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Michael Blackson goes in on A-Town, Welven Da Great and Caitlyn Jenner. Check him out at Carolines this weekend.

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We'll be boiled celebrity real. Some joint existed there morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have our african in the building was that you might have their money. Zaga grounds it was good of you knows pleasantly bag. Man must have changed. The black links recognize you other less mouser was soon complexion, has guided by nobody is black here where the same can deadline. Nobody is black, as you are came alone, Michael Jackson, moment
their terrible denies. This is good at ascribed to talk a little bit more joint like because people you had a schism saga. Soon disorders gave discolouration look at mile away said. I was pretty shades black, no one country to another, but no right, while interfaith without a black and brown, and now This is just grab a dope playfellows. Now Michael Jackson's Dominican Republic Memorial we gain when I was out there. And under the women were gone crazy over you out there these Madge. I Miss Lindon Modem, but the women were gone crazy, so they were they were very high, like already with his career, was pretty while the other really nice time. He had back me we're gonna regarding cannibalism them inside them, our condom. In its to sleep. When I would
I don't trust the women in my dreams in our country or get ya gonna condoms. Now you always get linked to random people alike and curly read now as the latest. When this issue they re from Levin Hip Hop Atlanta. We saw a top five. You gotta give me somebody You know me, we lost our party in annex III and saying we go together them language when it get these days from I think it has acted: ass, Larry, whether you're the only decision, homelike, dinners relays, com, Doug anymore. One may know enough about me, but you haven't you some way things first about how you gonna end. I ate I like that you know what We then arose eight. How do we have amended? I don't care they were all started
I had heard his jacket it at what is Jagger went on and on then the jacket, none, I hadn't jacket, later I looked on such a meeting. Is this guy is went to say why didn't five dollars show plazas mov with you guys have at the same place, is Thursday side is vastly norm. Vernon much I don't wanna Jack, it's so now. You know Then he replied bags what he said and, as I talk even got a shock teeth Ani. They have really bad made without a barometer made, and I have the honour measure Katy. I know that as legislation- let's get it, I don't think he's lie he can be. Mattyb know be? No. You can't begged me is what the reason why you had a jack- and I guess your son, because you Michael Black Son as I go, get it he said you were his San Diego is obvious as large as went on Hermes. His partner snap, nags as they look more like a full moon. The people give you flag, like I make airy picking on the slogan
opting I body on well, then, what do we do when we get have dominated by women them. Why am I doing wrong No I'm kinda well with his work was. Look my years. Dental gotta, strain of one or other than its I mean well, they does look a hot mess. Did you guys see that girl there was that kiss him on a math and ashes embarrass? The video These should be back and people to take down. Please take this deck gang kisses. I can do nothing to leave your like. We would be laughing at these people, or should we be not honestly, I'm happy for an ogre, because you know does not like special people, fall again, not autonomy. That idea, as this will make up right or so great tat. You could be problem whatever you or whatever. You do and is good for those budget now other smudges on feel special, but don't got a bother you could you a talented?
