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The Breakfast Club gets into a passionate discussion about how important money is in a relationship and whether or not women put too much emphasis on how much a man spends on her. Then Charlamagne does his best Diego-impersonation as he defends a pack of lions that were arrested. Yes, they were ARRESTED and imprisoned. Or is that just the definition of a zoo? Let's discuss.

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Request for the commission to terrorism of the various categories. Only one may be good morning: USA, Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, moved uneasily, mining Dizzy and the Charlemagne again these did applied. It is it's Thursday sounds I broke out from a closet. Is because we re were broadcast, live from us is to station in Boston, German. Eighty four, five we're in a closet writer, pretty much closet with his way nicer than a class step.
Hasn't television, low, bigger tv uncomfortable like a reality. The areas involved in arms and justly react. If there were more than we had affrighted were broadcast allowed. They have an annual huge concert. Are so many people? foreman from fifty said Fanny, while kid fabulous Remy MAC Os who was performing Kevin gazes also before national today, so let me a great show us they all have the same level. Why don't to get the hang out last night I got tired and even the thought of hanging out at all day and night to night alone. Here, ok, you tied is thinking about. It was it was. It was a long day. Yesterday I went to the ever clothing store. I call at least- and I stand by this this shop and end it was about. Maybe fifty rap isn't here. Fifty
and they had laid a cypher right then, and there I don't got a bunch of mixed in your pocket. Didn't give me save you wanna get down on your hard, your life, you out your damn minded people still given us. Even while we always tell him what am I supposed to do. It is the right time squarely. Do that letter asking sell it all the time, I'm gonna! Do it if you d better, get you one of these long, hard drive whatever side about forty years beyond drives in my pocket last night s pretty cool in tonight. Of course, after the show, if you Boston era we gonna to be our celebrate in our music direct, his birthday. Yes, teaspoons, he's out with seventy three today, not only those that have been passed, his own cheese is there. If you don't get about borders, Instagram what Twitter wishing unhappy seventy? Thirdly, they gotta Jesus, distorted Jeez, been G s p. I am just mothers they happy seventy there at Oji nab for low g g g g g, ethically cheese, and so you got no more characters. Ok, they go right. Let's get to show crack of
based on what we talked about, where we are going to talk about the body of its who year olds aspect, Yes, so slowly- and I will give you other details on what happened us, I will talk about the judge and the Brac Turner ruling was removed now from a new sexual assault, stroker. All I m more, keep it locked. His rihanna is nearly as the british local everybody's e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast was saying you a savage dunno cool if in your home, my savage, shaming right, you're, savage Shaven, savagely that savagely elections. Front page news now tonight NBA Fund, The calves will be taken on the warriors in winning game six deaths at nine p m. Eastern time on a b c has arrived in my dream, green is back and it's a shame. At the words, have the wouldn't you have another championship in Cleveland, but Haley's they got the chance. There was talk
the sad story, the body of the two euro was thrown into they believed round by the alligator and a little yes. According to the sheriff, they said his body had only a few puncture wounds. Now the autopsy still has to confirm this, but they do feel like a child was drowned by the alligator. You paths tat startled after the father went and try to save his to Europe. Sun and dropped the boy in the water and he drowned. He was only about a foot in so is it alligators, really don't swim that far they just sink into the murky water. They let there and that's why the Father probably did not see the boy when he's done the way to try and save him now. This is a very rare thing. They saying this is the first time something like this has happened at Disneyworld. There were no swimming signs, but it wasn't sizes said beware of the alligators, so nobody knows the the young to Eurostat. Sleep went into the water a little bit about a foot. Any was the only person in the water at the time they were. Having like your movie night at the hotel at their resort. So they said, according to statistics, is about a ninety neighbours,
a chance. Normally when an alligator comes that they don't usually attack ninety nine percent of the time just what is there one pushing them? I am hypochondriacs it at one percent of all. I would be thinking about it if you gonna have allocated in the water Disneyworld at least keep them share. They shouldn't have any alligators, you you're a resort with nothing. Primarily kids There should be no alligators, no threat to kids, nothing to kids know. We always knew where have you got happened just cuban for exactly like a poor little kid is dead, because an alligator deciding what is happening should be saying that not just say no swimming. Isn't. It should also warn you that there are potentially alligator in the actual year old care red gambling. I mean your parents therefrom Nebraska and there
think about our living abroad and other gaiters Letter Family York, and if I go to Miami I gotTa Florida on that thinking, there's alligators long after I never thought about that has now been thing I ever had to ensure that usually because it would you have killed you together, they floated swab, let alone the no side was gave a country baby and am not from downtown so now something I think about. I've never witnessed an alligator attack. I've never even seen a sign. That said, beware of value, no, the poor, located there, because an alligator decided he wasn't hungry anymore. Poor allocated is wasted food at what he really did tell us about the re, he's just as remove from a new rate case. Yes, this is found the rack Turner case now what they have done, because everybody was very upset about the six months that brought Turner was sentenced to four.
Sexual assaults, so now they have removed. This judge from an unrelated case an unrelated way case, just because I guess they felt like a judge Just let me just take em over a case like this like its innovation will as usual measure, but they have a move that doesn't make haste to ensure that justice is there for everyone. Just as was heard at the last. I guess that's what I like that. I know I don't feel like that. I would have. See that I would have you know it. It is about, and after no more detailed gonna feel like the judge and brag turn of father. We in cahoots with each other like they will pull down where I am saddened by. The judge should not just be removed from another case, but I judge should definitely be investigated or I will ask for page and five tell him. I'm your man of your upset, you One thousand and one of your upset you need to vent. Call us up right now, maybe need to get something off my chest, something off your mind. Eight hundred five made five one off. I won't tell him I you mad now all morning long is, it would be too pots. Forty fifty right, I believe, what he fifth and whether we played
brought joint, you favour to pack choice, but it's not what you feel to file joint is arrogant. There are two parts to be forty five laugh when everybody I thought about two back would come back and take over there gave about, would come back and one in that. It must be clear part they do, but forty five years old, ass rivalry- and we can we please joints all morning long so hit us up. Let us know your favorite pot joint when we planes It's a celebration of his birthday I, and they also released a trailer today for the movie right be related to the dream, was like a trailer before the jail was like a team of the trailer ass. No ok, What tell us why you may eight hundred five, a vibrant fallen from learns wide open, which elaborately air broadcast a laugh from Boston. Shout the german eighty four five is the better spoke more the breakfast club.
