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Today on the show we had friend to the room Jemelle Hill stopped by where she spoke about her new podcast, working at ESPN and more. Also, do you remember the security guard from the "Jerry Springer show" Steve Wilkos? Well he has his own show and a new season and stopped by to speak on it. Moreover, because it is Friday, why now have comedian HaHa Davis to start your weekend off

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so we should also home to lower the risk for every one more info it, on a virus stock of. Let's all do our part, because we're all hashtag alone together brought to you by the council window, in nineteen. Sixty one on the site, the dark highway Betty Barney Hill caught lights in the sky, two years later, the underwent hypnosis to try and recall what happened, some took it his facts. Others thought of a fantasy, but what really happen that September night in world in Hampshire, join me, Toby Ball, for the inaugural season of strange arrivals, a co production of heart, radio in grim and mild from errand monkey? Listen, The strange arrivals on the radio at on Apple pie casts or wherever you get your podcast.
Request for the oil pollution from terrorism of the various categories. Only one may be produced a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good morning easily, combining these Andy Charlemagne, the guy who's, did have landed in fraud and we got a butcher's pursue guess joining us today, I'm a bit of IRAN. Nobody, I'm telling you the varying ray you're gonna, be comrade. How do you know these? Are you back green Mclean other uses you'll be given very sick
some way giving you think kinky all week. May I don't know what's wrong with his life? What's gotten No, my today, two million will be joining us. Yes, Gmail Hill, us in launching a new forecast Carter, unbounded pie, Catherine Spotify, whenever she ll be here discussing, and also the welcome to be joining LSD Mercosur round with security from jail, bring a minority for twelve years. Would it also and that it therefore miscarry being ass? They used to be a cat in Chicago anyway, the marine bright. So we'll talk to all and give it our future Energy Father firewood off. I won't have you need event. It is a right. It is your job to get it off your chest, whether your man, what we want to hear from you wanna breakfast allows, is from all of agendas. Bogey Eurovision spooky, of Charlotte, Ms Ye the morning was happening just wanted to get off my chest management
my baby. More was you mean by ex wife. Baby mob is pregnant with may we now have a month ago. There are no objective. You know, I'm kinda, like you shot like an unfair. May we said yes, emotional but the most You know me mill. I gotcha everything my heart like get over it likely to cause get huge shot like you know DE. I can't seem to get over it and I don't want it. Nobody can only be suspended. Could I still got labourer like even if we have enough lt today we love a baby together, we gave another job, will be you gonna make of them are saying was bought for myself, we lost them and useful. You know they passed. When you know laugh alike, damn you not that whenever we split up and when I'm sure there's you know it, it is hardly there. Man lay dead whose can you leave we six months?
We know that usually me she was over. You alone are macabre, yes, overloads, ongoing everything out before we officially break. I am ass. She been she'd been emotionally checked out from you bremmer. A vote then dropped the Italians just now that the bead but the big bag I needed. That would be back. I needed very body it just what you know when you break up somebody where everybody wanted plot crap, of that. I don't care about that of men but we do know you broadly one Adela. Nobody out things were in your relation when you all together, but nodded things over. You know by no, it wasn't our nearest Bobby, although a long time ago, Moreover, the dying man we'll take pride in the fact that that
The performance was somebody else. You know somebody else, ideas have you stop it? Will you for eyebrows where you swear by Magda Fire, you and I laid up land may not crazy manually. You be. I learn that so poor guy about your luggage, new guy loves, you stop it very meagre a mining Gomorrah meagre glitter of it. Yes, Mamma my mother, like big Mcdowell manner. They were keen and this week so that if they d been birdie founded, where can you help me it had I been area, said Anthea my arms survivor re absolutely here
That is why I say positive and know that already mama. Thank you this is where we thought care of them to get it off it. Yes, talking with everyone. The lie bigger, be Angela. I've decided Alison every single day the birth of my alarm clock, ok, we appreciate that. I love you, so nobody can call me that I can tell I had every single day. That's what Harry this morning, you as a Yo Yo, YO, Yo Yo, and would that be dead? I would truly appreciate all get to work on time the golden we women are pretty good with that building. I only have one we been a guy did all week over this all week. Last week and
started a year in your guy? Will on point I love in mingling fade everybody thought it painted vacations inhabitants. That is not true, not true. Not line have executive occasion, or you know what you would do to recover. These massive vote on vacation tomorrow, so give me a couple of days. Is, would do so? This move is map activism. Efforts to days off this year did Isaac over cares. You people! When I was on a road, I would work beyond what your methods, I've gotta, to take some time for me to have met only from me, Mister Briggs, every now and then you know me NASA and we have a case days. We gotta use them love the you bring in mental health awareness to the blackmail I owe you know many people who suffer and had no idea what's going on themselves. Data on a radio everything obey day, making people more comfortable talking about it what they knew. I beg thank you very much, but take
we'll call a moment our. I have a great thank you. I'm really look avoided his vacation. It made me think about that normal units Phs eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you need to vent you hit us up right now with the breakfast club good morning got a pounding down. You're gonna get it all began its view on the breakfast gladly, but as they will bring the moon a moment out here, I've never had a decided that always hoping for a baby after I have no problem with their people, get a free people- only a pair of pay me when they want to do because it is really workable cause you money down our tax, it three
the labour eating, so wait a minute. You do people, taxes, new, say just pay me when you get your money back from arrest and never come back They don't have the boiler papa and pop up the why on do new contracts revealing nuke hydrography, when they won't play with you, I don't mean that they never there. They still pay. You know why That is why nobody I broke my doing, or you should take people's katy- did created kind information when they do their tax. Take their money out here. Is that possible today? give me an account number deputy they may I go about me. How'd you get outwit MCA idea. You know you can't you. I knew what you gotta get your money. How will you excited about here. Should a figure that out by now Sorry, I'm gonna make people pay believe they just stop paying you to shew library, people there. No, maybe they work programme may begin. I want my money,
they gonna need you next year, when his attitude aims has again so they gotta pay up, allows those Natalia made its regular features. Natalia. Yes, I'm calling because I'm a reason I want a second one of you. Wanna Charlemagne morning anyway, the year. I would make me the other day but anyway yeah you made it through. Finally, yes, I'm colony sore about black love and her mother. I'm originally from North Carolina Goldsborough, however, move Border Charlemagne. They are crazy down, I'm more far Lando about four years ago, two thousand and seventeen my boyfriend surreal on a bathing site cop plenty of fish. How about the issue popular dating about them. Into our relationship with him if he were twenty Tumblr there were adopted, they had no regulation of their families with their last may work with a man they work and so
