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Friday 9/28 - Today on the show we had David Alan Grier stop by and speaks about Sitcoms, Sketch Comedy, ‘The Cool Kids’ and more. Also a conversation about butt play behind the scenes became the topic of discussion on air, just in time for Freaky Freaky Friday! We asked our listeners especially the men, of what they do when a women comes near the booty hole. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Kevin Jackson on Fox News for who Called Kavanaugh Accusers ‘Lying Skanks. 

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Even so, I guess I was most paid this morning is of a day and everybody phasing in spending to go with me to the Roma rubbing the wrong way, the breakfast ravaged by good USA money these amby good morning? Hiv is no. It's Friday was brought to his right yeah. That guy be funny, nor was it is everyone's Dale after limit
I just got so confused. Little wanes albums out. I thought it was the email word It brought a damn economic side. Yes, you are exciting for it to be theirs. The hours exams excited for life. I think it's great, I'm just excited out. Ok. What date is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday. God is his make sure up this morning, and I am happy is how are you doing you I'm doing pretty good is pouring down reining in New York City, but the Good NEWS is, you can now but with we now to allay acts so as exciting, for some people have been doing, regarding this would eat now now. Would you can blooming even bringing marijuana that airport know how What happened was in my man get away with that and it did get through. It wasn't my fault, I'm actually out in Detroit shalt everybody. Detroit would Abdo I've been out here. I had to do a show last they now to check up on. Properties check the you know. We have a couple of houses in Detroit that we invest too. I check them.
But it would by your property to somebody whenever one of your priorities, you know that, yes, I M aware figure they I don't know it's goodbye, took you, Well, it's a bunch of things out. I was like Jewish, yes, so, unfortunately, as they did have done sorry on it and not to put it, do you system Omar before but my boiler miles, but where we did have a security system, our yeah did work about that Phone that it went through was disconnected it'll do yeah, so it was very quick there. Everything happened, but I actually just started working on my second house in Detroit just two days ago. Said. Ok, I got room warehouses to get done broker. What did you do to codify about me? Listen, I so I was driving forward morning. I only Disney Fizzy, Manasseh jobs who works. I heard the reasons the ok, I resign, so fine art about six seven joint, I was the override here- was a little longer what it was handicap, so she had a handicap also took a little more willing to work. So I got the about six seven joint
so for love and more I'm here and you know I was often away like the last five six years. Well, we can't even really release any music. Would you know what whatever he did Was like the auto to wane- and I didn't like giddy wasn't rapidly was kind of like singing and wrap in I just love a baby is going through a lack, though I know, but I just don't like what he was gone. I didn't like any greater didn't make it the money off his music. They probably was like I'm happening at my best music right now, ripe, what a mere and so for I M really like it, I'm really enjoyed. So I can't wait to really. Having to disarm over. We get it really get into its likened the stuff, the shuttle away. Shout the unwary shout the Mcmahon and a Muslim yesterday morning. So I'm by the man is on the intro talkin about how much she loves him. Now is a sweet and show it she's on the cover as well. This is somewhat Kendrick on their that everybody is restored. Now you listen to what I went at a lesson to the summit: extant ass yunkers. I think that was a second song. Don't cry? Yes! Soap! I've only got through.
The reasons but then add to skip ahead to conduct just cause. I wanted to hear poker or it will David. Alan Greer committee will be joining us this morning. Acta will kick it with him and low bit. His shout Davy is cool, kids come signs a night and also Marcia ambushes. Yes, yes, I will not say yes or no. The most ambitious about a lot governor, as happened yesterday, and we got from pieces I can show you: where are we going to be talking about brat cabinet and the Senate, hearing that he had yesterday? That was all over the news, and I I've seen a lot of reaction from that watching a lotta panels after everything happens, We are gonna lay on both sides for you this morning, break Havana and Christine Glassy Forward embassy, which you, what you think Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back in his fraud, it is yes, it is ready to breakfast Lamont J envy
Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club Luskin, some front page news. We talk my easy clerk eyes met, second, about break Havana and the Senate hearing that happened yesterday. They trying to decide whether or not I haven't. I should sit on the Supreme Court now. Let's talk about the accusations that were put forward by Christine Glassy forward. She came forward that doctor port he came forward to talk about what happened and how the assault that she claims went down actually started. Here's what she had to say. I drink wine, beer, fret and mark, or the believe. Drunk early in the evening, I went up a very narrow set up stairs,
leading from the living room to a second floor. She used the restroom when I got to the top of the stairs I was pushed from behind into a bedroom across from the bathroom bread and market came into the bedroom and locked the door behind them. I was pushed onto the bed and bread on top of me. He began running his hand. Over my body and grinding into me all right now that Breton marches march about his brain haven't I, of course and Mark Judge Mark Judge, was break Havanas friend and he did not testify. He was the person that actually enow could have been sick. Could he that he was in the room, but he did give a statement he said, he's a recovering Agua recovering alcoholic any is also suffering from anxiety and depression. That's why he did not show up for this
here's what else that too poor and had to say about the assault, and I tried to get away from him with his weight, was heavy fret, groped me and tried to take off my clothes. I believed he was going to read me. I try to use for help when I did Brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from yelling. This is what terrified me the most and has had the most lasting impact on my life. It was hard for me to freeze and I thought that Brett was accidentally going to kill me now keep in mind. This is the first time that that's a Ford, Christine Blasey Ford has come forward before the american public to tell her story, because she said it's not my responsibility to determine whether with the Kavanaugh deserves to sit on the Supreme Court. My responsibility is to tell you the truth is not a
Ok, this is basically as they kept saying, like a job in a view to see whether a nice he's credible our whether or not he is character should allow him to be a Supreme Court judge a right now. Here's what else you had to say about that evening. Mark came over and sometime the bed twice while Brett was on top of me and the like time that he did this. We toppled over and brought with no longer. On top of me, I was able to get up and run out of the room directly across from the bed. Room was a small bathroom. I ran inside the bathroom and locked the door. I waited. I left the bathroom went down the same stairwell through the living
and left the house now. As you know, break Havana is denying all of these allegations and here's what he had to say in front of the Senate hearing I am innocent of discharge. I intend, though we are willing to doktor Ford and her family. The other night actually and my daughter lives, said their prayers and Eliza all ten years old said to. Actually we should praise for the woman a lot of wisdom from a ten year old. We mean we mean nowhere. Well now what they are calling into question about. Bread Cavenaugh is also whether or not he's being Truffaut right, because what that's? What he's trying to achieve by sitting on the Supreme Court is based around being truthful, and so here is what he has to say
at his drinking habits and keep a man is a lot of things and he said that some of his own classmates have called into question. I drink beer with my friends. Almost everyone did sometimes I had too many beers. Sometimes others did. I liked beer, I still light beer, but not drink beer to the point of blocking out and I never sexually assaulted anyone. There is a bright line between drinking beer, which I gladly do and which I fully Bryce and sexually assaulted. Someone which is a violent crime now break have enough feels like this is a coordinated and a well funded effort to destroy his good name and destroy his family. He said it will not drive him out, but Limburg, who was a classmate outbreak. Havana had this to say a number of my Yale colleagues and I were really disappointed in bread, haven't all characterisation of infection and the way
