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Tuesday 5/30- Today on the show we let our listeners blast their ex during our segment the "Ex Files" and after a front page story broke about a fatal stabbing of two men after defending a woman, we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners would do in that situation. Also, Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to Giants Owner John Mara.

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I gotta get back down like a mega. Forty I just took all we got no point. This prize round have recently joined a breakfast club, say some other about you. Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo go go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go morning, HIV headlines is Andy Charlemagne. Guy who's didn't play is too, as is tools. They are beginning to work week. Ferryboat may we had made four day week in little renewed show soaked to live in New York.
New Jersey, era of climate change, because we still got on hoodie by today, largely they argue we got on leave in jackets. A new jerry, the air is alone lippy this morning, a little if the day The memorial weekend's summit is right around the corner. Right indeed, no spring cart. Jaded really need to do some about it, put a cab. What have we got out and Saint Martin? last week on vacation at a whole family with me. Had an amazing time shout to the people of Saint Martin is gonna, let another which is nice, It's very warmly. I got a lotta color, it was. I had a great time they showed me. I help the time I mean I did. Everything from Ward is voiced, zip lining to jet skiing, to some calls I fly we put the little thing when you use your legs and shoot up in the air and ocean, you name it.
They absolutely positively diameter Amity magic offered. The opportunity- and I wanted to inform me of my wife- is she does all ass. She sat why don't we can't go to how many other big? Usually you pose one pig, but the change throughout the day? What we usually we go out in a day, and if we got a night we changed for dinner, clingy imaginative within alive. We match, we gotta make sure we, no one's involve them case now. Also, you know of chapter to say, Morton Tourism boy. They were kind of upset, which you brutal, knew. Why me, I think uses like you. I don't know anything about, say mind. Why does gaudy when I go to implement as a vast that man there was that you have to you're, the only one time their duty of Anglo no right, I absolutely age, that's fine, but you have to come they might and when I find that a modern you show me a lot of love at the airport. Show me a lot of love. The ferry and ass we ve got our yo ass, but stay as they marvel now lagging well as well as I do, and so on.
Boy that was all over the place all over the place? This weekend I seen ye out and say more Stop that really ever one day I was in an out and out at work to do back at home, but yeah. I had a good time over that one day as soon as I landed the first thing I did go straight, the beach, and then we had dinner ages among them at a party, and then I came back and then the airport guy said now for a couple of hours away back I'm scared, so it was shut down for love it, but it got back up and everything was critical on many idle. Much want to find out what it is. We can not I go was if I get a lot of foreign living together in front page news. Also, what else we talk about managed, very tragic story about three men who tried to intervene to prevent a hate crime. Somebody was being harassed and it did not end well all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep enlarges the breakfast club good morning, prestige envy Lee Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club of skins and front page news, not tiger words. He was arrested over the weekend. Ah, yes, and that is why I do you- I saw a mere seismic sadness,
and circulating idealism. That's who gave us in Damascus off right now. He was in Jupiter Florida, the cats- that's him for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He was released like seven hours later. He released the statements that I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for me. Actions. I want the public to know that, although I was not involved, what happened with an unexpected reaction to prescribe medications realise the mix of medications affected me so strongly. So we apologise to his family friends and the fancy said I expect more from myself too. I will do everything in my power to ensure that this never happens again. Target would might be the first man in history whose life didn't you bet after he got rid of all his subjects. Usually you live, gets better. Have you got over you cited and used to be faithful to one woman? Not only did he cut off all his lodgings, he lost his wife and things of men downhill ever since she was gonna
is that if it was prescription drugs, why? When you just below and breathless Cosette, meaning you whenever primary fuse and analysed and invest in year, licence is automatically suspended, sounds easy, but I too bono's things up. They don't know what the outcome of you didn't during menu blow on it, but if you had even one shot at night, I note as those things I always correct, though Thailand or people who have not had anything to drink and the breath Eliza so that they did nobody fail. If they don't they don't hang one hundred percent, they don't another. My nephew, If you do not have anything, they vary as mouthwash, something up a little bit more wise when killed that. Whilst we know not not now we might drunk here. But if you let me point out o EVA event that I just don't trust that if you have not had a drink your blow into the deadline or stop at any nautical with problem, is he's been trying to appear to perfect all these years and he said trying to hold onto that image when in fact tiger we know you're, just a human being. You like side shakes you'd like Heaven. A drink you drink just
DR. When you have a low drink you drink. You go away in one of my to be able to not tell us about Noriega, yes manual. Noriega dictator from Animal man Noriega not nor eager for drink, champs, kids, not knowing what went away not are you from drink champs? Now, right he's with eighty three years old, he had said three in a hospital in Panama City and they tried to remove a brain tumor. That's when he was placed in a medical into a coma. He suffered severe brain hemorrhaging during the surgery, so that was back on March Seventh and he has now passed away. We just go this mission He has during chance and other things are wrapper and if what I mean is it going to represent the guy tat era knows him as nor from our when we all when you, when we all realize we're owed up. Ok, visionary You know them at the pod God from drink chance that in fact, work Shattuck, opponent, ory, ignoring arrive as front.
All my guy. You know I may never component, please forget it as is robbing parties. Our group godson and back in the day, Gaza, is the trough all right, we'll s front page news, get it off your chest, eight hundred five, eight five one or five one of your upset. You need call us right now for my eyes wide open or if you feel blessed, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one you want to spread some pie every call us now former wide open is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast isn't your time to get it off. Your jets are the main from you on the breakfast law allows is probable, poor quality level, Virginia breach was merry, go beyond Virginia next, The boy you to actually does this additive. Yeah? Maybe that's why you may, don't you believe, which won the rope
by providing a mad because we are living workin out. I've been doing. They got him like a buyer. Ignore probably my background was their me. You back jumping. If you like, is jumping like one. He lets go! No, when you make certain movement There have been falling asleep happens to me all the time, and I want to talk at that. While may well kept them in a minute, I'm in a military and I were entropy somebody trying to set themselves up to get disability a agitated. What I mean I'm complex, because after eight years I finally dealt with mine. Your brain and finally, move on chicken.
