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Friday 1/5 - Its Freaky freaky Friday and after news broke out about Offset from the Migos having another sex tape out, we opened up the phone lines to hear what is the freakiest thing our listeners ever did on a sex tape. Also, news broke out about Scott Disick going ballistic after seeing his girlfriend Sofia Richie and her ex talking, which some are saying his reaction may be a red flag, so we opened up the phone lines to hear what our listeners think is a red flag in a relationship. Moreover, we also opened up the phone lines for our listeners to give someone "Donkey of the Day".

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In the past few months. The notion of home is no longer just a place we drop into at the end of the day, especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant. Well, here something good. For today we spoke to Morgan Brochure, scientific communications manager at Pee, Angie about how cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean thanks to DAWN power wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes and you can get back to the things you love visit, Don Dish, dot, com, twenty seven clubs, podcast were famous musicians who died prematurely and sometimes mysteriously, each seven. This pike, this hosted by Me- Jake Brennan Creator and hosted the award winning music, untrue crime podcast this disgrace seasons. Features. Twelve episodes of life and death to Mars the doors and the twenty seven could contains adult content and explicit language. You can listen
The twenty seven club on the Iheart, radio, apple podcast or every class. Java gather like a mega forty, I just took all we ve got round about visually joined a breakfast club, say some visitors you're learning the moon in
the day that is called out there today. If you own ease calls, it is free, but I woke up this morning and much of what you said: five degrees and the car so give yourself a little extra terms you driving in our work, because I mean it's a black eyes. They still trying to plough these streets. Is salt rocks old everywhere, just give yourself Louis time. Yes, actually after I left work yesterday I went home and I haven't been outside, and so this morning burly yeah yeah the goal. Had the shovel low bitten and I had to take the dog out and they got to the point. What a door which ought to get back in before I was out. Leg is rephrase it out there. Freeze in Berlin is Friday, too weak Is he and so happy for this week in its vague if they gave Rinki fat? Yes, is freaky, forgive Ricky fry a real live to talk about today is like all alone in the news, and I'm excited you you're a Yo Yo parties start this week in right, yeah. Well, ok, I'm having a party for my birthday, yes and
I was told about today's, but I'll talk about the weekend, I want you to the party in: aren't you flying out of town, I seen a flyer for you and Louisa. Some within a year there too, and its next weekend, Noah seem over. This we can do now is next. We cannot be in New Orleans next week. S had I to lay Marilla Dj. Amby will be there in other than this will require us to Harry. So I did it every single year, though I will ask it to show greater proposals will be talking about, was issued talkin about the weather. Let's talk about what happened to these poor kids. They haven't come to school and there was no heat, will tell you where that was also yesterday. I was telling you all about this book about the White House. Well, I'll, tell you what happened because a supposed to come out next week by there was. Emergency. Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, you allowed us to breakfast club, Damone, awake, Yo Ass, a body is dj. We. Actually ye shall remain a guy. We are. The breakfast club was getting some front page news now, football of
is there any way to see I guess is to play off while COD Kansas City takes on Tennessee Atlanta takes on a rams and Buffalo takes Jacksonville in New Orleans takes on Kara line. Now, let's talk about what's going on in the White House in his book, he has ever tell you guys yesterday about this work, which I definitely was saying that I want to read me too, and Ghana tempers really you're, not happy about a fire and fury is the name of the book and it's written by Michael Wolff. He interviewed over two hundred people that either used to work for Trump or currently work there. Now.
Don't touch. Him said I authorize. Zero access to White House actually turn him down many times for other a phoney book. I never spoke to him for book full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist. Look at this guy's pass and watch what happens to him and sloppy Stevie as issues with Steve Ban and if you guys are following this whole story now the book was supposed to come out on Tuesday, let because of all this and they try to do a cease and desist everybody out immediately Michael Wolf, tweeted out here we go, you can buy it and read it to Morrow, Mr President, so it is today. It was supposed to be out, like I said, on Tuesday the great thing about the book of the books, not out. How do you know what's in it was neither accepts that have been really also ready to reproduce them right now we have advanced copies, so they have the guardian put out and certainly on daily NEWS, so some people are actually already have copies of the book. I gave you some information on what was in that book yesterday. So the president is very furious and disgusted. He says deep ban and has nothing
do with me on my presidency. When he was fired, he not only lost his job. He lost his mind. My goodness and ask them to have legal. Read it again soon. I was gonna what these public schools there. Yes in Baltimore the schools were still open yesterday, even though they he wasn't working. So they were all these photos that spread by really online the kids, where bundled up in this field in Baltimore, and they show them that revenue has again. Their freezing than any wisdom leading issues because price at the boilers broke and pipes purse in some of the schools because of the weather they set about. One third of the school system reported heating issues during the day. Now. Here is what happened when Annabel linebacker Erin A may been actually former and a fella beggar air maybe showed up. He teaches in the city, and he had this to say president very cold, cold
That is crazy. The only problem with that is you know. Sometimes these Paris take these kids the school and then they can't get back out. They can't leave works, and now it is as if it's a difficult situation and what it can get spacey does, though, given space, he does lay access that it go. Find me to get some space here is in itself. I they ve raised twenty thousand dollars, which was the go, make us a lot of progress. The reason why allotted time you don't fool school so fast. They know parents have to go to work their level. What appears to be he's got a real say golf and oh here we gotta get better really is if there is no help at all, you care how those little kids school. No, he and I just want to give a shot out to Charlot Seville Virginia. They actually have their first.
