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Nicki Minaj releases two new tracks!!! But is it good????


4-13 Friday- Today on the Breakfast Club, the crew played two brand new songs from Nicki Minaj and gave listeners the mic to voice their opinion on her music. They also discussed Nicki's recent comments in which she expressed disappointment in Cardi B and Quavo following the release of Motorsport, Meek Mill's incarceration and his beef with Drake. Charlamagne gave his Donkey of the Day to an individual who represents the "crazy" state of Florida. Plus, comedian Andrew Schulz of the Brilliant Idiots podcast stopped by to talk about his brother taking a swing at his co-host Charlamagne, pregnancy sex, over-sensitivity and more.

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Do as a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, moaning angel Ye Eminences Charlemagne. Again, please do not plan, it is yes, it's Friday to weaken is here man I need the weekend by me, though we all need the weekend. Absolutely. A little more time to sleep and that's all couple more hours for the weather in New York and New Jersey is beautiful this weekend. Finally, seventy eight to eighty today, eighty five tomorrow, it's going to be, beautiful week, weak, but Miami I'm leaving for Miami today well congratulations was about to on Sunday. They must now ass. I may as well get big ban. I want a major Sunday by good. You know, like they're gonna play
I'd say you know what you want to be nice to inward. This summer concentrates on what would I do not keep to keep the weather terrible fear me, forty four degrees on Sunday only get knows bring. No some man, almost hamburger, come with me to get back come back, though you bet I would come back and when in the car I think of mine in his mind is over there. I have heard you do know import your car and are you guys have this problem because you have driveways night every day when I come home at night and I had to host an event last night from Brooklyn Queens had to Brooklyn Queen from Detroit and when I get home from Detroit. That's my name is Brooklyn. Ok, like Mundo, okay. So anyway I was coming home last night I had to pay a kind of fire like a couple blocks away. And then this morning I can now remember. Web hugged saw work. The complete opposite in a way my car ways and then as a where is my cards at me, you want to drug usually now as high because single day I come home like if I go out, I come home run back, so you plug different places all the time. So sometimes you just forget like
Ok. Earlier in the day, I pity you have to really think about it. Fully solely a mug, alighted store would have been way bit of your car gusto like us all right. The way through bombs were all Brooklyn, Yokota, Gus, and yet it you'd look avoid datum in great as an authority. And anyway it's at me, like an exit fifteen minutes this morning, just cause. I can't I'm equality does more than she would. Rather we are usually like. I can find my car or government is right. It is, It's sort of your kind of weird and superstitious things that happened today, You have your low rabbits for each lucky: Georgia, Fourleaf clover, hot digit, too early meddling. Paid today we got paid already it's already in account. Is there any way now Andrew shells will be joining us this morning. My guy Andrew shows more brilliantly didion rather unregistered. No, we talk in him a little bit and, of course, you got itself make him and ass you release to records, you guys hurt. I definitely
above the embryo and talk about it. Not only talk about Bobby Tongue, Estralla, more ammonia, Atlantic payrolls appeared in a monolithic payroll allowed to listen to those workers. Would if I have to listen to him this morning for research purposes, I will coca. I will talk about that. We got four page energy. Yes, we are going to be talking about the doorman you neither dorm is the person that always gives up the information. So what are you about damage gemstone? man and how much he got. He ok with you, all that when we come back, you belong to the breakfast club, Kimono God we are the breakfast club good morning. Have you Friday tv? I if he s the thing that those things always a t f right. Well, it's gettin sulphur page knew less talk, collar cabinet collapse, handicap in exile, Sierra Seahawks had invited? to a work out about two weeks ago and he was gonna, be Russia, Wilson's, backup, quarterback bad things did not go as expected yesterday because they said according to sources, the team Rheostats cabinet specifically about his kneeling protest. They wanted him to stipulate a sigh
and he would not Neil during the season and he would not agree to so they next everything at all, I gotta give a damn about. The NFL benefit doesn't give a damn about common cabinet. I feel like my brother common purposes way beginning for Basel know why he continues to go, run idiotic therefore, by anointing unfolded away from it might just enjoy and ass his life, allowing private four years old, so desire. I was as far as having a bad happens, either radio and then you love it back, yeah. Well, you have if, if any, if any radio station via was frightened, ah me this way, meaning that I'm making a stand for something that, bigger than me, I'm making a stand on all of us, a social justice issue and your front door. Because of that I wouldn't want to be a body organisation. I can't make things better Imagine that since these young he's been doing there, so it's where he loves in his heart. I right now. Let's talk about down a chamber for tat building demanded confirmed that he got paid thirty thousand dollars from the national
inquirer about a story about how their president sire a love child with his housekeeper. Now what that tab? does sometimes is because the publisher, as friends with Donald Trump and his people, they pay for the story to silence the person. So they gave him thirty thousand dollars for that story, and then he wasn't to talk about it. So he said I can confirm that working at church tower, I was instructed not to criticise president transform a housekeeper due to a prior relationships. She had, with present tromp, which produced a child that is, according to the german soldier, national guy, illegitimate, illegitimate children. Well, you know, there's denying olive then saying those claims are completely false and this never happened. Can we gotta come we'd better stuff on tat, lie down man and I get anything It shows he has tried as character illegal work anymore. Could you disappoint trash on top of my trash? We know already. Iranians begin awaits acts FBI, director, James COM, me: has a book coming out next week, a higher
your tea and in it he called, of course, talks about Donald Trump, who is he says, unethical and until there to chew they called the leadership of the country. Ego driven, and about personal loyalty and thereby comes out next week. He says Donald Trump as a man, yeah, but like figure, who sought to blur the line between law enforcement in politics and try to pressure, Regarding his investigation into russian election interference. This is amazing. They write books like Donald Trump, been out of the White House for four years, already ready on the monthly avenue exactly you and think he was a sitting president right now now right well as front page news, get it off my chest: ADA five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe had a bad night bad morning and you won't have it a little bit or maybe want to spread some positivity eight hundred, the five one. Five phone call us right now is to breakfast locomotive: the breakfast club
The pounding down. You're gonna, get it on the agenda on the breakfast gladly, but as they travel some job hey. I know why you're calling this morning you gotta? Do they work together I gotta let the boys it would Charlemagne Youth Bone a gloomy under you. Gonna pick my bones: sobered about energy. About who you are you? Are you gonna tell you likewise the guard requirement or radio anywhere near here. You have the biggest item ain't you. You always like this the other Babylonian and do whatever you want to talk to you today is the possible given the people that is their bathed and better number were came along with other sampling, everything about the man. You did everything you can talk to you today, eighty protectingly baby. I can't you
and argue David hearing? What have I got caught up here with a young finger? around and gave it a pretty good idea. You think you have people to try to make a bad its freedom May I didn't give. I didn't, give jurists dog you today for cheating. I gave drifting doggie today for getting caught. Ok now. Listen to me, will you listen you you know you don't see the difference between our given heart got caught now interesting. I got Cavanaugh. Set up. Tristram was wide open, win fur coat front road to fight, know any two biggest drug deal in the city. You don't need a different, Where did you get a different at the bar of young nobleman s, ghost he's gonna get to his points. Guy together point the boy S barred eleven about leggy didn't make Maggie Drama gearbox, either by about part have got through. And another thing you
I won't. Let me give you just like that. You then all we re already be got out. I bring an ambiguous knowledge, would do better to day when we bring in a Mickey. You explain the party I forgot about it New red ran right? naturally I didn't do anything anything about cardio iniquity at this one is about it s. The other they beg job allow this day with that Jake of exist from Mary- was had what our coastal about that have led me about that. Why? Because they were ye, I love you bear a level rather than other reward big brother hello. This is our aim from that go on
What was her mood? You love your last year by the agency. S maxim needs to work. Every day is our and wanting in Jewish away yeah, I'm a feature that to get a bit by port authorities to get off the grated. Aren't you get the ball, but yesterday, at the three point out a goblin again. So how can you tell him it? It can cause niceness group does ass near an hour. I wasn't in my class and doing a faintly project and that's about a little boy. Bad was flattened by bulletin board and who appeared put him in a loaf and send them all were rounded up.
