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Wednesday 2/21- Today on the show we had Nipsey Hussle stop by where he spoke about his new album, his relationship with Jay-Z and more. Also Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to J.J Redick after he used a derogatory term towards Asians and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Here's. Something good is a new show from Seneca women and I heart radio, it's a great way to start your day on the positive side of life. In times like these, we may find ourselves worrying that even the simplest tasks will have a negative consequence, but here something good. We spoke to marry Johnson scientists from tied a detergent. We relied on four seventy five years in this episode. She shares valuable tips for how to do laundry in the time of corona. One last thing to worry about four: more tips and a coupon from tied go to tide dot. Com slush pod casts the twenty seven clubs, podcast famous musicians, who died prematurely and sometimes mysteriously, each seven. Podcast hosted by hosted by me Jake and creator and hosted the award winning music untrue crime podcast disgrace.
Two features: twelve episodes in the life and death of Jim Morrison, the doors and the twenty seven club contains adult content and explicit language. You can listen to the twenty seven club on the Iheartradio, app apple, podcasts or everyday podcast. Even so this morning is paying everybody pheasant spending to go with me to the ruler rubbing the wrong way. The breakfast rabbi You
a girl. My Liege Lee like an around. I would guess what data is girls what day it is hard for me as day seven of my data. How is there going it's going good? You know, sorry, I was late, I'm hungry what I was thinking. I'm gonna go we now. What is he doing right now? Who doesn't? I would include, what is YE emanated, solid food in the USA? The hardest part of it is that I'm so number one walk impassable, unwelcome pit. Sometimes people turn like you like a chicken wing right now. I look at you, but Breasted die the I was against it and the other part Is that a lot of things that happen revolve around food, like people will be like lets me that let's go grab a bite to eat or you can do it right can't do that. People have dinner is people alike, let's go get a drink and is really I did
do anything that doesn't revolve around food aid. Where do I meet up and due process using personal course when you paupers asylum law and our group, it is nothing to come out. You just go to pocket. No hiding I've got like twice in the past week. Have we not salad, guy Addison right that next year's right, you can't do it Exocet right now. Can I have the energy for that? No sexual arrest No sexual harassment and sexual harassment. You can't sex either way you can see. No sexual harassment and asking Well, now you also I supposed to abstain from sex during this detox, we're too weak for Hammond. Is for two weeks goodness, you know, why Ocean number gives a motor for you boy for the elite, giving a lower your boyfriend somebody's lotion. It's all there I'll be good. There is great
our aim as they must. Then it is these black about Lapierre he's back Panther he's back playing basketball. I'm excited about, therefore makes me nervous at all the concussion. So yes, it he's got forty points out a drop forty. We have forty in its analysis. It was funny right on the other day the thirty eight right with two minutes. Let s it! You gotta go to more scope to more enable new up by like twitter. Haven't you guys go to more able job, forty zero? I don't even some other kids play. They don't get to play at that point. I wasn't say: take my set out he's doing amazing. Now they gave play but have called used all they'll dance. Add Logan right. Well this morning, nip see. Hustle will be joining us, of course, he's from the West Cosi as new our Malcolm victory. Laugh actors will reach orbital about all adds, amazingly as much as as Nixy hasn't. And as many items as he's put out. This is his debut album on a major label. Right affairs, like he's done so much more
has so many albums out so we mix mix tape says they call our rights and working and if she has a meagre front page news where we talk about how we will talk about possible gun bands, Is there going to be anything going? I now with banning these weapons will tell you what Donald Trump had to say and we'll tell you about Florida legislature. I will get into all that when we come back Keepin lackey Kyo as combining the breakfast. Well, everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. You got all why people ask me, does Macleod for it a golf. Of drain amusing, that your call for us to stop it. I'm gonna win Franklin target T shirt on right now in New York and New Jersey today, so I pulled out the baby today I took it off. I said after I said I said, I'm going to drive my baby today a car? Is that you, let's get matter, is very expensive and another horse on it. They go
and it is our days and take a picture of you knows how many Muslims live animals deadly horse, I'm going downstairs and take a picture Margaret risk in some front page news that let's talk about these weapon ban. Are they gonna ban? Is a fifteenth? Was gonna? U, whereas now looking very helpful another flight, a faint house until they they reject. Yesterday they rejected a ban on many semi automatic tens and lies capacity magazines, and this is really sad because a lot of the students and survivors were disappointed. Now Sarah Aqua Lowry ACT accordingly, my poor rural, she's a sixteen year old Junior from stolen Douglas. She said it's just so heartbreaking to see how many voters names were at their, especially after it was my school and Spencer. Blood was one of her schoolmates Eddie. Lawmakers makers wearing representing him, he said, that's unacceptable. It shows that they don't care about us. No don't mass shootings on collateral damage for the right to bear arms. Very recently,
We also have a bad said: they gonna try to get the age old, because right now, at the age of eighteen, you can buy a or fifteen you gonna Chinamen, lonely old man, even ass the most days you have to be eighteen and some states. You have to be twenty one per via hang on Why does my rifle? You can be eighty, why I voted for the sale of all the soldier. I want ya to medical man. I mean not only the issue of a piece of paper, forty five times around or Darrow, or was to other thing that they are more hog. Wouldn't you say that, but you own a are fifty right. I wanna go to Baghdad on it, so you gotta stop! No, I don't think there. They should be banned, but I'm not gonna get rid of mine involving a ban so you'll give up
ordinary, absolutely only use if a babby go beyond, which I know in Eddie. I am allow my bags nearby alternative and turns on those whom we keep this, that if everybody to limit found, I should get away guy a reminder. Leave their barbaric manner believe in the right to be armed under was a data, but I do feel that we need these terrible gun control. Eminently sensible people control tell me all about the minimum age in most states, being eighty vessel, yeah then, when power is about people control, woman everyday of about lively. We trying crazy every thing, good day. You d never know when somebody, although grave, where let's get down a chance, because he said yesterday LEO Crow erected, his attorney general, to propose changes that would ban a bump fire? Sacks here is Donald Trump are just a few more ago. I signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all device. The term legal weapons,
the machine guns. I expect that these critical regulate Change will be finalized Jeff very soon. That has just talk, because, obviously you can buy a peace or you could take the spring. So there is talk communist, sounds good, it is told the daily this way of avoiding the bigger is finally going to ban is add on that. Contains your gun into and thought Your banning NEA Sesar is not the actual phone domed, mainly charges. If too far, Was it a problem is found to problem, get rid of bone, though banded charges. Found that come with the phone get rid of the actual phone and japanese cities jungle, background tags, mental health check, I believe digital footprint checks. Let me see what this person has been posting online or they saying anything threatening to people doesn't seem like this person might have some issues cause. That's a reason why you shouldn't you should be able to do.
