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MON 5/30 - Reliving some of your favorite Breakfast Club moments from this year with Corey Holcomb, Jermaine Dupri, Angela Bassett, Dr. Miami and our confrontational sit-down with Martin Shkreli!

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Morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. We got a special guest in the building. One of the funniest part is, I know, but boy, this man dangerous. It would mean, God was amatory all of our know. How far you don T, you think I got what we would call on the journey. What it is seldom may is a lot of people who think like me of limit in I'm crazy. I say a lot awhile Pakistan, but they can see through demands when you a lot of people being like downwards. You mean like Donald Trump. Could they were unaware? Donald Trump has run away with the rays like he is because these figures from the heart and allow these guys you, but I don't they don't have they don't have what it takes to speak from the heart, whether it be somebody who speaking negatively are positively when you speak of an art. I think people recognise there because the truth is attracted.
But we know we avoid the truth. Just because we want to stay politically correct man bottom lackey by jobs. You don't give abortions.
What do you give your of how they get an abortion alma real hypocrite? What occurred to abortion lies that has sent me to get wage boy. You're gonna abortion clinic no more because everybody knows more be. I think my guy ass naturally ass. The inquiry of the main causes of ground of the bourgeois clinics meant everybody wants to take selfies. Now you don't wanna, take selfies would apply burned. Zambia rolls over everything you trying to do that. It is money. I went to the dagger advocating as forty where we get my annual check. I welcome and am thy man I'm in a directive that is people having, I think, seems wrong with me dollar and they understand. I have a regular, but I did think about that is one girl I wanted a worse, including with back in the day she was mad, because I got a lot of attention at the blows glinted she was jealous bodies. If people she was looking like this, and you know I was taken themselves by their appetites. You get an abortion and healthy food.
People waiting to get a voicing, the think the words selfie would be right up. She comes out a recovery room. When you see what say I know you was this popular people because of the about wisdom. Wisdom is very for when he had you have today, women who need you I'm not about need need. You went away like oh, I could do it I'll right now and wait his jazz aboard sectors a girl that there were their pregnant the you dangled some money in a vase than she real role. Don't really need to bring a lot of money. It was. It was just one girl. I knew she was starving cuz you know what the house, and as long as poverty cried, I saw the barbarism you say you, I thought that he looked like it was mad cows with the blue, really, ok. In order tv to steal, big and back the great blue making money, you had to say
and I don't have a lot of money you like that of Rome. Poverty, not turn you off the poverty line We know that I have bargaining chips in a situation of what you wrote that those your number one road I'll give hope nobody. You know imbedded annul absolved of you day these girls. They do not need your little five on at all, as you offered here in trouble. Girls who need you, man, you in a bit of a living in the EU tweeted I'll pick one rich fat bit who were full of labs. Alot are broke bad bit five didn t hang like a Jordan the why that's a choice had gone. It was sometimes you have to make choices like you should get those, but why have you ever done? It shone like fled Michigan as, unlike that is now a lot of the choices. Man, animal drinking water. I'm thirsty double diversity of live a little dog withdraw their Plato was at all about it. Now you also keep you sad tuna position. Will you
woman Conor remind her that he leave you in the streets in whole did not at home prioritize your host right. I mean a lot guys, one, oh, who got money, they have done things for the side. Six dead after lag is what you should numbers. I take a car, I read care how as insane and guys get money, so they just by a girl, a kind of stupid. You you take her out a hand as they get. Philip guys I've this aims. I take the legs when a year as well, some girls are better as such, but I know we need to put a salary. Gabble said and what about being as I, for you know, cause everybody must be the same. That won't know somebody got some money. That's always be some sad, some regular girl. Well, it is on what their regular girl, Louis girl, who would amazing a column, convertible tonsils or go back
berwin. I, like you typed in things not renewed Dana, like none before always lie about the number of previous sexual partners. You been with always nobody's ready for it who asked the maritime area. What about ago really maybe ask questions. I bet you, women are still do you as women having people have. You has actually just make conversation familiar interesting since those girls never want to tell the truth about how many people they were safe width of action- I am thinking about as it is, is there anything that I want to have that so those which it does? But this arrogance? You can say that to the dude and get away with it cuz. He still want to smash this some girls, where they said that your black bitch I'm gone there automatically assume you a how many guys use with that. You know want to talk about it, never really I've. Never anybody asked me that you that no you disagree on. Many things guys in it all out, would let them do their to you.
Nobody had ever lives. Debts in Europe are now moving. Unbidden, though, Imagine if you job like an attractive girl what a job like there's nobody's ever go. Give real with no until you get broke down and ordered in all the sun does no good, I bit useless. But right now you don't have to worry about their land use, and I will never ask a guy that I would never be like always assume their guys. Don't even have even know. I'm in Ngos use that right. So stop come of loosely about twenty girls uniting people wouldn't know dollar and you think you remember them that you could in your head. If you everybody knows Islam Woodhouse saw my would. Nor is he really anybody. I slept with by the something about looking down on, somebody was swept driven a major event. No guys you ll be thy man. I felt I guess I'd better go, but I'm not sure I can. Remember all those guys have also apparent I'll, never forget the body. I will keep it we get more korihor come when we come back, don't go anywhere is to breakfast locomotive.