Why, during the air in the book, oh go, go this inhabitant realise how do I do now? I was wondering if my plan and a white paling you all and you take him on a bench. Don't you like? If you go to, I know you think you're gonna Miami were taken with the lab family to Miami yeah. I was wondering if I could get your address them up. How flood daily arose and wheelbarrows. Do. I dont think Machiavel, refuting there hold your mama, get it off my chest, eight hundred five, a fire,
no five, one of you need divinities up now, is to breakfast locomotive: Breakfast got wake up, man or black. We want to hear from you what these people neutral, plus Maggie love each other. God bless you. I would job views worth. Nicky, Charlie Song, I mean, I know breakers The main thing I wanted, thereby is that I feel I should delay, thereby and nobody really blinking acquainted it yeah give everybody else, lays down you like better. However, we do and everybody else money on individuals or we do what everybody on an individual level. You can't say, replied downward use, ordinary, even my wife, how she ever mean give my life story. Whenever he really deliver, this is highly daylight
you want you going to wait for us to say what we think about the records. Are you going to ask me what we think about the records and then tell us what we think about the wrecking When are we going to write about it, for example, is a point on the record in exactly with everybody? Did you might wanna play both for them? If you haven't heard too did we? we let a landing notice and we all need narrow, stop. It allows as well. Gimme a break workmen was a regular features, brought our putting our budgets in the light of day, pathetic that you got a job. Thank you. I think about it. If you get it, I did not feel took about argued that you ve been up a mirror to back it. Didn't she came out the back it s, built rescued by all sides in the Hague. Listening to what can be done and people know what could it so blatantly to somebody's been debated? Dub haven't you gonna. Look here right now
about four miles up the definite? It is really not at the level of will to make you, but we don't talk about the record their interesting. Take you have there, sir we're gonna play above wreckage next hour when they listless have a group conversation with everybody out they will talk about it allows is I always rocky at around. A lot of them was abrogated off it s. A man I just wanted to saddle not offend our birth of clothes. There may not over there really go into very Mortimer. Thank you. Thank you. Solomon. You go my guts. I appreciate them. Baby worldwide, deep voice on the Gaza he's talking re nice. Aren't you want us to question? hello. This is where you gonna go in a bribe. Long island was that make it up it s going to court. This morning I reminded up in little one very you don't know anything about it, but what a gay man get a couple of days amen and rod that may do you know you going to come out in the trunk errors. Or will you be good name is, and I hope that the good work that way
low wanted three you be alright, you'll, be all right as long as it shall bear overcome all hours. First, black, female bread, given the White House you'll be fine down a little better. Nobody s gallery reason boats, do you exercise Rayner Legs, try not to get raped and process, you be fibre, be good money. You know about that. I'm gonna have a common area of my. Well. You did the ground. Bravo gauges a you know, I'm not I'm not viewed. Would you do if they are selling drugs gotta go loyal the bear with expensive bribery that girl, I really must have been a second offence. Man, I don't like that, I'm not into the ground. They are you black away. Why have you go away
way to go to jail. We need more y gotta, generalised child jailed, overpopulated blackened rob you will go, go, go! Go back on our soil, where you ve got all this diversity. In early willingly diversity jail. Now. Man like that when we're going to jail for Drug Georgia's droplet, clues, Bozrah, Mathematics, TAT was going to jump drugs Lama for my quality baby, no matter what I know my white guilt barbarity near me Molly era, I don't know what else to say: does nobody outside glam beyond the general desire for white man going to jail for drugs artist? I actually think that equality way ass, tabby feel any body go to job. No, I like diversity in Hollywood, like diversity in life, and I like diversity, and you are right. Well, that's get it off my chest. Now. You ve got rules on away. Yes, I mean, let's get ready to any given ass. Did her sit down any view yesterday was a low, so I'll tell you what was said in an interview on would be too and about that all morning arrival
into all that when we come back, keep it locked at the breakfast club good morning, breakfast club Motorsport morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. Let's get to the rumors. The report is the Reul report was making an urgent sooner signs yesterday, suddenly and by meetings. In addition today, as you did a live in a view with ASEAN low, and in the end of use, you discuss so many different things now. One thing she talked about was the controversy. He behind the song modus boy and as you, because I people misunderstood what happen she talks about cars me and says that, even though Nicky feels that she has a lot of is there show her genuine love and she did have some love Bacardi, be she felt like Cardy hurt her feelings check it out. The only thing
with clarity that really really really hurt. My feelings was the farce. In our view, she dead after modest boy came out. I remember like when I first came in a game of a female of that stature. Had done a feature with me I would only be you know, singing their praises and and and saying. Thank you the first interview she did modest boy came out. Inches really hurt me as the audits, because she looked so aggravated an angry and the only thing I'm saying was Aladdin had had any universe. I didn't you ever changeover, like I was like a wide array, now. Here's some more Van Nicky manoeuvres, talkin about hardly be in the hall, more Disport drama. I spoke to her before I saw him person before we spoke of
things. You know we're not we're not when I heard the track perverse was in finish without the bird. That is all right now, and you know Crable told me that to get on the song- and I just feel like it's a perfect opportunity for me to be on a track. That is something that's big like that I know, I decided on a thing, but yes, that was actually, Eddie heifers interview after motors where I came out- and this is where Nicky was talking about Now- Nicky also talk bout, the verse on modus boy and actually what happened. As you know, It was seldom about how she changed her verse and so on and so forth in You know, aboriginally Kwairyo is his Kwairyo on the song, or should it changeovers, yeah Arusha? Here's what Nicky ass to say with more sport icon, I felt ambushed felt like quaver, that was. I quaver was my baby. I love quaver. At the time I told I went on I explained how one is boy came about and be more saying that was lying sides
stayed on wave on us that hey Justine. Ok, back me up one s, because you don't want people doing online. What do I have to lie about an italian tags and aims even like? I would go and what I'm back you up. If you are my girl, Ella well and not hurt our right now here Is the original modus port verse that you didn't hear previously how is it in a dream you? I know that money, because that a bit the parties caught you too can be unequal and party political space component linked Mahdi. They were right. Did any dressing in initial sale as it was at this no idea what name in the zone, coastal communities, name, Nicky doses
nickel embody knowing events will embody is, is a civil war trophies named after he was a play. A coach and executive ronicky saying of cod in the queue be what could be a double challenge for Queen Bitch and quarterback Nicky. Essentially the coach executive depressing and jobs right rather than Katy. I think I am that is the kind of this can be taken as this would you I think all of this is so damn petty and stupid. Well, you know what there was a lot of things, I'm in behind the scenes of that sunk as it was a big deal when we heard Nicky, including on a sound together. I guess Nicky probably thought like this. Her side never actually got out because she did changeovers but she's explaining why she changed it. So it was alive, drama behind that, and I know that a lot of people feel that fire. You can listen to me, because an unbiased and cardio nomadic phase rabbit but Nicky. Petty his element interview. I Nicky sound the way locum you sound was used to say. Thank you pay homage back in the day. Would Nicky actually signed a worth because came actually had a valid reason, and I really was
