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Sevyn Streeter tells us all about connecting with fans, hooking up with with B.o.B., working with Chris Brown and much more.

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Real, celebrity real. Some joint existed there morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Yea Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, we got espresso, guess inability. What does this mean family to rule seven squatters hey. You know this time. It is early Solomon up the final unifying. What up here was that it does not, but my life together, Armani those Dobbin, don't exactly, as I mean really what about the Muslims in August my age, a you know, I saw you is it the show the other night elegancy me they want to see me. There is now no Elliot busy ye. Had you recorded, you know anybody dancing and then he got scared because one of your dances did a flip. Kicked him in the head the application of this came of age wine and you didn't. You do good to me and I want you to fire you they may know by now. I know you do know you'd ever so. Well, choreographed, unwanted,
Coming back to be added to the fund, I would have loved. You should just came up every time seven before and we always damn behind or do I know if we do not do anything is so because I'll be life will ya right here at that level of former, like I'm just like cable, not do elitism does like you load download. You ILO springs out. If I do get out of the way. That close. Thank you. Oh my god. This argument, could you be more negative anger that already Maggie yeah, he decided to me backstage, like I mean, can you can you? Can you wasn't shortish or what you say can you? What will you do know you were gonna have ninety one. Ninety can I give man I'm like a skirt and cropped up, and you know but people cancer, you crazy, like that anyway, now I mean you know development. This is true. You got a bowl, I have a
by millions of dollars over there like this, he was less tagging sipping to kill a guy I think we should do is actually both eyes. Woe or my bet you do know what that means right there. You know how good sex you play. The signing of the relevant, even if you people had a place in people back in the day. So that's why you gotta look in a word, the sound it would add to seven years. Vessels can now that, as the seventh floor Dr Loomis, gone, it was grounded. Wrangle was to seventeen thirty eight to oh, my god. Stacy Guy, they could be a good way that it can be a good day. You boys are now ok, you wanna be drinking, you know you drink, then you get tipsy than you. Gotta go to a hotel by his vessel.
Why does way, which is why I told you I have toys for that and you are faced. I'm sure this is usually it's all in a row. Well, you know, I M so myself about a really good one in Houston, railroad, my last run, and then I left at the hall, tell em. Alas, right ass a barrel, as the worse off your back remain a label that is only written irregular, but you feel unravelling airport security. Would it Now you put that in your luggage. You check it were every ass. He tried to set me up one day and he put a vibrator Emma. Carry on shudder drafted in July will know of any I went all the way is who has gone came back and any we realize it was in the chair back into also. You can see that there are plenty of action that we talk about them are firstly, wanna play when I woke up. I have lost, put the door mar the output of I've made more financially me. Well, you only lie in that. It was a worker paths and it was a big guy made away. Yet it was a Hank
Alonzo Area Legends approaches. Taken which refers to let go unwittingly likes bodies. I love do us up like that, though it s me all day. Did you make any real friends when you did that, like people that you still stay in touch with? Well, I mean month as they hit me on Twitter and s room all the time, and yet the thing is when you go to things like that, you do make connections which affairs in that way, when you go back into those markets and said o cities, the same fans, commercial support, I have certain fans that I normalcy in every single market, which is the EU doing their duty or a little bit at dinner. I weapon a disco me. I'm not even go, however, like us, you couldn't get in, well cancer, as so she went on his twitter read as she was like cousin me out and Cousin Chris out on twitter and talk about how you know she had to be escorted by security off the prince. She well.
Is scare me a low, but I'm not having a lie out. If I can have no wonder you're dance classes that you do I mean, but the thing is they might say, may get Madame, because I still lover Ray and unlike ok, I'll write bill, I got it s the logo. That's gonna, get you what a tranquilizer have you tat, which has now you back and hotel like? Oh, but she does cut it out you now, you tell me no harm the navigator. My voice is gonna, been talking so much working because you bet on non stop. I must tell him and the other day we were in Detroit, we did our when you're anniversary you performed. That at the end, as I seven has been go ahead. As I know you flew Anderson and then you had to go. Do radio that night and you were out at the club at night and the next thing you did a spy day than ours ice is gonna is non stop, but I love it. I'm really having a good time this room like I really am because they give me like multiple days in in the cities, and I get to do like all different happenings Matthias, as though soon everything with your friends
Are you playing music get LISA yeah open mouth now I get to argue to play them like the album, unlike get their opinion, see what they like, what they welcome, what they do, and so that's really, though, for me to find out what was money, I think should come there s really. No for me, you think I would readily nor exists. You know what our hope that a word, but at the end of the day, I think that it is more so helps them get a better billion, a better job of who I am Nazareth flew over the vast importance in Lahti that they loved them said if it weren't for coal afford every door due to saving a busybody worked at his think. That is important, regardless of any anything else. I think that is important too That was your relationship. I don't I hate being in a city or a one day and be like hey I'm here, you know play my stuff sport, my record and all the times up, and then you leave so this run. You know the label, they know me. I like to talk to them. I like to go skating. I like to go to pamper I like to do that
say that I'm really felucca shot in the head all three on right. Now I have a guy. I all yeah, we're gonna concerned about eleven. Now I got adamant about this. Well, while you because apparently I get the feeling that you get choked out of that, What is my way? You begin, so I may say: listen here. Ok I bought out. I don't, kill the fund and I think that that is import. Tints, okay, so you at midday you do like choking, I think, is sexy. I think that when you know when you were so mad at you, loving you trust or whatever I think that is important. You know, you don't kill it funny. You know my mama was, I feel like I'm a kick your ass. I think that at that time is allegedly who I know em all You got my back there. I watched him for you know, but I think that is important.
