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2-1-19- Today on the show we had to open up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought about the heated debate between DJ Envy and Killer Mike had about public schools and private schools the other day. Also since it is Freaky Freaky Friday we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners sucked toes through socks since Dream Doll accused Tory Lanez doing it to her. But don't let that distract you that it is the first day of Black History Month and Charlamagne uplifted artist Kei- Landa. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Donald Trump Jr. for thinking that the N in "SNL" was a ampersand.

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You're podcast even do so also spoke this morning of the day and everybody business spending to go with me to the rainbow rubbing the wrong way. The breakfast rabbi
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Morning angels. Airlines is Andy. Charlemagne, the guy who's did a black fried eggs Friday evening. We can raise here, and I'm so excited me to today's. My wife's birthday. Ok, now happy birthday gear. Now some crazy ish avenues, Ano guides in my life and all over right, so rigged out when we arrive as December. Twenty Eightth was my son's birthday bright for my son's birthday a bunch of balloons and everything the wish of happy birthday, soda kids play with long for a balloon fly to the ceiling in the family room right now today is February Furs,
So last night we were sleeping on. I set my clock for one thousand, one hundred and fifty nine to wake up for my wife's birthday, so wake up from always birthday sing, happy birthday to study ever we look up the balloons is actually in the room. Missus happy birthday, so I thought maybe wanted a kid brought the balloon in the room. The standing of yadda yadda was my wealth, a call Madison Madison mislead black hole, Logan load sleep in so I went to the camera care must shows the balloon at the ceiling come down. New Zealand go up the stairs right around come in my door and hover over my bed to say you have to add on camera its annual scary and it is my daughter- was freaked out, but I was like: does God everywhere, if they decide to get at all or positive being or maybe my wife's father passed away? Could you be a ghost Morgan or a alive, but there when I woke up this morning, long was deflated on the floor, so it out again now observe if you think about it, that below
stayed up from December. Twenty eight February. First, came in my room. Is it happy birthday? Basically, then deflated when it was over? That is weird is the way to think, and I got it I have to admit. I haven't my Margie I want you to bring a little bit of death of you and be smoking. Can you know my anxiety b? I condemn all eyes. Are you now, my united state it? So you know some next time you smoke their goods to bring it enabled me values as a move that, as you know, I believe how much I show you emanating from the guy who believe in South Korea. I believe and goes to believe in order that kind of stuff, but you know, I think that that the fact that you have blog and have no the low draft now at low drowned. Those came downstairs went up the stairs Audrey, my bedroom. Keep harboured overhead left low, driving decree of us all by people like you, led the central hidden going air blowing norms able, like you, love lol overflowing with life where you care for our people. Like you, we'll find everyone. When I met you, Atlanta, adding it allowed his sleeve amalgam elaborate?
as everybody e a sports, I hosted the law. History and herons day of E sports bowl yesterday. That was an amazing cancer by the way and state, Far Marina before our eyes. So much boom and started off with twenty one savage. I then, after that, be read, came out and then quality control came ass, always amigos. It was low baby. Low, Yachty perform Ludacris and friends performed. So I saw a I Gc Associated Tooth was there Sierra. It was really everywhere, but in a manner that is brought you here. It was crazy in there. Let me tell you something that was that that was the real room half times both Lou dollar women out of twenty four hours pregnant Lana. Right now, don't even know it. Congratulations everybody that last night, as a matter of fact, my friends here my parents and lower they haven't even slab yet dressing paupers Puff run around a city, a scenario, but IRAN, a city so in our land, is gonna, be crazy. So if you go into later this week in traffic going to be discussed and gave me prepared to set in,
lotta traffic or you can imagine so all right I'll be done it I'm leaving right after the shoe so ass. You know you be prepared to send a letter tat too, because it Is it is that you're sure our right will ask it to show cracker front page news that we talk about? Let's talk about your next envy Armenia, we'll talk about it and the eight hours play MBA lab yesterday, leading exe but he wanted to be the next great all talk about it. When we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was gained some front page news. Embody
that is what I say I shoulda producer and the care remained. A video of the balloon coming upstairs. Nevertheless, will show you what you want and what did he say to you thinking I said you were gonna drive those fasting idle. Damn drams definitely journalist not, but anyway, now the Knicks looks like they got ready a whole squad whole team that creating a lot of caps phase out of sight of the odd it looks like they gonna try to get one of these big free agents over the summer solely within the trader, best asset of potential Asta. Presupposing zoning and blaming leaked three, if you don't want to be here any more, I'm a man oppose amendment that trade posing, as was indeed to gaze, the three so we all know there was a very light about New York media. We could improve for God drafted. I gave you a donkey today because you are delegated, although we have asked the worst lay in a world of shady bought out and your loved him nodded. He wants to leave your decade in autumn again, you're a treat infrastructure think of, like he's a black man, oh gosh, out by Napoleon Asbury any bringing up his paw criminal right now, all of a sudden necessarily want a draft parson
This is our last programmes, as they know that, at the same, instant in necessary has proven himself. He was injured to it a three year, so we don't know as potential soda found. My god they possibly China, restructure matter that we suffer. Garlic is a unique to blame mother nature, not the next, because it was so quoting my only yesterday. It was so go to New York. Yesterday I started requests to treat ok Someplace walk right advocate that we think of the grid them like may is too cold. Here I mean it L, Abbadie wider, placing is right, the truth will come out exactly Maybe I don't know why you rode debit, exactly the exact actually only be Basel new yoga, so gullible I'm! Midge, have never tried by a bridge in Brooklyn United, are you? Are you guess, at a bridge we're gonna buy up together New York? They sell your hope to buy tickets and your feet into. They have on the front of the back to pay for this morning, Zion Williams and Kevin Terrain
inquiry are reasonably godaddy made his trade, so they can land history. People none of this has happened in New York, is always do too. Little has been done, is a benevolent thirty Virginia enough, Athene, Lebron James Injuriously out, we ve only got ass. I lay there anymore. I started my doesn't work out. We had Carmelo Anthony that didn't work out. Some people want to come here to Morrow came of ya, don't you would have given and inflated contract which they did so we try new to his knees. Only had another year and a half we shall never have we try to mental today blood. The whole team did mellowing mellow from here right, try to do the right thing and it worked out and inevitably sought to encourage our I'm not ever come, not everything that we stay, the Brooklyn nets up your right. A realistic about the weather. You guys will be happy to know that the weather. He's getting better, but especially in the MID West, I mean it's been really crazy. More than two hundred and sixty million people had temperature is below freezing. They said twenty one people have died because of whether relate
issues. There was an eighteen year old in his first year at the University of Iowa who died. They're trying to figure out what happened. He was only a short walk from his dorm. He was found unconscious outside of a campus building. People were, earlier Ashley freezing to death? So they were. People were hypothermia, frostbite, alot of businesses, schools, many colleges were closed yesterday, but then should be getting better now, so they expect that that happen. It was a big, for a lot of people and unfortunately, nearly did result in the death of some people were I rang and always where you re really gonna warm it where public semi degree. This we were Dallas trouble include Monte. Cristo was the man in the trade in Hell out. He had always best for his niece. Maybe he'll call when they were nearly fifty five by victims in Chicago and let's go to Chicago now, and talk about Jesse smaller, because Donald Trump has reacted and when asked from the over
about the empire stars case. Here's what he had to say to those Ngos, many industry workers, people getting her. What I think is the worst sort of all is the first allowing people to come into this country and sell drugs and human traffic and do all these horrible things that we had the simplicity of a well constructed. Are you sure, you're from budget that I could requested to your. Surely do they do that budget year was asked about the whole city, as is now the empire die and was created it is, though nobody saw if it so wishes build a wall. I don't know what he's tat by maybe he's picture of Jesse smaller with me. You know in the hospital. I don't know what he's I don't even know if you know the empire is trumps, an empire you can build an empire. When I was another we're gonna. Do we want to build a wall for technology empire, but you
because Jesse's Molly did say that the guys we yelling Magda country and all of that so clearly that has something to do with the message that damage has been pushing darker end An attempt has talked about this approach to the shut down Asians because there are not negotiable since he will not negotiate on the wall. Here is what he said. If they will give us a woman doesn't work. If I didn't know the shut their people would know, them would understand, subject. Now they understand the subjects they realize A humanitarian crisis is one February fifteenth. Many will come back and if they don't have a wall, They will want to waste my time reading what they have remained: nothing less
page news, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five, a fire one off I won't have you need divinities up Now- is to breakfast locomotive breakfast falling down down and get it over with you on the breakfast bluffing, but allows as ears were mellow Remember what I said. Yes, I'm just call, and I want to put it out there- company called the idea- and I would have been able to do this without persistence and dedication, and I was to out to my family in Brooklyn. I'll bet, you're more money on racism, This was done in the queen's keys out in Brok, school of city. Such a person. And up thy what's up accompanies, it is called in company. I do it so the Then he one is healed, mentioning sneakers, ok