Female mayor, NICE, Waterloo, her name is nuclear Walker. Ok can grow damage, amazing that they had their way nationalist, rallies, making national headlines. Now they have their first ever black female mayors of congratulation and reservations to us great to see all right well as front page news. Get it off my chest: eight hundred five, eight five, one thousand five one- if, if you're upset, need event to vent up right now or maybe you feel bless- you express positivity whatever it may be- eight hundred five what oh five water may be pissed off man about the snow? Maybe you got into a car accident. It was a lie. Accidents on our way home yesterday, when I left, maybe U S and blessings, maybe somebody shovelled or the snow for you ass. I have your house and several dzhokhar after you as well. You can t do anything, eight hundred feet, If I wonder if I have one get it off, each has called us now is to breakfast locomotive, the breakfast phoning down. You're gonna get it on the agenda.
You want a breakfast but allows is gaining a Jamie kimono area. Elam do in pretty good get it off my chest I feel like I just kimono area educate the people of the get about off What are you getting at every day there were only two and I feel like if you don't know the money they go eat. You should probably say home Kirsten like if you get good servers, twenty percent from about seven bucks an hour a bucks an hour before we live, offer. I, you know what I agree with you. I'm a great tipper, we usually when I go out. I try to leave more than twenty percent if the service is great, but nor Yeah leave about twenty percent, but I agree with you. I think it's very important to make sure I did when you have great service in particular, that you tell them and when my food, there are also always may soon. I tell them, you know let the Schaffner FU was great. You should took its aims. My problem is a lot of weight of waiters and waitresses think that they are
medically deserve a tip is somebody I don't do did what they supposed to be doing and if they not where I got Scipio, as does it you're absolutely right, you're apple on a lot of cap, take it our weight, repaired and wave that when our food is not up to part now I can fix it up it like Now, calm your food off your bill or whatever, if it's like within my control, but you shouldn't take my paper because, maybe you think was it. Could, however, temperature you wanted it like. I didn't go back and put it on the grail we work at. I work in Vegas downtown, because implant, though, is it to be, my man and communicate with you, your clients as well, and I was only made as a wages- they think they deserve a tip ma. You know you got it. You got a word you gotta make sure must up is right. It must have a right not doing your job and only SR one term Burma meal, I interpret your lady nice because our call it out Abbe legs gives me a need, like you know, I'm very vocal. When Ali with dollar tonight, we need all our food terrible, allow this
I'm alone I made unanimously inanimate ravages. I just want to say having belated birthday say Angela YE leg, you, yes, they would my birthday, ok They paid you my man almost twenty years. I got me every year where he sat there when I asked them about it today. We feel they remember today in it. He said. Oh you make me feel right. I can't believe you're right you, while you can grab my birth rates. The only a lot on women's lives. You sit at the table. As you know, I never forget that is right. After new year's so every year, right after New year's you know is a couple of weeks after Christmas right after New year's as such
the time to remember what you know. What Mamma mean early may be honest with you right away. There has to be something else. Maybe he's a prize and you'd is weak in maybe he has as having no writer mauve. Yet ridable Monday might be certain you up for something this weekend, some special, maybe I'm dementia deposited size, you know, and it is our task I'm not gonna. Let us very hurtful there were happy birthday moment. Thank you guys have a good day. We love you get it off reaches eight hundred five. Five, one five one of your upset, you need event, it is a right and a cow is the breakfast locomotor? How can you even excuse? get breakfast. Go away, go mad or black? We want to hear from you what does Alan?
naw man morning, while the clearly the Hall Door and buried alive. I can drive and if no an add on happy if they only gonna tell me whether it is business as usual, but do you know how much our manager yeah we where trivia we need your page. I tried everything I am by the way, did and people like you the actual yea envied, they go to work in a row and they look back. That's why I bet you of your boyfriend. What did you do come over? You demanded over their party won over you really don't. We would be good if you can lead to wear my goodness whereas the latter allows is what they want. You can have your birthday Quae. What's goin on good morning the Mornin break with IRAN, which has brought the.
Your merry Christmas to you and I will add a blunder one. Young man walking with currently love my family for a fresh start and look here has a double has what is called about fired agreed, but you will be making it we nobody. Yes, we know where we act. You know what it is. Your job to keep plan for a young man in a cloth Agnes weaken the guy. It back here would allow the right that he makes it Baghdad later made out and they may suddenly. I looked like he gets back in a mile now ochre allows is Grey Bay, a raven get her features. I am bless my sister I love her life from haven't, had free media and ammonia and am blessed to say that she is alive and well known, and I just praise God: I would nevertheless raising will give our hugging kiss from us. I shall wear bank yelled. Alright, you ever grow weaker issue by our. I get it off you just eight hundred five, a five one and five one of your absurdity.
