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Friday 9/22- Today on the show we had female rapper Rapsody in the building where she spoke about female MC's, who her inspiration was and more. We also had Christian rapper Lecrae come by where he spoke about saving a transgender's life, new music and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a man that tried to rob a gas station by taking food, alcohol, and cigarettes, but got caught because he ran out of gas when he was just at a gas station! Some Donkey's of the Day's just sell themselves.

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Even so, we also spoke this morning is big day and everybody phasing in spending to go with me to the ruler rubbing the wrong way, the breakfast ravaged by Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah moved uneasily mining guy, Charlemagne guy. These did a planet in writing. We are out in Vegas,
music festival. I'm excited about it. Yes, men of the holiday season does not start until the already festival role. References to Radio Festival is how we been his things given in his Christmas in his new year, and then we start all over again. This is truly the best amity where we are taking things off today, right right, I already music credible. Looking at the line of Indiana there's, nobody wants to see a lot of big day, the latter big big people on the line I didn't anodyne apply tonight. I think We may of the native Bruno MOSS incredibly of crises. You know my amendment on the moon or more than coldly. Everybody else is why people pass away for tomorrow. What oh happy Buddha lad of denying Bigshot big? Furthermore, at the not tomorrow. Short of the mark of Montana Boy had outside Mingoes modern Day Festival, creative
every nobody. I think I want to see me now. You know what I always say to ethical. Lead has an. I always did eight as the music and then, when I never never like to stay, close minded saw still go watch to perform at all when is pink performing tomorrow, nope. Moreover, we know others opening up the night do want. Everyone is keeping alive, exhalation pigs opening up tonight. You cold wait a week in order weekend the night, not Brunei. They know you were so wrong. Maybe missive we get him here. They are all shoe David, get it and I do believe outta. My man, you dollar, Harry's thousand forms. One direction sounds like the song of omnium out in all areas where I sat elicited Charlemagne and I'm sorry authorities lack of the mob Jarrod Little Sexy S, boy gallows. Four make, come all be virility, each other come on always no man. She want their daughter to look like them and let that man looks like Jared Leto, but you know what who who was the guy that came up here from queens, that you compliment his ass and he got to touch some type. But I can't remember:
comment that I never never in, as, as you would do to drive out the window, knew they look at it s all day. Ro, the God, damn you got a bad ass. Let me away no love be forever. Second enough I demand that I've gotta before another man if he got of red lines, its Andrea, had her or sexual man. I, MRS Gendered male ok, is, as is naturally fat for me and I reckon Are you guys are, as I said, ok in writing, Ro James Right and at the store we tried on the same pair pads right together. Come on man and make them hips inasmuch as it is it as I did and again it will go well regulated family, railroad, James. You that believe that built for young men is right about this today. Show look they will be joining us. Also female m c rhapsody. Yes, rhapsody all bought away man
You gotta get rhapsodies knife one descended in me a couple days ago: Carlyle is with them. I can now be the job of wood. Are about that and envy you played a song when her and Kindred Lamar powers more broken, all the debtors. Alright, what all keep lagged get it off? Each has eight hundred five five little five. What the breakfast local voting go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you and I will give you a preacher region. I feel bad debts violated God, oh God was about the angry better per child. Go about away yeah. He said aloud and gathered in a bid to mad, because I want to sit around about lunch every day. If you have to eat valid everyday Lego, most ordinary, no stones, don't recall not call you bought, it does not say on which countries you don't know your ass
do better their job but when you are not a bunch of women, women have big gap, but in a battle for no reason why these in the night and you think I'm a bad light. Hair blue, I'm not my blog arrive, you better image. You will call you in Asia and ask you about the law. Courts may grant you that this was the only person coming off the bombers every day now gotta make. That is available. The crowd. I will make a valid stop trying to marine and I'll be eating or lose your job properly. One day, though, you better save energy. When I tell you that is on the cards Helen White Van anybody that when they fully I've, got you off their property, you better be avenue at your leisure Medici. You ever do a Mamma. You go good.
