby any studies by the way you ve heard of him to be happy, about. I just started getting back out and about man like it, it was it was. It was a hides anchors again. I was working on everything, but with with being back home
everything over. It was like. Oh man like you, have you haven't, had a street Mr Mann, Sir, so you, to be back home in an unseen everybody in all We got more Magua comin up next mature each had not. The breakthrough want to night at nine p M as the world's most dangerous monitored abruptly club. The breakfast club is adjust may the threats and one will dangerous, monitored, repertoire, bungle, but an image Charlemagne God and with talking to MAC wilds of age, wanted to break which, for me, is to night at nine eight Central deny Layton how's that work with that beautiful This amazing, lessening of La Mancha, is she's amazing man honestly denied. Besides this being one of the top most beautiful woman in the world, she is literally probably one of the women one of the people that I've learned the most from acting wise, just career wise in a wild life like TAT
understand. How much do you give Starcraft and being with that with her and studying her, and then me and her just having conversations in her teaching me even before that lie cuz I was. I met her through her dad Stanley. So even understanding like the He is in the minds of the way that her mind works. Is amazed. Did you like it? friends on you did you like he viewed gonna table so to speak. I listen. I'm I'm! I'm cool armies, business pleasure so imagines away through respect for economic. Little brother, you don't keep it open to a lot of talking. I guess my little brother like to say that as us in that manner by the MAC was I agree agri idle. I met at the little brother, no matter what you We know that there will be an attitude that way.
Dell Alba? If he had to choose what, building a hidden behind his mom would imagine what we attain a pattern of the year, his heart is very one because they live beyond, say even a doubt. Pig Bianca exactly is true, and I mean the USA is beyond Zebra, like everybody understands what she is and what she does for a coachman and how in how strong of figure. She is in our inner society. It's it's! It's kind of undeniable lashes indelible in are in everything that we do as a as a society is emblematic of the collaboration you a pig. Did you a collaboration with be Anti Oviedo, anomalous, Mohammed amended on reducing global them at the same Finally, I regret that I know you would you shot that, though I want. I want a year over Call me: when you hear hello, you gotta pay, you fell flat rate and demagogy.
We have shocked me one. I will deal with over overlapping. I think everybody No, no, I think, with down this act was shot. You saw to deliver the lemonade was, of course it didn't sell as much as is adopted, but just understanding what lemonade were it was. It was bigger than the music like this of the artist that we ve seen in every shape and form. We ve seen her destiny, sowed Messina to everything and then for her to show and shared. This is part of that we were expecting to stay elsewhere. It's crazy, I will. I will give you an example all week. People are saying well about other, really know about regulations. It was you MAC, video and it would also be about interracial, will relation
could you let go you from the UK? National, no barley, racial, isn't that America, she remaining thing by you. Humane and only humanity. They really understand regulations, and you can't you get. You can say that I will say I'll say one thing about a dome and she is. She is one of the most inept light. Amazing minded women that I've met in a long time and again her her rawness and her just how how much she cares about what music is I haven't seen in a long time like you like, even acting like even when we're on set she's like I know him, I d like listen. This isn't what I do. I'm a Yo Yo, actually pretty good she's, not at all it at root. Little because my f, all that yo. This isn't what I do like understand me ned it literally just an old woman:
wonder what were you will you? Energy is right now, because I agree with the Golden globally successor Madonna Glove within you liked. Grammy. This need is excessive answer any money? What would you want more? Could you got the opportunity are potential to do what you do, Both what would you want? My Norman after Grammy You know a global agreement on a right. It is crazy because of one of my one of our biggest goes ever since I was a kid. I've always wanted to get not even a holy Trinity like the quadruple like the guy. You now want to get Emmy Grammy and ask grant tone. I wanna get all for like our I wanna know that up in it, even if I get a golden globe, I gotta be great as well but late to get all for like that. That was light as a kid like, I was a kid. I don't like him. I get that all you ve done. Nice early to write out here by the eager.
