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Today on the show we opened up the phone line to see if any of our listeners relate to Lil Mo, after she spoke on bringing her husband in to fight her battles when it comes to beefing. So we wanted to know if any of our listeners got in an altercation because of their spouse? Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a Florida College who sent out 430 mistaken admissions and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Hi there I'm sack wrath and I'm gonna phase on we're real life best friends. We met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and GDP on the sitcoms grubs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to re watch the series one have pursued at a time and put our memory, into a podcast, you can listen to it home. We're gonna get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lawrence editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us about. By the serious and how we became a family. You can listen to the planned cast fake doctors, real friends with second, I on the high heart, radio up apple podcast and wherever you get your blog cas.
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Gradually and shall remain the garb of a rapid, forbids the voice of the culture wash like one of my baby shows just because I always keep you re right now, but there were a bear on paper there. You know their listening further back than at present. You won't say: you'll do yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO. Yo morning, easily minorities Anti Charlemagne gas supply is yes, it's Thursday was happening. Was governor, yes, assented to amend its sale. I went to her aid, be our special has come
on Saturday. They had a screening for it. Yesterday I did the queue any, but the man who says I been we draw Bob demand to search out a man to see Saturday Annex B unpleasant. I don't like the power like the hype, anything about like for people to see things for themselves to her, but I wanted to table a couple months ago. I d say fields that are taken It amounts to the navigation, an audience her special. She would tell you it is really directed for black women anybody else, Welcome, of course, to enjoy, but there's a lot of things. I think the women really connected within the audience that we all have to go to a collective anybody hurt anybody is welcome, moves to enjoy. But you may not engage make you feel is heard, but in a good way and what has come out I sat with her power to at ten p m, o gunshot emails, eels may still be. No one will be taken tomorrow. Yes, I'll, write energy costs. We will? Listen enjoy minutes middle child that you guys here? Yes, what you guys think I like it. I like www them
I got out of his mind- was tough Jack. All of the timber going around me is the TIM Duncan around and what are you going to do what they want? Only eleven. Nobody can. Actually, you heard you heard Taylor the kind of whom you do. If you don't know demagoguery, Above all, you probably would think. Doesn't this but Jake all the big fundamental it gives you bars beat every time you know it. You didn't, would Jacob every single time only five, fifty every single too well, if you just getting up, let's get to join all we got from payments which ultimately we are going to talk about for other hullo fancier changing their prices. I sell, Five people killed at a central bank and seeping Florida Boca will get into all our necks and if you have an urgent call new joint, let's get it all. Right now is to breakfast club all right that was J, Cole, J Cole to TIM Duncan the rap. The big fundamental throws up every every night, no gimmicks, no trash talking to the bars and beats not a flashy guy and I'll write fix fundamental.
You will get their back or next hour elegance of front page news always talk about you. I think even think it helps us to it and if they want to have the end of the month Rams game replay because of that Miss Pass interference, call they happen in a fourth quarter. They fell like that's. What miss? what what made them lose the game so now, some season ticket holders are actually hiring a local personal injury lawyer to file a lawsuit against the NFL. On behalf of the entire Buddha didn't actually something in the rule book to where they can do that on a bad call. I forgot: what is it so at all, as we get forgot, would do with actual rules could have been affairs could get upset and noted Emily and the power they have a game up. Not your game look provide every game. Replaying pointed out call for extraordinary. Second order should definitely dead and other things. That means, if this lawyer, they would pull it off. I re sad situation, condolences to the families and friends of the five people who were killed at Central Bank and seizing Florida, a gun men who has been
identified as Zephine Xaver is in custody, and they said he entered the bank, which is about eighty five miles north south of Orlando and see bringin just started, shooting twenty one years old, the suspects, and they don't even know right now. What his motive was he's a former Florida Department of Corrections officer. He was hired at the prison guard in November, two thousand and eighteen at the AVA. Correctional institution. He resigned in early January. They said he is a very low profile. He has a facebook page that he started up lived in Indiana. Before I moved to Florida, he only had nine friends there, one photo of himself and the image one of those photos is of the grim reaper. That page has since been taken down, so they are still investigating. He himself called the authorities and said I have shot at five but he describes yes originally when the police came this unknown negotiations to try to get may leave, the bank were not successful, so they had to have a swat team entered the bank and continue those negotiations
How did you get a handle on you, anxiety, gate of like doesn't look at our just thinking the same thing that every time a daughter goes out. I have anxiety, you know yesterday I have zero, four, all old and old, into Europe. They go to daycare. I got to email, a text says come pick up your kids emergency right now, me when I say I got so scared. I know what it was I just get to the school. What happened? What it was us? A smell of gas, was coming to the vote in defied upon me, made everybody Clayton School, but why are they tell you what it is say: that's why you tell us what it is I think about it, but I guess wouldn't be a five year old shooting. I wish those gave nervous. I would get to the school year but ass. The thing, though, is emerging stooge. It absolutely! No dear merge jetted today school sodium fares, ok, now Netflix recently may headline who tell you about the maize in the prices of all their subscribers plans. Now Hulu is actually lowering their packages? Their basic package is going from seven anyway,
five. Ninety nine a month, but they also be making the making other prices like Hulu with LIVE tv, is gonna to be higher by five dollars down a trump he supposed to give the state of the union address next week on Tuesday. Well, that's been shut down to the government. Nancy Pelosi actually told him. No, it's not going to happen until after the shutdown ends. So of course he was upset about it at first, but and now he hasn't released a statement as a down was going on. Nancy Pelosi asked me to give the state of the union address. I agree she then changed her mind because of the shutdown suggesting a later date. This is her. Get it. I will do the address when the shut down is over. I'm not looking for an alternative venue for the state of the union address because there's no value they can compete with the history, tradition and importance of the house chamber. What the commission done again vote, because you must Why don't we go on fulfilment, because what has been over is barely wet. Thirty four days are any Jesus Christ.
Clearly, you know what I mean. Is it lead people get their money. I get back to work and get paid for people who are still going to work, even though they are not getting paid. And that's your when they're gonna get paid, and you can discuss that in How do I get out? I am out of arm if he would have read what if he came up with the money himself, could you just start could construction on the work to be like a freelance project? Let him uses only You hide same who we try to keep out to help build while for cheap there? U, everyone wings and a right where that is your friend. All right get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent, hit us up right now, maybe had a bad night horrible night, or maybe you want to spread some positivity. Eight hundred and five
Five one off I want you to set by now is to breakfast club component. The breakfast club is your job to get it off your just whether your man, what we want to hear from you, wanna bread but allows, is Asia methods are enumerated. Emma ok, good morning none rightly observed mortar Why don't you get it off it? Yes, Mamma! I with my phone. I happy birthday, you tell my anything rang year and you got my phone, ready to call you guys. Have you boy do young you? What's his name, Juliet Juliet happy birthday? How does he today dwell Oda? You? that's a big age. You know come and I'm neck, the big one, three yeah and we're ready for that.
Abby Boy day Julian those girls, your mom out today, ok, ok, ok, ok, Charlemagne TAT! He has been passed me. Oh you from the airport three new noted the aid for three. So much for media is so calm. Uncharted commented The Nedda had his own screen. While I read there last night, while that is That is what I'm just telling people you is is a Ivan Weed and happy birthday. You now writing gal migrants and I believe that your men about from Indonesia, Z segments in my birthplace now will not for one moment that love magnet morning a good morning wishing aim, I gave me halo What's Goin on Salem, hey, I'm good, I'm thinking of the weather, but I want to talk about Are you a worthwhile good? Yes, I'm due to you gave of gay pride.
