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Wednesday 1/11- After a sad farewell to President Obama last night we opened up the phone lines to see how Obama inspired our listeners. Also, we had a surprise call from Fetty Wap's ex Alexis Sky after a sex tape of them leaked but according to many it could have been better, so we opened the phone lines to give Alexis Sky some motivation and advice on her oral skills better. Furthermore, Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to Kodak Black for believing fighting Lil Wayne will make him the best rapper.

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MRS you'll wake up hall, child region, the Angela Charlemagne Guy on the planet is why respect issue, because this is a voices aside zones in a day the coveted morning. So I didn t want to hear that the world's most dangerous, modest YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, sombre mornings easily, but amounting to ladies and gentlemen, please replanted, guess why? Don't you just one day
hahaha good morning, my fellow Americans, a wise one, It was great until Obama, thirty leaving today. Lastly, how it was great Those are wonderful instrument. The revision we did is due. Diligence he's got what we are going to Miss President Barack Obama when he leaves office in everybody's nervous about future, one that everybody some people are exciting for it. On my nerves What is that believe in God? But yesterday was a bit we data, because you know Dylan Roof got thin. It took to the death penalty drop articles bar for that they re about that information in front page news. You promised to people of fish. But what do we do? In fact I would go DJ. So what are we doing? It's gonna, be in February. I decided black is to remove a drop in the devil. May we can do something now yeah doubly we're gonna do it would be good. Well rounded, which has been on our shoulders yet alive and solid and Charlotte. I got a day. I don't have any legit but detailed comments. We devilish, though in fisheries
And there we didn't understand everybody. I can like that. Wasn't a good thing that he got finnish yesterday. People was acting like old, he's, gonna write a book in the future and he's gonna get a movie, so magazine is still there. To the highest extent of like other. Bringing the nine people back would more than you want any many more able to make any money off her back the exactly on the loi like it. If you gotta, hundred years they ve been like I'll see what I want him to death for the importance of full of extended alone, you're. Still I happy about the only thing that could make this situation. That is if they see and you can bring the live back of the nine which he you can't so justice. Has I will be an entire dig in front page news, and also did you grassy on Media meat meal followed him, but yeah does that hilariously ransom, icy, posted it out and never boasted that I would have been united. I would be that you have is tight pretty funny if it wasn't like that happened to me as anything else, I am like. The blackest situation of the gods are tripped over
Jordan, in a timberland in my closet. Right on my back. Like fell sprayed lacking, but nobody will there so What are you? Families are running using thirty two got about out of Adobe moment. We shoot em was high, allow this embarrassment, but nobody was their shared by yourself the point you bring up the you're only really embarrassed because you care about the perception of other people right. You know any posted ass. I guess he that it was pretty fun I'm glad he pulls out laughed it laughed aloud, allow our, as are the people who live in that house. Only like look. We got this video meet man. Yes, though me a cobbler actual quickly went. I will cover all gray Maggie me a couple rack. Something of the ball alert right now. Larry is our right, we'll ask it to show cracker front page news: are we talking about what's up about down a champion, his golden showers ourselves? We all talk about President Barack Obama and he
farewell speech to the nation. Ok, we'll get into all our red storylines with love morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club was getting so front page news. It's not often sports grows. He has been fell now. If you download their grows. Whitman and one day he was at the team should around and all of a sudden at the game. He was nowhere to be found. They couldn't find em, they're, not say what happening you Sally at a fairly emergency in Chicago was actually spoke out in self about. It said that even when it take away from this, whom I believe we have the audio, visual media services That was a family issue, the one that has nothing to do with the team or basketball, but the first time I ever felt like the emotional and I apologized to him earlier. So I don't know that never happen again. By the way family. Fourth avenue you gotta, think.
Girls has never really been away from Chicago Iraqi play like one year and measures would have whole I've used rage. Goggly play ball into guy, would probably on him to be awake in army, so used to be and so hands already family, so family forever Bab slowly I never took about. Oh bomb is final speech. He s album gave his farewell speech last night. A lot of people have been on. Social media is talking about how much Theo miss our President's. Here is some aware President Barack Obama had to say about his time in the White House. I've told you eight years ago that America would reversible session reboot our auto industry and unleash the longest stretch of job creation and our I told you we would open up a new chapter with the cuban people shut, IRAN's Nuclear Weapons Programme of Alpine Mastermind nine love. We marriage equality.
The right to health insurance for another twenty million of our fellow citizens. If I told you all that you might have said a little too high, but that's what we did. You were the change and because of you by almost every measure, America's a better stronger, place than it was when we start a great thing. Grog Obama data provide hope, and if you don't, they hope unemployment ask yourself why you don't have any right now absolute, and even if you don't like Brocklebridge politics, you have them. It is one of the most decent man walk in the face of the earth from guinea is in the White House, not one scan. No scared, not zero, zilch, not not even know they return. If I
and then there was any little thing, not one side, all nothing, nothing! I've got no more days until I can stop playing GC. Our president, black of Africa, can play in one now more days ago in it with that. Bravo by May nevertheless Doug you Phoebe anyway, that nothing poles to be well Travelin Cooper. Morocco Bomb- and I made an incredible- he writes about Donald Trump and golden showers. What will you tell me about you don't mind? I didn't want to wait, has yet gardens. Ours was trending yesterday and that's because both being put out of thirty five page classified documents that says that Donald Trump is a little bit kinky. Ok, their bent a memos, and it was put together by someone who said they were a former british intelligence official, and there were some allegations about down. Somebody. I've been working with the russian government for years and that russian officials played a crucial role in him, winning the seat in a White house
and as a lot of things they have on him, is because they want to be able to blackmail him if they wish now one of those things that they have included a an act where Donald Trump would hire prostitutes to perform golden showers in front explain to me what almost hours are you where you urinal Then they got an improved to do buys in Dubai right. I re miles. They said this hotel was in Russia, Russia coming, they said he was in Moscow and he was staying at the presidential suite at their its contents risk Carlton and apparently he knew that President Barack obama- and
as Michelle Obama had stay there, he hated them and that's why he hired these processes to perform these golden showers. The hotel, tawdry blue men on Moroccan Michel Donald Trump supposedly had microphones and conceal cameras and room, so they were able to record anything tat they wanted and that one of the things that they had now. Of course, Twitter went crazy with his news last night they were calling. They were calling down a chump, P, Otis P Otis instead How does he like to Europe or you like to get your name? The women to urinate, while on the bed kinky accused, is truly were, of course, than a temper saying. This is not to know. He went on Twitter and he said fake news. A total political which had five dollars robots. We got our Kelly performing to my Marguerite. Let's get it. Let's get going right now and lastly, quickly tell us about the liberal quickly. Mozilla move has been sentenced to death.
