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Melissa Mccarthy and Azealia Banks Interview and more


Friday 5/11 - Today on the show we had actress/ comedian Melissa McCarthy stop by for the first time where she spoke about the roles women usually play in Hollywood, her worst stand up performance and more. Also instead of Charlamagne giving someone the credit they deserve for "Donkey of the Day" we had Azealia Banks stop by (who Charlamagne once gave "Donkey of the Day" to) where she spoke about why she once supported Trump, Cardi B, and made it known she is still not happy with RZA. 

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your PA guests, I hire radio and tv mobile know that twenty twenties graduation will the unlike any other in history. So to celebrate all of the graduate we ve created a new pod cast called commencement featuring inspiring speeches from the biggest names in music, entertainment, philanthropy and more here from John Legend Cash and many many more listen to our radios. New pod cast commencement on native teeth and stay tuned for tee mobiles upcoming toss your cap challenge on Tik Tok to show our support for the grass only from T Mobile. So Jolly gather like a mega yeah. Just plain less press round have recently joined a breakfast club, say some good body do as they hold you: Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo. Good morning, easily Minorities AMD Charlemagne, the guy who's did a planet in fraud fraud. Yes men, we get it. Finally here, but a great weak as it has been a very weak and that we in the newly scrounge password has now we have to people joining us this morning we have as their banks. We have a value. Banks drop unopposed. Basel iii. Banks explains that people who was there you banks is, if they don't know, I'm sure it made under the Addis from Harlem. No, she toiled internationally on a lot of people focused on. What's her did the thing she says more than her music sometime, you still have a cold like following of of France. Rapporteur music right she'll, be it is more than a mere united sunset, a picture of you guys. Yesterday I never met the young lady, so you never met or you want to do. We have a relation
through texan phone calls. Ok, yeah we never physically met in also Melissa Mccarthy will be joining us. She has a movie out this weekend is called life for the party I come out today. I never met Melissa Mccarthyism formalism. Cod is worse: sixty million now you're bird first thing. You look up on you when you first come and see the number two eyes paid actress in Hollywood believers and analyse mill, Melissa, get through money. Mccarthy, gotta gifts are quite slow. I came. I think it is innovative, because yesterday I was not here at the leave early I had to do. It is made any you act panel, but the city of New York and then I suppose, the essence at frightened ass, where they presented coming up this year, where advertisers right. So I got to learn a lot about essence magazine in other essence best. This year's tab- you gonna, be like the biggest one ever report moves Mccall Guiana covered nervous marks another over it ass, his first salt- oh, I know so because it's not a black will do a lot for black women in essence, is definitely a staple for us.
communities. I was honoured to be their hosting thereof friend. Yesterday I had a great time- and you know the new owner of essence is rich Dennis who used to own shea moisture, and he was up here before, and people are giving him a hard time for an add that same oyster had put out, and then they were. Matters were yeah dramatically. Resolution added Richelieu data, for this is an amazing car collection like light, and then he always old same way. Forty fifty may now let me call action so mad. They were like how could you sow say my stairs for black people see out people sell out, but anyone boy avenue in border and started his own venture capital fence are actually invest in other company. For people who are doing started. So that's what you do and you have a business. We have a business. Sometimes you sell your business embodied by another building and talk about what he was doing at the time, people that he just cast
Who cares what blue of pleaded cares? What people think I'm EVA character? They had an emotional connection to the pride of shame. I just Eddie. They didn't care when I was afraid you just so that he saw them in that. You put a bed ad in the Atalanta why people have said about the as yet, but that's what he's posted on business will to build your business up to a certain level and then sell it. Inhabit, Elysium, keep doing more business and in helping your community more more modest proposal. What I am going to act together to come up here before essence fast and just discuss everything has been going on in his new ventures, the biggest very interesting stuff. You have an idea, hit em up and pity Tom everyone, I'm nice cars when it comes to pull our respect because he Harlem shrieked too
pressure that he would show you enough to selling Shea butter should aim waste, actually wasted, imprisoning that efforts are needed in about. Let me apologise to all adopt trucks and garbage men are their argument. Apologia through bar highlighted passing them travel dumb travelled. All you ve got a bar. Barbs cares about about that. He was a bad, no garbage jargon. Email me unhappy and in no other people are work. Sanitation was on my way to where I was cut them of left and right. They would give me all types of fingers but look I gotta go. Did you.
Then why do you get around garbage? Gorbachev, don't play them. Damn garbage ups, a stab in the middle of the road in a command nos three and five minutes. I am you mustn't, never see me, DR! I don't play. I don't care about my car. I closed my eyes. I was doing all its. I wasn't eyes. Baggage re absolutely need around about. Let him know I can't see was gone off. If you put a garbage sugar for me, we won't be here because we will crash into each of and learns aims at its anymore about the way. But let me apologetic that's why we're off hand? Sometimes I just gotta pull over to the right. You know people elite and you know tat garbage, okay, the zero to sixty in nine second. So just move over to the right problem include, above all a garbage Menard Day. We shall see how to organise a covenant. Annotation like sanitation, work, I've gotta do I gotta do assholes like dj because they were ginger. I can't say, holds no Jesse that you know you.
My aim is: what do you know what a diamond get his day with little? What are we talking about me? We're gonna be second about waffle housed. Another incident really broke my heart watch, and this is just too many things happening a while for house no more passes for what I have to tell you about a young man who was coming from the prom and things ended terribly now. This is how who remember his prom night, all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive voting. Everybody is the jury, envy Ashley Ye Charlemagne girl. We all the breakfast club was giving some front page news. Let us talk about what happened at waffle out now. I hope you guys are this video. Yesterday now the video is of Anthony while he's wearing a tuxedo and he's adding outside the North Carolina Waffle House, and you can see him being slant up against the glass and thence slammed onto the floor, choked
just a lot of excessive force and he's as screaming to get your hands off of me. Listen sue! How its hounds unrecorded he's not supposed to tell you about me here to tell you about it Unfortunately, I thought I video Anthony why twenty two years, I can guess what he was doing he was coming from. king has sixteen year old sister to the prom, so he was his sixteen euro sisters. Prime date, he took it whilst warehouse afterward, he got into a situation with one of the employees cause. He complained about customer service and apparently they. It wasn't anything physical though ploy, are the police. If I would expect customer service serves, waffle
that is, I think, anything at all and yeah yeah. That's a complaint and the costs absolute point of one of the best one of the experiences. When you go to Opera house, you will complain about the reserves. There will not us, not old, shorter life wells and he had his hands up at first when a cupful tomorrow at his hands of the cop grabbed by his neck and terminal land, am against the glass really high, disband his head against the glass. Now he says that he was pretty much China scream for air and trying to breathe, because holding my throat and that's when I got aggressive with him, because you are choking me, you know said he was fighting the office there, because he his arms, were in the areas of limiting the businessmen what you might have to fight offices bag. You know, why did you feel you frightened real life right unless you? What there's I'll put you in chokehold in all kind of UK? If only you, the matter is no actual, diving biology will have been shut down. Reality fight back for your life that survival and its reaction, and let us not forget what happens. It's a Chiesa cap Clemens when she with a laugh a house also remember you guys so that we know where they had her on the ground and then he was basically
choking on her and her heads hapless slipping often she was China Cover has self up, and he told me that he would her arm always leaves us is asking too much of human beings and a reason asking too much even be as its goal come avoids. I'm William Beings a viable and things are going kicking and can be fight of light in the start of his rank. They'll find bagged yelling. I know by the blame which ourselves that a fair fight they have guns, they have back up office and with which I don't want anybody to get killed. You almost got up and everything about this, and I do so much so now. I work unless we all have to make sure we are fit, because the weighty, the weight at cop mania today, young man, s but my choke initiative- and I would have been done- is that what you are young lady, like you, did his Chiesa Clemens? You rightly does not work and get now bodies right in being just as strong signal can be told us around, like your abuse in your prowl. Absent, is only a matter of time before the people are fighting back and club bag and you're gonna buy two billion back away. There was a second police officer involved in this as well. So I says that I,
I've, but I do believe the wifi has needs to actually speak out because they haven't said anything, and this is happening at waffle. Houses for people really go to wipe. It has all the time for the patio pleaded how to house is way better than the one it why everybody, when a boycott star best bet, you guys, should be also boycotting lawful house right now, I'm sort of Rio Wendy going to get an austrian special, become so dangerous, of all I got out and out about it we could add Robin months corners. I commend we gotta hothouse ale, oversized good about my ought only to be going nowhere for half an hour. I need only way, but we now have a house or how to how just duties are often Georgina with. Yes, it is run off exit thirteen in early. Ok, you design, or even if you are raising you ve seen at him one of these videos, then you need some actually may shadow. As the house they they need some training facilities not hard not to go to war
you none of the. Unless you're out three o clock four o clock in the morning people I will state level the last front page news get it off my chest: eight hundred five, eight five one five one of your upset, you need event, is up right. Now. May be had a bad night bad morning, whatever it may be, hit it off each other to breakfast locomotive breakfast. Is it your time to get it off? Your chair of the young man from Luanda breakfast on your law allows as worded bird, but not your lamp tray without negative features: Rome II, C, M, Encinas, many legibility, Oklahoma, land over magnitude, our very boring. I saw two men, eight inches legibly, dismemberment duty body parts in the river at work, vulgar emigrated from normal probation that both carry weapons, but at this point they lived and people if it really bear the difficult with or without it added pointed prepare your above, your family member, the, U N, o king lot easier to conceal refer me come on now, even the Carolinas. You know you can get some government to carry your money, even the convicted, where life along we haven't been on paper, are all gain them. As various me saying, I don't know a happy in black men lose our numbers. Would like more information on swift, I'll find out. You know what we thought into paying out. It's got a legibly when economic, an American ready and at a great gruff, yes, Oughta sought an article circulate Non so that everything and murder and dismemberment of two african american men over a gun sale gone wrong yet drawn Morland and remind Psmith. I'm a registry Lozada, really downloaded deeper, Rita Board Umbrella, I bet but deadline or what they Mama AIR had mother day everyday mother diameter. That dog had got Yolanda allay mom. I love your Mamma to Brown right allows. This would have meant a man was a regular feature was gone or Europe put on.
