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Enjoy some of your favorite Breakfast Club moments as we flashback to interviews with Jay Pharoah, TK Kirkland, Diddy, Angie Martinez & more!

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Morning. Embodies the envy Zooelogy Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got us pursue, guess inability to stop meet the blacks there. You know we don't say that where were you ever knew the vacation man? He was willing to take cover data when I was yeah. What do you know? I like messing with you? We are. These physical violence, say, and man is always gotta. Try me two thousand bump bump bump you're gonna drive. I know you love him. Will you gotta know maybe to meet the blacks I've seen you pay for a whole people at a movie theater, You know that was my family. My family have risen Jacksonville IP, so that was my dream they want. When I started, I mean we're going to the movies seen Friday
and I saw everybody laughed and crews took it ass, a man, that's what I want to do. I wanna gave the coming to a movie date and see them all They mean when I get a chance to do our bit another moves, but it was like five seconds standard egg is, but this one here I mean it I mean about. She was all their outcome that would be rejected. Villain bowed to the vast white. I wish we had a delicate to steal that something should be well. I went to the went out and reduce the injects fish out here by the came. A me it'll just could do a which a family just a moment whenever bite at their rooted, fruitful you from day one now. Why will you cry? I thought as well it was you crying about. Men is right. It is given my vagina driving me. Morality, followed by a report, has two days grown knows, though, funding that. The movies. Would you posted guess I you know you posted, urges detects determined. I will live. Economically Montcalm is, or is the grail and it's a rest in peace? Will do
I'm a muslim men on day day brought. So I see us neither shall remain resolute. Beware were out in the cold and I would be happy Will you I know what I'm gonna do? However, I would have no our drawing need. I really don't drink, but of our objectives is laudable Le Duvall chain. Somebody stole my my le do voluntary Breslau, In closing, I was looking at all the people around them and are looking around and all the creatures in There- and I was like may creatures- there used to be made only saying this used to be made man and end the serving about like I was like man, don't even realize, how big the world s diagnostic, most you're, right man then came a these like. I was just thankful. I've been crossed. A lot lately like when you get older, I feel like you're, getting your feelings more like I cried going to the movies watching inside. Out with my daughter I was like this is a
Is another lad, grandeur and cream and likely cry like his eyes game here. You ve been crazy. You tweet don't cry like the picture. Ideal snapchat! I was like right there in my home, but, as you know, they a bunch of kilos and study light. You cry like now, man, happily easily. They star, ranking only laugh in an ally where, before they get now. Let me go ahead and snap I'm gonna go out here, I'm gonna go mad ILO. Lately, I'm so proud of moving away. Does oh boy, like our most people who know me they see, must stand that had been found for aware. Like I got a job, that's all I got my foamy he's dead. Do I gotta. Do they used always be with me? Always he was allowed like he really was even be murder the charges and all this stuff in he got love for me. So no matter
where we go. I went up to the school. We still got his pistol eyebrow. We don't need a person as you probably do activated you seeing what Mamma care with a mobile as while adhering to think about their way. They work our way. Man look at care when there was a generation of regimes given too much credit as well get into my credit man. Achieved a whole lot before he died, A regime of doing anything other than causing problems would have so cat of attacking people. Now not as it was a different time, though, to back there, you then have social me. Will people see which our the by catch is Binkie get been so yeah just realized and is now because the social me in on it, but that's being carried, brings with it ok been crazy, migrant, whereas a crazy. You owe me like an old cycle wishes. Think about. You know how he had trench com with the cowboy does. Video right he's been like all aware, I've been, so is nothing no surprise Ya'Ll, but and then our respect and two because
believing that he is one of the greatest stand up. Committees like you a mess with money is actually a good thing about being the committee. You can never go round, but don't you think it's a wasted. Talent would use of talented that within you acted out, now, because all day you can hurt yourself because it anybody he still Southerners he's the only God no can do like the Phillips arena. Ages walked off stage. Just walked all state of my age, twenty thousand people and they came back and I still came to see you, but you can be matter that legally married to consult with the American. We should treat them guy, like our parents, true that punishment. They people understand why this is a group of people, their understand we come in from so I think that's why they support of any fun We got more with little Duvall when we come back. Keep alive. Is the breakfast locomotive breakfast owning everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast Club Little Duvall is
and build in others like like a famine is others like watching the emperor the hour ya, like the one in six unplug. We don't. I knew yeah what about the girl alone got pregnant by very well. These shady, you say God didn women pregnant who don't got real jobs that's going on not just what they feel. What has gone without Eu Lou Young dues that been goin on any girl mean trap. Chinese were like air like these gases the girl being do know. You got reality. Treating dues like are we to do media and Marion aware of a girl to make me look crazy publicly, like a little out of a rather Madonna be treating do thy hold? I lose my? U right may have, I don't know, do you know why? But I gotta pick the measles gable Zeta, I'm not going to be. Do you, everyone went over, treat you like ours, now. When will you go we're old? We want all right we're all by have open door. When I say because I run
has the male run the house when you want to know the male is deleted enormously. We supposed to guide them either that got more money than you know. They. They trust us, and you got to trust me to pack my old Lady Patti Labelle got you on speed dial, come to me? You know not aroma renown. You know we save up here the bit me I like TAT, you like. Do you hear me like that master, I tell you got, had it been dug up agreement with my grandma lab in the treaty? The grow Mars is out of the key is to be a tragedy I say to grandma, not migrant migrants, that don't work. Only Charlemagne la la la that was a good groundwork. Theoretical radical thou didst radical by using these visa, you used the tragedy, grandma
I just been tried the grandma cuz. I got grew up around older people. That's why I kind of a cold and act like granddaddy. Now I just attracted to, and she was one of the pretty ones you know that's on tv, she's on some love. You beta me like you or, if you like you monsieur young, do now she do or do I would thirty, seven million Roma being or treat you like other island boy. They like what you know a flag, haven't seen flat and you already unimpeded by the past. You know, I'm gonna buy depends on what you proud in private is. Would media event about Novia norm? Represent Ridge broke, so you know I've in Spain that unless I get so when it comes into play, none for data for the low. Now you tweet it can somebody black China freeze and put it on the Mona LISA for me, Roquat man, I'm so proud of election.
