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Monday 7/30- Today on the show we had two Breakfast Club regulars, first was comedian Marlon Wayans who spoke about working on his comedic craft, growing and evolving, and being unapologetic about his jokes. Afterwards we had Nore stop by where he spoke about all the different beefs he had with people, including Nas which he is now signed to and much more. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Cowboys player Dak Prescot for his comments on not protesting during the National Anthem. 

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We are all living in the ripple effects in history. A butterfly flaps its wings in China in the nineteenth century, and your goober driver misses the turn for the airport for an eccentric genius, invents air conditioning and changes the course of american politics. I'm Sean Brasswork post of the thread and I'm back with a brand new podcast presented by Ozzy called Flashback. A series of stories of unintended consequences, listen to flash back on the eye. Radio, amp apple pie
gas or wherever you get your broadcasts Alexander, like a mega voyages, took all we got no point. This prize round about visually joined a breakfast globe say some Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo Morning, Angela Ye Minorities, Andy Charlemagne God he's due to play is Monday, is its Monday back to work. We consume gaudy be integrated more and this morning was that without looking at the Jasmine Brandon S posed to be posted from COD Ii be, and I guess people
given that are about the Lamb she bought laugh. If she wanted the proved ass, she actually waiting paid, as for- and it was in the least as you posted are well fathers thing she did so it shows the withdrawal of half a million dollars right under the withdraw It is our waffle House was sixty four hours travelling to political party, but I see that south accordingly, if Charlemagne and offset by approaches to levels over the weekend, hers was convertible. His was hard tat was about What about his, I think, was about three eighty bucks gradually I'd like you to know. I don't like this. The high low budgeting going on bodies like I withdraw, who have made out a level. Would you still, however, has in sixty four out of that? It has a meal for a few people by the way, the absolute uv weight, what a horrible say. What are you crazy? when they came out. Of course, every couple of months me, my wife do alive podcast and we did it this week. If solely whole great turn out, so that we had a great time.
Did you know what I'd do? What I gotta get into more of video game now may draw, Now over the weekend, I had this huge video game of it. It was at the ball. Clay said. First of all, they saw twenty two thousand tickets for people to watch. People play video games so about twenty thousand. Indeed, almost one would have known One point: four million wow Ochre one Four million denies imagined when you forty, some you go and only if you do get jump in the game now address. I want to play our job in the game in the Navy and I don't want to find a way out of line and play. I want invested and I want to start putting money behind the seeing all you want to Dover your game time, and so we just go. Let you invest in some. There been moving in bomb in amateur, I beat it amateur they Detroit and if you think about play amuse grab dj shout the quality is performance as well. Care about no damn music like them.
It was mad low. Nobody cared all they want to know about the video games. It was London, verses, Philly, isn't what you do and smash filling. The guidelines reverses fairly at Berkeley over twenty thousand people. You dj caliber form. As you know, it s not tell, which is best was mighty boy. Did I gotta get my toenails somehow? Will I spent a day Friday and airport about six and a half hours into my flag? I can't so that specific Cheryl, if it is women's conference, will you fly built a year with cancer though the connect it doesn't matter, who are cancelled, shouted every single airplane each you out. No, no, no one was getting out. There were no flights leaving. She dared miracles before what was the whether it was the weather, bad as yet it was accepted a wireless thunderstorms, I guess around New York area. So no flights were leaving, so the airport was a mess, it was nothing do about it and then the next morning everything was so doubts. I couldn't leave add to be there at ten a m for this kind of it
I ain't no bandit are going to allay instead, so you save the geek. And I'm gonna, make you observe Ella. There was no way to go. There was no matter what you do on alone. For our further do say, day party, I have doing an event there. I was personally from Charlotte and go to that, we got a lotta air airport air. An activity in a voice of arguments. We have a map, people we hidden hit me from our lay like. Oh, you did they party, I'm like so here. Everybody would like what are you doing here? A good six people relay YO. You, like ok who was sound, asleep openly, goodness what let's get to show cracking now. We got suspect Yes joined us this morning, while away and you'll be joining us right away. The breakfast club regular suggests a ride to breakfast cover. Regulars will be hit this morning. My allowing Levin Mile away is conveying a he has great energy does mall and as one who got one Norway and oh, I am I am. He is now saying five. A Mickey get decimal token nor in Malta way is this morning and we go
a patient when we talk about saga, Baghdad, press guy, you cowboys fans, let's hear what you say about the national anthem. Alright, it into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast club kimono warning everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news, sorrowful all sports. About Charlemagne. Cowboys now has gone over Dad Prescott. Yes, dad has got the Dallas cowboys. Quarterback said during a press conference he's not going now during the national anthem. Any does not believe that approach to dealing with Rachel injustice for himself hears what he said. No, never protest. I never protest any outcome and I don't think that's the time with a view to do so. Game for boys, always brought me such a peace, and I think it does the same for a lot of people People playing a game alot of people watching the game, alot of people to have any impact of the games you bring such a controversy to the state to the field to the game I takes away away from their takes away from the joined to the love that, for what brings a lot of people and so for me, Romania change making a difference.
Cowboy fan, Dag Prescott you gotta, shut up. I was late UK say you all about making chain, you make any difference, but you won't even take the need for change. Ok, he had taken away a constitutional right to protest and I will never understand people who go get their own interests. You taken a need for an injustice that people look just like you face in this your dad's, it of all these absolutely in Dallas players is supposed to now stand for the national anthem. They can even stay in the locker room. They further that option. Right, laugh room. Now, that's not on the table. I mean listen. I said that taking away their constitutional right to protest do you feel as a cowboy fair need assets good camels aim of that organisation like the ambulance, a fan, but I mean it. I'm no argument about as even anyway, because of that a lot of owners are making their players have to stand. For national anthem. I am, I being would beg fourth got too, even if you have other methods that you want employment to protest against police brutality, though speak out against nearly to shut up
You know they do say. If you want to know they have the right to nearly must be got against it. Me Now, let's discuss three people dead. These three people dead and seven people injured and a shooting that happened in New Orleans. They are still looking for to suspects accused of killing. Three people and entering the others. They say two men wearing hoodies who fight a rifle and a handgun into a crowd. This was Saturday night outside of a business Adele sad. Three miles away from the french quarter, so they are still looking for a person said two: men and women died at the scene early with one of the pipe with one of the people who were killed. They said they stood over and fired several shots ensue that one person, so they feel like this with a targeted incidents when they started firing into the crowd. Another mayor, the toy cancer has that there's no place in New Orleans for this kind of violence, I speak for everyone Our city, when I say we I discuss it, we are infuriating we have had more than enough. Now
The situation, a man has been arrested, Danube Ailed, written from New Haven Connecticut with the killer, of a woman in Queens New York unease honour by coastal crimes, free they good as they. Finally item in California, involve murder, rape anyhow, the woman captive. He would you dating websites to connect with some of his alleged victims according to police. They haven't said in particular what sites, but they said that he had use multiple websites and asking any other possible victor to come forward and share whatever information they have, but he was a red This week in California, authority said that he was sexually assaulted in attempting to kill another woman than he was actually holding against her will after they went on a date, so they will China to locate him there covered him and that's when they found the other victim. To where did they go into now he's in jail? He is like. The man went to five million dollars, baling facing a maximum of twenty three It's a life was a black who, if he's found guilty, yes he's black or your name on Burma, distinct syrup he's being charged from it with attempted murder, forcible rape, false imprisonment by violence and sexual penetration by a foreign object.
