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FRI 7/15 - The Breakfast Club is joined by Ghost, Tommy, Tasha & Angela from the cast of Starz' #1 hit show "POWER". Sorry, we fanned out...that would be Omari, Joseph, Naturi & Lela in real life. Then a powerful rap star out of Cali named Schoolboy Q sits down with us to break down his new album "BLANK FACE".

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His job Loveday child, these agents, annually Charlemagne guy on the planet, is respected. Show because this is a voices aside zones in a J W morning, so called we Don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest about good morning, USA, more and more coherently, with Bob and discussed right. It all mean things, change, unknown insane, fraud, morality, I'm and lay still. I just just left his hand to support all of our logo.
You know that here for the tendency of the chase event that they were doing for their limited edition battle with Scott Campbell tattoo artists from Brooklyn darker, so they had been our party I have, but we had a great time last night, not performed Dave EAST open up for him so, but at the time. Difference is three I am here. I left the party got my bags and came straight to work and you shall I shall I guess I'll call you when I was out, I was out of you really. Did you ever think about that when a method, when do I ever smell, you wrote keeper. Another airline things about me: baby, don't smell Needlestick Charlemagne, not here yet, but he's supposed to be common to all we paid over. Nobody, no he's an early or maybe it. I said that but when his eyes is lay on his way from Jersey. Real bad man about these guys are actually in allay now bears
get a chance. Send me the tattoo guys information cuz. I want to finish my tattoo. I started off with three kids on my arm and I have a soon. The actual I got a finnish Marlborough. My kids names Why he's a little busy? I don't know any place. Last time you got statuary decried, yes, that's it was how do they know their nets and bloodshed? Really I try to drink alcohol. I saw this. I wonder how much are you having now that you should take some painkillers, Ferris sat used or pain is paying. Do you know they say women? There were pain, elaborate, a man. Do you think so now, as I go facts things are absolutely good. I could never baby there's no way. I could pop baby, I'm a budget that is qualities. That's why I'm surprised, shut up are able think about some unfortunate news. It happened. We're gonna get into this in front page news and is actually in yesterday the attacks had happened in these. It was awful Unfortunately, there all these people got killed in it.
Crazy, like I was I'm out here in LA and I found out about it a little late cuz I fell asleep. I woke up for a come up with to a whole bunch of different text messages. Crazy news that was pretty bad, pretty pretty bad. I mean I can understand people people that deranged people are crazy. Understand if you don't like the world, take your own life, don't take other people's life with you. It's just sad. We lost two people from America, I think I may was, I think, would his son enjoying it produced a very sad knows we get to the front page news, a lot of noise out there. It has pairs What she's doing in the studio? Let me move and share their make a noise or I will forward. When we come back and also we got a special guess joining us today, we have schoolboy- he'll be in the building and also the cast of power politics back sundays last. Seventy that opium, Sir Walter is nice out. We'll talk the time we will talk to Angie, we'll talk Angela as one of you, an economist, recklessly
that's. Why you re reminded me morning: everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We breakfast club asking some front page news that we talk about the terror attack in France, When I was first watching this news story yesterday, as had forty people were killed, but by now the toll has gone up to eighty four people killed and meat and France. Now what You're saying is that a man by himself was dry. A truck and he drove his chuck ensue. People when the disaster and finally bury our new employment lies commercial truck. He also had a gun, they said all kinds of explosives. A car as well. He was a resident of needs according to local newspapers, they already named him and they re that he has not they don't know the exact motive, but they are saying that this is a terrorist attack and the worst. November, when one hundred and thirty people were killed across Paris and a series of coordinated seizes, they were too
Africans. They were killed as well. Now is shown Copeland. In his eleven year old Son Brodie, they were from Austin Texas Dummy I know the driver was killed, but that's what you wanna see to drive captured in really tortured. I mean you know something I hate the world and hate their life, but the fact that you get in a truck adjust plough innocent people. Doubt is pisses me to efforts if you know really had in reality out the acceleration. Yes, she was supposed to have a show, but of course she cancer that show, because in ours not gonna, go down right now. Roca now also Barack Obama. He held a terrible meeting yesterday yes, he did. You did I don't have the story. I heard some of it or lose this morning. I noted the police were actually wanted him to turn on the blue light in the White House in and Morocco Bomber witten do what he says he is supposed to police yeah. Said anything bad thing, it's not as verses them and that, basically, the gist of what he was saying with the death of the police officers and also, where please put brutality that has
to the killings of of men as well, where you also said that he supports black allows matters. Terrorist schoolboy. Hate organization is just african Mary: people actually lover themselves are standing up for their own way. A lot of people think that blue. Lives matter is anti pull. Yes and all, but it's not anti pleases anti police brutality. He said no one wants to way. Please shootings more than caps themselves. The sad is them to. He said I don't When a generation of young people to grow up thinking either they have to mistrust the police or, alternatively, the who are doing a good job and are out there taking here the communities constantly at risk, not criminals, but also because of the community that mistrust them. Drowsily is dead deep issue that obviously, is going to take some time to resolve, but it does mean that people have to keep them. Lines, a communications open. Nano Barack Obama has a couple of months left in a White house, but now is the time I think he should stand up, because he is our president in. I felt like a lesson.