What you need is there any time you ve got rooms runaway. Yes, we are going to talk about that, show the four they came on last night. You know Dj Khalid ditty Fergie, all of them on their show and will discuss it. Hopefully, you guys wasted also an imagine being so race that you don't notice somebody taking a hundred fifty thousand dollars out your account when I tell you who that is, I will get it's all that when we come back, he it to breakfast locomotive breakfast. With Angela listen now, Enigma Knights have broken up now. They first started dating in June twenty seventeen, but there are saying now that living in different cities was just too much for them now recently, the US, it was right to say that the community is pregnant, but they said that's not true at all and he has been doing his own This is his record label. He has his sweet, takes the chicken and waffles restaurants that he has correct and obviously
Menards has allowed lot going on with her music career as well, amongst other things. So, apparently, is over that fast. Who reported that it was over US islands, Inga Okra, but somebody underreported city. I'm sorry, I don't know sources close to the situation which is close to the situation. That goes, and it was clear their posts in pictures of each other how do you know birthday party- is kind of kissing and utterly so? I'm sure some point will find out what went on really behind the scenes, but supposedly they respect each other, so they won't be talking issue Babby each other anything. I just didn't work out at the time that living anyone areas other Laura our right last night, since a lot of us were snowed in in different places and his freezing, we got to stay home and watch the four Volker. Now you haven't had a chance to see the four.
You don't know what it's about. Basically, it's four judges and Diddy and Khaled and Meghan Trainor and Charlie walk are the are the judges and they it's a little complicated, cuz Fergie's hosting. So she has to explain it a lot in order for understand, what's really happening, but am hair is Callin explaining the roles of the four. You can never be comfortable. The you could be honest. She as one of the four, but you could be challenge any secular and when you get challenge you survive. You gonna pass through the panel, but have you press the panel then? Who could a challenge somebody on the four and then, when you challenge the audience, troops is the winner of the situation, so you can love somebody so much and then they could be knocked out. There see tat
So basically, what the shows about is getting straight to the greatness right away, all right! So just it's not like sending you know. American idol had the auditions. If you got a chance to see that- and that was funny- they don't have any of that. It just basically starts with the people that we assume are good enough to have made it as far as they did. No one girl actually ended up Buying her name was Valentino here's what she hears. What did he had to say to her? I want to say some other socio ecological sweetheart. I voted for you. Do challenge enemy. Town motors over me, I was greatly, is now a, but I feel that you did not take advantage of the opportunity of you. Oughta stays in you in front of me. You gotta bring it I love video on the show. Could did he talk like that in real life, like he's going to tell you what he really feels about you good or bad? So I think that'll work did the girl cry
The bureau cries and yes, it is a good. This is having made a cry valentine. It was her name, but she said: don't worry when I'm performing at the Grand Museum give him a front row seat. So that was her positive attitude about it. Ok, our aid and let's talk about Stanley, the marble comics legend. Apparently somebody got into his bank. It and they bought a kind for eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars using his money and Wes Hollywood. How do you know notice that money gone efforts and we got a lot thousand dollars, eminency tens hundreds of millions of dollars in that county, probably don't even say it isn't even found out, was because there was audit after there was a recent check, forgery for three hundred thousand and that's when he realized somebody asked me, but entire condo. That's convey positivity thousands, listen you take drew her. My can't I know immediately if you like twenty five dollars. My account
immediately. Twenty dollars you might get a slide through would not need to three hunting. I know immediately Eric having gates he is about to get out of jail. He sends an uneasy been endeavouring to have five month in Florida, prison sentence for that twenty fifteen kick to a woman's chest ever like knowing as you he's scheduled to be least on Wednesday after serving nine months, so this is getting out on parole, normally yeah. You ve been in the long term and in Europe. I am it feels like that. Silly right and his release conditions include mandatory supervision and no possession of firearms and is gonna becoming home supposedly on Wednesday. We, having these. Thus it he's about to get out of jail, and then something else goes astray drive around well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report are I thank. You miss you. When we come back with a front page news know we all heard about this book about the White House. It's going to be released to day day. Tell you all about it to keep alive the breakfast locomotive, envy
He gave him a Ye Charlemagne guy, we are. The breakfast club was gained some front page news now over the weekend I mean, I guess they call the play off the wildcard spot and a fair hands acidity, Tennessee takes on zone rams, Buffalo takes o having enormous takes or Caroline, and there would have apples from cowboys there was. Was we so nice disease right so great wherever they make the boy of started after that it made while got no they'll? Let my dives or lots of new in the same place? Oh, I know, but this book I came out today. Yes, this book is out today was ass. I suppose the command on Tuesday, but apparently they had a wretched our fire and
Fury is an aim of that book written by Michael Wolf he tweeted out yesterday. Here we go, you combine and read it to Morrow. Thank you, Mr President, and as all because Donald chums lawyers were China shut down the book, so they rushed to get those out. Now. There's a lot of claims in the book about data transmitted stability on his fitness and is able to serve court into the White House spokeswoman Sarah Zander. She saying all of those claims are disgraceful and laughable. Now, Donald Trump, of course, tweeted I authorizing access to White House, actually turned him down many times for author a phoney book. I never spoke to him for book full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist. Look at this guy's pass and watch what happens to him and sloppy Steve. So, second about the ban in britain- and they are that a quota tribute it is demanding that were negative about Donald Trump and his son, Donald Trump Junior. So that's why down a term said that his former campaign executive in tap aid had
we lost. His mine is now excels, amazing, if you're interested in this, you can also see Michael what he's gonna be under today show today this morning, that's gonna be his first on the record interview very talks about everything and in my house- and I think this is interesting in this- is the truth. He interviewed over two hundred people were similar. People worked on the campaign, some people formerly weren't there, and so people work there now. While so, you know- and I look at it like this- that book would get shut down if it was full of lies right, because that's it, go, you can't just put out anything that would be liable producer in terms like allegedly or what we her.