That's for killing nine people, he was convicted of federal hate crimes last month and in sentencing he represented himself he's still unapologetic. He said I felt like I had to do it and I still feel like I had to do it. He said he's also fit psychologically did not offer any apologies. Some of their families, that because it results in more depth? Melvin, Graham Grandma's brother of victim Cynthia heard said it's a very Hallo victories at my sister's still gone, and he said is a hard thing to know that someone's going to their life? But when you look at the time and what happened it's hard to say this pressing deserve to live, that old, give a damn what happened? The Dylan Revalue Donald Trump peas on em. All Kelly, please automatically away dies how he dies. I'm haven't you got pointed to the fullest extent. A lot only mega make the situation better is the impossible which all nine victims to come back to life, but other than that. Now let him die, drowsy droughts and we are doing a fish fry Charlemagne will give you all the details: fish free music, we celebrate, and this can be normal. Like his dream of
this argument we gotta get the location in everything, anesthetist Loca, nest for pay, you know that's why you mad eight hundred five, eight five one five, one of your upsets need event. Call us right now: lives. A wide openness to breakfast club component, the breakfast club, are you out of the applicable on your day one day while yoga go give announcement, I brought up allow third, by, like girls gone off with me, I'd like to applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you may, on the breadth of global, real They tell me why you mad mad, I'm on my way to what point that night in a weak man opened it more and more First of all, you should have got you a fresh batch of weed. Yesterday afternoon I have to work late yesterday and I couldn't get my friends back
I'll give it the day you ain't got no back I'll, bring you some weeds at a job. It didn't. You know we had a job at the way it operates Why are you got? You know you got. My point is using your life, the, whereby the trump allow this area rape, regular mining, is our joint insult Charlemagne became better get. That right is like that, like you'd, better get killed tomorrow, for a long time waiting before he ever get does good. When you write in German, you met, you know, I shall make just live over made happy, but it was all a jail Lord you gotta get out into the so called gotta, be in jail. How'd, it go you why you always talked about it. What have you got? A monument opens up. Another radically train of thought justice was served, may get punished through the forest.
Then it. What else do you want to give set free when you nothing! I haven't nobody is ever meet you write. Might I will find you gonna? Let him explained stupider eight hundred years even accident. I should go to the polluter. To gather the penalty. They go sake. We're gonna die virtually liking, wait. I would obviously like shut out this. Had I guess the still has that people express themselves is Mount a silly rather silly train about allows is used, without Mr Barroso, my man as yet tat all came out of game. The man you anything again is visited our gains are bogged bashing Obama on Twitter and I histogram and are faced by a job for you, little base yet another planet. I tweeted out yesterday before the peach essay cyberattack coin. I said cyber coins is gonna, be super active tonight. Don't fall for debate, allows hello, this
This is our you from Ireland, our millennium goals, on the monument from mad, because they can they put into much anything at the disposal by by. I think there will be when I could do donate money is though they got here. Why don't we go now the World Bank, and I want to do with the great group were gay bearing out of me. I love you I love you too, and I love crime who twenty twenty nine. I can already tell by everything she said that she deafening would be a shadowy supporter of Dodge of deadlock. As you have proof grisly givers there maybe model allows is
there was the birthday you gonna birthday Joe. For me, I heard Galileo. Okay, let s neck man is a comedian any always cause at the breakfast club and has, as some of the most funny on one shall jokes. Oval reason why I'm having trouble accepted by the game is also favoured. Why my black girlfriend can't get pregnant why's that, because I'm shooting blank use The Bible tells you tell me what God has a plan for them, but I really think Jesus is ignoring you on all of us, my goodness you're horrible right. Are you mad, eight hundred five, a firewall or viable and if you're upset you need a vit call. Us right now is to breakfast slogan: the breakfast club.
