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Hey. It's been Henry and Marcus. Hosts of the last podcast on the left are shows dedicated to uncovering hilariously horrifying stuff and now we're only on Spotify joy. If you want, obviously we never force anyone to just blindly joy bad, be crazy, but if you like stories about doomsday call to do exactly that and more please, on Spotify Visit, Spotify Dotcom, slash last podcast to listen free there, I'm Zack RAP and I'm gonna phase on we're real life best friend we met playing, take life best friends, Turk enjoy the on the sitcoms scrubbs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to re watch the series one episode at a time and put our memory. Into a podcast, you can listen to it home, we're gonna get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lawrence editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us
What inspired the series and how we became a family? You can listen upon cast fake doctors, real friends with second, I called on the high heart radioactive apple podcast and wherever you get your blog CAS,
this is your wake up all day child these envy annually. Charlemagne guy on the planet is respect issue, because this is a voices aside zones in a day the coveted morning so called we Don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest body do YO, Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo morning. Angels guidelines is Andy Charlemagne gap, these data platitudes about yes, it's one day. Yes, now looking at the national reality, it was what I want to participate in today,
I love Lucy Day. We also do young while only hear it. Yes, global handwashing day right me every day should be everyday national ground today. That's me all day, international adjusted charity. I just did that. Ok, so we can participate, knows no national mushroom. I don't like mushrooms, no leisure terms. They like We must allow motion. I love, therefore dont forget some fungus him altogether. Every day beyond barriers, and they always do mushrooms on it. I'm always pick em off loved for another, no mushroomed, although mushrooms housewives weak it, which I lose my talent I used, I want you to see that now rolling yesterday's at that now the Carolina! That's our boy! You went on fighting those front. I fell. Marilla sensitive as people male between me all day and leaving com insane, docile me.
If I was going that I wouldn't even come up, their young are clean. Now shut the hell up, man, God, damn Nobody can play what people normal day posited three times Agri we ground. We play a love it when he was in it. I have a lovely, ok, so lay like they people be so sensitive in so easily offended I. Why would you do that to me just figured it out. People came into the room door and then a view in next shut up his lab available make it off most out. The dynamic that is a member of the breakfast collapse worthy funny. You have closely with then add, always finally have no material. Always he always says about alike. I think, that's how you know material cuz. He was talking about Kanye and Donald Trump. All of that, so it's not our legs. I don't naturally funny guy does either freestyle about allowed it. But if you just by talking about we're gonna die now. Will doc we join in us this morning.
Done earlier was not rather the right answer. Even entities are sepia. This minor, I will be here to teach us not lead. People die, they then already in your nose CPR, I do not mean either always see it and its eggs. I got five kids. I should know CPR just in case Charlemagne youth. You too, you have three kids. When I got home, wasn't like the plague appalling universally be like. I know it gives a mighty sepia example. My mouth composing a limit on one July. Let me die just say, poured forth into it. You gotta do make sure my eggs. Have you any idea? What are your friends winning give you see the dead? Clearly not gmail runs deep uppercut Hu Jia, I gotta, be it teaches a non pod worldview way to do it right, bigger, ok, goodbye baseload, there we got front page is always up. My mandate Annie mad over the weekend. This happen in flatly. That's why I'm Frahm, but hey you bad cornerstones.
Airline Cnet we'll talk about it. When we come back, don't move to breakfast locomotive. Applauding everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy? We are the breakfast club. Looking some front page news starve, would sports Falcons beat the Vulcan is thirty? Four? Ninety nine chargers beat the browns three thousand eight hundred and fourteen the jets pizza colts. Four thousand two hundred and thirty four Redskins beat the Panthers two thousand three hundred and seventeen Seahawks beat the raiders two hundred and seventy three, the Texans beat the bills, two thousand and thirteen the bears lost three thousand one hundred and twenty eight Steelers beat the Bengals two thousand eight hundred and twenty one, the rams still undefeated. I believe two thousand three hundred and twenty ravens beat the Titans twenty one. Zero patriots beat the undefeated chiefs. Forty
forty the cowboys somehow one forty seven b, the jack was you that what I say is down that signing it wisely gave. When I do feel like every time he's going to tone down, I would texts like Mama load, doggedly dejected, Jaguar, Fanny didn't ask him how he was doing today. I want you to day my guy and he would never replied me into now. One point: replied: Mew safe. You shouldn't be watching the cowboys anyway. Could they all races, as our knowledge dogma, that there would cap boy for whatever We then he just woods very upset yesterday and I don't know I will just go again. It was forty. Seven cows cowboys forty two General Jaguar, seven, forty seven, ok for to seventy four zero to seven already account was good for everyone on board. It is then it's a nightmare that I put the packets take on the forty. Nine is now what else you tell them
these may, unless TAT had ever cornerstone. Caroline, could this happen in flabby genome from flap wish in Brooklyn now the women's day Miss Teresa clamber, she's got the nickname, make nickname, cornerstones, Caroline, and that is all because she accused a nine year old boy, a sexually. Salting her and she called the cops and then check it out now. Why one right now they know what really happened was caught on video camera, you could see the women leaving a store where her son and her nine year old son actually had on a backpack and the backpack might abreast against there, but they walked right out the store and that's when morning
carry on their way wasn't even direction. He was walking added the store. So since then, she had at first tat their story saying that he did try to sexually assaulted her and hears what she said after people looked at video footage and was absolutely not. I was standing at the counter. I was sexually assaulted. I understand how it looks, but she escalated, and then I lost my temper. Her nodded that child had it see escalate the situation you accuser, nine year old, you hear him crying and screaming. He didn't do anything wrong. He thought he was gonna get arrested. He was scared of wives, who, I believe all women is flawed. Logic you shouldn't into all women in believe all proof. America, when it isn't what I just said, should listen to all women in believe all proof. A man and if it was no video of this situation. I imagine that this type of aid They should have begin. Blackmail kills them to beginning of time. Ok, backpack residential behind, and you call of leave you a sex
the assaulted or nine year old child. Something is wrong with this. And ass. He has since issued an apology now that everybody's saying you're, wrong and people she says have been actually threatening her life years, which he says how good child accidently burden. Man- I don't know your name, but I'm sorry find out his name and apologize for a young boy. First, a free, smooth, Liliana beyond their level. During the day, I believe around five five. Various so they can have a rally us added. As store today in flap wish, once again, you should listen to all women and believe are proof was imagining feels no video right. Imagine why got a young woman call in a believer in low black boy, saying, as you gotta a now that boys will be traumatize traumatized We train and stares has declared bankruptcy that companies a hundred and thirty two years old. Over night they decided she declared think
grimbsy they actually. Oh, two hundred and thirty four million dollars in debt. That payment is due to day they can afford, is another going to look for buyer for a large number of their remaining stores and they're gonna clothes, at least a hundred and forty two stores near the end of this year. There is also once Kmart, Anodyne, Walmart fears in Kabul. I'm thinking to say there is nothing I get inside my wash and drive near, but I don't know you know There's owns came our stores there. It is going to have some of those open for business and they won't be online, but their clothing allows them and the only ones to keeping open other ones that are making money. You know that it is Amazon, taxis stealing a lot of business from a lot of these stores. So, yes, let them others is literally when advocated, probably Northwood mileage out, as I can on land grab right across the street from this year's Unburthen it I think Darwin.
