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Marlon Wayans and Dr. Sandy Interview


5/26- Today on the show comedian Marlon Wayans stopped by and spoke about his new show and Dr. Natasha Sandy stopped by to educate "The Breakfast Club" on healthy skin. Also, we did a flash back to when Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to Jason Whitlock.

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Even so it s a most dangerous morning is usually day and everybody says, and I ve been in a given the rumour rubbing the wrong way. Different ravaged by
morning you Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Celimene, Mary Ivan, so my spent up here on a Friday. Yet we figure we really do. We really think we're here. We cannot now today's episode of the brethren qualities Friday will more or we can for the weekend for Yes M bag Yes, I'm all away as a b. It is more than you gotta move you coming out on Netflix called next on August eleven, and it is time we shall mall and start August. Sixteen on envy the annual b, I Caroline LAW, we can look at it and raising their right. There. Very busy individuals will talk to him this morning, a somewhat who the data my heart, my dermatologist anti faith into my face. My dermatologists doctrine, Our society will be hit. A woman will blazed me right. You know
you know you guys are ready to lay out its memorial day. We gain your I'm big case in your place. Is a warm and places. That warm yet, but we to give you some and how you can be sure that you say you may is actually nationals gave cancer which is more in today, is actually national, Friday's will move. We don't fry youth games with doc. Natasha sand you'll be here to give us all those tips on those things like that. Ok, we got, you did all future coming up next hundred forty five one o five one, if you got any Do you to get off each chest? If you feel blessed your stress, this calls, you wasn't your top, If the world will dangerous Monaco to breakfast club, we have every two hours more dangerous Minnesota Breakfast Club, Charlemagne God annually. Dj envious on vacation health We are already at if we right here right now, you're willing to pay required this part oh man. I we figure because we come all the way and coming up next thou- and you haven't heard this before you have not heard before a mile away. It will be a compromise all weekend. Caroline comedy Club in Europe will be talking to him.
And arm. I want them to Charlotte man who, day by Mr Duff and shot Oculina onscreen one of three point: three I will be in Concord North Carolina all made thirty four at the books, a million and a car call mills mall at six p m. You know, any copies of my book. Black privilege. Opportunity comes to those who create it. So people from Charlotte hitting me up crazy when you coming to Charlotte, I will be in Charlotte on May 31st. That's next week, Wednesday, at the book to Me You can call me old, mall ethic, p M, so pull up when you boy, I write me what you doin is weakened, as we can I'm going to faint my end, so I will be there did that's reduce AMD as we his family. My now accept he stayed way longer than I state. I actually am heading out there to day. So I'm excited about that luggage with envy family pact. Matching outfits feel that they have an exact amount of what they need, It seems that they don't bring anything exit does affect our writer,
now be by the Meda ya check me added uses for life to cause I'll, be there this week anything I'll, come back from, say my ears, I know it's a little bit of a balance. We have to do the Gumby Drinking Bbq in Eaton's, so make sure you come and get you we crash out of your juice as well all right and we got get it off your chest coming up. Next, I don't care if you're blessed, I don't care if you scratch. If you just want somebody to talk to myself got annually ye we are here, for you call to call as one hundred forty five one five one one will do It is what sort of rapid club
the breakfast club. Is it your time to get it off each ass? A man from you on the breakfast law, allows this group Christina by terrible last Chris. I'm not I'm not, but nobody, then about their mother left, left the model to people in the world, but I'm a little or no just got populism. Faded regulation do I used to be in the grove. Phelan proves that when I grew up and got out, I got a fail me to provide for, and I got a good job of one of my plan. He was therefore an airline in cracking level that we can use the woman put in fatter, felt betrayal of portability gotta extra charge. So then you probably don't read through life a Brandon,
Well, let me days. I'm deserve, as are all those stories in days no abbe ending when it comes to narrow the Ngos are usually only right right. There arrived hello. There has guided the shovel Charlemagne Visa, remind me of my uncle outlawing late at night. I'm almost all they got me why you ma. Am I right? I'm mad perform our our collapse. I work in. You know indeed tat nothing good job, I'm always scrapped I want. My boyfriend's premium is grab them. Never like you know who I found there like a flash it could you not. I mean I am. I do my here like that, but that the body yacht lost, or we shall at a more given him or Linux every other day brutally now come from wild clinics Avenue in Brooklyn on our work in Harlem, and you know he thought the model t know now had was glad, but he saw another girl. He like Yahoo, unequal, Poland, the czech citizens.
Don't say when you told people many. Let me ask you something: and the enemy alike come nobody. You know, I'm not we have no more. Europe is if he gave another girl right in front of you in front of me, now worried about me what a punch them in a panic button. No me, like I gotTa Korea, you wanna be a bird. I am all for you and I'm not. Coming back and I of singing, I know goddamn job now build is probably odd. That is why an end- and you know- income families, Atkins Language, chick thou here that the rule of law- and they look at. Go go on bill. He's it that's what I thought while right into bigoted priorities. Annoyed. Ok me! If you want to think TAT, the more people are paying up over you dad I a mighty chances. Are you mad? Eight hundred five thousand one hundred and five one of your black olives up right now, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one at the Baptist of the morning.