did he evaded his except the drinking question. There is no doubt in my mind that, while at Yale he was a big party are often drank the best and there had to be a number of night where he does not remember and its unfair that he kept wiping the question few, but I studied real hard, but I played for and quite frightened. He was a blatant lie. I write determinants zella the juvenile situational Emil. What would really do it if there was a witness that could come for that? Was there when it happened, I could say: this is what went down by like we might judge is not going to speak because he's juggling with, known, anxiety, depression and he's a recovering alcoholic uneasy other person she named in the room where you would need it, thereby because either you believe, Cavanaugh you don't you believe that the forty, but I think it's not even just about sexual assault, it's about whether he's on his person with the calling into question is: is he not being truth, other things like his drinking or being a virgin and things that he said like you said that everybody's
at him and exonerating him, but a tooth fully. They said they couldn't recollect what happened at night. So it's about him being cheerful, because what he's trying to achieve is a place that would mean that he would have to be a tool for honest per I write well, I'm Angela YE that your front page news now hope. If, if he didn't, I hold com and get some like a mobile, could, as you know, a look at my three daughters and I pray to God that they never get into a situation with somebody is drunk or somebody tries to use their power or the Wade, or this strove to overpower my daughters and shot. A rape was sexually assaulted, because that is one of the biggest cow would moves ever I river that's front page news that broke it down for people who didn't see it thanks. She already of your chest. Eight hundred foggy five, one o five, one of your upset you need of it. It is up right now. Maybe somebody piss you off me had a bad night or if you feel blessed you with a spread, some positivity, eight hundred and five. Eighty five thousand one hundred and five,
get it off. My chest is to breakfast global morning the breakfast club got away God s manner, black we want to hear from you allows. This was already very far feels rigged ammonia. Her view of what I now know, nobody ever you get your chromatic what's gonna be ain't, no bad, no leather goods idolize out and rely on our colonies, one four year old, while Missus ways what you got everything Well, why not a surgery that we talk about? You never know that we have perhaps here by Diego. I gave her a bad day, thereby because the post operative everybody they had been everybody by my stop illegal meat they don't want you. A black man thought it all.
Whereby stop did. I will try to combat so hard. Tat is true, repeat ridiculous, read for its part contractor and if I do not want a metaphor, got generational what about that? But what matters is that when you're flow, while you knocked out- because I myself out of jail cell talked enough for us, what can we talk about fully familiar? The dollar killed people start that becomes bought me man, god, you gotta. Let me come after the fate had now we go we now. All I beg you gonna rural areas, AIDS Rabelais will probably allows, is all very well worth Folsom submit I'll, see you in a collective met him. It was gone everything I've Monday. I wrote it that them go and have a government begging. Dora will be reached, and I will was the marginal argued by before becoming more democratic, peaceful. I pulled the re. Thou echoed the cab. I gotta, whether Charlie,
the many think on your reasonably like any other way than by any wiser than any way. Now you off from New York. How can you prove you didn't have a reason you now you know I can. I can. I put my one could say that Nobody! I don't care about love me of having no ray learned, nothing. It was all over the world. In both the Greek, because they could figure of a probable tat wanted, even though the green table committed to a deeper we re done away with. Well, we already added that I had to say I bonds in this always been happening. We do you look broad where's going on or though I gotcha We don't know. You know, I don't know a demi what they mean. I know you got of my plans, you, I thought it was able to evolve in the mornings dotted with thought well, there's been a big won't be able to avoid future development.
Now? You don't want your kind, the movie deed in one hour, anyone have mercy already. What I don't need you method of the obvious, my movie night. Ok! Well, you may that raising the areas. It is my view as much masquerading beforehand, and I can't be thought- would be the boy out, no more about it. If you were gonna we'll go to school. Today, will go for his the viewing of his guide dog locality, get out a little bigger, didn't get added. You love it on a new keeping an eye. You know everything you don't know anything. We launched a rhythm.
Yet we all know that when you last night that by using a bottom, I will no doubt these arguments and about and discussing a borderline nowhere to discuss with him about we law than in in long I'll, like ordinary tat guy s eye, without raising by your, why? Why would you dog at about eight hundred five, eight five, one or fire? One of you need a varied as of now to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast is your job to get it off your chest, whether your man, what we want to hear from you wanna bread, is essentially a moment, get it off each us out there and I'm not that about them, but I am also glad but then I thought about it: I'm in South Carolina, I'm goin to weak, but failing my man and my landlord. Nobody doing anything about it and I got you
that is, our gale audible, employed eleven floors, I would cause somebody to get it fixed and just take it out the rent now into their away. That's it I used to do he made, are paid at our pay, my right, so he won't have to pay it yet Kid you! I love, you don't pay your now. You can have your sailing falling in another that take him to court. You don't my daughter, the main part that really pissed me off, because I can eat a lot of stuff, but when it come to my church, that's like a whole. Never mind. Does dangerous he's going about the safety of our kids. Aren't you know you complain to insult you learn about it. You gotta go to either. Remainder? That's the problem right! One people! Look. Why don't? I can say something wanna things that I like fire, the imo- and I hope you I'm the poem in Colombia and I had life a mill do us a mode and it was like a leak in the closet and aid we told me was marvel of biblical.
Above all, our journeys have a ladder. Rights of these things are happening in the landlord, isn't fixing it. You don't to be able to properly manage darling toggle from New York, respect mammals, but he managed, thereby every man. Data now know he's out. That's I'm in a company onshore somebody, you God don't know who bore me out of here. You have to see where you can make these housing complaints by I'm telling you of. Is that major? What than in the past is get it and then I took it out my and then that heinous ourselves have there is big levelling like ourselves very expensive, to fix a roof legacy. Is my daughter already broken? Why did they still been an elaborate that he's wearing a risk and he's still been campaigning? turn her brother running the baby. Black twins, wonder government, so they still filled in the industry.
And parts of anti all of it, though my blackberry wasn't. I worked in the work that I am a bit about. It believe me, but I'm still black because I've been so worth of you guys what a thing how much stuff there could have been an all out war. Here they have had a South Carolina. Just let it happen they hand all those complains about housing and bad landlords, and all of those things that you have to count their local housing agency? So if you look at this again South Carolina the complaints for housing and you'll see it had that go a moment. If I was you, I would take my daughter to the hospital and I will get a lawyer. There fell on her. She got more than a strain. I been sprain. Excuse me. She got way more than a spring. Wait! Wait when she's hurt and you don't know how does gonna he'll days, you gotta know low, dark onto a boon. Although dark onto you to talk to him, saying that our landlord Isaak alone are responsible for providing Hannibal housing in number for the army go get a lawyer today, a little girl.