Nicky was taken so much her look. You know, I'm not, I'm not sure what Nicky wants cod They do by the truth about it of you. If you'd acquaint you shouldn't, you shouldn't have to act like that, like it's, not a big enough issued a publicly erudite like that? I don't think so you I think I people there was a lot of talk about an people do always ask about even up here we talked about it on the breakfast club and I think she just felt like work. If it could all be, cleared up a lot earlier. I guess, if You know somebody eyes you anyway, but to have her back and say hears what really happened, but here's some more of Nicky Monastic and about the notice board drama on Mozilla. My feelings. No that people would watch me be slaughtered and not not one parson well well, stubbins. Ain't it drew? You know they will run with that lie because it's as entertaining supplied to make Nicky seem like a bad guy. Bourgeois quibble, came to my studio and played modest boy. I said as out of here I want to get on that one, and he said I was a man. Ok about clarity on it and I still out attacks on my phone, where I said: yeah, Mozilla and thus the honest
I told you I said how exactly how it came about. All of them allowed me to look like I. Maybe I'm cool Leubronn, whoever remember anybody having conversations about their. Furthermore, if you haven't conversations about why Nicky Cati, already video together, have any gobs isn't about not aren't, I wasn't exactly what conversations, because then there was a rumour that seated in noted at Lahti was only I as she says you enter with surprise and she got belies out. It was a lot of different rumours going around what I'd recommend adds puts it on twitter. How can you say someone change their various and forget to say Kwairyo told me to remove my singing which I loved and it Tommy to remove your name for my various per year request, so how those changes- happen. If I didn't change my verse, I don't know what's going on. I know all this is so damn petty and stupid, like I feel like real leaders, build bridges and not walls and Nikki building a wall with it doesn't need to be one call. You got asked about Nicki the other day This your new issues to be for some made up in it
stuff into here? Come like you would do caddies for no reason like I just rootless, knock. It off disagree, light idle cause because he said what she said before the Beagle say what they said before passenger interviews. I think she just wanted to clear it overheard. You never said anything Asia. What to do about it before let what did cod is they perform demigods lay before the meagre explained. All video thing in indirect thing did a date, and financial and conflict of aims are many adequately them over. We'll get my back into it in an excellent report and of course we are going to talk about both songs terribly I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour report. All right. Thank you. Miss ye. Now. Will we combat was open before laws? Eight hundred five five one, o five one have you heard both Nicky racket site. We won't played its happen how would we know play both rackets and then we want. Your opinion, a phone lines again, eight hundred five, a five one. Five one Charlemagne Nolan
payments to pay, these recognise say stock of their land and got a phone apparel, no, not on it. You gotta take is doing at the goodness of a heartache herself out or to pay low for a second I need you to Warsaw and just listen to the requisite. We gonna talk about records. You just said you didn't hear earlier. Tat was, like God, Damn minute you be, it is do, but if you can also media, I can't even be sarcastic, I'm all radio. So how would you be so kind as to tell a lot in this war? I don't know what's going on crime, When we, I don't love you blame can have these people have already said we are going to play, arises to breakfast locomotives. That was certainly play to Nicki Minaj Records and, let's take your phone calls, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. What do you think it was right wanna start pneumonia. Do now. When we come back of the English is not normal. I mean this is this is? Can we do this because we want elastic payrolls? Are we allow rapid start to say? Let us I believe in it: they can. They already believe it. Right. So what do you think about the two soldierly thought generally was cool.
I think I like that one and I really feel in Bobby things, but I'm just happy Nicky backs Peyton Heart and if you put out to record seeing you begin positive feedback on Wednesday and why she would go to sign it owes wreck is by having petty issues would clearly be. Ok, I am upset. I asked by meetings bedded internally, but line allegedly for personal reasons should have I, like the old approach. I highlight the o schoolfellow by beating, like our rapporteur, she's gonna latter issue, unease wreckers, so I think ass. You know she came out competitive. I would have liked be like personal on em. You know about things that she's gone, I know me and be discussed is too like. I would love to hear some of that. Also, so I say that don't feel like she's trying to be petty and beef Bacardi. I think she says giants explained, It happened behind the scenes ass. He felt like You know, nobody had her back and I get it. You know I don't think she's gonna be where I think she's gonna say. Look. I never
China is actually wanted to be on honest, her and I actually wanted to do to video, but because scheduling we couldn't get it right only too clear union. By now, you bet you Nicky Menage, demanded that you can. You can stand alone on any street, see both economically. I don't love either record. I just felt like you know, a person who come from queen. So I heard Nicky spit nor mix tapes and I love when she talks state a state queens is wishes, talk and passionate is, I just don't feel in those records, I examined a smash and from Nicky I expected something that was gonna be like must take away is bull crap, and this is what I do. This is what I'm no form no for a moment I am no four record is gonna. Take me out this atmosphere in those workers, which is called also mix tape, recognize what I consider the mix tape. Maybe there were map to disagree
there were leggy descent, maybe that is the woman. Maybe she just wanted to remind people like you. I can read my right checks out what I do like events you to put any guess, the Paris is uneven. She just kept it s her a laughing ass, though I like the fact that she's random bootlegger, I feel like we put out warm records a couple of months ago. Last year, it was you put on no fraud against the other regular way and at other ragged doth riddles flat. But with me I thought I did the best at all and I thought those a warmer breakfast, I'm ready for that smash that some, my aunt and that's what I was at the forefront, naked mixing records a cool. I love when Nicky wraps, but I just expected that smash think I think she might have come now. If you like, I said I'm not Madame and manage on, we are touching me was cool. I don't think I like that. I, like both light boyfriends like us, and I just don't love- is not what it was like something like he's dead had that effect and asked what I wanted, but I lost all of the former, eight hundred five, eight five one o five. When I love the fact that that Nicky's rapid- no but call us are by now
Somebody like you recognise the breakfast club, bemoaning the breakfast, sat for playing Jane, featuring Nicky manoeuvres morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club which often making menage requisite in that list. I get a twist He has the perfect set up. I mean she was on a sap furries record, which was remiss thousands captain racket. She was all right get up, which was your God. He's record was a tap number one racket and issues on motor sport, which was a tat five record, so she's had the verses out there. I just meant for illicit she's. Nicky Menard will thus be clear right now, in a minute localities. Easy- and I just feel like the timing- is to tat bit of time. It is important that you know if you have a thirty two, forty a lot of power. You got a master at a time like this. Body? Should things up yesterday, but you can't have accomplished. Why did you not having a conversation about COD Irena Solid, largely make coffee bigger and, unlike you say, neither
These records smash is generally is call. I don't like Bobby things Bobby things at all, but I'm just happy Nicky back Bitten. What have you got? No smashes that are going to change the course it a conversation altogether did you use your time. Is the tab it off on this woman right? Well, let's go to realize you have to make all of us to make a good morning a minor. What did you think about both Nicky Wreckers breaker were fired at I he came out. I thought let their production with good I've got my baker. You know you could not but be recorded in the cloud. What I been fail, I'm a big family especially young women aid ex about people around me all about about Charlemagne. At his feedback, I felt light Charlemagne European, although biased in a situation of what I'm game from you is. Nothing can be honest. We buy negatively Ursus Cardy. I felt like you were very positive, very welcome, in other words the people at this point. I would definitely at that. Just don't you think. It's only record is cool. I just don't like the Bobby things as crazy.