Married to you, guys, broke out wedge barrier Beria, yet positive it'll give that chick. You know that one check that you couldn't get over that Bobby, They got a unique every chick they poured out. That allows is planning a came out from younger, nay, was Madame them say over the grave. Am I pull the plug on my body than Google by day You don't have to talk about it. Why can't yachting Pigeon North Carolina, Poland Club Alabama? Wait? Let me why? Why would they allow how to do it? Another, not the kids, because in fact the other know what that Thank God you you shall I not bother about bother well as well with him like falling down.
You know you can only fifty two things like perhaps but, like all of you know not mad vagabond who then I'm fattened up that open apple I know, I'm the one bring em vagabond. Would you were a waterway? Sixty two was not all that not alone has no black. Like wouldn't number two. I would say that he is in a better place book. I mean he might be a little too early. For example, the bluntly it seems local bodies, you pull the plug. You ask a y know: maybe one or even an all, but he came out so weak ass. You didn't even know about it that I well you know Let it came under the caravan diary lonesome laws mommy. I don't know what to tell you that in all these fragile area, for you- and I hope you don't open on catch if you aren't fade and send her to an early learning about right now,
and now I'm almost like when he died in Burma. We send out today does cruiser divided the funeral, but have you do please Instagram lives that Erasmus, canadian attack was Mamma? Is that you not at all agree or live minded same Emma arrived. They value, I'm thirty. Five I remember I have a good day, right tell him. Are you mad or tell em why you bless, get it off just eight hundred five, a five one or five one call us now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast club. Is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black, but I've been. We want to hear from you. Wanna bread, which allows is mine, pays good morning. I tell him what you last autumn. I you upset. I am glad because I'm twenty Paypal, I get
First of all, by myself and we're doing no man eleven there would you go back and regulations to you by your own how'd, you got a cat got absolve no, congratulating mammoth right. Let him! Now! You don't need a man's about. How will you bought a house for a visa ban by moving it over here come round? It is weakening, comes into force without wanting shrimps about and take in Bulgaria there you go easy as you call it and you get a man and make sure you got out too when you get one. Ok, my goodness allow this without a paper bag of each ass, I ever had their power the good man about without thought about a proper labelling in the light of that yeah. I don't have time I was busy, but they have drink in their life, they filled the breath Eliza TAT, something not accurate.
Nobody ever dreamed of my language, Revalenko, that's who the hell out of the police station. When we met. My darling is happy so you Don T say anything more about the real problem really an ideal. I was really about you be called idea. You remain, understandably, so why the breathless with it after that, I would just add that everywhere that he said that we took up with a black immunity, any appreciates doesn't use. One's job was in love, inequality, Angela LEO, You guys are Angela YE, Angela Yearly gave the middle name, allow this classic ladder thickness Laura dilemma: Noblesse Oblige, because I'm glad again,
a moment later, then they need the same road when they could take a thousand. I guess they need that there are more of a threat in all kinds of things. You know they found you you go you wake up in the morning you say I'm blessed. Black and highly favoured dammit allow this meal, you bless. You met this morning. I'm glad tat was worth get outbreak. Hey. Now you go: what's he gonna do what it was it a day, I'm gonna leave out the go back door tonight. Many get their money where you are garbled, my boy, I'm doing security for armed police car mathematics and they got you pulling doubles now measure. If my regular schedule, you got a good all know at a gallop, I mean I have again been and above all night, you're gonna security. Are you you just want you to the watchmen Will they be able to tell us why you blast order?
why you may get it off. Each has eight hundred foggy five one o five one back to work week. Now you ve got rooms on away, yes, broadcasting, tell you why he and his wife refused disdain hotels and would tell you he's mad at also less about reality shows dies, find out who those some half mushrooms and somebody space Nokia organs. All that when we come back, keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club. Could you come and eighty jobless side I go to the bathroom? Can I use the bathroom now you can write about single day. Thinner, be humble. Morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, those kids aromas, let's find out what celebrity through mushrooms on another person about.
The report annually eat breakfast Tv Diane's, ass men were enjoying a nice dinner in Atlanta and that's when Joscelyn, actually through a bowl of had mushrooms on him at his back good news that joint employees also backed up Stevie J story, saying that she actually scare them the other customers in air. Please took the broken ball in as evidence ends dvd once the court to make her do anger management. Does it have a psychic values in as well as an avatar together vision and never gave you negroes money? All boogie is how it happened, though, in high bowls of grits on you make it waiting mushroom Jobs are how'd. You do now your boogie ain't, Doin mushrooms lights below five years.