That's right, you have read was adjourned. Page. What else is how you also talked about? I e with I don't know how long this autumn care package is going to lead to have expended warrants Vienna, which would Charlemagne care bag why this autumn make a bag, and even out of you, Andrew and I think about, I await your baggage. Did you ask me what I think about on? You will have to ask you what I think about Travis talking Guy Jeff about it How does that, although meeting today in the warrant- because you know you ve- put known a supermarket forgot you but isn't mag, add as well. We can have been exert now Call your name. You look like a clown. You look like a carriage job himself is apple comes out tomorrow. And in any given so played on that. Every time you drop thou me does something like given the fact that we fall avoid every time and even more documents will you.
In writing. I have consistently Mama brother, you not. I mean I call it like, I see it all the time, but you know how big is whack like, like a warlike, Are you saying? Oh you change movie to Chicago things are getting different. You came other Sancho. Obviously the weight on you these that we bear Mademoiselle? Will you marry me go on national, easy, seven hundred to talk about the December twenty nineteen bottom set out Like ITALY, Magda decision, ninety nine mega dizzy, they all white, you off you just eight hundred five five. One or five one a dvd. We got rules on away, yes, let's get right into a good little ways out of the car to five came out now. I know a lot of us ever had a chance here unless you up all night, as is twenty three songbird further undermine the first three songs. Actually I kind of like is
I dont, want to well, I guess about five it out as happy now auto shown in a multi at, and I don't have the Mona LISA Feature and candidly might s on with Papuan Mona LISA Good, but kindred washed ammonia, kindred waterborne. I rise up against at about that. When we come back, I know move rooms on ways to breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall meet a guy. We oughta breakfast club. Let's get to these rules without low wings. This report on the breakfast Club wing a sailor weighing will not only lead to real, and you say you are right now. Listen, but the kind of five it's been six years is little Wayne announced this out.
Was gonna come out, and now it's finally here on his birthday, he is thirty. Six years old yesterday and some of the guests appearances on the album x x, extant ass, he on his on the second song. Don't cry
is what that's cause he's a little piece of that plan from down and die said just now I mean how its laws is it, who can never finished your number nine to accelerate hated tool, colored heavy blow plague name of payments, both like their regular for us all alike there to re Paris is an answer. Amazon. Or do I love you Dwayne, but as this is not a song, says the intro than its don't cry, Niven her the whole song yet, but I did hear they beginning of uproar which was beats per day
and on that already sample g debt trap. Articles mov agenda got deaf to sample, doubted eighteen, ok, I'll tell ya, Travis got is on the album Nick Human. On the album and then Mona LISA featuring Kendrick Lamar has worked on ELM of herds of a song on the album here. It is I'm your man is one of the major these figures in the galleries. You know why you tell me where you knowing me when we breaking this beggars your weight of those you don't get we as is only going to keep. You know you think you can just then they did. You say you know. I like there were good
weighing up the narrative one? I reckon he's telling a story and it had a beginning, a middle and enough something now waned does not do enough to me. I can take as we said his feet, under the body little way Mona LISA. Here it is every day would it isn't gonna make up and I promise you could take it? Did the movie in the mouth dealing with illegal in the fourth quarter home in Indonesia, cut back model would about. Palmer was looking at a more public opinion Patagonia and their blog, many eagle be a millionaire. Eleven is whether many when I meet- oh, my god, oh my god and every citizen, and was immediately they like living in and make a new unless you in a minute goodbye to go again garden agencies. We don T want to make love to see, navigate jumped in a back seat. Woke up in the morning. Cynically rose. And you're gonna low do not really want to get a how album know, maybe one him or kindred and tangible
have themselves demands on their also Reginald. His daughter resonates on their as new dog, a MAC may Livia. We told you yesterday, Libya was unable some may show you guys ticket eyes twenty. Three songs, so I know a lot of you are going to go to listen to it before you get to work or school over every year going this morning, but it's out add deadly Aragon did hold, I'm gonna go to leg, defers Avenue left. The second avid his arm is way better can be tough to get to his whole being laid at the whole weekend to listen silly and if not whack, I'm just now, I'm just too old to there's a mighty did Robin and I get beaten egg way like below I would be line of Finland and though you know to line second alive mood. You gotta pick land Rover edges like a bilateral balance, as well as to my american flag with project lines like let me live hey. I don't get the wild case. We get it right. Our I well comedies items. When on Saturday and oh yeah, the manager We have been logical. I also know
may not also led away at a high morale away, but don't be surprised at low by region, boy ourselves. I mean outside Lithuania gone you. What am I gonna get to that buccaneers? Album is coming ass added it. He said. We know it will come and number two to my brother, Lil Wayne and that's lovely nope might be but there is a baby number three, where low, Byron Warner logic nor to sell some record for the lads Ex album is as well so young synaptic for their obvious out Kevin Gates also put out his mix tape man. A reasoned made, his debut on tv. There you have it here as well, will be deprived of logic ourselves, everybody you deserved. I don't know about. There's a lot. I bought a lot I buy way, and that is true and I'll. Be Wayne is ever put out a project to scream and air. My grandmother official prided, no mistakes- I don't know but don't be doubly knowledge- was ok. I re well, I'm Angela yeah. That's your Mama report now right. Thank you miss ye. Now, when we come back with a front page news, we talk me amnesia, wondering about break having us MIT when it said
bout, these we laws now and allay you could travel the airport. I want to talk about the civil war to combine Dev Jim. If one logic ourselves, Cotonou was kindly screams on a building could lead to design their Jim. To me, what you have to have now can be observed. They had we had. It will be extremely lobbies that damned if I know that, but I gotta think on AIDS, where then twenty eighty- and I will give you my inside it- yeah Andy derived from Beijing Index is the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne THA. We are the breakfast club shots, my daughter, Eddie Madison, you gotta chemistry, testing of Gluck. Maybe I'm looking getting front page news from talk about disgusted by the Panthers. He found the collusion grieving Guess NFL, but now he has signed a one year contact with the Carolina Panthers. He too,
need during the national anthem, NFL Games and force would cabinet. Yes, Patsy was being black, while these friends were cap. Ethnic also, as and now he has been signed a geopolitical Bob air greedy, in my view, be a blackboard for a moment but he's what the path I write of your travelling through a lay eggs. Now you can pack some marijuana along with your belongings they're, going to allow any buddy, twenty one years of age are older to bring up to twenty eight and a half grants marijuana and eight grams of color. Traded marijuana in accordance with Proposition sixty four, according to their new policy at the airports So there you go about what you're gonna get a place where Mary, I guess you learn away you're travelling to, because obviously, if you get to your desk, they said. Marijuana is illegal under cause. Marijuana is still illegal under federal law. By the way, then they can still confiscate weed and we'd fatter yet as we can, one of you fly from New York and then you know you fly of all those states to get to allay could nature.
