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Rumor Report-Will Smith Collaborates with DJ Khaled for a New Spin of Aladdin Song, "Friend Like Me"


-Will Smith Collaborates with DJ Khaled for a New Spin of Aladdin Song, "Friend Like Me"

-Cardi B files for Trademark for a new TV Show "Bocktails"

-Philly DA Demands Meek Mill receive a New Trial and Judge 

-May 21 is John Singleton Day 

-Karlie Redd allegedly cheats on fiancé 

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As regards the ruler report, the Reul report, where, as you know, well met worthy starring in Aladdin in that comes out tomorrow, so right now they do have a re makes these join forces with DJ careless, and they did a remix of friend like me,
with your group, was to be with. You can still be tat. You wish your way to aid as you just gimme. Your call for what you tell me. Why arrogant anything really rate even climbing, join me lavender rob away from whatever. Let's forget me, let me show you I want to make a wish right now. I am wishing met this long, never gets played again at first, we gotta be exact anyways. I wish now draw farts on record a right now. Guy says on a low will smooth awry. Not at all for you, made it clear that in Romania with him in the low baby, I got it all right. Logan I live. Another baby is tenable. Re. Think Andy locked out of five accuse my thought before you all a five year old that listen, a baby. My three old love bay, be shark shock, shocks, shock and baby shock is fire
that being said, I am a little baby, the ceremony last August via compare that. I regret the moments that less about society means saying that is about to do a television show, and she has the name back tales with Kitty, be so obviously back till this cocktails and it looks like it's gonna be so they make sitting down having drinks Academy, in haven't conversation. Nor could I re I would rather here cardy having her own gums is lousy. Gaudy like talking to be electronic you people, you know they don't know what is going to be a rather. We know that she has. Around the arriving at Cardiff thing than she reply to them. I know that the ay once and make a male to get a new trial. They fell like she's, been he's been getting a raw deal from destinies Brinkley. Clearly, and is there is a new trial without her wrote that so will see what happens. Nor does it mean
but I ve been asking for this for a while. The Asia is now is asking, and they just found new documents stating that her appearance of bias has been evident throughout the case and he should be retried and his probation violation just come to a conclusion on its head and all we have created a d. I didn't even have the power to just make it happen wires the judge on occasion, the more you know they're trying to make her neck, the judge, all your lab papers or ya got already they will get alone who travel without her. I write made twenty first dancing Sunday in LA now, so that has been the honor that's been bestowed upon. His legacy May 21st, though, just make sure you don't know that now I want to discuss this Karlie Redd situation her and her feet. They have broken up now he went online. His name is Arkansas Underscore Mon. He said when someone accuse you of doing something you're not doing it, usually because they are the ones doing it. Big facts, thanks for sending me that lie feed am officially single
Please don't ask me about my access slander. Her name are mentioned herds in me, even though we are no longer together. I will always have love and respect for her. Well. What is that Life II that he's talking about was, with honour, Instagram live and she was on their with money bag yelled. Now. Is this a reason to break up? Listen to this conversation rigorously, sir, would you go from? Are they weaken the gonna lose wonderful where they were about to get rid of oil. Women were busy. Ok, I haven't bucking in Dallas units when he fell bloody and then I'm going to good colleague way not occur. I thought, we'd like a baby, you ve come to take your dns, learn ass, a reason- and I said I Annette Alleged- see that actual instagram. Let that Syria,
reason, those you still get book in the message that at any time, let me guess I'm glad I just don't even look India but you're. Absolutely why you ask way you'll be so many times in all week, I woke up omby Davison I'll make an obedient navvies capacity. A gay man. Are you aware, can you cook scottish colleague Retinue new, deeply worrying that fight I, gee, I can be on it s. The grand live, haven't a discussion with money bags like that, and that would not of his booking her to barbecue etiquette gout come on guys seriously. What have you bought? What have you King Arthur Kane, I'm anyway, just the privacy still give looking out, but we don't know what you're getting bookings for. So what, if he's booking her forget her ear? Your book olive area come cook at my welcome was to check it.
Ass. It should be no more, I believe- and I believe you will do it was much it says that was before you got made. If you engaged he was still even have a problem with that conversation under that animal in the language of the entire woken of new development work of our aboard you here, but I mean in unbundle relationships in the floor, not in our new payment, Nortons. Ok, I hit it so you be found with a letter saying I wonder washing the chicken we dogma You couldn't, even in anything, Anyone know right away. I believe that, as you are we to say what can we do for exports? Verses will smooth like battle when you meet a fresh print some time a footprint when you would with Jabba Hooker in those records MRS Wulf Mathies, could I have always maintained. Therefore, fresh prince was dealt with. Will Psmith, not what do I know what I'm gonna? Let for you a little like
my Emmi he had given my way. I see I give you our wealth and you talk about. You got rid of the apparent just on this day and night male. My summary that I could beat my type in summertime compromise points out that way, you will I why? What do you have anything in my life? What you think, I don't know what made you think about Wilson. Can we just talked about How do I can but having go that far and think about some time lag behind a wild? We gotta shouted Jijiu Zionism, Marie Work, even better reference, bewilderment frustrates, ok with you,
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