Was the answer would sorry morning everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club. Now yesterday, after the show, we got a chance to interview boxing star tripled, Gennady glove kin, yes, he's very. Might eighteenth at the garden against Danny takers. Right away, a meanness in the most heterosexual way possible. I guess I'll preference that trilogy harbour. You shake his hand his head, I feel like steel, You know he hugs like a brother, so you bring you in my body felt like brick. I'm, like you know what this dude might be a mutant. I tried to give them to our the punch you, but you wouldn't take it. You really think a guide makes Hundreds done does made other fight confronting two. Two hundred four points out offers tablet. Knock it off of your fault. You think you and absolute, Look I've twenty four consecutive knockouts. Ok out,
elevatory. The use of renewable energy destroys, did you think you could be Floyd? Yes, really absolutely forget, I mean that's. The thing Roy applauded the greater the friends of fight of our time. If you can hit Floyd, yes, I don't think so! It's over forty seventy flights at what one sixty out of the continued at the moment. We ought to get through it and would fain have, as I think you, people heavily and semi, but when applied to come out of time in they wanted. That's me to fight and affordable during that another by adding the big big megaphone right now trilogy was Camilla. Roulette. Haven't debt of habitat Will it happen? I don't know that's the big mode million dollar fight out the fight, that's gonna break Paypal. You recognise that now go make all the money that the biggest that would be the biggest frightened boxing. If it happened nothing and apparently they can allow a redwood Beecher. Would you not the two biggest fight embarrasses Goby Chris Bad, a soldier? Well, shall we know you think hey Ray Room was given up. Well, very well, not only does he have a lotta mix tape. Zaragoza has a couple sex tapes around right now will give you some information. What's going on with these
is Fetty WAP sex tapes and women that is dating now also has a sex tape out and is all kinds of cease and desist letters that will tell you what's going on. Also exotic today is Mary. Jane blog is birthday. Oh yeah, yeah Mary. Happy birthday and I'm doing a merry day, blog in any Streatham. Let me know your favorite Mary jointly, No start now, you know, is a merry on daring to make them. You know such a mix with the fried chicken anthem and then follow it with our thing and Hillary Clinton is null and void. We will place a merry bits, but anyway, rooms on away is tobacco, Furthermore, the breakfast club morning every Is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, muskets aromas to the. Let's talk very what about.
The report annually on the breakfast club, where we ve been warned that they were going to be a very web and Alexis Guy Sex tape. There could American that sixteen has leaked out. Did anybody in here see any of it? Nor no she's performing oral sex on sex age has a scar. Fine, so gloomy knows him. No! Yes, I see his face. He now he has not denied that it's him, but he died, cease and desist letters so that pretty much as a way of knowing did him when she said that those cease and desist letters who lay worshipping goldwire, Sardinia, thereby unseen, Venus right,
So these media outlets have been banned from releasing. The video in particular is seems like he might think that unless the sky is the person that led to the sixty being that the only the two of them had it now, she has said that she is devastated by that sex. Take getting out, she put up a post on Instagram no weapon formed against me shall press boroughs. All of this is so crazy. An embarrassing to think somebody will want to expose my personal life with the world is so disgusting. But our bathing God's work, and I know I'm covered sorry to my family and support, as well as an average virtual. Don't work for situation. Ok, when you release the sex table, sexting is released to you. No weapons formed a gives me Probably don't work is not a weapon sexting. Well now they been putting shrimp. Mozart in ferry, webs comments Instagram by your small baby. That's what I guess the shortcomings is supposed to. Did you see it s, sort of the other small be really. I don't think it warrants a shrine,
at all, if not a shrapnel gotta, what kind of food would you put to? It? Maybe leg fool, but I think that is maybe a carrot. Small carrot or be dragged me. What is not Those like line in skinny. Would you say if you like, cut off the end of the current? The point: is you don't eat a toddler? Coronado carrot that's how they can now wouldn't disuse families. Wasn't it didn't warrant the Schwimmer Mosey, I'm just saying I re re J speaking to sex tapes. Has been booted Frahm. Celebrity big brother already started he's gonna million dollars. Remember I write Apparently they had some issues and didn't believe that he was having a tooth ache and he had to leave the house. Here's what raising has to say on. May I got a crack toothwort. What were need like Finland, fixed I gotta, come come on over my other tools and I'm in a lot of pain. So three and a half days and a house with all his pain, they decide to take me out the wind
well, there are black down. I end up in a hospital, they dont, let you back in and they don't. Have you your million dollars. You can assume it is just not fair. You know, and if I have to take those precautions, I will even care about my to put me back in an hour. So let me word and again that workin nuthin hearts I gotta messed up to, though another thing hadn't, abscess tooth, a cracked filling in another tooth and a severe gum issue should not be in the contract built luxurious health issues. You could take a few days ago. It should be. Who knows what that contract looks like, but that's why you gotta go to the dentist Gentlemen, I'm goddamn Jerry was my dentist ship child to ease carrying people online com is enormous, dermatologists works with documents, as the sandy would go to Venice as well. I don't have any life got my teeth right to absolute right away. You know what it feels like when you have it cavity? Oh, I love you know. It know you nomadic cabin
these learn? Oh yeah? How attitude now you know that feeling in like? What can you do about it? You take some painful, but as soon as they were often comes right back ending in its your opinion in my view, we need a rude canal. Breath is harm, is the worst as so many people. I noted I've no four years in Arizona around them. Their breasts they settled, and I keep thinking to myself dispersed, needs a route, and I know it a previous job. I had I in his mother make and it uses thing so bad spray, the MIKE every day from our If I was in our neighbours in order, They knew at once a ninety five. Ninety violence in any way mean guru, can have a lot of no have health covered. So they don't know. Unless you tell him you gotta tell America are right. Now: black youngsters, some dancers, editorship club and allay is diamonds are upset with him and that's because he's been no,