We started to grow. You know I felt as though, if we ever had kids We want my child, you know, you know where his father came up. I decided to know you know, reach out to try to figure out what we could do to try to give information about his adoption. The long or short we reach out to the agency, They told us it might be a month before they were able to gather all the information they got back to work on a Monday. In June or July it because I was painted tariff related harm, adding Orlando, the bigger the information from a fight age. I looked over the information about it. There were named in the booklet, though, what idea was reach out? one of the name in a book way, and I wrote them immensely, doesn't like the same. It is important for people with the same aim and Oliver. Ok, you know, try getting conclave about family literally, like ten minutes later this year, yeah. We know your mom, how we know your brother and literally the next day we found his brother. We found its history has above it. It was improving at the time of overnight, inherited
what if they had been. You then answer three dot com. Try to find him for over twenty years now. The next bears the ear. Next further progress, we may improve and will become a home after servant. That will gradually Finally, the van as an amazing story to absolutely given our future, eight hundred five, five one or five. What have you need? A bit you created up at any time? Does he like going to say that it was her brother is ambitious out? Will you ever read or had work? We hope and is good our right of each US to breakfast Locomotion the breakfast club about his D J envy Angela Yea Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We got a special guess inability of indeed just now was up here, a lot of congratulation orders of love and resign elsewhere, array of the dead Guy Journalism Year Ban combined
nabbed bandied about Zeus out as noise delegation of black by business dogma. That was indeed try ass. He added you and your family to write. It was. It was very Dobbin. I joined the Navy James. Actually, I was sixteen and alluded in Detroit, though that was the how the convention have been there. Since I was a dna and so for me joining enable J. Was life changing in order for very don't watch you the fact that you worked with such a big company hideous Vietnam biology of alleviating the end is nothing after, like your name is bigger than that. Now let s complimented on because he is paeonies. You know still in terms of sports media still the premier destination, but it just. I just felt a pole, calling to do more and to do something else, there is a difference sense of freedom that I have now that I didn't have a you. Have a player
the a was like this is the plan I'm going follow. All was one of those things where I'm going make it happen. I had a plan you know I had Saddam been thing about life after European for wow, like at least you know, like a relationship? They always say that by the time you we break up with somebody that you ve been thinking about. If only six months as everyone may, we ban broken, we do not observe lavender likely waiting a long time ago. You only with big knows no more. You day, like our club later. What about my family superwomen thanks? How do we know about and turbulent Mohammed Gloria wasn't one. So I guess I just started to kind of sea Zella differently. I know a lot of people. Look at the stuff. That happened would mean Donald Trump, as the reason that I laugh in that wasn't it sleep, had a total opposite effect where
an awakening occurred within me because of that answers I gotta there there's other content, that's out there, and so I had already started and production company with one of my best friends. So, in order for me to be able to pay same create, I have said be kind of free from it. And to do that, the the pike has something I hadn't really thought about. That was, though, really that was the one that was a bit of a car bomb. That kind of I hadn't in Grand plan, my blog gas, wasn't really in their homepage. I would answer of the no, because you got on by the black out about you. You might have some kind of panic I know it seems odd to say there, but I've had really been thinking in that direction and then you know, as the opportunity Kano arose to to work. I was If I thought oh yeah, that does kind
It has a wretched what what made you think about. You know what I'm a go back to their Parker their park as this thought myself. Well I'll. Well, one idea of Pakistan, you know, so I always think that is is a much more intimate platform, then I think even been on a radio show em a you know, there's two as nobody who park, as is when you sit down with people and you in this kind of enclosed environment, and you guys just in their taken it. You learn so much about people, men who they truly argon, and so I wanted to be able to Canada Albany that and also does have some other. The crazy conversations, much light you guys have on here. Every day. In fact, To pay you a huge compliment. I promise you not second up to you just cause. I'm out here show what I had in my once. The pike ass became real was a breakfast club type of atmosphere so like unless he rode here. But you did you talk to me
Do you know you can't just because the environment is lends itself to that? You don't have the commercial breaks value, nobody would oblique burden by. You can say anything because they anybody and I want to say on a leash people, because I've definitely when we had the has an heiress bikers deadly. Tell some stories on that when, where now just like oblation lives there there but hey now, you know cause is also an opportunity for people to learn know about. You too would enable, when you're biogas, to do it oh I'm sorry I'll ever gas. Oh, No, I don't To do that? I have never been about that. So as your son people that are just ban from Vietnam there, but yeah me like, I can't, as always like all they got ever, have our own with an iron gray S letter. You know I n, I there's a ton of conserving
you points I respect like I love s he cut up like. I think she, even though I know agree with advantages that respect, though, can I respect that oil should manages appeals to me, and you know that guy just done think that she really is that thoughtful and that it feels to me like she's, playing a role. So I don't want to be a part of that. You don't just disagree with him. I can you feel, like her comments, are genuine I just feel I dare not thoughtful and I think she does a lot of trying to punch up to try to boost herself and her platform, and I'm just I will feel like she would be to use what I'm bring into the table. Taboos herself in a way that added think was credibly, adding to the converse voyages. Was sixty seconds. I wasn't going to care about their work like it do you live. Are I does not my wrist Billy, I'm not gonna, take anyone any Otto, our baggage
I am sure she will survive quite whale rang without ever being on bother. I we got more, would you milieu? Will we come back? Don't move is to breakfast locomotive breakfast warning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. We have gmail he'll still in a building. He now you recently wrote an article about and if our players, knowing their power, you phyllite things are changing now within the NFL. Like genuinely changing I still think that until they give fully guarantee contracts is, can always be a hard struggle, but look, I know a lot of people didn't like the way and Tony over our left. The Steelers it was messy. You know that was a really messy breakup, but at this in time. You have to understand the method to which what to do why he did it and
you know he didn't have any guarantee money coming over the next three years and I've got to say that doesn't mean he wouldn't be getting paid, but it does mean that he could be out the door at anytime right and we have all this energy for these players when they decide to leave or when they do what he do it. He didn't force a trade, but there's no energy when the owner will somebody halfway through their deal? I'm really has no reason for business reason that consider shrewd does consider you know. Do I wasn't a best interests of the team a just and used in a me. He got caught by the chief semi he's halfway through a deal that was worth a hunters, six million dollars, and everybody say that was Marta Kansas City because he had been injured for the last four years. So I think now fell. Players are starting to get it and was really interesting to me. Is that their looking at MBA players, and specifically there looking as somebody like Lebron James, who has become his own empire and they're, trying to figure out a house I do something like that, and so it was to me and I wrote about there's no coincidence.