Do with trafficking in drugs through certain states, switching to allay used to be. Finally, what is known as a state was on the plane, letting catcher and say that they do it they catch you, but or you get on the plane, but then, once you your and allay it's done. Would can't they charge you flying through. All those states way was elite that wasn't me like. I just got it as soon as I landed, not that you can carry less than twenty grams in we'll get taken on an airplane. Yes, if you get to the airport, then you should be free online, encourage nobody to do that. I will not allow enough to tell you what nobody ever since we talked about New York. Let's talk about a man, from Staten Island. He won the Power Board jackpot. Two hundred and forty five billion dollar yeah just yesterday goodbye fragment. What does raise? What did he look like with aim as Nanda mangoes? What is forty two years old ass though he was at stamp and shabby, but a quick.
To give a six dollars by getting his groceries, he's guineas could we is emigrant, he's a carpenter and very lives with his wife, and you said he put away as groceries taught ethos decided, Can he didn't even open days that here Lee one until he heard no one had claimed to take it. He was likely to get my ticket before I throw it out. It turns out. He did when he said he doesn't check the ticket that often so he's gonna get about ninety nine million dollars. After withholding young man, who was only forty two years only as a party to the buggy level, great life, they don't have any Is there anything yet they just sell it nor drop on a Ok, now you deadly body gives up I am absolutely and that's your rumour reports all right. Thank you. Miss ye now, will we come back David? Alan Greer will be joining US comedian actor within a kick it with him. When we come back so don't move is to breakfast club morning
mornin. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got us pursue guess in a building common in David Alan Greer was was my brother, you even on tv, my whole life and I'm forty. How do you keep a giant man sixty two really sixty two, is not used. Fifty plus one dress like those on Toronto. Driven last a rubber any moment, let us remember this. Cargan breakdowns live my life. Sixty plus a young man do anytime. I feel great man tied my shoe this morning's, like ok, as way older. Do you get this? Take advantage of any two senior citizens benefits. Are there lay? Can we create lad? They find me What's they got your picture up there they wait.
Soon, as you get things like fifty they got one Charlemagne come join us I've already daddy when he got his ip kind of discounts in stab call. My lawyer omelette, listen, we need to see these people s enemies. Of unsolicited where Miss it makes sense. Not ok, you got the cool. He had read the others. Our new show I'm doing on planet all crusty guy, actually on the youngest person in a car. Ok, so they didn't really want to see me at first, because I thought I was too young and I just sinless man, I'm the person you want. Ok, you can make me look old. Show up on time. Still remember my lie there. We can kick it like that. You really want to hire eighty year old contact twice as long as you made real. I'm trying to this is me man only thing real about me, but all the rest is put together. Beard is mine, just added dying is being never
it now J. How out on two may, I think I think is either when it starts to get graziers. Let it go and you haven't. I cannot get a good blog job embassy. Here's the deal, the rim of grain you're gonna die every like twelve every rule, not that ambitious. So what does some things we can expect from the court case is ever reading up on it here and is a lot of issues that are going on in the world today that are gonna, be reflected on the show. What we tried to get these jokes out there. First, for months. We will be dealing with humor, I mean it gets date because that's we're getting older is about, but I mean really the energy and what it. What really attracted me to this series. Is you know, Charlie Day from his always sunny, ah he's young and crazy and edgy, and this is about old people, so I thought those two things together would probably give it a different perspective. Old people do everything that young people do they just do it more methodically.
And they take more frequent breaks but of the had everything else is there are eighty challenges, the Megan, a traditional got. What I regard as well to not play all you understand now play old in spirit. I talk about, you know, cause my mom and dad they both passed away. My mom lived. Ninety five, a half lamotta you sobbed the use of their when my mom got sick or talk to my brother nicest. Now you tell my church plan. You have to call this number because he's can be expected me in the pew, unlike my which don't of Mamma church boyfriend, Mister John he's going to know he's going to want to know. Can you boil be sure to call him? He was like okay we met the job again to the funeral. Did you did you say you lot at the view it as a whole other? Shall we didn't know him away? He was an exciting. Now we had now we, my brother darkness, just depressing
amen, get a barrier to bother. You were not invited. This is taking over people. Putting their parents are relatives into retirement. Yeah I we never did out my mom. I mean the first thing ask when I went and, as I said, is this a convalescent, how that means broken hips, etc, or is this a senior living facility? Is it not the senior living facilities that eight there were, thereby choice? We're not thereby decree. No, they know the procedure been awful Tom. If they got a bunch of kids, say accurate data. They meet anyone today in my mouth never went my mom she little with my brother to the very end. We took care of her and that's how went down my father, you eating gothic that so far, but we're doing this for a con comedy aspen still things that go on at this cool kids,
All these latter hook it a ladder hooking up I mean, I think. Basically, these characters are very petty undiagnosed. I am not yet an idea which is called land, be living, ignore gang, a plan dominoes. I would add that at that age you don't care about stuff. Like that, you do you do you. I didn't ask you to start now. Let me say: Mama man, we're dry, run a neighbor. She broke down his leg. You know this is my friend Sally Yokohama. Now her boyfriend is burnt and she's a boyfriend. No, she said to her friend is burnt. We like this you Casper, but rather are you boys are your mouths green light great, as they say in a couple day rule about Burma would kill him with kids.
All ladies man, this should show help you to accept being odor. I like it, you know, here's the deal, man, I've worked in an especially as an actor. You work with people. All aid and you did Annie daddy while eyes would always low young girls men and they warn me a out only lives ahead of only looking at you like it out the way there were no better and you can teach them alive. I dont, you know what I try to be as an older after I try to be the kind of older actor I wanted to work with. You understand bitterness, people who were always crabby in a bad mood. You don't wanna. One of I never want to be around those people. Also people idolize, I looked up to I loved Dick Sean was an older actor and I'm right worked with him and out you, your nervously, Siam cause. You don't know how they're gonna be. You understand he came in a trailer he burst in and he was he was so in.
Wiring, I mean because all of it is my my attitude by I wanna be funny today, I wanna be entertaining right now that has to be disappointing when you meet your idle sometimes- and I don t too in a way that you would have anticipated at all, I loved his aunt Hannah got to him. Then your answer, then a new feed, a real person. Listen, I give people space, man Armourer met cab, Callaway and we were doing something and I waited all dales like askin me. Mister Galloway undisturbed such a big fan of watching all I love using a scream and it was just a loved mammy, nothing about knowing why, when you and I need- I got my errand bank accounts say you gotta, give people space, you downloaded Sid their power. Now they go away. You gave me man I just was happy to meet them. You, as also so depends on the circumstance. I we more.
