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February 2/ 23- Today on the show former member of B2K Omarion came to visit to discuss his new projects. And as usual on a Thursday Angela gave out some advice to our listeners for Ask Yee and Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to Doctor Kermit Gosnell.

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This is your wake a whole day, job envy annually, Charlemagne girl cell on a planet is respect issue, because this is a voices assize zones in a day the coveted morning so called we Don T want to view the world's most dangerous modest. Yo Yo Yo, Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go YO, YO, easiness, together mining, any whatever celebrating
is it applied. It is as it's Thursday, absolutely positively as one more day until my show on common sense, Three premiers on MTV tomorrow night at eleven thirty pm is back. Yes and its live she's, like literally life like live, like I'm talking to you right now, right, like I'm right now in the moment, yeah like that, as to the mass go alone enjoy, might event after them. Even though I wanted to put him on its twenty seconds ago, then upload it. I didn't feel like putting on a minute ago, things change. What made you put it off. I don't like that. You know as a woman you can wear mass like then never have to wear make up a worry about what you look like when you leave the house. So we need to get your ass. I have a couple of those at home. Schedule coolly when it says Brooklyn on it drop, one of whose Basel II,
key method. The house just in case you think he'll, never know, never know. What's gonna happen out there never know you want to run up in a little stone. We know broccoli well. Uh Mario be joining us today. I rely on through Ireland would be considered, though Belgrade like that, the bad news, you don't drive above all more added to do it you, the Charlemagne, is drab allowed for more. Give it up for want of food miles. A mild actually got a couple of video made any did to videos in South Africa. Someone is to lay you re, meaning made it known, at least you know them Will you come home and you will get your location girl and you go by you and give it gives me me me less than my own and then ok guy, like oh, my
mean. Mario good I play yesterday. I was a baby sitting from my best friend son had alternative it was is, and you are pushing with the gift. I know, and I guess he was actually tell me when she loves you said: okay, you gotta make sure they. He takes a nap owl due to hold any demand much so she was like make sure he takes a nap at one. Thirty and put a pull up on him could even have on you know: polyps positron. Yea now Patty trained well have to go to sleep. You start earlier when he goes to bed. Missouri should reply to China to anger and abandoned, but he was asleep. He might went himself so many girl taken that action by the police, boys are low. Later to my daughter, was to my son. Is too I have now got it all the way it is now on the way, he'd ever where diapers none about when he goes to sleep. He s to put on that. One of those things he said you might make it. Bathroom, but he Megan in and then, if you go to sleep, you better not have not avid Bob Van asleep part, but in order to you should be walking
to the bathroom Poland, allowing he might what the bed, when you sleep, different girls, Loafer What about a lonely man? I believe that any way is very difficult to make. It shall go to sleep when all they want to do is play in. I don't have any. I don't have the discipline and your approach over. Aren't you? So you don't really respect you, like dogs, valiantly that unhappy and I come on housing as other method. Let's go to sleep, I think a napkin allows you nursery. I wanna play a little bit longer are a five more minutes. Will you we deleted or their real. I didn't give you your bottle and make you go to sleep model of vodka. Then I think we're let's play less pitcher Peloponnese he's got no until I don't mind zoo rains and he fell asleep to put a nine, but he did go to sleep eventually low later than he was What do I see a video of e? What was the boys? They? We want to know a little radically seen a row of ye a little rabbit, attic and end the was eating ice cream.
He wasn't putting the eyes can actually in his mouth. It was always knows it was on his eyes. Boy is that these days I was like that's antsy right there. President. I know you messed up close eat. You would like. Have fun with the arrival of yourself I am very into rather, nor do we do that allowed to get you to baby to fool you. You can say you Fair partnership. Actually, I hope to be able to fully I gave it gave our proposals are we talking about. We are going to forget that this transgender students bathroom use. What the White House has done now ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep it shoe rise until exchange hooker, one which Sab wage morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club nephew feeling blessed blessings on blessings on blessed
call us right now we love the isn't positivity. What's goin on that have in your life. If you feeling good you feeling great, you woke up and submit your life. Maybe we should birthday or maybe just had a baby, maybe just got some. I used to wake up to every morning. I am blessed, maybe going and as we gonna, u envy appear to go off and it went off to day yes, Charlemagne regarding
now entirely rightly, I believe I am right was profoundly right is now what's Goin over Donald Trump and a White house. What are they doing? Neither white has: has it rolled back guidelines now before you are allowed to use the bathroom IBM choice? If you are a transgender student now they are saying that further legal consideration is needed so that they are saying that I guess it's a state by state thing that you can decide whether a night's students get to choose the bathroom based on the agenda that they choose. So this was are based on a teen who went to court and twenty fifteen is a transit in any had secured the right to use the male bathroom at his school. He said he had faced his share of adverse reason. Moreau Virginia, but I never imagined that my government would be one of them for their food does to say. Why was there? If you identify is now, I need you to learn. Is that now you have? Where were you? Will you I'm sure, Berwin boil it abaft net innovating
I guess you have you not protected by the government. When I get to decide, I've been doing on that. We had a discussion already may I actually New York City say he doesn't care would prevent. Another Zaza said that they want to protect their transgender students and you're. Not everything you can't be mad at people who feel like that can be a threat to their deaths situate. Why you know I hated. I had all the time on a warmer than being about my kid to go into bathroom ITALY, a guy in using the woman's bathroom Manuel Medina added emails and bear the balance that we have found the right of every need to use the bathroom that fits their identity. A new president will not change. That was actually Amazon conversations wooden teaches insolvent. Yesterday and they were expressing this same concern? They did. They feel the same conflicting about this issue. Of course you don't wanna buy to be discriminated against. You know what people civil liberties taken away by right. You are thinking about that You are thinking day I on a warmer in
a girl in the bathroom and a guy coming, but there's a lot of change in India. They don't a dinner fire in this EU of boredom of a boy and you don't have benefits being a man. You you're a female. Now in you making the necessary changes. I mean I asked my name's abandoned rans. Imagine Sidney's die of being forced to use the men's bathroom because sooner than sitting there may the change of assembly or organ about those perverts. Who knows there is food. You I got law to their advantage. Don't perverts will be like hey identifies a woman. Everybody is really that much of it where they would be very glad to find a way to do what they want to do. Regarding the browser will go out and get this allows you to poverty tat, nobody makes it easier. Kimono was before row it there that wanting to go into other back whom they figure out a way to make it happen- and this makes it easier- like back like a dozen is ridiculous, modern, any upload a now.