things like that. You know trying just guess: I'm not the growl trying something back to my chair before they get. You know say to all: as parents. We all think about that alike. Just think about everyday back and forth. You know, arrival, can we look to you my brother gradually. I would look over some ladys yesterday when that exactly labour norms and Leggins Dharmu investment, your leg, I want to talk to get me. Some Thermo Leggins allows this Ojo angels have ravages. I want you to drop of Bob for the first day a black is ruled by their blacklist of his black history. Airy data and I want a job evolved from a beautiful Could I also Gansu degrees? Devising a world as you know, the always played everybody's require that is naturally ass. The true thank you brought your guy. He frightened goddamn like tat guy right. Get off. Each has re man
rape and murder. I will I'll write. Would I rate Yale thing? You know what data with job work fifty hours we crazy, I'm appeared with Iraq and the more I deplore a little about when advice from desiring to try to get some property out there. Making that kind of money and trying to get bogged out these down payment. For has a credible like that. I just finally got adopted Pretty good right now was pretty good over things that they have been observed by almost a wandering. Ok, I get only seven hundred in the banks to be obligatory loans and low interest rates and how much money sabre yeah. I got a lot but you know how it is that you got something more. Don't you agree I would remind you that you know it like a business or the bigger does not necessarily not if you live in a man of the eleven apart minority living a home. Now, not only will it ok if you get it you can do where you get a three unit and but you have to live in a unit. You could get a three percent alone and in that,
You know you don't have to put a huge downpayment it, but if you have any other viper had added a guy like you know those China looking well. You know online investing there trying to go to those meet you at hotel. They are then you're. Not only that, but I listened to your interviews. Bailey, nothing only kill my little controversy right death like the energy for you I gotta go. Why do you not? A wholesale of things is a little difficult takes. It requires a lot of work, it can work at it works very few, but it can Oh. I do more to flip it in writing, but you hold on the line and I'll give you my guys number and see if he can get you alone from before your credit, everything all right, in order to get it off your Chaz, eight hundred five, a fire one or fire one if you need a vent need, is that right now is to breakfast locomotive service enough from the breakfast club environment is all breakfast
I got wake up or black. We want to hear from you just then a broken of each as definitive live, that's my wife here. Every morning she noted complain already we get up agreed earlier this morning and I have to work by five as used the most wonderful woman I ever met in my life. I am happy to be married to our anniversary come enough and I will do so girl for her and she never complains about issuing, gets up. Another smile on your face, flew to you. I mean she doesn't have you dont, have a smile on freedom and stop it
sweet about his way. He has to go. Where would you now? How did they get up at five in the morning? With a smile on your face, you she's, amazing, Rubber Elizabeth might be bar. We boy do live in waiting for you to say that you do not like it leaves the claw on my birthday. I reckon you guys every single day to a happy birthday. My worries birthday choose rather tired, now began with their. I made a comment on them today: is there and I was listening to you guys been unfair indicted for her. That I am, I hope you enjoy their forty thing, that you got her Josiana Celia. Could we go? Where is he going to lead to today's? Are we gonna do when we get back so Elizabeth of your birthday is February first for their black used removed, so find a black hand little blow out. Ok,
yes, MA am oh, my god. I want to meet you so bad. My brother was in New York and one day I will check that you can see you in there will be a homeland happens, and I am very pleased that my alarm and from california- and I spent my alarm he asked with regard to this- was on my back. It was miles we drop articles. Bondwoman happy birthday was so called regular features brought away. You saw this morning broke. The man that worried about my copy, your turn, your! I got here A book is made known. Everything by valued alike, now highlight a poor mamma. That's why you're my daddy's tickled to Baghdad I gotta go. Why am I here? No, you would one problem with your brother. You got the man and all that food should always tells of yours. Will love like you'd go no way? Who is it
surely we know you all know no kind of my bad, I'm sorry as you do it yeah, inquired you'll be air their own over gone off. Maybe I'll see you can you answer the question yourself car? You said she got a man. You said that before he's going to talk about it, May I will meet all boylike, they know my blade operate, not initially the bad guy got to do is to you IP play a position, ah bottom of all, the old Europe the whole joy begun magazine, a bottle of dishonour vessel janitor into my people. How to do you, like
We do want a ride along in February, where we actually got take like. Maybe a hundred people like gonna people and taken to summit are probably sedated, actually see renovation flippin in all other stuff, I'm doing afterward in March. We do want us up in Atlantic city. Nothing. Atlantic city is a hat market, so a hundred would like people to go. Look properties are probably right now in the neighbourhood of people like you anyway. Besides, if he will work anywhere, you enable everyone, I'm not a dragon. Here I wouldn't mind: I wouldn't mind Nokia and is not just black. People is black people, as is all right. He's doin every taken a hundred black report. It is unable to bring the property right daddy by NASA black people do not bring a proud readjust, eight hundred five, a five one, o five or we governments runaway. Yes, we are going to take a bath
this man. I will give you an update on what the police have found out about what happened with him. I will get into that makes people act as the breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning, so now would be to say they February vivid learning, central on BT, american soul. The untold story of saw train from the producers of the new edition story, one Manning Nights, a black cultural Revolution, Sinclair walls is dark, canoeists american soul series. Premiers too they February fifty nine eight central be easy. Breakfast, morning, everybody is being J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club was good for these rumours. The soldiers you smell it with Angela, his cloak Jesse smaller, will be performing and allay, and that's gonna be happening tomorrow. He already had this
planned and he's gonna be there it's sold out and they said he is gonna to the attack that has happened in Chicago. So he does have the skies swelling in all that, but the show must go on now. There was some things that he wanted to clarify through his wraps. At first they said he refused to hand over his phone records and his phone two cops. That's not what happened the source who say that the cops asked him if he would surrender his phone, to verify that he was talking to his manager on his cell when he was attacked him when he had always bankers. Who would want to do that, then you don't have a phone and you don't know what they're going through and looking at you always said he had no problem handing over his phone records, though Europe also, while we may be looking forward, let em. So what are you going to turn over the phone freedoms reviews on for many years in the process and you don't know what they're going through in looking at your, why we said he had no problem handing over his phone records, though also while we may be limited we're not wearing maggots? Even though some outlets reported that they were they, they simply screamed at me. The country and that the rope around
neck now, you guys have been paying attention to the story. You know they said that he did walk into the building and did have the noose around his neck. So, apparently of two reports. They do have video of Jesse with that robe draped around here neck ass. He walked through the lobby of his building and I was all on surveillance cameras, Reno soldier me, his bag limit telephones. We went from the guy is attacking him screaming out this Maghreb country to they had on mega head right? I'm new story went around social media. Russian media bag limit telephone. Now, in addition to all of that, his sister in a journey It has commented and talked about how is so resilient, even though all of this has happened to him, you know everything is still. The show must go on. So you know: to him. She said because his alight in him that cannot be dimmed because We are a family of joyful warriors. We will not let this get the best of us, although this is a picture from happier times. This is the spirit in which we chose to move forward.
When that still our joy, I wasn't while he went to work, you spent in the show must go on, obliges he's back on his feet and perform and as we can, but I'm shot he's not in Atlanta. That's what a party that left the Superbowl, legal. What a money I've gotta show me only summary it man and then go get his money now having heart got some backup after sending his prayers to Jesse Smart. If you guys, Ah, he tweeted about ending with this man and his time of hurt and all of that, and Mighty commented. Alot of people did comment about that. In one person said at Irish, your funniest joke Congrats he's the hostess crooked media's. Keep it now given our while I a joke for him. The with Jesse bother latte what they exchange Wise Kevin, at the same, the man term of hurt and need by giving him heartfelt support? And you take the time to happen- my and your past that I have a palace, about a moved on from, by being a better person,
you might change. If so, I am an example of what we of what you want people to do. Change of rules, and that's when I responded. I harp because community a black where people face violence, three be sixty five in America and when we tried to tell you that where enthralling you but wanted to educate how you jokes led to actions like what happened to Jesse. You went on. To talk about your wheelchair movie. That was the response This was to be made. Is the people who just want to be mad, be magellanic have to be homophobic, so bad his cronies of off? I saw article on Bobby at the data data that the silence of straight black men when it comes to justice, nor let his deafening. Unlike I saw everybody a lot of people. Both exactly urban Mamma would posing. You know, blessings adjust the anyone world and what happened was wrong and I would even right nautical exit I right now area a grand Asia has fixed her tattoo Souci thought we told you have.