What is more, personally, I'm not compare and Nicky's requisite cardiac is unfair and comparing dickies registered. The wreckage sets out here now but, like I don't care that she's, a female and she's a female, I'm SAM is talking about good wreckers into wreckage and like you know the young lady said she likes tools to record of your put now. If you put out to work, there seem to be getting positive feedback though, to sign it old records by having petty issues with COD Ii. Be hello. Is this Erica Kimono. What do you think about both Nicky records? I think of garbage sorry do not winning of terrorist crimes. He used to do so good and I feel like garbage now go way, better re stronger, so everyone, and they humanize. Would you think these sounds garbage, or is it because you have a higher expectation for her garbage? wouldn't care if it was Sammy, do issued a guy
use and knew the nice revenue, especially same you'd, be due to a pot around Randy with Sub ran, and it was now what I want to touch on the pursuers woke reports. Mellow get energy bill. I suddenly his heart is here. I thought you came over track are allegedly, I beg it. I've got a little bit but are also care for them
data about Bobby days could have been a little bit more special. I will go. I want to get to the interview with that. She said that party. They never showed what I do. I love what brought about by the time come a little bit shambles report by what exactly they followed. Our back additional research will be. I looked it up. A little camp was very antagonistic as Oji again somebody there obviously linked up to dollar whether she was still her or proper blow by Stalin. That software, like little, can never put. You can imagine a comfortable position toward me to ask them to talk too little came and affordable matter. It is not possible, as it brings up the fact, that for train upon the river tradable, like a toy, walk out that make sense, because at the end of the day, even though treated
you're just do what he will see. No problem for you, the old chief nonsense. You gonna get before you do linking will not be the queen. Do not approve the girl would party, you can't go him. I went away and leave out to speculate toward a world. You gotta come down and let you know like, oh god, it's time you got a brave carefully to argue that's what that's? Why they're real leaders build bridges and now walls Nicky building a wall? Would it are the need to be won? My guys, you don't need Kwairyo, and all of you would have a back she's Nicky. All you gotta do is come out of you, yeah. I know issues usual cardiac. I love a guy salute to cause. You don't you think colleague, EVA Allen, peoples as he was lying at another ass, a duty I like it up. She just gotta make music. They she got exactly as late as you don't have any issues and lace peoples, a J got issues with somebody. If it ain't afraid somebody really messed with like yea, and me too, I don't care if you should look at it. The same way like I will do my music dossier, which I want to say like ammo, and I'm a proud record smashes about away. We gotta stopped his whole when they say you shouldn't put female.
M seas against other female employees. We do it did. A male M sees all the time if Drake his pipe and we won't pay him against Kendrick, whoever too hot. Personally that the more, made like that's what we do in RAP rapid, combat of sport. We put the top two in categories against each other s. Just waiting game goes. I guess it's beginning at our aid under five, a five one: oh five, one we're talking Nicky's new records, you played an earlier call us now is to breakfast locomotive torn and everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. An average is join us. We're talking Mickey manoeuvres. We played both her records early and we ask you what your opinion on both records me personally. I think both records a cool. I don't love, em, they're, not smashes. They remind me a mix tape wreck is that set up. I just expected more. She already did the set of brick as a couple of months ago. She did break it up. Would you gotta? She did modus board. She did a Sab four now, I'm looking for that. One is gonna. Take me out the atmosphere at some at them and I don't think those records at em just a bunch of thugs,
We will go away. I think I like that when I'm not feeling Bobby things, but you know I'm just happy. Nicky backs bitten and light said earlier? If you put out to recognising begin positive feedback, why recitals record by having petty issues regarding we have as basic. As I said, I actually like to buy beatings. Alot more so you know we have different opinions. They both cool hello there, one on therefrom. Alive was suddenly, we think about them. Tunic Iraqis, like you, I like you, I will manage it and everything else. I mean the most dynamic and about party that founded by linking clouds created, because you, like me, you know something good every life. You know that you're gonna get that you about my own country was a petty issue is is not even worth redressing publicly to beyond which
under the media, monitoring of what is being run that use workers, I think his prayers. I think both of my trade, like you, didn't, come with their fire. Neither with that of the fellow her, like wife with a man, may be reviewed at nothing that light. We came to light there like come on. You can look at it in it, that's only become invisible. Now and I D Be- is a definite Harlem shakes able be accuracy to kid. Wholesalers is crazy and landing paid to call us off to stopping them. If I, my car Keyser budget, is long what hello this is when what we all know the candy from seven five seven may we talking to Nicaragua, do you think TAT is our first, I want to say is good Now here pop period you get a plot was take two female goods they apply and ran is elected. Italy's appearing look, you got Remy what the charisma, rapid, cardiologist rob iniquities to weapons
don't forget about your handling about period Plaza. First worker Bobby things is high ill out about people. Just wanna ride is way visited thing Nick Mickey's, likeable right now she not connected with the people she knows and as my colleagues, when he's once you ve got a people with assumed arose, thought now for the other? Where good I may ass? Well, I got one known: it is the transition ain't really this move so was I in Austria, but Father o Scooby like Angela, you say it does its value ok I'll, be right. Marketings, I think a sample sucking aims. I haven't got old. Obi reminds me of something else: Samson, I'm not sure what it is, but an hour's. I got no doubt from somewhere using use. I like it uses the lean back sound of the lean back the mayor and lean back here, but it's all could be, but NASA is thus a clumsy. I will say something that call there. You go you thought about personality and Nicky not being like. Why don't they likeable have anything with the music. I think that Nicky is a better wrapper than cardy, but she's not making better songs cod right now you got better
courage. Right now, let's go to a person's arms, not wrapped people. Listen to what the hell I'm saying, are you had better songs did Nicky does at this moment, allows is allowed. It to another state from California, nay, Mamma. Would sulking Nicky Bananas? What what are you favour joints? I never like, neither one of them after leg became a little bit harder. The lyrics was not there below. I just never liked. It is not about the parachute Picardy B is about if you're the queen, you don't have to keep saying you to queen. He may be the queen of your money, but must doubly not the Queen Arap alike. Mickey I like your style, but this she should. It came part fashion, at the following party. The drop her out, ok, diseases, all crimes, and I know my guys why? What is a lady guys it? How does it plan to get you to pay off everybody? Stop it. What's the matter the story I mean the moral of the story, for me is just simply I didn't the date of you know, you're, a real leader should build bridges. Now was unanimously.