Brutality. Men never happened to me, but it was once I waited with two officers to wider. They told me over like of dark early, so they actually for my life. As you know, my registration Blackstone like nor can I go to my club department. Thou know what they do and they was. I dunno I report all over my now there was a girl. Could you made a turn on my MAC? I called and then give me back my little registration that took all brown devil. No only way like I'll give a mandate,
nay I mean there's a man in my anxiety kicks in whenever the police get behind me. Please give I'm apple on one side of the road. I pull over to store all running. I oughta one in Iraq. One and you know I always knew that a whole necessary that a Kentucky. Please detective, a woman went to go report arrayed. She was sexually assaulted and you know what happened that Kentucky. Please detective allegedly offered to drive her home and then he ended up raising her again, oh my goodness lodgings, whereas others toady joint oarsmen them it s. The only way, my words to say just make sure you get home and you can do nothing about it when you locked, but they're just make sure you get home. So you saying that we need to fight
Are you need to make sure you get home cause? Those are going to be one of our may make she get all what you gotta make sure you live in. It are made of it. If you can't just choke somebody like day out into much, did we watch everyone, a brother name Anthony he got to overcome their window and guide the cop. What his own run of immediately reaction with design backlashes was gonna, have nine does not now getting is a wasn't even nothing violent would happen inside a wife has its disagreement over customer service burnt. That's not a reason for you to be slammed at choked in, but
a young boy, don't expect customer service. I walked com or merely comes back customs service anyway. You now want. Yet what do you do with wig loves wording of January? We do that eight hundred five, a firewall or five one- is to breakfast global moon. The breakfast club owning down down and get it over with you on the breakfast, but there's a lot of Yellow Tiger Montague of each has room. I've always thought about that video, You know that what our twenty three all guy up while yet be happier. I call members neighbours, They are dead, Machnik Yankee badly, like the man you know last month by the back. Twenty thirty bought outlook lives off the back in favour of dialogue, he'd have attacked the pipe is like you know, there was a street Risa said: rob there, so you know you can't keep having gone. All man might have got it.
Niagara what you mean pussy, I'm telling you they asking too much of us is human. Being God, natural instincts are going to kick in fight back right. We going to start fighting back. It's just it's just ridiculous at this point: hello who's this in writing. I was on a map my guy. I know every area been a while ago, as a garbage truck driver right. I was listening at your own, show the respect of the garbage people, I said this morning I was dependent on us and I respect your guy. That's why I apologize dipping into now you'd illicit and what I'm saying I am were you when you want a round of garbage goal nice and easy, because sometimes the people that work on a bad? Sometimes they walk into a glove is shocking. I mean I've seen incident where people are going so far as the garbage. The almost hit one of the guys that you know me get a well and they not expecting.
a holes like dj envy to be drunk trying to drive around water on the blacklist, re society, no people ran and I had to get around to get to work. You will see the need to work like you have a lot of drink like you know we're trying to get the gun in a timely manner and some people partly of car in front of the garbage. Can you get it, for we have to do those type maneuver just to protect the guy that, on the back, man die need to be like that. I love love. You back from european vessels emulated. Making different. Now when you driving around a guy, like you, don't do that was late, I was at work below this amount, more general features as all right, how Charlemagne their ignorance about the situation with the care of the wild about whereby every thought about it,
That's what I love about. Yes, I would tell much I'm gonna go to our noble. What are you talking about? Eight other all point out: we boy got allows. No, we need to be about us out ever get out. What are you talking? I well my ignorance specifically say these cops asking too much for us and we start fighting bag. Is Colombia issue Alvardo lap? I bet he was you notice is not the first incident waffle outward and I didn't our little boys into Gonna walk out. I don't go to wipe out unexpected customer service, while our government services trash yet another reason not to go away. You better go anyway cause was warehouses while, while the only been washed his hands when it can you fools, they don't wear gloves when they can you. Firstly, we'll talk about his wife wiles when have you ever going to. Having got great customers are mysteriously. No, you have
you will call her Mamma. I get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, a firewall or five one of you need event. You gave to submit any term that you ve got rooms on away aware. This is crazy story about. We are going to talk about detail, producing whose work with people I drank with Khalifa Beata Daisy is being accused physically and sexually abusing upping. Being female artists will tell you what they had to say all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, you locked the breakfast Club Moon breakfast right morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall lamenting I what I'm alive and he Google, and how to house rob one or even open way. Now I'm hungry is a shared as we can go to wipe the house, a beggar, the only guy grumble when a multitude of Agamemnon within assorted go into a new jersey on the game autumn, Arrivals Eurasia, but now I'm starved Lay Hungary s all right! Well, let's get through MRS Talk detail producer
with handling, it is clear that the allegations are horrific details of music producer. He actually Cobo and produce Lithuania Single how to love. He has a did at junk love or beyond, say we than boys always Khalifa, Martin allotted if an artist and he's now being accused of raping and abusing two female artists, One of them is a singer. Her name is Christina above and she says that he raped her back in February after a recording session in Miami enforce it, sex with him in front of other people? He got violent last week while they were at the Malibu Beach in and she says he forcibly grabbed by the hair, hit and choke a bit her lip during it am she. If a bruise on arms head back and legs, then I cannot his name. Peyton, actually says that he made her and Christina his sex slaves and she considered him a mentor and the industry, but he told her the business was all about sex
according to these documents, you see. He walked in on Peyton taken a bath enforce it have sex with him in front of another producer For us, it is take nude photos, while he masturbated and also forest. Record him having sex with Christina. She asked says that he guy violent and slammed her head into a wall and dragged her up. Light of stairs. Now, according to DMZ, these women requests, request, restraining orders and adjusted grant them. The details of this detail case accrues now be very regular, posted glad these women came out. It's scary. He tried to with me, but I literally ran out of that studio com. Bits. a single Jesse RE as talks about one night over six years ago, where he tried that on her as well? And she also says that the site that she has about a gatekeeper,
actually about detail check it out again ran your legs, may not be famous you'll come back now you re governments. We may rather case dont, you know, don't soon was my leg, so may not be famous. You know how the dreams agencies three million dollars in a car girl tie hair up? If you want to feed store Lloyd by who calls himself a gatekeeper, his trash, because you, not God a lot into their God and like they can grow
bless and Jesse Ray is posted. Fear is a real thing. The girls that came out our brave as house he said I didn't know what to say or who did tell here somewhere from her song, was famous waves of lobbies down on your face when he was so famous girl on your knees, don't you don't you want to change? nothing about industry. Now, then there are no gates but away an honest, Cyanogen Jesse's Dope NEWS, though I know how it is. In other words, it is now just what I just heard she sells. Don't I've always ask how it has been going on for so long ass. She was talking about an incident over six years ago and now she said she was scared, and so is it