Because I've been known her or a long long term are saying: oh, come from nothing! That's why I take my not if you like Ryanair and bled China cause these days no adopt when they see this Marilla. Oh, she gone west on the picture we God, is encouraging in old, and there was also a member state man, she really there's, you may have a we give up. You will perhaps whatever affiliation. Yeah you're right, but that they know not making a lot of money. If you make it, my shoe is making the somebody comes from that. Even she fell off. Tomorrow is still, though Tiger Baby, daddy, rob Kardashian tiger young, for she gave up its value and rob. You just need a son to keep him happy, gimme a good start from a from extra, but we do it. How do we know not all image that we'd all of the money. They really getting money like that which you may who will have a black China Blackjack, you can have ok when nobody is a: U April the count boxes, but when you can only is too great,
these dark, nebula away, Ale Ici broke owing to give a damn. She read the written this that causes a lot of money salami. She no good. You get many broom everybody. I want to know my money yeah as those all glassy baking, those all blessings day by day, we already know so little bad luck. I asked I vacation lately light up my old lady. She made her. Suppose you want to go to school, so we that is going to go after major? What I only know she is.
Go back, go when I got out just went, waited cause. You know you was let fly you did they say no idea further there. You know we women, either by the devil's playground, sounds like when you sometime live person. Go through stuff is seen ass. You, like man, ok, waited his own because when is over, we have it on what you wouldn't be one. Oh Bruce. I won't you can't even tell you grow knows, go no, not no school cry! the US out about no school right now? The know how crazy IRAN, ethically ground great, should grow Amadou make. Money is wrong. The uptake worse, you have no real. She need Mama was being they came here to give us your NATO. The classical of an air of LE would help me out here that it made them. Is our right. Now, man get out before you gotta come back. We come back on the problem of the public and private companies that want to release the breakfast club. Do you breakfast club
bodies dj, we usually ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club got his breast who gets to the building. I don't know if we should call a Morocco Bob musical position. All abide then frown. That's what I thought you said that is going to present a rapid, and now we was thought cosmic. You say you have to show a couple weeks ago. Future was the reply. He was Curzon, but you know me: you saw unintelligible notin. By knows it they voted is, let's lady. Will I went to a mother? Maybe bab not they know he was because now we know you were all accounts. I just said is now I'm gonna give you know I had they went. I gave my ok, so I dress rehearsal, awry, wrestlers was weighed more turns up in actual loves
all right. He cause was the board, May Maud wounded DIN, didn't use a deeper dream right sort in three minutes, so the dream misstep lay. He went to the wrong place colleague, light yanking well into the right, like video footage, judges angle put it. Of relied baby, I got a Roma phone. I want to just remind you. I want you to write to you also also resolutely whether mad at you fall impersonation. You know why he didn't say he didn't say anything about it. I feel like that phone call did he did like two years ago. There was enough for him in that light and even acknowledge it. He did not speak to. You spoke on wednesdays, attacking him in his and his.
MA am we have relied got shit of, though I feel like I did not do it gets together. Listen man says that he is not that great pool, so I couldn't even do it like. So all my colleague sketches were just a just war nonexistence blackmail. That happened was that they change is set and they took everything. That is that really what happened to you Might. I was my views about the walk out Emma bosses Runabout, like not an intermodal normal. Please come on road, no come on. We have to perform kind. Was I write you now you know, has every right, then you know I won't. Do it like a last minute adds, I don't think they just didn't have it was. It was just a whole bunch, cognate, listen, better effort. Yea they want to ever. But Congo is ya. Know he's gone, The new Cotonou he's kind is all everything he even even gods, it'll go once it our point of view,
telling everybody in the audience to stand up. He was I. If you stand up, I got before this yea and he said that the somalian audience they couldn't stand when it happened to be. It happened to be the whole small like she couldn't stand, Amy in and she was like. Is she likes, but like those that you ve got back sugar cane and are not allowed to stand at arms every day we can you imagine a frolic does show was afflicted so was unknown, but now the Gaza was a fun, so the best part of the So in my native cause you air was even use. We can news, you gonna wait. It doesn't know about date. We gotta wait. Ali impersonations, black community AIDS was the best part and also for his cat got a bright and cat was light now finds you gotta understand something, that's why here this white here this is war.
Maybe one munchkin own tat, their ragged assignable with as draftsman carbon dot open cab with my first the ball back came back. He's probably with problem is possible. Got upon the black man. Get away, would permit sprints he's not breadth, gets a kindness Brits. I do too but ass mile and that's what they supposed they on data pal. Was there too? I said it was all of us, common social pails, like hot all by everybody, just calm down, son just calm down we, but we need to stick together. Transmissible Hollywood is expecting is expecting us to fail baby, let's just calm down for a few years, thereby
thou appreciated. You nosair we gotta get to want to meet his office, would be to be led. I feel like it's like people seem like they just realized that you could do that does now. As I see it like, I feel like it's never been. I've been on a show of course, for this is my succeeds in battle for leg, is ever been showcase tonight calibre like they ve? Never, you never hammy go right back to back to back the back, and I think that's the point. There really light amaze people I mean mugged, faced monopolised shadow of also do our duty in the bed cars
What no thank you I'm watching! It live like Egypt row. Forgive me up about it is that you get a great me up one under an unidentified number, and I know who you see: private Noble your phone on my computer and I as a pretext to me right after lay Yoda was me, may call me back. I hated bag. He was let your man muddle from overseas. Show me that made you can't dead man. We got more with J Pharaoh when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast club. The breakfast morning, everybody's dj envy Angel ye shall remain the girl. We are the breakfast club. We have comedian at orgy Pharaoh in a building. Now doesn't just over the first lady list of what we have before you is most of what I was never set themselves. There's no doubt ass to have and thousands doubles, don't do. That was though I was in a way how Alma family went away hours. We would shilling she reached out in open.
Campaign and it was like a dope Dana get to do because it hit number two on a billboard. Number one that was number one and two billion for like a little beside it. Hit saw with the with the first lady, like S, DES away to get Sid you presently, Morocco, using Whispering Michel the elegant. No one had been didn't, but I mean us talk to him. He was there really was right. The Italian I impersonating J knives I got inside out and out, I'm good you're. How do you know no? We yeah yeah union, twenty eight. As a twentieth. Note book you gotta, know, subject. I believe you know a good job. I believe you know but I think you play me low to strike. I like to have fun turn up. Bitch you go, I will love you, sir. It was really really fine. Maybe committee is that we get mad at you cause you don't impersonating a good you get in.
