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Pastor Troy Discusses His Independent Movement

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Real people real, celebrity real. Some joint still existed in mourning. Everybody is dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, special guess in the bill. Pity crows eyes. I would advise the jailer I stand out with you for your kind of seeing you in a while their Maghreb see our boys get him a boy sizing such a birthday plotted. Nowadays, Colombia is kicking able to go now. You ve remained relatively independent, Joel Guerriere, while at why that man I started off independent mail. You not a me hasn't contract disputes that made me half ago made for a while, but let us focus on the contrary. I just went back to my independent Ruth would allow made again whip me. You said you had to go major. I had made a man. Could I hooked up with this gap Jean Griffith signed a contract to stop me from Heaven all labour no like assigned on him
me overtook universal. What that was cool manner worked out for me was a good thing. I learned to Latvia with tomatoes, but when I went by independent, also not ready naive about China, beg oriented. Always I'm gonna be here back then a lot of you wanted to sign your marvellous coffees wanted to send you to death. Some of you may you know he was how let me men. I come home one day, man scarface in liberal hairs, on whenever anyone who knows me ill so crazy man, because everyone knows my father passed a man and at Times car face really does want to meet my day, the more we want to leave without my real cool. You know now sound I was telling somebody to interview yesterday, man like backbone, and I will probably the first solo artists to sign. You know maybe deals in Atlanta and then, just after that man adjust open up so many doors man, you don't mean it still popping up down there now. You know Gotta go ask obviously on either side we have you told the people a universal level. My word
you want to do what we who yeah got another movie here? You know I gotta be cool. You don T like that, you know me imagine here they fight is the echelon, but we want to see me per Vigo Leyla year Monti, the area one passage Roy. What you I'll pass, withdraw the yet another Alamo here. Why don't you want to find you don't know your standard, Bab myself you know, really come down and hang out it about system for me to go after your father was actually a past as a dynamic, because somebody I ve already irreverent my family, still the passage on eighty men. I was one of the most difficult things going up. We have been estimates, rat was kind of taboo. I can listen to it like that. Man was really made a really special tell me man, you know the meaning that college man down at Paine College in Augusta, Georgia, man, twenty or twenty years old, messed up. My parents of the south would like look I'm about to be a rapper
What did they easily? Are you crazy? You know they were knew it all worked out. Not just by the two. A man is just someone. Do me some money to try it twenty, as opposed to thirty, You know that was down. There was now a man game and I support I had to go make up above the amount of work. I've ever listen to any real ericsson, be right now sound. We got it about. You know what man and vice versa. Yes longings when I really We wrote that all may I say that, as a poem college may like tell us so many who me out to build a Anna crazy, this That allows like I really understand those days. May you know the sounds like one of Heaven was ill and vice versa, so I had to hit my dad. My head there, my friend wrote this song Rather they did you tell them about. The mother did really can explain, until I met you know another wrong with someone at San. What, if and people can ask questions every day. You not a minor and has made me feel a lot better about Iraq. That matter
as laid out finally heard a bee. Now as I this debate, for vice versa, no one, I data manner, body and eleven. I welcome my great eagerness description by will. Not I fear this can be a time. Will good can be made to look like a mad dog article? We made look like saying it has not. Saw a man; it makes more sense to day than than it ever has man. You know to me. One of good it was really Bay would bear was really good. What would you do you know? No one is about me: you don't know you you always have. The bell would have. I got home at which brought the bull dog home about to Morocco. Must Sancho out? Oh boy, you're gonna come out a joy to see a big guy Gaza. We got balloon, Adele check it out built man. You know everybody here, the infamous before masterpiece. At the beginning of my career and the big, my big event, men, come out party was the birthday badge is kind of like the summit jam up here down in Atlanta, and I was on
regional bill menace. That's I was high levels, my future rich homie, Quan days in every time, a masterpiece being too big we're gonna. He worthy ever took off the show he replace me, but he didn't know that replacement Asia light. They had a people is ready to see. Men is not be my first time coming out with their normal planchet manner. They put me So am I had a long day out there, man, I want my really wasn't. Even bigger and I just came in like with a solemn and we'll just like we ve gone and ended by everybody old taught me. I mean it s a strategy. A lot of people have Man do that you know go. Whoever is the heart is right now, I'm going to learn whether someone is trying to sell recognise were not like them, and I respect he married version on me. You can relieve and be jealous somebody leisure flat about menotomy. So even now man of may impede it sounded data jointly. Go you not only because, thereby still