Hey you wanna get around a day one day, while your buggy belongs model. I brought up allow third night, like girls gone off when we neglect laminated, applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you man the breadth of global rail corridor from both the due date, tell Zella Montmartre mad because, above all me too, I'm out of here, then you know, and I speak until they loved him and a further one, and I want to say thank you shall make what you'd do it I'll do have is done. A lot of kids. I love you, and I appreciate you, and I call him sir, and I call a meal I went up to and me in a brown love. You are you waiting for you, I think, is that you're, the guy want to be with their paws
Well, it wasn't depends on how you say whether in relation to the independent interlaced, Jude Sober and how will last I am certain that it as love. You know First of all, I do not want your baby, what a man like evirene dishonour and you guys in the beginning, you that young man he's would little boys or maybe you just huggin, into intimately baby way or sell Charlemagne. You love me, how would you do so? We can here there's going and everything I made. A man appreciate the job. You don't talk to me. Like I'm one of the little kids you mentor he's dead. I love the job that you do it. The child with a man- I love you, I will not
really believe that man is really just don't say. Love like I say, let alone you up. Children no light I love you. I love you brought a lawyer. Thank you for calling America able to love you I love you. I reliable allow there gone Oriole J from being Jane. Tell him. I met the matter how situation without another to you all? There will be a bad attitude to you all want all until until Well, I'm sure you didn't, we didn't wander off. There was sick mandatory. You had his feet in the water in the Paris right it s. What the father was able to jump on area headed I've ever watching outdoor movie, so they are there other child out there in a crab and everything we met multi year or two ago
have you all now everywhere, you know how to mean a thing swinging them around as again Grady like about his wife and his back on this differently, They will also need to give this day you alligators a fashion of allocated to run up the forty miles out of your ruler, of the all sitting in the water would be free, dangling the water, the alligators grabbed and they said is the first time. That's ever happen there. This is the only so it's a very rare thing added It can happen now. We know that if it never happened before it ain't, disabling, the damn guerrilla dagger, cholera in a way, a little boy does want, is often followed. All the way to a gorilla, nay right allows, as our garden might convene paragraph My tell me why you mad emotionally men of all his bond and value made today, I'm gonna have to bury a young man from our neighbourhood, only twenty five years old man and it's like it never gonna end. If I did know we're safe the more I made a bad man, I'm high
well you're. Not like me, brother, Abbe, shrill, and I like you, I am. I don't even want to go anywhere. If I don't have to I'm sorry you had to bury your friend man. This is very sad that they'll be safe out there. Anybody that's out there. You listening right now, just be saved. Look over your shoulder and I resent the light. Nowadays, love love, love, love, love la that is done. Everything all issues you see right now are stemming from hate right I'll give it. You know, is Lameter, as I don't give its people at eight against gay. The monkey is racism. The root of all that is hate. We need more love right, tell em artifact! I apologise to the guy was out there in sexual deputed mentor, lies actually said they pay is. Actually. This is. If I love the way you apologize, we lie. You browse the railways joke. You will want to keep telling them boy, he love, no matter how gaiety. Thank you all for ok, alright, I love you show me love you too, and I love you. You e,
Zella. Why you may aided by the by what we want is a break in the morning. The breakfast club that was Tory lanes would say it morning. Every body is the J Envy Angel ye shall lead me to go. We oughta breakfast club we broadcast in love from Boston, shouts losses to station Germany. For five one of the austrian huge cancer tonight. If he in the area come on out and effort, the breakfast club and, of course, given only four five, fifty cents perform and fifty one tied, Al Assad. Kid ink Kevin Gates, remember hosts to others was to be a great show tonight and of course we do not have the party celebrate our music direct, his birthday g20 turn seventy three. Seventy, streets a lobby in listen, I that I had a yoga perfect Listen! I want to say, too that I had a yoga parfait last night in Boston. What is a real good parfait? Isn't it was to die for real job when a clue,
it is no good, but it had been. Man is strawberries in Renaud, Larry Solana cheerfully. They do have yoga poverty early, but this one didn't come from generally as asked grab everyone. I walk into a hotel room. It was two glasses of room in a yoga. Puffy do not occur but when I walked into the Malta will shouted, a people are going to tell them what hotel was data, but they had chocolate walls with liquor enough for me, and then they had a fruit, any say. Congratulations on a baby and had a sixty dollars give cause for babies are rather said. Bob pampers would have unique hours like that. That was done so shelter everybody, they showed us almost love out, but also the autonomy rice, which room citing This may Ruby. Had a nice long, somebody guy saluted Dan,
would update monetary, whom I mean we oughta yoga puppy in Toulouse differs of Remy at all. It we're gonna live their sister, sadder, fruitless, negative, really Y all right. Well, when we come back, we got our rooms. Where we talk about a war machine, we are going to think about. Tell us what looks like. Maybe she had a new man before she broke up a cabin Harris. Also, we are going to take about Malaysia paragraph on basketball, wise. What is she getting in her divorce law right? All, I m all. Keep love in its two blocks. Birthdays! Let us do you a favor pot. Joint report all morning long is tobacco locomotive the breakfast club.