The breakfast everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club coming Corey Holcomb is in a building Charlemagne. Would you really hidden away lately level the one thing that press the button with me they present, but not the illegitimate kids- that a lot of guys have to be phony with smile with like when you meet a girl, hey little man are you I like that. I really go in on that. So couples who situations where the guys had to be found with the little care when they first made him. I've seen those arguments in the parking lot gas oh good about there do not even go lad. I don't know, that's love like that. You haven't, I run up lemme mused tonnage of about the all you girls in here who getting vaginal rejuvenation to make you right back the way it was before your uncle touched
actually allowed a lot of crazy are good person. I don't know. If I don't know you, why would you take it so seriously? call about learning world, I'm just these a joke. But what are you really does your girl to grow? A girl Margo really touched me. I wasn't funny why you really don't notice that, like an unfair thing is happening to Bill Cosby are you? What would you do in this situation and lets you say you were a girl, yeah broke up these famous and ass. He tells everybody. Does she put things in this very day www comment on it. Or do you ignore? What did you do that but ignored because of you? If you common argument of feed, two. It especially the really happen it is is what happens. Nobody wants to say, there's some freaky girl. Now you like that, but black guy that enjoy. It is well ok. This is what some girls who ignore, and that is that I for one, am Laverne above zero million. As
I came in no way out, You owe me, as is always do, but I got my deal. Nude they'll get Rambo that you couldn't break does when it was still and I had a wide draws to give every war reptile, because you know what I've got you offer, no matter what you like, Upham upping according to talk, all talk you and you know what girls we'll do, did everything that you let them get away with thirty days now takes away from your story granite bag. You like if we get that right. Would you rather than I like my bible? not all girls of the others binders when it was that there were a lot of people get off Biden, people when it
they banning all over you. Why you biting something on another? Human being, gentlemen, is called the man a man at first glance, Everybody is dj. The angel Ye Charlemagne guy we oughta are the breakfast club got a special guessing. The building, Jane Age the wording was, I was restored. We designed a lot of autism, they gonna came in with their help or hurt your legacy. I don't know I mean you know. I think that there were audited Sylvia. I would I really like you know, like ball, Crozier even franchise, Bouygues coin, like those three Did you name in particular, Gladden didn't sign them the same way signed the bread or the same, whereas on biodiversity jagged my hand was in control their career bone. When she came to my radio show any brought me never scared, and I was like yes, this is a hit,
We go on with this. We out and I just took the reckoning, put it out based on what was I did have control of his second single allowed. An old artist was once again, they was honing their own thing. Like gaiety. We got these. We produces in house. We don't, we will need, you may do pre production. We just need a jamais. Pre promotion solve this, I love you only with our us, our Rocco, I dont get Social democratic, full assigning Rocco, but I saw it among the one brought him to death. You also in this day and age, had as an item get your attention, and now you ve never met before everything that eleven it man is not gonna run. If you work any Ducas people always ask me, go to global fourteen darker, which a musical my sight posted sound clout. You too have you want to do it and leave a message on one every day, can I see it in the people on the site's talking to me and telling me you made you should listen to this. You should listen to that all Instagram all day long. They know you can hit me up. If I see it, you know, like all the kids that hit me,
now told him what I wanna be. All season to and on you have the season today it s your. Let us make somebody into a dire that trying to do music, but maybe they're not developing at a great. Do you think you can make them into his terrorism image? You have to knock and make you look on her face when we have the image, but you have to have something like may criss cross into rap? Was they weren't wrappers? When I met them ass it would the odd do- and I was hoping it they say we wrapped in eight days, like the old, do now we just to that. You aren't you sort of all of this. I was able to say no and a was buying the same type of cloth. I was briny was geared up and I was like so enemy ya. Don't do not you're lying now, we'll do not around think alike. At that time, like I'll wash Nickelodeon all whatever was autumn, like maybe these kids Don T you and us of Peru, you seriously, don't will do nothing. We just We come to gray Brown while every weekend and we ve girls in the way.
Was talking to me. I was just leg: ya need to be rapporteur an end. If you got that attitude- and I can see it in since it, then I can turn you into a star Therefore, the Power Board ticket, though like that, don't do pray. Let your look like start. What are you doing here? What I mean is, it is on both sides, because, if not is you know in advance, and beyond the euphemism brown, unless we ve been through a lot of you want to Lennox Whale, is like a talent Sergio. If I want to manage where everybody had no more gotta see the am I what there Can you come to the shopping mall with this and that's just what Atlantis turned into they believe they're going to bump into polo? They believe they going to see Brian Cox. They believe they going to see me and by the way, one of us home, pull up to the mall. People as guy happening. Is that the way you found vows well, listen now snow found bow, I miss knew well, I mean it's not sign, bow to death row and bow. I was far right unless that's why that was
Oh I've got his name from so is always more funding. When people like well need change, namely big bow. Snoop dog is big bow. Wow gotcha. Does his name? and he gave bow his name little bow. No one is to us numerous, not a five year old Devereux, especially in an air. He had Like an his name. Was kid gangster, so you heard, have back awhile was saying a fire I was cursing and all of you I remember onto Snoop Dog, album when he say low boy, you back, no, the braves. Would you want to be as Bower? I won't be a mother. I know the brain would you wanna be does bow. I won't be a mother gangster as balanced. Down. Bout was completely. Therefore a. How did you get him from every cause me a snoop is like days and new call me like Ill J, Deaf Roy Delay before his locate. I know you Do will put our heads together and do we got it ass? Well, ass! You do. What did you Asia, woodsmen aid. I thought that I did it. There was no evaluated
he hates me over any every afternoon, don't hate germane to pre over every I wanna hate Mueller that you adopted very squared away. All our novel was: we'll be like us that our is the same thing. So when I came to you, I don't know what people stuff about me just to be saying stuff about me. If you don't know me, and I think that when me and drink with dread- and I got into the beef me and Dre never even had to come, asian. It was just like pick on to do this. Put now kid art is why land in line with the US government, yeah? But I am saying it was all a dome. I'm like what did I do. I don't know what I do. All I do is have success. I just think just because I do it and I'll be with a whole. Bunch of people now be asking people to help me in this that it there
