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Tuesday 10/24- Today on the show we had actor Michael Rapaport in the building where he spoke about his book "This Book Has Balls", using the term "cracker" and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Kimberly Sanchez for serving Popeyes chicken at her restaurant. Moreover, singer Keyshia Cole visited us also today, where she spoke about her new album, her ex Booby Gibson and more.

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Order of business for oil pollution from terrorism other doing very soon, the captive others. Only one may the guy was reviewed. Good body do you'll, do YO, Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Good Morning Angel YE, their minorities, Andy Charlemagne, the galleries did a planet is too yes, it's Tuesday components. Everybody out they all morning salute the Veronica Rinaldo. Who did not do as I say, nor
see and gave us is a package of him using other thought out, though you know really see like pretty pretty young ladys outside of the revision at five in the morning. Given me hustle on and she was like she scotch torches artists and he's a back some in order means and twenty seventeen he's got Georgia's art is what you know the means you gotta stay ass. I do anything. I just thought it was a wild gonna, listen to music, I don't know. Maybe my representational goes. A city The present my and our very nice friendly broker pretty young lady at five in the morning. You ve not our backs and further ready for you to get the efforts of our box monetary visitation rights. What food Veronica Guerin, hello, Moroccan the morning,
pack showed us more than Michael wrap up what will be joined man as one of us one of our favorite white allies. Okay, so lacking Roma, go out before you got a notebook out God. This book out balls book has been very interesting book, but if you have, if you're in the sports view exports you like that, even if you're, not really that in this place, is lucky relates sports people through his life, ok, so the biggest lorries Banbury was ago, buckstone, forty, whatever it is like it says about people, you know it's like. Take away he talks about the brain like you got it, you gotta be in sport through George Bush. It is a good book now. Also should call will be joining us this morning. Yes, you actually performed on Levin had published that actually, what's that, it was very good, campaigning. Oh, it's a booby. He looked depressed
the sun was about him. It seemed like a way was a far cry on Lovin area was crying. I turn scared framework and I wonder what gave famous cause you know. One of the sea are reminded of the wholesale turn, the page one around eight fifty I said I was crying and he was crying like what was he cried out? No on the show nobody's gonna, miss everyone, brunette should not be to highlight, leaves of the show it and you can't cry and beyond the next show Brown Bird Safari for Mamma. I know your camps in a million emotional become. We should not be crying by, can do nothing at all along what? Yes you. I really do wonder what he was really high. Nobody come Brow Geiger. Nobody will love you for data to delete the odyssey s authority. Really idle friends. Have the Nicky Saudi the end on over his now, and also his new friend Dick Jesus Christ. He might have, friends. How do you know he has friends and nut? there's no release. We crags you not our loving. Her Bob allay normal right like come on that come on. Let's not get a higher lady like rubber up
I will also tat he should call it Michael Report also front page news: are we talking about use if we are going to do about the widow of the? U S soldier who was killed in an azure and what he had to say about that? from down a chamber batter has been sidelined the Johnson power. I will get it all. I m more, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive. Pouring everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne ago we are the breakfast cloud of mourning, hello, hello, let's get some front page news now in sports. Night Philly be watching thirty, four, twenty four really ball. Nelega watch a man of her but surely balk at least deafening ball and their answer
It is the world series. If you care to Dodge is worse the Houston Ash droves game. What is to night Ellis or two about the widow of the? U S, soldier, nicer Johnson, confirm that the president's held her than her husband, nobody signed up for an ass. He talked about the phone call that Donald Trump made to her, which made her cry even where she was a good morning, America and here's what you said about. I'm calling her about her husband side in the David Johnson getting killed in a year. I had from exercising kneel to put his own speakers soul here as well He goes on to say he said me ass. He knew why she signed up for putting hoax anyway. It made me cry because I was there the angry at the tone of his voice and how he say. I hate you. Remember me: we may now down when I met her and said at a very respectful,
MRS him, with the widow of size of the David Johnson and spoke his name from beginning without hesitation. So basically he thinks he's lying. His rig as it recollecting recollection of story. What am Donald Trump have no sympathy. He had no these are. I can clearly see him calling thinking he set things that have been using something decent. Now you don't want to know what happened to her husband. She said You haven't been able to see your husband's body anti still asking for answers. They are trying to get answers because one thing that the U S is trying to do is to provide more information to the families of fallen soldiers now in the afternoon of this ambitious as several key lawmakers. Sedated even know, the United States had troops in the year They said I didn't know there was one thousand troops in his ear. So that event. What's going on in the sanctions. You know now years, whereas measure in Africa about Nigeria. What are you talking about business. We are too in about an inmate who is suing authorities. He said he refuse treatment. He was refused treatment for
painful erection that lasted nearly four days, so destined lands said that erection started December's sixteen because he swallowed an unidentified pill that he got from another mate booting any was not sink into a hospital until four days later so now he wants five million dollars. He had been jailed burglary enjoyed possessing charges. Any feels like his constitutional right through a violin oil is one clear we gotta go direction to have you got a masterpiece or good sex it out aid as it ensures a you know, ask another inmate what their mouth Bhutto right moment here. But do you not consider that a regular four days, you chose the deal that a report that they'll LULU know what they're pills unto, furthermore takes random pillion, knowing that I know now seemed a random pills from any body. Nonetheless, random pills from somebody in prison are right. They thought it like ecstasy or like that all go. Well, you know
really you wanted that erection before day. You does more willing to take the next steps to be ready to arrange it. That's what happened. Gonna gay sack, tat pale, you know entirely by the like now you like now now get not recover. My I wanna Stayin Army literally my ground and readily right. There page news, get off your jazz, eight hundred five, a five one and five one of you. Thirdly, you need up right now, maybe at a bad, NATO, maybe get an erection for four days, whatever it may be, fear actually the very latest right now, for you guys, I've never had an erection from now, and I knew it I mean it's not. You have known about enemies and imperative. Tat was extended parameter like maybe twelve. Why is it that alone? Why would I would now like to mention two about mass media? Have let him away we have many citizens have I mean I know people have all kinds of dysfunctions: Atalanta, dysfunction, but if I did ever the wretched, the twelve hours boy me and my wife begone at all night long me I'll be type
direction in origin? Was I get there? First, I'm not going to sleep or eight hundred. I need fifty one thousand and fifty one maybe want to spread some positivity whatever it. Maybe call us up right now with the breakfast club good morning:
the breakfast. Is it your time to get it off your chancellor, the young man from you and your mind? Those is obvious thing from I am he nay Auguste refugees, but I wanted to say I'm feelin blood today and I called last week Monday of our high on fired and the first thing Charlemagne was getting up and get a new job and that's what I did quickly one and apply got a new job and I gonna write the law because we needed we live ones, but an about back to gradually. She broke Kenny, happy birthday cake. Today's carries birthday sided with those men. You have now brought appreciably durable thinking, enjoy Jenny. Proper man comes out,
oh yeah. Export razor lies re inhabitant. Yesterday we debated the National Beige Island it s right, we do to lies. Kindred makes all border law is to its debates. Gods, perfidy less right allows this one that one way one that is one. I want that. What I did wrong, which has one of the raft I gotta go by every other. You got a howl at a fellow of big reprieve. Why do you say in your? Let me know yacht all this in a rational way, I'll see ya. Do you really think direct aim is whacked rap game, as it is one of the best wishes is ever been in rain. He wants boon Babby from New York holiday raw parties that we need new. Ok that have not moved back, but we voted as we was here. Will you know fab and Jake is most we release into now how we will see if that comes out there we need we need our help comes. I have family enable jade, occasionally penalised degree in seventeen. Eighty, if you like, Google is interrupted, his labors would ask. Why are you laughing at various which-
Are you know, you're able to Georgia Vietnam's mowing negroes negroes always denounced. Instead, they never heard. Are you won't tell me it's out of you anyway and I d say, and you don't even know how to get it off. Each has eight hundred five a far what or five one of your obsession divinity of nails to breakfast locomotive breakfast toning down, you're gonna, get it off his breakfast club, but a year now. What's your problem? We employ work tomorrow. I think they ever she wants and then started talking about, even but guys why you gonna bids on Roma Eden. But if you want to do that on my amendments yesterday can Gabrielle Union talked about it today is never low grade. Today, Usanga raised a beautiful girl.