Read the interview yesterday, which was a great enemy. With almost everything noticed the back to her, but when clear said Don t you by the way I do. I imagined it pain how they will cannot condemn, ran out of me. I would you say if I don't know, declares guy, but I did see we're clear of politics. Our little mobiles yesterday, ass, clean ass, his boyfriend island is still required. Claire has said they know when she was- and he said I thought you was cited. This whole time. Could member low more yah Girul record that one point five Is there why young boy may get low misconstrue? I don't think you don't know what to monitor these two men, who do not know who is trying to play is definitely thing. Is eighty eight eighty nine ninety saved her from its. Although I did not know you are you are you normal come young are really did know you work while the water.
You have all you sometime, I don't know we had a very easily be a new initiatives. Now get lonely data survey, the area which will subsequently be I was abroad Charlotte. Lab. We love, we love what that were a be amended if Cavy TGV Forty eight May what's away Adrian broader eighty are brought him then away where Would you know what had I asked what he loved, but he put it on deaf ears. God. You're do realise that a bee last revising laws to of many at a draw. Would one right. Buddy thing happen is not like you to add value. I wanna know way away for a be right. Now you Molly baby. Could box would be the big bugs in starting the world simply because of his communication, we can backs Buddy Jesse.
Did you try something that really would win. Debbie would wait here, a late night, long language, none of you, if you, if you, if you have you told one point around you ain't a boxer. That's what you do, one pointing it out of the EU to set out the eternal they need to do the work. Therefore, Euro, guys now, in the light of day, he lost his last three fights with all its logical, and I like a little more than even get to fight a map work, because his talk game because he can hide things up is a paper. You have been a bit of a budgetary rigour. Numbers will see where you can wait for minimum, maybe pop up and then form every fibre get off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent it is up now with the breakfast club good morning, the breakfast club, refugees are the main from you. Wanna breakfast club on your law. No, you are high, but no you I've tried.
Darwin agreement Bob Ray boldly? I know it, I mean we ve been waiting for you in a second wanted. You said, Rapporteur clues Basel II com, if we just like the real is back into Jake on drought, music area, the rolling back the biggest a big day call Van laborer loaded Charlemagne. You get it back don't talk me and they d. You know you can get anything. I think you're gonna be sorry. They Jake onto TIM, dug in IRAN, do what you d better, keep keepsake already of Asia humanitarian aid, but let me Jake, I think, all of tat carried by knowing I know he's not I'm not gonna. Let me know if you know anything about basketball, you would know. That's not a did TIM dug in one for championships. My brother, when you talk about it, wouldn't that ETA availability of keeping me they you, maybe Adrian even minutes out TIM dogmatism. Is this sort of a middle shout
embarrassingly good decades, Duncan arrived big, fundamental cab. Now then, without oil they got a bit of the system so that we all we all love. You probably know the fundamentals of your papa jig will not give you that it does. To put it in a word, I have no doubt of it, just one the morning. Gomorrah annually, on my way Now my brother, what I've got I do not want to give my dad you. You got a big day about one or two cobra last week, nobody and they were talking about getting the real day. You may get better look Baobab Oakdale drowned over with rob. Eleven were not looking to close down scenarios.
Is that they will rise the most and fastest get worked up about the you did all get that did you. Do I rejoice at the building up, or are you not without our divided worldwide got my job, but we would have been right now. It more by you gotta get that dialogue. It would you bear you, you think they're gonna rather They have their. However, good old Bob Bob, you don't know what they are: bad Baker, potentially avoiding the other area of an air of other really light area during their homes were dared to put up with that will set out, as it will put, the people are aware at least suggest get work without doubt was that of the jury is a lot of different areas. How would have would advise there asked why fly called below Mozilla com What you got a live, all, let you go out the work yourself, What I do is all you know. There are nine hundred
Ah, the dollar the? What have you, even though the research of the Algarve you'll, be able to get back to work out a whole may only need a few thousand out or are relevant you know in law raw you come out of. You know tat, well thousand dollar, and now you have a home and you get yourself Kickstarter, I'm only granted to pray for people old money that loud, but when there are part of rules for Europe, a comma homeowner, you don't worry. If a win win situation, you put yourself in a position to be a landlord. You put on one open traditionally, the hall and never you get to feel Kickstarter delegated with you, but I'm just their overall people. Their boards bought out that occur without detracting from the Detroit auditory. Further down the joy, his beautiful deadly come back. However, I believe come back.
Had they been out of doubt about it right now, area they'd be dragged. Well, if you add the love, you now being detained him. I actually have a real estate Missy tomorrow at trust. I'm savvy idea tomorrow or upload whereby member and lad without legal radio bided with no argued with special shot out any coolly, cardinal alone eyes, you grab look up. Colonized Google CO decided Bag, a bipolar world day now now about it was gas tag. Grab that you know really know however, and this may I too call right. Broadway like that, would be a player in a league in embryo players in a league philanthropists daylight battling guys you up
where bad I'd go without Gee. I can only tell you what I went out when I best in bright. I can't tell people about things. I don't those loudly, thus downtown and less dangerous in New York. Second only explained people. What I've this initiative, not I'll, be lines, sounds Ambassador Edison, Emily, nebulous netizen bought at a bit of a great deal together again about there was already a shot at your because I thought I'd be but what they are beautiful under their brother. You oughta the with you in your bed, where did Adam about areas like roll, their bark and grandma death without a joy over not beautiful, beautiful No, you know where you can be mad at him vetoes for you, no one. When you got the beyond his mighty thinks of downtown desolatingly, though, they gave the to say when you gotta be on your mind,
they are down and only logical placed our idea. You get. It obviously has an eight hundred five, a loud one by one. If you need event you get, it is up any time we got rooms and await worth is attacking about others, positivity Leszek, Badge, Aisy and Macneil New Pro, that their launching, also Kevin Doran, find out what he's name for low income students, all right, we'll get it all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast club. Come on the breakfast club dj Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, We ought to breakfast club was happening. Biscuit cities almost talk meet Milly did the Angela eat Breakfast Club, where team a powerful people are coming together and that is to learn their reform alliance. Daisy, make mill and people like pages owner, rabbit graph. Seventy six Colonna Michael Reuben, next CO nets, co ownership,
Both I and Van Jones and others have laws, reform alliance, lotta money, they're, gonna fight to get at least a million people out of jail over the next five years. The focus will be on probation and parole here as what meekness to say little all my life I never could really suit with being imprisoned in. It was never ok with me in to allow myself like my people, I Jesse crass atop. The mighty was like how do you feel the enemy situation I was like is really not talk to Jay. At one point I was like maybe I needed to sit down and light.