While there may like now. I need, though Munich will want. One person was very was very man who I care I don't know if I really want to talk about it, wasn't like that. We wasn't none of them, it was it was it was it was. It was another, it was a lady comedian. She was very, she was very upset and very highly upset that in no hurry nano issues like you didn't put: no black women in a year at a meeting of all the thing, not what it now you go key angles angle: U turn against their language on each other. A lot is made, is lovely wrangle? Haven't you use a lot is information that labelling will have allowed as everybody got mad there. Let me you, should I bid you know women jointly
right now at all, and I now man it was at nothing, ok that in denying nor confirmed that they would lead the Jones live wealthier and go for the trail. It looks very scare year, scary, guess the parties that would disappointed they just ask me they will I? Why didn't you just say? was the men's black comedians meeting and always like I mean just basically started like passages of all, but you could change day now was like. I don't know how we could change ass, an obvious door, what these up to the door with the white folks Ale needed, though in order to get this on filming Emma People's Omnia People's I've mingle with I was just trying to outdo trying to put it out like that, but I can do another one where's all much if we may lacking to participate fully
Have you never heard me do I remember these pose major leaders is the care that is made up like lemme tell you, so let me tell you, how do you know what I'm talking about? I hit China turn. You know, that's gonna, get me a drink and achieve what can I just to do the work? Where were you know a thing about it sought to come here? they taught number for what reason I know I'm enjoy my best. They forget, but I trust in about a whole donor. Turner is like a whole lot, like Lovely John, it gonna do a lot of regular became. Even what you did. You lose everything, really lovely animated, really really animal. It all a really. I I feel like I'm gonna, do another one but I'll go headed in But I'm not deny norka farmer who was a mess. I was lovely appreciates levy for keeping hay and check Rebecca
I don't know I don't know if it's a big guy he's an agenda, may not allowed to speak you talking to that a political document may be doing you been causing a person. If you don't allow that instead of yeah, I thought I'd. I dedicate a whole I'd talk about everything you see. It is just like a song about politics and must show, but it's more of of use to other stuff. Unlike connecting it like you know, I could so we could talk about. We could talk about everybody, but you know I'm supposed to hear you, but I must show free strapper As always, I get get red, buckler or buckle of scrap of salaries. Yes, yes, I, like I was scrap handle it is James. Is the breathless locomotive. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy we oughta breakfast club because pursued guests in the building Oh geez, YO was gone on, reviving cake,
that's so. The magnificent give Nettie K won't be very. Give explain why you should always bring give future uses before my came or yes, I welcome anyone in the presence of a young lady Anne. You see her more than once. You should always give a flowers the show that you are in a present of a gentleman batch of when you have friends that you guys always brain you guys gears, because people understand that, to be honest, showing your presence, you ve got to show people that you appreciate weathers sharp. Let me buy you like something to, because what people forget in society is dead. You have the show people that you really care about what you do, because people take things a granite. True, when you ve been a bit as long as May. This stuff can come and go as quickly as possible, and you and your phone stops ringing. You like, why have you treat people good it comes back. Is that when you guys have issues in our text summons explaining to do so, things and dislike win Burma. Member may baby, whose my friend came up and what people to understand about bay
is that when a man or woman come so your door, you never know what they just went through. You never know what they went through absolutely so, as you guys get, Oh there, you had to take that into consideration right, because baby does deserve respect that twenty. Why from Rufus records to death row to ask the mayor TAT. No limit babies still around his private life is his private life right. You want to kiss boys, he wanted I was going on. Does Cuba? One idea is this, who I know why? That is because I say that, though, mean mad at you want to kiss boys. Guess boy if you wanna on BP by their publishing dashed you that's your private life. If you want to have sex with boys behind his door long as women were allegedly allegedly by right wing in Rome. Shown business, but on a business to the mass phenomenon. Does it get the three hottest Addis in the world while not everything he gauges there, but I have the same thing again say way right. Why?
Why would you signed a baby? You know you, don't let me explain to you why you have to worry about that cause. That's not your job got. Your job is to report which you here is little weighing doesn't have a proper attorney and ass. His fault is just like. I can't come your house in half. The house is not paying. Another item angle paint that you like to get as much I can't come yards a dj envy. Your wife wants more oral sex during the week and I need you to step your game. I can't come within a just cause. You don't look like they do. That goes in next structure, stars strengthening, not unique, J airing opposite. Why was more than a guarantee and she's bioterrorism? Don T Let me give a beer, you weren't. We talk about a lot here, sir you're, so we talk about Eddie Murphy. The lesson was now people been calling you comedian, about that, have they been blackmailing you what what was was below do you know who I am Magellan, people don't cross there,
What made you know it was on. The interview was into view their put everything TAT s good. Because the room was had been now so long and no one took the time to really talk about it. So that's because we I'm here, and I don't know yet was famous, We want to be arrogant me Bobby. I brought it not a job with ally, then that no real job that I see all the time and we in the clouds and not just on nice kids- those are. My kids in January started, listened to your love on a radio in and found that a lot about you guys how intelligent you are you up on current events Angelo. Is, is a motivation. Is speaker tourism. The young women. You understand that truly need guidance to better. They live because what the world?
goes on with the young Ladys in our society. Is that the choices that they make is detrimental like us all, a girl with pregnant on the bus stop and then, who are you? Who way? Do you live in a guy that guy no car sex? You? Now? I really do wonder you all this balance that we want to encourage our men to step. A game of opposite about. President men could have sent someone as they had about fifty thousand thousand about. What did we shame? Goadings men who don't understand women, shame goaded very doubtful sea because a gold diggers, just a woman who, just once a man who can provide Ratan all men should be able to provide, because when men, what money? What do we want? We want a beautiful woman with a small waste fat booty, whatever
just as there is a price today, because the territory not Toby water. When you go from a GEO stone to a Bentley, you knew the shares will be different. You will say the same. You operate as a premium rights already Delgado. Maybe they may, even though it is not that you pay for you pay for indirectly, you gotta take a woman out to eat right. You gotta, take a shop in dismay. You had always go by two thousand, not bags or a thousand now soon sales sales at bandwidth, Eddie shouted out. I just saw a phenomenal sale that can cause my eye, far less cats. To say out, ok and that that's what you had to be clever and then you want women to bring some to the table to seize. It is about Women take Damon Shopping and when I say that when MR frown, ah I take my mash up and will you ve already laws and men don't need much, you can buy garb
hush buzzing chaps, the guy he just wants to be known at the end of the day. These appreciate absolutely I we got all would seek a curt little. We come back. Logo anywhere is the breakfast logo. Everybody's dj is the angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. We have comedians e K Kirkland into building. I e bathrooms right in South Carolina zero. So a year. They sell situation where they, China make it their whatever agenda, you were born psychologically, that's the bathroom. You should use your better later saying you know what you identify with is the bathroom that you are able to use. What do you think about that? I know the urban Ceasar is trying to do the rightly that nobody wants to see the real because they think they say the was real. It caused confusion in and hate. But we have to understand is a thing called the Bible and there's a thing called faith, there's a think or tradition.
Even though these new things are common, along with Bruce Jenner and people changing a sex, we're gonna, respect it unless not crossed the boundary. To the point, you put us in jeopardy the wave our morals and what we truly believe in everybody has a right to do what they want to when we used are gone into bathrooms. If you got the money didn't have to surgery, then don't go to the bathroom until you get the complete surgery. Don't come in now cause the views good, I know who you are, you feel like. Heterosexuals rights are being taken away like nobody cares bombing they're. So truly I in our society has got until point to be gay or to change. You're ginger, gender ginger, they read ere you and I know it I mean. But what is for power and say you can say what you feel and if you say what you feel the social mean is based on.