But he was room, one wonder what he had before, and thirty five million dollar jackpot was sold to a single person and that person is somewhere in Indiana. So it's one many friends, I forgot all about the power yesterday. You will even what are you going? The way my life are more than I am blessed now, if I may tell you believe I am blessed black and highly for how many times you played about me and all it takes is one does like saying how many times you returned I was after all, it takes. Is one yes brother, but he's gotta all right when they say to win now. Let's talk about the surgeon sentenced to lie, didactic was convicted of vat surgeries. You got a life sentence. Christopher Dense is his name is forty five years old, he was stripped of its medical licence back in twenty thirteen. They were a series of surgeries. The end of it who patients dead for patients crippled and several others with alternative ways sewn up inside dallas. He was arrested on five aggravated the charges and he was ended up being
four injuring Mary effort, she was left in a wheelchair with constant following back surgery, I mean is that patients quadriplegic in all of the northern location. Wednesday or the aims laid back, pain relief and they ended up disfigured. Just can no longer lies because his doctor wanted money and was greedy, so well as a life in prison, they do not affect people that I hit. It clearly was biting up his surgeries and just trying to get their money What was he doing? I I won't try to fix its peoples on her back being completed to people ended, I'm dead, south twelve member Jerry just decided like behind bars for him. He deserves a surgeon to be sentenced to prison for a batch surgery. You a couple of well. He only ended getting sentence for one of em. Rarely babyhood, I take sides with one on all it takes is war takes a smoker was because they destroy ok, right well, ass for tat
tell me, why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vet Carlos right now, maybe need to get some things off your chest, so you can have a great day. Call us up for another opening. Is local morning the breakfast club your yoga nodded at the lab day. Y gotta play while back Mack problems with so many girls in a Europe where we leave any other browser, but really knows Dermody drug comedies lobby girl, because we really need to get. I gotta go away talk about exactly why you were the boreal kimono wishing medium term over and now you have said this morning moment what their wagon radio facing theology here, and I want you to meet it. I've been a long time. I get it together now
they'll get the other soon, and I love any second of armour. Besides, I got a boyfriend availed him for about a year now. We need growth on a internal market, be able to control, when I was single with nobody for me, but now that I got a boyfriend, everybody want to be all in my dm trying to get my phone there may have been because because your boy, Brenda and upgraded you and you don't blow it up a little bit and not a notice, but as always, Nobody wants. You see. Somebody else. Won't. You haven't, got a nice little glow about you for real walkin around flown around confident I don't know nobody knew he banana its heads too. Confident the people Domini, but nonsense. You now low. Now we don't do learn in Africa. I will tell you beg of you. I don't know why you we gotta, but I got to worry about what you like for right.
You know budget them. You know what a dummy away, but yes, I know you better, better, listen! If you if you just say I'm a public boom boom, Ghana, every something but Lyric, Lorraine, biggest, learn about rugged alone. He was eyebrow, you mad. You upset Yo Yo, mad? Well, I got very real Lama. The first reason America's Salamanca, Muslim Charlemagne thought my. But You know I've gotta remains at about this. Do we challenge for me, what do you like it? I dont like you, love and it be less of a challenge
Now, if you don't like, my wife began to put our finger mob guy that need do. Is you gotta make do haggling? You I'd agents negate beside me to have a day, and I was our Facebook live man. While you are faced with loud, he carried off a book or even after some creeping up all my boy and I'm. Why? What did you do it if it had a better figure about Burma I would this new give no magic we like wanna, try as you like you should. Let me try to turn beyond our back there. I met with it. That is why it was not Any more about you give me took him out. Other is not very clear and I get the finnish now. What I had to say either on the duties of the five out of the cap is a calamity. Deathlike yeah
yet others, ok, good work better. Now I know why do you not also a dream, and I gotta show on opening up for making fact tomorrow, Now I really immigrants back, ok, grants. This was the third thing areas our man when I was in New York, adding didn't get to come to. He wasn't invited God, no one's gonna, get him man again, let me I told you all your readers will wagging self refer us when you could have kept to the two main, stick with determined about action and keep moving next, I will get a out, I'm thinking about tobacco. You had the bad things in your. I tell you right now. This was the atonement. I pill, no no figure the mob. Let me disbanded one thing: I've got cut and if you try again I'll go slap bang
I sent them. Ok, really violent! Here we gotta be funny, evaluate Phrygia, facade of me you in jail for domestic violence. That was an awful lot of realism, its blessing ladys. Let's blessings of Unifil Bless COM is right. Now I have a loved one. Maybe you like a finger into by avenue last night I was, if you feel bless call us is on the breakfast club Are you bless the nightly fairy tale the congregation at eight hundred five, eight, five? Five? Why pray it's the breakfast club nowadays, Mendes Scholar, not a great benaco honor, was mangas. You feelin blessed labour men on black measure, inanity, Romano, China, Tito he gave me he gave me four thousand dollars.
Why must we be almost video go to law downfall of Bergamo, who gave him all day, music I saw Hannity a Fox news yeah, but The report suggests a clear now that you got money the Navy illegally and we will now and all worn out, and you don't blow if they would draw struck. No men are dropping out Youngblood marathon. What How do I know you, like I'm black, John gave you Father knows you gotta, we have been a big calling into a radio for a year now You know you black, you know what I'm glad you know something I do I do more time. I don't have to call in on a regular lovely people call, and I guess that legal, so he does give even eat, is why'd you for green jobs, the pool drawing on IRAN, Phoebe I can grass bro
as we know will be a no catalonia for local week. We don't be an ok alone. It is with this sad that we do in our annual day party and we will love for you and therefore to have now come on down. They know a lot of airport out aloud in a formal video Michael right now, but I want to give us that could have brought the broad approach, but also to Portugal cooperated very, very interesting design in the other reputation for being a big it. But you're? Not you gotta Lotta said Rebecca I for we will do it raises. So you talking to parliament's arguments. Why do the Indiana inventory rents? I know would, you know, I said he had a reputation for he dive, though, is one of the biggest trump support out there and had been the biggest Obama denounces out there, my line about that the White guys that's it I'm a guy like you, too, are you will be well, you know will be all right. Now
that sell em, why you black blessings or blessings on blessings now ye? Yes, these. They rode out was exciting. We ever was away. Man, we are going to talk about this lawsuit, future verses Rocco. It got a little Crazy would tell you with the two of them I sang. It looks like somebody He is very telling someone, ok we'll get into all that when we come back, people acted to breakfast. Good morning. The breakfast club the envy age, Lee Charlemagne girl, we are the breakfast club gets it almost us. Now who's as future wants to beat
with an killing. His clothes were getting pretty ugly. Would this be between future and Iraq or not at all started because Rocco had signed future to his label? A one and future then started pattern of future then signed a deal with epic and somehow Rocco. Didn't, I guess, get the money he was supposed to get so now there's lawsuits over the weekend. There was some rumours that future owes Rocco all royalties from his next to us, which is why they sing you put these two items out so quick and fifty percent of tour revenue for the next. Two years ago, just rumours, we don't know that to be true. Well now things are going on social media back and forth. Now here's what future had to say ass. He was on ig live and somebody asked about the albums the a lawsuit this week. Are you because, no way
You know, I'm saying she's going to get quick care of we working with Richard Endeavor, I'm saying when you're broke, they do dumb, so I don't know what's going on, but at the end of the day we met don't be applied his disentanglement. I write so few to deny that he was putting these animals out because of Rocco Aramco went on his instagram and sad truth be told. I have always believed in lowbrow. That's why signed him when I posted stuff on my pages out of genuine support? No funny is I don't even Iraq like that future and I could he sat down like men and settled this easily ages ago now show what his reason we're, but I respected only reason is even a lawsuit and plays as because he said let the lawyers handle it. I'm not. I hear China take advantage of any one. All I want is my percentage. We agreed upon nothing more, nothing less. I understand he feels away hell. I would say if I was soon on that matter, him for being mad at me.