Was rude. I was you mean early, but if you or do you got curbing American, absolutely didn't. Have the nasty in the bathroom yeah. You do something nasty that other people, my things, nasty in the bedroom lurking girt with wonder and prevent people out of her mother s name was Madame Merle Maghribi visited thing, we're Maggie Maggie knows our watchmen on a regular everybody on board notice. I'm ok, somebody with thoroughly wash their anger and haggard new recruits, innovate. But before that No, he said toes reprogramming of women
without another word every time. What do you do? You have a breakfast is a great repay raised down. I bought tastes like reason brain now. We know a lot of five begging. I'd have a boyfriend or governed by bill. Ok, I remain foregoing, go go he despite the teeth like refugees, aniline ran all at the same time. Nager it's the texture of it, the fibers. Have a black magic strive. Mr Brown man is the travel as we would have this drug Univee gesture. While about about Angela YE going. And I went to glue Bob Angela, YE real quick, went up and you just don't drop a band aid draft Friday, you may know,
and may I ask five my house now people we got it without a media. Another argue the people of those media. Gloomily, basically said something about bathing. Booty came assail fairly, but you know when I see you do anything about it with a quick mercury Y know, The real reason why we raise its arguing about social media and happy, but politician, Emmi M everybody is talking about in ass. Any man are you? Are you alone with box or have you so method? Basically, Travis grades
in our view, jazz eight hundred fathoms, five one and five one of you upset you need debate. You beat us at any time. We also await yes tat when a woman who is revealing that she and her husband of ten years are getting to voice find out. Reason why other retirees is done and when I say done, he's done bashing the rock thou right we'll get into all that when we come back, he believed the breakfast locomotive breakfast, The report is the Reul report whose glove Virginny may have been married for ten years in error has been pretty always have seemed no timetable gather seas from the real, ok she's, one of the house on the real and they ve always genes, we're happy together- grave relationship, ten here then, but now they reveal last week that they are splitting up, and she on the rail and opened up about what was going on in their marriage to cause. This
impending divorce? Here's what she said he the best man. I know I married him cause he's like my dad, it's very loyal, very compassionate, so funny, often guy and in our thirteen years of being together, was never any life, no betrayal, no cheating nothing to worm the problem is that he wants to have kids and she doesn't simply to point out that what is
What is our produce this flat allergies as itself when you ve been together for ten years now you want to child and your wife's his nosey, I decided. I went on the other, but again I heard of it. I didn't participating in that that's itself or even cried. Her young produces Yod really. Thank you. Ve always been very open on the cell about the fact that she didn't want have care than he did. You're gonna get a thirteen year, though no problems. Everything is great right, no issue. I come to this conclusion. I here as a member of a great guys, you, like your daddy loyal. What are you talking about ring was either we thought about it and shouted ass. The reason the thing that they have been going to want to produce the knob equipment are always talking about, imagine it and that it is not about me in there, and I was sad there does discussed at our Dutch. I had behaved as Erika cabinet. Mapping, a big deal he is a man behind. He's taking meetings at publishers and he's in a I guess
gonna, be all that information, as he has been doing any views about what his life has been like since the whole they. A legit who's in grievance that he has so for a long long time would have book to come up. I was thinking I need column to make a statement. Now I need colony, get everybody back on method. Even I think people are getting back all message it. Basically, what I'm not going back on message is why he initially kneeled in the first place right. I guess you can read about two that he has done bashing? The rackets been quite some time, because I was these mad that the run is doing the fast and various spin. Just halves I know I've been on when lately. I know it all feels requisite like it's a lad, and for that I understand my fans and supporters in folks who may have decided not to support my bad. I just happened to be there. Friend, of your new fan and supporters are fairly unaware of my activism me being very vocal about politics and more importantly, mean that being the guy that, due to well with bullies and business online or in life, someone said to me one about, I was his time. I know today is ever the same. It's true I try my best to be.
Petrol and honourable, but sometimes you just got a cave check in two then go back to smiling and do you after so he said I still feel away about our bands and outpouring of disappointment and Dwayne for agreeing to us enough, knowing how it was going to directly affect the fans of sixteen years and is immediate, but he's done with all of this job my mind fast and furious produces lean on terrorists and say: look if you want to be in fact and furious. Seventeen you gonna shut. All it is up on social media body is value. Charlemagne is hard on salaries, but not all of the others. In the event of our claim you as a friend and we the conversation, I might just be honest and our conversations that what is the truth and one day I will write a book called the group chair and I will show you how remains reply, as our reason also be justly and router what thou art, not more reviewed at information would handle up here. We can talk about it. We know won't talk about Irena. I write now when I sent them love and prayers out to combat jackpot, combat jagged hosts
I cast in the combat jack show, and he also has allowed because network and he has announced that he does have calling cancer drug monocle bond for combat jerk? Further? Definitely over. You know your house and on twitter internet. What's Abu Jamal Combat Jack and seven years, a passing. I've never missed an episode, a guy it with some real. If I was recently diagnosed recalling cancer was rested, a hospital had some pretty severe, surgery, I'm on the men do right now, I'm about jump on this journey to health? With chemo an alternative medicines eddies, off in this business as an entertainment lawyer and then turned to pay casting has been doing this for seven year. Combat jack as a great guy is to go to the hospital. Is you I am very bad with stuff like that hospital Leto sheer roles. I care is hard for me to go. See people remain as state very very, but I would love that's ultimate that what I want to know how he knew you know, because sometimes
Just don't know what made him go to the hospital check it out. Like that's what I want. I want a really know, so we can, on the lot of you ever our battle of now, my story to tell but yeah flew to combat jack goblet. Their brother man absolutely do era nephew S. Levin had Pappa Union yesterday saw there was a high breaking seen. A lot of things happened on the show set out two key Chicago formed also, but the most breaking seen. What vari are you crazy broke down crying even so trash he was going to Missus family from Lebanon Pop Hollywood check it out, I wanna see would occur. I just know say like I really appreciate it He was here, you're amazing set of people are really come on this job and I appreciate it you Craig. You won't beyond loving, hip hop Hollywood normal now. The good news is he be returning to New York,
he will be on Levin hip happening you so much for you know you got to be on loving. It probably also why you right, because you nano loving it Bobby, wouldn't what I only his family. The vision not be to highlight a you're lying you gotta beginning, I know friends, he was whipped Nicky now he has no brand name in a really idle prejudice, wouldn't even really let him leader crib for ignore leverage where first eyes for little leverage, Wherefer kilotons ignited agrees that this is a family. This is fair, is failing in the last couple yet as well as of loving her Bob Hollywood family only when they fail me, it's a pit stop in life. Ok, Jesus Christ, you can us That's a month's gave famous was came, harbour no family members are right I may easily, and that is your room, a report or big committee where we come back Michael Rapid port will be joining us. Indeed, proper poets body has a new book. You ve, probably cinnamon numerous movies and will kick him will become backs. It'll move is the breakfast locomotive at warning everybody morning,
envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are the breakfast club we gotta pursued, guess about May one of our greatest white alive. The best ass, though in Nepal, yes, yes, Michael rather boy, there is room for you call me a cause. You are notoriously, and I think that I think is like a kinship perfectly like sorting Kay recognises game, unlike sort of antagonistic personality and all I felt put my views or powers for good dough, absolutely I think that you will use your power to give the sort of get to know you powers and sort of use for good. Yes, I think you ve done, and I think that you know I've done better, just sort of fell into it with like no, the videos- and you know that recently of all the I never cared or thought twice about politics ever at all.
