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Mario stops through to discuss leaving J Records his longtime label, starting a new media company, how his relationship with his mother is progressing and much more.

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Real celebrity real. Some joint existed there, morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain the. We are the breakfast club. Now we got espresso guess who looked like he just came from the air I, as are all White Party. Oh yes, my really I was going to marry. I was gonna, maybe some so without ending Autonoe see how sad to see depended thing. Now. Nothing allowed violet. I leave it big illegal like a week before, but we which is a new version now you know how to get it right for radio advertising can my birthday but viable here there have been two does at midnight. Ten member. They aim to have that illegal manner? That is what I was doing it in his studio. When I was doing the producer park awoke then, with the Red cups. It was like you note for farmers in the studio chilling declared Bob and tasted and don't hook. I was singing,
ban in LAW La Benjamin is the night and then I tasted it put it in Germany. So I being scribble major league J workers that would you long standing label home from from day one I mean you know that less Pham always Pham in all day. I was blessed to have an opportunity to make it out of bottom line me would enable like that it's on by somebody who was a legend in the game. You know I'm saying but yeah it was just. It was time for it for us to. You know, to part ways, just in terms of me growing up and wanted to one more for myself as an artist. You know- and I was blessed negotiator to do, and I started jumping right back into some research and a few of me and my other friends in the industry started this new company car drivers, media group, new digital distribution, outside of distribution. We also man it is as well as published on. Racism produces manage, rice producers will not arise, produces do need management
maybe body does everybody needs? No writing teams. Everything did you sure, like the labelled labels, just can't do what they used to do for us as you with your may, you use at the beginning when labels will go yeah punches. Having a really support. Absolute. May I remember spending you know five hundred six hundred thousand video games and budgets but you know you know em but are now is what to its mouth and video. I mean you know. Technology in you know a lot of things, but I think it's about you and the label been The same page is vice your brand as an artist and have an incredible teams, and just you feel like you know, the support is that you know for me- it was more about me. Haven't a vision for myself that was bigger than just that Mitch audience that at the time you know my labor was you know,
pushing me to you know and also their music. That already makes you look. You just been new labour, maybe a little as you did. You did Obama Rico Love Year. Delay prodded deal now so with with honour that. Well, it's it's. Secondly, on by another label, ok, so it's never we're! Never gonna, never gonna come not a nervous. I got a guy, I got new music, you know the whole present a new project. I got a whole new slew amuse, you know. Beauregard Army but amusing made at that time was a mean, is good music risk the rags. No again again- and I guess it's just my direction in the title. Is that I want to make. Is this it's more? Ah, he knows more universal issues, issues every ragged bet you every reckon that you you gonna hear from my project is writing on every recreate is unanimous and me so as languages like even with viable the way we did
viable hours it create. You know it was nope. I do know usually we're going out usually when you like on a bit like you got it his big studio. You spend twenty five day in his studio is, like you know, is really unnecessary torpor because it's not like we making wreckers, relax strings and, like I am now politely strings and, like you know, anybody yea, like you know, we just using produce gotta engineer. Minutes might speak so loud sounds as for entourages, but you wasted money and I just felt like been more. The businessman now ass, like ass, not by really de no one to go a little further new direction alive. What's the new direction is it? Is it not worldly like what direction is Mary? I want to go in there, what direction they have you in like, for instance, like I said before, like is just for me right normal most Americans like at the time. I don't think that the team outwit believe them is right. Now is like you know, I'm right in Mumbai.
That is when I'm writing letters that could have written men, but that the belief when they trust in you know the vision. For me. Randal get because even a mean, even when I would kindly came a baby, so my has nuclear but ass your career. I can't see it on your Caracas and wait till you know you can't write progress. You start to feel young and its autumn that that did not look at you have little Mario, yet That's a big part of it. I started with no. When I was fifteen years old, you know and sometimes is hard for you. No quarrel apparently get look, they a child or something that they create or helped. And trusted of top. You know if you know in its issues business, so you bet you are having a war in the whole entire album and then at the end of ages. This is me, and I guess you did you decided that you wanted to be the one that was really writing in doing that where we it was an overwhelm, it was like some sort of game and are not.
It just wasn't a direction that I wanted to go, and you know it was great music, regos and amazing right. Nobody was it wasn't a direction. You know this. Still dope saw some mighty could cut him the day, and you know it's not what you pay attention to all issues like this organ of the game. The slogan of the myth is that yeah. You know it's crazy, like a travel that in our good do a lot of stuff overseas and when you are outside of because the energy small non? It's us see lots of people any will you don't like you feel like is everything you know, but energy economy. And then you don't realize that until you step outside of it, and you see you no real money, you know you go to season. You sitting like a lot of my friends have their own businesses. They don't even know what's going on in the music world. Vain it I mean like real money. People you realize, like you, know I'll as an artist
you you were. You are food into believing that you are the issues that I just it involves they're. All its ominous, like you gotta realise, like real business is not just being artist. Is not just being you know and that people spend a label. Rural businesses is ownership in a real door, rural businesses and having a company like it's it's about building something that will create some passive income free yet so for me, instead jumped back into another deal is like. How can I create a situation where a really use, all my guests, Rand, when I'm dead, and when I wanna, do music, no more, I'm still eating or I'm becoming more of a part of the business out of it than just you know. The do who can I'll get as many women as you are all Google viral legs a billion out like not like our more from us another road.
