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3-18- Today's episode we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners are savages and would sell out a family member for money, after story broke about Jeff Bezo's girlfriend's brother sold their texts for $200k. Moreover, we also opened up the phone lines for our listeners to humble "The Breakfast Club" with our segment "Slander the Breakfast Club". Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Rich Dollaz for being to old to fight at the Love and Hip Hop Reunion.

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Social distancing, slows the spread of corona virus, so we should also home to lower the risk for everyone more info it. On a virus stock of. Let's all, do our part because we're all hashtag alone, together brought to you by the council hi, I'm Laura Vendor Camp and the host of the before breakfast podcast, and the author of several time management books I most of it did I hurt areas newest podcast, the new corner office in this show we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work, one where the location and ours are more flexible than in the past. Listen over first cup of coffee, and I promise you learn something useful, listen to the new. office. Every day on the I hurt, radio, app apple pie casts or wherever you
Your pride casts challenges like a mega. Forty, I just took all went on point. This press round have recently joined a breakfast club, say some visitors, USA, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO aborted angel. He many Danby Charlemagne, a guy who's that are planted is due as they now. I call it medicines college tore it. If you don't know, medicine is on a college toward with Madison for matters. That is my daughter of course, she's just a couple years. She has to go to college, but we started early one to take over torso. She had spring break. So we start
from an why you did. We went to Georgetown yesterday and they were to how it university. So today we are Virginia so we're gonna, do old dominion, but then to do happen. University and having been spent through now fuck and there we had also I'm next state. What are you looking for the school? You look around the camp, they noakes too many boys here. So many too many guys here. I think about that. We may be handsome. I also of safety, because somebody areas are not the best and safest areas added value. That is definitely a concern when visiting colleges. I want stores. I was in guy held up a gun point, as I gotta think I'm at all year round were also. I see a lot of students like go. Look a weary the dormitories ass, you like a lot of beer bottles and a lotta hard liquors Antonov, if grab loaded through the air, but I disorders
Be it, though you know what I was in college. You know I bid it would not want to see it as and when using colleges drinking you smoke, a news having sex are eating things seems hopefully, hopefully, to date all of us. If we did not make an alcohol we may I draw. Hopefully people stop having sex right, so we're we're all its role and its? It is pretty cool. So far, so I don't know yet also we got about six seven most schools to go check out a school to check out and then we'll be back on. What is good. Act in New York. I feel like I've been gone for ever, but I was in Chicago yesterday: Chateau every generation school, so sad out, Sue, Stacy, she's, the one stacy It had as out there is, of course, it is interesting to see how kids are learning in school in its charter school and they actually really badly need a new principle, so they may principle
for these schools out there in Chicago. So if anybody at their works in education is to be a great opportunity for you to apply to the school ever principle, no, yes, So what are they really want to know that they have more than one school? Ok that I was visiting. Yes, they do so those things are important system principles are important. We were talking about budgeting concerns and just how the kids are testing their above average, which is great there is still a lot of work that has to be done ever dj class. I see no music allows you to genetic data. Yesterday I was in teaching them how to design do know how to dj. But yes, there was indeed a classic is absolutely love, and they get these credits like they get money Vestal. So when they do things that are great, they actually end up getting paid for that like fake money, and they can use those credits to do things like being that DJ class elected drivers. Daydream grew tree. Yes, it is
and they can images successful ones that are created for you, but I'm really I mean I can be just like anything. If your arrival ban and made my undecidedly, would you tell somebody to gobio DJ? Would you tell them I look of trade like learn, not affect their condition. I will pass on you not to be an electricity I was obliged to enjoy about music and colleagues. Emmy made a lot of money. Digging showed it like this. What I graduated out of school everybody told me, go to business school or to go to Wall Street. To start work in, I was like I love dj. Namaste would follow bitten. Think I do no doubt, but you probably do a party two or three times a week. Every day it's a toilet that needs fixing everyday needs is some electricity. I need to be installed to where I'm just saying you know if I pick a trade with trade. Would you pick idea? when I was younger and I made money from it. I had to stop cuz at that time. They didn't have Serato. I will say what you enjoy doing. Have you love it? You can be great at it right. If you let him, you enjoy being a plumber, be aplomb if you enjoy with music. If you think you really gonna put you on the effort into it,
due to a wedding. There needs to be dj. Azra, goin, rather Goin studio. Right now only welcome to a deal. I give you any. Never please museum right. Baby with NATO is go. That's all it's all does at my everyday columns and by the gulf it's up one day out as you by now. That is true. No problems. That is that it. That is absolutely true what they do, but we must get the show cracker. Four page news was getting started. What we talk about, you were Elizabeth Warren, had her town harm and tell you some of the things that she was bogus diamonds. He was talking us we're talking thou trades find out about a brand new high school sport that maybe you could get a scholarship for coca or I will it's all at next- keep it lacked the breakfast cloacam. All morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club was getting some front page news. He knows it is, alas, they went evaluates when a pathetic there. Tomorrow, the first day of Frank, what the weather Gandhi look alike.
Depends on where you live and let live. I need to know who guided the hottest, but in the on going to be able to fifty, so that's pretty pretty good trained, greatness, Andy hired of winter. I'm trying to think what else Charlotte North Carolina is gonna, be the fifties have fifty and is Happy Atlanta sex bring it has thing. Is I got loves brain you like hope? That's why I just saw the game with their own slogans. Winter is coming in the middle of spring. Yes Good then show. Is that making vs Avons I've lasting me? I understand you have to watch its note at slogan but which is covered. I'm excited. I write negative You should be excited about video games and now a legitimate high school sport. There is now a days where they actually have a high school varsity team for video game playing. A study would Connecticut Georgia, Kentucky Massachusetts, Rhode, island and then a few months later, the Alabama Mississippi in Texas Charter schools have also joined, and it's a globally where's market. They set their expected. You get to generate more than one billion dollars this year, so they have
different teams of students and they face off in a video game. But has also terrible because in a few moments they ll be complaining about the case not be intrinsically shit and riven. Inevitably physically sit money asked my video games when a majority in the air, but you know, or maybe no social skills, but those video games pouring in a lot of money. I dj invented. The Barclays saw about just watching. Kids play video games millions. Rich, but everybody to be out of shape and have no social skilled where they will be all be rich. I Rayner Elisabeth Warren had hurried town Hall and Jackson. Mississippi Anti AIDS had a lot of different questions. She touched a white nationalism and having to recognise the threats posed by white nationalist ass. He talked about Her propose wealth, tax plan of government that works for the rich and it's not working nearly as well for anyone else. She said that corruption, we need to call it out plain and simple other things that she's A devout was ending the electoral college. We need sure that every vote counts? I want push that wife here in this,
simply come a general election presidential candidates, don't come to places like Mississippi because we're, the states or mine Who is that every vote man? and the way we can make that happen is that weaken, have national voting, and that means rid of the electoral Holly It's you who will be present and if we get rid of the electoral college before our Gruner arm, a bargain electoral college abolish the biggest abuse, simple Vodafone dismal vote in other than does it yet cadets system doesn't seem to work email I. This is why I voted for the person got the most votes, but these thirty, when I don't understand, and only one working person you vote, affordable, didn't I may, by what I'm is where we get the most votes doesn't win, so that doesn't make sense and it should Nor should we now know what I'm saying. If the person we actually won, one because of the electoral Galvin outcome fell.