these two women coming forever other people to fill brave enough to come forward and how these stories as well listen I'll, never see, detail adieu, my life, but when I saw him yesterday, I will say to produce outlook in it. He's gotta reapers face. You know he recently also had a lawsuit against Drake, saying that his security beat him up. If you guys remember that president over the air they broke his jaw November, you gotta, really reproof reaches, but what the shade on and a big black eyed of like brought you up to you, look like a loose shifty repeat, so You people look at individual only. I commend these women become avoided in having this trend to tell the story of their out it's a little late. You steal what happened there. Let's do it allow me as a union that is your room are reported all right. Thank you miss ye. Now, when we come back, we have a special guess. What us? Yes, as the other movie that can lead to dig our life at a party life of the parting she's, the second highest paid
Chris and all of Hollywood she's been in bridesmaid she's been on now she's done of female. When I realized the female goes off, my support two years been a female when they relaunch do not serve, but when they realise a relaunch of bodies on you. As you all know, what becoming out your mom. Who are you flirt with meat? Is more Melissa, Mccarthy he'll be here and would also when we come back said, move at the breakfast table morning morning, everybody, is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club, the Ouse pursue guess in about in you might know her phone. I've made on course, posters or even own as NL moment
the bulk of the aid to the money, Mccarthy, normal Harry or fifty million dollars you. Why are you going to talk pay wandered in Hollywood days? You can locate where that money. Is that what you just? Let me know when, like a coders, obligatory labelling that work confuse, you learn, you go looking to go with them when I just get off from my mom's, like all my gear is possible, my possible, that's it as a vague, but your own pay women in Hollywood, its is quite aware, I don't know who's, guess what, but I'm just shocked. Everytime I get I actually get paid. Someone lets me to go to work using okay. If you're, at the end of the day, Will we figured it out? I'm always slightly waiting for some rebuilt. Wait a minute wait a minute women were on. Do you think I am
always the one that you know about the minutes, Dogan Euins, whirlwind agenda wage gap is so real how you been able to get over it. No, no, I mean it's a weird Emily think it just shows Pfeiffer link with the subject is I'm not you now get good people fighting with me and I think is. Finally when I was like I will say: no, I think that was the biggest, which is always terrifying treasure for somebody who couldn't get work for twenty years. When you're. Finally, like I'm gonna, say now and walk away unless it seems right in there, which is, then you go trying your car. What did you do that? when you think they would still seriously. Let me know where that is now immediately.
Pretty early on. I was like you know: it's a funny thing, it's a! U can't make a jump from like almost nothing, and I was always I oh wait when you finally make the jumped that everybody you always hear about where I found there was a risk of weeded out. There wasn't crazy, but I just wanted to be fair, like what's embryos on it, making guardsman even it out so It worked paid off the. What made you come to his shoulders. Rinkitink show. You know we will be as misery and even where you, what made you familiar nobody's listening when you need someone. Might you know? Maybe now we re really was yes. I listen show but, like stars, everybody else in the world a more okay. We normally yeah. I think I really believe being aware, it is, it was my only link to it. I dont know what data right. I did actually
yeah. I started to Santa when I came to New York and am like clueless dumb bitch travelling, probably good cause. It's only reason. I got up and stage some music. Oh, do sand upturn. I am like a right. That's it! No prep, no, no common sense about among those twenty- and I was like I didn't think about like already gonna write. Winning and scientists have jumped up and stage Would you now, I believe, there's no way. I pity chicken butter, Mozart, work, shoulder and fatal says you didn't write anything so so many another good, there's a heckler. I didn't. I What to do like a mean show? It was not because that can't be funny, because it wasn't my thing of telling with long weird stories and am It's pretty we're starting out. You only have four minutes somebody that activity job olive oil
What are you wanted me to move when we learn that ways but meet that guy in a different? But then I was in every single club to the point where just like all is that Were a woman underline? Oh, my god, I gotta get this thing. Are you seem incredible, but there is always a lincoln every comedy, which is why subduing stand upon every comedy club always had somebody that was like just yelling crazy saffron MIKE Guess it's the guy in the corner alone at his like a drink and then you have to, but you take two minutes of your four minute time till I and he really was usually never going to shut up until you kind of eviscerated and then once you get that mean with somebody which I didn't want to do in the first place, then switch I can do it still anyway. I'm walking that, like I just said awful things about like his family, while he's alone you're never going to find happiness, hate the crazy thing
but more can doubt later to make their switch back. People like he's got a means to link. Then you MIKE, I didn't want to do that. And where they were guided negative other clubs with it love you can go to see. Women taking two thousand club go wig and, like weird, like I looked, I look kind of club condition. Was it like I think it was just anybody who walked up to that. They probably didn't. I was gonna punch from that they would they ve. Probably yelled at it, but it was, I kick absolute consistent wishes was always a sport They come MRS Locatelli TAT you might know of bridesmaids ghostbusters or as the now now. How did you lose so much weight? You lost what seven, if I beheld I feel. I was also like over five years that, like three weeks ago, why? Why do you work at it when I do get surgery,
all the workers, a third because it figured it would stick, has think I don't know how they just wanted. I wanted to change it without leg, United Anna. No, I think everybody so is a kind of working on something, and I wasn't thinking distress and just you at slower and stop constantly trying to be on something and then it s actually work better deservedly like I'm did not do as in do this, and only during this do it like, instead of the crazy plan cause internally to think about it, like I think, controlling breathing all day like more teen hours, and you go that's crazy right. So I was like I'm just gonna like Mellow out give myself a break, and after had kids are issues like. I can't I have to be realistic. They could second its angrily fast, but I feel of me. I feel great, a very rare and Hollywood to delude away natural. Well, I just seen one I I I don't know I'm to chicken meat
maybe being check if you're going with I'm a very for now, I'm not afraid moment, but just as it there's gotta be well, if I wasn't rushing it isn't What's a hurry guide and working out? What's that we all die to work it out yet Endlich stop stop freaking out of US apple. Yet the crazy things like hell aren't better work, Two amazing looking people idling all that suffer respect, be fighting each other and women's would be income parents are I found there's just like I'm done with it, I'm done with it. I like it. I think when you free cure freak your mind out worry about stuff. That's not you'd like you're you're, not gonna have ever get healthy, or you said you met your husband, they ve been Falco. The director in writer yonder. My three films gather the difficult balance and the personal and professional you. How about who were is great? Really,
That is how we met. We met at the groundlings, so he was my. U was my favorite person to write with Superfund. If you have any other electronic media, not enough. What am I doing, no, he link with super funny super smart and just like weird and makes me laugh and in we immediately like we became really good friends right away, growlings and we are always the ones like wished. Let's just right together it was easy and fun, and then I was pretty sweet on a morally and then that all worked out and adjustment is easy. With him and sick we get to go to work together. Take were stupid all day, he's like even Stephen, so he's a super mellow guys. So they have that as a director- and you know they're really funny and like watching out, for you would think its per it's like the dream: they never to five, never babe do this. I never have to do. This is always one no problems.
because it's like, oh what about this and unhealthy. What about that and say, Google agreement, but Yelena were both like ah purple that, like it's a fun, it's a super. Finally collaborative zoo ego, I assure you, I think, if you get in the ecosystem, to make anything funny anyway, every other how to perceive agenda to hook up the trail. The country this is now is a sad listen. You label. That was your language five years ago, they worry Robbie right back. I we are more weight, Melissa, coffee. When we come back, don't owes you have the new flick invaded this weaken life of the party. Is the brook welcome owning breakfast? Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club. We have Melissa Mccarthy in the building. You might know how from bridesmaids ESA now goes.