Always say this me and my friends had a conversation all the time. I think that when you, you know commit to somebody and you take them off the market right. I think that it is your job as a woman. As you know, a man to you know like out of that you should ever say no enemy like I don't wanna hear all out of some political like an angel know about non nor anal sex, I'm not into go, but I may lead. By attire near me. Little can, if the last time you know like arm tire like a no because it in a day you took their press, not the market. They I go and be with somebody else, because there was You all know going down. If we ever say now, you don't love any suit. Now air and everything's gone pretty my usual come back, I mean you know if they like that, you know they were day. I'm just saying: if that's what you do life it s, what I do you actually opening the door for him who got it cheap? How if
if he said do you wanna go wanna get anything on time and that no seriously- and I agree with that now- that, as you stated, that you say you actually open a dove him is. He said how Roger businesses, that some real too, that you ve never claimed anybody publicly. Nobody them put a ring on her finger. The oil tankers you and be obedient Instagram and kissed me. My thing is: I take my life the day at a time enemy a day. I do not think that. That's all that you can do and uniformly like with over me about. We started out s friends. We were friends for a very long time and I say this autumn and I mean it from the bottom up if it ended to Morrow, you undermine he still my friend net. I've never had anything start out that way before you know in the past I you know, I had relationships, At bay, I've had banned for real as a real life is about a bitch bitch as Aer Lingus, America showed me. What are you doing? You am, I repeat, what you george you're lying on. Our roads is, don't you just hit me
data to ok, you get moment, but no, but guess ran across bans. Before and honestly, like my eczema last situation, I feel, like you know, like he didn't. You know, I had a dim light economy like apple and he didn't want me to decide, and so it fills really good to you know be Dayton, somebody who he his own light. He is comfortable in his own skin and supports me like I, both Bengal shine like and I think, the best doping s important arguments that have been injured and now he was, or you are mainly take him back to know. You thought about No, I did at my ex when I was like twenty two. That was the one who I wrote next about, and that was the one that we went back and forth, but my one, you know that I dated before Bob that I was with for a little minute. I know
washerwoman reburnishing news, gargoyles is not a bad man and not a bad thing is is not abash. Issues is the truth. I feel, like you know what, with my ex like you know, I am not gonna. Be embarrassing, though crazy, because I actually loved you a youth skewed, my French, but not of a bad about that. I think that any time you in a relationship. You should give it your hundred and twenty percent enemy and it works out. You don't feel bad about it if you tragic best and they re a mood, preclude no ogre good. Now, I've always get angry and you start here they may music. Are here, that's all, me, why did you know settling? He knows a lot in Iraq as our by a man about him. He knows you invite you and bad did you guys have to sit down and they go through everything I ok you hear about. Is I d go out with this girl briefly and then you have to say: ok we'll just so you know, but I think the thing which were were Bob.
I just I'm really big on just don't do anything that you want me to do, and he is the same way and in terms of you know, seeing him in a picture with somebody or see me in a bit that comes along with a job like a singer em for former meditate, I'm gonna meet plenty of actors, athletes it just that comes along with the territory and the same they went on. You know and half the time if we chillun enough. A girl what a bigger bullion black all look in a body is crazy. He writer of why it is like a pre emptive thing like I know he gone look, so let me go ahead and no one, not even there lies not only actually set it to tell you that idea, Zita Gus, namely among our most work as comfortable. Doing that, and you know you're, not a bigger budget items. Women goes, we gonna get your clothes other women. Gay university club Z. S really no means group, ornaments grew gloves, and there are many.
