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Miguel stops through to discuss his upcoming album, the drop kick lawsuit, the state of R&B and much more.

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We'll be boiled celebrity real, some joint existed there morning? Everybody is dj. Envy, Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club Special guess what us this morning, s right, my favorite army singer, my second favorite looted or Miguel Mcgowan was ass. I think I can never get say nothing just on. I see now. Just celebration go to my being joy have Mexican then we actually had a play back yesterday. Hooker, so because when we were in a baby and then about that sounds like go, what was that Are the only aim around slack lately, but do you guys didn't come because we had the enemy today, No that was about it. I thought maybe reminded us because they were playing a half. They said you a half Mexicans and we wanted to play so much He played a quarter past
a quarter of the song in half of how many drinks could you have met us go outside that does not involve a lot in those out there and what you were like the that Mexican play that garbage exiting guards agar the energy mix that traditional mexican garb is. That is exactly the kind of democracy gonna Charlie below her. It's very colleague carry out of one additional black persons, Vienna? Where we're right? Let me go How come you know we ve been waiting for this new Avenue commander you put out the Teresa e p
months ago, air as interesting as they say, coffee just came out, but outside us unspent out I've been here in a play out a book that are really for the fans at a time when no everyone has been been following the elections, alas, obvious brushing those like the puppies ago when it's when it's time to gear for them. So I wanted to do like that, and I think everyone had been waiting so long for some music. I just put it out that way with coffee is the official single. So we're missing you make out. I missed, I'm as being you being in the mixing in being able to like just be out there and do shows what was the losses Glasgow dreams? Why didn't you showed Anita to rush? Could you have to have a successful project label? We need another one year. Why did you hear me the Come Rebecca the big thing is, like I mean I have to say by- are really does imitate life zheng in and after after awhile, like you have to do living universe living there needs to be done. You can kind of like just just, I guess, fill the tank of inspiration of. I guess.
The cliche. Them is a way of saying it, but you know what I mean is that some living to do And we are on the road for avoid places essentially is. Is it not me just just being out an and being home spending time and we all those things exist. Gonna living like living living like shot me at a huge argument about you just want to look out for you got here. He was actually on your side. He had argued with another God. I was battling between you and Chris Brown and who is the better our bees? and where the better songs visit I found a walking around playing is coffee saw crying. I would not like Austria, too timid,
I have raised a very big differences in any limit. Another Mabel battling another mammogram into the argument for people about who is the best rabbit. I M Mcgovern Beth Arby's thing they all right now. He said Chris Brown has not even close navvies if his popularity, of course careers we're out not even close obvious- is that I think, would just two different, we make to different kinds of music tat. I can hear you miss Browning, I'm occurs. Ramphias stood up and that's my guy, like he's a visa good dude. Europe's answer, I listen occurs raw. But you haven't done those cross over like ok, I'm an issue that I Chris Bands, dabbled in medium record and other things you really been strictly like a soul arm be artists. Are you I mean, thing on my music is is rooted in Seoul,
this a bum painting, with the different with different colors, indifferent, like textures, ever feel like. Ok, I gotta try something you know do. Have you try a video? I reckon before I wouldn't say that atm. For what is known for is really my really moves me. You knives, and I think I've heard a couple remixes of my songs at our lady Henry Maxwell. Our task over thousands not years now. Now it out of the light was a track. I heard I feel like I'm makes me want to. But there are the rhythms that that live in that same temple, Gazelle nothin item I M saying well so their rhythms. That live in that same world and tempo space that do move me. What is this? I can say that medium is really my My bags there was wild eyed, almost nine were wild. How it is done, it's completely down. Ok, that's an order the Navy into while not is the title of the new, so a finnish movies that motor and took her heraldry workin on actually saw you know
Yeah I mean lister. The crazy thing is, I am two years later is crazy. I'm just really fighting getting more information on it, so I don't really know too much about it, but in our business, no, I didn't shoot. You know just like pull it to decide a couple years ago. Here. Take this three down bows footing. You mean it almost cabotage, you are you ok, we spoke. We are we everything seemed like it was on the up and up now, lastly spoke, but I guess you know just gotta do things as they come back as there was another woman that was involved, but then she decided not to sue right. Analysis second woman, so I guess yeah. I guess I don't even know at this point I, like I, don't have enough information talk about it, but now I just don't like animals oh, you know, because at when it resolve e p, came out, and I think over the downloaded somebody didn't Nano Fatima cited here coffee until yesterday about an honour to criminals like you came out and in it