You know that wins open available using is near their bad and over still open your pc region is going to target. I go to Walmart our lie, but that's front page New was not get it off your chess eight hundred five, a five one of What if you had a horrible weekend- and you need to vent, hit us up right now, or maybe you just feel blessed you with a spread, some positivity, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call us up right now with the breath: the morning, the breakfast club of your time to get it off. Your jets are the main community breakfast you got your mind is willing to pay for the item lemme get rough edges early
hey Armand. She wanted to give us that out through the border on account of the wonderful guy back, I'm playing opinion has been under Phoebe in everything may play is always right Well, congratulations! Easily! Models, cheating, little kids, anciently, all Nairobi. Today, where they work. The sad Amsterdam's had ended as colored Gazprom overtime go on doing it all every Saturday, one of those kids go to the end of Roman. Buy you a harder just stop it it was our brothers cloud was broken ravages The data blanched I'm calling at a local Kentucky. That little girl bore last month marge. So everything I wonder body, no state keep a pilot radically
gradually gradually era. New kids are beautiful thing. I got one in the house. Right now allows this Gabby. They gotta get it off my chest. A boring. We know my order of meeting spoke thou. My baby letter Conor out, didn't being a leader and ball I bit by bit by bit not right. Now I've got this god we are keeping you humble dazzle why did you did some mighty coming Jane the driveway incorrigibly? everybody and a very big thirty minutes to a few hours and I'm staying in a big black dig. It out, now now and you didn't around the buyer that only on car use. You do know where we are with you. We ve gone from Roger Miami Ahmed on the air travellers thirty minutes, no thirty minutes a couple You don't know how long it's going to take. You have to wait. Another match happy they waited
do very minute. I will I'll be there shortly. Men are gone now. I know I know. I know you able to call now. I'm gonna. Let us right now an emergency believe educated. Would you go now my corner or ever gonna do anything? Be careful bureau decided? I shook my head and I now Miami like writer week by the cod call: nine one one Maino come fast. They may be a little upset because you called him for a flat tire, but you got three kids in the car on the side of the road you can having a panic attack. God, now only a corner or mommy by yourself. Ok, thank you! already allows as if it will certainly not be just another thing. You know, and I haven't for your own- he bit big only in very bad quality, bad about me. You know a pink care hell, even living. If that lie
and while I'm just stuck at home all weekend taking care of a sick baby, I'm not complaining but step up to the plate and do what you supposed to do they saw. The me like your husband- is paid on the first and fifteen and you probably got dead at check on Friday, not being baby. Bear Maybe daddy, I'm sorry- He would have and have a good time is we can you not a meaning a tavern case really like voyage? soon got your reality. The situation have you spoke to him at all. I have been off. You go out with baby that even a military or baby I'll call with Paramo call that the council has been able to make me feel that way marked by the bottle. Man, eater
The deal with that yeah. That's I'm a man, I'm sorry mom ass. He half either can now want to communicate with they aren't out exactly exactly. Oh, that's what I'm doing with it, but I hope you will be able to bear in mind here. We go. I hope that in the future you know who to have unprotected sex. We do not have undertake sexually irrelevant lap happening where nobody, Today, most of you have just eight hundred five, a five one off I wanted you need event. It is now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast toning down to breakfast closely, but allow theirs
they would have ye. What sort of man is market, the Board of Monetary seventy beta used. We appreciate the old down a youth and ever more demanding complain about something I didn't want to give us that idea about doing a bit of men with air about above the weak with no air. No right want me you might. You may have the you might take me to take a little. You know and as you learn in life, but you ve got in the way we rather good when you meet when you say, So what do you mean the Dallas cowboys? Now I don't want to warn you tat. I was in fact to have seen the latest text is all got. You got you gonna do about it. I don't know best Doha round here. As you have all you can do that wonderful agreements always do your best data. Morning was at eight p m
I know how you do gooseberry was her. Dear average has Gaeta about my car. I think that with this report, but I have my doubts- That's ridiculous hegemony of rotation of car defamation information. She said dot rotation. You said the windows guarded by liberalising yes that woman I got excited about.
And you are my meal data, the type of regulation them again. Blackmail uses beginning a time recipes Emma to allow this body must have broken up features that Loi throughout the entire, though an avatar every day, TAT will sell lighting up yourself and I try to get caught up in any case, for kids, get and activate the like that it's gonna, be like you, gotta be traumatic. Things like the parent of women are provided by not while in unpaid, and I want to tell you the Arab or put another way
tat of rectified hold up all around what lies at the agreement. You have the will and even enable is what I was thinking too. Even if the nine year old boy, they say the nine year old boy, did it he's a nine year old boy conversation way better than call in a police are creating a single absolute we gotta, be in issue will absolutely positively wrong for you. I think about the climate. We do know yes by the way that the attitude that we were all right there I'm tired out my partner, we have known about five years ago, have everybody to parties that it did I was, I wouldn't know new bag bankers s ways to get off my clothes school. I used to go in there. What authority have pulled out of the report? thereby able to intervene in a closed down? Allows this year I'm calling from Orlando must have given either of each Hasbro year, managers.
Wanna do you know TAT Day ignore Bless Ali favoured. You know. What job Kevin you bless Black and highly favoured. Yet I am yeah. I just wanted to call in OECD all every morning on the way to work well We will have a right to their own futures. Eight hundred five, a firewall flower will, we got room, was unaware you. Yes, we are going to talk about the measures you are creating yet again on. The breakfast club will tell you who is responding to this end, a view that we gave with the Ladys from the Rio all right, we'll get into all that when we come back people ACT is to breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club of auxiliaries, beautiful thought another
Let's talk Lahti lovers, the black, since the Reul report was unfair, set out to iraqi bad habits iraqi, be from Detroit. Her mixed in September. First is outright now sat rocky, little never right. Now, that's the name of it not Jose low Lane on areas rather than a symptom of review and beyond brands would have a nice. I right now. Let's talk about so wide. That boy extend verses, aligning love, it all started. When lady love was on the Ladys from the Rio were on the breakfast club and they were talking, what happened with tame our wise tame argon from the Rio. How did she get I did they know about it. Here's what lady love had to say. I got a call on Saturday. They said that Timor was being let go. I asked a question.