Years eight years, he hasn't felt like our present, and I want him to stand of more. He has six months aware. What for farmers love? Does a man of the genetic and I'll do it gotta do do what right do what you would do it in in how you feel you got pulled over, I'm sure you got border was several times how you feel that your daughter could get pulled over a really to stand up for us in the last couple of months, but it was, I see certain things that happen. They were very powerful, one moment on their Jim Taylor he's a twelve year old son of the woman that was shown by the police, as he tried to protect her kids during a sniper attack could happen in Dallas. He told the president that he now wants to become a police officer, so we can sell kids and those that not all office is a bad. He said simply officers make mistakes and that's what I've been saying for a long time. We need more people, looking like us in the police department. You know it's my dad retire, police officer, uncles, other police officer, great Gazprom, individuals, no racism so tries to help. People looked out for people
we need. We need more, that on the force more there in the police Department intended sergeants judges etc. And is that even the color of your skin? It's really a view having an understanding of the community and not being fearful of the people that you're supposed to be protecting. Absolutely all right will ask for it. Age knows that Cellarway MAD eight hundred five, eighty five No five, one of your upsets need event called us right now. Maybe somebody picture of maybe bad Moyne, may be upset what was gone out with France, whatever it may be. If you want to vent format, the wide open vit with us. You can have a great Friday, eight hundred five, eight five one, five one is to breakfast level the breakfast club. You know I make you mad with fulfilled, but can't handle a fact that some of my you may want to break with the boy. Why would my word at night? It was over,
Oh yeah, you know to me, I mean there's been a black person. You know me, but a black love matter. You know they're what? What? What are we protest? We know you know maybe you don't hear while we call tat when they never by origin, can never black personal. You know these people here would be ready, finally, the worse than the blue murder? They do protests in all the time, not just one way people killed black people, you probably is only seat in the press. Will my people killed plan and I think it's just why people I think, as when its police officers, who are hired and paid to protect us Only positively do a protest, all those people- I don't really. I don't know you know to me- I won't be a new like three and then like Laden, Guenaud, Google. They like what how would you know I only covers in its police brutality other than that, the only community? I know the Uno media twelve without you know what it keep they re in the nigger. You know to me: they woke and Amazon. Something out
but we think about black combat crime black on black climb. But you know people who live in communities with each other other one when things go down and these crimes committed its because those are the people you live amongst. Why don't why crime is way more than any other black gamble? crime it depends on enabling them to live in below this critical moment. Griselda member on CALL I was watching the efficacy of the nine and I was listening to the statements made by Lebron Broad James away weight, and really really which in over the great speech at all, but there were really the planned within it. And to really about economics Dignan, the planet every really her. When the broad sell abroad city we have to go back to our communities and make sure that we talk to the community leaders and talk to the police and talk to the young kids and in and teach them in, try to bridge the community together. That's what part of their plan was, though, they're not activist it just sports athletes, that's really just trying to make a deal,
but I know what I do with the whole and if not just the economic hit, that we can implement. People in and give us more power by these other things we need to do, but that is one part of it is economic. It is really. I don't really understand because out of you, mining and Eric and business is all right. You know if you want to get gas, he and you want to go to a black gas asian or african american own gas stage. We will go with infers about they do Websites. Now their people have been putting up. That lists. Are the different black businesses. Are yours me again forty miles away from me, got wrote again decisions. But the point is to really support black this is more and make an effort to do so. Everything there is. Inefficiency is not always gonna be easy to do. Sometimes you do have to go a little bit out of your way and I can't do that. You should to do that. The reason why, obviously the economy is important because finances vanity
will, you ever has money are the people that are in positions of power? Now, if you can take money and people and how their businesses that's when they pay attention and that's when they listen with bringing up a black own business. We are about to over about Jews boy in Brooklyn, aware is of immense damage, only of looks beautiful women. We do a lot for the community so notches having He was but whether it be the programmes will be to health clinics House land. In Europe, Stan I. This has been such a huge project for us and we have all kinds of plants in the workers when the works as far as edge. In the community as far as maybe so. We have things that we can give away for free. Does anything, that's gonna be beneficial, so we are really looking forward to that. I can't we. I wish it's been open, but I'm excited and looking forward to doing things are gonna, be really helpful taller. Why you're mirror eight hundred farming firewater firewall? If you're upset you need a bit, you could call this at any time. Keep a lot is the breakfast locomotive
the breakfast club.
What have you remember on Wendy, William, so she was taught me about Jesse judge you by your speech, happened at the BT awards and she said, Some things about HSBC Use, it have people in an uproar, here's what she said, I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as an historically white college. We have historical, what colleges there was the end
national organization, for white people, only there's the end of lacy pay national. By the way what is missing coloured with using color. Like I get a look at these calls I believe in the out here to dry by myself. They sure were Well, rural and mine from tv when actually broke down for her on his show. William, really I'm tired of these one Stacy dashes, who clearly don't bother to actually read a book when they. Let me help you out the interplay C p. Was founded by a mix of folks were black and white you would do well out of the first as it is of the essence. C P, Wendy was white, but at your age pc you no more. The reasons why you have historically white universities is because we call them. Universities
areas. You go round the country, but also universities windy. Seventy eighty nine, ninety five percent. Why will you let me have your son when your tv? They have no idea what you're talking about shut the hell up I mean, I agree with him. I mean my daughter reserve fourteen years old and I would love she went to have university have aroused the beloved were, after all, this Wendy Williams. It invites Roland Martin on her show to explain what why she was wrong for her statements and, a history lesson- and here is how it went down. I saw the ranch I wanted to reach out. I've never been scared, you know to face being long and we were talking on the phone for so long that I said what just come to the show and to educate. As all I want to apologize to everyone that I might have offended regarding my remarks, you no apology and
I was wrong now. What did he say to show? Did you watch the show as by what's the clip from it? see the hull entire show. I wonder, what are you going to show you? give us some information in. He said when it comes our colleges Didn't those good. As a matter of fact, we can read during slavery, you could be killed if you will to be reading. So that's why it so critically important he said in other institutions. Survive in America, even though we built this country and he just go basically how history lesson, but is definitely worth you seeing now our duty of the universe. I'm sure everybody knows that talk about it all the time and I need to do more. If we have to university absolutely positive, he hadn t talk about it all the time Bay. I don't do it, no one that will go down there they once a year, but I would love to go down there more like why don't envy do more for him to work and so much on everywhere, but I absolutely positively need to do more, for Morocco is viable modest. I, whilst I do my ability to live a little family school, was a heinous flag in the background. The Hampton University flag on issues, like you, think, that's doing something look up