but you ve came out at the same time arresting rights. Interesting. Have it all worked out any house? What you get you names out there now did Louis is, I think would like I was just Curious- is bad news. Ask is gonna, we don't think anyone who cares anymore neuroscience is like having a lot of them, are still watch it. Every night. Bottle- and besides this furnished us- I can offer myself now now is one of the most me moments before we set up here about the means and his people are so clever with the things that they combine with the means they do. You intend to you I'm waiting for new ones. Now we ve been doing this like this next out music, while waiting for new movies that consultation body back of pliers definition, we called the color money, which is this lamp, compared to the Cologne dream which delayed. Yes, everything. You still do that you still day as the same way. I d watch yourself now used to jump. Crowd heard. It said it was a digital men
I really am dislike, always living in the moment, especially on stage. So I won't say that I'm lay at the state alone I can roll a grub listening rock and roll, so states like crowd serving things like that are part of light. Things are always that were amazing. You know wanted to do I'll, do they differently and more cautiously, if ever it ever again, but the best I mean, as is the part of women into how did a adorned, change your life and talk about. I think that the moment at the Grammy's real crazy, The funny thing is, is creating a Dorn and in shooting the video in that whole time. For me, as it is, was like a lot of like growing up, you know and just step,
to a new set of you, no more, a more confident and more light. I guess taking control of my career, replace for me and a change, the procession of light, how people look at me as a musician as an artist. I think he would ever the din really look at me like I was a real artists: USA, Okays Army cat right, a song. I love accomplice, arms whatever, but that song change allow for me. So the kind of like separated from the pack yeah bitter we're gonna, be how you pick and choose which I just went to collaborate with now. Of course, we know that ludicrous single you been on and work with J call you a mechanic lemme, I'm sure a lot of people come knocking on our door, asking you to do songs and and beyond Hugson thing with them. But how do you pick and choose like I'm going to work with this person? Ah, I think is: is it so? It's because you know you can like people,
but you may not like there, but they create losing an that's. That's that's where it gives real tough, because, like there's people that I'd genuine like manna tissue, I get your course, but he music, illumine, music, none other music! Is why what is now? I don't. I don't see where that makes sense for oil. In Romania, the people get abandoned, they they give you a sound again what you really want to get you one is, and then you have to them. That's not really, I'm sure, because we're artists yearning so we we're all like sensitive to a certain degree. But I think, like being honest, is respectable. You know I'm saying so. If I'm not really that I just got to be
and that's what else can I do you know? What else can I do? Let him down easy details, grid of a man we like now noticed. I get no more talk back into enable said. I can't right now worth thankfully, thankfully sometimes it does is worked out. That way, word has now that he is otherwise they will soon times is only of the same dislike happens that way, but there have been thousands of electing a saddle. I don't really see how I will fit on this isn't ends. I hear you like on hooks and I manage it having greater Billy. Home again about the looters. Lurk as their record is so crazy how that song came about because we did it like two years ago out without Koala, alas sooner, but he he put on. I love that that the fans lava to whose courage now when you first came out, you would known, as we are now you look where you were crazy. Star was I stay, I mean that's. The thing is, I believe it is. Kind of violence has been my daily, but like the way at all, ok, let's be honestly, I do
a lot of things before they were trendy and I may not have done them. In a way that looked cool to the general public are to the black masses are to whatever you want to call it, but Odyssey argue above all else, they are talking about I'm a human being and I'm learning like have the balls to do what I want, and maybe I didn't do it- the way that I was. I was seeing it in my head. It income across like that, but you to give its own personal does give us in his does what they want, and sometimes anyone familiar with you like. Okay, we like him, we like his music so now right now, but when they don T Know- and they, like- I don't know this guy is pending put some hit song thou and everybody wants to work which it Electra Egg, do whatever you ones. Now I love you know what led the conversation we had here last time I think, was pivotal to because it was like this is addressed less. It has evidently not yet, and I could be like you know, looking at those photos
as he would think the same thing that straight up, you know looking at it, but I know where my head was out and what I was trying to do and like the fashions statement I was trying to make, but I too have the right to have the knowledge of sand. Like education and kind of like spinning time with people who really know fashion. They explain to me. Ok, this is how I see what you're trying to do right, but this is how you actually you know. I mean those I it was alive these various. I can't be Mademoiselle Violette, intimidated, banking, your girlfriend, we know you can't be gay and along my room with coffee yesterday as a great record arable all now. What do you think about the guy? That's it s, not ass, not able to live with them as doubling up with does not eyes. He was looking at their picture today. Did I show it to you,
