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Monday 3/13 - Today on the show, for the first time ever, Sanaa Lathan and Stephan James came to promote their new show "Shots Fired". Also, after Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to Pamela Hudak for marrying a criminal, we opened up the phones to if our listeners think twice about getting into a relationship if their past is messy.

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I love you. Samarang rather sit out the most prominent. Why you, some early morning birthday Germany, was able showing people really breathless bridges
Good morning, New Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Good Morning Angel De Mining, Suzanne, Charlemagne Guy, who stood up where it is my yes, it's more nay back to work. We were able to be no more was tomorrow, it's gonna, be a snowstorm here. Unease cook the unease, costs nor east today saying its aid between ten and fifteen inches, our two April, twenty near them elevation entire twelve to eighteen. You know, I mean the same thing having any bills money in some places with love in some places about a dozen always like previous eyes, like they over exaggerated? Until you actually see like all those will be twenty one has only to, but you still have to brace yourself. Yes, you never know
everybody was an orphan taxes. I was out and Austin Texas over the weekend southwest right. This was the Tec week, so had then into a music all about people invested money into check in at a great shouted Gary v. I was on a panel Gary Vien Jar rule. They were just talking about investing in out of the oddest panel. Ever it was actually in its outcomes, our old nodded. What you're talking about TAT company no general has attacked cover fire fire, for that will not put out of it, but he was talking about his company. We started how much money he was making, but it was a small room. It was about, may be. Sixty people in a sixty people we're all millionaires from the age of twenty one to twenty five and which is looking for things to invest. One lady would only cupcake company should make it remain. A year or another company, as a company called hooch, H, o o c h and when later, What they do is it that you pay ten dollars a month and you get one free drink a day from
he is born of around a country's it out was dull, dramatically Boswell Mark a hologram. There were whose suggesting you know. You know a lot of young people out. They make a lot of money being entrepreneurs, and then yesterday I went to the Knicks Nets game. It was Biggie night, they actually retie it. Biggie Jersey will begin in abattoirs, but they retired of a big jurists. Number. Seventy two where it will stay in a raft is forever so that we do not agree with your born at the year. He was Barker Athena little king was the faith, and I ask that they say you American did he was there was. Was there no, my dear relate them. Little came together as well. What we found was available to weaken, then I went to San Francisco. Let me say that he does thing I did. I did this q and a panel
and it was all it was a pensive younger kids that are not interested in the music business. Eminem wanna be thing is dancers. Some of them are really young like eight to ten to twelve and then lobby older, and then I got any view by these twin seem like they were about. Eight is cute, as those of you ever, but it was a good tat. Senior holding the baby to move your secret baby. I'll do now accept hosted a birthday party from my way I d o their lives out there. That you did is both a party last year on, though, and that was they girl in area that You forget that we are when I wrote, you got a little secret baby, I say of network went out, we may have to eat and I was holding the baby while we were eating. Ok, that's all I want to get the show crack in front page.
He knows what we talked about. Well, that's how you about the storm! That's coming in what you need to know: arms ass he supposed to go to south by South West tomorrow for a pan of a billboard in vivo, but I don't know what that, whether it's gonna be out that you do not have you met him before I heard I don't know where to start a chasm place. I wanted to go so boy you today. I beg you the daily lives. It already will go ahead, I'll see what I can do. I my tattoo, actually did you do. Have a radio show deadline I'd over then I'll go about being able to get back. I'm having he's coming back decisions, decisions that were discussed dollar that all right Oh yeah, I get this one so now labour will be joining us. How could I forget my leave? Them is too far James. The resolution shot fine or five scenarios, absolutely phenomena, thats mice, twenty second rate most when I got it First, five episodes for the low hit me if you want a boy- and I will talk to them next hour and also tell him I you blessed if you feel blessed. If it was your birthday
you had a child who just had a good week at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one whatever it. Maybe call us up right now. It's the breakfast club good morning, body is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We gotta think monitor whose family, member foxy, ninety nine, the big stick, May Faye avails number one choice for your partner, bewildering drove you wanna, be afraid not damage the home. Is the J Call Ruggles at a fairly guys mood to fill that risk in front page news? Tell us about the blizzard were right now we have prepared for a major went to storm here in the north. Is New York City these southern Connecticut Unburthen are under a blizzard, wants this no impalpable wins expected in New York City. There could be as many as eighteen inches of snow now in the MID west. They ve already been getting. Some snow is worth of your flying out. Any we're just make sure that you pay attention see. What's going on, tv applied is gonna, make it out
We all have to get our lives in order. Why? Because we all need to have what they call. I have delayed the eye of the airlines to House Spain's to people that is, I have the airlines are when you can do your radio show from almost anywhere from I could do it from home, vague about the med and is Croatia. Tomorrow we will, Gonna kill. Herself literally begin here to do a chauffeur yard where I'd I'd job disabled this data. Tell me about right later than you know, get stuck in the city in family family than Jersey, Agatha keys. Let us talk about Donald Trump yourself, Donald Trump. Today's a deadline for the Justice Department to show wiretap evidence, and that's because Donald Trump was tweeting. Last week there Obama, when he when he was had actually wiretapped his bones, when he was present so we don't know what's gonna happen. Donald Trump has never produce any type of information to support those? aim so right now today is the last day for any evidence to be turned over
what happens if you can produce evidence and shit? How can I should retracted does get down to lay down table situation will be punished if he cannot say whether its anxious departments have publicly denounce that claim that Donald Trump made against former President Barack Obama, Morocco, I'm a swim for defamation of out and out of it, so the president deafening shared athletes. He definitely can do that. I write in this story actually broke my heart now this happens about three years ago, when she was fourteen years old, a fourteen year old girl was being held at a modes in Philadelphia, and she was allegedly forced to have sex with one thousand men Bowers Zoo years, when she was only fourteen years old soon as a sort of sex slavery, arenas he's devastated she's in therapy. She seventeen years old, but she wants the hotel. Hey for what happened to her. Now, according to her lawyer, there's no way that employees could not know what was going on. You have to be blind, deaf and dumb, not to know that overall,
magic men are showing up over a period of a couple of days. That's what her attorney said. You have a cleaning crew that comes into the room, oftentimes finds boxes or waste cans full of use condoms. This is about as open and obvious as it gets its the most. How basically looking the other way european reminded me business? That's what I was now average We years, though a thousand men coming and going for appointing yours or other room there's no way. Nobody do anything with crazy. I'm not gonna believe that the present got a hotel room, never to use less as some time ago. Benefit something why you got older hotel room for those mob emails change, you know. Sometimes people who live in those philosophy will ever motels knows well, or I will ask for pay snooze tell him why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, call us right now again, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one at the breakfast club good morning, the breakfast club.