We are not on a tax, and we like why not. Having heard your comment, we are really not pick up the phone, nothing right right, then I get on a plane to go to Lance whose in front of me first class, her sister, to want our sister towards said, lady, I'm so this is happening to you. We know you didn't, have nothing to do with it. She said, but I want to tell you something: they just did an emergency fail me of the Braxton family values and she said you just need to see the episode I was lie. What I write well, what could have happened after that According to Lonnie Love, I guess Tamer was trying to get a new manager. See I gave her a man. It is number the managers demanded Steve Harvey long gone regime, okay, so Feldman. Here's what happened! I person that worked a wee tv contacted me as they look. We saw Rough cut, european aid, the girls are being named. Envious is Doin the name. I call my attorney them
because we had nothing to do with his half a million required to refinance they turned around and they data extra occur. There was a blogger. There actually saw the rough cut and he says this names us see and that we jailed is. He names needs specifically a you know why I say he does that, because I gave heard a number of regimes. Mcdonald Array well to wine has responded on her own social media. She said what I'm not willing to do is allow anyone to create dissension. I am really was on that flight with lady love and how many years ago is cut. Satan. I'm amused at how the statements were paraphrase. It was never a heads up and it s. Our money on the flight I immediately contacted same are to let her know that circulating that I'm included in is bs. Why? I feel compelled to keep mentioning tee my when it pertains it had talk, so I guess they are her biggest Van Joseph Este might come back since he's a hot topic. Keep it a real or
in the name of the show. The real real love you take, my just like the real. I got time today to my Braxton, who was the point of telling you their responses to interview here. Guess to wander saying the way that lady Love told the story is not true. He doesn't want to be in the middle of seamen like she gave a heads up to wander the trauma to do so. With those human rights around the corner. Fishermen have rarely go now, no awkward given Dennis away. I get a team, I would know if, if tomorrow cause you're right away to tell her that she was on their flights and ass. You know from side there restore my rights and industry I write an also yellow busy, less hardware yellow busy. He added EC song. That was all over the radio. This song right here but let me baby and I are gonna love me now- leave me university. I guess I mean it
me, maybe he's now, covering after being wounded in a dry by shooting that happen in Louis Bell. Taxes that happen Sunday A morning so they said the shooting occurred around three He a m me was reportedly driving on the toy another vehicle pulled alongside his indicted, letting off shots over a dozen around. Were fired according to the police, and they said he was his three times, but he is recovering over hate. Me. He's from Dallas ably Dallas Texas. Nothing happened in Louisville, so we are keeping our eye and what's happening there. I've seen pictures of him. They said he is alive and breathing they'd have a motive right now for that shooting and no arrests have been made. Yet solid number, one own above nor be just like a week before getting round by little. The walls mob, struggling clues modular covers areas outside I re. When I mentioned YE, and that is your room in your email from the blue. Got you
the estimated that we would like in about yellow UV thrown Now- and I was talking about now- you're started talking out- I don't wanna born from using them to implement what did they say in a moment I mean what they ve forward. I gotta go, What you might think big bang to go up again tomorrow at a an I'm Bt Theory Davis is hosting the Bt Hip Hop awards, that's gonna teach a little way and how to be a sad Rakkeed Data, Caliban B, de I why'd you why lay all of them are going to be hearing that Stephen, I would Lamby. Also after that is a new car is obviously hustle in Brooklyn, so make sure feature my homey ivy river. You watch that as well as my partner right did. Robin include Bagua revert to watch on each occasion, written up, Yonder plan or self handling. First episode for you. If you went fishing plan as of now and say nobody played himself milk, right well, when we come back me up front pages that we talk about how we are going to talk about cornerstone. Caroline will give you some information on what happened in Brooklyn S. Lap is with this woman
while the caps on a nine year old- or I will get into that when we come back, keep allowed this to breakfast cloak more, but you d, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago? We are the breakfast on another move. More with me too. I let us Amazon Leginn, as one of my favorites, then. How did every song sounds? I she was trying to do. A radio ragged like every song, sounds like a single didn't write over lead us. Of aid and no no cohesiveness to get those out. I got out Miss Oliver of a project for the singles Demi since autonomy Madame shown, and also were you gotta remember that must it is she found it must do so. It knows radio somewhat salt or I will have kinsman front page news banner fell. If you re watching NFL, I haven't found to be the buccaneers. Thirty four, it's one Nine chargers beat the browns three thousand eight hundred and fourteen the jets beat the colts four thousand two hundred and thirty four Seahawks beat the raiders twenty thousand seven hundred and twenty three Redskins beat the Panthers two hundred and thirty seven
The Texans beat the bills. Two thousand and thirteen vikings beat the cardinals twenty seven. Seventeen, the Steelers, beat the Bengals two thousand eight hundred and twenty one. The dolphins beat the bears three thousand one hundred and twenty eight, the rams still undefeated two thousand three hundred and twenty three Titans twenty one, zero cow below that load is one down. Please cowboys be jaguars. Forty, two seven and pages last I beat achieves forty three to forty now watching for work, and then we can bring the academic outwardly. Jacksonville Jack was forty seven, That was an unknown for whatever reason I kept Texas, well yeah Jacksonville jaywalk, any wouldn't invited me for some now, nobody ever let me just as we some random text on money should be spent on research. Boys anyway. I know you thought I internet Monday night football, the packets, take on a forty nine is now we took my easy Alice about Cornerstone, Caroline Ass. She says she's gonna
the Rebs after falsely accusing a nine year old of sexually assaulting her. This incident all happened in Brooklyn on Wednesday Teresa Klein is a woman's real name. She called the police cuz. She said she thought the nine year old grabbed her behind, but camera footage shows differently. Is her calling the class. Now I want you right now. My day with the same energy, they got Amityville killed by the way she said she the cap and made her eyes. He denied saying that he was a cap, even though this video footage of her saying that she is a cop I right now. She at first was sticking to story that the low nine year old grabbed her.
I was standing at the counter. I was sexually assaulted. I understand how it looks, but she escalated, and then I lost my temper at her nodded that child. I write Since then, video footage has shown that though young man was walking out of this door and his book bag actually breast up against her head in touch her. He was looking at her direction. He was time to leave the door and she has since hats. Privatized, because people are demanding that you do even more than that I looked round the child accidently burden. A man wearing, I dont know your name, but I'm sorry, you notice, I met. This is why I believe all women is flawed logic. You should listen to all women and believe are proof because imagine if it was no video of this, I'm am thankful that they have evidence declared his young man's name. Magic if there is no video early his word against her word, and we
it will come onto my steely. She needs to apologize directly to amend and no young may his name in ITALY at less aid a bag. Let's say you did Culture is nine years old. Instead of making a scene and call the cops. What may be a conversation for Non Euro whenever a conversation nine years only knows nobody's nine years old. You call the police. And then I was obliged to charge in designing studies anybody here, but you didn't hear you should teach a nine you're not going to go around grab and random growth. What's right, but should we will call the police? Would you know I wouldn't, but a white woman would notion, so we'll keep you guys up. My welcome your grandma. What am I gonna believe mangled already any set up nine, who were wont to do a gradual, but what you got that he has a problem in to you, my woggle geography, but you that Japan, sagging in Santa boy plus you don't just or non Europe
what would you grab? What would you do if you say request? No, no, don't don't vertebrate, who have addressed conversation phase, one in nine years MAC. I knew what would you say to him I'm a young man. Let me talk to you, he wages and us, and I was hoping you could write play. I write anybody's, but it's not right. Raised was waiting at the right place for you guys the right way, thereby boy, oh man or woman in his great guy. You observed, I guess, that's it! That's her from pain I was going to tell you guys: our prayers are with Florida, they're still looking for one thousand five hundred people still missing after Hurricane Michael, the thing at least eighteen people have died in, Virginia North Carolina and Georgia. Victims are still trying to get food and water. So just make sure you guys keep your prayers up for everybody who was missing. They have found five hundred and twenty people, but they still more than fifteen hundred people hundred people missing of law firms
right well asked for a page news now, where we come back, yes, that the US will be joining us. I'll teach you how to not. Let people die on our watch correct, I will talk to him will become backs. It moves to breakfast locomotive reckless club, morning. Everybody is the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the God we are the breakfast club. Now we got our free reduction in a without the ices, why you send an observer, would have an I'm gettin ready for use by ten season. Is you know? Ok, I thought West waited to launch. This is a document is truly lifesaving? Should I stay up to standard annual here, no eyes went about all the things have changed in ten years and maybe the most important thing you ve never heard of is how would you shipyard now? I don't need your experiences, but a lot of folks private home may have you walking on the street someone collapses. You know he was over their help right in your city. Chances surviving. If you collapse, lessingham
on the table, a mining they business in New York. No empathy networks such as empathy, you see the guy collapsed saliva, come out their mouth Bobby, vomit, you're, not sure sure you want to get involved. I yeah you, don't know how to he's right, you got all these excuses gone on, so all medical groups got together said forget about breathing, then make them assured where's anyway. So from now on, when someone collapses forget about breathing, all you gotta do is point to some as a you go, get nine one. One point to some specifically and put your hands in between there nipples in between the nipple kept. You get your hand in between the nipples in this internal bone right get over the body and then pushed out Yoda pushed out about two inches of peace, a pretty forceful push put your hands. Oh my god. What am I doing wrong do here? Is this be the dead already killed them regime should remain killer so that you would know what happens if you please, you push to harden break the ribs day. They know their good to be dead. If you don't break the ribs right now you
to make the reds. If you do, who cares if their allied to complain about elements can be celebrating? Look at your right. They goddammit that able to issue a name I used to live in a country like one went, thousands who went out you have if you, if you go that's pace, it can be done. You gotta go, I'm gonna go a hundred times a minute a hundred times. What is basically like staying alive a lot I like us ass. I please follow me clean. Now, we're going to see real can assign headed pledge, drug use, a question: how will you stop? Let's go about. Would someone comes relieve? You know stopped before that fatal that breathing no more breathing, you can hold your breath records. That is seventeen minutes. Actually Debbie Blaine set it on your pressure when I was there, but that one day seventy may so you don't have to breed in the most important thing it turns out, should get the blood move around and we? U dont compressing the chest continually. The heart sources swelling dies is fast like this. Yes, F S,
and you can go in another stopped. I hears the parts, Kurdistan everybody. This is why these really matters to you most people drop dead and for people they love ass. We spend time with bright feminine eighty percent. He would drop their home and we also jumped- I guess you might be dealt with I'll call you when you're Garcia, that's where you get over the body, you do what you like the personal life you save is that she's been time. What will be somewhat was dear to you. So you not just seems a stranger, and this has been called the hard here- a lap Hurrah simple app and get more than a million first responders sign up already police officers off duty, MTV, etc. The here's a future, your department, five c collapse, summon up in six g. It's a notice that you went down runs down, saves your life. That's just gotta be happening with the Vienna watches. In all things we have now so I'd ignoring sepia makes it there.