This and now she has a new flick out this week and is calling for the party, MRS Mccarthy's. He a shadowy, my rules when he calls for through you better around like to make another year. While we started, we started Groundlings Heather Kristen Wage, it just kind of crazy. It was a crazy group and where, in that instance, do those together like it sank to beat you don't get paid see you you're there in your working so hard. You got a loving you, gonna love after you, you wouldn't put up with it yet was pretty, is a pretty crazy group. She's. My at me is like. I would say where the top five human creatures that are that funny I've ever met you don't like sweet like all that good his arm in sweetness on top of that kind of funny is like mine. All I had a progressive other form for normal mighta. I secrecy, wig, ok, not just because their friends, but like truly like they're nuts. I think
Haider Jimmy fuck me it's a damn list a school you have, you will call you formula or your big on top down. Even that was I in a one in trouble, for this list Why am I haven't you new movies? It? I gotta be going to have your friends and your husband and habitats thats is really like. It was such a good it such good group like set, which is pretty stupid. Encourages a pretty good way to go to work when you just like between seven laughing long. I've till I shoot at events a pretty good. That's a pretty good way to spend the day, and she is she plays my best. Brendan at Maya and that it was Craig is really any time we get to work together. For both. Busy and she's going to be both have kids cuz. If you don't know, we see each other, so you'll be able to be at work and just hang in and they do this
like me. Each other laugh. What we did when we met with it's kind of a maze here, would talk, Animalism a copy. Of course he has a new flick life. The party out this weekend's you from bridesmaids s a nail, Ghostbusters majors. Talked about how I used to do stand up. Do you think that summit? joke that you did before in Archimedes could do now. I think it the deftly different. I think it's different in. I think it's Definitely good that were Becoming more aware, was bout time on a lot of bread and a lot of friends I think it's how you do it. I think you still have to poke the bear. I think you still have to shine a light and hold a mirror up in. Any that's one of the great things that comedy and stand up can do it's like a kitten. It can poke you. If you don't do it with venom, I think you can actually make
on the situation in what's going on, and do it in a way that might actually make someone realized something. If you just come at someone hard and make them feel stupid, then I think people are in Europe can change anyone's mind. No one's gonna be like like. Maybe this is doctors going gonna get mad at you, He always followed intention. Man leave when you watch all comedy shows back into they might have been talking about leg in old, like topics by long colors vonny. There was yet it has been announced They were. They were the joke like they somehow, even though they were talking about if they wanted to like TAT, about something they put themselves in is the butter the Joe, which immediately makes you more able to like take it in and linked laugh at it really. Maybe this is stupid, its intention for sure I think that when somebody really is like you're trying to it point I gotta get really really want to be free state when that time, and then you got social media people into trying to get attention.
Whereby a viral moment langwidere lagoons day at a show, was something you want to say something to the noble via an in why it's too leg, whoever can be them like the nastiest, in the mean, as that's what My brain just doesn't work that way. Moisture you put like a quarter of the energy and of like you wanna be noticed and like figured out figure out how but just saying really credibly mean hateful things Emily I was the court is a person walk around with all day they justly a miserable thank toxic or the other there is always a you know, Thirty two in the morning light straightened, Pennsylvania newly someone's, unlike their parents, but you know, that's not somebody like. I just had the most amazing day, I'm so happy. Let me just right- quick hate mail like no one's doing that and collect bump Dugan ass. We call it yeah and misery, love company and social media company twenty company, twenty four, seven, three, sixty five. I thought you tell me, wouldn't you like you, ignore your online trolls.
I just don't read any of it like I've, never tried to get better at four. During our legs from Social South chasm. Just like I don't. Wanna have a second improve I'm not gonna like owes so so in in Indiana hopes I died, and I and my group, you know what that's they take that note. Internet imply and think when it so awful MIKE. I'm right with my kids in my family and then I am ok, look I'll, take any creative note or like positive, not pause. It can't doesn't have to be positive, but leg, It's just crazy. Like help you, your family, die in your sleep. Take ok that did not and our message will have visited three levels between you say. I take you to uphold the remedy Jezreel yelled at me to now be like. Thank you. Thank you. So much I consider it. A reboot about goes was yeah a new law Milford job before you have clearly as female know when you didn t, learn anything new about a success,
in Hollywood, when you did it not just the people need Hobbes, evil Did you fill their time with other staff because literally thing like you ruined my life, I've been through, oh my god, like so many, but this was before we started filming just the kind set women. Doing that thing there were so many in, like things online them secure, ruining my life you're, ruining my childhood of events that's gonna, ruin your childhood, I'm gonna guess it was pretty bad to start. When I do I think we did it. I get sexism. Asylum is due to meet a thing. Women can kill ghost something, no one, not even sure. I never really thought about, like it's all vague leg, yeah. Well, I I can't say that people saying that our people that are like
they seem to be really smart and a better really really thought this through Melissa, Mccarthy. Still in a building. You know how from bridesmaids goals boss just to name a few potential. Do you believe in goes, I from a small fought off from the country to ass alkaline. So If someone grown up, I think I set my my great grandmother live with us. And when she passed away like I am, I know that I saw in my mom came upstairs and I was a grandma was in choosing what As a grandma was in my room and she's a you really How can the somebody so? Oh you like said and near ridden scared since carrier anything. It was, Inter Alia, just think where we go. We link, I believe, What does he do? You can be worth. Six may now say: edges are you you are going to be worth now. Do you remember, I know him, I don't remember any talking.
Now that she was in. She was in my room and that, Tal, and I shall didn't feel scary. It didn't my their grandmother passed away and I was driving and I was upset- could shed for you. I was living out here time and just found out like she's, just passed away in his trembling I only drive somewhere where I could pull over cuz trying in the car reached over and is really reach, skits link, her glove compartment and I opened it and out lipped a pic of my grandma while that again, she'd been in there. I drove it out from Illinois. This car I'd not opened my glove compartment, nor I have no idea why and picture my grandma it literally flipped up and ended, ended up on the passenger seat, face up Why can I not opened it? I've had the car for three years so wasn't like we just put it in there cause everything like
Out of nowhere, and I just them when I finally pulled over, I was like a fine. I we are more or less Mccarthy. Will we come back. You know her from bridesmaids ESA now keep alive. Breakfast Locomotive morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We all the breakfast club now from life of the party which is in theatres this weekend, Melissa Mccarthy's in the building Charlemagne are you are you are you? Entrepreneurs will be scorn and a movie. I just met her. I just met her yeah it, Sir she's a force of nature like she's, a fourth good like she sweet honestly funny. So what is the energy yeah you just kind of like? I was just in from like the second matter, my gap, the seems this seems like I'm just gonna be like going to
We start tomorrow, rule I'll wait. Another with leaving others had got out of. My right does not offer a minute that accompany you're doing right. You know no longer drama, sir. How's, kitchen, nineteen seventies, and now we have to take what we take over the hour. Mom, you know nobody's gonna, be expected it. You and me added in a movie. They expected to be comedy and you're gonna drama and now which I cannot love. I think I think a great is such a good, script and Elizabeth MOSS is doing it to adjust its really it's a really cool story, but funny, would otherwise would you give because you're gonna blew up in a similar way. You were bridesmaid our girls trip and I are now you are sixty million dollars a wish. What have we call him? A bird can only advise regular her, not a word. She does,
The EU does not need. She is clear and I'm on a path of like you just feel it in her. When she talks about stuff, we we're going to dinner and had No, she she sees what she wants, how to get it, and I mean that in a really good way of like a work, this wage is also right in her element. I always things will exciting when you find new meet somebody who's, doing something with your way like what, if you weren't doing this like yours, so built to do it and you found it, figured out how to do it. Better than almost everybody else like that. I'm always like I get a goose bumps were MIKE. You found your you found it like him. Hard. I think that's really gluten, nor does it matter. One, it is, can be cooking. Repainting country music. But when you one drop into that users like, is it sir,