But these are first hand interviews that he did with people in the White House, quote people Erika surer and say, and then they can say. I never said that only try to set out a cease and desist nipple book out anyway. It advocates commonality. It's going down all right. Now. Let's talk about these public schools, I bought some more. This is disgraceful. They actually had put the public schools open yesterday. Even though price of oil is broken, the pipes person some school, so there was no heat. So there was a lot of criticism. We saw a video of the kids bundled up in the school
then it was awful and criticism. Criticism also came from a teacher who is as a former and if our linebacker errand, maybe he has when he said the data like you gotta, do very call me and ask reservation. Allow them kids go to school and I understand and are sometimes parents. They have to go to work that he dropped. Their kids orphaned in parents can't get off, but they should again spaces they should it did something, even if they are to take the kids out of school in bringing to a local church or a wreck rules, something them kids. They were young to what is eliminated. All that's crazy right. I write an shouts Aeschylus where they have their first ever black female mayor, which is great after they had those white national rallies in the city and those made NASA
headlines died now they are the first back. Fema mayors are set out in Korea, Walker Ochre resolutions to take that white nationalists. There. You go right last front, page news that when we come back its Fridays That means they re gay pride gave thanks tapes. I and we want to know eight hundred foggy I have one or five one. Have you ever made a six April was the craziest thing you ever did on this x to now we're talking about these causes a lot of talk about this offset sex tape that is allegedly out. We don't know when sixteen was May Rio is some speculation about that, but this is the second one is saying ever that they have to know who's. Putting these things ass, somebody clearly hate to see cardy being offsets, gather accurate, but you know we ve taken an opportunity to do if we could make you think you re all right Eight hundred five, a five point. Five, when I tell you many times, I was a cowboy and succinct me him away about. I believe it does not indefinitely doubtless, but I haven't cowboy
So in a cowboy hat- and I was, I was rather Napoleon A body lay dead yet save it. Somebody had these guys, I clouded I don't want the air, but I beg you will be great for the cold now mega, thereby horticulture, Magala racy. When you take right when I think our boy, but I'm not a giant in the bedroom shut up. I got the will you take this. You gotta go extra high like like you, you tie, but I go No, my eight hundred five, a firewall or five. What is glaring thinking frigging Friday? We talk and sex tapes was the craziest thing you dollar. Sixty call us now is to breakfast locomotive that was fit said twenty won't questions morning. Every body is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club now have just joined us is fraud, as you know what that means
I gave rigging fried talking. Sixteen this morning there were asking: have you ever made a six April? Was the craziest thing you done on a sixty, I envy as a masturbation sex tape. I do not wish dildo shut off no dildos um. I think the crazy thing was. I was just about a cowboy Wife was a cow girl in ILO solar up in rare bag. I we did what I he's in college out, but you still have it. Yes, you guys were to every once in a while every once in a while. You know- and I put in work to that- one You, you don't seem like a sexting me. Never ever made his extreme have met. You live a little. You you never been busily world, you know, guns by every time, married okay and I'm not stupid budget line that making a sorry state because its whom many people who have sex slaves are getting late. On that plane. Those games- I have never in my life, made a sex. Now. What we have done is set up the camera and attempted a tv, so you can watch it while you're having sex but not tape. It does whack awards
I want to see it after a night, as I have a second America, as was the crazy thing you do. Did you dressed up as anything now ye? Well, I've. Never blades left, seldom had excited because he's gonna tell you now. I promise you I've never play dress about never than any of those things are really does have sex with you. It doesn't sound and you know it. Live a little! You gotta go to Disney. I rather like an you gotta make a fact that allows this yourself is growing from Charles, the moon, Gregg under you made a sexy before when we talk about a man. Why did it out and is now in the snow is now I now that I know it was a little power. Now that I'm gonna blow me, Why you gotta go Darwin had saved up when you feel when you gotta act like this. Is your last six ever you gotta go suitable I'd like you to meet you can as requested in this. No do you need
shrinkage! Now I didn t know what we started out in our rapporteur. I had everything out very good. I beg you wrote, allows this case day Nicole. Now. The sixty before local labour will rally overmore right, one person over me a Monday, and yet the current visiting you down with extreme nickel will afford plan as a baby. I address that would allow why we every day he across me Willoughby locally. Does it cost per thousand resumed pessimism that nobody is also put his back to the situation you, the baby you're these? Would you say, talking about low wanna live under that talking you wanna, be every day. I was a little why new baby any anyway?