Praise the low this building. I might add that pay Susie. Had? We lag gotta, be a man, I'm a bad, because I've been working through the hurricanes bags. Threading the girl and you didn't sweetie approved now that in all I will say one everybody did give them money, but this is the time were true. Public service just have to be a man of a state of emergency way about my people manner. They don't even have places too. They don't have a clue. They don't have food where they gonna get maven. They find it. Look man I get all out, but I need to get paid or gay. And thereby guarantee do airplane. I've been out. Believe me, the Dell ignore play. You don't have to worry about begin,
big debate somewhere ochre more you go in, may the deal beg. You jamaican yeah, ok, mom, While we agree. Example, you have a good data limits. Joshua you get your money. Get office at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one? If you need to vent express and positivity call us now with the breakfast club come on the breakfast club. A pounding down. You're gonna, get it on the agenda. You wanna breakfast gladly, but there's micro me. While I was gone, I might get her up each Hasbro. I want to address this is Charlemagne because I respect you got to come in to say I wake up early in the morning. Cuz I work from home, but you guys got me waking up every
to watch you guys every day show me the last week with dark here today Seismic ran eager with my brother end and our families from the same area. One one way month here the woggle bug baronne wonderful. You gave doc eventually cash me I'll girl, Walter Atlantic, like it had given her a rickety. Yes, and I feel you on that, because the only way forward to deal we all know because she had a fifteen earth exceed extending it. Why half an hour, but I'm not a com, be sad, I'll call! You be found what you don't love and here because a personality was redo rosy poet from the ninety miles. I know I'm out of in many areas with that. No really ready made regretted phenomenal shoot. A phenomenal death mythology. Low came in, Gaza, but one thing in the same way: Kashmir girl go unrecognised.
I can't believe casually nor have again agree with my brother, because you look out can't we all got introducing games. You gotta do by disrespect inductive Phil, so where rewarding on his band aid has a nasty things about people all the time I said to me: I gotta get rewarded for being now. He hit all regarded me have actually finding all you re caught you ve caught. He became too notoriety Bobby, the top or love in her pocket- I oh I know about it before I gotta be formally. If I may have vital- and I think they have been lobbying funny on Instagram, given positive messages in a rapid way in doing sketches like she was all ok when issues always showcasing the different attacking Telepagram up point, though their help. Now, if he would not have the deal because it will cooperate,
reality on the ground and propose now lagging about rewarding negativity year? Caviar groaned? I would personally she's good or bad or a global wealth, but with the eyes cast me I'll girl, she bore flame outnumber about a crap. I not been again but then again and MRS Lucas on from a golden hip hop some people might because I don't like ninety percent of them. If it did not my dear, I think not Do you know? How long are you envied make cds performed here to Atlanta from Brooklyn and allow back envied. We ve got a lot of these guys and your support these days that our colleague I am. I go out of business aspect of it.
I remember evil that really love O Connor that I'm not I'm not. I'm not. I understand everything you say I'm about to have this: oh Denham shorts compensation and condemn the normal companies which use every forty five plus exactly, but I was eight if you wanna hear real, don't female and feed, I will remind you of the air you Aphrodite Rafferty Collapse tomorrow and Charlemagne. I did not know that until yesterday, when you would find out article so much outlined with two nothing. This is what I am talking about, but you also said yesterday you away She fell because right now what you need is the lack of a white. Should Poland, where we would have got fishing, also our wrath income that today matters earlier today. Resident abuse will be here on the shore later on today. Working it will help us make sure you sell some reckon absolutely assets EU guy. I don't like that. While we can be so pessimistic when it comes to lift supporting culture, awry keep allowed this to breakfast locomotive
Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club. We got us best guess in about man, a man rhapsody rapidly growing about your prodigal more along. He hasn't shared. Anything with us. Now neither is one of those things will I not listened to it and I'm like why Is it really really really good? like really phenomenal on a lot of levels of baggage. You can hit a dilemma we put in it to over two years. That means that if you do you make of them, that's it that's how we worked on a two year them quota, maybe eighty songs and his record wow we chappie down. Fourteen so little is with the move. I've always liked best ass, my mom's mom, ok, my ma, am I a big mamma mamma. You know she had fourteen case. In some grants are more our grandchildren, I'm one of a hundred fifty now. He found the analyses from local actors numbers to do it.
