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Raekwon stops through to chat with the Breakfast Club about his latest project Fly International Luxurious Art, a possible Wu Tang and much more.

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Real people real, celebrity real, some joint existed there. Morning. Everybody is dj. J envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta the clothesbrush guests in the building, inquired the God. What a press law are ya, ya, divisive! Our congratulations! This year is a twenty year anniversary of only book for cuban links, which is it. We do so, as we did in the cancer a prototype caused fertile. You already know you ve got a whole forty five day toward lay out. Can we come up in July, so we go home Do that apple? I remain about the documentary documentaries officials. Commoner though you have arisen, but is from back when you were actually doing. I am here. We got some stuff though, but the way we do in this one is leg. Is. Is definitely is more like us build in a young like accolades in or out it's more like you're talking to us.
Begin now when you crafted at item twenty years ago, did you think it would not only standards at the time that I have, but it was. It was their power classic. When you have known it felt like that, I was in my problem. You know when you making your first. I will you know that shit I should number one. Might the hours is giving our reflection on when I was seeing commoner, I feel good about half the Meda was you know I was a whining one videos on wanted a whole flake. You know my name is like these thinking. A brother was gone too far dreaming you know, but I was just feel like that, because it was different. You know I made it different. I wanted it to be different because I felt like you know everybody He had the old style out there and I just want with Congress know it really do be specifically for that album I did, he does have the flag badness in already
I you know he deathly, you know was Doin allotted. Thank saw it in a change in our bees. What they about wrong when he was Megan Veto was like you might arrive. Citizen came out the be son like that, so you know some of the baseline glacial ice, different, whose death now listen, whether new album fly international luxurious. I in particular the sound that you day with I'm a sap rocky I got money, you really brought him and say your chamber is not like you tried to be, you know, do something there not. You were really was like updated flavour for require from back in the day, but is modern, but it's not like this isn't nobody contract. It sounds like you really put a sad racking
something that sounds like a great plan b. You know I'll just get up and then just do what I feeling I felt like that beat cater to the young audience. You know I just felt like he can rock it. You know, of course, we had a relationship already in the past, I'm working on stuff, and I just felt like you know, let me connect with the young, you know and somebody for my time you know I like what he doing in your throat. Person, you know my God thinking rocket, lay stated if you stayed independent on his work would probably one of the first Addis that independent, and that was successful and independent when you daddy, I'm. So you do not you not go back to me. It's not gonna happen are now. I noted that the control fact that Canada a cannon little baby, my boss, you gotta you gotta, be clad in a big big, big, a refugee.
Scary, one Y gotta make their decision making relating wanted. A far authority was one of the four as well as large, as full as a rapporteur do because he was as Rapporteur on the south used in me, I mean he's the surrender of eight or nine forty of amiss, crowds, rarely independent on his own and be very successful dawn, but you gotta lotta, guess appearances and this album is well. So how does that way today? Just say baby favour. You know, I know you got the budget that you open them is Pappy dipping when you that is spent on money now I mean you know: Dudley Relationships is employing colonel lauded. Losing women. Take my money right. You know, you know a lotta. Do they call me no more lax from one of your label. Commune a year. Was someone s pleasure being independence? We believe you call me a may you. You know we call.
Am I acts were dollar she'll be made now risen before me that you said you said you gotta, be there came a three young proxy further came at the Rio Grande, you have to you know when you, when you do in business, and you know that you know cause we week. We nineties do so. You know a lobbies, those ages heard of us. You naughty her. For my brothers are mothers or fathers or whatever were here. You have the transition yourself a little bit. Really adapt was go alone, you know not stay well, my lab, and is it hardly ever done down a little bit Anna them, and now I'm just be a meme is given on what they know. You lot it's on those who want to do something with us, based on the fact that the reputation that we will carry on the basis of unanimity across a artists that you know is very successful and you want to come up, and you know he still out there. You know, does one work which you naughty. They feel like us onto the do that, though I am not happy about it, you
now this young. I know you guys, like Drake as I've Jake paid Hamish to the voting as well by who are some other terrible, workable borrower this law is no other way to catherine- is love song rake like love, songs, though ravages level lies. All me big oil it at all. You have you here. Language is not a double one on it gradual, had already set out deafening. One are the bailout like though it could be a little Eleanor, nor felt like the Bible ass. Do you like now like when new ideas we like ok out erected at my cheeks, now think changes adult young g commoner tuna staying cobbler catch fucus from all over Davies? Ok, We still think he'd like one who knew tat those common up before, though Autism Toronto, from come from Ghana cluster.