As you try to get her seven rings tattoo and it ended up saying japanese barbecue because she forgot one of the characters were, Now she has added that character in and put up a screenshot of that, but it didn't. We bout. Now that actually says japanese barbecue finger, so she added there character again Margareta ring. True, you mademoiselle numb inside your whose report, whose report myth that's easy, my God, never, teams he's always right by my God, whatever language you speak, Ariana, that's what you to get on your arm to amuse. You know what you getting is united in English. People being funny. At this point, I write in Ariana Grande she's pet things up with two chainz and we still talking about the seven rings. If you guys remember, he had an issue with the pink car that you had an event that paint cars. Yet in the video saying it imitation of what he had done with the pink trap as the pinker car and all of that one now
he's on the re makes of seven rings. Here's a sniff it for you. There is a price this I know the nicest suddenly you would like this must be psyche from the street baby didn't like tomorrow, we day but free when men come now is tat. They don T talk will restrict this, so save jobs that makes life s afraid tree you still my idea, Gimme a feature momentum, a pink trap house, they said video, just like he's in a lotta people pointed it out so Elisa to have made up, These are very mixed. Going to pay homage. I don't want you to tell her body, you got that idea for Meta agreed. I write well. I am Angela YE and that is your room, a report. While right now will we combat rig up front page news? Are we talking about? Let's talk about? Is whether lives like there's a break come but unfortunately there were some casualties are
Next keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is T J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. The girl we are the breakfast club morning was happening. Fridays war weakens the dollar women in the last twenty four hours pregnant right now I don't even know it and are looking for front page news. I told him you were left has about the weather, let's how things are going to be eating up. So that's gonna be fortunate, for everybody in Chicago. They said there were at least about twenty one casualties that were weather related, so again our condolences to the families of those people who are suffering from that, but fortunately, They may whether they had to send out alerts to everybody to not leave the house
stay indoors, alot of offices and businesses, but clothes they weren't delivering. Now it's a cargo alot of those flights are cancelled, so hopefully things will be better soon. Save them it was so called. Yesterday did I went and to target and barbarism thermal payers. I wore dharmu parents and elements Rees Cooper S freeze, because you know I go out. Obviously I felt like a related to top, but in a way that the bottoms genes in droves, someone Donald parents, I gotta Morn Rayner theirs in his in Atlanta, both in the thirties code, is not like. It is back. The aggressor go go two, fifty three, fifty five or some other either and you know there's a term for all this. They forget what exactly what they call it forever by the way that it goes from so extreme too then, so much warm is that these are people actually have issues with. That is the way the weather changes so abruptly. How did they go from like negative? Twenty to fifty degrees sounds like a human being. It would go up and down I right now. Let's talk about down a chance reaction to Jesse small. Its attack, he was
from the office, what he thought about it- and he is what he said I can see- doesn't get many of those dreadful one way street, but I do want to people getting her. What I think is worse said of all is the allowing people to come into this country and sell drugs and human traffic and do all these horrible things that we had the simplicity of a well constructed, beautiful barrier or wall from empire. Well, you can build an empire without loss and that's what we're gonna do women to build a wall and protect our empire. Whatever he said is horrible. He said he was actually talking about the tv show by. Political opportunities does is just beginning, Z, desirable, I can see what, if he's a dogma, the diva shut
There is not how it could actually believe. You raised the question that we will again seen it it's horrible now, where are waiting to see what's gonna happen cause you know, there's government shut down, we're only but rarely reopened until they figure out what they going to do with the Democrats and Republicans with his wall. They Donald Trump wants to build and it looks like him. There's no negotiating that wall. Here's what he had to say available. So it doesn't work if I didn't they show that people would now they wouldn't understand the subject. Now they understand the subjects they realize, what a humanitarian precedence is one February fifteen many will come back and if they don't have a wall, I don't even want to waste my time reading what they have to use. Christ. What a man shall I'm not gonna try to compromise? Ok, if they don't have what I want, then it's not gonna have it's horrible never said the Gummy donigan aren't they the he'll do that and I know his ego so big letter you and I I'm doing you by the way. This is funny he tried to discuss
some things and be clever. I guess- and he said it's almost like a funny version of Anne S and else get not as an l as and that's how he responded when John will erode so twenty twenty damn platform is no private health care and kill fully form two seconds from birth babies so you mean end like dissemble, yet like that, yeah, right yeah yeah. That was his. I guess Does a maybe Even so, we don't know of his levels. The bra I don't want you to know that it is level disability when you you, I've known you gotta meet us with Miss Bill, acronym I'd, even ass. Do ok. Well, that is your front page news all right. Thank you! Monsieur now, as I open up the phone lines, eight hundred foggy five, what or five one yesterday Michael's was on a show. We would talk in public school verse, private school have no
problems, which you love your children, but not you want to public school without pay taxes in public school and they now for black people. Some public schools judges are there and they don't give it all in some of them, don't have the tools that the same schools that other schools have, but if you're gonna simply timid the great business curriculum there aren't gonna retorted say adjoins was to carve a hostile ned land. They have a dry cleaning programme, devotee Sharp printing programme, their vital mechanics, but in these other schools they teach you how to be billion. Is our rights little brother? Eight eight hundred five, a five one thousand five one will talk in public school, verse, private school coms, she came from me. A killer might lie yesterday. Having a conversation, lively discussion, I wanna go my she's, the ceo of regeneration, schools name, is a collar principle, shall stacy Socio three canvasses schools on the south side, Cargan was you opening up windows coolness is inadequate for she s some thoughts on this issue as Debonairly garnish card that it is
they were, she told me I will about it. When we come back we'll take your phone calls its breakfast club good morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Gigi Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club now we're Talkin public school. Private school. That is, conversation came about whip me kill my yesterday. We had a conversation, and people were talking about it all day yesterday about public or private schools have no problems which you love your children, but my children. A whip me and pay taxes in public. Today we a conversation and black people, some public about judges are there and they don't give it all in some of them. Don't have the tools that the same schools that other schools have, but if you're gonna simply tell me to have the great business curriculum there. It ought George Washington Carver last to high school land. They have a dry cleaning programme, devotee Sharp printing programme. They are vital mechanics, but in these other schools they teach you how to be billion is so it is opening up to float furlongs, eight hundred five, a firewall or five one. Now, what are you guys think
I don't even want to. You were wrong. I think the objects of the conversation made it look worth knew what it was killer MIKE is in a vague and loud and aggressive, and your badge in you know, since it is they that it looked worse than what it actually work, I do think it all boils down to options. What I'm saying. I think their parents need option, you know it ain't as if you, if you, if you look up schools in your area that mean my kids go to private school, for my kids go to private school because of the area I live in. When I looked up public schools into bed, private schools, Beth Private financing, which is closer to best goals, were prob anywhere close to closer to live and pay attention to her Kids, I learning and growing cuz. Like I said you know, I was in enjoying going to private school at odd and feel like it was that beneficial to me. In some ways it was. There was some things I enjoyed by. I think over. I had to leave their go to public school
several first of all, it is not about being bays about adding reasonably some egos. We see no more of the problem. Is you always Himsel bade rebate recently, but it wasn't me which is having a conversation with everyone can read it. There was a meeting of astronomy but the media or when it comes in all my kids in high school, I pick one whit would school, I feel is best now my kids were in public school. They were, and I didn't like the curriculum I didn't like had it would be an toward. It was more Kids in a school do not necessarily wanted and out at in private school. They get a better education that that Keynes there. What it is. That's from my experience does from what I've seen thought meticulous school here from our particular I, and even from being queens what I've seen in queens of us. Even when I was a kid and US It raises my kids absolutely positively believe, and I know a lot of teachers were mad and they said. Oh, you said that we don T know. I didn't say that I said that in certain some experiences in some experiences that I have seen personally myself teaches in
those areas in no schools did not teach like these other schools and ass, because I feel like there's no accountability at times where my daughter go to school, every What every Wednesday we get an email from the teacher saying how the school is doing, what they ve been taught and what they're learning I didn't get that for my kids. Public schools also bs, to make sure that the act and I would really going public scudo. I very important data at three different numbers. Nay everybody's got that I had at once when I was a kid him with my kids went too. I do not see none of that. That's. Why said some teachers- and I didn't say all here and if you are really listen to interview- kill him. I went it did that host peel and then at the end he says, but I'm Cinema daughter to private school next year. You dig putting words into my way where he was Jane? Was there he thinks he can acquire? He was saying it was early on is better to send your kids to public school and then later on, when they turn like twelve thirteen. That's what he was saying well. Did you put words pneumonia.