Nepal throws IVO, Nope milk right will ask for page news, get it off my chest: eight hundred five, eight five one or five one. If you're upset, Seventy two sub may be at a bad weekend nor horrible morning, or maybe you positivity, some positivity, eight hundred foggy five one or and get it all future formats wide open is to breakfast club from The breakfast club pounding down you're gonna, get it off your view on the breakfast blessing, but as a military allows as all my late father happy Monday morning, too happy Monday murmur good morning. Oh my god. I never Barry Galileo, but I had a few things. Tat Father may lament indubitable Burkina pen pay when you came to hope for
I met the APOLLO. Oh I remember now. I don't remember your body guy get bad. I need to get me some cootie going retired well up from about the black book, know I know I have no. I have no control over with somebody was a deal, my body guards it Maybe you don't, I repeat a picture. I really appreciate. Do you, as you are sad at night burthen you, I met you, I like December, as the Atlanta Airport by all my God, even heavier victim of you, and I would like very much I gotta have a year. You are my body, go to wrap it now. You do body by actually went with pretty cool, but not anything but maybe they were on the well known. I
we have about. As and Angela, I've never met you, but hopefully faint will bring our path together, but I call to say you know some positive thing with a negative thing with her. I just labelling for my dog lackey and I've got a doctor, a degree of difficult there be, and I felt like they were not given me what I had asked for in the beginning, and I felt like I was seldom I felt sure, so I cannot be something like everybody, you know if you feel like you're worth more and they're, not given it. Do you they're telling you that they're gonna give you what you are asking for and nobody refunding to you in that? Have you gotta take. Your own hands down La Palma, dumped on the basis of good I've, been calling your nobody here that they may have been picked up beyond a building. Their money could awarded him stood alone. Is too low prince the NASA glandular sharing experiences, our great you get. It has enormous value. Remember if I ever germ of joy baby and is too weak. I understood elongated Idris. Ah, no,
last year, our future bro. Now I thought about their Prescott brightly. I do not agree. We're gonna nail him family, our and the military have been able to understand what Charlemagne. My life now with a brief grab. Brutality have now people are getting beer by cars. But killed by clubs. I'm not afraid of a child life, somebody's daughter now and all reality. I don't think they should be politicians to sport. It'll, be your own personal decision, whether or not you decide what you want to do. I can't tell everybody they have to, but if people choose to, they should be allowed to. What I don't understand it. Maybe you can explain it if they said it's now about the veterans is not about the people had served in a military innate made it clear to us that what is about why people calling but have been exposed to a military venturing all what we are
proper way to protest in the military, veteran told him kneeling. That's why you took me and fourthly: ok, she added the amount it worked out as my reading is by no means, and how long have you understand day, obligate thought that police brutality and honestly, I think they should be. Lordly your and our people and watch out in a word about the next person Superman they're trying to deal with one thing for sure: do things and people will always be mad about them and avail play is taken in the day more matter that in the autumn, police actually killing and on black men in his country will get it. You just eight hundred five, a firewall or fire one. If you need a very heated up, is to breakfast club component breakfast.
Go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you what you meant this Mortimer cod. Why even that, although the delivery place, yet I bought out where the people are the manager, their bad thoughts in livery, begged, the police. The wound in my house were about, for this reason that I might add that we agree that all forms of when I went vanity, but he caught a bleak again and today there he lay about moved about that, they have built up. Oh my god, you regarded yeah Bobby politically more about dry the path I beg corporate. All of it
therein lies the boy. Tell me that dominates indiscriminate, but whatever you may want why you put all you do outside outright, went out several times around with this, and I know it's fine this has very dramatizing thousand eulogy restored order from visa lagoons. Expect this kind of behaviour from Proper John. This raises behavior, but not domino. Sorry, Mama! Thank you already properly. Hello? This is good, I'm doing my car remain was gonna run flawed man, unless a blog. I regard their sure am what about it How do you know? What can we do about where we are from the allow me to give these people die of war?
maybe I'll, let out a married, no may live even though that you speak in a true how you really feel you got a lot of views. The act is all about her. You it will you I didn't understand up in dubious drivers to these people you people gonna, do it does not make it harder for people who spread do what the right light on. What are you talking about? What did I tell you might have you violent? Last week we were all they say, a thing about it do not follow all right, driveway using money, I'll bring it out As I understand you up here, you are my brother. Carjack context is key, I didn't just say, slapped airline. They follow you to your house, Now the beverage, don't you guys? Don't you like everybody in the world who want to do some light, that everybody was actually a smarter J Mac Jerry? No, what you mean. I got this stand law, somebody brains, you on your property, your problem,
at the moment. Have bearing your brand of Lord would not have you that if you have a criminal guy, I'm just asking what would you do if Thou www somebody like you ve, got to don't bug out ragged. So me, I would have been stopped. You gotta, be a win, win win. You gotta give me when he set out They look somewhere where we live, and I will do just that. My car
what is the meal but slap. You re more devastating you the way you look at a number of the family, but are you are you? Are you hurt when your bride is a dangerous and led me? Maybe I don't want you to be killed. You talk about the rule. We obviously have. No one knows that money that you think about the situation which has a lever. Unfortunately, for him he found the man who is following him, because I will cut him off, but fortunately he founded it went viral and there using a lot of business in a lot of work and nobody had to slap anybody inequitable guys gardens wanted. So your various national future
though everybody go, get him a nice cheesecake may be asking strawberry too. In other words, it was it ever do it is trying to bring there is one area might have a nice day smiled smiled, it was well get it off. Each has eight hundred five, a five one off. I won't you be government away, yes, Lebron James, it's a big big day for him and that's how you what's going on any so excited about us The game he's got a million dollars, find out who's, paying him a million dollars, and for what for I will get into all our more people locked an all in Wales will be joining us makes our is to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast died of a jedi it is a core at a great rate is not like a fan of law. A yacht in global trade group of ok, you know mental fanny! Cannot you figure in it? Not grove of wouldn't fan in the window and Tralee night for defending the window and mobile sit in front of the family did their low, but that wasn't a big metal. Fanned s arm disarm feels like that smoker soothing
The man in the window of a mobile home when I had some day, none we will get to. The room is assault. Vin rings, with Angela being arranged, has been doing the rounds mission impassable any talks about an essential, She may be withheld at gunpoint in his own house. Can you imagine something like this happening when you sitting at home and your basketball shorts, just thinking you children and the cops kung caps guns drawn on, you doesn't began basketball, short alien about muzzle here's what he had to say. Why doesn't? He said he had already had to wait on my back on the clear case on serious exam noise in my back yard, and you know what I'm thinking the puppies. Wonder! Well what have you and then I get and not on the front door? And so I get up opened. The door is a red dot pointed at my face from another
millimeter there was a police officer with a nine millimeter pointed at me. One police officer behind them in two I believe with was the left of me- was the captain of police I get out. They recognize me. Let me know two things. He lives in a really really really white neighbourhood number one in didn't lady, they broke, she thought she does money breakin, it wont. Let me finish, TAT will happen now. The offers there are woman who led the cross, the street call to say a large black man was breaking into the house, so they actually went. Ass, the neighbour and here's what happen then, the guy you know solutions they apologize, but my problem was and then as ago. Why are you doing this? he said to me a woman called nine. When one said a large black man was weighty in through the house. They left the address of the woman who call myself the sergeant nothing. One. Other police officer went over to that house which was across the street,
The potion demand embarrassing Walter, you called the police and a man and his own home I'd love to know how long you learn and enable was pushed the police to confirm that the incident did happen back in twenty sixteen and they said officer sometimes have their weapons drawn. Is suspected burglar, is because they can get violent. So I would love to know our long he's been living in a neighborhood and I would love to know what she saw. You saw him on home, don't let em away well, it was a dental, no need to get his keys. Out of the window, and I wonder what would you would you call Breakin an internet when I want to know at blackmail eminent, enable hey? right now. Let's do some great news. Lebron James today is a huge day for him. He's opening up a school. The I promised school he's been working on this for quite some time and the schools gonna start Sue grades, third and fourth and then they're going to expand in the coming years. Now he posted yesterday the jitters before them,
day. School are real right now, tomorrow is going to be one of the greatest moments, if not the greatest of my life, when we opened the I promised school, this skinny care from Akron, whom is eighty three days of school in the fourth grade, have big dreams for the kids in not give them everything they could find and needs a fight passion go back to our community and change the world. This school is that struggle good Basel abroad? That is dope right when the brain at say about his new school opening today, what it means opening the school, how excited about this possible? for me to be able to be in my hometown, to be able to open up a school and to know who's gonna benefit from it. For me to be in a position the resources the finance- and I had the city around me- why not I'm tired of people conflicting two issues like they're, using things like this to say: he's bedded in Michael Jordan. Now he's a better man in my good join my rejoined still about a basketball play on a court.