Who is only a few people? I mean honestly, I think, will be goldberger. Goldberg has one bribery, Barbara stressing as one of the few people authority of a place Yemen is of places you ever jumped into that Roma. Yet you a little baby Tablet. You got a moment ago. There made some like this. Now Van Gogh's. That may obviously always anymore. You literally volume labour replacing now I was you know, though. The last play thus seen that I was like, am I wish I would a mental was was handled like that? Don't we, one about one of my big brothers for mom from red sales Leslie Autumn. He was when he was on Hamilton and I remember bye, bye, happenstance vaccine outside uses like
Oh we do, and we do not show tonight. You should come to just come through the gang, usually go, I'm elite figures at the door. I, like I heard about it, went to the show mind long roused by Jove. Like the cabinet meetings are rat. Battle was like. I would like your this is. This is explaining american his read the way that I wish I were to learn it in school. This is amazing and from There- and I was a young wish- I would have been in this like I wish- I wish I would have thought of this or ord- had the opportunity, the audition for the re, so yeah, that that was the last play that I was like dang and now you ve been writing is about who, though, absolutely right, leaving the way that going now The writing. I mean I've read aloud, I mean what you told me. You have to be right. It grieves me raise again. So that
I think it goes back to the music, an overriding you know we're we can adjust in writing scripts and everything for the for the music that we wrote as well. So, instead of doing that points essential usual short films, Nitze minute long for music, video that a lot of people Nowadays I want to actually do something. I was a little more cinematic. You know that would If you was in a little more and engage them like a like a tv show awards, though me and one of my best friends, we wrote up kind of wrote, a miniseries that so that project as well, so that's another one of the fastest goodbye, I believe that we have become oh yeah. Does it not, then are we gonna lie? We got a lot put into this project and its people. I would add more magua coming next, but don't forget the west.
Break the night at nine obviate. One is the one with dangers. Monastery breakfast club briefly. The planet is, gentlemen, got we're talking to MAC Wild Vague wanted to break which, for me, is to night and ninety central politics affecting music. It affects my art, not necessarily just music, like if it's one of the main reasons why I jump jumped at shots fired. You know, that's why I came out and understanding the political. Finally that we were- and I was like like this- is a no brainer like it. It made all sense in the world so what is it a buggy, no weeping shots? Why we think somebody tweeting somebody some crazy? That's why it about so simple. In a nutshell, I it's it's pretty much at all.
C of a small city in North Carolina, torn apart by the murders of the deaths of two kids one black. But I have an apology from somebody- has a blogger or employees has something to do with us by two. To put it in terms that everybody would understand what would happen in it in the country in the world if, after all of the police have killings that have happened from Ferguson everywhere, Baltimore STAT now and everywhere right. What would happen? in a small town in North Carolina. If a black cup, those awake it that's the first me that's, the first meeting of the show I played a black up would be unworthy. Of course, yeah, yeah, conifers, louder, lope. Ok, I can feel comes at a moderate news comes out much March, twenty second, a lot on its plate me totally politically driven sir. How do you prepare for around like that.
His hard it's hard and you from that malware wanted to move its target is leave. Killings have been Aragon, airliner recipes romance is tough men mandrive groping uglier than a project, so everything yeah, so even even bigger than that. Like we all know, when a cop pulls up, when you you, you, don't you first, You first thought process a mindset. Isn't nice or continuity is usually
run or like you, I didn't do not realise that they will be automatically something hostile but to actually learn how police think police training school one these colonies ride along with these cops like TAT, to be just see how cops c and think my do arrow. I dont condone anything that these causes I I gave him a different respect. You got a better understanding. I will have a slightly better understanding of where they come from because on our side were nervous. We understand why we hear the horror stories. We see a Mona on our screens,
we see a more television on Twitter Instagram. We hear the stories that our parents told us like like it's. It's in art is in our diet for its inner. It's in everything that we learned as as kids like as people growing up in this country as minorities. On the other side com
Hey here's a horror stories like unscathed, they're, just as scared as us, so they literally walk into these situations with whose scare people, so it's automatically a powder keg. It's it's bound to erupt at any minute, so it is literally the scariest moment, like I remember when I remember doing a ride along Washington Heights mind you, the cobbler, walk into one or two projects we smell. We, the cops like yours just walk on the steps that we can get out of the hallway walk down the steps and the kids us as soon as they see the cost of hostile and they grab and put a waste. New pulling out their phone. I'm scared, like also my all, lay behind this maglev, like nobody I'll stay behind walls model, so nobody
even while he would come back to you with a big majority, but only unlike you like to see what this situation could literally thrown into where I was that kid. Like I remember, being I kid like you, I do nothing like a diesel. Hast thou in Gabon got a lot to do them absolute growth. We thought the kid the calves and pay them, but many people have elapsed That's what I like about the visit does a whole light, which came first
