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We'll see boils celebrity real, some joint existed there morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club special gas in the building. Mr Rigour love inhalation, lizard go, produces everything everything got that it will take a picture of me. Let me see that picture is down. Here. Goes your disposition, rights of every life, that's gotta be gotta difficult, regarding, while yet always Craig another noticed them to certain less pay. Ya do do that about every situation, always like Bismarck Posture right need enemies. Everything about you knows the lighting right and always tell him like a soda light moved by accident and we walked by you hit the light
When did the behave like that IRAN has now begun to controlling the detail, absolutely Missy, some Unum Dusk in so we could come of real crazier came. We shall make sure every little part. You know me wasn't logical that their hopes have decent people. Take it as controlling, I don't know. I never noticed that is as much. You know now until you just said that it knows it, but I don't know how people take it, but you know what creative I think they respected like a guy who knows, you know a lot about what he told them out and I love does it. You know be around on an eye. You no kind of like painters into little things and pick up on old things and I'll, listen, so foul behaviour, going, gonna a lens or something like that. A different things then, next time somewhere, I don't nobody. Maybe she use another lens, because I noticed I balloons, get some form of ours and my body I say enable out. You know you pick up one around everything and always in always I've questions. If I see of film of myself and I'm looking to suddenly my, why is that
because we sat with the wide and we should have a close on Islam. So now, like a like that so next time a random like yeah don't shoot me on upon wipe tschumi on his own information of our nobody must never enough, but your work, all Yemen, but you know how do you works of art is to spend time with family. Let me tell you a story which impressed me fly to Miami it and I spent the day will recall ripe miracle, which must always shopping and came back, and I would say in twenty minutes he completed about himself in twenty Noma, and these will ass. I said we are going. I was hold, did look twenty minutes. It wasn't it wasn't fulsome. It was gonna capacities sex in you know, lay and ideas are lay a verse on this one idea it is one I just the next week you mean a hook on his malea hook. Eyed, the onus will cut out all right anything. Then. Why does listen said of music in a kind of like not saying
because some sound this is terrible. You know out there just I'd, never never try to let you hear her light. They will have its say. The fact that your fragile, once I reckon I got work of a fragile pool, I sit at your every disregard it was. It was just like to say that, like dismal, the EP is rich. Let us on that you do, for envy from environmental matter did not. Work is not in any way whether just him sending you that one or was it a cordon, be personally so this is your record, but are we gonna do don't: do records and throw away and never directives like I don't shout music
I know a lot of people produces indices. Lessons allowed a guy's you'll Mickey. If you you'll, keep yourself away more exclusive. If you dont send everybody this same reckon, I would never insult emulate then send American and then he go play for so many any, like his son had said that to me I got that it might nimble. So what I do is obvious studio now be selective. I dont even do twenty songs in it in with them a few weeks, and I will show up any of em and it'll be months. Go by. Nobody has ever heard them, but when I get a studio with money and I'm dislike you not, I think this work for you. You know me, I believe, in collecting catalogue, collect the music and not hoarding itself out, because that way, become more exclusively in Europe's INDIGO way, more songs on other audits, because you for their flight. They feel special, like this record, was created for me, a with me and my only one wide point about the erection enough to power with a dj envy
Maybe it's not like a classic. I d come we go to it. Is you don't really stress or is it in our inner add that problem, because I can't just not like a call not as a million times what you deceived, and why is that? What you because you like, I love if ever ash ones, your word, if you don't do by order this no effort, you know I M M gentlemen. I gotta promise you wanna see was low, but I just wanna on a business. I'm never actually do anything for me ever If you know like all my sing was another features adjust its at everything in me. To get you know, ocean was California reminds us is one of my best friend. I noted your produces all right. If a wagon innovation is a you would think bro you got. People won't even sweet for you, but you got people who