You know I make you mad with fulfilled, but can't have that's why you may want to break with the low there's yard at this level They shall remind me of my uncle I always late at night. I'm almost all of the bigger me why you ma. Am I right a Magyar perform at work. I work the latch I work in you know. Indeed, TAT fell mapping, I'm always described for one hour. Boyfriend see me, I'm inscribed them the light. You know how I found there like a flag to you. Not I mean I am. I do my here like that, but that's about it you're a long story short more, given him or Linux, as do the other day, ruefully now coming from work, Linux Avenue in Berkeley on our work. In Harlem, and you know he thought
a mighty elsie. No now had what's grub but he's so. Another girl, like you, are an example of a check to decide what they want. You told people, many, let me ask you something and the enemy alike come nobody. No, I'm! Not I'm! No more! Europe is seeking to another girl right in front of you in front of me, now bring me what upon them in a fate, but don't know me his light around its Korea. You want to be a bird, I am all for you and I never coming back and I beg singing, I know goddamn job now build. Probably all You know why, and and and as you know, is incompatible with the Atkins language, the chick thou here that the rule of law and they look a fly but all don't bill he's it. That's what it's all about right, mitigated priority than oil gaining idiotic wanted. They sat up the more painful fourteen up over you dad I Almaty Castle and allow this nay dilemma map.
Mad because in daylight saving time got me all too. I think maybe I can now sleep last night, you're all worried. I know I'm and I'm not because Charlamagne diss me on Thursday. You don't want to hear my bars do then they re now gonna want one large metal shop of metal double created that will nourish level the levy pushing on a paddle. I'm stricken level me your travelling deadly. So what are you doing with creeper? Mostly AMOS com is because at Vienna, man it go make we created by this matter out of a new work. We today is a great day to look for a job yes Oh, we allow this Davy, Hawaii Macro SAD, because I live off the table. I love faster. We all these people, homer there, man, traffic is horrible. Driving is bad, I'm supposed to be rated tomorrow outward
Golly Jacob area. What is no reason at all is goes out. We were, I remember you come in here the aim is to make it out there you what I could do, vermilion it no held I mean this is about the abbess no storm here in starting tonight, but not William late, you know by I'm glad you no mad anymore, you a bar or do I have our values our barbarity. You know you gonna use you also yadda yadda moon, You guys we expect in certain when Ya Flappy will out. My goodness knows PA. You say no, eight hundred and five, eighty five thousand one hundred and five will now tell him how you bless. If you feel blessed you with his friendship blessings- and maybe it's your birthday weekend, whatever it may be- eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call is now at the breakfast club good morning
The breakfast club. Are, you bless the nightly phrases. They'll tell the congregation at eight hundred five five, when o five, why brave deeds? The breakfast club allows there's Albert Republic guarded county torrenting Zella by you place this morning broke. I am glad because arranged with big dear I went. Afghanistan is alive and well. I came home my mom or apartment, and now you ve got a good job in the construction. You, though, building new salubrious you a veteran, rightly call your veterinary veteran. Yes, like to hear about our veterans, doing good, because the magnitude of veterans- so I thought I d say s word but So Lady, Murat arms dazzling
He gets it badly. We'll have a good day broke. I beg hello, this report, given the power to me why you bless him, brought every five. What do so? There you go lowered right. Why are you not least all I'll account because Budget Rachel, Ohio now that you go enough by lot ballroom, pretty low Gurgurk arrival enjoy playing IFOR loafers until four point three by not bad, because therefore roundly out. He could therefore is gonna have talked of money every day. Did I managed to stop those alone? Our eyebrow right back. They allow matter where we live. Now our male owes it to people on a phone, mountainous regions, periodic hypnotherapy where the population
Where do you go gathering? I know damn twenty thousand people stop it. Line as whatever you bless gas greatness. Remember this global threat noon. I built a mirror violate Ahmad, don't you know my toys? the we make nor are re ban on arriving picked out. The wholesale got my boyfriend he felt almost home was right now, with the average three seminars Good now let us go, and I bought the river, What Your our boy, what anywhere martinis our agreement that led to the guy thought on this file? the heavy, yes, human, oh my god,
it brings about a job that man don't let nothing is gradually and in fact they re my body medium and not only to see the outer middle age old. Another one issue, fly when a cargo from our room wooden, ready, Paulding. Where's the annoying duty about moments of all of us so many almost may randomly Bogdan Regina lay like almost hidden. Would the cop but also writer. You, we lack raveled, better, bears a logo and I have a good day. God we're columns. They have an agreement Really. How can I having a good time as Monday, right are you blessed? Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one you've got rooms on the way he has Floyd Mayweather. He says that he is out of retirement, will tell you what happened all so young, We told you last week about the wild shooter
then happiness the IDA belay. Well now he has a new album coming in. Will you what is called? Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast logo more breakfast. We did the toy annually on the breakfast club, where no eight May, whether Junior has said that he is coming out of retirement. I guess we anticipated is happening right now. We notice that I feel, like he had retired at all and hears what he said on common. Only Tom I don't want you no more excuses about them. Above all the Eu S e sign with you'll see, so you invite me small everybody as if you want to buy It would be good. I the point
Despite the number one budget, one support many black people would now would trump people by using the issue. You pick and choose their the boy, Agrigent Russia, which no one was returned to begin with, but she's the OECD only one quarter, because maybe only one where am have deleted on his support for down a chant now so what frankly, Phutra changed his at a potato supports the hobgoblin clues. Wasn t Harvey them to try to figure out a by another theme having voted for trial, where you said he was a good guy, people in that about a met. What am I don't? Wanna? We also galleries which, as we do so I right now, if you remember kind of Macgregor had said that flood was, actually ducking him. I were here's what he had said in Vegas, all it says, is dominated by below the bridge. I know these paths to load the LAS Vegas Annie. As you know, is based as soon as I took down in LAS Vegas, he retired Voice
By the way, it must be clear about one thing for me why these now forty is a right that is birthday com, a great as one of those crazy ass. You have seen fighters Floyd things their economies more followed arose, he's out of his mind, economizes comedy and round house. Kick him for no damn reason. They are losing, I elusive. Why us that only care that you think I'm a greater really cared whether any loses this fight with. If I didn't want you that you are fighting his fight, he's gotTA, Macgregor grapples Everybody. You didn't see below and train if a box over the last three months and dealers, and always remember APOLLO when he fought the Russia now is an exhibition. Fight too, I think, Disappoint LAO is full. All right now, let's discuss the Arusha Haiti from Black is first of all these years. Eighty is a great amber for all the young Ladys out there and she talks about how Michelle Obama actually wrote her recommendation for college. How exciting is back in sheets