We wish to set up Charlemagne I'll, give you a museum value cause. You might have said something that that you may not have meant to say like this pudding. Peat is not now. I dont public peanuts in yours why you are the only serious lands and one that you put that in Europe when we do not have a serious conversation and usually We have legs the ollila lexical morning. Why They were talking problems, Grover's private school. What you feel I mean, Do the envy, I'm completely! On your side, I went to the public. I will hear an ip like open, a major disturbance in when it came to pass college. Privilege Baden really prepared to go too far. I know that nobody wants to hold anybody's handler. How can you hold now hold my hand up? I don't know anything about, and even when it came to class, I Peter, like the teachers, are overwork they're, not really paying attention all the food in that it really does if there were the Bentley within our community- oh oh, oh did you would be mad at you. Don't say that
have you been with them great work really hard. There was no other way teaches you about the teaches that she will realize they. Just eight teachers will be many innocent, really great public schools and isn't really Barbara was cool, doesn't really great progress? Google necessarily right outlined the share in India. Sharing we're talking about public goobers, private school gap and only after that war is definitely a neighbour call a knowledge of the inner communities, I'm a single black period away until ways in one, but I have three daughters. All three of them went the private schools, but all this one is half her tears to master the an appeal degree. My little daughter has under battle of the great at my youngest daughter, is in high school.
Megan Otto. I thank you for the opportunity to have been a private school because because it gave them, I killed when the opportunity to experience things they would not be allowed to experience in public school because of funding. One of the ways to think that we have is the ability to go to private school because they offer scholarship I'm of poor. I would consider poor. I was living in a partner there, my daughter's kid I'm scrutinise were being black and poor and at school system. Yes, they did, but it gave them the strength they have now because we gotta go, we get in the upper world. Will we get an overgrown women white collar working?
worth. It was still gonna get discriminated ears were built, gonna have things not given to work, because the polio at the fact that we are but the private school they d, B, B, b, racism and discrimination they went through through that and the education they learn made them. The powerful women they are today- and I thank God for- and I tell anyone be out you can afford, because They have plenty of scholarships for black spare makes whatever the minority is more detail, they have available, as you say that cause that's how I ended up going to private school, because scholarships, but the reason I got there was because the public school that I was in it was a great public school in Brooklyn, Pierre to thirty five and I actually it into this programme pipe for press that actually is a free program that helps you go to private school and how to get there
funding to be able to do that so you're, a big, would teaches you mad at this need more public schools are just because a school of private other means better. Just because a schools Pollack government is worth is just about the system and others who could have some public schools in Germany there are some of the best in the state. I mean there sat a river guess what We know the ozone layer and how they have got one as it is now or eight hundred five. A problem like this goal will take. You calls keep a locked, the breakfast locomotive warning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club nephew just join us, we're talking public school verse, private school. This conversation came, I was a conversation me a killer MIKE had lively debates here. This is it listless pay clip of it have no problems which you love your children, but match. A public school without pay taxes and public school and a knife or black people, some public schools,
judges are there and they don't give it all in some of them. Don't have the tools that the same schools that other schools have, but if you're gonna simply tell me to have the great business curriculum there retorted, say George Washington, Carver carve a land. They have a dry cleaning programme, devotee Sharp printing programme. They are vital mechanics, but in these other schools they teach you how to be billion, is Emma. Holding with public school leavers. Private school is the public that that I've experience with my kids were fine. But I just feel like the the curriculum, the edge patient at my kids. Got at private school, which is way better now like, for instance, my daughters of privacy. They have a criminal lab where it actually do. Dna testing and I've never seen it at any other. When my kids other schools, they have actual radio station when he teach kids Why do radio have tv station? Would I teach kids had to do? DVD read a record nor let they have real estate classes. Witty kids how to do real estate. They have a performing arts and away they actually take kids different places to learn how to play different instruments. I've
seen a lot of those programmes in a lot of the public would not decided on exist, but from what I seen it existing so that I've met it anything. You say, and I was a man I think you might well say my mom has been a public school teachers Oculina forward thirty plus years, but I say I created a private school. You know, I think, would teach you get mad at the stigma of public schools, because just because Cool is private. Other means better judgment has called upon. It doesn't mean, is worse like it just about the system that school. When I think that gotta do your research is actually went to school and at first I thought I was gonna, be a teacher. I was taking all these education courses in a tight in Washington Heights. This whole programme when I was in college to be eighty two just because I felt like we need public the teachers yet another. My mother was telling me yesterday. My mom was and is so hard to even get people to want to be more objects. Who teaches right you, men and alighted at his because it's difficult, they don't have necessary tools, the classes of overcrowded and the money that they Pay does not allow. Yes, we should be paying teaches a lot more. Not only You know when I went to school
you know what a graduated I became a dj, but it was more a business, I went to school for business marketing of management and taught me how to make money, how to mock him on money. How to use my money, invest more money and I learnt that from school Only that you know you don't kill him. I said you know, you know certain schoolteacher gotta make tee shirts and teach you how to do two things. No disrespect out of what my kids them know how to make tee shirts dashed is only one way to my kids to do them times. As aside our it's more of an entrepreneur related- and I do when I say all this means- is that us we do need more research resources made our public schools, which means that we as individuals as I can. The rapporteur, has done in Chicago. Just like jail in rose, has then intertwined. Maybe we need to be investing more in our public schools and we need to demand logo. Go lawmakers, actually Mesa, there's more fun. And another role will learn the dragon. I understand, and we would you say when you say you know it it is to be deleted, but amicably net in America in other like his way more people out of work, and we must work in rapidly the USA million it here. But this way more people work in regular jobs activity.
Regular job and will really make the world, but I think that people work regular jobs, lotta people rightly job, because they don't necessarily know how to invest in become bigoted. That's because I will do my parents didn't in arms, so your parents didn't, but for me I was taught how to now my kids, a learning s aim trade, once again. This is all about options. I mean bears need options and you got to do with what you think what you can do for your kid and do what's best for your kids and sometimes the school year might be better to time It's gonna be Bosnia area. If you can afford it illogical to reform, as you have April on eleven April, bemoaning the lion the one you know my brilliantly I mean April yeah. What is it about the public and the probable I mean I don't know why, but maybe why you, dead. There lie. You got a bulky. Babble probably through the woods,
Go where will we be in bed than any words about? Why back baby girl that autobiography as they make sure that they are giving to educate them? you're supposed to be getting better thought out, it will not allow me to put my baby abbe like that they. I do not want reality. One big April, your right and one think you'll make said yesterday and I'm not I'm happy for you hundred percent right, but we are taxpayers. We are paying money, so we have to ensure that these schools and these public areas
even if we don't use the politicians in the european regions all, but not all of the principle behind TAT. All these things are not like. They used to be a bit there, not at all. I know I've got one that must be avoided that make the whole school bell you now, but we do have all the mechanical their birth of opening the cannibal both are concerned. I am that the problem is it in for their help and thereby the bed. I wanna had they gave some public good woman probable that Then I would naturally endeavouring to fix the problem by, but if they ve hobbies, fix right now. I gotta worry about my grandchildren. Everything has to be about and at the end of the day I gotta worry about was best for my child and was best for my child or making sure she gets the best education Eagle S. Education would, like you frank all moment, baby I'll. Have you two Kenny Caddy?