Other things that you talked about were reparations and here's what you said about that. There are a lot of ways to think about how report issues should be formed and I notice Georgia. That's a question actually started with. Just frame of an apology. We have a lot of exports around the country. A lot of activists who a whole lot of different approaches to let's bring people together, inlets open that conversation as Americans. Let's see what ideas people want to put on the table, and let's talk I'm sorry, because I gotta tell you ignoring the problem is not working as a threat Chinese. He called out a great article in New York magazine. He speaks all reparations and I don't want to miss corny, but he said something to the effect of reparations is not just about sex. Is the idea of this cancelling white supremacy because this June, is major institutions have had a attract, a release,
should we black people from much of our history and that explains all socio economic gap between black and White America and asked me to close the gap in pay back? Ok, I was ever is when a quote him anyway, why wasn't? No it wasn't bad idea how to citizens is in New York. Magazines agreed article by uneasy quota. Things got uneasy coats optimistic alright? Well, I'm Anjali and that's your front page news all right. Thank you! Miss you get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent hit us up right now. Maybe you sick, maybe got the flu no, what they all got over me, but I'm sick right now, but whatever it is, the new NATO maybe are likely to cause it's late only really go eight hundred nor legit eliminated? Why? Why do you need me specifically? Last you won't well, I believe, is going to raise is going to be ass. I was I was so what you be. I see you sick, everyday, be eight hundred five, a fire.
Oh firewood, get it off each as it is. Our right now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast club. Is your job to get it off your just whether your man one, but we want to hear from you on the breadth of theirs- was mandatory me railway package was broken. Every eye was avenue now worth more than there were thirty hours. we asylum? I also believe that it was that girl, modern man. I want attitude radically What I do man made luggage bother me I'll grab my day on the scope, g g, six, five, zero one that is coming out of stock. frankie you plug in why loud voices expands era when they take you broke, That is why. the Grandma Galvano hello pride of it.
With their mama somebody height warning. Now, because I say so those they said Larry, you see people like he had left her above it, because the bigger he bade side by about the ps3 it was resolved yeah, be worried, yeah blame yourself, Why am I need a hurry? Every group of people literally be you're not discriminate against people, s area of my birthday, it ok I'll whatever alike hurry. I keep a booby like people. Only really He cared about a jewel cities. Other groups of people can't let people when they're like that towards us. So I shouldn't be so quick to kill somebody instead of like
double led umbrella. You gotta be lighter lawyer that Europe might be right. It is not in a whirl of ill humor. Nancy acknowledged as she must have. You know it They gave very defensive emperors when people called around on it and she was in adverse accepting it. Any criticism or wanted to be educated by then I think even more back last came and she was AG okay. I was wrong Oh yeah. I think she was defensive. I think one of the reason she was defensive is because you know that people don't respect other people's. feelings. You know I mean it didn't think you were wrong. They did think you were all regardless of how you feel, but he didn't think. I think we need to get to the root of those feeling we need to get to the root of that prejudice. I think America just so much Fairmont Green when it comes to Muslims in Spain with the media. So when somebody, I feel like that. We, you don't give me damn. But now Mary by Latin America puts a lot of you alone that viable people to feel like that. But, like the lady to sell a higher said, we need to stop cancel if we so quick to cancel people is tat. It s. Okay, people in its makes very defensive if I'd say somethin wrong.
say something FAO, my family members, my community should be like you. Son is wrong in this is the reason why is wrong, but I think it is very sensitive at that time, especially given the two mass there were bombed and zeal in the autumn of armour, even have a conversation about Islamic Oviedo, like literally for you, if you will get killed, because somebody with Islamic anyway, airports are people who I Muslim, Portugal like they were hurt. Your feelings are hurt. Mean, and somebody does something that you're upset about and it affects you directly. I can't tell you how to react once we do. We all We get to the root of the prejudice. Why? Why are people Islamophobic America puts few or no fire every day our president literally said, and when you think staying in loud hates her? what does that mean
Well, let's take some more calls. Eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. If you need to get some things or future call us right now, is to breakfast locomotor breakfast your time to get it off your gesture. The young man from Luanda breakfast on your mind about was theirs wherever it was getting features. Warders bay, like our priorities, both heard tat, light, Telehit Talkin light still below the hippocampus. Didn't you The delay in them, without without about picking over back up like that, may make believe like that. You do for you for you, I had boldly and a young tat comrade what college idea we don't get. There will be caught dead back into the body.
I go to say what it is really time, these old delight in selling drugs and perhaps even without awaiting the second right. If I don't, we always be that that's that's drug dealer anyway, you re eating lame, is always willing, as otherwise the gay pride loud use than I had tell him involved kid. You go get a pat on the back, I'm ok, you that you will bring it by what man like you absolutely right. It s. How many more people like you encourage unease. To do other things then do that you're, a more my job offers us speak to the public,
but a moment job on border on the table. Does you need to be Doin Snitch, anonymous, still selling drawn on your mother? You, but now all you guys are you bugger allows, is hanging mining and me me me me get her off which has made me. I shall we The answer you may now remain I'm calling because I'm glad of unfettered by their guide group, my daughter, we live in fear learning shall every morning six o clock, I wake her up with the rating of that thing and she my three every day to day ass. She wants to get something off my chest: Roca, listless pixel. Yeah. Let's hear it again in a blank cheque,
Don't worry, not a lad under Gatt big guns. Were you own? It doesn't matter which were you look pretty, regardless of particular turnout? Amazing, you don't get up. I can't wait to see what they pictures turn out like Mars. Mamma is this: is this? Let me know: dress the terrible? Is me if you're, what, if your dog and on trust you set up, but it doesn't matter what you wear Mamma it doesn't matter, lets a mob doing here and you look pretty you'll, be the prettiest girl, it s called the you can t get away. I think he's going to like a boy bayberry now I remember I remember that phase. Let's get up you'll get up, and you know what you do you you can't you you bring some clothes, which you would have pictures, you just change and what you feel comfortable little Kay. Idea. Arriving guy film, I'll, go with her manners
it becomes a man like you allow this Ibrahim, O Diego Ibrahim reaches LAD, less and less last year. The thing I got about dialogue were made, the of Minnesota. Oh well, I like what my three my wife I will go and about the coordination of our rights, and I can speak for, like thirty seconds better time, every five minutes, got my held together out of out of stay. You know, fan and every day and everything is way better and I got a letter now before I got a couple. Bog dollar. Goodness We got a guy and secondly, because you disregard remember you not go get this fog of these in the bottle I gotta get Gambro longer I got you all. You got anything at all to all.
Who gave a were low or no gonna, give it out which, while they the girl, but when you don't want me single what it adds that I give it a Mamma, wants your Mama being a nigerian Angela. I tell it as you crazy he's criteria. Would you more amazing in a week in the world. All anybody tragedy and I'm opponents will watch dog what I thought all debate and you want to play that above all the level above all, what up with interdependent Babar boy, you don't understand. I too, to Rome to vote on these bodies, be as I don't care what you got. You sound like you on the yellow, trees, cool. We know, shirt on ISM teams and ideas, and you came out into town, is showing you does act and all loud and all the judges look. You can few and I dont want to give you a tear was called they'll know. You won't come fight people and when we do you, you got em ass, though I don't care what he got a cell or let I guarantee you that data.