Hampton Exhibit Times a year do and doing shows. I don't have time to actually talk to the students, because I have a giant, but I will be more The wind blew him. What have you ever made time for things that are important and sir you're right? Ok, now Guess who is trying to get a reality so charge we see. That is what people are saying. People magazine actually reported that he's been China, do exactly a show document. His journey living with HIV. On a new reality shows that he shopping around people. Don't know if it's already picked up what's goin on with that, but would you watch that show Charlie, seen living with with HIV. I watch it he's a radiance person, person, generals, awhile boy, Otto Movies, calm down, so you still awhile boy, but I would definitely watch it. I think so
and begin a reality shows Tv J has had to get a restraining order against Joscelyn, whoever, though it would come to this now is now he says they see without. Ruin his character and in us made these allegations that he molested his six year old daughter, and he said I was just Revenge is a terrible thing to say by somebody in Joscelyn and a message is that was saying that he was. Nothing is dyed, her daddy as a Mimi for years, so you haven't said anything until yesterday he filed for I was a temporary restraining order against Joscelyn. He says that she is volatile jealous and that she's filled with an evil sense of revenge after they split up he had she s, stay at least to hunt the way from him, but she still out go and get her rolex and diamond ring from his house as long as the cops come as well, the jostled our playing with jostling onto Lana a couple weeks ago. Jacqueline is diesel. She'd been, I would doubt, would get a really not against the two men towards it is still too closely jostled, she's diesel here she
They could be in an area that is your room report. I'm Angela ye are, I think, commissioner, when we come back, we have the cast of power. They'll be joy. Those power comes back this Sunday at nine p M on stars, were talking to ghost we're talking to Tommy we're talking to torture and which Angela when we come back. If you got quite hang up, not you as long as the breakfast little water, that was Rihanna Work morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. We got some special guests in the building for sure we have the cast of power. We got ghost Angie Tasha and tat. He had never known invested in this Europe of ours who I see when they walk and as our policy Lila Ass, they really lord up goes down
Rita Zoo in age there you guys who, as he knows, I was badly Sunday July seventeen, while how I bought it was decided that was a great guy like big cultivated areas as a sort of calamities. Sundays for drama, particularly cable drama in our people, can have a Saturday night, which asserted the large power this, although you got as some colleagues are seeing the first episode that oh, what a spoiled, oh so I'll, let you leave somebody's, I mean I can't wait. The Wazir do further work and I want to know how to help increase even remotely our whole caning gotta there. Still. I note I would like to have a good question: could unite, showed economic to see the real corner of the match right there right about now he he's his heart. Like a shadow to die. D. You know is one those things were. We got some social media coverage after that, like oh, I thought it was full into this moment interact with, but
people forget, as you say, we walked any you made us. The Kurds is that we are better by forgives. He's also to executive, reduces so much really understand in the first, as we should as it does that it only slain. I really got out there, you might be mighty. May never universe episode isn't important. Why I realized tat? I was just a tv show just nine after legos idea, this is real life. Now Even the game? You try Is it all day and when you tagline goes most, I know you are even the game is: is the game over you in his heart the game out of a cat take care, game, a lower, but in time he grew up, would Kane is hell, bent figuring out how to describe? these drugs throughout all in New York, and so I really know how much I believe, a game. Magnon Good Avenue, because you love your wife, what its decisive, nothing comes, the Gaza do that and I'm sticking asked or do we want a lottery all my wife, that guy is wrong. What he's doin it ya know what about when you go to the bathroom
Damage will bear the prom play that cover the good you or the sergeant in people might not have problem playing the character. I have a problem with leg people crazy coming at me he decided to rely real there's a lot like whenever there is a lot of lies as character. Inevitably, transfers from you the character to you, the actors and the truth is I'd rather like drink milkshakes, unlike fund under the covers at night. Then, did you say you are under your daddy nasty? While we will want to hear that we got fantasies about you not like fucking forced out of their own, like I wanted to be mill, she adjourned again for nasty wire it without issues drink or again, milkshake smells like whenever beings is yeah
RO in the Van as every year, I can't help it is overdue. It's over, I swear to God, walk of dubious. Yet would you be? Must logic oh my god, you're dinner, might have some interesting pictures on social media. That trying to show me they send you penis show me that these do. I got one God as harassing the hell out of me. You knew snatch every day and he said to me: painters, pigs, he's Venusberg, everyday Marianna. Highlights that you look fine, oh geez yea Blossom yet, but I haven't seen you crazy. You know people everywhere. You started ugly now because not all social manipulation just catch me, industry, so you do not have the aim is people know
I live in Europe of Brooklyn people are really. I get a lot of love honestly, but is more women. Here is a moment, but it's like inappropriate from guys because they think I'm actually like having sex with the Mari who has today they want to trial the positions we try, it really weird, but most of it. These women, like just like I'm team, Tosh O. Ready for you and you know they want to control the story there. Very Passionate with a lot of vinegar relate good women. Hey guys, if they do not like a woman in a fair and honest, is more the story in general they really in less than just aside shape. I think people really appreciate the touches arrived at after her husband, her child, she's, the woman that you kind of one have on your side. If you buy the go down, she's gonna really does your mother. I like this in terms of like the wife, the wife isn't like pornography, a wife and then, until you came
all I'm ruined initially masturbated foreseen idea. None of the characters on power clean, perfect example: egg, warlike condemn one with a fervour, unlike defend other another, with a lot of passion like ultimately that tells on its powers of drugs, are called docile, all kind of whole bitches was. You must really their car from the driver, my age and everything else does not have there was supposed to do. You know why I'm as they have been right there, trying to get back. You gotta be bettered in us, but it was a job you have been call would not I loved it does wash our day about. We wouldn't have made a guys. Do you. Let me go jealousy at first episode is: look I gotta see eye to eye. Major to actually understatement Youtube. You try to start your own situation in operation. The situation. The operation. I think that Tommy through this journey a season three will he has to either sink or swim, and I think that we all know that you know he's gonna he's he's can live in as much as we can, but I think that
the veil, gets removed. He'll see how much work has already been done by himself anyway, because ghost is removed himself from the game wisely enough. Not saying: hey, Tommy, look at everything you did Tommy, who, how how amazing you done in the game he's only here Tommy I go on better and yet and been doing anything so once Tommy realize it. I think that the fund for me, as when Tommy actually realise, while I've been doing this by myself for a long time. That's your best friend now your best friend trying to kill you exactly the apple reconcile later on, and you know nothing about it. That's a good question thing about Israel, amazed when you think about our agenda verse the fair gender as smart as they are his bright as women are as much as they say, watch out of it as we go stand in his ghost. I had to stand and to understand what you meant we make up, we figure things out Our battles become wreck, sound a lot easier downward girls are battling eczema to kill you don't mess rats, union Can I join, I agree, absolutely is somewhat different, so
Therefore, when the reality is for them to be best friends and brothers in and in essence, We watch all that we raised on a mafia films and you see lit its afraid, o out Michael Corleone, scared to takes radio out a given out. Any end he's done. Does his brother, so is not that non truthful in again of drug dealing and selling paranoia, becomes a big data. People forget Tommy's friggin doing the product he doing the really important Nino Brown and G money. I'm supposed to kill him data Amelia run. As you know, I am not asking for ways to M. Am I gonna? Do you not? I mean like here how much is the struggle? How much of the struggles is real and tell me how much is figuring out? How much are we always seen people estimating Tommy, savvy and Tommy's intelligence- I mean time and again it happens is true. I will keep it that we are more with the cast of power. It comes back on this Sunday at nine p M, so keep a lacklustre breathlessly.