Say some paused in one of my talk about, say some negative by time you get down stay as it is obvious that you have the whole ABC New up everywhere. The oil and include new worlds is based on negativity and what we have to do at thank sometime when we ourselves like this. Even though is pie boring private to some people, we have to give that their five minutes of infamy as positive. Then we go back to hating. Because you get because you gotta eat is about with rather right. Here is my always the way of the world, and I used to think when I was comin up. Was there that we hate- and I think he did, it is just that we the how social media to put it out there as quickly as possible, because sometimes I hear you talk about racism and I dont think races, believe races. Really, I think racism may that were regular. It people- just don't like you
As you know, the diversion because, as why is racism, but we knew about, unlike you, oh, my dear you, they analyze black people. That means it is here. Just allow me to give a walked in a room. Saw someone say that person makes me uncomfortable, never send anew, but you know you're like all day, then you love is energy. That is life as well as the breathless doubly preset you join always family always in Europe, not love you guys, wherever it may be, paying the champagne tee to the gate. He declined to breakfast locomotion, lab lag. What's the matter you morning, Fiji envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We oughta breakfast club, you gotta, pursue gas in the building. Road african. Yes, yes, yes, what is it
into all everyone. In the sound of my voice blushing, this morning's had a beautiful day, inevitable, weaker Matera David, you caught him and he threatened to kill him if he I grew up in a lousy which They never leave daddy, daddy, don't I'll bet, none are called songs. I knew he was in a situation. You know may remain feel uncomfortable if, even if it was vice versa. Out of Belgium, of the boy, you know ceremony, Delaware, man, woman and you may know about somebody's girl before daddy's that in your life movie, alleging lazily brought shame Others notes, I don't know what I'm a kinder gentler. You know you love me. I got a code, you gotta call you. Let me you learn: Locrinos am I loved was I just don't want? No,
this measure mine. You know what a smash there. You know so their use is. It goes on com when you know so, Nunez Trotter elite have that in any way because I know people, I am crazy, you know about their love, then so be it on one, and you know I am, they will say tat, but I love your high. So I want them to know you know some movie mangled. Do your thing! I respect the arch nomes ere. You know you could still or just maybe they're. After all, you know you gave out what it was in. It was known to me like tat because, no just me door movies, and you have to do that, and I want to make sure that there was empowered with the freedom from me that, please don't think about me, make it believable ourselves on play yourselves and low light to lie skin pretty people like you know, trying to kiss it. Doesnt really make it may The seas be believable. Do in a lot o eight when you're watching legwork data that it succeeds in amity Meanwhile, a Yo Yo yo. I wasn't gonna wildly
Yeah yeah you're, not not not watching it. I was. I was proud of her. I was looking at it as it was acting. You know I mean I was a little bit sick. You know something cuz, I'm right Here I am tat. Behalf. Are you really movie? They had a low screen it when we saw killed in tears, l a screen? If there's a your path, we want made sure that you know San everything cool. Download YO, you gain, I smell like three thousand and ninety Monseigneur on my where's, the fucking car. As you just said, you know I mean I'm saying, and then I see too in and carriage and unlike
whoa, knows and await a movie progressive. You ever seen a movie depressing match, you gotta, go, see it and just how, as actress, I will just so proud of her so proud of Terence Putnam Movie together shock him every body, but it is an art is so it wasn't just about the last thing. I was angry when you're in opposition. Could you note she too was to be a stars? They get things happen and you on duty at the island really talk about my present now I dont get rid of the president, the guitar bobbing like that to be famous LISA. She's, not dead, Cybele Young Ladys. You cannot really be out here. I trying to get hot enough ass. She would make us you already hot hot. All too knows as well, as does the beauty Does she not lie? I had thirsty China, you know be saying now the social media every second, as so her approach to it is different and she left our talents show no matter what the naysayers, ah you domes and had a name, and he can do anything. I see she's daughter she's to my home in
she's going to be more than what people may think or may underestimate her fall, and I think she showed a lot of that in the movie was to come in her future and her future is not directly tied to me professionally. She has her own life. She makes her own decisions. She does her own thing, oh yeah? I opening upshot of foolish you and you know when I open outside schools, have, I think, that's life goes where you know. If I like people that they could have always been very into education, they got a pact for preparing your again. I went to bang she cards education. I won't wait. I thought I was going to be a teacher. I think, is great that you have opened at this charter school. I was like: where did he's opening up schools so tell us a little bit about
that and what may decide to do that- and I know you have you partner here: steeper does not illusion. Shoot comes into full time, but I have my partner who helped it's come. The flourishing I was watching CNN Education son, has very near dear to me and people don't know that cuz a lot of you don't know. I've been working on this for six years and I saw him he had one hundred percent graduation rate and had a lot of at risk. Students that were not even supposed to be passing school that were probably behind three grades, he's able to turn them around and creative curriculum and teach them in the spine them and make them accountable or responsible for their futures and it getting to them.