Vague in Vegas in Vegas this, but you re for so many others. Do you continue to right always wanted to stay given up ahead anymore? No, I do actually, I just at some time off to write you no more coming out like a just focus on my alma mater enlisted radio. I couldn't tell you, you know they would they would ask me you know if I was, I was hoping you like right now I don't know cuz. I really wanted to focus on my albumin and I don't want to be influenced by the artist. I don't want to be influenced by anything, so I'm about to get back into writing records for other artists and now that my album is closed. I have a lot of salt to like forty wreck. Some honest, I would recommend, say I want to regulate those stopped before now. Do ragged like they'll kill it apply. You'd like Charlemagne, drink revolving around, don't kill, affords my they acquire New Jersey,
some claim outlaw. Why are you really worries? Recovery? Music? Didn't you know them? Another life lies in the things I go through. I say all this time: my ex needs publish it, but I'm not gonna give it all, because I wrote some. Records about or you won't. Let you have a camera with. Has anybody right here? She said I need Maybe you were a man blew, it can't be done ever cinema picture. I will truly enemy, but but he doesn't wish you well now he's not like I'm sorry for everything I did. I wish you well, I must now I mean I'm happy you're happy. I dont know what he feels, because I don't talk to him. It was that balance. What did you talk about me? What am I talking about my music and I talk about my truth? Has indifference enemy inspired the music? So what exactly happened that You know what I just felt like earnestly. He would harm everything else in his life, except for me,
did you know Priscilla Gonna, Daddy name, TIM Street or hello there. They are then try we listening It must not man, but I wish them as you angry. You met my mom or even though I am a dear little played a radio are much more damaging. You hit a Mamma economy. A do you did You didn't have a married man now I write about around about my truth and I write about it's not about bashing me Turkey is not a bit literally. If, if I never had to mention you know, if I never dimension him at all, I would it, but it's just a part of my story. It's an immortal. Music comes out of them. Music- you listen here they bade is. There is a saying that you know if sometimes it is bad for your art is good. Amid Bethia heart is Guph. We are in a really believe that Anum I've read some of the best records from you know, hardy heartbreak and all that Gus.
And I have it- is eminently whack now, because I wrote you know you know it's not gonna be. I just have different things to speak about innovation, but I am I right from all of my life. You enemy life from the good, the bad, the ugly in all areas of actually of foreigners, birth, your heart yeah: what's what bad for your heart is good for you are awarded referred to, it is bad, for your heart is good, for you fought for the thing they give you harbour and give it a basque you dumb ass. I have, show me who says they're like there's, nobody quote brow our mega on is the or we could talk about Forthwith Mary, how hands on his creator with which Europe which are project you know I would Chris Chris and working.
Video he did. He directed you know, don't kill the fun and always ease in the video, no song in something what the well stop but allow the fact that we were not first sign to him. He you know he helped me figure out. He taught me so much about writing and Tommy. So much about videos and all these things and then, once you know it's a game time for my own, he he will say is two cents and then he encourages me to find myself, and I think that that is the healthiest thing that you could ever do for any of your artisan and you know after I you know I wrote my records and I wrote things and I came out will come out in a player and I will go away and our right and I will come at him a plate, and you know he would give me his opinion. Easter egg is me his opinion and things like that, but he allows me to be my own artist.