it is that he was therefore about ninety minutes. It was a paid appearance. He came in with about twenty of his friends. He went on stage whether dances were on stage he performed, but he tipped in that diamond neither did anybody and his crew who know does he doesn't work an extra hard and they just in Japan seven? I write blogging Lucky UK meagre rain on Instagram and not meagre reign in the screen. Those now it's an expectation into the global capitalism he don't drink does not. Even though no single Don T just don't do that aiming to them. He gave a breath of close three thousand dollars. He gave the elements it down. The union have to sweat for that We need to guarantee that girl that the expectation was a mile I'd like you to walk and make their money wedding night, and it also encourages other people to throw now. But if you think about it, if you pay me to host a mother, the money that I've got pay. Those Nationale may have learned that I wasn't still clever Charlemagne six years ago, but can
diamond and shouted Musement, every dive knows where no money don't know they paid us. That's ridiculous blogger, but I do feel like in a way maybe the clubs should it gave him a cinema money to throw that just encourages other people to throw money absolutely but yeah they do expect. And although that that our MRI Air carriers, therein, the Hollywood walk, a theme was vandalized over the weekend. Somebody put a question mark on her. Star in the Hollywood walk of fame, and you know much it costs to restore the sty when that happened, no more treating hundred alleys quest for ten hundred dollars to make sure they can get rid of that that question but I guess some people have said about her performance. Marie I did at ourselves. You try this gradual from rob and we as a former. She wrote their course. I'm gonna start up. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report we need to do it morning. Every body is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are a breakfast club, lookin, some front page news now Derek rose, he has
fell now he went missing. He was at the should around on Monday. Then, when it came to the game that night he was gone slayers, but he s. About what happens as we pull up the Orioles fabulous That was a family issue, but one that has nothing to do with the team or basketball the first day motion and apologize to earlier have again you gotta call lowbrow he's never have you gotta call abroad as a matter. What happened you did that organization? Please you to play, you don't show up you gotta call! You got friends, you got family, you gotta, leave early missing something yea, you gotta call what I mean family for regardless I mean I will drive over. Then it lacks rub everything
our family and what would you do have accordingly, like look magazine, organizing an emergency, they got explain budget. Let them come in for him. I have you manage to call somebody some agent somebody now, let's talk about. Oh bomb is final speech. Man. This is on last night. It was very moving to see our president says: go up there after eight years of serving in the White House and here's what he had to say: People were really chanting that they wanted him to stay for more years. It was on the streets. Were I witnessed the power of faith? and apply a dignity of working people in the face of struggle, I'm off for more years is with their yelling out now. Also, the way they are present in talks about his own family and here's. What he had to say about his daughters, Molly saw shoe
under the strangest circumstances, you d come to amazing young women. You are smart and you are beautiful, but more importantly, you are kind and you are thoughtful and you are full of passion and war, the burden of years in the spotlight so easily, all that I have done in my life. I am most proud, be order. Lord I'm rather modest water only was dark and his family life is one problem. Michelle Obama, mouthed. I love you too have my Gama, the of and I'm talking about, like when recognition in boiling water and may actually be relationship goes right. There are president now people keep do hashtag relationship laws, but I think there should be for every man for every man and in this respect, meetings to women. We not barague, you know
I think that a good you think he's a gag recently or did you ever? What's your name Did the OECD or do you advise a girl go Erasmus that Europe should aspire down at the bar guys you gotta have a lot of the body. Piazzi J overstatement no mean either Goodwin. Taboos Remy, maybe go we rest. I I did a moment and then and that's what you should aspire to move, but I the high and the utmost language. Burma is one of the most recent men walking the face of the earth, observe them. And had been in the White House with Asia, and then I have not once Becker stand alone. Him not not even a little bit, not mad. Nothing, not enough wait than another woman, nothing, not a parking ticket, Ignis great, nothing at all food by Morocco. Barbara may record really doing what you're supposed to be doing as a man nobody's rather than United States of murder it. You know we had a lot of presidency.
Actually yes, exactly ass, though there you have it I write about it. He went away. Where was his daughter Sasha, because she wasn't there last night, but really the truth is that she has an exam today. So she didn't go, go she had an exam this morning and that's why wasn't there miss that exists there. Girls can MRS lobbies of Miss brownings, for whatever reason she can miss that over five allowing union Jesus, my son missing, I didn't realize games you guys package, but you know it kicked me. Schools left in the union. It is just a writer, a path that absolute, not yet a test. Ass Jesus rise, not a goddamn guarded. Some people brought auditor teaches doubts about Dylan Roof. Adela move TAT is the South Carolina church shooting who killed the nine people and historically black charity and house than has been sentenced to death. He has represented himself and the sentencing phase and he said he felt like he had to do it. He said I still feel like I had to do
he has said he is fed psychologically and he offers no apologies. So he has been sentenced to death to your opponents to the eyes of the law. And I'm glad that you got plenty to the Hyatt extended a lot only thing that can make the situation better if you can bring back the lies of the nine people who were killed in Emanuel Ame church other than that album see you later, Dylan Roof, don't rival where nor Blackheath remove. We have it right or left front page news now or me come back eight hundred five, eight five one five were were asking. How did Barack Obama's presidency inspire you Indeed they did it There was also what confessions morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Now last night, Barack Obama gave his farewell speech. Very savary touch must play a clip
or your speech last night, rural on this for the past twenty five years. You have not only been my wife my children, you admit my best when you took on a role, you didn't ask animated Europe with Greece. And would bring, and so asking eight hundred five, one in five women one. How did Barack Obama's presidency inspire you? That's all you mine. I got two young black boys. Would the fact and grow up and see a black president in really believe that they can possibly become It means the world to me. What about you? I think I'm health, wise President Barroso. Burma. That's probably one way that I was inspired the most even seeing his wife go out and do this whole campaign on fighting Basically, I am being healthier and making sure that everybody has healthcare. No, that was