David Alan Grier. When we come back, don't move is to breakfast club morning morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. We have David Alan we're in a building ii as though you post their Roseanne after she got a job from her agency. Well preference- This business is deep man, but then about the rebels forever. I say that facetious My back out of the is happening boomerang. How you gonna wait. I bring in Burma I'm back as a series. You know what I reached out to Lena on Twitter ahead and do it I'm just tired of it and I'll. Just tell me something new. Really gimme. Some newborn arrest, better known as some people, it is new and it's not like they're bringing all old rusty dust, he's back you, Mr Bangemann, But what do you want to do now,
no, you cannot do it all new look. You know people are just by being less go back. I mean people, ask all my time will enlighten oh yeah rebooted, they lie, but they tried and an here's. What happened first, they said: they ve been a reboot. It then all I got online every day is like: will you guys are coming back right? No, they had a new cap. That is not what we want. The originals combat you gotta come back, so then they try to shoehorn us in their ultimately failed, and it was one of those things. Sometimes you catch lightning in a bottle and that's hard, especially a sketch comedy you know. So I don't know ever come back like the way it was, but is there I was in office, would be hilarious now remember like old, Queen hot air, but here ever get was the show it was on, Bravo were sought me, oh dear God, dues from Atlanta does
I am really how far this may not know that when a blank went right right, I came up with that. Wasn't on women living covers on. I mean they're they're unspeakable. For me, I mean because there there, The real guys are to meet much broader. Then what we were playing man just so the world is change allies I don't know you know so we're just in a different time, but if we had the other mega eyes now apparently talked about being young and gay, and I was only representation, he saw young black. And I mean a living colored yeah unmet. I found that areas of our it to I was out there. What I mean to say that, as you know, twenty whatever years ago, it was I know, but is also done with love in terms of we. Never those characters never got into gay bashing. They were just who, what and what they were, and you accepted her or not. You know back when living color was on. You could call the station
You could write a letter or you could facts. It was no social media blast. As you talk so I live in quality. Tobacco? As you did, we didn't see you know as a performer. If we were really protected mean we didn't feel that direct assault from any one more. What I'm most remember is black people in general. I should you be telling our secrets. Are you just meaning you show just picking on african american culture in a long line of that kind of a day supposed failing exactly exactly all lived the rays. We don't have time for this foolishness
comedy? Show people have chill menaced, none when revolution is no time to laugh. I remember there is a specific woman on in living collar, who are whole job was to deal with the sensors and deal with the network. When we did the headline you know the jamaican family we use all these are making cars words and they couldn't keep up, but it wasn't until the Jamaica Reviews of Jamaica descent started writing letters and go and do you realize what they're saying what we had already been on it, and that was also some of the fun loving color. We would try and bombard them with so many terms at night. Called rule, these white folks, my leg and nine. It had no not fast enough, so we would just circumvent. We just give you a monkey driven by the time. They say you can't state. As we already know, how did you be set for this wealth of cooking and look in the mirror
My shoe age AIDS will humble. I remember I was out on a date. What time is New York we've been sitting this after Porgy and Bess, and I got up to go to the bathroom. I said yeah I'll be right back then back back mare does that the day was over zero live. Look missions Wayne and go happen here. You need to go home now we have another drink. The main ally mislead younger, breakfast club see was younger? I mean you, don't they Jays aim now I'll? Do you know what I'd do? People are like? I'm gonna want to say that they people are like, but I did for a for a period date, much younger women. To finally does that's the thing about dying, your boy. I can't it's too much. Energy was worth so Britain is really one,
I'd, love and re human work. Man, you got notes you lying on the ground like her eyes too much. I want to be my self, we disappointment comical. Should I guess I was disappointed in relieve. You know it's funny. You guys are asking my colleague is the car Michael's one, the joys of car Michael's is it was so political every week, every time to rob would come up with another premise: like goes one thing we did, the key is found our porno stash and, as I do I'll tell me this happening as it did. You know he found his DAS foreigners down about our parents. Point not me, man yeah, my bed around founded, Expo two thousand funded. That show, and I miss that and I
We really touched a nerve, I feel like we had more to say, but the network was not behind us and I knew that lie that final season they kept us offer year. Then we had to fight to get our no ten twelve episode. So at the end of the day was just war. We were worn down. I read that, are you guys are gonna tattoo Things like the meat to movement, though that's. Why do over zombie replant all seventy five euros and leave you talk to most? Those do like was right away Oh yeah yeah yeah. They don't get it, they do not get it so yeah there's a lot of re education, but that's what Margaret is there, guidelines of character or milk IBM Assorted, oughta be allowing all well man, that's the deal we all know will endow bills input and perhaps in the joint literally I ran away, I hear him on the way here is legacy. Jello said, might be a funny. The
yeah, but you know as well as while one is cool could come on this Friday. Man come on the radio box and watch men are always love coming here to Firefox. Oh good blogging enough until May was a complete circle. Exactly the only thing that changes box news goes back when we were on Fox NEWS had not really come into its all evil miss you know, as I as a news network, but best proliferating A good northern lights have been greater urgency beacon I mean I'm on a Friday night rises. David Alan! Then you ve come into the breakfast club after you just their reckless club warning everybody is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl? We are the breakfast club. Let's get cities Romas, the sober
Cosby gas. In the report, the Reul report refers club that there has been in jail, as you all know, and they already do. I still had dug Burnet Hermes already fallen, so they said were now his Hollywood walk of Fame STAR has gotten to face. They wrote cereal rape is done. It and hashtag me too. So after getting sent us a three to ten years in prison, they deem that he is a sexually violent, predator and that there has been too faith. They did quickly, remove everything off of it, but we don't know, who did it yeah they removed as guy it. Then I going through these animals. There is at an gonna, remove historic. Does the hot dog story? Did you? Do you suppose modest? just read. He said I was fake right. I don't know it's a terrible thing to have happened to you. I guess I rise deep Harvey. Vice versa, push it tee what happened at the two of them don't get along. Well here is
Pussy T said about Steve Harvey Industry have added. I read a steed hobby of me now. If I were you I'd, be a little upset about why everybody always experts diva dated reference TV award in big baggy Susan years. I didn't have a whole line, astute you're back of it like this is set out in his aid login and that over a decade as the eyes still funny, you're gonna get the reference, but you know my wardrobe and stepped up. Maybe a little upset still less tv. I ve had some comments about. I who know that this would batter Himsel mats, here's what he had to say push to guess. Pusha T to crack down on you and song push your where you come from? bugs robbing the nigger. You drive dahlia and this seems like a studio audience at family feuds.