The report is the Reul report was glad you guys know Malays up a basketball wives, who is merited a narrow path that they're married for eight years and she got out of her divorce. Sediments is actually gonna get half of his mba pension and Fora when K, Virgil, Janeiro Cargo down or play that is either book look, I drowse like a lot. I write. Well, yes, so she's getting quite a bit of money from him. Now she s it gets to keep a ban in our rights to their company. They have together is called three beats. Llc access to three checking accounts Anna Money market account, and she, thus it gets. Fifteen thousand in child support,
for their three kids and eight hundred dollars for told you didn't even cheaper to keep her. You shouldn't Meda work again Janeiro Power, the iceberg, Janeiro, J, A and an ogre in front of your country. I don't hear that allow every point. Four million can be right. Let me lamp and is doing what he's doing guy. You tell us about an cabin Harris now we know they ve broken up. You saw that house. We were talking about other data, she's venting in New York. Well, it turns out that he was suspicious that she was cheating for weeks before their break up and everything just got confirmed. There are now pitches of Taylor and she's making our time. Austin. Now time Harrison was in the movie Thor any is also there some buzzing be plain the new James Bond. So they say that cabin hairs now feels like he's, been betrayed: tell us what was got a I'm comin out. This is also like material for a new am Ethel she's, a savage.
Usually a whole. When I usually, as we all know, how was he runs through these guys, just tab material, the right we all know she's all now she's a savage in that sounds savages new ways of your own, a nice. Now it means that you aggressively dating joke ceramics aggressively dating acre owing Don't say that she's, an aggressive data, ok David Byrne we told you this story yesterday from DMZ that he got into an altercation with a bouncer at a nightclub. It all started. They said because some of his crew couldn't get any Loud and that's when allegedly David Banner went outside and said I got you Edward got to you a sell out n word. I got money and through money and credit cards at the bouncer David Banner hazards, it via social media. He said black media dont copy and paste white media throws you scraps and it's your duty to give black people the truth, clicks or truth, especially when it is incorrect information. Do you care about the truth? Think of Before you report. I got really have Hap or paw abundantly video. Video here is video, so then the video
though in the money. I don't regret, oh god, what you'll see that part lastly, I am, I gonna happen cycle and you can't really tell what he's in the video. You know you just see, there's an altercation, some type of scuffle, so we don't know willingly amount but awaited Janeiro. Margo guy was his name Janeiro Margo. You ve been in the last ten years, he's thirty six, He is currently not in a league right now, yet average salary of one point, four million Real Alice. I've really live about about how many still good ass a lot of my time. Monetary I'll get a one year contract in two thousand and fourteen for one point: four really live like a bird over just then you will be needed for Bob lay that left for you not just a lot of money. Fifteen thousand half, as is everything Randy Pension rights, or I want you to know. Let me begin with you, don't even know what she had to begin here. We know now. I m sure I right, and that is your room- a report I'm Angela,
all right. Thank you. Miss ye. When we come back with a front page news will give you some updates on what happened in Ireland with their damn alligator. Keep it lacked the rapids locomotive. For the breakfast club of skins and front page news. Now the NBA not tonight the calves war is game. Six is at nine p m on a b c, I'm thinking a casual win. This once not avenant another wishful thinking of you want to happen, but is not new, but I would say that I do the article is they weren't? We need championship in Oakland, but enough. I was there. I would advise moose different is business than unifies among shutting to try to harvest of businesses that yes or no substantive, when something Even when you look looking mechanically by Cleveland, you not finish. It often is now also talk about this alligator that allocated didn't eat this baby,
Besides you and we ve, been following the story of the two year. Old boy was poor by an alligator into lagoon. That was near a Walt Disney worlds. Hotel and his body has been found now with the USA, is there. A puncture is bad that it looks like round, the child I right now, alligators normally don't even swim out. That far- and this is a very rare occurrence- now alligators, normally don't even swim at that far, and this is a very rare occurrence. This has never happened in Disneyworld before so they said they going to make sure that they, the alligator that was involved, remove it from the lake so on and so few, but is a man made lake fish? No alligators can bite children, but it actually goes into other emerges in a real battle of what you have to believe me. Located there because the alligator decided one hunger, animal
Grab, lowborn wedding and the alligator probably got started because a father did jump in and start trying to save the boy, and that's probably what happened. The allocated got, startle job the child and then an alligator la France. Last on what love our allergies rub: the forty mobile actually twenty torment the water we now online is like a love. That's pretty fast, fast, Ellis saga those judged us remove from another case, because he, after the case prior now, this is a judge who sentence as the former Stanford University Swimmer brag Ternata only six months in jail, So will the thought, even though it was very clear that I e sexually assaulted this women by Judge Aaron Pesky, is now being removed from another case now this kind involves a male nurse who allegedly sexually assaulted. A female patient was under anesthesia, but they are saying is, after the recent turn of events, to be lack confidence that judge Persky can fairly participate in this upcoming hearing. So there's also a
Titian to remove him from the banks and more than one million people have signed up. Why would they like a high council, mean in life when a judge makes a decision like this? If you still higher? now let s see. Ok, I was absolutely wrong right. Why can't they like real revolted decision, override agree? They should be somebody else. S looking at things to say about this is this is just not radiation. Does all along the lines I just specially. If you see him one another sexual assault case, and you take him. Are you sure he doesn't make great and the other case I mean they found two people found rat turner on top of the girl right smelling like alcohol, and they turned him down and held him, No question raised him. Up to now. Fats, guy here man and as front page news. I am, I just want to say one more thing. I don't you guys. Are these twelve page, a statement that the victim row addressing the whole situation and our whole description, but is apt. We played on a lump of butter
the other women in the same way we played from a little man awful ass is something then another layer to this impact of that well as front page news Nellis, which gives low banister host. Let less talks sugar, Daddy's, sugar, babies, and I know the sawhorse all women who are prostitutes and don't even knowing that a story came from whirl star world. I guess he's like a little is this. Reality shows coming up. I was an interview with this women who is air like a baby, right explains the boy would it shook a baby is in what she saw. My name is mean happiness in, and she says she's made over a million dollars being a sugar baby. Basically, she has managed to take care of her pay for everything for her rose. Was it all the time grids aldermen is what she likes, Are these checks as prostitutes and don't even know if you're sleeping with a man for the sole purpose of profit- and you are frosted- Two- absolutely the man you guys are genes, and you don't even know it even those with me.