It's every time when he went to sit down like a man I'm with it, but on some real ish homie works hard and is very talented and deserves all of his success. I will always support my boy regard. To reply to your motion, he has resigned it. He said you well stay cause, I'm the issue and where it all gang, no, you got die fake and where a new embrace me as a brother, at my words and try to play me, eight says you in years and were eight no am word on earth. Gone too is what consequences, judge or no judge, and where you can artists from promising? When we all know a meal, Ruggles did sign huge initially rightly been introduced into the game. I my dress, I get lay future thing is that he took advantage of him at that. I have been in contact with him Harbin, an awful contact which I guess if he signed it, you know: what more can you do? what more can you say? I guess what, because you door Rocco, was his guy in what was abandoned. His is future path.
Then he realize you probably was again the necessary money should be given in and he looked at his contract block. I saw his boyish Contra Rocco responded to that a positive video. He said I wasn't a kind artists when I may show you gotta, look and all my videos, though o camera shy, ass and word and any posted a video drove him gucci? Madame infuse artists can never looking to see old. Pakistan hasn't you always gotta realise that we have to see or size you and you're an artist. You do it's supposed to do with far more obligations in the new boss up, let our eyes you not looking to see old Bagua. Not I get there by if, if, if I sign up Alaska drag and I'm I'm the guy in The first of those at all I mean lowbrow, defer Zalm, comes out and it does well listless rain Our Bhutto. The same contact new additional, that's horrible
Phrygia, nor does it in order for the same contracted, boys and men had that he said I will talk about the nineties, man, I'm sure future baggage I'd like. That is why the lax attitude I would not like the cards like what we know now was battery voluntarily use it doesn't like the contract, but he signed it. Of course he did because others will never make as much money as zeal, and we ask our problem and you get hot new flu lead you to guide you looking at him like you. Should bigoted me, my god, what you contract you I'll. You some odd, is what, if I'm here now man and now we lessons, we can always hijacking no more drew back a bit because we don't we catch up this contract and where would you remember, my Amazon has undergone ok. Now, let's discuss fab fab has fixed his teeth, ass, soon, ass. They did a before and after on DMZ. He spent forty thousand dollars and not just the Tipp tooth, but he just bully went fixed all his teeth. He of ten do veneers on his grill
perhaps all out man- that's, How about you? You didn't exist, fab smile and in every being seen what included I let you think you could have been got dead, then a leg. You know J Corporate this on crooked miles everybody would method of tea with. I see em all anonymous crooked. While they were now fixes chip to man, I gotta stop play Katy, be fixity, gather God fixed as they should. We must not go back to almost all that a full of any down. I want to give any of them tat again. Infringements Did you write about new flog problem today? Even if you do fall by S allowed it to get here about war, ass, expensive, Violent I've, gotta get babbling. Nazism went out to now. If I wanted to do it, you now shared summa. Bianca carrying you make happy, doesn't know he can make anything happen, Laredo Angela YE and that's your room.
For now right. Thank you. Miss ye! Now, when we come back, o Mario will be in a building. You know four member b to Kay HE science may bag music. It s a new music. In our end without told him all at nights, don't go anywhere. The low Mario many makes a my another example. Somebody bettering myself is never to leave an excellent. I guess I was out. Three is ok, it's the breakfast. I should never with e g accounted for free morning. Everybody is envy Angela, you all the ago we are the breakfast club we got us pursued. Guessing abandoned I thought you had a nice Valentine's day. Oh yeah, I got some things together. We just like his intimate dinner when the ladys work. Do you know it was a violin explained then, after that you know what we passed. Our champagne lost them roses replay like a few games,
again it was this gay. Where lie basically, we would, we will see who could open the Hershey's. Candy bars likes our whole one in Is she would hold the other, is and issue you have to rip it up like body, and it was like, I think, the best the best seconds was like five seconds. You don't get your habitat. No, I love, I wonder, lived certain now you, if you were gonna religious, would you have done it Look, I'm a bad at home dinner with the twenty women of cloud. They'll go go, I think, is, I think, is important for me. You nonsense, especially if we were talking about you, know, fans from the beginning in our boys, essential music, Eliza Sexual, easy now mean on the sexual parts of they went down it about driving?