citing long ago who paid for dinner yeah? But when we left the direct your play, we just don't walk tat area we have here for revenge is worked out. That's everywhere group on a road about only within IRAN, with somebody got more money than we have been consulting. You do they like wake up like oh, I got it. You got out of it to them I gotta go no known on me. The the black odd like. If we ever got a dinner, I'm just gonna, wait it out again. They're back progress. I know you can use your like. Women of color are women in general. Anyone, but more specifically wanna collagen, overlooking comedy pressure. I think I think for so long. Women in general were always kind of like like the power said. The in the actual characters were given to man, and then
The woman was just kind of there to be like a jack Am I oh Jack, O Tom O Farrell, I sake, there's always wonder, put together montage how many actresses hedges sailor and always kind of a bummer live. Like a fun husband, the wife, so is it Why is every woman, a bummer and strictly Laguna colleague leg? Is there such a void again, it goes back to that. Like I want, I want to see the real world, it's it's take its anear, it's certainly more interesting. When you clean it all up, then you don't take every woman said done perfectly in like a hot mass like butter, to see a story about somebody real willing, you can kind of relate to them either you glad you're, not them or you know somebody like them as opposed to it when it's always like the perfect woman, the perfect outfit, unlike really know any of us,
I'm sure they're out there, my I'd they're, not life like I dont, relate to that so Whenever I use of successful gluten, relate it's been tricky can sometimes it's. We did Tammy. I think the woman whose, like it was our first movie together with Ben in a she was she was a mass barbaric. While the the whole point is she's a mess and just have a lot of lake citizen thinks she's gonna worth a lot of stuff, but people who so interesting. There were so many reviewers that were light so crow crude road tat like one guy kept saying like your grotesque characters knows I ask why what's grow TAT, anything so crude be captured him. A crude crude crude knows can I just ask what you're saying is if I'm agreeing with you- and I keep saying I'm not agreeing with that- is where's the crudeness come in, because we'll just
You know in general, designated gotta tell you: what do you mean by crude and grotesque, as will how you looked like. And there was a good- you say- that to a guy laying a character from somebody who's like a total massive be had like you know, if you like, if you just look kind of terrible because his life was, a pirate MIKE. Would you ever ask a guy that it goes No, it's just that. You know you didn't even have make upon those living there we go rose. I could use a crude and grotesque about that. I just back like field me. Be like. I can't listen any that stuff like you may hate story or like the story, I love my characters because there they are flawed. And they never one. I've ever want to subdue Nixon Those are real women Craig. Did you write his name down and flippity time's up? You will like it, yeah, but I do like Michael, was his name
They did call amount on. This was in front of like forty people, he kept saying that my family was like. You need to explain yourself. if you're going to bring in a rip me apart, like explain what you mean by the time he said. Well, you wouldn't even wearing make up. I was I and I began with you- tell us about life at a party comes out. May eleven May eleven about this will bring your mom spring. Your kid is love ya, I must remember, should have a dual mom and you may want to make some call flowers jobs it. I know it's I loved this movie. It was an error. Surrounded is about I play Deanna MILES. Dropping her daughter off at college kind of You know you're going on second honeymoon egg MA Wife, like really happy life, and in them it was a rhyme and literally the second, my daughters are the car. My husband says like at all of you. I want to divorce while and just kind of rattled.
Everything that I know we had a retired. It's that, like all the sufferers, was to do and it just like. No, it's all the rugs pool out, so Have you have a mild, pretty good freak out? a kind of relays like oh, I was there. I was mom of his wife, but like where did I go like what? What was left for me? and one of the things you really regret. It was never finishing school like me, so I It's kind of based on my mom, just in terms of she's, really positive and decides to go back to school, but she goes back to college, where her daughters attending Sir John, a little like glass you're getting together, but maybe not here I know you, I do for you, wanna go to college. Would you sure you miss? and now I would just like to take like random class I wouldn't go back, but the thought of like which I couldn't appreciated. Eighteen, like sitting here like a history, clatter sitting through anything like an art, whatever the classes I'd be like this is Ray link, I would love to do like random classes.
In eighteen urgently astronomy. You can try to get out here. I feel able to electrical today office in most of the time colleges like that office. We must do whatever you want to do. Something ended. There's that I think I've been doing that. I just got out of hand you want your home investment just wasn't attending class. I was crazy, don't get me wrong. I don't got a funny college. I just I don't learn anything. Now later later Isler, I feel groundlings. Has my colleagues
if they were giving my my office. We appreciate that you will convey is slightly reporting this weekend, ass right, Melissa, Mugabe, your mom in my present. Will you give me alone you're worth a breakfast club, a breakfast about breakfast? So people are, of course, do not when I can to perform in venues right now and and North Carolina. he supposed to be performing today in Greensborough they're saying that if the show is in cancelled there
they are gonna, be protesting standing outside of the arena in protest. So no reason no word on whether or not they are going to cancel that show, but they said that they're gonna keep going so will so we'll see what happens, but in the meantime Spotify I Kelly music from their playlist all of it now, so you can still find his music but if I but he's not on any other curated playlists that they have certainly goes gonna hypocritical is bought a forum where we're going to talk about the second Mattel, both sides of the story. Now they have a new public hate content and hateful conduct policy be open to don't allow them is that they are putting into effect. So this flagship playlist like rap caviar, discovery, weekly or new music Friday, so these other. If in John, whereas a mood based playlist, so they just not actively promoting him, but his music still on Spotify when the same thing with x x extent ass. He on as well are alike. Selective morality of you. I know express more outrage. You gotta have it all across the board, because plenty of people who have you
charges against women and what about the music that actually degrades women you gotta get out now, Kelly. Has his management team responded? We approve is about. If I, for continuing to make our Kelly sounds accessible to millions of people, although it was, apple, listing his songs on its official playlists. They said mister for thirty years, has sent songs about love and passion, for women is innocent of the false and harmful accusations and the ongoing smear campaign against him ways by enemies. Thinking a pay up. He never had convicted of a crime, nor does he have any pending criminal charges against him row. We saw the tape, but you know what, though I am not adding our Kelly's abusive feces wallet things at his door, and what is that? because he was found innocent need, meanwhile about if I promotes numerous other artists who are convicted felons,
who have been arrested on charges of domestic violence and artists. Rights that are violent. Anti women in nature was a selective. Morality is a slippery slippery slope is lead you kid, you no point the blame to people when, as people other people to get worse charges in order me better, been actually found guilty of things nappy sand posted specifies wrong for what they are doing. I dislike. I carry an x x, extant ass. He on they're, not even convict of anything I want to do, and what about the music dead degrees women? What about that right? They see no underground data as guest. Pretty hypocritical. You ask me
In the meantime, though, some people still love. I kelly this woman wanted to announce to her husband that she is pregnant and here's how she did it. I've been waiting to sing songs. You saw little boy a little girl a little you little me girl. It doesn't matter as long as is heard about you know, exactly will be led by women. Have no idea what I'll kill you done, the little black she has no clue. What do you think of biogas? Go so virals near the no clue what I'll kill you download my girls. I re. Well, I'm Angela YE and there is your room, a report to all right. Thank you, museum shot. I guess we given that down, could do ya for after our let's talk about it, which is, does this just be here for after they have a conversation, is have a conversation flouted, our will be all right in his own ranks be joined us next. I will help you throw move is to breakfast level morning of fat. Northern Israel wonders man to Jordan, blouse matter. Labour Charlemagne to tap I've got to make a judgment, was gonna, be on a donkey other day page how you a breakfast club, bridging doggie, the data they dont. You today for Friday may eleventh, is nobody
but we have a young woman in here who is received, donkey, aided they a couple of times over and she would like to talk about it a little bit amongst other things: ok, Missis Hale, you Bank, Zyobites Nothin, like that it must be a special occasion. If you come out of hiding to show your face and talk, I never high, never hiding. I guess I just wanted to wait until I had some music God, you you never been before action. Not ever will never saw the man, and I have actually known each other. The attacks by three years, yes, actually ever made other offers only goes actually met with waste a while. You know I've had my opinion about brings only in what is an opinion about me. Much opinions have been loves, as you
actually do big lot. I think there is a very misunderstood individual and I realized that when I started actually having conversations with her- and I see no one apologize for giving you dog you today, because he told me about a lot of things that by did you give a dark in it at all. Remember he gave me donkey of the day. If I remember correctly, or defending myself to tee, I remember doing at home.