media and even I agree that all easier than it had come out of nowhere enjoy my walkin around like dad. You like you, bought a factor that bad not a hate under you are you leaving yeah. I guess they lose some other ok. I just feel happy funding that others, but I want everybody to have serious budget. I got it from another country air. You boy funding when I first came to Margaret did ominous, do do you you go associated accumulated, but I made a Meda haven't, would advocate that he's gonna make it happened. What, especially when anybody you do. If what you know to rediscover, thereby enabling feel good about it,
like people laughed at them, though not with them. In autumn there did. You know I've been a pass. Their knowledge is the digits happy for them would have mixed. So sorry, when I'm with a mixture of glad you made it just, you know what happens when this our wears off now now that they go back to being rationally may manage my good thing in long they got to be in venom stuff. Every time you can just keep. You know goddamn. Now you got to do other things. You got to go figure something. But down by nice kissing grows, there's quite near the fantasy who you kiss. I knew you them is an example of an outbreak of day, given five thousand a show and when he had nobody complain about money in a man s and you can figure it out. My good is that not about what a candy Africa everybody got a gun. Are we know, he's six hundred million people? I can barely pull light built in my house. You knows, I'm congratulates the guys, always thing. You know
guys from you know from Senegal, West Africa, Gambia gonna. We are very dongle demagogue at that, a little more jewish people worship it. Senegal that, my goodness, It is a model of access. Is ok, I'm someone else they Senegal properly, but sitting with a guy You know he did all that, so I'm so proud of him, but I really think he really put it lies there. So you could see his family after seven p, DOT M cuz. There are real dog that part of Africa, but I'm proud of him. Congratulations having positive things like where a kind is currently now does God and he set his kids, who still column pop. What kind of father are you I mean? I guess, gives it a transition hi known and auditors, govern caused by Pat for sixty five years, the Mama or Caitlin Mommy Caitlin. Would you know what the heck who came? No doubt labelling Bruce.
No I'm, not nothing, no Ebay, no scene same. Her misery the moves. Man on beach, no mother and I'm not know Caitlin or nothing that used to be anything, but you have to be. I need a seed vagina baby picture before I v, I cannot be no change Medina baby pages gotta. Then you are your day. I came to you think you know. I think I want to be a woman. You think you still download their crews. Some of the village in my village design, you guess you get. You ve been eating. America got too much freedom. Can let you, when you say your villages zone you so that we can do day. You know this show that Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia's, rose straight me. If the court you dont some, I get it. Take you to drag the tallest burden. It is drop you as you know, so what have you did a show and number Caitlin Jenny showed up
fully. Transgender people they did have a sense of humor is losing jobs. If they do, they need to do. If you give your balls cut off, you gotta go Joe repetitive marriage rooms. They worry. What what are you decide to say? Ok, I'm not going to discuss this idea. Look at the Argentine say: ok, there's too many, this type for you know our ninety more I'm not gonna. I don't change my for anybody. I'm gonna give him my show, but you read the audience telling you like. I do as well as as a professional and a veteran you know he was a report is a mega judgments, but I'm not gonna make too much as among on block away from what I know what people know moved mechanic gratitude toughest
gimme, a tough as in while I'm media some background and logistics very lady. May I d southern. If you got more south, you don't get out at a joke. You know, but you say we slow moving south me here now. You're me, baneful on Saint Lentil way deep by some farmers said. Beware thing us this, though slaves right, I'm not afraid. I saw too. I hope as Lizzie just follow me. Ninety five, nor the fruitless go with that issue by the way rhinos when they have the right when one is away right as a white, rather they keep and they keep him save because is only one left and they want him to made as one male left. Anyone may without the way rhinos an app is that Africa, you know it's gonna, have I've military God secure and is why rhino seriously? Yes well country
I forgot Sudan and unaware was doing my man ever goes. Rep all every day is the following. Is a grandma visible on Cuba with today's today's got, you must go now. Do you go back? I've gotta? Do it's been awhile asthma? Africa's enemy Ethiopian is now four years ago. I did. I showed you imagine anyone magic does. This is your business beautiful ungrateful Anna, like these african food model, west african food, got inside the West and EAST. I would cite the railroad, a story that nuclear got problems
I sent my robbery. Man was a semi, do not gonna my back, but before I left that further would a pistol this that it had a pistol. But you know I don't want to take a chair in front of the really did on where were you in a club needs new, robbing a right and brought in? clay months, people educating Gimme a man in my lab popular happy, so I may want section and do tat. Well, I load these guys are big Fraser. Yours could command a picture making on Europe as currently Romeo jury, but in Somalia, new news media and giving it all back the piano casually alike through an asthma NATO that it's a bit. I never go back there who cares to all in the electronic, let s crazy. They feel it is right, and then you know the people another does it make. You feel like man when, in a minute Oh, you know.