Regular raising over we hours made those but only manner Regional morn is also we can kingdom all my whole life. That's does what it will. Never Chris ahead of the worry allowed, remembering birthday and then no Christmas. We watch Christmas story kicking back so as what it was. Well, how long have you a night when you ve been working together has been nice since the beginning is Bennette on the job? I met him. Ah, what was the fall in two thousand and five sees any kind of man under his wing mentor me any signed me in two thousand and nine, so these businesses I wrote my first wraps. That's nice does not allow to people manage to stick it alone. Oh yeah man loyalty anybody he's name, you know, he's loyal to the soil ass and on the same way you know. So that was easy with easy. He believed
He never made me do anything I didn't want to do like I remember Goin. In early before going, by then, I met his manager and I just got off work and he look me up and down he's like all weekend with all you up, put you in heels, and I That's not a night has never ever come is always about the music just making me the best rapper that he can make me he's kind of like whatever you want to do. You know same with Google that we sat down. He was light early on defy alone aims. You don't wanna. Do you know how far you go do that now it was early like twenty tat. They had this talk with me. So you know- I always wonder about rappers, like you cuz, you are very, very good and you don't own the song. I Laila's wisdom, you say I'm the better version of what you used to call tablet like. Is it the time a bad time to be a talented and see right now, I think, is a greater and greater, I think, is one of the best times and hip hop that we ve
So you know I mean I'm excited you. Can you can see it across the board? You know not only with women, as so many women that popping up you think about it. I mean you have Nikki. You have cardi B, you have myself, you have pink eye to think through the Cardiff. Many are Remy like Huemac Dumper again, a whole lot of people, but on so many by even when you talk about guys, you know there was a time when he was an south is running the hip hop and now you have the West Coast Doin at me. Now you have New York. Ah come I am I a big create in the south and everything was so great top amusing. Chaz everybody's different to a right, that they style staff. So you nothing is amazing, tat, music and be a talented artists, as this, like the wave, is really change. People care now, Eric's of you like we're female him. These lighting people Gazeta like it, can all be one at a time that why is there? I think
I don't know what happened like cuz STAR, like that we had empty line and Queen Latifah, Missy and Lauren came a fox. It seemed like a lot of the law and like around the late nineties, early two thousands. It became this thing word. There can only be one but also the boy to her. You think so in order for the law that the barge grimly, I man maybe might be at our really know what happened now, but it also giving them see though they don't really. Films is overly racked with each other. Like I'm listening to carry these really some about it, we don't what they put a bunch of females on in a black, but they really don't mess visibly them. No one. I know about, as some people do support each other. I think sometimes the beef is because the industry creates that in the end, the fans create that only always act like you have to choose aside. Yeah? You have to pick a side, get it all. The time when you going to go at such and such ain't like what I got to do that, like you, don't do that with the guys God's work with each other all the time they compete, but at the same time they respect.
I think I don't know if it's reality show that has something to do with people just really in tune with drama nowadays and and that's what they want, and you know I'm like wait, there's room for everybody at the same time, so you know it's just a I beg good rapidly the leg out. When I listen to you also have a female rapid dislike, you don't say they would thing. I live in the things you this. Is you don't like it That's what I'd know when a female himself like yeah, we cannot be an empty, they Don T J said you're his favorite female m C. They work in it to be one of my favorite, I'm feeling he's right. It's like yeah. You know I'm a woman at the end of the day, it's just dope or not, though I'm saying like I tell people it's not like sports like we are physically made different like you, can fire jump? Are you stronger than me
I am not able to seventeen Caroline again with weekly magical powers who can be blue. Seventy one whereby it is you're right. We gotta go to What is more previously there previously you'd already lies. Are we about you know when it comes to you Larry's and be an artist is all appear. Creativity, I think, is an even playing field and is now that we ve happened about half an hour period in exactly one over some women do without any real knowledge of earnest as honest or leather, like think about, when you're in the club locum rugged Robin are beaten within you hear it used to be scared at it. You gotta check him out. Said about, remember not Yolanda historically, as always happens,
it and see what people don't expect of Salvador. Mason, Dixon Wanna, get body and pool general rather Josie, mall, their Michelangelo, like white or black people. Now wait a minute you're, a vigorous guy. What one of the more gonna give you a miserable lives. Lyrics lady, like issued an honest, less, aha question. It's like I'm trying to figure that out myself like. I don't know if it's because it's like not a major city like as not have a big New York or LA or Chicago you know, but so when you go home, you don't hear North Carolina artist on a radio, We don't get that supports that. I definitely has something to do with their like this people, home support, How will we they don't? Even they ve got a search for whom really hard and for people at work. Five and had kids. They don't have time to search. So you know they miss out on all this talent, that's right in their backyard, so you know, I think that has nothing to do with it.
More rhapsody when we come back, don't move is to breakfast club morning. A breakfast pouring everybody is the J envy annually ye shall remain. The girl we oughta breakfast club Rhapsody, is in the building female embassy. She gives busy ye. You think about, songs on the radio. When you did your album cuz, you said you had eighty songs recorded. Did you say okay, this? Actually we sound good. Did you think about that at all? I think after the record was done and we narrowed it down to fourteen. We went through a listen and then it was like this one could work. You know, that's one call sassy that that could work. It could have a place going into it. You know, I didn't think about it as much of anything I experimented You know it was a peer was like. Let me not be so lyrical and you know, play with melody and yeah just to just to have something you know but not lose myself. At the same time, like it was more of me really pushing myself to figure out like how can I fit into this
space at the same time still be myself and one of those workers now ogre. Now always at the problem may look like. I was easy. Fancy I think, was the Persian pay up. You know those would have put a push in air a few more that you know beat wise to people when expect meta. The rapporteur didn't make the album, but we haven't avow, so I just went manages really them box myself in his like I'm going to have on and see what happens. They even was ass. You like I, have so much respect for people like me goes and because there is a science to making radio records, making something simple where people can easily science to get message they hypnotic. My thing is lyricism like that's that's my science was just like your. How can I figure out this hooks up with Sassy? I was like. I had heard that I can't remember what artist, but I heard they think I'm goin in Freestyle a lot of time.