You gonna Bob's, devolving nobody about your mother man? Ok, we know Steve Ivy Jabbed little disappears. Own mom will write more rep. Who'd have to push you to do me. A watchdog to you. Don't know who operate reported European do so far no not of me guidelines. Do anything I'll get as many do. We're me I'll give us We should do now to foreigners. Devolving price can be added threatening me tooth pussy team, you smack that's gonna, get you gonna get aids by reset. It twice, like I'm afraid, come on out, now, is Lena leave. It follows that a rap eliminate lowbrow gas boy. How many Nita goes right for this guy I write Nellie. This discuss would happen with him. Now
As you know, a woman says that he raped her on a tour best. Moaning green says said she a club in Seattle, where he performed after the show She was hanging out with him, went on his tour Beth and that's when he allegedly assaulted her and had both oral and value no sex with her against her. Well afterwards, he said that he screamed There were one hundred dollar bill at her and said by well Nellie County sooner saying that sex was consensual and that this was defamation while they have both now decided to dismiss their cases both dismissed both draft yes and no money exchange, hands prosecutors jet the case after she did refuse to cooperate after that, initially, some no money exchange hands in both cases where dropped, aright, Terry crows is gonna, be hosting an America's got talent. Spin He's been named of the house as the host of America's got talent? The champions they just announced is on yesterday's lives easier in January. Yes, so sad to tarry crews out here work at all,
Saturday night alive now ya know their Congo is gonna, be per, farming during the premier tomorrow and so well. Crazy was a Asians actors. Agrafena she'll be there as well as the host for that night. Log results next week. I says it. None on american attack, Venus Old Nazis arguments have escaped anyone's yet Travis Goddess performing the following week, weekly monologue, defeated guide. Whole girl called a la my right glad of a driver and Congo Western then aquifers and then and shabby sky, and then I took their teeth is set Myers Empire Simon. So that's what's going on this age, I've got also might be performing at the end. If our superbowl half time show so we'll see about That's all right, I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report show mean. Are you going to see you know I will we when a dogs luxuriant landed, marred the the ride conference in Ireland, The relevant rolling up rolling our rights covers the ideas well chemical. By tee I trap museum
eyes, shot museums. Therefore, like forty five days or something go to more carbon Jackson. Caroline Jackson, a Black Fox news, contributor, got LU, LU comfortable yesterday, we'll talk about it all right, we'll get internet. When we come back here, that is the breakfast club the morning you or or don't you. Time for Don T talk to you today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today, via the donkey of need a breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today through my goddamn guardroom. Thank you today for Friday September. Twenty eight goals, the former Fox NEWS, contributed cabin Jackson, I say former because he was fire just yesterday now we know Jackson is a slave name, but it is
synonymous with black people, black people, I would say I could be wrong, but only why Jackson acknowledges Andrew Jackson on between dollar bill, the jacksons I know are related to Michael Country. I really believe Michael Jackson was a black man and then there's bow Jackson and Jesse Jackson more The story is: if the name Kevin Jackson Sound black to you, then you aren't being races, you're, just correct. I Kevin Jackson with a black contribute, a Fox news. Now he's not a black contributor. That's on there to speak for black people he's on there to make white people feel better about the injustice is that black people face. Basically, he goes along to get along if there is an inch is happening. The black brown people in America. He can chalked up to something other than what it usually is, which is systemic racism, Let me give you an example. Remember when a celebrity enchieved, damaging trump said this in reference to the protests of the national anthem in when you love- to see one of these NFL followers when somebody disrespects our flag? Is they get that son of a
the field right now. It's time you remember that right, we'll Kevin Jackson was our foxen friend. You know he came caper for him and said this unless common from Donald Trump, and you know most of America has been saying the same thing. How do you allow a cap renege and all these other guys we on my website, we detailed all the people in weak wine look at me or raise their fears. Are things like this and every single one of those teams? I mean you can't help but say I hope they lose, and so the idea that Donald Trump is finally put the spotlight on this. Unbelievable and a good thing by the way let the NFL ratings are in the tank and there is a reason for that- it's because of carbon capture, and I call it the cap ethnic effect. Gotta keep masses free warm to end the debate. I got it.
The main aim for massive make sure it's not poisoned yes, side with the man whose protests against the people at a killing and harming people who look like you, Kevin Jackson. Yes, that makes perfect sense. Well, yes, at each having Jackson was watching Christine Ford and bread cabinets Testimony descended judiciary committee with the rest of us and I told you already comes in his case is really just about who you believe you believe Christine Ford. You are our. If you, red Cavanaugh you around him. My about anyone would be don't discredit the accuser and don't discredit the accused until gathered all information and all the facts. Now you have already come conclusion on who you believe, call you definitely entitled to express that opinion, but
I would advise you not to express the way Kevin Jackson date of good Emerson, lucid report police on the day of Christine Glossy for its testimony. Fox news has fire contributor, Kevin Jackson after he made offensive remarks about women accusing Supreme Court nominee. Rent Cavenaugh of sexual misconduct, Jackson tweeted in part feminist are their own worst enemies and enemy of women to Hell. With the notion that women must be believe no matter. What lying skanky is what these three women are, and we all know more later, Fox NEWS set in a statement. Kevin Jackson has been terminated as a contributor. His comments on today's hearings were reprehensible and do not reflect. The values Fox news I mean feminism is just a theory of the political economic and of their own worst enemy. Feminism is just a theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes. Simple concept. If you agree women Social equality than you are indeed a feminist Kevin. I will even agree with you and effective.