In some areas is baggage of gun, dodgy obi will guns, does inanimate objects in opium, tradespeople, we're going to be realistic about the seventh greater who shot himself and the middle school bathroom he sat and he's still alive. He shouted entered himself is with this was in Ohio at Jackson, middle school, they say no other students were heard, it's not clear yet whether he intentionally shut himself up sweden- is being treated at a hospital who did his wife for in wooden freestyle them, though I don't know if my information is the seventh grade, we got the gun on wild anyway. I wonder: freestyle love these items as front page news alone. That's all you and you know it get off my chest. Eight hundred five, eight I have one final point: if you're upset you need of it, it is up right now, maybe at a bad night bad morning, or maybe you feel bless ones precipices, every maybe a week is yet another detects eight hundred Friday. Five, what all five one get it off your chest is the breakfast club the moment
the breakfast club A pounding down. You're gonna, get it on the agenda on the breakfast gladly, but as they will allow this Joel gullible that lead Jaws Gomorrah broke it off. I just don't want to go much further than is normal. That you can, you can ban, are fifty eight that the bad guys are still not gonna have asked you, now? If you gave me this people like me, a new law abiding citizens, be able to get them, but the bad guys and I'll give it is, of course they're gonna be able to obtain them because they don't you about the laws. Are you know your anger at the New York meeting? If you check it out? We all grew up in New York City and you know the new year in New York City. You can you, can almost it's almost impossible to own a gun,
how many buddy, don't it wanted to speak will guide. You know is greatly what you're talking about all these mass shootings. These people are necessarily bad guys visa, like students right there, your people up until they commit these heinous crime moment, annoying that criminal record a legally binding a offshooting than I did not give him. You know from some crazy we're not illegally by Jacques. You say a bad guy like these guys have a life for crime. They not you know it's just He brought a growing up in the acceding, am always been very uncomfortable with guns, because I'm not used to people being able to just have guns, and when I go to other states- and I see people,
working around openly. Carrying guns is always very rarely related, Grover Brooklyn, your whole life. When you do not have it s a you can't just walk around holding a guy like an allowed to God. I don't see. Why is tat? I see people, it is able to help them. Let me put my gun up and that use it at my dad's retire blues of sobbing around all types. Exactly I haven't. Wasn't the liberal, your lovin you shot every year as a logical that by the time, but you don't go- you does walking around. How then again is hitting allows this edge. Regular features to get off my chest, you know, We must have been a relationship, and you know you, you d wrong. Ass were like. We want to work it out, like I'm good at your man. What do you expect they gonna? Be they tell me more about life, but I, but when you don't mess up the like your dog in all, he doesn't care, he was a move on, but it like you got a guy that once the worker,
I understand their control, how nobody big information and is like and what kind of a double standard, almost as a double standard. You met them. Now you have to pay the punishment. Now, let's see what are they gonna hang in there and acknowledge that you men now we're going to feel sorry for you not oblige you can be folks are for use of you. After biology behaviour. Bird best apologies change behaviour. So now you gotta shall marry that you really care and that you mentioned that you really teens and guess where that takes time and allay they want you to change the way, I'm cool. So you got a change for the next person boldly. I want to show you all trains and in his life, but I get it. You know how long it takes to sell somebody that you ve changed awhile. Exactly the measure really one courses with other woman perform work, don't answer that come on up between us. The answer you have learned a lot: you learn the day. You ain't changes between us
me you never worth it. I need you to set its data villages. Eighty five, a five little five. One of your upset you need a video is now is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club, go away, wake up or black we want to hear from you know I was there is good morning good morning of wages. Moment proud that morning actually wanted Balkan Working baggage and I've been guided by Bulgaria. We were last year along on about literally a minute array of go, ok, sound and before you were born, it listen Eric though
a gold. They want to emasculate on men and happens, rest permanent and call it passing. I know you'd be dollar dancing but isn't working meeting the greatest spent the day in the world. The loser full, therefore many targets that have been that is working at Babylon. Nobody for breaking the or touch not even the crap is deep. On the coming cook, you probably wondering where I came from or let me take the picture. In my view there will probably have the great. While you was a witness in the bill. You want the Whitney soon in Jim, but I come from cotton regain member Mama making copied tripping to pay their pigtail. She put pigs held him. I think you're, a finnish colleague, but made for that. I value graduated Papa class. I had so much pressing, but the wife but classless with his black they are ready, the air lock on China that traffic this naturally some pan. In hopefully, one day they he passed, they walk into a woman salami attention without speaking that black girl magic, so black boy, black girl,
the mirror. Don't busy getting clear. Was black men glad women is a clear date. Put the world all noted and tell him we're coming. There can be a margin. We're running a m in Albania had you arrived every Nobody would you know it was the way where was the first man again, the first line they wanna immaculate our men and have them dress feminine, then call it fashion as a threat on a scale of one to blow prayers argued at six, a m be Marie Ovine, simply got very on it again. I love you guys back allows is Madame Trundle lines, I'm quitting Clinton content couldn't get ravages while everybody else get it off my police and he said holding Once again, you kill something and some people and I was mentally ill.
Most offer that I don't think you mentally every damn sure we crazy and not every day of our life. We got our boy crazy. Sometimes people go crazy, is mentally ill and does not damage the feather them up. Like you, the innocent person sting utterly wrong. I'll bet you, ITALY, but you know what you see that the family that took him in November they turn again. His inheritance is eight hundred thousand darling. Really here does not always have to get a hundred thousand dollars when he turned twenty or twenty two sorted out is more of a work of corn on rural areas. Nodded. I fear mistake you when I was a unity government is more marathons. Go here. They should give them money to the family, bring us yet again, even if he managed to still get that money he's gonna get sued in losing any ways should their money should go to the family. You know you're gonna get someone yeah. And he decided to every dollar buckler seventeen people.
I will get it off your Chaz, eight hundred five, a five one or five one of your upset. You need of it. You can hit us at any time that you would have almost runaway. Yes, we are going to talk about Wendy Williams. Why people matter now, as they should be they put in bees all in her comments on what wrapper is changing his name to sex Nokia, we'll get it, All that will we come back. You lack is to breakfast club the morning initially also will be joining the snakes out, o big criminal, the breakfast. Nor did the toy Angela eat breakfast lab. Wendy Williams and your show decided that she wanted to cry aloud. Some idea she felt needs auto tunes, he said is only a handful. Art is that dont need odds who can sing raw here's what she had to say there are only a few
people who can sing la dog and Fergie is not one. She needs order, Tomb, Jen Lopez needs auto tune and JANET needs auto too and the answer needs order. Adele a wreath of silly the on Warwick I'm alive. Then I wonder, was shut up and durable, something It needs to kindly. They were on that as southern arrival Wendy Man- I am talking about physically and psychologically, you washed his shoulder. You can see her mental and physical health like deteriorated deteriorating right before my eyes, but she almost. Turn on tv last week she had to take a few days off it's hard for her to get two sentences is like she had a stroke. And even tell him anyway. I would
gone. All Wendy is not, nor will be a lot of stress, but she bugging widowhood. Biotic I'll, have him at a crazy out of the foolish you just a product. At this point it is. Women are out every day because she makes a lot of people money work. Clearly, she's network are a young tag, has decided to change his name. You in on Twitter and sat on changing my name to sex. Then he put out another tweets had fallen from now on com sex, so he hasn't explain why that is, but that's a new name, don't ever problem. Applying sex, yes, do for you, I'm not going with bug you download! You got more unconscious of doggie the bottom Devlin Colony sex. What about young set? You know, dies exe I wanna go bust. My manner bill black guy used to work without how dynamic Colombia, still girlfriend of my night is name with big sexy on radio cleaner. The rustle of aid in that What did he do? Army now? Use it
president legs, I was based on the W W each act. A big said I write. Nazareth comes a big big. That did you call him that nightmare. We used call him exactly Even if that you ve called dogs ice indifferent, No, I got you gotta put an imagined. It would make me something sex, maybe young sex, the work you have to take all you sexual sets, no coming up with sex Imagine if your may, I don't know. Imagine some strange to see you talking to your own voices x and you walk up to a year was subways sex. What did what it? They don't know your friend big sexy and blood. Every no big sexy go. Legit address is also right. Nea wife crystal she had some comments to make about her sons, heresy of having to go and defend those comment. I want now suppose it a picture, and she said so, my son.