Never at all in your native under a variety of this. This is what you do. Is you don't care you just big your mind and multiply biggielow scared. If they go in it? or do in movies a thing. I don't care about that. Our I don't care about that, and the thing for me about like where we are at politically and its trump and his whole crew, his wife, his kids, his daughters, they're all guilty. As far as I'm concerned, please put our back against the wall and, I think he's made even like to my new problems into like it's him. It's like him, verses everything so like. The kneeling which started off with the police. Are these approaches is become like we got the bigger problem. Is we need to get this guy, our year before we can even start thinking of the small problems. You know as a new Yorker drawn up here, York City- you know- I don't care, Donald Trump was a Democrat to the fifth power. Wouldn't have one New York anyway right, you can't
you're only because we grew up walking we ve known and we ve I've seen em toffee parties in the nineties, like I have seen him chastened skirt I've seen him on Phoebe, have you know you know the three core multiplayer forty forty seconds I swear to God. I gave my migrants, who did you go? You lost twenty bucks, he's a little hustler, dude and Stephen was as other do and then they weren't opening he's a dog just like demure the dear Old Robert in Euro, warned us last year and everybody girl, but he said he's a dog user can he's a liar he's a much I like to put a human face everybody was like all my guy. What he said was right and is bad. I thought I was gonna be and I imagine most people he has over exceeded how bad he could possibly be and he's law Were the boar, I think, going forward of the respect of the presidency because, let's say Joe Schmo democratic wings next time, the white,
crackers who, in my opinion, is racist. Donald Trump is hopeful as before that people are bad, a sort of they gonna. Do you know what the union, nor I? Why don't you think you know what they should be made to enable people to people's it? What do you say progress I was doing. The flavor is white. Seizing bland dreams. You know DVD rebranded, you know raises you know like that the people and is raises is Donald. Trump has proven, as as is used to white crackers that voted for him he looked down upon them even more than he does the black, the Mexicans and everybody else he thinks so the domicile and they're the ones cheering firm and he's getting them in all this guy the whole group, all of them, and I thought, with his wife to she's guilty. His kids are guilty his doors, that leaves the Americas leading a homophobic. My text is guilty Thrall guilty. I mean if his wife
any out of decency. She would leave him now and then she changed run for president. She has no pride no self respect his daughter, nothing all of em they're dirt. There, there, the lowest form and in he's the ringleader and everyone around him is just as bad. The best thing I like about my groundwater is now, though, when I wrote down south from South Carolina White Neighbour would call the prejudice raises why people crackers You have to make that distinction. When you are white ally is ok to call the wives who deserve a bracket period You know all you only why people we got a friend and by using crackers or confused by missing crackers are the crackers I don't know we want like aid, it's not about hollered, it's it's like the soul, is white whatever you want to download the devil, these masses in Alabama that are sitting up there watching this animal. The craziest thing about his speech that our food
The minute speech in Alabama, the famous you'll, get up you son of a bitch speech. He spoke for it You guys talk live on the radio. Gave me water. I watched him speak for an hour and I think it is in our fifteen minutes. You didn't break a sweat never once even drink a civil war he's a savage no Charlemagne youth radio pronounced communicating twenty way to break. You go take a Louis you drinking water levels in animal feed in breakers swayed and he didn't take supported. That's a savage nets ladder you mean you get nervous at all, as you do so much rhetoric, which is true what you know, it's gotta be a backlash. You don't care, no. We had backlash I've I've backlash it's on the internet. I haven't had any anybody. You know approach me in Israeli. You know my wife. She gets nervous about that and I really want to put out the as far as you know, instant and you know the aims, and you know people talk and alleged. Am I go for you here?
you're my dm secure, dude right in my dm. You know so now that bothers me I mean I don't think about it down, which are mainly hit, is crossed my mind because you pretty much for my wife, you like. You know you gotta, you doin, down, and you know I got it. She gets nervous just just about because you never know when you could strike inner with it with a crazy person via the seventies and eighties in New York, you'll be fine New York in the New York. I feel more safe here than I do anywhere in the world. I mean like walking the streets in New York, I feel safer here then I do walkin my dog in California just because the way the lay out because in New York do you no gap. Did you get into something like you around? but in a late you're like in the nice neighbour, Judas there, who, in whenever that situation, we got more. What Michael Rapid point when we come back keep alive? Is the breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast morning, The body is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have Michael Rapid, pour into building Charlemagne.
So you want to be an mba. I don't usually I wanted we, namely Larry buried it, for I wanted to be in the NBA more like that's like kept me, trouble goin up because, like I never I wasn't really the girls. Until I was sixteen thousand girl tat. I have them, but I wasn't chasing girls in and anything that goes like. I was not going to be in the envy, so you don't smoke, you don't drink. You know you just That's what I wanted to doing that. I didn't even come close to that, but that that had we add a goal. So it was good to hear that even closer you, you can't believe you are an equitable. I mean I can play, but you know when you get too, especially in New York and in the in the Eightys and Ninetys that you know around? I do that could play Kenny innocent leak. Silly, your name was, do that? Will I just take it play and as you know, one night when you get to be sixteen like you, I was good when I was eleven twelve thirteen fourteen, but then you start to get like people like six. Four to six six and this dude you know like- does the gap changes quick
you get around fourteen fifteen and I knew I was just not at that level. But you know I always will always played and kept me out of trouble and corner York plan born streets, and where I wound up playing cause, I'm from an end, but you know I was there, ass to my neighbor stone and when I was started going to browse started oil Playboy editor at twelve from my home, we're different skills that different skills it, but world view, because I'm from Manhattan and my bed, friend is from here. Projects in browser when you're twelve. When you go out there- and this is to end, it is the treasure aid and it's you know like they were laugh and because, when gunshots will go far beyond what you know, and nor would it was currently bomb play about a mule immune to it. I am like what you know like as it here we are old, merging or your breath shocking budgets, all this stuff
I got to see going around New York City playing ball bless tab. That an an informed mean and form do. I am in that, with you know, grown up hip hop and all of it as I do old. I really look back on and I so proud in an unfortunate that our exploration that my parents were go at, do whatever you want to do you take I want to be out of power, will got you in the Athens when I was nineteen, and I knew I was convened. The NBA had got into like my closest till. I really really bad trouble. I got no a bad fight and you know I was with bad people and, like you know, my I said you know, I call them from the hospital. I was in the hospital brook they'll hospital in Brooklyn. It was terrible and end. He said you know, and I remember it he said you know I am afraid, the next time you call me someone's going to say you are a bull in your head and I was a site, but I would You call it and then I got a bullet and you know I could tell you in it, and I was like I gotta get. My children had always finished
oh god always love. You end up comedy finds. That was the first thing I did so I'd like winter lay started, doing stand up and then that we mean acting as soon as I get the very first time. I I I sides versus first I'm already seeing king, more natural than the thing. I had any basketball I'd shining that practice for hours pliable, but it soon I start acting. I was a natural that it was like fish to war. You know what I was going to ask you, yes playing Remy and higher learn. Yes, did you hate the way that people who perhaps perceived you about like, because it is acting Roma. You are going to be was cargo of dirt and they don't know your skinhead Skinner who'd, you bear the complete opposite evaluated. The real very believe you will first is an act I was like this is this? Is it this is a two part, because I news totally opposite for me. Being around ice, cube and buster arms in onwards and We were all just young. They had no ideal