Women don't never want men be believed we hear when they say that when they say believe all women, I say believe all proof and this situation bad, because not a lot approve. Does he say she say so is basically just matter who you personally believe or what I don't believe in is colonies? Women's gangs kind of you want to say you feel like they are lying fine, but why do you have skaggs I'll be ok, what are the definition of escape? Sleepier unpleasant person was their need for that now absolutely because we don't know if you want me to lie like I keep saying, don't, discredit the accuser and don't discredit the accused, and even if you have an opinion, dismissed, the women is lying skunks. Ok, because I feel that women should be so the authority that mean you have to believe all women just listen to all women and believe all proof and if you know, believed proof proceed from there, but colonists gangsters, because you don't believe them is whack. And what Kevin learned yesterday with Fox NEWS, how you therefore particularism and has to be an attack dog against your own people, as long as you do an edge your job is safe, but as soon as you try to
one of their own, not keep the f off. Ok, did you we. Thank you. Don't get away at them. A man in America call in a white woman, a skunk. Please give Kevin Jackson the biggest here the more that well right. Nobody, alright! and if you were thinking they would make you say, let me go on twitter and rightly so, still mulberry, alright, what they give it a dog at Dayton. Now this ass, a full house alone. Good, odd, reset. Nomadic lotteries do anyhow care. The further procedure for do rang with it. I think that we give freaky fried eggs past Edward Port play play while some guys, what's going on earlier this week,
with day or dare you dont want to be energy company, qualitative they're going to come in, come in Daniel commonly he released for yourself, I'm leaving Us Radagunda around. I will repeat what you said earlier this week: Daniel is one it reproduces. Unshared Daniels, my guy draw political above Daniels, Great Club Daniel. What did you tell us this week when an elegant? Why we were talking about? I do it ass you do and as an anti yes and she was concerned that her boyfriend was bent potentially get yes I remember now a u S if you try anything in his but yeah right. Yes, yes, yes, then off the scenes, you if anyone tried something you're my, but in what way is this now it s like a promise, this opposition to say that well known on ravages? Will I will go to your own resources. They asked me that you have then deadly, as did anyone guy or to ask in the guise of gold. Ok, we're disease, and I said yes, one time in college, would you say, would you say I was on my back receiving
and one woman lifted, both my hampering way how many when it comes to that that killed me, that was it having attempt she lifted her hand for civil courts you have. Your badge has very little hope, of course, that body that would have. What do you know I think one happy those I would pay the car my lifted is. What I do not know is happening over the left. You gotta relax. When it happens, Erasmus gonna contact the right result of the former eight Audrey foggy. I have one viable and yes, what do you do when a girl goes figure, but is that what we ask? on his writing. Our monodist hams greens lifted wouldn't even know about it all sounds crazy. Eighty five, a firewood five
And what do you do when a girl goes view but ass? The question we have another person in the room where the testimony to tell you tell you we come back when we come back of name is drawn a here. The bearded right, we'll talk about it when we come back as freaky freaky freaky Fridays, the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning, everybody's d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club is fraud as you. What that mean: freaky freaky freaky Friday, freaky freaky, freaky Friday question comes from something that happened behind the scenes on the breakfast club, for what happened was somebody called into a ski and it was a young woman in the young woman said that she thought her man was gay, you know he was. I figure out what made her think that year and we ask that, as you have a go further, but an arm. Oh produce any name Daniel, then one time when he was in college and the young lady lifted his hamstring up his words, not mine, lifted his hand shrinks out had is correct and he said he panic any frozen. He just didn't know what to do. You must have very strong,
very rarely ever lived tat down the old coming out. We have drawn into building dramas, one of our borders to have had an experience which he lied about Adeline yesterday, regular half an hour should you lied to us? As far as you told me once TAT, a girl only kissed you cheap within this morning, you said something else: nicer, let's hear from drivers will drive the board. Ivy sits on a sodomy. He's also produces gonna. Look like day today. There s rest. So what Abidjan I admit, if, as I said, I was as national girl and she tried putting a finger man my but asked after no, no, I don't you said she could
Jesus nearby drowned out at that time, I thought I'd lose a different time. A different right now is on your exact words. Was she liked she, our girl? What time looked like whereby may request this is like you did last week the beard arise, so this is used is what do you do when she did this with which one? Besides, That is why all its elements, the thing- I don't think I wouldn't stop their real, quick, the vigour, the link. I let him for a little bit, Nothing wrong. Can I just ask a question when you put a stop to the finger, do use
macro hand away or do concept so that it can and normal like. I know I do you say no has not given a hard clenched and move ahead away. I left you gotta, give it clearly malaria away great. As you know, this is great nine reports, I mean. May God ya know idle minor load Tom thing I let them not alive no matter what the tone is fine, and I always tell guys this- you know let your woman do that. What they do, Diane, whoever things don't go right or job. You can always say Laszlo all right. Let's go, let's go to reformat, eight hundred. Why do I guess from that viable? I would again have brought this issue can allows this. I will do that now? What are you doing to gurgles be a buffer? boy you Diana Madame. It may sound How do you know what I'm leaving
nice try locally That's right! if a man like that are about to do that. Now more than ever before we'll protein, Will you and on the way, wouldn't you haven't you eggs, you guys about pegging. You are a boy did you like it joy you don't I gave you. The man is a lot of men like pegging interview. I wanted to do it. I wish to thank you for allowing your woman to fulfil our sexual fantasy, but are you guys Mary? are you gonna, marry or another mariner right now, I'm going to marry him. I met a girl, beg you and not merely a barrier ass. The latter made out in each region have it again I go now.
Maybe maybe more did you move you wanna be open about. It about. You know, don't laugh about. How did you make no noise? Another how'd you do that, We regret. It hurts you later Did you Billy? don't worry, we'll yard service provider will respond to your whole, afford down brother, the ILO, shallow booty, no new low Bigelow If I get right, so eight hundred five a farm model, five one is fraud. As you know, a dab infringing Reggie ask him: what do you do when a girl goes for your boy? Oh, my god, this is the breakfast locomotive. Affording everybody is the gay envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club, we have a look in the building and I figured I'd seen angiogram, because your candidate in it
B, as you give em. Why did I had wanted to begin his uncle? Why my friend my friend is Philip Levine, you don't, then it also do our supports him. I don't know because of the color is it bob at me for a little while browsing Naga be real about this guy's, not Maastricht,. As my friend you know, you know what else to do. Well, you don't say These guys, my genuine free and I didn't know we ll give him. Will you ever twine about supporting an affair with everything that overcoming cabinet? You know the intervals slave mentality. I mean I owners data views as what you're trying to do then, when you look at it in all these liberal cities, you think they would have a liberal set alight easier It is in bag, lose with. You know, next to a crack about arrogant.