I think people look at me like math caviar size to download. It is short, got whatever days away. That's what does I go? I we got more which eighty when we come back to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club. That's right at the breakfast club good Morning, Ben Dupree is in the building. I thought you said you wanted to sign Iggy Azalea. I did it. I just called her prior to her getting a real deal and I was like yo you. You hardly even know Brett hates me for this because people say she stole Bratstyle. I didn't hear her stealing branches heard that which y'all the Mortimer fantasy. Me either way, but I was just like I was a real early. She was put up these incredible pictures, Instagram and people's looking at her as it was well as listening to, and I think she missed
see. My call is, I will try to get out of here I was like you, I'm trying to deal with Tewson. You can hit my manager, like I'm trying to talk to you like hell, no man is a would you tell me to have rules, and I just think you caught me real who's gonna like Tiger when you try to top it away girl about music going to know We know how was it had not know anything about us. Our death biotech clean and everybody else is there in the success of its use, their captain adapt. Rome will become a masterpiece doing his movie here. Just think. There is too much success, which also deaf, unfortunately, and people seem to, like here for a lot of success. I recall when I first came up here right and we talk about the twentieth anniversary shall remained intact. Nobody was gonna come to my show that he thought nobody was gonna come tat. Was the biggest cuts the ever come to Atlanta and
by J Zhang or show up why you now like this was one of the biggest, so I'd think is got something to do with, is so much success and is not no agony, a d and yet have a deaf yea that have something right and I don't want. I'm not try to put this item I had him controversies. I'm sure that the public is unknown like that, not not like death like have you weigh it gave had nobody nodded it. But now I may not an end in mind as priority thing as like does pie, the biggest from all is ever come to my labours. Passing- and that was that was tough for me, but brat going to justify the biggest an end. We live to all of the d stuff with individual, So, if what when they move they showed, is we moved? I showed we felt it like a difference. I saw your success as opposed to a lifestyle of what was happening with Jamais Dupree, as so so deaf,
No enzymes are made the pre movie. Man are, you know it might be too you down a row. I want everyone. Would you do you do Vigna, probably nothing but musical how could the but I'm saying to go back to what we saw my prior about teams. The thing I think is wrong: we egg is, she don't have acquired a bag. She don't antibiotic will usher in a wife to a young man with a somewhat different, is no more and by weighty minded needed of what about them. So, like is art is like that I say like Tea out to me was at a level at one time he had to go back to jail and I think that might hurt him what I just believe. Wrap was need that Tom Brady, I will say among say, can NASA Wednesday eleven. Can Tom Brady still Tom Brady Review of regret, losing Magenta Jack
no. I can't really say. I believe that my life is definition of in a journey right and inside their journey is supposed to be things that happen. And me having a relationship with her. I definitely know was a part of my life that I was taught a lot for these eight years and I don't know if it was supposed to say it was supposed come into my life and teach me what I learned in May is, and cuban mobile outward HU. Madam president, the legend Atlanta Jus method of, let you Reilly Ray I'm a guy with a listen man. I would say you want their light is a multinational. When it came from? What am I think, I'm law you know I'd take their only chance ambassador, but it is what it is. I meal is another hour. You example that allow girls, ok,
Judge Avenue leads you to know which was then you keep. Your keep ya know analyse. Let us stay and efficacy this the story is they just say what they want to say like she thinks confessions was connected to me in I would endorse what the world thinks that came out bright so far earlier than we broke up my movie, notably those like what that have nothing to do with it. Now I love that was my and, I can say, is cause I'm very transparent. Person I'm already and will be really truly jumpers. That story was about my first baby mother yeah. I my girlfriend Emma further what a story about JANET ever be dope. Never, why
Oh I out only when you know. One thing I can say is that I don't want to go down in history as the guy who dates, but I don't care about it. I want you guys to say it is. Do was determined to continue to keep put now music. So a lot of times even use Dana felt that that coming, I felt like that was becoming my Monica of overall success that I have had JANET boyfriends remains very unlike yoke. More dialogue Grammy's. Why you can't say grandma winning? Could you birgitta man, be though J D Jane is due to the rapporteur. Cloud is very everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have a very special guest today now we say that all the time we have a special gift with a day. We really have an international rail spasm of you. I know that we be don't you. Things are not as never thought about it. I know it
as a nervy elated by morning vaguely valley, where you want to see that everybody was so surprised that you do when you walk the no one likes to tailor, they told you. It is a little different, but you look a moved. Nobody thought that ok for the voluntary. What is wrong? We all aspire to ages group. Does you on a one to take a bath it s late and even before that, and we believe that you look at me up epilepsy. The water placing products plant me. He has all that all now to do now. Have you been able to prosper so well in Hollywood, because your black in a female It's really not a recipe for success.
But I know I had a nerve. I had a nerve just show up already prepared in an enthusiastic when I get therein and deliver you know, I think, that's the reason. Both success. You know in whatever arena you find yourself, we prepare be professional and when you given the shot, shoot very suffer because you been some of our favorite movies of all time. Now, especially me as if he made a quest was left to do within and weighing takes here, which you guys had like twenty year. The twentieth anniversary, bloodhounds, I've loved no less than I didn't. I didn't know I was there. I think that when seen as the epic scene of you, when you light everything, I admire one way, that's the one picture you always having your head as a strong blood women in an area in which our lot at an irony that somebody I did it? I just showed up and jetsam them. Woman tried to do then according to write off to the money
now you you can't do that and then, of course, how Stella Gonna grew bag, and now that's like the saying for everybody, I'm going to make any matter who ban master long. What what role do you go out with you? Like you play a lotta heavy stuff? I use Betty Chabannes, courageous God, king this was also bigger. Mom babies. Mom rose upon my gavel, Jackson, people think of me as a serious. It I'll check it out, but those were the roles that were available and I guess I came through at that time. There was a time when there were many serious. You know Jackson's Catherine Jackson, ten part many series, then many series fell out of favor now they're, coming back with American Horum with people versus Oji Simpson, american crime. We rusty, Regina, Keen American Horst, or what made you do that cause it's it's it's a different type of show. If, if you walk, he has a different type of show, I think that it was great role. Marie Laval, historical figure in New Orleans,
who held up prominence and influence in that town in the south. In all, it was a different south study. Vodafone Earl know: he'll know that I live on the day on which it can be one of them. Nobody bladder went round to get too close upon the voter aspect of it, for her was Gregg Gregory or a great great. Not why magic, not black magic book, brig rigour and ever serve yeah, whatever meals loves the situation at the time, your husbands and actors. Well, do you guys challenge each other's far? As is