chicken or the exits with a light at the end of the day where we are right now, it's it's hard rather incident with an incident, but the kids finally just breeze off, but after a while, but it was a took a minute. You think like what can be done to make these relationships better between regular people in the police. I think the biggest thing for me, I'm after doing it another story, one of the days that we that I had actually do the scene were the kid gets shock. Was the data for mental castle? Was so of God they're so module? I welcome our trailer, I'm looking I'm a phone. I see the whole thinkers Shorty Video take the whole thing,
on her on or Facebook live or washing Norma. Oh my own, and admiring paying attention to what the pole she says. Anything. I just walk in my trailer, not realising what I gotta do. Sedate, walk in and esteem police uniform, like gauge smack in front of me, automatically burst into bike, couldn't hold back, couldn't even gonna set for, like two hours produces had to come and talk to me. Like you,
like listen you're doing this for reasons I keep had, he was forced to know whether you want to do with exact. I will be no cop mcnerney treating people exactly like it was. It was one of those moments where, like am I doing this, for the right reasons- and I remember Gina, coming to my mom said a trailer and just talking to me and Annette saying, like listen, you gotta understand this is this: is this is as hard for you as it is for us, and this is gonna, be something bigger than Oliver sold like the stick it out like we got you like this. Isn't this isn't something that's bad! This is something that's gonna start the right conversation to hopefully drive people in the right direction. If it will be a lesson learned, it is profiting off or not the climate is definitely gonna, be a lesson learned at if there's anything that is effective
and Reggie are above. You will definitely always get a lesson learned you'll always get like the right like they always and right on the morrow. Now I know why you have time because of your copy North Carolina, Blank album, killed a white guy. You condign for In other words, you have waited for the brakes. Even then for three absorbs I'm sure. A man must have They say it is I'm in every episode of ok. Ok, you got that right, premiers February. About the age wine letter writer, shots fibre me as more toy circuit. You asked the high or foxy. We have rejected the album when the Albums council, but if you, if you're hip hop, then we got the breaks for you. If you, if you want it, if you want to start a conversation the social climate in and was gone on in our world right now, without shots fired for you and if you just want a vibe doubt and get some good music
Without doubt we were young girls. Are we get their baby for MAC? Why did you see all his money? Man again with matter the beast: Thou nothing about him. Marge Clara? however, may I believe is the Breton Cloacam on here for Don Quixote Democrats are being allocated a little bit of a mixed, like adults a bridging I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey? Other day is a new way, maybe the double with an alternative back, ok, Donald Trump team is efficiently the greatest gather, comedians able not to gather the super. So not academy lemon color, not together at the now not gathered Lana, Blackie,
insecurity. Ninety that Donald Trump tea would have for years without even trying. Ok, if not a funny, you sit com, Our reality show on television right now. In fact, would they have going on would be called an alternative react? show the first of its kind: ok, not personally early enjoy it simply because I'm not gonna sit around and power for the next four years. Homage of key God. First live my life, yet this money, so I can empower myself and others and enjoy this alternative? Reality show how the trumpet Frazier. Now we all got eyes. I some of your work you'll, be there in these leaders we can we thought inauguration on TV, ok and let us be clear, just one let what web and whether a large crowd, the migration go. I mean down a trumpet inauguration parent in comparison to the woman's my traveling to cluster bombs, woman's my damn it ok, women's might add three times more people, entrancing moderation, crap crowd, find to say was that about forty two. The thousand demonstrated in DC compared about a hundred and sixty four trumps inaugural.
I know what you're thinking omnipresent interview, The states of America are one already. Who cares how many people come to ring ceremony? I wanna get me my ring. I mean, as I would think, but I'm not a nice is to give a maniac length on people. Clearly, this is what the chopper ministration cares about with that happens when a country doesn't have a commander in chief, but a celebrity in chief, ok, Woden National protected secretary for levying chief came to his defence this weekend during a press conference shower spices, what they call you claim the crowd: the witness trumps Inauguration Friday. With your day at the bar tat, really brothers, noble, Melissa, visa photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intentionally free. In a way in one particular tweets to minimize the enormous support that had gathered on the National mall. We do know a few things, so, let's go through the facts. We know that from the platform where the present was sworn into. Fourth street holes about two hundred fifty thousand people from fourth straight to the media. Attend is about another two hundred and twenty
thousand and from the media ten to the Washington monument another another two hundred and fifty thousand people. All of this space was full when the president took the oath of office. We know that four hundred and twenty thousand people use the Dc Metro public transit yesterday. Please would you actually compares to three hundred and seventeen thousand that used for President Obama's last inaugural without the largest audience to ever witnessed inauguration pure you about attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration, are shameful and wrong. National pressed secretary sirens bicycle just up the oppressed telling lie? Ok, not only did he tell a lie, he had a reasonings with his life, the white top laid out in front of the capitals security measures led the ten year nearly shines out of crop called promoter. Chinatown dj He can't pay him all his money at the end of the night. Like stop trying to tell me a dream, I know are you can pay me because nobody showed up was charged by the one. The only person in the troubled ministration was trying to sell America Dream Helen.