Any area among on Anti. I said something about me and then I said something back when you call me, don't you said something about his wife, what they do now that was that was way after. Oh, I remember when I was I apologize for. I apologise again. Miss Bankes Geology, lanky, Russia may give you don't you twice was once a shallow means. Always given me always Johnny a movie thing mobile, nor one. The move even argue that nine another guy. She would definitely not the donkey ineptitude. Stoka yea and she called me a jig issue in a cool. It's gotta be so you from Harlem, yes, but I don't think a lot of people. I do want to see respect, but they don't support you like an artist Why? Why do you think that is a lot of people? New York. As I was saying, I would, I would say that they didn't they will support you like. I think that they should do you agree or no. I don't agree that they should support me just because I'm from Harlem and
I wouldn't say that people don't respect me. I think there's books about, whereas the support I was the better the prisoners into possession, and even still, as I still think, that there are a lot of people who actually We support Azealia banks very long time. We've been really focused on this. You know narrative of Azealia banks, this music industry villain type of thing. but aside from that, I actually do live a normal life, friend and adds and fans and streams unspotted by Adam play than you do you now? Don't you think somebody narrative, of course you know someone anatomy created. So of course you do you feel the music industry, bad girl, will have happened. Beggar now, I feel. Like I don't know, I don't I say, without sounding really ignorant but suits break free. I just feel like that. Dorky black girl, who everyone thinks is kind of weird,
You did you feed into the negativity instead of focusing on your crap. More sure. Don't we are. It is what gives me about his eyes. She knows what she knew him before. She was dab. No indeed, I think he's doing what about what are? They really died I actually really do. I would make a great, not told you. Will you make a great big personality, you not afraid express your opinion about I'm a great music. You definitely are but being a musician, any music industry and then critiquing other people waited. You do make that he will not one day which, as well as problems that that when I offer my opinion or offer my critique or anything like that, always in a way for me to digest what I'm saying what I mean
Do you like the given out an amusing yeah, yeah ya, wanna goods, Basinger yeah yeah remind me of each other. We want to. We went to the point I would look at each other with which, which is not just waiting to speak and waited to talkest its everything about you or at home, or rather the Guardia this drama? That's what you do it remind me of each other. I think you have your spoke. A sound social media. Now a sorrow. Does he met a union of you? I know that was doubtless they alone, and that was really good. Thank you. Nicky before they are put, you know a good place. Finally, you gotta so violent afraid to say a very banks. The dope are you kidding, people say I'm down all the time. This is what this, but I'm not talking about, envisages people the music industry. People say until all the time somebody Organ Kenya was called me, the future music, not like what what'd. I say he was like. Oh yes, she's got the full package. Salons big me up all the time people like and love and respect Celia bangs why you? U China's health eve on that they don't
Will you dig is just like when you it's? U silently and got them, but you know like they pay more attention to things that you say on so now they lay music. Now they pay more attention to the things you say it I mean yeah, you you ok, so you ve got say you ve got a million listeners every morning right and say: I've got ten thousand followers on Twitter. If I say something to those held thousand people, kind of goes away, but when you guys latch onto the media, lives on sweated. You guys blow it up. Then it becomes a thing Gerda who showed rubato levies. That line faults No one had I been liners a bee, it's not my fault. Could I'll hit you, and I know you don't have to say that saw what I said it itself. Why, as I said it, who cares? If that's my point, Why do people care when it went then, because right, let you can pick and choose what people gravitate towards you put on eight April. Jews. You know a lot of people,
I see people really stressed themselves out in the common sanctions over things that I say- and it's just like that, like I don't think I ever imagine being that in our first, while not pressed, because pressure on another, very anxious girl, some always in some, State of Preston S by, you have a lady of course. Me too. I think because it in you not unlikely, but I think because their people don't get it. Actually, a chance to meet and understand zeal and without a momentum, hideout abundant advantages, as you can tell him. You're gonna set up my podcast and you never stop it through.
I'll, be like every live. Do it and every like hello, hello, hello, got really feel my people misunderstand what they'll never understand you? Could they look at the negative things or whatever you say there still attached, to which you say, not necessarily the things that you do weathers the music weathers to acting. They ve Flash, and I dont know why a lot of my opinions are terrible. You know, like you really should not subscribe to this saying, people? Do you know why it is so attached to somebody people? Let you talk but, as you leave come about but as was even more ill, because you are an artist and we are now is now our now know. Now don't subscribe to a silly banks as if the union's ok, that's it
but they do. You know when you talk about somebody. Favorite, artists, that's what they know, that's what they see. They don't hear the music. They don't see the fashion, they don't see the acting. They see as a basis for this and in ass, with the attached to one and all of a sudden people understand that you can have an opinion today, pick sides and all of a sudden, you sad is everything explaining to me is like people's problems and not as you banks as problem, I can control the people you write. I can only be myself you shot out on their land, money you need to do is look at a very begs, been I like yet ass nice, using the annulled they'll. Do that with the chickens down What's up Mamma is not what we owe their look. You gave me just now. You stood you can't let you know a lot of talk about the shock and talk about. It needs to do Jesus Christ, Don't look at me like that mommy. Now can I can care products to right. Yes, I do
What? What do you think everybody knows you hit me and be like gown? I could tell you bleed having laudably brominated, create these blatant salaries. no a belief was a minute. You, the skin, regional, a run, wherewith lives leaching letting us know. Yes, that's it. That's how Charlemagne and I find it really was. Sharings games again leaves recipe. Didn't we would all kind of don't tell me you're gonna chemical looming over the shut up. God, lifestyle remains, Gatt.
not in oil. A media declare volume far too Charlemagne mixing rhadomancer aiming at a tab under the bed. I we got more. What does, though, you bring for we come back, don't hold is to breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl, we all the breakfast club. We have azalea banks in the building now. Did you really call Cati be an illiterate on talented right? I did why I just that you know and sound really deep. When I look at black women's culture as like a whole thing, right and then you think about the the media, the power that the media has like how the media had the power to get rid of me. The media has the power to make anyone might before fronts in old,
like this, this this is what we are trying to grab Blackwood lose consciousness with right now I think that's it's very concerning to me that this conversation surrounding black woman's culture like chain, as from an oak. Is that a few like maybe two years ago, the conversations running back woman's culture was really reaching an all time high and we were really like discussing in all our power amongst ourselves, and you know beyond they came out with lemonade and like there was this really really really intelligent conversation going on nationally and then everything kind of changed, and then it was like a baby it'll take a router, but in England, I grew up thinking. I think people took what he was born in a group like an all aspects. Let me for every party be that this is a new guide
the rain you gotta, do Renee and you got Tiffany had policing. I had my way about her music in what she wraps about an hour, an animal of unless you d know not ha, I'm just talking about like this caricature you gave it. I mean this caricature of a black woman that black women themselves would never be able to get away with it out. If my spelling and grammar was that bad I became If need be, Manassa spelled like that. You be rag and on our all day you not miss out on whose Berlin Wrong his whole career, and we like the right, but where we're talking about women in so We ve already established at this double standard there. I think that when it comes to, this lack women's culture thing I just don't understand how we go from here say: lemonade, and salon in all of these, like great conversations lack lives matter all these conversations to like this a black woman monolithic go either and I know we're not monolithic but come on.