My head gather cause. I was low films place in my life. I write daisy ourselves spoke and he discusses why he joined the board and the issue of criminal justice intention. I beat brought to this issue because the celebrity and the agreed useless out the crime puppet really break it up by this work sparked a batch forbidden nation, but the media of amazing progress on from Brooklyn, and this has been a part about life. We all affected bodies- So it's Superman bought and hear. Seventy six is Colonna Michael Reuben, but my voice least voice alone is not enough I want to build the most incredible team, a founding partners, the care deeply about this issue, the walk but significant capital. Guess the issue and also major platforms to use to help shed light to the situation. I love and his great make is a prime example. At things happen to ease of God and work, do you and has become an advocate for criminal justice reforms quickly because of the experience that has been done?
he's using his relationships to actually get things done to create change. So I applaud, and for that you drop one o clock that reform absolutely debate about whether we can impose its something about how he's been on parole for like eleven years as it does the boy How long anybody, politically that elaborate sirens about yea uses thing he just Wednesday at some point like not have to deal with all the bat, an answer to anyone India, with all, and you know, I've, never other mothers. Knowing you got those in a billionaire by Robert Crab, Michael Reuben, doesn't right, Michael Room, like a really didn't, even know how unjust the prison system was until they started, communicating would make when they got into one meets its relations. It was important for communities in coaches to engage with each. Like you, we don't know, learn because we all live in our world, and I owe my and we won't know what else is happening unless we bill with other people. So am I Peter mink is making a website www their privileged to combat prejudicing added on it. I just want to get up probation. I've been on. This is my whole adult life eleven years of asking for permission without Fail,
Van Jones. The ceo Tareefan thing. I think I read that your play respect that too, because Van takes a lot of heat because willing to leg engage. Would trumps administration, you don't seem lead any it S. Favour reaches, goes out and does the work and anti appraisal down attempts and the first Step act into law. So clearly you can't make some changes right here. Right now, cabin Durrant has opened is opening an educational centre for low income students in that's to prepare them for cod is, which is a great thing. He wants to make sure that these kids are able to go to college graduate from college and give them those tools.
This area, so that centre is gonna, be in his home town in Maryland. So congratulations to him who, just over direct of hair brush, classified as tourists, probably birthday, just in case him during your old positivity starboard, the grand opening was yesterday. Their partnership all started back when he donated ten million dollars to start construction on the building that was in February, and the project is his own personal attempting wants to uplift his own community Joker Aurelia Tony Braxton, remember how she lost her ring and it was a big deal. You could find her engagement ring from bad man, as some people were fairly like it was a whole scam to get that insurance money. People are saying all kinds of things. Well, she's got by Cistus Circle alive and explaining what really happened. I did not check it into my luggage occur. It was in my train Yes, I'm among the playing my train cases beside me. I put on the ground, the stewardess it can you put it up and overhead took my ring off, because nothing
swell of their stupid top and where we left off my sister, gotta be than you gotta go. He thought I had to traders and I thought he had it, and so, when we call delta they said, will you need a number I have another. Do you have that we don't have it? I went airport myself and they civil is already set, sent it to the luggage centre, where I see that you should be able to check their do anything viable when you travel and you gotta keep on. You are right, as he says you put it now, everybody was into bulkhead, see new, can't you gotta pull them that you got to. Then you get over the ring. It might be some kind of location dialogues, more added, you put it up in the overhead and for democratic Baghdad runaways as South Africa to begin money she has announced her residency at the LAS Vegas Palms, casino resort. I don't know exactly the details, but she's gonna start that this spring and there s a rebranding, their night club chaos, so they ve also tabs easy cascade and square electric. All gonna be doing these residencies at Vegas in Vegas Robert Bottom,
I've had a methodology, and that is your room reports all right now, when we come back, we got from pages we talk about. Ah, yes, we are going to talk about the saints. Do you think that you can sue because that com that didn't happen? Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, he practiced this global morning, love Firefox morning. Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. Let's get some front page news, always talking about you. Ah, yes, I think about this Eliza now, apparently as some fans white to fill Because of the saints and Rams game they wouldn't have part of it replayed. So the lawyer they hired as a personal injury lawyer and there you have it. I don't know if that's going to work out for them, but they saying that they suffer. Language, emotional, trauma, loss of enjoyment of life and more including a loss of faith in the NFL. I read about this this weekend. I shall try to forget.
The rule, one last thou but rose seventeen section two article one way said the commissioner have the sole authority to investigate and take appropriate disciplinary and are corrective measures. If any club action a calamity, Parliament, Annabel game was the commission deems so extraordinarily unfair are outside the accepted tactics and counted and professional football lab people. A definite. You know what that their game and when I tell you they would dawn things on the fail scream and every people where they arise and ended up going in, overtime and that's how the saints Lotta present affairs at a major effect on the result of the game- and I was you know they could happen in a suitable, rightness sort. If there is a laws, are you get the permission to enforce this love? Let's see what happened right now: Jamie Class she's a thirteen year old girl that was missing, eighty eight days and was found walking down a road in cold weather would no code no gloves. She actually ended up getting the twenty five. Thousand dollar reward money because she saved herself. There was a reward for her safe return.
And now they're giving that money to her. So they said her bravery and strength of truly inspired arts. Members around the world and they wanted to make sure that she got back as she did. Save yourself by escaping our right, at least by people were killed at Central Bank savouring Florida, gunmen, barricaded himself and killed at least five people they're, not sure exactly what this was all about been they still investigating, but they have, If this aspect twenty one year old residents, Zephine Xaver, he is in custody, they don't know yet. If those people who were shot were bank employees or customer, the victims have not yet been identified. Family notifications have not yet been made according to authorities, but he did call the police himself and said. I have sat five people, though the father set him heartbroken for my son. His father's jazz neighbour in Indiana resident and he is higher broken for the victims as well, as was almost impossible not to be anxious in public. In two thousand,
Think of it, no matter where you, it would mean a church anyway school we ve been more like any place. What is people its potential for the short term is the term is nothing you can do about it. Honestly, I write it down on shop, was supposed to give the state of the union address next, we Tuesday, but it looks like that's, not gonna happen. Nancy Pelosi did sat down and she said, and so they sat down over. So are you shut down as well so down a chump said it's her prerogative to do that, I would do the edge. When the shutdown is over. I'm not looking for an alternative venue is no value that can compete with a history, tradition and importance at the House of Chamber Self Nancy Pelosi responded on Twitter. Mr President, I hope I say near future. You mean you will support the House pass package to end the shut down at the Senate. Will vote on tomorrow. Please this proposal, so we can re, open government repay our federal workers and then negotiate. Our differences still stood on the big.