Tat is bad Jerry, Dumont, again, wanna die woods, organ publish, goobers private school. What you think is definitely right now that I'm I'm working through job December to revive his boot up there, one. You learn to his own private, already mandate for me by me, and I just feel like when he whaler private. All you see appeared with the hardy body. They spend money dictators. You gotta you the past or you might wanna goes go at all like on my friends. Goin up they went the problems will need right now they dropped out. What what are you doing here is that you are to jobs. Would you do it deprives good of you? all right all right out, I'm all business, our reprogrammed, ensuring our table contract is ok Look, I would beg unreliable and I go out all the main, because you out with your book, I got a book. In November January, I decided to move Billina
Could you say not? Unfortunately, you I make that big steps or animal from your Solana make now to say a couple of hours ago. We would look. Do you have to national best sellers do your time, but my privilege or lack of it I dont want to regular Joie graduated from public thanking actually graduate from Night School Berkeley High School in months, go to South Carolina. What are they to my daughter's move above monkeys with the public school and I didn't want to say not a public school, but I felt like I was pay in taxes and I shouldn't have to, but they just like the school anymore. I should get an education that I thought they deserve, so I had to pay a private school because best for their mighty. What's on my already pay all these high taxes, but I did what was best and I don't regret that decision and will become. Eight hundred five five one off, I will be going to be talking to principle. Shells principles, you not a principle, no more used to be a prince, was you actually see or regeneration. Schools are, namely stage cells Roca for in the mind, and she hasn't thought she's. An expert at this
Ok, we'll get internet Nevsky Belarus to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is D, J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club, nervy just joined us, we're talking public school leavers private school conversation came from ocular making. I had a discussion yesterday, lively debate. Now we actually have a principle on alone right now. He s design. Stacy shells sees a c o regeneration schools out you're, not a principle. No more I say now actually manage when I manage superintendent networks, all amen opening our next, when it could very well now got no is Michel's. Has some very interesting value call them interesting takes. I think that he is an expert in this subject year them. She is not absolutely veterinary schools in Chicago right to reach all competent seventeen hundred kids and the south
It is rather now you heard a killer MIKE. You may go back and forth yesterday, you had some comments were removed here, for I basically think that it's for long conversation behalf, I dont think that debate is between public and private, because parents have a right to send their kid, whatever their opportunity has a lot at them. Oh bombers, in his case, is a couple lab school here with you by twenty thousand dollars the kindergarten and its doors
daughters graduate from fit well run and private school don't go anywhere and people are not going to take their children out of private schools. Why believe in white with their restored? Were you change the things that you can and don't worry about? The things you can do better conversation is: how do we make us better so that raw parents have better option, and I think that there is no point in criticising anybody further options that fear that they are allotted. You worked hard in the picture to provide your children with everything you want to provide for, and no one should question you about that. The question is: what do we do to make all schools better so that way, low income parents have opportunities to send their kids the excellent school. I think the discussion is good. Schools and schools are struggling and have challenge if he mentioned Property Washington. I woke up. I won't wait all but unfortunately shut out all the educators, hypocrisy, Washington, Highschool, but that's wonderful doors performing.
I hope in the city that window right now, while we both extend our kids to poverty, Washington, because Martin Luther king went they are over fifty years ago now no inner- and I'm glad you said so that the whole thing with with public school in private. I guess in different areas is different in different ways, but here in New York, city grown up public schools. Do they were overcrowded? There was full need a fifty kids per class. They didn't have the necessary tools. So might you know my parents? Middle class They did what they had to do to put me in a better school in a better school district, and it depends on my school We're talking about supervision is different. Could I d go to public school affairs at my school? Was a great with good help me a lot from kinda guy in the six gray, but it depends and others to raise their view brilliancy. It is not about public or private
That means that it is very easy to care if he be better systems period and also to you gotta. Look at the private schools. Some private schools are good and some private schools are bad. Absalom quarter doing excellent, wait for white children, but if you look at how those private schools are serving their black children, their girls are the girl to him as well and map as the boy, and so luckily, what like an apple shouts to New York City, I taught at the South Bronx in Yorkshire, public or five years in Europe. That is actually a district in America right now that actually doing more to training teachers and a lot of other places. They are a part of you like lad. What program I'm I'm in a jungle of better there and there actually really good public school in New York. There really excellent Travers, all you guys with copies, omby, uncommon, hypo, they're, sending kids not only be sending kids the comic book, it also persisting and graduate college time. Other maidens was insured in Jersey, like Norstar Academy, like my friends from uncommon, who have open amazing school
number like one alimentary school Emmi, its heart of New Jersey is a school. A black and brown spoken in Europe. Meters ignore stock, don't shows my outperform adapt or children and their apple forming know about your counterparts are moved uncommon, schools. That is the one I visited a middle argued in New York and it wasn't walking, but I loved them too, by the way were all a part of a similar right? Who is no longer you and Miss Mapp Principle, Maggie Oaths, and what kind of cool that yeah? That's a school, this very similar shoe uncommon if no walking college fat they use allowed of railway packages as well. It's one of the oldest charters, both in the working and that's a dynamic school where the people were coming to school every single day, It was the kid like big get the clap and they give the learning public from that followed I've cool dope, yeah salute the principal manuals, Milwaukee aid, though just one last thing I want to say, because I ve got a public school and in private school is also cultural things. I know from me going or private school. Those teaches
I had there in a lot of the students. There was nothing no attention paid to anything that has to do with our cultural differences are definitely felt like it. Care when I went to school there. So that was just the issue that I had. It wasn't necessarily just about education. It was also about what are these he's doing about anything culture on it was Sunday night has been. I went to has been in the news. A lot lately test for those as has been decades of them having that issue, and they ve never adjusted until now, and when I saw you I agree completely, I would reply that I was appointed by the soil in regard to six great Montessori Pappy. After an climbing up the kissing coming right, everybody wanted to talk to the little boiling fair man, but like what about the little black boy, walking with it with mega hat I'm getting spring that I'd like people, we should have been talking to back it. Thank you for calling a Michel's. Everything tell them tell him give the web every generation. Schools are regional relations school that what we are looking for: middle school pupils and teachers. Now out. There is on the conference. It ass. I think you'd, think
you lazy right now and that we get a model to the story as modern story that is. Thank you know. It is all about your options than you know. I mean, and you had to do- was right for yogi denunciation of you think that upon schools better, be ok, I'll call. You think that a private school, but of you, kids, cool, I do think, is all about doing research, and I agree with you principal shells, Dijon walking corner, presumably not Francoise? You see what I agree with her. You not advantages not about the schools is about this, and find a better system, for you are absolutely right ye we got rooms runaway. Yes, I said about the real Monet went on there and things guy awkward will tell you about it. All right, we'll get rednecks keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive. Biscuits room was break. It knows about the report annually on the breakfast. Well, here is your breaking news. Another Democrat has entered the right, the race for the White House. Now he may
His initial announcement on, of course today, which is the first day a black history month. Here, is what Corey Book posted in his video message I believe that we can build a country where no one is for God. No one is left behind, for parents can put food on the table. A good paying jobs with good benefits in every need where our crew, Justice system keeps a safe instead of shuffling more children in cages in coffins where we see the face. Leaders television and feel not sure on Corey Booker and I'm running for president of the United States of America, where another percentages when it like the backlash of downtown being president. Is everybody say we need to save this country, so what you guys think about Corey Burger, not excite me to hear more yeah
I don't really know. I'm Mccoy book was the the mayor of Nord. There was a lot of things that I know a lot of people have said about. I don't think he ever addressed. I really don't know much of his policies away. He stands or certain things I would love. I got him anymore, more is out and they are most needed. No at the plant is thus vaguely I knew he was then announced that he was running. Has everybody kept talking about is how today was a day that he made that announcing our own opinion ought to be the way. I'm not excited motherhood angry about it, I'm just like ok, some other Another present banana One only has joined the Castro's your enthusiasm about this during the Ladys of the Rio. She was a guest on the real and they address some real things. Now, here's the as you know, com, is that Asia and violent may that harmonious set. I have an issue with people thinking that every time someone is loud or boisterous or saying something negative that that's than keeping it real, why does it
always have to be that just because you all over the place and be a lot of making a lot of noise, that that's the truth and that's real should Emma. I wrote alimony, did not like those comments and at the time and it happened. She went on social media and said that she's, just young she's a child, so You know you can't blame her were on the show here's how those who had been discussed it some time ago when I was watching a show- and you said what I did- the pleas of their power- and you said just because your lout doesn't make you right here- and everybody Simone. If you want age when you walk, because she grew- and I said: listen Asian is a baby as she's. Had enough life experience to understand the stately guy she's. Maybe I understand it. That's. Why couldn't crochet goblets morning
drop one include both money must like these and they make the two of them talked about how they can disagree but still have a grown up conversation. Like me, I read that I was like I get that her experience is nothing like I'm sure what my experiences love about. That is that it starts a conversation and I don't think roll over and just let anybody do anything they want, and I think what we have to get away from his this there's no beef. No decision has no spilling too weak to grow for them on a par with faces. On his garments. If it means that yesterday we kill a mega right, envy images wanted respect any does wanted. You know each vascular make do something simple: don't pudding Peters,
I dont public pieterzen. Yours is simple: Minuet beef now, so I don't blame me for you. Don't have a nosegay mama while promoting our all is no good you. Now we got rid of all. It is okay. I write em annually in your room report annually and altogether simple request began vs, but other simple Rico. Now, meaning you out why everybody so mad at you a brief you on this baby. Don't put your Beaver Bob Bob! I welcome on beef in yours. Ok, ok enough! There enough Aren't you glad you know hey
what about you? I am feuds. I've got on in his old age in Atlanta these data. Let your lot to be put off, not long been ruined people's weaken remit. Don't put your mother, I thought that I hope will not be yours and landed. We give it. I guess I'm crazy or even a donkey two way, Donald Trump Junior. We need in the coming from the carcase. We like a whirlwind given more than before. I will do that when we come back. People acted to breakfast locomotive,
Don't do that knowledge is meant to imply was made available Charlemagne. The tap I've got to make a judgment was gonna, be on the dot the other day page. How you breakfast club pretty argue. The data. Here today for Friday February, first first, their black history of trouble. Both black history must likewise be early. Goes to one of the sun to sit down union, I have never claimed to be the highest rate of wheat and dispensary. I'm is pronounced. The latter words like, but not limited, to scrape screech on an almost side. Information. When I write, I have to use a dictionary and thesaurus find a spelling of a lot of word. That may be simple to other people like privilege. True story, to national best selling books, black relationship when respectively- and I caught hell, spelling for only for a few months, because I kept typing p r. I ve e e g, which is wrong.