of the robbery, good mom ended up Ray Miata net console mandatory, but you ve got me out of state or a man is eighty okay. Let nobody shall has now come on out to twenty. Thirty thousand people will return you like that at all no longer lives. There is deeply overstepped. The piano. Nah yea manner with a man called Missy Modem glare. We never really hurt each other man, I'm glad we were able to catch up after everything else. Kalis moved things out, but this also seen about account It will be a nightmare waning, shouted up. You know he assigned on one universal after their also, but it s kind of cap. A separate doesn't anew of tough me to get back independent and not build and he was right in a building alone. May let me get up volume a month I met. I fall call was that a real Volga,
Where have you just did as my link? They sounded telephone trying to do our job with every railways got what my dog were arrested in the studio driven doing a joy. Whoever will doubt that we will not master p. Nano me wrong, just browsing studio. Trying again, oh man, they allow to do things came out of me. Came at me. They're probably got some phone calls at me, but it doesnt work informed. Now now I lay run around the championship boat, I got what lay down a birthday best with their bill boy. The annabel wouldn't even know you I have no real. Well, I do I trust you know now you you had a look before little John, to which I didn't know what I mean. You appeared much somewhat dead man. That's why I was supposed to keep that pipeline going. I left the majors to go independent and I was just going to bank off of still doing the albums with the guys who still had the major deal you know, but
It just didn't work out that way known as cool. You know, everybody go learn stuff, like their managers, glam opposition with people, always Moraine, say ya, Goin out Merangsang, a strong man. Not again, the ATM another area, myself, new lay magna chick ass. He was going on over there. I know my voice of feeling and while they get no one, no one or two more solar walk or the Beaver would only you know what man I was talking to John explaining the same thing to look man That was a drastic move for me to leave universal at that time and go back independent. So I'm still going to keep my presence by these records with artist like him. So I'm talking to John and he telling me Troy look. I got to get you back on this next album and when we get back to the ATL, I got to get your man. I talked to Steve the time of president at a time of tv tv is that your man giant turns out of mere manners. I wish Troy at my age. Tat is
I we recorded because we do not a neighbour, that's out again. Go united. There again go now behold, mother, ever multinational, we get it now. Then it was more to her. But now What do you figure was because, like their whole front movement past, you know what I want to do, the snapping at a man, you know what I was up. Down there with their whole their whole and I was the one they cannot do- maybe next to win that stuff was going on man because it's pastor, Troy, I was kind of appear in those guys were little bit behind me with that. So, like man come on, It is crazy, their broken. You may well. I didn't really awful laughing to this day. We, do a video of a power to come home not to me. That's the kind of the the frustrated me right in autumn and you gotta dress was done by that. May we got no video, but though I was a man, ass might look like companies like
we're gonna live in gold. Go wrong. You tie wasn't it though it up three four times a week ago, in as good as the enemy for those thoughts to state a state like that, my life, my must, must show set man hidden with common out and throw it followed up with vice versa, but what are we could enable normal pledge to you he'll show to come out the busy man who live near take that we now have a rather odd that made O Connor record. When you get older you can. Before our my home man up real life. Regular, really mad. As you know, I really gotta make a whole new murmur shows that mad dog avenant, twenty third, then his man about the dial up avow grew worthy of you to adjust to the New South coming out of a deal because you came up in the Congo manner. What was really so surprised about a man is is is really going back today,
I'm all valets, can't you gonna jump and around of light then Oji, Makos and stuff, like that man, how the amount of alone over fifteen years. Now you not amended the heavy bays caution in a movement as old Treaty was difference of land and now imposed when you was run into a ladder crazy. When erected, five man difference difficult Aladdin now is that it wasn't the struggle there was when I was trying to get all man come on. I was a performance at the tunnel, has doubled their beggar flex them to play. My pleasure toy recommend, probably the only sound they played a whole night that one side regular everyone's thou recognise them as it in and just to come up here now, just even as I just saw people bouncing around offers up your man. Rich Homie Quan, just humming it man just to see how it's done change email. You know what I mean. I don't really think that they really know what it really took to it to get to that point with a fat man,
we'll sacrifices goin now imagine is changing the fashion lad. Who own version is definitely join me. You know it, but those things is crazy, but I was just talking about my responsibility. Were rap managers living at the moon is coming out of it some of those guys never had they never really had a responsibility in the music man. You know what I mean, so you can't expect them to make some respond New York refer Better Eau DE may go in future Lang odious. I you know sand whenever he had to say he didn't make that kind of music. So you can't expect nothing more from him and you know what I mean, so it sells real special Ghana and when I got here many others, but where was I don't feel future dimensional Jamaica? What you think about some honest? What you think of you to death, really love a future campaign. Man, because I had seen him come up, may even displaying this thing time to you, not a meme people, the same last for five years- were maltreatment Grattan, ten years plus in Japan.