The breakfast is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black, but we want to hear from you wanna breakfast there's gonna be bookkeeping. You gave was celebrating macro. Knowledge on a blood was tell me why you blast abroad, The refinance went through so it's a gun, mud You gotta lowered right were you not me, so I looked out because it's later will highlight. Now they keep going to look forward. Pretty low Gurgurk arrival enjoy we're going to die for as loafers I mean. I'm still, four point three: by not badly therefore, I grant me I'll be good for you. Fire gonna have bought money every day. Arrived
good luck and that's the way to do it. Did I managed to solve of the hour. I right tat allow this Colombia, Colombia time. I manage your name Colombia. Are you calling on Colombia and my name is Calabria? They comic Alcott about why you re Mama. Man? I love you ve lived out here by a dull style. He did they care. We will lose together in a very good idea. Gunnar and Odin again working day by day guy baby boy, you need to understand the anger you. How would you know we're? Gonna drop your lover, so crack cocaine.
Ok, I want you to know that you do when you day drug dealer, that's what happened again in November and get a dive and everything. I am worried that myself and a fan gimme bad about. I want to say something I didn't do anything. You don't do propaganda everybody. How do you get my life back together, our under our going to know why the imo behind and other you need a conspiracy to another. You need to be job. Murmured, we'll get a job of work and working. We working hours have been embarrassing loaded, How is the cloud allow we're going to wear out right? I will give you who used to be on the right track: boot. Ok, no god you trying to get another drug deal. Yet I will teach me we're both appointing everybody.
It is me Angela used them into guided here. Do they Amazon vacation? You know, mapping out this was with the family. Oh, my god. I feel every really. By the way he I know you from queens what every country buried in any event in the suburbs of New Jersey for a long time all got out the Virginia that have been university living donor. I re, anyway, we either back club now coming up at seven m. We do a mile away and come and do we gotta, lotta big things happening in performing a girl? I the New York, all we given. You know it others when you buck, media meat is always always originally the gravy area as it is, They have a lot of gray views on life here.
So we'll talk them all away as next thou. If the World Moldavia Minnesota Breadfruit Club, the abattoir, Moldavia, modest order breadth of clubs, Charlemagne got actually did envies all vacation. I wonder how they either there. He got real black complexion taping. How little will you go? What a good agreement here they might say mind all you got to be on their minds. End the united people go to the p r D. Are you going to be all when you got of when you think?
What are the only man is even has helped me a minute, I've kid Biederman again that I didn't go back. It was, you point, may not amended, don't call for rigorous dominican, bigger real up. What are you gonna be met, his black little make their complexion or non robbed a many things, the men again not import weaken and they used to call on chocolate. They neglect those phase the mitigating wade. Why do you need more jobs, with no sign as wage rules that data may be cut by a member? May Saudi mingles? The minimal only condemn any can resolve a comedian. We will we react with Russia, but we ve got. You said the people to stay away from file joke was changed into community I never they diminishing naw, you UK everybody. May I believe you be equal opportunity, offender and you,
say whatever you want and do whatever you want? It's how you say it of you do a job that makes it a good show if you can make the people are talking about laughed aloud, ass God Then he got a good job of you. Make a joke about your agenda than they laugh did a funny joke about. There that they dress come up and you can see they meet. Are you coming just Marlon all and on embassy finally got a normal w b c w, so I got it. Without a word. I went on a network, they got three letters. An acronym fell out of China, be somebody so Marlon. Yes, that's not the trailer, for it is based. Your relationship with your at removing Maria much only allowing collar accessible hollow baby. That's it. You know for the rest of my life. We know we don't know what it is, just as it is in his love, so you know that you're better than that,
sometimes machine, Madame in the use of gravity, the whole theory of which over John always overdone. Now you know I mean that's unpent right. There was once a man s always MA. Am you might think that strong lay only less having two hours after that, as well this is an eight years care fight for life, even though it may be that the industry they got a good three days, scrap and wrap, but I'll, probably why you know my vagina. Within a somebody may is how you get along with somebody outside the vagina that really count me. Oh, a nobody hems, never Oh no body could own older women angle look at some savvy balls NGO Ye? I want that. They know good. All guys look at the mood, the giant job Lego, that that looks out what that right,
Look at somebody's bogged down over all balls. Look like Google, William and then tell me. Are you gonna be happens that when you get our allies and plan for you to wear under, I googled all vagina and a love women, a dead things, a beautiful piece, but it look like I will join straw, allows like good we'll be friendly old venuses, look like gratitude with one of our home, and I think I may have more than like that, like they are better than they very apparently is not the only right. So why you just gotta, stop I wasn't even Dinah looks like Malta. Would you will bring new to this to come work? This is. This is a new bit of old man. What would this com? Because for me, I just want to bring truth and is a different.