It's because you did. I see that a similar picture yesterday on Wednesday in Africa as a whole in ways that in that way, can we gotta do this in its ok. That's what I've been similar picture and it's a problem, and only southwards Adele. It's ok, You found me where's essay Now you are you still meditating him, yes You ever another was called transcended the tragedy, not transit and imagination transit. I'll guy haven't I haven't got honestly. I haven't even got a transcendental meditation but crazy. I was just talking to Usher to hit me two days it like Booker. We spoke two days ago about it that bragging hey. I recall just big row as light as they being grown chapter. I know they didn't forget. I want to see us, meditation photo artist of war the main ago. That's his full! I thing is there is no separation at this point in his life. It's for me is like a calming,
like meditating got like meditating got so point like you feel I don't know how explain it, but it's it's like a feeling of stepping away from yours. Out of body fears gun, I wouldn't say that for me, is not that crazy, but it is it's almost it's. I don't know how to explain. Just feels very, like you get a calming like stepping back from the kind of thing even yourself like taking it out of your body in observing- and I dont know how to young and buddy I don't know. If you are you guys ever meditate tried, a cat is hardly to turn off me maybe the eighty. Our time is tough is tough.
You know what I would try guided meditation if you, if you ever like, had the patience to try it does honesty. Is the most I've never felt more clear blue then, after after doing that for email is like fifteen minutes, and someone is kind of like ok now breathe like this. Do that that will help like. Quiet everything, the Atlantic Sex, also another that I haven't got there. Yet I wanna I wanna, try that, but that's all breathing exercising breathing exercise. I haven't had any that I was wondering yeah. I've enjoyed the Antarctic daddy's area. Sex for like two days is something crazy, those tortured or flowers, That's not what have revealed. How does know we're all while the Euro has large and make us forget. Where did you go from his mind? You can't say that words, ok, good us, ass stupid. Why not? I love desert as far as the better then Cagney saving
then, of course you can design of the sounds of clinical legs out if you're, what I say as regards, if we just saw about Coochie I had a land are getting it ass it on dirty. Do you guys got what is coffee and effing? What is that? Why that's a modem is coffee not cough. Is the original recording of Moses Susan. Go. You are just with learning about him up there to end. Copies? we did the other version just because it is felt right is like what is it? What is really say? to say like listening to it, seems like the obvious things less like more for remix industry, like the heads on the internet, so coffee lot slang, for. It will have. No, I mean the actual song. I prefer coffee, like that. This title, coffee and the logic behind getting to coffee in the morning. That was the intention of this-
maybe it was light is obvious, I'm talking about in the song, but is more that it's it's lust rooted in honest connection. So that's what made this long standing out, because there's like there's a there's something real energy. Could you have allowed Second, then, you won't go get a cup of coffee. I just like. I don't like and say that in and then in the morning, so you lie is leaving them. He's the best time to have sex Every time is the best and most cause some people prefer mornings. Eggs and people at night mornings, this is amazing. When you get woke up with us, when you wake up in the morning weighed and then some I can't do this more, it's what the song is about and they grow out alone. It alone. I love the way now, not least those you mentioned. Instead, we want to reach out to you about. What's going on about win? Ok, maybe
there. They were saying that you and Stevie wonder: may you hinted that you guys my collaborate. That was the store. I'm going to have to do with police brutality out. There was no rise Baltimore. No, we she did. We did an event for the mayor of Outlay couple days last week end and we spoke about it briefly, but it wasn't working. This I mean every. Obviously you gonna do a saw. None ass, I mean obviously something needs to be said and done, and it's a very urgent thing and that we were just speaking on that and I think, there is, I think there are. A number of art is out there who are are really keen on making it a difference in and saying something, and I think I m were were hoping to to make that happen in so much it before, but in achieving a rugged about the joys of Eaten S Green Valley, like real commercial,
Is it the Eba? Does my Gaza aiding the booty like groceries, your da having ol man upon about it, I'm about it or you booty yoga? I know you like a crowd crowd. Would you don't let anybody has further back in her Dennis wide in marriage? That's gonna make any lyrical any songs or not, but I never know what I mean is Miguel squaring what you re seeing here, you gotta think by eating Budapest wording is kinky. Wording is amazing. That's like does the biggest complement like I'm a girl disposition. Let me say this learning: may they are on the way miss you have forgotten wage, ok You know I was there would no longer have you ever made. It seem like it was really bad get out of here.