On what terms senior by those wanting to be seized as we and when pressed on what basis said things there weren't true, she gave us a term that pretty much is going some up everything the administration stands for the trumpet ministration with here. You did not answer the question of why the President asked the White House Press secretary to come out in front of the podium for the first time, an utter a false, but why they do that it undermines the credibility of the entire Whitehouse press. No, no don't be so overly dramatic about it check. What you're saying it's a falsehood and they're giving Sean's by press secretary gave alternative facts to that. But the point three one third of that here at the moment for the five hundred votes. Just not true, look alternative facts or not. If that's their falsehood, drug wanna keep bombs.
Targeted bags damage. The new sexy way to say lies: if your marriage, Tanzania, having an affair, you say you have an alternative relationship, have a bit who did, though, the woman other than your wife or girlfriend as an alternative charge. Hiv positive- and you know what to tell people that is to say you ve got alternative blood cell, the Plaza Billy, the endless wait, I'm a Dallas cowboys fan autonomy, relationship dominating shut up our modalities. Boyfriend of another mean my mine. We didn't Lou, the Green Bay. Last week, our railway Billy Lana. Yesterday, therefore Mama other alternative and of each european facts, no matter anymore, it we can just create our own alternative reality. Let me live my lie up. Ok, the reality of the situation of you, wouldn't shoved trumped inauguration and because we live in a world full of sneaky trump supporter.
And nobody wants. The committee voted for Trump Sabena. Nobody wants them if they vote of a trump. Of course, they wouldn't show up to the inauguration the wrath of the port of propaganda for the calm joined a backwards Mississippi somewhere. You want. If the Portuguese We're gonna do Barbara light weight of Gaza. We know which way to daisy files so well supported backwards, couldn't make it. I could make a billion moderation and our whole detained well, just once their fallen is money, a thorn elected. We end up down a job is prevalent, it is not an alternative fact. That is a reality. So let us all enjoyed a show, the entertainment and the content they provide for us all, and just pray we all don't die in a process gives Sean's biting Kelly income the biggest. He hardly all right.
The breakfast morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we got his person gets into building again. My brother is always a very positive replica, my letter dated yes, sir, so good to be back here with your that here too, I feel it I'm at home and allowed them you there you releasing the book tat. We can act that yes Book release. It was number eight on the New York Times Bethel of Withdraw barnacles bomb threat now lead when I've got an idea that it everybody inebriated happening. Even you can. I feed ever did every day. What is that about nice? Where China along gets a lot of attention he has made
yeah yeah yeah. I know it's been incredible. Man I've been getting the course. I get the white hate mail, but I got a lot of white love based on a lot of white people saying this. Is I run at this you're? Actually speaking for us, this is the kind of stuff we wanted to say to people. We love, but we couldn't say it in there in a certain way, so they say which has given your book to them: ass, a man s s a bit of a thank the Abbe, I feel like I did have nothing in your book dead that, if any type major towards wipe, he will not at all, if anything, you're asking why America to use his privilege to combat the prejudice that, with the evidence, beautifully put man, that's exactly what I'm trying to trying to ask them the peak beneath the veil, so to speak right the way buys a who you think he is so I'm asking why people to see whitenesses that artificial construction and get behind the curtain and and then take off the burden of that Whiteness Gazette whiteness hurts white people as much ironically enough as it is black brow, ridden yellow people do not. We had a discussion about a Adele and beyond the of here. Until you have said,
yeah they lost. How many of you dedicated you eat the book to her. You know I do everything is look. I love a deal. You know, I went to want to be always concerts, the wonderful because I want to three of them on his tour. You gotta hit multiple biotic concerts. And you know I was up there with Adele's people, so I love Adele. I love what she represents. This is bigger than the individuals, because its clear that, beyond the in Adele, have a special, significant, beautiful and affectionate relationship, especially in public to superstar women loving each other has a political consequence. You saw it some when you see say Nicky Menage and Taylor Swift, but it is always gets complicated by the issue raised. Remember when Taylor thought No Nicky was signify on her about skinny women and you can't get recognized and then Taylor went off on her and then she had to put her in Czech. It's always that tension, but with Adele and beyond, say it's been a rather
remarkable. Can a romantic in the best sense of the word relationship between the two having said that it was thievery, pure and simple, and what it is to me in the era of Trump. It's the emergence of black genius up against white mediocrity. I'm not talk about it. They are now talk about Donald Trump Adele, as it is a significant and great crafts. She's a function of the first order. You probably wouldn't have seen beyond say start a song and then stop it, because her yet for perfection is so deep. Her preparation is so thorough. Her her respect for her craft is so incredible that way