A family sit com is one that you haven't seen before me. We all seen you know you all they want to erase the vaguely ever existed in trying to get this name at the dictionary, but you did a great job. Is caused by the rogue area on and what was true for about his life. My life experience is true. Full and it resonates for this audience is a different kind of G family, with a different kind of tv dad. I give my kids different advice that the normal advise our real life I guess they Madonna's, ah monsieur gettin, Bully now like Hell, am I sometimes use got choke a bitch out You know, and I went on- explain to her what you gonna do to protect yourself and that's what the episode mean Oaks. From his boss, more real life, the oh Marilla situations and a real life situation in terms of breaking up with somebody, but making
that at the end of the day, your family is your everything. So, just because you're your families, cannot but doesn't mean that your family's done issues a new chapter in your love and evolution of love, and so, at my show, in the days of a love story of family show, but I'm ridiculous of physical is like Cosby. If somebody made Martin the Father, While these ridiculous is edgy is you full is is really Reno, as is he'll show based on a real life, and it is different because it got my flavors What I like about is I've been known to go off out about off the event Frida free it three minutes. We now losing it I'll get my Isley boss of Animal, and you know I don't give a because So now you are you. Are you clean about Yasmine within you, gonna give up
our business law about awaited, say and not curse knows. I'm disapproval like that so beat on. Everything I can do that so now boundaries and went on. They haven't boundaries. Is I have to operate within those things, but still yet be myself which allow me too have a really Poland to twenty two minutes of content there were many a heart I get to act like like to have that sentiment goes. I went from performing arts high school and the things that people. For me, I get a romance because as much Mom and you know you still love each other, so you have that relationship, and so for me these these, these price I got my show Marlon and my movie on Netflix Naked is my evolution.
I'm finding its wanting to be funny was nothing to be good and to be good to have good stories into be good. You have their good grounded characters and a good story that propels you entered a ridiculous. So those are the things that I'm learning step away from parity and I asked those of what I'm saying and how I'm saying it on stage? I'm still ridiculous. I still don't know you do go, know that, but you do leave go on men. I like what he had to say. I re we had some other mile away and coming up next, man. I like what he had to say. I re we had some of a mile away and coming up next on the breakfast club, No more american Charlemagne got you leave. Here. Did you ever on vacation? We oughta world more dangerous, Minnesota, breadth, club mile away than building now ye they are you living in the house with your clever? You live next door.
No, I live because it looks like you realize their no over an open door, but our goal whenever choose written, we are that theses dating on. I thought a trailer than a trail as you do. You may know your life, how we don't you know our nominal, going to act in real life a bit profoundly? Maybe while gave like you know. We love known, acknowledge. Coming from a young one way to come up with its efforts to bear, we come in Any remnants of me checking for Peublo curly p. Not one that Europe will not go into my mouth, my family and that they live in a dope S house in the valley. I live in Hollywood hills and I take good care of early. My family live mud like it. We movie theater, better you and you dating on the shoulder to shoulder like what, if right, that happened, how I'm going to happen at some point. You think in real life
Ah, you do have a movie leaders who thought that somebody really really like, as agreed in Rome, at the way we go a little red thing. I ever got what you know I'm blessed in my life they have found a thing, a person of that caliber, she's, wonderful, wonderful, human being late, which occurs in me up. Get it probably most likely definitely deserved em, but the kids that she's real raised. What she's done with my Burma in her eggs is amazing down legal case. Muslins. Pitying ain't never seen a jail so happy about their. My daughter, she's gets all aid she so smart. The asian, kids, chewed off her and her baby
seventeen, but you gotta help me she's total babies, you gonna Hardub, like a three old and she just love. I mean she gives me word hugs, but that's! Ok, ok! Dad got good. I like that, but you know she's a great kid minute. As for that's all you, the show is an ode to my family. Might my kids? They go dead, you're wild. So what you mean you don't think you, while message show me while they went on my as the way- and I would like here are my baby. While they got you out to have been a homo. They way in stab. Come omber egotism, proud. I don't think my son is, I think, must sign he's actually, but he's only a ballplayer so that he may have thought my daughter. She has while being about alone, when we have drinks, she's always So what is that my bridge? Why you ask
when you would not have been able to modal, did no more than a Mamma, they call it doesn't get out from under trip. I love a low when you, Google people a headline pop up with no contacts so good. This morning I thought a headline Mauler ways as Ex W W East. I scared of Blake Big Black teen above then his eyes. He said they sit at the table. We day why guy girl go, there's no Gaza humans, and now you have to try. You got to try summit is like men. Don't have begged him to this one. Do call round. You could get me so that I can call you and how can we put his way? You know you got a big joy when this some pictures I got the I wish Lee
with popular deal. Much like a hooker like No I mean I go up early in all its guises are held, the bronze penis Marlon waned. I own abroad, good. Now that you know that they can obviously be less well a broad shoulders Jemmy on accidently, raised by the deer If you say the gray, bad will play about
he could do a lot of days, but I got a god damn near you, gotta meet other I'm just before his eyes in the ratio of how tall used to the ratio of girl go said so clearly going to some bath bob. I love that, unlike the basketball play, this seven feet tall, even if he had a nine in peace, is still go. Look little belly button on another now puts up amendments surveillance on logic, and she said it. Unlike what do you call it? A long Lebanon So you know when you go too far, and I just want to revise it now. I have no doubt a that is. Is can do for the mere good comical ned I come and go to. Firstly to the limit, or even as a comedian, you have to go places that people are comfortable going themselves. They may
get, but his committee and we gotta take affairs flashlight and we're going to dot crevice allow mine of pop culture of the world of of the news, we gotta go in there and we gotta come out with this little thing called a joke and a smile about something tragic. So it myself I talk about every, thereby everything from trunk to terrorism too. You know to love to talk to you know too to gay rights I talk about. Everything am I set at Carolines. Where are they weaken law. Now, my dear as weaken memorial day, we can make sure you come out. Check me out is the show is getting is getting good masking. I feel, like I didn't, feel special till this young feeling special. So I haven't done one yet because I'm not nor Russia to do to do a special just do a special I'm in a rush remained stages every night to get as good as I can get. I didn't have to do stand up at the age of thirty eight I chose to do stand about age, thirty, eight, because
I wanna be great I'll. Let you know Michael Jordan learning to learn. Is she report as any ladder of his career. It's you know get your in every year. He learned something. This is something I had to do to become Marlon. I was always at the first twenty years, spent developing in a way in camp, and now these next, these last five has been Marlon. And so that's what my show mall in my movies, I'm doing ending who I am finding my voice and stand up is really helped me crystallize, I am so my best years ahead of me how much politics feet in the EU. And how do you feel like you want to keep it light? we will want to escape when it goes. You see you I go there either. I took a nice twenty men. Twenty five minute younger talk about policy nor
It is because this right now as such a heavy topic, you gotta go in there and you gotta talk about all the different perspective. I thought literally that's over everything at about everything, from a path to you not to do two Caitlin not talk. I all it would introduce about your answers You go into the dark premise. Why Woodward's was there? Oh just watch them, Every time he opened his mouth, he got a job. I think God did this, because We, like you know at the comedians. Here's a gift to Carmody. I'm gonna give you that this joke. As a committee I mean as the President in office, it is either it is up to the dog. I mean look at them, like Stephen obeys, the number one night I gave you working toward the strengthened like this is straight his politics like trumpet the is agriculture I can literally by wanted. I could do thirty.