what I was hoping that disability that you were not in the way you would get back together, Fidessa happen or not. I mean you know right now, focusing on Do you what I need to build for my kids Nosair like to be completely honest with you. You know I know one ever really taught me how to like being a relationship you San so in a step back, and I really get more, and so myself has religious and air. K having their responsibility, as has put a lot of things in perspective. For me creatively personally, you know own, thus, My really most prodded is new work in San raises around Europe is coming now we just drop to video with three videos but to videos that I shall South Africa and home in all our colleague erected on some like when a really really good space, like
you know, I understand my purpose and do not want to have a wide cape town, and I noted that you museum piece, Le East reader, vital piece of emit a minister is too much. It city in the world who knows they like you know, that's the frequency that I want to operate on no mean, and now, when I omit did you couldn't, did you get connected to something in Africa, like to video. Did we owe me yeah? I guess I guess I do I mean besides being a wonderful place and having you know the misconception about the way you know the cultures, because when I went there are there I was surprised. I was surprised when I lifted the people. When I looked at the women when I looked at the culture, I remember we was goin up to a table. And they were having a protest outside and they were singing and a sound is so beautiful in even sound like a struggle it was built. Reading
I was like just getting people what they want, but it was me, but it was a beautiful, experienced indefinitely got connected to something you know it is a very dislike. Earthy If I waters do you know, do you a great deal of loving above you know now not because of family out there like like that and will not. I think it was a great opportunity for myself, to you know of colleges shed light on. You know me as up a regular person. You don't say it. I felt I never really really have opportunity a kind of ship what that was for me. It was like I did, have a lotta. You know on opportunities I in myself in a scenario where is like: ok they're really giving you a script, they really want you to. You know. Why are you yummy ring on the sale? I could watch go through. You know,
Michel, when every month later going through the same thing in their more emotions commoner on never boom wanted to be like a stressed out parts. You say I got back to China for a long time, so in our boys wanted to just be positive and- and that's how I looked at that experience like v, positive, like all cable, that just let people in on you know my relationship in my life and in a little bit. You know another piece of me that most people problem, Oh, no, no you're, local out only let you stay out the way for the most part like other than that of it. In the so regularly see you I go. Marianna gonna grab a valley, another great yeah. I know I just feel like a kind of perpetuates suggested it on me like the return is now The return is always something like there's just ahead of. You no mean right after having to give up my own evil one hour no drum like at all. Did you feel idealism back last when you guys broke out, because then people felt the invested in your life after they see you together and tv me like I was she so great- is so great
together. When you go to get married, then you break up rather than people alike, what did he do to her? He must have done this and I felt like she got a lot about. Where's to lag winsome. She poses some video as a woman, sometimes harder in a break up like bow, can come to you and be they yet now you for. And having go party lines he can be where girls doing whatever and people are being I get home right. The thing I think was definitely like a real situation. You don't say, and I know I don't think, there's nothing more- that people could connect away. You really go into something real and to be completely honest with you. It is life, that's what life is no say. Life is ups and downs. Life is you know, chain. Transition and to be completely honest with you, you know she will always remain queen in on sand, because she gave me a give that no one could ever give me saw out respecter, no matter where any body seas or think you know I'll never be like the mother incomplete would honour
no longer. Can you gonna kill them that not only on it honestly see e g, she do something that no woman has ever done, and s kind of, like put the mere on you don't say like show me parts of myself in saying that I mean dire, need work on, as may you say really like kitchen up to my experience in figure not lie what music means to me now in Oak Azeri, it'd be twenty years. So this How do you know Grammy's twenty years it had between old and new is those I have referred It's not the same. If I don't want to operate on the same, like I'm not about to start no beef, I don't want to it's. Not it's not that for me. You know I'm saying like it's real, it's real! for energy. Like yeah, we goin to your Marianna night. We all feel and we noise from the size of the urban grandma he will be able to have a good time to create a moment now? Not one bow. Did there? Did you take them like bow chill out? Could you back together? She never let you do it
naw man, you know nodded. I thought that was I kind of like a thought. It was kind of way their position and wasn't even their edges was like you he really have no regard or no respect for the position that I was in you. So it was like you know we, whatever I was going through you for me, support that you throw me you know Was it be like celebre, Heidi time, oh my g d, think about lotta with wide to enough in their way. By looked at it differently, he might look at it active them or Mario might be after me, tell me what they will deploy down was recorded check on you bomb on out. There was a loud in with you. Nor would work to indian out within your grandfather like them of what you call bow you're about to go have fun. There is probably a remark. The sunlight there that but to say like Likud, the position you put me in all. Well, now the whole
not now, but you not, I stood about May we we? We made a lot of money together, you ve only we got a lotta history to get issues. The music is, it is me some different semi now is not ass. I reflected in this album reason for sure For sure I mean my kids really leveled me up. It really put me in a different position like okay with me. What kind of battles do I you know what I mean men and women. They would break up differently. You babbling man you have today break up is so different. I feel like them Women handle it or I don't know you don't sound like. I think the every experience is different in you know to its kind, no sand, but for me you known fan especially be it in his place. Indisposition in my career, you know me like: where was I posed to be was happening
You know the support that I had. Then a meat ages odds from their point up until now, and now is like a we like when I have a first came up until now is it's a different had different is dear. Is not is now. Would you grown ya hear her is so you know I just wanna entertaining and I have a thither we got more to Mario, we come back, will do a little more many makes also did Drake throw shots at him. Keep a lap will find out. Mr preface Overmore the breakfast club That was really needed me morning. Every body is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got all marine into building Charlemagne. No one would think about it our day. How did you get out and I believe they put you in a position how'd you get out there, but this time I didn't manna comrades.
Thank take for me. It is inside wherever Eliza. That attack is. I an answer now supposed to be the biggest problem. Because I know you assumed at once, but now it is argued that the loss of over everything, the waste that just already- and I think everything is especially whither, I'm not gonna lie, though both be taught me. You know like a rugged. Less valued biggest ragged ya mean three platinum added. I mean the Taliban are really didn't expect that I was like prepare forego. You throw me like all tat. They were all over the world put you gotta need a vision, boy, bigger things out. Even thought is limited. If that is what it is like you gotta, you gotta. Just like you know you, you always want
can't you wanna undercutting you Norman. You won over delivered over deliver edges. You know me, keep only fell under all over the room. Yes thanking abbot. Nevertheless, I do know my penis I've been whenever there is always a month later hours. I feel like he'd, like Ireland, deliver European under sale over dollar seven industry for aid. I heard over there, but you look like a penis right now with any luck is obviously no longer you rather longer, but- and I wanted to give you a shot, would you me London show he would like to give you will we be organizing Omar yawned, anal soldier boy gotten around that nobody say he said this. Anna Maria Chris bows poultry says for all.
We know, what do you want? Reviving the dough? Could all airlines idea data for data? First in my brother, my browsers like this now what he said about it he was like it was. I also trails I'd all. Ok, that makes is put it at all treated He just means I not an rb, so it's a hip hop show aside, but you know best debatable so we can go back and full backing for everybody not occurs by Mario show you known for their ideas. What I'm gonna do now the good when a company to be ok, I'm alive and new album reasons. Have your decision to hammer out a video
or ass were so year. Army is this. Is this is gonna vibes is rhythmic, you know if you are able to catch, you know distance and body on me. Ok, ok, you know we just gonna conceded drop visuals to read them because I really feel like that was missing enough all the rhythmic sound right now you noted Justin Bieber to one day at every biased, like no one is really dance fully like that as the dancers and so on. What my music and I want to show people had it. Essentially moved to the music again. Why do you know the reasons why a reasoned manner so many reasons, as so many reasons? This is David. These days is like no I've been I've been Grammy nominated for if