I don't act, you know I just I don't know about. If I gave you a number one reckon em in the studio which, when we may millions together, you would think I got I'm coming out in any Gaza call you, but I congratulate now but put devilish. The gloomiest give my files you know of it. If I was going to set about on the remit for somebody I haven't, I do you know, and then it was the reason I call them initiatives. To be honest, you know me a lot of people try to make similar no at include is because of which no doubt the time to call you. People when we will make wreck is about gave money. Nobody has a problem with their old. You can you relate to give money. I know you won't. Do some serious heartbreak is songs about heartbreak talk Why not? Because men are so comfortable talking about, we get money, we win an innocent Anna Pavlovna shake their, but we don't
breast pain, we don't express a fear, we express remorse because we feel like best weak, but I've always so people honesty is the most strong thing a man could beat when you honest about who you are and how good you sleep at night, we gotta do me right is like a weight or if you follow, you got that Olaf, so I just feel like able. It was meant for him to get on Eric. You do have songs about her, break em waste. He ever cry when you're writing. He saw no motion another but arm. You know I'm out of amount against crime. No, I haven't cried like a long time, but I'm not against anybody to cross. A baby recently agreed to babies born now having cry see what we, even when my son o my son, was born at, I think I cried when he was like three month: because I just stare Adam Money, sleep n eat his kind of get emotional or like arm little things they do. When I call him, like you, know daddy, when are you gonna wine is mommy have a different
I have named in us, you know you laugh at me. Maybe you're married over the head. You don't believe me, those everything's you'll be like holding down that wine is thought about that. I now we wanted the May one day. Other villain, Lego, oils, Yahoo answers are you, ladies out there, if you want to figure out how to hear this briefly tell you kill now I want to go back to you. These audits laugh minded very respectfully. Melodies guys would show you to say like I'm sure they none of them. Let me somewhat Bilbil, what it is like this right. You see me who are you like one thing I got it- this is ran out to say, set out the dj. Calicoes he's the best it there's a breath of air fare Joe and DJ covet. Having carried in all respects- and I think you will admit this- he learned from cattle from
badger? Who is the president of YO run down a homely and make sure you in America, because I remember in fact Joe at one point was white one of my closest friends in the home, and I were right so macho in in this may- enjoy really close it? That's really. Really close. The marshal was sit in a studio like by deep away for me to do the verbatim like Bow Almah. Do it emotional, but I gave em away for you and that's the type of thing em. You gotta respect that because their mentality, Get it done. I, how makes you feel I don't care how uncomfortable it is. How me I just my pride Is it not even gonna want, though, because the like, I feel like if I asked you to do something for me, and by the way. I want you to understand how this game is. It set up a lot of time with producers and writers when I charge a flat rate of fifty thousand for a track, and then I can do a record for whatever person and they telling me since we get into records, can we get them? You know to four hundred and sixty can we get to convert?
Do this, whatever you like may of to me, and in about that, is really about the kinda Musica. Unless we have been able to have a certain amount of records, once on, because I've always was workin deals with people last like if I were to deal few is written rules we have when I come back around is allowed in his love. In my acted. Anybody Ali backs people to get on my records because I believe is impossible for an honest to get other artists other people in the world to get to know them if they surrounded themselves with people they already familiar with every book. Me up when artists, like only got one person erected, Magog somebody featured on a hook in another person, rather willingly? And although you got one verse, we own single? How do you expect people to know you, even if you're not ready thus super. Well, you lose shows everywhere. Why would I buy Eureka when I really don't shoot identifiable who you are, and Ngos and constant as well. But with me I say this: I did that for you
I should be a solid and later I should come back. I say simple things and knows me I'll, say your posters familiar joint, you know. Ok, I got you nothing My company might everybody's call me a very works for me is telling me but call him back, I'm not call in the grove combined with the limit values right now imminent danger. Where in didn't, I tell you to say they are they got out like the week out, including sometimes you gotta? Let me tell you, let me tell you, let me tell you, let me tell you, the Father do as well. But then you see me again. I would say some if honour ass, they could forget some as soon as I see you like do not let me do it right. Man right like this, I just saw you. Let me not that I'll be right now, but you know and an again I want any bombed. This is all you know:
