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Thursday 7/27 - Today on the show After Rick Ross’s controversial statement about why he does not have any female artist under his label on our show, we opened up the phone lines to hear what our listeners thought about it. Also, Charlamagne gave “Donkey of the Day” to Caitlyn Jenner because she is being a hypocrite towards Trump now after he addressed his new policies about transgenders in the military. Also, Angela helped some listeners out during “ Ask Yee” with one caller that can not choose between who she wants to be with.

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This is your wake up call child annually. Charlemagne guy on the planet is respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning, so gagged and culture in the morning, and I want to hear that the world's most dangerous more than others
you showed you yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo. Montenegro, again, my disease aims on the way to the planet is not sufficiently to weaken. Ok, why do we have to? about a mile, but you know I like discredit to weaken our dwelling started with dirty weather, then I go home and get some rest yesterday was somehow managed to be out all day and night after you guys the studio yesterday? I was here as he has done, the same for his movie. Clog can now street and then, after that, I saw a lorry was up here where his crew, so then he was like. What are you doing? better give him any. So then that guy we rolling and then
for the rest of the night we went to eat m is lilies. Then we went to the zoo, long club, talker Metabolic Keyser, Schuller yes July, and I ended up being out so late a webcam. Maybe, like eleven o clock had I happens every time Send a garment, never works out. The way I intended local not evident. Avenant filled me like that. Yesterday I wanted a gem NASA and then went home I need your day brought into another mellow I've. Just cheer gotta put some tv added that the case, which I do each and every Wednesday Neeoka just relax legit exactly what I did and I got a bug, a great kick out of the EU to Common Jeffrey. Like all with you, because you know everybody had an opinion on it. Bernice Burgos Interview, yes, which always gives me It seems that you think they're people claim that they don't like they watched them off. There's always like that, and not even here would radio radio interview this like that. Would television you know like love in her Bob. You know like real.
While we had all like basketball on which you can keep your eyes off into this weird watching people say David Enemy within, but like the number three trending thing on Youtube. Yesterday by senator and in our day onto a lot of people, are hitting me about that interviewed through some of my friends. Actually, a lot of people call me about that. Any you could use where they would have seconds. They fell. Labour needs with China come for me and they will you never said anything bad about Bernice ever and you ve always been cool, whereas I don't understand what she heard or how they happen, because clearly I didn't say what she thought. I said: the jobs old guy. You know now I've spoken to her yet, but we spoke ass. If any, we ve, never had anything. So what you to the six hundred thousand closely watched in on you to let it drop in Montreal, We appreciate you hey watch what was conditional cracker front. Page news are we talking about? We are, of course, going to talk about downward chamber, reinstating the you
military ban on transgender people around them out when you, when we learn about their just we'll talk about it. When we come back, don't move Breakfast Club have gone morning, everybody is e envy angel Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast clover skins and front page news from us of which your President Donald Job, he has done some started. Putting at these tweets after constitution, with my generals and military experts. Please be advised that the United States government will not accept or allowed transgender individual individuals to serve and any capacity in the. U S, military. Our military must be focused on decisive, an overwhelming victory and cannot be burden. The tremendous medical costs and disruption. The agenda and the military would entail. Thank you. This is his tweet. How crazy Man is a thing. I don't think you're asking. I don't think your identity has anything to do with whether or not you can defend this country. I think what you I've been. If I asked you from doing you know,
your job and a military, but I will say this: I have learned that one I celebrity achieve things out tweets like that he's trying to distract us from something out and have something else is probably Russia Gate Celeste, let net Let's not let anything, distract us from the fact that he probably has had some type of collusion with Russia. Somebody's administration has ended. It's coming down on him pretty tough. Now we were having a discussion about this yesterday, because what are these tremendous medical I they. Let me do some research and see this is really costing. Alas, a right to have turned gender people in the military and iter, it's a very minimal class because they are so who is between? They said anywhere between one thousand three hundred and twenty and six thousand six hundred and thirty people. Now the class you talkin about is the hormones that they would have to take, and they said that that causes basically nothing. It's a low drop the past. So now it is gratifying to russian gate how these are tremendous costs this gradual resonate. Now, let us disease Certain sad that have else in his my heart broke, the love rider roller coaster
now the fear where there was some people on the fireball. That is the right. It's at least six votes of seeds bins around as the whole thing moves kind of like a pendulum back and forth. One person was actually kill, when that ride malfunctioned during opening The Ohio state Bear this within Columbus, Ohio and yet terrible situation. The video footage video yes, I Germans, liberal after we did not gonna thought headlines I know I made it. Look like the right just struck it in full. I just came I'm not one little guy, then click on the video ones. Althea headline like that, I'm cool guy- I don't need to see it. You know I seen it Bobby Nosey Ellen Bernie says: Burgos pays a sea of, they was killer on Instagram unemployment over and she had the video there. She was like my daughter, was about to get on his rider decided not to thank God. She didn't quickly- and I have seen it later when I was in Columbus, Ohio and was about to get on Iraq.