big deal for him, and I agree with that. Also. So that's part of what is by a meter even get involved, opening the Jews, What about you job for me mad? I think it would be the title of Barack Obama's book. The audacity of hope may know the greatest thing, Barack Obama. They will provide hope and if you don't think important. Ask yourself why you don't have any right now? Ok, he was a great symbol that Things have gotten a lot better in America, because a black man president, you know we notice, is a country that was built on. You know systemic racism. In institutional terms, depression. So the fact that a black man you know became president. It provided a lot out It also just as a main could even have like Barague Obama's politics, even use your you didn't do it. For you, you didn't do anything for black. We, whatever just ever man, you have to admit, he's one. Most. Decent man walk in the face of the earth because if they had something onboard, oh Obama, that they could smear his name and slander him they would
I've used it by now the fag he never had no side drain side away, mean you. Never about him saying anything derogatory about anyone. Just the fact of him be in such a decent man eater. I did a lot of inspiration rival, let's go too far. Hello. This measure monsieur, has Rocco bomb inspire Juno. He bade far more of my finds the need and because I have a blog but of course, and I'm not about one up, goin up, I'm half but have led, though I never thought of it. It will be a black whether community area for my phone appearing explainable. It's amazing They know economy would be writing a lot on the top left by the dazzling, yaller, really kind of misconstruing. This thing he abridge me rather we're gonna lads, Barack Obama would die like gravel Bob, it's a damn. It took them all out to build
about dating right, but that down a job. I have nothing, but as a kid did, you ever think you see about president not having our sea one and asked what to say you did. You can be. One is different. It takes a lot of work to be deferred like president, but it can be done in echo's fewer young black boy that you can working. It can be done on a lot of our would damage offers a better case of optimism, downsize alot of brandy in it I say, with a billion even become president, because we had a lot of brain Hillary Clinton more money in her campaign denying became happy, let because a lot of it does not. For President now. When I hear the latter reasons, libraries ways in big is because he's a millions and billions about the cave or the billion are represented a time rough Roth row. He D been president that about money that amendment allows is Emma Bow was ever mad and one day Barack Obama, the black and white bread,
We all get away by a greater. You know, maybe tat DNA, don't let them allocated brother, though you know with what the body with the fact that he added warm and black little children and now why out that, with a good look at the psychologically prettier than I lay there was rising silhouette exchange morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club no taken. You calls right now. Eight hundred forty five one in five women were asking rock Obama's his presidency. Has it inspired? you know that people are commenting on Twitter Instagram and can climb. He said it made me stay in the army. I can tell my grandkids, I served under a black president. Thank you. President Obama arose the losers piano. Are you going one Ohio Asiana going good morning area are pretty good. We're talking Barack Obama has his presidency is by your mama. Oh yeah,
Not only but actually my ten year old daughter was inspired me have now he wants to go to Harvard, maybe their first black woman, now, don't tell me through my daughter to an end. If I got to not at Harvard Business School. When I spoke there She was really is by an effect. Neurons dot has gone off as each talked about oblongata. While allows is my name of warriors from Detroit was abroad. Talking Barack Obama. It is preferable out EU janius by me that overall, the jobs of the past debates, but all countries in did a good job. You know he came to work and he showed up and get the best. He could never got no fellatio an oval office back with. Well, maybe that's why they heavy one more thing. I ever saw a black man, panic that represents a look. Now then upload, your soul, I gotta think, is so discussing envied the represent would allow community I'll keep any black. I know you ve gotta, pick up you're gonna, pull up
I totally agree with you, I'm so I'm not even kids can salsa no, I'm not I'm wearing a real. You re again They know how to get over it, and I am glad you occasionally. We like it or not of movement not Moraine Day and in south and in the UK, where gee, that's the Labour day now, might not be latino to allow their his up. The mountain thing about President Barack Obama, pay em, is respect and call them friendly. Think of daily now more Dave item on Ebay and the fact that he had the most perfect said away and has never been about what to do rather inspiring being you hold out about new anyway, We now see that with my internet Obama in every way, and never man would do read out what what did you back in the day? What ways
We would rather have a special human being our heritage. Come like Morocco, the moral of the story the story is hope you know. Sometimes I saw you have when you have nothing else of you haven't you have everything, and I mean that's one thing that Barack Obama provided was but last night after his speech, the most inspiring thing Got from his speech. Was accountability at NASA, be your a for between seventeen accountability that we must be to change. What to see in the world, and we have to be accountable for ourselves and our own success and happiness contrary to popular belief. Can't nobody do. Are you all right now you ve got rules on away. Yes, we are going to talk about a potential fight for the best wrapper alive, a title fight for that see who you put your money on
everybody is dj. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, muskets aromas, its quota, black, the Reul report, whose work I black is apparently not a big fan of little Wayne. He said he wants to fight little Wayne for the title of best wrapper alive, here's what he had to say on in ran away, fight me or not, as the glare TAT day every day on since those workers rattled only with evil train. How many you for me, where the Adra brought people ways TAT S, what a level wind? It appears rabbi here twice before away a man. You gotta black, coming from a common vision this morning, because you can't becoming a better
alive by dividing and willing to become the brethren by wrapping near their jago. We'll talk to him about in a minute. I write well, could act like a mighty because in an end Lil Wayne. They asked me if you knew Kodak Black was, and he said he didn't know now it's like last year, so I don't know if it has to do with that, I don't have no idea what his they are? Maybe those exit when is the person that he would need to defeat so quota. We live in a way, a compliment, Salgado bloodshed. Record are freestyle saying hi, led away. My name is called I play just when it nobody should it. I came Kite dashi, an issue. And get back that four million dollar ring that was stolen from her now that they had the suspects in custody. Well, apparently not the cops are saying that just impassable, there's no chance, you can get it back. They say most diamonds, decisive Kim Kardashian's are immediately shipped off to the diamond.