but I don't want. You might think I'm looking at these guys, like f them, but it ended a date. I just know I'm gonna put myself in the position where I gotta. He acts you for something and in, like I say, Callin in I'm Joe daylight. They don't carry like. We need to get this done and then you look at how it benefits the artist. Usually that day, not the stuff one thing about. If anybody who out has done a wreck a wit or put on his record, it really benefits both benefits. Call it an benefits, thought as you got a free market, an apple for him. The market share reckoning wearing a railway market. Now, will you please get today? Problems go I'm sure, but he but that is artists are actually a lot harder lament again. Then let them go stabilized really, but you Gallagher but guess what a budgeting and do it good budget today in the studio and make sure they do a bidding on column. Everytime. You can't, I gotta go holds everybody Annie. My father was the tweet babbler, let em he don't care. They have different called with these new artists. They don't have the same kind of way that they were all limits
some bees, nor ought has got it all, figured out too. By the way they think they know everything. You know my Telamon can already tell him. What was right was wrong and he never had extreme success to the best part about my career was s daughter of worship, though on a bus during confessions you, when Russia was shut down, malls lied when he was said now hold blacks investments. It was ridiculous. Have we been Paris somewhere and it be like whole everything. Then you go be just in Detroit, in the same thing happen. So these artists they'll get a little bit of attention and they have a semi hit. You know I mean in weight if the grandfather exactly and then they'll be like kilobytes me nothin about erected about music and then you look, it should decide if you like. I probably could, though, you know how I could say some because it consistently been.
But I do it, but she just let these people in time or run its course. You see weapons with items that are assigned to you, because I know you know. Obviously you in two years time is not working together anymore. You had different ideas on where her career should go. Was it a problem where she kind of like she knew, and you know she No one, it is is that on precisely one of the most talented people, I've ever met him Molly Vanessa, let one of the most talented right is really bad. But what happened was when I signed, as she was right in a certain type of songs and assign don't want is like, but if our marriage, you- because I thought you were this way and then as soon as we get married things change, I think, went on. I think the sig disobeyed knows about those situations was going through with the well in everything at the get put him in a row doc space. Imagine you a sweet, Oh you know from any Annapolis in you, you get on with it every day you getting estimates. Would people like calling you names in back?
you and having been noted, detailed anything any just goin crazy medicines. Not me, you guys been again twelve years, seen everything aka handed us up, you know, but a girl whose, like I can't believe, I didn't bother. Nobody really didn't do anything wrong and its people are really common, Emmy, crazy and every single day. I think it put him in a day. Space of in writing. As you said, and when she wrote sounds like a gang signs and popular in bad when a servant a fond, so then let us better right, indifference, hyper wreckers did, I didn't think, were superstar caliber reckless for her. I think she was begun in the song. She was right and this ago super towns go right. Anything- and this is my opinion of it, so this is an unwanted beta. Take. This is me dissonant because I can never did. I would never came when this same show important defended. So if I came on no one in this house. How crazy with them any legislation got Wagner and Anon right linen. I said the sheep. I think they put him in a space. I know that you are our biggest champion. You ate debuting, designed you and I want to make sure we debut her lady Tom, over, like I was
I would commend the honor remakes them. They don't want remix, but they don't know. Numbs like this. My biggest biggest reckon member to an country, mammography modest on it, he's a type of things that goin in four spin, and we we spent you know a lot of money. You know on her and on a roll out without a potent haven't it s really put out a record, but am I think there are obvious change the one thing about me as I know how it feels to be an artist, and I know how it feels to be present and I said you know I never want to be in a situation where I'm forcing you to do it and then we would like is of so instead of me, SAM, I don't want to do what I do chauffeur until she get mine right and then I'm own. You felt no, let you go free. Me because I want to be in that waste. Even people round was like you need to get this. You need to do this, but I don't have a man. I don't agree with she's going to show that we were willing to go, but you know is that was she won it though I did see one. It's had a still come out. I still haven't her way, or did she wanted? Just not be