whatever reason when I remember that time it was like it really didn't matter to me and it's just so crazy that I'm still a young man and I was able to have an experience like that, and it really look at my stuff now and be like wow. That was a really big opportunity in whatever When all was going on in my life is it did matter like? I don't have the ballot or anything like that, and now I set my eyes were Winnie. You know because I felt like it is acknowledged, accolade a true represent some of my history, our fire, when I heard reasons- oh you at that it was a good tribute, LA guy that will live with heavy like that. Is heavy like that, because you know, like taken all my experience and all my pay. You know the meaning and, unlike put knitted amusing so of origin, on the ground. With a couple times like, I don't give a damn about the ground with Article f like you, don't ever get it right and we thought I waded out that I am a little but look at the opportunity. It created a cleaner salesman. Apps dreaming
what am I to say, like the display of the commodity between artists, like Adele, gave it up by Gilda waiver vessel. A bigger honour away, higher honour someone s receiving accolade telling you buy, kill you desire, this kind of hard to a normal, but I'm just saying too obvious, but I'm just saying I think, that's what you are just two hours. Do there really in touch with themselves and when they see arbitrated they care, like turn away from it, was like she hadn't express their and our respected that I love that, because of its is deeper in order that you don't say, as other Grammy do matter to you, that you do not need Anita, feel throughout human doin, some reflecting a murayama. You took a step back and you look at your whole. Totality occur. You said you drop them all along the way. Someone I wasn't there, it just was it was. It was like it was the same experience that everyone gets when they don't have any real like foundation of business. In
no knowledge in army, you come and again in a dislike. Is I give you enough? If you start box- and this is like you gunning- you gonna feel some punches no say like is gonna is not going to be easy saw after like that's what it is. I think any kids do you, kids Avenue caves, make it look alive. Low devil would wait, for the show is reversed. The war, which would probably a core of course. Of course, salute rosy is rather not you'd. New sure, like you probably made a transition from a boy, artists to a man could be pivotal. Realized there be to Kate. Was a boy ban like people realised I am. I am, I think, as a seller. It is the latter songs that he's done have been very grown and mature and people are made that distinctions you everything like The ideas that I came up with aren't even around making music like that anymore,
I can only get a little different oligarchy like what are they make a music or in unfair and if by some of the solemn here, but I don't really mean that I really like ok, whatever Dhaka, kissing you in a race no cinema over here, you know me put it together would betray vision harder than people may think. They'll, go from that nickel from Boy Mantle Vienna Solo, our old, I think getting affairs muzzle ya. Think they are recognised by the long awaited icon and made a decision a while ago that I was just gonna like wherever it took me. I was gonna. Go
yeah cause. I didn't think that I would like really still be in lower, like that. You know me like in love with the creative process, and I mean I'm I'm still sharpen in a way I wanna be great. You know I mean it was then new edition movie and by what it was like for you starting out and reflect on that when the malaria na elusive those were different from what people like you know, discussed there, part of my history always think like YO down and even allow needed will be transformed me like I'm. Not even you know what I mean a y'all want to do a bio like come on ill, when that win, win, win movies like that are done, is over them. No, no, no, not learn a lot in their fast on sale. I who else would on the deck the legacy is tasked with less still. You got your movie, you got your
you're, not gonna, build up their own projects like a fellow I'd is I'm just saying the sailor I browse movie about you know they solidified Donnelly's die on just say it like. It is not enough to understand in the upper levels of which aka monster levels. You know even Michael, had his views about at his last show by everything got it at some point, and I say so is like for me: it's like that's a long time that the long term so I want to do a bio nom coup by New Digital tore forever do Lego. The gun out there, that is in Atlanta guys they reach their level. They reach their level music there, the gods, it don't get. No bigger when you buy a pig is like that on that level, three, many very low, really know where to go from that point of view of the data held by today finger than it up and like tat TAT one hundred after day and everything right A lot kids were introduced them then never ever larger music. You gotta just continue to grow
To get it out, you wanted lobby nods Therefore, like there's a lot more layers. There's allow more levels in the skills that I want to give you know say like I'm writing and producing yet I could produce you show me like. As you know, I have even started. Achan again is too much. Neither do. I we got moral Maria will become, don't go anywhere matter. Fact, let's get into a mini mix. Is the breakfast locomotive that was Omarion mini mix morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are breakfast club, Oh Maria into building shallow me was the biggest
you love mutual. The biggest lesson is not about you with these. What was the biggest thing learn from recross independence is, is key in. It has a lot to do with. Knowing yourself no said he, I have a lot of respect for you. You know because he he sees differently than a lot of people say, especially for ways for you, don't wear and lower respect that he gives me, and he has always given me and now you know like as far as my creative, but when I was telling you about me, Shootin in Africa, like he's in there is always like. I told you, you don't say- and images there so cool. First, the had that kind of connection be from a completely different world can evaluate the Azure business Della Sera, having fallen in his business aspects of it s like yours. Could you please go this? Let me
You know I've got all additives in trade ogre me, but you look as is, isn't gems to get ashore absolutely, but all in all, I have a lottery safer for rosy because he's a features in meaning that, while always around, because he could see the future. I should love again. Right now, I don't really feel like, like I'm in that place where you know like I'm, so I'm so focused that I don't think a woman could so really I don't have time, for like you have was that no nice? That is not that there is not that it all over. I regard it as it is I right now I have offered Sunni you know in opportunities there are having ever had in my life especially with what I been workin on or the last sixteen years and our fear so was all about ass. He work work reckon a kid. I'm just saying what water I'll someone's gonna be able to give my yacht my husband
be able to relax the way I want to relax, say go to Ireland and just like disappear. Up into gear. You gotta me and I, like the mentality of death, the thought profit, everything you do have to be based on the future in UK yeah, you know, that's the best way to enact with the music is talking about a reasoned ass year asked what the support is, light desolate everything as far as the music like this is what I want That is why I have good. It has been a relationship because it is well described and half year when you got there, we write relationship is less, is genuine. I don't know their their relationships. You know correlations, love is like a lotta constructs and a lot of coach rule. A lot of
Is that really kind of blur the lines when you have an attraction to someone else? You know it's like you're really give opportunity to figure that out. It comes like a later. If I to me, I think people should just be open in ages, see where you lay it on me, and if you want to get married and gay marriage, robbing him, why should get married counted ass whereby in always a bit this to me. You know because our minister intact bracky in his like all Kate I mean I gotta- give up some money in his eye holder Marty, given that was an hour Anna, like nice, things up in army. So to me it's about understanding in this our perspective than his lawyer in know, it's an opportunity to see your way in my way, then I think we could agree to disagree. Your report about polygamy I'm not going to let you know that there has been an idea but to be completely honest, which will not even at the space where I could deal. One woman like that
I don't. I don't know if I I know if I can handle multiple women yet handle multiple women. Yet you know, I think there is a possibility that the far right now goes. I don't have time for the time being. Relationship with me with it. So you looked rather than another man. You are yet to be a lot of work ahead, about money, it s a lot of money right their army. If we get the money, would about stress vigour, but had a big people. Look where people stressed out there start looking crazy. You know they start, they start transforming into the form and I'm not in it album vena. You feel me. I want to look good Romeo and feel good already, like vibrant, you don't wanna be like stressed out I'll die, no doubt the gun now, because I am I deal with a level of stress tests. Just like a break break. It breaks the normal person brought in Armenia. Like them, you would
that I give you haven't you relieve your stress and I will show you wanted their veto of medicate like that Nah not don't know his arm. I have really, you know enlighten you. No special people around me help never navigate me support me. You know my time of you confusion in forestry, thought, the break up the industry like what had you not just was it was as it was just like. It was just like my whole experience. He knows we just lie down like May Lydia Lydia Lydia, how much time than that of you know give em myself to a thing. You don't say it like a mile. My world war, I wanna, be you know MA am I happy play like you know. Look at this. Video is like. Why don't really want to wear that? You know I'm saying this. You know I mean wait, a minute hold up and then they, So it was what I oh now.