I knew you know with Colonel, like a sort of church and state on it said it was like the skinheads and it was like You know Regina King Q, embossed arrives in all more absent their smoke and we do not make our trail alike your region, mind convent, you know like getting. My character. Mcgowan, hang out with you come in here myself, like isolated, but I was concern about that? You know, being an issue. Put decrease This thing about Remy is that no I presume the time in any hood in any part of the country to this day People believe your Remy would like. They love their character, so it worked out no, but I personally was like had my head on a swivel one movie came out because I was like our people. Think is a really getting really is getting you know if you have to like meet any skin has gotta know. Sometimes in you prepare for our role to getting a character that honey you even get into it. I don't care. If I didn't leave meet any scheme either read a lot of books. I watch allotted documentaries, Andrews both my ass an end and John Singleton. Just you know, gave
all of us the freedom to do our thing and and and unity. Crazy thing about them, movies is to park is going to play the armor apps part and and Leonardo. The Caprio is gonna play my part, and I was gonna play the older skin it and then Tupac. I think they talked about this and that to Prague, movie too I'm gonna rested and the film couldn't be financed because of that and then he he obviously pulled out and going to the tower was posted being too so pot pulled out in ITALY and Oral pulled out and then going to powerful pulled out and you know me or more in the rest of us, you know came in and parts of it. Switch ran in Cuba in the pretty good beating, pretty good begun with. No doubt, no doubt not now, why famous you play Herodium teddy? Yes, that out,
my feeling ass? I walked out of those old adding one day you as we don't know why. I am very pleased that it was. I thought, the pilot episode and I was very confused affairs while I was watching it because up out, like some of the script, was a little bit over the top will you gotta keep right? What are you I've been told? I know come on I'm? So? Where are we episode? These forty level ya know anybody like Teddy in Hollywood, someone who play both have a mind games and try to manipulate people Oliver Stone was wild. He in you know he ain't gonna, he's sort of in the news now with all this Harvey once you, but he was you know in new in the natural born killers days, and you know that, of K days in those movies like he was apparently like close, is what I heard too, that gradual all, but I've never worked with anybody that dead done that Racine anybody don't do that. I've seen directest be a little. You know frustrated or a little volatile, but never anything that, like even mentioning all your leg,
memorable. We get more with Michael rapidly when we come back, don't move. He has for its montana. Were unforgettable. Was french Montana we're unforgettable morning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are. The breakfast Club Michael RAP Report, is here charming The whole white famous concept, still a thing like like a black eyes, wanna be white famous, I think white, guys wanna, be black famous right now pay black famous is, is you know where it's out and how we now? But I mean, I think, that the whole thing white famous, in the show why famous it came from Jamie Fox, skin or a bit he had gotten a certain level of fame and he was you know I want to get why famous how, when it was simply like for big, were crossing over God, but I think I mean, there's always gonna be. You know, mixes Imelda, but you know who I think, in my opinion, just woods depicted on TAT, film and tv today. As far as a sort of It passed around at the door in a better place and we better ever been, or you know,
like his far. I mean there is black people on tv theirs by people movies like never before. Above. The numbers are removed, explained the number one genre for a long time, and you know the music is is important and the music is done and you know I know I get I know you guys Prize stay away from like a conversation like what while the mumble, rather than yeah. I remember why don't we like the all really I love to have you. I mean like pop to me, so stop right now, really, first of all, it starts from the production. The beats you know when you talk to Mars prefer So when you talk to Molly more when you talked a premiere like to Tipp like these guys, really truly artist craftsmen. I think now, but You can literally make a song enemy accessible, Alex, doesn't want, you could put it out so quickly, but when you first now in others, it is better or worse, but you know
like when you first put out your first, it was make or break it might be the first time either readily. It was gonna, hear Russell someone's gonna hear Mr Magic was near. It had to be a banker that was gonna, get broken, you're, never gonna be heard from again right. So there was like my blood, What in tears? My life is in this beat Life is in their rights, and I think now it's so easy and it's like you know you could put out a distract today and then like like an the next day, put out another distract them like. If that doesn't work, I put out another destruction. Sound. The music is an end. You know. In India, in the Eightys and Ninetys in the platinum arrow, wherever you want to call it New York had a distinct, sound Atlanta, headed, distinct down allay came with there, no kidding boys. They came with theirs and in it was like everybody, was dope: it's like you got dude from New York we will go on like garbage you there's good people. There's the Kendrick sues D, J cold. You know electors
people like the rabble, the other rhapsody. Ohdahd, who put not great records. I gave you put off over forty a routine put out a great new audio. Jerome is don't yeah, but even even home, and I know a pragmatist pride real dangers and always my number one guy. I love him after that first week. Listen insured in that you know, I'm not! Oh I'm not black m o j o K, whose rock that me forever. The great our likely, but its terminal bang resign. It's crazy! listen I'm with you and the whole body of work into at that time, a refuge for radio record or a bang. The here I need in future, but this is home, like you could teach me over some fly, I want to walk in the leg. I don't want to be like to me, and this is like a decent sacrilege, because I've put cheesy just as much as everybody love him he's he's. The quintessential from me GC like to put on record that Have there been back bad soul that funk it does, though,
it's like a flawed. You records, show no it's miles around you. Really I've just got Erika Baidu vows beat his nose. Macros are you thing? Is the big for me like would cheesy like I don't want to hear about you, fear, problems out the one on flimsy, like you can click it and if you get a kick it, but I live keep it over. Some smokers like giving like Gimme one smack of you the slow it down for teaching able. I get it we're in a political state, he's older, but can I get one? smart, was unfair, believe irregular and get a better gauge. What you do is you pay rigidity wreck where from dead President going where ninety nine project cannot get presents to muse. Probably like just like that like to me. That's quintessentially or put them, coordinate loose affirming, there's there's terms, but I need a smack marthy me the gin, provide burthen aware, for I know, if you like, literally let you can give jewels got that she could think of.
Beat on every one of those beat, but what do you think eminence freestyle diabetes? I thought it was great whack though you might even now twenty years I thought he was the one of them things about it was that there was no beat yeah, so we should focus on his words. My eminem an end. And I love him and am I put him in like as far as like his songs. I don't put him in my top ten for the skill levels is a technician he's sick, for me as a political statement from him now being alive dude a white wrapper who's been very aware of who is fan basis. It was good that he was exactly like YO thought with me. If you ve got him so, like you know, like us, Is that so that I thought it was up, did so as far as a political statement, which is obviously would have listening with great terrific but lyrically in the technical, because the avert imminent be way better. Totally agree with you, but I think it was needed in the way he did it on the platform in the fact that he did it a b t when no be widened.
Beat any scaled down like there's, no beat you're, not gonna misconstrued. Anything. I saved my life get very clear, very slow and I'm laying out everything but direct methods. Its needed, because you know the more like, like the more like the term Brady's here Rogers Crystal poisoning? Is the Leonardo, the Capua George clues like this, What what? What do you say that? Are you friendly what people you make these videos on is. Why are we all make videos and instagram? You gotta use your privilege to commemorate. Why are we now all make it? We, like all of us going to the Council of the White, is, if you have So when you have a sense of self and you have compassion for for all of us, everybody should have a common view. Q, everybody about you'd like there's, nothing, there's nothing. How about you right. So I couldn't do that when you asked we're gonna like I don't like. Why am I the only one doing it? You know it's forest, like actors, white actor. I know I don't think twice about itself. That night, no damn thought accuse you want to be black, yes, not the first.