anymore, I don't know any Burma, be honest which were to be or totally honest. I now have a conversation, were I just told you know. I do said accents go. You know I set out things work out, which I like to keep. It has only been one is shot a boxer outlining what to say. Well, I'm Japan, a yak here I sit, which I like the keeping go straight through in a school. They said no and a single woman give her release. Let her do a thing if she feels like she knows Herman Amazement for, like they know less. Do that, because I don't want to be in a situation Poland, anybody down and making a full away. You know, do you think up Nazi or about what I do? What I do is anomalies in their pride makes me the worse, because I've had Addis before any or no Addis ever can walk around and say Rico. Love gave me wrong. Ringo did anything. If you look at how close me on Christa enemy, I took care of her Chris Patten, you know me: I got young Chris Algarve Young Christian upon me in Miami and young Chris did not come to the apartment, went on
I've been there once on? You know it s my brother. We can share those they did, but why will you come and because I think what happens if you surround yourself with people, you know me who I think at that time we can admit who was in his ears in oh. You know you need to be doing this. You need to be honest. We you know. These need to be fully. You need to do this in a lot of time. Home wants you to stay home because they feel, I guess how that's what keeps you authentic, but I was like pro come down here thing about this when our motivation calibre manager, numbers comes day last night out. It was later it was that it was a partner rented to stop apartment on a beach. They re dentistry from where I was living. It was later, but where any which will once home not once on in his and it was crazy, helium emitter- you he was pleased. I was bunny people Emma. You know what tomorrow me that was telling me so things than a material, crazy story about position. Positioning is so weird things happen, arrow motivation for Kelly Roman for Kelly. As soon as we finished it Kelly Set was young Chris.
The rapporteur is now she said it like playful lie there soon, where he said a like. You know who knows if she was even serious of shipping will have followed through, but she descended impasse night. We'll call like young christian opponents that she is right. You sanctity, This means that we will, you could have been able to I mean weight as they would only let's get. You know how that is, but it ended at Dayton outside Amazon, it is always up. It's only always be around always be available. You know me. I always may myself accessible to the opportunity in a beginner macarius, though even now, if somebody called me Ray no opportunity jumping on the flight, you know me I'm doing things that a lot of people and more level wouldn't be humble enough to do, because I disbelieve and when, and I believe that I haven't made again allow people look at minimum o you'd. I haven't media because when I went to hang around, I live in the neighborhood. Full a billion is on purpose because
can it be the poorest person in my neighborhood, because I need to feel like is, is no I'm not I'm hit the selling. It is so far from me, and I think so people feel like they made it and they have not arrived. I'm here to tell you you have not arrived yet, because I have it in a lot of people who are above me, though, like they when I was with us of a night and we want a studio, his violent animals, like you, show me a new. He just bored in Hollywood Hills just, but you know I did look though China, but unlike there He don't know like ease. You know. People like us still much for him to do when I'm around Providum C and how haughty works on my, how cannot possibly vote like any opportunity is too small for me when I'm looking at guys like this, who born above and beyond the whatever your limit, where greater exactly sycamore. Exactly so you know I gotta got a grand, so I think it was alone experienced everybody, but I always limits have been always believe, an opportunity being and present, but just back to see everything,
Even I think, she's superstar. You will never him. He say anything mad about a day. Cosmic commune other day. He says yeah, I'm gonna! U know out of the country, you know, since, by studying on a got shoot me up, have told the lot either he's a super cool. Do shouted. The court need bigger, reflects a bad off you dead like another artist, you sign in the problem of the only only at think gum. Yes, yes, it does absolutely and but I'm honest enough to say those things than work out, but I will also admit you act they met on. I did everything in my power to help every artist. I was around me everything. I think that when I didn't do it I should have done was been a little bit more tough, one and embedded like put Lafitte down a little bit more because I just don't. I hate that force in thing, but I should have been like listen these records. We, it was so mysterious core popular as she hates. This is the first