Wasn't blessed with Mommy's hawaiian silky, as my sister likes to say, can anyone suggest some good products and waste to rise is nothing? I've tried will help. The dryness here seem suggest soak up everything instantly Hammett below. If you ve had that's issues crude help, and so he wouldn't have very nice things to say about her referring to her son and that being blessed with them her. Why and silky here's what you had to say after everybody went on. Thank you guys for the negative view, because once again, I'm gonna generally into something positive, and I am now in the process of creating a hare come on for mixed children. Thank you once again, the finance they not think is gonna frustrate, monsieur d funds here, but not our husbands hate. I go neild cranium, we'll have a head on. Don't divisions grand him, she does as you definitely down, but you can't toxic waste gotta anybody, oh you, don't have the good silky here you everybody's here is beautiful right. There you have it. We just have different
there of here you're say that they per beside you never had a per May you gotta managing differently s of different products, and here I think, is beautiful and will have natural here. Is this how you take care of animal products? youth, I re well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report are right. When we come back, nip see hustle why these from the West Coast, of course, he is unwell, victory labour will kick it what it will become back so don't move is to breakfast Club morning porn and everybody is being J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. We got us pursue guess about India there without work out. What was tat. My brother was rough not on another by early politics. Would you allow the widow Madrid I could do it now? this model there really like a real go. People like what the college will depend again. By no wire force while beloved, so you know I feel I internet come
since when I be flying to burn in Hell. You know me: we grew up if he was a real. When you can wear what you really apply. You know, sir. It is still happy like that, though I mean it is like a farmer somebody else here with a gang of red on, and I am not alone face and I'm in a Crip hood yeah. It probably I probably get address but I think I had problems doesn't say. Congratulations on the! on that I may by the high level of victory that restore though gretta stream that all the relevant had. So it took two long right. You had a lot to prove an undue. Let's talk about it now TAT was built first and foremost. Love to our money? I hear a lot that you don't like widow rapid bags. There was a widow Rapid EU What are the use of the line when our light, despite this word a rabbit, usually the others fella? You know I felt pressure low bit for
where the game is- and I know just know by specific, just like it ain't it ain't in a direction a word. We grew up on at times alike, say some, you not me. You got to be a man of respect or woman to respect. You know I mean even from like just the drug stuff like you know I would never glorified and wrap called you weak almost like lay by Scarface Josie or to Puglia? We ain't. Had we ain't had no go. Men are rarely delay body legs and come out as a solid individual, thus rummages. As far as light. You know these rights today direction. I don't know like telling people what to do but juice. You know chattered represent two principles that are global erect. That does wanting a legal budget musicale as socially redeem in value to annoy on dedication. You know kindred further man Elsa, do a song nip, he had better crippled,
said he a man for you hear what he speaks about from black businesses, falling imprisonment and he said, Listen closes big, an enthusiasm for so that a challenge you to get people to see you for more than a stereotypical was cold gangsterism. I mean people, people receive me based on what I say. So I wouldn't I went blind people where I came in to say this: firm and whom I represent For a reason I wanted I wanted to establish. What I belong to, and I looked at it like jihadist isotope Mohammed, because it mister I was like why you can't come out talk about the specifically you know. I mean when you walk into a dorm. The first thing you were established is where you from and then from there you get into the the person behind this. Just in case we ever got a problem with his enemies. Here you go to the bathroom and then you get into like okay. I can actually with you. You know how may we get to know each other, but you get that out the way first, and so
so I wanted to. I want my message to MPEG Gang culture. You not say I want to what I had to say to MPEG individual. Like myself, young people, I was the area's. I was controlled by gangbanging. I didn't want to preach to the choir, but I wanted to be able to say you know, I'm one of you and where I'm going to go wherever in the home you go Nora, you can interfere too weathers added. How many game wardens successful situation as a business owner. I came from this and it's it's authentic and I'm not on the outside of this culture. That's why I came in like a minute. I wasn't trying to like be on those stupid, tough guy. You know, I'm saying I just wanted to be clear that you know wherever I take it, I'm not I'm not different! I'm exactly the same. I've been through everything you've been through. Are you going to go to as a somebody in that culture would have avoided a better croup. What are their me? I don't know, but I say it, but when I would assume Kendrick made was that
somebody? There is not one hundred percent eyes or outside of communicating. Wait a blur or some I've no trace. Maybe that's we may ass well together, as you know, but we had to ask Kendrick is his is taken, will remember you talk. What caused infrastructure was a period when you needed adapted, jury CO, signed and get out of the way. What why do you think that changed J may bill? I call it I'll and if you look at me it's like three or four islands in a rap music you don't mean and allied allotted things that you might not not well ya, know what that is But my now know are connected city islands. It connects, you got delight Jimmy vain, doktor, Joy, Ireland? Would you gotta placed on artists to the came under drape snow
injured were year. Kendrick is a part of tat dog thing as well, but it connects you non US air, and so then you got lightly or to have their island in that not all records, I'm just saying I'm say again fraud is martyr. Egg Rockefeller, yeah. You know car yea and early artist. I came out, yea fallen. And then you got on whatever happens. You know what I mean, so it was one of them three options for artists, and unless you you wanted to go where I called just taking the stairs and in figuring out how to how to get into one of those situations out of your own thing, top dog you have said that dog created his old thing out my bow to build a highly myself, I saw, would even I gotta go. Ratification of the ILO were absolutely something, even though it came from them, be an artist connected through another situation. They have torn out into his all opera.