Have you ever wanted to be black Neither one I've never wanted to be. You know that it's a funny thing because you, first of all day, laboratory that fat don't not eaten I love you. Ve still got before him with his whole crew. We got a little producers. You know gear the gear. He accused me that bees, wacky corny, he's he's in Miami banged up on our best, and all that I don't think twice about anti labour. The clown and he's the old regime like days are numbered like no one gives any. Have a little Miami, but he's is why are you ever disappointing when you meet some of these actions that you really look at two like, I know, about meeting the Brown in the Bergen. You know meetings. If people have you ever a man. I love this guy and then a meadow I've. Never Any athlete friend that I've met for tickets As for sneakers, I believe, like a doctor J, imagine Johnson, I asked them for a picture and the thing
happen will burn. I talk about in the book. Is he shot of all the athlete in and celebrities I've ever met. My kids have made everybody and unity. President binding because their fathers, because they know but when they, when they ran and celebration, each heed this, my kids like he he gave them. Ties mean and turned his back in a- and I heard later on, that a friend of a friend, possibly slept with a friend his friend and maybe he corps. Me with my friend, has a long string of it and it has nothing to do with a ten an eight year old. Like day, China get itself relaying asking that run on a Tuesday moment, given apparently smile. Don't play me and my kids at all. We have weeds and that of all the celebrities, that of all the wrappers I've ever met, especially That was the only more than ever that, and I was like hell no, and I you know so whatever, but is far Unama oversees the best, but as far as in all the shenanigans against eddies died, and you know that
big three and all that I think he's really dug the NBA the NBA will never be the same for me and you see We big threes. There are this year and Kevin Durrant when first Why is he doing it? He D had to play catch up. With what Lebron James it he that's. Why photos? a beautiful when they crack their ass lie to or mind Kevin come dead. The item on that now, but there also catching up with what he's done. You know this friend family a u banana bone but let me tell you something I appreciate you guys have enough got me of. I honestly didn't know like what you expect, because it gets so crazy appear, but I appreciate the support I appreciate you know you have me up here and I'm a Finn. I friend of I think you know. As they say you wait. Will you did the big threaten you gotta come up here, it's ours. You are invited to cooperate more rational. I appreciate, and yet our formal for another listen I'll, give it listen. You're like you are given that no disrespect all that they have our concern about saying that. On the record that I am about tromp. Yes, I do
I was not a point of order for yet more surprised. You forgot to stay alive, the Evans, Michael rather bored, isn't remedies club, the boy the breakfast club, morning. Every body is the J Inv Angel YE shall lead me to go. We oughta breakfast club now, as kids role Muslim, told our killer with his club. I right now in rolling stone. There is an extremely long article about a woman Dj Kitty Jones is indeed she was a dj on the radio station in Dallas when she met our Kelly Anti gives her whole account of her experience living with our Kelly. Now she started the very beginning, which is where she met him. He says he's a go to all of his shows. She was, appointed one day. She couldn't go to his show, but the good part was that she was setting up for the act.
The party for the radio stations she was at ninety seven on the beat in Dallas. She was there answering the after party, so she knew she would meet him there. She said she did see him, as he said, I'm so upset. This is one of the first contents. I've amiss and he responded. Well, you ve seen one you seen them all ass. She said he and invited her to the next step on the tour and they exchanged and for me then actually texts at him from the bathroom and he replied saying always commie daddy, don't ever call me rob now He called her to ask where she had gone and then he centre a text message. It said send a pick and after that, that's winner, things started it with a two year relationship and all kinds of rules. She was a thing: thirty, three at the time, audibly Vercelli whenever an old woman right. So but I have no reason to believe you lie. You know where she was twenty seven. She's thirty three! Now now she look young. Yes, he was twenty seven. Yes, she looks I mentioned on
the kids, you that second adult you can see here. If you have revolted me now, about, basically, all the rules that he had where she had to, whereby because all the time she had to call him daddy, she wasn't lads who look at other man. She always had to have her head down. She actually left her job or career, her deasey job. She felt her car everything. She had a kid too, by the way she has not actually know He had a child, their home and law, all of that to go and move in With our colleague visualize, our chilean sellers use routine national tenuous indebtedness It was not easy at the radio station. He knew she was of AIDS. Now she said she first saw that tape of him with the UN, He's girl. The alleged under age group has the animated. Well, they ve never In fairness in quite identified the girls AIDS, because you didn't tested, lags obeyed, analogy Wade, we sort of video right. Ok, our rights anyway moving line. She talks about their first experience. You went to go theme in Denver and they had oral sex with each other. She said that,
FR. I walked in the rooms, he thought they were there no case or something, but instead on the bed and started masturbating and then they had oral sex and she said he was like a jersey cards and even when he was pleasure in me he would tell her had been her. Bad move. Leg bear it, which is very a directive, he would give her all kinds of directions on what to do with your body like a snake ma. Am I right now? She said he told me he would double her salary whence he moved to Chicago for quitting her job, but he also that he does have close relationship with women. He said I have friends and I have girls. I raised I don't know what he meant by raise at the time. He said. I eventually wants you to meet them, but I want to make sure your mentally ready. Now she said she had to ask for mission for everything, even if she was with him, she would have to text him daddy. I need what are the restroom, so any little move she made. She had to send that information to him now she said when she did ask him about that sex hate, but the child pornography trial. He said
bits, don't you ever effing accuse me of something like that. He had never spoken to me like that before and when she did see him, he kicked her multiple times and open handed slapped her in the face. While she repeatedly apologize, she felt bad about it. Said she's, never should have pushed them. She fell, but about it. You should feel bad appear on a a little girl I said Molly Brow bad about it, for even asking him or questioning him now. Talks about. She also went on swore with him and when she was onto our she was actually part of the show she said he would bring her on stage two men dressed in a white lab coats may sign a waiver onstage and chain her arms inside of a white cage, and then our Kelly would enter the cage as there was a sheet draped over it and the two of them with Samuel. Or a sex, you could just see their silhouette and then that was eighty. I've never paraded around anybody before I'm gonna make sure people see us together and that some people say recognizing her on Youtube and things like that.