Ottoman, nine, great Naomi mushrooms, Boogie ethnic cleansing. Proudly. I think that you reject as much as they go to. I don't know if they are to gather together. I think because they have a new buoyant together, their China make sure they hope, hair and effectively, but apparently nuts and he's right. You should potentially she definitely now that he's a mother needs to go into some anger management is no is inevitable. Bowl of hot mushrooms on someone in a restaurant I built Cosby will not spend the night in hotels because he feels like somebody's going to try to poison his food. He also feels like something else: Benzene, like somebody, could sneak into his room anything's. If you do that somebody's gonna put a bug or device in his rooms. He's very paranoid. You old Bernard I'd is also belie now as well now. The other thing that is upset about is that he feels like people don't have his back. He felt like other comedians like Martin Day Chapelle, Chris Rat. All of those people, Eddie Murphy, have not come forward and supported him publicly syn,
bad all of them and you can't supporting public good. So you know exactly what is going on in my native asteroids execution rate. I was better to remain neutral. We know he's been so that their agents happened for their kind, that their careers would be over if they got involved. So he doesn't want anybody to testify, but he just went people too. It was a tax, but here really anyway, it was a phone call. If he s, affairs, like civil rights leaders, have abandoned him. People like Jesse Jackson, who won't talk to him in our shops in money, may turn his phone cause. He feels like both of them are very vocal, supporting Michael Jackson and the charges against Michael Jackson with it it's so he kind of ones that support as well. What would our me when you get convicted in the corridor, public opinion or what was built everybody, does nobody tells me bill cavity? Wasn't the nice as individual, especially to african american people, has been on our own ahead. As you know, we ve been critical, but when it came to the community, as you would always make phone calls,
The commission gives them words of encouragement to tell them think that they could do better things. They shouldn't be Doin the godfather to allow geisler right back and get people. I like that he's been convicted in the car to public opinion to America, either rapists ripe, who has signed a new deal. He signed two m M jeez Congrats, later that Euro Battle, no email saying that I know, is that there is always Lyric City son emanated like murmured, muddy and gone. Yet I knew wrath was official. I knew him a long time that he took off his stays as it is on the verge. Seti wrote that best and brightest that's very strict value. I would he put that any this night, some of you, because it is worth Ours is a very firm and he was making people back on my bs remakes. He was making people rap diversity which repose in it. I don't think so. I didn't do it I'll, let you know we really live here. They wanted selling. I bet he wrote that various because he went to the EU is making an announcement. Note. The first of the back. I don't get inside Edmunds
Did you like an official announcement to me? I wouldn't? ray of everyone else. It I feel like now makes it that he still plays dregs back to back for motivation. He was on his instagram stories and he was in his car listening to back to back, and he says that he does that for moderation. Still let it go me issues cradle reminded I wouldn't even thinking about that and tell you that it is now only Lamborghini. It was to have only one right in Baghdad asked what the whole thing imaging drove a motivation. Oh wait, a minute! Ok, please do day. I re well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour reports morning, everybody is dj. Envy angel YE, Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club was given some front page news sites. It was gone on his life right now where he had issued. Do you I issue and he has actually blaming his prescription. Medication he's been having bad problems, so I'm sure he's on some type of medication, but he got pulled over. He was in Jupiter Florida. They said it was
I ve a radically and he was all over the road. They said they smelled alcohol on his breath and they said at one point I go with was very arrogant. They assumed a blow into a breath eliza, he refuse so, of course, has automatically and arrest and a licence suspension for him and tiger, Woods really state. Many said: I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility. I want the public to know at the hall was not involved. What happened with an unexpected reaction to prescribe medications at in realising makes a medications affected me, so strong target would The first man in history who lived in the bed happening got rid of all his side, Shakespeare, witness in history. He realized they usually your life in august- I'd better rank after you, ve really is actually knowing that title they may not get rid of all you got rid of his way
Are we going to arrive? Nor has it in your friend now and he's got it hasn t notice. Think of me as a girlfriend, exactly what I mean to do his merry his girlfriend in she'd, honest whose life is back on track, get actually need. Now I got out and pointless. This is their awful story now imagine this. They were on the port than light rail train and a young girl and her friend tat. Her name is destiny. Condoms you. Sixteen years old was being harassed by a man who was yelling all kinds of anti muslim slurs at her and her friend. Now three men came to the girls defence that they should have rights and they ended up getting stab by the guy that was harassing these young women. So we learn for freedom.
Them dive. What what's? Ok, so we deftly level to make them work that we do Java Malta, no aimed primarily at one of them, is in there has been. Another aspect has been identified as Jeremy Joseph Christine Christian he's thirty five years old now here is where destiny had to say this white well from the back of us, came in Besides he's talking you guys, and he was right- you can't she spent visa related like daddy, then they just all study arguing we turned around while they were fighting an easy studies, stabbing people in their wishes bled everywhere. In what I say, thank you to the people who live for me. They are still alive the way we were bought away,
What I love about this store, it wasn't just of Muslims or blob. You came to the different solutions. Go Ricky. John best was fifty three years old. He was a military veteran, yes and he worked as a technician for the city. Apparently he's doing public service Television Meriden in NAM Committee was also at the scene that he died at the hospital you just graduated from Portland Red College with a degree in economics. Last year he was twenty three years old and it therefore is Michael Fletcher twenty one years, all being treated at a hospital with serious injuries right now draw one cool mov, all those humans rest and stepped up, and did the right thing never never seen the faith of a white devil is dead. Thirty the old man was the name. Joe s name is Jeremy, Joseph Christian he's being chance, there's no accounts, aggravated murder and one count of attempted murder. All of them are felonies aggravated murderers. Has the death penalty while as possible sense. That is a white double that of the Craig Ass Crack. Have you ever seen the phrase of one that is that one
The fledgling live happily married. Videos of him at different events, shouting people using the anywhere at all kinds of things she jumped riddle to stop let us have a complicated little people anymore, no time to decide whether they gonna charged him. They hate crime, I think very crime, cry murder did the lonely put a Monday jail right well as front page news all right now we got some theme is: time for x files. I hope you know what we did is once before cod, lot of trouble, not what we like you under breakfast club driver. Three to five, one o five, what we want as you want you guys to tell us about you, you wanna blast. In one other people out there stay away from him or stay away from her here that this is a time you give orders about your ex. If your ex was just a bad person negative if he was violated,
He was violet if she was crazy, if he's crazy, if he stole your money and ran off, this is x files. You call eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one It's about you exit the radio version of don't data dot com. That's a great website that you can go now made him go out and see guide the shooting date because I always say one person's trash it's probably just- can be another person to trust the trash, nor any to warn you about the trashed s out here now right, eight hundred five, eight five, no five, one warned us about your x x. Files next is to breakfast locomotive, Breakfast club morning bodies dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are. The breakfast club allows this air base yeah right now. Aren't you call rhythm of huge. Is the air about now. I know not tat. I did not tell us about your ex mia. My background is everybody.