Whether the IBM illegal as a longer school day a longer school year. There's gonna be more than forty staff members that will try to accelerate that develop. The children who qualify for the program. If you see the pictures Eddie posted to on a school exam It looks a Meda and if we debate on the court by but just keep it basketball, then don't talk about The broad open in schools is something that I have nothing to do enough enough maiden rapids and you bring it in all the things they do and a person. I've decided a microphone right now on echo He is going to have. A new conference also entail publicly discuss his decision to sign with the Lakers as well. We need You gotta tell me why you did that people want to know. Bessie peel invested in cities play is absolutely out of the game. He did. A million dollar fashion deal with a million dollar do a fashion. No, if you guys are wondering why he's been wearing so much fashion, we're lately now you posted about it and he said at first he was an avenue on that wherein at that's for girls, but he said
and care how much they was on a pay me. Then he said that he got a man's line. Does the me put together, some looks for you and bring him to you and that's when he said he really liked it. He said this is actually fly as f. Did the deal for a million dollars were fashion over and he's gonna keep up, ossing fashioned over and then you ve gotta be bygone illegal views, begged my role of national day for icon. That legal bill is about thirty six thousand dollars that sue for that. Yes, he actually lost. He what he lost this. Alas, against Viacom. The original who was the game, sue them for bringing a woman with a criminal background to join the cast for his views when dating show? She got gain that woman Priscilla Rainy she later on the game of sexual assaults. She won a seven million dollar laws against him and then the game Sue for the seven million, an additional twenty million for damages and negligence, but that case was dismissed so now, via once him to pay legal of you're gonna, be there suddenly yeah, he asked her
though small poison fashion over echoed Viacom with regard to seven million later, how do you know? What am I? U fashionable, no logo and of moody. Now now he paused, let me- and I don't have a tag it so that you know where to get it. Are you information overload now? Oh well, you your fashion. Opener, no, have you ever revolt, you can see the fashion over outfit I write I'm Angela YE and that is your rumour reports. Dream thought, You asked a lot of questions. Overlanders ask around. We come back. Marlon wanes will be joining us kick with Molly. When we don't Moldova, we come back. Don't move is to breakfast club. Yeah. No, I want to make your mom, notably here, because it is the only man
We joined by what we use the bugs you have a double edged, sword load dirty, show there s nest LOS. Madam president, live on J J Talk, though so she's alive and dominate you. Thou item questions because I don't know about somebody like kicking me am I gonna is like that. I'm not in the oven,
see reveals that I knew why guys they manage to make merry go round and others like me, you step with me. I'm a bee man like me, I'm not paying too much like you. Don't you might see what it is, but a certain things I am never gonna know about. Like people go, oh, you know what guys have a jeez, but they had yet they do not like that. I'm never go feel that next year's man, I'm never goes. The unethical feel that what are you guys? I've? How, when experience where IDA dominating Fenestrelle went and she brought some buyers guy, where they caught him, slaves about its labour rights as a white guy and his with like this monitoring of everything
the big guy, the validity and let you know you can get carried away by Eversleigh was born loaded me, I'm worthless. Yes, you are, you can see. We are heading take, it is raining, invests its hiding in a new is born a news. I then it got off Swann, and unlike nasty looking always wanted to any pay for it. Acts have video look here, Look at all of looking look into ways were you all night has now rising. I didn't you have been a guy high is doing enough. We beg to enough that's white privilege the day he can't take, which we bring to enough. What ever see a with our policy of change, our be being my
it is. This is induces. Why am I gonna put money in a news? Every good point away, who would do slavery proudly would mean. Don't you touch me men and I used to be like a power, so they liked at not having power Andy like abused. I guess I like just lights and candles, though many some snow love and their funding and get on offer would be a good episode of half a mile in deciding to meeting the Lord Mayor Produce born between ourselves when we know that, but this is not having sex with dominated, doesn't have sex, and what are you doing tonight is liable to be ass, part of them being able to be dominated if they dont have sex with their servants.
He's gay law. You lost me right. Do I o king kick mob angle? Give me like that you have a method yeah yeah take on. I will comment on this island. You guys don't ever relations it, but then you guys are and counselling ticket couples because we want to get to get along. You know funny because, like I think it's important to give you all I mean and actually get along better now, because we we know and, as is only now and I'll, be like not weep because we always good. I use episodes are happening now realise not put on the show and I'd be like Let me know and then like we get to this point where I'm just like. I love you and I love you and I'm like you want to do it and she goes. Maybe, and may I ask you a crazy
yup ass a year. You all don't go like the crazy here tonight, the happy, but I guess what I said dot and you got a focus on other things in life. They actually conversation. The friendship, writers conversation, the kids like we had these arguments about. The kid is just like: we ve go. What's this? pollution when you do when it you're the when you're not doing it, the problem is the problem and we together work towards a solution, I'm not that guy, like Sometimes when you would have grown urine relationship you when you become a boyfriend, you at that guy all this stuff that I've been through life you're, the guy. That's gonna, hear all my daddy is use your that guy or brother issues you're the guy. My first love your that got the money used that big, Manette guy you're just a friend, you see from a different angle, and it's just like your is beautiful, and you can't wait for another to go be with her, so he could be that guy that bad them when she was dating you too,
never can be happy about that is black eagle now you're. Not I want to know is that real about that, but you know I just think at the end of the day you know we have to heal ourselves. We can put your other people to hear you. You know that guy can only be healed by you becoming that girl, everything you ve been doing. Your life is supposed to happen for you, to resolve it. For you to be a better person, in a way not when you forgive it makes a great yeah people only rely than they damage those that I can't even go Helms. We all damn unheard of with you. Why cause damage people have raised damage on and we all got our issues, and you know nobody perfect, but you know therapy is good at rears beautiful. I do that, isn't therapy because you really get to sit there and not the gap is don't help pages goes. So what do you think?