Its legs were regarded as you, so you number news burglary just to read the commons. You will gather you two replay Voyager four articles. Yes, Malka, Gotcha, ok, that's front page news: now: of each has eight hundred five, eight five one off one of your obsession debate. It is a right now all are if you feel bless eight hundred five, eight five What oh five one full learn. A wide open it is up right now is to breakfast Logan. The breakfast club. Go away, wake up or black we want to hear from. You allows there's ways and studies. I must You married you upset, you need want you out of it a madman, however, a mighty ruined, they show powerful me do me for what you mean. Apparently older persons from my hometown works on a shelf and he's gotta run
How would you don't? I don't gotta be running? We need you to really. I mean I know about you, but I knowed useless. They now nothing relax allows this go to market Nobody goes again is right and Margie as I get anyone know where I was going mad among other matter, my built about where it ought therefore to be regarded me give out. But you know what I'm no more coordinated death, but let me check it out that where we have a straightforward vigour, I don't think about it. Created one shot would tell exactly what it is all about
oh body, no home. You two points. I D J, these powerful for our wishes. Ironic, as he told ya, get traded up are full of warfare exactly the boy like this, there was good at any rate, it is by no means that was on your report there. So bad nobody is due to the low they love. You have forty Bruegel somebody Why not have been paying your bill tat, not even that is as far as, though I'm to trot. I got my report, so I don't want to get my money if I don't know We have had, the boy are you gonna gradually, but I'm at the age of twenty five. The matter is now. Things are becoming more important matter about how that matter. But that way, so
Without that I've apprentice, Gandhi, adding not now I gotta get it. I gotta get it together, rattling all about a black black love them into the bit about the way of a good guy like you or you, gotta. Let it you gotta, look like your credit score right now. Has a terrible lcd right is not her visas, not HIV mean it. You know you is not cure for it. You can't you are this. Are you getting the critical appraisal? Parity in line with our committee, a record low? you got that you didn't you. Can you can clean as one of the rights that they have been better to talk about my little? If any of you neo, I gotta Percival, you she words very, very well. Ok, now give you any, Jeanne Kelly is her name. She will help you out. Believe me, you, your friends, are a Charlie. I used progeny g, a colleague I e, our Google's your friend were of Oliver up right now directly.
I regard it as J E, a in an e k e o why she will help you. You got a common air. She gobio before she is good money, go get their goal. They create local declamation. You call a great of culture. That month, I'm gonna be like you, gonna grow up ever let billet. Yes, a rubber get it actually chess. Eight hundred a fifty one or fire. One of your upset, you need event or, if you feel Bless call us now, is to breakfast locomotion. The breakfast club, the founding down you're gonna, get it over with you on the breakfast gladly, but as a military amber was drawn right. You happy now you made a decision on everything.
Year arise under a year. I feel like you can actually create uses image in road. I'm category we gave why the PPP, whatever community, bring my friends you moving, gave a suitable training. My game are best where he's gay he I walked away. I would go with that, is by its programme available. You have who in the military you don't know now lets you won't be May you, why were you there you now I think I remind you are our way or whatever they like that wasn't arises. Mom I felt like I was crazy move. You already said it was a racist there's, nothing to do a raise when I told them I do commend anybody will put on a uniform. I miss their life or the country of God. I don't know what I'd do not withdraw our duty to do and whether or not you do your job and military policy.
On the other kids, you ve, do you mean you ve got you already give you the bag of exile while we're tracking down? If I got a fair market entry to what that no major, you highlighted the view that what you want to quit, I'm here, thank you, guy you were like birth grab evade you. May I reckon away at all. What did you do to matters when you and when you and military you know you don't have the desired you gotta put on you gotta put on a uniform reality. It is really only remain a damp while you have you have been in the military. Barely along with the north of Ireland. Have I, I was very ok so near everybody, rain and airlines. Yolanda military, like you, ve called prodigy, was up. You know why, because this demand, you ain't, a consistent psychology to be working well, Paul vague about the black hands, gave me baby
what is going on, but I felt glad you gotta be found to be the role of men, so black nodded. I still have a break Ere long ago, We know what is the further. You have a kind of hearing. You have Lula correctly, they don't even before this vagueness area. Where does he's he's absolutely correctly this with you and I wish this morning. I do, however, have no occupied already on fervid, because when I go and I don't have a body might look like Robocop when you take the mask of our I get it. I have thought in the middle of my eight hundred five, eight five, what a firewall or you could tell us why you bless you could ever was runaway yes find out. Who is just one at ten million dollar jasmine because of their catalogue arrival get into all that when we come back people access to breakfast local morning, breakfast so bad.
The report annually eat breakfast club where twenty dollars he's got a nine point. Four million dollar judgments against Michael Jackson's estate, and that is for sounds: Eddie actually produce for M p M unpaid, where Althesa Michael Jackson's, three hit You know I'm right Robin include bombs, because you know that gambling architect of thoroughly and off the wall had to go to court to get his money. He had asked at thirty million dollars and he didn't get quite that match, but he said accountants by them, tendons, actually just wearing paying him the money well. I'm a good year deserves every dying there is no Michael Jackson when Quincy jobs. Now Michael Jackson's estate is saying that judgment is too much and its unfair to Michael Jackson's air. So they are trying to say is not
proper knocker. You wouldn't have all that if it wasn't for quantity, Jones, cosy job laid the foundation would off the wall in thriller. We only talk about we to lower the splits worse or whatever. The splits were dead, that's how they decide how much money is given some short at best, a random out. My Tenaya Canyon, sound crazy. Mechanical Quincy Jaw wounds. We don't know what you have hailed. How about the time period is that we don't know that the facts facts. What did Michael Jackson has passed away, having everything fine up until then, then, after that, it's his estate, that's supposed to be paying and they haven't hello, independent exquisitest. Even there were ten years for eleven years either I may never. Does it feel like a crazy amount of money, the maximum period of time our Justin Bieber, just ran over a photographer yet accident. He was leaving a church service in Beverly Hills. They are you got it all on camera, he did not fully the scene, though he did stay there. He stopped as soon as the photographers pointed out what it had. He's dead right. There he's not being charged with anything unfortunate accident
adjusting measure. I told you yesterday is cancelled the remaining days of his tour, the fourteen, is that he had remaining there saying that he had some type of spiritual awakening. Right? You just leave ensures that you would not let the devastated and his way enough enough and you gotta get out. As we see our pop reveled had our way, somebody, you know sometimes I believe that China leave Yellin funded a card, taking pictures rule out the way I just love church. I wouldn't Satan get behind the Ok Navvy. I revalue could see the video footage and there are a lot of photographers, in the streets laboratory. In pictures I mean we don't really know how hard the guy is. Why he's gonna be ok, he's had some injuries to his lower Everybody, nothing life threatening he's value consumes exude by just to be reasonable for allowed you gonna call able ever going to be a whole lot of things are not noticing a b were accidently ran a mobile banal. God wanted there. Ok, I raised earlier jobs from the Atlanta Falcons. The wide we see were actually high.