There were two alternative see hustle. Of course he has a new our victory lap outright. Now you look on accommodation to U N did he have as you did? He formed a relationship. I assume do nor lending Cathy Year. You you both to me to tell you in your job or not. Line glowworm introduce me to pass all got you coming on new path, but it was. It was more of a personal relations whether you know we were that carry out some by that What made you wanna get all the liberian put ammonia shallow young gotta be more rep. I was represented hate me now, lady. When we were his his presence. Regular gnaws brought away. I might lead distaste irregular rabbit. I want you to get on this, but the make all in a video we go make a movie. He was like. He told me the House door behind any light. Bob must have fallen, may not at stake a week before. Did that movie? I when I mean that video like I asked
Did you use all in vain? La someone's, been honest, though, on a chain, and we got tigers, you like that guy biggest check on that line, so here we preying on. We regret that. But you know when I play the residents Osborne, you are young, they each other right, you so you know. Is when both in a start in automatic used our gas, you know, but even the allied wrap it me some real production advice on our record when I played form it was different and which are in that it with a loud and at me, and he was Alison, Brody Port up natural born killers by ice cube and Dr Dre, and I just what you going for this. What y'all trying to do on this record maximize, make it sound like this and we went back in the studio and I played it for my producers and then we turned it up and added to simply all the way through for a sound more like West Coast violent. You know I mean, and I felt what he said-
ray approached it. It was roaming, make the ragged, but of all who they didn't. Do I want? If you don't really produce novelty, mean my understand. The data allocated right, I think about more money, more problems, no disrespect big big is legit. So what I'm about to say is not a shot against big you don't! Please don't spend it like that when they hear this is what I'm saying is that alright, I stay in an interview and Biggie had two glasses on and he was like. He has more money, more problems. You know I mean you got to come with me down before direct written so also to songwriter. I look, take down, arouse melody and take this line more money, more problems in a hook with more money, more problems that was pot as production. In big name presented. It's a big says that what a diner Ross I'm coming, our record, you know say who said, allows puff decision in man the bigger Alyosha Biggie com.
Would be a J p, o daddy quietly, but success that allow you I've been art is unknown. Dad do I gotta when I think I'll think about it and we should simple a big reckon, not think about which work, not yourself, but her dinner gonna also diverge. So that's what I hope of both dummy smell. You like it or not. You listen to what I'm Cinema interviewed, Marmee, getting oh Papa Day to produce a bag and tell me some value the catch, the eye we have more women in the autumn. We come back. You lack is the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club. We have nipped, see hustle into building showing what I'm not goin. For now you did, you have to cool adequate. I will judge the
You know it's crazy about their work. I thought you play the key, though just when we had the clear and they have a hard motivation- regret hustler motivate dear. So when Jazzy got any declared a record, I guess when he paid him, he say other. Let every other rap artist to me using why, but I was his thousands, their wait. Wait, wait where producers, and rather interesting you know, set up here so we'd benefited off his negotiation in ninety ninety eight. While we just had to gauge Isaiah clear when he cleared away their owners at a copyright, he made its where any hip hop. What is our doom could use wrecked J did that, hopefully you will have to go to jail for everybody. Everybody got a clear with J for what I just need. Still me. I just need a jersey clear to any clearances. Go along with airport jade always showed you lot already by like a thousand copies
crash on what would I wouldn't out here about a hundred caverns of Chrysophora was a hundred dollars. I look ok now you don't even know back, do not mean you not mad, Jane Elia ears. It go at costs, are ours is by stage and are you not ran up, I run of whom, despite some nip in a meeting of melody, broth, Rona sixty I bought a low rotter, the story thine of asking, but he bought a lower from one small boys money. Might nothing my video, that's the meat available. When I hear you May. He bought that from one of my boys. What am I doing army from our late as our school has really ever yet out? Eighty body talent or you can hardly Norway? What now so I just would like young Omnia above role is saved easy, like not unknown, and you know this for years before that the pressure they like, you know, got going a thing
He could go so Thou Zani, comma. We have added to the crash. I think what you gave me a hundred men, so you know not allow an hour. Bluely is too, when my favour regular. Now you make a spook who sat by the door reference. You know about that man ass little area about our big. You spoke about it that they guarantee the pretty clear. What now I was say somebody wanted to deploy. May earlier, that's one of the reasons I was so I'll go about where I come from and in what are represented, clout and unwanted to mobilise Unama in office. By saying that book, Messina Move, you read a book, it's about a gang member from Chicago who, were you know on presented himself in a way he never conall cases he was. He was, he had a clear cut. Look any if we tried to see I any became educated and became embezzler use they agenda, which was to have a token in the CIA. For political reasons. You know we're gonna, be my love, you.
And I think that in terms of hip hop you think of the message that they embrace. I feel parallel with its like. You know what I mean. Does the power structure, I don't mean to culture hip hop, but the power structure of music. They got prescribed personas, they expect from us. You know I'm saying so. I feel like the way he use the intention against them was was one of my underlying strategy began, iron was interrupted by the book. All his people used to call him all the time and, of course, allow where he was their work with him. The whole town yea- and he I dont, want to go bona like he didn't movie, do not mean budgets in terms of being able to mobilise his homey towards higher cause. You know, as the latter You did you say enough, but I like, like a fundamentally relieving the kind of you when you drop bar light about doctors every year. I just that one thing they killed Doktor Semi will make somebody go research, unheard of Lazarus, Ebby, Phoebe Levy.
Maybe take my bad said I with a man in a language other than when I was even. I never met him and made his wife and I take his products for sure what you really want: a killer, holistic doctors, reasonable medical and is playing on shore stop, and I dont know why? Don't you killed my husband in front of the spot we shortstop underground in need. They check is billions. You got Doug, you flip for a couple hundred thousand, so you play with some pharmaceutical money. You know and was crazy. I'm I'm workin on Donna Document Yonder trial in nineteen. Eighty five without disturbing, went to trial against your right because he put in those very Curae Liddy. What did he evaded? Kindnesses anyone of federal court the next day, a beta, cater all record in Dubai. Talk about it was still talking to nip see hostile he's in a building right now, no actual reebok. At an end,
We will use on reviving the rebel release that you were there, not a news. I didn't doors mood Palmer regulation on. I want to go to deepen, survive because his effort, where we set out again my mama, I figure ACT now, but I wanna go full to foreign details, which is what the other thing, because some now we go to so, but you know we're not the rush. It were not the rise and AIDS. I put our money and on the issue a poor, rich rolling on the shoe autonomy as doesn't gang in Opal Ridge. Rollin, oh, no, shoot! You know you got a pay. Thousands of people doing life in jail that you know I mean fall under that structure. So you got to be careful with that. You know. Even I don't mind, taking a check for nothing to say rich rollin,
I would have told him out a total designers. No, both they cleared it. You can't copyright, as I couldn't croup on a show, some who you don't pay and cause problems for you, like all you got paid off and not even outside it acts as if I was right. I will. I will stand on, be a right, that's not right, I'm not the another beneficiary of that. You can just paid me and think that in a bar, where they didnt pay me, but you can just pay me instinct that we pay nibbling. He speak for now. That has without doubt honey. Is you don't say what I look like taking a check. I can't do it not gonna grab normal lives, you tell the story, was somebody got stamped out and you say fifty May, with a bound for jolly vague as well. We lead thousand a long time ago, man at occur me a wide uniformity in Vegas costs drove up, and you know some I am Malay broke out and you know it. I'm gonna favour they didn't get started.