Early is so important that we get to our kids early and I'm, I feel like. The reason why I'm able to be I was able to be successful was because I was blessed with my mother really like watching her, but to really give me a great education. I want to do something bigger than opening up a community center or just given a donation. I want to do something that was long term. I'm not a I'm a marathon run in just one a marathon running it was. It was something for my life and I wanted to be. You know a metaphor, my whole life and with the school desolate. You know it's. My next marathon Allenham tell you the rest, a story from so he can say, and this is something to me something we also want to do at school programme, and I want to do those on dope last night, but I want to school. We can train young people to be leaders either. There would be those who question. Why would you were would but about who doesn't
have a background education. He has a capacity to communicate with young people that is unrivalled in our generation just ended in a day of announcing it applications of quadrupled. The number of people want to work in the school of EV, quadrupled, Tourism is a garbage nearly a hundred eighty, but we have almost a thousand a waiting list today will grave and it's gonna ultimately be gray six to twelve, but we're starting with six and seven the year around cause territory. School a theme is social justice, so it would try and young people to be social entrepreneurs and leaves and agree not to learn in alarm learnin make an impact on the community that we said he wanted. I wish you guys can see just how positive the reaction from the entire community has been. They just celebrate. Like DAS, my man get em pop get em an end. It is exciting
by the school free yeah death example? But look at you you're a law along with the city, along with some great donors, along with some, we need our nations. We need money, you know, I'm Putnam more money is, is gonna, be great. I ve got more powerful me come back, he believed to breakfast locomotive. Warning everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne girl- we are the breakfast club and forget, makes you follow me or Snapchat. Sir V1 is mine. Somebody took dj envy ladder. No aid is Sarah, so weird It could be anything else. I re Romania's team. He was used to easily someone to get about you see to Gaza. And see tee change. It was six. Others see the you know. The looking glass comes out today, right, less right and they have their own snapchat filter. It'll, transform you into the man had a necessary. I now
Now is younger. I deeply alleys and Alice in Wonderland, so I know a lot about this broker. Now. I guess you transforming into the matter with this now TAT felt there now Charlemagne. I could see you as a chess our cat. Now you guys, can go ahead and use about this and you can send our posts, treat those photos also Alice Ruler, looking glasses invaders in I'm. Axed ready now is rated. Fiji parental guided suggested, go check it out, and it is nothing like Alice in Wonderland. Forget everything, you knew about Alice in Wonderland, because time has changed everything I was actually Alice after she shrunk. I ve got more, would problem, we come back hip and to Berkeley slogans
the breakfast teasing angels. We show me that we ought to breakfast club. We have proof in a building now just want to say I do see the future. Your daughter is wearing a shining eyes. I see her besides anger, ass, my they are so cute. I like you, I allow girls and dad you are and what was the big thing? Was social media started? There was a big thing for me. I really felt like fire is especially fathers of color. We give such a bad rap light like we don't know what our case we just some lazy, no party negroes- we don't even know what our kids so many fathers that debt have stepped up. This hip hop generation of culture has has has bred fathers data taken responsibility that love
Would they kill a lovely children that debt that are raising them the right way raising purposely, you can't be like me, you gotta be better than me and so TAT S. What I want to make sure that our glorified that you know sand and made that the do my best to make that into a trend and invest in and not does really what I represent and I had merits it. Also. Why wouldn't lose listen is, is you know, you never know was a common future. In a way my mind is that now, where my soul is now could be different, you know tomorrow You know when you know that this autumn say about that. All. Oh my g d, I'm keeping a day so smoothly Mona girl got mad at you, love and will use it with twenty two Ladys loved it yeah. You sell your care yellowed. Twenty five percent Would you
I would tell you I gotta be honest: it ain't work, your word and then, of course want to tell you the seven twenty five about Friday. We deleted always to grant me right, I also made a guy. Rather we want. Are you I mean I'm amazed at me. I mean she may be light skin, but she block is a black and black boy. She got a mouthful is crazy and it's just goin down and I'm sorry baby. I soon got all national a guy on radio, looks like the others feel myself. I was below myself, no whatever's Mamma Mamma has already brought not there, and I want to tell you the truth in a global world. Even if that's what you feel you just don't do that
saying certain things on the radio as a black man named pop daddy, I was Lady Lady Lady Said- is that I am such a caring, romantic god. You don't stand any any woman that I've dealt with. I take care of, full made at our love- and you are really do give a hundred feet- Ok, so I don't know what I was talking about, whether we agree with your father before you didn't. You got some of those that going on between work and yet you know you know you know, you know something on this, some honesty that was dead. I was trying to get across, but at the same time it was in it was in respectful. You know say into the relationship that I was in and just even any of you know any of my past relationships in I don't really think that way. I was just trying to figure out. Like you know, as I was growing, there was a part of our growth hours
I know I don't you know I sat baby, so I was just trying to figure it out a map how to reason with the situation, but it didn't work out that way. Some things you got to you articulate more biologists action and keep your mouth shut, and so on to all that, I will not require. Why would you do it? This is set up, are still outstanding. I have been very low. Listen Charlemagne is Amanuensis Charlemagne idle talk about not ass. I knew it would take a picture of you in jail or the amazed when you went home. How is that conversation? Regrettably baby? Just a picture I go back to
Other Gruber! You do know what we're not gonna. Do we not? What are we to Selassie go? Do we not open the door to personal life? Does wanting deftly? I know everybody has a job to do, but you have to? U have to God your personal life, everything in everybody's business. Lemme tell you right now. I made mistakes have seen some people do it. Every thing is not everybody You ain't got even be famous nobody's business. What you gonna do in which a person- which you and your woman may just between you and your woman. Keep that thing. My dear sacred, my woman, at the end of the day, You know she have a problem with it. She in question that matter closely, but
How do you know cat? You know? Casper was there, you know, I'm saying me and Jennifer. We got two people going to be friends, man, people going to grow and you know any of my ex's date. They smile and they happy to see me. You know I'm saying and that's all that was about you know, and you know I answer. The question at the moment, but I regard as per year breakfast Club, the modern age I was born and I don T dare Devil breakfast. They both miss Daisy dares. Now. Anybody who knows me know that I have a list of women who I would love to suck affordable
but I'm unmarried now that misery tied unless, of course, my wife is involved, but as a whole and of the story, but on that list was five women, Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, Kelly role in Patty Labelle and Miss Stacy DAS. Eu note at normal me, five is, as you know, the time was daisy. Das was more than she was heard from okay. I mean we heard or talked with. It was usually when she was acting what it was a classic clueless or more recently season. One a single ladies at season was fired by the way trash after that, but Stacey wasn't someone you heard from too often outside of acting, but over the years, she's resurfaced and found herself as a part of Fox NEWS family. I don't have a problem with that. I, in fact I saluted
when a close bombs were you know, Stacy DAS, Vienna, Fox NEWS commentator has only in Amerika. You can go from being on the cover of King magazine and blackmail magazine to being a Fox news commentator her eye, and I respect the glow of, but even though I respect everyone's right to an opinion, certain things that come out of Stacy dashes mouth make me with it. All. She had was an instant and nodded Would you have daisy? Das is one of those people. I would rather look at a map here from ok. She reinforce my feelings when she appeared on Fox infringed his path Wednesday, and she was asked about the outrage over the lack of black ask nominees and she had this to say: we have to make up our minds. We want to have segregation or integration than if we know one segregation and we need to get rid of channels like BT and the BT awards and the image, where you're only awarded issuer black? If other way around. We would be up in arms is a double standard. Just like this shouldn't be a black history month.