I had a couple jargon: the job market, the ones they pay for positive soccer, both pretty much attracting a trick. Friends. There believe that men should pay for everything, and this is a whole discussion that I had. I would say everything I know women, who were not data guy unless he is paying for certain thing. Your browser do as you and I have friends there Listen. If I'm dating you and you're, not doing anything for me financially. Helping me out when I needed then was the point of mediating. You and religious all arisen mergers of your knowledge of all lorries. Is it s very positive, because relationship should be based on whether or not a practical way to federalism? Somebody's me, as you walk out to someone honestly and say how much must you got us old age prostitution prostitution? Is you want me, give me money? That's probably. I want to say that these are women
dating guys it they actually like night, another user noted now measure. One is now worth that business through different, something I have friends who, with their dating a guy and he's, not doing anything for her, he builds they feel like you be taking care. What tell your friend she's never going to be happy because she's dating a guy for all the wrong reasons, absolutely in any girl who's in who says, I'm not going to have sex with a man unless he pays for this to pay for that their prostitute. Say: you know how its acts by she feels like in a relationship. If we are to gather, you should be paying, for things were
not ass, no one here and now the sun shone me for it relationship and we have feelings for each other. We like each other or we love each other. Money should have nothing to do with Asia. She'll! Never positive, nothing! Now I disagree with that, because financial means are the number one reason that people get to where so many deaths have elected to that's what they say, but it shouldn't it should actually do it. If I, with my wife and I have no useful, I have nothing because years amazing habits of how you make money and being ambitious another that is important in money comes and goes, and when it comes to go, I will say, looks coming up as a man. Your job is to protect and provide the foundation of your relationship has to be based on love, abstinent, friendship and commitment to want to nationalism and beings and been the main. Yes, you take care of you, but if that's, what he's not bear them? Money goes. A shit. Matters should strain your relationship. I don't want to be when old woman like our home, one he's gone she's out. No, I was they. This men act differently when they go broke down.
If they went on you, you couldn't drive back on my friend. That's just sometimes can negatively affect your relations are not about. Could guess what I will feel ritual their guys who are completely different when that money goes and they treat you, whereas they feel bad about themselves. Their measure both around outweigh lap. That's when you like, it has been a good woman. Is both beat it. Have you back amyloid beta, like a man? What may I say, Romeo my back and tell me it'll, be ok, ok, eight hundred I have a five what or five one? What is the point that, if a woman wants nothing but money from a man when I say nothing but as many important is that make you a prostitute, if you feel like your man to be paying money, support in all situations, but is money the reason to state Ladyship Oliver and you wouldn't even when a man for the sole purpose of profit than you are prostitutes in you and even less open before Eight hundred five, eight five one of five one. If you interrelationship how
does money matter. That is the question. If you have no money, should you stated relationship or do you expect all men by everything your college cleaves issue ship bag, you all that of Germany, hair call of all. Expensive phones, eight hundred five, a fundamental problem under their city, daddy paint bill on our call us up right now and when we come back, of course it is Pox birthdays. Let's play some part. Music will become bat. Whatever you want to hear will play a part, joyfully Happy Birthday Party have been forty. Five today is breakfast locomotive the breakfast club. That was Harold Mary to Prague. She core happy birthday too proud. Today. What a bit is forty five birthday, very binding law we say no to popular, came back and took over to rub game to part would have been forty five to properly fat, one in that He would have an act and gay you wouldn't have varied. We gotta play employees will plant based dialogue by now, where you been forty five, you wouldn't
We thinking it about. No Damn Rabbie would not be run riot would bear down on his head in his hands thing and if we was, we call him a damn fool. It's on the grow up now so they release the trailer or the teaser to the trailer. For its part, will we have which comes out on the day that he passed, ripe and actually look. Look, look, don't Felixstowe, don't look, cheesy, Ludlow turnouts. At any moment where them they shouted remains out of any that would talk. Is sugar. Mom is right, yes, said a baby sitter babies right and sick, daddy, that's that would tell us how does commissar. So here is a discussion that I was having with one of my friends. She, when she dates a guy and they already dating She- expects when there in a relationship that he should take care of certain things that he should offer her money like if you want to get too heroditus homeless activity, but she's already dating him. It's not like. Ok, I'm only dating guys. They do this, but when I'm with you, I expect to be taking here now. If he doesn't do, what does she still? Does you continued data or the right?
yeah. What is it goes down the highway because she is still be with him, but she might complain about alliance. It has worked by cheap. What have you goes broke in this? She leaves, and so that lets me notice using the release of all around us lately. So therefore, like always say of your woman- and you are weeping. What a man for the sole purpose of profit than you are prostitute you're such work. I don't have. That is the sole reason that she was with him. You are the way already dating median. Do that I found the saw if she would leave when the monies low, probably the absolutely nobody should give them a lead, and so the money gets low. Money should have nothing to do, and I guess you know like if he has it, he should be helping around. I don't know what will happen if he didn't habit, but she feels like as money. He should be helped us. You have her own. So if I do go broke, my money does get lost. You can have my back. I can't stand it, treats who don't got nothing
Ma Amselle when they got audacity to say I Dayton, mainly God, man, you're gonna, neither we nor does a lot of relationships and people do two things. A relationship wanna see people split their money. I have mine, you have yours in. We can come together with some things and in some people have a pot. We put it all in the same bank account and we say what we want. Never say this. She doesn't work back, I'm not gonna, be back our babbling defend, say that she takes care of him all the time that she cooks other times. He cleans the house. He has cage Take care his case. Good, so is now. Listen very should take care with it ass. It doesnt want how to work out a few of you see if you say, and I don't want you to work and he's taken care of a cool
major protected. Beware, but until Monday, women who got the death of you to say I don't want to be with a man can do anything can only be done for yourself of anything I level now here is the sugar baby, we're talking about she lives in New York, and she says she's made over a million dollars, offer these guys check it out the best part about being a sugar baby as the lifestyle vacations every month and not having to worry about paying your bills. I am certain that has provided me while over a million dollars, I've had my nose time. Three times I've had my boots stun four times a sugar daddy invests in a woman that he feels has the potential to be an asset in his life. A prostitute is not an asylum, as she looks crazy, but it was useful. A good at all, she looks crazy. Nina Petersen is her name out of our lives,
I thought of chicken world. I mean she sounds like she's in love and doesn't know it like, like that's your man. It's not like she's in a relationship show your man is tricking on you and that's fine cuz. You know the model, it's not trickin, if she's worth it. If you my actual woman, wiener relationship, I you kids, I am to take you but does while these ass leaps and messes with rich older men and they pay for everything and she carries out like us, he caught us out like a sad. She lay bade them like the old man a married somewhere, and they had arrived to do some men in a capable when ass, what sounded Aimee S. Another whole separate thing: could we your side? She grew religious, get paid to be quiet. From paying. You was shut. The hell up doesn't want is now working cause. You talk. Yes, you talk as you do, a video that should instead, he sighs and he wouldn't get on Mary. I married you stupid as or let's go to the very large eight hundred five aid firewater. Five one allows this
give my mind, you don't mind my boy and well I wouldn't ever she has to say we should pay the anvil ye. You need to stand up for the baby. The rapid bakers, Celimene, the guy, can't think they know it all. It is not about jobs, mainly the little baby it profitable. When you got many different one, but when you the guy you may you know you can bring about the table, but for you you know market all the way, and that is not about the two eyes and dynamic. Don't make your life dollar meetings as requested much too, when you into a relation what a guy money used. Your first thing on your mind: you want a measuring model, is shit now that now what we want them thing matter up a little baby girl David, that guy that with a pang away- and I believe that I was talking about it, but I think they followed him. Let him! Why won't you? Knowing you take your family? You do right. We're going We had a love it.