That's when other women were introduced. Now she said she had never seen him. She thought they were in a monogamous relationship. She didn't know yet other women by then he moved her into another studio and he would try to so the women didn't interact with each other, so they weren't even allowed to leave their rooms without asking for permission first and they weren't allowed itself. Each other? They were allowed to have any interactions with each other until on when you started bringing other women around and they would force them to have sex with each other. At one point she never really wanted to one place. He actually threw up after being for to perform or a sex on another woman decimal. Oh no Jesus Christ Eventually she did leave. She said she wanted to go home and see her since she left him did not come back and only took a suitcase with sweat. She was that's where heels or any type of fancy close. So she d
and to know that she wasn't coming back Souci, left or everything we know I'll, tell you the sexual predatory. Why do people still allow him to prosper? Like you see, people like I'll be wise to be shut down like bill. Cod begin said that why you're still continue to go to Kelly shows body are still continue to buy his albums wide is he seemed every repellent, Oh no. I mean it. Listen! It's a very using that it makes no sense in like why does everybody did labels in sexual prejudice and give their careers destroyed except Falco, whatever voodoo rusizi have over him? And you know just as facts. They also have as information in this article. Of course, we should know with seventeen he married fifteen year old Leah and then in ninety ninety six. He was for ten million dollars by Tiffany Hawkins, who was an aspiring vocalist? She said she first begin having sex with him when she was fifteen,
and they were other women through that he settled lawsuits with. He wrote a song folio called age, Ayman, Winona, ok, columns of by MRS Varied right, the Pied piper played whistling led kids out of a small town, never to be seen again seeing the video Jago Say, allegedly, he got off not guilty whatever, for whatever reason Kelly seems too. He is the Donald Trump of Army like no matter what he does. People still voted cod Phil Support of newly, why Ireland is dead, and all these women are now coming forward talking about their experiences with him all right Let me give you guys if I know it's a very long article, a lot of information and is very descriptive, I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A reports all right. Thank you, Miss YE gentlemen, William in adults. Do there's no need to talk about plagiarism. Ok, we need to talk about stealing right. We need tough budget straight up. Thievery right is a young lady named Kimberly Sanchez Long, these California, she has a restaurant car, sweet, Dixie Kitchen. She needs to come
for an ecological. We would like to have a word. Where would her, because I would not stand for you. No great black institution in unity to be stolen from ok, ok, all right, we'll get to that. When we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive. Is there a gang? Don't get out of my view or I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now, the song today by got the donkey the dawning of breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today, while sharing dog you today for to the October twenty four of gold, the Kimberley Sanchez. Now you don't know who Kimberly Sanchez is, which the owner of a restaurant in long Beach, California called Sweet Dixie Kitchen now for it for years, Kimberly has been serving a breakfast and lunch in her restaurant. She claims that most of her stuff is made from scratch.
While a customer left review. One yelp basically saying that a lie: Sweet, Dixie Kitten, don't make everything from scratch You know how to customer. No, they don't make everything from scratch because they saw them bringing work from another restaurant in too sweet Dixie Kitchen, not just any restaurant. Ok, institution in the black community, a place it I think about going to at least twice every three days. It takes a scream discipline not to go into this place. Ok, let's go to Kay, we see long reach for the report for the
As for years, Kimberly Sanchez has been serving a breakfast and lunch at her restaurant in long beach, but recently won customer left southward on Sanchez as Sweet Dixie kitchen. After learning, one of the new additions on the menu includes fried chicken from Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen, a nationwide fast food chain. The dish in question is called pops, chicken and waffles on the menu it sells for about fifteen dollars. You can buy Chicken Popeye's for much less without the fixings Sanchez adds, but she's, not apologizing Sanchez, said she sampled, several other fried chicken options from the restaurant vendors to add your menu and pop eyes was the best she never thought serving. It would be an issue with which mean overviews swedish. Kitchen is going to Popeye's chicken in Niggro cookies. Buying. For the low and in taking it back today a trap and tripling the price. Ok, what's left,
tell y'all something y'all may not know if you're, not a papaya connoisseur, two piece chicken with a biscuit aside and it drinks his five hundred and twenty nine at Popeye's, five hundred and twenty nine. When Popeye's chicken would a waffle for fifteen down south. Oh, let me be clear. Sweden The kitchen is selling Pa Spicy tenders and a waffle for fifteen dollars. A three. Please buys intended thereby caused five. Seventy nine and you decide in a biscuit, ok out the way they had the poppies biscuit too well, now get it. I will get it. I'm ok Emily Sanchez, who you think you are Christopher Columbus? You just going act like you, do covered, something that you didn't discover you just gone past. Something off is yours: when you know damn well, you know the originator of their spicy tender I'll call found the Popeye's is rolling over in his grave. Would you like to hear what Kimberly Sanchez have to say for yourself? Let's go back to Kay busy long beach, would report published last month,
from here is made from scratch. I make biscuits every morning we make pastries Nokia, you can stop right. You have has recognised. This is still better. Furthermore, you really want to believe that job dealing chicken from provided when making your own biscuit from scratch Kimberly is nothing about you. I said you know how to make biscuits biscuits from scratch. Okay, I seen you I seen you on the video. I don't have enough veins in your hand and make biscuits Naturally, my grandma made this biscuits from scratch all the time. You know you have to have a certain amount of veins in your hands and make biscuit from scratch. Ok, furthermore, you still in the chicken from Bob. I know you do any good. I write the biscuits Ababa amazing, put a low jelly. I with some honey around you, you are terrible, withdraw really you probably don't even give you a custom of jelly. Ok, you give them Jane. I write preservatives, I bring me some damn grave jelly and call it a day and you, given your hips das customers who come to sweeten Dixie Chicken. You know Popeye's biscuit your measure on a killer. I have you not
the eaten bob I've biscuit. You can easily choke on. When I write, I dare you to eat a whole power by the biscuit without taken a sip of a cold beverage and between bite you can't because you'll probably what else can be She has had to say I love Popeye's chickens. I I love it. I think, the best taken out there- You should have. I E. If you love, I so much closer sweet, Dixie, chick kitchen down and open up a pop I've been ok, you look, Bob, I am so much. Did you steal a fella begged people for triple price? Crazy? You think on the menu you put past chicken waffles. That is ok path. Can be anybody ass. He pablo someone's many, I'm thinking you had a single judicial, your father. Let me go Kimberly Financial keep digging agree. My kitchen is out
refrain. They worry all building. I actually have a robber kitchen back there. You feel right. What are you making back there? You don't have a proper kids. If you don't have a problem kitchen back there in. Why? Because we Dixie Kitchen, it should actually be called swede. Dixie kitchenette, okay, this is disgusting. The final Thinkingly Santa had to say about Papa waded into anything wrong. I did something I buy. It was the best products I can bring in anywhere ask said there was a your product can boost energy of those tools or trash pass. It up ass, her own needed to those treasure of Toulouse. The main ingredients and your own chicken recipe that Popeye's chicken recipe year. Why the hell? Should we cry for you and you are the one stealing what gotta reverse I college at our mind, tricks. Are you trying to play on people you to one who out here perpetrating fraud you buying Popeye's chicken in China path it off your own, you lips thinking in the kitchen Kimberly your mouth Movement but
not your voice. You inconsolable, because you steal it from Popeye's, bring them back to your restaurant in trouble in the price. You had the nerve to say you did nothing wrong. If you don't want to eat it, don't you are you mad? the you got this chick preparation of gaiety? Colonel defray the Kentucky Fried Chicken right now. You really believe that a white man came up with debt, originals thou chicken recipe, please the colonel did the same thing Kimberly Sanchez thought at chicken from someone and put his name on it. I can't prove that so back the Kimberley Billy Sanchez, listen to me, listen good, a fee for the thief does out of these deal in a diamond apologized. Vice Ici continues. Please,
Kimberly Sanchez the Swedes out an amateur athletes. U R wasn't for those who go to Swede Dixie Kitchen, it just go to Papa. Aren't you think so? Secondly, as by eating you eating at Sweet Dixie Kitchen, a good then wait till you get a fresh out about from Popeye's man, life changing with the biscuit while around wasn't- have went what white man? Why do you want? You can see what wasn't no one. I think I'm courtiers. He wants to know what the cookie is. It is trying to be funny. Stop it. Don't worry about it. Could you don't biscuit whereby crackers lonesome Kragans, nor about the biscuit would like Craigslist is using sardine draggers? Ok,
a lot of the busy Long's it been a MRS Dixie salaries have been a business. I have no idea how dishonest blogger for years could they says been arrived. She been doin it before you should regulate up boy as damaging has vowed. What is Genius was not actually Jean. She actually Nigeria's see MR cot and origin I will take you for a dog you to day. Next key should call will be joining us, will kick it with key. She call we come back. I want to make use of Lebanon part, but cuticle from loving about that's now, who is she Isn't he led them because he had her own show before that? Rather good subway? I like you, should all, but one soon, as you said to me, just tell them apart by keeping them by their meanness, a key issue in care with outside of the official selling chicken dinner first, inasmuch as it is our right when we come back as you call it, a breakfast locomotive the breakfast morning, everybody
he's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We got us pursue guess in about whom the meeting this morning just for you all about from the keyhole. When I get the feeling, my guy about my way that you were you do not know the near. The girls were helping me plum. My shared, like you know, have big. You know. Sometimes he walked embedded I see my luck was adopted. Their state of eleven eleven reset is out now. Yes, thank you. Guys were being thus afford. The last time you here we will talk and Levin had passed, and then you really iron Levin her passion and confirmed our solar vision, not really variables area, they weren't hawks. What made you do loving monoculture. We're not only that, but I felt that it was the great plan,
one to showcase the music in you know we're good. Driver for the album okay. So you know I was eleven, have hybrid union last night and I saw you perform incapable loved it. Thank you and clearly you wrote that song about them real life situation. Of course, the whole problem is pretty much year is personal. Had a booby bill when he heard their sunk, as he had two fallacious hung about me at a northern eggs. Could I of course, immunology reliving. The house would not anymore ok years ahead of their workers, your together, Mucho Livin in female, even going through some things, and it was worrying me that you know he was gonna, be able to spend as much time with DJ, as was necessary, to have spent with him- and I just didn't agree with that. Not just like dude is our.