You know it were Americans period as it. Ok, ok, look where it was die. Stacy's daisy does before there must be clear, was does you said before we took a year when one time just one more time, we have to make up our minds and we want them have segregation or integration than if we know one segregation and we need to get rid of channels like BT and be Ici awards and the image awards well, you're only awarded issuer black. If The other way around we would be up in arms is a double standard. Just like this shouldn't be a black history month. You know it were Americans, fury as it These days we made up our minds about. Segregation are integration. A long time ago, nineteen sixty four to be exact when civil rights that nineteen sixty four was established and segregation was abolished. Okay, now, I'm totally were segregation feel like. Segregation should have been based on behaviour. That raises a ladder you crazy asthma waffles. I do not want even where
Linda live hanging out. Why hang out? What is because how you act? Not because he raised with Stacy when you say it has to be segregation integration. It makes no sense, because you know as well as I do that ratio segregation was abolished by the civil rights aggravating sixty four and segregation being abolished, is the reason why you are complaining about not being properly represented at the ask us, because we have the right to be their period. Now to the second part of your verbal scream, foolishness, gettin, rid of black history, Muffin Beatty Aisy Dash, listen BO, you need to know black his dream of his in a former segregation. Black history, as a pot of american history and of America, is the great american regret american melting pot. All these different cultures living here is nothing wrong with the individuals in his country recognising and celebrating themselves. You also need to know that niche problem Coming like BT, that's not segregation either tell a Mundo is spanish speaking language station. We is woman's entertainment network logo with what algae Bt Community Asylum Udo whatever on its programming for specific community.
Only one you want to get rid of his BT. Why we at any rate, a bead? He while we argue it obliges dream of you wanted to get rid of women's his dream of what about Asia, Pacific AIR dismal? What about him? They carried him off what about jewish heritage of what about a talent? Here? It is more about national american. Indian of wider black people always call the black people to get rid of things that represent us. If you call of other communities to get rid of their most in need networks than I would have nothing to say, but you specifically targeted black, you know. Damn reason. America is more than just black or white and if we are said Ethel, coaches and weren't coaches, pacific about things, the world would be very confusing. I like googling for jamaican restaurant in italian restaurant in greek restaurant. I love chinese food. I loved the fact that I live in a country that me too experience other people's coaches and nobody should be gone if anyone to drop, would they? Ah, yes, I'm american, but I'm african, American and I'm allowed to recognise and represent my culture. Is a tv network? Are mouth and if the deadline
tiny town or noto early Armando movements between general? That's all I'm saying is if the determine fact in us not having a month is because white people who have a muffled white people who have a specific network and ass a foolish argument simply because everything out in America is Tailor made for white people. Majority rules. It is what it is. All the other networks that dont came to a specific community are white network, all the other. Most they dont came to a specific group. Are white. Most white people will be fine. Ok, they run things in his country. We aren't even got a black screen bandy. So I that's your argument that we shouldn't have won, because why people have one s foolish rip, you click full recognition. American but recognises celebrate whatever else you onto? Can we please? Aids gives Daisy DAS two biggest here, none of these abilities response. Will they, sir? They put up a bit of her on the game and said so Stacy Dad. Can we get out
back or not. Remember you were on the game and we don't mean the wrapper okay and Stephen, who also responded. Stephen who is the president of programming? Bt said odd thing I loved you included. I had no idea that you actually were never use thief drop. One clues. Firstly even held right. May I state about daddy. They wrote that leaving your car by even very clever, sent out an abuse. Our Bobby wrote ourselves. I did see by being what they want them, everyone they don't know what that he put up. A pitcher stated: ask everyone, they didn't know. That looks dont mean. Oh damn thing: if the inside of you is ugly as F, here's your proof, her black skin drives her crazy and is how does she tries to separate from the black community. She doesn't even realize her token role as upon in their game. Your black hating yourself in as will make them love you the better
here is you're not like the rest of them, and if that works for you than coal is about more broadly she'll, cod on everybody goes like she like, there's only a black his dream. Often there is only a blackened attainment network mode specific month for specific coaches. All due out his country, specific networks for different people, USA telephoned all right. Now, listen, I don't watch television. You know I don't like telephone. Nor could I dont speak Spanish. Ok, ok! Can you as a good reason, but they can really work. Well regulated downgrading Sorteth Age Martinez. When we come back, keep a lot. Is the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the God we are the breakfast club, which arouses ladys phase, because its own visa revolt never do really after reading a book does one has read the book at big between banks. We now also phrase Nobbler
Why do we not nervous? Furthermore, this book my voice is made with the energy does not like complement what this book is a test, the Milburgh documentation of a class, the career in class. Stories, and I love it and Anti met the bird and he has about a bug in fifteen year. That alone is very right in our day. Why you write a mean age. We came here one daily by Jove. Ramp anti smoking Not only did you smoke crack but where the right for everyone, not just about Gregg. With your credit,
nice of you know what a pipe plan again or new ways. It is what it takes me. You'd want to read a book. I don't believe you would like. That's gonna be the hurry, I'm through our biggest more crap. It was a mistake. I mean it was a mistake in terms of. The kid I didn't know it wasn't a big academic year it William knowns everybody's. I was just another way too small we'd or whatever of that was a mayor. The only way to me as it is because we want to make it seem like you, I got a gradual That is a big of a great come back. You started off Craig here in that region, They were the ones and I just want to make it clear was one time it was kind of an accident, and I mean it was totally Hammett locomotives programme rather than as a k where you alike, as more hope. We before we tabled one was the same thing.
Now in our programme, for I hope you're not now lies in the mobile to literally after it happened and watching the news- and I was like, oh god, maybe ashes mode crackdown, because I want to have a nice career light is that what it now allied with how I'd say it in the book. That's the thing is, I was greatly there was a meanwhile play of the door to get these rage isn't like half a whole work is going to be about. Does one bad review a crack in the new? Now, as I know it wasn't, it was like a special and events. Then maybe it was already we were talking about was paying attention got until I had that, then you do it and you like. Oh, I think that's what just happened to be now very idea. Ecstasy beforehand- and I thought I saw so a family, I ecstasy and then you will be aware in May, as well again on extra allowance or drugs do likewise.