You're starting to do some legged Wanna people verse OJ? No he's playing Johnny Cochrane View challenge a man like you did. I now lie like bad sensitive, though no, no, I'm not I'm day. I'm just applauding him fatal our watch it. You know I have it on the dvd. I do particular sea liked him and I'll just go back and play it again: made again and lady. You know you got a Vienna Pompey man up, but it's true. I mean he. U really is killing by what we have more would Angela Bass and when we come back, he laughed at the breakfast table. Morning, toilet everybody's dvd envy, Angela YE shall meet a guy. We oughta breakfast club. Now we have a special legend in a bill. Them is Edgeler Bass it now. What made you do not always o is not a fan of of babies. Event. You have yeah and begging, and they want you to believe what Mamma you play your mouth,
about refugees? Had lately been you personally, I know she was eighteen. Eighty really wanted you to payments, wonderful, two's, wonderful, to spend time with her. You know just now you just sitting in her present and to see the light in spite of what I am to only son, I'm in love, it's on the light that still could, because that can be crushing. So I'm just observing the string of individual Toucan Great you with me with joy, with smiles increases and go on you know? I gotta take a break up forever because it s you like it was a big budget movie, our absolute. They went away all a handy. You know India pictures. You know I've been. This was for love, it Andy picture out, but what about the western inaction cause? You got that down and movie to which was surprised. Oh just citadel of Eu Bank, you sitting with her and it was. It- was nice to have that because
when you're in drama school link you workin on the polish in the Irish into English. You know it was like. I don't think I have a play. Those directives go. We work on some jamaican of african jury in South Africa something I never had era. We let go of I know when I guess and ask for this: I'm never going get it if you like that, we often lacking rob, was low. Goodbye Ryan, who knows, is if a role like that will ever come around again. You know just you notice real will through deal, and sometimes I have to sit and look at those who one Oscars and then the career after sometimes the expectation is so high after something like that very thing. Ok, now, you're out of you, know what we willing to pay or so why it's? It's it's been interesting. I look. I didn't win, but here we are still today what twenty five years later her whip and it's like you,
It's still remember, people still talk about or are still affected. By now I went about it. They asked you to do a role that you wanted by the illegal gave it to you that again in sixty pounds, money who told you now as a lad act. Is him have you? Yes, I have my dear oh and re our love you really wrong in, but they have talented artisans. Listen! I headed gutless visas ago. Three, they looked at an hour. I had three Buddhism dangling a look very unlifelike, colonel wood. A double take when my I gotta get out and when I was there and the cheapest way, you look down. There's some talented folk elastic, a rubber like ok, but if they could make you look like you ve I could we have, and I would not know most definitely not difficult. Do you Ricky about the office care? I enjoyed it the time that
when new back and ninety three at the time of every other day, I re man was very exciting. I learned about nine years, there's something, but when I see more inclusion, that's when IKEA. That's when I can get excited when I see where life looks like They let you should have one are you here? Where would I have only one? Oh yes, I do at this level, You have set Logan when you didn't one, oh, no, I wasn't upset, but you know you, you know, and I should like to say had never been there never been. I mean it was obvious a big deal, but I was even nominated a bet. It was even seen so that a gang of people could make a vote drudge and then both large band me we're both nominated
play a scribble, deeply scribbled, o dog. Ask who scribble cases a strategy, hey, we reach straight strong scoria scripts, is the scramble scruple liked her? Would you treat image wars? One ask a minute: Tina image awards came image. Was one ask no on greedy. I want There are three areas eligible as one ask of you. You see that body, a brother leaning back was holding a whirl
your permissible by a bad words. You is a second you do do. Disease I bought out. I didn't love, God bless your husband, okay. What are you doing? to be such a look around two percent. You join us. Thank you for having come away. I lack of vitamin water them. Tell me what it does. What keeps you are. You are ok, Gunnar by Giovanni look at Home- and I didn't like it up- if you have something amazing journalism- would Answer- you thought at right: airbag, a negro bags, Lopez
she lost a groom baggage and is the best boy. Morning, everybody's dj, envy AIDS Charlamagne THA god we are the breakfast and we got a special guest in the building. That's right just met before miracles. The Jesus rarely yes Have you my dear Miami? I give a round of applause that my heavy value ram, guys each more resolutely mean any man. No thank you inside out inside. To really I don't care, we do everything they do. As you know it you, the nation S, outside and endless invasion. No region What that does that thing right now really, so is what girls coming anyone be virgins again practically it has redo and everything would you do we can type net or we can get the extra skin
look right. We are dealing with a yes. There wasn't biggest procedure for men was the biggest procedure for women or men. Is life was action innovative item a moose. That's that's! That's number one issue. One of my friends has had with her this guy. She was dating. She said everything about him was great, but he had you. Ambled and is no their railway. You can get rid of those not just now in surgery really only about other pushups. Now, no one shot some big for us. Wait now. Does on average they ran a plastic, no jobs, that kind of thing, but national plastic, no jobs, I'll know no jobs, and I think that these new knows tat. It does require further area as true that should the thing is, it doesn't make. You know smaller makes it actually bigger bug. If you have a bump your nose, it just comes out like a hundred something you put something above the bomb to make it like bigger, but Strader. That's a non surgical, no job! Yes, I think to hear yours I didn't hear on an also like Mozilla Glad contoured like not to Contra with Mega. Now we know that now,
It has been doing really well for you as far as getting new clients and clearly you Vince, that tanning allotted surgeries and new snapshots zoos nor followed, my u graze. Owners are on course, with your permission, I raise your dear up. Was the agenda like if you mess up absorbed in a vessel of Amazon is bad anyway, I've got one person's watching. Your million is that work is a lot of realities. Data coming through the lattice elaborate and, usually you know, people get plastic surgery. They don't really want anybody to know anymore. Plastic surgery changed a lot less than five years. People talk about it now we'll talk about it. At lunch, there was under Snapchat on the bus ever you know people people it's out there, because I want to talk about it. The real after Miami any for best nab shadowed out I'm and Dj Gallagher. I was u win aloft yeah gal. It allows you to with TAT. If they don't want me to win and in why was it a numbers thing is a numbers. Dang inefficient academy is
he deserves it and he really change. The game was now that is a great guy and he's represented three or five. Just like me, that's cool sergeant you performer call it body as elaborate, and now he's working out he's working out will see when he this is that way. You know he's always work and I would never like change Xilai able at away it'll happen format. Haven't you gotta believe in him, I believe in you, then I want you to lose weight. Dj man, proudly extra skin wonderment, awaits gone when the lights go further than this way gotcha. I said these twins and they were talking about how many last they do a day or those twins were for me. I really- and I do not know what I got a school. Every knows knock it off now. This is interesting because it does you make some people get things. Then we cannot look at them in town and deny it.