as the page you to figure out what lymph nodes, but then what happens? If you talk good enough and use gargoyle, all you figure it out That's why I I'm like this. We women S. Why, like our my own space, because a group in a house Ten kids and I dont want to roommates that about me, not wanting somebody you I just want my own space, so has meant nothing to do with another woman is the fact that I open this little house with ten people tell me what to do, and I just to live alone. I live alone, it must seven thousand five will have and I just walk around time in a low, balmy place and eyes good every woman. I just go it's nice to be along, like ain't nothin arrive at my house outside I liked it
you need dues. Are you come out with you wanna Apple? I take it that you may want to turn a location officer. You different hold you for raising a call, keen and Car Damon Coincide India's they may go as one less than a way you came in there or make came in Keenan actions, document com and more like a pack of goals. We got more with Marlon Wayans we come back. So don't move is the breakfast club good Morning Breakfast Club morning. Everybody is dj. Envy and Charlamagne tha god we are. The breakfast club, Marlon Wayans is in the building oil workingmen, because for me before
Are you enjoy their remote now trying to get this policy on a private school? Now I just got. Do the work people ask why you worked so hard on preparing for some greater unprepared so I don't sleep on weakens because I'm working on it. Guns, because then what I'm doing a movie and am I gonna- do play like a I somewhere or weaken one plain leg of a stadium in another stadium, and I've got to go back to the movie set and work What I do anyway, I'm glad to do. One show or two shows that these stadiums, because instead of doing nine, shows during the a and then going back to work? It makes it easy when you just do the work. Do you feel like a good when standard, yet I feel like a matrix is happening. I see it because now I'm starting to get more personal I'd, look I got the skill set an on fiscal, a funny. I got a good point of view. I'm fearless and now I'm starting to talk about real things. Like my life like
my pain like my family likes and knows the layers of the onion, so I feel like I'm getting better. The first special. I feel like I did, because I just want people to go yo. This is where I'm at after doing seven years of stand up, I'm horny tell a joke in the world? I'm going to talk about it, and then I left it on my kids, which was like that's personal, and now I'm picking up with that left off and I'm getting more personal and then after this one I get more personal, more personal and at the point where I can't No more funny. I started I cannot go, was funny about the world and in rediscover myself, are you fearful of people taping issue within, but you know a line and you can salute the app you gotta get around my career is gonna blow up. Please let it be awesome stupid I release myself, would I'm in a comical of an especially sometimes indeed paying you? You just go up in your work in like you're, just gonna
This thought was in my head is not refined and everything I say is going to be politically correct straight out my mouth. Sometimes I just here's what I feel about this and nowadays you can't feel a certain type of way. Because then your job is, like a funny he's gonna, go away, movies, theatres and funny, things that are going to go away. If we don't do something now to stop it, you gotta be able to have a point of view. I am going to say I'm frightened, and, I must say some stupid somalia and I have to say stupid. If I don't say stupid, I can't get to the good of people want to know Crucify me for stupid thought that I had. That was under fine, that's cool cuz. I don't make that that that that worst joke my best joke and Imma get a standing ovation on that joke and that's the joke.
Stone forks because you judgmental ass, try to make me feel like. I can't go into this dark cave and going there and get jokes, that's my job to going dark places. I got to talk about dark things. I got to talk about me to talk about the things that violence is not funny a net sure there's this funny and every religion dinner. You goes down accommodating you see comedians talked about how they were made. That as a child, a mere was funny about you go you that's amazing that you had to do to go up and talk about that sperience into so many people out there that go into that will have been through that that, because you had the rules or the courage to go, explore yourself an experience or topic that you Can other people laugh and heal from their experience? So I think, as comedians you know the world can say what they want, but freedom of speech is something that we all have a. We should apply and I'm not gonna be perfect, but I'm a trauma best, not to say no
Roseanne got me thinking, blouse life. He was a lecture last all. Let me now. Why do we idle would resign season the nightmare from a day's work goes a little order. Really clean it out. I just don't go window more male, Like all of you, I thought. Maybe you nosedive against you now I use all stuff. Could they don't Only five you would grow like people do groaning Bob. You can't get mad at me about something I say back to enforce its outcome. You don't know the situation and they would comedians. You really don't know because when used like say set until comedian is like some clicks and girls, ok, I'm I'm gonna kill you whole family, I'm I'm! I'm gonna get a bomb Yahoo tried. I love your whole race in order just to get you out that cave. It's like that happens when you wanna stage light in somebody or
Will your twitter and someone says Sutton you, like you said: what are you thinking? You just think it I'm a destroy this person, you're, not think about the ramifications of what happened due to what's happy in society right now, the war will live in and many the culture with very different. Ten years ago, so the way we used to talk the language we use to you, there was a totally different. It was acceptable, but now, ten years later they put up, they face, look what he is. What are we supposed to say now lie what entertainment is changing? Nobody, you, I mean I think I'd be brave enough to just go Yo Pocket, you know sometimes is like it may be, no you're not gonna, be on a network, but sometimes as freedom to go see what I can say now you are in a network that I'm sure you're like ok. I, like you, said I can't say nothing. I care what am I special representative show, but one more stage, then I'm on my platform. Speaking about my true, listen,
data, but there was no uses, only don't like a gasoline, although I have to address the data of social aid. If, if, if we ve got, has there in your plans for you to go in that direction, then you have to go that direction as well. I gotta find my True, this way, sometimes a closed door opens up a thousand others in several times. You know you being a model in some kind of way to stamp of something abuse of you fall, but the view stamina and you fall, but anything ever live as Bessie. What we all do we have to have a voice we had to be avoided. For these people as listening, because they want to hear roof. Nobody, the here homogenized both washed out thoughts and theories. The reason why people like this it was because this three real people come from three different points of view. Even you know you you become a nice guy is a rat.
Daily way, you're trying to figure out. Let me out of here get on it does not limit. The question is that he's on comparable answer any better data, because your Charlemagne chain that you just gotta keep a real and if all the sword God gave me I'll make you know I have a certain sword and that's that's my gift of seeing them. A certain way and talk about it and be a free and be a silly and not given, and it's ok If I have to start my own little network and do my own little thing, I got my social media I'll just be the funny ig Youtube dude. If I'm not good enough or right enough for network, I do all rated movies I've been doing already movie. Sometimes I do pg thirteen, but if I'm going to do it rated R We in somebody don't tell me a joke, is gone at a faint world, then listen that we at the top.
About what kind of movie would do and here because maybe I don't want to do that, we get more motorways, we come back. So don't move just about. Everybody is D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the bread for his club. We are all aware in the building. Now what the drug use you seen. How would it? How did your family's diesel tagging over here? No crazy stories about your firm view, things one is? We grew up in a neighborhood there. Drugs was there. We got right there in the projects will substantially night avenue. Please all craggy, I seen the Craig here and we never looked a crack. It was like, may only be there. I would only like us, I wanna get ass. She yellow eyes, and I want to just we're penises for money? That's what I wanted to know. I am elected a crack in the desert
I want to do more than Wayne save Crackheads sounded fifty that you use your bill in the club of all this. I hear you say that you can say they hated B B. Fearless period be fearless. You gotta, be people too and do you for reason? You are you for reason. You gotta be authentic and let the world come to you as a changes. Shift Andrey with want change. Yes and you re responsible, but a cord, you gotta say what the hell you say, and the other thing is my dad was an anti drugs. My mom was an anti drugs. We will love by both my parents, they stated we had a great big brothers in great examples and keen and great example, in Damon, and that's what kept us out trouble because, unlike the Keen Damon my Mama Dennis, I wanna be like that and I think is important.