Antonio brow was on the shop and then all of this kind of unfolds, because I feel like a lotta NFL players, not just him, are trying to figure out Can we get is NBA money? What? But, how do you do when embryos contracts descriptions old well over to me, like that, then we will know if they really about that life. When Nessie Ba because what happens is when the severe is up everybody stars about my own, I don't have any checks company. I do not know they are here. They go make this money make this forever right, and so they take the FAO old at the time and the unfortunately an inner fail. They ve created a hierarchy system so that the players almost fighting with each other night. I thought it was just real respectful their Latvia, bales old, teammates, kept trying to jump in his pocket he's trying to hold out for something bigger, his position is undervalued. Each one of the most dynamic office of Weapons and Anna fail and have your own teammates basic,
You say you shouldn't be fighting for what you're worth gas, how they get undermine because they have figured out a way to divide and conquer. When you have quarterbacks make us so much more money. Then everybody else is gonna. Creed a natural crabs in the barrel system and the owners have been successful. I just hope the players understand. What the game is, and so, when I see comes up. They need to standing you know it well. Why wouldn't you not knowing you haven't heard like yours? this attitude is arrived at Michael Smith. I wanna keep Bengal alike can't talk about players still under contract, one of those areas media one. Fifty a you know. Logistically we get a letter, so you know you guys know half about my. Can we never? When I say about a usb, and I think we always have the says we will work together again and Still think that'll happen at some point, but
People were fans of our pack has vast, is gonna, be reunion. The package I gotta have Michael Smith, though I would love to have Michael Smith or because not up to me or is it up? Tobaccos does up two years be as though, but no at all, while he still working there is it was. It would be very unlikely that we will be able to do that. I thank him on his opinions about somebody like them run out and shall do illusions of closer, but I have never received any check on this. Is that that was than by okay now never marry a lot Gloria James. I didn't you might get that Turkey is not over. The key is nobody's of an identity of now do none of their names of ever appeared on any check that but look at all as to the Atlantic, just because it was that they agree to do before. I went to work with them, so I see the other point to me, but I told them
I trust you guys and if the broader something and I come with a softball opinion you as we know it. When you read it and you wouldn't run it for that matter. I would ever you know: you'd have every right to give me a farm talking to if I did it, but to give them awesome credit he savvy enough, understand how the media is a, was that if I had to in a right some critical about him, that it wouldn't become from unfair plays in a minute. I would feel like any criticism. Our from him, have for him and is this always been the case. Whenever I ve talked about him has always been fair. And so I think most athletes they can handle criticism as long as your fair and you don't. You know, sort of punch How about that began? Sale is just about the gang hate you precisely I has always would there be a said, Leubronn Lakers people to say it is not a good fit in the broad lake. Now
look? I'm not gonna lie the Danes Jaime Mayor play off in a long time, but I am I all I like. They definitely didn't meet expectations. They were play our bow before he got her. I think he was probably more hurt than people probably knew, He did tell me that are, but that's just my guess. I think that they will do some significant retooling once this season is officially over and dive fully. Next season that they will make the players, but it was, as I think it was different as a basketball, fantasy him in their place. Is that not says is early Cleveland days? Have we seen that I mean these play off so can be different. The watch without him,
any right now, and I wasn't a move to look at the tv. Is God give like that? I got get it words under the media that media over hives Leubronn right media sets a bar from abroad so high, while the girl go back it wasn't you cited illegally, like you're gonna when fifty James comes in a western carve as what about their rather made. You think that would not have gone too far, but I did think they were at least a play altogether. Maybe a play our team and I think we just so used to Le Brine, creating you know something nothing which she did a lot of times in Cleveland dead. We are having most people are wondering, and after I had this thought myself as I is this when the slowdown starts, because it ease defied the injury odds for the majority of his career had lost a step, but I have to say
When I watch him now I mean it does look, he looks at a low slower. I think some of that is again because he's ease more heart was more we're area, people knew and his issues agent happens to everybody right as mellow retire as he had to resign. Nobody I make a gay might have entire now. You know that just sad though it has gone as they had to see him go out that way, because I think I'll try ass, he was told rabble was sixteen eighteen point he is not here. I was making a single used where Israel, I think, what it was, is there for the role dead. Maybe he wanted to play the role. You know that Saddam still the star player? That was it you know, sort of I suppose you know I've been people. Is this all dead if he is playing a signal, part of the office or, as you know, if things out revolving around him is gonna, be here, for him to adjust I'll be, is able to come back because
given how other players? I ways are the other players across the the NBA. They love him. Like he's very revered- and he deserves a farewell tour. I we got more. Would you will we come back no movies to breakfast locomotive? My name is sure wells. This is the story of my Son Courtney. Your money was critical to dollar. Fifteen is the biggest here of my life. You were a ladies man even which have anti in his grandmother, I'm just the robber Cornucopias for animals in twenty. Sixteen. He wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police Station cunningly, boy gonna, granted federal government a better job in its the story of my
I search for the truth. This is somebody a coal production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March. Thirty, first, wherever you get your pocket, this is some lobbies try somebody desires to know what had I desire to know what happens among listen to somebody on the Iheart Radioactive Apple podcast, wherever you get your podcast, where's. Your mornings will never be. The same ban has asked the minutes after the essence, music festival presented by Coca COLA in New Orleans till I bet due to a party at the nightly concerts between performances by marriage, oblige now and more to answer and view rules visit the breakfast club that I hide that count
morning. Everybody is J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club. We have Gmail Hale still in a building Charlemagne. It Russell Tunnel, because we refer the play a king is clean, the air, but would so this code mainly a lot of people, we ve revives the Atalanta conversation about, she's in their behaviour. Tore players in town is, though, the way there he interacted epoch gives it a freshman Erin Henry that became. Story and it covered over six years and known for longer than that and what you don't understand is that time is always ok we're his players come back at him. I witnessed him and retain. Please have immediately argument, satellite him is that Randolph Mania argument and human rights? agreed same day that he was Beck's players, their fire back on it. So he's! Ok with that, with his coat the rest
and I thought this was a really egregious is in admittedly, I'm more sensitive to a just, because I'm a woman, but it seems like in sports, would ever, You know, coaches, want to motivate. You know young man they do by degrading women. You pay like a girl, you wanna, like a girl, you cry like a girl. You doing is like a girl like why why? Why do we always have to be the example of weakness, not get bad man, our fears. Please stronger than women. I understand that part of it, but even when it comes to mental toughness and last night, what was I hear? Aven't babies right now very large human beings, out of places and crevices that open up what we are talking about here, so that women are tough itself or just we know what we will stay in everyday as society is owed. For that to be your go to insult, you know it
I wasn't befitting of a couch on top of the fact why you talking to somebody else is playing anyway. Like that's a real big you, you know so the heckling somebody else's players or even having any conversation with them at all, so I just thought. It was a ban, look for their coats and you guys, like a girl like an insult. Let me say that it is fundamentally sound. As I like a woman, I didn't mean it as it happens. Automatically. Let it ok echoes Tipp ducking is the Bagshot game so fundamental to make funding. So you, like you know you can use it as a government, but I just rarely here it. You now say it that way. That's, not what he meant, he doesn't try to make it that way like. I think it was in like a lot of rap songs. I've heard there's a lot of hip hop songs. You know what they say like you know, jealousy pettiness, that's a female trailer
I like you, nobody, nobody regime, because we get right. Oh, how do we get the characteristics of being the only petty and you know jealous wiser wherever soldiers that that stuff is a really great. My gears above you think, I'm gonna go. I enjoyed a lot of things. Why? What is worrying joy? I will call you a D. Well now that the debate- and we look forward to an ambassador- so am I mean well, you can look forward to more me later. There's that part of it by great, conversely, she's, a got to amazing co house which will announce later today,
and we hope to have great gas fact them putting Charlemagne in the hot seat so little leader of the guest of honor bother. So we you know just a lot of the things that you know. You guys observe the latter things people are talking about. You know we want to bring that you now to the past and people know my personality. It mainly see how I am on social media and so you'll you'll get that you know Spicy Sea high, takes you'll, get that as well is so we're gonna cover the gamut of sports news politics pop culture or all those things edge is hopefully creed. An environment that is like a hang. You know you guys have created a hang where people feel like you know, even though very early in the morning that I'm at the bar with some of my best friends and we know, We are discussing, lives issues what yellow at each other, but is our communal, and you know what they did today. Everybody wants away with a good families. I hoped to recreate something like that.