No matter what I do a lot more online begging. You know I can't tell you the last. I've actually been in the big game. You knew that I do not think I mean I'd transfer funds, I pay bills at deposit checks. We must have. I don't even remember when I've been there I got like talking the like the tellers in my town, but not now, since the issue- What is more an incident, my darling, I want this one, the one day All I need is one incident to know died me to change my whole life like ok, right right well as front page news. Now let's talk about little more in her husband call back ok, all right, then it will ownership. The day and dna we're talking about an incident in Cairo low, more got him into a situation, assess how bravely to catch a fate. He d better, be careful because then one of the boys Suppose it up low Modena, always Romania was begun it well. He got a fake coming
and I'm a little worried about your joy. Now still gonna be explaining how he's never marry. I could get out, there's some heavy good. I go home to premeditated slots, outages chill. So, let's open up to four lines. Eight hundred fathoms one in five, women has significant other ever got you into a altercation like a physical wine or just the argument that could be physical or almost physical, or I mean argument as well. I was I was in a movie theater one day and arm my wife watch movies, and somebody behind was keeping to seek. The girl behind was kicked, facetious, kicking a seat, so my wife, you know first use Lucy. I order was an adult virtue, Socrates forgave sites, and then in order kept doing,
You do know, can you kind of local? We show that a kind of in and then give us what are? You must think again about how they can be a problem in here and not turn around too because on the husband and do look like he was six foot, seven, maybe two! Eighty almost last September, I begin my as walked in here as a babe ass, a baby sure yeah. If you could not sleep again, is on a big to allow you see to do right there, like that. We allow doesn't I'm glad you're honest about Jack, and I encourage all women do not put the man s situation. Unless you know you make a fight somehow Did you make your fight because he is doing
gives you what he really got no job. You gotta go. Why about heavily confide immune? To put me in a dope fiend? I still be passed out right now that they would have been they aren't even about to be with you as an affront to your wife, you weren't giant you dry or look at you grab blackguard. You know that I call on you to have this way. Wards were like you. Was that big mind another door Y got by my dog you age via the doll right. Ok, you write any somebody witnessed founded and put it on when we last these data visa, low jobs about Lord I would add that, wouldn't you live, Abbe lay in a bed nessie light little hands. You don't have regarded as now that a layer that has come about in one month ago to Congress would examine your wife brought in order to move. The devil is very definitely say that and see. What is their job is to protect it and afford a couple
I want to say to our no one I know city a deadly wouldn't want to give them one evening grandma. My way Charlemagne embassies always get a new deadly was whether they be happier girl. That's it you difference. You tell our friends, it is her in the movies. What made you began to fight? That's what I want to know better butter into Packard. What would you do that Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one has a significant other ever got you into a altercation call us up right now, the breakfast club, The breakfast club Everybody is D, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club. Now, if you just joined us, we're talking about little more in her husband call dynamite, K, o ask and, as is difficult other ever got you into all the case you will receive like that happen. He whispered audio, how bravely to catch a fate. He better be careful because
one of the blogs are posted up low Modena. Always Romania was begun it well, he got a fake and that of my little joy still gotta be explaining how he's married I could get out. There's some have a good. I go home to premeditated exit out a judge chill two eight hundred five, a firewall or five when it happened to me when my wife was first dating, we the movies. Somebody behind us was kick in a chair and a movie data ass. She turned ass. She got up to get ready to read while out I got ready to while thou in little did. I know would like a six was six do muscular and I definitely got my as washed ashore american city of frightened. I had no protect, No weapon, nothing, I think you nothing out have been, but despite the auto judgment, has I've gotta hands those areas when the work that they sometimes eight
may I say good enough: you know the bigger they either. How did I thought? Maybe you would it be too laws use cliche regret that your husband, constantly goddamned thing about David and Goliath, new eyes, suddenly is very important to note that our dynamite, local mould husband is a black box. Is a boxing gay yell don't put your man and opposition. Unless you know he can fight somebody. All women never seen you, man, inaction, you just ham talking about what he used to do. What he will do for inaction actually comes in about their lives, tat thing and you may I gotta have because you can move the couch IRAN Liberal I'm. So I right. Ok, that's it administrative undergrowth defuse the situation. I never wear. My boyfriend have again so if I was a hearing The way more angry about things- and I do not remember happens in july- we learn to evade. You- got your man into altercations. Charlemagne. Do you remember
recall his legions of mighty beat up. When not all I don't think it's her fault, but maybe came to tell you that that was not my man number. When a number two that was it alpha, he wasn't all four parties out with some may have their social media popped up on his own. And why she was an admirer of area have yet we better before by that was years ago. I was not. My father did as Vila what what did you beat up to listen because he came in with a whole bunch of people in the present had a issuing him. They had nothing to do with me, I want it. I got really like you to not only get beat up over here and he left me the basketball game, one time to go sit with Jay Z and my cousin May we weren't you ever you and every two goes. There were Keyser Daisy as well as Germany
then you'll get left here. You can see that after the Brooklyn Nets- male global, ambassador, black lace, allows is highly baron errand. Whatever would you in Youtube insignificant other also? Actually I was a while back. I got him a little thought we were out of. Aren't you gonna do about I'll, away from him for ever died. Hidden away in I've been on fire with the guy MAC, nay, and I'm way an indian know, the guy. I decided to make the racial comments about my husband, the guy darted refunding and my husband kindly said who you thought you that he's got only friend over there and I'm the only guy over here. It fell in, and now your husband gotta, defend you and a whole race
I got a friend you at all Indians out there. Now, goodness great Lord, have mercy. Allow Nicholas allow day. What's up man, that's all it's only how beautiful your girlfriend man, oh yeah! I got beat up my ex fiance after two years after high school, she invited one of her Ex boyfriends last year and over Ex boyfriends friends, the group of them invited in her to come up to one of these parties. We went out there where our children stop. There are being called me. While they are noticed, she was very pretty after high school. They are decided by me in her back over to their out. There the party and they all jumping in the living room. Oh me down, they beat me up in front of her almost killed me please to still with You have a great sense of humour about it, though I I don't want. You know a you know. She's, your ex because you lost their fight right now. The child was more. I love you could beat all it old guys than you could have her heart yeah. I try that now.
You love quick low level global way about it. A loving basketball, my getting in spite of your heart by the five one in five women has significant other ever got you into a fighter. Altercation anything call us now with the breakfast global morning morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now he joined us. We had taken. You calls eight hundred feet. If I want to buy one has significant other ever got you into a altercation now comes out a little more in a husband call. Dynamite Kayo, who stopped through yesterday was picked up an audio. How bravely to catch a fate. He d better, be careful because then one of blogs are posted up looming. Then, as I already always, Romania was begun it well, he got a fake
and I'm a little worried about joining now still gotta be playing Kelly's. Maybe I could get out there's some have Google homes and premeditated outages chill and in the case of one of his name, is very important because he's a boxer models is at home that we little more knows when her husband can do a lot of you when you put me on man and situation that you don't need to be in your may. I can't fight discos. You may yellowed you and scream at you and Jack. You up large airports, hole in the wall and Jack. You have every now and then and show you a kick. You don't owe me actually fight another may now allows this. No boy. What, when anonymous.
Between my exit, the flag, so you need you and he wanted to someone preservers very mother on paper because of paper. Was an allowance is clear. I know you didn't. I serve his met, his baby Momsey our similar now and I wouldn't the plan. We can put their programme that we are alone Bronx Brooklyn any would become a there her. The paper relate and I had to go somewhere. Basically, I was over the paper because I would like the last day while the interpreter papers. I went up to her eyes. He had an argument, we know what the pretty each other, We can probably went away to me. I can do I not been a door act over the paper is that, of course you don't there. She found in my car and then we could turn scrapping incited appointed,
but I'm not worried when my car, why didn't integration will be honest with you? You deserted you deserved. Every day I have been a bit What will it do to pick out projects? No more in Brooklyn, knocking on people, don't know damn papers that paves the way by bad backbone, the main argument, do I let go. My air was using my back with no now you can't buy. I was there to jump through as I'm not allow you to buy needed to learn a harsh lesson learned you can't be. Serbia has baby my paper come I now. Even I have to be like you. Gotta do other lapses in those areas. Where do you go there? You have even allows you to do to see J issue Rabbit Man, you use it. If you know the gadget a problem I association, originally from appeared to your right there?