Saying about how we do and we should be able to say what we want to say be advantage, but at the same time be accountable. Do they sent they, like you said as stupid, to be accountable, thereby yo I met this would all be over walk of actual no market. Tromp ally, I said, will not now you, the president, would you say with rules like we're in a new territories were discussing new things I think that some doubt when you haven't conversations they will be unrefined. Yes and your home. I thought and that's. Ok, listen! A prior has unrefined material. Every comedian has unrefined material. It starts out this way. Mother Damon stop doing Carmody because of the way society is breaking my heart. Dented comedian has to feel that way. It's like you, we gotta be got there an express, and you know it hurts us, Sir,
comedian as much as I love social media, it hurts. You know why, because the experience now you got all these botz out there that manipulating people- these are real accounts. They go these they agenda and they go and they need all women without us up in a boat is movement. Did you fired here, because what the trying to do is silence you. What they trying to do is is a shift in agenda and its working and we gotta get out. We have to do from social media we gotta go I way used to be when you you know you go to a show and everybody taping. Your shell rang out pull my phone when a shows comes out one hour. I want the experience I will
what people want people pull out, they follow. My show us a damn near want to stop. Hadn't anyway, is greater lotta comedians and make people put their phones a will and am in and out you don't put. The pouch may have been taught to show what have you ever gotten the hell out of me. You are a day like this. We do not like other details on the chemicals it you don't even know about it. I mean you, don't buy noses area out, give you wanna go every you know, but mother, mother? They only what a guy right back on his bond and our way of life is dino, but you don't get because doing you don't know what people are going to say in the magic of the moment is important. That is pure argument. You go our be unemployed just to be free.
Now, do you do it? You know when you do want to showing you say in your test now stuff and it doesn't work you see to it safari away, I'm gettin booty. Yet though he went the roll away, was he freestyle no, you wrap in his song. They distort a hundred, are hunted on this. When will you can't we talk about how you you know you yeah banged, battered by thy yell at nice, Bessie Open Hall? I told you what your set not on duty. Not they don't feel that land and my job is it. How did you get out of here? If you ever had to get out of their way? You know told a joke. Wasn't good and I know you can get a rumbling next joke not at all I let me go deeper there. Listen! so not listening sometime. You go a little deeper You may have you get that every Shelton you get it every show sometime, you some stuff and when ah, but then you.
The guy's laugh, but then you gotta go. I saw a woman, women's of love and the guy's a laugh, and how do I connect to the women? Let me give their perspective. Like you know. Sometimes you talk about like certain things in this hot button topics, but when you find way to make an inclusive to every body. You can't shame. No body of a joke is both make every by laugh. If you care, some people are gonna, be offended. If you finish what the hell out much I'm gonna be like hey, don't leave by you're, not for me but big, but I'm not dead. Goddesses lounges cracking offensive, jokes, I'm trying to be funny. I can't help it. Like, maybe maybe maybe, after watching Marla you and Angela relax could get back together. I mean everybody feel that way may see fairly. That was easy. No, she was money now. I watch that with my kids and the beauty of that show as much as I watched it like that, those episode of Muff and so with the breaches
Dayton. This guy is called me code and she caught in a vacuum and didn't know you see in the nineties chicken, but I couldn't tell you is risky and and then we had the competition and I watch. My son watch me and my daughter watch me and their mom watch me and they were laughing like they didn't know me, and that, for me, was my favorite part of doing the show was watching joy that they had named. Might as you go you so stupid like that, will end. He loves me. She does. As you know, our Adam and not love you so less now be to get angry that I love you too. I love you too much to be with you, but I love you for life, and we don't need to worry about like us Being together. Is it we together with family and my kids only know us, the way we are it would be weird for them of meat is all sudden wound up together, like it had the
gazing together without will occasionally next year. I just took Angie for video, though, when the Dope House and pull to meet them above all her friends, I stayed the we We hunger, we drank, we had a great time and is a a birthday not just said. I love you and I think People should do that. Get off your high horse is about my family. That's my family! That's not my baby mom! That's not my ex that that is my life. Emily like assisted me. We had children my blood in her blood mixed. We will have gone and children together, we are, we will have a generations together, so that woman, I love her, always electing every measure, no matter what this is all gives she cheated school happen, So what should I do not know you, kids, you stupid, grow up
becoming a bank levy. Funny funnier be smart, more in sweat, hotel! You aren't you a lamentable diabetes, lost all his model and leave it out. Why you do too, when I started out alone made out a little smaller waves? Is the breakfast club everyday breakfast morning everybody is J. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we are, the breakfast club was good to was taught moaning. Did the toy annually on the breakfast I write. Well. Monet recently did an interview where Katy alliance- you talked about a lot of different things.
Colluding Roseanne by who she refers to as her sister in comedy. She doesn't want you to throw her away even after her come it's about Valerie Jarrett, here's what she had to say: Roseanne BAR as my sister in comedy and she's, my universal system, and what I won't do SAM is blow her away. We have all said and done things baby that we wish we could take back and swallow. Is that all? But when you in the public eye you can't but to put the title of racism in her, I can only share my experience with rosy. I remember when I had the moaning show and there were big major black superstar talent that had white representatives and they told their talent that show was to blame. But that woman, when we call it wasn't a question, I don't understand you I'll call our netflix for racism and one is the cancer losses Christians, but you don't want to cancel rosy ever being blatantly racist, Airbus. He goes on to try to explain her stance and she's. Monica tell you right now: baby they're, gonna, consider you difficult they're gonna call you the bill.
Because you're a woman who won't lay down and take their foolishness, so I would axes yes, my system made a mistake and she says something I know she was. She could take back what I would say that we don't throw her way the consequences, what the consequences I know what it is SAM to be thrown away based off of a lie. She does sorry rosea whence he made that apology and then she may fun evaluate errands. Here was a moment ago. There be right to stand for four and which also have diminished your friend is wrong and just because a person something good for you. Does it mean that they are good, for you are a good person. Okay, with slave masses retreated a slave good, but it was still slave owner. Right now. Let's discuss power did Joe was power. Last night lies not only with us into exporter, I watched it actually I got back from allay last night and I was right in that state about America was Annette yesterday to on tv went, but I was put in between and I saw a power last night now kinda Glimmer plays a Craig had an
here's what he had to say when he sat down with Courtney Camp, the show runner, for a power and discuss why it is that he wanted to do that role. What made you won't be on power, Osama Bin and worked for a long time been a fan of the show. I got a call from fifteen. He said he wanted to be on the show, and I said well what do you want to play with what you said to me than drug abusers laces here, just a care of you know, I know so well grown up in company growers. Tablet love for you know in a we're way, you'll want to see a man to whom you know he's dangerous enemy. You correct that current account the executive producer immunization, but I'm the casual runner. Want to give it that role though she's executive producing Georgia is how the window I write so Yes, that's what he had to say about why you wanted to play the role that he does not even didn't want to be a stereo typical. What you might expect him to play in that the working with cannon came his gun,
with them in his dirty work. If you missed it, here's a little piece of Kendrick on power My jacket buddy another right. You know the NEO Cortex is a phenomenon at some point. The fact is that a brain is much more widely humus this within the last it s, Annandale scar. Let us not really work run com, Bobby? Look. I got the skippers given to you dirty matter back empty just follows especially with decorations off, because I like the way for these still be here I think he's wrapping to me than it does now. As you know, there's something you could be a sizeable kindred drop, one of whom was kindred, Lamar, so necessary for culture. I right now, Michel Williams. We told you about her checking into a mental health facilities, knowing that she needed to get it together. Well and she said an instant I'm so many people are suffering hurting, hopeless lesson, don't see a way out, but there is what she has now posted. Thank you, so much for every message of Levin support sent my family friends and fiance had been awesome sitting here, reflecting on the past two weeks,