On the breakfast Drake Control Morning. Everybody's is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club. We have the cares of power, or in the building. Now power comes back this Sunday at nine p M now, Omar Regos during a premiere, fifty cents focused said that Somebody right is in the people in charge. Really they want you to be the main characters. So how does that make? You feel I can now be assessed. Would you go back with a blue bird in a finger, ass. The more from what I heard other writers arise, and I think it is the executive dingy executives above other nothing work. That was not in the position. It is now cause of all Marie hardware. They were in a different position than they are now they ends, and power was not the number one issue, on the number two premium cable network there was there number for bringing gay. That work and power didn't exist yet so yeah.
Polly had some question: could they had a lot riding on this more than they would never let us in on, and then this is what happened. Oh dont want Michael Jai right when you're my vagina awhile ago, Yogi Motors neighborhood you marry day by day day now been recognized. You know now would have been able to get away. I was and actors listening, measured all hit. As you have this, he would execs thought he's a good Acta, but It is point we ve just seen him perhaps still scenes. He hasn't it had it been allayed, yet people have always wondered about em. It's a friggin ten year career. At that point, why has any that it at a matter, but in a man of the race relations conversation. We haven't every single day, we gotta remember, there's not a lot of Omar, is in a position to play a character like ghosts. Prior Sean arrives, hats off it, certain things what I say I should in Colombia short we ve seen blue me. Oh my ups displayed on on house. At one point I played shows: why was number to negotiate nobody's nest?
only played a complicated, crazy, brilliant red, feel character is bountiful. Is ghost and autos colors made, though I have now had stars go well. If you pull it off, she said you had a great ass yet, and I wonder how that works. Could you do a lot is sexy yourself in a Mario Marijuana is saying, is actually a vague, Cathy only man's as that I've ever heard, discussed by other heterosexual men, you you're late, Do I know if we shall call those men out like? Shall we we call them out, even if only to do that. Before a penis this is actually create better. Now, of course, we all have em. She's. Gotta worry body, look John he's killing
I mean Amari. I don't know I'm doing what I can, but at the end of a grand, a great variety of anger and Urgent Rodya Charlemagne chocolate, I gotta die choices. We know whether New Davis Sex is used in a really cool way. Like power is so well written that even the Saxons have a story. Even a sexy in Heaven. Going to camp, are currently have a yes being too, and she create these moments where ghosts in dealing with prostration of day or killing someone or taking here. Frustration out on Angela or or him in and holly or even me the sex is intentional. It's smart! It's done in a way, that's not gratuitous I'm really proud of you know I want- is the only in order to is funny. May I, You said you had a great at home later when I want to know, because you talks about how many couples watching together right here, is. Does it? Is it nice for played a watch us down a lowly after
I'd, never my will depend man would have dared. You are an ogre had been thought about. Is it once you want to know why you must your wife, the escalate from being upset? It's your cheating on your wise you by laying down they wanna you bill, I got you like Mari did turn around on again you marry she's anguish. You said you had a great, I know, there's no one here have said above like that, Torreon Alan and great sisters to her story. All figured out area. They are figuring out, object, different states Security is part of it.
Necessary mail has a beautiful waving he's having lots of sex. This is and so look at you and I we happen to be. Has a man and you do a radio? You don't have your wives in some way going. I dare say it out to maintain having my way all railway nice ass grubbing up there. Now you did a breakfast glow it. You know what happens to me whether it be stay out. Late, you're. You know your wife, you gotta go to that. You guys, Israel does. So you got Abram around. We can feel company. Maybe they wanna meet them. Let me meet them immediately: the door. What I've men have weighed and met have web wafer knows I everybody? No, we all. So we have no family right now, fans and so had so that that is it I have noted a clause.
When that somebody has to appear nude at some point during the run had the option that may not have gamma less like US route, you know are contrary to the union or Yahoo leaks and all kinds of the point where they try to steal this greater out. That's like the crazy thing. I've ever heard of your pictures, Nebuchadnezzar better down like a really bad business plan from out of the way we have to start. We we do have to be open. Option? As you know, it's a nudity option here knows and, as I say, with a heavy, they have they. They have the option of requesting you being our lady Anne. You can't just say no, I know how do you know you might see with armies character, graduated trades, I don't know we the four of us feel like the sex trophy has to be passed ass time. I've had, I was season one. We will
the one that we ve been CMS Joe Joe in our cities. They then yeah threesome I'll, do it out of the impasse and know what everything? Oh Lord, an african american commuting yet put into show at all ass. You see that every once in a while at a shoal takes up together- life and put it into. We see that it only Lilium Evoldo. Tat, my glass matter here. Absolutely, I think Courtney is going to probably add more sure. That's one thing was that no coming up in season for if there will be a season for a will, be discussed, so I think we're all gonna. We talk about it amongst each other. I'm really. I'm really upset. I went on to police and how they are marching is frustrating and we all talk about. How is black lives matters just about more so make sure the nation understands why our lives matter? Why were being ignored and not put in a position of feeling valuable in America? We
you know Joe made a really good point. Yesterday, that's a good point, that's and I don't think about it, What kind of suddenly doing our job in this show by even having the diversity of caste that we have. At least we are of a diverse conversation So I don't really know if we can go six or seven seasons if we're lucky and not address this in some capacity I well, we got more the cast a power? Keep it lacked? Is the breakfast was we morning everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club. We have the cares of power, in the building our power comes back this Sunday earn stars at nine. P M, shouted a boy fifth NASA me. Would you, say to people who say that art influences kids the act negative for like a show like as a Greek with ya, think that I think it can go both ways.