The other day go a couple years ago I was being a guy and I lived a child at the time. He came down the bidding me and unified a day or two about my way in Guy Maria money. I don't know I didn't go ahead and get a money order for or casually sake, but Emma I don't want to leave you and I we had Mandrake Arab, have by my best friend when he woke up they make more like real early and you dont know why, though it then he thought over the magpie go back out couple hours later you I gotta, get right on it. Re INDIGO gave up every day. I got them according to my ago, my money. I got my money alone now, though, if you invite, if you like I am about the guy earlier now by now. He knew where he do that. Later. On a day, parliament then like I'll go out. I've got to go. You give me your down a database,
where my old any light when I married it did no name was re. Even Charlotte was probably not go out a rally North Carolina? Well, they say, took her our money and as someone I was her money does every year, nay, which others about your ex. What was his name, his name now ass. You people stay away from his view from. Furthermore, all he's from Ohio, ok, maybe down here for their ok just got together he'd like a few years younger than me and what happened while we emit a leading to a
Actually, that's all I want you heard him penetrated our timing out like a moon ordered by european control when he was very like my roommate people, whereas they might get bored Riverboro banal that I try to talk to him about the name. You will be your concern, but if they have a problem with it, they could tell me out by war, and today I have a problem with it so as to childish degree like three day like sexual over there, he started control, and then leaving out the good we leave. He raised our arguments with me and why I said that we should be arguing
the normal relationship stuff yeah, how ever he grabbed my arm. He wouldn't let you leave here. How about a guy physical kidnapped, you yeah, yeah yeah, he did yeah. I like there is only one way out is due to an end on the second floor, the ports, but the tiger whereby screen daily I was like. I was shocked the whole time where you have your phone. Could you have caught now one one? At that moment, I wasn't thinking it all. I was a child. I figure out how to get out. My router, you might know, go on forever
it might hurt him. How do you know anything about his bath ride out with bitter hiding him to talk to me about a living today? One is sex out him. Yet at this one is tax everything about me. I don't want to do with a woman who pressed the two fingers he was adopted, even though he was adopted by a white gambling perfected black days you can over by computer about like how they have a really seem to like understand things about being black and I decided I I've been on, but I beg you will break. He would like to conclude by that name like we did it they make a bad guy. Well, there is one thing I didn't mean
What can you tell us? Get to the point plan would be ok, we'll leave he oppression and there have they ain't, no sex. He actually name. Actually, when its carbon I pulled back tomorrow, yet call me right: yeah, ok, now you talking now now plows I like that was the night. I leave and so, when I arrived you I'll tell you could have gathered at five I have another bars delights. Tat adds up was ready to drop the ball job. The bomb also learn about late. He I've, even under like what had happened. I'll go my roommate to buy up our get out. And they are lying here right now. Bobo is never too late. The following.
Deputy boils abort call the police inflated. You got kidnapped aeroplane, oh shit, if you re Junior, but you should have allowed over this January earlier. Clean yeah, outwardly fraction, I do not usually have only just after the police. Have you have you have learned men? Could you you, you can't Carteret evasion and put him in the experts? We don't want him, not only have people to date in the future. We want him to be in jail in jail. Here. I promise you will go. Please write up it is I can't believe in managing their breakfasts conquering somebody else into, but that right is right, app and rape into but promised at night. I do have one other women in a future that you don't want to go to a joint through Asia.
All right. What they give according to your right, yeah right now, remember, I think, offer the downside to shape the golden indiscretions. Alright extra. Eight hundred five, a fire one o five. One dna needs a clear back here and talk to us up the air than me. I have no problem. Speaking to you, you can a warning about your ex. If your ex has achieved a view, Eggs is a powerful personal Shangri, easy he's. Revell Jesus Christ, EU she's, a rapist, is their breakfast. I've got to go back to Breakfast Club one morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club. Yes, we're going
I was right now is x files that we call up and tell us about your ex warn us about your ex last glass break. It got a low to real because we ve never had somebody call a vain warn us about a person who is a potential rate right, young lady, basically visually. I can never rate by her eggs that guy I'm sorry that was now expatriates amazing, she just wanted to sleep with yesterday. I should not beyond don't let him down that comes you be somebody's jail way at Cairo. Absolutely, let's go to the former allow YO, which name right now. You wanna tell us about your ex yeah guy a girl occurred. We will call my god If you do so again, never regular question, not a beggar you're gonna. Do you know what I've seen a lot of grave? You stop nobody's gonna do about it
Every year, a our jobs as I uh yellow boyfriend, come on. Let's go man to bankrupt straight groupies, greater weight to bear. I give a warning: don't even travelling identified com already make uranium mouth rightly MAO vaguely. Would they won't stop it ma? Am you got who shoving you're, paying all what it is about? Having read your bag, my from crazy, but mostly you know you were trying to insinuate gay pattern, but that only one, a butler about your ex down masculinity got near where I had everything a miracle walk down here: Pallaby, ok, go Deborah play in order to cover up their within within hours, so nervous.
Only that, because they have cameras in autumn sanity, we saw no one about how they lay rate locomotive up up up up up your affairs me labour king, upon me down. You know how, but I was doing my thing. I do want to do everything I have rams. The works marine life was now was our neighbouring cause, I'm a day, something you can we met. Atossa using jails are very soon. It will have our hours every thirty day, whatever about two hours why are you telling me immediately when you got arrested later what I've got a red? That's all right that you might have a good for your time, because I know what the real challenges Ok, that's what you do know you listen! You dont, like Hulu, reverse that car
you can always happy money. You know what you mean me, what you write a word, they now. No one young oriel again, you know about a one day. You know not even back anybody all thought about a hundred the direction. But I had a lot of money back because at all, we ve got to write the penal and put money in the machine and I keep a ticket. I never get money my biggest because I can always go back it. You can take it in so you hold ass, a good idea, a whole bunch of all, as we suppose you must all right. So regular, never hollow so ass. They got money out a little tickets, an appreciable why she gave a storage matter we want, and what have you got a feasible the combat zone will allow mad at tat. Could you went to jail and toss it continued? Our?