A whole entire dive team. Do you know why he lost his airing while he was yet skiing check it a dive telling dips below the surface suddenly flinty on a rescue mission there not searching for some one, but something Bob Domineering hearings worth a lot. That's Falcons wide receiver, who we owe Jones Earring, belongs to him who we owe Jones. The superstar for the Atlantic Falcons apparently lost his diamond earring while jets game. He went off when he came back up here. It was gone and we're told it's worth a hundred thousand dollars. Now. How much does it cost to hire a whole entire diving I mean EAST Diver used cars between two and three grand at the higher diverter fix my pool one time. So, if you do, if it's too grand to three grand a diver added to say I lost my airing, whereas the work is serious and
made them go on the cameras and somebody seen airing total was fake through it and garbage anyway. Will have followed a garbage back all the way down to the to the basement and pull it out and get my ear he's gonna find his airy mine in the lake imo. One and was given Oleo Jones flag and telling me to give you your job argue today, listen people, you have to stop rationalizing things base, of your finance? Was that is evolving jewels, got the money, the higher dive team, to look for his a hundred thousand dolly airing. How much would it have isn't? Let him do an amateur, kindly divers. If I just a team, is it a day he was ready hydride all dived. He prayed nine grand try to recover so network. A hundred himself lighted up rationalizing lings based off your fine age. Was that it they don't find a now. You add a hundred, and nine thousand is what now between where'd you ensure our one hundred thousand dollar airing. Absolutely so something like that happens, you would get the insurance money right.
If he assured it alone. I log in Haiti, marriages gotta, maybe get a chance to ensure more important thing. It wise William John Plan in the water in his good stuff right, you don't play back long? You good sneakers young, you know go to work you good clothes? Why is he plain in the leg would have good earrings on a patent rights dead? Never come never comes out here. I re. Well, I'm Angela again, that's your room What are they gonna Manzano? Nobody ever right, miss you How will we come back? We got four occasions that we talk about how we gonna set about downloads ramp and his tweets that he put out about the military and saying that transgender should no longer be allowed to serve in the military. Ok, we'll get into that when we come back, keep it locked to breakfast locomotive Everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was gained some front page news. I thought that he has done a term tweeted out after consultation with my generals. Military experts, please be advised that the United States government will not accept or allowed transgender individuals who serve any capacity and the? U S,
military. I, our military, must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical clause and disruption that gender and the military would entail. So basically, what he saying is that he doesn't want. Gender individuals to serve in the military, now retired Navy sale. Chris. That has a lot to say about that. Take it out here is. This does not make any sense, especially when you start blaming this. Like taxpayers, money, fiscal responsibility, its leadership problem is not a money. Problem is a disruption to the force. They said. He fifties about African Americans were happy just been ourselves and having a freedom to say hi to enter. I want a freedom an individual liberty to be able to have my own peace of mind that I'm not naked witch on it. Let me just say the word transgender and not be in fear of my life. The issue is going to go deeper and deeper in a slippery slope,
described, the scrag look out on the identity of anything to do with a magic, indifferent as country. I think what you identify as keeps you from doing your job and a military. Now, if you want to know more about retired Navy cell Kristen back was changed and a woman you can see the documentary, lady Valor and that showed how she served with great honour in the military, in addition, minds how has also weighed in on this and here's one or two months how volumes? he's saying that we're doing this because what to save on the medical expenses? Excuse me, I'm not people notice that the? U S military spends it. I'm not going to spend maybe eight million dollars to make sure shoulders getting the rapture. They will spend the money on eighty drugs and I'm not gonna. We don't have a white dimity drugs, but any drugs is
We are choice living inside of a body, yours, this administration of Man, the leadership leadership for the United States. I would love to try to erect. I dysfunction medicine, because ninety million that we have a lot of these old, like diagram, you showed, was packing super both? What about should have borne allows for a few hours? There were good night error and basically, what he's trying to say is the cost is so love for the medication, the hormones that a change into individual with made at nothing in comparison to buying biographer everybody. More celebrity Chief Donald Trump sends out Tuzla do he's trying to this crisis. Going out and as something as probably Russia Gate It is on evidence is mounting them. He may have had some type of collusion with Russia for Trump Deadly does best described the scrap, distract and this house may be laying down the groundwork for more things to happen down the line.
I just in the military, by taking away more right or shoes things like that leave been doing. I am anxious, while we argued like due to lower Xbox wage, the premises. Ok Business is white male authority at its finest right here. Whether the Muslim Ban was telling drainage and if they can be in the military, is what he does. Therefore, we never talk about the oh hi or state fear. This is so discussed in such a tragedy. Yes, such a sad story, I ride actually malfunction thereby was the firebug like a pendulum. The whole thing moves and one person was actually kill doing right did malfunction crazy. The crazy thought about it is. When I go little state fears, I mean but allow my kids on Angola courses in all its they always Rinkitink binkie, being in all ages, always include a clock. A disorderly always gave them condolences, anybody that I ain't right
Likewise, when I was a kid, but as I got Oda realise how scared world is already got anxiety, I'm not gonna pay. Any body did give me my anxiety of Morphia. Now my daughter love their kindness jealously guarded, although he has one, I would the Universe studios, maybe like a year or two ago, she's was seventy two time fearless hands up, that no choice but to go on and keep my eyes cloaks and you hold in order at ball mercy, but now I can shores of lake doesn't see see, that's why we don't need to be only an angle on any type of risk. Zero did us its flags to write what you sit in the front cod are using. I do I love is inimical. I was recently alone applied young, Dolly phrase to no fear that cycle, I'm shocked. Did you ever union been shot at had gunpoint on you, I don't get it. Could I got a bad invited like that, need to be no damn right. I love rather only one that, unlike other ones, is spent around an amount that I do not share.