That people actually having conversations. I think that a show like power would ultimately lead to a positive conversations in discussing on actions that have consequences, and this obviously Isn T a very fruitful way of getting out of the hood, but you know somebody like fifty like you know who was put into a negative situations that where he had to make choices that allow him to change him his life into in our incredibly successful, this man is by a better way to go. So it's like now produce yeah. Now producer of of success was television show on his first of many I'm sir, and then to go back and say will see this example that made this. If you actually go back, I think it will be, but I think that people take it up. At face value, face value, nothing Piccadilly too people just saying all this, I wanna emulate this character that I see I see on here, especially be even to your point of walking. Unlike you guys are those character MIKE though you have yet to be beyond the reality of it. So I think it can be backlash, but I think that there is now
indifferent than any other show? That's ever been on that, then that's. Why I love what power does, and I think that by the community, and all people have connected to our show. I think that's why we're the number one show and stars. I think that's why we ve been able to build up the network restoratives as yet in stars. History. Thank you, but is unbelievable. When you see the unexpected, you don't expect. Tommy to look like Joe initially maybe on paper the words and away his swag Amazon. So they like them. You know alma I wanted one a date him at the end of the day. It's Changing the narrative and flipping the scrap anatomy tat is rather relate avoidance. Roused wanna, say you guys move like a start of record label, meaning you guys are on the road you talking to me. In school altogether. I gave illegal labour. I haven't seen me behind you. Gotta be essence senior uses align already in Liberia and see you as a debate. They are from where from metal from New Jersey from it, but I'll get the same
and I was among those who favour rheumatoid em with three other leg. Who was right now? I'm move a moment with them all day every day. I would never never go back definite back, never going back couples of actual gather, real life, the like outside of the promo in I think people are shocked at how yeah what good friends we are unable to go. We have we grew than whether even his repress or even just seen out the start of a season getting together are going to jam. I ran into Joe action because, where we live near each other at it at the gym, whatever it is, or they did so. These are. I think there is something special about this powerful. I would genuinely like annually dont let each or get this in any other show bigamy people try to compare power to different things, but We are unique and we are not only our our unique in our connection I know notorious eight years and always now we re back now you one of my first movie notorious came up to me.
We invite our rabbit. I remember when Lila Unitarian Joe came in, I kept thinking powers really being able to influence who get tired, and who you want to work with, and We thought it was a really cool thing that I get Oda sort of thing. You know what may be the greatest people are not necessarily the top positions. Next, when Adam Sandler, The reality of life is if he gets to work with the same people. Are we kept sea and in the Comedies in the nineties, two thousand is Veronica. He's like I like working what right as vague legal financial. For me, I got lucky because I really like Joe in chemistry not really likely Linda Chemistry, and I had already known and laboratory so much tat was what at ports cool. I don't need to really say: that's it exempts let that be my hard, and I hope to me that I liked him. But don't was really dug. Was they were good? You could almost be icing on the cake. It should go the other way when you really like working with somebody. Not it can't be absolute
have to be adequate at what you wanted them to bring to the table, but I just think, as a great perspective that we have necessarily figured out loud sounds. We want to support things that are not. Sincerely good or good for you, but if you get people at our next to you that a good for you I don't let them up is counter intuitive to not freaking work were to Europe every week we worry word of mouth thing, verse the shows that women compared to that of the very warm also we had to promote a better, more constructive. As always. After breakfast loves you so shook it by storm. We can't nine zero promote if the show is back so quick, we need. We need time to comment again. Is a really good point, Sir I wasn't it on toward him. Didn't you But how will power my what the hell's power, so by the time I thought, Why do we always like six that vertices really long, I'm glad you caught? I believe
That's the point today with a view to remain professional. Am I can you guess, vaccines wooden Vittoria aliens you know, I feel a bit odd females user there, like a big brother children, is sexy. Man is understanding like the hardest part about the sex in his dealings wariness it with seeing it afterwards and thinking it's real verse of others- do, does a sack on that site Well, not all will be aware that they, precisely as worldly leg up to that it would castrated like a boy, would follow an If not we like, not, if I may make it sexy like. If you came in and watch you'd be like down, they do a religion and then sometimes using other. While you feel I were removing and we're positions, there was a small crews, there's still a dirty people,
even if, as a clause that you still have people watching you like yeah Kitticut, those yellow water from it, I gotta, you think he's he's gone, a bad while we're moving yeah this. What I've got doesn't have to be in opposition and I would have a camera. They don't even where it will get away, excited and grateful. I just wanna say shadow to all the fans who ve been with us. Like you say, like a startup leg in New York, they had your New York City of New York City to people who have been riding with, as we were a little baby. Eight episode show that nobody knew I was power, kurdish service, they weren't means allow. He said this show is going to blow. Why did he thought a live issue? Gonna blow to act like a lot of it is five, is probably listen.
Laughing but was Olivia. Do internet commonages may warn against. I bow our control that companies are in five already right. We did get. Public announcement. Nazism for his back was not made at issue yet, but so are hopeful that the numbers are hugh, so everybody loud nine p I would have only as and when they bring about forty, actually make an announcement of four five or or that we get for him. Five, though, as what I'm puttin up So I say about his Sunday: nine p m on starves, yonder media precede you guys enjoyed, and I urge the cast the power is the breakfast the rebels peace the breakfast club
The report is the reul report. The breakfast club, where Wendy Williams had some things to say about regional me. Quite messing biggest Larry, some gave money with little came during a hip. Hop honours awards end. She actually made a mess it up as well check it out U Kwon! You want a sip mo on my living room floor play Nintendo, please Oh Papa, not hold my man in the moon, my c mon or a week, tattoo or bleak say be. I did I do too much. We have to pay for that now.