she performed some Virginia having when I first is trying to sign it Jimmy I vain, and gigantic said this is the record we bury thing leads up to his record. She hated the record up ass. She did it, I guess so when she wrote it years ago, but we can't we don't know that we just noted with is a brilliant song and it's just a genius lyric and was so clever and I'm everybody's plain was we're gonna put out a warm up and we're gonna put the single she changed Emma. I think but when I should it, it will say we put this on. Right, must improve daddy's right, that's what he would do. You deprive lowly. Ok, then, Hermes united than a cell long ago and sell all, but at the piano and then you like fresh in such an incredible record in this, not erected, did you know a lot of people would say. Will you know I don't have any bias item right, the soul? It was hurt. You like, I thought it was genius and I should, as you said, listen we put this reckon up. And then let it be mad at me because I looked at the ushers situation will mean a chauffeurs her year me an Usher sin in Rome on nineteen April kid we first per year we laugh hysterically
rarely has a worse on every rarely thing about this boat, a first humans You shall go with them. Happy voice came in the club. My home is trying to kick a little bee. I put it down on a loki Thou. Do it ourselves, a great deal more or less our chance, but we will look at it. I know what it is all fine now one thing about this than that and then allow humanitarian aid funded airline all the time you know about it, you think about it, but aid to make money online was like, and we believe this saying because we will set in motion liberalism- and I remember being like a little- I was. I was an undeserved, even speak at the time. I remember him look at me and he gave me a smirk and I just felt a mug pits and cape. He was in a room and they were like ya trip, and this is the number one record and a trick. Russia they said just cut it will put it out of the warm up in you know they put their genuine one right away and give us the money when us Once again, I was like we were wrong
We will listen to you because, at least because, because I just admitted that messroom masses she waited we I and sometimes sometimes we at ashes level. This is the dead, the confessions out. He had already had eighty seven one. He had already said my way so both at him so seventeen each and he still was able to I was wrong or he added opinion that wasn't correct and we all have those so imagine an artist who hasn't had any success in some. You what they gonna do is like us. I've been like now, you're gonna have to we got haven't you know I can It would be a move like your job to guide. You not think what would I do when I don't do which should do. Is I care so much, and I guess so frustrated but August, but you know what I know for sure.
When I should adjust sometime in red and let the artist be artists instead, you doing but in, but I if they know best, they beat the outwood. Besides it a macro and everything you have, you have a question yourself like. Maybe I'm does not cut out to be a label on. Let me right my songs Bernard, because that's what that's, what people want you to fill and ass weapons, which rather merit think about thing about harm, always bring this up thing? Barroso neighbour, that in just pop up bro you tried before and then you know certain odyssey put out. It didn't work out and he was he stayed down with his homies and it didn't work out, but in american society. That is the definition of success, but in urban culture give up is the answer. You know why, because you see people common or you would say something like one of you to do this now, aren't you just do it because I'm not you and on their regular, and I believe that if you for you post get back up and keep trying and at the end of the day, what does it cost me what it costs you for me to try and that's the pro craziest thing about black people that we see somebody try some.
We love to be like. I want you to step why? How does this affects you? Why does it bother you by your wag, RAP Iwo Data? Quite a few dreams. Everybody here are people, thereby with some people whack, but it ended a day. What does it take for me for him to try it? Don't you're not gonna, make the debate going. But if you work anyway, I let you that's what I loved you put this instagram somebody tweeted, you ain't gonna like this. We go love album, but is actually pretty good words images and not one like you and me, some about our people at all costs. We want to try to find the way to embarrass you say some small. We can't even give a cool compliment. We cannot say you know what I'm surprised. This record is good if thou and cool, but I didn't want to like when I means that means that I went into this situation that sanity- I don't like you, We situation are going to try to think the positive work we give it won't do it or is it is cause for one thing about an opponent gotta be delayed, is more listen to people just glad. I thought it was. It was honest of him. This
eat it. You know that I'm ADA, but I had to call a minus eight, this see there s a great failing that you when somebody I wish I was aiming to essentially allow you say that the got people say that because, if I do say, Yoda recall Obama's, though guess what I'm again you take riding Rico, There will be peace, but if you say I didn't want to like it is a different level. It have, you say down, really surprised out, how good this album is there s one thing, but if you say I did not want to like it, that means you sancy. As of I went into this situation that liking you a person who never bother nobody. You gotta see me Dormice by me how he had dwindled colonies, don't bother nobody, I met, you know his mama visiting here, my family do music, you legal migration. Look all you see is my kinsman, dog, my studio. You then you afraid to be friendly. Absolutely Agri everybody, Addis