Someone down there, you don't to stay while full of everything is cool, but are you know she gets it all with a neighbor next door? So, unlike you, look around. You know me Sheila, not a word about nothin, I got it so she goes out back your words exchange sheep brunson out from me. I need to go hand in glove with back doors life the whole neighborhood. Do you know my? What am I supposed to do like what you know wave God? Why did those that do not know the irate she's been treated like a bit different doubt? It is waiting for. You now the no more, not actually lonely, without a word. What about that? If she was drinking and then you go outdated and you start trying to defuse the situation and then she call you, and so now you gotta undesirable, to crap
Do you know? What do I mean it's like a debate? Neighborhood, you knows a lot of people, everybody stand up and I'm coming to confuse canal. You probably know who she aggregation without once again. Stop. Wouldn't you man in position to let you know he can fight I'm not going to lie. I can't stand when women do that, like I have friends that do stuff, like where they, every time this has happened. They, like I'm a comma, may my main goal. What Yo S life, w then it have a gallon. Largely Anna consular colony. Why look cancer was am ready, We got a guy Freddie. What have you got a white guy? Why? Guy it's gotta be more open whereby people out everybody gets got there. Your boy, when it was ridiculous but I'll, be limited, I actually wanted to do that. Gonna fight with us try to grow a pretty gives chain. But what about it?
I'm a girl like look like and stuff like that which some cool, but he was about an hour ago, like a you know, stay off their prisoners doing it well, after a goodly left and the Duma outside by his car we were like you're, the one that was an me and like three other people jump the dude we did. You do with ready get that there were like trying to steal a chain at a dip out of their super duper. Gwig learning super duper crazy, but I simply do to shut Charlemagne as well. I just finished his. Audio books which one can, but I got to know in reality. Ok, that's why you're goin era? bearing daddy, really really bad now clear Calvin? How can you go out to you and I wanted to shout out my girl karim- didn't make it I guess I should in the year I'm gonna do that again: ok, barbaric, beggar, gallant! Thank you.
Gotta go was a modest or most stories. Don't put your man in position that he can't win? Ok, unless you know you're, Makin fight, stop saying Gama go get my boy Ronicky I could. Even if we can fight you, never know what somebody got the knife does right through tonight, so sexy where you may, when their fight about awake, Haven't you noisily from Brooklyn, so sexy when you may, whenever ok, I like that I come here. Let me have you fixed in Gaza, the Yellow blue video, the guy we got baby, he was my boyfriend and he didn't wake anyway, they had to go out and the party that evening I would echo what else you, but I note the point: not sixty you are what you did. You have in front of a woman of Jesus Christ. We are almost all away. Yes, let's talk about creating round will give you some updates on what's going on with him in Paris, my goodness, alright keep alive the breakfast programme on
morning. Everybody is the easier envy. Angela ye shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast cloud to save us now: classic tuna absolute drink started from the bundle, listen to everyone, when talking about J calls new joint anybody's yesterday? Yes, What does a command? It's? What you guys think about it, I loved it. Barely Andalusia record, I loved you, meet me Jake Hospital to get out of his museum atomic comes out with some new. Our appreciate is Muse Allison into it this morning, on my way to work three times in a row just catch everything because Adele rugged I mean you know, I really feel J call the TIM Duncan Aurette, you know in when it comes to her poppies, the big fundamental some people think they call is born just like they thought TIM Duncan was born, but he's just extremely fundamentally sound when it comes to step up, and if you think that calling Jake oh did TIM Duncan rather bad, and you don't know, basketball team Duncan is five Times MBA champion to time, MBA and BP three time, MBA final them, BP, fifteen times ass. The
administration, nobody and he wasn't unless you can just wasn't flash and nobody it. I just got the job that Morocco Comp Comparative contemporaries, not a flash guy then he does. He do you say flash lavish outflashing. We would you say, Flash worry me. Flashy kindred is more stuff Currie with the shot I'm confused, I can hear it s got a big kindred. Does a little more finesse and a different type of skill set. What I think food for J calls position. He determined oconnor at all in the TIM Duncan rabble think whose more fundamental thing, but all of us. Immediately upon it. You love does Jake all night embody go on. These bodies are fundamental. You can. I give you a bars in debates as it when people say they don't like is bees? That's what people say they don't like his be selection. That's a lot of things that I would not like his beats election time. Some people think sometimes it sounds a little boy, but he still delivers. That's him Duncan. I write and they gave us out at sea.
Amanda sales, while you guys argue about that, I actually moderating Q and a for her HBO special, which is coming On this saturday I be knowing no indomitable above Amandas yield. Any visa ban, she's very clear on who this movie is boy with the Stanhope, is white or black women and is a lot of things that we can relate to when you watch it. You guys in eleven. When I tell you I was in there and it was I being in charge, everybody was screaming yelling responding, singin along, so it's gonna be greater use. They're gonna, take it. I went to the table. Indigo support Amanda seals using the Negro national anthem. Did you not wearing you know? What's chat about the meagre national anthem always feel bag of? I don't know the words verbatim alone all the where all the words verbatim I dont, but if I hear and I can, like you, know tat you ever you know the Negro national anthem is no better do we have delivered anyway. You know that you are maybe he'll, know nor you a year later, they're gonna want anything.
You want everything is going. Z s eyes. No vote. Only on logistics, dismantling somebody did die arose the Polar Bear, Mary or you're, carrying the coffin in harmony and sing. It alone. You will note a Negro national anthem out you automatically, especially you gave me well, I said sadly, let him Vm Hbo, yes right, our right! Well, let's get into J coals new joint, haven't heard, is called meal middle child him dug in Iraq. Is the breakfast locomotive e g envy
Angela YE shall meet a guy. We ought to break a lot. I love him Bosnia's every color from along, let alone a trauma. We re by Mama law. We gotta Hale, we hardness sisters, babies as well. We killin our brothers, they poison the well distorted self image. We set up the fail Jesus Christ, Robin Clues, That's ok, brief ya! Do not end up with the greatest avoidable, dominate beer, it five time and be well jamming. Do know that as a whole, I bear comparison. He sure, if you know basketball I will look into these rumours that so little more, feeling that this is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club, where once again, your status, some issues. Ok little more, was up here on the breakfast club and she talked about her critique of Queen Azure job, because my uncle who suing her now for stealing his whole melody, but as on you
We all know how Zagreb I know he's got, but there was talk of crazy about my uncle's up. Well, whatever we need to go priests, others are since when is it ok to use this respect, alleges in oh geez? I know not a higher up. That's all we owed she'd treats people routine, treat people a certain way if they find out that you're of importance or some one of status may now be nice. You, but if you figure just regular they, Mercosur Yogi Willard. I hate people like that, but then out of them not let me just sing muscle- and you must they gather say decipher too loud is babyhood. My dire Fermi right has clearly a look like she wanted. Beady arrival queen eyes, of course cut window this and said, but I ain't got frank as I still was married spook camp. Just like you listen to us. HANS so I heard sue lies but go off. Then Sis by their knowledge is Mary, Clarence jumped in and said Ella. Well, it all makes sense. Now, he also responded. His own posed. Where he's watching the breakfast Club interview and said this cancer,
yo? You call a shared policy Jew Didn't know, you were right, I swear, I'm be a young, but I thought you was a Chauncey the whole time I swear to God. I did not know tat. I was you think your uncle Charles Forty is owed. Anybody in his grown is how- and I told everybody in this room- that's not a death, it's quite possible. He could have thought little more with the shanty, not because of a little more look, What have you hear? A woman sitting on a general reckon you just assume Zante drama border drawn out. You drop when I told Who was all pointed army you like really as normal thing. I'll put it on me a real policy. I do know that how'd. You get Rob, ok, declared gotta, be younger, Indra and Drabs DJ. Exactly. How am I
it is now clear that I love you. I Shan T no disrespect and now the thing is both Cassim just did in a little more existed until she spoke about Queen ART, thou others. These tracks were cited. To be honest, I don't I would beg useless, but he didn't mean it in a shady weight. Is adding nosey existed it out of your that What do you mean you don't know what I'm always might have been a loose shabby shaded deadly, which I think is that, no matter what it was a sack as she does acre cast to phase out his responses. I ain't, even though you existed, I mean it's him back and forth situation. Yet again, a little more also talked about lace. Friends. Could Charlemagne asked about the lace? Friends the way you would make Melanie is what happened on the breakfast club. How you feel about me new trying to destroy the luxuries for illegal use, hilarious late? He think he said it as a joke. Every took a railway daily, but what was the bad experience he had even know about any with some.