Oh well, actually incorrect! Now, let's talk about this because we are talking about is behind the scenes me? U S, army or she's lame do in his own way. She read issued in really not nice illegally, like I was telling your fees and Nino Bright, new spin movie, you smoke all my we towards say any I'm doing your Lapierre Tijuana. We had a low argument about you behind the scenes. Yesterday so, and I told you earlier with seasoned Nino, because lettuces action, between it out you wanted. MA am I a room floor plain in tandem with these any now hashtag, big, lyrics, hashtag fees, One hundred and twenty four me and everybody else so for all the Seas and Nino get spread Murray regret. What does this? I'm just telling you what he wrote rumor has it highly Jenner, is pregnant, not enough. That's true, but according to enter she's pregnant, I don't know and
They say that she is very excited about it: she's payment by Tiger of require highly yes, seventeen year old, yes, really and that's just a rumour. Ok, that's according to intact. So that is crazy. If there are fairly is something else. Guess baby Mamma is with curly. Brother and she's pregnant, and now this is crazy. Holly get out of this issue Bob's so then? I, like, I said to you it's just reported from inside Rep Ray. I had a background. And now isn't. It was a lot of flight issues. Yesterday, when I was when I was come in, and there was a lot of light issues just simply because they was bare way in Arizona. They said that they had to rewrite the plane. We were sitting the time for awhile. Is your my gun note this makes nonaligned got under way.
It is a shame that my work, I can't allow that sounds like such personal show here greatest walked in is that attack and less aware. We have lighters you running late until just our analysis. The cut talk about came car dashi and she is not a fan and tell us with at all and that she also feels like that sweet and innocent little victim act. They tell us who have done is getting can't cabin Harris has said the same thing check out what came cut. As you had to say about Taylor, Swift she legitimately wild says, cuz, I get on that Grammy Red Carpet. I'm going to tell all the press like I was in on it, and then she just didn't like the reaction. You know just another way to play. The victim definitely got her a lot of tension. The first time, I'm just like speaking the truth like he called her, spoke to her She even helped him like rewrite wild. I agree with dead, though, because after
while of telecoms out. Another was he's talking about a bunch of guys broken up with our breakin are light after I gotta say maybe you, ok that these guys, maybe you universities, are so young entirely. Nine varied is settled down. Two percent in the guise of Canada and not ready- and I will be out in difficult times- does a celebrity relationships or start back and let you ought to be and is committed to leisure and just go to your whole. Face like every human being honest planet doesn't keep moving and Nick Cannons Beginners somebody who, whether a whole phase cause? I guess that's Will it now he's trying to settle down? Julie. Now he is dating Chile fancy I see, but they say that is not serious. Yet just been spending time together hanging out trying to see where it could go, but they have been committed to each other. They said Chile's of a mature women. That's been around the music industry for some time in gets it Nick. As always,
a question her growing up anything she is beautiful, make an autograph. He had a crush on travelling to close by him. They can have the best Coochie catalogue. Probably did he yeah good? I'm a big, tell em big boy about the wooden cultures. It was an airing Kennedy. I married Leon silly to Ebay rise Harry you made and you put Chile on their lives. You got a great Coochie catalogue, Nick, savings. When you ve got to go a long way, but it is rather a lot. He has not even close hey you gotta, do it, you gotta, do I re were I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report for all right how come it I'm? Next we usually do donkey of the day and with it actually schoolboy very worthy of its anti schoolboy. Guy and right in my work Never did I get a daily than we do now that he was gonna. Do me? I know our level. The scoreboard
to behave from Ella you guys in LA we just kick it with some schoolboy q, the next hour to keep it locked at the breakfast club. Good morning, needed me. We are mourning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain guy. We oughta breakfast club that usually we do doggie of the day right here, but our school boy he was in a building annually. Charlamagne, show me West, the West LA in what a donkey back in this it to the schoolboy Q interview who by gills and he came, have lamp or go We need a broader agenda. Kids remain here now watch quantitative you did in early on a real would Letty. You said not you wasn't enjoying the moment. You join a moment now I don't know a man is rough. May you lose your money, are wise, rolling, that I need you just below item over it. Red mud at an obvious, even the prisoner. I live for many years me Jesus Christ, ages ago
I just got the knows that you gonna use the day milder. There was a fellow there have been eagerly. Once a dialogue is beyond me before I ve no use Maloney low you the reason, I'm even rapid about this. I tell you to do to put me on the light three years already ways like my original bigger emulate Oda. Usually What's so survivors remorse, maybe survivors guilt, Did you made it any enough now, and I really doubt, as is more soda, just money go like a gun, and all I can do is hope for an appeal. Many still that enjoyed a moment, you gotta daughter, I NASDAQ having some kind of low value as you just broke her arm. Yes, you may only Margo you. If I were you, I got bored. Mongolia would remain on China to my mind off now, in a key year like I was one of the reasons why people still do ever music away from music. After because it is like a man,
he's doing this. I was the only around in a misnomer family like important. Supposed to like my burger are as yet. Like somebody o signal to those with us, but I would impose media the issue is being set up. Do you raised, I was even face anxiously. Most of the time you know remains, yawned do again The Dover Statues Morgan will also manage to get about us about man is doubly before her face time, something I did happen and you can at least now that's a lot of a connection. I think, beyond the face time and see my technology has really helped a lot with relationships in general for short term. Well, let's talk about the new album blowing furs. Word fairies, link, seventeen songs, you must add a lotta songs, then to be able to pick seventeen. I mean yeah, we were going to do a deluxe, know that, but I'm just like. Why do it to that? That's, like the lake.