Even motivated. Then people know- and I wanted to get around it- move we lobby and the bad about you. So graze you say so, if he's doing well, you stay, but if these low, I wanna, say whether he up or down, but when he's down he hasn't gazing around. When I arrived at a global problem of evil- and he was do I really well and then he lost his job and he had no motivation to do anything and I used it. Ass, wise and young girls is Mary. Two thousand and eight to sixty percent in France, deaf to us, plus, right or regional airports, can already say what I was saying. We were married me with his dating. He got so depressed and I kept telling him yeah. Let's find you a job, would you want to do? I was trying to help them all. He was miserable all the time I was working hours MC my money. I don't need anything from him, but he was so down. He wasn't ambitious. He would not get up there and get out into anything for himself and you can't force them ready to do that.
Kennedy was you may now get down you not doing in the magazine, not as good a woman as you did you, I didn't get a good woman pulls the motivates regarding woman posed to lift you have you pose to feel like you know what I gotta do this for me in her mothers, let's go to fall out. Do when we come back eight hundred five, eight five one or fibre we're talking about money, interrelationship, Ladys! If you stay with a man in money Basis that our relationship does that, make you a prostitute his we that's what it should be it should be about. We will, as you and I we we is. Germany is the british government that was Jeremiah. We morning, everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club now walking sugar, baby sugar, daddy's inward at his comes where you somewhere else dire women and girls therein she's from New York as its outcome about he's gotten over a million dollars in really funded everything in her lavish lifestyle from sugar. That bright will display clip of something she had to say
where the one man the pays where we because well, I guess I don't gotta worry and thus a gentleman thing to do time she gets money she likes either. Take us on vacation bites, cute dresses spoils as required she's already paid for they can choose wherever they wanna go. My life is wonderful. I'm bless unto less to be stressed over haters knowledge, Can you calls eight hundred five? Eight five one o five one were asking about money interrelationship. How big is money Dinero, narrow red interrelationship, a relationship is making money, it's cool. If he's not making money, do you leave and if you do leave all you consider it a prostitute Biagi money should not be made without at all, you shouldn't even be a factor that is not an animal, much money. You have it's about how you spend money. I have another friend was Mary. She makes a lot of money, she's a lawyer ray and her husband, he more cell cans, in freelancers, but he lavishly spends money and she doesn't spend a lot of money and they have such a decision.
Already in the way that he spends money and doesn't consult with her on things that he buys money matters? How you spend your money, how you save your money? All that does matter in a relationship. You cannot make a connection. Would a person Bristol Dumont? like you, don't make no middle connection as regards my something more than him, but she doesn't appreciate that he buys is huge purchases and doesn't consult with her and they fight about it all the time, but they have and she's like I need to spend money on it I don't buy that she goes to targets by her own clothes and he's by all kinds of crazy being assured you. Nor does should be there should be a dispute between friends. They make of you. If you are connected to your partner, we opposed to be there. The dispute between dispute between friends, the two French be able to work as local Jennifer Lawrence allows this. Jessica would talk about money in a relationship. How do you feel if somebody has money in it?