Vaccines at the lower jaw from the back a reach were has anyway what a large rob was ass. I am always we must balance congratulated and I was slightly but- and I come in all day long without felt like some say, Cambodia have won a late fright and she went on Thursday and actually reach hired that lays frame brierly without delay system, whereas he had over ass. They would make no more or less worse because she took the yes, you can see it. The media there, a funeral suddenly sprang all right off life is all about. Correcting airs dropped dramatically. Policy is leading the charge throughout the country. I get ok, I right now. Press Brown is still in Paris. You know yes to stay there right now. Two cops released him. But he is very adamant that he did not do anything and that he's being framed, he's done
wrong doing, and he wants to so his accuser for defamation. Now, according to more information that was released when source, I readily connected to the case, because, as you know, Chris Brown was accused of rape. They said the weakest part of the cases, the alleged victims statement to the police. They said she tell cops their Chris raped her and hotel. So dressing room for somewhere between twenty five and thirty minutes, she said she then went into another room. It was was rates again at this time by one of Chris Brown's friends, and then she said she was abused for a third time in another room. They said, please believe the story doesn't hold water because she never attempt. Leave or alert anyone and that's why caps made the decision to release Chris Brown without any conditions, including surrendering his passport and that they actually apologised to him.
They let him go so he ordered his dry understood. I drop their still investigating the investigation is still ongoing, but they said that authorities have made some fundamental decisions about the case already signs that members do what is still investigating. We can't leave you don't think you can leave until they finish their investigation by, unfortunately, because they could have kept him in custody while they had an investigation and they did it. So it shows that they probably don't feel like it's a credible situation as of now, but there still investigating. Could they have a responsibility to do that? You know Ankara's Brown by the way. What all this is good, down his historic move. Any a goose mine actually had her house broken into this issue was next door ass. He was our moms up. I am an apartment next door and that's when somebody broke into her house so desire, businesses that belonged to her to her eldest daughter answer, also their daughter royalty to living only do yes, you listen allay August
Reality is great Army Luella gotta get a job. Why are always breaking and entering the people that you now, I see believe someone was biting, have higher routine because she left Eliza Tv On, but she left. Door unlocked everyday London where uglier India has arrived in early. If I want to point out to the law I'm gonna locked the door, gotta get a dogma, but that's Gary. Imagine your next door. You tvs on the lights on a while your next door, somebody comes in does other possibilities such as LISA. While you leave the tv and the lights on cause, you won't be able to figure out what my home and you not long break. It were that person was clearly not intimidated by that people. Gotta shrugging dogs ever dogged similar.
From Africa. If only I had in the house- and I like your big as are you not enough as legal guarantee so either higher each alas come in this house would die either in it. You deserve everything you gave him. I e to the sky right, I'm Angela yea and that's your room report. Are I shot I? Yes, we given. I don't do no man of your note embrace something as yours had taken away. Let's talk about it for, after the exceptions, rejection. You hurt, hurt, I'm ok, we'll get into that makes a lot of what is not good morning. Mercury don't watch off the floor, the mood people in America come from abroad in all of our identity.
Applause? A man had tapped and eighty emperor very strange reason. Given too much money. Florida banners arrested at the border with home in an attempt to electrocute has put it right: police arrested, Lando man we're talking of amending the breakfast club, bridging Nokia, very food Charlemagne, the guy on the war yogi men did ya like a dog you today for thirty January. Twenty fourth goes to the admissions department at the University of South South Florida, Saint Petersburg, right now up. My name is Charlamagne THA God good morning, and in case you don't know, I'm I ve been to college my formulas Jason is a high school diploma that I got a nice school from Berkeley High School in Moncks Corner South Carolina. Dropping the food monster, Berkeley High school game, so I don't know the excitement or understand the excitement of when you get that acceptance, letter or email to a college. I experienced its second hand through my who graduated from the University of South Carolina drab articles bombs were the University of South Carolina Pass Kate. She was so excited when she got it.
There are actually dj envy all went to college. He had a great feeling when you get accepted to college absolute letters. Nokia, it's nice, to get everything at the weighty when you have to do to how application process gotcha Gudge well in Florida whole floor, the great state of Florida Sunshine State. What does your uncle shall always tell you above flawed, the craziest pupil in America come from the Bronx in all of floor that is a fat, I'm sorry Florida. I love your would embrace the reality of your crazy. Every day I, When is radio station? I try to ignore stories from Florida would now saw ways, one that I can get out of my spirit until I share with the world now there Why didn't thirty soon to be high school graduates in penniless county? I think up enough that right, penniless county in Florida, they're all heartbroken today. Why? Because have you ever thought something was yours only to have snatched away. Think about how Miss Colombia felt when Steve Harvey made an honest, mistaken and announced the miss universally.
When she wasn't really don't want to think about how you felt somebody out there listening to me right now think about how you feel when you found out you when you're on a daughter. Wasn't really yours after you decided to do a blow to have because he or she don't look like you once you have accepted something in your than vinegar taken away? Well, that's what happened to the young as in Florida of going to a museum, neutral report, lease acceptance, then rejection. Some highschool singers are coming up with a new plan. After being told they were mistaken, we accepted into local university Alexandria. Rosato got an email from the University of South Florida, Saint Petersburg, congratulating her. She had been accepted to college. U S ass! Being her first choice. She found out nearly an hour later that e mail had been sent in error that second email from? U S, I've said quote: there was an error in the system. Please disregard the previously mail, a spokesperson for the University South Florida, Saint Petersburg, saying in a statement for
hundred and thirty acceptance. Emails were mistakenly sent out on Saturday due to human error dammit in life. You have to be willing to accept the things you cannot. Change with. This is dangerous because kids are to have a total figure and things out when they get on lies, goo, imagine being Samantha Santos, who was actually scanning groceries at Paul It's when her father went off into the email, congratulating her on her into the university a South Florida Saint Petersburg, she told our coworkers cards of wines, partly posted in all social media and then I later, the university sends a second There was an error in the system. Please disregard previous email is dangerous man. What are you a sound clout wrapper and use your elbow, everybody telling you of your ram dreams. Everybody knows you suck in your family. Wants you to go to college
You never make it as a rabble which you want to change your dream and you get accepted to college, and then you think yourself, you know, maybe I shouldn't be wrapper. Maybe I should go to college and you say God give me a sign on what I should do. The latter are emails. I know you're not really accepted. You may look at that as a sign that, yes, you are indeed supposed be Arap, so University, a south Florida. You are playing with people's destinies and don't even know it now. Turning to fifty kids have actually been accepted, but other foreigners some are either under review. I have not been accepted. I would like to tell everyone out: there was rejected, don't take it personally, it has nothing to do with you. This is a human error at the University of South Florida is responsible, for you have to relinquish any self importance in this matter, because personal important are taking things personally is the maximum expression of selfishness, because you are making the assumption that this is about you and it's not.