You saw how befit the May, whether was in the club. You know they had all the cars. Elderly just comes shoulder and you know it made. No, it was a big old thing, but China robbers may like to my was white. Now Saddam Hussein was our girls. Come intercession insect pages ere, you know you be intersecting a giant. I rushed down the couch and ere. You know some miles. I, where you from one of the things you find online lemme concept of my light bulbs you from a frown. I guess my voice Amy frown and fell fainting in a big o. My light broke out of them, but it has doubts about its now. You told data. These knows what it is. All you do what you hear me without above a jolly believe they need to get at the club. What will you do I'll, try not a concept of good. I left decides on. Ah now. Why would they would twenty dirty security affinity with it was with pity
he was. There was good money on our side. They needed our health edges, thy emo low fact there within the building. You know they got food, is a flawed or on an argument to police in front of occur enough as we Abidjan revolve railroad. That's a pleasure for me to go back to the darkest everything required. What makes you want to do it? We argued memory doc, ok, right where you want to go documentary about doctors, Phoebe attained the story is important.
There is a powerful narrative. You know me, and I think, if imagine is any buying, is wrong. If August say some mighty cured AIDS Arbela here right in the end, I can show you a example of him going to trial, to proven in a court to a jury that he cure days now be interested in ya. Look instead away, he did it right to opt for a more solid like champion his products or explain his methodology. Put some light on that case. Amazingly aim at a care cancer being able to hear anything about her feeding our kind ass. We need, though, by daily eighty is used in all types of of vitamins up to the station Arby's, not invite him anything anymore. Reality
envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, Nixy hustles inability that was his joint dedication feature Kendrick la la la lives. You talking about Cardy in her wherein different colors, an amazing around. I know what I see in economic difficulties, a woman like Cardy B, be devised for me. You ve got a thing. I like it, as does does a fag. I invite all I call it. I hate her at I used to watch our I e g clips and be laughing. I described crazy, but our personality is golden. You know me, but Rob is wrong. It is right now! That's why I go about their love, Well, don't tell me, but he was wrong. I don't tell me then public. Why do we give acted? As am I set off the melee in meeting? Not, finally, when we debated the boat out, but don't do that you haven't. You won't get us in Iraq.
There's right is right. There terminology, he you dislike rid them. Just for the record. That's how bless top say, crap plus say flow, crypt, say slot crept say. Like about what I'm all boys I bid. I broke they are both. That's how we talk but I'll, be intentionally respectful on a record, because we talk about a public environment which is the music industry. You ve heard him say we saw what happened with death row, We know said serbian public young Kano, camera squabbling even valet. While you are three hundred million should night, you ve got to pay parking or die the road, a happy now, guy banging Thou, said Tribune public
so we'll be back later. To regret, re create the letter that somebody like Potassae, six, nine. I want to talk about other people really not an end up. I feel I feel our body, but God bless air by maggots, your money, you for me, I will set about Corti Big asked me a sauce, gone it, but I went ahead on party big money cardy. I respect what you doin. You nonsense Joan of arc. To me, I see the migos. I shake that you know I'm saying I respect her come up. She came from the gutter about saying disrespectful things on no idea. I'm always be like that ain't. The move does not does knowledge you posted do now. Do I tell you what to do now? get out you lame. If you like, I love it. I didn't know me my. We don't move this. Why? Because I'm always stand or what I do. So I would if I walk into a room full of blue
and I'm gonna be like Oughta gotta slobs, a muffin talk like that grass does call being assail soldier awesome. Just you know, Sandel sold it s in a sale. Yeah I got you can't get touched. You hide behind a big. Did the sale were the same pot. The gates talk like that. If you don't talk like that, then keep away. I've been an attack with honey blood. Before from six our credit, I've been caught, slabs the kill me, but I've been an ominous while for I'm homey you ve heard him say so saying the other way around I've been and adorned with a hundred creeps into three blurs in using that terminology they'd not as this
against the laws of nature is set self preservation or prevent you talk like that as rouse beginning, but for a record edges foot in New York bangers our respect, real dairy, we're in every city state. Are you can't take their from nobody gang culture came from our ally. I don't mean it ain't route, the New Europe that pushing alive as blurs encrypt, but we gotta be honest. We gotta speak honestly became be political about than dead and door life for you for us in this last dust, asthma, there's only but China set out by give money. Irish by gaudy. You know, may she linked up way. We wacko want em up and at an irish baggy apparel
No, I made out a deal that is my personal opinion is in your answer is not to be public. Dissing guy, you know, say less. You wanna put your security areas, but then I will be your shoe organ shadow. You won't be pushed into the car. You know we were talking about or Friday last we took my check in it and how do you feel about checking Main is, is a big thing, especially in a late. You, let me guess, is so open. You mean you drop in a block and only one block a funny clean blog makes blog you in a minute or two said Jack and aid is a suggests friendly extortion when you say, secondly, are released. The ship is difference. Can we all need relationship you? No, sir? I'm so when you travel you from New York, but you got relations. The country, Charlemagne, youth relations. Are we I'm sure you do too and a relation out all believe a fag relationship,
So it is a stable, is Jane relations everywhere you go, you will be in a better position than you do, that of beer, respectful man. You know you reciprocate. As my come your city Bodoni. Some what is, of course, and we you know me, you want to go somewhere to e, which you need you out of town, a guide. You not just some protection, you foamy so outlines. At the check in. I don't know nothing about that, but just I got relations in New York. That is respect when I pull up. You know, I mean then make sure I got whatever I need same as I like. I can get you from the airport, but you can take my car. You can come to my store and you can you meet my homeboys. You can get if any problems or whatever it is calling on. You will never go eat at that. I because you had soon as because respected We have strengthened numbers and we only from one place enough now what happened with the algae Bt Community daily, with the tribune on you, point when you, you know man, aid photorecord com.