Do we really think we're stupid and your wife doesn't have a problem? Would you touch it all? Is Brussels is not an area was married? Twenty one years, the big my wife knows me so well, and you got far too there are five kids. You got. The big negotiations we will take you out here. Lay now have is declining narcotics now now I heard that reduce their people like teenage the commodity like you must get so much like. So much ass now got away for your five and amicable David. You template, of course, rarely What do you want to do in a party? Can someone you work out a man's life in blood, but don't get out of here, also don't get high. Your own supply has the rule number one Isley, giving you I've thought about You tell her like look. Maybe I do some great work divisions data. One aspects will not now, I'm not against laugh or that by now, but as As a man, you know, you see a beautiful lady, you wanted to know things go through your head, but you gotta keep in control
I gotta, think long term editing, you know, what's important life impasse, what time work on your wife like every now in then I got really to remodel this house. These kids in bathroom drapes actually know. Had taken off a mole offer as about it, it's one, as I always really have five kids yet like not estrangement, Gunnar Tommy was ironic. Things, though, to gain is yours and issues she perfect eyes, laissez faire record. Oh, you are regulated yeah man, really I'd get off. Reviling onboard label found out, so you here that I have, and so we can all snapshot is- is pre popular. We have one point, seven million viewers day so have we and we play music in the background during surgery and people keep sending in. Their own song says it wants to play and were like. You know what send us your submissions, if we think their good will play a snapshot of transport, has have a joke. We have signed five artist, so we
If I do not want to see you around, and I was sure I don't want to see you in a video Argonaut no right now know is just stick to the booty. They again when you do surgery, I was all, but it would be like some nice peaceful menu, all right: that's my Miami CM eight hundred five hundred and five. Five when we come back, I'm going to ask if he ever gets paid in singles like what's the most of that, I have to come back. Keep it locked at the breakfast club. The breakfast club holding everybody's dj envy annually, Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club that the Miami inability and have you don't? No doubt the Miami, isn't that Am I m fix? You will have any problems perform a diseases like I literally saw down to Miami walk. Due to found blue in girls drop into his feet. Well, yes, like to choose his feet like TAT,
yes MA am. I was asking. I know a lot of ship has come to. You was the most amount of money that paid in single who council, no single rosy rosy over that council singles out there Ten thousand, maybe there it is odd that balancing is this a lot, though, as I go now box full of signals they salesman. Can they do they smell smoky gloves battles, that's for sure and deposited? But how do you feel when you gotta go deposit to feel tat? I make rosy, do we're going to get for ten thousand as Ngos? Are you a lot and get a but being educated, but he had a vague coming to boot. Yeah, don't you open your like the dispensary Oughta Magnano, devaluing menu? Let you develop I'd, say picnic number, six that we ve heard. Some people have regrets about, maybe getting near that then too vague lies in beings. Is there anything that can be done? Absolutely we just like it down its level, No doubt there is my personality Irena. Absolutely. I could send people think that its irreversible say they like
pens how they made a bigger if they made a bigger with silicone injections or some kind of back alley stuff, that's really hard to remove any, have cut it out and these cars, but if you did it with your own fat, which is what the brazilian well, if there's knew just check it out be right back. I see a lot of giving you hate a lot of them say as far as and showing off your down on socially less an ethical. What would you think what it now I m yet at the testimony that is theirs now, hundreds of doctors doing it on Instagram and Snapchat, or just copying as long as a patient gives permission, and you don't put any identifying features, it's totally cool nothing to think about that at all videos on Youtube of all these surgeries for years and years it is boring. You know I do it with a little bit of flavor summing, engaging interested in watching those music on imposing music, now drinks now Nancy penalized once again, why more popular really? Does anybody comes you for that? They do idiotic.
And although you can make the breeding of around but a step that thing that Monetary Union is always very ok, they're the traditional ways been just busily fat grafting? This you can make a thicker longer. There's a guy now lay that puts like a silicone implants and I don't think that's ready for prime time yet there's only one guided F the approved to do that in a way. I'd like to see me follow up results before I, but that on the line to me- and I would you are young- you take like Apart- Barbie's inlaid- rearrange their power to take part from other dolls and put him on the Bob kind. Air I have a doll that we made fun of acid on my desk. It's like Mr Potato head needs Barbie and you take off her boobs and make them bigger dick up her butt and make it bigger or smaller. I have that on my desk made that custom. I was nowhere to be a surgeon, and I know I'm a plastic surgeons when I was a teenager
so yeah, so did you practice on people is no longer half guy that wanted. We Bob is another, would always come cut. You up. Did you like idea now? Otherwise, now, like a kindergarten with a little says, there's not do that, and surgery takes a long time. It's like fifteen years of schooling after high school of training. All that, but then once you get on your own, its awesome, it's fine! It's a great career and people with with when they get these surgeries insecurities You ever try to tell people. Well, maybe you don't need this, so maybe you shouldn't do this. Is that the first option you try or like what? What is the procedure? If somebody comes and says hey, you know, my breasts are too small, make a big wrestle masses to swallow. A bigger ass is so Emmy if a village damn if they really have something that does wrong with them. That they feel is wrong with them, it's cool, but sometimes will come in and they say like Apple,
by my nose, and I can't even see it or like this, I'm too fat and relax fix? You know those people I turn away. I turn away about fifteen percent of the patients coming as I just don't see it and I don't think surgery. The answer for them you can fix was on the inside. You know I had to come first, but surgery can help What's on the outside information, feel better saw. Some of you have returned anybody diary. Look like look is nothing I can do for you. If you like, is due to our God. Is too Now when you I'm going home, we never give up hope eventually, evaluation. What would you do perfect? Thank you is eleven, What bothers you, honey Molly by Miss, am very fine. We're going to disease Workin out in the irregular the northern regular, like I've already got nice natural girl, Fanny regularly. Mailing modest way of kindness, upholstered, I mean I'm. Finally, they had not China do anything depend on that China. You know me, I instagram shining, I'm selling he got everyday. I mammals, he wants maps.
I got to have good money. What happened, and I instigated in great britain- was a module somebody pay for these color, which would you shouted will show you some dark Miami mysteries of emissaries them as the tank how wrong what is no more about how we live and work in only ok, I gotta get back it's just that would have made you flirt without delay. I will not be easy. Johnny get come from our information from me, the best payments. It was the email. Is it s not, Social needed is the real doktor Mammy on Twitter on Snapchat, especially. I e g real transparency before after pictures. Everything because we do my surgery everyday but we have you joining, join us and you special code for people, people Eleazer, breakfast club that can go. You gave me a temple.