And so, if you want to learn more about Abstract, Rosa comes got torpor. I just thought you, you know. I was what you I don't want you. What causes you to collapse, though, like those that an independent what you're acts would actually made you collapsed, were of a big reason: people collapses, heart failure would argue, hydrated not just pass out uneasy beyond enough, because if you d hydrated carbon, shake you when you fall down part of business adaptive and helpful to fall down, your blood pressure gets better cause. Your legs are now at the same level as your heart, so more blood ghost your hearts are pushing against gravity. So you should be able to use you just it, but the first need to shape to pursue ok, you're, the hydrogen feel terror by feel dizzy, and I dont see PR it when the guy's, not responsive you get on their chests, are pushing no other think our food lodged. That's as many as I myself.
We can talk about that, but to keep it but a different problem: ok, much less common and keeping the hamlet. Given you get behind on you, like that, I say you do resort Charlemagne, he's a hurry, he's holding the dummy why the government? Now you don't, you know ass, you know how to determine what ever you squeeze stuff out. I'm going to guide me like this. You put your hand beneath the other ribcage read with a little star spotters, benighted occasion, but just thumb your back. You get them in there, but there the hen in front of it and then as the as you and you have to push. It is hard on Youtube. I did something point all: ok, they pull like that hard. You please do pull the person and you you can try to save lives here. Give him
Yes, it's just a dummy on the neck of my career logic pause. The low shots were green juice, self part of what we talk about these things. You can do every day and especially its kip, and get good trending. I like it alot. This is much too much on anything about much has been shown to slow Cancer cell growth, which I love. You gotta trending cool, hip idea that actually so good for you that doctors are examining it freezing cancer patients does not see about great it's. It's not sacrificed because it's actually the leaves mulch, doubtless the least chopped up in used, and that is that the green tea we only you boil the water with he liked it. I put a little to kill in yours,
Relax. You hurry done little cricket. You no longer have an agreed into the mouth knowledge that no more breathing on what is called when parents hope it's called Haines only CPR. We don't want you breathing. It actually hurts to survive already, had a brief, because people were still do that you don't yet the matter anymore, either people wasted so much time trying to breathe in each other's mousing what's happening anyway. I want just out of the medical community figured out you'd better I'll make. Some is easy that everyone will do. That sum is hard and no one does language and is partly the biggest message I learned from over. All these years is make it easier for people do stop they'll do it. You know Charlemagne, for the last week has been very. Very happy is, is but has been wide open, skies. Terrible. I like this is three collide filed, wriggle out of cheap kick up. I got it. I got my colleague on the fourth collided with it. You gotta get three of those colored reason is now we would they do three clinics big. I conjure. You come on
they debt or the dream work is done in some kind of a clinical study was a summons bedroom was worrisome setting fire was a clinical setting the digital dividend, to set up? Oh, she yea. I don't tell me I kind of We cannot ignore unhealthy. I wouldn't bother with colonies personally nitrate yeah, I within seven days does it s up with something special going. Any pictures Eddie evidence, but please let us have no health benefits, the galactic that all no? It's not that when you go to the bathroom given notice to shape your poop and you go to the bathroom police control, the Devil S shaped S at one looks is supposed to be a shape. The reason is that shape its a cast of your sigmoid rectum. That's a castle, the last pour your test. His look like you, so is everything comes out when you go to the bathroom. Whatever up top is sort of watering jealousy stuff says that kinda yet washed out that easy by climate and the clinically wash solution.
The Kohen. You call us all. We arrange your body, so you can't get twenty six feet of testing cleaned out with a clinic. So I just like I dont, unless you like to wait, feels he did. I wouldn't do it yeah. I do like the way I feel have that prove afterward when you, because you ve got no bottled water body up you'll soon, squatty party, I'm just drops out, it- does show good I'll get you there. I think if you enjoy the feeling you could do it. How we will try to do you enjoy, isn't no judge, I we got more. What does to us when we come back, keep alive the breakfast locomotive. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club doctor, as is in a building ye, say that too, as can you talk about something that happened cabin hijacked by running a marathon and witnessing a couple of women move their underwear to decide because they had to run as diarrhea. So what exactly is ran his diarrhea and why does it happen? Sores Kevin Heart, when the huge ran about I pay be supplied. The amazed liberty also game geysers stud
and he pointed to the poles unaware anywhere. But if you look at folks who are I'm he's just go, but if you, if you look at folks who are exerting themselves completely, it does cause problems to the auto policies. Some of them, and by the time we get to the end of the marathon, are you not twenty miles ear hit the wall. There are people who just discharge that just comes out later, they lose control, restore their body functions. It's that the desired state. Most people shouldn't have to do that. But let us not in the end is an ecstasy that happens when Europe is a running high is from your natural endorphins. They get release. That's why exercised make. Feel so good. Thank him, although they ever give anybody the hardest to take, but the most valuable exercise any better. Which is the one and narrow that health problem in America. It shows a depression figure, depression by item. I hereby hearts a partner of ours.