Number eleven allay, I'm in the music industry. We boy is no way I could have take issue with anybody. Sexuality say at the end of the day, I got people in my family about people. I love Mahal girls, somebody. You know people tat. I grew up a royal that you note ass. They lies there. I could never jars, no body for for a sexually. What they would they took out of context was a critique on media amid a critique on
Media, and I was really speaking toured with my homeboy big. You did for the kids and the image of you know somebody that came from prison that came from gang culture, which was with the imagists portrayed as around that type of individual. And what does this person is actually doing? And you know I think that it was taken out of contacts. You know and that's what that's insensitive thing. I would never want people to feel alienated or like damn. You know, artists that are inspired by or look up to, or somebody My looking me is less than that's, not what I meant. You know, I'm saying, and I think it just got taken out of context- and you know it's a movement right now for like acceptance, quality, so You know, there's a whole machine built the high slight oh, by which you are their lead
Let anybody sexism homophobia, which I answer Phelan today, is a good. You know me, I respected on women movement of equality in air body, respect, everybody's individuals- God is degraded and adjourn Ahmadinejad. I think we'll just said because they feel like you're implying a homosexual. Couldn't look like. And what o clock all real me and I was probably to areas that are made in in articulation that you know it could be rare like that, could have been more clear. Europe's amber me partially adjust things off the intention. We all human, we go, we go to states, but a gauge money attention intention. Would you trying to say The answer, if the intention is clear I gave the execution alone will go wrong, no say in order or articulation in our eyes, thereby looking Martin
You say well that China say John, a bigger my boy, a crane, a banquet, pretty young, where it came from the her that play football got air by suited, embodied, I think, the near AUS Kellers at one time with salt song, oh servant. A key is full, and you know me on my without duties. More often, I want to share a light on net, but my last question: Maggie ride in the kind of like minded organisms put. As you said, in your mistress, Creole how'd, you get we were dead. Man is music man. My wife is a sea, no Mamma. Let his life is afraid, though my love, my wife, is a signal. Burma, mistresses, Creole. You know our them down where non wow recorder before me before I had a girl through all the knowledge that yet This led us a fag diet is about which again is music mare. Like my girls, the adjective she kissed him don't come when we met the other, a lever, a lot of values at your girl,
back together again and I set out as players got to make a solemn lavish Tito Blake, he alone down on you. You may I doubt we who are not familiar buggy buggy. May you know she nodded defend ourselves? Stana, you not me, you know she from ally. He grew up on a lobby. Might then she got a privileged backgrounds. Yank unopposed grazing sees new airlines are aware that there are now, but she cuff mullay man- and you know me she said, Solomon zeroed air budget quite at the thought of him jump Dama. You got me Charlemagne and, like Charlemagne respect Charlemagne, you know me. Gotta may often be honest in Indiana me, roughly feathers, but I know his stance in a Magyar guided similar mentality in terms alike was right enough there, so you see she gala lovers both for you were only appreciate you
now the only very lap you edit the breathless cloacam all year. The breakfast club being J envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club or forget you custodian on a phone lines right now for ask IE. If you re really you should rise. We do the next. I was eight hundred five. Eight five one or five war has added to the couple who we gave away a spy data aspire to four Valentine's day. They actually went sent me video from this bad ochre noise. He needed some advice and you don't have a lot of money. Fucker almost Get to rooms a sober manner Wendy, I believe this is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club. I re were buried man when I Wendy Williams and addressed a few different topics. First, he talked about
little Wayne and the money that he owes him check it out a lot of moving possible man. Why its importance and that do I will instead by their Wayne, is doing you for millions and millions of dollars and he's got Carter. Five long deck can't release that without giving released from you so you're holding up his money. You got it baffles me or self. Explain myself when I come here to explain it, but in due time what I can't tell you will at some point in life and also my way working. Gotta get your believed it did you see Berman away working together. I have no idea what goes on behind, I think so, anyone who are waiting in money it loud by Mandy pay at their money that here, for a better Hungary? Around is money, grew bodies girl, a Bentley trod the money day again, I am I right now. He talks about Tony Braxton, being his other have to lose my girl, my friend
my family, you have sex. As my love, my soul, your my life. She might everything and I trust you border are battling trot. So the implication is that your girlfriend my life, a lover implied figure Mary. We're not merit as yet. They are engaged, though as a beautiful thing: ass gray, you know less because when he s a question like, are you guys having sex? He? Just continued on myself, I'm gonna wind right when you care about somebody. I right now Wendy also decide to take some jabs at their relationship and here's what she said, because I admittedly, on hot topic said no bueno to this relationship like unlike tony what are you doing honestly? What was that Your image, your undoes against ok, sort of nothing.
What would I gotta do love As one who has ever met her husband, very man about his imagine. As you have well there, you have it I ran ass. The real William revealed that I personally am people about her pregnancy. Now we told you previously show must die giving birth to her daughter Olympia and she gave a lotta details about it: explained how she ended up being short a breath. She had a history of these blood clots so fortunately for her, she had all these health complications, but the doctors and nurses there were the best, so they were able to take care of her. Her medical team, she said was incredible. The hospital had stayed the equipment, but she wanted to point out the reality of what happens with women around the world. She said: black women in the United States are over three times more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth, related causes and is not just a chair.
As in the United States is all around the world. She talks about UNICEF and, according to UNICEF, each year, two point: six milk, Newborns die tragically before their lives even really get started over. Eighty percent die from preventable causes and they are simple solutions that do exist like access to midwives, functional health facilities, along with breastfeeding skin, to skin contact, clean water, basic drugs and good nutrition. Yet we are not doing our part, so she wants to make sure the people donates UNICEF and B that change. I right I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report north. Thank you miss Ye Charlemagne. Yes, we given a delicate to energy, ready the come in the common man. Teachable moment. Only because the something's shootin happen like it's is racism. Prejudice handbook in some things are on the first page. The one of their handbook, no racial flourish, age erratic violated. I write about it when we come back people access to breakfast
good morning of science is right. I mean I thank you don't do that knowledge is man to imply was made available. Astronomy to tap I've got make a judgment was gonna, be on a donkey other day paid shows you, the breakfast club, bridging used, argue the data they well dog today, Wednesday February, twenty first go to Philadelphia. Seventy six is God J, J recognised, so tired of having explained the basics of racism and prejudice to people like is just
some things that are on the first page of racism, prejudice handbook, ok, something that just so based all right. You know not to call a gay person, the gay slurred around what Maggie you know. Not to make jokes about the holocaust. We know not duties thing saying we we know not scream. I have a bomb in airports are when a chip fillet lookin for pizza, having unprotected sex with prostitutes in Vegas certain things we just no not to do now, live in a world where a lot of things are misconstrued. Ok, it's hard to tell you know. Sometimes you know what What I mean, for example, Lord Ingram, from Fox NEWS total abroad, shut up, been driven to the fact that she's, a nearly colonise are on Fox NEWS automatically makes you think, she's being races and she may or may not be. What is hard to prove. Totally we put out a book called shut up and sing back in two thousand and three.
And in that all shut up in filling the blank thing is kind of her catchphrase. Some kind of difficult to prove racism beyond reasonable doubt are right, and often people reach for racism and sexism and homophobia transphobia, and you don't have to do. That is no. Need to God surgeon for it. If you just wait, awhile or find you in the case of J J erratic. This is one was times. Will you don't have to debate? The word that came out of his mouth raises a prejudice. They are pretty cut and dried. Nba plays recently been a video wishing and he's fans a happy new year, the Chinese neate ye. Ah, yes, an issue as February sixteen gave I'd, say: ok, I'm going places could view right, tweet me when you hear it: ok, at sea, to God He D, J, J D onto the atlas. Listen to Nba played wishing the chinese vans a happy new year and unless sewage eighty Riddick went wrong
We happy a single heavy China. Very. Did you hear my god? Of course, I did not Oh you are what you dont. You heard listless, but played a little more time. These changes is changing, principally I just wanted to wish all of the NBA Chink fans in China very happy Chinese New Year, happy new year refer to chinese fans as a tank, racism, prejudice handbook chapter one page, one right says clear as day: don't use ratios slurs in case you don't know who are change.