You sound like you aegis, flies business, and then we do not. We get along. That's very Miller said it higher per year, though you know, you watch him date. Somebody else anymore, I'm so you for advice, the brig Valentine year. With me when I was in a awkward like me, you know Thank God that there are those emotions MA. Am I gonna do anything that does not mean I pray for their homes, airline. I mean there were times that. I really wonder why and acts myself like is a Jew was goin on here. You know, but then I realise that you know with mere. Without me, your servant abuse luck. It s lucky. One like you. I know you know me as jokingly with theses, joking no, you have to realise that is, I believe, a manner, no hard feelings. You know it in a way it happened. Everything happens, worries of opening the bulletin board decision maker and will be
when I came here last I've, any thought of you couldn't be if a rabbit another worthing, they could possibly, I again after Argyroneta now use everyone's. I myself was back at tat moment. I think a lot of people now understand what I'm doing right now. Nobody would tell me love you got him, and out of the way go do this. The headline found crazy booby gives and leave the NBA too thought Arap railing worked for what the ass also mean. I do so in the low on the person we need to be able to do that and the ok. We were anybody got it about me, doin it still pursuing the to ass. It says Personally, I am about what I'm doing an hurt. I heard that any of you- and I was like you know you can't that's somebody's dreams of what they feel like they want to pursue in their lives. Like you, no more power or do you want like gave you a platform to be able to do. You know what you mean The do is like I may. I think, you're looking at it, like you, said to me, as I think it is
and you could have promoted both issued Damien Lily does he could have been on a court and rapid at the same time, a green he's I like that this is in Vienna, and I can't you know like ours, These I was empty, my family, so I mean you know: you are growing up. I would never listened crazy. You listen. You happy this crazy famine one like opera like years. No, I don't know like through our eyes. You guys guys see, but I'm like really there everywhere. Where I was I bet is so amazing. Just thankful today, like I really do pray for that. Though, because really to be So with gave and look at all the things that, like you're doing and like you know it's his personal business, like even you guys, you check out the real, because I think he said something like oh young single. Now I could do it. I was like a sire. You were doing all of this work.
This is no different than he really preclude you heavy leg why there was access and it was a god they in Gaza- and God is isn't that enables us to a flower. Like ok, you know what you think. He musings go to Hell. If you keep things are of no grasping the exact opposite of my livelihood. Think that when you do right by your wife and you do right by your family graded thing have rain items hand, then I mean there sizing went to that too. But you know I'm just happy. There were finally going through with the divorce than ever as you know, is just gonna be outcome. Is I ok over. You know like we get up. It's all right, I'm happy oh that, finally, you know it's just now he can come to you and talk about women, but when you go to him and talk about, that you're dating a theme that crazy he still has an issue with that can give him a vice and he has no I'm good not always up. What are you gonna be lonely, not, though
no like now. How are you you know what I mean? I understand that frame of mind, because for a few years there's like ours, is run back to him. You don't say I like it was just easy. You himself, but they're after like I was like ok, this is gonna really seriously damaged my son because, like every summer back I'm get more SAM cry and in front of a gap that allows crying Did you like you? we, no it ain't the gangway than I'm high worthy is now you know. As I come on, we're gonna grow up here. You know bottom line put, my fidelity we got more, people will become back manufacturers, Your joy is coal. Riders movies, you called the breakfast locomotive was right or pc calls Lou our morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlotte the guy we are the breakfast club. He should call. Is here charming? What have you been studying? What it wanted
Well, what book the you re, like any meditation bride, wanted the data that I'm a rounded now I don't know honestly, I don't know just is just Linda my Spirit, as is over it. It's over it. I'm happy to cause you usually you know. Four beaten obliges as when I heard you will be a loving here power. I said all mine over written up girls year because she's, no matter what I never had a huge. Actually, President Putin has I'm no, while not always, I think, Rudy, said with area there's no eleven eleven raised there? Is this the way? Now society I really appreciate some guys. Are you not always having me and always been supportive movie on transport? from thy me ban him or how about you, gotta be home, had under was happening these
You have to pay a balanced oh no, I'm gonna marry a reprieve radioactive waste per year. We followed the work but United Voice. Yet not it is take sixty days, then din, and then a review is eternal, damn it ever like lesson. I do it has its come back and, unlike comma, can we work this out? No, not this time. It's one really excited re years very exciting. Time and to be alive. You know it's just bag is not evil. Like I'm trying to say, is a bad deal like I'm really excited. There were finally bawled the was able to I get over this and be legal like yell is to start afresh start a new is different, but this gulf work as it's not gonna work when, as you think, having your biological farther back helped like bring some stability dealing with a spiritually? Yes, of course, he's these so late mentally. Like it, I mean he's just intelligent guy and he knows a lot about the buyer
as well, and he's very grounded in his house is amazing in his car Nathan. Here you know his wife is amazing. You know act. Believe what I just like how this is happening in I'd like this is crazy, Did you realize you had gone missing, something this order of I mean no, not that norm would thumb that piece of you really is in ours. Oh go hands as his arms gone rap, but then I was there. You mean him being bless them. You know Namibian blessed with him in my life. Finally, I was able to look at family members and actually identify finally, with people that I felt oh, my god, we have Weis like I have a picture of all my aunt, I was looking at the. I know they probably thought I was weird cuz, I'm just like staring at them at the barbecue. Raising like people that I look like ever like give em say like me,
they say Mama harmonised, like when she was younger by you know Finally see that I like so in all about it, so I mean all of it are coming together. So amazing, how Germano it's been a little while spoken to her kind of made me upset. Is like a whole big thing a while ago, and actually They were trying to get her to get on. Lemme hip, hop announces that you know no. You know like jazz just not that time library, no I've done that before and you promise you would get better and is not for people to see like like you don't sound like my whole thing, was like her getting better and act, the changing, but, like this time is just like nah not do NED. You know- and I had her out there and I was actually gone trotted- would like cleaner up big, you know like get her own eyes, get a dog nibbling. She ran mothers Dame.