Let me then, all now know cause you got that matter, caused by the simple fact that within three months you bear me in there and went the Bahamas Everywhere you go do is ask what was more visible money at an official polls carried out on every night, picking wanting, to put it mildly, there's somebody right now I gotcha stores getting those I've. Gotta put you re, probably don't even local I'll give your location almost all globally party got it visible manner about it all about a clear what cried out. Oh, but you know, how little I'd get out and after a little money somewhere in autumn there, because I don't wanna Be- were she'll. Want me to see my phone. I don't wanna be where you don't talk to me. His daughter.
But the old guard over down and put my I do have to ask: what does that mean? What you told me you are a boy boy, but that's not what we want you to do, that they employ all right there hence the exile, and we can't even it is, do you forget today a dam in Rome expiry going you gotta go why we Rick positive not deserve to be an expert, has restored her to go to her think say: would you made me what you said? My goodness? right in the moral of the story is when it comes to exiles. As always, one person's trash is just another person trash. The second just to make you aware of the tragic I daresay you stay away from unless you find them fishing poles and anybody you may get a main Alice
yeah rooms unaware you, yes will be talking about large gauvain. She was on fixed my life and will give you some highlights, of which he had to say regarding her sister regarding things that happened to her when she was a child and relationship with goeben arenas awry all. I m more, keep unlocked the breathless global Mona. Gas report, the Reul report, whose club Gauvain away on bananas fix my life. Now you know her is having for kids, were Gilbert arenas being on basketball, wives, and we all know her sister Gloria Gauvain well on the show Laura talks about how she believed that her sister step with her
neurons, father. Here's what she said did you know that she thinks that your daughter slept with him? Yes, what do you think? I don't believe it. Why not I've asked I've asked the other child. How doesn't make you feel too now that your mother unleashes sister instead of you tell her how to make it makes me feel angry because you, you don't want to believe things that are real. Our right they'll go on to talk about how when Laura Gauvain was young away, she was his eight. She went and told her father there. Somebody had been molesting her in
in believe her either here's what happened that all women? Now we therefore acceptance of this level of treatment. For me, I thought I had. We argued about my sister. We argued about. He said that I wanted attention and I told you on the situation as how was molesting me. As I say, and you call me a liar about the communication to be telling you when I was thirteen years old, I read through their allotted things that happened on this, and you know it was that at the end, of it. They went through a ladder without a break down. She told Laura. She has stab dressing like a reality time and being a man whose thou worrying about those things, but still those relationships have not been repaired, so we will see what happens, but it was a good episode of fixed my life. I write and Tony Braxton talking about very man outbreaks in family values, she talks about how bird men gives her butterflies. Here's what she said
They called me. The other day yesterday actually he's just at the time when she sang our message to some. Whenever this last night You all know having society in funding lemme. Tell me stuff events there to be happy. I haven't been happy in a long time outside of work were. Brings me dream happiness when I'm on station and performing that's the only time that I get those butterflies and I feel totally happy with my wife. You shouldn't Rosen. But a flash of bubbles in your stomach unless, as an empty stomach dependent on which it could be diarrhoea. About Bessie, like the odd is couple everytime, I looked out. Berman's he's got little buried in his stomach and Ms Braxton Why are you allow this doesn't see? I don't know you you're under estimating somebody in a situation either. You think Burma's not classy enough,
are you don't think Tony's ragin enough for Burma, they absolutely narrow type in profile in both having Bob, I don't think Tony's rat enough editing Burma is that says, class laying please take a break from the right ok, here you have, you have a well run. Eighty times opposites attracts me right: they go in your head so day they are able to omit home incline, got arrested over the weekend. He was supposed to be at a venue, hog club liquids in Georgia and that's when they got stopped at a police checkpoint. That's when they found in his vehicle a stolen, handgun, marijuana and ecstasies overwhelming Kwan
five of associates where arrest me still Aurette rapids for stuff, like that you're going on and draw get old gun so night, ecstasy, no people so do ecstasy. Mobile people still got guns. I write well pleased are still investigating this matter as well as Baggily posted a picture over the weekend and then had to deleted off his Instagram bagel have set out to the head coach, PETE Kara, precisely my brother filing cabinet, to the Sierra Seahawks. The truth is on your side, much success for the coming NFL season. Bullets older fairly Eddie you just was visiting, I guess it hasn't happened, or maybe they haven't meant to release it. I don't know big Malta, Toggle would look like Russia walls and a little bit. Nobody thought there now. I know what I want to benefit those rules, and this could be a future now. Nobody, I right now the giants on a chimera has acknowledged at other concerns our why they haven't even looked at signing filing cabinet.
Said, ah my years being in the league, I've never receive more emotional mail from people than I did about that issue. If any of your players ever do that, we are never come into another giants game, it wasn't one or two letters. It was a lad. It's an emotional emotional issue for a lot of you. More so than any other issue. Everyone really jar marry. You got jaws brown on you, teams are brown who was wiping his wife's ass. Who said that he looks at his wife is a slave? Really jammer needs a common front unconditionally like our world forever out. Am I right where that is your room, a report and I guess we're getting ready for that. The day. I regret that you have the teeth. Are you the gentlemen? Dr occasion for a week he doesn't want. Is a disaster?