In a year, rhetoric cause you get a lot of threats, because A controversy you think you'll get to appoint was no longer port risk. I think so I think if you have a truth detail, if, if you have You know something that is really see an end, to your spirit that you have every right to exist, those in the tail that truth and Other things, as I say- and I bet you're probably at this point to- is that I'm so shocked at what people think it is controversial. Oh, my god, I feel, like I don't even say anything all controversy or nearly all of the next thing. I know I can always tail when bright bar writes about me about away. Nobody from bribery will ever be a problem. I guess or Fox NEWS so dad's it'll is gas, but now ages whenever I say something, I'm just shocked. People considered considered to be controversial like I was yeah we're talkin about the outlet
what college on Twitter that conversation was gone, and I say it you. Europe are the reason the electoral college exists. It was to preserve slavery, I thought literally everybody know there has been written about a billionth of historians. You no constitutional experts have all written this, and yet it was blocked both of them. Composed of me. Saying this about lay ring. You know whenever you invoke anything about slavery is just a controversy, so I guess you know for me, it is at all We care about the controversies. Create because most of the things that people consider to be controversial. I consider to be San aid this either. I found court as white as I
everybody literally mystery about. Why don't you say I ve? Always you didn't think will not cause any wrong problem of her things. You'd think I'm gonna call problems if you live like Godaddy vacated. Let you re like. Let me that's not even write anything now that they are about to have one of your land. I wanted based economic. You know what they're going to misinterpret what I'm saying, let me just now, even by their neighbour with it was being by guy. I do guys I'm just like this is gonna be stupid. It's gonna like dealing with because people that's the one thousand. Twitter is that it does not allow for a certain amount of the amount to be content is said: in a context of you know to be had made. I thought proper, the most controversy little thing, I've ever say it it S. Car faces a trash moving right a guy is likely rapid recovery. This dress, everybody loves scarface, because you have in when you look at the list of actors that are in it. You got Michel Pfeiffer Albert Chino. Emmy is just an F Murray. Abraham is an incredible collection of act as if I told you this list,
Actors is in a movie about a drug China make his way out Miami, even though he lowered his sister any worse out, you're lookin at me fight. Whatever you say, if I tell you what the booty was about it, who was in it, you say this movie is going to be out steady, but you watch it and I just have always stop there. Will the burglar yes, allies like garbage me every black, movies, Baroness Galvez. So anyway, that's an elderly. They ve been to have me. I gotta get James, that's my hat is how does too takes right? They say that offer you thank you. My life is worth a lot is April. Fifteen right is the requisite about Mary, the breakfast club morning, everybody's d, J
in the annual Ye Charlemagne to God we are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in about an hour ago, swell remission ass, our peoples who last evidence no time saw photos above while ours talkers so with as so. What are the nazi than a hundred and thirty four weeks your host finished season, twelve. Yes, they will party last minds, I'm only well to be her. This box get more out no, my thinking, it are more money to the EU, the political Blanche, Andrea get it till. Only at what was it was decided that cases guard against us all. Anybody for your first time of thunder you I had to go to ten court mandated classed as I had to do a mother's against drunk driving. I had in all four breathless drama conference six months some, court date. Now is my Lord shone out by completed everything in it. It's totally thrown out expire,
whatever they. Surely there must be super Dubai, good. You live on for about thirty zero caught onto nobody guidelines and, as you know, what listen I mean I make light of it now because you know amended, and I made a terrible terrible mistaken. I I make no excuses for you right like it could be a lot ran somebody over could again into an excellent. Thank you I didn t really hurt myself new grass and Poland, three telephone balls in my car every saw my car. Google it. It's amazing that I'm here so no, I did that lies it as I had limited the workers. Middle line about car crash. Like who tell the truth, Furthermore, by who did I lights in this light, the DMZ, unlike when one the law they yet the penalty of Atlanta somebody gave teams my former guy number Harvey COM.
The next morning, while I did have some. Brain injury. I had bleeding on a brain, and so he communist Why are we remember talking to the guy? So what I said to him? I have no, recollection, but then like all you lied to me now, Michael, who are you like it or not? The nice will harm rubbing like our shores launched at the same time, but, unlike this extreme, because I M like ok, I went to court my Penelope, I with Georgia? Let anybody rightly natural judge. Your exact result is interesting to go from covering all these stories in the headlines there now to have to be a headline yourself. Also pursuing a general because I've never been, trouble in my life other being a kid I do assure worth: a try to be a role model and people look up to me and to have the kind of let the house it was passed on and for my kids to be exposed to that.
The worst part of we goin do anything that NATO does the recreational, no doll. In fact, I knew him. Fifty five so that was accomplished a couple years ago. Method like and I call it a man. Any those things are never touch, never die. Drug in my life, but I knew well calls because an issue in my life and also drinking too much, never drink you or shawls, or anything like that and I put on weekends villages drink too much like I just gave it up for that day, my kids were gone, my wife went the work and it was like the championship. They were the two FC out of Sync games and I was gonna my card game at my house and I bought I'll call for my friends. The camorra gave fall apart, us home. And I made a terrible disease- should not start drinking that they ate and drank in over a year. I got really must stop them and at cheerfully I wish, I could tell you where I was gone where I was come from. I have no idea of day to day. I can answer that you said Arthur that you are dealing with a thousand depression
Why I I have been of four probably like the last ten years, really bad, crippling depression like one without her ten years ago, in all the move from Chicago Stanford pressure on the show, time only had one you're left them. I feel you know. You worry about a million things, so I mean I blew thy way to fifty. Now then, I'd I'd drop on a two hundred which ETA sir and I been battling it on and off, but the good thing is, since I've stopped drinking no more depressed land sea that interesting, selfie rat, the area where they put in your body and I defended, does effect. However, since I've gone through this, unless a man- if I could go back in time, I would never do it again, but I made a mistake Can you know and this life like it? If, if you can't move past her mistakes- and I regret it like you- said- Think- Olenin hurt anybody else. I can do with the fact that I just screwed myself up, but the truth of it is I struggled with.
Sleep pressure, dealing with the show and everything these nature and I probably dealt with a lot of it without Well, now that I gave a buckle, I've never happier, my life, I sleep great so allow these things that cause me problems. It really cleared up since I stopped any therapy therapist for a while. I want to talk about things. I don't like it. It's some allowed. Issues were given to me on the shoulder we deal with. A lot of charm was a really hard cases, yester with above others, little kid that Father Bro, two month old, baby, Rebs, baby and a fine. I just I don't have a choice. You have you I'm on an and saw its like our voice. Talking to me, they want their problems up. I like, I didn't realize it all. I know about it. It's all I like it all like, thereby like who who's gonna help
We always go to person. Guy saw guess all some good came of, because then I realize amen. I need, yeah in big. It there's a lot of issues that come up on your show that I'm sure you have to think about after this. Indeed, try to you try to turn it off, but its largest like when I was a policeman. I really never really took the job home, but those times you do like she's such terrific Saffery here and it plays in your brain and is- does take a one. I've had case of Alexis got because I was a huge case and she's missing. She was missing and he actually their family to come on the show, an one of the people. There was a suspect yours, obsolete good. We just hope to have probably true three months ago. The good thing with the family were helping them. We ran of some criticism, but you don't you those type historian and the worst part bothers in, I have this crate
the thing that, when I'm here early stories night think about like my own kid, like my god of this happening the vine anxiety like a mother. It's an old men like you got, you gotta say stop that, because that's why I'm here, man, it's not enough, is viewed. You think that way. You John Of course, not all dogma call a collar parental paranoia legacies them down on the news avenue. Somebody of re out immediately start thinking. Above all, if that happened, you have an upward life, go on I'm always the workers when we come back no more with the breakfast welcome on everybody is the J envy Angela YE shall amend guy. We are the breakfast club we still kicking. It was the workhouse there what's going on in Chicago you officer, Chicago was gone off with it with the justice molecule. I've been using these ends. Well, did you see what I can tell you in this first one dollars manner cases both man does. It just makes no sense, but everybody- outrage about what's happening now, but he didn't kill Anybody right didn't rob anybody, so my biggest like
like what they're saying is like this is where we have a lot of cases. Fifty seven hundred cases and it's true, I know people are pissed off and everything, but like the guy he's, gonna pay a price, the matter what you know so, like you're, not gonna, the guy in jails? D really, Wanna put this to a trial, a wasting any more time on those high profile, cave island, Selleth Butler. You he's high profile if he was Joe Schmuck Attali rape, as would have been, nobody would care about this and I, care about it, I've been legacy. This guy, when you're, like said by also jewish right, either OECD? Why? But no What does that mean you tremble for he's gonna? our time? Moving on from this, because these convicted in the car of opinion right out of all of any public opinion around a manual you if you will realize his brothers. Are you marry that doing his agent that agencies data may be wrong. Darlin. I don't worry about it. I mean I don't see a problem with what they did like first. While
the one thing they should got him Santa's Begone apologize right. And we're gonna make this all go. I don't no problem with that. He stood in doing dropped, but the one thing you see he's not first, while whose given up time grand Those are absolute lie, given up timeline and ended. Mary service. Luckily I know you did something right at the end and then the other things is if, if this True like he was rewarded. The cops did this. When you saw it, so because our messages and their brothers be in trouble because they attacked him like the levying of the thirteen arrested. And you know this is all gonna go away pondered a case here, but if this would, if this he really got railroad, he besought city, khazar beauteous. We hate so they officer to office and when the first I Kelly tape came out and it was crazy, our old executive producer in Chicago. They brought our Kelly in the late Ninetys there were taught him up some deal about the went ashore with them.