That project Miguel Miguel Moscovici, like those that may be made, it seem he's very and weed. Serving under down you. Don't why I don't know it was a good look here in everything we do. I hear it was supposed to be no make no hair dangerous and I'm Syria coffee. I like the issues and it's all I see the order Naturally, you guys Madrid automobile Ajar Legend, man, that's crazy! How rumours that
I had. I had a meeting with a production accompanied company lily. I one had one meeting with with the production it. It is his production about about a film that was very, very different than the one that they that that would a press release was released about, and so the film that I had a meeting about was actually really dope. The film that I heard was there talking about. I don't know anything about the musical Romantic Yom. It s not tat. I was encouraged it also. So, if There is a film being made like the one that we spoke about, I'm absolutely interested, but I've only had its single about what is it? You got the wrong you not that not to finance, is it your they are getting married now getting under, that smell, that I'm, while the irish data,
They merely to be. Could he are you still it you Central Asia right, I'm? Yes, it is hard to be favoured, because you know you successes shut up. You know, since the disaster with door, needle girl, who could you as a sex symbol, is a hard on you, oughta be faithful it's only as hard as you allow it to be. I guess you don't like yourself in a situation where something had happened, I mean you should apply We got it out, it's only as hard as you allow citizens, not just when you got rid all those rumours well programme, because this issue is for women that what we are doing cobby base it on some other avenues. Anything anyway, What is it hard? It's gonna wide
tell me why you the lashing, never do that you see when I visited difficult now you know how hard it was difficult to state. Like I said, is this beer is it How much you allow its effect affect you, I guess we're couldn't rocks it. Ochres Rob was there remain only as faithful to the disaster. He did say that rightly raised better. That's why stuff four men empower Emmy anyone empower women, apparently empower too to be fatal You know where, where women, and especially for very your girlfriend, I'm sure quite easy if she wanted to do something then I'm sure man and Roma. If I'm I'm gone over time, it would be really you like a lion and be lightened. Women. Women are so smart, like they're, not messy. We do it and we do it just stupid right. You guys don't people,
and you don't tell your boy look. I told her onwards, so she he has no idea. What's going on, I don't we plan green, like we have pictures ready in case we're gonna, pretend they were making what our friends but were really not Lucian. Those pictures- and we tell our friends, don't postwar to weave Cosette, I'm with you and you know because a lot of women we plan ahead. You guys just do what you're gonna. Do you have any tat plan and quite shooting, I wish they want and are not yet I mean we ve been together. Since I was nineteen, I definitely made some mistakes made behind has sometimes when you get caught. That's when you realize I gotta stop oh yeah bigger! That's exactly when you ve, when you, when you figure it out, you realize, like is not even worth it mean when is not even worth repatriation, I will follow in her onto a native grandma may show drakes not following or a tree songs. Men, men, none of them are a threat to me
and not only nine, and in this way I'm too sad is feel very strong about our relationship, so about musically too you should I get a best Arby's thing out Raina. Ah, I feel like I'm poised to do something great. I don't know about the best are basing, but I know that I'm poyser do something: greatness were under the law: right now at this moment. At this moment, I am you shit on me. I love with my album. I'm in love this outcome. I know we have even more like great music coming after coffee, so I'm just I'm gonna, let the fans it's for the fans who knows where the fans and so assessed like in you know who do you listen to as far as other producers are executives when it comes to your music, whose employed do you really take to heart? Lady! Do you go to like? Ok when you like, when this on?