I had no plans at what I was going through being public, but now that it is, I have made an even bigger commitment to the mental health awareness area, so she said depression sucks, but thank God, and my commitment to doing the work to stay well is my way out now, according to reports, but the and Kelly rolling, immediately jobs, everything they had going on when they heard about this. We start to her fourth offer their support. And they were very sad to lend that he was struggling with depression inhabited too high time. So nice, to have you Friend, supporting you in his greatest either Michel is actually feeling better and think form That's all right, gentlemen. Yes, I did looted army teenager Michel Williams outbreaks? Let us all as you back broker. He said ass. You if she's feeling all the love and again with dogs, can we thought we was our economies bother. Re West is battling cancer occur into TM, Zita he's been diagnosed with prostate cancer originally in saying it was Demi cancer, but it is prostate cancer. They said conall jobs. Everything tat is dead, whence he heard
the news as well he's being treated and allay he's responding. Well so looks like he's going to be okay, so our prayers to re West and give us out to Pat Mcgrath. We did have a story on here a couple of weeks ago about Pat Mcgrath, actually her come. Any becoming a billion dollar company. If you guys use her make up, you know how difficult it is to get a sell out immediately. Every time they haven't therefore an anti Americanism actually heard as talking The billion dollar company that she's built from the ground up so sad to Pat Mcgrath cost you it s out there and set it on boxes of paragraph? Ok, My wife very excited that paragraphs in some products of the dynamism of lava surprise awaited away. She said like that. I love patchy, still put megabytes per fangs. That means that instead of using brescians uses her fingers ass. Her means,
I got to the bottom of a lot on arrival. Anything about where do you definitely do? I know you see this flawless came the adopting the tar sands voice, nay, even accuracy that already Belinda the beauty blended with. Thank you rigid physical contouring, as he does using tore. When are you can try some tat, Mcgrath paddock solemnly I write well Angela yeah, that's your rumour, appoint a banking Missy shouted! I yes will you give it? I don't care to diverse, got to come in front of the Congress and we like to have all given its own committed to a cowboy her, yes block away for this. I'll give it a cowboy where we come back. Don't move the breakfast logo on you
I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now, the song today by got the donkey their breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. Yes, now here today, for Monday July, thirty of gold to the quarterback Amalfi Ridgeboard theme of our time, Dag Prescott I am cowboy die hard. I get it from my father. My father has several: was cowboys patch on his body, one he has had since ninety ninety six and that tattoo Dallas Cowboys six times Roger had hurt me right six times World Champions, but if you know sports- and you know the Dallas cowboys franchise has only one five superboss right, one thousand nine hundred and seventy to nineteen, seventy eight one thousand nine hundred and ninety three one thousand nine hundred and ninety four one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. Oh yes, my father had a tag that says: Dallas Cowboys
whoa champions, unlike the rest of US cowboys phase, we are waiting on that six ring, but even then the TED doesn't make any sense, because what if they went away when liable, Anyway, I am glad to say our deep might out my Dallas cowboys phantom is not to mention my Father Tavi Marine, on nine eleven. It met life stadium, Boyfriend jet vat in, but doesn't it story. You got arrested, you can go go in here, you get. If you know me, you know Medallic cowboy Famagusta, even matter I good conscience care was to innovative she I'm cool on Annabel because of the new and fell. Was he thou allowed team to be fine players NEO during a national anthem? Yes, the NFL. That all players who are on the field when the national anthem is heard before game must stand can choose to remain in the locker room without penalty. I personally think this is a violation of play of constitutional rights to protest. And is a violation of terms agreed upon in the collective bargaining agreements, and I will understand how people get mad at play. Is kneeling would show
absolutely zero emotion toward what they are actually kneeling for. Ok, don't get me, please, please kneeling the protest. Police brutality get mad at actual police brutality. Now here comes my Dallas Cowboys in Georgia. Jerry Jones. Massa cowboy said that all Dallas play it will stand for the national anthem and even said they wouldn't be afforded the alternative of staying in the locker room, so math Josie, saying his boys. Don't have any rights, Perry or Dag Prescott That's the bodies, masses statements in ways stand with the innovative new kneeling policy, and he had this to say
I don't know, there's two. It has no effect to me because I do exactly what I'm doing what I said and what I stand by what I swam star now without play for judge or stevedores or any other owner. I believe in what I believe in and that's that never protest, any item and I think that the time of the venue do so became for both always brought me such a peace, and I think it is the same for a lot of people. Are people playing a game alot of people watching game alot of people to have any impact of the game. So when you bring such controversy to the to the stadium to the field to the game, I takes away it takes away from their staying away from the joint to the love. That brings a lot of people, and so for me, I'm all Romania change, making a difference, and I think this whole Nolan and all that was all about just raising awareness and the fact that we are still talking about social injustice years later. I think we ve got to the point. I think we ve prove. Cup goin somebody got a flashing with the camera from DAK Prescott. You got shit have available.
Can't say you all about making change and make a difference, but you won't even taken me for possible change like taking a knee is literally the least you can do when it The raising away again police brutality, and you are against that Dagda taken away to generate a protest, and you just ok would then I wonder people who go against go get their own interests. You are cutting your nose off. Despite your face, you choosing choosing to sow the oppressor instead, it taken iniquity, oppressed dagger, can it for the injustice that people who look just like you face in his country? Ok there the police, the liberation of others should never be compromised simply because you get in the not dead it's a lady respect the decision of the players who do protest, but added that he's more about action at the polls, silent to his back. Even if you have not met the protests. Police brutality. They'll speak out against it, and you got those cameras in front of you,
in all of Amerika. You gotta use that opportunity to explain all the funds that they play the being unpatriotic in this respect. The new military use this opportunity to explain why the protests are actually happening. I'll give. You know I play as a protest and if you know audio kneeling and if you are against police brutality- and you want them- that's for blackened our people don't speak out against the protests. Ok, you know I didn't know you you than example. Is they see? Is black develop later than think. The protest. The right, which is essentially saying, is black, inappropriate and think America, police, black and brown people too harshly back. It would be. Nice if he was with us, but you know what does don't be against it please. Let me mugged deck Prescott, the biggest here he he you stupid, mother, you dumb Israel, simple just those in which be quiet now, right it s magic. They reported back anymore, he's never them of a report about. I don't have a report about ever football team which the Dallas Cowboys cowgirl shut up.
Actually met him in the Bahamas, and I sent you a picture of a sooner picture or due to dimension You say that you mentioned me anything, You are a bird and even if I do say it like a year, this guy's a bird, our right beg you, but I don't get a day when we come back. Norway will be ok. Norway as Albert right now, five easel over the breakfast club the morning breakfast everybody is the J D, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club against russian gas in the Berlin and all five of the smile and renewing, nor it's a beautiful day sitting down ass, my unfair recovery.
Allow our big New York City had nothing to do. Yesterday, the Mps out every day you dig you man, I didn't. I had no idea what you know you not used to have an. Could you give me what I want to say? had not sell yesterday and ass. They wasn't like live. I like I stay Lang, oriented that other Henderson. I gotta lotta hours charging everything than those are one point I would like you and you got There- was that if you like yoke of all military get over it am, I know you know it was done. So now came out of everybody, a z, rake, lawn buster raw bad draw fabulous, ah remain Oda main, oh uncle murder. So
I agree with you on the new year's eve. You have anything to do with allows man returned it out. Man. I can't believe you know. Twenty years later, I can still get Man love you Montana, and not now only the love, the respect you mom sailing people will definitely nobody over up to me, no saying they appreciation, because honestly, twenty years in a game was it was you most of us is logical. You norms, you PS commercials. He was ain't about a lot of. Why? Don't you be much know me? You don't! You know. I met a guy who wrote Walmart Slogan as high he's a modem. Ah, yes, no put the key role that Mcdonalds.
Day a he now I got some subway yogi under the slogan, always not always appraisal what they knew slowly, whatever enemies in knowing that I have been for years, though I don't even know how much money you get over there like just a slogan, fell as well. Yes I'll have it at best. Patty I've been through that I in any event have gone in airports like economical twenty milliseconds. They was set to nor even omitted. Invite me y know, provided I write. It want two yards. Who was right me yeah, I've learned: what does it do? It wants one hit me. I will look at jaws, one percent with one. So what's what you confirmed that our government? Will you take it? That is all I was the only one I don't wanna vice soda who, as you know, I got a lovely really like MRS De Lange, who honestly you invited to everything you know they're like so you know, you'll need a person, invite you gonna me money. I do you don't owe me on your interview, a meal.