Its privileged, ok wars, parties. When you spell something oh privily having pr ivy, I l parties when you spell something wrong over and over you get mad at the red squiggly lined underneath it. Like is two computers fault? No negro. You just don't know how to spell, and that's fine One thing I would never spell wrong is an acronym. Cs levels to being stupid and those amongst us was acronyms wrong are a different level. Is stupid, but, Sir, How some way down from Junior found a way to do it. Let's go to Emma S M per se, northward reportedly dont from Junior is getting locked on twitter for a reference to Saturday night live. Instead of writing the letters ass, an l, he wrote this it's over. Like a funny version of Anne S and else get the tweet was enriched. On to another posed about democratic platform for twenty twenty that was courtesy of as em and proceed news. Ok, as an EL, as in the letter s delay,
and in the letter, Donald Trump Junior put the letter as the symbol the and proceed in the letter. L. So he put s apprehension. Emma pronouncing Empress. Stand right. You before I can t S, ok like any, like Barnes and Noble Batman in Robin Fast and furious those all ampere saying they use simple, ok, but that's how sorry man, I'm Saturday Night LIVE works. Ok, I need it, accept Donald Trump Juniors emails immediately. Not It was collusion with Russia, but for committing purposes only can you imagine him asking some one of the are attending the empress and are a convention issue am typing the sum thank you to emphasise our aid for donating thirty may enter. Like my father, I need to see I need to see the emails about Donald Trump Junior complaining about the players kneeling during Nick the national have them in the empress than ever. I really want to know of Donald Trump Junior can spell night. Ok, I want to know old. What may meet fiercely? Saturday may alive. It's
been awful forty four years. How can you not notice the acronym is ESA, the letter stands for night. Eight has no reason to mistake that for Amazon ever are now a drum junior needs to be an aspiring, be, would nothing but an acronyms? Ok, I need acronyms net and would end in a minute. I need to see him spell out there. Amber Sand, Basketball Association, I need to seem spell out Amber saying Aeronautic, since administration I need to see Donald Trump spell out to anywhere be offended. If Donald Trump Junior was tweet out, would all you am? CS. I e g g s. He shut the hell up. What that offend. You ate you Edward, without offend you money, it was shown DJ envy I'm just saying what if he would if he said you ever say words. Please be quiet. Instead of inward, hey theology,
We are all born ignorant, but one must worked remain. Stupid please let Remy Magua Donald Trump Junior, two biggest ya, hee hee, stupid mother tongue. I think I d day why people a new way to spell out the inward our rampaging. I didn't mean to our right. Well, ampere, sand I Gigi s our rightful. Are you can just put dissemble input? Were you stupids ampere sand work well. Thank you very much for a donkey today. Now, it's Friday, worryingly, William accumulator. You have to know good. What does it look like to put the hookers? Let me guess you bet you basically, Bulgaria, that terrible pulled a colony beige man, no girl give doc. I can get a kid alright, what does I see that means it's freaky freaky review, freaky, freaky Friday questing comes from our o. Me
Rob will include bombs dreamed organic now. Did you dream what dreamed? Also, let's play re fast subsided? I think that's right or each sub beat through socks. Four level a maniac arise. When I need to know what are the kind of maniacs out any street, he should never mentioned dreamed Alan reference to his distract against out. You are right, but less over the four lines: eight hundred five, a five one or five, or what are we asking our listening of out of feed to south I've? Never heard of such levels of man's someone's waited at their head to them of whammy finance. We ate Andrew Foggy Firewater. Five. What would you say we do stocks? Have you ever sucked feet through sound of honest? Like a woman, you know given fellatio Wada Guide where an economy which I know a lot of women, do, that is allowed people to death. For goodness sake,
you'd have to disappoint category. You can still cadets ideology of evil yard, no need our slave, or else you should have signals are mostly everybody out their party. Have they ve all acts of God gave me bottles that can have. You can use a dented there never heard of a damn them to build an adapted today as it is. I guess where peace is regulated to excuse make it, you know you pull it and they only if you like make it you now you should. It up and then you put it over your tongue and then you do it identity of I just dont. Do it had existed. They like this, don't do panties and at the same things like hamburger, do the rabble had little Bergamo rabble as safe as you can pay. The rejection of the director of Olaf no what are you doing wherever we go to,
a beggar over wide bitter, probably was liberated around forever. The desert, like alright energy. What's going on here, don't you five, a five one? Oh five! One! Do you sell tolls through sacks atm thing? Ok they can have. Is they do have em points about this? What Fergus, now that setting intelligence acts are we'll talk about it when we come back as to breakfast promoting the breakfast club, envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club now, if you missed it, is as you know, Debbie Friday, regular fraud in the freaky freaky freaky Friday question is have you ever saw told through sacks.
Now I have you not tell Moody's came from this came from dreamed. I will play to contemplate clip of Adam subsided dream. Does it, or at least the sucker feet to our stocks? Now I'm very happy for you, my wife and a better. We ve done a bunch of things, but I've never sought tools do socks and the newly tried as we get that that is a bad guy. Isn't it everything raise a birthday you might try if she wanted to, I would do it. I made up the most. I was eight from that, is you have about it? wife has a less than a dollar a her panties on you have alike, I do feel ok, they all thy by another. Nine doubly do that. I might not by debt and try to pull him down Matif day you go. I don't do that. You got a blow on the hat that you're hot they loved onwards. On line as United loves me by anyone who decide you believe you blow you blow warm air incident on her, I'm gonna get you guys, have digress summit
what are you guys said? No, oh, yes, my soul. You noted, before I even ask others, do sacks. No use that toes so kind of similar to what you are describing now accept. This through disagrees is kind of like your live is like I fit. Panties I do not know and for what they are into sexually. The absolutely no reason to be stuck in feed to sites like. What's the point you have to be a different level, a maniac, a different level of psychologists have feet sub feet to Saxony. You said is like feed panties anal panties, that material, because it depends what to say material is that I want what Mamma Y know these as in vain, I said but you could invite you don't have a right until they have a right to fish. No type of sacks. You know things like that, but dont have back. Is your woman on exams? Did I They have a whole shoe sack smelling in sucking toes and feet and sat porn, and although that is a video young girls, lakes Knapsack feet. In fact, what the hell are you free zone in the? Well? Now you said you
did it before you? Aren't you look up without What drugs you own, we'll talk about it. You know you know at first, I thought can be a little better, especially suit us, where the light which you know I have experienced. A mighty thought. You know you're, not on their house, where you put your whole mouth was making systems where exactly a year. Yet again, the moment. Will you guys, Jim Class together year in the locker room, what what is it because you but I eat ass, o o he's at all, but I never forgot about below, but would you boy for there is no judge we about the judge, hello. This was minded people. Look a lot of was abroad, talking about having ever sub tools to sex, not indefinitely, but the common goals. Why what did write it told me? What do you mean? I don't know. Why do you wear out? No more! No don't! I was Doin United political will to do so,
parliament's on ya know units at a couple so told you. So I never said knows. I never signatories to sacks our own standpoint. I would rather just subtitles like a girl, given you fellatio would condiment let us how kind of crazy Rebecca now. You're puts here professional foot fetish model. What is afoot fetish model Typically, the glee barrier, a huge, a huge love of the out there a kind of appreciating and admiring the beauty of what we have to offer a kind of crime in like a thing, The way you have nothing other. You understand farram about what kind of associate themselves with who made that up I might be so. You compare with humans to dogs now, but not human dog. If the animal is a primal nature of its attractiveness, someone said a fair man. Why also you be so people sub to sack because the sack smelled like the woman yeah pretty much,
y know what Molly, what he thought and, to be honest with you, the people in my real life. You no kind of the need for having molly made a lot of innovating uncomfortable. I'm I'm not an ugly woman. I'm very attractive was thinking this. I have rarely seen a beautiful thing, when I made the debate in here, joining the parish community. You know, It was just an overcome being arm of love and appreciation, attic that or who I truly am, though. Yes, it may be kind of pre ethos dumb, but to those our infuriated honestly the whole lot of iron, and I am happy for you do do you give for jobs and how that? Oh, God? No! No! No! I don't. I don't. You are not in that by not apparent r o my last year. All along the line, that kind of my beating at them the whole power way in our vote.