Like they all lives. They do that over their J big, then in a region like any kind of works, and it makes it like grow catchy causes is natural. So, with the hook for Sassy, I tried at a kind of work like animals I open, you know, and I never did before now, but I went definitely have all is a dangerous to measure a man by decided. Usually more penis, while others would have known about his teens eyes all day about radio now small. It is beginning to seventy just before we won't have nothing to do with you. Ok, yeah sizes that is going to beat. That was azure. You wear! That's all that's coming out with what he said.
I got it, but you know men like that. You know swing, that thing around, but it is not about. You know, I think, talks as far as you know, Your famous your money is what makes a man. I think, if you know how you are leader known, what kind it was was was the middle of you wish loyalty lie which respect like two other men and women ass well may show man like I'd I'd, think about J, for example, and you know I just like a how he leaves and people are he brings up with him ass without respect like J brings people with them. I look a regulation I use bill dad and and how he supports puff with Seraph, and he won't white liquor because you don't want to compete. Those at a danger. Respect about people that is both sides that is both army had wrapped about decided Jigme is like a baby, I'm good.
Did they allow this data without leaving any did so we have got the valuable work that I believe that the meat at eight people- I don't know how did you hook up when they wanted, because I'm sure there's a million one embassies like how d you get his ear and how did you get the regulation? we buy them if they know like how humble he is yeah. I give you see him walking down the street. You can easily stop him and he'll have a conversation with you. He has So with me, I was in college with a group of friends and somebody you know that was in my group had met him and ass him. You know shadow bees famous only an you know. He had been working with him for a while you like. Well, you know, I got a cruel, come eat, my crew and I was like ok and it was about twenty of us in our own house in North Carolina, go to college
college kids, rent out I'm in this one room and he just came by and talked to us about the business you know about mystery, show and- and he listened to our music and that's that's how it all started. You looked at me, said you're a star, and that was it become so tight because he's then sounds view he's on this new. Album annual also wants a pimp about. If I bid, you might have got ginger Gunderson, I, the latch hindered verses, phenomenal ha tell you all about, can reverse phenomenal, but I would like our Rwanda job roses back goblin Times my regular Bulgaria. That relationship flourish ah just add a respect for one another we met. I want to save like twenty ten. You know, first of all, they group on brothers, when I wonder as gate, we would just love with their music. Like, I think, the first project I got all
overly dedicated. That was my first introduction so that at the first saw me no, they were just in North Carolina came by the studio, women even to music, like music, like with the cook. I got a bad alatri milkshake banana point. No, no! I mean you North Carolina. We gotta take you back at all. It was just a thing like that. Like you know, we respect each other's artists and people in IRAN. We just continue to build on and send music back and forth, and we just craters relationship is easy respect each other. You know it is just that Asia. What will you do to personal power? Phenomenal? Did you signals the kindred and then he laid his vocals added? I sank. Half I sent him five records.
Are you gonna get on Monday morning. Let go you know, I didn't know it now, like anywhere Guy Beverly gave some options as he's a versatile. You never know what kind of species in silence like Amazon, these bad c mere some. You like, I appreciate the blessing. So you know power was one of em and you should know with the other. He just in our time to get to you should know, but that's why you want to crazy about what consumers is on that song phenomena some like he would to make an accident like good, kindred room, and I will ask in the rhapsodies joint right now morning: every body is the J envy. Annually ye shall remain the guy we oughta breakfast club Rhapsody is in the building. Shadowy would have power to Euro was plowing manned power to me is
is one, I think knowing who you are. First, you got to know yourself. You know before you know what to do with your own power. You got to love yourself. You know we respect the other's powers. Bringing life into this world, some people put power and money. That's never been my thing. I think you know people going to find power and different things. Some people put power and God you know so. Power comes in different forms and I think that's what the record is about like what do you? What do you take then give your time to put power energy into some of it is negative and something is a positive that can really build from your. So that was just a whole idea of the record. Like you know, as a woman, I think it's powerful that I'm a woman, I can bring life into this world and you know people like to say: women are emotional, but that's also powerful. I can connect with you on a whole nother level that sometimes men don't happen to they can't connect with you know. That's that's tired of me. You know just recognized and what is what