Odin learned about the size of our care about the rest of the navigator by mediaeval any by me. He's got bottom. They possess you, don't get it do as they like tv put me in his physician, I would be were met without tv lagging. I know you could you did the sound studio. I was a here his arm off the last album, and then I could tell on this song- you have another here. Would you talked about this and let me go ingesting tough bra now you do to him now minimize refers because Lucy suited. The word is out it I had to say stuff. So brief, It came out wrong, but I don't like this. Until we get on adjusting gotta unwell anyway- and I am the one that eggs with now, then we as you can see how can still got back rulebook askin because, in the background to just a little light now I'm cool on that like done about the forest needed were used changing our hour with the girls If you went down a long way, I'm honored onawandah amount
with Dave. I'm library hassebu legs steadily, like those nigh on my browser, is definitely a bootleg studio, our biggest Let's do it that way, it would kindergarten who now I'm the one I was like gave me media will leave you I think I am a meagre, is what it is these Gas websites they put Are there any put jestingly schoolbooks? who plays the song with Miguel. I never mention Miguel also I'll, have to see a brief, so I can understand why they would put it like that. You can't, they look and for the great headline and look alike exactly put. He doesn't like saw with media that didn't get heads you like bad thought. You said you like we oughta that each other would arouse wrong in this situation. I would be like our Latin Europe's answer by says. Oh my god to me. I know you could say to me, like
so the highlighting of them no longer only saying this, but obviously countries like to apologize to Gaza came all wrong as a major nor you wrong. We you do some. You know me Ozma, agile, go we're married. We designed to run into each other talk com. Let's go ask somebody car. You was that as La Yo, let me get you know what we should do. Some like fire, a year later, then schoolboy none are not like our yea brokers. Legend, like you know, journey over and over and over and over and over I was in leg for a year on a high school, you not to say right, you know your play them in exile. Anybody ass, you have dinner with orders, life no disrespect, but if you just download like you're not even made the regiment. Is you eggs and former number and you talk about? Let's go to the wireless duties I used to like uncle like life
This is like a less. I know who you are, and I don't like that Just ask me for my number, like no other, we need to get one. I know you don't need to get something to underwrite it. I mean still you're so much because people confuse Gazed around, we know serves this now, but we got the more substance and any arms because for a simple fact, talk about. Our life periods we talk about was on a nose up here. Wrap in double time and they does bars like now. You dig up ahead on way mode. Should I get more green MOSS Villa worth of double time using his mother S Tabitha legally, and is of course I had some man is a fella fell like misleading May. Even though I had the big record he's got to come back on and I just felt like I just had to come back artist. A focus man had some experiences with aliens because I see you're on acid, nonsense? Show that he's doing action idea, but every problem of an earlier
as I say, we all believe that I believe are alien I'll, give you a little beggar. Those species in the world are not believing of Amy. As its basic flying over L agency was gradually line. I gotta play that of while about the country than all around the world I go. Its mark. Zuckerberg was Craig that we know what I see as we gotta get out of that union. Bulgaria. That would go there. Something raspberries, Regos garden dream dog goes to thy Babby Brown. Now I know it's a lot about how many somebody track it got it. Who thought or we reached regos them. You do know, has really think. I'm always schoolboy kill people access to breakfast club the breakfast club
was go he'll currently West morning, everybody's dingy, envy age, Lee Charlemagne Guy, we are the breakfast club schoolboy. Q is in the building that, as a freak you are low, when you go to your cousin and people are looking like you with the had aroused we're broke, people were in a circle. The German as Lazarus GUM Saunders, The only bears now like that. You got a good solution for that began credit and I'm not taking. You therefore understand when I met my shows us that in his it's a little weird abstained ass. She gazed now like their already Buggy has from everybody were in a book online, but I had to put that away of later, when the last word and were goers is like everybody knows me of the written, honest work, you, let's people need bother me no more, but what was decided behind it ass. She gazed on black don't do that? As you may know, it's better uses. Bp invalidated
Five hours of Amazon matches legal every dollar possible on Amazon I go to do every we got sick Amazon. Nobody knows They're gonna bottom all eyes. No news now reloaded seeing a throwback duchies I've got a cup. By letter like leg is closing words that others especially gotta covers. I got a couple exclusive rights. We will go to one's own. Seventy article d all those funds there is girl. Michael Jordan, crying mean people do that was your album color. You put that out there like there for people That is a joke. You really want to do that, but you know like Michael Jordan, with only the holding. As I have Gaza behind it. The arms of globalization and our was put on a butcher series of pictures were put the first one out
nobody jumped on an issue. As the cover never said it was the girl. So let us do not the those like us, they teams now put Now they want to be the first. What do they want? The gossiping wanted in autumn So am I these website stupid did do not think Donald Trump went our nose like deluxe coverages them now because y'all miss my whole thing up that I was trying to do. I have the old bunch of pictures bro. It was the first picture we put up the first many states on boat now that these people are excited. In a way we present there now and immediately everybody jumps enabling all this down covered AMS come it is exciting for people now. Imagine you put that nobody said nothing tie their got everything I got that I wanted to do it it. It would have been tight, but I mean it is what it is. Man, mum new, I'm not media, still steel, like I get out of my mouth
floods on earth of tyres, learn what you call we like manner by becoming I, when I come here again Murray like what does the blade face? Actually, symbol, Amazon, you got, allow you say all asthmatic, no people God. Then they make it up. The whole song farce of the song got black thought. Okay, the whole song is about cribs in blurred address, our lives matter as they both sides vote So what does that give? What does that brings you? What about large private groups exactly it means I'm still talk about black lives, a flip the whole ignore, say all lives matter into making it still black lots of their people, not dissect. Lyrics, people also easier listening this outrageous here, letting wrappers our whack. Which is here, and it is that all you said all eyes met an evil is citizen and black thoughts. So you say that
two scapegoat Europe may, like people always make any white, and black thing is not about that. Like you discussed it with the music industry, can you keep saying is rapidly so tat body are night, like not everybody. Web browser just see what everybody's doing every by China make odor using large Ansel like this do genocide there. Do you re doing the same thing like out of tune? I ever. Buddy Deston away. No like an arrow. We, a guy like you, gotta, kindred involvement in Chad. Like I like a lot of what is known, as are the people as though, but it's so much work, you know, Kurds who know nothing the listener lazy, like everywhere you go everybody actually. So what do you album mean before it even drop everybody menagerie. What does blank faces? Unama, you figure it out first and only been a week. Listen to it. We got