Have we ever shaky value that aid will be about thereby being and in a verb something else, but for me to come back to music massively. Requisite wanna big them up. I forgot what it felt like to be on a regulation that not label We are going to label. We invested a massive here. The walking he's like I said, This is like a move along with them, but he- and you know He found a mass of if one report I have actually do actually ten year, thereby relay. Why origin and not a little issue lover. I felt when I see you look at it that led his queen. Yet again, we would not like act like that. If you didn't exist when we address the brothers do like you can act like dad didn't happen in observed, it happened, but we happy.
Like you don't say I love you see we that who would act alone. I've never been in a fifth fighters, lighted dead things, town out, I'm clean, and that has never had a fifth fight. His right look, young, kids, you know, look, look what you could go through very realised that does your brother, you don't ya, go do things and you don't have any of you know. It is just as just how the handle things as a man, UNICEF, as a man, if you never, argument would oppose. You never had a disagreement, oppose it and you know, and for twenty years that guy's not of rent, you don't say handling at the end of the day like make upon fight like cats and dogs ticket, because I noticed my brother. So why did you, Sir, to emancipate? Why did you stated independent rude and waited you gonna have independence they'll? They gave me exactly what I wanted. I still want to all my music. I wanted I like at all everything I get off have account that I'm domes and not just for my kids. You know just in case anything and is all music. So, oh or under one. I would set my music when I am Abdul.
Okay and every other areas are ones that about count we're just music, and so what happened? Was I got approach mass appeal? We we made us a three song bill That's the reason why you see no mass and came out well little mouth is one of the three saw, the red or no mass, the great it a grateful what they were suspected when a man, so they set their job, do well, and I was opposed to it at first, because I was the only got time and implicitly dropped out of my way straight to the studio like I was so inspired, because how good pushes sounded you know I mean, and I went, and I just gave a whole from what, they wanted, and you said how did ass answered him all all? Why? Why why? Why was because it just may total sense like I was over, they do business will volts easy, because the revolt tv with what did I was in the works are doing something with J at the time, and I would like to my music to be with miles aware that just goes on.
To be Warren Buffett. You nonsense! I don't need to be what was the guy LA bill gates, daisies I'll, be ok right, that is our warm buffet. You know them is on the the girl, you don't like the guy, I will let you know if I get in these guys pockets, and I don't mean that in a bad way, I mean that, unlike YO, you know, I'm towns, I'm creative our rather do business with my car, Our rather got past number. You don't say it now. You know that I can hit call me. It's me I still eightam and lobby like the old man. What's that
it seems that agreement helmets and you know- and he likes, that you're cool you report is gonna work. I now call is light with a problem of Adele Madonna, no men, king of worldly man, you gotta, think about a home in on you might lead. I will be as it does. The only brought like thus Marianna got all my head, oh like around. I told the because God, I'm home, we look at our here now he got here now. So that was it. Why did I ever met last? If what you don't say, I like the fact that we can speak, we had to start support and our culture. That's what we're gonna do more like if Charlemagne calls lad? I would wish we gave in Vienna Watch lad. I would wear that you don't a thing about it. Is we don't do that, because we think that we were at work where guys at what I would have. We don't is due to our culture me. I want to support that did not vote might be whatever
guess what I'm rabble universe? Where would we be where we are working on that? Because you know why you know why? Let me clarify what you say, but they will not get what channel that have already. That's what I'm saying by whatever that we would all be pulling up the only garlic. What would the will, what flag will have more votes? Sometimes more did As you know, there's only do eloquent what what? What those then we all got to support Culture, man, like you, don't they're go get us the lobby suit you don't like me like we got us a bore. You can't get a thief. I beseech you can have you.
That's the way you can ever make your view. Rescue reference devolve is almost that's why I've thought about that. We got Molinari when we come back. Let's get into a joint. Don't know. Is the breakfast club, kimono kimono, everybody's d, J envy Angela YE shall lead me to go beyond the breakfast club friends in a room and I would say, leave it a fourth member
represent Noriega into building funny that very like the coolest person, but you have issues where everybody is somewhere rebar like that. I look at me like that. You would everybody worry me. None of you, like everywhere, we always use no devil by a man about wages. Were the story of the shooting out a radio station, rational use? You know it was not always in a sustainable pseudo. Title of you ever read it while they do rat actually Indeed, I would go away. I gotta ramoth. They I wasn't there, but if I was to be a lot more guns goin off than it was guys what they can't they can send me. The Jeff
They are really wasn't on they Bambi from every radio station the time, I do have a good story for Brussels. Them is because Russell actually My saviour like he came to the members. What this station didn't exist, that's what they would, they will act building a station and Who came was let go you can't go, they add I'll drop in that light the or that we and I had a radical grimy, which was about to be number one classic bad. They pulled every radio station. We re all stages. I went from be bought to be number one to like number, nothing right and then you know, Deb downstairs to stop because they like hell, we gotta get our money back from so while around who came and he he actually got me off that they told me that you can accuse him for certain that he was You know that vat, it is weakening, told him about idea, had attacked. Gazing pity some time for not play in his on every avenue year.
It was terrible. I mean honestly, slander programme directly actively do that and if you have any idea, what about that Joad isn't a gentleman Jos Y know. Why did you know what, never had to go that far because Joe had artist, I was always a person that met me kind of like me. If you don't make me you and you judge me or would you hurt? You will never message of that. What have you actually mean? you'll, be like all got ecologists. You know these guys goal likings ginger. He likes ginger legs out of you meet me, it's it's done at the window, but- and I have to do I had to go as far as Joe because he had torn here, Remy more. He had all these other artists is identical. I just hate- I hate, like you, know that guy haven't. I call a dj like to tell you the truth, like I can't I right twenty years in his game, ah at its niche audience fold
acts anybody for money audience. I did what I had to do us data the process over drop out method. Twenty years? Why do I really got a whore you like and listens? Far one you like you, don't gotta play the single farm, one you like this border Oji, born on Zan Oji gonna, be I that Mugabe's? If I don't need you and you don't need me and we get together, that's as a force to be making, because you can view straight without mean that straight without you put together, we make us I'm crazy. You know Zap Nelega present viral moment. Ok, I'm in Amerika tat all drink chance, ok, what they re. My yes, I allow wasn't. I wasn't ready, Does it really that face as a big? I lose the lad away over the line that I think is a fund any major, as that would ignore, ignored
big ass. I listen. Listen! The boot rectify this guy drink chance. We know of acid people. Do you like? look in an abandoned Adelaide, Eddied ass. You get so lucky that big seized his soul like she saw open. Get away with this, and I look at it. I think so. I looked ass their yo. I hate accidents as she goes. Ok, what does the US? It is a famous question. I can't see if you look ass, easy put his head already know. There was no I'm seasonal drinks, s theory of what's up so that the Ouse CARE is needed to eat. As is there, a man I tat. I was not ready because this Israel,
I see the very disease dreadful media, big bent over what are your come on. You know what I did not get also, thereby sacrificing Mary right when I came out of the week of the air made us goes supervises like their free, fair and I wish you'd as you were here Ah, yes, my family,
now argue lies in reverence, were evacuated. Answer the question of you because our mouth for the European Army, I grab the outcome of a big overlay, you're doing a thing what words with which we know that these thou right now in connection with the other day. You know, why are you? Are you gotta get my thing about you, Dorothy resources? Now we was gaunt musical, do like the assets of love and hip. Ok, guys resolute, but we still do it well. Jean Valjean, like people really Gordon nine months to wit, and things like that, but ass, my wife right dear nary, a noise meant debate and is now think along a solution that I say I'm about assured
I just want. I lose my friend to gun, violence, recipes that that was real with my son just said, you know, I'm saying I don't we we got to protect our children and our children got to protect their their brothers in a youth, but again the author. Gotta. Have me five. I e is outright people, don't know a foggy is, does my apartment it I lived in an and left city ninety some of these thirty forty seven avenue when I was broke so when my hunger they started to do when I thought the right is I was I was, that Hungary since Bobby. So that's the reason. I said, I will go back to fibre meant mentally. I will know, since this is what it is. Actually the embargo is over, you know holds active. You say he was lassie, so devil out. As I know who watches everything you address in ages out the blues I used to betray me you actually for fast. And ass. It were, and now tell me yesterday, he's with Bobby
so imagine we will all save all of it. This requirement has bad Joe Nursery J, J, Holly Molly guacamole. Does a man mademoiselle, math lobby, go get it man they support. An orgy of personal data is gained twenty years. They dance. You ever. Do my lovely white muslin here why it is my promoting right now would with guns and shoot? Isn't it isn't that is going on? We have. We have grown up right now and honour or even season to come on unless he sees into commissar yes or look after that, Grand Rapids that ok, devil may well. You know this is. Private carbon. A morning data Amy Charlemagne God annually you'll wake up in the morning at the cross out and you too big. Let's go get. Do we gotta do invest? We got into a radical reform programme due to permanent percolated quantified. You know it was more difficult Imelda. Why that risk?