Your power now you mentioned Kendrick any mention overly who's. Your favorite him see. Who did you grow? Listen to our Lauren Jesse equally, equally at the biggest ever, like you know why, because she was a female and she was a versatile when she was out wrapping guys best wrapper and a group of two guys would otherwise. An online shadow the price superstar dodgy by You up, I'm just going to say it, but but it was, it was dope too cuz. She was a tomboy and I can relate that. I was, I was a tomboy, but with miseducation to she can flip it and also be like yeah. I have a beautiful body,
like that, was his beautiful, balancing, honesty and Lawrence music that I love, you think about lost ones. You know she she talked about it from a male and a female perspective. So it's just like you know, I'm touching on everything everybody's going to be able to relate cuz. I hear a lot of times like Gaza can relate to a female wrap it s, not true. I listened to your music and I'm not a may re exactly with well. I x factor that song. I think everybody, the hay almost motivated every day right. Well, I'm in a hurry to get my mom will pages it was going to it wasn't. My father is, she would played, I recall, over mad ass women. I rather like got older but when I got older, realising battle against ten is rendered. Could I realized that up with just coup begging- they Lauryn Hill, like she in pain. So I guess that's what music value it to a memory, that's to do for you
it was long, and even I read Dakota and in J talks about how much miss education it was him. I just thought that was really don't like that. A woman ino is influence. You like that, I'm in J, just what a lyricism life is worth play, what he does metaphors. He is the goal of less arms. I love him old boy. Why were you know? How do you feel about being really personal like as this new album? fire. You that I have already acres show me how to make it really will guide. You listen. I know what you're doing with that on this issue. Now. Do common is very poor, as one of my favorite is one of my favorite is more or less I don't know sometimes very scary to be so vulnerable in the night is put things out there and it definitely react
yeah, I'm human, I'm not going be that rapid, as is like scared, is scary, sometimes- and I think, is more scary today, because of social meat and the internet anything you put out there you know is gonna, be picked apart instantly in all people on Romania. Go live forever, so you know ye you double you definitely think about like do. I want to tell the story and make sure I tell it in a way this as just right. You know when you just bolder, do a feels right. Have it comes outcome, thou you know in it and you might go back and like I wish. I never made us all, but at the time, as does the space leeway in and ass honest, so yea, I definitely think about it and I'm getting more comfortable with being more personal. I think this album definitely grew in that
apart in a has anybody ever posted a right for them. Grandiose at your body or Greenhill immunity was says it has libraries ago now, but not now, not like a big it notices also find like you know when I do two years be in him and shag plank lies a girl. Don't don't got bees, though you stop, ran debates copy you, not God, music, we are. He was he was all live in single playing the piano thing in his heart out, You know we know there is a growing and I am not now seriously. No, not yet I shot out a grey here now, yandah heatwave him didn't happen. Did you
yeah, he did yea delay by two or three times like a eight bar fun freestyle. Yes, fear do remember now fairyland Nah nobody's nowise him. He forgot I don't know you would really blame the piano I agree that listen regularly. This was the man re than nothing but is really good. Emmy day, hey, I got shot at issue by banks. I got tired of Libya. Aggravating right, Rhapsody Ladys, yet ambiguous, or am I wish it would have been all in all man on Twitter are a p s. I d rap the why Rhapsody no age Instagram Facebook is all the same. I rhapsody dot com is website, fine everything near so,
all right, we'll let the breakfast club is Rhapsody Breakfast, you or, I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today by got the donkey. They need to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep that age. Headache for Fridays implement what effect it go to India and a man named Sean Harris now, Sean Ours is thirty. Three years old and clearly makes poor choices in life authority fate. I Sean rob the gas station. Look, listen to me, words mean something, Ok, I need you really listen. He robbed a gas station, not a bank, not a liquor store, a gas station. Ok, he stole food which shows how pockets hot pockets in historic drink.
Which I'm sure was all about icy, could carry and he's those cigarettes which I'm sure when new points now Sean Walkin to do so imply that he had a gun and took all of pickled eggs and backward destroy had and then before you can make it a few miles. He was caught. Like to know how you caught me having a guy, I'm glad you asked the usually after robbing a gas station in taking food. Al Gore and cigarettes not ours, we caught by police because he ran out of gas where natural round him. Granted by the side of a two lane. I way what is vehicle out of gas and a blue, about a level way above the legal limit? How do you run? gas empty, rob a gas station. I still get I could the other with toga harder, still gas into your you. How do you still gas? I never done aviator still gas in the country