I saw a man like anything. I had to let a couple God. Oh you know you naughty was lacking. A certain departments in Ireland are forcing Obama ignored when very lazy, inaudibly early now justice. You, you know, you wanna each articles two and tell em they gotta work rule because you know he wreck is not just come overnight and my thing is: if you're getting you not really raided, think that'll met. Work went on one on certain you. What would these plays for you to get on a new? Not you tell me, why do you want it? either it was hardly when you were coming up to it required a lot more legwork to blow up I will tell you a lot more talus memoirs will leg work and is bills. I guess allow, moreover, saturated Anna us up elect. Sometimes people think things come allowed quicker and easier, because they just go online. Put out basic. All they gotta do is fled the internet. Go on to murder. You know
I asked the grand and other that you think it was a lot harder. I pay was hot of us may frailer easier right now, for everybody is just all about. You know, have constant and just child and be a net. You know network eleven things about network, and you know it sounds artist, come enemy. Think, oh, I just gotta Rahman S reign. All you gotta! Do you know you got a bill, relationships you you know show me that you know it's like. I guess off the light there now because now they had? A labels was looking at us back then we know a weakness was whatever we wanted to do. What s important, though, when you, when you. Went away. I think, from from the whole, from the whole war plan, I think you're, probably the one net got it. Because you are the product of one s, recognisable, let's go! It goes out every night that I see all the time that mingles them.
Other. Do don't really like the guy goes down tuna and let me go. Let me once again is nine million early, its various out raise out when the young clothes you don't know raise out all raised electromagnetism young Czechs does why that is raised very probable and wages. The railway appreciate lifestyle. With that. I'm talking about you and Divorce Clare. You know what I can. Behind the fact that he was wont to clear your whole everybody now February I did they did when I thought I d worth guarantee says he stayed out all night with a good thing that can happen as soon as possible, as it they could all young digs passing goodbye could have been playing chess. You know rake could it be incandescent stake me? Show you some every time you know you know so crazy. As you know, we got all kind of is enough.
You know it ain't it ain't, always that you know I mean like we sit up and just had a great conversation just because they cool like that. You know it been times where you know: dude came with a girls, and you know. When you wanna hear you know and you just sometime. His chair, with, though we know just to see the reaction on a face, you know and let them know like hell, we will pay, will you know the entire? Like you know, just a minute chef, no minor was gone on a year ago, like ten fifteen minutes. You know her alone, What did we ever goes? Free say you goddamn ragged, that feel a lot, but you ain't shots at seven, a m Where have you got a girl like that before, as a girl's may ecology, before we got here before
I personally have avoided. Remember ill stories. I remember you out is using low young white kids. You know they had his girl and boy. Oh boy, you know what's so funny because it was like she was in a bag nervous. Like he's like he's here, Shall we say so you know we like these? wow way came on a bus. Look if boys girl, Amy, give em wages. War gauze, though you know, who s legitimate, that I'm gonna use. I don T like white border Will you know we just sat back and see how he was doing when he came on the bus, and you know it was all. Oh yeah home, all you gotta, meaning is really there. Really like cell. Unlike the did the security, those like your MA, Naso Daylight, it had thought more of the bosnian but show he fell.