I think that that's amazing, because you know I've been in two groups before the situation, where people care about what I thought they'd in care about. You know what I wrote that even encourage me to write you enemy, so literally it I mean I'm not gonna get away until but like a solid abusive, I mean it was an abusive, but it was stifling you enemy in it. They they didn't, encourage me more one time. For example, I I went up to you know the person who was over my last year when I was a hey. I have an idea for line like what think about this- and they tell me am- I showed you said no baby no before you were very wise. People require like seriously and people realise how that that the things like that can really that can damage. Somebody like it made me feel okay, well, so to be in a situation now with reader golfing grown, guess the other
Can I help it was. There is a whole other story, really there all other iron and the writing credit, but in it for me, but has not about beige girls, brow, girls, blue girls, gringos, not about that. It's about you know of you work hard and you have talent. I think that that should be showcase in. That's always been important to me, but it feels great now to be in a situation where you know with Chris and with my management Tina in Brittany and my label atlantic encouragement. They encourage me to be the best version of me in to get all of my ideas out in. I appreciated because I've been through sit too through two situations who did not incur evaluing yours go cause are, after all, We think I mean at the time this is going to have problems in a lot of people wouldn't see per se Chris as a business, Miss Mabel owner leaders. As he's in Addis Ababa. Let go you less banal, yes
Yes in you put less near when I first met Chris, I was still in rich girl, our cellarage girl and I was advised not be around Chris, an elected them said: you're, stupid or where'd. You didn't know you had me because at all I can't you can judge people five things you don't. If you don't know what I mean you don't realize. Who are you to say who they are, how they are it's just. I just didn't agree with that. That's how I was brought up. I don't get down like that, and so all I saw was a guy who is talented and amazing who who had my experience with me and always been great to me, and he gave me an opportunity, and I appreciate that more than I could ever express. So I started you know, writing and working with him, and I you know I asked him what was the first ever ever ever rode with Chris I sent him. I said: hey, I heard you about to start a session, I'm across the hall. You know me and my girls we're finishing our session. Can I come in right with you and he was like
call em come get you and I went moratorium. S got us a Chris set, we can write, I Chris I will come and right is a weak lazy. You none are no correction. He said yeah yeah comprise the outer by. I asked, now. I am not the girl latinity shady like I'm, not at eighty growl or not, and I went I told all of them said: hey Chris said the we can write one or two girls ass. She was tired. She was gaunt and hotel in going to sleep there. The other two said: ok, cool dope. We win and started to work with Chris number on take was a nest session. Lonely Borrell was an assertion, gave him a cause and that session and after a minute was thrown outlined and not a MILAN. I picked up a gear. One of us is a secular dislike, yes, adopt what you think about it, but it s not a packed up and are an m rafter minute need the other two girls. I came up to me in your life over go into go, have some drinks of ESA less down the street. You wanna come allocated miles like now. I'm sure!
allowed October, will I do love out, but I would like now yoga have your drink, some stray like almost a year. I request. I stayed in We are five years later and just from being around him in and I tried to get a placement on graffiti. I can't get no place with you, but I was at that studio, everyday unit mean and when it came time for fame and fortune, Chris gave me the opportunity to write on face, and I had seven placements on Let him seven place was a waterway number madding number? Who really is thy? It's it's a bless, Adam girl, the sick grammar, our supplies, crews, don't rep, though his labelled we need, but I would not prevent order the body here from you really care of and when you come up, but it might be us at him, one in an essay on their own.
Is he he's really big on that of our poor? No sooner than the right in the video? That's a big house, I knew coastlines are important, but the thing is I. I think that is it. It's really important is just for me and I can't be gone Kevin. I can speak on any of the artist, but for me by myself I think that the best thing that my my label, my team and Chris can do for me is allow me to find myself because for its for so many years, I have the opportunity to do that even like when you Gaza is a solo art is you were very shy and timid and I sure language, when the Duke has established a lowering of a whole lot. More absolutely I mean, but groups do that to you groups do that to you in and when you don't have three other girls around you to pick up the slack and areas that you're a wheelchair or whatever I hate you I too, but they lag. You know seven's really talent about, don't feel like. I know her. She doesn't
mighty opens. Ebony seems like you does all of a sudden. Okay. This is who I am I may lower. You have friends call you live on air, be like girl a U day and sat as set by the way a bit about that really did their banana. What they were mad like Afghanistan, like our identity, that seven would be mad at you. The Brenner alive, so I love coming up here which ass I when Jim is in Detroit. You would like several gotta listening, set it in a studio and I'm going on, but I will ask more, you have you both were, but ok August absolutely played a song on the grounds that you're going beyond what was done. Yet It's for my album on the bird has flown a minute and I wrote the song: ok yachts. Have you ever received or sent a text leg after you know you weren't dilma somebody for a minute and then use the Mattel a text like earlier. Those greater use, the amount of the ground was something right. Let uses you will be glad you look good actually getting you get that takes like haste. I enjoy