Don't do this? All too I yard on the ground, now be pass. I guarantee you listen, my sadness song myself embedded in the bulgarian Russia guarantee. I get my guarantee, our yeah, ok, yeah. I guarantee it Give this all really literally thirty. Second you'll, like it, ok, be moving Ivy Movie Everything is not a man you're unhappy that God bless you in your report. You recovered from M S, but you know you still got a little M s in your life has argued for music sucks might get us all railway using our sucks around. I am that this evening is a be alone. Nice and right now I was wrong. Indelibly Woodroof Vienna they delegate would approval, is not I ve got them is what I got it. it is music to it We some. Maybe somebody citizens is not great music. I don't know shit, get it off your chest. Eight hundred a five one or five one of you need of it. You can hit is up here. We got one was on a way. Yes, I said about,
colleagues on the cover of geek. You magazine will give you some of those cliff notes. Also goody, not about them and their new initiatives at their implementing our. I will get into all that when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive. Breakfast morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get to these rumours was tall. J coal gas at the Reul report by J Call is on the cover of Jake. You magazine emanated things. He talks about is working on revenge of the dream, where's three. He talks about his January sessions and says they created a hundred and twenty seven tracks and ask We sat down obviously into a very concise album, no other things that he talks now is not liking to be the centre of attention to our own. You
he hasn't music to promote buddies. You know I mean I've. Z has to do certain things by Genco. Doesn't seem like you just goes places for no, just to be in the mix. He said I don't like center of attention. Type it's like the camera map, people the world watching the arena, and I have to do something right and that he doesn't do a whole that oppress. He doesn't a whole lot of meet and greets. He also plans to start great with more ideas and connect with more of his peers, because he's does it. When I look back on his career and felt like he's left anything on the table of life, he Does it not having a Grammy. He said I'm not supposed to have a grey me. You know what I mean at least not right now and maybe never, and if that happens- and that is how it was supposed to be here, outside its it also made his music duty add on How have you never heard so they said he doesn't submitted. Museum is now you that submitted is the label as other people. So it's not like he person he has to do it so a lot of times your labour will submit you so when a Grammy I also said that he almost died to Amar'E Stoudemire before he sang with resignation. Back and
thousand nine amazed admire, wanted to sign him to his label. Hippo Kaliko. He decided not to do it because he knew Kennedy meeting during the rubber jackal. Nobody, there good a rapid to be able to say to put hippo collapse. when I saw you Does he doesn't feel that change in life than most people, Yet when they are a father, he said changed my life in order to get ready to have a family and to have a son. I literally changed my life where I was leaving the things that I was doing. I changed so because of that when my son, came. I was ready. I already had made room so check out. Jake Hall the more dramatic morphological written document. If you don't understand, I comparison, and you know nothing about basketball, quiet humble get things done without a lot of flashed as vehicle hated caught himself. That, though The ultimate ultimate compliment. If you know anything about basketball but United, we want bag of orphan negroes. Little knows that I right now
Hu Jia has announced a five million dollar community fund and twenty thousand dollars scholarship programme, and all of that to promote racer diversity, not epidemic on twitter, to talk about the meaning that he had and the real actions towards the solutions that they discussed cell? The way this is gonna happen at the first component. Is the gucci change makers fund? That's coming five million dollars. They go to a nonprofit programmes across the. U s that apple of community of color they're gonna ass. He selected by beats Haines Makers Council, some people on that council I will. I am but then, of course, the Kelly Angela Davis and more, they ve also established twenty thousand dollars scholarship programme. That's gonna help diversity among students who are pursuing fashion education and that their income. When it's gonna be a mandatory company, wide voluntary initiative, all of the employees, a goose ya, eighteen thousand of them worldwide will be given for days off a year and that's when they'll be volunteering for different causes. Those causes will be felt. Inequality. Refugee support, climate change in education
sound like an oath Albert help, someone I can't. I can't city and act like I care unaware gucci. Never probably never will I think of my whole life aboard three good. You both and I have no idea- would have an area, but I thought that's all. We wanted a dog s. What we want we want as some change in it and the ability to make reality is say I'd. Dad whose african american designer and affect the day you know giving kid scholarships to you know, go to school to learn more about designing african Americans. I thought that's! That's we wanted at the lira. We ok with that. If they do, they go in and of an inter first step. That's what I thought Morocco is the first step back for gucci. What does that have thy way discussing what it is that they are doing, because I was that it was the man and I was like, I thought, that's what we want, and I thought this is the steps that we want you to boy got, would you know by? I don't buy goods so that pertain to you, but what about most email You saw that cancer, Latin America, but also more long term, going anywhere on the Mozart's. You have a whimsical Jim all, located
the many more and more and more used to be sold and target for nine. Eighty, nine, mostly moors, now good fellows. Ok, I don't know who swells we should find out, because we need to know if you should be wearing. Actually guy sent a bunch of good team Other data, actually a t shirt that stop you from happens. What things on the arms without an authority have you a chemical accompanied out what their female days later? They are like a patent guideline package, a worn one year, but I gotta get appoints only recently a budget that is trying to be funny, but they actually tee shirts that give you getting away with things I don't know, but I will find out this bring, as some of you can get those shots, and here I am now a boat tat shadow that any anything you like. I can guide dashings ass under my lap outside, not short, medium, your shadow. Nobody has involved taxi near ass, their faith. come on. As that we set both act.
No, I saw what he was so near my man, I know a lot of my trick- means army of both documenting gimme, an ash island a mob and am does the killer like by. Can you imagine what am I right immediately and that is your own or replace? How right thank you may see for pays. Those is next. Are we talking about? We Can it be second about fifteen pounds, baby amazing, given birth? To that Lord have mercy, referenda, Jesus Christ? You will get into that, makes people access to breakfast locomotives in the beginning or this here's the Bible, written down for all the red now reading your Bible has never been easier. Let us read it to you in the new podcast that the Bible. We start each day with a passage from the word of God within the EU. We have a single year. We will work our way through the entire book from front to back genesis deregulation, so you can experience at all follow and listen to the daily Bible. Now one Spotify,
a social, distancing, Tipp pudding dish. It's between yourself and others is critical to slowing the spread of corona virus. So here ways to stay in contact without the physical contact part call send attacks. Set up a video conference post on social media, dedicate a song on the radio if you of symptoms of fever, dry, cough and shortness of breath, call your health care provider before going to their office for more info visit, corona virus stock. Of let's all, do our part because we're all hashtag alone, together brought to you by the the council, the breathless close your mornings will never be the same as simple model you get to know. Carjack advantage is to speed. You need at a price. You'll love would know mister freeze and no long term contract ever simple mobile Would you know in what the simple she terms the commission of service a simple mobile dot com all right morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela E Charlemagne, God we are, the breakfast club was gained some for pay.
Age knows something about you well MA am and upstate me you. I had a baby now, interestingly enough, she was told that, as you have less than fifteen percent chance of getting pregnant and that's been here and it has been decided to adapt and now? They ended up giving she added have given birth to a fifteen pounds. Five pounds baby no baby two year old, goodness gratitude to you, a commodity that fell crazy, Now, apparently you know she says you like I was hit by two attracted shriller trailer. She said it was pretty violent. She go under my ribcage to thrash out there's a medical vacuum and c section for her that Asia Baby is roughly the size of a six month old, mobile John herds and on what did you ever see certain newspapers, what that's just as yet These islands listen now says that all our tramped under ribcage now that Jesus christ-
whichever janitors that's all outward over generous, listened Robert Goebbels, would Army Derby DAB Dab, she had a big bang her. She had a big baby law causes big ol boy, effective manner and there has been a very tall young buried, waned Brown. I right now. If you had your music on Myspace, unfortunately, for you, Myspace has lost well the years of music tat. They had uploaded to the site, they try to do server migration project to get all the photos, videos and audio files. That people have loaded more than three years ago, but now that's death might not be available any longer. There was some type of issue and as many as fifty million user uploaded songs from two thousand three to two thousand fifteen have been completely wiped out from the site or whatever you do do. Monasteries due to Twitter Moon was Bootless Aris twelve, you the tweets, sables.