Are in high powerful position. They I should be happy about that control and have you committed? Does the like death, then that the boy question. How do you wash your whole body but keep your feet for you ass everyday, which, if you know what that might be, creatures have a part in that I got Earl you will maintain the outer, but yet keep my belt that apply those nurse gamblers illuminating, I'm not judgment, does give me no reason. Another signal free do no success that disgusting, how you wash your body would keep your feet stinky. All you lose yourself. We do such I can imagine what you gotta do: the Lamb chopped salt puppet, my goodness, all right, two thousand five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five. What is freaky freaky freaky Friday? Have you ever sucked told through side scrollers down with the breakfast club good morning, Dj Envy and Charlamagne tha god we are the breakfast club. Now, if you just join us,
As you know what that means it's, whereas gave have you ever saw told through socks, comes from dreamed all the wrapper less it was, she had to say what she was owing to disregard against. Tory lays Adam subsided. I think you know man said: did you have to be a different level of maniac different level, a psychotic this of feed to sites? And after hearing these first, cause I'm convinced a toy lays a different level of savage sneeze. Emmett idle did ya one lyrical smoke. What a man like that are I allus culture. Airlines eight hundred foggy five, one o five one. We have Rhine on alone Ryan morning go a variety of such tools. Do Salisbury hell? No, I would never done yet Why the hell? What I thought I could do a soft on monuments, my sense to do it. They sat in the EU budget if you never saw Guiteau now universe regulating feet. I love my guerrilla be honest with you, but I would never
oh man, get on your knees and kiss your women feet. Some time brought How would you dominate the oligarchy was brought you some tools. Do sacks. Hell, yeah Bogota there thought eyes, and why are you so excited bra, relax, I've known excited mother, you know, sometimes you just gotta, even stuck in Gaza has nothing to do with UK away downright dead. You know why don't you just the hungry that might damage due to rabble. I re guy and I ran up goodness love alice- does allow this. A domain you ever so tools do sides broke.
Who had no thought of employees. I, when I first out showery nonsense from one of his clean sacrificed at the drier cleaned up. It don't matter. Men like lay early amount, never know with them. Tat improves sometime, may not emphatically plaguing obey and mademoiselle. Washhand dry is each socks at school misery for days. So you do finally put your mouth want to sack that was missing for days. Allow this there have ebony you ever so toes through Sonia. Now, I have already done to me and they feel good as you like this are. Maybe I should try to your lady moved back apparent, always like a spy You know that in our mean, you know just because you do they that he we're in fancy I'll be authorised flew within what I thought you walking around it, and I will have do know. Is that way: nothing it blown away. You know I mean nothing at the big
I think the aid is probably cleaning and socks and beyond. But he's not gonna do stock that they, like some thirty thoughts without their alleged like email delighted by some guys like the whole yeah. You know that I won't do that may be buying about today. He can do their job. Would think about all of you have a good clean, your socks, you gotta put him in the world and you gotta put detergent in Algeria as you do us, as now, it determines what he's probably not have no need of. Five absolved? No doubt a union. We will be that enable mainly in the eighth and giving me nay airlines do differently the gleaming away. In my name. If not, we are, you will be met by a girl like you, but I beg you Mamma at Asia. Gossip is trying eyes you, but you are dry not really a distant dream, we got to take points off your diss record cuz that wasn't really a distaff people like it. You will like it in the mall the story to me as men, dogs and die.
We are told hold and they like the resumes, wait another do what was in we, I think I've thought about deadlines who are being toy would have boy the outcome. I've heard of big, imminent boy, could run a train or address not where she said, and that was not a train, I'm not going to say what you would think that would weighty the way. But still now she said it, three, some hair, All right, you got it wasn't away yes and make no gap. Over. Is this bad news but tat you would happen, DORA would get internet mixes. The reckless local Mon Ami Service enough from the preference club in Burma, is all about breakfast morning, everybody's d, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakthroughs club was gets it a rumors were taught me
The report is the reul report. The breakfast club yes make mail, he was in Jamaica and he got pulled over. He was partying Kingston having a good time. And then he ended up getting pull over, but it doesn't and badly for Hammy here's what happened the poor this over a vigil of as they are? We tat we get like that when these, as the erotic industry does over again and shall now want to hide our words right, because we knew of rotation like they say you any. We really be in contact with police for being The police poured him over and wanted to take it picture, I got them. Railways should be eased not gonna be issued. Hopefully,
all right now, Monet, according to the Jasmine brand, they have an exclusive which says that she got into a carpenter, with Steve Harvey on on the set of his day time talk Show Steve according to sources. He was coming. I that she needed to apologize to whip goal, but for some common sense she made about what we go, where you guys remember where she said Sworder in our room, where she hasn't things about what be Tyler, Perry and Steve Ivy was that you need to apologize for those comments she referred to will be the help. Ok, it's nice and guess, things got a little bit more It turned up from there and it might have gotten physical There is I leave in the face and he said that if she hit I'm here her husband would have to come out and square off Trudeau, gentlemanly rural women's lab you use data. We advocate, I'm not the one young man, so she slept
logically, northern our to hit him in the face of the cameras were rolling, so we don't know if that's gonna end of Erin cause any view hasn't come out yet, but I guess was if they gonna use. It or not, I would think nuts that those are my she love us through the air. Now. Germane Jackson has addressed that Michael Jackson, documentary that leaving Neverland, which is talking about Michael Jackson and the summer parties have he's had with kids and all kinds of nations vice had let me answer Jack. These were slumber parties and what they didn't tell you was. There was little there are, even with their parents their uncles and sitting down watching movies during the time. I believe he was instructed by one of his legal team to do that and that's my everybody has come forward. Now I will say this: even when they I might the Father killed himself because of guilt, and then the kid said Michael never touched him, so that was about the two thousand feet. A molestation, molestation trial documentary leaving Neverland is someone ethical. I can't believe somebody would make their documentary. I can't believe they feel that documentary to air,
two guys on a dog said under oath that Michael I never touched touch them side. I understand how you know we can we can weakened. Salute perjury by you. Your beard literally pan somebody that could uncommitted perjury on this thing like sought. Why why? Why should we believe anything? And they say I write- Are you in here some good NEWS, so the boy he has signed a new deal with worn, a tap or music. So congratulations to him. He put eyes at here's what he said in his priest the answer. Is yes, my guy re impress. You actually did that deal with him. I see him in the picture you hit me right after we did the soda boy enemy when he said
beside him and one chapter would it? What can we do to rob? Wanna cooled Basel soldier boy was not act like the breakfast club of you. Didn't changes life our rights as this soldier boy taken creating right. You, everybody out, we write all remain very little. Less, not act like the breakfast club of you didn't changes like we brought you provide. We will not have a don't let anybody any other artists come at thinking the same things gonna happen, then don't try to pull a sociable and also need to think that young graduates de soldier boy was very organic and an act We saw the boy had a foundation to stand on, because it's not like two things he was saying was so out in the realm of possibility. Yes, oh boy, the godfather to this whole new generation of in all in an airport before Without LAO Rob was there was sold boy before it was cream and Rob was there was soldier boy, so he laid the groundwork for it. And last but not least, shut out to tee. I he posted be clear. These faces, along with a host of others, they look like lay the foundation for the infrastructure artistic
go system. You now know as Atlanta this issue and we run the city. Don't get it S. Death will adjust the temperature to make it as hot or cold as we see fit If we waited in a is sincerely king, it's a picture of him Jesse and ludicrous? is absolutely right a mean. You know how I would add. Little John Incident makes too, but I mean those people from their land. Oh, what from Atlanta to international frame saw you know they definitely laid the groundwork slowly, polities new will in order to be international. Superstar that's about it way. They were all at the ace points as ports by yesterday low down with their isabel. He did a dj set ourselves, so it was The pop up now order me without casting good him up, he handled at an early hour, Cassowary Madden, labour, no garden ocean, though God therefore took everything to another level. Yesterday's yea and Jean Louis I write well, it is