so they don't have a these do stay or you in a relationship for money. Do you take me to provide all the time? Not. I think that people should come and curly who kept thing I ever saw ended. He like gypsies, equal young arab benefits, the turbine whether you think that I will let you stay with the guy who didn't make any money. You know, I think that we would have become a narrowly ship on mutual right, definitely but leave a person because they work yeah give a round of applause. Yes, as a matter of money as a sign of analysing, listen, I voice can be happy than myself. If I don't make any man the latter. That would have to figure out. What am I doing wrong? Man is a couple of beers matters. Making fifty thousand dollars had allowed and they are in law, had been having great SEC every night. They budgeted
and that is both and I don't think there is anything wrong with their because, if he's making money as she's make money, that's great, while always this written so was gone opera. All my love. Now we are right now we're talking about these women asking for men, basically to pay for everything if they dont they out that, while single not turn up the same thing, they went from may come from Virginia spot. The main requirements like that's when they get council amendments does anything less. Would you call to be done on board with bread when a year, a meagre house over everything but held out like my own, you live together so often differ so owner work, but when they got here the metal figure everything they give something whispers to every couple of dangerous by guy. Climate la we'll. Do you actually there? Ok thanks! So what's the moral of the story, gas monastery,
I can live with our money, but I cannot live without love, imagining a rich but having nobody around the share were you know, Jose nobody around to share your experiences. We nobody to talk to know it s really into you like now I take love all day, but I think that, for me the moral of the story is when you enter a relationship with somebody. It is very important for you guys to discuss your expectations as far as finances, because it is very important as far as spend your money. What is everything lookin like ask your credit score, because as important to me, I worked really hard to maintain what I have the best relationships workers. If money is not evolve as all about love. If you get a religion, girls, you talk, money, money, money, money, money well, they'll run our right of expert. Although money smash the thin double, we thought we was funny? Goes you always? A man's job is to protect and provide by now using is now required for your wife and family somebody you actually built the foundation which spiritually mentally emotionally then that girl me I'm alive, did not me. I'm almost eighteen years on, we have money coming up
gotta make a real money to back before you four years me and ve been together, zau sixteen men and I and nothing rallying come all man made. For example, radios, nineteen thousand dollars a year. I lose my mom If our agenda is a thing I was, I fired in two thousand and ten, I lived Mama four year when I was twenty nine. Thirty years old, we added to love now wife stock will meet to all that. As one of my work, I lived in a basement when my wife, my baby, NATO, as are you sure I will continue to Emma, continue to check on my wife. Cushy is worth it not. Could she wants that? Teaches you lucky deserves it, absolutely rumours. Yes, we are going to take that dj cat. They now, he is giving thanks to somebody wrote a nice long. Heartfelt letter on Instagram, also as always Dinah is talking about sexism Hollywood. You won't believe what a producer told her right. All I m all keep lacked the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club,
The report is the rule for the breakfast club. Like a band, a bundle was left a message on Instagram and I was very bianti in the b high. He said dreams come true, don't ever lead, they tell you, you can't do it, they told me I would never tour well. I just finished toying with the biggest art is welcome to plan. Here you go, get they tell me. I would never touch stage in a high school arena. Well, I just finished touching stays in every stadium and every major city in America. Dreams come true, but you have to work hard in They stand beside the icon, Bianca. You gotta work hard for over twenty five years and dedicate your blood, sweat and tears. To me
in your dreams- a reality there you go wrong when a fool's bargain, with all that money that will be the high entire bang ladder. Exclamation point members, both cabin. I salute the money comes from the radio cloth and I love to see radio personalities gets at a level that he's got the age cloth stolen thanks and gratitude and appreciation CBS, and you see he worked on for over twenty five years. So we appreciate that you're gonna get a new elliptical machine. Cabbage gotta get one that works. For example, right does. Allegedly bodies that otherwise now another hard working women, Zelie Saldana is talking about difficulties that she's had in Hollywood. She talks about the sexism there and she talks about one produce. Telling her. I hired you to look good in your underwear holding a gun. She said she was trying to give some opinions on input.
I did that she had, and she said the producer called her and during his vacation and told her to stop being a difficult, bitch and see what I got wow. It's real. It's really happened. She said she started to feel like she was difficult when she also asked for a studio to cover her child. Because while she was filming this package usually given to her fellow male stars- and eventually they d give her that, but she said they said she had a diva fit so that with the issues that she had enough difficult floor to ask for things that you might need by your set the other people are getting all right now. Let's talk about Dr Dre and not Dr Dre, that makes beats by Dre headphones, but Dr Dre that used to host Yo Mtv raps and he used to be on with Ed Lover, he's fifty two years old right now and he did an interview with the New York Times and he talks about struggling with obedience. Now he was pretty large and he said that he left this vision now because of his day
it is also he lost its. How any has an angle, injury being those of his health throughout the years any adjust nest. I didn't get serious. He said my stubbornness put me where I met now. My energy is going to change that we got young people grown people old all having this week, prevent this, we can cure this. I have an idea how to do it so he's undergoing weightless surgery to help em battling his diapers. He's. While he is a radio legitimate, grown up in coins, used liver or not long, island of the black from a friend of mine and meaning see him in his success and also at level grown up was. Part of the reason why I wanted to get in the radio, and it allowed me to see something you know cuz when you, when you live in queens, you really don't really see too many artists, so being a see them. It was my while I can do what they do, that you will realize how big a loving doggedly where they had a movie brown man. I gotta Ed, loved, inducted trade, trade and cod is actually there is a real democratic zealously. Aerial back at me over at loving started free trade and car, like they would huge, like you, gotta take care of yourself
do I keep telling you that over and over you think I'd be fat? Shame in no, it truly is died. I died. This is the kind of things being overweight laid took this ocean maybe try to say whether or not You agree, as it is but yet what are you gonna? Get you ass a shape? I write well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. Report right now, Charlemagne who you given that down to two was the man and that no animal rights activists right by far I'm not dead, guide us out region for the rights of animals. All I'm saying lot injustice happening to US animals lately and we need to talk about a flat out. Ok we'll get into that when we come back. Keep a lot is directly spoke about you,
time for Don T. Talk to you today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today, via the donkey of breakfast club, please don't keep the day today. How well this is stupid. Miserable You today is all about giving people to credit they deserve to be is too little Kay donkey today for thirty June. Sixteen goes too far as officials in India who have arrested budgeting a mother say I don T think about it. I don't know they have arrested. Eight lines as they try to find a man eater suspected of killing three people. Yes, you heard me right. Officials in India have arrested over. Eighteen lies lines like the animal symbol will foster scar raw obey because they can. Three people idea test in the lions prince in due to an attempt at fired a killer, the guilty line
get this. The guilty line will be kept in a zoo for life, while the others will be released back into a Sherry, listen man. I've been thinking about this. The past few weeks in notice, injustice that is happening to animals has to stop especially when his animals, we can't eat chickens. Cows We not talking about you because your taste took what the animals we can't atta just magnificent creases look at. This is for you, even the alligator kind of on their own, because make amazing persons engaged me tastes like chicken, but not one of my favorite things, the two but anyway, ever since tat, guerrilla God shot and killed, was his name around me around. They. We have this.