we'll get you go get, that's. He assisted her in her college applications. She said she's very amazing in such a supporter, which is something very surreal to say. Yes, I said: where was she ends up? She plans to death. Major in sociology and african american study. She says I've got a lot of questions about if it's scary, to be on a public platform, given the current administration, and given that I'm a black Iranians, he said. I say that to say companies that are still support, Individuality that are still supporting self empowerment are so crucial. Arguments Bernajoux they'll be Dobbs at her Goin off the cows, especially of the causes of block out. We need him of a different world type via body should obviously having seen years out acts. He met her when we were in Miami anywhere going since so. Some support for Hillary Clinton, so really smart. Young lady, I write young, he is going to be releasing an album called bullet proof and that's gonna, just obviously the shooting that has happened in whoever was responsible for that that shooting that took place on February twenty fifth at sea. I D Herblay weekend
If you remember he did an interview and he has what he said about the shooting well worn all. I could do it one of the law and call people drinking about Greece. You people are focused on what they know. That's all. It is also a light. Thou built, a silver penicillin, cumbersome style. Or let us go back off right. We don't want to lose Camorra now. Man say de Keyser, Mason, maybe they say, Thou became will now go into words. Get mad at me when I'm doin nothin, young does need to be a little more specifically specific when his arm time, where last week, they did say that they close to a resting somebody on the verge of arresting somebody with the shooting down of you guys thought the track listing. Did you see it from will improve its ten songs is supposed to comment on April fool's day and the songs are as listed one hundred shots ochre in Charlotte, but I'm bulletproof, so FM of Morocco,
that's I feel of Marine Flora KM away before, as they reveal that tomorrow I would hope, Nagras narrow, as I would even say mom will approve. My mom will approve truck you yourself, young dolphin, not bully. Permit me over the weekend of checking up on me like I'm checking up on you like, and I need to check up on you gonna need, like he's good. Did you call him to check on himself? That's not. His arm was nowhere Skype or further before they. Let you think, he's making April fool's day jokes about getting his checks out. Yes, The gradual withdrawal of holding a sour would approve, install it. Like a moment ago, to restore our, I came cardiac under the next week's episode of keeping up with it. Dashings, the premier was on sale. You that I was the Lord. I know burden for me. I just came on yesterday and adds richest in Thompson was introduced to the family, but next week him cried, as you will be talking about what went down with the Paris robbery check out a preview ass for money. I said I
have any money. They dragged me out to the hallway on top of the stairs. That's when I saw the gun like clear as day now come looking at the gun. Looking down back at the stairs I was like. I have, the lid second, in my mind, to make this quick decision, like am I gonna, run down the stairs and link either be shot in the back lakes makes me upset the thing. Either in his shoe mean the bag or, if I, again and they don't have the elevator does not open in time or the, stairs are locked them like a while, many other became specifically for them. They went in everyday. What money diamond jury? Everything I was gonna get everything I write. Well, I'm Andy. And that is your room, a report by right. Thank you. Miss E! Now, when we come back, So not least they will be joining US morning. Everybody in Fiji envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. We get his breath, you get in the building. We have and I live in
Hello is performed doing stuff, honesty, Therefore, the only one out of every need right. Mob ranch is progressing at a lower level I shall from surrender so Canada branches, the second language we gotta do it. I thought jamaican with the second language in Toronto, is at a man really wise tat. Why would it that's why? I too are my ass. Laminate, I'm Cyprus, Charlemagne already. He uses that you speak to me again. Never mind about my shot for Yang there. Let's talk about seventy million by, we might actually get the opportunity to see that after all, you do is you are, of course, other forest. Why we re not for us to think of it I beg, is really good of interrupting arm is shows people a column provisions of power in the justice system as something you don't eat,
work is, I wonder, who did ya like research, for the role of asked had so much research laid out for his I'd, craters Gina, prince by wood and reggie, run like whether they're married couple. Gina wrote, go indirect eleven basketball. While I had a long relationship with her, but they are so they have so much integrity and they really are amazing writers. I researched a woman who actually had the job of my character and he was french Huska and she was an investment with the d o J and she had many many years in law enforcement. She was when under cover in the cartels and in Mexico, and I did mixed martial arts lap to try to get into the mind of a fighter. You know what you want to follow
she's, latina, you'd latina about building totally like different for a person of cholera being that provision, especially now in this climate, absolutely had dealt with lots of racism and sexism ass, a touch of female cop who worked in L, a black woman who wrote a book and she had spent a long time with her, and she talked about how. It was so hard on the fourth or her as a black woman that she was suicidal at one point where you think about how hard it is to be a black. Please office there, but then, if, however, has to be a black woman- yes, because you're doing with the sexism, you know she's real, how was it loses poor because a mainly it was the rolls afflict at what we usually here Please! It's a young african american man or young black african American boy killed turn. It was a white boy, kill, would lack cup in with
anything going on in this world. It seems like we put the light on that, but not on the other subject. Well, that's not true! If you watch the show that is the way in to the show is really about this murder. That happened to find, and I go down to North carolina- to investigate the murder of this white kid by the black cop, by my MAC. Whilst does the foreign, your cup, America Grass, and offers a bizarre by April, is gonna get your drastic surprising here. It wasn t until Wednesday in your place him anything. No, so he's kind of a working class and green. You exact, remember I mean about what you were saying. You know when I read the character really, seen. Anybody like person on television or in film for that matter back in our young african american prosecutor. Tat was something so have so for me it was light. Damn I get to do this for the first time. I never saw anybody do this in actually got a car with Eric holders, the in a form of energy.
Only general of the United States- and you know he was so willing instrumental to me in my creating all character because You know I really wanted to find somebody who had risen to that level of success. I am, I think, Preston has in our hee hee hee. He wants to be inadequate and one day he wants to be a barrage. Obama Wendy so, for me hand about his struggling his journey. You know what his blackness met: the war that no hidden being I took up his blackness so aware of his blackness, even standing next to the present United States economies up for me, those very helpful. I think a lot of people, especially black people, were a little taken aback in a little surprised that it was about a white you're. Getting shot would have so much so many black men and women getting murdered in this country. That's not what it's about that's the way in so we go to North Carolina, and that is what we are assigned to him.