It seems. Thou came to my gazing class at Georgetown. He said the too hard working people. I've ever met my life, Kobe Bryant beyond, say so. We know her level or preparation is legendary and probably would have prevented something like that from occurring, but beyond that as great as a daily as she is not beyond see, if we can't have a black woman who was the greatest entertainer in the world today and not just on stage, though that is the performer development is quite extraordinary, I'm Toma what she did with her music. You release an album like lemonade, the same. What you did, the previous album beyond say, a visual album. It comes with the batteries included. You got every video right thought out. You ve got not only that the thematic consistency of that album there. Then you ve got what she's doing what her voice people don't reckon
as the anti genius in terms of fusing singing and wrapping, I mean what she's done on those last two albums in Turkey could fit with the best of chickens, fit what her husband and we know what a remarkable genius he is. So I'm saying she doesn't get recognition for the craft of what she does. She doesn't get recognition as a woman or a black woman for the extraordinary time and effort she puts into what she does just like black athletes. Oh, you must be born at way. Leubronn. You must have those gills care where you get those gills serene or we have. You got those girls, no that's hard work and genius, which is that it
stating consequent so for me when I say beyond, being denied I'm asking, whereas con yea West, when you need him like that, whereas cognate go up on say just they slow now hold up. We know that is good as Adele is. She did not deserve the, but that the double, if you will double that she get winning the big three awards twice, the only figure ever to do it in an era, much less in a year when beyond say has unleashed urging is on the world, and not only did we also do its cynically and thematically she did. It terms of politics. She put on blast those forces of white supremacy and other oblivion. Two black culture that would try to hurt us and she represented. Such a powerful way for black lives matter, insistence that our lives are significant and should be held in high regard. She did all of that yesterday that a couple days ago, while she's pregnant leaning back in the chair, ignored,
the birth of her twins to come and totally dominating the rhetorical, the majesty of the entertaining and the incredible art of what it means to make an album and to perform. So at that level, black genius will always be punished by white mediocrity. It will always be punished by, in this case, excellence in white culture has two in one sense. Go up, hence the extraordinary kings of black coat. You think about it. For instance, I love him too, when my man, Kendrick Lamar, should have won the album, who ended a winning maximal MAC. No more no macro more is a great artist macro. More is a conscientious, great artist. Mechlin more is a conscientious white, great artist, who understands what is at stake did. He say no, no kindred Lamar deserve that. What did what did it? They'll say? I know that I can accept as though she took the award whither. She did not give it to me they should know that she didn't deserve that the same way when Tanya went upon us,
Can I happen to be there that night? I was there that night at the video music awards. When Kanye was one of them say yeah it was he drunk, maybe maybe so, but what was his point? Was it rude of course? But what was his points? It was so righteous. His point was: I am tired of bending by seeing black genius unrewarded when we know the superior artist has been I bet you I bet you should bury was at home, go where we can you when I need them when they were giving my wards to pet boon. I bet you little Richard was at home, saying where were you when they were giving my ward to Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley undeniable genius himself, but not the originator of rock and roll and the
Look you to write the same, which very was and now beyond, say, robbed in a serious way. In the most recognisable black woman, arguably on the globe, the most talented, the most ingenious, the most creative can't get her do. This is symbolic of something bigger than an individual artist being snub. This is about the politics of raise. This is about the politics of race and gender, and this is about the politics of blackness. In an era of vast unreachable white mediocrity that Donald Trump represent, I will be more Michael. Eric data will become bag, keep a lack of breakfast logo more recent planet. I go about an image. Charlemagne got media avian annually. You hear what a world of dangerous more sort of breakfast club, and we have one of my guys, one of my favorite people on the planet. Somebody I enjoyed talk to nobody better on this Morocco bomb. They were not call any presidency. Ok, we're gonna Barack Obama D, but personally I feel that we have nothing to be proud. When it comes to our current predators. I guess we celebrate all the presidents before this one would know by
better to have in the building. Then my glared dating right left. You, you got a question to last waded out. There have only been two black when, as in the last twenty years for album of the year, there have been over two hundred black eyed, you have performed that's. What's he treated at there's a couple of other incidents, it happened recently like Charles Oakley, They re getting banned from the guy now there some time in their future road really will be able to come out budgets even the way that they all you need is wrapped him out. The white look again met. We talk about Putnam work when trawl when Charles Oak, we stopped that court and asthma generation I saw that brother plate when Charles Oakley stepped on that court. He brought every fibre of energy of work ethic of sweat ethic that God gave him to bear for those owners for me play in the sea maids that he loved in adored and embraced, you know from whether he was and would Scotty and Michael Jordan, Chicago and then coming into New York. In transforming the, though the work culture right, you saw what a blue collar