I'm gonna tell me so rarely. This was like to ninety seven? Ninety eight or the cancer predator? I thought about that, but put books crazy was here. I was too on the police department. When I was working on spare and The guys that worked on me were all cops like what the but then we knew he was child brother right. It was a well known. It was like a man, and I was like do you like, If anything goes down, this guy, like they do sure, I'd want nothing to do with it. Like I'm, not run its I'm not doing it Do you not be protected for so long now, that's crazy about because everybody nobody, which is why you are wireless Michael Jackson referred to you know me. I guess, if you only cheerfully, you're rich very, Your own successful on people love you. They are being used to what everyone hunting Lego than agenda by me. Maybe, but he's certainly guilty. Having under age children sleeping rooms, but at the very least, does it
Hu. There is allowed always any time, but he always area which we want to Florida ass. The thing that people would further work, Roman right now, you're gonna have eleven year old, buddy, you're, some know exactly lanes. You know already that people are watching you for those things so what'd. She say. Let me just start doing things like the first trial you go through that right, and your farmer guilty will allow you right. What why would you ever go back to hang out with kids after that right, like I've been, I watch the Neverland series with those two guys I mean they come across as very Annabelle, but they lie before, though, with their lives for him not to lay all the time right, but they lie twice lighted kid in light of the new twenty right allegedly lie. You don't know me amidst the thing it's like as they stand against ideally for him also allows news, muslim or coastal love softly to the crime.
You can punishes guy if he committed a crime, Michael Jackson's, that there's no potions. Guy, so it's kind of like that horse league alkaline get away to her because it seems like they drop in it. And drop in a ball again, I think, is good how the proof well when is the name nodded to before But these tapes thing he's saying their ages like girls for allegedly the there on its unheeded sales rope learner. We also referred the fourth I'm? U, on trial, for child pornography is Amazon, twelve actual sexual assault. I just I would for aid If I was about a man, I'd say he's going off while they now listening as they say, we see the interview that girl king did with our colleagues. Similar dragging would you have had I Kelly honesty. Well, damn right, I'm just get em all anybody that you would say I I would never talk to their personal and probably not efforts that were you would be so that about somebody. That's ratings booster
on the little man myself like eyes of for ratings, I'm a girl, I was as low and I'll get someone like that. That would be a huge, for some nobody. Like that's gonna, come on my shoulder Goliath. I propose Norway now may justice. Drop charges come on my show. The gloves text does whether you set this. I never knew how credible I detect a task as people are. They know how to beat it. We'll put it this way. My son, that a school project signs browser right, so heated online tat person became it my guide, then Ribicoff and he did the in our tasks and softness and knows how to proceed. I mean so like what I ever take Hell. No, I mean I will never created one eye, whether you would you like. If it came were like you know, would you. Anything in your life, that's important new.
Into the hands of a light touch supposed to deny that it is not accurate, say like also this I did be delighted to test when I was younger. I take lie. The pact does and I load on anything rang it. I was really don't want to get into that right now. What have you lived here have liars. Believing knows what, but just so I took a lie to talk to us. My beat it you better go. They tell you like. If you breathe, Listen. I tell you this I was a young guy and I was workin somewhere in some somethin went on. I was not involved, but I knew what happened right. Ok, I knew what happened so accompanied when they brought him alive tucked her. So I came into work and are like. Oh, you take a little time to touch Immediately I crumble. Oh my god, my god I dunno but like so. They called
like three or four other people before me, and then, when it came to me, I was already combat, so when I got into the guy goes, I my high school jacket, Almah. Because all you got laid technically. I guess I went there to so right off the bat, the guys Let me add easy now and then I just one arm. I lie like. I am basically lighted. I might I'd I'd like because I don't want to be a rat Nelson All right, I don't wanna be read, and I just am. I really didn't want to be involved and substitutes I would have to say about their scary guys I, as regards hunt muffled the Lego, while asylum, odd thing, capstone Piglike Thursday. Never really they ve never had to do that. I was on job for twelve years. I we got more was the workers when we come back, no more is to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean the guy. We are the breakfast club. We still can. It was the weakest, but when you think of us- and it is too- which would be an account with you- you said echoes and automatic- has feel like
maybe we shouldn't soldiers programme to all here, The thing- and I will be honest when I was a cop like I saw stuff that was wrong, but also genuinely force right. But I mean I don't want to look over my shoulder. My whole career rang. All like you go on some great. Thing, and then you end up with a bullet in. So I wasn't. No, I I was a Sit home and tell you honestly, I never do anything wrong as a cop and ever be lized anybody I never took money or anything like that. Saw funky stuff, but I just kept my marcia. Does it bother you to this day leg man, that's kind of man? at this empty ended up in a situation of because- and I know it was wrong, but I know what could I very words put so many behind bars or restrict the summons freedom Muslim, like a thumb, Lionel Heavenly regrets I need to do to get through their job.
Regulations by the way, I'm your success for yourselves for yourself absolutely urgent needs. All the budget itself that you wrote. Well yeah. Did he get out good, its immense great for Jake as he gets paid off? My shall now, as I was, I got one off. He gets a piece with butter. It's it's crazy so far in it's like if you had a security guy out here, you know loves of Shaw. He actually diet, It is a crazy story. Right like oh. I want to know how many of you would I wouldn't go or if you like, other downward. We pursue probably believed that it was made my wife, not even Jerry, you, no one Let us remember talking to Jerry about, like that's. Like Well, when, like one day, I was you know, security guard poem, people's pants down and extend you got your old shawl, and no time in my life was such a blur economy like
You Pomona, Sharm, try like I get on tape and I was gone on street scuttle, papered street segments and giving a plane and gonna maximal Tennessee to promote the show and elsewhere. Time in my life, I know have allowed a vivid memories because it was just work, a whirlwind on a lower. Do you remember tat produce these while we pull a people's tears, then because furnished I've been a nice, go right, maybe do any. There was so much fun because there was no rules, come in. There was no script, you just did whatever and I remember those big fat guy. We stand on the edge of the stage and I went behind them and I pull No wonder where am I gonna put? He ended up Suleiman baby. You got me do basically a lot of things you, like my delors, came from New York and I like reprimand than those like when they ask you why you did. What did you say so because the dispersion
as well. We that is now people got us at a disclaimer. We don't know what might happen Annette. I ran to the guy thy pulls prayers. I ran over to cancer, stands out again repeated that it up. Then he pulled back up and left my whole life. Have you in all of its well have on any underweight as weird come on? I mean that's the thing about the spanish or like why. Why did? Thing happened now like how about how the men get away with that stockroom everywhere. People trafficking, I'm I'm solves non state. My gown girls Tampa fella. You know you tell like do you live, not guess. Why didn't she have underwear and write like Rennell command living without bloody is lit out all right, I feel like I was often you question already said. You'd like what is happening.