a guy like the bad thing about it. It was wise. One wondered why I will boy in an awakening herb and he walked into the room and you just gotta crier reveal with any question for you doesn't make. You feel weird though Legatee Jessup as a baby there. Maybe he likes babies, how about you or the or whatever you know your boyfriend Kelly right, ok, I'm sorry, I'm just grab a viable, viable and allegedly up is asking allegedly. I want you to trouble. Eighty five, eighty five one viable and we ask you to have you ever done a six eight and was the craziest thing you ve done on a sixty called us now is to breakfast locomotive. Morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club levy. Just join as we talk and six saves this morning is such a thing as a wrong sex, fantasy legacies wrong like what's her leg, one. If right here, white women,
black man and you want to be like the slave master or something like that. I mean, if that's what you into an average war, that that would be wrong. For me, I mean if somebody like that, I'm sure a mean our own overturned, the modem bed, but as a black man, you I feel, like I don't know. If I can date this way, women and we have made a good while I'll be out what would be the slave as you, women, middle and in a debate. I think it's a little weird told you go to call early, I got to wait and when I see no have sex with a baby, you know that in a fantasy, that would be a little weird. My boyfriend was I going you to pretend to be a man, I'm gonna, Emily penetrate you. Would that be wrong? my parents, Nabob. That's what you guys into allows this oj alright J. Now you ve got six eight before I'm sure I can hear it in your voice you ve had like a at lab reminiscent right now is the craziest thing you don't own, sixty one of our more available at a pretty. Let up that out.
Least around my neck, and I was giving the female Belize your while she was. I guess you did say, give him fellatio budget that in that area that you normally would arise as you be you d, say envy toward him and you had a leash on a dog yeah. Ok, we can you send as a link beg you Mamma, you of wonder. Go morning now you have sixty before right, yeah right away, it was the other. Was the craziest thing you did on us. They gave my boyfriend fellatio upside down on a monkey boy than a part in the park. What time it is now we're out, but it was really a vow to see our out in the park or the monkey Baas. You know what you will go free. You a real will a camera him. No, we set it up on a tripod. Yo- and I thought about that. When did you guys release this now
and when I got tripod in everyday, So my big moment, thank you record oh Ricardo! Now you sound like a sixty type, a guy. Was there and make a sex take with you. No not at all. Now was your praise is sixty adventure though I was that with job we shall remain on a bit of a problem. You gonna go down, This is having a very sexy with that. I would like to reiterate that he was somebody like you wanted to watch below afforded, but both the report- and it took me where you put it s very books and its regular did you get money.
I didn't do money, so you did it because you wanted everybody to see. It was a white woman, a black woman who might well this black watch what you both ass it s, not too I. Why did you have a west? I shall I showed time take alone. They actually had a situation. It was a black. Bull and he paid the gigolo to have sex with his wife. While he washed candidate gravity gigolo, we better than you do that India has every year life again that no not at all levels is through your primary firmer all right now, of course, you have to sixty before was the craziest thing done on a sixty said, of course, well I'll offer them a military related problems, but also the Base chapel, the army, prepared that everything in others way her beloved recovered. So you isn't a chapel and eat no use any charge brook no no serve outside it,
Now you know you was a german railways, you to cross the Pew, the Bible, using our called over the moment. I'm questions that you found it so do you know I was in a chap. I can't leave. You gonna lie about the chapel doesn't work out for university, elaborate gap. Again I was his game. It, oh my guy here to be silent, unable MIKE and is all right. I didn't know I was in the chapel war stories. This now eat your birthday. We get. What I want you to do is I want you to go by some sexy and I want you in your boyfriend role play it tape it for your birthday. Well, he's not here, right now, right. Well, whenever we get you gonna, do that Galicia birthday move now, listen sexiest get leads audit time be, as we can see with set with everything this happening right now. I am that plane. Those game anyway, we have room, is already mass. Add up to my God, tat dog into tangible in my other tv, will take him great news that they have already
It's all that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast locomotive. Mornin everybody is dj. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club an overview Charlemagne is out. So if you want to give dog you today to somebody eight hundred five, eight five, one thousand five one you can give donkey to who However, even the most elementary stain on vacation is love. You can you can give it to you Mamma you dad. You gave it to the snowy to give a who ever you want you to give targeted somebody eight hundred five, eight five one o five behind those kids- rumours that so black pepper,
about the report annually on the breakfast club, where this is great news, Chanticleer, Meyer and Tap, dug from tv are gonna, be producing their black Panther, the album soundtrack, you know they put out their new song or the stars. Yesterday was elite single from that album. Ochre and that is featuring scissor Kendrick Lamar Incivism, now TAT Dog posted Kendrick Lamar, Anthony TAT, the Tippit Untapped, our entertainment to produce black Panther the album. He said, my first move of twenty eighteen next move on the way festal, so I'm gonna be ok, we ve now did you know that Jimmy I mean it's gonna be reportedly leaving apple later this year in August. Is yes that's? According to billboard reports, they said his depart.