you been what a so desolate. What the record is about, and I love it and he d e g murdered their record. I'm really sorry about it, and he did is his part on his is the grand and he put it out and demanded in the fancy knocking off from near three murder. You kill me or you will be welcome we place morocco- and you didn't tell why you be a large people off the true ok, so you fear me out of it, but still is his leg, Dominus by others as an offence care Spaniards who was going. Are you you know where I live? No regardless. I really do nobody any Rana, Gulls heart, but artist that they go higher for enemy. So I came to number respect and love them. Do you won't be able to have a good name? You now people have they been together. Like I don't know, maybe I should create an idea. I don't know nothin, they really works. Nothing else will be which
Bessie look I've already, given that the dialogue about any will sound like we appreciate you do what we can do some man this summer in some this summer of we gotta put some pressure on elastic Now in an Atlantic is great and you guys on his aim, labour when they found out you and be you some really some real rush my label, Rebs, we have a label wrap in every market that would go in and I'm a put Kenny on Black has anything. We're Kenny is my Rep. Like New Orleans and now, whatever yes Kitty, cause me about. Went to the Christmas concert in Houston and literally Kitty was so uncomfortable in the car, because member and a bad thing. Like does fino, be a man bob. What you're me meagre
Now when I went to dinner with them, they don't you being, is off each other finger. They think that he's Then there s really no arousable Nanos finger her. I shall so much. This is not true. I dont know what I mean. I can't help it. I can keep my hands boy, but what's the matter how the city or whether it's our milk Yoda fun? Ah, yes, oh no guinea is that we will sell uncomfortable leg. I was like we do not eat sought to either one of us like any. Are you? Ok, you got Can you look out? The Ojo will thus far some that he been around the two of us together, an omelet. Very you know, I'm not I'm touchy Philly ashes. What about those seven Teddy bears? They be Obi. Blatchy Valentine, evading mongers, woody virtue. They are still in my
howls. Oh, how can you remove exists anywhere? I dont know why bestseller miles and us and of which I was like they out his house. Guess you see these house gets us until Is that what I look real comfortable? Listen here now, but I think I want I want do? I want to donate them to a children's hospital. I think that's that's what I'm gonna do with atomic keep wine year measure. These goals that, although the after well, maybe he can count on me to donate them all. He can keep them in his house in Atlanta, but you know, are you gonna go and to promote the new album on the words at deathly? I'm gonna be. Ok, I think respond. To bring you out until with him. I wouldn't let us you are, and I always wondered why don't you bring seminar? I was love go with me. You know, I don't know, what do you think you're goin automotive moguls, I'm free of unity. You bet. I am right now that you need to be answered. Allow went this abrupt, but he knows for love to be on the road him
I'm just learning a white and his shows every night which I love I would have loved to be until we have on freight, is also much to help and have you done it immutable, Bilby yeah. We weren't really want again. I bet We do want now a fact and we we were real, like honestly, like a sovereign everything else. We worked so well together. It's it's scary and I think that's what's started we records. We do, we have mean a mean visas. Dope lucky plays like tinfoil million instruments and we write well together and issues issues. I love working with him as though you said Ojo regulatory area. They returned you're in the studio I think, is sexy when a man is talented and driven and is something about you know, that's half a connection. Nothing has really sexy. We always will agree that a foreigner, another one where where's your second would where's. Your second would wager. Secondly, offered
Listen, I'm! No! Then the first one mass devised- maybe it's easy, but I'm not stupid- about law alone aboard you now alive. We have. Did you do it that way, when we as legislators, not scare goaded love, go I'm one last question: why it tipsy, when you think about what we are doing, is interview a yell of Amazon. And I talking about Gonna quit well, we got down they gonna. Throw seventy Emmy you too, for your married. I like an appropriate not as they know what does, of course, when you think about what we are doing is any view what you call a crew Jake, I can only make always on the correct you. Her name is correct. When you look at you and any view with yellow Venza IQ. Speaker wrote his life. I'm not like. You know why you are you interested, I mean, of course everybody is gonna. I mean I can't speak our life in order to get an issue like seven mess that my relationship
that does not idle have begun to not true yeah baby you this year. See my Mamma mamma Mamma Mamma magazine. Forgive me my mama Sunday. I've been on the you see. I have no voice. I've been on the role for life for weeks as it does now, Robert, like I see your license right dashaway, I d seen over my my name. Also raising air furious soundtrack Yoda was a blessing as a dream. Come true. Why now long. I've wanted to be a part of a soundtrack like that meant everything to really and that's a big when again in in I've, been a fan of Euro Facile furious for so long. I love the franchise and you know is a special one. You know recipes Paul Walker, like issues of all.
What to do us offers our track, and so they approached me about writing a song for it, and I wrote a song, my friend, jade. Ok, how bad you want to shut out the data. And began. I love the song, but it was different because I never you know I'm used to writing records as a whole and then you know that's it, but for this here, like a notice, a certain seen forward and go, you know you have to they spliced, and I said I was like: oh my god, what happened to the song but ended up. You know heavenly five such as, for that is what we get it right right. Yet I mean an especial fast of yours. Seven and seventy seventy cents or Mason will fear. Is seven six over revolt law feature in a view summit. I care. Performance is ludicrous and with you could check that out April first and conforming by the way- and you also I am a farmer how bad you wanna somberly, looking for it when we present you join us, I love ya man loaded turbo, even though Europe meet you have got to breakfast club of seven strata.
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