Randolph. I got me all in the streets looking for a mall in LA I'm, like running through the streets like with a uber to uber, like I've been through this dude roll it up you need to go more like a car, like literally like tobacco drug will mean a Mozilla me. I don't know like she was you know there. She was skid row, but nothing Marcel like ages. Hurt me. It was mother's day Santa you disappeared when my mom CIAO was looking and then on top of their it just was like our. I was crying her ass, a marvellous one day, I'm a come imma for you and I'm gonna find you. Then she they call. You will be our right to do so. I need a break, are. You have resentment towards like Amelia, begging you live. Maybe you have resentment for him. Not Biennale. Aliona all knew how like resentment, your mom for oh, no, no, no, no, no, and that was scary thing for my Father cause even like he
Look at me like what does she does they live? Has them yet- and I was as that so blessed to have you, like you know, whatever have before, whereas now we don't worry about today, can do about today and how much we RO and learn each other, and you know start would today like we narco, whereby, as it anywhere about that language, I think that I need to worry about is the fact that guy have meat? Is Poland, I trust me, you know Amazing. Is that I feel like people could relate to the feeling, a music summers Marquez. We know you We know a lot of really personal things about you that I'm sure it's hard for you to put out here knows now. Ok with lesson, but I feel like we know you, that's how you can listen to the music and b that got half year. Was you talkin about? I know she went through. It is another, as you say, and this is a lot more- is honesty, entrust with my aunt you just like you, I filled to actually and The lesson to be able to be something that somebody can say: ok,
You know I can do this. I can do this in the backlash Everything could never equates somebody walking up to me ago, yo you help me. Will you help me changed my life I'll? Get it like that? I can deal with other the Hayden that backlash behind it. Honestly, you ve been here, How do you feel about love now and opening up? Do you think that it's gonna be damned impossible for another man to come along and sweep you off your feet or is there another move, ah as I said, Alexey had gotten last night is now known as a year mean sword again. Is money but you know it's a slow like kind of life in a procedure with the hope of getting to know each other in just like you know it takes time.
Do people like ok, you're, dating somebody new now right is in the beginning stages. Do they get mad if they see you like hanging out with low May weather and their legs? What's this about whence you around. No, I don't think so, because you know me I'm Floyd or not together. That's the point. Mine in the guys, still get insecure about one. That's not cool, especially if you just friends, because you know dies have ruined. Everybody's for an imaginary over a billion. Ok is now now gives a give satellite Birchen back only doesn't give me Birchen bags and there's no need to fret over. That gives you a gift from shorter of cars will be given I know that you should read the jury. Maybe Craigslist
the poor state of exactly why you don't want your woman, rancor employed goddamn May, when I gave you the buyer anyone's woman, though they just talk though we shall ever, but it yet and when he is that you left leg, give you a guy with a guy. I wouldn't do that now. Wouldn't I was from oil over here mean are now that you know Lloyd. I too have then are we to use our data money available? Guy again it wouldn't do that you in there does lie is, as another comes, or I will call the breakfast locomotive breakfast.
Mining, less gets aromas. Assault, Nicky manoeuvres is rather about annually. On the breakfast, well, let's talk about Giovanni mirages: ongoing try on that's Nicky Menage is a brother now, the ten year old boy who acting on his sister, allegedly being re, binding, humanizes brother says he knew what he witness wasn't right, but he said that July, arrives, threatened him to keep his mouth shut. He said what happened was. I was looking for her. He was something about his eleven year old, cyst issues, eleven at the time and and my pencil broke, I didn't have any others. He was eight at the time the young boy he's when he walked in. He said his sisters hands. Whereon her ankles Angela Nimrod is underwear was close to his knees. He said, I thought it was an right. It look we're give me I ran upstairs. That's when the ten euro boy testified. That
its aligning mirage later found him and slapped him in the face about ten times. He asked me if I had seen anything. I said yes, he said he sat me on the cheek and threatened them we can see his mother again if he too on him. Now. He also said his bedroom was right next to his sisters and said he would hear his door closed at night and then his sisters bed creaking. So according to practical measures, they are saying Jelani Maraj had sex with the little girl was now fourteen. As often as four times a week now, Geronimo Ragists defence is saying that these allegations were made up by the mom and dad five million dollar extortion, plot against Nicky Menage, who is expected to testify as well so that's a viable one. He asked for food as you already extorted entities, the story with made up according to make him and and her brother July him a saying that the mother tongue Nicky she could make the charge is go away. If she was paid.
Five million dollars, or just because you know you're asking to Electronic told him. I really mean didn't happen to show you re an adept at that. It happened to eleven euro. There is no way how do somebody now, but a little one, allegedly happening. There is no way that that Nicky should support him. If it did happen, I'm some hoping net, it's all fabricated. Right, so we don't know has just started so the prosecution is saying that they can say with. Reasonable degree of certainty that the girls, medical exam can prove penetration about await up what you don't take things, the truck their first. Would you just described as now that Jesus Christ you fall to settle now? How does that owes dont come up Harvey Wine scenes Ex assistance says that he sexually harassed her for years. Zelda Perkins. She was one of at least eight alleged victims that resettlement Diana Non disclosure but now she's coming forward, In saying she doesn't by that anymore? She wants to break her silence and she talks about.
Working with him in the very first day she said is when the sexual misconduct began. She said he went out of the room came back in his underwear. He asked me if I could we give us, but besides then he asked of it. Miss as me now, a budget were big white draws to big Whitecotton fruit. It allows how do I do with yes, nasty colleagues and lit a three hundred and thirty thousand dollars sediment back and ninety ninety eight that's when they signed that agreement in that speak about it, but she said she is publicly breaking non disclosure agreement. Unless somebody does this, there won't be a debate about how agrees These agreements are and the amount of direct that victims are put under. So you know she, get her sentiment in. Does that and I guess not analyses they're back now now Matt Damon Indoors Quiney have also come for saying that Harvey wines- was a jerk. A lot of people have said that Le Manuel Miranda said that when he was up here as well and so did Adam, who was
said that when they were appear more poets was it said that he was as they heard, that he was very rude and nasty. Two people here is what Matt Damon said. About five minutes for them to know that he was a bully. He was intimidating. That was his legend. You know, could you survive a meeting with Harvey so when say, like everybody knew like you, I knew a news and I knew he was a womanizer, but the level of criminal sexual predation is not something that I ever thought was going on now my dinner You say this on morning, Amerika about when Paltrow I was working with going
with Harvey on Ripley whenever toxic when it spends over, but I knew that they had come to whatever agreement or understanding that they had come to. She had handled it and she was in the first lady of mere MAX and he treated are incredibly respectfully. They all sound like such hypocrites. Like I'd, I knew what I didn't know, and I know I didn't I didn't. I know that he was doing anything criminal to me, Vienna, Ale, in Vienna, Womanizer like they knew like they all were pod, taking it in some way, shape or form by guarantee areas where Joint Clooney had to say Army would to me about women- indeed had affairs, where I didn't necessarily believe quite honestly, to believe him would be to believe kind of the worst of some actresses who were friends of mine, and I didn't They think that they were gonna, have affairs with hardly say clearly they didn't but the idea that this predator was their silencing women. It's beyond infuriating aims.
What happened to been after last week's Lucy Jumper the when they try to play holier than thou somebody Jim Volume- and I was thought about them- met David enjoyed cloning, but I will be really really claim of your face. Aim is clean? you put train somebody's going to. Let us know I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report la Rochelle to revolt. Also, you guys tomorrow, everybody else's get this mix. All. Let me know you afraid of. Drink joint trees, drinks birthday, some look at awesome, drink National Bade holiday or gives some joint gonna get you requested in whatever you favour drink Jonas, we'll get honest to breakfast locomotive
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