who do you go to like? Ok, when you think about this song? Should this make the album as this sound our right more prizes like marble gross or he's not artist? You know in the genuine an exact harm, but he's an artist at heart. He's of is a creative personally. The creative spirit- and he understands are I mean so that's the first person I always go to my music but Wally's again, seeing call as well as it is a great personal. Those two people are prey like the closest within it hard to. Let him here record today, like all of you jump on it and United. While you love, while they were not going there without a more coffee, do we have is it. I love the version with the morning urine, but I also had the version with so it is all about our options while there is the while the good of my guy Ali cause So when you look at least take, as I told them, I was hearing, a song from month are ready. I was like ours is a new sound, but then I realized, because while it is our right and not like we, we honestly did I like a big.
While because he did it like so fast body, but it was really for the fair, as there is for the fans, even though, like coffee, the actual version it goes on album will be the version without Wally limited it. It was a dope where that don't they fit the song, he got a line and it has done. We say fictitious gray. Over Josie Year results you hear what I did for, like a like alike, are beatin, be likened to wrap in I'll leave this letter behind our body, Rapto would dawning now leader Do any will rub labrador route? We can leave without a dollars with If we are really really version original version, amended version of his legs. It I'll get me for when they haven't given more since we didn't get to comes into play back. Would you have looked for Jews a year later? You tell us a little bit about the wonderful move.
We did. We did I'm, fortunately, the music that we did doesn't fit the sound this, the body of work about four, this album, so we're trying to figure out the right way to put that that music out yeah but premieres, like that's a musical mentor someone I grew up listening to you know, so that was an honor. You know who I did get to work with this. Before and it was, it was amazing, was Raphia city. I love my idea very tiny, tiny was when a man they have one of my favorite. Aren't besides averages me you just me. He's gonna, do what tools homey name! Am I mad? Yes, yes, yes, he does so Not too rough YO represent and we're doing a ladder writing while you're taking a break. Do I do a lot of writing? I did I ve blown artists to now, How much not so much this outcome was like. Is the last time when a record and at home here this is this. It was. It was a challenge, causes so easy.
And I housing, like you know, when you settle into your house, it takes so long to get your house to exactly. Are you warning is like your curetting everything you have said so and I'm really pretty? so- am I home late, like the houses, then again I'm game real, comparable and also understanding that I need some time to live, so it makes a real easy to be like I'm watching film right now they makin a push this I'm not gonna Russia. Could you u care rush hour run just can't you dont faded warning about hey. I just make sure the house like caning. Ever though the well my biggest
It is actually now lessons learned. How big is it the houses and enormous like there's not, is not a huge house. It's actually does only two of us. There are needed as crazy, as is like three, some three thousand something square feet. Spinning is it is that I don't know what that is in relation to everyone's, how we're we're in here again. Tell you right now. My house is not that big. We live in like a residential area where it's like you, no single single family homes are like on nice size or not like mentioned, or anything like that. Do you think about starting a family soon in Heaven children's than our more loudly valuing now wait. Wait awhile doubt! Then we may make me wait awhile, I right I don't have um. I was the accessibility
yeah right about now, like we're we're at the cusp of light. Doing something really really great. I believe that in my heart- and I dont know that would be like. I want to be there for the first at least three years from I might set like my children's lives, everything three I want to be home betting, exactly right now, as I may add right now, too selfish right now we're both too selfish right now. So you wanted those career first guy, absolutely Absolutely not right. Now. Yeah right now governs excellent economy, nor have I heard actively this data so we take. Our words are, how is it met? Gala swung the Magyar. Those amazing actually is my favorite mecca really. Colleagues, I was more comfortable. The energy is like the it takes getting used to you, I'm saying for a long time