I say all the time when I think about like I was just saying out here when I was unsafe sure- and I I am lunch left. The police department saw work on special, and my life had a camel don punch card, Wanna go coast, we live than a mile or tower. We take to show the show. The biggest show in the world. At one time I mean that the first time in my life I mean- and I didn't have pressure show me because it wasn't my show right. I was just goofball that was getting paid a lot of money to be a sidekick on the show. So I just had all the time and it was it was visible. Tom I like you, wanted it went up, it's not the same kind of foreign, you have a responsibility and I would even say it's fun. It's it's. My jobs work though you gotta, explained, he's good now I wish I did, but I don't have one because I
and I worked today's weak, I finished taping us their uncle back until August or die, so but he you do during that in our world. As my son's baseball player, so he's on three different trap. Teams and the oven be trouble all summer with him. Watch on play, daughter and I of sixteen old daughter I have to keep you know about agriculture we're doing that now with the women at all. As we get caught us all, as we saw wouldn't issues you wanna go to, she once got it a forerunner of: U S, she once gotta, you see and you silly Adams funny. We re ready for addressing those rights and a guy goes well. You got a right to check for tuna, fifty thousand other than a twisting. I said man tuna live near the. What I got. No man among nature might also asked you that played out. It was a boy
mine who was dealing with Sayer I was so business guy up now because so I know it, I say right than mine, ass, ridiculous, get in other pay publishing be Thereas unless a point zero. So I didn't know you straight up. Ask you for money like that. He was saying that this is the way it goes down right, why I was ass, but there were like ok. If you want your did you see. This is what you gotta, though, as might have been Ok, so put me in TAT. They had only one of the only due to the celebrity, though, that I was going down would enable the major people and legible model Langley prepare me as Libya as National slumbered him, but he's very wealthy sought, aloes scandal, Aben would autonomy was I got that glide Toma budding manuals got caught up because his on his ready to go to college now and he shall because he submitted thing it does. This is the guy
dealing With- and it was singer, see what signal so busy he could even be with my friend at the point of view. Furthermore, the right I mean an answer. Downsides. That's going to drink four zero, a jerk would it offers a jerk. I mean listen, man, money, screws, people up and if the guys pulling in twenty five million dollars or whatever it is, I mean I don't know how much he was keeping cuz. I know a lot of people out, but and it's like gone like yeah. I feel bad for the kids that got passed over because some rich kid got them, but in if you're making twenty four nine vows year, something you're not tell anybody or song drugs women rallied very powerful attraction near stay begging for joining us. The well go stay out. Girls is the breakfast locomotive, I'm racket and I would invite you to listen to a new podcast from the Dodo and animal saved. My life, the dough
who is the most watch, animal storyteller on social and now it's bringing those stories to life in audio. Since I was, He had I've helped rescue some of the most vulnerable animals. Now we're gonna about animals who have gone above and beyond, to return the favor to the people they love on this point, Cast will hear about animals who have pulled people away from immediate danger or from the throes of addiction. What am I The episodes is about a mandate Pga and his dog clue when they met. They were both recovering from trauma. Where they found each other. They also found the strength to face anything. I had his fear of leaving the house and showing myself the real world, and here we are sending on his mountain. Just celebrating life here about a dog. Untrained knows detects her moms cancer sooner than a machine can and a people who put herself
in between her mom and an oncoming train, listen to an animal saved. My life, starting on April night, on the horizon, you up on Apple podcast or wherever you get your part gassed breakfast club your morning, so now would be to say you can have any superpower. What would it be able? Fifth, just say the words and you'll find down just them is the ultimate ways: fulfilment movie about a kidney, Billy Batson transformed into a superhero with just one word. She see him if it is able fit for Don Quixote Day, Democrats of being a little bit of a mixed adult had been called a lot of my twenty years. The donkey at Bay is a new way. Yes, thank you today is going to cheat Jenkins and John Chapman of Alabama. Now only don't play about their food regime's Alabama,
yeah level. On a lonely, certain kinds demo like when I something the EU somebody asked me for some, especially if we in the same restaurant, if you like what I've gotten you should have. Each damn satellites of my kids alive, all its eyes, the worse allies. Here's my food is my food, very protective, my food, but thank God, I've never in a position where they wasn't enough to eat. For everybody, because I can see what that can lead to problems. Food is essential to life. Ok, we all got to eat and when people Hungary is not enough to eat for everyone. That's how problems start. Sometimes old problems can be violent. This is the case that you Jenkins, on Chapman who enjoying a meal at a faster Restaurant in Alabama, Alabama, epithet fat ok, enjoying a merely to five star restaurant in Alabama, called media. Your birthday I ride Robin
whose bombs media above a never been able, sounds amazing. I love Buffy restaurants. I grew up often ok, going Ral Ryan's. I write what you know about that arrive plates. Were Ten thousand ninety eight sensitive Medio birthday and it must have been crab lignite. Let me tell you something: if you go to a buffy or crab lives, garlic crabs being served down south you might need to bring your pistol all right, because things can get hectic and this story, I'm about to tell you, is proof of that, but could have done its anti maintain those report
I'm in whose meaning a male plates or shattering everywhere. A fight was happening in the food line. The sound that officer Johnson was hearing was tongs clashing. The meteor buffeted Dinas were eagerly awaiting the next tray of crab legs coming out of the kitchen, everyone with sand, and they cut me lie police arrested, John Chapman, and she cheated Jenkins, who was eating at the buffeted with her kids. They have been waiting there for the crab legs for ten was men saw when they finally came now is very heated nicely. A sun was taken more than their fair share. Chapman is looking at a disorderly conduct. Charge Jenkins is facing third degree assaults. Both people could end up paying a few hundred dollars and fines, which is well above the ten. Fifty eight a plate charge at meteor buffeted drop articles bonds for life. Long live man, I've just amazing. The watch now
I've been a big crab, lay a guy. I know it sounds crazy. Come from a black man from low Countries South Carolina, but I've never like fighting to get my food is. The scrub would have eaten those crab. Laser cat, like my crab, meet already de, shall write. It takes a lot of work to cracked colonials crab early nineties. They are what we would do a good. You know a good bonding spare you sitting around you, cracked, the crags, open crabs, open you talk and you dip it in the butt. I get it, but I don't like fighting to getting my food and I have never fought over my food I really shouldn't have to explain to my audience why this story is stupid. I should have to explain why they are getting the credit they do for being stupid by getting donkey of the day to day these people went to jail, the money they will use the pay bondsmen lawyers fines could have been used to buy a car late for the whole herd for your family garlic, crab gravelly the debt learn share. People is above a look out for you, fellow enable if his ten crab legs. You give up and argue five. If you want more involved and go to the grocery store
grown is hell. Fight, Novogrod Lakes is never that serious. How to use an adult, explain your kid. At their mom and dad are grandpa is in jail. Could they had combat over crustaceans some donkey? he's just sat himself. Please give tee Jenkins and John Chapman Sweet sound at Amazon you I? You don't mean you get it because you understand. Grab lakes. Similarly never had crab, never amnesia, you know but miss a reason that on revolt, tv we didn't show depiction of the people could today is a great day to play jazz. Why
Right you ve got a few loose here: people, ok to two Jacob Black John Chapman Y. All you can eat Buffy Alabama. Ten, fifty eight a place what role did eventually ye less dot, which you? What right do you think she cheated Jenkins? Is I'm going They were african American I think both institute edge on we're going back. Yeah, ok and we also secure devilry black ok, John White and say what happened you key was waiting to laugh at him. It is jobs out in Japan, one of my own alone, liking privilege educated gave it a business. That's what I think so you think is the interracial skirmish. I do see here. Missy was right.