Nicky built the wanted there need to be one and, like you know, cod had asked by making the dankert he says you have issued, will have. No beef is made up. Internet stuff, sought all understand, witwer Nicky coming with discarding is, but as far as the music, the music is cool, it's only reckoned was cool. I think I like that one Bobby things I'm not feeling you put out to wreck of the Athenian, begin positive feedback. Why don't I shouted his record by having petty issues will clearly be now when I put out evacuation tax about what you do in these past months. Where personally has go, and ah my terror has you. I want to hear that you would only I wanted you to struggle. I wanna hit a pain I wanna hear talk about, who feel that when I say honest about a daily honesty, I wouldn't talk about everything. That's going on in her life. Like I said I liked it do records, I don't love. Em did not smashes expected that some smash, like we usually get from Nick, we just have a got it. You don't don't listen to the breakfast club because we're biased and I accordingly landings payroll. You know what he was ever was on away. I yes, Emmy Lestat,
make a mail. He did in any view from prison and will tell you what he had to say that we are going to have some more abandoned bananas and her interview with a low alright. Thus, next to breakfast nobleman, apple is to me a morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get to the, I guess we're talking Nicky again, We really need is close. Now yesterday was Nicky days you put out to new songs, buyer beatings and, of course, Chun legal issue it was on saying loan ass. She talked about Drake and Meek Melon, how difficult that situation was for her because she loved both of them and was done one of the hardest part of my career at the time. I did love bold to them. I couldn't raised the love tat I had from my team, but I also couldn't speak.
And I felt so imprisoned and maybe later spoke about it. Drink said I we're not anything and an entire situation other than what is making takes a shot at me. Then, what that would have been so painful, the both of us rate goes onto the shot me like a rat stuff here as rapporteur, and then she goes on to talk about. Has he actually wanted to start the beef check it. I was on behind the scenes. Of course, wishing it never happened even prior to it happening. I tried to stop it from happening. I lose the Tobin admin What it is you know like one thing I do know, is that both meet Andrea had moved on from that Europe from the anger and wanted to stop our right now. She also goes on to talk about Meeks prison sentence, which is something that, I'm hearing he supposed to get out on Monday, so we'll see happy. Hopefully, here's what you had to say about make being imprisoned. The judge in question was on that. I asked of her young combat.
Because I met her personally and I know what she said to us, and he knows that, and I know that you know, but of course I would wish that wouldn't was Joe on anyone here but like then I'll go into detail on that one. You know why not in the document and then possibly an album, but what I will say What made me shed tears. The other day was his his seeing his mother cry. That was this time I was thinking I like. I can't take it so she said the judges telling the truth? What what? What? What does she Cinema began? That around two percent, showing that I see this documentary but his Santa like she was saying that she met the judge and judged you know was helpful when she was around and then she I don't know what the judge told them. So I can say you know the Atlantic pays for a lot of things, but they don't pay. As you say, free movement hold me now. Make mill in the meantime has done an interview from prison. He would get a phone and a view with Lester Whole from NBC nightly move the added on embassy nightly news, and here is what meat meal had to say.
From behind bars with our appeal at about ten years ago, I know I'm on my mind really then loudly believe might not have been charged with your enemy. Now, John, I would think Bob Device got better yeah. Well, legally, he had the right here. I am Gus, did that all these high profile people are saying meat meal has been done wrong by justice system. You have you will like the governor, who I wasn't in the district attorney as somebody who is in the same area on probation off his is of all provision of all People are saying you ve been done wrong. Why, then somebody knows something about that. Hopefully there and hopefully Monday will be that day when a high ranking officials, the governor
gotta go, don't you have learned to pardon and out of it you could you say or Ipod and he walks out. I think it's a process. Yes, they're working on that process now Manassa says I think I delivered me a job to help people helping minorities that come from these situations. Like myself, I say, don't show me no pity, because this is my life. This is what I've been going through, and I think I put me in his pocket and to be able to do a show and less to halt and open up eyes for other young black men. Dear me, no more come out shop at an ever absolutely hope. So I think so too is the. It just really does bother me that all these high profile, people as any garden and wrong with them seem like anybody's really doing anything about. I write well, I'm Angela yea, and that is your Roma report right. Thank you miss Ye Java Lang. Yes, we given at I'll do it I'll give. It argued anybody from the great state of Florida all week long. So why not in a week giving the floor to the credit they deserve bees to be because you know what your uncle shall assess the creative people in the world come from abroad and all the floor, oh boy,
all right we'll get into that. When we come back and then I am sure that the annual Andrew Schulz will be joining my guy, they will take with him after all, over the breakfast locomotive. I know you want it's time for Don Quixote need is again don't illegally become donkey of today. The breadth of Club Betsy Duty thought you today, for Friday April, Thirteenth goes to a young Floridians named canoes, your policy. Now, I am disappointed that nobody from Florida has gotten donkey aided day all week. You know it uncle shall always tells you that crazy People in the world come from the and all of Florida, and just when I looked up and say, while fully haven't gotten a dog you today, all week could meet here, through not truthfully. I could have given canoes
targeted they at any point this week, but I simply forget- and every time I come across this or I chuckles while might as well give up their credit. She deserves being stupid on his face on Friday, the thirteenth now Camisa was arrested last month on drug possession charges she's twenty six years old and one of two passengers in a card. I would say that was swerving in the roadway when it was stopped by Fort peers police in Florida on Mars, for us. According to the police, you point an officer approach to car. Mounting odour of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Well, during a search at a car, the officer, found cocaine, an marijuana and separate bags inside a purse now in Florida pupils in mixing, caning, they we'd for youth, fascinating, combination people call out. Wool is a book. I actually smoked weed and coke. In a blunt once
by now, and I actually was which some people from flawed universe more reasonably now call gained no envy Angela Duncan Oh yeah, Gaza has lived a right that you know when it when I was with these people from Florida. With his passing a blunt around smoking and I hit the blunt would do and I just remembered his smell, it had a very unique fragrance. You know when you walk into a bakery and smells pleasant, but imagine walking into a bakery. You know get a low down at a sudden and in standing in line to pay for it had done it, and you behind someone who just forty the fragrance of cakes and pies would be mixed in with the as gas, so is like a sweet and sow was set, Now you fail me, so I didn't realize I was I was. I was smoking weed laced with culture when I was around it again and around people who openly Lacenaire Blunt, I smelled it and a smell that same
fragrance. Okay, I knew unbeknown to me, of course, add smoked prior, not to mention the high was amazing. Now kid, please don't do drugs. Ok, your uncle Charlotte did that you don't have to go through, that's what they call Cainy weed. I was incredible and in my younger days I would have smoked it again by accident. Of course, How can you suppose you got caught, weeding call gains, he was driving a radically on the road in oak pull over and she admitted the weed was hers, but when it came to the cocaine Why can I suppose, you'd get indicated Dana keep in my shoes from flawed, and I tell All the time all the craziest people in America come from the Bronx in all of Florida and Florida people are so crazy that they think everyone else around them is crazy to so Kenisha. When asked about the cocaine, look the police officer dead in his eye. According to the police report, say I don't know anything about any cocaine. It's a windy day. It must How do the window it into my purse? Now we
in a world where some point somebody believed in the immaculate conception. Some people believe we're getting dark, Drave detracts from some people believe that we believe that Beijing Black they put on a hare bade Israel. So it's not far fetched we should have believed us. Some one would believe that it was a windy day. Employer and cocaine just magically fly do the window and into her purse. Unfortunately, didn't believe that honesty and cohesion was booked into Johnny Jail on one fairly. Mechanical came possession animistic, account of miracle. Possession and she is now out on by some donkey days. You sell themselves, please give commission policy to Sweden. Amateurs? you all e g. Yeah, right so yielding
but it is flown window, my g g d, I'm just asking relax my brother Everybody knows what we call I well know you had a cold bites. I don't want to know how narrow uncle not just asking as we all have a past. That's what's in ecstasy is cocaine I don't know, sometimes sometimes You mean about a pure ecstasy pill, a pure form of what I am empty. I may are that Mss, Mme. What if it wasn't? No some, sometimes an emblem on about acronyms linearly, Madeline, unbundle, young and may I have a partner younger me all right now that is downloading. I thank you shall remain now when we come back Andrews, also be joining us, my Andrew showed a call wholesome apply. Cathy really needs friend, my guy, that's my dude. All right, we'll get it was yet is weakening the new yogi they're gonna comedy glow garland, can't aright role told him when we come back as the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast
everybody is the J envy Angelo YE shall remain a girl. We are the breakfast club. We got us pursue guests in the buildings in Nepal and that of my brother Andrew showed my calls on burning pie. God look. I gotta run to catch a flight what I am doing this, I gotta chords of Argo tools. That was your course and my question is worse. Now, allegedly, your brother put his hands Charlemagne. Did you with that Russia to put hands? I solemnly my birthday. We thought about that Billy, I'm all my my brother, this wing on shore, maybe you know, is impossible to hit May I bought dude cat like we re designing, hey, there was comin out here: thou motivating them brass knuckle, if only the other or your brother. I maybe look a lot of people jumped autumn there brother, but like we egg, is found guilty of his family to you, gotta understand as we record of park as an added nowhere. Grudges comes from a site.