I hadn't his in a pale in his workmen. I mean Charles Oakley was the ultimate enforcer, the ultimate muscle and gave his for the time he's urge is right to be critical of Mr Dolen he's aren't is right to be critical of other players. We have stepped up to the plate, I mean that's. The did the nature again obliging is when the brain stem. He's bring in the north to everybody in the rock is Michael. Jordan was no walk through the park. Kobe Bryant, these these men of genius or or Serena Williams. This is no time for the fever as an extraordinary demands a? Why then talk from a man out like that treated like a common thug Chobham, and I will tell you what else gets revealed. Is that failed? soon as great as he was at. One point may be revealing that you know how can you and I could have coached the Chicago Bulls or the LOS Angeles Lakers, if we Kobe Bryant in check and if we had Scotty Pippin and Michael Jordan, now you're
genius is being challenged. It looks like Gregg, Pavlovitch is a far more significant in serious coach and and and and feel Jackson looks like a petulant child, he's an appropriate kind of GM for New York in the age of prompt, because, even though he doesn't We share his politics. What he does share is a kind of narcissistic self engagement trying to covered over with asean spirituality, one at that the day you end up being nothing more than a jerk and, at the end of the end of the day, fail Jackson's inability to even acknowledge
come Marlowe Carmelo Anthony. Now you gave Anthony the dough and you gave him the ability not to be treated. So, at the end of the day, you acknowledge what he brought to the table, and now you want to just LAO talk him. You wanna make snide remarks and comments. I mean again the inability to grapple with and recognise the significant contribution of even a so called complicated black people. Black people don't get allowed. The aren't allowed to be complicated, wife will get get, get get complicated. There eccentric their geniuses like people, do it you're a thug, You have no ability to fit in with the others know. I'm colouring Alcide de lies because my name is Picasso. So now they don't recognize our genius and then shown to us offers a pathological expression of things they want to throw away in Charles Bark, Charles Oakley get played the same way. I felt like now miss the moment like I can we talk about how you can use your privilege to combat prejudice later, the whole thing about beyond these music makes. My black frames feel like they can stand up for themselves. I felt
Should there be other meeting make me want to stand up for black people come around their dear verity? That's a brief point, because the ultimate active white privilege is to share it as much as you can t deconstructed so too, to unmask it and to say you know what I don't deserve it so so standing there. She might have said that she might. Instead, we all know that as much as love, you will appreciate you for recognize me and what I've been through. We all know that this black woman sitting before me is the greatest in the greatest entertaining and if you will a static and melodic in harmonic and musical presence on the globe right now, and we should all defer to her and recognise that and if the war committee doesn't do it, I will hear Bianti. Let me give this to you. You are the woman who deserves it now she didn't have that kind of grace or that kind of acknowledgement that her own privilege has
exist only at the expense of the answer. In this. What a lot of wife Oak known understand, the white privilege you enjoy exist at the expense of somebody else being denied at that level. It is, as the rules on game white privilege exists, only because Whitefoot didn't have to compete with the best of their job right. Think about it. Babe Ruth didn't compete against the greatest ballplayer computer. Is the greatest. Why Bobby's right I mean only right in and when wife got into Harvard before you start integrated. You ain't competing against the smartest people. You competing against this modest. Why people? God knows you weren't competing against the smartest latino or asian people fact they got a basic. You know moratorium on the entry of certain Asians out in California, a quota if you will former or not worthy. Limit the number of asian brothers and sisters who will get in school because it was given the numbers, a wife for as long as whitefoot we're getting
were black and brown people. What no problem! I'm sorry! It's about a meritocracy and merit determines the distribution of goods like employment or getting a seat in the school, but when agents, darned weapon at white ass. All of a sudden, it became a problem. The quota, yet in full. Formerly or informally, and now white competition with others who can beat them is regulated. So my point has from the very beginning we
folk have been treated to an extraordinary level of of privilege and part of that privilege means I dont have to face the best in the brightness. What you don't understand is that whiteness is built in what the ability to rig the competition in favour of the white guy. That's why Donald Trump Presidency is so apropos, and this is why a lotta why people don't want to recognize is not simply about a criminal fascist creep in America is not about the denial of democracy is all that, but is also about the fact that a mediocre white boy is occupying the most powerful position in the world. Any is manifestly inferior and incapable of manning up or intellectual link up to be able to fit the office for which he has been elect. Both you all about in a moral doing with that is, is what about a few billion feel that way by what about? If she felt that year, you may my black for instead of ensuring the necessary failing, Randy alike. Sometimes we look, for