though we get out here and at last eminent Lana, envies on his way here? Nasa will keep you guys, updated on social media, I'm sure absolutely all right. Well, as your room report shall tomorrow I again today is how birthday so I won't be selling in all weekend in Atlanta, an arm, life is making of a lot you dont, maybe no, maybe don't she can make an rican soap and chinese I'm. She loves. You make a music some place unless any music. What makes this morning, I let me know yet dance out soon Sullivan? Oh, you have fair read to you one day. I'll call me up right now, Andrew, don't do that. It was the number one Five one three legs entry
I remain committee will feel about what you said yesterday, nor to kill him. I give you hated drunk, don't pudding, Peat is my mouth. I dont public, peanuts in yours. I would what war would they use? This describes. Major player wishing to vote was eliminated. Everybody else excellent. Next, the breakfast on promoting torn and everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean a guy. We oughta breakfast club. We have a special guess in a building in another kind of message, be a NATO adding pronouncing aimed key launder calendar. Calendar rivers. Yes, ok, I pray for your pop. Yes, indeed, not she praise for her pop tell people what does that mean m. They I pray for the hip, hop communities leave for you guys, radio station any both in the hope of community. I pray that God would just such a hearts in their whenever you're going through that he would have he threw India make Yolanda lie down the. When I arrived and I walked out at a place. Who eat net and she lobbies ran upon me like a Charlemagne. Can up
for you getting out of control? no pray, my absolute! No! I need it. So we praise you we. How can we prayed in the middle indiscreet, Sergeant, come another infringe club one day when her mom, and which is what you didn't hear my sisters, the measures. I shall remain the outlook on this one a prey. Of course I would not want to get this prayer, so we when did you when do you realize God will using you back in two thousand, the loving our pray meeting at my traits and the speaker always the case. She spoke about any wine house in that year. Anyone else had died, and so was something I really great me because you spoke about her in for First Simon, like a water, they just as a human knowledge comes. I wish you would like the artists. Also has a human, and I realize I never took the opportunity to pray for her in, like all the things that I saw she was going through, and so then I started say immediately. Like starts to speak to me, my hip, they weren't, you praying for them and his eyes put a bunch of different faces before me, gal its duties, and I
How do you want to do this? Are you want, and how do you want me to do so? You want me to pray and massacres is very significant. Things that he had three days seven days or you re a good. Is it and he told me, like forty nights, I, when she spent forty nine point four hip hop so January, two thousand twelve eyes by forty nine praying fasting are for their part community assistance. Kept going like framework. Would you biggest users about community Raymond? How big is concerned? and is just way kind. The the content of the music is heading is sometimes like cause. I work with kids as warm and teach what he's doing- I kids see a lot of the impact that they have some hope. I didn't come out of class speaking about their last history class or size. They come speaking about yours. You here I saw and soldiers, and I see how they're so impacted by the constant and images that they see that they even like put it on his dark, heaving in a manner? And, unlike I want them to be impacted by good Hiphop as workers, I don't like all his pipe is bad, but I feel like the some adjustments can be made in some areas also repeatedly, really
who did you pray for? I've run Nellie germane to pre designer it gives earlier Brussels Theory IRAN's Muslims in the elevator, so red everytime events may have been like super random. Only see where the articles on talking to me no stalkers element, I bet you'd know we could do it. Was they so red Ribbon River Cotonou us when he was going to the idea and we actually I'm especially like, went off one thinks diverse initially coming up a balcony, I haven't: pays pray for King S, authority had a prayer, always pray for him, and even this past it within these last point. Thirty one days leave pray for him a few times a pervert pray for the breakfast work yes and wherever you guys. Indeed, when you do that, for you do at home in private, I do dormant social media. I would he do they see as the phronsie actually went live and we ve been guy like every day and night thirty preying on year on the periphery. Well, there's your last nine thirty, now one Daniel can you run everybody up? Go get Taylor and salmon waxen. Who will
is now here you now. As I am was round everybody up. Unless I get a good prayer, is again a good prayer. Going might go on and on his breath might go one of wrath was made. Metabolism is prevalent remember. We will need a miserly with Roma Coma. Everyone wants to join hands here. He lost his lonely Roma Aragon, Newman's use that I just think you so my scarf for this moment Lord, and I know that this is an is beyond each and every one of us for not just. God or everybody in this room guide. Everybody who represented here in those guy within the hip, hop community everywhere. God will be listening to this Lord. I pray that you would such their hearts God. I pray that you would be able to with their minds and show them how much you loved them got beyond the beats beyond the marriage, you see them as human that they are you see them, as I saw you don't see, they accolades will guide you to see any of those things got. You see them as some mighty that you love and want to help to every single issue that
going through Lord and I just pray that the same way you ve done for me, you not irrespective of persons or God you play no favourites got for the same way you were able to meet me. I pray that would meet each and every one of them allow them so experience your presence. Allow them to know just how much you value them, how much they are worth. Still got in the end, just that identity that you given them got up in that they will be able to walk in the fullness of it. Lord, that they wouldn't settle, got to be and by the things that they going through, but then she would lift up their hearts so guiding I urge the very soul of to let them know today that there was a hope that lives in Jesus, oh god, and that you are willing meet them in asking them to be perfect, and I ask nonsense, said caught try and common in the best in any way of asking them to come as they are got so even in this moment, Lord, I pray that you would begin to. Let them know just how much they mean to you, and I thank you for all that you're going to do, and I pray that you would just continue to allow your voice to
heard just name. I pray may arriv those really have a key role as that kitty. I underscore oh, I envy ay and at preferring a popular you falander bodily Roma are right, would beg you commander for joining us. When we come back, we got two positive. No, don't move to breakfast! Welcome dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club. Now, I'm shot to everybody in the lancet is a lot going on tonight, I'll be hanging out with tee. I t eyes, trap gala. As we had about, is getting pretty yesterday to knit asking to be at day drew out the super atrium Saturday, I gotTa Day party daydreams at his Sunday MAGIC city in it like us. It is my wife's birthday today, so we will be celebrating all week long. If you see I see I shot us a hollow. I re happy birthday again gear Babby Bordered year. Now you get
to Atlanta, I'm here for one more night. I got an event I have to do tonight and then I'm out of here tomorrow, but I had an excellent time yesterday at the EA sports. I haven't really slept much and tear who works amazing. He s knowing loud as hell antenna Aventine quietly on the makes. So as not to wake her up on my I would you have to go back to them, because if we did it ass. I am. I have enough to do anything so later tonight, so but there's a lot activities it eight as a day party for the mayor, occasionally as bottoms. Oh yeah, that's what you're gonna do that to me as yesterday party today, so that should be really cool. Your more shrew from airport. You shouted a major priority. G Star hasn't of it. Is I gos billion different things going on? I'm a go to the G star event as fast as I can many different things happening as it is at last, and it is super. We can also forgot need aid, so maneuver two fifty sensitive you free he's, gonna cost. For the be movie
if you would help some pick pick. Some people Alice S sweet loud today from eight a m to eight p m. So he said: if you free come or do we get the pig and casting array I'm in derivatives, they too, which are mainly used by them. No was imagining the further black his dream of mass. I want to quote a black his dream of legend name. Can t washed in Bogota washing, say. Success is to be measured, not so much but a position that one is reached in life but by obstacles which, overcome, while trying to succeed, private visit Pinnacle yoga, deepen whirl, New Hampshire on the side of it. Highway, the hill the witness a light in the sky, the craft hovering above a field They thought there was the end of their story too. Years later under Hypnosis David Lee, that there is more that night. So what had they forgotten the strange case, a Betty and Barney Hell this season on strange arrivals, a coat action of Iheart, radio and grim and mild from Aaron Monkey listen to
range arrivals on the Iheart Radio, APP on Apple podcast, sore or wherever you get your podcast high We want it's Katy Correct. I use my podcast next question is. Form to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right there's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why we're switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer in them time, we're going to stay focused on the corona virus. Talking to the expert, So you can really understand. What's going on, I know so overwhelming, but we can get through this together. You can list and to next question on the eye? radio app Apple podcast or wherever you get your favorite show We want you to know that we are here for you
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