So to see those guys come and get a shadow man. I love. You know me like that. Member, they steal him his eyes like him walk, as does that mean we really still kick it. A lot of those guns idea. Man, I'm still a threat to so He was on a lot of workers and stuff like that. Men and I get is cool, gonna walk up a sleeping giant it. They can t fire vice, like a country with a rethink heavy chop it up, and you know what bankroll fresh the law is management cumbersome. You know how to every region now to remaining PAMELA Bahamas. Tell me MA: am run around in nearby from others like eight bound him, J G and stuff like that men. Those guys come on hang out of my studio majesty in them. Now my living room and my studio man well, listen to these guys am I here it had made me like I did it all right. Man made me feel, like a million dollar its edge, whether just what you said about the old you make a fugitive if you will get him flat for talking about drugs, but I mean ya arrow.
Straight violent year. Guns. Stop you man, it was totally different member. I think it was more from a different place. Matting was more from a different place. People were enjoying the Energy Marian Element and join in Rio was lot of five and a lot of ours. They came with it, but it wasn't. Nothing was being able to separate myself from the two hour I pass. A toy Does this kind of music he raps about this and everything. But me, Michael Troy, look I ain't going to tell you to do none of that stuff, the pastor, Troy doing, pastor, Troy ain't, getting no trouble for that I could try logging trouble like angle given drove you. Do it to you not to move it out at about any issues: man, I've just perform from Paris, man thanks, given of last year less familiar with the wise man you're only one, I would say he formed a colored man. We do so in Atlanta men are performed down. There would like a lab air like a pasture, blew a manifesto good to do man because they know every week
I have a fifteen years every weekend. I've been on the road doing this and it was just felt good to sit them down and just let them see but I do not know more than the day after they enjoy demand ever see that away down with massive Janata me. Thus he got those jail, gonna fall when I call, or vice versa suit. My ass it of all year is dope. Man is, though I want you to technology somewhat earlier said at the stroke of a doubt, I thought it had to go to New York. I take them out Kashgar, booted, so I'll, let you know they just one given at the time of day, and I understand why man, it was light man, a buddhist egg move was gone. Oh man, they were about their name really, how much serves as then we start some. I know what I want to know the fine eyes they may artists and people from New York. Tell me all the time toy you want refers. Why dost thou to make me say I man, we gotta, see what Italian, but they might be doing is unknown.
A lot of love that man, you don't mean. I doubt if that would have happened without me. Taking that step and signed with universal. When I did manage just, let me open it up a little bit, but man Norway, and just everywhere, we already over mad just so many people from New York, just ashore lamented is loaded energy which are so different manner. Now you come down eighty managers Papa I don't know, I guess somebody homewards from New York to live in Atlanta. Now, man, I'm just glad at the civil war. Coming out of me. He even when you talk about the idea of a new kind of experimental little bit when elected the temblor read an article, the man, it was cool, my men are probably for form or we could five thing. Times today many came out. It doesn't fit with arrested, Apache choices, welcome all evil. Will I want you know I'll go. We want to hear Somebody a lot of interesting financier my play, a load, a record
a greater radio stuff like that, but it just say Farewell: vice versa: monopoly without the label telling you too little of course, man, of course, in school hours, appreciate it for what it was the man who can say that they had a single on a blot worsted movie like that, Are you not only had a single sounds like so it was cool avenue. And now the video shoot for stuff, like their mental remaining builders, bears that Finally, now you know a video of every five? Not only you know, ass created it. Nothing like that. Long ago, yeah man and I'm gonna Y yeah, now no Wikipedia is that you, the world's biggest scam artist. And I looked out when there is a lot better Merlin Matter without around here, very better, be ready jack. I remember there was a story about a woman is edgy scammed. Her in all is to have you she to get all these
loans for you, Mr Kinnock, nobles, though hot day, maybe that you wish you can take my brown by those that are in an again go noticed. Stopping for about a first right now said that people still feel threatened by you, other artisan and having done songs you either people you read out to you that you wanted to work with and reached the nobody's people reached out to me, we did the solve and a thousand nobleness feeling you you recognize, along with some of the biggest regulate interview over lamented big events the girl labelling. Even though you never heard here school cool. I competition man because they boys know go away, go ahead, a bill. He had a home and of the ETA, so we may please, let me be gone before him was somebody issues idea. What was it because I want to give tee in Iraq will be your man. It was even, if only really light, that laminae on track kill him on his own tracks onto my ddt.