It's either do our on him alone, but you know I don't I don't. I don't want to make. It from bashing cell? So I do a nice five minutes. I gave em equal arbitrary offend, five minutes Papa, but I'm out next next topic, but Bob Bob Bob Bob was like a boxer everywhere. Are you coming? You do something different path. My thing is every five minutes. When a laugh so hard that I earned the right to go, get a civil war. Ok, we got more them all away. Is coming up next, Michael, shame that instead of lower Lanka Rock on my Google, who, why are you out of there? I think all of them inspiring alma appears. I finally recognises no, I'm just being honest man. I think this, because when you swim when you are a a fan of comedy and you have a respect for everybody style instead of breakin somebody down, I look at what they do great and I go while how it? How can I
Why the mechanics of that too? What I'm doing I don't wanna be that person, but I look like I gotTa Chapelle Show, and I want you showed his men at twenty five thousand tell him to joke. I felt no pressure, twenty five thousand people and he's just chill he could make twenty five thousand people feel like he's talking to seven, and that is a magical for me, because when I get in front of twenty five he's talking to seven, and that is a magical for me, because when I get in front of twenty five thousand people, I literally can combust onstage from the energy. Are. We already I am like I'm, although am I a crack baby, I'm like a loose, whom I see them all over the place, he's just
Hulu com, and I love that about him that you could just sit in the pocket and and and give you a great conversation, and I respect that about whom I respect that rock you know prerogatives brain is the liberal bring it in the end, as I could talk about both those guys for days, you know, everybody got a rock is like a great preacher round him than any man he's a great preacher. A wonderful writer that things that He says in the week necks and we as mine, things than you know, is the brings you this in an hit you that way. You don't mind saying it and he says it again, and he says it again ever get mad of say to get any, don't get you don't guilt, and I love that about rock and ease of taxation, or even a good Sally Sidney. Go I like what is he's going, but meet me sit here and work on this more before I go out with it. He likes to play.
His thing all the way and not just give you they will paint and funnier and in print some beautiful NGO thought out, but the four different some about care of calves, a beast A lot is a beast and you watch him was dated. Lovable, you know is a master says: you know the dude, you do you on that did not know hate painters, Wilson then go. What are they doing wrong people that love really. What great for themselves go what are they doing? Right? Go, I'm apple. Unwholesome people, I'm just going, I'm inspired to be as grey It is really a blood run if I've known on a Hollywood seem like says who I think it's totally we gotta show it is a real one would have thought empire. I didn't like black that insecurity that Lana Car Microsoft that's got it
so many networks reno what I'm glad that this more networks, I'm glad to see, I think you know Hispanics need knew, no more we're supposed Asians need more think black need more. I think everybody need look. We have little people on television. You know everybody deserve to have their point of view of their showed their life, because there's an audience for that. Show motorways being a little people at low one. An armed look did alone person that look like jailer little people. I was wise in that the other day and I would call me crazy. I was you Pretty there was your me. I was sitting near modest. Our citizens have been part of my your real doesn't. The thing about you do you do it mingled put a month.
We got notably disarm Molly, you have about I must add anything being pieces written about you cause you not a bit about anyway. They got to do it. I guess I do it just as they do. You know what I've been saying. No Bob Bob about the word is not about. The word is about the connotations of the word. My kids went to school. They was in cold blood, suddenly boy, one who was column, muffins movement What, We will look at all likely. It's called the single market. Look level open like while we do nothing
doing all over them. You feel like it with blueberry at all the little more going on it's not about. So there is not a bad word as about connotation, not the denunciation of the word. It's about how you use the word. I could see terms of endearment. I have five sisters, we joke all its they. They call me call him there. And that's just what we love each other like certain in certain neighborhoods in my neighborhood. Certainly Why was that month, godly Medea, you? We grew up together and I know of somebody from that block with say some. You can be the first person whereby MA's I wouldn't do that. So all about the constitution in bed. With a white woman like less roadway, I'm gonna be ok. That's death! Look when you in your money, sometimes that could be found you know, must get the chains out and play played in place play roads
The only other thing you don't you don't tell no body for them to find out about the magazine. Applaud movie at the final vote. No You know I saw the trailer and the new look like pop right. Seems novel up his eyes to pack ice. Called pots of luck is because here these this gangster, aha go, but he at these things it was beautiful eyes. You look in his eyes users of these by yourself, you just imagine whimsically feeling, like oh, my god. I've never did Adam Long Island in part. Had these really solve, like I'd, call problem the problem, because his hands was so softly. Are you employed? Somebody with these technologies are found out for my gloves on before we fight Kyoto module Churchill these but TAT. I thought the bottom with love.