back in the baby, would let you Pompey gap when I say that you prompt gas than he hit the? How and pumping DAS absolutely now dont know what raised his manners, but I would love to play a game of gas water raised that now we are God's exports. He robbed a gas station, food, alcohol in cigarettes and then got caught because he took everything from the gas station except let's go around the Romans Darwin annually. Actually, what raised do you is asian, by removing from it. I can harmonise, isn't funny white. Leave. Fifty percent ATLAS, though, that there is no doubt that the disclaimer I can make Asians yes envies, not any of em easy. What raised here? I'll say black for a glad for Andrew perform surgery at work here, oh god, brain
I would answer than here. Stella Stella worries the youth Della ok, so What role is thought? Maybe spanish, Why why people neutral she didn't say black does not appear races. I have bread in any well where you from Brandon from Jersey, black from jars, it ain't gonna, get the most active and raising cover home. I could see down to some say black, No one wants vanish black really will now, because what reason see my home, but I mean like living. I know where it was beyond the run. It out
While he just came from gas. These DNS alligator life, I'm national life is not blackness, though live mean not amnesia black brands, their black on that shows correct. Instead of black, I'm just gonNA a preliminary appearance Friday and five counties and record being out in the report the county jail he made upper limit appearance Friday in the border, counties and record on a felony robbery charge some donkey. Today's society cells, please you shot how's. The biggest here Please does sound like something Missy would do high level. Wherever I levels I will we come. We got our guy Locrian building. You got a new, I'm coming out cod. All things work to get together. Yes, yes, the cry out for some reason. Illegal agreeable lethargy trying tat on top of the grey about in reality in a whole bunch of based one was
It was more so the breath of mourning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess: inability on the other. The cry was half brother. I may I got it almost run on you known. Dismount enjoyed a vibe. All things work together, button yes, well, I will create unnecessary right now. A laugh, illegal occur might be necessary. Oh my goodness come on. Man is like corner prophecy. Often thought about it now and then, in a couple of days right you got one day: Obama gotta go about their various rat, so you gotta data lizards around and enjoy Naw Man, you know just so much going on means decidedly culturally natural disasters everywhere in autumn sand. So I feel, like everything, land of whale to just be able to tell people has hope in a melody chaos and your friend. He fell in place and I anything they take really minnows crazy. I mean literally
rising. How are you if we aus ruined or now a lot of family members got displaced? And so you know I've really maybe to Atlanta, while back but a lot of my fellow members, my my cousin heart, she lost a wholesome. I you know she's, like business owner since I'm just trying to help them get back on its feet and put them in a position to recover. How do you see the blessing in I mean you know, for one is I just I put, I put a video from my ig just showing how many people came together to like you know the saying it involves people that help you you allowed to see like the compassion of people like Jj. Why you know raise like thirty seven million dollars. You not understand so, like less that's crazy to see that type of happiness. Sea. Like you, oh traded. Training mantra to troll came out. Maldives is killing. You know there s a man botsey on boats in Hell. People? You know Samuel eight million a day off,
usually sounds. I met a man shall opportunity here. You know it is. Did it manages lie. It cannot cover high lousy, Anders W Arabs. This taken unawares and again I don't know, what's goin on rises, Mr Ryan, is killing me. I mean young thug, a lot of people man, so so I feel like you got to see people come together. And do something animals have let alone at Bambi Barnett? two to pass. The rue de Cologne people was condemning liked it your way to charge had not at Manchester Game but again busy. You allow dangerous. Not it took him a low water, glistened you'd start some people, I don't know. Joe, but I do know the people who get busy child the bread alive. You don't say they got busy saw me a no was gone over them. Not now did you shall have your rising tweet If any one feels unsafe and you re a need, help and transpose goose, let me know and wishing load you. The idea would whatever I needed, to do
would have needed to do in its various people about before before folks, we we we hoped for people on Twitter followers stocks will create We gotta go on their runs, valued added. I don't know. I got a lot of you like me: will you let me go to university american online? I think I'm gonna do where you were so the data transfer with today we saw some people want to Travis Gozo. Yum yum like She was like man, I don't feel safe here. You don't answer. I want to transfer to another school, so you know it's a lot to my home girl who you know works in lemme, get advise and in the home ass. She gave me to run down or how to help these students transfer. It really really was. Matter matter, Rhine and checked in Japan. I the fee is gonna cost like we got you.