What is the breakfast envy? Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the bread for glad to allow the Buddha Happy Monday. Yes, a lobby in a minute and happy by later Magro Paris. It was her birthday yesterday, Peres who works of mean readily elaborately, was yesterday obstacles above a Babby birthday, Diarrhoea Dante murmured. I once hosted argued. I had made a bright idea that I rely of our lives. We got their powers in itself when it had just come back from us or another. I just did a number two to be proud of, but you gotta clean or you can now allows going over your all bad one time. Ok, they seeing as we are being called a wholesale look, is a really message you're, not my hotel room, Phillydelphy three anyway, Levin YA pairs works at me. If you want to say they gone her page pears and guy and put the due to emotion, wouldn't hurt party had one when our call due to the people of the nose to make. I d call a second time new, like all we're. Just
from the outset, disgusting arm a method of the patent, is you really did let into the whole backing with where do alone, give a low fought, ass gas complaint? We gotta find only formal way, little rather proud. As again happy birthday, we got it boy, you gotta, be borne day. Let's get you, the room was a total. Allow. This is the woman report on the breakfast club, where there were some pictures of la lie and you re out together. There was some speculation, whether on a date with going on, they were new. Orleans turns out that she is gonna be playing Kiki and in and my feelings, video, so There you have a key lies:
be playing around. While I plan to keep you she's allow, it makes sense, but should obviously be the video we should have been reopened, he's not play. Maybe she is playing Kiki when you guys doing now resentment now. What about all the other one name, one s own? What about him? that they don't get no love. We haven't seen any to new ideas, but I'm in love I think that one of our key, what are the names he armies, only dances kicking, and I therefore is for an ever stronger or women. Salute them. Just remember: Falada Glassdale I may I make that if it Lena weight is gonna, be executive, producing a higher anthology is Claude them. Now that is I'm interested in you know how is my favorite John, when I was on the plane going to allay over the weekend. Whatcha horror movies, that's what I do and among the plain and I've seen like every single harm will be. Did they have on demand on the flight of language, which was no movie water, plane crash, and while you wanna police, I will find a destination mammy absolutely
anyway. I just was watching what are happy birthday. Sour is cod M and it's gonna be for Amazon. So congratulations to hers me dleam! I want to be in a harem will be adding Babby so exciting The agreement we ve gotta going on. You did a new deal with so time last week was she'll, be creating and developing comedy and jammer projects, as well as to and the chaise coming back. I ran up I D Be- has announced upcoming projects. Upcoming projects within Instagram live and even though she's not doing that Bruno Mars. Twenty four hour charismatic sources They home with her baby, still has no music anew new videos coming out. Here's what she revealed- honest Grandma I did the ring music video. We Killarney covered the goal we now say five months pregnant. Let me put it out. I don't know beginning of all use or lake piano. All these, but you're normal put it out like us. Add. The features were hard is our no. When they're put the musical
gonna have a project? Can we now in the four we have an intense discussions behind the scenes about coffee beans. You she had bought a leaf Our car me personally. I'm just trying to figure out what she bought for sixty four dollars. I walk off and, as you know, we boycotted while he asked. Why are we going to widen the gap? Is the big question love to high low, shocking Samantha known? And if you don't know it was you posted a world father statement? Was she took a million dollar divided cobblers you'd been sixty four out of their web of she needs? No, we work on web last. I there. You have it, though new music from funky become out soon. I, It's because you six nine was on with Andy Martinez any talks about a lot of different things. It was a really sing interview. He talked about the whole situation. Jumping out of a moving car to get away from the kidney. Where's. He talks about selling drowsy tells about Rikers Island. He talks about his father. Passing away, here's what he said. I am, moreover, him well more you they want. It happened, No, they re like away with a block away, and I was there I got like I've got to see him.
I would just like to tell you that is on the floor. Legos broad day, thirteen disaster, in my God, save him myself. Rather like an hour before that their eggs, meaning supermodel innermost? I no longer just go, never came it now. Yes, it talks about being at the breakfast club. I want to give a disclaimer before we play this. I believe that we bear him up here, but he believes we did here's what he said. One the interview with with Charlemagne was the Bosnia's learn and Angela em and envy envy look, look, look, look cool! This is right. We have three grown That's supposed to be leaders of our community right- and I understand is all about ratings- ran. Understand is all about. What's the most controversial was the most vile, what's gonna pop, but being three adults?
baseload kid. I kids, a liar. Sixty six that he's a liar is arguably bathing. He's so tell me somebody that if they don't change their life down, do not stop him by briefly go end up in jail. Data's bashing them now tell them to stop telling them to cut it out. Like a fairy. Not once did we back six nine larger, believe nothing like none at that level. Everywhere, adults, I'm an adult on forty. By John, the organs of economic among adults have allowed, but I can't believe I can't believe anything. He says because he is a liar. I bid enjoy immunity is alive, but we do have not be talking to prove it. Isn't it and I didn't feel like he was- we were bashing and we might imagine as six nine in the least bit advent of you got like thirteen million view ya aside for yourself, you're, no good aware we deny balancing. I know that he was back in us. No I'm kidding about major. I was simply drawn Adele six, nine out of you
changes, ways you end up in jail. I end of day arrived and in all, rather we saw what had happened. He talked about that an interview. Do you like there what I did not get it, thereby? Yes, let us now any also says I shall meet me. I told you so yeah dear arranging them. That's bashing, you MA am Angela yea, and that is your room, a reply all right. Thank you. Ye China, we'll see. That's my everybody else to people's choice mixes up national, it's time for our politicians to answer to the people, and that means you sustained political. Your questions for our panel enjoyed as weekly for political ends hit podcast how the hell are we going to get along? I'm home clay, icon and each week. I'll put your questions to a new batch of your favorite comics politicians and abundance today have what it takes to get us to twenty twenty one find out Thursdays with new episodes. Listen to political, how the hell are we gonna get along on the eye: heart, radio, app apple pie, gas or wherever you get your podcast from
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