The gate and in the course of investigating that we discover another murder, that's happening, that's not being doesn't gave it yes and that of a black boy, and so it's kind of a kind of tracks how these two different murders, a white kid and a black kid, and how the justice Some treats those cases differently show it's. It's is bigger than that. Unfortunately, the first trailer that now you behind us Odo Non saying the trade related just about the way go ahead, not about that is about so you get to track at the same time have
investigation is perhaps others whom is covered exactly one normative in solitude, as she goes on all these young black he's gettin Merla. Above all these in detail in the universe of Sobered, it turned out to get her that it is shoulder the white boy, one that was the first trailer that came out. It was mangrove forest for not happy with the further trailer about my reason, though, I like the way we use because after like it, omits people look at those cases different, and that is exactly why they did it, because a thing is what, unfortunately, because so many of us have been getting murdered and are getting murdered, still, there's a little bit of diesel. You know, you don't want people again again what is really happening: ass usual, but this year exactly the Volga right now. Let me ask you this: when MAC, whilst there, here he said that it was difficult for him at times filming he would begin his cap uniform and he said Wendy actually broke down my crying watching what was happening on the new. Wow filming there's whether any things that happen. While you guys affirming that
if that, like man, this is so happy for me today, like in my head on a lawyer, this crime against the police from you to create a Europe wanting to hold you didn't. I do not have waited so yeah. You can do you know what for me personally off out? You know up on a hard because been a prosecutor in the show across the Mack wilds and prosecute him. You know as a black man. You know that was something I also had to be conscious about you, and I mean I talked to Eric holder. In a word that mean you know, having a really you know, they only brought me into this case because I was glad to be felt like you know, in this climate,
only way could really get died. This guy get prosecutor was a black lawyer came they did. There were days where we, I think, the month of July, which was one of the most severe shooting. There were like a record number of murders by police, and there were. There was one day that we came to set an little. It had to do a prayer circle before we started shooting because we were just Austin and destroyed from yet another, was it the Lando Lemme Lando like the night before it was all over the news? And here we are working on this subject, so it was. It was really intends at times, and then it also gave another level to the work of like ok. We got a really do this right. You know it's important for the time that we're living in right now are we got more lethal instead far James it'll go anywhere. Is the breakfast locomotive the breakfast club more
everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we have to now in far James in building Charlemagne doesn't make you look a case different, You feel like a memoir than he understood police a little bit more and they go through. I would think so. I mean you know. This show really gives the audience a perspective from so many different season, in the house. You know what I mean. You really get to see it from so many different angles and perspectives, and you know me You don't necessarily agree with an angle, our perspective but you can understand it, you can understand it. Can appreciate why somebody will feel it and type away. So I don't think this story really place two to one
Cider really offers of abroad looked into it from all sorts of different perspectives and above using the goal I think is took up a to create compassion and empathy. I mean that's what we need right now, there's so much division, and so much in our mean, with this new M extraction, there's so much like just vitriolic and hatred right now, I'm thinking! Oh, what it's been. There is a been under the surface is coming to the surface. Now I think that that ultimately gonna be a thing, because I think it's gonna bring us together, make us have conversations and ultimately, hopefully make us realise that we are the human race. I mean come on like the mirror, and you put an american people, especially when I am other, was crying over a sign in examining the dresser Adam Leg in action.
Maybe you're, gonna miss their mothers. Real yonder's along this along legacy of artists in O Nina Simone said that she believed the artist responsibility is to to reflect the times and there's a long legacy. Scarcely a black artist, I'm Langston Hughes, two's or new Hurseton to outlaw rain hands barrier, wrote raising the Son out walk her James Baldwin Taiwan Yeahs, who who use their art too kind of galvanise a movement, and so you know there's something to be said is yes, it is entertainment, but you know we can. We can, I think, hopefully, help raise consciousness so she has fired his ten episodes at an after that allows ten hours and hours ten they weren't they. They didn't, allow us to use the word
ok, good God willing as a move along, ok and broken up into ten parts. Ten hours and then added ass. It mean there's gonna be like another season, or is that at the end of the ten, our especial yes, that's the end of the ten, our special. But you know as Brian raises, then you know you never know there could be another echoed this equal opium
what movies that discharge wide, actually trying to help why they just profiting off the current climate of the country. The the reason this even started Reggie ICE wood was watching the Zimmermann's her trial with his son like five years ago, and his time was literally had tears in his eyes when he saw the Zimmermann got off the train on Martin, and so he had at first conversation with him about know everything about our history and he showed him a documentary on em. Until an he wrote, the sun wrote a beautiful poem, and that was the seed of this project that was five years ago. There's no profiting there's things in this city. I do see a lot of shows now kind of ripping things from the headlines, but there were days we run set and it was like
had chills in it because we think this is crazy them the scene that we're dealing with right now is really something that's going on here. I am curious to see how works at which adores work was. Usually you see african american men lose in a cave, Now you always, which was. I saw a man when his girlfriend was tied now with the paperwork come in, yet You didn't let him dead meat. Nevertheless, like that I'll call, you found him eat, arrogant, press personal tragedy. What none of us ass, easy he's flirted with you, as you thought you was gay. I may be wrong, but you know I think presently came in. He was like you so focused on his job, and I mean it has its competitive
sure about him by his mask the other. Cheek though I do I had, moreover, without mobile revenge thing. You not, I mean like she was and around my brother, and I was like Manna for like a man and you ve got your birth are near. It feels like one way way because you know just like. I said it, our characters go through a big arc and we do spend a lot of I'm together all go, though you know right around. Our for you. May you made sense a little May or may not see some actual, are you an answer and the retention of the various other, yellow sexier, somebody's belt. Taking a closer look, I'm glad we know you don't think I pray you told your eggs united Gimme area had noticed if you like. So I know you like some weird stuff, As you all, you do your wife
don't worry, we aren't. You knew this directive. We will not be doing now. Everybody talks about behind the scenes in Haiti where you know how traditionally has been really difficult for black actors in this business. Do you believe things are getting much better, like you know about the Oscars after last year's asker, so white movement and in all these tv shows now is kind it feels like more rose available, but behind the scenes you felt like things are improving for people. Obviously things improving a monopoly, television. Is pile of further enlargement go medicine. I televisions re done a great job. Obviously, in other realizing hammer success on these black shown here by a bank. I now they would you all about it. Why? But I could get dollar eight. I doubt you and now you know you got start they could do. This story is going to second season. So like south five people are now. We know welcome
and embracing, and they know that people want to see these tapestry. Then you can get out did so well in the matter. I want to say that I haven't done them Zeiner that latter get help when these people are you on the screen summer. I wanted you to sit around the table. We grew up. Cutting and you now it makes us feel more familiar return and television. I love that yeah. I love You know I've been doing it for twenty years now, as Inez started. When I was too away to where you look. We believe the rumour that you're pregnant winter I was just- meal for like, like I'm not in her I'll, never have been as good a girl and I like to eat and I'm not gonna start myself. I'm gonna live my life and you know. Sometimes they get a bad angle in the blogs. Are the blogs and peoples? As you know, they like a story for a minute. You know, being this is necessary.