Strict in Belgium, and then they quickly disappear after that. So far, no chance of her getting back that ring of shoddy shores. Company favoured at any rate we as she does have she didn't submit insurance claim and in total they with thirteen items on that clean. So you know, she'll get her money, but she's not gonna. Get that ring back. I write. Did anybody see this interview a magazine and Seville where beyond Say, interviewed salon? Aren't you jerk router? I rather think I'll give you some footnotes from it, though I thought it was a fantastic article. Two lads ashes, ass for beyond it and, if you her, because her album a seat at the table was just a very much about their family about their growing up, and so she talks about. Is everything being full circle getting on the former bianti to talk about the challenges and the achievements that she's had in her life? They talk a lot about. Salons was a youngster. She was obsessed with the latest Mars, had too many reputation obsessed with the mixing prince with her clothes. When she was Ten years old Bianti said you would like yourself in a room with your drum sediment and a record. Air and right size. You remember that Anna,
As I also said I remember thinking my little sister is going to be something super special because you always seem to know what she wanted and I'm just curious. Where do that? Come from salons said she was the youngest and she said he was the baby in the family. So in a house of five she said my voice had to be heard. Another part is I remember being really young and having this voice inside. They told me to trust my god. My God has been a really really strong in my life, but also five full Lowell, sorry dad her mom on over the figures. It is the August Cholera Bronco, yet when they got a little older. I am I right now because I also brings up that it was a three year process to create a seat at the table and ass. She took her time ass. He also says that salons physically was on the keyboard on the drums producing the Vulcan co producing the tracks and she goes on to a launch about her inspiration for that and salon said Missy Elliot whether a biggest inspiration she said. I remember seeing her when you guys we're
together and being enamoured with. The idea that I could use myself is more than a voice and the words of our cancer connections lodge and miserable cannot withdraw, include bond swallow cancels out. The additive foregoing are produces NASA. And also talks about cranes in the he said that one, but on she actually wrote eight years ago in interesting. She describes what made her right that song she said is the only son, the album. I wrote independently of the record and it was a really rough time. She was just coming out of her relationship with jewels, his father and they would junior high junior high. Sweetheart, but she talks about being in Miami, and I would like her place of refuge when she was younger and she was looking around and seeing all these cranes in the sky. They were doing this building building on these new hotels in everything, and she said they were so heavy in such an eyesore and not what I with peace and a refuge. Sir. She said that was an analogy for her transition and that's when she wrote cranes in the sky there, you have it. I gave you like system put knows, but it's a let much longer art and heard the whole thing no way
it is really been hung like I have. It are printed ideas like ten pages on Marine, but I just wanted to give you just a justifiable as great as so many things I could. It chose from it, but I just tried to pigs, But my highly I write well I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report don't deal the day to being a day a little bit of a mess adult I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other day is a new white dog you today for Wednesday January eleven goes the young Kodak Black. I have no problems with the young man Kodak Black, but dont. You today does not discriminate in visiting. One moment. Okay, if you don't know who code I, Black Asia, young haitian wrapper from Florida, sat pass it on
my Asians idea there be you hit it. A boy up, amnesiac asian envy, spanish and that's what you can. Have a scream outside pathway and not yet a marble lay back, ok to say where you can never say. Raindrop drops out in exactly ok, now Kodak Black as possible. In these great. He just got out of jail recently any picked out right where he left off code. I black he said, he's the best rapper alive and I have no problem with that. If you rap, you should feel like that in fact forget rap whatever you do, you should feel like you're the best at it. If you don't what's the point in doing it, what you going say to yourself on the most decent rabble alive. I'm the most average wrapper alive on the most pretty good rabble alive now, the breast? Abu ALA period. Sometimes you have to plant things in people's mind. You have to speak things up fruition, we all saw it as happened for little way. Back in the day, waned stepped up, lyrically on the dedication, make tapes and started Fanny best rabble alive and people started buying into it. Problem with that, even when I agree I disagree with his best rapport alive.
It matter if you feel that way say it, but you must be able to back it up with bars ok little ways that he was the best rabble alive and he showed improved that he was one of the best rob was alive by wrapping is as off, which brings really young Kodak Black Sea seems to want to challenge little way for the best wrapper alive moniker. Now, if I claim to be too, rabble alive and another had rebranded title then I would think the best way prove omnibus rabble alive is by wrapping, but no, not Kodak. Black was immediately tell away fight me not as to plan TAT Day every day, all sizzle workers, rather than it already with evil train a holiday you for me, where the Adrian Brownie Beaver Ways TAT S. What a Lithuanian appears Rabbi- AIR Narcotic, listen to me- young brother, I'm not die ass, great, a weed and the dispensary. What I do know just because you possibly could be lithuanian fight, does him
You can read about it a little way. It just means you. I bet anyway. I don't see the Gorlias say in order to be better Abu ALA. You have the rat better than other wrappers. Contrary to a lotta, you knew Negro popular belief in other matter who had the most guns. Another man who had the most money. Does who have the most and to grow follow, is another matter. We can fight better. If you say you're the best rabble alive, you have to prove it would bars in music. My brother, I'm all forty challenging the throne, but if you go unchallenged thrown a best rabble alive, rap, ok, challenge it we're rap, not by fighting and by the way a little way. Be no you before you. Probably would you now and for all, are all reasons? Oh god, I black, that's the guy was that is best rabble alive, but he rather fight me to prove it then actually rap. If a Bobby he's the best Babo alive. He asked to cut here. Every chef says he's the best ever live. He have the good if a woman, says you have the bread poolroom alive than she has the pop that wet weather lagoon improve it. So if you say you Jabez wrapper alive,
I hate to be redundant, but you have to wrap best rather alive. Provo bars, not fist. Please give young coda black. Some of those moves then Amatolas leave you we You gave me, yeah. All right, a religion unit to tell anybody that, but where should the common sense? Is that so come? What may Philadelphia today, certain that was slow. James morning everybody is dj. Envy annually Charlemagne Guy, we oughta breakfast club now usually ask e right here. Right for advice is really is and ascii we're gonna. Do this today because
report it earlier in the rumours about this Alexis Guy Fatty web sex tape that has leaked out right and if any waxing, like he's my be accusing her of leaking out the sex tape, but I d managed to get a hold of Alexis Sky, so she could tell her side of the story, but let's get on before laws more mobile, guys, it's Alexis Guy, like you, morning I go mining leg says thanks for, and you know we were just talking about you. As in the Roma report, you in fatty weapon is sex, take they came out and some people are accusing you of leading a sex tape. Yeah. I didn't do that. So, what exactly happened. Irene Thirdly, all of them away from Miami and autumn there was a picture gone around with no giving, though I was. Why not? I am I going around, but as is the fact that mean him were the only ones that have actually photos and put a video so
What I learned and I'm actually out you're working on my ad and when I landed there the whole video out with me on the rug, what the hell I would have been found. Though, absolutely going on in the other blogs You two had the tape. With that mean that we can say you or very widely, please take one of you. I, like anything. I had a family life people that you know that watching it. If the german twenty four years old, they have a business like our own, like at all and that a good they're out there and I have deepened by that? Are you? Are you also need to do without them? again we're gonna trash on it. Not like a scar for the game is not only about one part of our epoch It was Emily was a little over is only a small right about letting you borrowed by bad at it woke up and I was making Do you get out, explain why? What kind of tragedy that one party more citizens want?