Money. Entrees government check out my feature resume you not a man. I know by The drought me when I look back and we do they are very soon, and that is what I should do, but it may be, will now say now: I'm next, you're not a me and that's crazy man. I how I came up in the game about knows don't be like there. I want to do themselves, which are almost everybody. First came out, Ireland, if you pop, and you came out alone, you had come and get a far from past toil nevers album the data returned when they return the favor. Return. The favor. You know my com or maybe just knocked out mass appeal tat. We got knocked off in everyday in trying to come up and learn that just one approach I took my we try and getting him in New York and unwise mechanism will, I believe, Ella there as we build the allies. I feel like I've. Gotta beg you not to me. I know you can feel my. Nor are we ready.
We make them crazy man just doin come yet a concert. Man we're like a North Carolina sunlight that may have liked a rough ride. Tour. They threw me on a joint man. He sat crazy: they will they value like go to be on every move outlay. He will begin normal pledge. Yet a man with a non formulas go when as Dahlberg. Oh, that was my first time. You know that's when I start seeing it was, it was sticking, remain at stake and were now we do. We spread about a joy to normal, planned yea, we're North Carolina. We agree, a Ella DC men DC problem. What am I still tat Mark is now and they just load a kind of music. Now use you don't judge, Alex, show twice fulfil in the shop for show all that about major Dallas, zero cool and ass, my home Amanda, when it would do it s the man of God, really it was up, I'm looking at the National promote an independent man. You can't be they're kind of national promo met them themselves,
I will talk about me. You know when you do those was over there. They pick up what I would describe as a what our Anita tv type, but yet hold up to go out and talk about this movie, not as dumb as a ray of light that wanted to show that I miss was real, was real when we a so many like. I have problems in Augusta, George Amelia, you know what I and your home A lot of people die. They hometown recipes to change will be out overnight. That man is real high, where you come from people I'll, get it at home is that of a show book and why? yeah, but it was on his fine radio frequency. As a government. Boy can hit his medicine, Boston, ride, thirty minutes down the street, and I don't mean I just don't feel good about that show. You know that means it is, and the more the number one million not amazement down what you tell them. I do not miss out on earth. Where my family home is all about making my home so like that and as my mom like gardener Mandl, and keep a soul smooth. I know that
If it does, the is the only place I have promised, not the whole city of a girl. If those couple people man, you just can't put yourself in situations man, why would I go now here? What he's food shoot back and forth? An ongoing joy is beautiful. World is peace here right. I think I'll go not from NATO. Galling, while a mammoth, Madame now the lid and so be, would have maddening I would even call these now and went down to lobby jeez and babies, stout man, they tell me I gotta what has gone Flash zone is that I'm in the city they tell me, I got a no fly zone I'll, let you know if I am here as a year's work. It's all Muslims customer you not take pride in it. Just from beer, West made must start. But I was from a learner. That's what's it pride and joy demand. I didn't come with the just eighteen. Each year I put the proper attention on a state as opposed to just a city in
in Augusta, meant a lot to me. Atlanta had our good, my master p. All of you know his prayers. We have strong in Atlanta but Augusta to our down a road didn't have in about. So I took a lot of Atlantic Game, just applied it down in Augusta and took my game Becker road to a lan, unarmed and again with someone I couldn't accomplish later right there for the sitting in front of you did a lot of that fact: elaborate because our Kalama Colonial forty, eight men, old boy, the forty eight maglev, wrote those boys. My first showed that idea in Colombia, Manny, nine thousand, eight hundred and ninety nine those boys at my last. So I didn't Columbia. Last weekend you know what I mean: that's just real dope man, I just they just really became, family me man across the south, these man from Georgia, South Carolina Alabama Tennessee floor so well down south and is so much loved ourselves south that real and I had to do a lab stricken man I'm booked up