They do it. I was born and I don T mean tat dog you today, for do they made thirty of gold. The New York Giants owner John Merrick now get up another, more and more merit. Mariner now John Merrick release a statement last week confirming that guy. Cabinet Voltaire's was a reason the giants didn't consider bringing the former forty nine quarter back in the state, all my years being in the leading. I never receive more emotional mail from people than I did about that issue. He said the letters said things like if any of you play as ever, do that by that I mean not stand for the flag. We are never come into another giants game it. What it wanted to lead, as it was a lot of cinema
general motion or issue for a lot of people more so than any other issue. I've run into this is interesting and it showed their progress. The of giants, fans in the giants owner actually issued hypocrisy of people only from you to kick a giant nah Macau is to show the hypocrisy of people because the giant side, Kika Jaws, ran into a new car I got the he was arrested for domestic violence and kept them wanted teamwork you have. Tea was suspended for domestic violence. Now you tell me that Alan Cabin, ignoring a peaceful, non violent protests upset fans more than John Brown beating on his wife job rounds. If Molly Broncho believes that he had been physically violent with her, and more than twenty instances during the past several years, job branded me, he had been alive for most of his life. He claimed to have appointed diction admitted he had been abused. The women all we back the age, seven after being molested is a young boy jobs. I said, and I quote I objectified when and I never really worried about the pain and heard I caused them. There was also a two dozen thirteen contract for change.
Signed by Brown, his wife and counselor. Ok. Item number two states that John Brown had been we broadly and emotionally abused Molly in a letter to friends into the other fourteen No John Brown worn would be hard to read. He admitted the care in overwhelming sense of entitlement. He said he viewed himself, his God and at Molly his wife was basically his slave and one journal entry, John railroaded, he had physically mentally emotional. And probably been a repulsive made. So John Merrick, the guy's. You want me to believe that the story of John Brown and his abusive ways towards his wife receive less back last and calling cap Nick. I know yoga ties with Josh and I told them. I know you, just a kicker. But you don't get me letters about him all garland. It was because they have a people. I keep asking the question why common cabinet being punished, but doing the right thing. A non violent protests port of marginalized and oppress communities is worse than a player within his wife, ass really starting to make no sense in effect,
Annabel owner the owner of the owner of innovative the same kind of rhetoric. It's it's Geier different. What that was wrong, In summary down a list of players, real quick out and Smith was signed the railways have, after his rather the forty nine a Re Mcdonald Asylum, to bear that to domestic violence related arrests, which San Francisco greying Haughty was given, DR by my cowboys, aren't you thought I was going. But I would rather be ok. Rig adios the contract by a cowboy that'd be found guilty by North Carolina code for physically abused in his girlfriend. Where the barn and avail where do fans and own is drawn a line, I think, is very dangerous when own like John Marrow make it seem like non violent protests, are worse than domestic violence. Okay, John Merrick, that this is an emotional emotional issue for a lot of fans. More so than any other issue I run into how John domestic violence, one of the leading cause of death, the women in the world non violent protest- is the worst
you you run into our receive backlash. What, if brown You know you know at a time where you morals, ok, the message sending a very dangerous, basically anything goes along. Fanned fans, don't care what you say in a fan: don't make any noise about it, they will just sweep and under the rug and act like you, never happened. I hate selective morality. Please give John Merrick biggest. He please Yeah, you happy and it was he was going to the giant. I guess he waited. I have actually gone it. Somebody who is making non violent protests look worse than domestic violence. You can understand that right giants Vance, you can understand and right in the making sure we'll see you you head yet. I still them by Sheriff s worth of
not talk about buttons and mighty that, and we have a conversation by domestic violence. I'm gonna wait and see what I'm saying is over for you I'll write. What they re doing here today are yet they now right. Where we come back, we have to talk aid under five, a five one, o five one about doing a good deed. Now, dirt front page news, you reported a story of something that happened in Portland, explain to people quickly. We have any yes, it was add two teenagers, one train, an Amanda, in his started: yelling anti muslim slurs at the young girl and her friendly. Only sixteen years old, now three men stepped up to defend the two young Ladys, two of those men getting killed and another one is still in critical condition ah, by a man named Jeremy, Joseph Christian, whose thirty five years old look a dead man for his name. I his name is Jeremy, Joseph Christian, never seen a wide devil. That is the phase of a wide devil murky. That is Craig Ass, Craig in flesh right there right,
eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one we're asking. Should you just mind your business? If you see an incident happening at weatherstone, the train with it's on the street, whether it's on the bus, or should you jump in these three They decided not to mine a business, two of whom died in one whom God stabbed up, but ass. We ask an eight hundred five. Eight I want to fire when you riding on a train in you see something happening. Do you mind business? Why can I not even on a train if you're in the park, anywhere away. When I see some type of some injustice, there's somebody there you go, you gotta be specific. You can't you see see something. If you see someone just is happening. I salute me ass. You, Charlemagne, youth, dentistry. You see somebody screamin, some our ratios. Hours at a muslim woman. Do you mind you been lucky Walk Amalfi, lead our leave our long. You crack I've tracker as long as they say the white purse Seine alma? They leave alone, you dumb ass Nigger, some of the more I don't know, I'm ok, I'm of equal opportunity, guide dog. I get the same energy that these somebody given out. Ok and then I'm going to tell you for years
learn. I did we do some racial flirts, our mother, apples back and forth. In his great you, the way I got there did you know young muslim growth is. He needs the right to call for the little guide, causing scratch and for you know what about you, you man, it is hard to say as a woman, because sometimes anything can happen to you. If you try to step in the matter, Some crazy man doing something, but I think the main thing is, I probably wouldn't talk to the person doing it, but I would talk to the person he was screaming and be like. Are you? Ok? Is everything goods into good and we worked his way. Racial learn, ass, some back all the time I got a smart mouth and it's gonna get me in trouble one day, but I can't I can't see somebody get taken advantage right. They especially a female who is enough, whose learn ass, they sat back all the time. I got a smart mouth and it's gonna get me in trouble one day, but I can't I can't see somebody get taken advantage of. They especially a female who is you know, I'm sure this guy was over