You never for people problem clues. Basel agreement can allow you to be humble about Dexter Deal about it with a big deal. Man I just enough for me. I feel if you want to change, was gone on a society, especially in this climate? You got policy, you got programs, you got you no publicity and for I feel like I'm, not with the publicity in the programs on I mean policies like I don't know. All of that. You know I'm saying, but I know program. So I can you know it's a program I can put you in a volunteered a prison. Someone I gotta below might want to do that. I'm somebody get it now, throw USA, someone's life. Europe's credibility Thine intervene. Ok, we tell the story of young girls. You saved a transgender from common czolgosz, craze, Allama, Andy Mineo I'll, go with him and wash ice and he's like you. No, his meal is New York. Ok, so we will talk about COD Ii, be winning the Airbus
gotta be waiting. No, because we wash eyes. You know, dominican capital, you know San enough. He said you know she and chief was in a browser out his arm over have invented proxies. I we can walk from where we I walked out when you use right. There is just as our random things greatly in the right place at the right, really go free from God be walking through Austin heighten the brook. Now. That's why I was crazy right because, when I saw her running with our shared off Caribbean, not. Now they want to buy. Why you did snapped is nozzle, as our rapporteur shot off some like yours, I'm in the Bronx those online. I'm like yellow animal she's runner. What a shopping
is New York. Let a hat is the and especially to break off all England World come from all the flawed and brought it ass. I knew there was a new road owing to certain of you, like I have in mind you I was like YO. Should we emphasise New York letter happiness in Icu bid, then she ran and so, like you noted the pillars, the whole bridges I she ran into what he had. First, split, I hear what is blood everywhere. Sunlight YO was gone. No, I can't just let this happen. He like his New York, so he's a little bit in shock. Like I don't know, what's going on is up, and we stand in my right at the bridge and she ran to the bridge and and and literally tries to jump in. Just I just so happens, reflex grabber and yet go down. I go you should
what you doin she like. Let me go, let me gone China. Go me, gotta, say: listen! You! We can talk about our right now. I wants you to live. He endowment, you yeah, you know she resolutely misuse grow strong! Ok, I hit me cause. I was like you know. She had looked like barbicane shadow you and I, like you. I think this is is the transgender sunlight may on was gone all right now, so Mama Andy should know that The aid they need to have the absolute lanterns woman, a transforming, Forgive me, I will not be politically incorrect, but it was a human being. That matter does not fill me, so we wrestling and it follows she's like I. Let me rest. Let me rest said I, but you gotta just children, so she sat down and ass. She jump right back up and how to jump over the bridge. Again, I'm like oh com to also I'm not holding you not say in an old may run up you gotta stop, should kick him and adjust bow. He fallen ground,
Molly and he's like somebody call. The police police come and that's this a real messed up part about it. Cuz when the police got there the first couple officers were you no help for trying to like subdue her and calm down, but then they saw her wrestling and some other cop from a distance just saw tussle, canadian ass, no question that eighty eight, Mr Kane, is tough guy. You know just not compassionate and it was- it was an ugly saying, but in awfully no she's good lucky, because you you lead wrestler her, not all over you aren't allowed only love. You was used domestic, my nodding. A noble and I was like it was a weird like I was really just trying to keep of jumping man s inside of it.
I hope so. May I please, if you, if, if you listen to this, may hit me up, I had no idea. You got there by the great YO those why we get more the cradle me comebacks it all over the breakfast culpable courting. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we have locri in the building showing you know that's how I know you're a really decent human being, and I was actually listening to Oprah's Super soul podcast this morning I forgot what she had on there, but they were talking about how the essence of life efforts are being human, is realising other people's pain and in coming to the aid of others, Warren Pain. Not to me who would automatically tourism is what their background aid. What they do. You just saw a human being and you re Are you absolutely? I can't even imagine my up, I just be thinking of myself, because I went through a lot of you know, suicidal feelings and thoughts. You know through two thousand and sixteen two, so I can only come out yet because I mean just you know it's it's the
from watching people murdered on television and ended up with so many other things to item it. Wasn't gonna? U gotta gunboat on you, Bob lilies of the tour de France, I think that you of all people would have deceived you to close the gap year. Did you read in space. No man, I don't mind being real. I think that's a problem is it? Is this misconception at like you know, you know God's people. Are these picture perfect folks? You know I'm saying if anything we ass. We should be the most vulnerable to most for, like listen, I know I'm jacked up. I know I gown our claim to have it altogether. So for me you know like. I had a knife to my neck, but it was just like man, I'm just tired. You don't say I'm just tired of about a nonsense in his. If I like, I was like our mother duties can only stop and think about. Like anybody who said,
suicide, always think about who's? Going to find your body, you don't say anything to your kids are going to be. You know your loved ones. Your mom has somebody got. It is going to face the traumas in your body laying someone the ground, so don't ever ever like always consider that, but long story short, I just went through, such an inn and on an interest ordered the scrutiny when your whole, when you start mix of faith and honest up intuited, just Gabriel ugly and and weird it's with known as the under their disabled imo. One point my life. I thought about suicide and even when I was doing Youth Ministry and Mohammed MOSS number thirty, eight in Colombia, South Carolina now really trying to be on the right path had a monopoly to. I would take the fears we had drunk out of another thirty. Two
It is all ban. Are the right man. I didn't need my journey. I am not going to disobey got so I actually isn't there any gusher gotcha adult place. You saw what about ways will get you out of obvious cliches guy, but I got three really good France measure to be J. Eighty two dashi man who just tell me now and they were trying to fix me they just with China, face me baby. China fixing only let em fatality INA. You talk a real sigh way. You talkin outside your neck. During an eight hour I'll say you know no brother, you needed in old think on right right way. They were just like a failure, but do not of Santa FE. You you know, keep keep talking. I must keep wrestling through a mandate, illicit air and at times we need an. U S out there like in the tax base. It has something to do with the politics of everything he has happening again. Are you does that's really? What were we gotta pop
for me was like the silence em. You know a lot of people. Look at me and my all you love gas. All is the whole like an I had a conversation a million times but, like you know me having? God doesn't doesn't make me? You know a conservative Republican, have you not of sand and I think that's the mentality. People like like stop talk about politics and I can tell em out. A rice us apart and that a policy aimed at what are you talking about us all, doesnt charges in Belgium enough about situations like that, you feel me by and large? I think that you know a lot of people have The vote will allow people have done a lot of gray stuff. You not shut up till I passed the Mccain me in the Bay area whose whose their real vocal about allows. It's been a lot of vocal people. I'm just saying you know it was really folks who their faith is connected to patriotism and nationalism, mine is that you know what I'm
Besides, they write like out o my god, our guiding geared to save America. To save the world ass. Well, ass. My whole thing is like I'm. That answer American, but I'm not like my faith and patriotism, Mamma dont believe all that type of weird stuff. So that's what we're got in in a lot of attention while when natural disasters happen, I hate when they haven't for obvious reasons, but I love when they have introduced shows us that there is something bigger than us in ages, not prejudice, you don't care. What you would Flickr Party is what you re. Is gender sexuality not in come in and get you boy, trees fallen. Everything is a problem for me, but I don't know because I can't remember what got you into question: I can't remember no used to sell drugs, and you said you were probably what made you say. You know what I'm not turn away any more young lady who have a secular Europe and a danger.