Well come on dj envy. You are right. It had already. We got a viper you're, getting a lot for ten minutes and it's all manage that is cut me. I've been waiting outside it. Take my boots, got the amongst our level of going right mega focuses, whereas they must Chapman another Tracy, Chapman she's black White, which operate dedicated Jacob Black created a guess, you're only a black What name it's out after banana. Your add, though, that Turkey to Chicken and Jenkins that in common slave masses, lays lake that's a common slave map, the last name of Norwich cheated Jenkins and no sorry to say, is not a stereotypes if it's true The Jenkins and JAM Chapman skated Black John is white. Limited area don't try to cut me alone. I believe a timid, my family. What is this
Probably the only do crab they once a month now, right all. I wanted some Grand Lacombe your chief night why Poland God you're? My last point, the launch of man is changed us right out and out onto boffin cut me we'll get these it is. I shall be. Thank you for that donkey today. Yes, sir, don't move is to breakfast local. The breakfast. When you Jane, Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are, the breakfast club still kicking it with Haha Davis, Giese and realize something's happened to you. Do you say this is going to be so funny when I go on Instagram, I post a video like when you had unprotected sex, and you was burning, nor did you say this is gonna, be self funding on social media, for example, loud noise, a video you have. I been there before magic
Our may not let go about what have you got the marble I my voting. Would it not also would not not recognise our usual? You may laugh you, but I do you think I don't know. Sometimes things happen and it could be a bad situation. I be a higher edible and you think he s out, there's nobody fanny later beyond and I'll, never myself over myself, not all of them something about. What's that it s. Funny financing a real live things happened. There could be a fortunate things, but is actually funny like in your head. Could, I know, has something in. You says: okay, this is crazy, I'm haven't but is be funny when I put it on social media, dear
Ok, you know later there's gotta be have been on a level heads were. I thought I was no doubt can feel much ass. I could feel my broke my boat as her leg and when you come down, you know that it's out will you come dialect menace? One easy out: has your mama gills, devil. He was walking away as mobile Jabez, stone snoops knew well. Ok, smoke was new normal near Snoopy. No bank, his we not from you know, like you, said, alien, if not other way, nor ufos unless norwegian different differently, an obvious. Those are meteor up. A monotonous interviews do most and yellow who who is not like my mentor anything I need, lady of maize, honey. I don't get it Do some, of course, Numa founded is able to gain. If you didn't tell you worried about telling jokes now it everybody is so sensitive about things there and I'm gonna stay away from us to do
we give you heard some has done me. Comedian, blackberry, talk about our home. We wonder why we can say that on stage we know people not to go and accepted, so you gotta, keep it chose, claims be were of sensitive, lay our system back in the nineties early to die they went out here you want. If I you know, I mean I mean it was like that nudged Bernie Matthews today that they had no filled no ill, but now they say somebody Bula why you is business Emma Jane you going to do the culture of rain, Turkey becoming etc. The canoe the point in committee I didn't get respect from the more traditional stand up, not a more traditional standards are utilised in the internet more. We would not get it for me, like I love my step over to stand up, when I first started as I won't than the thing we do. We just don't. We can jump on stage avenue, put an egg building a twenty year. In its day. They still, they type way about us coming off the internet as we do to use the internet. Now we celebrities now
nowhere some over me, I tried, I tried ass. There was paid accordingly, comedy die like we comedies dire. Why? community riches model, not just the vets, have echelon ones. There, a lot of people who are at striving to be in their space. I wonder what you been comedy diamond. Does the like hearing what used to be you don't really like like I don't remember, was the less hits the calm. You see no tv sitcom blogging. I I was ok. Loutish are unable I mean you could say rosea about was an incident mullet, Mildenheim theories and draw com. I got me now, but don't don't nobleness early hit, but they will show more lug coming up. I can say I was in the air, but I'm someone like we Martin was was goin. Oh Jane thoughts, first provide as collateral as you could more local mounted his day right like ninety ninety, as almost twenty five years-
he's a good guy, but I mean that the John or of comedy had moved on to something like I have an odd is killing. Did I hear they had done the killer? Decrees. Rock they'll kill him if moved on to which are doing. I beg you thought about day and funds on tumbled like Tv Wang by Dear and airport, I there's no law and round oil on soon you all know, the way more show you weigh more than likely and they should be huge. You are mainly the privileged I dont know Joe gothic on like secure! You got Atlanta me place television last a signal. So if you know mobility areas are never an elder. Yolanda mobility is a land of the committees that must now be able to get a job. Mobility television, you grow. You had become Microsoft, yeah blackish, yeah, fresh off the boat. You I never seen for some years ago. The good shows sit down. I don't love me, like it. What are we used to be our notice? I guess good when you see Ali, so the still air when values
No, you can't happen. I'm not goes it inaugurating stated. The quality is the same as it was begged him. I don't like the new way, but I say look thing about my leg. Just allow thing about these young fly down, Allenham think about your site. On the last night you like it's a new wave of comedians the internet is the new building new sick. Aren't we all ought to comedies on internet anything just on tv now in movies that autonomy on J Donna Movie, Mick Jagger, some special parameter the age I don't. I don't even know you told about stuff like the Jesse, smaller situation and our colleague situational. You understand it, but now not stay away from that. Cuz. I know how people don't don't take, especially with our Kelly situation. You really don't nodded in I'm saying come off with that women, women so sensitive, well, What are you know a bag and they were used to make all the odd Kelly joke than you know. You look like suppose. I wouldn t on your family members going to areas sensitive well now a metallic would trip me up good. I never thought of
like this week to make so thickly with making jokes about our Kelly. We had these events alimony, so we ask LISA like how did you feel when she heard anybody making? Although joke as you would like, though it was first rate, the people is really getting. The girls are really get paid over. You don't think about that was back as totally different. When I'm gonna work they got here. Let's move along imposed. The five years ago, you put your first. Your facebook here. One share one light once you know, like the real thing, One at home he went home is like the real one. Obviously where'd you go, the feeling you look back on Nvidia to beyond. Would you, a chance to take it or leave. It happened so fast, but nothing. Leaving now when I'm probably on the lake. With my big belly out, I have a chance to reflect on everything. I've done, but Now, where men I had a chance right, really sit down and take it on his head. Be a billion teenage. Thirty six. I want a beer. Barely I want to be on a label
Muslin and while a belly Bala Billy, I gotta, listen some already hit. The ball is six bag Haven't you know you're really live out the alpine when realise guinea me like that, as though like men who are fit yes. Well, it will optimal like large protein I should in any the less guineas gave women are as into lugs as men I into lives, but when it comes to women by we like personality and presence more you're more alike are pretty well now curve too much about the body parts. My view pretty wanting a vase Yama phased. I really know about it. Ass, anything nigh, really know. I'm a face mail! You, if you prettier like ie multiple, do we go about what our Davis, when we come back, no movies to breakfast locomotive breakfast breakfast clubs, ok, aware how high Davis, comedian Charlemagne and I live. Yeah. I got a lot of being the herbs, be in her heavy, we haven't been canvassed. You have been given
why can't we just did this? Take this chick. I hit me up issues. Shoes, co, tubes, play faith this whenever, star Pablo be little bit like it. Semi news and snatch it the Senator NEWS on Snapchat linen get out all those nabbed. So look like like, three months ago. You put our news: ass natural ass, you put Manu those now J will use it. So we Eisenhower, move now slow down this beggar about these ass. How do I gotta ask some questions? within this declaration, am I is it ok? I knew it was me. Ok and, as you have lotion on ITALY's Niles Ashley S ear. To live on. Always it erect. Don't you worry, there's begging your kind Davis, sippet weather. Where you flatter then away. You erect, and these are semi Arachne on all harm or when we act would approve, because you know somebody's gotta be heard. What would it look like?