I need to face more adverse. You know where you like. The was fine graduating. Exactly what you tell you there I met. You thought I don't yell echo Larry unemployment. You only have had to stand in for four displayed in line at a ride. I never had a ban in line at unemployment office after being on TV in Wendy Williams show all right. Yeah, maybe later downright yearning to create more work. That's why you're my pain, put em scary movies unemployment before by other users, could go online and do it. I'm gonna have to go stand of the line of the moral of the story of his was levelled at sight. Now about whose game arrived last front, page news, now we come back, we gotta talk the biggest boss, Ralph Loop. Now when he was yet another day. This is what he said, but about a female
How is that, like? I know you did than dabble by differing ideas that other female wrappers by you know. I never did it because our ways start like I would end up in the female business ass. I thought you still got a bloody switch. You know you know. She's gonna spend so much money order photos. You gotta die right. Will a very upset about a common area that I laughed can we could discover. There there's a whole entire interview where he actually that I get that way. I later all right: were asking. What do you think what you think about what he said the wide open, eight hundred Friday. Five, one o five. What do we give opinions that we always remember we come back on the right? Is the breakfast locomotive body is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a girl. We are the breakfast club now
earlier in the week, resources or the breakfast club and people a lot of people pissed off point what he said, and this is what is it about a female wrapper, how it felt like. I know you dibble than dabbled, with different ideas that other female wrappers by do not another deal, because our always start like I wouldn't of female business ass. I thought he stole my really gotta, be honest with you know. You know she little girl of Sweden is almost money order, photos you gotta, so we ask in eight hundred five a firewall or fire wall. What do you think our people have said today laughed regional labs because rouses very honest about something guy, usually on honest about not only. The auditors acknowledging a weakness. He has. He specifically say he wouldn't female odd, because he doesn't trust himself not to try eating when a woman that he employs he said verbatim now it hurt business. Is that if you would the only way a woman can fine me as if she s sexual me
a woman and she doesn't have sex with me. I'm a dropper, the NASA problem, but what he said to me that was inappropriate, but what we have to tell you about it. My acted as an academic, and I had that idea. Also in China really close, and you don't have a relationship like that. Rightly very sexy she's very June average. I know she you know you know situation with somebody. There was a big homey, my city, new, I'm just as you know, one Those those if you you rock will want to my home- is almost spare you. So he was that you were they work with three. Ninety has embryo Annie said he was a young girl that was up and coming wrapper and not try to sleep. Would he also said that you would try to have?
between a but he wouldn't be cut out? Bridesmaid Mariano was a personal friend day is growing eyebrow that point as love is now like. I would never work within a moment. What was I did, light will rule out any would be able to regulate what that's his opinion and as he does, a business are. Rather he be a broad and say this is this is what it is. I just omega another thing you can't go on business of a female. School because you want to smash, especially if it's an odd is because you actually investing in origin buying, clothes and you will not make a bit adhered to get there. Many bad! I don't remember, leave him by the way, I believe, regresses a business man and if a woman, in Amerika if Kennedy became and with you I want to be part of empty, I dont think rigorous is gonna. Turn it down I now invite await as his issue now approach, the problem. He was expressing right and act like some men. Don't think like that is laughable, clearly wrong noses wrong right as well as what he say. That's why he said he doesn't do it. He said it would hurt his business so obviously dinner. Issued it, but I'm not a woman and on that of set at any woman. It does
said about it, but I grew up be raised by the wisdom, a guideline Christmas and the new, the matter is allowed at times when a guy is being nice to you in a guy is buying stuff real he's expecting something region. Can we play some of these great with them from Chris Rockville quickly ban ninety already daughters operate all. Could I can happily at all I mean I do we would do if an animal is buying. Things is because he is trying to expand its youth is either when you're not obligated to do anything that you don't want to do tat. I m now boughs, and now they are the man. You can say man I wish, but as you can't and now, where are the poor people were drawn up above our complex, try to compare it to its just like when you say put my in the champagne. No, it's not but Molly is embodies reappearing, you're, taken away somebody's pow of choice, twice, first of all for recourse to say this, I. Why do I write- and I would like to the girl and still they know and like Us-
if you decide, you know what I'm a drop you could you don't want to have sex with me? I'm not gonna sign you. Could you know what I have said to me, the NASA Ronald, that's the issue. What you say you know, I'm sorry, I'm just be an honest. You gotta be thou window, took it up, I feel like I would want to have sex with her. I would have secular and I'll be bad for business. With the support of the four lines, allows is promoting good morning vector for my anyhow. You got there as a go abroad? What do you think about Russia statements? A you know why people gotta stop being so sensitive. First, all you know cause that's a natural instinct, there's nothing wrong with that. He'd study, somebody's women he's prepping them up. They look or disabuse before so here he could think about this when he has to act on it. Dad you flip a call. You flip the coin about these don't you think that want to have a baby promotes now they want to get involved with them. Of course they do not need so many Georgia. Almost somebody mother, I lay there used to be a bathing that very well. Are you not yield? All you want. Do you wanna be secure? Yes, you I am secure someone I dont really needs.