Human animals would be an animal's. Ok, Disneyworld killed four alligators yesterday, look afresh to your boy, but the truth of the matter is the boy in his family had no business in their waters. With signs of this, they do not go in waters. Why go into water? Even if his Jesse of feet dangling and then we get have set a gate is forgotten, okay and allocating won't do it and allocating or do we want that, should know better and we eat alligators. Ok, don't know to kill humans when we eat them. Ok, but back to the matter in hand how you gonna arrest lion. We'll be in lines. The six attacks on humans in India. Where reported native sanctuary only habitat of the asiatic lines? Now I'm not the highest rate of wheat and the If I don't want to get a tag by lines, you know what do what simply would not go habits of the lions. Ok Wait, did a habitat of the lies and got attacked. So now you arrest in Lyons for being lines. They said
guilty. While we kept in a zoo for life, don't all animals are kept in reserve for life anyway and if you're in a line in the zoo for life. Are you a meeting that a zoo is an animal prison? Are you admitting that a zoo is punishment because of death? Not only did you imprison guerrilla around Bay, ok, killed him because somebody broke into his cell? I am an animal rights activists, I'm not that guy at all. I just don't understand how we live in a world where we are now or resting in killing wild animals. Being wound animals, so Give me like. We need to leave mother nature to hello. Okay, if we mind our business, we would be fine he's. Animals are not going out of their way to bother us. A little boy went into the gorilla cage. Now harambe is dead at two. Boy within the lake, would gain his word navigated. The dead any falls in India within the lions Habitat all aligns arrested humans. This is offer how man and animals were animal. Ok, give the floor
the fishes in India who arrested the eighteen lived legacy, hop lease So with your journal, animals for animal lingua, like you know what animals going do the mind for at all, make no sense but that you ve had a donkey today. I'm sure to animals would be happier mesh of animals can achieve, listen and went away all minds than that scar. Ok, technology you don't say, is the one scar messes up the whole flock right lines? What do you call a group lives, liars, liars, I. What would you do Woodward once com as level group Alyzia? That is, you got all these Symbols and Mufasa is locked up now because of three scars, but guess what you should have left the three thought hell alone you in a habitat. Ok so the animals and appreciate is not here today, so got animal. Listen, we send a gate listening! No thank you for that dog the day when we come back, ask IE eight hundred feet
aid five, one hundred five one. If you have a question for you, need our relationship, advice or any of advice, you can call right now she puts live on air and help me, which president ass everybody I embrace him last night, while we were at this mixture that they have for us, a lot of people were asked me to ask you a question so span. Eight hundred fireweed, five one or five loans to breakfast locomotive that was two black? I get around a happy birthday too to park. He would have been forty five today, like the sale of plants in Prague joys all morning long in celebration of his birthday, but now it's done four ask IE eight hundred five, eighty five one or five one? If you got a question for you, need some released advice or whatever it may be called a right now alarming onto you for hello who's. This my name is allowing a labour Ellie. Elinor was the course of the year. I am innocent people to Asia and it has been a bit me. What a long way from doesn't like it fell might have a daughter with someone else.
And he took care of me My daughter, like you, paid my meal, he buys and give me money and take care of our daughter if we remove barriers that my presence here, like yeah or by this act for aid by basing without so much debate or our request. In all events, we sleep with each other government, a relation he broke, but Don T buy my boy friend that I'm way, if he does, it is fairly white gate white. He feel bad. He could take care of my daughter. It now me and I swear it's. I don't know what to do he's right. So why are you asking your child's father for four presence, not period, and I am not asking why. For example, when I do came up the Milwaukee one wherefore, we wow, it's been time. They get there and food. He forgot about it. Japan, Any I'd like you want something, as I still are, though, will you
when you're supposed to say no, that's! Ok! Just for my daughter cause. You know boyfriend, and he doesn't really you don't even have to tell him that just be like no just get that for my daughter, that's okay! If your boyfriend's upset about it, you got to take Consideration. You have a man, you don't please you don't need. These things any doing a great job, taking here your door to focus on that. Could earlier extra legs, you yeah I have a rule. If I don't like you- and I my data, you- I don't really want you buy me anything, but I mean I feel I mean now. I will end by my baby. My child by the bad luck will map out by they lag then my ground because he's a great damage. You have a boyfriend. Now you don't have a boyfriend whatever yeah your man knows this and doesn't like it. You should be doing it. Does a small price to pay, for You say you know what gonna, let my child by the bam. How would you feel if some chick was buying your boyfriend things our liking? and he doesn't like it. You love me, way, then you respect him right. You have money, never really sad. He better like it. It's like I can tell
you may get it's crazy. He doesn't like you right here. You don't need him to do that where you he takes care of your daughter. He I do you want something say. No, that's ok! We're here for our daughter, ok, she's, like yours, you, my boy, you must not love your boy friend I mean we're not at that age, yeah we're going to get a great year. I mean what are you about well formulated? Do you know he would beg me? He refused to be really and thing for that. You have a choice: by their. That is doing a great job, taking care of your daughter together, he's not there. Take care of you and by EU presence. He supposed take here of your unless you want to get back together with him. There are many things that you need to think about it. You are, I don't let people buy me presents if I'm dealing with them in that way. I don't even feel comfortable with that analyses you, especially if your boyfriend now comfortable. Ok, I'm thinking you were right now, I'm sorry, no more presence view
Right ask you eight hundred five aid, five one thousand and fifty one you could always email US breakfast club. A Gmail com is Drake, one dance, the workers struggle. That was great one day it's morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club minimum of as key. If you got a course to forget, you can call it now or email or breakfast club my gmail that come let's go to line: seven hello. This is Linda. Linda wisely, similarly down little That's U S a minute situation. Both warm congratulations I think. Maybe I, like Delphic corrected delays? Are you going to do about the baby regulatory I'll catch up
We already know vanity underway. The list will be our labour theory. Let us good where you been accumulated another dimension, goodness gracious that is in Gaza, will gradually congrats given their thereon, they're all our there and I'm getting viceroy tariff. How I can help make him or how they feel better about our situation, will decline to see a beginning, you always support I'll, go, find me a cow for trying to start out to make money for sound other thing that I said I the get, because I want to make a living more reasonable, we live in a little house. There were more, we moved into. It was only one child ale. We gotta get stuck in the
How does he might ask? What are you crazy? This could be heard tat. If you have a girlfriend me account- he was more modest with meagre house because she set I out love to make he has to be a big deserve, a giant it was the toilets arises. Is this could be a good way whereby he asked me, like you, guys, have to figure out another avenue on ways to make money. Have a baby? You sorry, those two is the lovely she's up a gopher, I can't you're gonna, Miss Sherwin, I laughed at me. Laugh go family accounts, but I will say, sounds like you have a unique situation already re right now. You know you can make a lot of money, for you, too, I will not. Let me finish this me like Yahoo. Be really
I figured out a way to make this into a business. I mean your mom, you have eleven kids with eleven different personalities, utilization, materiel, regional reality. A thousand now and not really made the tv didn't differ we have all you can think of. Is a basketball players NBA level, but her late by you also could be a great presence of effort vice and how to be a mom and explaining your hosting nation to everybody I'm so these are the women out there who cameras their women who care related, but they'll be interested to see how you making it work. Emily you'll find me like the least we can do is promoting a baby. I didn't, do it anyway now and daring ascii within opposed to this, we can raise you some money for them. A lever, kings dollar. Eighty million- not yet like you know, something would note like tell Them- is exactly what our Lord was no two innocent accurately, and I let people know as you they just call for ass. He was well basement, We will call you Linda eleven from now Linda, thereby been that'll work.