bodies are not is, but how do you wait when you make your music? How do you decide what you gonna, keep more you gonna give away, is really easy, because for the past two years I have in mind for people I'm moraine. Some of you know me, I am is clearly focused on yourself an and also because the frustration we spoke about it loads are over the last summer was here. You spend some development of building Addis when I did their rain that looking from us about us and we worked hard on the record and then to see them just go with a dance all after we made this challenging effort to to make music that was cutting edge and provocative, and they see the ragged calmly communist. They either school due to Sancho screen, adapt Luke Anna on. We did and we put this out as they answered, but that goes against everything we ve been. But she's been waiting. He ain't gonna take. I accept that sometimes people make decisions because they feel like thing about not member lolita conversation. Now you questioning yourself, you like, maybe they re, so maybe they might be right this time, and I know you know so I think sometimes you wants a situation where, as I did
and brandy I mean- was at last bring him to eleven me and I shall get did a majority at home, and I note with some incredible racket Sonya and in when am came out with, though we don't get this push. I gave up Shout Brianna Gay Brianna Super Discount for like five rickets, nothing it cause. I don't think about that than up from my own thing about legacy something about up abalone beyond the greatest, when a great things about ever album did a racket and then he say I cool know what I'm gonna do come down the Mama go. Do the game is English Emma go? Do this number and like I this thing that I take so serious by the way? I'm a personal, really you notice, every by, I think, couldn't notice about me. I'm very serious about is a passionate about it. So every sir mean some to me is matches the check. You really he'd be told about money. You Hemi Ivan get frustrated with who asked me about when you're like how much money the Jamaican, as am I am, I told them stuff like that, but I got pressure because look at every song is a baby's. He wrote some brandy, Zalm closest thing is too late.
Holly breathing in paint this house in. I can you hear me now Nissan's with incredible to me. Some of my best work, homage Manasseh it must be made merely and you look at it. You like these stones missile much. It is fresh spent all his time. Thank you. Spend a year on a show me spend you know six months on his brandy, I'm u duties or least projects that surely passion about and the audio control like you had a child and then the talk to my takes it. It is raised one reason you like, but ass, much ass. I felt scientist fella, you know what let me do something love anonymously artist. You knows just them at the same time, a baby out completely under that now are you wanna, be a solo. Earth is now make progress. It did you know. People say that to my why you want to be as odd as ways you be a thing of songwriter thought, which is also just listen, said: amusing men illiterate
listen to music and listen. This item is so real to me, because is my honest contribution is, like me, say who I really am. However, they fill, and you know I'll come out of horsemen outdo bunch of colonies. The already when I look at you know some people would. I came for me and people like what is presented this, but I look at it might look like he try it look like she trying to look like us. How much but with me, is not get in the van and go from city to city into a hundred interviews in a day how to do prom. I just left la I did from her all day until I got off the plane and came straight here and then I got a full day go to sleep and I wake up at six, a dot m and I got to audition for a movie, and then I got to do the same thing. And all day and then the next day, the same thing down on a plane. A lot of my amusements Almah case is a serious to me. So when you look at this effort than on put forth, if nothing else, you can say it gotta be some sort. Because the man made so much money, in other words to be just doin. This,
making the same type of paint. Why that easy to swallow pride to go out and do the new, Addis hustle stuff? You don't have to do like do two hundred interview that today, but you can pick up the phone as a make you do they reckoned because some and offer me gadget. I went on a controlled at I can show how hard I were I can catch hold of. You must say yes, and I could show in one thing I'm uncomfortable with is a no from a personal. I think she say yes, wherever I would, rather our rather us not even talk about its without one. I feel away a bomb the same. You know me and if the same route in your own, you love is really language about museum grows. What about you deal with a girl you introduce a lot of money, would have whatever aid took her argument. You, let me guess what it was seen as you like: no isn't a relationship man, you know what If me, I'm a girl said the girl out the bunch of money that you're funny my girl would tell us we are you gonna go back. I want you to do the same as you gave a foreigner. To my great, my guys have, as a minor holds the yet