and just mean despair packages today, let that happen. But what would you do? Eight hundred five, a viable, no fire when we not good judge of you say eight now Mama bear We just want to hear from you eight hundred five, five one five one you might have a better plan than we do now. Has two methods locomotive the breakfast club morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now just join as we talk about what happened in Portland need till a people very fast. Teenagers were riding on the train and that's when amassed at a yelling, our anti Muslim swears at the two young ladys. Three men stepped up to help them and they ended up getting two of them stabbed that one of them in critical condition in the hospital and were ask him eight hundred five, a viable far one. When you see it incident like this happen, or maybe some words. Do you mind business, or do you step in always tell people to do the right thing, we're all human beings, and it does
the village at eleven to take a village to raise a child. It takes a village to protect a child to take the village to protect each other. So if you see somebody doing something like that with you know come in at a muslim person. Are gay pride in our warm. You know. Even a guy who can defend himself you'll, stop being a bully as the loan This is not to be honest. If it is a situation, we see a guy taking advantage of a woman, or I see some are taken advantage. Verbally and gives it as given to that point. Yes, but I've seen a lot in our work as and when I see somebody fighting ass, he somebody gettin beat up and I dont jumping thou know why they have been. What did he do not have different about the two men going at it like to home in on additives? who wrong? Maybe one everybody beat up getting kicked, I dont know. What am I gonna want. Is a yours, a fight going already on the corner, but
the man in the world the mind of a king Jr, an injustice anywhere as a threat to justice everywhere. So, yes, you should speak up now want everybody seems to be unstable, like something's wrong with them, and it could get really crazy. When is ended like obviously this was very now that is it me you're crazy, but I'm families ages unstable, like you know, normally, if somebody says you're in Vienna, anyway, normally a somebody's. It says something that route you can say so you'll be very rude and disrespectful, but then there is the next level a somebody just acting very erratic now wills it, as I do seeing women interviewed unless it's like a woman at the meeting on another woman could guy the crazy idea. What I would like to see a woman do is call now one one. You know that if a woman does want to speak up cool, but you should also call on our way of guy the gray, the Abuja, Jolly Video online overtime, God punching women inside a right. I don't like to seize the heads. Women must have been absolutely
positively immediately is that New should allow this parameter was eyebrow net. Now you said: if you see the Israelites, does you mean your business? We already remarked by regarding Omar will be, I want to help before my wife, my mama blackmail of the person react and challenged me. Mr President, I think the same way that they already know. Let me you gotta, be noise is a bad situation, because his world issues You don't know what I'm gonna do about momentarily downloads. Am I gonna do right want internal me, man is really is really not an odd situation. You just scared interrupted. I had been heavy Charlemagne Can you tell me about my eyes, air MAX you asking you to do what you do demand just now was fear like you. We can never be controlled by the job. We told you guys got nobody the thing it tomorrow.
I don't mean about birth internal me right, and I see that all the time I see somebody helping lay helping a girl and then the gods on a guy, and I gotta get out a guy got a good Nedda gotcha larvae shots. What he's gonna for good samaritan lads who, by the way, we obligated by law, to step in or is that just the episode Seinfeld Bigwood doctor focus too much on what we're gonna lose in situations that are focusing, although we could get no no understand what the Gaza, because, like this it, a guy got a couple of kids now he's put in his life, he might be to bread when its, but our family. If something happens to him, is like. Oh, my god, he was a good samaritan, but what happens with him to the next twenty thirty years of his life? Are you going to feel if you could intervene and this guy pulls out a gun and shoot somebody shoot the person you was arguing with and all you had to do hey, listen, math means vitamin and ends when God damn now right now Robert was running away from their robbery. Spider man could have stopped him and he didn't. We
a robber go kill. His uncle be Zenos. Bottom is vague. Renault is not hello. This is my lady t know you had to step in. Yes, I think so good he go wild about. But when you deal with children and children born toning down either don't want a fair bit April after alive, but I mean I'll, be blamed the about a haven for there now you said you had to have been using a gay man, be mistreated and arrest them up at their real about three weeks ago, and the lady was kept, making off blurs the one that was actually at the boat work and see her face, and I cannot you knows they thought any. She got a guy and fatal when these are rare, but at the same time I care, because I was fully and then I'm leaving the domestic life out, though he feel good about the situation and deal with colonel. You know about our young, but I've got up and change
Our radiate I gotta be my allotted with that would be you know, I'm not enough. The opening were not taken into consideration would distort the little girl was sixteen years old. You a coward view. You know come and after a child like that on the train anyway, I, like you too, just jump disaster beginning, is that our China have a conversation with eight hundred five eight five one five war were asking. If you in this situation, if you see somebody being away what was harassed harass racially harasses? Would you step in a would you mind your business call us up right now the breakfast locomotive That was Gucci Drake with both morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club, taking your calls, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one we're asking. If you seen somebody on the train, bus or street getting harassed bullied. Silly arrest, would you step in
Would you mind if I didn't really, I would step it? Is this Passmore Melvin is what I would do act. I cannot allow for that to happen to somebody could, I would think rabbit of that I don't. I will not somebody's stepping up. That was my son or my wife. I want somebody to despair, We step and as I have a big mouth is well azure. Clearly, no- and I believe women of King Jr said injustice anywhere as a threat to justice everywhere and I threatened, I see somebody bother and a kid a young woman might come all brought you a coward legged doing on that train. It should just jump them from this thought is anyone Anna word would issued. It is went up. Sided head from the beginning right, but you know, then, if you do that, then he vowed to please the point in your rested. Fine, but rather than be date allows this is a Jack S uncle Jack you had to step in and help somebody out there has been a new danger. Is that the current already libraries