when schoolboy Q, when we come back, keep it lacks is the breakfast club component that was Drake one dance morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast Club schoolboy Q is in the building of Charlemagne take a crack at this blank face thing. I think it means that, like you, don't want to be profile, you don't want to be judged going to be stereotypes. Like don't put me in no boxes. You don't know what I am as big as big procedures without midlife. Eighty four, La Miss outright, now make sure you pick it up and we appreciate you join at school. You mean to say, is that you first came home in every time you the same guy you're we show is love. We appreciate. Thank you know me, like the other members who make matters remain good music. You do dams when you not in above
People living in absolute zero voters say to people we gotta get out like after we were good music now scows artist feel weird like Yahoo, as request is not interested in the answer. Like the question, how do we care for those who say right so regime Java, you, if you don't put allows me, have you know, put no thought NEO musically a crab. Why should we put thought questions we enemy? Mine's imposes data is usually you as it requires a lot. You addresses the look me in the answers. Like David Taboo. As a major photography me, I don't need to be only just how you like yours
as you know, will blame you to blame lives. He loves goosequill pain. She cares the interview. Nobody tells you genuinely love music virtue does a geared radical during which you, which I didn't want to listen to the music J Jolly and yet they waited a little. Excessive use only were essentially, jobs in mind, I like the boy. I understand that because you come up here, take time out to promote, I liked to go out and show my support as well for people if I care about, your music? I care about. You lied to me sure I go Adam to go into that. So little woman instead of people coming worthy. Lately me, have been able to get to have a chance to get to that is gonna, be therefore you. Whenever you get to understand, I, a lot of fun they told me I could list around
because everything is going on this weekend was good lot of things took off your distraction from and they don't want to disrespect twitch. I appreciate you sending it want to disrespect my crap and just going to listen to it with a Mr Michael, I appreciate every by your centimeter. How do you feel about names or not? It is step was guano. Unobserved, like It is, as a may says, I'm a black people that just dying left and right Albania. We got a bunch of people dying of fail me, like I'm, sick, asean, six p What is it is over and over sixty six people, we call another blackmailing you kill row like one person doing this. I think everybody else need to stand up We have seen sobbed enough the same cycle over and over again I'm gonna kill. You know kill, you know. So sire. We start standing next to that cop gotta make sure he does. Is everything right I mean I gotta go to jail for our Europe. That's all. It's gonna be a mogadishu
around with it, because I'm not look, I know cry or tv no bears. All three of us got the perfect Go to show that the cap, we don't the seat. I know more, you don't owe me like router. Whatever experience has been like what the LAPD burn other LAPD, added almost as though you can understand what that is deeply workers about no better go to bed. As I see it as some LAPD. As you are part of it, you part of you learn a lot of. You knows there was no less while I guess like me, being a gang them Then I don't do songs like black. That's why I said: let's put the rag down and raise our kids. All I'm saying is crypt. It's just proof that, but I'm in New York right now at the breakfast club imported at boot, lagging what I'm saying I have to make those refugees I do. I have to make direct, was like never change, It is a way of telling people your story, you background so gotta. Let him know that this is now go here to listen to us whether this thing called in the constitution called you.
Did the faint again unlawful arrest, Google, it and everybody about that. I'm even though, in all respects constitutional rights anyway, but you're right of defence. Against unlawful Aurette able to read it, a Marie that Mark right witnessed a breathless gloves. Schoolboy Q the report is the Reul report, whose well rumour has it that hokey mango is gonna, be doing a partnership with Mcdonald's now according to a well play so as they have confirmed with, gives MOTO that that sponsorship is moving forwards. I guess where they're saying is every may damage restaurant in this country will be a poky step or a gym. Bad is doorway. We can make all the clubs that idea poky. My bank account eight year olds come into making a year over. You know, I'm right here. That's actually agree. Way to get business, and if you play some bogeyman and fry
your we'll get order. Fries little put a pokey moors bought at our juice border. Reopening the doubt, your absolutely you get a green jewels in a programme on our right now. Let's talk about s p ends. First, take they have named a replacement for Escape Bayliss, and that is MAX Kellerman. He was their history. On the show, with Stephen a Smith starting July, twenty fifth salaries. Believing as peons who sports nation and I yes, peons, radio, MAX and Marcella show. I dont really wants to show like there, because I go for kids and immutable. My kids, but everybody says there's a good replacement night, so he's throughout the joined the excellent team at first take years back on the air and in the hallways of ESPN Radio, New York, Stephen AY, and I would engage in detailed and thoughtful discussions on sports and every other topic that you can imagine and Stephen, a Smith welcomed him as well. He said I'm ecstatic to have max boy, we ve known one another four years we work, that is being a. They can we both love our back saying, be anybody to challenges even hastily forty, we liked it always takes a good show our luggage.
Think that's a good show and let's talk about the end. The prime time Emmy awards would tell you who was nominated now beyond a gun nominated for four primetime mps for lemonade, put it for the video, the movie s from a visual album. What we are calling it ok, visual anamooka right it was nominated for asking production design for a variety nonfiction event or award special. Also now, neighbor, outstanding directing for variety, special category and standing, variety special category and for outstanding picture, editing for variety programming hopes you window, for I also at least some of a re right. I mean they're allowed a great NAM nominees cause. I know you watch the people verses, Oji Samsonite, I Brcko show so that was nominated. Best limited series alongside roots, deny manage. If I go and american crime Tokyo US american Groves,
Are you excited it? Just Elba was nominated for best actor in a limited series or a television movies that was Courtney B Vance for the people, DOT vs Oj Simpson, both of them it just Alba for thank you for getting junior the people versus Oj Simpson. We, I think you were good and you didn't amazing job. We're gonna show too That is coming back. Our know how is coming back was, I guess, is in jail and stop very difficult. Back to jail, but I mean it was a good show Angela Ye- and that is your room reports- Let me see now when we come back, we got the people's choice, makes its of Friday's. You know we throw it back. Let me know what you mean, Eight hundred five, eight five one o five one and shouts everybody in Boston. A lot of fun tonight. Boston or netbook rules are giving details later, but that we will show it mixes up next to breakfast locomotion
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