As we all know that when you know that if we let a leave led back to TAT man, are you don't area, it was funny domain respect do goin out there. You know I remember grudges DR behind it to our buys girlfriend cities. Cities is falling booting, but that's our planet. I rode life. You know time. That's all you need is above you don't wanna, see China get loose on. Sweden, outta your filter lottery you mean you know all you do is always moving you did. They could tell her what was viewed near shoved. His dear me, Ngos. Eighty five. Ass. They said he why
we can have the same thing there lay Rokuro have a rolling stones can still go on day at all I mean. Could I mean? Is this all about? You know make sure everything is organised. You know how to be built. Siena always believed that is possible. You know, is this all about connecting with the odd is like when you do big shows, you know, tell your mother dislike we need to see more while we won't go once a year by having hip have his younger and welcome all too so we'll get to that point. Where you know twenty years since only be built for human beings and is still something that you could go out and do and do Forty by shows this most difficult with somebody originated, can go out there and in toys is very difficult for them very difficult. The other thing we support ourselves, nothing in our general. If we get older like already web, I feel like I've read this area. Does illegal happen. If they wanted to do it now, they can do it in a hole,
though that it is like the Erika the adequacy arrows, the ram the music is all about. The music of the music is Tom's to people. You know, I guess what does she know. Week is still too far for asylum. In I mean a lot of money, just sing and rejoiced at every by one in honor. Sometimes omby amby like your time, don't wanna do new stuff, but this is what they request. You know you can go to a key, sweat, join in old. Think that you will hear one all. You know you make your lab rusty. You want those mechanisms we just. We just have to get affairs what they want. You said you feel well read somewhere. We said you feel better. Now
twenty years ago. This mentally physically, you know, is it's just all about knowing knowing your crap. Now I get it. I understand my brand, you know what you you couldn't feel a certain kind of welcoming have a brand me knowing how international is Brandon's. It's like I'm just trying to go out there and do what I'm supposed to do you. I don't just do this. For me, you know the flagship of the crew, you know cuz. I know that again, all of us, you no longer ages know somebody move in his language. Training is always gonna, be an air right number. Ninety realize you have to be an entrepreneur leg,
there are plain when you were like. Ok, this ridiculous, I'm not getting dressed and I'm supposed to get. This should be happening any to know. What's going on my business, was there a point in time and you just realized in cell k? I need to get this in order this an already in order, the army, you love Justice, Phil. I got some point, you begin joked any business you wake up. No you like, we focus really pay. Attention was goin on motor with a mighty good. For me back in my mind, when I remember second album you know cause once loud was loud, they would have it the managed it was like I want so I went to another set over there by universal. When you know they were confiscated me because they didn't know what I was thinking you know so. Well me, China still be humble name, you know let them did say what they may think is riotous, like our fair, you know so now sign ok,.
Really I gotta go when I feel that is better than a mobile out. He was so different from all of gambling. I wanted it to be different gods on whenever I wanna be. They never wanted to be like you know, you won't be given the same staff for me now. I guess thus, always whenever I wanna be even for Miss one is one is like this one, a built on a concept Swanage his life's thou. I hijjus you see me twenty years late is still giving our great music. You know still keeping away. I would exe like me to keep it, and you know still still in its one and with the new now would have done the door to sneak before you're, not saying another due to make on the right back.
I'm kidding, run on a guess, I'm not, but it would have been a little more were you know? My thing is: if you want you want your support, you go out and acts. Were you gotta, less support. Show you why works? Were you know you care trot act like you must support within you know. Everything is like watching what support for no one arm. We talk about. We told the boss indifferent, stop Do lines and I they just just really get getting yet they understand and know what about the last voting on that about anymore. He ain't Lee hosted in when I admire oh also funny about a better tomorrow when it came out and are literally just started, listen into a leg two weeks ago. All the while the I was one eye level I no better tomorrow and I Surprise. Really, though, I really do
and what will embody a lot of people talking to talking about it was different, though I mean you know. It was a lot of positive messages. You know which that's what we wanted to do. No, it was just somewhere in one of our war. Were you with their product lobby in still going through our loathing me and men will change management? You know everything corner, may you know, There can be no real gemini way. I was delay right then core? While we talk in conversation is open main? These are my brow, his mouth until the day, you know I'll, never, look at them like the enemy, a gas. Will we go to a bank is just more like me, don't understand each other, fully
business wise, maybe you don't connect business. Was you ever think that maybe I have grown apart, which are still try to keep together just causes, though it be like me, you care what is harmful for me to walk away from some though there may me. You know I wasn't clef. When I closed the GIS, not acknowledge that you know. One thing about us is like we argue with. You know, go away there, but we know physically take it there, because you know one if it becomes that than a slight. I will never come back. He'll turn about. You know cause way. Those tabled those is like is always gone on us like hell. You glad we got an answer. I would never never respect. You know, but you know at the end of the day is brother man. It's like you know for some miles out a big family Bob's assessed. As you know, some size, you, you love your family from distance. You like go stay over their stay over here.