As you know, does MIKE my boy. I met him when he was and use, would almost in all my halves is my best brim. With formats high school I was and how a university they would do induce. I came up to the set of Jews, my boy Mitch. Who's. A writer now in Hollywood induced comedy produces with me or my show. He was induce as well. He was the gotta get you that produce now, man almost all other rights. We would avoid more when we talk about your hand, because they make a jeweled man who got the Jews. Now. That is what you talk about. One might wait. I've wanted about corneas line now when you back didn't want. How are you
they killed him I'll? Let you know it's not like you may cause. You know you. It was a good three, a pocket after you did it the girls who given himself because no one one law they were asking recited wise Amazon say it. You got to you now, We make our lives, we get why'd, you tv show when it comes out of movie when they come out, they all knowing all get sixteenth. Ninety, nine thirty really funny shelves family should watch with kids, believing that a guy in a little time, taste the naughty but is really funny am naked. You can watch which occur, and great Netflix. Until it's a great romantic comedy me, Regina Hall, and my show me in essence, I'm Tellin ya. We bring in some some special to two to the tv and our magazine as it is that will show you will laugh out loud the entire time, except for one minute of smart the more the wage replica
the breakfast club? tell me. You got you and you leave here these interviews on vacation would world Moldavia Minnesota Breath, club and coming next hour we have delegated they not every one of those moments when, where fake, here because you know you just heard of talking them all away. If you can be a car like all weekend party, really, that's like a fact. Yes is a four day week in I'm enjoying vague case on thy doing dogma of the day this morning? So what I want to do is I'm gonna. Give you a best of donkey of the day, so I decided, HEAT, Jason, Whitlocke fat Ass, a guy. Why not replace cause I'm not commenting to anything he says anymore. I saw him, do a rebuttal video where he said something like we should come. Together, what about
community. Let me tell you something about me man. I keep that same energy at all times. If I don't f with you on F with you, the black community will be just fine without me, and your fat ass coming together, okay on that basis, I wanted to be healthy, alright, but since I will He replied to him anymore, we'll just replaited dog you today that I gave him laugh. Radio it will play that aid or four plus we got my dermatologists doktor theory you coming up next hours. Well, is the world Moldavia is modest abruptly I was born and I don T care a hey guys. Do you know your dog? Is it's right here on the breakfast club? Ok,
donkey today. This is the best of it. When I had he Jason Whitlock up last week, could you be a white man, watchdog enjoy gas. Nauseated Dave goes to sports journalist Jason. We, if you don't know Jason we're lucky, is the cause of a daily boy. Tv show that I never heard of until yesterday caused people yourself on Fox boards, one now fast, as one has been in the news this week, because Carling Coward at Laval, on his showed, is Laval got into an exchange with Kristen? Lay he also of phosphates. One play a real quick there. Fresh everyone's memory. Have you sold me solar, a good amount to me how many state in your name only way. Look I'll, tell you, I'm not only world bottle, but since I was a disregard for white man, I'm my problem is: you are a hate, her never disrespect women, but I tell you: what did you act like that sums coming two minutes: ok, do you you think? Are you? What are you threatening me? Ok, christian lay donkey. Aided data is weak for those common.
Because that is textbook. Let me of anathema whiteness demonized, the black man, anybody who can see to it that they want to see it and, I said, Nora Donkey. You played the race card by accident. I don't, even though she weapon either whiteness on purpose, would that's what she did and I stand by my statement. Same kind of energy that got Emmett till killed. You got these idiots who want to stay. How can you compare Lavar Ball to Emmett till I'm? Not comparing Lavar Ball to Emmett till weapon of whiteness demonized, the black man is what got em. It'll kill death the same Gee Christine Lady gave out in the middle of that exchange. Yes, that man says you're gonna get was come, so you Christine lay he'd. Have him simply, then com is gonna. Come your way. Based off the comments you made about him and how he raises kids, but Christine your logic, if you think that's a threat, then Jason Way, blog definitely threaten me yesterday on car,
cow would showed. How can we played a Charlemagne? God has come at Chris theme in a totally unprofessional, dangerous, irresponsible way, some of this spot interracial way that I think, is difficult for white people too. Handle. This is my area of expertise. I'm gonna go at Charlemagne God and all these idiots Frank, was club, is the most powerful popular urban radio show in America in New York, Ella based lawyers and other national show serious ex. He needs to be dealt with and he's gonna get deal with, There is acceptable. I hardly me I'm gonna, be If I need to be dealt with that of the threat, Jason Whitlocke, if you think, would Laval both your precious Christine lady- is better than you. When you going to deal with me is absolutely a threat. Jason Whitlock said that I am spending this interracial way. That is hard for white people to handle. You know I'd Harvey wife, you would have had those because of good black skin. Like you, Jason Whitlock get around Ok, you can call presenting and no doubt a true how we go make
progress in the country we communicate. Tell him the truth same way. Christian lay, he can say what makes our uncomfortable and point out the blackmail. What makes me uncomfortable and Christian lay he demonizing Laval, ball and weapon either her whiteness by thing this man was threatening her when he clearly was. It makes me uncomfortable Yes, are you the example of them until because it s the same kind of energy, they got him, kill news like that, wouldn't be orb web. You gonna handle Jason Whitlocke. If negroes imposition like you to tell them the truth, told the truth, but you too busy attack and blackmail. A demon us that you know theme to stay in that Malcolm X. Once that, have you not careful the nose it was what have you hate and people who are being oppressed and loving people, You are doing in the press in what has twenty seventeen Markham was alive. He wouldn't say newspaper, he would say media and you would be talking directly the negroes like you, because, when Jason well, I got on his shells beak resolve yesterday along we Eric Davis Christmas. Odd and advancement distress, Kristen Lady, he said this solemn