Awesome, haughty, courage, we hear it all. Those old tweets was about the who have you got back on you don't yes element we on Myspace. By doing nothing said whatever you did must be legally. We don't get really that migration. Yes, I right now Elizabeth Wiring, she did her town hall yesterday, you know she's running. For President S talked about a lot of things. You talked about why nationalism and how we have to recognise that threat that white nationalists poses here, as you talked about her proposed tax, what well tax plan and making sure that they actually have to pay, because that could help out in it. Many different ways in education in everything she also discusses ending the electoral college, which he says we need make sure that every vote counts. I want push that wife here in Mississippi. Come a general election presidential candidates, don't come to places like Mississippi, because we're not the battleground states or mine. Who is that every vote man
and the way we can make that happen is that weaken the have nots should all voting, and that means of the electoral, how I I As you also said, everybody needs to have a decent and safe place to live. There should be a basic human right. So here's what you said about affordable housing. I have a proposal to build about forty million new housing units of her We need to make a real investment in housing in the same way that we think about health care basic human right. Having a decent and safe place to live should be I see my face with them. I watched his last night and I love talking a presidential candidate, for the reason is hard for me to believe any of these politicians because they are running for President City. I telling us what we want to hear his dreams. In season, I just feel like they gave us all up and telling us wherever we need here to get our vote. I, who is
Actually going to do what they say they are going to do if they to the White House. Doesn't I would always is, though I know that our dream decide to listen to them. Why car salesman, though there and that's all Canada's brought the boy did not a little before, but if you like, they also in his dreams right. Ok! Well, let's talk about. Thing else now, let's talk about being the national inquirer, you know, bases? We wanted to know how they got all these text, messages that were very private between him and Lawrence Sanchez? Who was then his mistress and He did a whole investigation, because I did try to shake him down and he said he didn't want personal photos, this he said, but I also participate in their well known practice of blackmail. Political favours. Political attacks and corruption have preferred Stand up world is love over and see where cross out well turns those text messages and other things that we use in their national enquire story where stories a League of rum. Lorenson says his brother, Michael Science, has turns that they require a piano swann
thousand dollars in order to get that in, for me Sally Michael, a an idiot, you know I could job basal probably gave him double that do not put their stuff. Yeah? But how is he going to ask for that to the woman? is this: there's somebody got in touch with job vessels. the lonely everybody when get caught, because you didn't think that this investigation would have anybody was gonna get the money has been a long time, so I swore the Enquirer. So I can imagine that Lauren and Jeff Pesos didn't think too that salaries, it's probably Michael's aunt, has brother as though we that he's gonna get that two hundred thousand dollars in nothing would ever come out, but it did and now they ve done the investigation, that's who it is always the people close to you there's a lot of people. There was Zella their family members Willis lives over the form of eight hundred five, a five one, o five one would you, sell out a family member for some money and how might I thought about this right now I was at a good amount. Maisie amateur you are now be careful.
I do not know if it was just some just somebody now but now can sell out of his mouth Muslim of american summit was a family member. You are that tight with our thinking about. There will be no light that baby sitting about family family without now is my belief that we need, and what about you demand we of course not in they may go see now depends on whether information is gonna hit him. Like clearly Jeff bases, didn't wanna be married anymore. He was having a full blown relationship with somebody else. I can't do that. What about you shall I wouldn't know anyone for money, I believe in com. I don't do anything to anyone and I wouldn't want enemy trust. Any anything you see me do anything you hear me say I can fully take from anybody out, but I would not selling by from when you gonna win one invited at me. My lady, I think I am by the complainant, split them any limit. Because this parliament, this evening is that used to work a tackle bell with that's fine. You must Margie
my oh gee, I love my. This is too, even though she finds you it's about, but I was twenty five years ago to say about no every hundred way. You know every pity. I would you talk about a gray one. Five. Thirty years ago you still find birdie. I've been team would like Odin twenty five years ago. All right were eight hundred five, a five. What or find anyone still be mad today would loosen up a methodology. Five, even talk about you find out about isolated markets of my accountant, talking emulated letter on Monday net, eighty five, eighty five flat working. Use a lot of family member for some money. That is the question call is now with the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning: everybody D J envy annually. Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club nephew join us actually put it a story, a front page.
whose yes, we were talking about the national inquirer and how they got this information about Jeff bases in his mistress, Lauren Sanchez. They got these text messages and pictures from Lauren Sanchez, his brother, Michael Sanchez. They paid him two hundred thousand dollars for the question is eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one U turn in a family member or would you I guess, turnover, However, if the money would you damn thing? You just say that not only this, but I was thinking about a right in for me money. Does it matter as far as families over everything, but now let me just make a little twist rabbit of a family man, committed murder, now wanted outcry, I'll move the goalposts like us it s, because you don't turn into men from what you know. It's not that at an end that actually turning somebody in for committing a crime that actually, honourable of somebody
he'll somebody or commit some kind of crime and its on your conscience, and you want to total police death by what this guy data just absolutely grimy. He did was self serving purposes ever you move the goalposts. They got that even saying at an idea basis and committing adultery. Hidden like that We would not enquire items, I let you go to inquire and sell that story. Well, let's see what everyone else things that's hard to. Tanya tell ya good morning every year? My failure, but I love you. I love you too Tiger. Would you sell out somebody? Oh no, not really. Anything, even though, is the old out a few time, though I what now, what are you? Well me. What am I a reality is awaiting. It ought to be. The major aim wind is blowing cleared and they got to change our left outwards. The euro and all my mind was implemented as we should have some paperwork,
is there not a guy she's the your family on trust? None of these negroes, as I should have got the unpaid work, will take you Mamma. I re less active, a newbie ad. Would you turn in a family member? Some for some money How about the one and only then that is now beginning, didn't, I can't believe you can produce because they form you don't mean that what you doin is right, because common still real, whenever you does somebody whether they good or bad, will come back to it Four sounds like you did it before we levy on is No, I haven't done and done it with wandered there. They ve learned pipe. only a you have broken up right everybody, a marrow underline marrow. Would you sell out a family member present money? Would I
a fair number, not at all night at all, but you know what you see those means on on the internet. I would damn sure smack of blood out my family members ten million of which there are no more out of those maxim, tat, Thou Wast somebody up, you dont, say no doubt solemnly Charlemagne United Where would you slept with a pinch of all lady gas? what I do and I met someone already was vacuum other votes at me, but you know you know you're, my mother, we go shopping. Continually tat. Can you at least tell your mom about this? How can you please tell your mom was goin? I can tell about the Mediterranean, and we know of course Mamma. How should we put our name? She got it. You daddy my smack you, but I will give you five. Eight out of ten million is coincided doubt, but I would never
my family members, out of my mama, but a very honourable me, mobile eighty five, eighty five, what I found what would you sell a family member alpha? Somebody call us now is to breakfast club component body is D J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club were ass, good right now, would you sell out a family member for some money? Now everybody the room says Oh no, no ways not gonna happen. Nor could I believe and calm on anything that I wouldn't do any thing to somebody did. I wouldn't want to remind you do to me. I would only do it at me and my brother were in on it together, and I think this will be going do in. We are best down his money and if he said, okay and I'd be lagging Let's play everybody here, my families, my family's tight, even though a lot of us don't speak to each other. Often that doesn't sound tight, not we do have. I would like to support each other on everything, but you don't ones in Virginia ones. In ITALY, gleam ones in California, like we, don't really see each other as much, but we would definitely hold each other down. Nobody would sell each other for no money.