An oversight of the rising, whether they really no reason no deal right. You ve been high demand that element guided nail God. Don't give the day. Democrats are being given a little bit of a mechanism like a I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other day is a new way. Why don't you today goes the more strongly. Do you know who that is? Yes, yes, ok only to those who do not. The period described him is american entrepreneur, financial in pharmaceutical executive. Presently I just a bottom last year when you bought the right to a drug use by some aids in cancer patients. Cod Dara framework from a thing is called, but when you
drug you raise the price over night from thirteen thousand fifty cents to seven hundred, and fifty dollars. Okay to me and use of the drug to treat no life threatening. Parasitic infections me jack the price up from thirteen thousand five hundred and twenty seven fifty thousand, even when they get arrested, while he was on his recently said again, bail abolish, murder, arrested his ass. Well he's just another example capitalism, oval, compassion, alot of people in American, all care about the well being of people they care about their bottom line, which is dollar dollar bill, y'all, ok, use also arrested last year, Charges of US acuity fraud, which is basically star fraud in investment fraud, but he's out on bail or really put I'm alright I'll really made Martens greatly household her name, at least in my brain- was effectively one option for the wood tat clan once upon a time in shall anus only one in the world and that one out
was so the Martin for two million dollars couldn't do. None was salute the guy after datum. Unama will attain fanatic integrated it by rhubarb time to me, of course, I respect that, but Martin some members will claymore feeling that the purchase he actually radipole my favorite him see all time, goggles fees killer, and he had this to say about Martin squarely, You know that guy, like you see for two million dollars and the auction, you don't you don't you don't? take some age age pill that you have, but I guess was seven dollars and didn't make it like I was, as we all know, you'll do that like I'll give you, what do you think would have what I would have you call with Martin squarely keeping? Would you would you like me that, right now, as out of my age, man like donor to me, all the people feel em down should be for two people goes, is right, if you bought it needs not letting you one here, that's his business personally, I'm not upset and Martin. For that a more said. The powers that be in wool,
due to our move, our light it if he bought it needs users, not letting you one here, that's his business personally, I'm Madame. Martin. For that a more said, the powers that be in the wolf who decided to sell at all whom thou is instead a debt relief in it to the general public I do with some due diligence was done before selling the, because a shitload just went to the highest bidder. Shit you just want to anybody occasion of what does somebody was clearly not induce, which Martens Credit seems to be okay. You seem to be a total douche. I mean we should have known that after he jacked up the prices for the asian cancer medication, but it was confirmed yesterday So it is video online of Martin surrounded by much good you can do it in a hurry. The mass ok, this guy did you did a video like a World star rap with threatening my favorite him see of our time goes face killer, restless, Dennis wire garments, you're, not a ghost based killer. You know at the end of the day, sorry
your old man, that's losses, relevance and you're, trying to reclaim the spotlight for myself. I think that everyone, a single again, this all the shower re, still record what can be you're? My son, you have to listen to me I want your regular stand me without me, you're nothing. I expect you to write me a written about it and don't ever mention my name again over governing kind, and I re now. How are you ve title to lead his basket of you? Did you have begged me to go MT, if you have every right to respond? What what I you say, things that you, my son, you have to listen to me. I'll, probably, okay, me and nothing you feel like I'm watching, jangle or roots. Ok sounds like a slave methods. Organ one is lame, am on you have to know it is not the eighty hundreds, no more k dinner. When that turn a minded individuals watchful you talking to and how you go,
raise goes phrase from the record books. The rapporteur goes legacy is little five and certified, which without doubt Funky s arm you bought for two million thousand K. Actually old down is trash, I'm so as not because rooting, but I hope it is obvious- been two million dollars on fuel garbage now, Martin provided even more. Do Sri new phrase time DMZ and they asked embodies threats to goes for now. Let us listen to this as the album by the way on your business. I don't have it specifically what's on it, but it has the album one hundred percent on your dozens. Then I paid them these are you all now it does my coaster, as you can see here, you know their end here pop and these guys take it seems, Are you worried about the repercussions that, though they are worried about the repercussions you saw them any opt out of your men? How you're disrespecting me at the end of the day max. Those is in trouble he's an old man. You saw me, you saw my boys, I'm a young man thirty's, you I'm from Brooklyn to just because he was a routine clan. Many years ago. Doesn't make a tough guy just dumb ass wheat, bread,
The strategy and gentlemen acre a dismal the leader of the Deuce Tang clan. You know it, you should be worried about jail prison, you face a federal charges. Security for I was trying to do is create some good com. Ok only way you can do that is by letting the less fortunate looting, fanned like myself, he at once upon a time. Alan I'm a maybe use the money of Bio. Wants you dead there for whom a dab room and give it to the child in the world. Would no that's not what you want to do. You want to create problems. You want problem. Well, I hope you get him. Ok, give more squarely two biggest. He heartily. You should get out. I was good man. This is Raekwon the chef and y'all. Listen to of breakfast club honey morning everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club we gotta get in a building today goes by a more n squarely demanded a right. Yes, I gave em. Don't you today
this is the guy who would go face who jack of the present on the age of eight zero? Here the girls in the background Amy they had tried to shake my hand. I say: no, I can't shake your hand I dunno, which all about first so, first question: are you a privileged entitled prick no come on breaking down for me from Brooklyn New York Osborne in Brooklyn privilege? Now my parents are janitors. Do I heard a red light, my parents, to this day my mom still does that make an fifty grand? You know it is not a privilege family. I grew up in a street share the room. My brother, you talk about two bedroom. Yo fork, it's ok! I grew up in the same way. Everyone a broken grows up roaches in rats. I think that phrase comes from a certain rap music artlessly made familiar goggles faith Killop norway- maybe I was actually thinking today, but you know wherever there's a dead pseudo alone. I gotta do