the God did a commentary. Labeling you, the jockey of the day, this kind of sit me over the top because he whipped s as the eyes this to what happened with immaterial four Charlemagne, the guy to use his platform, the most powerful urban. Here pop station in Amerika. What a huge following to throw that He on you, when your intentions, more malicious at all, your interaction. Whim of our ball wasn't disrespectful at all for him a kind of heat on you and your family. This is ridiculous and play into a racial politics than has got out of hand A social media Charlemagne grow up, we may and social media people over twitter please and think we're being racially divided for no reason for the attainment of people over Twitter and an instagram. This needs to stop. S was never
supposed to be a war and its turned into it. It was never says that we want to see me in the bar between me. And for women the, and now it's turned into that. It's it's! Not a war on raised that original racial discussion, it's not a feminist discussion, it was about respect, and Charlemagne, the God, I would love to go on yours, now I ve actually been a fan of the breakfast club and if we Have a healthy conversation about this makes them good come out of it. Let's do it, but some respect my homework. Jason Wedlock has the nerve. The unmitigated got to say what I say with irresponsible, inappropriate, dangerous out about even added it is stated, I don't have to demonize someone would not. Once did you check Christine lay he for demonizing Laval by not once did you tell the late hour. Demonization of Laval Ball dangerous, Yankees, dreaming! lack of respect for Christine way he went on. I shoulda heard she positioned in the bag. It above you, If you were to look or not and talk to her? How? What yes the beggar ahead of you, respect, there's so much position
Well, he's a real part of the show and get don't have to break the neck. To talk to her, hey Christine laughing, I have to say to you: is the way to have you positioned in their room? Is I feel you should be positions in life? Ok behind the guy's way off to decide, but at that but right now by Jason Woodlot facing Whitlock have the nerve to talk about someone being inappropriate, irresponsible, Andrews out of bounds. Jason whitlocke. Have you met yourself? I remember nautical you wrote about during a Williams calling her and under which she was Serene Williams, the greatest tentatively about time, TAT five athletes about I'm regardless agenda. You said she was an under a cheerful. What are your lives from that article was seriously how else can serene fill out her size? Sixteen short, without grazing, at her stall, between matches Jason Whitlocke? that's arena, Williams has chosen to smother her athletic gives into an unsightly layer of thick muscular blubber by product of her unwillingness to commit to a training regiment in diet. All it is coming from a man who wattles when he walks a man who looks like here
concentrate with every breath. He takes had the nerve to body, shame Serena Williams, but that's what you do Jason. What luck you love there now black excellent. You always grabbed demonized black people in the media, for absolutely no reason, let's run through a few at him. Shall we, I just told you about Serena well chosen Whitlocke, also had something negative to say about Lebron James equality. Commercial has begun but a man who did a commercial, encouraging equality must know what he said about Leubronn Point Bow. People are getting privilege and well the more the Pa racism deviates. There is growing up If you want Now you. Why he's? No? Clinton. My
until now is crazy, but IRAN is like Donald try and address greenhouse whale abroad is about building bridges, bringing people together, Donald Trump, build walls and want to keep people divided howdy remotely the same Jason Whitlocke. Also to think calling cabinet is authentic, let's hear it perhaps an authority still be questioned hundred percent and I think it's fair game. This kid was about instagram models. Tattoos is and building up the column cabinet bran. Until the very moment he loses starting quarterback job and now he's out here and he's monolith. Cornwall, I don't buy I don't care all he's, raising awareness for this or that are better.
It is because it makes it seem, like the issued, our colleague happening with protests and is an important if you make a widely we work would feel like Ireland cabinets protests unimportant and by default you make your colleague cabinet is actually protesting, which is the unarmed killing of people, especially people of color, but a police seem not important, but Jason Whitlock isn't. What you do is just stick is that you get attention attack and even I folks that a black and prominent in our community, I refuse to believe you would come, came before women of color the way you came for Christine lay. He say you keep telling me not to make this a race thing, but the same way Christine lay. He used a textbook example of weapon Ivan whiteness and demonizing blackness. You are textbook example of which was the house leaf. You Austin and in the jungle? You are doing what you have to do to keep your white counterpart happy, because you think and give you some sort of job security. I mean look as documented that no black people Eddie Effie unwanted the work which you so you went over the phone, was one do white man washed up. You can download it
agenda, you would have at least attempted to school. Christine lay he on wire rhetoric with dangerous, not just to Laval Ball, but historically, why that type of any? had been dangerous to black men in this country for ever now, Jason we're like. I know you threaten me and said. I was gonna, be dealt with, but I need you to have the same enthusiasm when it comes to do which obesity, okay, you need to lose weight. My brother, I hate your first last and best love will always be self love and that's why you don't love anyone. Look Jason Whitlock is a house place, but you don't love the white man. Only doesn't it on black people, so we know he doesn't love us. The truth is Jason. Whitlock doesn't love himself. If you love, so, if you would lose, weight are before our people and when you are built like Cleveland Brown, from family guy in real life. Now that a ten year hurt and you better not, you know sports one today and say our body shamed. You because damage you body shames arena and I'm not going back and forward you because I know you eat this kind of attention. Of I mean you everything.