His delight. Gaudy b, I used to have a video you in the club going crazy to allow as riddles right. That's what made you not like you know, because three daughters, of course, out of my daughter to be stripped she's a businesswoman. Now that's employing people why she look- and I believe that last night, because this is like I don't know- I feel, like you- guys, use everything to like make this light bigger than what it is. yeah of a village. It's like a little like, because somebody illiterate, untilat rats, that's leverage Allworthy, remembering it up, but not just going to bring it up asking is I don't know I don't know. I really want a noble cause, I'm trying to learn more about you. Could I've never? to you at this point, I met you so yeah, I'm say things that term I want to get to the end. I think I just I just don't understand the like. dream lack of clues, it all I've never seen that at the forefront of female rap. I look. I didn't know that standards that at the bar would be lowered, so much so
it is clearly a culture shock like the bar, from the outset lemonade this very, very extremely intelligent conversations alike, but we should have no jobs and whose Michelin, when we talk about young lady from by great that's great, that's great, but when you're talking about this, the male rap thing like bitches that really push their pen I just feel like it's unfair, fair, so like the real institution of female rap. We're talking about this for way too. Honestly, I think you, I think you give cardy be enough free from Let us not go out again a Windsor but love rhapsody. In a barrel of value breaks in a low paying cardy, we would love Anna winds her. I think it would make her feel really good and she, Anna Windsor. Maybe she should put the underbelly and let the baby here
when what we like to think about according to do you feel that way for for male music as well. I don't care, I really don't care about areas have been used to being a studio. I'll call you back in the day back in the day day use the right. Would you have writer adding sale? Oh we'll, just as you do, worked together, Gladwin only, which is talking Roger how those conversations based scattered You understand what you're going to know that you enjoy your love for trot moment they set out. the tax break, ok, everybody give China pin this like love for tromp on me that that wasn't the point I feel like you know before you, president borrower yeah. I feel like this. there was the same on both sides. It, oh no matter who we are voting for the american dream. Is it it? it rests on a systematically oppressed underclass, be it by people latino people, people in jail people. China buildings for us rich, in all, like that's just the name of the game. So either way you go somebody's gotta
in our wouldn't you wanna get a couple extra like thirty thousand dollars back on his hack Switzer, unlike you, go, died away. Now. Put this context. She was saying before would present when he began president. She changed her tomb yeah because it's like our age. It is cheap, the presidency. Now you just you know, I mean like lie just being sloppy, ok cause I'm also in America like I grew up watching South Park. I love the bulls like calling Kim Jong own fat and shore. I think he's like the adults Human like Eric Heartland like. He reminds me so much of Eric Hartman about Part of the reason why I didn't want to both for Helen floods in is because I've felt, like her movement, wishes shrouded in so much like. Why feminism edges seems like we're just gonna go.
this woman to the presidency, and my completely ignore the fact that her in her husband either reason that so many black families are divided. Now, like the Knights, ninety four crime bill, you gave it, I mean that's, why you know people going to jail for like a bag. A weed and done, like than were alike, were forgetting that this woman called a super predator. As you know, she's blatantly like pelts eyes and talk about she's got hot, fostering a bag it on tape. It like edges, I literally talking's eyes like we're idiots in own. I always say that I, like my racist racist, You know me: do I dont like any of that covert like Andrea fell out. I I feel this way about feminism too. I feel like a conversation or the fair This conversation is always very white female centric and age.
Felt like if Hillary Clinton, wine, that which is gonna, be like a win for white women and just like more losses were black women, because that was just gonna, give them even more of an excuse not to deal with like the info. section allergy and all of the different, all of the other women that fall under that feminine, banner or like in own, should be colluded in their further women of color, become, I guess, all inclusive in their movement added. I do they want you gonna, be in our, I mean like we seen it with the suffrage suffrage movement lack women, helped white women get the right there. And then they just cut up left us in our lives. What's the for ourselves, we were the last american citizens to get the right to vote so yeah I guess I guess it's a bit about. You know realising that history can and will repeated cell and the fact.
Donald Trump was a female. Seemingly a political outside. I was willing to take the chance you now lotta people and you put your wondered. If you would like to see a made a mistake vote, what she'd investigative openly did you ever told her it would be like that now. Let also say she likes you like your races, races yeah. by racist, raise what happened in TEL Aviv because you said that you never go back as agri. Here I can't go back to TEL Aviv. Neighbouring countries know oh no one ever country, everywhere. Where there was just looks. Looks looks. Looks looks, went into a restaurant people be like I come in, and they'd be like a hold on a second showing I feel that they needed to go like get their mind together before they serve black people. There was only like we only eight in one restaurant, every other restaurant. We went to the people which is kind of like then in the airport. it was just like you not repeat: the people are I led working for the airline were just.
clearly giving me and my security guard our time. I was seeing a lot of people with Uk Passport why people UK passports is passing through passing through passing through and just the vibe I got was very like unwelcoming cottages, gusts of outrageous slack damn, I'm in here Touche Rather it is gone and the Brown I we got more. What does that? You being so we come back. I must get our joint right now to score Anna Winter in the. Let us know what you think about. It is the matter we are manufactured either of you know if you like Twitter, if you know like tweeted had to write some breakfast locomotive provides the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club, as Eu Banks is in the building, charming Yo bought a reason he was here and he admitted there Russell corroded spit in your direction. You say spin on you, You should give her the now. I still have my Reza ways. You can call me when he's got some money for me,
He had gone out. The other movie together came early this year, love beats lobbies, rhymes and you didn't even want to promote. I mean, because it is embarrassing in all of the dollar, The things that happened around the movie was was really humiliating. What directors gonna throw the star of his movie under the bus like you idiot, but we will do likewise. I were the only ones who suffered you. Gotta man, Russell grow was the one who choked me spare me little bit lands on me like you choke we out, throw me outside of Rome and he gets it. Walk off Scot free and here because they bought the tapes and, to be honest, I didn't have the money at a time, everybody that was there that might have you if you watch the tea added. That seems you test up who's, gonna wanna see a movie in which the director has slandered led actress, aggressive prose already established You and I are trying to make our play, why defending him? Well,
charges against Russell because they bought the tapes and, to be honest, I didn't have the money at a time everybody that was there that night. If you, if you watch the tea added the DMZ testimonies, they're all conflicting stories, everybody was down to lie on Brussels. We have. I was just about to start recording the soundtrack for the movie you know and then think think about that in our leg, goddammit you are like directing fill with Jill Scott. Mozilla banks and reside. You can manage to forge soundtrack trees, You think that if you, if that would have happened, maybe a year later during the whole time's up me to movement, people would have heard your voice a lot of talk as if I'm not like China, like seriously like, I really dont, know about these two clowes. My my biggest thing is like you got my moment up out of my movie and you sit up without having reached the euro, know any better, not and was a girl. I mean you never know now matters that affect any other movies that you try to do just that reputation alive,
the reputation of what happened course it well yeah that was really stupid. Like Youth both of us out of a lot of money. Put me right across Yes now now really the best for your bed now now you and I was out of a lot of money because nobody went to see the movie. The movie flopped, we didn't have a sound tracks, all of the things that we were supposed to get done. We didn't get done, but we time. You know every every time, you're like calling me to go to the studio shops his studio in your cope doubt who rumours czar he's really a dummy. Don't believe any of that in Gaza, banging none shocked, throwing that man. Dad re one self help book. Unlike goes like this. millet anything season
answer me a legend alleged cocoa, allow legit, but a legit, but came so The thing happen: he put the whole letter on Facebook and then he wishes, like oh yeah, Azalea banks and her son. Her psychiatric help Rizzo was giving money into conflict psychiatry as utopian, and he like put that out there as if there was something is against me. Remember, very! Why like why? Why would you like say that produce crazy, but why why when we have a morbid. So what are you doing? This big issues? Friendship were rose. Withdrawal was better than listen. Let me tell you something you don't ask Russell Crowe, never gonna do another will be with you. Ok Everyone saw the man with an iron fist that was trash Europe. not tell you not Townsend Director, you know, is probably stop wasting people's time and money, although up here Well, I guess I don't know you like a boy. You posted a message,
have you seen use drugged rigged, which was concerned? Yes, I got jade speed, someway boys, I got jade speeded a buyer. Your base of a thing hotel because, as in some press, I was to strike in some guy came. And started by me. Drink like are, of course in ages by me drink then. I guess in between then and there he like job something into my drink, get upstairs the room and drinking some warm or drinking some war ends. Ok, this really graphic I'm just gonna. and say it. So I kept. I kick this guy out of my room, but it keeps sticking his tongue. I ass you pursue I wasn't dancing around my room naked, but I was like planning to kick him out. There was so much to kick him out you just Wednesday and one thing lead to another, and then I just started getting heavy at my body. Just getting heavy and then I realized something was wrong and I just started screaming like stumbled and kicked him now and then I collapse on the bed.
and cried like once. I realise that I was like on drugs that I didn't know of his on the next day, like my whole throat was like burning, I had pins and Niels barely swallow so you gotTA, Maui, didn't penetrate. It was said that Neither does the name like whatever. Whenever drugs he put it my drink, may my self hype, my it was just dry so this took. A sloppy dry harm ban from alone You probably would have got worse the Vienna drug January, I dont know, I really don't know what you mean as we're I now who drugs when it s. Why are you going to say you have saved your drugs users as I might add, sittings are able to have a bit of raw. Would you was that man? Why anything like myself? now you are you don't balcony now? Can you really previous psychiatric therapy. every week again you enjoyed every I love it.