You can not like you, I don't mean to go and taken from not I'm planes. No home is out right now turn allied soldiers like zone. The allow real quick though the soup implements a meal. Southern Sudan A mean about analyzer. A lot of people say you know to lay some? Obviously, because you say turn on my phone and every song you right. Is it true, meaning? I think that the lights they represent success in they represent money in their present things to happen to you, when you become success, we want the right So when the lights come on you, and even an even on an intra talk about saying what you gonna do when I come back, if you, if you went from one day and I have none, and in the next day some mighty Timmy allows your light just like that and your views or marriage of views on relationships have views on monogamy. They change. Instead, make an alarm about how many cars I bought in my big house in this. This next, I said, will let me talk about how those things affect you as a person. So it's really strong title. This song called for the kids and it's talking about
a lot of us in life in a relationship people state emulation, but because it a kid and optimism, Is this all car run for me, and this is a true story I broke up with my girl like three: must this am takes place in a space where we ve broken up with me? what's out about a leg was somebody that's what you say yes says that have not yet ripe. For me. Such a strong song and what it represents is. It was a girl I was seeing when I was broke up with my girl, and I was really inside and I was feeling- and I just said to monday- you know what I can't. I can't message you no more and even watching this interview right now. I know she's going to be like. She let what what I say my girl call me right now when you get back with me, I'm a good by one day. This may be an on it because I know witnesses going we not just having fun. We catch him from his reign, and I noticed, but no matter how deep our feelings get into this situation. If she call me right now,
say I cool. I want us to be back together, I'm leaving them. Maybe we'll never talk to your matters I break up anyway. I was. I have been a whole people why? Why not? Well, you know we do we do with those things I spoke about that allow as well. We deal with things. You we were out of. Sometimes we just really and then you mess up than we have This is when data, but we all got the affair year. Is this like a ladder is allowed a real records, but wouldn't you want? from yards. I think the thing about this right thing about this. We get on Instagram, we get it What are we gonna social networks? Villona ball alarming Oshea room to find dirt about personal lives, of oz, right method, thing that gets the most attention right, but then these incredible Addis, they don't talk about personal issues on a project and he went away no, so they d buying your personal life on on social me in some. I ask him pay for it, but wants you give examples of truth that she went to it and only
The give details owed with data. What girl, what person? Why don't you give a little bit of who you are and, and I'm a be honest which do expect mom, so a bunch out the gate, piling won't polyglot, but at the end of the day, one year from today I promise you won't be an additional space because we gonna work is reckon you introduce one person at every week you get a few more people to tell a few more people to tell a few more people. You gotta work it and you gotta, say some. This. Here it is only so much. We could turn out it's a bunch of club, rackets and guess what they know when a when he listened said. I reckon in the club any like who first thing was a big love, anthem, but guess what, in a few months as can be another one, are you gonna be sick? It s so and as soon as that sound is over, we can't be sick at a and a producer is really even more in Addis or because they like call you when you gonna, must still be meet. You gonna come and go people not gonna. Do not attach you because you haven't given him some to hold onto when I first listen.
Do you know I am so sick by meal I dislike broadest aging is so I want to know who this guy was glad it made me feel something, and I think, also make an wreck. Is that don't make people feel anything and that's why you don't stick and flouts exactly after the other, but the little we believe me, it's all familiar records, but a stick. Your latino somebody think at that level he already has people who love him. It s a different conversation until my more, if we add another new oughta switch on establishing The reason why they don't know is so important to me is because it was ass. If the chest moving away, it was a conversation start. I can't believe he said that the reason why bitches be light was so important because it was like. I can't believe you said that and now people gotta come to know, Rico love it, and I would also this who, who have had bigger records and they put on nobody- I mean who I am and because you have to who is this? Do even if they like? You, wear a uterus you unless you you did they still know who I am and still recognize me. Nothing music has to do that.