The races term used to describe the Chinese is the equivalent of J J rhetoric saying having Nigger history MA. Am I right to join yours now, J J? Did you just chuckled women, yeah, you invite now J, J Red posted a tweet, and he said saw a video that is being so related of me wishing a happy new year, NBA fans in China, clearly as for what he said. He said the word is not in his vocabulary will lose javelin where you borrowing in this video. It was your face. It was your mouth, it was she tongue for natural gabbler. Then he seven between disappointed that anyone would tromp administration right now, because he is literally telling us that he didn't say what we heard him say: kind of a party hijacked for what he said, The word is not in his vocabulary, will lose I've. Lay where you borrowing in this video could it was your face. It was your mouth, it was your tongue, but naturally vocabulary then he said, and between am disappointed, that anyone would think I would use that word fake t, AIDS,
I Ain T Webster's dictionary definition that have a particular opinion, belief or idea about someone is something our age, eighty ready, yo and even use. Those kind has been moved on to basque workload. Brocade there's no longer required about this. I know, but the shadow of a doubt that you use duration lead towards chinese people period at all. Thing for me to think about is why you used it. Are you races what you trying to make a bad joke. I don't know what the reason for using that term was. There is absolutely no way to take someone calling a chinese person, a chink out of contacts. Okay, your excuse that you would not that you were trying a China. Pindar Ching doesn't even makes them with new and about to say China, China, China, China, not even close to being chink right. Political begins, as one would play. Is China very happy here? Did you read? Save you clean up tweets, then you need to do.
In the words of a suspected white supremacist shut up in terrible please do J J ready to big easier. As your question of university was absolutely rural, don't What network did it Latin America is another problem. That is that, like you, air that has already addressed, we recorded once again, it is very true knowledge, as you said it, maybe maybe people it is hard to find people behind the scenes? Now there was what everybody wants to be infinite. It's like he was absolutely right. Yes, but I never had like air absolutely right. This is they saw the whole world knows no, you cannot use that word. You can't say chunky can't say that good pointed out by the way, like change her write, a letter to you, you can use that were not at all clear reference. Chinese people arrive I would argue that, wouldn't you say, are pretty good brother Jake, as I say, there's a chink in the armor
May I say that I now hear that they have to stay where they are paid. A gene cannot abide away long, meaning except me when I got all my God or enable change, our rights. I would thank you for that. Okay today up nexus. Ask eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you, you can call her right now. She help you with your relationship problems. It's the breakfast club come on the breakfast club, Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club itself as key hello. This ebony but he was, of course, if you ve, the company I would make the point that you get me a prairie ending up with a better life. It's good our bid if they think that they are. Above all, this is about poetry. I never worked a Babel, but is something new to me
Do I have read that Bob Dinner Omaguas gave him he creepy all a bit. They re. I am aware a like no other debate by guaranteeing array, but whatever about one awake in April, the big issue where we can talk to me about it when you feel like it I would, however, like ok there. If I would be so ebony you been for three months and he's using. In April. You wanted to see about arrays about by weight, equity. Unapprized pointed out our big,
Usually, people ogier raises within the first three months of work and somewhere but whatever, but what is it that makes you feel like you deserve? A raise more work out will only manner I try every. Why did you bring people? I bought a lot better, earthy hired me or whatever, and the am I am here- you're in Britain, but one on higher in the EU and train. Now literally, love is worded company. Another one. Ok, so I believe that this is what I need you to do cause. I have actually done them all night. When I felt like I deserved a raise. What you have to do is set up a meeting with your boss, so this is an official Sidney, of you sitting down to ask for what it is that you feel that you deserve may share. You have a less and documents of everything showing why you deserve their raise. What are your responsibilities? Have? Glenn, above and beyond those responsibilities offered to say
What is it that I need to do if you feel like at this point in time, I'm not going to get a raise. What do I need to do to earn their rays are their additional responsibilities that I can take on so that I can take my money here, because I have been putting forth all of this extra work and a lot of times. People feel like they want a raise because they need. One of you feel like you want to raise because desirable that you have to sit there and telling Why you deserve a lot of times our buses, don't even realise the work that we are putting in because we're doing what? Where is supposed to do by? Maybe you need to let him know let I've been training people. My job responsibilities include this, but I've taken on this additional responsibility. I stepped up to the plate when other people have called out I've done this. I've done that. So I feel it does ever raised, but you need to sit down and
Let him know that you can just be upset that he's not just giving you one allotted time. People Aren t just comes USA: here's arrays you have to go and ask for it. There are no good day yesterday and that way, when you have a meeting as very professional and tell him I do enjoy working year. I do see a future at this company, but I feel that I deserve to make more money and hears why my mobile annulled where's our help. You gets arrays. Thank you. You guys thou. Must they grow by as IE eight hundred foggy five one o five one of unique relationship advised Colonna was the breathless logo more modern everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club in the middle of ask e hello. Is this RO, a jury was, of course, if he caught up with by a founder by night and a daughter sat upon the door.
You gonna want sex delay movement. I wrote my exploited, you found no curse mythology for almost all see seventy Rome created those rare squares gave a great There's! No better means! You got a good kid. If you found a deal was ratified, it build all real being happy. Let me, as it is, an Are you in and her mother still together? Does he ASEAN has also she allowed at all. As you say, a thing like that have been about. Let you now have you guys had a conversation with hair about the berries and the bees about sex year. We had a conversation. Did you ask her about the sex trade you found? There was where's, my I gotta get to go to school angle. Get it, but I'm not. First of all, you say to make us feel ashamed about having a cash. You should be able to come to you guys about anything. I don't know, maybe with somebody gave it to her as a funny gave to know where she got it from so I could
an easy explanation, I could be that she's using a dildo, which I mean. How old were you when you started masturbating when I was ever tell you so exactly so. You know you have to just be understanding and be willing to talk to your daughter, and there are no. If there's any questions, you can conceive embryo darted, almost seventeen near she almost seventeen and if our phone, a dildo out it would hurt me lobby, but what I would think about it like this Rather a dildo around me is that it could be ended in those areas You don't know, as I do, from a dildo right out the good part an arm I was reading Josiana book along Gamboge Elsie was math businesslike for our fire me down like that. That bug me a lot of people masturbate early, so she may she's she's touching herself it in in finding out about having one day s out as you gonna go to college no fifteen into Delia girl right so I mean basically in pairs. You guys have done a great job, I'm sure of raising her, but make sure you do a great
about letting a notice? You can talk to you about anything, because you never Windsor due to feel ashamed. Rub out. It has, and it may not even be you did you smoke iron curtain and even if it, even if it is, it is a natural thing, but not a huge fifteen inside one right itself can MBA reared alone with a right of veto. It is more like a guy for anybody to think about their kids remaining are having sex is good. I bring you know it's a it's. What happens you did it? You had her eye seventeen. So that's. Why is important for you to keep lines of communication open drew like a period where I got a monument to your when they thought northerly. They go to Mamma. I don't I don't remember the and I, by low dildo in India. Different daughter can come to him about dodoes you none of them. May you go umbrella me everything you line up. Licked I vicious out of beef a on my hands,
defamation, the garriga about what is going to of human resources are right, as he eight hundred Fifty one thousand and fifty one you got rooms on the way. Yes, I do. We are going to be talking about Russell Simmons. He posted where he's at and what he's doing right now? He is temporarily closed. While that sounds crazy. I've got a real those restaurant today somebody gave rumours unaware that represent them. Wanting everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, let's get it over with when we talk about showing all right them and says his ass, his clothes and tell whether what we are talking about His ass is closed. Until further notice
The report is the Reul report, whose eyes, when I remove myself from my Charlemagne and envy, do in his room and I'm gonna get anywhere Uncle s posted on his pays. Uninstall Grammy said temporarily clothes for spiritual maintenance, I'm in Allie riding meditating. It wholly sites in practising a Santa's, letting everyone speak. While I listen, hoping and praying to realise one goal being a more useful servant of God. I want to fully devote my to my daughters, the undeserved community. There. I've always worked with and the growth of a new kind of community. We need a revolution of car business? Who now is the time for new beginnings, one awakened being at a time I can only go off the conversation that I've had a rough customers do out. My life is one person who will learn from whatever it is there going to its resources.