Try to raise you some money lender eleven. I don't on where it's be, but we going put the Gulf Gofundme. We link idea in alma donate to it. The aim of the new media, we Hungarians, owning nobody. Other people will as well- and I heard her for her bombings. You're gonna have eleven can put alibis. You will let me say something about that, because it is a good many that they call it what it is that he was back life and because of the way they he was back like a wee wee. Take accountability for what we do. Our situation, they worry Levin, I'm sure you ve thought about abortions right no are you kidding me. Are you areas? Are our respective another congratulated eleven children is a black. Thank you very much to all of the manifesto veto they were, there has been a making it work in addressing I loved. You do good bye, because some women are does Grognon, have one right and you can have a less eleven Lord Zebra limit. Let's be honest
we haven't two: three babies to financial was probably get hot. You gotta, let me die, you spent people, helped you gotta. Let me get you gotta stop for a minute, I'm not here to juggle by, but I'm a day's them haven't levigated. Is that noble go find me to support him? Is the funny cares gonna number two of them to make to want to go to any one, the powerful Our goal is graces, and I can't even imagine even aromas governor right day and we know what a little differently Eleven! Ok, let's talk about about girl power upper Winfrey as a book coming out, will tell you That is a Missy Elliot, would tell you, as she has going on. That's phenomenal, alright, Allah, more Cupid, locked, the breakfast locomotive,
The report is the Reul report, whose club Upperhand Neuber coming out its club food health and happiness on point recipes for great males and a better life, so basic needs focused around blue, but he's gonna be giving some like advice. Also, you know she's thus allowed away with wait watchers and now she was to share some of that with her millions of fan. She said in the past several months, I'll wait. Vices. I've worked with wonderful chaps to make healthier versions of my favorite mail. So she was things to be delicious and still healthy is gonna come out January, buried by the way that member thing said and she's. Putting her book out or Unama Piggy Smith was renewed, cortisol poured over so you already have an advance copy. Then I would assume Ma Am Oprah, I'm not interested in breeding. Why, but also supported by some of you would go back there.
I met the Elliot, is being honoured at the age when hip hop honours. They haven't had that show and quite some time, and it has been like five or six years since has been around for the bringing back views when Hiphop Honours now Missy Elliot Sample, being honoured and queen that's Eba will not only be honoured by cheese. Also one of the executive producers. It's been six years actually, since they ve had that show now the Elliot Honour and Missis Thornton a bank we looked efflorescent crazy, I held the queen's, is what's what its cause look embassy It is also the new phase of Mark Jacobs, twenty sixteen campaign. So he put up this message on Instagram about it and he said Miss. Super duper fly from the moment. I heard the rein back and ninety seven. I was entranced by the genius rhythms and brilliance. Rhymes of Missy Elliot so he goes. To talk about how it was a dream of his to work with her and he's gonna be doing her after his twenty sixteen campaign.
Rob one cooled. Bottom Israelis will be checked up slowly. Twenty sixty as you definitely always at our own sense of style, definitely say that says she's a chance like me, somewhat Kansas he's a borrower. I right now there's information on the man who killed Christina grimly and then killed himself there It was on a mission. He wanted to be so appealing that she couldn't resist him and so do. I hope you floated that he actually, you got here transplants he got LISA, surgery, he when we and so you can lose weight, abolition, term, music at work, and he would say that one day she would be his wife. He worked the best buy and his coat. This would make funding am, and they would say that he would never get her because she has a boyfriend and so on. In Oh well, that's, but might have drove him he's crazy. Clearly, and that is why he drove out there and killed her and then killed him. Sir, Sir, first of all, you got, he shouted shocked, wrongly. Ok, when you shoot you shot, we try to get it a jig at least go up to her and try to have had a talk to it. All listened.
Your friend, he said: how are you getting on line against her and olive grower? Juba thing see, really. Does that, so I don't know if he really he took you chose to literally are you David banner whence you to know, don't listen to what everybody is saying about his arrest. Now, according to reports in acquitted, cmd David Banner got arrested after you got into an altercation with a bouncer at a night club, apparently somebody in his crook again the club. Then they said he was outside. He was saying I got you hammers, I gotta you a sell out. I got money, he allegedly through money and credit cards, if a banner went suits withering instagram. He said black media, don't happy and paste white media throws you scraps. Your duty to give black people the truth, clicks or truth, especially when it is incorrect information? Do you care about the tooth think about before you replied. Are you really have pap or upon was the very wide media and black media down, be honest with you? Black eyed is noise. The court on like media slandered than women more than white
Romania's what'd. You do my job at the media of media than it is there a? I think they considered Tansy white media. Its blood. You got a lot of his name. This is very clearly set about him, see they reporting systems due to the birth of, don't move. And I can be very many- many reports on all the same- it might be the angle that you reported very well enough. I right, and that is your Boomer report. I'm Angela, all right miss ye. Now it is up right now. Let us know what you want to hear. Of course, breakfast club to people's choice mixes up next at DJ, the only granted at winter. So let us know what you are here. You can also hypnotists Natchez. Her envy wants to breakfast club component.
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