Would you really love guiding on attention and I'm not given you anymore I'd tell you lose two hundred pounds. I refused to go back forward. A man would love himself. Ok, I would not take any critique from you serious until you take your license and lose weight. Jason would love. You can view When I'm telling you it's simple, you too fat for four door, using this is a moment of the white people. You work with that. A confused about not a christian ladys situation will evolve. All is so serious and is simply because some white women in Country have a history of weapon, adding their whiteness, the demon Eyed, the black man and if guidelines Jason Whitlocke, can convey that message than guys Charlemagne. God can. Please give fedora wearing house, Lave Jason Whitlock, the biggest he obsolete. Right allows Britain Loveday the breakfast club? Charlemagne. Gandia annually we oughta world more dangerous, mourners, shorter brethren clubbed I was Drake. Would fake love now you're very special?
the moon is a mighty near dear to my heart. The woman who had bless my skin back in two thousand and eight has rejoined us now want to act in it ass a thing I hurried, Why are we talking about? Today? Is a holiday week in love you be eaten barbecue in going to cook out and all that I'm gonna good stuff, but then they still trying to lose weight for the summer or would you recommend? Could you not just
can you do guides to why? I do then type where the inside of you are putting it inside effects I as I readily so what you want to do you want to eat, like you have the green leafy vegetables. We held this all the time, but when you put amongst others before me, have you have your merely wanna put cover complex carbohydrates, give with your meals were prepared to fight for our farmers, and you also want to do, but our green vegetables period, I accomplice, carbohydrates, so that helps again utilise maximize, gives you energy that hoop utilizing maximizes. Your proteins was combined with the with approach.
With your fish meal? If he'd do beef, do you read me they want to combine those theoretical Virginia apparently, now, the summer time people set to work a little bit more. So again, you at the whole point of the parties to get those amino acid. In addition to the fact, so people were a little bit more something that you can do like the EU, and I spoke about it. You can either take supplements in the powder form of the botched chain, amino acids the main assets that you'd get off to digest. You me, can you may supplement Melick pre work out what my? What have you not working argued have taken me. Take it be it whether some somebody workers have caffeine in it, which I wouldn't recommend everyone, but some of the band I spoke to you about. Do you can just take it can put in your water because a lot of us on ozone eating enough
to supplement what we need to realise that what you have done on my back? I know you think I could have been under it'll get if you say that world and on what to do, but so, for example, we spoke about, you can also just get ivy amino acids, the vitamins ingeniously. Ok, I value the pattern way, whether by or you can get, this oil can get a shot for. We spoke about that. The fact that it helps you to bring blood to your through the different organ your blood vessel dismantled, but has been positive organ. About that? In terms of the M evacuating that as a out about a of actual try, your would without doubt targeted by without asking her to women who feel ass. We can, when having erection brown not our horribly involve like I'm always going to be the best that patients have told me. Let me come and go only amino acids
Well, is it so you went to ask about you know by now he begged my skin. There would probably take them. You know what you said. What did you say I didn't know it makes me how you soon or not you give me this ass? Why and he said, listen back them. It was indeed I did. Ok, you know only brought shade amino acids, Colleen be Vitamin C, your vitamin be the complex or the vitamin and a lot of those in the in the tab. But I take the work up, but you said to me and other guys, like you, when I get those shots par, it is not in your head? Is this please illogical? Actually, there is in his head. Nobody no, I had all internet. Ok as though they please say he was having some problems can get erect. You could given their shy and then he would possibly one over the other forgot. What the parliament,
what did you have a problem? Not allowing the blood supply to the area does not see the problem with no weapon, the fifty law agreed to to combat racism or are we gonna be out his legs were not recommend a lot, a lot of big musical to towards the end of the day, and you do like the wake me up breakfast smoothly, do, you think, is ready to do so
in the morning movie, then legend in PIG out. I may put it thus if you're gonna, if you're gonna, really very. If not, you know, someone goes above human and eat like crazy and many a lot of food in a try to make us how it was possible for before that. For one thing you can do, is this movie in the morning again and for lunch, and you can do high protein in this movie or should be what you ve been ok, so you can try my wake me this way you can do our man, milk. I turned back into work. Wealthy people have problems over me. Boy can do cocoanut milk Abbe, fine idea. I reckon Enviro by and then every right away and then many bloated as well. You can do other milk, you can do the cable or or Spain.