Where'd you get it. I was Doin Gregg Marlboros deal with Macedonia. Man is not liking to promise us. While you know when you do Mozilla. Is you have voices in your head? You know you here in certain things they aren't ya mean has been saying to out the years. He probably just was like he's a bad guy and I gotta get. You said this. Is God I've always that? And so, when you hear things, you think you start to justify it right and you're like oh, this voice that I'm hearing must be guy Imagine you are hearing something when your hearing voices to believe, as God, even that crazy
Well, I got one though it was cast me little to say the one brother meeting, and I take the view that you came by. Why should you grab end so he swore Charlemagne and Saunders rolling out? How show me miss him? He was right there in lead. Right. Aim like this is gonna, be warned of get. What we want to good happened up mainly than you think, was playing some prison stuff right of the company you next through play. You take big enough- and I bet you happy about this, but it was good and they get it. We all just restrain them and we know, is going on and then we can deal with definite Marbella swallow me on a park ass before you, yes enemies
The new environment. I guess we're very accepting an open right as we are progressing melodies goose, here's what you know, you're a vitally workplace about me to honour all the Trans represent here nobody's. While you took my brother to be like dogs, you do do Cassie do of great value to threaten all of us know that gives the represent their we're. Gonna do not worry about religious pulled up. Like you mean what you say. Mr Gillis destiny, men, This boasting Youtube videos to your brother, oh yeah, plenty to me right outside the studio you didn't I was laden with them and not less. But my brother Monet thing in the world. You remain so it's is we're leaving the studio on that, and I was just saying that I love you when you get to the mail, don't worry I'm going to go to hospital with you right now and they turn to face me. My photos, I
you sure you hear me say I love you. Pretty soon. Primarily, things about you know at ages starts going in and next thing I knew at nowhere wax and new waxed comics our two packages genes, the familiar to an end in taxes, grandma threw off my mother's Bateman, others like zigzags, yield to some private. It was tough, commissioner. The road they re for, while we were, I watched the brain deteriorate or whatever yeah where's you fall into it is one of these things were like you're healthy for low, while as long as you're on the drugs the hardest thing about mental illness right. Is it like, especially to deal with things like bipolar right? Is it when you feel good when you get the up you videos, amendment in case they cause imaginable feeling great you're gonna take them and it isn't gonna make me feel worse. We take measures to feel better. Gotta go Andrew can be a Goblin comedy club, all Friday, thirteen thirty or forty four p m, but I do and Andrew every week. Okay, so yeah
they wouldn't for. Why not tell us about Charlemagne alone, but results, and I thus Charlemagne there's room daddy died. His face lobby and you can be bought. You know, bleached has noticed that you confirmed on on what are your episodes earlier and that you believe that he placed his face and he tell you that it was a skin in Austria remedy or whenever it all? I don't think you did they get it. I think I think he just chose one color like I think he was like multi coloured in the face saving shades exactly aids and career. Yet he had different shades of of black. I guess you a whose like one of those bahamian pigs, have like the different colors on her body, and then he just picked one to hide is when I mean Listen! It's up to you, you get to choose a member if you have some, I don't know if you can go to the dark one, maybe it's easier to go like a dog, or maybe maybe you can. I don't know what Charlemagne biggest insecurity thing who into these insecurity? Oh, that's!
It is a good one hour, no wildly competitive. I know that wildly competitive if we have to say one thing to take a more. What would you say talk about the way dresses, together now good manufacturing so mad. He gets really sensitive event. We are not addressed like dear mixing, Joe and Ninetys, yet as where your marriage has really are posted a picture him and they. What does he wearing anything with Khalifa Comment lay he looks like on the Mexican be the always cared sagas whistling Aerosmith, but he got so upset about it here, but leg, I don't care what I'm care home address, though it was one thing that you think we're takin me like. I said you could get undertakings that Alyssa, sometimes you guys argue like increase. To get under his Amerika, how it absolutely love debating em cause he's graded. It is very good to better use is excellent. It like making a point penetrate. You know what might take me three sentences he'll get out like forward Scotch, whom I think that's what makes him so good this or what gets under his
man, I don't know. I don't really tried to get under skin too, because who I know you're disagreeing with him. Thus re ETA you are bottom just say out. The other feel that way whenever he says is a man of the I'm really I mean is only book as it reflects that India has of science behind it load. His look look: look professional Ex jersey to look up at any minute. You're stupid everybody stupid. It's stupid, Exactly the agony of every battle group me don't sell on Ebay I've been doing a pack hospital brilliant areas for such a long time is this year is the best are, you guys do park hassling, like he's a lobby longer form and also I feel like it. It's the people to truly want to listen to you, so you can be a little bit less politically correct right. Like when you do and a platform like this. I imagine you have people they. Just like you don't like you like you, don't like you right as I shall I don't like you got you so, whatever use
when someone doesn't like you, wherever you say, is wrong, but absolutely doesn't even if his, what you could only a million dollars to charity and lobbying US attacks, royalty ever like times have changed and that since you guys daddy doing Billy Eddie you're there, so many things that you used to be able to say that you can't say now: Aouda, I'm a comic I'll, even understand the political correctness. There's going on. Like some of these things, you're not supposed to say I negotiating Risa recent, like the word Franny right gave you that were the case it our. Why is that all because, while it hey, I had Trans women. I its hands me cause. Trans people have a problem with airlines, but why is it hateful right leg from it's? Not exactly. We don't even any. If, if you even ask that question your ignorant european regions that are looked, the word training is not hateful its shorter transgender Franny Grey.