Duenna, as a new order of your record is not saying something through I'm telling you that big club record enjoy it enjoy it. I think another village I bought you goes, you do have something to say. You know when you see you and your views on is you got something to say even on Twitter, you engage with people absolutely. I will further malady, they dont and it's nothing. It's nothin to them, and you know what but in a game for a long time in a similar things, you know may raise me like I'm due out learned under Maistly Marilla, an usher been on the path in all these guys and watching them is like so much you could pick up and I think so many guys spend time with eyes and it'll pick appointed things that are important it just like. Have you been on? Oh I'm, no gas within a world tours and couldn't tell you anything about any cities. As you know, they do they go any Romany, smaller and then, when it's time for the show they come at the right to show you some girls go back to the room and they smash ghostly, gotta next city in them. I do not even educate yourself based upon his surroundings. I'm gonna live lifeboat because guess what everything you live, everything you see as regurgitating when you are true. Creative everything
They absorb a man in my mind. I can give it back to the world and I can learn and educate myself. It's he's others, food education and If we don't do that, when I reckon TAT S, why we know so and that's why artists like a kind of west can put out Russia without no singles whether people like the easy and that it had no single than he still plan at the end of the day and they Kendrick Lama, Don't gotta, have a radio smash, people believe what he has to say and I believe him J Quota, I'm so inspired by these guys image I listened Draken, I'm like trade, a genius. You know why has he Japan or your records and he using our records foot of foolishness and he makes his record about the rules. If I call you tell them on nothing, but I know you can get attention but our image easier to do tat. Everybody Fazio be like oh he's. A new guy Jazzy call you
But when you get your record, oh my God, Jason went to work with me late at all, and then here, but I get common. Take this way from you and then go about your business. When you know had no more units will be able to call a general, no Drake exactly what all use did you come on highest? The Hughes direct being a spaghetti? While I go crazy, when you listen to his record, is like a guy who smoke all the time, but though by we, I mean a when you smug ease multiples, but when you got here I'll see by what are we to ban Hawaii my God, what you still don't hear when there's thing do you wanna see I'm Floyd unpack your fight again, no loyal lemon. The pool of perk you you beat them He beat him when of course go how we will have a guy now, because I thought why don't you guys are this before we see tweeting Hermes dialogue and we set out to him. He has given me for free tickets to next way. You know I just like different things.
Believe it. I wasn't tragedy. Madam you know me, I did the same. You know how I feel about the fight and attended a day. Every tough, Lloyd Fight, every Tommy face they say is not lose and every time he wins, they say tat I was he did is any only one, because it is what is personally for raise boring, but at the end of the day I feel like the fight, if you'd think the fight was born, which I don't is only born. The patio heaters need. Only one would invite as fight Floyd foot the way he fired. Forty, the way you if he waited fights and he stood in the middle to ring any challenged. Him now was a few times were so I would rather, you know collective self, each on a figure it out afresh around, but after that he was here in secular firms. Even dodge a flurry late in the day. I don't want to see vows and patent believe he deserves a vital in the first place he said so many hours measures may be in on it. Said so many out, and you deserve to flight final shabby you keep taking these as from the people he orbiting beat up so flight taken a fight without coercion who you sat on this day by what the fight Amadou enable Kashmir, but Yonder certified a moment,
in the EU is a sore lose. I don't think I lost the way come on. Go you lost by. Did you know him before he reached out? I didn't I didn't know. I still don't know he reached out to say you know it. Ain't, like I'm Mueller, Malcolm Pray, be a flu house, the mine on that nowadays wonderment noisily. Just like you know, you got for free tickets to the next by his next fight comes in September, and you don't hear nothing No matter, how are you gonna? Do you know what I mean? I don't really get has taken. It would be like if we need that we need to get you to a maid to bury. Would we gonna quit question We then start right away. I mrs thing, not, though, when I had a calm seas, but this, if you go, don't like boxing right, do you take that set aside?
have you that last eat you better see. That's the only thing that gradual, because you going, I take a look at what is a display of women S. Wild sets make us think about this. You got friends you of which a whole life, their love love bucks, an hour you, like wife sports, what in his soul is this time the data is like egg. So when we to defray absolute, so I'm gonna data actually probably do a lot of things are viewed as you don't really want to do. As you gotta, have you gonna go part? Your father lay low by Magna take power that we hope that you can fly longing for those who can give us a lot of losing out, is not a mile amusement, be upset both little near, but you didn t give us your followers. So with low soon follow out five. We gotta bring some girls with us to lead many times before and after the fact there is the breathless club the only regard laser out now, Eliza out now, a
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