Later on summit, a new to present any come on apologize. It would ignore. Was by Dana with you, now. Another you know is made it in noted is present new me. They are you in his grave out. No, you two million club where remember bitches lose Gaza rather than as a boot is our poor lose. So did you stay in a clever? Did you know? I love them back. I think about it Where did you feel bad for us is never happen ever knock a warlike, my biggest Fraser bugs when I guess they re like. I never have ever problem. Middys will eggs rather young boys, you young, he's a good guy, must have Now you ever movie, they just came out recently made a demo movie
a time when a Hollywood, to give me a moose, I did my own. They add that I am in a movie doesn't come, are indeed is soon without MIKE Absent. Everybody else is called me. The blacks is like a spoof of the perch. So look up. Are you at the wall and at the end of a war MIKE S, Zalm, Gabriel, Eric MIKE Tyson Charlie Murphy, we all do you have a guitar gone on. My dishes above my guts out of my age, is a more dishes. Dishes are caused by man. I don't take me. I went down to four african Pasok women. Get me worry about. Is a better african, an African, so they would hire and Americans to be advocate is actually day. Yes, I have downloaded it up. My goal is to eventually in a microwave, ragged, Damone movies, a demand for years. Culturally buys. What do you mean asked me like you know you sent me an audition with some blonde hair lady. You know a. We want me to please her when my
excuse, you know not lower than you. No more, I don't know you don't know. What brings you to stay well, greeted his screen in what is it I have? If you don't want to see me, she will understand if you look for a particular type of active skills. You know of most of the time did do addition because they have to do it. You know been ninety nine percent, its honour, renewed and wonder. I had to act as a rate at sought. Imagine no more easy. In fact. Compost do alarm here like tomorrow, I'm not will be available and in a more dishes. I'd even I guess, allow my rose available. Now they are getting a landmark as they keep on saying there are these movie. Companies tend to be more diverse and, I might add, very cast thirty Phil. I get a lot more out there I mean. If they're gonna call me, I gave him to me. Yes, they probably are mere because so much more networks, I mean levelling zone a lot like a lot
and an arm I mean so many more network so near their love. Most have gone off. What what? What have you monsieur? Blessin mail? It if that one audition you be lying on omby Amby, the one that change every noise mapping store and read the echo red is screaming, like the one in which, in addition to do tomorrow is like our Lana rapport like where much of a much needed I either a car might know. Peter level ran a shadow mankind at nine from had been, I got it, I got it. I can't do that wasting my time and Diana Kazi ages and you ve been around for a lot of innovative measures. No, you have. You should know what you do, but I know what I do that, Is it a yell movies? As the goal I mean, I didn't want. I'm gonna like that that they meet the blacks idea. The additions that at producing a direct, does it let's get microblog gallo. Do what let's get it you know so the people a few are data, do have the respectful, as they gonna call upon US movies. But you know you know your competition if the aid
around the world and all you ve got it all right. If you may not, you know they are trying to stop that. They want to do stand up, stand up as a whole, different work, guys. I tried it on you, don't really been bombing because in disguise you gotta. Fifty second video does a meagre goes data entertain a budgets mature orders. Those guys are watching videos almost fourteen fifty okays online. If you would have paid thirty forty dollars of forty zero people were confident. My London mobility point we're gonna. Do it every taught us that the knuckles regulators is back to my car? w debate have been lodged, regular jobs that can not eight on a worldwide. It goes about already goes home noted really my mom, it's our Mohammed ruefully. Now live and allay so well and is now my home in an ally in he was in some Jim again we goin kissing but in a mob may giving women genuine is instantly ITALY.