care runnin around Citys. They will have to do club what caso venue lightly minus sailing to do appear: management of clubs by the goat, there's a Friday settled a nightmare. We get alone on. The really have a double address. Illegal so might just Ivy League table our trail on forty. Eight men cannot down obvious rooted out on a road. Is king Muslim, yadda, yadda Yadda Roy was happy. I do know now. Do you feel about the confederate flag on the deck of you used to have flagging your video? You little John met. You know what one When I look at the moment the whole they may be, and down a man and Colombia s their flag. My we see so much. We see as so often down a mare, but they had almost gotten to a point where it was. Color a sleeping giant itself. You not tell where, where joint was I'd hangar, but it really was an affair
like you, I remember too it you're not only will not too that we know what is represent whatever married. I knew all these years, my whole lifetime anything my whole flying you're, not coming down south, but when they put out his attention on it it may people show their problem leaders to even more if a woman s what I didn't like about it, because now the personnel a flare got five flags. On a back of his unanimous, the NASCAR that I went to a NASCAR vat, Lash man, american flags, Capo, confederate flavour case coup at the data now that next masquerades race, you should have saw it. You me every body. In a moment the key is kids and showing off their pride. So none of the light we walk a sleeping giant. I wish you a good sum that we could discuss Aung San shooting, a bird it like we ve been all these years in honor me. What did it mean to you when you added in your video like you and Johnny?
it made me or I wanna, watch out, we come and we get some legit money. I can keep on lock in the southern banging us up at their core house. What is they fly? We ve got to get the G8 and the one on into the cabin, hit the ground a world. They do you do when you see people now. Do you think that their raises when a flight- you don't want me, been allow you say they do it even more now, like always yet we know what you think about no. What man? Maybe in the historian, that I am, I try to find at try to find out how to fund our whole story. Man allowed people know that a lot of black soldiers in the Carolina Aramis fought for a confederacy, for freedom economy, many soldiers, slave, honest Eminem, look the tat, we lose if we ever- out where we will you be free, come on man, those gas lady, like mad freedom, you not to me a good about what I'm glad
I'm. Gonna buy one of yours. You not have fought for the confederacy, but it wasn't nothin about five were confederacy. There was this all about freedom. So for me try to find a pride in it, even myself about Azalea Maggotty, a lifeline for my grandfather. He felt for too long for we appreciate you join us. Gangsta them inoperative. Germany. I go way back gangs of what he was the Atlanta goes methodically. Was that what you want to see Atlantic go in future man to the Superbowl, mostly I'd, go with our word wiggles homeboy that comment. We got a poor one point: two little independent movie. I shall stay now. What That'll make day the mix tape crown Signal about Allaho Gilbert. They were really Wilhelm boys. We ve got about wheels homeless man. It was just on that always want to do shoot. Independent movie man come on universal, but many of them are phase. I might as well give it back on a movie, so we just anime sense.
No Atlanta man is the new Hollywood sound manner. Really soon alot of movies, thou art, and I think that's got really be. The next transition in the city may come all this fifth Amelia around With a bill for girls, almost diva light, those shows and land represent, like all the reality, shows how representative of ITALY and do you think, we'll houses of Atlanta Levin had hardly even had the Atlanta reality so more upon the real fan of men, man, of course it has done to me nor myself about do I love happen did legal is now about to be mere needed? No, no, no man, but what about your own shell? so think about man. I'm really thing about nor somewhat Medea man passionately impasse Choi does labelling what I do and we are doing everything how we run out to go get. It seems that you have an interesting life years. They're interested man is real. Dope managers being independent, Malcolm on a lot of independent eyes. Don't have this kind of reach, but would you be willing to pay everything like decades? In family you know, could be really care for which occurs.
Good that unites harder talking. You know a bit earlier, but you just gotta catch Teddy thing they all. I want to know about. Pastor Troy. Are you want to know about? Micah passageway were put under four display. I have a man and do whatever you want to, but you gotta keep some for yourself right right. What was passed a joy is the breakfast club, the money.
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