There is time with his apple shares, fully vesting so back in May of twenty fourteen apple pay, three billion dollars for beats by dray. As part of that deal, Jimmy I and Dr Dre Apple Annapolis, employees and now he's ready to leave. I mean basically helped allow with the streaming services were headphones and everything's who knows what he has actually been able to get a lad of absolutely I'm sure, he's gonna cash out, so I mean he's already. Guy he's already cash out. Billions era is added to the girls at the Rio. They got picked up for two more season. Congratulations to them! yes, so congratulations, Maharan lie Lanni Genie. They have a great reason to celebrate for that too, more seasons. They said. Not only do they do well in viewers ship, but they had more than twelve million social actions last season, so they're gonna actually clips that no midway. Therefore, what age by law Yeah, ok, automation, who did you say nozzle Adrian by law, but what's the boy looked at me crazy, like
was an unreal. Maybe he was on the other one right and they have the youngest average age of all. Talk shows in syndicates action. So that's good for shelter, mammography yeah. I remember our calls. Therefore we can only be residing so is really find they. Actually, So what are we to add that in travel out your mom and dad and all types of Christ, I tell you this thou from doing that? they had posted a picture of my mom and dad there waiting on the show and my mom guy in contact with him or her family members, as she has spoken too early for ever since she was really excited because my mom's only child, both their parents have passed away. So she really has like no family, although that was exciting for her cause. They saw that on the real in they were like on my guide, as you know, does anti yeah lunch at the moment poppy I re married, oblige is gonna, be getting her own star on that Molly would walk of fame well deserved, so congratulations, I'm excited at them like this ever got. It just make sure. But I did is gonna, be the one actually giving her that but
see what is her birth acres. I feel like her she's a Capricorn is next Thursday. You know our January eleven years Nap acquires out here winning. So you know, congratulations to marriage. Oblige other ceremony is taking place, on the eleventh hour. Does, though, I admire very there s a great weak for her. I write it Serena Williams. She has withdrawn from the australian open. She said she's not quite ready to compete on a tournament level after she gave birth, so she said after performing in my first match after giving birth. I realise that, although I'm super close and that, where I personally went to be, my coach and team always said only go to tournament when you are prepared to go all the way, but that being said, I am disappointed to say on that competing in the Australian open this year. However, the memory of last year's open is one that I will carry with me and Olympia, and I look forward to coming back again. She'll be back. She just already has yet to be able to write well I'm annually, and that is
Our rumour report, our right dog, you two days of next year to give darkly data somebody eight hundred five, a five one, o five one will do when we come back as the breakfast club good morning. Don't do that knowledge is meant to imply was made available Charlemagne this happening and I've got to make a judgment was gonna, be on the dot the other day, page Algeria, the breakfast Club Bitsy, whose doggie no, you didn't allows. Is my name paler very carefully? What are you going to do to I'm, given a donkey of the paper me and my boyfriend of evil, I'm givin announcing, but me because I'm a big one thing when him at the iranian bad, bad, very mother, not decide from you d be mother, but you know as each year at my birthday so the day, admiringly Rummy,
and I'll get my bogged down, get away, perhaps many a time believe, but I did it because I cared about him, but I loved him in all and now I'm pregnant I get my guy. Well you're doing tonight. When I know it are we going to get back together, but I've been a broken arm. She held back together, we're back together you now we ve been through a lie, but at every day and pardon I get people can't there. You know not always about you know the girl tell him I programme that is people download Mary in a bit like that, you know you have to get to it some day, somehow another continuing going on not whatsoever I've had it with you now have ratified this guy. I know really. Well, you know me than a new person is: what use again is awful. I view the gives you don't you and because you are, you name had actually call him. You know I'm leaving and Ipod. Now baby boy done a booming everything you dead closed. He don't change.
And, above all around now. You know what you mean when using day you or you do want overstretched yourself out. The babies come, and so you do have a great pregnancy. Ok, thank you. I love you guys you from a long island. Ok, unless a hanger lets you and you need to check back with us in a few months. I want to make everything still smooth Babel so happy ass, old ship, a man I am not a lawyer and I'm not letting nothing get lonely fresh every year remember heavy energy, that I am no I'm sorry! I can't you get him a good woman or I wasn't then it may be, for you to dogs were decided. The dog does verbal guides asking whether you should be in a way both guide dog, ok well, allow. This Emma was gone on the south dodgy value are, we will give them the data from the north side, I wanna give. Don't you dare not jump amending that way, for a call, John, I wanna do is right away that made it clear that it was the eyes
all right. I know that is, you know, actually had a minor lip service pack s upper ochre allows theirs, Go on all this trouble. Man shall not airline travel. May we will you dog, indicated to me you're good good day to the South Man Charlotte North Carolina man, is agrees. I may again glass and entrapped ain't, making I'll stay up that barriers at a house The aid are you and what I tribunals be out there, no matter what no matter, what temperature Deborah mandated from this outbreak is. Did I knew you were you lazy, drab around airports trapper allows this Thomas was known: Ass, Thomas Tommy. Last night? It was pretty good Thomas. I may we give doggedly to it all of split the dog. He cannot but welcome the Hebron split about it.
The lady suitable job, a bigger good rules, stupid idea, because very immature- and I think people at the use of my grandmother problem in other thing, is there a Charles Gonna grow up? How did he get if he gets bully what're you gonna do with me. I was five years ago. She sat an icy, actually ah then an he said, and I have to say- and I didn't muslin and mental proud of having a donkey. So ok so solemnly split this document. Would you got her at the way? Donald Trump with all the world comes around you guys, let each layer because his book, because they expose human, even spoke explorer, but you're gonna get what you learn here. You if you could do something about it. Thank you broke all right. I would argue today. Charlemagne is out we'll be back now.