That you know any NCAA, but then, when it comes to to the NFL there liberal cities, you don't and blue titties, so you would think that they Thank you no more down, alas, players, but then it ain't there look at, the bottom line, which is bad luck, you know a lot of those, so you don't think they're not supporting their their players, the way that they should support them in at I just have a real problem with that- they can't figure, Name, you have you, don't his owners. I you know Jerry Jones, and these are the people you got crab run of the mill house down like come on. Man does, that's all appear yo. What are you doing you trying to save your brain and it's one of the most racist cities, Boston in America and I'm a cowboy fan me too. We ve got a vein of unknown valley, the downside, regular
marriage, my a cowboy. What am I supposed to do her, give em a library rags, extreme imagine Jesus Christ, Why did the browser? It's got bad to worse? You know my dad, I'm like look Madame oblige. My daddy was a goblin, mainly put it on me. What you want me to do just that, I'm all live about. How would you like the words were? Not all of all of you all know Joe Joe made this possible we like to think that these are our baby. You think all the players give all the players will photos Where's though I have no. They didn't get no, no money. No to everybody has a sketchy background, as team, you viewed Rob somebody you can play the goblet and easier to control. If even cajole, whereas why? One day, as my turns into a more intelligent black man, then he loses my all. You got you gotta de rage,
Oh you don't was doodad housing. Ok, Israel's GO guy. Resignation in revenue would have represented by black people. I can't control. Go a volume of Blackball yacht innovative because you turned into a black me as a second about standing. I only attentively he think of something that happened like sometimes I think it could happen. I mean right now. I think I think you gotta start off by eighteen. You give it a few billion. Is it'll get your tv, try to use dodge all in a valley. I think has rules simpler to cover models and out do come people, and I think it can happen that data to allow provide pigments, ah well they deal with lies, you don't get off the stars and you know we're right. Now. We probably two drafts in into the actual
I can now we got an x rated matter can be no four long way at all. You have to make it and got to be done about other. Maybe they can be uncut version. I would add, is there, but it's not all realise that about a little with those might go, look into revenue have written by the restrictions on feeding an event that wrong you you're right, you're right. You know who I was struggling with this proof of Bosnia still rated I anymore telling you all and if in this era would give climate that you can show women like this. Without with that era, but now we may do blood Dorothy. We meet misery. I guess Nor have I got my wife you never here knows there is like their perception of what you would be like in real life is not like what you
Really? I, like you not like you, always been just a red silk who per se never China take like we ve, never had no theories about you do anything out of Well, you know I was you know. I was actually a hustler my days when I was a kid now rule number one. Never Galileo's oblige me the treatment of women no, no, no, I mean all the girls to go there. I believe me. We always trees. All girls tat would allow scribbles our they paused. That's what they want to do. You know I never got it in any case have been crazy about me. I swear it. They are you responded, and I appreciate it is not because we were one among them grow their argument. If they will, I angela everybody. Let it die in the name Luke, and he was a first of all. Angela has always been a professional and all of that and that absolutely not has never happened like you went in on them, and I think I appreciate the
Things have been well, you were you know, I'm law, you were you know, process for so many years. I know you you don't forget me when you just doing the report and a man never never come off light at Eu Level and a kind of a reputation in the suburbs of my. At you like that. In that way there you know our job on java, real going what they gap is no do not do that. Our group. Will we re not gonna? Let you do it will need to be done. You know I don't want a naked yeah. Can you know why and why we will want to tell a story about slavery? They don't mean that Are you willing to agree to make in Hong Kong? Have you met that limits, the amount of people that can see and where I can go, that's why I say rage or what I've read it all. You want to read it out. I want to see the real life situation I went down, so you want to see the poor one of the girls
a job that they want to do all that we did. This adults are lacking in eggs, were room. I read a book all I owe you want on others get into a look. Many makes keep a last December. Furthermore, the breakfast. One of the injured. What sort of breakfast Club Charlemagne God annually we have the room report coming up on what you thought about J call on the cover: bellboy. Ok, with Angela Club in Jericho, is on the cover of billboard for this second annual here, Pat power players issue Annie even said he wasn't in the mood to do an interview. I talked about Donald Trump being in office. He said. I love that America gets to see the truth. If Hillary Clinton was in office, it would be the most effing. Disingenuous is because everybody will be thinking that everything is cool because we got an incredibly qualified.
The president was would have been amazing on so many levels, but he says he does prefer an honest. America are glue. Morocco battle with the same thing. He was a symbol of change when he was an actual change. He has talked about X, x, extent, ass, Yon and, having a three hour conversation with him. He said when I found out about the abuse allegations against him. My first response was man. I hope, maybe one day I'll get a chance to talk to this kid and figure out. If it's any place that I can help, because anybody would do the estate he did her, people hurt people, I've worked through prisons and talk to these dudes who got life. He also talked about polices, abuse, allegations against noise and he said that hurt I'm not going to lie that hurts. It feels weird because I effing eyes, but I just have to be honest. I came up seeing too much. F. F is for that to be acceptable. I don't care who it is. I don't ever people abusing women, and I don't ever people not take-
of their king. How do we know not actually built like I got us all that you can access denied all of those animals? They don't want me to discredit. Do you then, obviously quick discredit? The acute were and are paid a whole opinions and even on the whole story and happiness, he didn't say that it it. He said it hurt him, but he says he didn't say: nice did those things, but he said is herds and its high, because you that all the people, that is, that saying, yes, nods, nasty those things that no effort handbook aright, he also was gonna- take off twenty nineteen to work on the off season, which is a project that could become an IP awful mixed then he has his next album. The fall off an aside project that he's gonna be working on as well with his new ought to ego, kill, Edward Front and centre, code is neither be it there is, I think, I'd be a great tv show for him to be at their visit. Haven't talk in the leg. Young up and coming rapidly seems to be a passion of his right hand. No, that a music came out today, including little wanes new album card of five. That's been six years in the making. Now we told you about the guests,
France is that were on the album earlier in the show, and everybody really like the song. Mckendrick moaning How about this song with Travis got? Let fly it is about providing arrive later, thereby thereby the guy. You know me, I'm trying to keep them in my region. I read you play violating a week. The brain tat will be like never was long you're buying. It appears that. Do you mind employment control, you, my my guy beggar. What do I do that now Why don't you writing out his album yonder on Saturday kind? He said we know, don't come in number two to my brother,
and that's a lovely. No you mobile number, two ok this law by regional boy idea, name logic. Lads examined Cincinnati, therefore, is coming at a came out today as well, so that having gates LUCA Brassy three. And a reason and made his debut album with CD. His albums out as well. There you have it lodged might also everybody. Sleep on landing on, allowing the like large aright, analysing music and, having weighed on like him good, I like him as long as members, and not one over the other Let us not lose Gregg, but he's going to properly outsail kindly was an a little way. Even with a lot. I were always love letter guy, oh god, his hamstring? All my God loves the lads lodged. Friends, love good may hands currently lifted the pit. Mozilla yea and that our spread been loved. You hamstring, lifted guerrilla lazily lags dj within logic dj within them.
The other day Indiana was less. Is my watch? Videos to God licked his hand and manage it brings up. I right, I'm Angela, you that's a rumour report, happy birthday Dejesus today. How old is g Forty armilly fighting an audio I envy has got their special Zizi amazed. I know man, do you really want to my Tabs open favour, wrappers a wartime, some offer that ok, DJ envies people's choice makes ways I am saying that he that even require inheres mixes prerecorded. Would you still don't be targeted mixed Tellin ya the calling ok wasted time. If you want to its the breakfast club, hi, I'm larvae under camp and the host of the before breakfast podcast and the author of several time management books. I most of the host of I hurt media newest podcast, the new corner office
in this, so we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work, one where the location and ours are more flexible than in the past. Listen over that first cup of coffee, and I promise you learn something useful listen to them you corner Office every day on the I hurt, radio up apple pie casts or wherever you get your podcast I am also Romania's and I hope the Daily Corona virus update Daily Podcast, bring you the latest on what you know about the global pandemic. We are facing there's a lot of information going around about a virus spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy is more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation. So you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye, hard, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your part cast
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