In which each other, you know I don't wish you know I ain't down for that. You know cuz, I know when you go get a bag. You go home and get you know my nephew's, you know cash and accrual got names after you know that you may may seeds, aft everybody's mammies, very tired. He said I felt like a cat, then you can't just walk away from where you know we that's one thing about as being on another low money. You know on a table. Do like this a view. If you take sulphur me emphasise some money and I love you decide to look at that was away for me too. You know she will you also like it? The money was the issue a normal. You wanna know some people just get addicted to you know film, like thus adding on a handle each other's by robbing your friends, you Norman like it. Thus at you, I do brow, the Yoda gets the money. You know I let him money, I let my money over,
will come wire right as a person. You know what I'm gonna do business with you. If the money, you know Shane, shame on you, the first sound you know, go, shame or meet. A maxim is better. I got to stop, nor because we can remain, friends are preferred. I sometimes even door. Business a day is lagging are loaded. Do no like if you feel like the of the business is one mass of the FAO. Should the yellow just keep a moment, but like I work with Somalia, now, like you and me again, but his heart, because people want to hear the music they want here. They will really want to see the clear and, given that they want to see us, it was high. You know, because I know you got people fares, would you every day light. We know too little about the role you and that's a mention, the allegation that group I'm sure for some people they are dependent on the whole entire group coming together, as you know that
These are a member, so market and have more recognition and others that are going to have other people out in a group. If you like. Ok, let's go do this again when there are members, I'm gonna. Do it yeah me, but you know it is all about organizer. You know you can't. You can't put some are in a situation of real knows us, like you know it's like you over there, every glass ongoing nor were collectively yard. You know you use the role and will each other in open days. No more so now you will be doing what you don't. You know year, some colleagues have winning No doubt it happened, but at the end of the day you don't even know it's gonna know you know a man you gotta make shot out a if future criteria were you when you can just be forced them it, because I'm not gonna, I'm not going to do. That is slightly skimming the benefit of the doubt of Norwich. You don't you know when they come back to me. You know we ve been plenty its eyes. Were we or sacrifice you know just to make sure we already
Well, you know it is deck at only global. So far since it ha what a team in Korea is like an old age, a longer life away, bigger than the team is that's the best way, but, like I said it, difficult as Charlemagne go one way, Eagle go where we go one way in this way. You know we all have families that big support we busy but yeah? What about this let's not both be released for another seventy five years. Some like that, how can you collaborate on? Have you heard it now Not all know, you're, not one on you notice. It he's a wreck. Is that was dusted off for me back in the day, but on you know nigh really, really.
The new and original ya ya think the class musically with it always like this now was you know, but then again it was the united. We always was collectively down with the production sites. You know cause weaker legal feel a great regular. We hear you note ass my thing I will. I will sit in the classroom and look out results. The teacher, but you know you still got a say sunset teaches outside of Europe. Phelan might you know, and I think that he was just see no at the level we felt like he was making everything I was No one improvement. We was like now mean any. You know, and I just was the one outspoken. Why? Because you know I believe dead. You know why Amy and seat. He nice. He always be nicer. No, but if we get the private production he could be
He can be allowing you no more and less Ahmad thing. You know when I buy look at the world. I know we capable out. I just wanted to add, and where is the head energy? You know. Do you noted that fight me that everybody would not say that he can be mounted on main force, but less less still give them something that we all feel good about matches. One do We think about your leg to rejoice at a he had full control. Wouldn't nother water projects. Out into saying my daddy, armed and valid your Jordan fell like math Methane satellite is mere. May you know at that time everybody was really hands on him and be has with the project. You know now these with that particular project was GIS racing for you know racing guess, I'm not. There were really any, we normally do having different appear in the studio together. Wherein then Lassen S way, then it is when you send and staff to email, and
when you when you making went when you were group like Wu Tang Clan, you got to take time and do it together. You know you know it's different. When you doing your own thing cuz, then you could do it the way you want to we cause. You know everybody want to make sure that you know we like the music. You know of this are. I made a, would have what s on Iraqi at home. You know I want to know how to your fill now wanted to just be up there, because it's like me, is it felt like them. I need to know how you feel about you might say: Yoda Remit. Will you you know, I could take it. So you know go. You knows just solar by everybody Biarmia once on the skin and now made if it is worth a buyer. Something happened as you see they have the NBA. When all day I know you have got to talk of the matter is that there is a mass yo mode. Also none on looking forward to meeting you know this is a major blow
I guess you know, I guess it having one is saw. You know when I think about the individual story, like it almost sought them like twenty five years, the really really tell the waiting wanted sell. It you know, I think, imports of a great the rector. You know that, these will in a look and because I tell anybody beadlike. When the one we came together. It was like putting something together that wasn't meant to happen, but it was meant to happen. You know, imagine you know it's like. I tell tell those you don't want Richard started. Calling anybody like you You, you you'll, call the studio. We wasn't even wasn't. Even rap is like that we just loved? We love the oddity Iraqi grew up any so was like, I might add, a little bit his skill, but I had a lotta hip hop and you know in any new markets. Actually knew. So in those you know, certain those that was just around those got put or you know, master killer. Small brother Eames Wages, as you know, we love
I'm so much? It was like you coming you know anybody. His heart was was way we're supposed to be in this. Like I love seamen, we may like this before. I was locked up ray when you guys first, at age. You got was locked up. He just came home suddenly Harry Bosnia. We are like a ball than further now he always had he thought he's just anyone. He was away. You know he came, I use fresh, the Afro, you know, You know he just had only a little bit. It's on a mega happening ass with a what if you like, God is like WU and yourself set the bar too high for New York, and nobody has been able to reach like the next area. Just could not do. What would tat they would not did with J did. Would bouquet click did. It is couldn't some things too sanguine be duplicated. You know, and I think that we want an unstable groups that already you're not gonna get one of those forget it. You know it's the same way. I look at you. You're not gonna, get a one DMZ now you're, not gonna, get a nice.