A blessing, but you gotta know. I gotta know that it is no joke. Lay the business is hard because all eyes are on you, everybody's, a critic and as a woman a you know, you're, not only is it like now it's like on duty off duty, every picture now in the age of social media I mean you know it's so you have to develop a steel extent,
You have to get to the point where you just lamp was right. It rose. I go out without a low make a blank as you like, oh yeah, yeah. She fell on right, exactly like if you want somebody with a picture you like were not only at all yet Sheila back tonight, exactly anything right of way: more roll, the gender yours for you and I we would Robbie rate but on the ice, feel like it's getting better. I mean I would like it to. I think, there's a lot more work to be done. Oscars! Yes, there were a lot of us at Oscars and yet is still. But if you look at
he's at coming out it that still doesn't reflect a melting pot of this world tat we live in. One of our wine Hollywood to reflect a world that were living in tv is definite getting better, and you know what I was coming up. I was very fortunate to kind of have a steady build and there will. I could name like three other black actresses that will working at the time, and now you know, I don't even know all of em I definitely do not have to say it is getting better. I we got more now lay that is therefore genes. We come back keep alive is the breakfast welcome all morning. Every body is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. We have Somalia, in the building yea as good that you have them real friends- and
business now to see you, I would Gabrielle Union eyes. I owe you have always been so tight in her cause. I feel like sometimes if it is competitive and at the same time cause I'm sure allotted time. People are goin up for the same rules yeah, but is so important to have a good strong network of it is, and you know, the role of actor is a very specific role, a road and then the road of a black actor is a specific road and then the rough road of a black female actress is even more specific, so great to have people who you know when you wanna cry and you can get up off the floor, which you know I can guarantee you every one of us has gone through that you have some. Who really understand- and you know you can talk to about that so yeah. But you know you have family in the business of Zambia, you get extra guidance to hear that the one thing people always think alike. People have said that there was never to members.
I will go on the record and say I have never worked my father until two years ago on em that real husband, you from big dog family, I hear he's these animals, let run PBS something now he am. He was literally kind of like the first black director in Let me read only work when it was two years two years of animal will load up, there was rolling up it, otherwise we will do it all that. No, I don't think that now just wasn't exactly ended that nothing has happened. So that's the one thing that I think I did have an advantage when, as coming in, you know when there were those days you know he was lying, just keep just keep it up doing your best work, you know. Just keep is key. Persisting laying down now define you been having a nice upward mobile career. Do you know him starting off in Toronto, and we see new as Jesse Owens, be seeing you in summer and now you're in shots fired that what was your most challenging role so far?
party plans and he had to run because I really had to run in the beginning. There were like when I get you a stunt. Double analysis. Man like I don't want to have to you know you stunt. I want you to write you to have the speed on the shoot from wherever he wants to so actually, while I was doing Thelma every day I had off on summer. I would be training for race, two thousand literally right after so I went down to Georgia Tech. China with them, so there's the training have to make sure. Physically in their space. But then you know when you don't period, you gotta make sure the tour, that in the space to so London about Jesse historians back history, you know those are the things that you know it was a of. It was maybe they're gonna be got from why people in a minute just the old. I shall not allow data challenge arose, but it has paid a big yourself stay away when he does shots fired so good. What will you intimidated by the Mai
So let s do we not. You know honestly, do not rely on you know. Had. We met a few times before stolen where we had to do, we had to do them chemistry, additions and am is the lead of the shell and it's a big responsibility, and so there was a lot of competition so and we had to read a lot but Does he not? She said of a warm kind person she's. Like always super super happy. You know happier, though,
It was no matter where laugh, but we are witnessing those right weird and although you accompany devalue laughingly, you don't know me. That's true. I know now, I know people you know like having privacy and people are really realise that a lot of what you think somebody is why you're projecting from role? till the I gotta get like a great basketball player with one of your browser, the tube everybody day. I think everybody was every movies and I have been in everybody was applied to delay. When are you gonna do were I to do good work due to the through you and re went what happened and how did a marriage work? We'll have a baby's baby, we oughta black
story like them, I was love We know that we need and we need some more terrorism or love. The not things I've been my eyes and now is like, everything I real hard, yeah the real racy yeah stores. I think I should do like a growing sexy brown, I you're good mahogany or like a perfect. But not a weirdo. Now let me ask you this: have you ever had like a stalker situation? I bad or some because I'm sure when somebody started dating the mad like. I raised this issue in a knock on that ago, even if your leg, pc They are probably no hold I. How can we make this work? You Bobby S. The levity store efforts, Montana those doctors you like that might have got away brands
You know I don't want to talk about it too much, because I don't want to give it energy, but I had a real, a real person, because people see you on screen and that's just is just its human. They, you know that they can fantasize about that and so yeah. I have had bad indifferent degrees that those above need every time you take afforded with somebody yeah Dayton Amira. We think the entire rees we seen you they re. I now you know you everybody, you think I know man wanna say just natural, you ask me: how did you know that I tried turn everything into a positive and it does get annoying sometimes, but, as you know, I think you know fans want me to be happier something. When you see me with somebody great or using Google you does it is I'm
Ngos? Yes? Are you at heart and slightly crazy in real life and of ashes? Now, listen, I'm a lover ashes either. I'm the opposite actually maybe be somewhere in between. I give people the benefit of the doubt We all hope for people to learn from this shots fired. Said and done you know. I want people to have conversations I want to be in. And I want people to argue after at certain hours and ultimately I want people to be entertain as from sexy moments in Minos entertaining so I'm excited, am I gonna cry? Yes, you I'm very sensitive guy, I'm very cry, allied action. Ok, it would you anything. As we well know, it would depend on the script, but they can be opened with her. Oh yeah? I resign My love in Alexandria, brought by many men, Serbia, goodbye peace, like birds
I am a member state to remain professional. Around is beautiful woman like me what're. You drive everything. I'd? Try don't answer that she's beautiful than we are are the finest. It's really been a great pleasure to now. Would you may be with somebody who is an act. There are not in the business and on MA I you know I want to be with somebody outside the business. The business this you know it's like it's so all encompassing is not like a mind if I was like your life, so I would like somebody who is outside of the business, but that's not to say that I am a man he doesn't like about was not like- would like more fragile, put new one like social media. Unlike why are you doing something? You should keep dsl. If that is indeed, that's right. You tell you right now exists awkward!