Out of the University of South Florida. Key word: please give the administration of the University of South Florida Saint Petersburg, the sweet, sound inhabitants? U r e g! yeah right, thirty, four adulterated data- yes right, where we come back, ask IE eight hundred foggy five one five one. If you need advice, relationship advice, you can call her right now, we'll take it causes to breakfast locomotive everybody is the J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne. The girl we are. The breakfast club serve as key Oh there's been a cavern which, of course, of the Ebro
Basically, I live on Oregon and it took me a long time, but I finally got custody full custody of my kid from my baby mom and then so she just went to jail because she got into drugs and stuff. And I'm wondering if, like as you still about parental rights here, if I should let her see begin when she gets out of jail or if I should go and have a fight the ports to see him. I've never been in a situation like this, and I will recommend that you set up supervise visits empires just so, you can see and feel more comfortable, because I am sure that you don't want to deny your child the right to see his her mom. But at this ain't your concerned about safety. So why not? Go now be proactive. Go to the court. Let them know your concerns and set up those supervisor yeah, so before she even got arrested, we were doing supervised visits and I was supervising them for a while, but then she got locked up and everything and afterwards that's well. I was just wondering
If I should continue to do that, he, as you said- and I would also recommend that you and you know, require that you get some type of parenting classes and other things to make sure that she's gonna be fit as amount. And in a hopefully one day you eventually be able to get to the point where she can be with the child and take it how that and you ll feel comfortable with that, but if you're not comfortable, that's what comes first, the safety of your child. So thank you I don't wanna shadow. My fiance, though, because he has been a huge role to my kid so far and being like a mom figure, ass, green, a double out why I heard you say your name: the agrarian you. We love you coming right as key, Jude five, a five one, o five one, if you never lay- should advise call ye re, lousy, envy Angela YE shall I mean the guy. We are the breakfast club in a mill of ask ye allows this name. Jays wish, of course to for you
as always in the morning, mortality among the annual Charlemagne Mortal dropping out of, I've been our right four times in my life relationship, yes movie STAR in hello to normalize father, then again of passion, told you John, but the pain I heard when we have to be a picture of me call the problem, because this whole I need to go out with her because I'm always I'm always looking over my shoulder. I don't like sitting at restaurant without being there. I believe my has indeed been in front of me, and it takes away attention not only to give my life by an old always are were you in the Charlemagne because I don't think people? was merely of this picture. Leaping lay like how solemnly I thought about it, and it affects my relationship with my wife. She also had peaches resources to people. Would you kill me is it is a hard thing to do, because his heart ashore fishing than what
and what you do so more and more or less bitter enemies. Great greater in Bali will cost them with my kids about the kid being windows, Amali, you're, gonna, make surely all lie and, like I said it takes away from my way, been happening to me it's far than being together where they wanted, then the first steps is great that you have. I if I would share issue is and know that you really need to get some help for it and understood how it is affecting your relationships. Are you acknowledged it now it's time to take some actionable steps to works, is making things better. Now. Have you guys gone to get professional help? have. And usually lie like minded to change up for me, My one minute was their businessmen and they give me another their boots and there is real if you, because I go to a better ones hospital, but at the same time
You know what I listen to show me a problematic from eating charming Phil I get but I'm living. I was trying to explain and an my wife's tell me. You know it. So wide, aha feel about things and how is afraid of me I miss you. Ve been a major Parma lie because when I first started out going toward ahead Disney, I want to die I came home from my two weeks. I was Tom would occur, but when it was, over I'll, let the alkali let alcohol in my friends influence me to do things. I should have been doing it and messed up our relationship, and it took me a long time for us to get us to get us back to where we were. You don't happy. The reason I say I love you asked me because I am always one uncharted measure who might have saved anyway, show me but had a platform No change! Does it happen overnight, so you you have to understand a process like I love it, that you guys when on this crews, and even though
with things as do you know, weighing on you at least you were able to go and have a good time, and I think the more now did you go out and are able to do that and experiences that you guys are able to have time will help you can have he'll somewhat, but have you guys gone to their? Nobody else. I've got you. Because, like I said, we have three kids, seventeen year old, thirteen or twelve year old and their schedules are so busy with things that they're doing whom I saw you know he was bid again his honour and the school How does one also, as I'm trying to help him you re going to college so is, as, moreover, is more like. Ok, let me take etiquette and then I had thought him alive. Let there be no because this is where you are, they have to make this a priority for EU causes? Sounds like its affecting your life. Maybe there's an- and I ask that this like said when I listen I don't have his book because right now he's a little tight and I can't really afford to get that because
our work in my mail, you hear about you all down the line. Ok, I'm Amelia I'll be in my new book shook winning thy hand in their land and sea. We have somebody that could potentially also happy. So, let's get you that information is well. There is a free service to my brother or percentage all lay older. Male amicable, great known, ass, nice. That was, GE eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one we got rivers run away. Yes, we're going to talk about some movies are going to be coming out. One of them was a play that thing adapted into a film. The other one is a prequel to one of your favorites Alright, rumours that access to breakfast local border morning, everybody's d, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club was gets it Aromas was sought Nick,
in the report the Reul report, the breakfast club they can't Anne, had some things to say about Travis Guy performing as Superbowl have time now. He sat down with rock rancid said this to me: a collar cultural equity. So we not mad at big voice being on the Superbowl. These forty people worked for someone like a travel Scott. You got a walk ginger, it's more about fully having integrity to who you are in your music. In your art, form of people you choose to interact, the people. You choose their procreate, where I may add a family dinner that now this vision wasn't bought a culture where we live here, but you data like girls, love why women, but that they're, paying its cultural equity identity day mixed and hear performance suitable hats. I so I would push Burgo nosey. Why
Travis gotten out of the coastal, because your college in a pregnant like what does? Will you got pregnant, denuding Travis got me then NFL. And a half million dollar demand Jones Dream COG, innovation in that organisation directly helping people in some kind of confused with you know me, he is just me, you know they don't want. You know they saying they don't want us to perform at the halftime show, but we watch the games. We go to the games, we support the games. We talked about the games, black people who play for this black people that play for let it go away to land that are gonna, be participating in the activities responses for the game to a commercial dynamically. I'm kind of confuse drivers, gouges Astro world for the ruling used in luxury, but a lot of money to his home town of short sighted would effort will created a lot of jobs for people not to mention Travis, God said cracks in the biggest on that a year in radio have yet to catch it and has never believed forgotten. When are you still? I'm just saying, does not agree with who you got pregnant, making you not of the culture in Didn mix sleep with him, God as you do so, was he not of the college when he was leaving him? I guess, hitting
her pregnancy, youth on the move from many different lanes deliberation. Why do people think everyone at the do think the same way if you protest them, NFL cool some people on that doesn't mean the art of the culture. I right now, let's discuss as Sopranos prick. Well, that's happening now! Guess who is going to play the young tony sopranos? Who is going to be James, Ghana, Fini, son, Miko, again ovine? So congratulations to him. You guys excited to see this people if you are big fan of Sopranos really like this.