when I got back toward not long on a sliding, as they believe in a shrimp homologies in his instagram yeah I mean I'm the only in thin and act like you know, like us he would waken up another big enough, though, like you know, Does he not even present Aviate doubling up of being at you just we'll go we go, I'm I'm not gonna hold it against death. It was trash, look trash on the tape. Ok, now, who added, but about how to play ball, I think I had said some things on twitter she's. Every bay was too much because of their rights. I bet you mad because being with Betty- and he don't want like the one night Labelling is both a massively on tv and see the charming. Oh, like I'm twenty two, but you had absolutely do these things than you did it. You won't let you have a problem. My my ex boyfriend now another going to lie. I video Masika and her
game or in the wake of was a little bit better known as you do not set out loud that you read, the videos are you here thou videos gonna come out. I lie is not coming now. They like that. I got thing going on about labelling. Much of what we are doing in all video this more. What is sex is well, it's a sex, people also have not found any. It was more like multiple clear that, without out now, sure you don't want to put our more red tape just showed each year on year, and now let me ask you this: you do have a new relationship that you're in as well right with us at random egos. Now I'm thank God. You guys are you guys we're dating alert? You went out with him, no, maybe not a relationship. Yeah I mean I've known for a long time. Not only by I have little credit providers did that effect. That situation was
in our main alone, I mean is that I don't know what has it honestly, I feel like I'm with dawn. He had a little I believe that he met the world I'll pay, you don't you think they're probably broken You because your games trash when you first we got it still be. Never I will never let him the bank up with me I'll think about. May I hate raindrops jobs. Anyway, so so very does have a new Europe and raising the video. Have him out and about their she hasn't ably downgraded. Let him know that Daphne downgraded baby any she as he has a sixty about as well, you have heard game, is phenomenal, set up you a very wide still in communication with each they did. He call me, I don't know. I have a lawyer handling everything that I have not heard. Anyone because I mean you're gonna call me, but our goal
Beware like if you love him now come on legs. As you do love I am now. Am I loved him I had entirely through times like I love yeah. He play me lie in Gaza. When will we get I thought I'd like what do you mean about lives? He played you, though. I know that live we had a whole home together. Landaulette is not about that german funding through on that and that new. It is its back that everything that comes out there. They wanted a map, everything he did. He let the record here what he was caught in the care, but by law. Back above you saw me like, I was wearing my position that you like any other info and they would have because you,
he says less work. This out, you know, was charming. I think that a delay I gave him a big thing, then I'm waiting for the fat woman. Do you know what you're up did you have that you're working on I'm gonna die out right now, problem, I'm shooting? What's all it was my fault, I wanna be legit I bet you did for me, I'm talking about large, but like that, don't please don't give no tips on how to give fellatio I just wanted to make. Is that when you have really taken, That is one of the really. You don't even see this tape, so he doesn't even know what Ilidza has it says. Trolling. You lie the money. You I'm gonna, make sure my official so whoever relish he's gonna play me? Will you, where you want? It only took the scarf off while
who have you only twenty two. You have plenty of time to get. You had game re data and we may might not be a bad thing. Let me like I maybe I could there's something beyond and then you go right, adding the bright side, but thank you elections. We appreciate you for checking them with us. There that's the sky on the call in talking about the sex tape. Does she says she did not put out very well put it out. I man he's a new putting it I do not deny gang had only two of you had it, you think somebody got at our own will. But it wasn't me and he's a few than me o me. I know a guy. I think somebody around them but her out these you lose. Your farmers had got a funny. How harder higher porno thing would leave a week before model and it did happen, and then he got my house for all. We got a letter. He brought her to the house. Are you familiar with woe right? why you violated the word, you name or not, and drought so you don't do that, and that is that it all man did
You lose your farm recently, thereby love my phone this before and I got it right back. Ok, sales are already that have my follow right now I was I had with that. Pose a developed, the money, you're gonna, get in contact with me now! Ok, I would thank you for being so candid beginning with this new and anyone. Ray everyone. Your media set at having to take here Gallego, to add all right. Well, I was Alexis Sky. I won't let you guys. I've never seen a tape, The thing about her other than wagon with very well yesterday on us over the phone lines hundred five, a firewall or fire. One question that were asking is she's a young girl. Monitoring is only say, takes a community to raise money. It takes a military, the chop so help this girl give better. They see the regime's given is mediocre. Fellatio. I know what it looks like you got. Carnal cameraman. We know what I'm saying.