And they re the visa and as many times as you will know, man isn't, a tape is Adam, was so great lighting and get the attention that is there a just- never felt like that, always the always felt like when you know it was time for the art. It was going to speak for itself and if I get people we're going to grab a table that they was going to gravitate to that. You know, because people forget that I tasted set I have asked the Ladys, you know I maintain a certain type of lifestyle. You know so Euro zone of the garden. I mean multiple times you know what I'm saying and then after that I went on my own solo tour and in that sold out it was like. I was a part of the era actually my progression. It's time itself is, I guess it is time now is like the has been solitary year. Is time for the level of the charter is to have a meeting?
In a new back lay you haven't Omar Al Qaeda. What have you got a really phaser Nova Yahkuk check out. You know about body on me, and this is the first single acknowledges. Great waves coming from the young man, you know be expected not a visuals in that Maria is the breakfast club the morning murder the breakfast club, we tend to see what the public being old, Dan full ghoul ball. Evelyn New advances report and I will go. You can be a dagger in dive, the bull Bobo, what is the bottom line you may as well? a social media, they D, never palmed off Bobo it was. There was this Was this document what this is about? The future debate, down after it was a goal now at of la I don't know what that noise they did. You may will do his as the butterfly
You have not introduced. Aromas will have considerable. This talk shop extent House bob. You used the word annually on the breakfast drugged open at the breakfast club, enabling those in their back combat rubbing master bug. Now, when any does anything like edibles, Amby can't read again focus he can laugh. Oh, is that you're going out to please where an air of your where glazes hairfair linear behind our I now less disguised as Amigos and Sean Kingston Situated in Vegas? We told you yesterday about the alleged fight that happened between the two different crews. There was a gunshot fight in the air, they said. No He was injured by Moses Johnson was arrested. He was being held at the GEO pending an initial court appearance that was for charges of felony a thought with a weapon and carrying
firearm, without a permanent and a misdemeanor count of discharging a gun where persons may be endangered. I write well here's what John Kingston had to say about the whole situation: Cuz Kingston Boy, that they're saying fight a gunshot in the air when the migos were attacking allegedly attacking John Kingston. Look what I got a Don T say: let's move it, don't it is everything people always got food represent me. I my eyes, and it goes down syndrome
No one at that very fat. You fat when you fat, use fretful revenues and no no delicacy over the dawn, and so have we heard a low level. We are glad that right watch on Kingston assets acting with Instagram a dismal. He said these haters preyed on my downfall, an odd hand. Yes, Stanza time to show these haters had a bomb by their boat jack with me for life. Hashtag time is money hash bless. So that is why I say in another: when down nothing happened. Was boy Jefferson gonna pay for that law? If we know if we are to get along the route conjugal. Now, just as you know, the measures are not being charged with anything there not being an identified as suspects in this situation. At all to say, you are right,
Davy. We told you this at the end of the show. Yes bakers. As we found out, he has been the first rapid chosen to be injected into the Song Writers Hall of Fame, which is very monument. Aeronautical, involve the whole damn it now. The annual induction and avoids dinners the fortieth one by the way is gonna. Take on June fifteenth in New York City Hall, Jeffrey, don't hold mixed Ebby. We know J C already went on twitter because you know you don't tweet much. He sat by the way. This is a windfall, ass? I remember one Arap was said to be a fad. We are now alongside some of the greatest writers in history, amongst those people that will be honoured alongside Jaycees baby face very Gordy Jimmy JAM and Terry Louis, along with three members the group Chicago as whereas deftly for the culture gave you the first rapporteur get in there. I saw it. I will open the door for future wrappers, but guess what new guys you got actually I Joan runs right now. How does it happen in case? You don't know how songwriters get in
Dunkin into this hall of fame, be right. Your eligible twenty years after your first published and his first album reasonable doubt came out ninety six, so that he's just newly eligible for this thus, by the way the same year, the Eminem released his first avenue Eminem would be eligible by J C. Is the first report to be inducted so, gentlemen, Maybe so let me say that we had at no point there, ninety six now went away and my way out before you was on it wasn't goes a little lady opium. Also man is absolutely what I was there that Google There is now the golden No Andalusia fact Eminem was not out. No, no, no way, no one, no well my little. How then Highness exam still alive and I love it was hell. No. Ninety nine live came out. Ninety seven rooting for ever came on ninety seven. Without ninety six came on night, as has happened, was caught infinite by the way
also one. When it was willing to go, then I I will go so that it can work A major LEO was a just a mixed aid, but who Siloam on eight March deadly one, the maiden rang labour release we was entered. Two Eminem visa is dead a clue. Freeze Dolly had when he's like us, If I had one wish I'd wish for a big enough. But all world give in, I gave a lotta independently folklore. Web entertainment of Cosmo never let ninety six that's when your eligible have to put up with, as album, and that was his first abble Okochee six Associated Jays. He put out his first album reasonable doubt. I right I'm Angela YE, and that is Europe. Report right. Thank you. Miss ye. Shall I guess we give an adult. Do a man, a serial baby killer, named the comment that the carbon neutral in front of guy, would like that world and please Dhaka we'll get into
next, you got myself. I was born and Georgie Devil dog you today for third, they February. Twenty third goes to a doctor named Doktor Kermit gas. Nor now who is Doctor Kermit, I know he's a man who antiabortion advocates call America's most prolific serial killer oh yeah, you would have you sitting in the lobby of his abortion clinic any would have usher. There goes my baby playing on repeat throughout the whole building six six sigma and this guy was, he actually was sentenced to life in prison after he was found guilty of having living babies would scissors
feeding very mainly. The crabs ought to jersey all my guide vested yeah, I'm making. It is up to us to table my report, but the crab reading. That's true. I thought his story on buses and they got it from the daily mail. Are this man Doktor Kermit gas, no was stabbing living babies would sit. And was feeding there remains. The crowds of Jesse Show is nothing to discuss. Ok, that's just disgusting: he got life in jail. Sounds like you earn a right to be. Data me well, here comes the platte to his okay, wanted to babies, Doktor Kermit God, no Did you was a man who will Psmith Leonardo yeah? That was inactive wrapper as as in my last name, Pink Smith, one Torino's card on cod on September, twenty four nineteen sixty eight doktor Kermit was an ordered. The kill will Smithy actually delivered. Him being that he delivered him for some strange reason. He feels like Wilson of Ozma Favour, but what occasion on that favours when you're facing life in prison for Doktor Kermit decided the right rules,
Okay, ok, he wrote a lead in mounted the wheels company, Overbrook entertainment. Now I'm going to now, I'm worried somebody's not all of it, but I must start with the first paragraph. Dear, will are fine. Decided at a time to reach out to you. Actually, two letters were region, My son was struggling ACT in New York City. He graduated from Temple. Green, dramatic art presently to writing a screen. Places his creative focus as his priority. Become the needs of his son. My father, like son, may be the pattern at any rate, David approved of my draft to request assistance in your mutual profession. I'm fine starting that they could never be a man in black. If I had robbed you on your head, said, every seat lie making this up? Ok, I believe, honestly, that this letter was sitcom. It was supposed to be alive track, After the draft you on your head, you can't say you know, look
Some may not want to ask you for since assistance and helping him, but I have no problem ass, asking you for assistance, because if you know my reputation will as America most prolific, cereal, baby, killing trust they would be. Hancock no Ali, no pursuit of happiness nor I am legit. If it wasn't for me, ok, I could it dropped you on your head. Well, let's not forget that now, let me keep ahead in this letter doctor remind will reminds world and he was cool wills, grandmother and that will Graham, I have been one of his advocates and he said wills grandma would have professed that doctor. It was a minority physician targeted for political gain, not a media monster, blah blah blah. He basically said that he is innocent and he's only in jail because of misrepresentation by paid attorneys prosecutors. Misconduct, and for being a minority for the physician any end by telling will if this letter is successful and inciting your interests are concerned, I look forward to your but basically you want well to get into politics right, good. He said and will have expressed interest
being in politics, we want would get into politics and in pardon him I guess, hey Doctor Kermit Gus Gusto shut the F up forever. Ok, you should be trying to get an appeal. Is something not writing Wilson of asking him to pursue political career, so he can get you off in all. Oh you. Nothing Are you delivered him? How even noted the doctor Given me enviable you not adopted. I delivered you at lady, not adopted. I delivered, you know you're, a doctor that delivered you, nothing, ok, they did a doing a job. Ok, he was doing his job. You know anybody anything but doing what they supposed to do. Ok, I would love to talk to some dogmas and asked him. It is a common thing. Do you expecting us to expect things from people who you liberal to to be in certain positions of power and audacity adopted, Kermit detail. Wilson. If you need the look out, because I could have dropped you on your head, you gonna be like ninety read about them. I don't know that urban Easy just settlement in to in license Ok, get him a boyfriend and only babies.