I've, definitely felt more like. I belong in the fact that there's like more familiar faces, like your kind of you know it's just being around you and you only see a lot of these people. You know one or two times a year. So the fact that now it's like there's a little more familiarly make tobacco from you appear here I mean the great thing is seeing them using the musicians. That's you love so light that no you mean an egg and they show. They show that you who are you like blown away by why I can't believe this person's here, you never met before or that you barely ever get to see. Who impresses you I'm always like just because I grew up on J lazy like seeing Josie every time. I see him and he just so cool yearning. Saucer yeah. Exactly so like that's always like special school. Heaven be also a great therewith Superdome on it
yeah entitle now having sides area himself not etc That is its crying. I did, but I haven't done it. Genesis grabbed is because you know I feel like Jane. Father and away where you're going to live in me to pay money to describe as I don't even have Netflix I used my friends. Netflix account really and I have added INA. I heard I have that, but is half a metre like pay, so I'm waiting for them to get a freezer, among others, cargo, this. It was called being long. People know how you can get that winning it. They are voting on other segments of I'm so cheap about it. What happens then and we ought. We have so many stories, like maybe sacrificing goats and everything. That's exactly what have been by now that we see a red card, but what happens on the answer is essentially like arm. Is this a dinner? Is a dinner and insight. Its is talking to people who mostly don't know who you are
I understand that, like if you're here, you must do something so Is it really lead? As I go k, you must do something so what it, but it's is actually pretty. Cool guy is alot of creative minds. Alot of people were involved in in the creative process of bringing about a lot of great things to the world, so mostly fashion and I don't know that's the best part and it wasn't like drinking is like drinking talking for what do our? Are they re than one with yeah for for the met emitters of for the dam putting museum, the all the money that from the money goes to the museum now you're really into fashion. Of course, will tell you that that is that's enough. You wanna pursue as far as I can buy, the where they still hung over from the man today's days ago. That's why none of my words Anthony go two mile answering them. I kind of OZ, one dollar: are you thinking? doing like anything in fashioning staring, including mine collaboration? I think girl, all of that,
is on the horizon, because up like you said, I am obviously like into fashion finding the right way of doing that. I'm starting in small places with it with things that tie into down. So that we really don't like the fancy to be into but yeah awfully, we can evolve from that and take it to a level I going until I absolutely June. July July. Rather, we went out on the unwilling out on my own and yeah yeah, so we're trying to figure on China to find the right, the right person to to come with me to re artist or Rebecca. We liked him. Yeah. I wonder I wonder who my fans, who I see this as a good question? Who would you like to see Miguel Gallant wherewith with you have. It is a good question. Would it be another item b? I didn't want to be a definite this album. I mean. If you listen, so even Kaleidoscope dream isn't a traditional are album. I don't make tradition traditional,
be music I gotta. Do it wouldn't new AIDS twist to a deep rooted in saw himself. I I'll never best I am you know, I mean that's how I was raised, but I was also raised in level rock n roll. That will always be a part of both those things always be a part of the music, and I think this kind of pushes it in that direction. We need musingly Do we want to keep to our chutney says me: thou ever change could only in the night. How are being the only do the last thirty I would put in so tat. There was a tray songs, mix tape, Anthony with anticipation, and they now Kaleidoscope, Audrey, any autonomous and in the jail, see Oda Camus noticing us. I only know that and they give perhaps too, like all owed o the artifact come of it. I always say again as Marianne S ass, so that it shifts me out, and it is the biggest complement like the book, the boys to men like that you say so to see I carry there, we go you negotiator in Vegas, she's doing
residency there should be pretty interesting gotta, be, though, on the side of her happiness. Zambia go date night for you, Vegas up I'm not really big on shows a Vegas really nah nah. Really us like a curse or do you arrive Yeah, MRI back like as well. You join us, lad, hide and that this summer you gotta data yeah June thirty, two They are my body. Has innovation celebration, wildlife in stores in June? We appreciate you could join us thanks gas is the breakfast Club Miguel out
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