Our aim Alessi, where brandy things was a brandy. Would you fell out a family member, definitely willow, depending on the circumstances of the situation the estate my life could be. My family life could be evaded. The vehicle the situation. We re nobody's light mistake, no less that your brother was cheating eyes. And they wanted to print this story. They. Let me give you two hundred thousand dollars. If you would give them some information, would you do it? Definitely not not a million dollars into them that nothing like that for no new money I'll. Do it I'll my brother why they re language. Nobody really his look like the people die of light beg. You know all right. Thank you. Babbling allows this very Jamila? Would you say about a family member of his money? Jamila? Fourth, I'm not there. I preferred to sow family and family. I worry you know, I wouldn't let anybody by everybody consider family, you consider some you'll find family and can consider them your family diplomatically, though my mama
with a mighty who'd. You gave me really, though, related in summer mail. I was you do. I had not drawn up the virus? Now, do you have to say that my family family? How do you like it? But if I look might be it so you sell your best when sister, but not your best friend, The mother is so you rationalization new, a great you. Mamma allows this anniversary J J. Now would you are? your family members, in for some money? You know like a third minute? beware of criminal activity and there were different unseat ambiguity but by Europe vanity. With some simple I got like a re. They think they they weren't gonna, put them in harm's way as part of the man in yellow dinner.
I'm ok, oh yeah, you have there. We go get that money about article shortly. We ain't radio personality. We get it like why you're bringing in modern day we gotta like that, we got it. We got Billy that we look at your boy from Kentucky and regional come on. You know, I'm a little country more bizarre care lot is still trying to give me a little come around the bologna, as it is less than a third guided. Where no judge talking now get back at this situation This guy is your brother. He cheated on his wife. You gonna break up their Mary. He was still tell all he'll know about robust Grammy wait for you Ok, let's get that money is very keen that the book of anyway, who they are no the deal. What are you gonna horrible family, but the key word. You know brothers that his brother Grammy's, we already know what it is. You gotta be a grimy individual to do stuff like this. Now, what's the moral of the story? Gas?
what station is. Money is not everything you know what I mean. I guess all about down to was only reason Jeff Bezos brother did, that is for that two hundred grant money every rule of very many over many years the money, the root of all evil and image. You do evil things like you know. So much of him tat! No yeah. Right and then people will make the amount for the money were always played. A fall in Austria where eyes kidnap You know Missus low brother cut his fingers think also coming hours as well. You know me, then, Go turned around his shot meets all over money. So I hereby followed each other brave Norman right. Well, where we come back we got two rooms on away what we thought. Maybe I, yes, we are going to be talking about Jes hilarious. Now we ve been talking about how she was under the gun for some common she made on her social media pages, one ass. He
apologizing, as he has our own written statement, that she wants you to hear all right. We'll get internet legs keep a lot this to breakfast global morning everybody is D, J envy Angela YE shall remain the guy. We all the breakfast club, no Shelter Norfolk Virginia about an awful right now to have the roads area. What Audrey James, I'm out college two year. My door technology is no not me, but are we through all the college's. So yes, really what George town we went to, how would university today we're going to Hampton Old Dominion in Norfolk and then we go to Spellman Clark with on up and down ninety five, so we will be hit up all the schools and does get a vibe we're not torn and see what school she likes. Do you want You're not going to happen. I don't care, was goosey, go to it pushing like Mama wanted me to go to a abc use. You want me to go to the Moor House or Hampton how it for me I just want to be happy in her see in the schools. Camp is whatever she gets, a good bob and a good feel in whatever programme she does
So I want to know I mean: have there will be great cause she's a little closer to one another. Do you know you see a layer of school on the West Coast but wet, but am exaggerate? It is all a handsome Minon camp. Is that may catch her eyes that that actor into where you wanna go envy. You said it adaptively very seductive. I'm asking you a question envy. What does your question say to get question. Is when a harmonious campuses? Do you look around he's a man is way too many handsome men and may tempt her on these campuses that factor into your decision making. That does not fact into my decision. Ok, then maybe you may fact than the others for when you wanted throughout all yours marginally, though I got a job. I really it is clear that, as everybody is, I was our regeneration. Schools yesterday shouts Stacy shells who actually bought me out there. You know, One point in my life, I thought I was going to be a teacher and I did this urban education semester. I taught sixth and seventh grade English and history and it definitely
back a lot in nostalgia for me, because I think teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs that you can have one and most difficult- and I was thinking what if I could really waken education again, because I think you get it the immediate results from kids and simple As you know, it is hard and you're dealing with but what real lives outside of their they come in. They bring a lot of baggage from home, but they're just so cute, like I just love in case and see how excited they get about certain curriculum and they had this dj class that they always so exactly very and yeah that was pretty amazing, sounder seem to everybody to NGO work out there, all right, we got room is under way. Are we talking about Lester? about the love and her Pat Miami when that was on yesterday, you no way. China and trick daddy man, I loved them. I love them together, but instead like things are, going to work out for them to actually really do this tendency.
M M will tell you what happened last night and Levin Hip hop. Miami Laura will get into that makes people access to breakfast club Commodity morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get to the Roma as a soldier saleratus. with the rumor I write well, just hilarious has made an official statement regarding seek and muslim community. Now it's an elite. She has said this while she was getting on a plane or honour fly. Where you going. Where are you going she's back the men wearing turbines, and is this led to a whole lot more happened after that UNESCO in a canoe turban, you shouldn't be scheduled Moon term rights. Is so She was very defensive efforts and people came at her, but here is what you are saying now she made an official statement. Was she read on her in
on page as she read this from her phone Firstly, I had no knowledge of the tragedy in New Zealand, and so after my video, which does not in any way excuse my behavior already knows. I'm sorry to fix size the Muslim I've. I've been a person who badges religion. I was unaware of six as well a lot of them reach out for me, Kay em me on what they are in, they stand for. I didn't notice, honestly, I'm young- and I I don't Is there a power than I have at the same time I didn't get. Anybody kicked off the plane, Jesse dead wrong. As she knows it were, but I still think we have to get to the router to prejudice the rooted in islamic phobia because America, american media, that a lot of fear mongering when it comes to Muslims in Islam and some people buy into debt important to realise that, just because your Muslim, that does not mean that you're a terror,
in any way as a matter of Muslims. Hate terrorist. Ok, just like any one else: daylight hours of work, people to change the perception in the narrative, because american media did a great job fearmongering when it comes to muzzle our right. Now, let's talk about fire. and are you guys, loves haggling about this fire documentary that was on Netflix? well now they're asking to be auctioning off real fire festival. Branded teachers swept pants westerners hats. Bans and medallions all kinds of things that were in their New York office. The boxes of items and over by Billy Macfarlane attorney, while he's sitting in jail and the money from the sale is going to go back to the victim. So saying you can things like the prices thing is a fire festival wristband that bid starts at one thousand dollars. You can also get a fire festival hat for six hundred dollars, as that actually have a fire festival had do you do yeah right now, if I heard from India
is that really what you say you away and put their price out? My god, we gotta get Andy, I'm here right now, let's discuss Trina ends. daddy. They were unloving hip, Hop Miami yesterday and the reunions as well and your daddy's haven't allotted things he's going through with his wife. I guess there are separated he's been according to her having women in the house, all kinds of things and she just wants a divorce, and he is right the sign those papers, but he doesn't give her any money and then we find out who helped her pay for her divorce
I'm not a solo able now, because maybe we can finish you know, my problem is still meet some parties. If withdrawal from Poland usage arriving at a delors, you represent a strip of what is happening when you think he waited a wise and make it a little easier for you not beautiful, gave me the rest of the money needed to deal with a number of minor divorce. You guess why have you nobody was Trina, actually helped. Threeg daddy's wives joy pay for the divorce, So where do we want dreaming involvement? I mean they're like family, so I guess they ve, each other for a really long time in she's, helping out If you can avoid it was meeting we together, I ran into you. this money making wasn't me where are either though they don't live in the house together are anything but he's,