We'll be killing, is the one he swallows from his boyfriend for the rest of his laugh, Herminius, a sip t, please give dogma. Kermit gas. Note, because the police What is wrong with people audacity of this guy, whom I am responsible for you? Could I already killed? You killed him. Babies in my day, you could have been wanted him will. I knew you especially ass, wide drug dealing and where the shadow Jesus Christ, alright. Alright, will thank you for that. When we come when we come back, ask five eight hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship, advise you can call ye right now is to breakfast cloak morning the breakfast club that was J, C B Bonnie and Clyde morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club it's time for ask Yee. If you got a question for you, you can
Alright, now eight hundred five five one, eighty five one thousand this fifty one hello who's most request for you, ok I'll, probably be able to get there were one at year end. I was there for whom we will back the money and the money about found that happily pantheon air won't be back out. It was cool account for about a month, but recently, why? Even really making me, but I'm obligated to volunteer and see the doctor or his family at anybody items about to happen. They bought me out and I really do feel so. You feel like you're obligated to be within cause you away him. While he was locked up abrogated that we would have liked Why haven't they gave him? Yet it is. But how long were you with him before he got locked up? It was two years, but we are. He got up on earth. Very ok, so he waited
can you were with him for two years and then he got locked up, ok and then Zeb prolong about very much I'll get a debit. Ok, our eyes, so the problem is that he wants you to do all these things, but he's not even doing them. You I want me might not be back me yesterday at the Tokyo because he basically obligated to do something about the family member ended. I asked me if I wanted to do anything. I cannot think about. I believe that, well, my not I mean right volunteering you to do at that. You just don't feel I doing, but you came you ended up doing it anyway. Here behind I mean I'm gonna die the the root of the problem the first year of the time to everything design. You listen if you other's on whether you agree
you know that human rights that they are a little bit had about the plan to do about the word you already thought about it. Need right here right like any, do it because of the red, because when you got out the ready, how he also leaving do so, there's a lot of things he wants to do. He can't do Khazar House arrest so as an extension of him volunteering? You to do these things? Listen, I can my girls going to a whence he comes home right, ok was listen. This seems like a very simple solution. MA am now. I am happy to help you out and I'm available, and whenever I can, I just need you to check what me first. That's all I want you to do just ask me, am I available if amount available? Maybe I can find time and scheduling. Do those things, because I do fairly a lot of times. We do stuff our family that we don't necessarily feel like doing where it is. Part of family obligations so that by the time,
sometimes you might need things from them, but I feel like ie definitely should respect the fact that you have alive. You do have things to do so I will just tell him: listen. Babe I live. To help out whenever I can. I know you're on house register and things that you can do so obviously I have no problem. Stepping in all I need you to do is just check with me, means that are not available at that time, but we could schedule another time to do it. I'm happy to do that, but you just got to, let me know, we draw a drug mule now come on? Come on you? Do you boy rule the drug dealer? Wasn't it Would he also reported now? I don't believe that with a drug dealer down well well well. What have you got a Jaguar?
Trot buoy, Diane Diane. Everywhere you enjoy your game, they always have been lacking. Is about like bad driveway. Thank you, I think you ve got more. We when we come back. If you need a question or you need some help in your relationship. Call a now if you haven't question that if you need a clearly have a quest staying so proper today to send our people, why would you need a question that we know to me? Don't you FR. I wonder if I wanted to breakfast locomotive that was Drake Faint love morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club we're in the middle of ask ye eight hundred feet
the five one o five one allows this. I listened Sylvia Selby. I you baron today, I'm going to her. You am go what your question for ass ye this morning. Ok! So last week, on Valentine's day, I found out that, while a dash boyfriend further that four years had a whole other voice answered that sixteen, that's all the next day I can find out about it and he told me basically, oh you don't, even though the half though he was in it, they tell me you know all you were on and off just like me and you're on and off last year, at the rest of the story is on New year's. I slept with the home of her girl and now she's too much scope. It he's dirty, yes, he's having a baby I'll, buy you and now by his attitude by bass by somebody.