We feel that it is. The very man argued that, especially for women on bananas, would you accidentally I'd like to see women intervening stuff like that, because guy the gravy, and God you goin of thy women's. It's all. I will say that if you can somehow get some evidence to give to the police, which is a picture, are recording a something I wouldn't recorded like us. Is gonna be great for me to posts again more likes and mentions, but it would be something as evidence that you can. On be lagging animals, you will want to be on a train in Nepal is now working and you can't call nine when one and you need to do that. I don't see anything wrong with that either. Just all scream out world started out with it. I just lives has noted your minds and workplace allows is good morning, Tamar pray summer or what had become of it. I think you are. We prefer to record if into that, and we need to change our minds that and get back to becoming a bill that raises each other
show that we are all taken care of, and there you go. You have. This problem is a lot of people I raised. It is minor business too. If you see something it has nothing to do with you. Just get about your way hello, whose you more Dormer Dj Charlemagne, gradually indigent mining muscle may for three was that it was gone on airless them at all, They may have been a marine and then came. I bet I always did this because you never novels glad you could stay in a situation where people step honey paperwork. About who I mean Emily. Equally, don't remember, outlook that favours, though nobody good, hey, Mama, We appreciate you Ronald problem learning about that. I intended to fight like a respectable, but about the great man, looked about money, I'm trying to do other things out here, like no kind of put the gun down
pick up the glove. Do not a man ass now. Would you beg broke out around the city would like to go back and let there be a lot of people, looks like a one man like me, and I knew it was more. A little story, The story of the angel is anywhere tat, justice everywhere, so you see an injustice happening. You showed intervene because you never know that could be you. Somebody you love and future ochre, our I let you rules on away yes, let's talk about August has seen, and now he had posted on the grand that he needs our prayers and will tell you what it is that he had to say. Also, why was no dog hang up on Doktor J would tell you what he had to say all immoral. The latter is to breakfast local on everybody's dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was gets aromas. Let's talk, we took no Oliver on either look up
with Angela, his club, but I'm really excited about its HBO donkeys areas, defiant when that starting underline ninety two four part instalment, that's gonna, be on HBO directed by Alan Hughes, and it's going to detail in this first episode: Snoop, dog and Doktor James Twenty five year relationship now here is how it all started with a friend of mine had a bachelor party. This is a diamond in the rough and we need to polish it up That is right. Here the story of my life souls new content studio. Three days, then thought so loud and becoming a real
my right now, some other people that will be making some cameos in this instalment are gonna, be a banner David, Gaffin Nuys ICE Q, grins defined he tapped Eddie Brew Springsteen. Well, I am lotta people, so you ll be interesting. I, madam, is gonna, be on their that's the best thing about him now do that, if I'm his age to appoint, where the documentaries in the movies off. I have to look at it. So much history, I right now speaking of Eminem, both Eminem incessant Emily, have helped to raise money for the victims of the Manchester it the victims and their families, they raise nearly two point: three million dollars in donations or because they sent out some sweet and they have a huge social media. Reach about. Eighty million,
people are, as we are well aware, as between them. Eminem help share the link on his twitter, and so did just in Timber Laguna Marianna grounded in the meantime is also going to be doing a huge concert on Sunday to benefit the families as well. So that's gonna happen and that will be held in one of those. Huge arenas are right and all the proceeds from that by the way will go to the victims and their families. Could I write August Athena posted something on Instagram over the weekend. There was alarming. He said. I've been living my life and so my disease that I've literally created it within myself. God has invested something inside of me, but I'm not afraid of this agony, please. I know that God poses back to shoot us forward and to my lovely and loyal fans. Please take care of yourself in your body.
Your souls. A beautiful face will fade a beautiful body will to favour a beautiful, so is that for ever I have so much to share. Until I do please say: a prayer saw prayers go out to August Obscene and Denmark are obviously a salute. I overheard bottom up over. We can use all pretty early workin on new music. You don't ochre array whatever it is that he is struggling with whatever issues he once our prayers. And tell her in the meantime put out his true to itself full album. He posted this dream on Twitter. He said, I know we said June twenty there, but I say we set it off tonight, so he put that album out early now so far, I think I'm tunnel, the day I think he's gonna sell over a hundred million, I mean a hundred thousand in almost eight hundred million gathering origins of recognition of large another good. Really Madame something I've been out its Angeles undecided,
from some very reliable sources. Like I mean really are smash, let you gotta listen to it and see in South EAST Asia, early Philip legalistic for yourself. I write Lebrun in the meantime, second, Michael Jordan in him being compared to Michael Jordan. That's his idle and here's what he had to say about the comparisons between him and Michael Jordan. In Gabon. Like might but I'm getting there but I'm dead there her will you be posed to Europe I didn't do but other than that I did everything. I did something about it no, you dear, they didn't move. But our me actually now that was me Are you looking at me ives me with the article I gotta give us aware whether Brown has passed. My could join any become mba, ah time play of scoring leader of congratulations to him. Why why we know my
join if the bar, but why do we just bypass Kogi in MAGIC Johnson like like? Let like not given that more of the realm, the bronze in right now, you're gonna get, but either way you were being, in other words, because he just pass Michael Jordan's record as Alzheimer's leaders of my category two right which are made the. U everybody got the prisoner at a moment thing going on magic, Johnson within nine NBA finals. It was fine for an mba finals. He wanted it. You play for thirteen years, Their final nighttime unaltered uneasy when one or one with HIV in one. Why do we just surpassed? MAGIC Johnson well get Webbing justice particular any view now. A Brown is MBA saw time play of scoring leader, and I was surpassing Michael Jordan. I guess that's what the point was of it. That's why you, discussing Michael Jordan Monastery Airline. I just think Leubronn Nickleby I should add these into my discussion. I may, when I may. I again, that is your room. A report
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