Or podcasting. So we outrage with job when last week with Jordan Petersen and this guy's a psychologist from from trying to very controversial, but he just you start talking about depression, low, but so far the promise, if your life sucks the release, terrible and you're, not feeling good about it. That's not a mental problems, that's a problem that should get you want to change your life, a medicating. It then work so well mused medicate people who should be happy who aren't happy? Not people who should be unhappy are unhappy and that's it. It's interesting. Change in how we think about how these problems even allowed us of that, we think makes of happy, doesn't make us happy like money, local, making a thoroughly Aberdeen added. Obey aims excited like that are not necessarily agree, those having so that tool for those people, given that, given the medications is, doesn't go to bigger problem, which is complexity, management or challenging this it. When I don't know you might try to this as well, but when a servant, my audience, never one complaint they have right now is a killing of loneliness
isolation. They just don't feel like their raindrop falling into the ocean of humanity. So to get people to feel that You need to actually change what you're talking about, and here's a giving examples or we're talking to back the people's perception of reality is genetic. Fifty percent genetic literally will see the same thing and will have a deeper reaction depending on our genes, and so, if you're getting married some on because of their perception of reality here think any matter them about something can change that their skin color or there was gender, and so it gets people sort of eternity rallied. So it gets used to thinking differently about about where we need to be in. Why would region be genetically so different because you want different ideas. It's good for us to have people are giving concrete example discussed the feeling of disgust like not liking. Certain smells odors. Some people have a lot of it. Some people have very little of it again. This is a very great research done by an Jonathan ate it I've been worked. We worked out so if you have allowed disgust, you pretend to build walls,
to protect yourself. You dont want to get infectious ideas coming in, while bacteria can, in fact you spoken viruses, but ideas can as well. So people don't want to get those ideas in and other people say, do not care about walls on my word about don't get disgusted by anything. Let anything come in here. They want to get new ideas in them. When you were both great want, some people keep to community safe and are able to focus on making the committee grown, get bigger, So you don't want to get mad and hate other people. That's why issues like diversity concerning, because its morbid righty right, you were all kinds, varieties of ideas to be exposing, not hate people for having to discuss it, talk about it, fight about it, but don't hate people for the values they have, because that is genetic How do I know I'm in thinking about then a lot lately? Language, especially in this area, living with everybody. So on one side when it comes to politics or just point of views, it's like. I really care that much that somebody doesn't believe the same thing. I believe I actually I want them to tell me they don't believe it, so I can either see what they at what point they got to make
Commissioner, my point: let's not talk about it. That means I'm only children, people group may not talking people who could possibly educate me, and I'm just I'm emphasise that genetic as I want you ve a wee bit a bit more understanding that people are so radically different from you. Hockey's had to have an idea like that one's obviously this without that obvious to them or to you, may be, and the other part of the equation is human society evolve, because we could. About the stuff. Yes, what's our goal, a good life is a little bit better today than we were yesterday and we are competing with not the person across the room from you can and with you in a future? Absolutely so, if you forget fundamental realities and don't improve yourself by get another people's ideas into your mind, then we all pay the price. I think a lot of us have fallen prey to that group. Think the most viable people, my life for people who challenge what I think, because they forced me to go little further than I otherwise. What I absolutely agree- and I think about all talk so think about back into their youth waxlike gonna, u, and on an open they would have people on data was totally against what
they believe, but now they talk show no good at night. They will ignore cleaner one offenders. Audience are we. That world manner we IBM. Roger had Roseanne bar on the other. There are over there for that upset them their value, your great. I wanted you there, because I wanted her perspective heard and I want your perspective harden and that'll We get anywhere in America when we don't you're either one heard which book that was actually push back. Was you know too that we can have ranches acts worming, maybe pop probably possibly, but let's hear it it is, and then I would get someone to why trust to come from other side and push back on it, because I don't have a monopoly on good judgment either, but if it
they do. That was going to happen, a sharp ride out, but I'm a monopoly on goods. Can we got to these Framingham Tito's for a second there? Oh, my god, they was a rapid and then he said that he had to be hospitalized for eating the flaming high Tito's it like tore his stomach. Like I talked about him, I think what what he had probably was destroyed, slowed irritation of the stomach. I don't know I'm about taking care of him, but based on what I could pull together from people like we talk do so you can get too many these chips in your stomach. Irritate the lining of your stomach like spicy stuff. Can you know when you really spicy, stop Aiken burn you all the way down and when you go to the bathroom next autumn right so that that is true, but that dangerous that there was a personal went out there. Gallbladder taken off that had too many these these ships, they said, is probably more from the facts. They were eating. The like you bought me. These isoude would read Chile pebble with this about jobs.
It's by men de controversy time, the big show later this week. It is Adam Indy well protected. Their allotted folks are saying we're over treating. It is not really a problem, you need each obliged checked and this a lot of money spent on checking, VA levels and most people are lower than we think is normal, but maybe that social of ok number, my personal view or talking about it- and this shows that we have different opinions expressed. Is you better off taken vitamin d? You don't miss at the check your levels, all the time, just Don Vitamin D, two thousand units a day if you're darker, skinned and the winter months, you will not get enough vitamin d from the sun, which is the main source. So you have to get it. Yes, there's some fortified milk that has it but their food. You can get to Aldi the wonderful dish that the is enjoying it are eating my hand, wasters, oysters, new inexpensive. I invite him to day. I have the love, the taste, not everyone does, but we do Their mushrooms have vitamin d, get it from theirs allowed, but but the best social problems a pill because you'll get not by demanding from those boots gotcha an orthodox avenues too.
Ass, a designation armies of eight a summit was right. There right there immediately longer to all my good there's, all my going to turn a camera off. No, no! No going over the Red Sea secret I am sure that your normal hedonism Ideally I couldn't wait. You come on average, yeah, there's big you last longer de member. A reality. Doesn't matter for them. You have long. I don't know, I just thought. We'd get now. I gotta learn, learn their show every time I come here to learn this he's got. You didn't want to get too close to me why there are no natural remedies, rheumatoid regulated, that's! It should make a really coming. Probably know premature. Ejaculation inflicts a lot about. You may not know ethically a guy getting yeah, but it's it takes that. That's that's! Actually we have to train yourself for that. There's no met natural medicine. I guess you there. That's actually a big problem. There is notes
to my knowledge Roca, solution for precise training yourself, you have any techniques, you could show us on a dumb euro quick, and I can't you right now that budget is only what is not only a tour self. Thank God. Oh my god. The algae deal with him seriously we do is to not time we thank you for joining us and passionately becoming every time sufficient Phoebe. I never knives learning about five kids. This is great about now. We can also learn. It is actually the main reside you to show. It sounds like the easiest simplest task, but when you changed, my life reminds: will brands Uruguay, Euro life? God bless. You are right that the US is the breath. Good morning, the breakfast morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club but gives these rooms the sole coloni.