You come back when we talk about how we are going to talk about red flags in relationships. Okay, now there's a story that was on page six and they say that Guide Dizzy went ballistic on Sophia Richie. That's his girlfriend because they ran into her eggs, Louis Hamilton, the formula one star, and he got so mad this. She actually had a conversation with her ex boyfriend. They said he actually had a fit. He spun out and made them Lee the maiden led the party or I can I that's a red flag, eight hundred francs, five one o five one. What are some red flags? Why you should indeed somebody I gotta it's for my wife into data me we'll talk about it. When we come back, is the breakfast locomotive? the breakfast was rockstar morning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club levied. You join us, we're talking red flags of why you should indeed somebody s second, basque, artistic and his girlfriend Sophia riches. Apparently they were at an event. She went into her Ex Louis.
It is a very good looking fellow by the way- and they said he spun out of control and had a fit and went crazy added jealousy when he saw her having a conversation. They said he insisted that they leave the party immediately to meet us a red flag, a moon, and you can consider it That is definitely something I would have done early on in my relationship with my wife. Yes, if we're at a party and she's talking to her ex yes, we are out of this party and I'm yes problem, I'm gonna, while Thou and act like a little kid just cause you having a conversation. That means we are so insect. That I wasn't secure in there is flag and made my. Why should marry me but hey it worked out in lower, but those are red flags, yea, jealousy absolutely insecurity. Apps. That was me early on in our relations with some other flags. Is somebody goes there? Your staff? I think there s always a red flag and a relationship if they actually go to your phone. If these dice Can you too early on asking you all kinds of questions Lulus younger man, flag there too? We I was there,
so I go to my right, just a red flag. Also, you know, Vienna type Amanda does controlling right, say. What's aware what to wear I was that was me and they know it. They don't want you to go out and your friends, but let's take some call that allows me to We got more gondola amalgam morning, but water, how ya doin its body. I don't I write any more than we do agree. May we bless me what does some saw some red flags that you shouldn't data personnel where the number one it's gotta be the stay up, all our way, turn but always data. When the main I may now von upside down, any Turner ring off every time ya together a watch out now, that's like those of all. If it turned out the ring, the bird I'll be if every act of ITALY have turned up in the ever, keep all day and pay em in law. As you already know, Danbury of Wash your maid of Gabon nights ago. When, though, he's right, you tell that that allows there's gotta be blocked
Hey Jay. What's some good size, some red flags today, somebody, the red flag, has a younger partners phone and she just starts tripping or he start tripping about try giving their phone back I will go beyond. I never know do not know why you would open when about resolving our does browse the internet. You know, did you say like if your girl take you for a certain new Tripoli, get you format Above all, you anymore, we now you're Yogi mythology, muffle Yoda, that's like that. You had to say about yet why you got a hive of you know what rather than the internet now contains candidature. Draw me to get your phone that, will really not be iridescent designed to allow
is better. Read that out an alarm calling you read that if a rat does your daddy was some red men about a man in a dj daddy over here there was a red flags. Why you shouldn't be somebody? You go Don't worry about it! You feel that they now they cheat everybody sand and face gas I'll phone. Is it I give away. I don't I was that much of a problem areas, the cell phone phased out as a wait like whoever has itself on face down aboard. Obviously, airplane mood ass to what you do her glove Kay Ok, let's hear of gas Lucida Vieira, eight hundred five, a firewall or five one. What does some red flags of what is a red flags not to beat somebody I'd? Something that you see? I was I go about call us up now after breakfast levels.
That was Kendrick Lamar with loyalty morning. Everybody is DJ: Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are, the breakfast club nephew just join us, we're talkin red flags of not to date. Somebody that is story comes from where you at with Scott Disick and his girlfriend Sofia do they were at an event and they ran into her Ex boyfriend Louis Hamilton to formula one star very handsome. Robbing young man and apparently he spun out of troubles, and here I strap, and here s the thing like big huge now strategy is just to say no we don't get excited. All now was getting Saddam Hussein's extravagant, don't worry about your talk. There are no guy, he got a super jealous. They said he went ballistic and made them leave. The party that arrive late, I agreed also some size, but I was that person. I wasn't. Your name is embarrassing. Jazzy controlling like I was that guy envy this gives very patient. You took a ladder, modem
it took you twenty years he gets February. You are right now pretty mother sat at her for having a patient's. Everyone doesn't have that pays. You left me alone every day by some other red flag to K, K go moorland? How are you doing great? What is red flags where you why you shouldn't date, somebody and if you lie or your mother, I could not take. You hasn't my line, imams away like my ex boyfriend, his family. To tell me all these stories in the Roman that you figure about me and my brain I give new and I found out, they will get it from my egg, but I thought about it and what do you feel at all hidden method? great love, you know where neither lie but also how they treat their mom is a really good indication of their disrespectful holiday. That's a red flag, also why you would really sweetener of only get only you took your letter. He ordered you know how now blue. A mile and a half hour, thou Mama
But let me a lot of people. Mother, like lower quality, came ass, a rule allows there's triumph and Europe and we want to some red flags not to be somebody. Ok, though, I went on a birthday, but this time, and he was pretty much like me that he had a baby on the way, but you don't know that what is yet, though, he tell me I'm a big way that I can give her a boyfriend while region These eight me like a talker Rynch on abortion or email. I put it. I want to tell you that I beg you. I'm gonna think up a way that I can you know About baby, I'm nice girl, you better get out, we should start by being right. Did an Amazon go to the bathroom? That is bouts, and you know it s a red flag if they have kids, but they don't ever talk about it