Of course, not over furnished with my friend and presently it wasn't like my friends. It was like some kids at all about my my grandmother's house in her neighbor Argos, his band of loans is, and who knows, I don't know what happened and I haven't seen than those that they weren't like my friends. They would like the guy. They will make the kid so my grandmother's Blanca where'd, you are better France. Thank you. No, my friends said, but you I've been a pretty private praiseworthy hod. Could you like? Canada gave up alone, anyway, I did, I know my way through, and I find it strange how comfortable I feel about it. I feel like I gave myself out so when I started writing. I was like a magician right. Everything as it is I mean where everybody would my family with my leg, whatever limited right it as it is and then all assess then I'll be like I could be the cut bout, do all that, but was it out and you realize, like em,
happens for a reason, even that even the correcting I use that as an example to say, like I have compassion for people who have addictions and who get go down bad roads cuz. It's things like that. So, I think everything my story of my life is for reason. So there's nothing. I am ashamed of. So I just wrote it and then I was like what about other people that you telling stories about some of these people in a book, and maybe some of them are not going to be in the most flattering light in their opinion. Buddies and what really happened? Yes, maybe I did I did you have to say. Ok, let me let them know. I keep saying I'm going to, I haven't made the calls yet, but maybe before maybe there Maybe today, when I leave here only where are my physical, I will allow Megan Viacom torn about it, because I feel like whatever happened. People know happened, not saying anything. That's not true number one, and it is what you would allow you know some people may mailings in Belgium really has really. I don't talk about through its not from a judgment. Alarm. China hurt. Nobody am
telling you like what my room is and how I learn lessons because of things that happened so long as under the umbrella. I felt okay with it and I'm a fool. I got her anybody leg anybody's life. If you will do as they did. You put me in the book I get there all its own like frozen do you not even in the book I don't like China now did I make the work of our Europe This is what you you have terrible yours there about ways of that. Surprise varies a brain and have those Bob's ways. I didn't know you had a really drive. Your words: why had to go to court? ready known and on the radio in good thing. What about the problems? My wife things when I got fired from windy she hadn't of going to court Mary was that feel in my day job! So Papa you do in everyone, radio you do it Ray Club. I was like I did. I was down the eviction notice like this with a video,
Why did this any bill? I just was irresponsible. I just was. I had no really learned how to do that, and so I was like you know you get a lot of cash and just send it right, and I was We pay them, told him out from morning to night work in the club and come home, so you know my mailbox. I would check it like you know once every two weeks it just wasn't something that in those bills were an important and paying a lively, but well I didn't even now I want you to ask of you explained: how did you Amerika Who did you could pick up the phone and in an area that will have a real money, this would marry poverty. Did you ever marry United, ever tell her. Business about Mary has gone two things are alive to and we both in France to each other during those times. I think Mary trust me, and I was just to her. Even in this even writing story about something that she help me. I'm going to. Let her know that you know I'm telling the story, so she knows, and I think she just you know we came up at the same time so
Wouldn't effort hovers out now. I'm just gonna start a ban on radio. It was her. She would listen to the radio and then should come to my show and she was like. I love you so much we just I don't know we just clicked and then we would go out. We hang out and then you know she has some things going on her life and we just were always we both capricorns we have. Very I don't know a unique kind of understanding of each other laws is either for even then like even now, Mary and aid, you go into a czech cash employee they are in the minority, have a check or not I love that story. The solar powered she so regular she's such a regular you know we have united, goes to store the crack store, can't fire one. Why? Why have all the story goes there? You are negative as Resonated Cinema devils me about the book, like our era, you'll, never see them again.
You and Mary Comin up together daisy? Can we allow me or you will hold listens and album and we're not getting that some of those things I just take for granted? What everybody knows these stories? Everybody knows that Jazzy are Kelly. That insist that I met the garden and the show in the middle of the show and then came up to the radio station and interviewed with me at two in the morning. Nobody knows that story, but then you write these story. There is now talking to people. I did colleges last week and I'm telling stories in their language It doesn't seem real by even read and, unlike what is really habit, makes me realise how important it is. The document in Gladys, though especially if you start things that happen on the radio that just for some reason like not well documented and on what that, why or you know you know everything by art, as you know, everything about videos couldn't or visually seen on tv, but the story that happen on radio documents that guy we are more, we age was. He knows we come back
but lack don't go anywhere. Is the breakfast local, more everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club. We have age more seen as in a building. She has a new book voice. Now I was really surprised. You got so personal in his book. He gives so much your personal life, but you about your life, like a person nor memoir duty. My we know like it was a terrible war. A video one point: So you might labour failed in our language. We brought us. We both have come a very long way. The really worked at the building. It was like what did he is off? What did he say? Nobody else would be best.
But it was ass. A damn lie. Let the people mess with him. I just chose to not because we didn't have the best relationship and I didn't one ever have to fake it, and we never talk, but I guess we should talk about it after this wishes, as this is above, but in all we ve come a long way. Man, I Tolstoy by him being fully supportive during the marathon and donating all that money, and you know he's who he is that what was it you later didn't like? It was just moments. You read the book for people who are listen. There were moments that have, but will they could read the book to everywhere, but that there are moments that happen where you know his agenda was different mine and you know he was aggressive about this agenda, as I was minor, and so sometimes I just kind of bump heads ran a born. You want. Her will ran up and strong.
There was not a book energy ran upon. You love me. While I was probably and then you did and then to pack you in here as well, yeah jades amount does have a lot about your garden. Because I love me of that would mean I would I be able to be totally aired, Amelia, let you won't believe. Oh here's, the thing. I love that about you, men I like, and I was suspect, different peoples perspectives on how they choose to use their makes on how the Jews, because it's important to have different voices in on some points out. People who just want to tell it as it is point blank. What I've learned is that I can't Ben myself to do what other people do violence. If I spent my day job Charlemagne, I would fail miserably ray and lowered and only
security, and then that's one of the things like this place. Will all these different type of voices- and it took me a while to really will appreciate my own and want to make sure that I'm always true to it. What made you two lads story during the past two areas. Relationship with renewed talked about their story. That was honestly raggedy. If I could be honest, that was one of the milder stories Ruth yeah was yeah. That's what I was her own story. He told him tat. I was a milder story and an honest they want the reasons I dreaded ever puddings about was because of how would affect the outside people that weren't involved. You know, but at this point I am starting the licence. Part kind apart, a history not for me to protect. Think everybody's gonna moved on their lives at this point that and if you go go to I am at some point, and I know that you know what you know. What upsets me is that I've been trying to reach Fox mom for the past couple of months to try to figure I've been trying to get with her to try
talk to her about a couple of things about what her thoughts were. I really wanted to be respectful about. However, if it comes out- and also she has the original- I put a note in there- two pockets at me and his mom has the original. So I was trying to get in touch with her for both of those things and unfortunately, she passed. So I'm not sure where it where it's going to happen, but it just has to be like respect, and done well at this point has been so long, but you said you didn't want to put it out because you know what to cause problems within pocket. Big both got killed. Yeah but imaginable, both got killed, and I would put it out. I would have a rather and feel that I am the help that light. Did I have some ado with. That is a cause of that. You know. I would have always worried that some so grateful that I didn't because honest able to live with Africa. I agree with the latter the moves that you made in the book leg because I feel like a lot is at the anti mightiness it. If I was
the same situation an egg eyebrow, what it did the same thing you could. I do feel like a sense of responsibility to other people and not causing more issues and necessary, especially when something can be violent. The way that it was our says it wasn't it's crazy when you think about that time, how hostile it wasn't, how a minimum like everybody was, it was real. Like everyone lag gossip blog like I was scared. Even though its real you felt like people, we're gonna, get touched and and people day and they did and we, but you didn't know to what stead how many legged just felt legged this, who felt very dark like a bad time. It was. It was about. What are the germs? I would say I got from you were watching you is, or people understand, as you know, how to do everything No, how could you even came out and when you and your real anal with their legal somebody works, we urge you gotta know she wanted perfect people know that about you, but you do everything that nobody to anything tat his days dogs,
I've got a few final. We have now. That's not my fault, that's why I that person's forth at psyche. No, I can- and I think older and more like a just and I'll scant tolerate being like some of this plan, in salary. Lay you, people are lazy or people are not committed. I am committed to what I do so if you are part of my team, I mean also to be committed to whatever your piece of that is, but like editing, I still too bright moonlight above Solana. I feel like until I have another age Martinez mix them. You will get editing and know exactly what I want to do. Then I gotta do it my letter of abuse. A month ago, you'll see kids doing internships the way. We did come up and thing it. I need to work in the promo department and ass. They lay I will not tell you to be a radio personnel. It anymore now probably different path. It's a different. I give to go on like this on lines. People
to become a celebrities, lazy and then wind up. It's just that it's just a different path, but the work ethic and the drive as this they'll be there. You know you can't do exactly. You did ride there. Any of us did you should take from it the work ethic and the drive and in all the time you put into what you do we have more, we age, Martinez we come back, keep laughed is to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast club level bodies DJ envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We ought to breakfast club that we have an you more seen as in a building. She has a new book called avoid before it is by Genco Alot of people Furthermore, I did not immediately notify. Where was because people I know they're like what does that mean why labour law that the art of look only I didn't want to? Let me know when a light, would you wrote what I've been through? What made you to call this year?