With almost well. People were surprised when colony announced as she is pregnant. She made that announcement over the weekend and she said some photos and she is four months into her pregnancy and she's also having a baby girl, whereas you posted dares little girl, I'm so proud to be your mommy, I'm so proud to have received you. I can't wait to meet you. I know you will be fifty thousand times more special that I can even imagine at this meant. I suppose it all that on his instagram now everybody was speculating lag. What happened as you did have a girlfriend recently when nobody knew about who this person is that she was dating. Was you do call into queen radio and here's what she had to say about her baby daddy? I started getting old and angles abrogated man, and then I was really lucky to find a gardener
so bisexual mail, and he really understand my cleared my solidity and I really understand he is only just really appreciate his gather as human beings and it's not really awesome. Newbie understood, moved Cambric pregnant Robin Cook four colony them out. I works in what he calls. The sexual fluidity, which me or not I worked in, is a sexually fluid relationship and both parties essentially fluid like it. Here together and you decide to commit each other like this. They would marriage are ya just what each DE, I am open relationship, monogamous you're, just with each other. Data, a man I was buzz. Actually no about that has never happened to me. So you know you level you What have you monogamous needs as we genuinely to feed the whole purpose of being sexually flute? Naething everybody has to make a sacrifice when they get married and become monogamous and give up everything else. So I regard this year with that one person and that's it
I write, so no more playing around can be a player anymore, but I don't know what their situation is. I can say that they are in a relationship about oh no, They're doing, then I lived there for some sexually flow. If you hit me upon the timeline, ok seed, a guy, see tee o j g o the open, and I are moving your relationships. We are committed to that. One person Eddie, I have open relations, sexual mandate. You ok monolingual member we will do it actually flow of people. I right now Jurassic was on the Shap over the weekend and sat down with Lebrun. They talked about a lot of things and one thing he did discuss and he was very open about this. I talked about what happened with kind yea and push it see now. First day talked about going so Wyoming to sit down with China and how that happen. So our player music, and then from there was all you know you play me like: does he cleared? You beat very plainly lift yourself and he was. I owe you got this. If you want- and I was high, I started writing to it and then he was I going you gotta come the Wyoming
while may happen in forty, went to Wyoming early and was, like man summons off his disguise working on our man. Zog. Let's just go and see what is about so I went and pretty spending majority my time working on his music as an automatic and the boy he's had a really really cool Drake. To get you to talk about these things so openly, measures but ass, he had to say about being in my home in the Congo. Are meanwhile me I play a March fourteen. I send him a picture. My son, I tell him I'm having trouble with my son's mother, so I wake up and all these days, one by one by one, all around June, fifty in the next two days. Ever I wake up now to this text from him. Passive like sends me something I do you. I love you. Brother, lift herself comes out where him just talking nonsense. This guy's troll yeah, he's trouble all this was like a manipulative like I'm gonna break you now, Drake US attacks about
when he went out there he ended up working just on Conyers Album and not getting anything for himself. Here's what he had to say about the whole situation with egg the kid in Congo, knowing that information, the first album drops and, of course, there's this song towards me that you produced that's talking about writing. There are rules. Knew something was going to come up about my kid. They had to add like the dead beating and make it more appealing, which is fine. The mom and dad thing what Are you don't even know my family, like some from italian wishing death on my friend that has a mass that really sent me to a place where I just believed then and believe now that there is just a price that you have to pay for that someone's going to punch you in the phrase womb, ok, we're Jake US attacked about having had their pussy tv That's right! It's a girl, but why I decided it was a good idea to put it out. This is not
something I don't wanna be remembered, for this is not even a place that are necessarily wanna, go by the way, a hell of a chess move, the song I thought it was trash, but the chess move back against the. Why either go all the way filthy or I fall back, and I have this sort of chink you're, my arm or for the rest of us of time to a rapture which is fine. I can live with that. You know I would much rather live with that and the things that was about to the research. I didn't think that I was going to stay in places that I was going to go not only for him but the other guy to don't let anything, distract you from the fact that Pusha T defeated the play Drake in a rap battle early. It is she okay. I want to hear about any hypothetical atomic beige bombs from Drake Drake. Just take the l, gracefully and stop trying to save face they poured a hell of a chess move on you and leave it at that, and you know, his beard because drugs he wasn't willing to take a day and wrap, would you still want pushed eating to get face either you wanna go put your energy or you don't, because if you want to get points, interface does still giving him a lot entitling shopping
Think that energy was gonna go most of the kind. You isn't it. You want to put it out there, but you know he could feel away. He could feel like. You still want to pull it point. Fifteen face now passing but in the programmes- I think it is. Rather you want to take it in a song, but you only get important freedoms, Greeks, nothing there. So I was gonna go more towards Conny. Unless towards was war, is a punch in the phrases are now placidly was a lad, pestilence Inessa at this hour, have you ever such an immense and social media. He retweeted Drake was on the Shap unloading, his emotions about his beef, a push tee to a guy called his brother and had a text combo withdrew into being hold tight time during a beat that same guy was working out today. Tuna are also no use, J prince Drakestail Parental, not trees. By night they say Leubronn, he asked Leubronn if you'd be disappointed. If he didn't respond, I wonder what drink wanted to do I will not not J Prince, not Lebron Drake wanted to his drink, not as all made all its reflection excuse.
You know you wanted to fight, be realised, pushy hit that high death, necessarily I'm sure he directed and his team on its own, the Jew. Just like I'm sure you do something something some time in your team, Bulgaria, It means that the right time or maybe Buddhist be our goal or two and a room. Anyway. It is just a rat battle with the ended they push. You ve got to birthday you all. These excuse soon deflection lie the you either you or are you act? Ok, he didn't decided without a right of appeal against any less battling in about you still drake? At the end of the day, you still got all these number one ragged and still do maiden radio still seven, although these refugees still drake at the end of the day, but you lost a rat bad advocacy and ass. The people are gonna, say living in your of your loss to one of the best, ok, passivity, a wily veteran. Well, I'm Angela! He and that's your rumour report all right. Thank you, MRS Charlemagne. Yes, we given a donkey too. We need to recent. Would you call it
cornerstone. Can people doing about Caroline allocation of Car Bodega Becky, but would have cornerstone Caroline confronted guidelines into account to store cornerstone would create of ice cream. Please call on our continent is a cornerstone of the boy, is holding the coroner honest about it all a cornerstone Carol line, Bodega Becky Migrant Cargo, like where which I will do that when we come back at the breakfast locomotive, I'm a guy like you or or don't you I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate my now the song to divide the donkey there needs to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't give the day today, leisure and manages is heavy on new sandwich. Ok donkey today, for Monday October, fifty gold to fifty three o Teresa Klein, who the internet are unfortunately calling cornerstone care,
I now Teresa laid his white person, call nine nigh one. Why not for an emergency but for her own insecurities? Yes, I call these type of situation, his white collar crimes, because it should be a legal to make this kind of allegations against people of colleagues should be a crime which, sadly, is not and has been happening since the beginning attack. They Teresa Klein called the police. She thought a nine year old little boy grabbed a handful of her many filled. My office, I've gotta, pick slim for the report say: nine year old black child was accused of sexually assaulting a white woman at a broken dallied. It prompts me to call nine one one now, my one right now that woman identified is Teresa Klein is soon dubbed by the internet as corner store. Caroline surveillance, video obtained by pics eleven from sighed the Sahara Daily appears to vindicate the young boy clearly showing him walking by rushing out to leave with his family, accusing the boys mother of threatening her in Peru,
and later in a voice. Mail Klein made numerous accusations. Even saying during the now viral altercation that it was the child's mother who claimed she was a police officer despite the foot. You clearly showing otherwise. All right. I did not say that my that ok rise this, ladies and gentlemen, is the same energy. I got em, it's he'll kill. These type of course argue happening since the beginning of time. I thank God. There was video evidence. It is situation because there was no video and it was this Why what MS word residues, Youngblood Boys word in light of history, I have no reason to believe that anyone would believe these young black boy. Now, sadly, you can't arrest false allegations. I don't believe you can, but you can't arrest is woman Teresa climb by impersonating a police officer. I right listen to what the woman said. I did not say that that's impersonating a police officer. Ok, she told you he was.