The agreement. Does your story as well as in the movie? Very not for real. For me, it was a product to her pass on my hip. Hop. Keep adding Robin charge, had no choice I still don't know, I don't know when you raise your hand shop screen. I don't know what that stuff, but I they have a real encounter with God and in summer can deny you know sale. I got my Jesus in my life really was transformed. As so, would you meet him Well, I got shook his head, but let us not everybody has now, but for me, if I was in a sort of real, like I'm a minute Lana I get invited to this conference and I see us? Is Christians and not an omelet Christians? Are we ain't that, at this point, oh yeah rapidly browser that whatever rapid did just be added new saucy these Christians and I'm, like I thought Chris was supposed to be a gangster type of dude? I was just so you know young dude trying to make it in life and, if you feel me so, but I see these christians- and I thought possibly certain tired and all like a brother, blessed nobly favorite
and I'm just regular, do they look like everybody in this room. Some legalities, regular people like what's goin on you know, has said I kinda homer an arm and it was a group of of those from failing across man. It was like a christian rat group and but they was wrong. Like from a fairly and I was like what is theirs and just being exposed today, help me say like oh, like it ain't just you know like the Bishop and the whole night, like is different variation. That is so. Then I just heard a message in in a pastor was prisoners message in any was talking to me and say I don't you Jesus no part like you roughnecks, like you know, I use this and, as I gonna hurt like this before so it it flip. My brain- and not just me maybe say yo like I can be different, could be changed, so I was the breaking point from Amazon. I was changed overnight, but if, but from them, I'm a rap sounded different. I wanted to talk about other shoes and real stuff. You know I'm saying it s really. How can
but I have no job. Wasn't our yo less? Let's gas I'm sandy wishes. I was changed. Now saw them out and now it it came out in among other items, you feel like you couldn't wherewith, because your fan base would be like. I can't believe morally He would do a song with this person blockers on me now. I think, fast know me an aim. They know what I'm about, and so they normal Alabama be real and I'm a man I gotta would not, but at the same time or will be real and imma. Do what I what I feel like it's necessary artistically. You know what I'm saying so I'll work with anybody. You know it's just what are we going to be What about you know, I'm saying like I'm at work with anybody in and I may just have to jump on the tracking and put my little spin on it. You know what I'm saying like. I don't know how that works. It ain't, no rules to it. So to speak like at the bare try to make room.
For this, but in a rosy just follow what you believe. It is right to non of sand in and make the music they degeneration experts foundation. America is so influenced by western in western thought is gradually becoming more like Anti God. You don't have Santa. I believe in God. So, but when you got to the east, that is still a very huge part of their kind. So you know you go to Africa. You go to. China would not got to still it's a big thing, but I feel, like you know, we get real are again in like look at everything. We've been done and you move away The council wanted my white all boy than new we're talking about It is the natural disaster that climate change is like, but we are talking about the earth you know, we'd be, should be put in his money and other places. Climate change and enlighten you don't care about that. For your birthday, you don't care about gods, turf and I don't care about
a cage grandchildren to turn into a legacy from the south. We hunt the eat me we fish, we guard to eat. The nerve is every danger. When you talk about costs, do they think they full covering a grocery store. Doesn't that's a fact: zero San Jose messed with the grocery store. Somebody like bunch of many things work together. Come on out. That's all that's all I'm saying we outrage you for joining us may not always always you, ladies and gentlemen, is low cry. Is the breakfast pleasurable breakfast
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