By anybody to beyond a cure now for many women have we really are more now. You are largely unregulated baby girl, Bobby's darling. I love you. Let me put the coin. Some of these women are very sensitive. The thing is that you see all these fine looking here, their finest hell yeah. You want a bank of all, but he does. It is his statement stopping so sensitive. All these women are a thing or two men, and you know that come on the company, the guide alone he's doing good up here. Man They come down now right degree, opinion daddy, but by what he said, he said Dolly by rising Bobby's, murdered it out alone, maybe those Marta eighty five a firewall or via
Are we talking about Rossi statement? He was on a breakfast club earlier this week. This is what he said about Athena wrapper. How I felt like I know you did Than dabbled with differing ideas that other female wrappers by you know. I never did it because I always thought like. I would end up in the female business ass. I thought you still really gotta be honest with you know. You know she little girl of Spain is so much money order, photos humans, gotta. What are you? They call us up right now, with the breakfast club come on board, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are. The breakfast club averages join us we're talking about Rick Ross nurse people were pissed off with him on social media. He was,
here earlier this week, and this is what he said about a female wrapper, how it felt like. I know you dibble than dabbled, with different ideas that other female wrappers by do not another. Did it because I always thought like I wouldn't of female business ass. I thought you still really gotta be honest with you know. You know: she's gonna spend so much money order photos humans, gotta. So we ask in eight hundred five eight five one o five one. How do you we'll about roses, opinion and what he said now you would have play. The only way a woman can sign with me is if she had sex with me. If I sign a woman- and she doesn't have sex with me on the drop up the nest I remember what you said to me is a problem because that's his issue, that's I personally fails. He was expressing that you know I We don't want to sign a woman, because I can't control myself.
Several owners essentially agree. I mean, I think their way of thinking is foulon raw meat. Coming from a god of the due respect, the honesty and his company, you get pretty much higher, we was I I just don't like it. If my daughter's dope and she's a great artist you're not going to sign a because you might wanna fuck, but but wouldn't you like to know that the sea or would accompany feels like so you could tell your daughter, you know others go somewhere. We, your actual tally, ties it and it will be appreciated. Right. Other means having grasses he's missing out ass, a great many esa and I'm great artist is great armies. Acknowledging a weakness is specifically said: he wouldn't sign of e mail order because he doesn't trust himself. I will go to the full. Allows is land over land. Are you said you were spent what he says. My respect irish Maspero were run, the debate is keeping an eye on. You know where you got eyes in sheep and you more round everyday natural Mammy wriggle out of the Tokyo each other. You don't get it.
I go out. Beggar now. Would you say to keep learning by now? I think you allow you know I was in my name. Is gaudy golden? What do you think about Rosa statement? I think TAT the one who feel bad as well as a female myself in it and I'm even I usually with well. I think you to give us a chance we all have our own flavor and we also bring things to the table other than being a video dancer are being being that girl. That's in the video shaking, at any rate, was media. Not now go beyond human can negotiate. Would you want to sign, would somebody who praised. We would have no let up any is other girl doubt it. I probably wouldn't You know being a part of a team or the girl? Could that be linked to his music? I towards me with me: you know,
I cannot add nature, but let em now applying for you now a mug alone. I was a sealed and I had a picture of female it is our biggest email address either, but not because it is because female orders to expire what a male Addis all you gotta do: paper some genes and TIM's so sneakers anyway teacher and I'm you know me- I was gonna- be four make up you gotta do here it more division, embodied VOX, he brought little came a lead times last seen it all enough to other Porto arouse. Was there too, like old pensive? having guys really do feel like they spend money on you and do a nice things for you there. Title the origin That is a stupid way of thinking in his dead wrong, but dad not a guy and by the way he does have a hare. Caroline, I'm sure he can figure out ways to mixed those two things together. You have a woman s, ideas that you get some ambassadors for you here, This all kinds of ways to get endorsements and cries promotions. Soda cause doesn't rely on you to be able to assume explosive where even even to do do show measure
They come in here will come in here we would would beards have here, have not, by becoming once a week that does not allow twice a week of my illustrious refers bud, allow anything over. Is it Ross the right idea about how people ever bigger he put him was avoided temptation right. There is really a thin. Now I know they are rather daylight now made very unpleasant. Not he d go ahead without the all out by Miss morale, let there be no able to talk with Burma. He paused and serve only knows full well, she could say today and any given also saw the Navy blue bail out, would he say anyone heard business. He knows his weaknesses Ryan I saw somebody say yesterday, you know you
I acknowledge that the onus on the girl- and I know he's not he's been alone- is on himself in his and he's the problem in this situation. Not the young, lady, side he's the problem, so you don't want to Oz himself, to be alone, trouble by putting themselves in a situation that he came and he said that he said he the pragmatic and agree with it. But this is his business and this is what he wants to do. This is his company. In the end. He feels that way. I respect earnest like some may not think like that is laughable. Clearly Ross noses wrong. That's. Why is eighty I didn't do it. He said it would his business? Why proudly didn't have? as you did but, like I said, I'm not a woman is a shocking to make. As I always the Democrats as a business person, and I always felt like his money would come first. So in a situation our fear leg, if he could make some great money up over art, is thus a woman. He would do it. Do you know of unthinkable, Somebody see old. Now, in some of the decisions they may vote, whether was allay red allegedly or
God he would show Anti god you listen to what I think are less does act without I'd like executives. Don't conflict has obvious chazy in shanty. It was somebody else I was thinking about this morning. Who are the o Jimmy, albeit in the cold, Did you buy whatever they wanted to disarm Iraq? Are you married Fanny, Mattel a ban would argue that moves in like rules this it would hurt businesslike. I get business, I got. You know whatever Jennifer Lopez and cast a smile. Could it happens the other way around, who once again if you would have said it Rick Ross, who said the only way a woman can sign with me is if she has sex with me or if I sign a woman and she doesn't have sex with me, I'ma drop her then to me, that's a problem. But he said to me it was laughable right where we are rooms all away. Let's make a positive and let's talk about something as deaf carriages did for a fan. Alright, we'll get to that. When we come back, he Balochistan Purpose locomotive breakfast
The report is the Reul report, whose glove attempting Grady teamed up with homes for our troops and use on a view. Anybody our house for its him burkhard for his mom and his twelve year old daughter with a handicap accessible home. Yes, great xo item. Is a disabled veteran and hears what happened on the show? I'll be here when you guys. I heard a lot about your family and about your story and her to be able to celebrate your new home, for your family is what it's all about September. Carried out house. Instead of giving them a pay. Sneaks stance,