no you from Brooklyn Lloyd, I think so man. So how did you get out? And you become this? I look, I'm so. Do she added come so rich. You know, I think that the media can for tray people the way they want. You know and look I give it back to you know you got a lot of people here. No to prepare for this a watch. You know you can't amen can act like that. Do you know you could give me. I got a privileged entitled, yes, so so as part of the pursuit of the mistakes, sometimes I'm I'm confident individual, but you know, after all that happened how I do want to set some the record straight on startling, opera watchmen, I've, I've struggled and went to city college, I or my way to the top, and I think I should earn little better respect. I want to talk about is waiting. Haven't you black That is because we re at first behoves Obregon next Sombelene play track for you. If you want, you got your million dollars for his alibi. Did what me
SAM, a by is Adam for two million dollars, and it seems that you were set their reservoirs in tackling about it. The guy's wherein discussing I'll break it off in the beginning. As this, this is the number one place for her Bob, so modest wall of a minimal. Get down extensively muzzle. Do that here, as are absolutely are so a lot of details, obviously right, I think every every rich rap guy interests and Rob was interested in oh I made. I could even take it back as a further zangwill. I care about lieutenant in the first place when I was a rocket going up a model liars, nothing I'll, never tell why my life- and I told her to his face. I said I'm not your biggest fan. I can name every track on every affiliated. Well leg. You saw me, let me be clear about that at summer school one one year, those big derelict troublemaker. You know kid and me in this kid from the Bronx named Josh Martinez, Joshua's, voiceless, anew Tang during Summer school
always listen alike, Nirvana or something like that. He'd be like. Let me hear some of that as early years of yours and we'd all we dug it. So you might go so you must here is basically basically, and I cannot really get it. You know, and I was like really get yours, but, as you know, is felt it a little bit. None when I got back into wrap in one big reason to get back. Trap was actions also when they had whew tank financial skip on also classic. That was a classic and a really. Quite frankly, I think it is a law for routine de la Rapid, a lot for a new audience cause we looked at how they were like. This is kind of you know, it's true, the stranger than fiction I'll. Meet you in the financially. Not about was already at an
ban ever we saw that we're like this is true the stranger than fiction. This is actually a whole lot of us talk and active in finance, and so I got more more rob when the ELM came out ass. I gotta I gotta on. This is a lot of things rich deeds. By just remove that you know a Gallo grass pharmacists ignored. Ok, do so only rich, your friends, your last companies or what hours? If you look at me, I got. I got this two million are album what you think about that you know guys do that, all the time, if you re backwater, why disrespect goals phrased away you in a video about you know. I have a tremendous amount. Respect for the whole plan, including goes but we're talking. Musically, is the difference between music and real life and persona. You owe him
you said you'd, like I don't know, I'm all saying that that is a sigh masters slide lad. Let me let me just then thou right than yellow that does not the entire. You know. Son is a word that we use all the time. Re assessment showed disrespect like you as if you were my sought for you. This is welcome, of course, why disrespect Not in this respect, you are, he call me tat, I believe, on anything I run. I really all a lot of people are saying that, because of the HIV, as we will give you a chance to clean up our clean out I'll buy, you know at the end of the day, you know it definitely felt like looked guys taking shot me in the hypocrisy and it's not easy to be on receiving analysing without jump and back you're not hip hop up your whatever manner. Man doesn't matter, you can look even in finance, it's not even a hip upping. It's a man thing you takes out to me. I'm gonna come back at you especially publicly, especially probably, and that's it
basic bravado on the basic and manhood unama going to let him steel on me for what I feel that you want to be famous, which is greatly because you were forty four main, though Furthermore, that, but now tell us about the drug. What happened with the drug Mary said that the drug the pill was one. Dean, Darling, Jack Odin jacket up the severe that's way now, Lubeck continue over those eighteen with some of the same difference. The number one thing I'd say is in law is liable to understand. This is kind of interesting in law. You can be prosecuted for not maximizing profits. In fact, I know people who have an you have to do everything in your power to make as much money as possible in the system we ve got. You can't go half way, and if we did that analysis we said we can go to some fifty and fifty dollar and nothing changed. No people help people will pay the seven hundred and fifty not people insurance companies, companies that are no one guy, actually
though the bill is that one of the insurance companies in the pharmaceutical companies have to pay more for Don T have to charge regular people absolutely. Why would you want that this? I don't want that. This is one of the smallest rugs around this is not. Laboratories is not something everyone's taking. This is a few thousand people take. This medicine is very rarely used. So in the scheme of things, this is zero point: zero, zero, zero, one percent of the drug business, but somebody has to be buying this drug debt and use also for the people that are bag it, even if it is a small few, why jack up the price? There's a there's drugs three times this price ten times the price does not like an insane price. If people you're here, if you know the drug business, you know that this is an act that expensive in the higher and range, but in the lower, higher and range there's drugs are two million here, but I would say if somebody can afford You will give to ass a lively. Madam I let someone I am. I know that you do. We have a system that is its. If you don't have insurance, you get a free ride off about right off the bat. We did it's done
as the I get that sixty five percent of our policy and I need the drug, how do I get it? How do they need as insurance every oh, so your doktor prescribes it for shifting it sent to our pharmacy our promises, eight where's insurance. You say I have any thought this form and you got the drug two thirds of the drug we sell for free he will know that people want to know that again a times one anatomy they're gonna get in me one way or the other, and you can say whatever you want, but its is people who want the enemy you know and if on the enemy. You good I'll happiness, unfulfilling some need in your life. I keep a lab. We get more with Martin squarely when we come back is the breakfast. Everybody, DJ envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club where we have Martin squarely the bill now Charlemagne. You keep colonies, man a douche and then, when you know the Eu Economic, more reduce you. Never.