The road to meet him out now recently came Kardashian barking like this crazy birthday, present radio, rosy, rented out the staple centre and had a basketball game, Justin Bieber, John Legend, others people there was a nice thing, anybody's every them for you, I never been always every always meet the boy. Bridges in my life, never bearing on my birthday. They want to borrow money day No, I don't recall Antoine thing in a nice thing I ever got ever from a woman. Is a shame. Is really sorry about that. I just as what you gotta data dash in our agenda, Man Caitlin Wide Overrun, burger king. Lynn are currently set her newly repay about using. I stepped, I'm not gonna lie. I owe you a hundred fifty in appearance man who gave agenda to be aware of the talks that gives it to talk to them about Michael you gonna higher for them
Pierre commit murder me? I never got a nice present as you know, and I never got remember or no. No, you know what I'm gonna be out. Looking about. I was good. She dared each member of their my lads birthday banter. My wits maxim condemn was my going really turned me all for you know of my girl, like you know what I'm gonna pay more for your mortgages might be nice. Big money was hard. We item of the daily ghetto appear either a Youtube sensation. He painted mama mortgage off of love. You too bearing on a grand round. This was, in our view, to be invested in a company that they so as not to say day. I want peace and we know what our recently some on whether the anxious came. I guess it s in the England at that moment as in work in ten years, since you make money, if you or the people are alive, how much money comedians make. Now we do
good amazed light that not everybody, nyerere bodies in all you gotta keep us are relevant in calmly. Were you no sir? I mean I'm selling tickets as them was appointed in us and nobody's gonna bookie, you Caroline as we get Mcgowan's mummy, shows you guess it shows why not about eighty grand Idea on the page, Osborne omby say no credit balance a couple of weeks ago in sometimes community also out they got a closed, a shade in the back, my Macklewain Liese. Seventy to eighty grant any put on a shelf put honour at imposing Michel, so I'm deafening on as we can go, gentlemen, how it's going to be using he's here Friday, Saturday Sunday and we leave you act as if you come soon tonight, Yeggmen Sunday night, you know they aren't there. They. You know those guys get outta, my own, Diego guarantee, those remember just over a year and put a twin boys monotones out here you gotta go. You got travellers, but I do have forgotten.
Remember. We are just as much a boy enemies. As you know, the ball is now to give it But when she was in how to use it, was my methods when boys years away the voting order Charlemagne as well, because they did not even the member who said that there is a Europe was born in summer arrows for ETA you'd argument about tat support yesterday. Some guys gonna bet we weeds,
at TAT point is the worst thing in the world when I want to take you to quite it is this Strasbourg for is for dead, be dares, not father. I want to be in a case like women. Ok, you know em up sheets, your registry digital, whether she did it just because once again any more, as you know, the courting is, is a hassle takes your time she got. I have gone in oddity every two three months I gotta have always so we decided to go to court. You know how to take me to court. Allow monkeys, adept. In fact, I would love to where and when it was a way to go to court and say where they want to live. You know and as one would take him to court and try to get custody monkeys our view monkeys. My son is seventeen. I even though me for the past ten years so easily with me. I want to give that dots. Candy. My complexion, affably dump me at a mom is a ghost. Oh god.
Like you, have to believe mom is a ghost. Oh God, rebel role, read not mothers, as you greek he's as you white Greek. Why she's greek he's she like a condition without the man meaning a mother. You had you sell out you impregnate also about Macedonia was allotted. However, they will be, will be a careless omens. Random k will be a Caroline. There is a united seven. Thirty ready cemetery, intense added, IE, seven, thirty intent and Andy as seven he groaned airline back home. We get the stuff you hook and lets, you got your dermatologists Doktor Natasha, but she ate
Gunnar was he's not only legs. I'll leave us to have a very complex. In fact, as you know, my people do, you don't have discolouration like argues that what were you good? You won't even tone down one even tone: it would you before you just Teuton. I look like, the way, the more like a bruise, ably wonder at ease the client like about whom I am fortunate love alone, allotment, actually dog. If I don't wanna go darker, is there some? The comic me more Dogan? Yeah? Have you stay? Lay out in the sun. Went all black into some Adam in New York. Listen, maybe let you get darkness, my goodness is the breathless glove Michael Blacks and guidelines, as we can make sure you join us.
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