I presume you gotta do. I cannot offer given search out plainer and from a large twenty. Second, eight p m on five certified check it out and we can personally bowsprits because we actually have seen the first episode. I forgot all about it, will give you one for the low now right is the breakfast club nicknames racked by the way for the breakfast, when human ass got into a lot, because a party next door, the issue ass tidy when social media people was suggesting a party next door wrote. What humanize. I said in her lyrics for the New signed, as he has at regret in your its ears, if you guys it in here, this is a song that people- is about meat meal in her relationship with him. Here's a little snippet of that
dad you better than a bad thing in a bag terrible rugged. Our right were situated. Our party store had nothing to do with regret in your tears and where it ain't never heard their song a day in his life. The less your heart, not sure why he was lagging Swedes, maybe which is fighting to him. Maybe he was hacked elsewhere. By the way, this too much F, O eight, by the way partynextdoor you should be happier, namely that is attached to that in writing de, I said, I'm afraid, given that we have a solid together, hope she's as cool is I've always imagined, and then he wrote party over everything. I write, Nicky, menage them hosted on Instagram. It's crazy how the sun was tress, Beneficence Yachting Party next door, wrote it its fire, it's crazy. How much people hate her? I can ever Her credit by the women were not, I don't care who wrote it is trashed regulated that instead Grandpa argue, you make those eroded party behind me party in front of me, the ball rolling.
Finally, I know that she put out you'd like any of em like the one way by himself, the Armenia wooden leg. Crazy gray. Alarmingly, all cool is mediocre. Nothing bitten, snow, smashed up, trust me, you're, gonna know mediocre trash saving me I write. The police are looking to tactic Greenspan. The LAPD the now they're saying that their whole neighborhood that he lives in San Fernando Valley, they ve had it with all the complaints. Any as always dumbing his nose at the cops and has been all kinds of grapes? against him a lot of noise drugs, Assad's different vehicles being driven erect so they went to at least speak to him and lay out all those powers. Bones and hopefully be able to work through them. So hopefully he can work that out now. Just Bieber in the meantime was upset, he was shining eat. An affair was trying to take a selfie with him, which is a little bit through them. It is just an bieber. He signed up for this right.
Was starting. These young girls love em. He signed up for days when he was a kid in inverse happened. He was so happy with it. You just can't get tied up layers. What he said and respect Thank you, Sir said no now. You know why you respect the public embodied in public debt if you to table nobody else, you know, go cause riots. You know people more, and upon you don't need in public policy, Are they just out even in public like a big enough Latvia is maybe one sir they will and in a city like out. Ok, I d seen pictures Outdoor cafe, but nobody superiority aware of your celebrity, be away your star power or get mad. People in the run up to you and you in a public authority new, unchecked fillet. You maybe we're running up that instead of what he was against the sky, I was cadmium, Adsum food in his hand, I was highly game. All data is located, jab grab behaviour,
we need a you, can see him getting inside the car, get us reared and animosity resign and take the selfie. I write. Entire banks is gonna, be hosting the next season of America's I tell him, we told you of the drama witness can in and he's out so that you have they chosen to take. I was crazy. They were talking about different people like Marla wagons that were in the running for this, but it looks like they ve settled on. Tyro. Banks are right in a cannon. Meanwhile, had this to say about the show, I'm not defined by job they get caught, Missus Ray. You should be happy to be here. It is the dream job things like this, don't come along and things like that, don't define when people start to put restraints on our creativity as an artist. I just have to stand on the square who stand for something money used one of the things that moves me or inspired me. I love it. I embrace it the way everyone else does planet. I don't make decisions based on everything I do is calculated: hey,
enough, Ladrone clues balls and again on them. As long as making decisions there make him sleep. Well, I'd made us all a man is all about, and I am at the kids trace their words with the twins, him and Maria Soup. Acute uneasy, what these are watching, the Gingerous wasn't my daughter's Adelina basic dancing, you get into office. Could he was doing? this dance battle with John Siena Georgina posed to look do if he could eat the big these or wrestler Romagna you impose. The look do feel very sad and fannys guy k that I can't it offers Katy would obey all just. I lie down shadow excited about it as it dad Nokia is both a goofy April, onest recasting it who knew to me, for you guys are just ordered me to for Halloween. Yesterday, that's going to that right now, I'm gonna jump on four is gonna. Take about investigating! That's how you noticed. Do
our I may easily and that's your apply double dog you today for Monday March, thirteen goes the PAMELA who deck who doc, who ache. Now you brought in on the absolute is what she's fifty five years old she's got to give mag now, I'm off if people will get married regardless of age. Okay, if you want to lock it not a fifty five. Do you boo is never too late to create it. Beginning or whatever you say to make people feel good. But they're kind of late laid late lay blooming, ok, but the thing is It's not that she's gettin married is a bottle. You get married to
We all have those family members who will warn us about the people we plan to marry before. Even and now she married him when you date, Namibia, You know that he or she is not the one. What makes a person unmarried able by sea infidelity are: maybe he she has quite a few kids are ready, are maybe you talk to the persons previous made me? Would you how horrible a spouse? Harrison was maybe, while abusive, who knows it's all gonna dreadful. That can be re, though, make you Pompey breaks when it comes who you want to spend the rest of your life with PAMELA who Jack is clearly wanted. People as an old someone's, passed against them, because she is about to be the third wife of Robert Blake- now kid you may not know who robber Blake is which a great grandparents do, Robert Blake, Eighty three is already in great grandparents. Probably norm is Barretta. Let me tell you about: Barretta and to Dublin one Robert Blake second wife was shot dead in his car. Not he had just finished eaten at a restaurant where she was shot the deaf in his car.