Mother Grannie, had we not a lot logic weeds endearing since I had, but I won't you put your private it, you gotta resolve, call you whenever you want to call amicable you everyone be called right. Uk is what it all put hate on my soul and I'm saying don't say be I said I mean it. I hate your views are never one, I'm just knock as a transit. You ever meet somebody who's, like I'm El Salvador It's like Mexican is less syllable do I mean who are they not mexican? Any Elsa dislike is less a midget. Uk is a view that you got a dwarf and then you got to say this is an area of indian Sesmond. Maybe you and I say: ok, I don't like this when you say that that's wrong, they tell you that and I'm gonna respected and you respect so that it is I was better you could do, but I feel I was anything like people were say things like. She has chunky eyes. You carefully, who's that now I know that because I'm happy
Asian I dont assume is alot of people. They dont think there's anything wrong. Idomene it in a hateful waited and won't show. No, then, then, you told you abuse people are afraid of bribery. Like there's this oppression Olympics has gone on where people are trying to be offended right. Undersea like the most offended groups, regular review, but nothing black people have a word. That's really bad confuse against them So what is our word? We too bad word gently language, training. Ok, that's gonna, be our backward due to me like every good vying for this, this top spot of being offended and issues weird legacy kill your like. I've, never had anything against trans people. Ever in my life I mean I just thought that that was Doin hold it for short, and I can say, trans and third mail which no deliverance issues like Eliza trains. Now a white person, my say you know what I don't understand a word. The wide affects people, because I in every wraps. All that doesn't mean it doesn't effect a black person differently. But if you have a second, what can I see you can teach hands you try
I voted in favour, as I might not understand what that were. Absolutely, I would feel no don't you. You may go point about that. When I would say is like all you do is little research right. If you did, research of the inward from its existence is described. Black slaves right comes from the portuguese word for black right. So that's what he's been. Therefore, on the angle, tricks slavery right. So as someone who knows that, I must stay away from outward Like my life, I thought we could, like my dad, took away sloop dogs, doggie style tape when I was a kid because he heard it mermaid so like from whereby but the word training is just short for you still using it, as are the you know that worthy aims in a lie in store for transgender, on their knowledge and though the word my name is Andrew was a short name for me. Eddie you're names Angelo was a short ever you edgy, ancient fragile, but that's fine and I will call you are saying- is that what we should do something at? Why Paypal? If someone calls you by your full name, their mad, that we are moving into shelter, we come back to move the breakfast locomotive,
morning everybody is D, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club. We have Andrew Shelter in the building. Ye can, I said about em at year. Show it got them. You got five shows we in Friday, Saturday Gotham Commie Club come out here. I believe we have the topics for you right now. I'm talking about it all men. I think this is really the time for me, but but I am talk about me to movement. I'm talking about not Facebook, really really care about the phasing out came last year like cause is whatever like most rather, you know everything about me, like the governments are emails. I want them to read the text. Could I no longer doing bad? I who care exactly what I mean there are people. Do one thing that is a guy and I want them to know like if me and you if we are like share, unlike some wild porn, is that you know like some just we're porn I'll find some govern. Officials I yell envy shows a ye are not whether we will be appointing pregnancies I draw the line out onto the Yoda nappies? Deanna wants like the pregnancy, for these realities to buy one
pregnancy moving up. Well, you get what you want, but you know that secular, paying woman. As a good point role, although, as I do realise that, like I feel as though I was disrespecting a woman who has a baby governed, but if you have as sex it, a pregnant woman you're probably find some enjoyment, because having sex with a programme is probably one of the best he's a vagina you ve ever had I because the baby's push not a meteor. Oh, no, no, because a more transparent, more wet is nice, a baby crying, Like your dad's, the programme, we are going to be valued, always juicy, it's more, where its title. It really anything for you if it was amazing. Yet these are like missionary. Why? What is my wife? She carries more, So it was all over the place. You could do it wherever, yet he keeps it pregnant others. Because he legs and older workers would like four pounds announces. So she
analysis of York proudly, you just came out, threw up immediately enjoyably. So where did so gypsy its tight? It's it's the! I would say current anywhere by me, as these, these that was a hormones are feelings, is something like that you never before you like you, and they probably should be so you stay around. So you may have really think this pregnant nobody's when you talk about stuff like While we have these conversations, because if I may say that you, You have given me different perspective. Now we're in this place, where we're so afraid have any conversation were so afraid of being wrong as a second you're wrong. You know they ve victimize, you want twitter, they just kill. You have a three days. That's right! Until Mr Potter dynamism around these Thou week. He's got away you just gotta. Wait it out here with us everything is it when people don't like to have those conversations people like to Judge- and I noticed that would twitter, but you know, like you, said the best thing about live suburbs and being in your own farm. It has long shook. A fireman is good. And he has always your pay to his eyes- you have a collateral, yeah baby
You know a bit for women because I need him other human interaction and liked to be around people thy son. You know I thus understandable to their will well, sometimes as a man, you have to make sure you say you know a baby. I got the keys. Is we can go out and do what you gotta do or I'm home baby? I got two kids go, do what you gotta say was guys my five ass. She was gone crazy. She with I have to get back to where I cannot take just me and debate We in the house, you know, but the second that baby and she was working. It wasn't like she was. You know, but you gotta missing a second. She leaves and that's gets a user monsieur baby as soon as you mean, oh absolutely, but I think we as men like we, have the ability to leave a little bit easier. You may become an above average out of jail, but that's true but like I think about that, like it comes out of you and that's why you love and you're so attached to it and, like all the rest feeds ever so connected. Attached to illegally italian, but like that's, how I feel about my dumps near Tessier dumps like a look at home after, like you, look at them absolute,
You have looked at home, you hold him, will you be like wild? When did you break? I do like that. What would you do it? You won't push. I didn't. I didn't need a key GL exercises. No, the Mars classes, you know, but economy was, is not the same as having a baby where's the closest as you now you get with us. You get on our level now. Let me say something that we are proud of. It comes out of us. Of course, I look ass. You two seas. I try to think of our meal. It was unanimous in its its if, but it comes out of a so imagine you poor could could talk for you now babies position in a we await aware now we're way I may have connection Gaga Mama than that of it. You know what shows, got them comedy club Friday do Saturday gets it gets now. Do you know the website? I yes Gotham Comedy Club, Thou com, I believe, or the address shalt thou com. You can you go check that out man and yet be so
Madame on the be taken towards Europe to manage, as if their schools, I announced that I think the Panchen Lama begone for weak May, maybe you pull up Ojala alive? How can you not annoyed by Charlemagne and New magazine? I would become allows it like this vent exertion measure. We should it does at once again. What were you going to do? The torrent Europe in the preceding tickets go on sale April thirteenth that schools, I daresay a couple days, an army international. You guys, really didn't that's why I'm TVS is falling off cause. You too was replaced them in terms of what that demographically, also good, but, like you guys, have a medium, which is radio and radio. You got on Youtube and you got on there in a way that, like MTV, really didn't learn, that's why I'm tedious is fallen off cause you to replace them in terms like what that demographically nonsense but, like you guys have a medium which is radio and radio his fluctuated in terms of listen ship, but the internet has exploded and you know I've seen it happen through you, guys and I'll be in Sweden
and people comedy over two billion idiocy how'd you find. But how did you find about bringing it is This is a bird of club every morning. So is a wild, putting something out there in the world you shouted may met, do empty b we met dram tv, we're doing guy code and, although shows a mean, I've bunch of tv shows unobserved. Also, that's why we Did the a couple of socio guy show you have had that like hip, hop, wrap up shut me up. Yet why haven't you guys connect so strongly as opposed to all the other people? There are ongoing we were just argue, the brilliant cities is no different than like our text messages or phone conversation throughout the week. It will just be an idea we just kind of go added like, but it was It always always an interesting way. Unlike I like people, who, I think, assign intelligence of intelligence is when, when someone disagrees with you, they don't call you stupid you they their curious.