that's to give her any money for anything, so she did how bout and a guy I am very face, on the reunion show. Yesterday I re read their Franklin's estate verses, Wendy Williams, now, Wendy Williams went on her show and said some irresponsible things about her with their Franklin's movie. You know they had this amazing grace movie that was shot and nineteen. Seventy two, it's a performance s gonna hit he's nationwide next month. here's what when he had to say there is no movie. A recent never wanted any of us to say what is finally going to big screen literally. This is footage from a documentary. If you're looking for more commercial, You're, not gonna, get it now. You know Miss Franklin. She was very into her showgirl glamour and stuff. This is just regular. Make up for our work. She would want the press hair in the Dun lashes and a good outfit and and background people to be fabulous, this rise, isn't it camera shot. They want you to go to the movies to see this. Well,
the state of a red, the Franklin has fire back. They said that Originally Franklin had initially impose an injunction on amazing grace. Her objection had nothing to do with its quality negotiations were incomplete at the time of her death according to their civic statement and I like it was irresponsible that Wendy words were saying these things that they say just aren't true. They also said nineteen. Seventy it was the era of black power and black is beautiful and her short now so here is simple: make up Miss Franklin both in step with the times and appropriate to occasion, there was no showgirl glamour, no press here and no eyelashes the lack of Wendy Williams ridicule ridiculed on her programme. Now here's what ass many billions had to say, Miss Franklin. She her family surrounding how're, you know or sun, was her manager in her her me was our head of security and that's a great thing, because it really does make you feel cobbled and and home when you're on the road. On the other hand, when you don't have real professional people doing really
national things for you. Sometimes you lose out. We miss Franklin, passed away it no secret that the finances were yes- and I would imagine that now- the bill collectors alike, ok, rest in peace with the Franklin, but we still need our money for this, where the family has balances that also now what they are saying: they said it's through the approval of the estate and the efforts of the film producers that is finally being seen. Public. Well, after the amazing grace, which include screening that african american museums and black churches, this man has received support from Africa. American passes and fans across the country. Emma Franklin initially impose an injunction again. It was only because negotiations were those uses or incomplete at the time of her death, so they say there. They are not having issues with finances and basically just outlined. What the hell? When you talk about on Washington documentary, ok, I love you. I enjoy documentary like that, especially when their from that actual time period and they got footing from that time period on watch and I knew nothing
example till I watched as the latter is rife, and that was amazing. Ok, I gotta see this is made available to meet this house. Not that long ago, in detroit- and I had a huge rose on the carpet, indifferent as they should have made, that a museum Misha may bury gorgeous, has a museum in Detroit Awash studied programme, God material. So I consider you a deadly watchin referring. I write em Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you, Missus Schallibaum! Yes, we give it a doll. Could do you know I mean resolves become referred. Cargoes are no doubt aware: Woodman notice, I dunno, I did not call him bitch dollars cause, I'm not I'm not in their place. In my life anymore, not raising originally called asked, he is, and what we did and I'm really wanna have a conversation wouldn't lose is very. Suitable moment I'll, be listening this more days to be friends, friends, not french, for you to end it off
friend, Michel of Airlines call a cool we will not do any ground without height was all we. As will anything. You locate Mckenna carefully that women immigrants has been. I may not be treves glottis on you guys. You know like now. They ve merely not already know a little bit loped dope. all right, we'll dogging today's up. Next to the breakfast cloak about it, my name is sure Pearl wells. This is the story of my Son Courtney. Your money was critical to dollar. Fifteen is the biggest here of my life. He was then a ladies man. Even would you agree and which grandma I'm just the wrapper Cornucopias referendum in twenty? Sixteen? He wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago Police Station boy, diagram of federal government. In its the story of my,
I search for the truth. This is somebody a coal production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March. Thirty, first, wherever you get your pocket, this is some lobbies try somebody desires to know what had I desire to know what happens among listen to somebody on the Iheart Radioactive Apple podcast. Wherever you get your podcast bread close your morning, so now would be the same as the J envy. The stairs on galaxy as ten is making headlines after ten years at a galaxy. This is definitely the best one. Yet the galaxy
said, is available now and you can get up to three on it. I was when you trading you're all foreigners Samson dad come. I was born and raised a donkey docu today for two they march. Nineteen goes to MR rich dollars now in the path of cod rich dollars, bitch dollars, but I'm not even one do that anymore because I'm at a different place in my life. Ok, I'm not Goin dishes Beck reach dollars because resolved that damn good job of disrespecting himself rich dollars and I actually used to be cool. In fact, in two thousand and nine I think I'm gonna verified on twitter because a result, gay salaries, that let us call for Sunday with Arafat you shut up risk dollars, has worked before it is that I have enjoyed and supported a Livia supported a livelier. I value Leslie Yeah Chris Ivory respectively, but on all robberies, doubted anymore because some years ago, maybe three maybe for Africa, rich dollars lost himself in the World reality tv it happens to the best of Iraqi resolves, is listed as in any tame manager reckon producer and long time. Supporting cats. Member on loving hip hop over two years is madness. We're got about being in a team in managing and ragged produce and he's gone. Full blown supporting, cadmium on loving hypocrite call my phone Balkan on me a few years
because I told him in art if he was pushing Sucked- and I mean he was talking extremely tough, so tough, I literally thought the loving it Bob cameras, rural aright. He was talking so tell me that I said something I only say what I'm looking for good time and suck my dick. He told you. We call me back after that last night, just to say you plan on him and put a gun pulling a brake on me, but if all that I like the plague, don't play me like that, because I believe he was playing, you just thought. You call me talk tough and I was gone by hinted at no, not or equity in. Oh God bless you, but a few. I wish you d best now, I'm saying all add to say I'm not even children of all out anymore. Ok, I'm does now not referred to that man is Bitch dollars. His mother used to follow me on social media, see. If I was you, I don't know me on Twitter like this, she would get mad when I would say that about him and honestly owning shit like that anymore, I have zero problems arise dollars. But this morning, when I came into breakfast club studios annually, ye was in here watching loving hippo clips last night and I looked at how new hip hop in monsters in critics than us
I had line as they want. Suffice. Amulet rich dollars nearly come to blows on loving her papa clicked on this headline because I am thoroughly entertained by safari. Sam is travelling to clues. Boswell suffice and faster, and I was thoroughly discussed by what I saw can we played as exchange between risk Taoism Suffice. Amateur working tenue is, however, many removed from me. Yoyo pass low wage entirely window and I don't think this is going to talk about someone like that point. Let's play that game left calling table played out. Look at me one of your castle, whereas now because they will apply the less play out from the east side, less plank right. Clearly that was crazy. Little unexpected. What he said was very disrespectful. I would never city. I speak about another man's woman, especially when I'm not here. Listen, rigid I'll, lay the isa what he says. You have no right down its validity. I'll go! Ask you are right. I do you know about it. It s an outward stock Mount resolved. I read, those discipline are talking right. Solomon guy would have you want to call me, I'm just on the tea by their brother, black men, blackmail and words pimps. He knocked his monkey stuff off. You embarrassed in us. You are forty one years old. You are way to grown, to be baked flexing our reality. Tv Safari is absolutely right. You were performing footed cameras. You would not be acting like that. If there was an hundred security guards and twenty feet in between you only reason, people fake flex, like they want to fight on loving it Bob is because of all the security and the distance between each other. You want to cut down on the fighting in the conflict. Let them nigger negroes sit right next to each other. Reuse gives a fire which was sitting right next to each other. I truly believe a conversation we totally different, not dimension. If you're sides of industry today or at some function would have been no cameras in those acuity. You'd be dampened each other up in taking pictures with each other imposed in the morning. Graham, would captions about money over beef and hashtag brothers like Makin off right. Have you have twenty something is already obsolete? Whatever do you think bro you, forty one? Ok, you all grown ass man rich doubt. You have too many wrinkles in your voice to be acting like that on tv right. You know you can count the rings in a treatise. Ya'll