acceptance of people that we necessarily only exceptions from not true, I mean, but I thought the chinese point was she missed an opportunity to do so, but your pointed equally right that way, you might have felt that way. Well, that even more reinforces our point about her. Why privileged because at least if she's conscious seven does not make the gesture to unmask there? it was just one thing, but she's catches are because we know she's conscious, because she's trying to fumble toward it makes my. We live better to try and see she's trying to get a rainy season there really gene in China the issue in the section we sent me a gene into VIP, but we in the european arena. Your point is about you, ain't, even the red, whereby he doesn't feel that way, and I'm saying that's part and parcel of that. The usual response right, if, if she's, not that's, what white brothers and sisters usually possess, that he has no recognition at all. You talked of most why people about? Why privilege the hell. Are you talking about right? I guess I get emails. Haiti emails from! Why people? The hell are you talking about? I don't! I don't have any. Why privilege that was poor! You
or why you got more privileged anything's. I go get a job right, oh yeah, and in again, then only recognize you are right when you say well, working class with work. The white working class gap protected too how it kept out black people from unions, type fitters plumbers. The white working class rig the competition for themselves. When you were taking a test for policemen or a fireman, you were given the hook up from within on nine eleven as tragic. That day was. Why did most of the people who perished officially as firemen or policemen? Why were they wait because it reflected the deep lack of diversity and the hook up that white people have among certain unions, certain jobs? Now, for just like, you voted these, the departing people, you know to go with you
you'll be, I must acknowledge, as what is gonna be because they ve been able to home in on an horn in on that particular, if you will industry and allow it to share it with others of their people who come over here, so I'm Tellin you white brothers have had the hook up. Whites is about the hook up from the gig. So it wouldn't be surprising to me that if a deal didn't understand that didn't feel that felt that hey it makes those people feel better, but I still earn what I got. That would be characteristic of most why people who are on woke, who are unaware or unconscious of their privilege, and one step up to me. As I said before, the greatest privilege of white person can is to encounter a policeman on the street and in the nasty fracas that might result from that? You live to tell the story about it. That is the ultimate form of white paper. And they get not to do it, how much money you get where you zip courtiers, who your mom and dad here don't go anywhere. We have more my glared Dyson coming up next its work. It was more a sort of breakfast club.
The breakfast club that right at the breakfast club the morning, every body we have a special gets in the building. Michael Eric Dyson, we ve been given this notion approval, Ria Markham Gladwell of eighty. You think privileges, something only why people have absolutely not a monopoly privileges Protogaea privilege as a male right, because one of the untold stories as look not only is beyond say up against a legacy of iniquity that is driven by white supremacy, she's up against males supremacy to infect she's up against a legacy of male supremacy and methods.
May I express my black men. Black men were participated in calling women bitches in holes in skeezers and slots and who rats and chicken hears who think over the years. The expression of you know my own ability to be liberated unemancipated. To tell the truth about women you unconscious unwarped negro. What you are doing is perpetuating a legacy of patriarchy, which is the belief that man's life should determine the legitimate forms of social existence. Massage any, which is the hatred of women or sexism, which is the belief that our inclinations as men should set the baseline for what we think is legitimate? We have practised there too. Of course we have male privilege. We have male privilege when it comes to black women right black on and have a standard It is a tremendous doubles now, but black women have done more to protect black men than any other group in America, including black men, black. Women have been on the cutting edge and on the front line standing up from us for before us. For be whales. Nanny Helen Boroughs September Clark
Joanne Robinson Ella Baker, Angela Davis, your mama ye are all your mama, but this is what black men do love my mama right, so we get the vertical right, but the horse Subject up hate, my baby Mamma will do your baby somebody else's mama your child's mama, so their admiration reverence you have for your mother should be extended to Europe. We must now we know that there is tremendous tension. We know is back and forth, but the inability to recognise the fact that we have male privilege and a significant and serious fashion is a former privilege we got class privilege to. If you get more money than the next person over here, you don't have the same experience of blackness the person working on a lie and a president. Let us have the same experience of blackness of the person whose homeless so they're always gradations and degrees of difference. But, of course we are privilege we are Just Christians in a nation that demonizing muslim people right, we go around and we look look it ain't. No problem of TIM table takes on the on the ground. Is the problem
if one of the muslim players you know praying six times or in the middle of the feel, all praise is due to ally. That would be a problem, so the unconscious reproduction of privilege or multiple levels, one is religious, one is class, one is gender and inspection or station. Think about it. We live in a world people say well, you know I don't mind, you know gay people being gave away you're doing a firmer face. There's a million t body, a kiss them who were heterosexual. You ain't got no problem with what you got problem. What a gay and lesbian, transgender, bisexual queer person shown their affection so gathers all kind of privilege that we have and that's why I think under Trump black people. To recognise. We don't have the luxury leisure, to nurture in the bosom of our culture of bigotry. Do somebody else, like you know, I'm a preacher too. I'm an ordain values menace of Indonesia. It is obvious. I meant no black church to turn down gate tat. Autism.