The government. Is you quickly recanted that right? There is enough the press charges, because you can't press charges on Bodega Becky what a false allegations, even though she should be, Fourthly, because what she doesn't understand, you make false accusations like this on young I mean it's literally a matter of life or death. This is why I believe all women is flawed logic. You shouldn't believe all anything someone tells you that amount of their gender sexuality class race. You don't believe all of anything anyone tell you what we should do is listen to all women and believe all proof, thank God. They had proof in this situation. Please let coffee Griffin give Bodega Becky Cornerstone, Caroline Teresa Klein the biggest here. Please give this giant our male low, big ass. He ha Alright beg you for a dollar a day. Yes,
but their man is on account of was the it's all right. Now, let's talk before lobby, five a violent or five one like the headwaters Oh no, my man. Over the weekend, they release the interview, wit Lebron, James N Drake, and he talked about his rat. Beef would push tee to have a low but audio there are Rosalie. I knew something was going to come up about my kid. They had to add like today anything to make it more appealing, which is fine and the mom and dad thing whatever you don't even know. My family is like something by Mattel. You wishing death on my friend that has MS really sent me to a place where it I just believed that and believe now, there's just a price that you have to pay for, that someone's gonna punch, you face a right wing one of the four lies eight hundred five, a five one, o five one could there be rule? You are rice, and rightly should there be rules, be correct so
darling, easier, legal move. The goalposts cause Drake is in a daze rules when there has historically. Never been any role, we ask it. We are absolutely positively, as there are no rules to wrap revenue. I wish Leubronn maverick but they're, not he was always they would have fed him. So what are the rules drink? What it arose in rat become a sobering I've, never seen any river people have always crossed in my opinion- and I feel I mean we ve heard it in a play that bottom. One right there, of course, this one right. He is probably this mother, don't try to weed out one. That's one of the light threaten their solemn. Ok, I'm the greatest wanted. That's why I have to be promoted, forget, but when Tupac fit muffle for me show all your kids. Don't grove yes come on now. What is that? We have? The we do have a J c skating on you cause. You know Oh Jesus key donor
the baby, moms coffee and a rat battle. More men denies cuban no vast than we like me. Come on. We ve heard every death threat. Daisy apologize ever have every threat that family all women and kids like now. Now Suddenly I want to change the rules. I see a little bit of the formal sitting when we come back eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. Should they be rules and wrapping embargo? if you cross the loud. Your words like always tell you how to deal with the consequences of your words. But I can sit here and act like his rules. Girl never meant rule talk about when we come back to breakfast locomotive
the breakfast that was Drake NICE. For what morning everybody's d, J envy Angela YE shall remain ago. We are the breakfast club averages join us were asking: should they be rules in rat beef that it comes from Draken Lebron James is conversation I released it over weaken. It would talk about the push teepees listless, listen, there are rules, and I knew something was gonna. Come up about my kid to add. Like the deadly thing, do more, appealing, which is fine, the mom and dad thing whatever you don't even know. My family is some Lemme Mattel. You wishing death on my friend that has a mess that really sent me to a place where I just believed, then, and believe now, they're just a price that you have to pay for that someone's going to punch you in phase so eight hundred five five, one o five one. Should there be rules in rat beef?
First of all, I don't like Ya'Ll, allowing and artists from Canada to come to America and change all the rules that we have historically. Never ever ever ever ever honoured. Okay, there have never been any rules when it comes to receive the same rules and ready for the same rules and life because they would have It is you want to see you just gotta be able to deal with the consequences of whatever it is that you say Perry. I think they should be rules and rat beef. Godaddy, should you know when we, when we beef and beef about me, talk about me talk about the law, of or whatever we can go there when you mentioned somebody's wife, fiancee or kids ass when it goes a little too far, and that's why I'm on it? Drake Ear, when a punch, you in your face, wait a minute drinks thought about my your logic, but Drake did started any got. What do you got? He mentioned
we should see what you say you I did that I told you keep playing with my name and I wonder if you like your well gauss, I'm so resilient, get out of the floodgates are open and by we push it did not wish deaf or forty push made us observation. Your forty hunched over like Tiktok. Now my standing at a man who's got the devil hugging. Now what did the best best, a nice thing to say no, but he was five adorning because Drake Open. If they don't want you mentioned, My fiance named there was no reason to mention her name. You didn't over the years. Doorways and even say: listen! You weren't! You go too far. Now now I can take my gloves. I think Do I've been pushing went too far with the forty line? Yes, I do, but guess what would you always tell ya you and tell somebody how to react. If you push me, I might point you back where I know that my suit exactly
wake me up my dad. You shoot you, I don't know how you can't tell somebody how to react. I think the Hell Planet RAP beef is B. I supposed to feel like somebody went too far right, or is this too nice? lyrically. Now that there remain primarily and as I have for us, if we look at it lay oh, my god, I can't believe they would say that, as you know, they gotta go down after, but then that's the whole point. A rap to make so many demanded they want to fighting. I must go to the farmers allows this. I was born on his age from lawful eggs from some five seven. Should they be rules rabbies, of course now? Are we not regular accepted? like you eventually. He has to understand all anything you shot last night. He should do when any potential its track or lack of it. Stop trying to save face and make all these excuses. You took an l. It is what it is, did take it out, but you don't say no, but he didn't know no, it is no, but but there should be rules of crappy, but I'm not saying he went too far by mentioning
the road because, because on account of Drake now there was a day do that's how I feel I should mention Andrew another problem, big. I killed that with extreme or ether. All its hated rules for drink? Now? Now we just having a conversation. Now I was an ornament hello there you are job. I was up on their role. Should they be the rabbies knows where you do, you want to delete all thus simple Roca, to learn about that, I can you talk about things like somebody who sick about died as ok What are you talking about to do about? Somebody is sick or whatever, but they pushing it here We got a hand with business or that there are two
I brought you no one you, although much epigastric Othello somebody's gonna die, would mean that everyone in diameter, when we were just talking about media when I'm I'm in a rat battle, which you I don't care, my son got it. He was a hobby loosened mob, deep to pass it on him. Up now hit him up was not about mobbed where he was going to everybody. Now, you're gonna, bigger junior mafia, started to scrape. Everybody everybody would everybody is no rules in a gamer allow? This is now a bumpy joy. Now Samir should they be Rosa, Rabbies, absolutely sure be rules therapies because that line at their historic. We hope it will be classed as a mean that that I said that you know I'm somebody gets hurt were touched from iraqi everybody on the radio's always than they used to be kept on black sea no violence would it will certainly tat brought.
Dr Weir market, like at a time like this. Where you know not only mental health is a coherent problems. Epilepsy, I kind of multiple sclerosis. The kind of things were somebody dies or is helpless. Forty doesn't even read. One of them is either as a net. You mention me to help you could. Where were you when drink was making fun of king got kicked out his mental health? When you make it if you're going to present all yet nobody knows. I was down that out that their great word or you shouldn't a lot from that that would put their ill. But what you ask, if, because of the lack of rules hi read me: it would for laundering, giving a drink you drink is not allowed to get anybody pointing to face, because he did not reply on record. That should be the rule. The rule is
you reply on record? Then you can get physical, ok, you cages bypass the rat beef and say you know what we will take it into making it a very pleasant efficiency started at. He went to fall by mentioning pushes easier. You started there and then, when you were bag was able to fight. You can't do it and you can see it anyway five a firewall or five one. Should every rules, a rat beef callers, narrows the breathless locomotive, pointing everybody? Is the J envy? Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. If you join us, we're talking about Drake, elaborate James conversation over the weekend. Now they were talking about the push a t beavis here there are rules, and I knew something was going to come up about. My kid had to add like the deadly thing, to make it more appealing, which is fine, the mom and dad thing whatever you don't even know my family from italian wishing death on my friend that has a mess that really sent me to a place where
You know I just saw believed. Then I believe now there's just a price that you have to pay for that someone's going to punch you in the face, eight hundred five, a five. What oh five one should they be rules and rapid data we asked Lucy may know, let anything just grab you from the fact that poverty defeated Almighty Draken are about, and now all of a sudden you all rules. What happened was Drake wanted to fight. He didn't realize passivity hit at heart when he relapsed Do you dare hard and they ve got real? He was in the back and a car like you were going Junior Amboina, Jose, don't let me up? Let me I don't know. I thought you wanted war when you saw rig. Is that what you really want? Death audible gaucho allows this ban, while Colorado
everyone. Was brown play throat eyebrow leave him in Vigo said. Without let alone a pussy people into the wall, I dont think of the third thing. When you come down Carnegie, not understand, we will get it. We gonna people, somebody ignore movie that did not let you can't even people who care about the problem of the same thing would be when it bomb right. Ok, you got a girl with our enemy ass, your course them ass. All the main question and you to question it is where you know you met street. Be right. If man, you beef it on a street where we hate each other right and I get caught access and it showed you cause. We each have anyway right. What are you doing?