There is one of the people who I I about their view. It earlier you they're beautiful arena therapeutic for me is this? Is this a great? You told me that I probably needed see cognitive behaviour there indirect job. You, you ve, changed a lot. I'm really proud of. You saw the man brood, you used to be really. and if I'm gonna be honest with you. The reason I like started a problem with you, as because of when you a little mama cry. Like me, I feel, like all other, Every black girl in the world like hated you in that moment, like you, just can't. Going in on her like she was telling you that her Mamma just pass. You kept going on out there and then you are calling our ugly like little Vamos gorgeous water ugly! You will like you like a forty year old man, you daddy, please allow me as a goal- and it was horrible ass, it was like a young girl who listens a little mamma. I was really against you and you know
I thought there was he checked when she tried to signal that I know you are talking about giving people. I think I see cells but I really do like almost like the same point from the same tribe. Weir might be, What do you know me? Oh Mamma is actually supposed to crack jokes on each other. Now the thing you ever you made her I saw you like a big meagre now you lost the way you did make up, what this got to know the ugly mom I hate it anyway, Anna Winter, oh, we told you will draw. Bp are online shopping, an album in July. It is the second instalment of the first fantasy project and is called lemme see to the second wave. So I'm back in my like whole mermaid, vibes and diplomacy, punk thing? and I was somebody who hasn't heard your music notion, your name but hasn't.
Music? What how would you describe music? I got something for everybody. I have strayed like you know, pure aren't be tracks have pure hip hop tracks. I have some check sire bit more topical than I have like in all the house is the local have trance music was true. trans music is kind of like it's like TAT, no elect Try kind legacy. To be high, when I was little, I do see you, he calls the chance cloud, adult vineyard taken advantage of two bilingual early manager. By your boyfriend from yeah. I was crazy, little girl crazy loading was even worth Lula grown Asma. I know I like seventeen sayings, unlike if you're old, why you like the manager like disgusting erection, is now called black coldly,
Now that look back on it, I'm just like, as like disgusting like I can like taste his like old, like ring Lena EK would therefore lemon wouldn't hands on you as the other, yeah like you, we are younger ones. Once a son of blowing off you start getting like a little leg in home because things changed. I wasn't like his little plaything anymore. I was azalea banks, the star, and I started demanding more things and wanting more things. Then one day and z receives like going through this divorce. The whole time we were together of the finally gets the ban and we will not yet but she was young, how you'd think seventeen eighteen, but he told me that he was separated, he's lying eventually find out that he still married by that time and still am already in love with him north was his name. I will protect somebody like because it I just I just don't care I'm up now what like that would make you hate the Rita. Yes, as
what are on Instagram agreement all at as Delia Banks, Aisy E, a ally. I be and K S, then I beg the magazines grimly talented, as you can tell scream and remains extremely light skin. Stop it. I'm so proud of. Lifeguard, reds written record, you stop azalea bangs, ladies and gentlemen, my good is the breathless club the morning the breakfast club feeling that this is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, the area, let's incredible, and how does he do as you posted a picture? Verse happened. She said proud, led to say it's been for months. I have only drink water, no other juices or soda cut out bread and Lord knows that's been the hardest for me, see I've never been awarded drinker, but this has helped my skin it really is derived the glow back and I don't feel sluggish. She said next tat if she could,
We could out junk food. She said it s my weakness, but if I can but those are the things our fight, that's, who may be only two cupcakes, a man. A love Michel, is on those great what I will say it is. I hate. When people talk about water either is something new like I just started drinking water. We have, our body is made it three fourths award. We are drinking, we always kids soda water. Now, and I mean it, I really don't think we're gonna would outweigh outside alive, so we simply allowed a basketball and run and, above all, we should regard the holes all the time they want. What old water them all levels, whether those whereby deafening didn't imagining what an ever growing. Now we did what we actually rascal and we will moonfleet outside, but they wouldn't. What is it when the water is nobody Jangle leg of fruit juices, eliminate mammography eyes, we eradicate Oda, we had read coolly, but that was a treat
any time old wall here. But you know that when people do a knave than they actually, I was reading a whole steady with. So many other day was drink water, just like Mozilla says she did, and it really makes such a huge difference when a clumsy escape great body of marital there's water. So is easy to say that, but not everybody clearly does as Missy Ellie adjusted analyses already six years on average. I love the fact, as you posted a picture and said, all of that urges would also distorted. Doin was that bereavement taken in his oxygen is really good for you, and I mean it is easy to say tat, but for some people is not so easy, so clumsy lunacy day, she said ass. She hadn't done it before and now she isn't. She feels great and is a lot of people, trust and believe everybody doesn't just drink water while the time capsule, Aright Sierra Marie now we all saw that leaked as sex clip that was put out. I'm not sure who put it, as some people are saying she did a herself. She denies that by here is what she had to say on Tansy vow. Yes, our record videos. I did everything, but,
I don't understand. He threw me end of the bus at all understand. What's goin on myself, he he'd felling me that he didn't do it was it about reopen. It hasn't even been how break up so you're still gonna. Now here we are were after the house, except of course I'm pissed. Then, of course, asked still fell away, but we talk every day and will still like in community with each other now he says that his phone got hacked and she doesn't believe him at all. Well when she was actually with her boyfriend right cause. She's still talking to him is now like they ever stop talking at is actually pictures. I guess they're trying to say that she smashed his car windows and Allah that because of this whole porn situation, well here they I together wishy. He saying that it's her ex boyfriend, it actually posted these videos and pictures. So true, overcharge. Allow me I heard was the: why me fear of you, you do was gone. Talking about illegal forgot ordered a promising.
I was pretty of big story yesterday year was everybody. People was hit me about it like you have depicted, he had a video. Where can I find it? I write Nancy. I in time he has been a year since they are show ended in a moment, is that they could be coming back to television. It seems that, according to the Jasmine brand vs one is interested in reviving their show and be its. He is interested and bring you back tiny Antonia as well. I would be mad that both tiny answer you have done a lack among them have a local level and I insist on maritime at all. The iron tiny coming back, Leadville, massage or tv. If you won't do its bit off for a long time, no along there has been a four year has been armed Ahmad tee. I dignity. I damages right before a laptop, so when this aid nice visas that long years A baby, I'm out of them We still have a lot going on and it gives the young
they want to do it. I think that be great cuz. I asked you to really watch that show sew and the kids at some of them so grown now, so it'd be interesting to see how that is alright. Well, I'm Anjali, and that is your room or write. Thank you miss you. When we come back she'll to all the moms out there, I'm doing a mother's day mix and I'm a started off with first fly the remit to his rock song, so shout to all our best, a rock in order that a remit, the rock from almost yes we're not from our messages they re mix. All of those like you mom is the right of family or a girl, your wife, we had only eight moms and all that they re makes, is about your man. Had anything to say is dedicated to demand, because arms failing J does not mean it often given no kind of the new dedicated moms, our dear Mamma is now. Has it does you don't have a sweep share your view that the new do it, as I said about this on, is that besides the remiss actually represents for the Ladys is well now remy more onerous mixed Remo, though
gave it a monolithic. Flannery me I don't know about your mom could be around you don't know about the times are hard irregular play. Ok, ok! Well, here's an exclusive as not only are we also majority due to read. Is your mom? Do go good poor whom, to somebody who fly does that we presented a that's what a day after day and also within it. For me, a fat jewels, new record. This was actually call Mamma and his feature in big Sean and his dedication to all amongst moms out there. So we can start the mix over those records. Let us know how you feel about that revolt will see it. On Monday and happy mother dated moms Jordan, MAGIC Bird Barkley some of the greatest players to ever grace. The court played all together as a team. Only once as the nineteen I need to Olympic Dream Team object, Maccallum Sports illustrated brighter best selling. Author now, host of a new podcast dreamed the dream It takes the right story of the greatest team and nba history.
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