Phobia, but they could not be could do they sent me because of our belief, the illogical we will not receive your Joe Hale. No, they taken all that money from Lisbon, transgender, bisexual where people and they have taken about the choir Isley, no lectures that you can not saying up in his quiet, because it will be no good music and quiet, as is kept a lotta gay people or secretly gay Preachin than the pulpit affect some of em are preaching homophobic sermons against gay people because they are secretly gave themselves trying to forge connection. Would heterosexual people too? two to two to deflect any suspicion of them themselves. So yet there are all kinds of of of privileges that operate. Even when you are oppressed, you gonna be an oppressor at the same time. My final question with a knife in my gun They hear Iceland is radio, and here I talk and all his black stuff and problems that could you please let me know, did that to me. We hey. Why have you not at all I mean isn't this what
Tina loved him. You know Tina whose said on her daughters, album a seat at the table Why is it that if I say I love black people, you think I hey why people we'd all haywire folk? In fact, An argument can be may, while black people. Oh, why people too much right wheel, Why do we always job? We love ya? We want to be like you, we want to do our heritage name where you do, and I must say, look I'm not talking about black people with straight here. Cause Africans be at that hence experimented with their noses their lips put rings and hopes that with their hair, I think that's. That's an african thing, though, to experiment with your hair to experiment which your body, that's a beautiful improvisational ethic at the heart of our own african standardized. But what I said at the end of the day that don't mean that we hate why people we have learned to thank White Right White, believe white, embrace whiteness as the norm. So is that that we hey why we love it?
much. What we ve got to do is to learn to love ourselves and loving ourselves. That mean we hate He was not a zero sum game. Look if, if I like, if I like, unique what don't mean I hate Becky. It means that bet you're better. Now Becky. What the good air then got love from the birth from the crib from the cradle, but should Nick what has been told that she's now pitiful and the in the irony is once we began to embrace ourselves and you love yourself. You know hate nobody could you're so secure and who you are. You know that what you represent is so powerful, so beautiful, so edifying so uplifting. You ain't got the hate, nobody else. So when you speak,
bout, black love and black self love. That's the most revolutionary radical thing in the world is to love one's own self and love one's own group, but why brothers and sisters don't get mad? You love your children. You love your particular tribes. You love the names you give them. We don't think that you hate us, but you are often indifferent to us. You are oblivious to us. We just don't matter as as the great emphasis is the opposite of love is not hate. Is indifference is one at all maker. I don't make a difference to you. You don't even care about me, though black people say you ain't, even stettin me So once we learn to love ourselves, all the pathologies that you think are out there, what America that are in our community will be reduced. All of the suffering that you think we bear. The promise that we impose can be significantly aged or at least reduced or ameliorated at any, has made better and another thing
using them work, because I want you to look a month, I'm using words, because I'm tellin you people in circles that you don't have access to use them against you, and I want young black people to use these words to know what the dictionary is to know what its authority is to use those words not to impress anybody not to obscure knowledge, but because in circles and have access to in higher education and in government and an employment they are using such terms to demonize you and put you into a box, never be afraid of a word challenge. It learn at every day, so I tell ya Dear learn a new word every day self love means learning means unapologetically embracing knowledge means unapologetically, embracing your own culture. Why? But we don't hate you, we love you just five, but we to learn to love ourselves even more an you who have benefited from the lack of black self love shouldn't be intimidated. Finally, the most revolutionary thing we do is to tell each other. I love you, that's the kind of love we gotta.
For our people and my eyes is worded deity I'd. Where do they either way? You learn a new word, Michael every guy we apply browsing. It is always good to be honest. For having the right of the breath of clever boy
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