Yes do you could there should be some dinner? A mayor will want to brag about managing in everyday life. Allows is discouraged from yours. What are some red flag that today is a data. May wonder what some river basin body arrive Black Bobby Day forwarded when a body like a baby, Then why are you always how she got has been the same amount of money? I knew that you spend on hers, but you saying na not disable mall boy, you gotta show some sad belong. Ok, I agree with that. Because the amount of money they countess and how tough will you I just below ten generous while say I got the two badia I get it. Can I get your ass? unknown girl. What we get a birthday enormous average bit balmy Ammonites tender yea I allow the lowest ten dollars. Hurrah to mock our borders,
why? Why are you all over and should it have you heard about that will go to a lot? I was gonNA thought by re, believing it you gotta, be a birth. It s, crazy, exactly you, though Odo Behold, but she came up with britain- was the fact that that was more than a store tomorrow. This theory is, we have great intuition without the doesn't feel right, time for you to step a waste that China convince yourself there's somebody is someone that they are not small, now. When we come back, we have the room. Is what we talk about Luigi, where every second of
I am even though the Grammy's I come up and at what discuss who is gonna be performing. They ve already announced some people that will be there. You'll be excited and, Graham, is in New York issue too ass. They, I January twenty eight dollars to breakfast of more. This is the woman report on the breakfast Club web Alexis Sky had her baby here and very well now the baby was six months, so she's premature, but very well was announced a grand life hospital, here's what he had to say. So the baby is supposedly only a little bit over one pound, but she is in stable condition and doing good on her home on her own Lexus had to have a c section. I she did not have natural birth, but she supposedly ok right now to savvy body pray and makes everything turns out to be became a monumental. She was six months, wow
and a baby's fired and held in everything it did. Will you listen ignores the my schools, the kids they re. Where were you thinking? Food is called at the bus got into action about it was unaware picking up the case or none of my kids, all of us by our cows, listening lay at the baby, is only a little bit over power our but is she's doing fine on her own account on a single. Hopefully everything good, looking good ochre, ironic, Minaj and NAS. They have broken up now. Apparently,. And together since June of twenty seventeen last year, but they said living in different cities was just too much. That's according to source is close to the situation and actually not gonna, have any bab lead towards each other, they gonna just hand or their business no trash talking. They respect each other too much for the I really that will work in anyway. Why? Nurses ease like a low key, do like. First of all, you don't really seen as we would have a huge.
Gerard, you don't seem what a lot of security he's not really incident like when you see making its movie right by sometimes you just see now. Zones on honest, I blog is having lunch. Like is two different situations her days to cheer. For that I right now. Let's talk about that are not just in similar. Just intimidate put out a new song. Now you know is Adam, is coming out on February. Second, which is actually great timing, as he is performing at the superbowl half time show. Clearly, that's gonna help with sails when the time comes out February. Second, absolutely I put out the so called filthy, its temple in danger and just intimidate me I did check it out. Me,
Are you gonna do about that? As I would you think I got a hidden for our right. I was a little confused, the album February's again, but you have to know what you re far. They really love that I said I wanted to vote. You lay matter as I like it. I mean adding. It all sounds as western. I've gotta remember something missing from listening to that now. I wasn't really fell out of keeping around here, but it didn't excite me, maybe my Naples art I only one leg so yeah right now, let's discuss the Grammy They have announced some of the performers, the going down on January, twenty Eightth and now Donno Glover Acre each other's gambino.
Gonna be joining in the party, so there should be pretty exciting for all you childish, Gambino fans. You know this is gonna, be Last album actually coming out as to how this Gambino he said, he's gonNA retired at moniker. So if you want to be a fool and you want to pay attention, get ready for that and other people that are performing a lady, Gaga, pink and little big town area while I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you. Miss ye. Now, will we come back? We got to people's choice, makes its affrati, so we throw back so what you want to hear and we'll get it, but whatever you want to hear we got on for you and shout the revolt will see you guys on Monday, everybody else, people's choice mix is up. Next episode come on never has the world of golf been more fascinating or more in flux, thanks to a suddenly newfound appreciation for sport that millions, love and even more millions of Miss watching my new podcast, the shack, show hosted by me, Jeff Shackelford will be that say space to discuss matters both vitally important and totally escape us. So as the programme afterwards,
he's back into business and recreational golfers rekindle their passion, forgetting outdoors and getting easily aggravated em, maybe minus view bunker aches and cart sharing or those awkward chest Bob's. The shack show will be in your too ready to offer the sports last independent voices sticking up for what really matters each week, Island a wide array of Gaul smartest funny. It's the most compelling mines, as we attempt to gauge the state of the game and sometimes I'll, just chime in with a quick take on those inevitable first world golf dramas, so listening,
The shack show on the eye higher radio, apple fog or wherever you listened upon guest, embarrassing day Thurston and I feel like we're. Having a moment when officer, Derek Shovin Kill, George Floyd something in America broke, I'm going to try to explain from the covert connection to what deepened the police actually meet when Donald Trump encourages cops, not to choke people. You know something different, listen to we're. Having a moment when the ice radial asked Apple Pack asked and wherever you get your pocket.
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