did it. You can counter wrinkles enrich Dallas voyage, see our odious from the top of his eyebrows, the bottom of his airline. This forty one wrinkles array does way too many wriggled beyond tv, fake flexing. I really doubt you got too much age around your eyes in the form of crows feed, ok to drooping upper island and upper lip is thought in sync right that dough, globally skinnes sagging. You got those fine lines around. You know those lines that look like map lines on the GPS navigation. It we go in the right route. Reach. Ok, I mean is the most lovingly for daily for eyes: love ye right, opened the door and, let God in his love, that's turn. First riffians thirteen eleven when I was a child. I talk like a China thought, like China reason like a child, and I became a main put the weight of childhood behind me. First Charlemagne. Thirteen eleven are right when I was a young ridge. Dowser talked like a young resolve that thought, like the younger Dallas. Our reason like the younger is doubtless when I became a man. I put the ways of loving hip hop in reality, tv behind me, my brother. There is no way you watch dead back this morning in that feel embarrassed. I dont isn't cities digital, Diego social media, saying Ridge dollars, low pay right, rich toad up you from each side, note of people guessing you up. Ok, just as long as you are, you are grown arrayed in the words of departure Oprah every day. In every way, you should be increasing your mental and physical capacity. You clearly on increasing your mental capacity, because nobody would intelligent would be acting like that on loving about forty one years old in you, damn shown an increase in your physical capacity. You could. The scale on your forehead is folding over on itself repeatedly and that's why you develop those creases and your forehead, resolves euphoria, looks like an old, let the couch and speak easy
right, where's dollar. Do you know what they call those lines in your forehead worry lines. You know, euphoria got more lies in a football field because you have bought it bottled up a large man distress. You know why you stressed, because you don't want to grow up. You are emotionally and mentally immature. That's why you don't know how to handle conflict better than you do emotionally. Mature people deal with life. Stressful situations way that it in you and life wouldn't be so odd. If you just drew off, I try to be something you not got. You stressed the word for today and for the rest of your grown life should be mature, right, T, Hemingway's Dallas. We need you to grow up and accurate age and not Safaris penis eyes. Please let me give rich dollars the biggest he hopped away. You stupid, mother, you dumb array and aware it was ass if they got a J Cox, psychomotor novice ass, the bad guys. I just said that is like this.
Lastly, perfect, a pair of all your manifest out something about you know helping people used to happen. I dont worry help to build a Europe that is about to happen level without the whole story. I just can't fallen clever. You did ok, ok, good night, Furthermore, our last day, like what I am asking you to pick we're not in recent lampblack archaic. It was very dark. Inessa death, the pile of what sort of a black you hail of their life the dark and I, wherever I go area already see you. You know the night, the dirty I thought. That's that well now I you get you would those talk about Bay bids, bays RE, Jody LAW, but I can't say now: listen the oppressed can always talk about your press. Here we gotta let their government
be my brother your brother, where wires unite them is the for a new thought occurred to be carried on board Barbara, the border. How is it you want me to get all kinds of trying to get on your? So that's what I said was that what you meant download, if certain, why you're gonna make me forget, nobody said anything about people providing no you're right back into the jump when you have been able to act as a real ones. Making is gay. You kinky Detroit, really crazy I ride we got Maxwell Underlie Master Maloney when its later he can give the award those were of a whole new Charlemagne, because I'm here for you don't know Man, you don't want to read aloud and it's ridiculous man. You talkin about the fact that it may come
It is ridiculous. I can't take it. Take you out. There would risk out of me to accuse age and not so far his penis, let he just said he why? Why? why you try to play a more We not so it's suicide is what we see the breeders, We will follow you. Please note They are to be made between. I know about six hundred appointed an airport. I beg your arm or by them are trying to do better allowed alone is Eric Olive oil slicks, the british liberal may remember the ball shut out a North Carolina love everybody at the Beck and call of alcohol. May you, my God, man but
They want you always on engaged to a man like you all to engage the day. You got that an epoch, though you talking about Would you do what you had to do? They allow was that in an even deeper we're not gonna. Do you were talking about? You still gives to do it, and now I am, and I said I would fake like I was bound to give some mighty Palacio bite it off. Now, as I love you may go away right, I don't you five, a five one, o five. What if you want to say that a breakfast club call us now? If, as I do that being here, I feel it at the borders is the bridge good morning. I know you are envy Ajmv Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are, the breakfast club is playing in the breakfast club. If you want to slander the breakfast club call us up right now all this will we give it hello. Now a we want slab of all my guys
We buy a little Mary. Why not? A lot of data provided gave my lad. You came here to live with large. Now we go I love. I bet you do that on a radio now remain that guy. Well, you know about you need me You always actual Charlotte made will be giving it, but that is surely the donkey very different. I've never met, but he's always talking about being engaged learns whip when it comes to everybody armoury eyes. If our ways why'd, you come home our guy, but just last week with me, I went out on the point of view early backing is celebrated the difficult couple of back like a murmur. Are we Don T always had a man like you will have no right to come all the way you want it felt about being gay.
You will be able to look into the matter, and I personally would you like to call. You said that a whole is that what you're saying you leg is being set up. In two thousand and nine when the whole of it. I do not only in the only time you acknowledge your leg is when he fears about it. That is true I don't know what I said when I said to him with DJ academic going you're jealous. That's what I've been doing. Why are you know where you're going from the back again? on the back. I was one of those zella may easily. He thought our government about. The girl would like about at all Lithuania airline is alive. You can say today that a word, but our ideas are delicious, so good for you- and I was this Europe day- you understand
the breakfast club, yeah, that's ever thought I gotta get old Charlemagne. All the main I got the man, I'm com has been led. Legal stress, you know, I do see you I got rid of it. The show entail been hit Did you lead these narrow go and let them learn so do what they were doing number two. I gotta get out you every or hate known about big boys, and I let them come back after the breath of club and I'm a man I get it. You know they what they said about your wife or whatever, but they do men up in a pile died when nobody thought you'd gone. Www, look alike at the main again by on the real level of seven and diminishing the american public debate,
a vote of the thought of the Seattle. I gotta get our you you're a good woman, but I mean I gotta get ready ere. He may be given by the women only the married and kid and you are married and you ain't got no fewer than ass a made down through the oppressed hey. I don't want a man I likewise thou uncommon sent by the way was the last original programming. Mtv too did period. There isn't working, of all the areas, I have forgotten at a lower rate of Roma, nowhere and shouted. These is America's that may give last week here. I'm gonna kill. You know that give last week. Maybe things eurasian, you guys man. Will you wanna toilet this banana? What's the obscure nobody's gonna make it they semi those give last week so shouted. These is whether you about selling our rights leather,
reckless, eight hundred five, a firewall or fire one of you, wanna slander, breakfast club, you came back here. We know about the gift study. A business is private. You just wanted to say, and thank you they would work would have good. I mean that we can have these marrow back up here for low reunion, and you know that eventually brassy, let's do everybody that name arrived. You never had been a gift. They shouted you out on the first episode. It knew so time you know too, and it wasn't even in a disrespectfully getting a bank and thanks again gas given that we are always runaway yes, amazing, you're doing your packets and somebody runs up in there with a gun. What has just happened in real life, tell you who it is and what went down now. I will get into that. Next. Keeper lacked the breakfast locomotive breakfast bonding. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Let's get to these rumours us saw Jill, but it is far too bad
The report annually on the breakfast. Yes, there are eleven have Happy Union yesterday, Joe Button in Safari ended up getting into it now turns out that Safari thinks it Joe Button be turning up where the camera, here's, what he said Joe he likes to eternal, put a camel because neutral was together in the same was on the way to a bonfire user mother. When it was time to film Dennis all put your person assume global knowledge of just not really are evil acts. Smart. Now, with all due respect between Munich or whatever, is between you and thousands in new annual. Whatever happened to withdraw that between us, not only to speak to do I want you to safari or solar cells, not gonna happen, pull up to your hotel after nickel, really gonna work. You cease in ten, since antenna even had to step in and so forth.