both because they are rather those needed visa. I write word things I wasn t happened when I see a bad, and that was a great thing that of course, I did now. Michelle Obama made her first public appearance. Well, the first appearance, as far as I could paid appearance, and that was that the women's Foundation of Colorado, thirtieth anniversary Fund raising celebration, and this has, since you left, the white has the first thing that she's done and she actually answered the and there were no phones allowed by the way, no videos- nothing like that. So you're not gonna, see video of this, but they asked her what cut her the deepest and she said the shine. The cut me the deepest were the ones that intended to cut knowing that, after eight years of working really hard for this country, there are still people who won't see me for what I am because of my skin color ass. She was referencing that incident when the West Virginia County employee called her an ape. If you guys remember that now she also talks about empowering girls from a young age. She said a lot of that falls on
the case, and if we want girls and stand, we need to rethink how we deliver education teachers. A kind word can mean the world to a young girl. God bless Michelle Obama and the pleasure of meeting her early at issue. Yes, you an answer. My funeral in Age Martinez at her college signing day she asked us to participate in. It, isn't me and made let her afterwards, but I need a fine action I personally to phone right that you remember certain things to get in your head, that somebody that you admire might have said to you. A teacher might have said to you. Somebody might have encouraged you made. You really feel like you can accomplish something. So when somebody's young, though things really do me. The last year. Could I Beverly remember about who told me I was alone amount to nothing when I was young now's encouragement to me at the kind of motivation I like networks, too. I went each year like just one teacher that, with like ass, she hated. I ride Sierra Marie. She is talking on dirty little secrets. Although women are are talking basin,
We about Levin have happily there Maria little shouldn't be in the same sentence and no capacity Go you aunt talking about the procedures that she had done now, according to a little affairs all the women on the show have actually gotten. Work done in Cuba and little everything we're doing. A member who, dear me, nice girl, you miss Nicky Baby, had her nose in her breast Dan and she made her way solo smaller. Can she said when she was younger. She had a button, half means, but she got some of that fat removed as she got. Older, Hazel II has had to nose, jobs got abreast lifted guy both tax and she also got her vagina. I guess rejuvenated, princess love, messy girl, Erika they buy had breast implants. Now here's what Sierra Maurice had happened to her onset-
It might have been leaking, but it was leaking fat. You know what I'm saying like it wasn't leaking no fake prosthetic, but I still got a nice ass and you better know. It said she had a brazilian butt. Lift you didn't have anything prosthetic and while she was on set, there was some leakage now, according to call executive producer on love, hip hop Hollywood trivia, she said a little booty leakage. Onset is actually pretty common on the show. Had a couple: a cast members who are pumping up their hinder parts with whatever they were putting in them, they would come to set and they would be leakage on the couch is on the back of your jaw. Is it all about? Not whether legal or fat abilities were now gang event, Kara, booties wet can work up. You know. A lot of preparation today would mean bleak. Sexy armoury said it was a moment of fat coming out. The fact is that, without way, terror? Marie? I was not used to be a big Jane, have been big before a sweat and aim of leakage. Fettered fact is comes out is also known leak. I know that happens.
Marine and gained a whole lot away. Would you leave our noses? You fat and she was sweet net, a known fact league it? What are you talking about? Why does I had my own desires? Moody's way tiara Miami in acquiring, so what are they produce? There is. A lot of people have had that issue. A lot of the women who have had their beds done have had leakage, onset, really Would you gotta discharge if he was a warm now it's leakage from up your but fat? I didn't know that was side of foul Kagan believed done needed any the second approach. I need to talk to my that the american leak right. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report and you guys are disgusted with small. Yes, sometimes his but leagues, essential food, but leave that serious, nor does it does not make it I don't do listen, cable agenda.
Haven't you become infernal going on. We would like to have a word with her bow. Ok right will you, Give you down Gaeta Caitlin Data. We come back. You belong to breakfast locomotive, I was born and I don T mean tat breakfast I gotta go. They allow the boy you. Finally, why don't you David thirty July? Twenty seventh goes the Caitlin gin and now yesterday us eleven, and Chief Donald Trump tweeted that the United States government will not accept are allowed transgender individuals deserve in any capacity in the. U S military. This is disrespectful
another like this isn't even worth of press conference. You was in news like this in it, We must remind me when I went to see the trash ass movie, God Batman versus, submit an age reduced justice, leave any email attachment, just we got introduce via an email, attachment and transgender got told a can't, be military vetoed it now. One thing I have learned. Is that what celebrity in chief sends out tweets like this he's trying to distract us from something else in this is clear, big, shiny discretion from Russia Gate the talking peace down a trumpet getting louder is more, more evidence Mount to Detroit campaign collude with Russia to interfere with the election I mean come on. We are your identity has nothing to do with whether or not you can defend his country. I dont believe for one second, that what you are the via keeps you from doing your job and a military beyond which yourself, ok and also be out of a dissolve in safety so before yesterday I never thought of range in the military never crossed my mind,
Furthermore, we might have an opinion about who protects and served his country by joining the military, because guess what I'm not going to salute though there do in those that want to, because I dont want their responsibilities. I don't care what kinda you identify as if you won't I, via the member to military. Do your thing now: Caitlin JANET his transgender tweeted out there are fifteen thousand patriotic transgender Americans in the. U S, military, fine for all of us. What happened to your promise to protect them as soon as that tweet without Caitlin was hit with the. Why because Caitlin Vodafone Donald Trump Violet flashed back to the time when Caitlin spoke with Don lemon about her supportive Donald Trump. We need to turn this country around he's a guy that I think for better worse. I don't support him in everything that he does, but we need to shake the system up. You know to have career
politicians constantly the Clinton's and in other bushes, run this country, I'm a kind of, and we need to get outside that box and shake things up again. Clearly is a thing when someone shows you who they are believe them. Okay, what's that quote is a quote. I saw the sign on Linda Sarsour. As page yesterday, sweetie Linda Sarsour. It said the first. They came for the communists and I didn't speak out because I was communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn't speak out because more a trade unionist. Then they came Jewels and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew, then they came from me and there was no one left to speak out for me. That is the position people I Caitlin dinner in right now, because you sat back and watched his guide Trump described, made against women. Muslims magazine in and nodded his you, you wanna be offset Caitlin don't be set up, a problem that you contributed to. You voted for him. These repercussions of your actions.