You can view bananas if you, if you wish, and if you want to sleep, I like trivia, if you want it or you can just we met with the fruit itself, I am already three we can use by, but some people just have a really sweet it, but you can use the fruit to do that and then I actually have a protein powder tat. I add that I've had developed, but I add that is really love. It's it's not really high in way proteins is gonna. Look like
the protein in that some people have dragged him terms so that you're getting your daily cloak intake of proteins tat. You need you dont. When you read out later, when you don't get low imploding, you not really fattened up like that united on game too much weight, so you can do a light shakes or if you don't, you think you can do a lot salad for breakfast and lunch. You know American without delay that I mean oatmeal, as has been shown to be really effective for cholesterol, whether it maybe it's gonna, feel you, but it's not gonna massively, given all the measures that you need throughout the day, sir, if you just hanging out that might be ok but neutral way to function. You're not gonna, get all the news that we can do the meal, but you may want to combine it Let me be cardboard egg or scrambled eggs and a side of speeches on dilemma beyond keep it like. We are now we do not have that to sandy and the building, then how shall I mean it is to maintain his erection.
I am trying to maintain my wretched but leave request now: monogamy he's. Hair removal cuz something there people are doing now getting ready for the summer. I see I have been doing lazy him who set out to Romeo and Juliet web and going to get it. Do you A man lay the hare removal for anybody. Can I see you are these before and after results in it, you don't have here bombs any more, but after a while the years gone permanently, say you know how to make those waxing appoint one moment so actually is quite interesting. Men and women are doing the laser removal and actual the best really is to be. Is really lazy reduction? Ok, because what happens when we, what was happening women being laser. Hair reduction is your targeting the pigment on his, and yet you gonna destroy their follicles. What happens, though, is your destroying member not permanently, so the laissez faire reduction occurs for a time, but after a couple years, the his thoughts to combat so was the benefit.
That shave unless their hair grows back is thought to occur under the skin and groundwater. England has, or sometimes it's really shotgun, using a shot played a match. Shop. Hair careful here we'll go as is going back cut into the skin, and that will give you the bumps infection it gets its key and it looks thoughts increase a blank. I hope we saw earlier looks disgusting what the laser hair reduction does. It makes the head well back vilified so that, even if it did does aside to turn and go in its not course enough, a strong enough to watch her the skin and for some people were actually also makes it not going for a number of you, a lot of guys and goals of saving guy shave. You been working out a blemish expect, so I want to show their expect better a shaving, but then they get him above the coming in here, not only when an even on their hair, guys again in my life and in it.
Here again, I got a pseudo fully collective body. Already the Bob's yet well, you can tweak that allow attributable are usually laser, but that's the best. The ultimate Joyce light. So precisely novella, though you can be in Cambodia, it can be made. You do the math overtime, so another option would be to use clippers. Why, instead of using the blade, so it doesn't take the sharp sharpness and then you do it more frequently. Sometimes you can use Cooper them and use them aquatic clever, sonic brush! I had they live that when the clause on a bus oscillate back and forth. Unless anything, this image follicle come out this his trap. It makes those here come on So those who think that people can do for the summer right, even if you're, not delays him, will regard it shapes you have on your arms. We don't like the bump. You can use the clothes on it. Was there an autopsy the color was well was the biggest misconception was going here. I think a lot of people don't use washcloth manner
going and why ugly lobby with them and they might we wonder why people people with pride and those that are I read somewhere, those using words could benefit a claim was good, is not going to be yeah, don't you like you I'm alive, but but they don't you. They use their hand how you gonna exposure limits, greater exposure creating further As I said in my answer that were very happy fully in product in the market as well. Are you are you? Are you gonna be before, but this news of Lord have mercy like what makes you feel you. These are things you. Don't you the summer, stop using dont use opera because you're making, while so you make things worse, those things when do you want to cleanse play? I am you. What is excellent and what about a claim on his son screen? So the claim,
the claim on the great charcoal most great he's kind to excessively, because then you find it or breaking off to a good cleanse vote have the mosque Asthma and a good extolling robust Burma. Burma will you try? It tell me not view everything you do not hear. What a fine you dog, where can I find you for more information on Instagram, face the threat of standing on my weapon yes, this is my dermatologists sees Beth and business. Damn it keeps the weight off me six month, skin gleaming and learn how to get an erection again to Morrow Can you break his wife and that you know how to provide access to make the blood flow like easy, but the blue May said his wife has a good time via our over to this is a family thing. Ok, great beg you doctor said
we think that the? U only with it before you just really, if you in for this for the house, you know. Most people think about their hair, the skin they have what d, but all those things, basically, the fundamental starts with die. My staff from the inside out from the inside out, so obviously lots of water right, if you dont, like wasn't just add things in a limited as it stood Greeley for vegetable, put in a smoothly, if you hate it, when you know that I always everybody reduce by a baby data like spinning care, you won't. Even the man put in this measure to organic. You, sadly relies O organic foods. Teeth really really well. And I don't think I defend- is keeping my she's fifty seven years old and dynamic that yes, absolutely from the thousands andean rough club. The breakfast club I write at the breakfast club. I hope everybody
that being safe. I know it is a holiday began. Dont forget there. We are celebrating memorial day for a reason, though such added to everybody who has helped us and help this country said. I too the veteran stem from a Europe which is absolutely disgusting, that veteran do not have a place to stay avatar boom fighting for their income. They'll have money, I can't stand, and eighty home is verging on his eyes had to everybody who is currently serving our country as well. Absolutely I right now, let's get ready for the people's choice next hit us that you give it up. Breakfast club Emma you can hit out at dj envy and he will get that's alarm for you may be if it happens to already be in the lead,
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