Ass. Yet basically, like my life, went right confessions parting by us, your, like basically thing as a big having a baby by like a girl yet websites, they were put out like a site that we raise yes and then that poor book is, of course he put me in jeopardy. My question: is he wasn't he wasn't about friends, me boy, I feel as though, maybe once I he'll like my first seriously, what are you doing? Other I'm? Really That's ok! I don't like it ever trust the man again arable ass. For me, I don't see I could possibly look again right now, but maybe once I he'll do you feel like I could be his friend, because all my friends are saying now lead to forget about him at him. He global person but like I know, I know another side of hell. Yeah ladder, women know their sides who, by the way by this- and this is my take on it- you can be friends with anybody you
who is to be friends with later on down the line when you want to forget about them, and put them in the past is really important that you have no contact with them now you have no, reason to be in contact with him. Thank God you're not pregnant or you don't have a kid by hand. While he's when around you guys that he's doing and I, as illegal NOS five years from now you might be cool again when, you ve moved die and do away he's doin by this is a really great wake up sign for you all of this. Often on that, and having these are the women that he's been dealing with this matter saved you from something worse. They could since EU dealing with him? You could have ended up with a lcd. You could a guy something incurable. You couldn't ended up having a baby by somebody. That's Franklin, his bare peanuts in everybody else exactly so they engage dies a bullet now as fires testing other people. Again, you should never let one person and one bad experience with that person. Some bad decision that you may cause. You knew what it was right. You should never let that effect. What goes on for you?
let's move avoid. Never let somebody had that power over you that you feel, like you can't trust somebody else again. Ok array, so my recommendation to you is everything of is that you may have been that he gave you put those things out of sight out of I dont contact. Him is really hard in the beginning when you do that, but every day gets a little. Easier spend some time with your friend, Alicia friends care enough about you to tell you to stay away from him. Cause he's not gonna. Do any good he's having a baby Somebody asked why do you need that complication in your life? I know it's got a bad of Gozo Party on Friday and Hildy there fell, but my friends like you, don't have to see him. You will have to be near. Have, though, try I mean listen, I get it you guys, but in the same circles you need to go out there and live your life. Tell your friends! If you see me talking to him, are you see me about two texts?
or anything, get me out of there: okay, okay, they got to be strong with you too, and no crying. Oh, I cried so much. I had a blood clot in my eye. I cried for like five days straight greatly thought they dont. You cried the party cry when you get home, of course, but I rather think you so no problem. I beg you for a greater vice people needed. You can call her any time. Eight hundred five eight firewood. Far. When will she email you help me ye a gmail dot com, right we got room was on away. Yes, we are going to talk about future. He may he's doing something monumental come this Friday will tell you what that is, but in the meantime has some beef with the guy who allegedly quote unquote? Put him on, will tell you what they're back and forth is about and see who do you agree with? Ok, all I M more Cuba, locked to breakfast global, more ground was blocked ex do come see me morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne,
We are the breakfast club and don't forget our annual day party goes down at V, Charlotte in Charlotte, North Korea added a Mickey and build and want to six? We do it every year, one to seven one to seven. We leave for I'm shall its marine areas there. Maybe I am leaving Saturday morning coming back thirty prize that you shall. I mean about you, have yourself on common sense, all governesses Friday right mind! That's why you re Saturday? No! the less at any rate, I am using a unicorn lanky, goes there because you, you know, he's got that area kind of you still a unicorn when it comes to the club beyond the clubs may be an amount. Join us. We do this. Each area, you famous Lebanese, always come through whether reserve push T fifty set plan. While lay cod II be so many different people stop through so join us all right now, let's get to the rule,
this all future gas report. The reul report, whose club where beauty is good news and bad news, which you any efforts, they moved about, was sad news travels better. Brussels Interval blocks hiring the loser to be doing something that has been unprecedented. Ok in the next two weeks I could be, he could have to bones, release back to back at number one now herself, I album they feel like that, could be number one because his about a hundred and fifty thousand equivalent album units in the first week, and then, if Hendricks does that well to it, could number one also and he could be the first person to have bats bag. One day views in successive I'm not mad, have for doing things that you know nobody has ever done, but
Did I need them a huge music anymore, music spaced out in items here for us it might be, though I was the first one yet in the vat John Remy Plot the northern blow most platter diploma, whereas they planning our analyzing Roth, knows and colleagues IRA. Well, future, unfortunately, is having some issues with Rocco. It is to rack and they had some back fourth now some people were talking about this alleged lawsuit where, if you two had to put out to albums with them, privacy, going over its Iraq, oh and fifty percent of torture and murder nice and go into Rocco. Rocco has acted like ass, not really true, but here is half It's a responded when somebody asked him on Instagram live. Are you putting out all this music because of your situation with Rocco this week. Are you doing this because the rocks are no way in your mind, doing that for him You know I'm saying don't get put care of wework in Weave forever motion Your vote had not done so
what's going on, but I ve been making haste we make. History can be applied. His son entanglement, I re well wacko, then went on Instagram and said to me I have always believed in that abroad. That's why signs him when I posed to step up my pages out of genuine support. No funny is here All I want is my percentage. We agreed upon nothing more, nothing less. I understand he feels away hell. I would soon I was soon I'm not mad at him from be mad at me, so he said if this every time they will have. Sit down like a man, then let's do that. I really would love noted terms that a contract, I call them the fall out in that way of working, a future world like family. I one point eleven point here and now: they're not so creating a bit odd, can't ever look into seals, pockets and act like most of you get making as much to see. How do I make it? Acts are not maybe I'd is CAFE lag. Listen. You gave me a really messed up after deal and we supposed to be buddy wasn't slowly down one point to restructure the contract in the middle of it.
Men are regarded as all face. Farms areas album than you guys draw on allowing a land is indeed it at that it, honey, Wendy, adjacent images, and you too, all we partners, levity Lafayette anywhere near that idea that you want to try to reject the idea to sit down in actually attempt to do that. If you re, like is unfair, I want. The best thing to do, though, is bring somebody in the fog Numa area. Where future responded you postik examined, it is and where are gang though you gonna die FIG Edward, you and me as a brother, at my words and try to play me answer see in years and where it ain't no Edward on earth gone. Take is what consequences judge a no. Dead end where you a con artists. Morocco responded to that. I wasn't a car It is when I may show you gotta look in on my videos, though. O camera shy, ass, Edward S little this, then the line you embrace me as a brother at my work, I guess he was saying I was down and out- and I was really looking for a way and you took advantage of my weakness, advertisers Asia, who said that he said embraced me like dish,
some might embrace you at your or maybe it's like he was doing it for his own. Fitting gain? I don't know who knows why man would do you like the matter? You never know if they gonna blow up our night when they do and then you to go back and paid out monies and says, but I want to do that. I congratulations in their cannon He had his baby and his little baby. And I'm his babies name. Their son is Golden Stag Cannon, mercy death videogame castle, Graham weeping. May endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning? No matter how hard the world may hit. You, God, it remind us of our purpose. Hashtag true happiness welcomes who earth son- problem clues bosnian. Again, that's what I need to know why you need to finance the Video Game Council. Maybe after Gothenburg wasn't able to caution,
I love God. Now all you guys grab your girlfriend mildly. I'd, love Golden Brooks Man will drop. Monocles bombs were golden broke them. Love golden works. Well, you know my girlfriends. For now I say now: don't talk about young voting, no his name's, elegant video. They know what are the golden, what Golden Sage Sage, Fagin exactly golden think that Medina Video Games, if the new go to say God there is the hottest pick me discourtesy like it. I love it. Well I'm Angela yeah, that's your room, a report in all right. Thank you. Miss ye shall to revolt, peace, everybody else. The people choice mixes up there actually is something eight hundred five, a five one, o five won't get your request in the breakfast locomotion.
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