Like that, you know you know it's just is this all about your average, which comes in our view? If you for music? The way we come from a name, you want stand? What it's about you not swat respect, documentaries because Doc enemies from great odyssey. You know I kind of like put your perspective to see what they go. Do. You know like I was Chile yesterday I was what I see I was out his croup. You know he got this podcasting, you do so you know. He's not a legend out? They don't worry. He surmount his family. Next time. You know. He was going back and forth and stories and allow too slowly that he was saying was like ours. Familiar with like seem like ie, it's a lot more lively Merwin in To me is a sore point. No, you know cause, you really see the greatness in August when you can see a storm, and you talked about bring a NASA Staten Island for the first time that they require.
But an album and everything you I'm sure you ve had a lot of people coming to Staten Island Non are really really really. Now. How do you know why you want to get on the ferry where we have no money for their nose and novel another table moments? I would place a me some cascade too, of course, though you know Smith and Wesson, nor do they really relates industries. Will we never really want to bring those around? You know you. One time on. One of my homeboys got locked up and they throw him in his cell with with with feces and all that, and it was playing them like they knew he wasn't from Israel. I recommend those who even now still squarely worse right now. A widening nobody, ok modest there. Now I think about came out of tat moment like nor the rebels. There was
couple year! You know a couple of cats tried though, but all is just all about the work at the man. You know man was even then my work. We mean- I guess it's just there wasn't really put me down, We down you know, it's you know is isn't one thing about this war. I you gotta be out there. Might sell any body and aid by force them now, and I love you gotta go You people gotta, see ya more. You know you know on the music you just gotta make. Would it take food. The show everybody will raise our tell anybody you make. If you come, It is, then, are you do so much and not enough? The leg is enough for me to support a muscle boardroom. So I like it's like I give dues that card like to show me. Would you be so sure You know me if you can make it up to the radio station in. Bob. I bow the amounts are of Salem, I'm back. You have just because you folks tat now, just because I want to see that happen because we mean it
You know, I know it's a lot sound out the you know what it's about their work. We, like you doing the right thing with the poverty. May God documentary come out this year? It is drafted like if you like, the ball was dropped for thirty six chambers into the water when it was that twenty years, when we have no doubt about that, you know me is: you know, like a say, dinner with a with would a franchise team, be everybody got be a sink. You gotta have the right cultures and the right people, make sure we are on the same page. You know cause us is so many of us. You know you can't talk, though if in was in an the Hap understand, not around each other. Every day is not like that. You know, one thing we always soldier from the beginning, and nobody in his will go further. We say yes will become ever more come in this way and in every by would eventually do they being now she's going all you know You know everybody made a lot of one. You know
you did, which someone is what you do we careers. That is where set you know out. At the same time, for myself I blew a lot a cat. You know right now and you still fortunate to be able to go out there and capital Aspirin united, nor by way, you know why, stopping you from doing you'll want suit. All stop me from Norma. You know one arm Listen to come back together do tourism. We always good we could. All Wu Tang is gonna always be ethical, Gid, millions of dollars every year which is all about the scheduling him in a business, very payments due to hold seems still care about the W. I did just the money being, not think you know, The key is always the w You know that money is just something that you know don't play well nobody's Monday To be fair, you know do later. These data are
Although we appreciate you join us, we're Alan. I now feel international luxurious are shot out. The olive oil of super features on you. You know, I know. No one noticed your notice. My first, I don't reckon with this. Many fact that a lot of people are always brought climb. Goings, you know, like Melanie Fiona Dash Armies Boo, Melanie Line is a mother in law and regular ass. You know a by shallow fire, You! I am. I angle. I don't even be watching. Is the breakfast club is red glow salute
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