Or they offer another thing. What we do now I've noticed special on Twitter is like the second someone disagrees with you. They make you radioactive right, like in the use something about your life, to make you bad at bright lights, like you, just went, a dildo thing right. Sancho anytime anywhere disagrees with you now like you, can have a perfectly good point, but a site maybe that's why you got bill those in you that that is what you know it, but see that that is economic contacts, if no one understands the story of what have you had any more? If you don't know target a family there out now somebody posted a fig story. Did I like you and I didn't have- is valued and if they, but you know it, it doesn't bother because I know it's not true it, but you know the funniest stuff about it things like that, would bother me, but now Vanni though I never thought it mainly because it sets a crazy story. I pay a crazy story is actually does funny yeah. I agree.
I agree in that. First, you freaked out because you care so much about your reputation. I think, as you get older least, I've been trying to do as I get older is like accept myself more as more. I accept me to say about me. We appreciate right. You know that you, as almost four actually Stanford Interview, meant Kylam as enemies set this interview up and indeed doubt, but we had a good combo. Maybe maybe let me, though, Jabba show me, maybe a better one between the three of us, but if I'm a man who was our Shiela HANS, takes the breakfast of your fears morning. Everybody is D. J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was gets. It aromas was so clear. We production is about
The report annually eat breakfast. So clearly, did you ever hear baby girl happened yesterday morning around, for I am at a hospital right ass, I Cleveland now Don't know the name yet, but Tristan Thompson was there even others, others dramas surrounding them. Wendy Williams has waited on their relationship and here's what she had to say, Chloe. You know when you pulled up on him, but he had a girlfriend. May majority crag and the jury was five months, Agnes when you're dating and you know a guy- is expecting a baby with a woman, but he's too, and he tells you you know- that's been over. No, we don't live together. You know, she's she's gonna have the baby, here's the thing it might be over and only people who have babies now when a baby enters the world. You know
What are you gonna get back with our you? Don't know how is gonna be as a father he's that allows us to sort out. Overhear Chloe you jumped in some measure didn't need to be involved in the sea. I get it, but the only thing is we don't know if his relationship with his ex was over, I mean it could have been all we might not be dealing, as you say she was they may be. Was the delay a day? Becomes things change in Berlin, but in a prison Thompson? Was the interest allow here while in out, but I'm surprised at the actually let him in to sit to see the bird casinos mother He probably hate some right now it would you want to see that face when you can't give birth. I know when parliament to see their face again, but a messy and every time I look at the baby. I gather that additional about you know: she's gonna, be the mature person endless be clear. Chloe has wanted a baby for quite some time. She's been talking about it for years it happened. First, I'm sure she still considers it be a blessing to circumvent lily eyes is less than stellar are right
the rapporteur has announced he's going to celebrate his twenty fifth birthday with a fundraiser in Chicago all the proceeds are going to social works, which is his youth empowerment, charity for Chicago. So I shall address as the rapporteur for that Cavan Heart is gonna, be hosting a competition series is called T Kayo Toto, out and it's gonna be for a CBS. So, as from Mark Burnett any said, the show is perfectly align with my. A brand. The minute marked Burnett pits me I gotTa Emmy decided to work together. They show has potential to make me look tall. So it's all gonna Premier in the summer and basically, what it is people from all walks of life when player, races to obstacles by four other contestants are met. Battle stations along the course firing projects out to knock them off and slow them down. Right now I'll check it out. I would love to see you on that, the right now, let's go, and soon they demonize we can get to these earlier by. We ve been talking about what happened with immodest sport and make him in that.
Got emotional, as he talks about Cardy be here's which he had to say. I've been told this reason and viewed as she did, I had never seen her, mean genuine love in an interview, and I could just and how many girls wish, how many girls which they could have been on assignment Nicky managing. Saying that Nicaragua, I'm saying it like this thing. I know your mouth when someone asks you about a Nicky Menage feature. Is she didn't erosion? Skews me it's because the Nicky Hate parade that she felt the accountability to address me on that matter? ok, I'm not here for the cries of naive. What it is I mean we ve gotta leave it now. We ve all Nicky for long term and I dont believe Oh cried. None of us all not over the lack of respect- says she has. I I don't see it. You know, I think right now. She knows a lot of people, don't like her and Haider and are against the and she's trying to get that that
via back, but I dont believe no cried out. Oh, what not able to be not, lastly, goes on to say that she feels egg KGB should have thanked her. Now that I don't agree, workers is not cry to be songs, not the one to say less put Nicky on this is a meagre saw as meagre may go, should. Thank you. I really do up. The two of them can kind of some kind of resolution and work things out because they are. To women, who are you know, caddies on top of the game right now, our rooting for her. Make him a nice has had some miss tebbs. His fire is people's ate. It doesn't tree people. Well, You know he's not relate above so on and so forth, but this is a good lesson learned. You know absolutely well. I just gotta gray wrapper. I was gonna, make mused the I want all of female employees work it out and let us be clear, I listen to make him a NASA. Have fellow, is incredible: she'd aroused great, you know, side I do I do to work through. These, I just think is where we never hear Female M sees really together since, like twenty years ago, like we won't
we won't hear Remy, cardi and Nicki on the record like we should be able to hear that just like. We can hear Jay, Z and future and Jay Z and NAS like we. Can we hear those like. Why can't I there are men and women and the sad thing there is such a smaller pool of women and women are always pitted against each other by certain people have. Why do I always do there? I mean less Mme and Nicky did assigned together just Amy Remington aside and Kim Camera citizen together, the LOS Angeles rain, is always very supportive of other women. Also always seen are given people, perhaps anymore and even into trade. I just seem recently. Cash doll in Brittany did us on together, so it does happen, but yeah we were left us. Furthermore, we will have to see people now gone on social media, making people not like each other for whatever reason and read too much into lyrics and all it. I Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report law right. Well, of course you dropped to record so when we come back with a dual Nicky Menage makes them. You know your favorite Nicky joints manipulated.
The ones that we got whatever you want to hear verse. Whatever you want to hear my child, she has a lot of records, so imma, try to and as many as possible, I in revolt will see you guys or Monday. Everybody else to people's choice mixes up next is the breakfast level more Reno Buddhist authoring. Teacher Jarvis, masters, steadfastly maintained is innocent, since he was sentenced to death almost thirty years. Podcast dear govern Jarvis poses the question of what. From the confines of his nine by for sale in San, when Jarvis will share his riveting life story, how we manage to maintain a sense of optimism in the most dire circumstances of their power by the girl in house will provide the details of the bloody murder trial that landed on debt relief, work out back in charge here, details from inside it, Missus attorney spite for his final steed, a p
with newly disclosed evidence. The posters and claims of innocence will the California Supreme exonerate him reaffirm here death sentence. Listen dear governor, I hurt radio apple podcast wherever you did your part tests. It seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started, trying to accomplish everything you need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us, it's Elvis Doran in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world. On the I hurt radio app.
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