Caitlin was on save my other night. I believe in you had this to say: I'm not one issue butter and obviously I know I'm not stupid. The republican party does not do the job when it comes to equality, and the entire algae BT community. The Democrats are better there, but all of a sudden he gets in office, and one of the first thing he does, which you never should have done, is repeal the title line for equality for Trans people, and school? Ok, few things to unpack number one Caitlin said: she's, not stupid. Yes, she is ok, that's the first thing and I will tell you why stupid. You not a one issue voted, but when one issue is you and what you are should not be the issue before anything else, your personal well being your personal rights that should be number one, and if democratic, better at algae, BT rights and republicans- and you are a member of the algae, be taken why. Why would you vote against your own personal self interest, Donald Trump yesterday? we did that the United States government will not accept are allowed.
Transgender individuals serve in any capacity in the? U S military Caitlin, you'll volt cause. Then you help get this man elected and he gave you exactly what you voted for. The question is: why did you go Fourthly, we view Caitlin, JANET busier America. Give it give us was moves on an amateur saying to you. Really We you gave me ah Alright, thank you for that donkey of the day. Now we come back. Ask me eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you, you could call her right now, if you need some relationship advice to help you out with all your problems, phone lines open the number again, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call us now. It's the breakfast club
What have you as DJ envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago? We are the breakfast club. Now, Four ascii eight hundred froggy five one far one allows this morning and how are you guys? Angie me, energy, a lovely blue name, Angie automatically. I love you fool. I wasn t that everyone in the way courts for Angie? I'm gonna point between the true I've been where one man about five years, often non and he's all my son. No, I kind of another guy and between while we were often on, and I and I don't.
When it here, we ve been often also like three years now can't talk now, because they both one of fixed term mistakes. They both want to be with me, but let my loyalty, and only through one person- and I just don't know whom I should give my also well, what do you like better on what mistakes did they may cause? You said they both want to fix their mistakes. Ok, for the guidance I would pay for five years. He cannot cheated on me. He can't you doin you how many there, but he felt, in other words to her now. It was just like a pop up. I'd like a prostitute type in thought. That for Canada has me in all my later, he hired a prostitute, yeah kind of like he felt he never got to the location, but I saw the method
I thought it play out in also another stupid, you're telling me you never made it, but for me made their matters have messages. You were looking through his death, his phone now I can't say bill on time of four years that I went, though his born was the day that I found out only because my woman provision, for me something is not right and he made the mistake and left his phone online. And I went away, and I found what I know already in my heart. Oh yeah. I left him in the day in the moment and in all other minds, eight miles people put persistent and he thought my son no thought I in on didn't want to keep my son away from that use them you stay with him because of your son. He asked because my son cried inform me that he wanted his family back, but that's not his dad right along. Ok, now tell me
The other guy, the other guy gray in our youth crime and genuine, and he in all has his insecurity is like any other man why he is willing to fixes mistakes now and his mistakes are his insecurity head on security and not coming around when he shut up than when I tried to kind of include him into me. Am I find you not falling him, but I'm a package deal at the time he kind of had Kofi navigated, a woman with a child, and then one can about various. He cannot fell back then either fell back and I'll be ok. I want then maybe another woman for you and I respect that. Will. Let me talk to me
but over the last month, or so he's been like sending me flowers than calling me and you know, having like his phone call me in environments like barbecues wanting to see me on wanting to talk to me and as much as I beg Nord him. He just doesn't go away so fills me like. It seems like you like this second guy, where, but he just wasn't ready to be- that committed women and to her son and the first guy you wanna be within just because your son is comfortable with him in and like them, and because we have for much history, boy, I've loved. So much with this guy. You know I have a hope of potential for him because I know he's capable of, but I don't know if that's enough for me to want to stick around
for another five years. Save you gonna, get it together, Riker. Sometimes we sit around and we wait for somebody to live up to the potential that we want them to live up to and they never do fray and I feel, like I'm colonel wasting my time and my son time and you know he's not the best man, but I feel like he's gotta figure, and this is what I think I think you need to be single right now. Because you're not sure what you want to do, and so in order for you do not have to make a decision right now. We need to be single that way. You can data second guy, some Morrissey. If you really like, I'm really care about him, give em a shot, and if you don't, I don't think you should have to set up a somebody just because you guys have history, so you need. I agree, has united this base right now, when you ve been made up your mind, I don't know if you ever want to be with either one of these guys. I raise its time, you're, not being you're, not pressed to have to be with anybody right now. Right, yes, unknown was the pressure. They don't go away and another guy that I was the second guy I
he's gonna crazy guy girl. Why would you wanna be? Was somebody crazy Did you even? Doesn't somebody like day is a no like those gonna get when I got my name tattooed on him, the whole name, but you like that or no I like crazy I'm a little crazy myself, but you know is polemics and we ve had this conversation previously, like all other stupid idea and honour as to why you wanna hadn't did it used by because you made an impact on my life and I will always be a part of me. So is like Angie. You don't need to be in a relationship right now. You need to be single. You need today iron of either. One of these guys is for you are now, but you're not decided, which means don't make that decision on crime, and so you feel sure, ok, I rail no problem It has had a wonderful morning. Use efforts on. I guess I'll see you guys, but I'm so excited about, listen to you guys every morning and I never get through Angela. You are the best love you two Angie irregularity or I ask IE eight hundred five, a fire one o five Juanita up now is to breakfast lagoon
The jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club where enemy of, as gave you got a course of IE eight hundred five, a five one, o five one allows. This may disagree on Colombia, a Brittany which, of course, if ye I won. T I being Hetty by a lot, has been said: the boy for an after tat, the boy why their petty the boys they acquire dated actually met, and it's already been agree about. People were not at first but the boy- and I beg our entire mama- were listen. If you are entitled to their, the judge would decide that a currency that is petty get it, but why did you I saw? How long will you marry it'll be who years next month, but we ve been separated for over a year and a half said I hereby everywhere a few months literally feel only together for like for what happened. I really don't
I think that the media came into point our relationship and it appears that it at wasn't where he won't be any more with me. And I ve is not what you want to be: and I let him I re- I mean yeah. Camp? Where somebody's they they don't want to be there right right, and I think that it was going to be detrimental to our we demand an Iphone later. If I had tried to force something for them to be where he didn't want to be our ideas very Adele, a mature view and daddy page ass, a boy he ok. Now you want to get any supports you. Why
well, what is your lawyer laying well he's he's saying that is a good start, but if it does not go well because we weren't married that law and we actually do any the less again because we were living what our pants for three months after we got married and when I bought a how he can only for one and a half, so you're not gonna, get my spanish word anyway. Even if you do get right, though it may strained relations a coherent, let you have a good life right now. I don't know why this is a good chance. I don't? U make is worth it to me. Has not aiming on be any amount of money to make a different. You guys were uneven, marry that long. He pays child support. You have a good co parenting relationship. Just let it be am you'll, be happy yourself, go out there and get some good karma you're right. I write you Thelma, you no problem, Brittany NET mature women. She said you don't wanna, be here, I'm not gonna force him to stay, as is not good for our relationship, and I want to make sure he's there for my son.
Key eight hundred five, a firewall or far. What have you got a course for you. You could call higher any term. May you be governments on the way he has left a bath live in some money. Now some finances find out who's, vestment for less than one million dollars turned into a twenty five million dollar profits, alright, we'll get into all that will become. I keep allotted to breakfast programmers morning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club, muskets rule assault, Lebron James, with his cloak and following the brine and his investment into blaze, pizza, which he invested in two thousand twelve he invested, less than one million dollars, along with his business partner, maverick Ponthieu Changeful abroad and his Finanza adviser, and turns out now that less than one million dollars
Vessels has turned into twenty five million dollars. In addition, since that has taken, the business is worth thirty five. Some forty million dollar. Why, according to sources cause? That's gonna, also include endorsement payments, anti has a partnership with Larry Levy who runs franchises in Miami and Chicago for him thought about it. A great investing any good in Amity may one day as when these old eads by great apple, he made thirty million, offer that taken that as well. So I wonder, would treat all and for her alarm, I think about of Lord rather shavers. Have bogs given involving board is adequate Ojo now, according to maverick maverick settler bright, and I have always been about finding companies that we truly believe in and put real money into them, we're not talking about putting in fifteen or twenty thousand as real money, plus the expertise. Understanding and now is that we bring as well as bringing the bronze name and Mister Parker, relax Maverick, not those of
that can only invest fifteen twenty grand array. Jordan, I got on the people are getting rid of residential map. We do, but I'm everybody thing is. If you have a company and Unita real Investment plus some it's become highly gear. By about one lousy, my honour harder and more yes, a real investment leaves ok, you got some negative It is hardly brown on those of us who can avoid, invest Marian valid uncertainty, but obviously the brand can afford to invest seven days. But here the investment team is not just him as well as by always tell people. You should always try to form these financial but my friends and I actually doing Windsor by vacation home me as some of my girl, putting out money together to get a vacation, when a goose Basel abroad, but that's what we asked have been researching, where the best placed the balance that we could ever be a weirdo very, very no european that is made man is a group of vessel
now. Your share, you gotta, let me stay for free. I had him about that. Take the fakirs anonymously care cry. You go places all the time for free right here. Right now, J C, according to according to figments, had told them to take a day off of his album. Now vague men, As you know, it was a two thousand fourteen double itself freshmen. By the way to a great now he had a force on E P, called the manuscript Eddie put out to get ready for his official debut album, which is coming out tomorrow. The autobiography and daisy men toward him on this album, and here is what he said, happened hoboes, because somebody to tell me when the poor bad though, a situation where I had a line that I said something those kind of decent somebody else, and it wasn't necessary and I just wanted it. Has it wasn't good bye? You not played a form hit me thinking, but he was like me and you know I think you should take that off of there. For this reason, and so I went and I tried- and I didn't like none of the alternatives and I'm like man, you know what
keep that on there and he told me what you doin won't work out in your favour, because your heart is not in it. Other back, she was already another came, all came, we demand and Morocco. He's right, only mouldering yards and like an electric men's. Allow me I can't wait to get to that. Gets it automatically in a very hard to get off, therefore, for Ford or tried to Dublin dabble in other projects, like I like twenty one Zalm alike, to Jane Place, I was, but I like make me Zalm girl, but I've been culinary overflow when I'm into Devereux turning the vigorous tomorrow, I re well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report by right. Thank you. Miss ye up next to people's choice mix. You wanna hear something: eight hundred five, eight five one or five one at also shout to revolt. We'll see you got some more
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