Isn't not. Gonna are mainly affected, nodded redo practice, accidents, power for a period. Where did you get. That you distorted road eggs, you know what a smash it behave management he found out about my day, though, and how it was like a year. This was light for years about why this is a mental thanks. Virtually you went on point. It meant something bullshit thing and the girl was seen at a time, as was done at his were worried about it, like you say, met suspicion, remit, you know you learn as a man that your sexual power is like is is is power Like you can use it, you know, say your sexual energies is, you know you can use that. In an earlier debate is like what it's like sport plays. I don't know when I get like Israel make up I've done it like you know these are landed from before show, and it's like you don't you know, it's don't feel the same,
The reality is it ok view to. Masturbate are two things. I have done much you into during that year. Ok of abstinence web where are you asking me if I'm ass a bid, you didn't you are I have before. Are you not made during that absolutely where they can make them anyway? Now, please do the ash mystery waiting were very close. We still friends, you did you ever get you mean I don't put out daylight the year, making you each hopes. What about or will you? Let me during that. Maybe he's asking Well, maybe just maybe now than wondering like when people say they packed his accidents is no sexual contact period, or does it mean like okay, we can kiss by nothing like me. He ate years it s amazing, to ask a main if you mean we're going to allow drugs that mounting a yoga less Thus, the guy really crazy
we must think is getting over here. We stick with this kind of thing we can do to observe. How would you do that? You put the legs of the tribe. Work with you. This is about it. Is that, where a story I now and then we can, as you see fit it on his face, you don't have a good deal and we will submit where it boy little. Would you believe it s more, but you gotta pay or on ELM cause in all who would invested in yourself absolutely a bit like I've been investment must have, even when I was labelled as soon cross it. I had you know, but it's business, you investing yourself an arm No I've never been like a super. You know spin off. Everything like I seen so much Bro says I study like in a game from other alike. In I learn so much in ITALY. I grew up and bottom up. Like you know, if you look a lot lineage,
in Baltimore, like a lot of my family members, were light. I grow St Louis alike. Making money industry so of I have seen how many works from a young. Like my own, you, no business level budgets in times of just how invest how to save money, how to still be flab and map. Just so you Moliere light, and then you look up in all you got to show, for it is, is material like you know, so, for me, a slightly that when we started like a laudanum summit of money to have saved up I put towards, You know you know how Germander she's good man he's good social issues at all. It's you know is better. You know a Kansas straw, because I think that takes her, but his lot better lawmaking. As you clear, your mom is clean and everything telling me she had. We we see each other. Every few months likes you'll come back or for from Maryland to allay you are going to see her like social.
You know we were not as close as we were in times like you know, seen each other every day, because I need sound that really focus on myself and if I wanted to do that, and I need it in a land, let her grow and in making decisions instead of being like honour like finally, like you need to do this, we need you know. Sometimes people gotta grow up the point where you aren't you, surely you would so hard trying to get cleaned up which may laugh
A previous they'll have saluting absolutely Knighton those. I wanted a hearty thousand my life because I didn't understand, I didn't understand from like her mother Chow Point of view. Just like you know. Where is when, when do I get a chance to get that? You know, and I think that a lot to do it. You, however, and I think I had a lot to do- how I was women, children and me looking foot lighten the nurturing side of a woman from different situations in and you know just Megan crazy decisions as far as that goes to, but I'd love more that took some time off through the you myself right, spiritually, grandam myself. You know, and you know now I understand I'm able to look back at those situations and look back on my situation. Mom understand and get to the root of my issues and light hearted affected me and you know make the best. This is a move for I've been talking
some somebody to meet those soccer after the Java lose a girl, because the girl by my good Morrow lead you run on Burma. It was I love it. I won't girls, I mean it, but not adding losing their Brad. I've had a goat Sammy like you're. Like you, you know. I think that you, you miss their side and like ass, not so much just a national side. It is more like you know, the nine trust and, like you know, Matt wanting to commit areaway you nonsense, because when I did trust and commit to you no love and entrust them on my certain things have there are nevertheless admin on. I don't like him, I will do you. No sense shows that when it comes to what I think in the back of my mind, I was like you know. I just would never give more universal
I tell you one thing when I do have a right to day. I do get a right that would go hungry too. Happy is going where they said. You talk about this in a new music as now how? How high was that you to actually write those eyes? It was a heart and he knows crazy to subconsciously. I think I didn't realize until at that listens inside, go I'm right and light. Could I got the saga musty and install I'm talking to the growing Tellingham China protected from a certain type of do really talk about myself and I didn't realize that until after listen to disarm, like yellow light is subconsciously up talking about myself, you know, and you know you got a lot of girls- heartbreak, communal Europe. We hope you worthy. I mean I think of a hammer. Fisher just is just in directly.