Let me add outlasted within load. I did. I was already integrated. I definitely see why too many things of Newark. That's it's gonna be called an arm, nor yet another spanish was insurers. Are I carry Washington in the meantime, is gonna star and am produce american senator play that she started as well, and that's gonna be an adaptation for Netflix hears which he had to say when she was on the tonight Sherwood. Jimmy Fallon Netflix is adapting the play for the platform on we're, not just foaming. The play were adapting it to kind of be this movie play hybrid and that it also know who's gonna help with this yellow continue the conversation. By making sure we continue to get those opportunity, agenda, questions out their rights and look forward to seeing vats, and another thing that you could see is black clansmen. That movie is returning to their there's a good six asker nominations. My spike Liese crime drama about a black detective who infiltrate the coup clicks clan. Have any of you seen em.
I have naturally black landing at which I was named. If ourselves, you ever see likings, will you stop I've seen other things overturning ass. I paid him all right. Boys of the Sultan Dammit borders we shall be in black, should agree. You shot is, of course a Saturday while they were legacy from Brooklyn Assisi lagging now that is seen embedded anyway shatter the linking the same story. Land There you go, you can I mean he's our Ricky die, but an account with some kind of Gaza. Diet is a different type of Athens, waiting to exhale, ok and she loved basil of cries as they are Ok, I'm a goes you too lacking today. I received a presidency view seen, although there's no reason you should have seen them, yes would upset the play every time I get on the plane. I make. Let me watch the lion. King and Diana was no kite. Who is not?
but I am afraid the story on like man in America, ok, lose store of black men. Struggling was visible vision to return to his true identity that it was about a lion or drink required under which all new rules was a favorite. Your top five free removes quick, quick work. When I type I favour movies, this, of course I'll awaiting takes hair. I love the five high beats is a matter that five and the royal ten abounds is. It must have five without Snow Commodore miracle that uses, as we were unfounded day, also arise as being about day of election time to changes to were anyway. You guys you go see black clansmen amateur to go see a cat is gonna, be released in a hundred and sixty eight. There is across the country this weekend in over thirty different states and a caddy. If you are a member of the academy, you'll be allowed in free. Ok,
I'm also Ray J is selling Scoot e bike. Did you know that he sold us a scoot e bike business to canadian company loops year? They said it's a high. Seven figures amount he still going to play a big role. Yes, ages. Odette issued a cat just alone, because they think they're trying to pass laws would exclude by can actually be on a street Letty guy right. They have that much you got. No, the Edison has something anything. Going out his year playing. We really do have close and nineteen million years he has re com, which is making two to three million dollars and sales. Every single minded, Re J moves, ok or courage will read When I read that Bulgaria has as a friend of his glass or malware than I, his glasses rave J O Youtube, Google radio job higher than you already the joke. I write em Angela YE and that's your rumour report all right. Thank you. Monsieur now up next to me
choice mix, get your request in now. Revolt will see that Roma as to breakfast locomotive, everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club no shout to everybody. Tat came entailed for my hundredth episode, Maharajah Pack, ass episode, I'm a be doin, it lived tonight at town or we read it out tat. We only got a hundred people come ashore, it's kind of very, very special to us. I hunted episode. We only avoided a hundred people, intimate took to be intimate and really really dope. So we really excited about that shouts. Remy Morton shall to everybody at Tao is gonna, be the case. Equal pike ass was soon to be exact. Is ok, wait to see you guys get their earlier than to have a lot of former gonna turn into a party after it is gonna, be intimate celebration so came to meet. You gotta see you guys nights alot of exciting because in the unfair annual make a wish day in Brooklyn, that's why they make a wish foundation. So I biggest so
now? Bed, if you guys want to participate, if you want to be a wisp grants are a balance here, you can do things, I donate mass. Donate money, don't give help. One of these kids grant one of their wishes. If you want to be a wish granted all of those things they always volunteers in Brooklyn. They said they. Finally, I've gotten those volunteer numbers up at the at a certain point. They weren't gonna volunteers, to go around for the kids that I wanted to be to get a wish so early our toward almost all the noise woody excited by vehicles, racket, Minnetaki, yes, ok, absolutely increase, trending alike, diminish middle; there's. No granting any anymore. You got. Some boy was on we'll keep telling over and over cuz one day, y'all going to get it. J Cole is the TIM Duncan a rat, and if you think that, you, don't know: basketball, gold. I meet him nothing to the greater power for more time. Five times, and be world champion to time. Mba, envy p fifteen time,
thought three time. Mba finals every, but he did it all quietly discreetly and alive. You gonna, give the credit. He deserves a sad and sang. I studied great some, the greatest right now, Jake, oh, go: with the greatest bob. What about that? It is done with the greatest, possibly maize, derision some people say Barkley simply Malone child, but we will have no rings on account of those who have no right to Europe with a who, as wondering just telling you a people saying these envy of areas, lack of delicate his assent until now, for there is no desire it, I was tell you, there's a better powerful. It evidently damages darling. You will people say who are these people you go to abolish nobody. What I would say that all return dog in body I'm telling you a people's now Bognor tell you himself they have dug integrate them. We have organised sent up to settle with Norway, have not even close, and this telling a seven four lagging. This eighty say he's a Senate who who he was a power. Ford played an extremely robs. The news?
tell focus. He had two because you played exit David rise, very greatest power about either way J calls the term not gonna rap regards what position he plays. Ok, envy did it's our only town, their M M into an mba or return but the guy's gleefully Brooklyn Ass, Jason Williams, was named. Because that is name was Jason willing, as you said it that of men who, what do we do about this only MBA gave later nothing. I can remember his name, but if you think I'm not mad cow disease and Gardens DJ further pilot pilot boat, every the colonel. Already a guy, the only job. I don't like that. Why, like that
Minister. You make history, don't make history, guess: ok, ok! I gotta do it at least call me Carter. No I'd rather be Odell back and with a malignant got me another play basketball. I only just call me old, they'll back pours Protocol, primitive Odell, you can you you're, not you re ready to have you back away and if you want to leave a message of you want to know our paths of no next to Pakistan. The morning he bodies J Envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club, you gotta passive. No, yes, man always do your best is from the four grim. Is I'm a heavy alma for agreement this week, because I have my four bream and cards that I'd like to carry and I always do your best- take you enjoy and enjoy. Are you to lives your take your life and enjoy your ball with the right to be happy too of into share your love. Just to be to take a risk and enjoy life is all that matters reverend busier clinical yonder.
Moscow remarries and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what you know about the global fund damage we are facing. There's a lot of information going around about a virus spreading hotspots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy, it's more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation. So you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye hard radial, app apple, podcast or wherever you get your pod cast instead of an ad today we wanted to talk a little bit about how can all be alone together during the uncertainty and upheaval of the covered nineteen pandemic, because even though, were physically apart right now, all in this together and we humans are biologically hired to seek each other out when we're stressed so finding ways to connect with Only an friends can really help them and you manage Europe, health, mental and physical. You can schedule all kind,
activities by a phone, video or chat, dinners or dance parties were put. Ups online games, like werewolf her words with friends watching shows or movies at the same time and sharing reactions by a phone or an app like Netflix Party, taken on my class together or what video tutorial sheriff. Work out or cooking demonstration or craft project, or go to a virtual Museum toward together watch I've stream or create one yourself check out the hashtag alive, together for more ways. We can all take care of ourselves and each other,
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