oh you know like member grow and not to show you. Let me do that picture a foreigner radio, whether when that you had to nor was more, she asked me to say to us. I would like to address a massive aid Are you mad at me like once the actual reason it took me out, Mr Lip Service, that is eternal not so much the aid for newly deterrent meal account liable to look pretty said it or will you save, a one year, I'm asking us because, as they get at the proper way, is supposed to do these things. I want to say: if you follow Protocol, he didn't follow protocol, no local ill demirel summer back to you with all Bush, ok, but makes it less Somalia and takes no learnt like using illegal immigration, not ashore at loggerheads. Behold all we heard from you to send a pitcher and thus the purchase. She don't say he somewhat yeah, you know diameter was rather cities. Are you may cap? Is Thus I d always do not,
You do like three days later, my normal all over the internet. Those somebody hit me: a booby threw him here. You got your new, you gotta people as well as you have to pay for the Nazis they want me to pay. You don't put him out. Ok, might listen. I know, has been over the last two years. You can have remembered for now, and I wouldn't go aim. I don't wanta jewel drier. My tattoo tells you see now you learned our lesson, ideas and new that now also lose out I'm through with data Google intended to them now biggest semi knows, though they sent me. No, I will not understand at all females Roma community blogger. You won't show me how to do standard, though he echoed owners to news now. I know you do now the terrible that way you know about it. You may see without much and use it as an ASEAN, and you pointed them just walked in the door. These that we sent a note.
Nine others did not know that one of their main due to everybody to know before me, you never get. It was a white now for what amongst all of my present, my wife with we will reach other every night rationally that my wife, why would you believe that it was so easy for you to say news out we're gonna value yourself, a little man, you're, Dome Philip you're just dreaded alternative minded asking you to send a letter. I was in on you and they re edges thing. Everybody save, maybe people what about the better so due to which our yellow moment gadgets, probably your dooms, unjust and others were now. Why don't I got an email, you gotta know full of penises yeah pretty Wagner, you know a lot of them.
You're gonna, get a hundred thousand dollars. More has made me, I mean look at them and we like Ozma knife. She lie like luxuriously over the immortal story about me, and now I got a guy guy was telling me you like minded, have as do those, because yo you like toys. But good have allowed the Northern Ireland. Where did you get categories I gotta go? I gotta go to outlaw all like only the August news. My view Friedman Freed may yet ass me. You gotta be careful with that undesirable norms in better really to be a faithful blackmail. I one woman is that of the land on which my group, my group, together boo. We like women to our union
yeah to go around that, have nothing to me. My girl, I m me, that's all you know what it is that tell you can't pop up what he did not know about it. He knew about it. But what are you in here you let her to the women they issued will most ok, Detroit Nationale, now. We're gonna die like that. Like of a healthy relationship. Gaga I mean for me, I mean for me, you can remove, never talked about it. Why do you always you're gonna pragmatism? Does he propose that you guys you there was a year idea, first, animal mighty? Why are you asking? I would echo opposition from different you don't want me not ideal. Only one year younger, was different. How much more trust on different somebody else, and I would make one or two people another two years I want to make it would you may go Sheila you, ok, let forever I can fix. You want to make sure that she wouldn't she wouldn't care, so we had absorbed in India, which has been done in the event of rigour and allay allay Ellen.
All the winter relays, free Uruguay, as we know the girl, you girl, I'll bet you now by ETA, better to make other lie, I'm eating a woman. You can't embedded in a woman. Some the brine, our wimble someone out and out and was not an watch me better somebody's. When you want to tell you there's another one Phil, I get my her eat better someone by handing you're, so you don't, but you who from them is now you will be made on tumbling to unity. We we all like we grow me like we ve, been down. We got them right now to bid on its attitude or carried out, and what will you have a threesome? I you allowed to have sex with egg. Sometimes these rules, where a man, and is not allowed to have intercourse, but he can have intercourse with him
in both donor we have intercourse. Are you that eat the other girls? But now you know our eater? No, but that a burly you just don't do it. The vision another area, the broadly nobody realise all is protect Lil Wayne, our land. I rod dog well, there might not be a net wages. We know a team. You know noting that very clear that can be dealt with and what we can learn about. My about Sammy Davis We then Carolines all weekend summation. You go take it out. You really like that, and I am my girl out there. If you say that you are working well did you have, but above all there is a lot
I got you sell, asked the other than that you can get on our intelligence rather than you did. I told him that you don't know the United States that the item on for the report. He showed a gradual you. Usually I d get me, but if you look at what you pay a pussy pussy now, would you leave here, but a deteriorated over a virgin you today to doubt would try to download you going on with you now, but I need to know who you are? in your instagram video, now, listen, I told you I'm a pretended pretended no working. We all in,
I guess you love to have you know you can learn here and you're gonna go to me. You know. Why would you be able to take the bull by the horns or we can sort out last night we we so we saw it. I want you to see me, you see ownership, we sought out or weaken our money. Don't you? Ok, you don't do it big deal, man he's gonna be dealt with, congratulations well, isn't reckless club is Davis, breadth,
your mornings will never be the same avenue braver than I have been elected and I've been out there tat. You re that right and I'm happy now. You re combination of mines and another flavour. Heavier pleasantly tell it today and try it out yeah, you ready, you dig it yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah principle, you the appearance of a knob hands out by the look at your read as Greece. While we do, What is right, it is currently frank. You re ready for you free fraud, it. So you pull your pay, my pay, it's you ready, ruddy, I'm always ready.
Iran is a stranger barbaric about how they gave my pain. Will make life easier for the internal rules. Take no data pay taken, I would say, oh wow, so black now learn outbreak right here we need to take weekly fry me, my pride. We need the last Friday. We always say that what we do with the singular judas- maybe it's amazing here we go again. You can only do that if you don't know what to tell you about it. This is my favorite party. For my rest, I mean changing. There was such a fail to say oh wow, so glad to be able to reach a meeting. Last Friday we got kicked out at the last Friday we streaking last Friday. I think we were again. We see the e g g g g
g g g g g G run. A go broke is not a prison.
Friday. To you here is one broke. You heavy ideology street. I don't care. If you used to have you have the money to everyone knew well thought of my boy, I'm Solomon, John DJ. Together we had no directive. Should I do to get em girl. Seventy eight waken up an opponent, gotta be first gotta, go downstairs, I gotta go. I gotta have the real taxi and everything that's how it is going to take in order. Not everybody brushing gotta keep dancing stopping gotta catch. My birthday, I see my friend no fried see back, see gotta big mama, penguin, see day everybody. What are you gonna go out for a time body embody a fine, fine, fine, seven forty five were driven away ass. I walked on the flap fun fun. You know why I got this. Is my friend? Is Burma right? I got this. You ve got this now you re dead, end Affright, say back see, got a big job Friday, fried in what we do. We body in party a party and fun fun fun when, as you have rightly said Rebecca, I guess I got really want seventeen. Thirty eight on site works bodies and it comes after birds were Greco. Black local did we get officially putting everybody is D J envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We all the breakfast club now
you guys have a great week Charlemagne. Yes, you are deposited overview. Yes, man, I'm not got a positive note. I want to see Saluti all enjoy the weekend, but I want to tell you man, don't waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say
is nothing at all. Remember that this weekend, private visit there I'm Zack wrath and I'm Donal phase on where real life best friends, we met playing fake life's best friends, Turk and GDP on the sitcoms scrubbs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to we watch the series one episode at a time and put our memories into a podcast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lords editors, writers and even brought masters would tell us about what inspired the series and how we became a family. You can listen upon cast vague doctors, real friends with Second Donald on the eye heart radioactive apple podcast, and wherever you get your broadcasts high and low, the under camp and the host of the before breakfast podcast. And the author of several time management books. I mostly hosting I hurt media newest podcast, the new corner office in this show
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