You know not directly, I'm never really been given which you on which you, like. You know that for the average, your vice like that help, you get things off. You just have slowly do terrible you. I would actually I'm never done this before this matter, but I think also have an organization with my kid in southern occurs. The matter be too, you know what I'm talking accused us from bottom line. They tell me- and I had this Yankee and one of my group's he's, like twelve years of age, to care both his youngest citizens. You know he will come to school late, ten, a m that eleven a M, because he had to make sure straight and he strong like Longmire, Yellow yo like, and I went do that too and I was like rise age. Remember my brother, you know,
at one time I'll come home and he would be like on the floor cry. You know cuz, nobody was home, know taking care of and I'll make sure you straight, like you know crazy stuff, like that. So kids have been my therapy when it comes to that. But now it's like, I get it in growing up and maturing you, you start to understand and when you can look at the things you've been through and don't not like dwelling that moment, don't do you know not holding those things making yourself feel guilty. You have to let all that go so that you can move forward. Anything you know you look at. Why haven't gives us a definite which we want to take the guardian of you see this the thing Johnny what you do that you like best like her. You cannot come about
How come you know of their life before me is its it? Some is about find somebody who will you know who knows themselves who who secure you know me being ready to like you know and trust in that person. Spain right on the right page. That person like is I've, never met any by well like YO. I see myself haven't out this. Will this? U you me inspired me to want to have a you. Get out you'd prefer, would you will do the job now you I'm excited because I feel like I know. I'm might be a good father, he wasn't working on a book right like it's, it's his crazy because, as I as I can see where I just there's so many different directions from the health health aspect from the spiritual ass back from that, you know the mental, the music aspect, so I'm just
look it up. You know what I can do, but I wanted to get this river media group thing up a move in and take this year to really brand myself. You know as an artist because I feel like I I I did with the label, but now like another level is like you know. I got you know, design and onward unwittingly designer and illegal core right now, she's design, a novel, those who promote or everything she superdome and just like everything, just make a sham affairs nowhere outside it just means, and I think that dust like really important you haven't been active on such immediately now. Did you consciously say in a step back and a just now, like Omby Amby, a more active now, because I feel like I've got Martine right. I feel like I've got my situation right so now is like a radical full fledged. So I feel like What would I do from now on is what caused the most industry who do you speak to an initiative? Does anybody like meal used to write for you and I'm ain't? You may speak too
Fraid of somebody that you consider a friend that you could come to for advice or that you call your home your that you were able a mailing honest out these common They are found, Mario YO out when you They would you when you down. You know that nobody calls you fall covering I'm just saying that everybody ain't fake. You know I'm saying, but at the same time I'm super like I like organic things. You know and it's like you know, I know people I can call up anyway. You know, but it's like wisdom. Friends like what you know you never abundantly day. We shall we had a baby. It felt like it s like nothing.
Friends like easy is beginning to support a crazy question. They have music that you may not necessarily consider them somebody that you're gonna confide in New York. I must pretty much what it is like you note in passing, in the light of the gravest, big music wise, but I'll have too many light friend. Friends with this is that the government is losing really know how to protect and when you have no more record's nearby garland, also Mario wounds, things You look cool like nobody. I called as AIDS, meaning that you like seven status and Don Quixote she's, don't malleson like seven. This go. She go peeped out. I get it to go pizza, We appreciate your daddy wrote with her before I'm sure at we. We never really wrote together yet, but you know and against, like you know, really gonna Lotos shut up. You see somebody sir, I know, but she wrote of a freak Almaty
I made the amusing leg in conversation to its ethical, but ah yet it would definitely. I worked together so hopefully yeah other people, S. You want to put it out there right now to say that these are the people. I I want to work with. Not it's amazing thing you put it in. Miss Eyre, like I just wanna work or people who you know.
I wonder where we tie. You know like eyes why those items like if you know if there was any crew or any by that in times like musically, culturally, that I will be what monetizing Marcel to back. Then when I was like you know whatever it would be like. You know, good music, that Phyllite just in time that every artist strongly or like you, knobs talent, wise in Lausanne, and I just feel like you- represent music and pushing and pushing limits and on the type of thing so yeah yeah yeah. I share it like his me or even over, like didn't Samson vocalists in and they are young and fresh, I think he's still worse. Katy per
Ah, located presidencies don't best Breton again worth B B, I say ah summit in New York has no racial limit Charlemagne favor. Let me know the reason why my boy, and also many like young new, reducing sides. Mommy Parker, my delight for jobs is always better rivers, media group two year we are, we talking rhinoceros, will seize up here. You know Suva Tenancy, do who us there's some light, the pedestrian
If you have any idea Soulier for project while we're gonna be releasing the absence of a river media group and you'll be weeded, download music, some files or madly had now it's always workin out right now and I'm law releasing was for this project will not hold out a wait until after this project. To do that, and you know I'm being a city, may you will so? Oh yes, my Lord Sir and now we want a video and legally be so. You know about it, and I owe this this Friday Mammy. She I can do to make loud part long. Are we going Building s help enhance our unequivocal. Have. Is a guy harbour high part as well? so how long island we won't be in a good man? That's gonna! Do you? No, sir? I, oh yes! Oh yes, my last letter is Mary. Always who's got the money.
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