none of us want more rapidly with the same differently. Oil gonna bring thing going to snatch you such a form. That is less than the thing. To think that the answer is no. We do not want to do you know of bad weather. We pass. The message would have done. What about that? You chose the idea that as it may, the Argo shall intelligent all time. Don't ever go to war with someone who gives a f left in you on a scale of one to ten, your ten, maybe somebody else's too. Maybe somebody, this theory that you know and if you re ready to take it to their level, to leave it alone drink, whether ready to take an approach at EU level. It it was this man, I'm gonNa Lando area. Manslaughter Shaw was abroad. Talking Should there be rules, a rat battles the other eighty days that work. Eighty men, like the solemn, able talk about earlier when I asked you that our common with job away
get the beanie was going that and you know what Jay Z and I were going at it I mean Jake Jake is being soft, all the is gonna be knees bomb gave, though they never would apple remember that one, but I mean J, deadly outta, devilish, Citys you're gonna, be a lot. I remember Band AIDS Aisy apologize, there must be clear to the violence and I fought clown. Prodigy for sickles told bigoted, mom Mitchell, you muffle full, may show you kids, don't girl, set which a wife, cannabis threatening allows ass. What at inhabit? but I would say that surprises me out of our land around the bloody wage animals for beef. Over you know not a guy like me is not what it was. Something like there was more than a story, more story. Don't ever go to war with someone who give the f left in you,
was already. I know, rule on a scale of one to ten year. Ten, maybe somebody else for drink. You make all at ease excuses and try to describe jaw from the fact that he too, With the moral of the story is, he was deep thought he wanted to fight until positive points to move point even if they ever wish. I favour rap battles on my favorite. Also habitable despairingly. Add on exactly my favorite battle, Rob Song of our time is easy to go and what Josie I thought that was precisely the nineties. Guy have to be to pay nah Juvy, take overs muffled demand is tat. It s on the outlook, despairful right wing governments unaware you yeah mean speaking about you, I find out somebody Lee did squash beef with, and I give you a hint is: not budgetary law right, we'll get a threat we come back you like this. The breakfast locomotive morning, everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club good morning good morning, clay. Now you I voted. Yes, I am out everybody miser. Glade ever feel like storm. In the morning
I do not mean a guide dog loves that is back into the aptly all the flashlights songs talk to the Ladys and regulate this I am glad that in I really funny I d love had ended, a report would have been happy to two particular local consulted. Told me Michael, no means that when you are not doing the quite don't pretend J allow vanilla him alive and man. I'm glad that didn't work, I mean, let's get the Romans Our yadda Grundy impede Davison about This is the report's Angela eat breakfast well, after getting engaged in May Oriana, granting impede Davidson, have split up Apparently it all to align yes and remember she posted that she needed a break from the public spotlight. Is she wrote? Can I please have one ok day just one
these and I'm sorry you still morning the death of MAC Miller. They were together for quite some time and he said you couldn't be fully invested in her relationship, a peach. He had rushed into their marriage ways who fast by getting engaged so one the impending married, so they have now called off their engagement. We gotta do this was gonna happen. Pe Davison D get a tattoo covered but that many years that he had, which were assembled Ferrari on a grand aim, and so there is supposedly still very close and friends with each other, but as far as romantically right now is not the right time and amiable young I'll, be fine. I re Amy. Why now there's gonna be a hologram tourists for next year. I should get algorithm fully. I have no idea. He is, I think, at all, for you ve, a hologram swear now Father said to see her perform again, something special that really can be put into words. I Georgia's music touch the lives of millions of people, and it means everything. Legacy will continue in this innovative and groundbreaking way, so that there is going to raise
an awareness for the Amy Wine has foundation was education, people about drug and alcohol? You wouldn't prices going be legs. Would you go see? Holograms off now you are as they are, and I went to a policy that Michael Jackson Show, though in Vegas in their highly grandparent happy Michael Jackson. That was amazing, nor did take your browser like nah panel, I'm not pay with Paypal artist, s alive, the watch, the hologram. They lie band back of singers. All about this at the show is gonna be almost two hours there, but a saloon evidence had Miss like a light shone. You sound like no actual art is exactly so whatever you, pray for her when she was alive. I need to pay, haven't I get another. Their money is going to lead TAT S, a good thing and political line nation. I write letters then had to cancel a concert and Saint Louis in that's, because somebody threatened him and They posted a video holding guns in everything, check it out of the animals
I was almost small tomorrow at the October tender, the page you little bitch, well yeah accuse Moscow to Red handed out what vanilla This has to be stopped. Her girlhood, although white dog, that thing things all wrong. I want my smoke tomorrow recently visited Gaza at all times. I want my smoke, I want some yet I really my came over me whatever you want and I go with. I want my smoke tomorrow, local areas as bridging now Jake Ankara's Brown have square their beef. It's been sixty. Here. They were the latter bottles thrown in clubs and everything, but the sea with em hit the days together and they perform some sounds like you know, Party Chris Brown differently Friday. They did all of that so take care that Instagram photo of them performing this. The first time they been. I stay together in nine year. I spoke to them. Awful colored group chat. Envy did all the major debates leaders of our society get together.
James, hey, hey guys! Squashed is enacted complexion. We can't I'll tell you bra secrets sided absolutely ok. Adele whence who Drake Show and she posted always champagne. Pappy blew my mind and I best production. I've ever seen. Hands down and away up. There was one of my favorite shows of all time, huge love and he got so excited. He said, don't ever gimme gas right now, love, women and he came to the shout they got. Nobody told me I would have been shook so there you go, he found out Margo imprints Harry are going to be expecting their first time together they made that announcement from grubs there and Sydney, Australia, the doing sixteen day visit and basically they have announced she's having a baby We have no time yoga Falcons primaries knew all about to the two Jaffrey unprotected sex. Right and also to Morrow at eight I'm beads, you don't forget its the BT, her Papa, whereas house about zero Davis. Little ways Maybe there could be a rocky dj, Caliban BT, I, why d? While a lot of you
we'll be hitting best days finite. Duvall. Why you keep the sheep load? One item on beyond involves performance. Yes, they would bar green, unfortunately didn't list him I'll. Show you Oh you know one of the EU and more and Molly I must go. I don't want to be more array in addition to that, after the Bt Hip hop Where is gonna, be a new reality show hustle and in Brooklyn that our goes. Tomorrow, so may show you search that has tag. Hashtag had Pappa world Oh partner, show I Rivera drop and include above our love, no ivy she'll beyond hustling Brooklyn uses offers absorb. Yes at the first episode they ass. He found one of the episodes Agis its belief in Brooklyn rigid on airlines on the first episode. Yes, yes, she's on their lie, so they did from episode, reduces polite and they found the episode on lip service. I shouted Danny Deuces ON has in Brooklyn as he was unobserved. What is it
about a hustlers in Brooklyn. Clearly some young millennials trying to find Your way and can arise rise up the rings they're trying to establish themselves in this I love my lower malo upon his dear Papa, you known saying on tv itself. Could then, when I throw little Vincent Stephanie show up, make it seem like more noteworthy border. Give us who drove include Bob while you goin, I re well. I'm Angela Year- and that is you are rumour upon our right bank. You miss ye up next to the people's choice mix. If linkage requesting right now, eight hundred five, a five one off One revolt will see tomorrow is the breakfast local, more high everyone, its Katy, correct, I'd use my podcast next question. Platform, to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right. There's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why we're switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer
meantime we're going to stay focused on, around a virus talking to the experts. Can really understand? What's going on, I know over overwhelming, but we can get through this together. You can listen to next question on the heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your favorite show We want you to know that we are here for you, either from Zagreb and I'm gonna phaser, we're real life best friends. We met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and GDP. On the sick. Scrubbs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to we watch the series one episode at a time and put our memory. Into a podcast you can listen to it home. We're gonna get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lawrence editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us.
What inspired the series and how we became a family? You can listen upon cast fake doctors, real friends with second I called on the high heart radioactive apple podcast and wherever you get your blog CAS,
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