Jesus somebody like failure. I felt opposite because I think my space in the culture is that leg. You know I had this history, but I'm also still very much in a menu. Check my ratings, and nor will there are very few people are aware. We have an amazing numbers above the nose and solid sake. I feel I have led one for in this area This item, which is a unique position to be in thing about Paul, is, I feel I call is really stood. Another culture like not somebody who cares, and so in telling my story to not just people that were there but telling my story to people that I knew I mean. I know these stories. It was he's the perfect persons, a kind of deliberate Roger, so that any also speaks of the fact that these things to be learned from the way We came up in the way that you know radio was at that time and hip hop was at that time. So it was perfect, and I think he's amazing- and I was I was it was the perfect one I think J would have been legs openly.
The ball is so like. What did he say that has already been said in terms alike? We don't know nothin. Maybe maybe later, maybe you good over five zero then, but maybe if I too, maybe maybe the second. Maybe the second will kill grace me with those were the forward, as we can all eastern, let you he always alms. For you put him out there s any sound. You told them with whack nets doesn't mean it yeah parties biggest on ever was high, not life. I hated it.
Rarely, I bet, I love the Abbe loud dragged about just like you- should come on this land Zara bomb. That is those terrible. But why are you in a single day and of course, as you must begin, a smooth biggest zones ever? What did you say? I did it. I think I just would always take opinion and just kind of take it for what it was. I don't think he was like he's like I'm going to change my single now. Digital lay it on the goals that, but I think he likes to the same ways like. I did this bill too few people in his soul, like especially when you guys be referred back. People were in your career who employ answer here. What you resonated, who would you like it? You didn't like, so I think for him it was the same thing and I think he trusted me and install that became. Are you at the point where you realize that you and your peers are indeed agents. Ere, I don't know. I'm on cut went to college, invest near the day. When did you feel like you made? It was like. I still feel it
Maybe I still feel like I wanna do films, our right of movies group. I want to do I want to do but could be a movie and also whether the day as they thank you see, everything has leg on happening and I go mix. Like a modern like coming of age, a boy. Sugar, Andy, allowing the crap vibrant trail will be allowed stories. There's fights work, there's struggle their success because much love life, which was a problem you go away to get to that. There is one guy in the way I am, and I know I am to fire, you back in the day and when I work at booting you weren't there loud owing lcd demanded friendly words. It was always a cucumber you. Would you too would first of all, but one of the first of our power over is about power phobia. He was so like people didn't really know not. We were very kind of just like below the radar, so we didn't tell you flat when you go
the cutest things over ass. Now, because you know they tell a lot of women nowadays. What's that a lot of women, a radio nowadays don't mix the business with the pleasure, I mean it's forever, some people The word for some people, though there in I'd, need somebody than I did. Some I, who was it it doesn't manages, depends will personally like as we like in this house. Well, they deal with what you do not have that where they would that's why I would mention any guy in there is because to tell you, some of those challenges are being a woman. It's like you know when you may like what you want an invite to platform like. I think girls needs to know that I knew there was an apple myself. Inevitably situation, I'm like a mad. That's why we wouldn't want at all levels.
She really all my going back where you know hands, because I would have wanted data guy that we have an issue. Where are you going to do something? I could be one of the big things in my career ever. This is what I'm saying is where there is one thing of your marriage. You married and you have four five kids ass, a different type of relationship when you and your young twenties and you're dating somebody who is not on board. We what your vision is for your life, you gotta, keep pushing bar by you know, said: not that your bag. I would you not all my track right now in a couple of a couple of our relationship that I do talk about is the same debated work for the same reason as like you not go. I'm going, and so is another web video. You dumb arguments like you YO midnight Murat of his classy. By going to say next, dainty plastics super duper gladly. Now I don't really know at the time. I think most people do like after we broke there. We weren't together for many years and more good friends and people thought we would dating a leg, is so late on that somebody
you know a lot of music in that regard, I wanted them thought about a tribe using already done, and nobody maybe we're her yeah, I'm sure yeah all types of stuff. Oh, my god, I was terrible entitlement to fire. The out, I'm sure music beats songs that were completed samples, oh, that the yellow Are you an editor and anything that use a thousand via version arranged? It was my Gazelle argue New Andy. It's not like. I actually think I reckon tipped off. I can see that the biggest that's gonna be there. Bawler, but we did up in you baby there What did he say? You are really why, while happening but Leslie that in the book is less than that, but I was when I was there. I was the little be careful that just because family and makes everything by also there was a lesson, listen anything that I share and if somebody else gets into it, I'm sorry but the honesty. I've learned something from all those situation
I shall not get if someone like you. Now the good thing about this book tat makes you respect. Other people in your life arrives late. You re really meant death. Is they want yeah? One other thing we need you to do. We need you to break this minute, you mean that Albania and let you have a good memory beards and in a book about today- and I thank you, but I'm not gonna happens. There is a lot more and is Bulgaria didn't even get remarkably discussing the problem with talking about books in movies nobody's seen. I know you know me but go get this book above historian. If your radio historian, you have to go Many of you know nothing about radio or anything like that. You're still enjoys women at all. It is a very well written in great store, namely no matter where leader, who pop out liars I have learned that as though to me, it's amazing,
to feel how different parts gonna resonate with people and I'm really bout of em. I did everything I stand by and there I'm so happy life. A classic man is the great documentation of a classic stories from a classic purse. If the breakfast club is Miss edge moments?
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