Robert Blake claimed he left his wife. What have they walked on great. He realized he forgot his gun that it fell out of his pocket. The booth where they was sitting. He says you back together and when he got the car body was already dead. Now got arrested for ready and prosecutors claim Blake I had a hitman fifteen grand and detected found ten grand. His dress draw now said another plaque twist. The woman he's Marian now PAMELA who'd AG, actually testified on Blake's behalf saying he routinely kept laud sums of calves in his house. She said during the trial they actually data for two months and ninety ninety one and she later lived in blaze, guess housing, ninety five and ninety seven. I can't make this kind of stuff. I played a new report. The actor reportedly filled out an apple, station for a marriage license here yesterday at the Beverly Hills Courthouse and he was with the woman he plans to Mary who testify during his murder trial the eighty three Earl
reportedly Mary, fifty five year old, PAMELA Hued ACT, the two of reportedly known each other for decades and even dated if back and ninety ninety one something you doc revealed while testifying on Blake's behalf, while he was on trial for the murder of his second wife, Bonnie Lee, basically PAMELA I understand you. Fifty five years old, you may feel like time is running out, give me before you die when I drew a little concern at you jumped broom, Robert Blake, and that marriage becomes the reason you die. I'm not no played ok, the sea people wind would have PAMELA who'd act was my friend I would behave. Nor, probably there's a couple things did you unmarried being arrested for killing, Your wife is wanted him. Ok, just like odious and you want to be his wife or his ex when he gets out bid allegedly any thought Dayton, some pretty blood. We don't looking at her LE years. Only a matter of time before you, fine, you bloody in pieces somewhere, ok family
Would you old enough to know mob? He will learn from our mistakes, wife. He will learn from the mistakes of others. Robert blades, second wife is dead. Does anybody know what happened to his first wife, your mind need to look into these things. Pamela, third time's, the charm I ass. Okay, I go to her reason. I because I don't like pan people to scare me, but the ones I have seen make me cautious about certain things and make me stay away from certain things might now announced greet. Had me scared to sleep, leather, ok, look avoid sleep. I jaws made me cautious that a water, because I was scared of shocks. Ok, when asked love given the one I'm just cautious get out, maybe terrified away people can avoid anything. I try to ok, but I can't her right. I would think PAMELA who'd acts by since it would be going off right now, because you are the third wife of a man who is accused of killing his second wife and once again do We know what happened first, wife wage
Is she alive? Ok, all I'm saying Robert Blades, the wives seem to have had an expiration date. And PAMELA. I wish you to Beth, but I can't help but think you Unix, please give PAMELA load ACT biggest. Please I wish you the best of it. But you can understand why I would feel like she could possibly be next right. One thing to have an early relationship at another thing to be scared for your light ass. All I'm saying right. While they give it a dark day, eight, five a five one, o five one just asking when you're in a new relationship or interrelationship should the person's pass beheld against them. Yes, issue putting every is DJ envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club there. If you just joined us, we're talking bout new relationships should their past You dating somebody beheld against them. Whether they are maybe they legit Lee raped allegedly was,
use of allegedly did something to a child allegedly killed? Yes, as well as my ass, they absolutely. Positive: absolute everybody. Everybody passes used against them, especially when you're in relation when you're in relation with somebody, and you hear about things that they did. A previous relationship they killed. I gotta choose the killing, your wife? They were the beating their while they were to them are letting the children in the house. I that all red flag should be re than you. I damn fool: if you did, somebody absolutely allows is or a Rachel, talking new relationships of the present day, Is there a pass held against the one held against me right now? yeah? I was with a brother for like seven years we ve grown up and that bearing a white guy and I had a child by the first man. And they have become our think in. Will you now the rough time very body seen the movie get out baby, so whenever they see a black person would have a white person
Thank you in the sunken place with argued that you got my Taiwan that go with them. I m not even there like a broken that can't be saying nosebleed what s different data like I now does it mean that I am against every day, I'd I've. Ever again, by your data, because you like them, who cares you just ass? You saw an old leads, have exhibited yes, she's, a yes, you do Listen to you as an example. I am I gonna think taking the phone is what you do to your phone, put the flashed on it and take a pigeon of a mixer flat, getting eyes right now that in ITALY I feel like a white man. After all, my goodness hello, this is re goal of Mars quarter moves towards a forward. Three was happening. What I really hope, population of what really high I mention these guys and by the way, over the weekend you he's amongst corner he's. I shall miss Calhoun Mugen. He was this emphasis.
Go tying handled earlier. There was a time of crisis Charlemagne US high. You lied to you now we need a new Orleans. Bro should a girls, the other gives them. You know were largely day the girl right now right now there is. The last report guy. Well now that you are aware enjoying your love, there is my brother, Gaza people, Colombia owner. Are. You know a bit would have almost a cup of mirth you could get out. Are you? Are you enjoy your land? They get out. Our armies be cool now now it would basically way, but I didn t wait the letter that I like that the age limit Asia. May you need not that bad luck, Metro, Bitch, ok to men? Colombia Sokolov knows no? No, don't get bad luck,
obey died a few Britain may break. I don't got saddened, jail disappeared with you all the little fool Robespierre Lot Rob Psychotherapy Bates their welfare. You know I was unable to vote. We don't want you to be the past. Either mothers railway. We will remember your name because he was an lose ray. What I want to hear my life You re got a few more days level and his people right now once more that distort the moral of the story. Is the past always come back to haunt you? Whether is to teach a lesson remind forgotten feelings. Are they just be a bitch right? We got rooms Yes, I said about me: I'd say she did something exciting, for some young dancing will tell you what she did. Also Sierra was involved in a car accident over the weekend. Will give you an up
ok we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive with Julia Cloud. Webby assets with her mother Tina know that the Avenue Ellie American Giants Data show that was Saturday night and allay at the music sensor, and slanting a nose had her teens angels? That's a group of girls that she men Torres with her. Yeah they went back days after the show. So you can imagine if you're an avenue, early, dancer and beyond say shows our backs days. How exciting that is! Some of the desert was so excited ages, jobs to the floor, cassettes beyond, say you know. So that was a beauty. Nice thing to do in a nice surprise. Llosa drama why can be seen as a nose dynamic economic figures were renewed Carter. That's my last me now
been following this whole young doffed situation ever since his many van, which was by the way bulletproof yes, who bulletproof vehicles suvs there were shot at during see, I double a again in Charlotte. Now the detectives I saying that they are close to resolving what happen. According to the deputy chief S, this he said we are exploring the possibility that this involves some sort of groups related to the entertainment industry. There is some evidence that we ve collected, of course, I'll, casings and other evidence that I won't specifically mention, but we are well on our way to some sort of resolution, so they said that there was some high powered weapons there. You they said it was over one hundred rounds of gunfire that were exchanged between both parties during the
and how does it all day said he shot back yet ok was so high powered weapons. Let's put out a hundred round. Why Attica baggy actually seized him. Many ban that crash at the scene, and so they got some weapons from that Vehicle- also know people. Yet they said right now. Their type, about the investigation, but there well on their way to resolving it. So it could happen now. Young dove spoke on it previously. Here He said when I was born on. I couldn't do it immediately. Thank our people, drinking about Greece. The people are focused on what they know. This already is sailing Thou, built a silver and been seven cumbersome style. Or let us go back off right. We don't want to lose, come on now, man say de Keyser, late Mason. Maybe they say that we can now go into words, get mad at me when I'm doin nothin,