And we don't want another young woman to get caught on camera, giving mediocre fellatio so eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you can teach her or tell how to give better, fellatio and clean as way possible Israelis radiation for many women o clock. I know a lot of men can give some good sense as well. Ok J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club ages heard Alexis Guy, it were asking and you guys help give better Felicia I mean I have is made available. The videos trash from went up from magic, though, would show we want to have a better fellatio gain. We want all women have beneficial gave guys to answer you have you have put your mov on any type of Venus is not a do. Allow grow it better. Fellatio in a clean is what you possibly can. How could you help us, If you get it in first thing
but our mouth is already where Vienna downturns, including that of novel foods anyway, and she was brought up in the belief that a little bigger now borne didn't wear them. For that Are you aware that without your mouth is I don't want you all my big early in the morning? We'll have a reference. Do you may have you do covering up? That's rare, but for major allows. There's a good every market were gay Is that how you give your men fellatio? What happened? well, you got up. You know the course new. I don't act like. I know how to give up, and perhaps you gotta play with your life. Give us some tips I allowed to say to. I think it play with her why she has grown up
Ok now, are you like, but actually look out for the good to hello. This is not your bike. Wasted bore that we were talking about knowing does intuitive an area under the balls allows retard. As you said, the boy and the ball that if they thing what why had turned the golden manner body set up the way to the web page. But when you look at this again, not even a girl's initiatives. I am actually twenty four. I gotta guy. What I do is I I'd go. Buy me a Box of Verona Roll
Where are you a rapid allow near you learn, fear that way. You you you circle also means that way you can go back. Can I do to food fruit roll up, though all UK, you feel that way. You refer to write your failure, you, you know what you are you, but now tat guy down. You can't believe how good you can take it back here. I'm praiser eager validated, ok any of you guys have had of fruit. Roll up wrapped around here absolutely not enough. If you gotta do our lead in Uruguay excited by the front row, let any less hurts have you got Yeah yeah game is mediocre, need on ivy halls ha ha behold. I went to green lifesaver Well, you can t early is of as many no, are you? Ok, smells like that. Right now while those for the morrow Squirm is in your butt, story every premium for you, women, they would mediocre head. I hope you get better
martini something. I read a book a long time ago called the ultimate kids because the truth of the matter it in my life. I did not I believe you know that Where did you know? I didn't wanna, probably diamond, I figured I'd adding a young lady who kept the one. I know what you told me that my again was tragic, aiming to boycott the ultimate kids in a habitable was about how to properly iep debate. The other half was how to probably give fellatio to a man. So you know thank you for that book. The ultimate kiss, I think, is a good pick up. Anybody Mozilla may now can give good fellatio men, our demand for e yeah. Food was yes, we are going to think about Big Sean and one of his. Something that he's doing also will tell you about a format. Yea player, who has been arrested, will tell you what he got arrested for. Ok, all immoral keep a lot is to breakfast locomotive breakfast.
With Angela close to others turmoil over vivid, a Patsy statement and the breakfast club where she was promoting or show because a black magic she has apologised now you didn't hear those comments. Here is what she said, now we're gonna do not leave it. Oh, I wouldn't be theirs recruitment because there's no need to say that they did for women are the ultimate girls might out for you go. But what happens if men did happen said couple of a couple of guys come there. You know I mean, but but you know right well: the algae BT community was in an uproar as well as other peoples, a supportive
The executive producer under show says that he has cut ties with vigour and were actually still be that you producing the show and hoping that it successful, but he doesn't want to work with her while Viva Fox has since apologize. She said I ve been a friend and supporter of the algae BT community for years. My intention was not to offend anyone and I'm woman enough to apologise if you felt that way. My show has already been taken and I was doing something for the Ladys but, I welcome to enjoy they because black magic show is hot. I'm all about love, not hate darling, have a black day. So that was our apology. And why I blow all reference Gaunt Romagna, did they make those final decisions? I always vans are forever, thereby then turn it back on. The executive producing in all on again. It is limited to send the fine. I don't know I mean. I know that that was her frame, but he is the reason why you dig at the shell because she did. She got the show after doing chocolate sitting
I big sign is gonna, be on Saturday night lab. You know it's never been on their draw political above big, shot him and ass. I was gonna, be on January twenty pairs. You know his album. I believe also comes out February third, so it's a couple weeks before his Adam comes out. He tweeted out this one is for right. Vagina, even disappoint me. Yet they shall be snap and maybe snap mission. Now you never housing episode, somebody s alike as ease and sorry you're going to be making his saddening. I gave you that night too, but Uncle Bob was either side. Psychological he's very funny. I write a former mba player has been arrested, has been accused of breaking into to Florida homes and fondling, a woman his name is Orient Green. I don't know who he is, but he was taken into custody and on Monday this at first he went through an unlike door and went into a bedroom where women were sleeping and then he went to a second homer. He entered the room. Right, and then he rubbed and kissed a sleeping women. The woman woke up.
That him, and then he went to his girlfriend. You walk into a woman's house in Hand Jack, and I will do it with no relation to the woman like this. We may well together, find lag Landforms. He just walked in the door, but he drove- I don't know he got notice, woman in some way shape or form our shields believe somebody that silly it add, especially, I envy ably raising our right- and this is an interesting article that I read and Maria Clare UK narrowly Portman is talking about working with acting culture. On the movie strings attached, they both starred in that movie together and she said that he got paid three times more than she did. She said, That's, as you said, I knew, and I went along with it, because this thing there's this thing with quotes in Hollywood, he his was three times higher than mine, so they said he should get three times more. I wasn't as pieces, I should have been. She said, I mean we get paid a lot so attached to complain, but the disparity is crazy, so she said you know it's worse than that.
No pay gap, even though they make a comfortable living just three times more. She said in Hollywood, we make thirty cents to the dollar, while in most professions women make eighty cents. Dad, I'm still trying to forget what is needed is breaking and entering and people homes and found a thick muslin drunk as has got to be more than just start. I dont know at the moment in He had to note a girl in some way to go before it is too different. Women that he broke into their home could be drawing a dirty money. How obeys nobody's gonna his houses and lead that that will be used at a man he, as vice president and people. He got money. You just decided that you know what I'm a walk two women have an handshake them tonight. It's got to be more store. I write. Angela YE and that's your room of undermining the girls were now
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