in ITALY, I guess things calm down a little, I'm glad Giotto cynicism Adam that, unlike the Optics Idiot, you know me because sometimes it can make, a situation has not even really bad get worse. I'm just a woman. Just anybody intervening. You know, I'm saying if me and you were having a conversation right and where I would wear with talking to each other, those outside voices without those me all of them in the bag in article two of you would have jumped, can it be that you- and I do not think it out of their land sound like that absolutely like, like thin- could turn a situation of women in a bad way. Some glad Joe tapped leg like you some of them, but I guess there reaction was to take up for her man ass. She should so that's what she did all right now, let's discuss Kodak Black and young em a I don't know what the situation is here. Now, cordite black is saying that young may should what him, even though she is not interested in men at all former how you were of an emotional trade, but we marry me, could I won't you maybe aside, while aggressive
sounds to me. You don't want any veneration, because she is a lesbian, not interested in writing you. Why are you so resting her me? Jesus Christ, here's what young I may had to say about all these weirdos, in the lab video. I say, I'm literally talking about people, an economist I can mention it. I'm ready to confront it handles handling. We got no female stupid ended a day. That's not my preference, I re, so I guess she's going to simply addressing, and I can't wait to hear what she's like you could go younger, moved Bob who saw no any idea. If you like is almost be done for teach you think he's trolling, her does rule argues trolling. You know me, I could give you if you feel that way. You know you you're going about it the wrong way quota and I just want to point out that she does not seem amused flagged he's night. And this is funny anyway, she's actually rather annoyed. Maybe god I should approach. The devil may be called. I should say the lonely
I made it. Could I get a mighty there like them? You have a girlfriend quota. God bless you they help in any way. Let me move, I allude I'll. Let you talk about Adam, want money, Phil low breasts. Now you know him. Has no jumper pie cast an apparently. He was in the middle of farming has had his pack has no jumper Sunday nine outlay, and that's when somebody shows up with a gun, yeah, our rights already, but that this is bacon, wasn't even brought by actually Adams. When he's who spoke about it and said this was not just get, it was not a joke. Everything that went down the policeman involve. Fortunately, everything was okay. You can see the guy maggots, not onto the ground is barely conscious and he is what he had to say about the whole situation. There is a real entrance to get into the store
and I always have- I wouldn't call my security of a business like you know, a friend of mine, a close friend of mine who is armed and he's heat, hangs out by the door the whole time just in case anything ever were to happen in the sky, Ashley snuck in right, after our postmen order. Came it where you can see in the video do is that my guy had his gun pointed out. The guys had the guy didn't know. Yet but my guy had already pulled out: Where did item I'm? Actually that's the thing that I'm really Dave about an old thing is just that this gotta get killed and they can be. Things might be underestimated. The gagging arrest again there, so it can be family when it was happening, people to believe it They relate island regions. Iberian does not grow. You others live while is happening so because the air we live and we live in an era when social media, whereby the cloud Jason and in the things that you see in the things you here you don't know you can believe monopolies that created. Have you wouldn't believe, as I was the weight Armageddon heat? in the end of the world is happening in our bodies like, nor is any real. I ran out great news, for you guys were ok, so soccer superstar,
Christiana were now, though, is opening up. I hear transplant clinic Now this is going to open up in Spain, and he said his image is important to him and he wants to make sure other people have more control over the way that they look as well. So he said when he thinks it's necessary to have that transplant. as he would do it, but right now is here as all his, but he is opening up his own here transplant place and I know you guys have been very interesting: as of late and ass will learn from our mistakes. Why's. He will learn from the mistakes of others, a wise man. Eleven It's a dj cell have a year to handle it help your it was like a two payment Amanda Loud and I'm not about invested it whatever. He had looked Billy, no lessons itself. No, we're here transplant. Well, you better open up a clinic too right. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour report, now, right away that vat, comma colleges came out with a brand new flavour yeah, you are there right. They have now got
where's, vanilla, cook and eyes, vanilla cook, the arrow sugar heads year, clauses, retailer and tyrants, vanilla, Coke and Orange Manila coexist sugar today, so random. I just but like saying that more will offer exposure bugs. Let us now rambler disorder gave a fan shall to revolt see you tomorrow. Everybody else to people's choice mixes up next year to them is the breakfast locomotive warning everybody's d, J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we all the breakfast club now shouting three jams out in Norfolk Virginia shouted a seven five, seven amount here for to day, I'm taking my daughter order, College Rawdon, let her see all the college's yesterday we did George Town and how wait today with an Ado all dominion and, of course, Hampton University and into more. We go to a so lot of fun, ok, you gonna go time doing all this year is a menace, also bobbing term. So you get a chance. It is born, but my door to see what she is. She likes and school c c interact with teachers in faculty sorts. It's a lot of fun,
also, you know what today was. What today is the Andes burnt? These happy birthday, andean, happy birthday, but be by bees birthday today, also drawn cooled balls would Oji born business. Shelter then he sat Allende too. If you say so. Is happy birthday him answer. Myers the least praying I'm excited for that. What does that mean? mean is no co. He's gonna o is getting better. I care way cause this weather has been killing me. Ok, so I'm just ready for it to be warmer out and made it, and I have to wear a heavy ass code every day, I'm ready the way that is about to snow. I'm excited What would we combat? We got the positive note, though movies to breakfast locomotive thing: everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, you shut up
cause. You ensure, oh yes to everybody in Chicago. I did the blackout burns that was amazing, sanitary guy Kyle from Zizi Eye over their heads. The fund with him Congo is domain. I had a good time, I'm already planning my next to a bag. I told you, I was aware regeneration, schools and an idea go to school thinking that maybe I would be a teacher, so we actually came up a sum. Ass is where media teased, I'm gonna, go back and you a couple of ass. His I'm really excited. I had great time interacting with the students there Yola incredible word You gotta positively were true right. Well. Leave us on a positive note was a man. I know a mature and I realized every situation does need a reaction. Remember today. Every situation does not mean reaction. Sometimes you gotta leave. People do delays that they do proudly busier. Finical yonder, highly
one. It's Katy correct. I use my podcast question is a platform to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right there's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why we're switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer in them in time, we're going to stay focused on the corona virus. Talking to the expert, so you can really understand. What's going on, I know: so overwhelming, but we can get through this together. You can list, next question on the eye. Radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get. Your favorite show We want you to know that we are here for you, deepen world New Hampshire on the side of it. Highway. The hill, the witness a light in the sky, the craft hovering above a field, thought that was the end of their story too, years later under hypnosis, they would learn,
that there was more that night. So what had they forgotten the strange case: a Betty and Barney Hell this season on strange arrivals, a coat action of Iheart, radio and grim and mild from Aaron Monkey. Listen to range arrivals on the Iheart Radio, app on Apple podcast sore or wherever you get your podcast.
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