a budget is gonna, thank God and keep him woman. Well he's gonna move and Adam Club Bulletproof that's supposed to be released on April fires, but ten tracks and the listings are. These. Are the czech listings one hundred shouts the next song is in Charlotte next song, but on bulletproof next song, so FM then its? That's? How I feel I'm so real pray for my enemies and everything you wanna be. So that's why you envy me, and the last thing is as an angel Sancho Beg, you got a more solid called beg you grandma Abram for me: oh ever brand for him, but it were listening about it. There's some horrible ass shoot. It issued a hundred Shatt EL round it out of oil and green dropped, but nobody will exchange and shot. I don't know what a guy knows. That's always our goes down. Not ward was usually somebody had no desire to look a little came right of somebody's mama, but he should really me MA am bulletproof truck, because young dove himself has not bullet hurried. Last civic day
Thank God. We should aim at near, have not even talk about them. They have enough. You want it's Europe cool, but you gotta make all projects by lay you kind of white men more. Energy into your life by doing this? Well, fortunately, nobody was injured, but it should be a wake up. Call I come on eyes aimed at the same time it happened. Yet right here and it's gonna be guessed dying on game of Thrones Vasco. How did I get here? That is really the habits. Who now and now it was a hundred alone, but ignored underrated, Arago so game it those as return on July hopefully be a little. What would he play I don't know who is playing a worthless shows on what they are doing, what they wanted to get a share in the show, because, as she's he's one The favorites out of the sky Maisie Williams of the show, so they finally got him or draw political, but also our guy. You know how to be a gift. I love this year, then we can have guessed stars in that is like this from the medieval times like right, you can
de what he can't play a character from the medieval times. Then we would be weird. Why would it be way will be where you do realize all of you, but as they may now from this era to right, they met from actually medieval times. Nobody s share in his soul now I would like you to look at him is withheld acting out of nineteen. I guess it acting. I cannot see it. Everybody exotic where Drake Album. He went on Instagram and he posted five hours ago, a picture of more life, and he said March. Eighteen so that means more life will be released on Saturday March. Eighteen, drink phantom. So you excited I've, never been a drink. Fanciful you're going! Listen to it, though I am willing to agricultural. Absolutely can be a great album. Ok, wait for array. Sierra was involved in a car accident over the weekend. She's pregnancies in her third trimester. So you can imagine how scary that must be. They said she was driving her
Mercedes, as you be issues making a left turn and then a grey Volvo Suv slammed the answer. The front passenger side of her vehicle, so Sierra was clutching her chest in her shoulder, but you fancy was walking around. She was on the phone, the drivers exchange. Mason? Neither of them were seriously injured, but could have been a lot worse, so fortunately prayers with Sierra. It's fine Macgyver, legally in the bus lane and hit the right side of her car is what Everything go the baby and although he has regularly intimated out, Mama Watson and baby was in our feeling. Great God is good. No Lou They D been outstanding at nice. Does it higher I'm happy for I'm glad nothing, I've gotta pay day. That's is less a baby when you took the painted she's financially secure, sir, as you, because you have no baby problem The error them glad you came out of this situation: unscathed from Asia, as a model in contracts, things great dancer awhile, I re Chris Angel,
meantime had a little incident at the LUX our hotel in Vegas, where he does his act. You know what he had on a strait jacket on Friday, any lost consciousness. If you can imagine how crazy that must be, he has to have all kinds of testing done. He did end up forming his so again later on the night. He was released from the hospital, but he was rest to our aid in the family, s eager evidence. We did the same thing. I got a magician you and you can't even get out of their great listen. He was upside down jacket, he tried to escape and he was spinning for about two minutes. And he was unconscious role. I ran out of them Similarly, the current analogy, with only ten minutes into the show when it happened at best answer to sell those gardens get him. Do I write? I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report which well, if you miss,
a Remy, my actually, when it foxy brown honesty. Their song here is a lie where she is referencing Foxy I have sympathy for them. Pay now hardly came from untreated gonorrhea where facts clearly knew their line was about her and she put out a whole entire freestyle would take over LINEAR career theosophies, a pet of thirty thirty is be. Expertise is about those are so bad now proxies are decent de facto replied makes. The fact, making manoeuvres still hasn't, replied, look even worse, but you have a seat. Fight videos online with two dogs is fighting in the yard and one of the daughters is getting their ass, kicked for the daughters getting their ass kicked. Mama comes running out. The house in the bathroom over one titty out helps her daughter, that's the equivalent of Foxy Brown Diss record. From that over here somewhere from breaks over by fax, he bound in response to remedy
save over a fake. So I got a little John. Ok things more with little round securing more now seeking he's got the dna disaster, rumours that fact you just had a baby. As all the rooms there foxy hawks pits after everybody knows, he doesn't like that cause he's a load, deaf secure, really own workers as a risk that roughly two percent in payments I write If you, Mr Lamy, my was also on Wendy William, show explaining how the whole beef started with Nicky here's, what she said was necessarily you'd out the little subliminal stuff all records, because I didn't care out. Ok, I recognise and add spoken so before that, whatever you say you supposed to say you d best in any better than me, whatever it was, the behind the same thing that young people will never know about. You know as far as China, never read car beards in China. We should watch, don't go to me or she's, not gonna, be in attendance or trying to get people to make bad reports about,
album sales, or just anything that I'm going to make me look less and make rather better, and I have a problem when you try to start my bag with each other. Stop me from taking care of my children, and I have a problem with that. Does he basically ASEAN and Nicky? Was China? Stop hum money? You not I mean, and I guess how are the beef started between the two of them behind the scenes to us as an egg is just not a nice person check it out. This process does based on what I witnessed the Madam vice president. I learned anything from this made me. Well, I guess I'll have to be so, which everybody the help the hair the make up the present holding the door, the cab did the car driver, because so many people have been coming in the thing that I've been here. We like and petty, like really really bad. The thing that I began by man, I'm not gonna, say that. Please, like that's too much, somebody once said and when they were in the middle of a rabbit, you gotta be careful who you choose your battle. I rang out on this matter that we know that lay back like Maggie Deadly had the reputation of having a bad attitude, and I mean no,
One point you could jargon of discharges. You know being a boss type and you know a lot like as a woman. Sometimes she felt like people in take us seriously right knee Boyd, who have seen our do. Some things to wear like not should have got a better to like what Now it is time we will then end studio, and maybe it isn't it duties can picture. I finally got many pictures you gonna take. She went off easily twice I write. Well, let's take him. It has got talent now, then a cannon is out. Who is an Simon cow? Has three people that is choosing this when one of them is Marlon Wanes could be the potential new host for America's got talent, the others who guys arts, hone Bell, Brandon, Michael Smith, Nap, you don't know who they are its home does stand up. Committee and an actor he's been on? The flash would be told Chelsea lately and key and pale he also
has been on late laid show. It cried. Ferguson comedy knock out. Brandon, Michael Smith, is Disney kid. He was that's so raven, so Random Annie was also in Disney movie star shock and let it shine any play Little Richard and James bound by a pic get on up. So who knows? America's got talent eyes. They happened some issues they actually heads cancel filming all this week, because melodies Father passed away after a five year battle. Cancer, so they don't even have a house right now they had stick week I ate is, but they are trying to figure out who is gonna, be next up to host and to start we told you about these rape allegations against him last week about a woman who was actually signed to him. His court on coral protest, he was then videos and other projects with two short. Well, here's what to sort out to say when seems he caught him and asked him these allegations I regret according to two short in his Campi.
This actually went after these women and has had no type of contact with her. She claims that she was a virgin and I also say that she does have provocative videos, but that does not have anything to do with her real life and she never gave any form of consent. Snowboard I write em Angela YE, and that is your room. A report.
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