Like why, even due to interview, if you I'd, be happy to answer questions, look I mean people start off with me being Adieus. I can be a very happy happy normal dude, but, like the guy asked me right off the bat he's like this is a good idea. You know for you to be insulted. Like you know, I can self deprecate myself, but don't me, I'm not an idiot. Clearly, some satire in this video is meant to be a mix of satire and makes a reality and of my own sketch saying I really having as you want. You don't really want dunes for real. Why won't you those on low incomes, maybe here, but here the or outside know about Babeesh murder. You will you really in about a bail out about I would would have loved to, and I was in conversations with an attorney a day before you arrest and now you can do it. You know I got now plenty of
my own business to deal with and as far as I know, his trial is coming up soon enough, so unfortunately for Bobby him in his again. This is your talk about injustice in the from us and this poor guy. I was billed out. We spent three hours and you may before get me my own sell the gummy like there was language areas inhabited by white, gloves three men all out their admiringly. Basically, you nano, our is privileged, was whatever it is. It provide whatever it is, but I heard the guys in the cell next door talkin to you. Nine there, like you know talking about stabbings shootings. I've seen there like he's gonna be in that sell, were there now we're gonna to keep this guy separate. And I was on three hours. This cats been in jail a year. Jail is supposed to be a temporary
Ah there you go in and out of, while your lawyer gets your ass out of their you put up some money, something you have to put a much money, the one of the fundamental causes of these eight men. It says that the government will not impose unreasonable bill and what they're doing Bobby's ridiculous the unconstitutional as disgusting and as I've seen it Norma opportunist look. I can take this guy had a jail. I got the money, I've got the lawyer and everywhere in the country. I get him out of jail tomorrow. But the two where bracelet form you're some yelp it. Why don't you still lay now? I love you too level by Ngos. To reason to represents is unfair, you're, the guy. Should it be in jail again, Prison is one thing you get convicted in due time, but this man is innocent until proven guilty. That's lack basic concept right, incarcerate him before the guys actually convicted into into denies, whilst
in times. If what is a lot of people in that situation, why Bobby's Marduk, as you know, to bring you attention? I heard about it, you know, nor anyone else in that situation. My boy, you know some of my boys in the video, for instance, where an odd situation I could throw down flom immediately. You know and I don't know Bobby but you know everyone knows the song is music and at work a boy and, I believe, also a billboard. That's right. That's the name of the song norm could potentially lose your weight. You now with all of the investigations going on over. Why do you? Why do you want to be famous like ours see, if I had that much money, I wouldn't want nobody to know who I am the problem. Is it just happens when you like it or not? never heard of you. If you didn't try to buy the Wu Tang album. If you didn't jack up the price body
when the one the buy it now, have you bite and be anonymous uneasy, mayfair Booting, it's good press for them, because they events have been noticed them before. I sell their outlines a piece of work necessary, billion dollars, you have even heard it it's a new thing. I always heard our little word here a little. I heard a little in the way you bloody die. What I would they be right on here? You know I've. I mean I love about this point hip hop as vat vastly vastly surpass rock. They stayed a rocket our questions. Clothes rocks in the toilet and does not one rock artisan excitable is twenty. Thirty have I had very welcome to my Christmas party, you know and what you do ass. We thou one alone, a good amount and use grade in our guy killed it. You know, what have you love him you'd, never disease! By goes, we understand you feel, like you was it you. It was a tough decision, be clear, tough decisions because it ass. He will make him happy, but look at you crave night. How dare you talk about
but who have Yahoo shout it is goes Beethoven. Hiding him has paid a voting clear when the greatest groups of our time is while agrees wrappers over, but you still a man, he saw bleeds the same blood is me and you wanna talk, I'm not the one that you have microbes, since knows no, I back, I got a beautiful knows he should we want to talk. If he were here right now smack mine now waiting, nobly deliberated opening of America absolutely would you buy his album us live alone. Was arms? Had thirty succeeds in third exchange? Was there another out? You leave all you the judges and the ghost behind a downright regular Donald Trump, Nay called you young, bride, Alfano backed it always will not smuggles vehicular, if you say so of that This involves a lot of people. I love you met and I know you're saying that, would you know you walk outside any
anybody. I really want those problems. You mad ghost. Anybody can get in Martin. I know the and waited if it is illegal, are glad that, as they raise attention that all downloaded, loving taking back the link is male may get a race thing. At the end of the day, there's people my family have been signed, killed in this. You and you shouldn't get him in that it doesn't matter who do? Have you evaluate be justified on his pipe trauma? Would we be Europe? Would you call the police on government now we see that, don't ever again ever call the police is open season. Come at me in my eyes and browsing, and in fact I think there is a saying, you're familiar this called. I wish you would you entitled going back to this? I'm telling you from the streets, you know it. Two thousand nine how much more using our backing six years ago, couple million hundred dollars really in a broader, though,
of our money. When you as you four hundred thousand dollars and see what happens you got, you got plenty, you your own connections, I don't want you to do beat me. I mean I do, but I believe it is what it is. You got a lot of it on you. Have you gotta be enough? Never in my life I fought many times that you can fight been jumped. You know it is what it is most people when they fight they don't wanna, kill another really what we're all gonna marry fights in Brooklyn like it's, you knock a guy I'll, you don't keep, will use I know now you know new era, Martin, I will we got more when Martin squarely when we come back, keep a locked to breakfast club more, the breakfast Glyn. Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We have Morton squarely in the building now Donald
I called you a spoiled brat can agree with no, he inherited what million bucks hundreds of nobody knows right. In fact, if you look at the numbers, he actually should be way richer than he is he's been easy. Can up. Actually he hasn't made as much money as he could have. All you had to do to be. Tromp is inherit the money and put it away and is, but in your boys and you'll, be fine, even more need, rich man, the World Zone fact he hasn't been a good business man good talk. Way too much. We all know that, and at the end of the day you know who's a spoiled brat. I'm sorry work where I come from that inside. Like know entitled, privileges are now I my I job. I had I choices as worker Carvel ice cream or worked at a half miles lucky enough to get a job in hedge fund, but I dont have suits to wear the hatch. I do know how to dress, like It is ridiculous to Peru, grant him threw down in managing it. Unfortunately, I started drug company called retrofit was fastest growing drug company.
However, how did they haven't you? Have you lost your company? You, you got its highest Saunders companies close impossible, because you need hundreds of millions of our play. So how did you do go to investors? You boys, you gotta, have a company now that you actually with securities territories, is gonna arrest, there's a little bit of voluntary groups. Let it go to Moscow. You a lot of water in France and Germany. We want to colony was right. You talk about Amber, rose right: that's the deal as employees Lets you create everything that you don't get. It all seemed almost request, a crazy thing that you boy increasingly to do. I'm not I'm a regular. Not yet you want and how would you dollars? I did that to show that I care about our when you over black loud, Madame the movement itself. You know at the moment you know, as you know, involved in a lot of stuff. I gotta figure that out
so like at the end of the day like I would love to you some suffer plant. I would love to do some stuff for everything, but, as you can imagine, after arrested electing sigh assets browsing I know now you know, but at the end of the day, it's crazy No, I mean you have resources. I mean, if he's been to me about a time you can spend money. You tell me what I should donate some money. They, like the activist you know liked it like a deer areas of the world than that is because they go around traveling and you know a lot of times. They just need funding just to keep going. You know what I'm saying in doing that. You know I at the end of the day, right now? You know this ODB used to say the song, I'm all about me right now and people come and try to call me. I just say that, and at the end of the day, there's sometimes you got to focus on yourself and for now I'm in so much that I got to. I got to do that and obviously you know, but the movement smoke spoke to me
My my world has been so crazy that again in all ages, right a six figure check to see to God World LLC about doing. I was about to do it again it until you love you did I envy. We appreciate you join us lifelike, I feel about you, but I like the fact you came from nothing and made something, having a personage only had a hundred I'll bet, you bet your mom. Is there a janitor? It is dangerous and that you haven't already. We usually be land and also all ok, I get it I beggar every days she doesn't understand the money markets, things on the work, for you guys know grim on our goals within most making little Sima ring it I wish you would wish you, because the writer tank way grounds superstar. We rarely rarely there's the breakfast glare Elam agony
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