Now. We say the best apologies chain behaviour is one person would change their behaviour deftly. Ruddy has said that he hasn't done any of these things everything then he says I will say in order to change their behavior. You have to Okay, oh you reconstruct something. You close your yes, Is it aware in here nothing about ass, a but his close it our right now I beg you know how much I think everybody in this room, those had issues as one of my favorite artists. Well overdue. Renee also loves her and she posted. I never thought you say yes, but ass anyway, she was kind and- being a God, as we begin a journey together that I'll never forget, proud to announce. A Sunday has created an regional song for wrinkle in time titled flower of the universe and it's a jury? incomes. I really want to see this movie wrinkle in time and I will say on a scale of one to black panther. My excitement, What is more, we that nine and a half, because Avis deferred An american woman that multi million dollar budget saw the young
like we must all read over his in. My daughter really wants to see this film and I'm glad because they give me a reason that more or less than a watch I write Kevin heart. Now he was outweigh Eddie Murphy days. You pal Chris rat Chris Hocker, Azure, doing wade all of them, and he went to dinner at masters. Who paid the bill is the question here is what Kevin heart had to say wins the asked him? What I do is always say I'll. Do it just to create the argument right road map this bill now no way Why are you with my cell phone right and then who ended up having Chris? I paint good good occurs. Why should a baby never think about Tommy calves? Lamar Roma rule is whoever riches person is they pay the bill? don't so that person by Poland out your little bit of money to person Eddie I got it absolutely me, I'd! Think Eddie. Just all shreck among near dissolve his shreck money.
Eddie would have let anybody goes out were given our and he offers to pay the bill first to say two things require Lenin earlier my mind, nor do anything shrunk by United get pay when doggies get sold in the store. Makes money that for every Indonesia, doggie alien, very eager paper donkey today, two million Good I'll, never arise nobody here, something greater. He did. He rescued a strategy for now. Imagine this this. Catch Vienna Grand was on the side of thy way. Her car was broken down anti ass was waiting for her brother. She heard somebody knocked on the window and guess what wise Snoop Dog Nancy said. He offered to give her car a push because he thought she in an unsafe, spat in parks. His own ride off the egg ran back to help her get out of the way of moving traffic or dropping out was dull for their rulers. Major deceived snowballs, I released surprise EPA by the way as well so may show you guys. I check out
surprise that the gospel what's funny now was the name of its cards, who twenty to twenty year was there like? Have a boy like framework for moratoria? February twenty or twenty two billion more gradually to any, where they Avenue came out to twenty seven years as well. The two twenty loving you design using a diamond making. No data is to be ready in time, but it is what I write courage. I guess is really with Victor crows. Now she didn't interview with Ebony Magazine and they asked about her relationship with him and she said we ve been hanging out and getting to know one another. My main priority, though, is work, but he's a gentleman he's a sweet guy and really nice we're taking it slow. But, yes, Our group has got a nice ring to it like how it I'm going to live DE my group, s, amazing things coochie. I write and tell the truth, but having Molly is filing a lawsuit against PBS. Now remember they fired him about sexual harassment allegations and he was only four forts
years. He did admit to having relationships with coworkers, but he said they all we're, consensual and his lawsuit. He that there was a racial tension PBS and he said the heads of the network would have whenever he had African American guess who espouse controversial positions and try to stop any sets. Guess from appearing. So in these documents he said. Personal production company has been losing multiple millions of dollars since he got fired and he's had to lay off about twenty employees. How do you brew racism at their PBS, saying that that lawsuit is a merit list and that he's trying to distract everyone from his paddle? of sexual misconduct. Review of global Warburton testifies, look, they re ramble, have for years and has knows no reason and haven't amphibious, but I don't know better. Martin and ask it to grab contains the following this case, a man. Ye, and that is your room. A report shouted mandatory, Rang Cougars letter to everybody about black Panther aboot. Actually, I figured the rule
Thank you that all canary what you really are those units. That was what you said when you said that you would not. So I just want to bring in a casino would interest him, but he's is wanted to express his gratitude to everybody about his eye fell. Making you said it's a team sport. Our team was made up of amazing people all over the world who believe in the story. Never in a million years did we imagine that you all would come this strong. It still humbles me to think that people care enough to spend their money and I'm watching our fellow. Furthermore, let the rugged shouldered. Last August I told Rhine cool glue dead, black Panther was no make over a billion dollars. Ok, I told him so you really mean ever in a million years. And I told him that, because, when you take all the marble fans who would go washed, his movie anyway, combined with the casual black fans, the scene, a model Lugosi Black Panther. It was no cause. We are presently senior right now, which is already reckon that last year he still overwhelmed by the support that he's gone, because when you do something you never really now I never really happened. In effect that came out. That's a blessing.
Desiring me, they wouldn't be those abroad, whether my goodness jealously Yoda thing Brussels. It miss, but close. You think it's out Jane is over. You know, I have clearly would just assume unless you want to totally right now, no in a moment, and that is both be clothed. Unless you have information that we're not privy to shout to resign, you wanna tell us tat the revolt, we'll see you tomorrow, but being of every hacking abandoned, because, even though I mean outdoor Morocco, we ve got up our Russell, but me and my nose down veto able to initiate an exit. The reference level would hear something is a new show from the Seneca women Podcast network, and I hurt radio, it's a great way to start your day on the positive side of life, our partner Bank of America
just committed one billion dollars over four years to help communities advance racial equality, an economic opportunity there providing help for its needed most healthcare, housing jobs and support for small businesses thanks to Bank of America, for their efforts and for supporting here something good. I'm came as a really listen to hear something good on the eye. Her radio app apple podcast forever. You listen to your favorite chose, embarrassing gay Thurston and I feel like we're. Having a moment when officer Derek Shovin killed, George Floyd something in America broke, I'm gonna try to explain from the cold connection to what deepen the police actually meet when Donald Trump encourages cops, not to show people. You know something just listen to we're. Having a moment on the Iheart radio, laughed apple pie, gas and wherever you get your pocket.
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